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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 9:29pm On Jul 31
Good evening bosses,
It has been my prayer and a blessing coming across this thread and since then I haven't been able to let a day pass without studying hungrily...I study and practice 16hours some days having little or no sleep all to succeed cus I'm so curious and i can't sleep while my problems still remains with me, least 4hours, I even stayed up the whole night on one of my lead inother not to miss an interested end-user reply but unfortunately since my first sale on May 19 I haven't been able to make any sale despite all this

16hours of study and practice, yet you have these kind of names! what materials have you been reading?

you dont need to jeopardize your health by depriving yourself sleep just because you want to reply an enduser.

Redirect that energy to read from Page 1 or From January 1st 2021 post till date of this thread.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 9:23pm On Jul 31
Greetings to all the senior men/women in the house ... Thanks forthe knowledge ..I bought my first domain today for the purpose of sale in the future ....

Watch do I do next .. after paying for the domain

I've listed it on afternic

so you dont know what to do next, yet you went to pay for a name?

after starting a business and pouring in funds, you are now asking what is a customer and where to find them?

If you cant read from Page 1, read from the post of January 1st 2021 till date. you will get 80% if not all the answers


Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 5:49pm On Jul 31
Thanks for replying. I wanted to hear your perspective on this, however, sir IdeasPro did well too. So, that means there's an intersection between Geos and Emds as both can be services or products domains.

With your experience McCain, how would you build afresh a portfolio of 1000 names? Which % would be brandables (cos I know this is your main area), which % would be EMDS (services and products), and which % would be GEOS (taking into account the necessity of outbound for sales)? And any other category of domains, you have interest in?

Sorry if my questions sound like an interview, I just want to understand how the pros 'see'...

1. What is your goal and objective

2. Find out what works for you

3. A begineer has no business with 1000 names. You will better understand this when renewal time comes.

I started out with GEO after taking Iykes course, this didnt work out for me, i didnt find outbound easy due to non sales and my job schedule.

getting the emails and sending them one after the other was no joke.

so I switched to Brandables, I am employed so I can afford to wait for a sale. Now having seen how "easy" it is to sell brandables in the wholesale market esp for BB names. This is where i am going to concentrate my efforts on. SH owned names submission will still continue. If an enduser sale comes, great if not i wait, if i am pressed to raised funds, I sell off on the wholesale market. I sold 4BB names for 450 on the wholesale market. That experience is another days topic, with my knowledge now, those names will be sold for 1k.

As for EMD, this is also for quick cash for(look for names that are upgrades for existing domains and pitch to them) but I am also faced with the same outbound issue. I recently had to let go of so many EMD, now i have a stricter criteria for them.

I left domaining for 4-5months if not more, I learnt alot about this wholesale market and i still have lots of things to learn. you have to keep learning. Yogi solanki book is gathering dust, i am revisiting it and i just got Alex Verdea book.

Finally, I cant tell you how to spread your portfolio, you have to figure that out for your self. what works for you, what you have strength and affinity for.

one thing you should watch out for in EMD, dont go for names you think will be good for the enduser, go for names that are good for the enduser. When you go for names that has only one enduser, know that it is 50-50 so try to go for EMD that has more enduser pool

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 5:28pm On Jul 31
Just to encourage someone. i dont usually reveal name when sold. I had one enduser in mind, bros didnt even read my message. Bought it on GD closeout, Sept 2020.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 5:10pm On Jul 31
Boss McCain, could you explain the REAL distinction between GEO's and EMD's? Can a geo also be an emd? Do domainers outbound EMD's like Geos too?Thanks.

I was banned while responding to this post. IdeasPro has answered this, just to add. You need to outbound your EMD else they will gather dust in the marketplace, the exception is if the name has lots of traffic.

Another thing to look out for in EMD is to check if your name is a good upgrade for the potential enduser. Refer to the image

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 7:14pm On Jul 26
Sales Alert.

Cullen/Custom/Homes.com - $185

HT; 11 months

Paramount/Constructions.com - $200

HT; few hours.

Weldon/Roofing.com - $250

HT; 9 Months.

Congrats Boss!! it appears you are gradually leaving Geos. Your Sales report has been more of EMD kinda


Car Talk / Re: Maintenance Tips On Cars. by therealMcCain: 10:28am On Jul 26
Oga Gazuss, please I need your advice on my camry 2001 shock absorber, which have been given me issues, around April last year I bought KyB shock absorber but right now it's has spoiled.

Now, one of my friend is telling be that shock absorber of Toyota Range can work for Camry and it will last, please I want you to help me confirm this.

