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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 3:13pm On Aug 02, 2020
Beautiful sunsets... it's summer time now so the weather is good and everybody is cheerful and in good spirits


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 3:12pm On Aug 02, 2020
Happy new month my people! I hope you guys are doing good and are in good health?

I'm sorry for the lack of updates... I've been busy with work.

I'm trying to work as much as I can so I'll be able to save something tangible before school resumes in a month's time.

My first summer job this year came from a stranger... I just randomly sent him a message and he hooked me up with a remote Microsoft Customer Care support job, I combine that with menial jobs and also photography when ever I have a paid event to shoot and shooting Videos for my channel. I've been really inundated with work these past few weeks so I don't have enough or mental strength to update my thread.

I'll just post a few pics

First two pictures, at my friend's house with his family to celebrate his birthday.
Third picture, having a cocktail with a friend after shooting a video for my channel.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 8:31am On Jun 04, 2020
bro your videos are lit and I've subscribed...pls I'm a youtuber too what app do u use to edit your videos
Thanks bro...I use Final Cut to edit.
Hello Tochi, I just got admitted to the Finance masters programme at HSE University. I would really like to know a lot of things. Please reach out via this post. I need someone i can talk to please. Thank you.
My email is bello.olorunjuwon@gmail.com
CC@ Tochiphotos
Congrats bro... I don send you email make we link up when you arrive
Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 7:23pm On May 15, 2020
The lockdown period in Russia has been extended to at least June 1st. This is because the cases have been rising at very fast rate. We currently have over 262,000 cases in Russia and around 2,400 deaths. It's been a crazy past few weeks.

We still take classes and tests online now. We had a test today on Economic Statistics. 100 questions in 70 mins. Omo I was still at number 37 before time was up. I don't know how the lecturer thought we could possibly answer 100 difficult questions in 70 minutes. The test is 10% of our grade and I'm still upset about it.

I recently visited my friends in the Dacha in a village outside Saint Petersburg. It's technically still in Saint Petersburg, but it's called Leningrad Oblast. I spent an entire day with them, exploring the woods, hiking, and just enjoying nature. I also made a cool interview video which I've posted on my channel. So please check it out if you're interested.

It's been really difficult for me to sleep at night these days because right now the sunrises as early as 3am which means once it's 3 in the morning, the sun is out and everywhere becomes bright. Here in Russia, during the winter, we usually don't see up to 4 hours of daylight so we basically have around 20 hours of darkness during the winter.

While in Spring and Summer time, the sunsets around 10pm and rises around 3am. Around June or July, we will literary have white nights when the entire Saint Petersburg goes for weeks without darkness, even at night, everywhere will be bright. I still haven't gotten used to this.

First two pictures were taking around 9pm and the third was around 10pm this is what I was describing above.

Last picture was me riding a bicycle to the woods with my friends.

I hope you guys are staying safe and healthy? Have a lovely weekend Y'all


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 7:02pm On May 15, 2020

Hello boss.. Please I'm planning of coming to Russia for my Master's but I intend going for the language program first before starting my main masters program.
Please can you suggest schools that offers preparatory language program in saint Petersburg. The once I've seen are in Novosibirsk and kazan..tho I prefer saint Petersburg
Hi Bro, Most the Masters courses in the best Universities in Moscow and Saint Petersburg are taught in English and you don't need to do the Russian language preparatory program. You only need that if your course will be taught in Russian language. HSE is one of the best universities in Russia, and they have the best English Language Masters programs.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:28pm On Apr 28, 2020
Update no too dey for now, we're still on lock down. It's been a month now since the lock down and we've been having classes online now. The Semester is still on and the schedule is still the same but we have classes online using Microsoft teams or zoom depending on the professor.

I made a video recently asking Russians (students in our dorm) to pronounce some difficult words in English and it was really funny.

The corona cases in Russia just increased to 93,558 confirmed cases and 867 total deaths and it's getting worse. Everything is on total lock down now till April 30th then Putin will either extend the lock down or relax it a bit.

I hope you guys are in good health and staying safe.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 9:31am On Apr 03, 2020
Btw I feel eally bad for women in abusive relationships cos right now they are forced to stay at home 24/7 with their abusers smh. Domestic violence is decriminalized in Russia which basically gives men in Russia the free hand to beat and abuse their wives and girlfriends without consequences. There is an old Russian belief that if a man beats his wife or gf, that means he truly loves her. It's a really fuc*ked up and primitive way to think and I can't believe the Russian Govt doesn't want to make domestic violence a punishable offense. Was just thinking about it this morning and it made me really sad. cry

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 9:31am On Apr 03, 2020

Misha is adorable...
Nice pictures...

