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Politics / Re: Edo Governorship Election 2020 Results From Vanguard by thinkmoney(m): 6:33pm On Sep 19
APC crushing PDP
U can't be helped. Ur ignorance is permanent. So simple calculation you can't perform again?

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Romance / Re: Shayo Eye Advice by thinkmoney(m): 10:51am On Sep 19
You are wrong, ugly girls have more body count than you can imagine. Majority of guys have low self esteem and they always go for the less pretty ones.

From ur experience maybe... Lol
Romance / Shayo Eye Advice by thinkmoney(m): 9:49am On Sep 19
The only 'wife material' girls now na wowo girls. If u try start any relationship with any fine girl now, just know say u dey enter joint investment or community project. In fact good girls ended in the year 2009.

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Properties / Re: NERC: A Landlord's outstanding Electricity Bills Cannot Be Enforced On A Tenant by thinkmoney(m): 2:15pm On Sep 17
Nonsense tweet.

Is there anyone who would normally inherit another person's bill?

Maybe Ozo would. Not me.

If NERC wants to show that they are working, they should focus on more relevant matters.

This particular matter is DOA. Only applies to dumb people.
My dear, its really an issue. Maybe you are leaving in a Behind estate.
PHCN us threatening to disconnect our light because of past debt. My landlord isn't feeling too concerned because he doesn't leave in the house
Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s Statement, Daddy Freeze’s Errors And Ibiyeomie’s Threat By Deji Yesufu by thinkmoney(m): 9:28pm On Sep 09
No go read ur bible urself... Dey there may some people dey mumu u. Seek God now really while he may be found. He is not their in the noise of these pastors
Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s Statement, Daddy Freeze’s Errors And Ibiyeomie’s Threat By Deji Yesufu by thinkmoney(m): 11:01pm On Sep 08
Show me one video of Oyedepo preaching any of these things you've listed. You people should fear God o.
Several of it are out there. All those "kingdom principles; 'you can't follow the kingdom principle and be poor...ever'"
Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s Statement, Daddy Freeze’s Errors And Ibiyeomie’s Threat By Deji Yesufu by thinkmoney(m): 10:59pm On Sep 08

My dear, there is no better way to put it. People are deceived into believing these god of men who parade as Christians are true followers of Jesus Christ, they are actually the miserable agents of Satan the Devil described by Jesus at Matthew 24:11, 24,25. See what is coming out of a man who calls himself a pastor, a man who says he has a calling from God! Shameful and reprehensible. These are wicked deceivers and their days are numbered, their judgement is not delaying, Hab 2:3. Sad, and many are following. Well that is what Jesus says about the broad way. I am hurt to my soul seeing how many are defending evil.
Their days are numbered
Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s Statement, Daddy Freeze’s Errors And Ibiyeomie’s Threat By Deji Yesufu by thinkmoney(m): 10:03pm On Sep 08
Normally I would not respond to this because try to stay of any religious or homosexual topic but I have noticed the gullibility of we Christians. We try to sound woke too much that we act like fools I'm sorry for the word. Daddy freeze has made it his life mission to abuse pastors whether they are real or not, daddy freeze that would body shame and broke shame you if you dare give a counter reason to his own words. Just go through hus Instagram page and see him brokeshaming young men, I can categorically remember daddy freeze called OYEDEPO a bald headed screechen a man that is almost 70 years old oo and no one talked about that ( God bless OYEDEPO for been so full of wisdom to have known what daddy freeze want which was his attention I guess ibiyeomie fell for that that, wisdom comes with age I guess) daddy freeze has never for once talked about the injustice we are facing as a country from our leaders, fuel and electricity was increased just a forth night ago and not a single word from daddy freeze, there have been an Carnage and an ethnic cleansing of the Christians in southern kaduna but not a word from that hypocrite but when a pastor says anything his muscles rises like a Lion ( meanwhile he is just a scared lil man , look how humble he was while reacting to the issue). It's we Christians that would still support daddy freeze when he abuse and makes mockery of our religious leaders, there is nothing you can say to me, Nigeria is always gonna be a deeply religious nation. The Muslims are laughing at us because we allow anyone trample on our religion, it's our own religion that a comedian would make a joke of speaking in tongues or of people falling under the anointing and we will all laugh foolishly while the Muslims see us as not been serious . Just 3 week's ago a man in Kano was sentence to death for a blasphemous statement and I condemn it in it's entirety but I can assure you for the next 50 years no one would dare do that again because they know the consequences. Can daddy freeze try to abuse a Muslim cleric if his head won't be on a spike? this Etinosa girl once made a joke of the Quran and she was nearly finished by the Muslims and since then she doesn't tow that part again, Christianity doesn't mean stupidity or gentility, As a Christian if you slap me I would slap you harder oo, it's only Jesus that has that patience and Mercy. Yes there should be freedom of speech but it should never be abused no matter what. If daddy freeze thinks he knows the word of God more than those men then he should open his own church and teach his own perfect word of God, can you imagine a sane Christian would wanna take marriage counsel from a daddy freeze that Is a divorcee and cohabitating with a woman that isn't his wife than a man that has been married for 52 years (Adeboye) and 36 years ( OYEDEPO) anyway what do I know sef
From bible criteria I tell u unfortunately that you are not a Christian. If you can't hope to attain Christ level of humility, devotion and tolerance, then you can't be christ-like or a Christian.
Many of these pastors are not the pastors bible describe. Bible say we should not fear them. A tree is known by its fruit.
The irony is that its Mr Ibiyeomo that is a bastard. He has shown that he does not know is father. Jesus cannot be his father because he doesn't behave like Jesus.
The shame this 'god of men' cause is to them not to God or his true children