Thanks in advance

was it an original KYB shock? please how much did you buy it
Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 12:54pm On Jul 23

Lol I read from page 1 till this place
I registered 2 domains myself from GoDaddy and nambright
Those have seen 4 and 5 expert reviews respectively

Then I also used the unregistered option

I funded the site with $15 that's 15 coins or so
Submitted 2 domains I owned
And then submitted unregistered domains which I used coins for

I guess when you wrote you funded $15, registered 12

You meant you submitted 12names?

I am trying to make sure you arent going on a registration spree

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Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 7:49am On Jul 23

How do I see the new arrivals

It appears you havent read from Page 1

Can you explain what you mean by this

Registered 3
2 rejected
Funded $15 registered 12
All pending"

What do you mean by "registered"

Did you register the names and then submitted them ?

Hope you are aware of the difference between SH onwed names and your creative owned names?

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 6:28am On Jul 23
Can I make a suggestion that if you want to post a name be it sold or not, do a screenshot

For newbies who might not know what Google indexing means or the implication. If you search for a domain name on google, as someone put up a screenshot on this page, you can see this thread appears.

Imagine a potential enduser viewing this thread, the implication is that, it can be a turn off for the person or the person will make a low ball offer seeing the amount names are being sold here. There are others

I will stop here. Kindly list names in JPEG or PNG or PDF

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Education / Re: UNIBEN Orders Peace Ufuoma To Rewrite All Exams From 200 Level by therealMcCain: 6:23pm On Jul 21
What was the result of the panel investigation, that is not a scrutiny test sir, it's a punishment !!!

Thats why i said, this news is yet to be confirmed. there was a memo that shows the constituted panel, i await something similar to show the finding.

its no punishment, a graduating student says she got far by engaging in Aggressive Malpractice, the university responded by saying they will investigate her and check her examination answer script from 100L. where is the punishment? its due diligence, if she is found wanting, then she will face the consequence and serve as a deterrence to others that Malpractice in whatever form isnt allowed.

For a student to be awarded a certificate it is said that he/she has been found worthy in character and learning.

To engage in Malpractice shows bad character and there is no learning in that
Education / Re: UNIBEN Orders Peace Ufuoma To Rewrite All Exams From 200 Level by therealMcCain: 8:58am On Jul 21
I personally believe if she has a good lawyer, she would go scot-free. For the action the school took to be valid, there must be evidence of malpractice, as in solid evidences like witnesses, malpractice material (phone, microchips, textbook etc) etc. That she wrote it on her clothes is not valid enough to make her guilty, any body can write anything. For instance, if I write on my shirt "I am a yahoo boy" does it mean I would go to jail for Internet fraud. The highest the law enforcement agency can do, is try to investigate me in order to get solid evidences which would be presented to the judge. Presenting my shirt where I wrote "I am a yahoo boy" to the judge as their only evidence would be tossed into the thrash can!!!!

While this news is yet to be confirmed, did you read the press statement when the panel was constituted, that her scripts will be checked from 100L.

The inscription on the shirt triggered the investigation, it's not the sole basis for whatever will be meted to her.

The question is will she pass the scrutiny test?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 5:00pm On Jul 20

Let me share this non geo sales report of last month.

It sold for $599. Direct Bin via epik, i know i outbounded for it sometimes,

Please don't write it out to avoid indexing...


Boss, please how long did payout take? Sold a name today and i am being asked to do verification(KYC). I have withdrawn via Crypto on 2 or 3 occasion, dont know why this is different now maybe due to the amount.

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Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 8:03am On Jul 20
SH owned..my First approved unregistered name.I Newly started submitting names just few days ago after taking my time to go through the thread from page 1.

Congrats and that's how it was be like a dream when you make your 1st sale


Education / Re: UNIBEN Sets Up Panel To Probe 'Aggressive Malpractice' Video Graduate by therealMcCain: 12:00pm On Jul 16

It still doesn't prove anything! If you see me wearing a t-shirt with the inscription I've just murdered someone or I'm a murdering can you prove I've just murdered someone

No it's not a proof but it is an invitation for your life to be scrutinised. Are you ready for that and do you want that?

If her hands are clean and no fowl play was done from 100l till final year, then the final report will declare it was mere talk
Education / Re: UNIBEN Sets Up Panel To Probe 'Aggressive Malpractice' Video Graduate by therealMcCain: 11:57am On Jul 16
Six females and a male on the panel, her own don be, certificate that she hasn't even collected.

You are talking about collection, the certificate hasnt been prepared.