Thank you smiley


Lol... Yeah you are lucky not to get locked up with your roommates... The possibility of you guys driving each other crazy is quite high
I am locked up with my siblings cos of the no school policy and I tell you, I love them but if I see one more footprint in my room... lipsrsealed
I dey tell you Hahahaha .

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 11:12am On Apr 02, 2020

More photos of Misha please, such cuteness embarassed.
I got you )

Did the russian govt give allowee to it's citizens to help during this corona season......because our useless Nigerian govt aren't doing anything to help as usual.
The Government didn't introduce any stimulus package or bailouts, this week is a public holiday (stay at home) so Putin mandated all companies to give all employees a paid leave this week. That's all, no allowance like America, Canada and Germany smh.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 10:41am On Apr 01, 2020
I also made a recent video featuring a Nigerian guy and his beautiful Russian girlfriend. It's a short video about interracial relationship in Russia so please watch it if you wanna find out the good and bad of interracial dating in Russia.


Also please I have a special request. I currently have 979 subscribers and I need 21 more subscribers to reach my first major milestone so please If you haven't yet subscribed to my channel, please help me reach 1000 subscribers please. Follow this link to subscribe it takes just a second please https://www.youtube.com/c/AfroRossiyaTv?sub_confirmation=1

Thank you guy and please stay safe )


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 10:34am On Apr 01, 2020
More photos of Misha hahaha

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 10:33am On Apr 01, 2020
My people, how far? I hope you guys, your family, friends and loved ones are all in good health?

I no really get much update, just wanted to drop by and check on you guys.

Omo this Coronavirus situation is really scary. This year isn’t really going the way anyone expected. People are dying, Companies are shutting down. I'm afraid that even when this whole Coronovirus issue is over, the economic impact will last for years. A part of me feels like even if the whole world recovers from this pandemic soon, the impact on the global economy will be hard to recover from and that could even cause more deaths. I also fear that at some point, The US, Europe, China and all other developed countries will handle their coronavirus and recover and then it will hit Africa hard and the whole world will move on and not care. I really hope it doesn't get to that point because Nigeria and African in general is not ready or equipped to handle such an outbreak. It will be catastrophic.

We are currently in quarantine hre in Russia. The situation here isn't as bad as in The US Italy or Spain. The total cases in Russia is currently 2,777 and total deaths are 24. There is a feeling among Russians that the real figure hasn't been reported. I don't ever want to say anything about that before they arrest me because here in Russia, people get arrested for posting anything that is considered anti government on social media.

About school. President Putin declared this week a public holiday of some sort. It's not a holiday per say because everybody is mandated to stay indoors this week. You can only go outside to buy essential things like medicine or groceries. You could get arrested if you're caught outside this week. So that's the current situation in Russia, everybody is under house arrest hahaha no movement this week. Everything resumes next week Monday. My school has also decided to use distance learning to deliver our classes for now.

One funny thing happened a few days ago, my parents called to tell me to stay indoors because they heard Putin released lions in the streets of Russia to attack anyone who violates the stay at home order hahaha. I obviously told them is fake news but they still think it's true hahahaha

My friend S who studies in the same program with me, the one that owns that cute cat I posted before. She traveled to her hometown because of this quarantine (she wants to spend it with her parents and her boyfriend) so she asked me to stay in her apartment till she returns so of course the first thing I did was bring out my phone and made cute pictures of Misha the cat hahaha. I'm really happy my friend asked me to stay in her apartment during this quarantine period because I can't imagine spending the quarantine locked up with my annoying roommates in the dormitory hahaha.

Also, some weeks back, the vice president of the Nigerian community in Saint Petersburg celebrated his birthday and they organised a football match in his honour so I'll share some pictures from that. The video is on my YouTube channel.

Photos of Misha and photos from the football match

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 10:32am On Apr 01, 2020
Nice updates as usual , i've been following You from your moscow thread and i've enjoyed it Immensly, i'm glad You have found someone special again after You And B broke up, i can understand why You were findin it difficult to go into another relationship, my Advice to You is to try and get permanent residence there because Naija No get Joy at all......have fun and live your life to the fullest ,
Thanks a lot bro and thanks for the advice, I appreciate that.

Tochi please update us oooh!!! It has been a while..

Omo nothing much to write oo Corona ti take over

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Technology Market / Re: All Offerup, Letgo, Craigslist, 5miles, Ebay, Amazon Deals.*READ FIRST PAGE* by TochiPhotos(m): 11:33am On Mar 06, 2020
Guys please does anyone have a good deal on factory unlocked iPhone 7? please quote me if you have abeg
Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:17pm On Feb 16, 2020
Guys, I have some wonderful news to share with you guys. My friend Nastya who has been in coma for months now has woken up. I just found out recently and words alone are not enough to describe how happy I am. I'm really so happy God has answered our fervent prayers. Thanks to each and every one of you that put her in your prayers and may God Bless you guys.