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Religion / Re: Oyedepo’s Statement, Daddy Freeze’s Errors And Ibiyeomie’s Threat By Deji Yesufu by thinkmoney(m): 9:53pm On Sep 08
What are the "heresies in Oyedepo's prosperity gospel"
He mentioned it. The heresy is him teaching that financial gain is godliness. Preaching that material wealth are result of some form of godly devotion. This is far from what the bible teaches. The bible emphasizes spiritual wealth

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Politics / Re: David Ibiyeomie: Reno Omokri Reveals Daddy Freeze's Parents' Identity by thinkmoney(m): 6:52pm On Sep 07
Reno like many others made a Valid Summation..

Freeze For me has been an instrument of Devil Knowingly / Unknowingly against the Church.

He has Confused People and led them Astray on Tithes
And He wants to do the same again in Their Homes..

Having said that, the Words of the Man of God which I Believe was spoken out of Anger was not a good one.

My brother forget your narrow messages here. Freeze is a rare type. All though is style might be extreme, he as dared raise questions people couldn't ask hitherto. He has made people loose unnecessary fear of these God of men.
Your understanding of the bible is narrow. Tithe has served its purpose of taking care of the temple. The new covenant church does not collect tithes. We know much about the 'acts of the apostles' and early church, no tithe was requested or paid. Everyone is to give cheerfully, for God loves a cheerful giver.
Pastors or anyone, attract curse when they try to add or diduct from bible injunctions or reinvent Christian 'act'.
Religion / Knowledge by thinkmoney(m): 10:28am On Sep 07
If I ask you who this is, you most probably will have no idea. But do you know that Gods greatest servant-his son- Jesus Christ most probably look more like this than those unrealistic, portraits with girlish look and flowing hair you have been used to all your lives, that you probably reverence and paste at your altar, on your door and cars?
My post many at times is to 'open your eyes and mind' and to provoke you to start thinking analytically.

TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: 3 Rules Erica Broke That May Lead To Her Disqualification by thinkmoney(m): 10:31pm On Sep 06
My brother allow us to watch our show of Shame in peace, the last time I checked, didn't use ur money for subscription
You are big ode. You guys are the problem of the world. SELFISH PERSON. You think you don't have any moral obligation to others? You think because its your money then its your business.
You will allgive account soon. All those of you helping ruining the earth. Supporting obscenities with your money and voice.
Politics / Re: Buhari Blames Middlemen: 1984 And 2020 (Photos) by thinkmoney(m): 10:23pm On Sep 06
Cry cry babies everywhere.
U are part of our problem. I don't know how your type just get used to nonsence
Literature / Knowledge by thinkmoney(m): 4:25pm On Sep 06
Talking about knowldege; many Nigerians - males and females -believe that sex with several partners 'turn the vaginal into a well or ocean'. *THEY ARE VERY MUCH PART OF THE PROBLEM*
The woman genital like that of a man comes in different sizes, shapes and shades. If anything, sex can actually make your vaginal tighter. The vagina is a muscle, when you exercise a muscle, it’s stronger, has more blood flow, [and] is more sensitive.
Now believe me; one basic problem in Africa and that has been stubbornly impending our progress is our cultures and traditions. This encompasses many things we have been baselessly fed and have our minds conditioned into.
Examples and their effects: we have a proverb that says, if anybody is given a hoe, he will weed the grasses towards himself. And we are told to always respect and never question our elders, kings and government officials. The effect is that we tolerate corruption and can't really ask questions of our government officials. Our pregnant women are also advised to take hot drinks during pregnancies and to squeeze out the first breast milk after child birth, that its 'dirty'. The effect is the children with low IQ that behaves irrationally.
I implore those smart among us to stop putting up with morally bankrupt and intellectually lazy partners so to ensure these misfits go extinct.