I am also sure those panel members will be old skool so they wont understand what social media and the craze for swag and chasing clout means
Education / Re: UNIBEN Sets Up Panel To Probe 'Aggressive Malpractice' Video Graduate by therealMcCain: 11:56am On Jul 16
do you think awarding a degree is based only on academic studies, you must also be found of good character to bag a degree. Why do you think schools rusticate students for offenses committed outside the school fence? Because graduates that possesses unwanted behaviour and character Tarnishes the image of the institution.
It is written boldly on some degree certificate that having satisfy the academic requirement and impeccable behaviour is the reason of awarding the certificate.
Hence, that her behavior is a dent on the institution and they could withdraw her certificate for it. I can only pray they forgive her for that gaffe

Before the degree is awarded, it is said that a student "has been found worthy in Character and in learning"

Does that inscription on the shirt show good character? It was not just an ordinary malpractice but an aggressive one. An act that is highly frowned upon in the academic environment


Education / Re: UNIBEN Sets Up Panel To Probe 'Aggressive Malpractice' Video Graduate by therealMcCain: 11:51am On Jul 16
All she has to do is meet a good lawyer that will tell her what to say.
The case is dead on arrival, they don't have proof/evidence of malpractice. She can just tell them she was just catching cruise that's all.

Will it be dead on arrival if her scripts are recalled from 100L and some are found wanting?

There are lecturers that change grades on the master list that is sent out, so the final grade will be different from what's on the exam answer script.

The outcome of this panel wont be based on her oral testimony only but more of what they can find in her transcripts/exam history.

Does Good lawyer come cheap in this Buhari economy? Is the stress worth it at all? Wolves will be lurking around everywhere waiting to pounce on her with all kinds of promises. She will spend money cash and kind with alot of abeg.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Germany Floods: 42 People Dead (Photos, Video) by therealMcCain: 8:21pm On Jul 15
Those who are quick to condemn Nigeria when the read of floods in Lagos and Bayelsa need to be on this thread. In Verviers, Belgium cars were swept away across streets at the speed of sound. Residents in the third largest city have been asked to evacuate..

The death toll in Germany is 36 and counting. Four houses and its occupants were literally swept away to the Atlantic ocean. Talking of the best of architecture carried away in the world's citadel of Engineering. Think twice when next you have the urge to blame Desmond Elliott for your troubles..

How many times has this happened in Germany?

If this where to be Nigeria, what do you think the death toll will be?

If the german structures was built the way Nigeria structure is built coupled with our lack of town planning and adherence to laid down building codes and ethics,(dont forget building on drainage and dumping refuse in drainage etc) dont you think the effects would have been more devastating than this?
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 1:33pm On Jul 09

I only see my name when I click on the link..

It's been long I did mine, cant really remember the details. After clicking that link, check your spam and inbox to see if they sent you a mail

How many names do you have in BB, I think there is a minimum number of names to have, I cant remember what the number is
Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 1:30pm On Jul 09
Guess you right on this as well. Seems is goddady or nothing for most of them. I actually use dynadot most because of the ease of navigation. Thanks all the same

Americans trust Godaddy alot, even some domainers use only Godaddy
Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 8:59am On Jul 09
Nice to have you back sir. What is your strategy for names that are rejected by both BB and SH, but YOU KNOW have potential to sell?

Afternic will be your best bet, no harm in listing in other marketplaces

Afternic now has a "buy it now" lander, I havent tried it out neither have I seen the conversion data.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 8:58am On Jul 09

Where and how do you sell off your BB names? I've sent an email to BB for their Slack Channel link.
Is it only through the WLM listing on squadhelp can one auction off names at Squadhelp?

Kindly help shed more light on this as I have some names in both platforms I want to liquidate. Thanks

1. For slack channel, go to your account settings as shown by the screenshot(red box)

2.For BB or SH names, you can post on Namepros selling section that you have names for sale, go to that section you will see examples

You can also put up your advert on other forums you are part of (I use Nanepros, BB slack channel and brandersunion on slack channel too)

As for SH, the moment you affix a wholesale price to your name, it appears on their wholesale market. Now you cant sell bulk SH registered names on their wholesale market, you have to list them one by one.

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Business / Re: What To Do To Make Money Online? by therealMcCain: 3:24am On Jul 09
Good morning to the house!!

All the chairmen in the house, your boy is still loyal

Wow, lots of catching up and reading up to do.

I left domaining for some months now and I am still not back fully. For those that are making Geodomains sales, I salute your efforts, e nor easy

I will always maintain my stance, find out what works for you and define your objective. These past months has proven to me that Brandable domain is for me. Due to the nature of my Job, time for outbound is a no go area for me. So the best route is brandable, buy and wait for a sale.