There is still some problem, she suffered memory loss and doesn't remember anyone or anything. She doesn't recognize her parents or anything for that matter but the doctor's said that was expected and she will hopefully regain her memory with time. So we're all hoping for the best. But the good news is that she's awake now and out of coma and I believe that God that started this miraculous recovery, will surely see it through.

Back to what I've been up to.

On Valentine's day, I was booked to cover the African community valentine's day party in Saint Petersburg. During the event, one of the guy's Wisdom who is an upcoming artist and also a nairalander proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Nadiaa and she said yes. It was a really beautiful moment.

The valentine party was really fun and colorful. The club was filled with people and some of the guys brought their Russian wives and girlfriends. It was a really fun gathering. I took some pictures and made a short video of the valentine party and proposal so please check the video out and like it.

Also guys, please if you like my content and haven't subscribed to my channel, please subscribe to my channel and help me reach 1000 subscribers please. Simply click on this direct subscribe button https://www.youtube.com/c/AfroRossiyaTv?sub_confirmation=1

Thank you guys I wish each and everyone of you a wonderful week ahead.

Short video from the valentine party and proposal


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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:16pm On Feb 16, 2020
This is some very interesting twist here smileyReally interesting. The first update,thats something really unpleasant to experience.Hope the guy is doing well.
And,beautiful photos bro.Its very good to see you having a great time. And you look great with this special someone. I really hope you guys last very very long wink Man,it seems like you really are a ladies man grin .The coolest chicks always falling for you. smiley You're an original 9ja blood wink keep it up man.
By the way,what's the situation with your friend who's been in coma?
And hope your studies is going great too.

P.S. Your latest videos on YouTube are wonderful as well. The views keep on growing and thats very pleasing to see. Keep them coming.
Thanks for your kind words bro. I really appreciate.

Wow, I just discovered your thread now and I am pleased. Its good to know that you are enjoying Russia though. I tried learning Russian and it was easy at first, especially the Cyrillic but after that, I get an instant headache when I try to go deeper and learn more, like a literal headache. That language too difficult abeg. If na latin alphabet, I go don sabi am tay tay, I speak polish, and they are pretty similar.

Chances are, I will be in Russia for the St Petersburg 2020 Euro league, perhaps, we could go for a drink, if you don't mind. My regards, and keep up with the positivity.

Hi bro. I'm really glad you enjoyed reading my thread. And yes I'll be happy to meet and show you around when you visit in the summer. Please keep in touch my brother.

Tochiphotos, I love your thread. You're sufficiently expressive in your narrations and I'm happy to be blessed with the opportunity to be part of this.
How's Natshya? She's the small girl you took pictures with abi? Chai. I pray she recovers fully. These things are too painful.

Thanks bro. And about Nastya, I have wonderful news. Coming up in next post.

Please tochi update us on how you spent your Valentine's day..

Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 2:29pm On Feb 09, 2020
I visited the famous Mariinsky Theatre a while ago. I'm a huge fan of Opera, Ballet and Drama and visiting either the historic Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow or the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg has been on my bucket list since I set foot in Russia and I was only able to cross that off my list some days back.

The Mariinsky Theatre is one of the finest Theatre in the world. It has staged some of the most memorable masterpieces of Tchaikovsky, and other famous composers. It currently houses the Mariinsky ballet troupe, Orchestra and Opera.

I visited the theatre with someone special to me, and we saw Giselle, one of the greatest ballets of the 19th century. Giselle is French romantic ballet in two acts which tells the story of a beautiful poor girl who died of heartbreak after falling for the lies of a deceitful nobleman.

I went to see the show with someone whom I consider the most special person I've met since I've been in Saint Petersburg. I haven't told you guys about her yet for a reason but I hope I'll be able to do that one day.
One thing you guys have to know is that she's the most amazing, the kindest and most genuine girl I've met in Russia. No one has ever loved me the way she has, even my first Russian girlfriend B never loved me the way she does. I haven't told you guys about her beause things are complicated due to my Bleep up. We met over a year ago and then I had just freshly broken up with B and I wasn't ready to be in a relationship. I told her I just wanted to be friends with her and she agreed and along the line she fell deeply in love with me and towards the end of last summer I told her I wanted to be alone and stopped talking to her.

I didn't know that our breakup affected her badly. I don't know if I can call it a breakup up because I never officially asked her to be my gf cos I made it clear to her I wasn't ready for a relationship and we agreed to be just friends, spend time together etc but along the line she got too attached to me so that's why she handled our breakup badly.