Make our society better. Don't only look for money. Search more for knowledge and share it.
And ladies, u get more security, happiness and your children come out well when you prioritize a guy that is sound intellectually.
Politics / Re: Maryann Shaibu Threatens To Flog Women Seen In APC Group (video) by thinkmoney(m): 10:07am On Sep 04

I hope all of u that have turned yourself to online soldiers to twist stories and incidence in favor of politicians are really getting paid.
The heading here is misleading. She was obviously making humour. Thanks for the video
Culture / Re: Micheal Ameh Oboni Dies! The Attah Of Igala Is Dead by thinkmoney(m): 12:59am On Aug 28

Whose does the car gifted to him to solicit his blessing at the last election become
Romance / Re: Should I Marry My Boyfriend With This Behaviour? by thinkmoney(m): 12:54am On Aug 28
I'm really confused about my boyfriend if hes worthy of getting married to.
We are in a long distant relationship, we hardly see, sometimes thrice in a year, but I believe the reason we are still together is because its a distant relationship, as each time I go to Enugu to greet him and stay for 2weeks, my love for him is always reduced.
So much this time around, we haven't seen for a year, and I had something important to do in Enugu, so I decided to stay in his place and use the opportunity to greet him. The first 4days, we were totally fine with each other, as I was busy with doing the stuff I came to do. Meanwhile, I didn't spend his money, as I came with my money and give him money to buy me food, so for the first 3days he was the one buying the cooked foods we ate, but I would give him 1k. Naturally, I don't eat outside, nor do I eat junks, but because he said he doesn't have money, I just pitied him and did not mention the fact that he should get foodstuffs, I don't want him to start feeling bad that he has no money plus I was even busy, remember I came for a purpose. And I don't use it as attitudes for him, I'm a very happy enduring lady.

Now after the fourth day that I finished the program I originally came for, I lost my money, about 150,000, truth is when I'm sad, im usually harsher, and would not talk much, would become exessively quiet, because if I talk, I may start to cry, this is when problem started between us, he acted unconcerned about my predicament, I just ignored him, trying to see how I can get back my money. And the truth is, if I get the money, I will surely give him part of the money, there's no time I will make money and not give him. So for like two days, I was in depression due to my money, I didnt sweep, I was just sighning, and not cheerful to him, the next day afterwards, was when he bursted, and started talking
1. He said I'm useless to him
2. He compared me with other people's girlfriend, how they take care of their boyfriend, how they cook for them, cook extremely homey food for them.
3. He said his friends couldn't visit him because I'm in his house, and thus hes missing because the fact that I'm in his house I'm useless, not doing anything for him, and yet his friends couldn't come.
4. He said his cousins girl did this and that.
5. He said I'm talking of marriage, he said what is he marrying, he said when I'm not even showing any readiness bla bla bla
6. He said I should look at his house, does it look like a girl is there, he said his friend told him that since I'm around now, his cheeks would become bigger, and in his mind, he knew he would only grow thinner.
7. He said I should leave his house first thing tomorrow morning, since I'm not useful.
8. He said at this point, hes confused, if i want to break up, I should just let him know, because what is the point of our stay together
He said just too many hurtful things and those are the ones I could remember.
I was able to record some of those things, so I can relisten to them later. But he collected my phone and deleted all I recorded.

All through, I was just quiet and smiling because I don't even know where to start replying him and he was very serious, his face was in a fight mood, I don't wanna talk because I really don't like problems or fight. Then later, he said I must say something, he seized my phone, and almost made me loose a deal.

I just kept quiet, later when I started talking, he denied having said USELESS, something he mentioned more than twice and apologized swiftly.

All his accusations were wrong because the reason I didn't cook is because he has no single food at home and hes the one always complaining he has no money, so I just taught that, I wouldn't make my stay to disrupt his life, he knew I hate eating outside, and the fact that we buy food is something I am enduring, because the foods makes me nauseated each time I eat them. He knows how much i cook for him when he comes visiting me, I will cook several things, what I can't even eat myself due to financial problems, I am the one always fighting him to cook that Junks are unhealthy. But just because I was pitying him, I didn't bring up the idea of cooking, he accused me of being useless, he said I'm the one to bring up the idea as a girlfriend, bla bla bla.