I had need to raise cash at different times to meet a need and my brandable portfolio was very helpful. It's easier to sell off brandable names at wholesale prices esp BB names. You will get good value for it too if the names have high max list prices.

My case was like that of a man who had a farm & whenever he is hungry, he goes to get products from there to cook & eat. It pays to have assets you can easily sell to raise cash.

SH names do sell but it kinda of goes cheaper depending on the name though but most folks see BB valuation king.i havevirtually liquidated my BB & SH portfolio but I will build them again esp that of BB.

One love!! God bless those who have kept this thread alive and taken out time to share their experiences


Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 3:01am On Jul 09
I have been away for long, diverted my energy to something else. There hasnt been much time to dig and hunt for names. Virtually liquidated my SH & BB portfolio at wholesale price.

I will build them back because the proceed from the sale was very helpful. It reinforced the belief that you must have assets you can sell anyday to generate cash when the need arises. Brandable domain are assets especially BB names. They are easier to sell at wholesale prices with good returns esp those with high price listing.

Above all, I am happy to see that my thread has inspired so many persons & lots of folks have built their portfolio & are still building it. I appreciate all those who have kept the thread alive & taken out time to share their experiences


Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 2:56am On Jul 09
I think your right because he said transfer or nothing but come to think of it is anything wrong with push What is the advantage of transfer over push? Thanks brother for taking out time to explain

Some persons only deal with one registrars and have no intention of registering with another. So if the name is not registered with that registrar & cant be transferred, they wont go for it. Same registrar means the name can be pushed.

Someone bought my name on SH & provided his forum name for a push. The guy must have checked who your registrar was
Business / Re: Earning dollars With Squadhelp and Brandable domains: A Guide For Newbies by therealMcCain: 2:45am On Jul 09
Hi guys I have these names all approved on Squadhelp this year (shelp owned) ivyzest strivelush ivycure PactBull orbitpillar rysequest ivyripple IvyImpulse WyseLeap opticstrive verostrive hobbyfuse boldamour BlissPillar VeroFlame sageyield boldtitans ivypush FusePanda and fusedove.

I want to sale at least one of them in the wholesale marketplace for as low as $12. This is enabled me push the money to my Payoneer account to achieve the $50 threashood so I could withdraw my money stuckd with them for more than 6 months now.

Interested please send me an email on fortune82domains@gmail.com or Whatsapp 08066166556.
Thanks brothers in anticipation

Then list them in the wholesale marketplace. If they dont buy it for $15, reduce it to $13, then 12 to 10. Give it 2-3days before you reduce the price

Dont list all at once, there are sharks there waiting to pounce on your name for cheap. You can list 2 or 3 and give it some days. Dont forget, any name bought on wholesale market is subjected to 3% plus 30cents charge
Career / Re: Can A Graduate Survive With N50,000 Salary A Month? by therealMcCain: 7:59pm On Jun 23
Npower beneficiary on 30k stipend, how are they surviving?
Politics / Re: Respect Your Citizens Rights - Reverse Twitter Ban US Gov Warns Buhari Again by therealMcCain: 7:18am On Jun 11
Nothing dey happen, we are a sovereign nation.

When you are begging for support, ventilators, grants, loans, medical tourism, trainings etc. You forget about sovereignty & before shamelessly for it
Politics / Re: Clarification On Prepaid Meter Program by therealMcCain: 7:45pm On May 21
Hello guys,I did stumble on a post shared earlier on "Discos Selling supposed free meters"I feel I should just clarify the information due to the fact that I have some basic information on this.Kindly note that the Mass free metering project is an initiative embarked by the government and also be funded by it,discos do contract meter purchase and acquisition to contract installation firms who after installation are being accepted on the platform for subsequent vending, recharge and fault resolve issues.Now when government initiates a project it is to be funded while application is on going which takes time cz the funding is done in batches,so due to outcry of meters by customers stating readiness to pay the discos now intends running the former MAP payment program side by side so it will be basically your choice to decide on which to undertake.i had to enquire for this and I urge us all as nigerians to do same not jump into conclusions.

how does an individual apply for the meter
Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by therealMcCain: 7:57pm On May 13
By popular demand, most businessmen here have agreed that:

i. Every TLC deal should have the name of picker.
ii. If you doubt the TLC deal, confirm from the picker, request that ownership be transferred from the deal hunter to you before shipping.
iii. When requesting for an AIN deal, dont ask people to message you on whatsapp, just ask them to quote you then you reach out to them.
iv. For AIN deal, if seller is not in your location and you dont really trust the seller, kindly make use of an escrow. It is better to lose 500 naira or 1k that would be charged by an escrow than to lose 100k.

Please what is the full meaning of TLC and AIN

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