Later that day, I brought the idea and he gave me 5k to the market, I cooked and did everything. I didn't buy a single food I could eat (I don't eat pasters), because the money isn't enough, so I just bought foods he likes and made a nice sauce. His friend came visiting, I packed foods for her and did normal. His friend called him to relate how I treated her, this is when my boyfriend started filling extremely happy, and thanking God for meeting me, saying nice things.

Since then, he has been saying stuffs of how much he's been gifted to have me bla bla bla, to me, whatever I have for him has greatly reduced, because I don't know the Essence of the relationship, because to him, its a roleship, where I must do my roles and if I miss, he won't even think why could I have missed it, if its intentionally, was it because I'm sad, the next thing he would be saying is if we should break up or not. Now, this is someone I never compared with anyone, I don't even compare people, I just do normal to him, like I will do to a brother, plan for him, etc, yet he compares me all the time and wants me to live like the other average girls that are using iphones.

I told him yesterday that since he wants a roleship, he would also man up, and for the first time in our 5years relationship, I started behaving like the normal girls, I asked him for money to make my hair, he doesn't have, I asked him for money for cream, he doesn't have and he has been angry because I told him I don't care whether he has money or not, since I must do my roles, he should also do his roles, and for the first time I also compared him and told him what men are doing for their girls.

He has been frowning and sad since I said those words to him, because they are deep, I just served him exactly what he did to me. I'm not happy, I'm doing that to him, I'm even sad I'm telling him all these because this is not me. I'm still going to make him realize how useless he is in my life, absolutely useless, and that is the truth, since he sees our relationship as a role one, then hes useless.

I can't marry him like this, God forbids, someone who can't endure due to the situation of things and understand, and he wants me to understand his own and endure for him, its not just possible for me, and he's good at talking, abusing, bullying, etc. Hes the one that will tell me to snap pictures for him, I will tell him I don't have clothes, he will say ''Go and Buy now'', He will bully me with my hair and compare it with that of other girls. He wasn't broke before the lockdown, but I didn't collect money from him because I want him to achieve and grow with the money, so that by the time we get married, he would be financially very okay.

Please should I marry this kind of Man? I really don't know why I should because it seems his happiness towards me, his affection and romance is dependent on fulfilling ROLES in his head.
The picture you have painted is not the picture of a good man. Don't ignore the signs
Culture / Re: Micheal Ameh Oboni Dies! The Attah Of Igala Is Dead by thinkmoney(m): 8:34pm On Aug 27

Who will now be driving the luxury car the governor gave him to solicit for his favour in the last election?
Celebrities / Re: Melania Trump: Cardi B Shares Naked Photo Of US First Lady by thinkmoney(m): 6:18pm On Aug 26
she's still more better than you Cardi B...... meanwhile, it won't stop Trump from winning this election come November

Team Trump......
You join people wey go vote?
Travel / Re: Honesty and Contentment: My Experience In Zimbabwe. by thinkmoney(m): 6:24pm On Aug 18

If this is true about Zimbabwe populace, then how did there government officials become corrupt? Or, is it that they take their leaders from other countries?
And I am surprised you said their police is disciplined. This is not consistent from what we have been seeing from many media houses sin the later years of Mugabe till now.
You would not very wise to trust a complete stranger with such responsibility anywhere in the world! You were just foolishly desperate!!

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Education / Re: 5 Common Wildlife Misconceptions You Should Do Away With(photos) by thinkmoney(m): 6:57pm On Aug 17
5— Chameleons change their colours to match any environment/background

My brother, I commend you for the other things you have said, but you got the chameleon own wrong.
I have witneyss several time were chameleons take on the colour of whatever they are placed on easily and almost in an instant!
Religion / Re: Five Ways You Can Identify A Good Church To Attend by thinkmoney(m): 4:10pm On Aug 16

Source: http://www.tundekorede.com/how-to-know-a-good-church-to-attend-2/
Nice write up bro, but it still falls short.
God is a mercifuand loving God. He has shown this qualities in how easy he has made finding him. But the reason that people are finding it hard to find this God that has made himself very available is because of the veil Satan tries to cast over people's eyes.
Best ways to find a church of God (I will limit it yo three);
-church that uses the true name of God Yahweh /Jehovah generously. Its only in this way outsiders will know who the congregants belong to.
-church that have genuine love not only for themselves but even for others.
-church that devote great time to evangelism. Church that all members are active evangelizers . Because evangelism is the real Gods work, and its so important its the assignment Jesus gave to all Christians before he left the world scene.
TV/Movies / Re: Ooni Of Ife, Ogunwusi Wants BBNaija Scrapped And Replaced by thinkmoney(m): 9:30am On Aug 15
What does the Ooni want us to do really?

Protest? Sowore, with all his international network, protested; what has it yielded?

Rant on twitter? We did that before the 2019 elections and made sure Atiku won all online poll, but that too amounted to nothing.

Take up arms? So they send their aboki soldiers to waste u. Na that time you go know say our army strong.

Instead of blaming the youth for being carefree about the state of the polity, blame the architects of the misfortune will find ourselves in.

Blame Tinubu and his cohorts who ignored every voice of reason and of history to enthrone an ethnic jingoist and a religious bigot who have soft spot for terrorists. He dresses terrorists in new robe and sends them back to the society while their victims die of starvation in IDPs.

Now, Obadiah Mailafia just said Boko Haram planes were flying during the lockdown to distribute money, arms and food, what does the Ooni want us to do about that?

Make them free us abeg!

Meanwhile #Laycon4TheMoney
We havent done anything with passion. Even the protest wasn't attended properly. We are too cowardly or uneducated as to know what we are missing.

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Sports / 8:2 by thinkmoney(m): 11:26pm On Aug 14
If sars that support barca catch you this night,is death by hanging

Politics / Re: NBC: You Will Be Punished If You Insult President, Governors And Senators by thinkmoney(m): 1:03pm On Aug 14

Any culture that keep respect of corrupt and selfish elders is an evil culture. It should be trashed.
This is not the Nigeria we want

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Politics / Re: FG Dumps Plastic I.D Card For Digital Identification by thinkmoney(m): 9:28pm On Aug 13

This men don't have tact. Noticed the negative way he introduced the card when he said; 'you can't run away now".

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: What Is Your Most Embarassing Moment While Job Hunting. by thinkmoney(m): 9:09pm On Aug 13
I Got to the interview without my resume and when they asked me for it I just stared back blank faced, my throat was dry and when I wanted to explain that I assumed they should have it, as I started speaking, spit flew from my mouth onto the face of the HR staff. As she jerked backwards, her cup of coffee in her other hand spilled all over her white suit and she screamed because it was hot and she fell backwards onto the glass table which shattered.

I got up and left in a hurry and ended up crashing into the glass sliding door and it broke to pieces.
This ur own mad gan oh...lol.
They no lock u up?

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Science/Technology / Re: Two-Headed Russell Viper Discovered In India (Photos) by thinkmoney(m): 9:49pm On Aug 12
Stop Displaying Folly in the Public!

Go read your Bible so you know the difference btw people and Animals..
Your type don't know how to take criticism kindly.
Revelation was revealed to John in signs. Most of the things represent other things. Example, the different fearsome beasts represents world powers. The drunk harlot on the scarlet beast represent false religion. The beast around the throne of God represents Gods qualities.
You won't find such beasts anywhere.
The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and *signified* it by his angel unto his servant John. KJV. Notice the signified.
Science/Technology / Re: Two-Headed Russell Viper Discovered In India (Photos) by thinkmoney(m): 6:52pm On Aug 12
The World Inhabitants and Citizens are yet to witness or See the Dangerous Vipers and Animals that are on Planet Earth..

While Reading the Book of Revelation in the Bible , I came across Certain Descriptions of animals both in the sea and on land. Fearful described Creatures

These Creatures will be Unleashed on Earth during the Great Tribulation...

It's gonna be a real Terrible Period!

The KING of Kings Himself Says " Such as Has never Been"

Do all u should to Escape it..

It's a Serious Matter..

There is no More time..

My dear, know your bible. God didn't create such fearful animals in revelation, they are allegorical creatures. They represent people, organizations, systems, events etc. And many of them have happened, are happening and few are yet to happen

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Education / Re: Meet Benefit Boys: Who Are They And What Is Really Beneficial? by thinkmoney(m): 4:52pm On Aug 10

Source: http://campusnewsui.com/2020/08/09/benefitboys-what-is-really-beneficial/
Its obvious you didn't research well. Those boys in your pictures are actually comedians.
Don't post their pictures under such writing again

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Family / Re: After 14 Days Of Marriage, Nigerian Man Shares His Experience by thinkmoney(m): 7:26pm On Aug 08
A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate his experience after just 14 days of marriage to his wife.

In a post he made on the social media platform, he wrote on his anticipation before marriage and how everything doesn't seem to appear as it was painted by his advisers.

Read his post below:


I thought you wanted to write about your experience?
Happy marriage life all the same.

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