According to her, when I left her, she got depressed and cried everyday and I didn't even know what was going on because I cut all communications with her. Her mom and entire family knew about it and it took her some weeks to heal from the heartbreak and now her mom especially hates me because of what I put her daughter through. We've reunited for a few months now but things are complicated because her mom still hates me for what I did to her. She herself has forgiven me and wants to be with me and I've realised I also like her and care about her more than I've cared about any girl in Russia but like I said things are still complicated because her mom thinks I'm heartless and I will break her heart again so she has told her to stay away from me cos I'll only bring her pain. Smh.

Back to the ballet. The Mariinsky Theatre was as magnificent as I had imagined. I honestly don't know how to describe the feeling for you but I literally felt goosebumps all through the show. The whole experience was simply amazing and the Theatre is beautiful beyond compare.

Here are pictures from the day at the theatre. Me and special someone.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 9:20am On Feb 09, 2020
Good morning guys, I hope everyone is doing well.

I'll start today's update with some upsetting news.

A Nigerian guy got scammed by a Russian girl last week and I'm so angry about that.

So here is what happened.

The Nigerian guy is new in town and he doesn't know the city very well and also doesn't know the antics and mischief of some scammers in this city. Like most major cities in Europe, Saint Petersburg has people that run scams that target tourists so in this particular case, the Nigerian guy met a girl on the street, he thought she was a normal girl and he was so excited he met someone that speaks good english.

They got talking and and the girl suggested they go to a bar and have a drink (mistake number 1) if you're new in any city in Europe, never let any random person take you to a bar, club or restaurant. I will explain why later.

Unknown to the guy, the girl works for an organized syndicate that targets foreign tourists. What they usually do is use beautiful girls to set traps and lure tourists to bars and clubs and run up crazy bills on the person's name and the bar, club or restaurant will give them a percentage later.

To cut the long story short, the girl took the guy to a bar, the guy had a few shots but the girl was busy running up bills without the guy's knowledge.

After everything, the bill arrived and it amounted to over 40,000 rubles which is around N250,000.

My guy was confused and he didn't know what to do. Another mistake he made was paying the bill instead of calling me immediately. I guess he panicked because they probably threatened him. He only told me the following morning and I was so upset because it was already too late to do something.

So this is for everyone that intends to visit Russia or any European city in future. Please beware of such scams and tricks, they are common and in Russia especially you can't do much if you fall into their trap cos they usually work with organized crime syndicates.

Below is a picture of the crazy bill they gave the guy.

They charged him 3000 rubles twice because the girl took the microphone and sang karaoke and she didn't even ask him before doing it.

The entire thing is ridiculous. I felt very bad for the guy but I guess he has learnt his lesson. Sucks that he had to learn through the hard way.

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 9:24pm On Jan 28, 2020
It's very hard to find this kind of perspective on the internet. Really interesting video - good work!

I like the little mini-video at the end. Do you know what the kid was saying? Youtube auto-translate not helpful!

"you can use Restylane (freestyle?) even though I p****d in my arch if Bobby even sure the rest mine" grin

Thanks bro and thanks for watching till the end. Means a lot to me.

Your translation cracked me up lmao. I couldn't stop laughing when I read it hahahaha

He basically told his friend. "Oh wow you're a good freestyler" and his friend replied "Ive been freestyling for two years" then he asked his friend to come and record him so he can play with me.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 7:44pm On Jan 27, 2020
I also made a short video asking members of the Nigerian community to tell me what it's like to be a black person in Russia.

So if you wanna find out what it's like to be black in Russia, watch the video.


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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 7:43pm On Jan 27, 2020
I recently attended the meeting of the Nigerian community in Saint Petersburg. This was my first time attending the meeting but I was really glad I did because I was able to meet and connect with some very wise and intelligent Nigerians doing good things here in Russia.

The president of the community has lived in Russia for over 25 years, some have been here for 17, 15, 10 years etc so it was really nice to meet them and ask some important questions.

The meeting was also an opportunity for those who have lost or damaged their Nigerian passport to get a new one from the Nigerian embassy rep.

Here are some pictures from the meeting


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 2:31pm On Jan 19, 2020
Something funny happened yesterday. I don't know if you guys know, but this is currently the warmest winter Saint Petersburg has experienced in a very long time. We are currently witnessing first hand the impact of Climate change(Global warming) We've only seen snow 3 times this, and the average weather is -1 degree. This is considered warm in winter cos I remember by this time last year, we already had 4 to 10 inch of snow on the street everyday and average weather was -10 or thereabout.

No be say I dey complain o, it's good for us Africans but to be honest I actually miss snow but the good thing is that according to forecasts, things will return to normal in February and March and we might end up having a cold Spring and cold Summer which will really suck.

So here is the funny thing that happened. I recently made a video to teach some students from my University in Russia how to dance egwu ogene and also how to speak a little Igbo. We recorded the video inside our University's gym/dance studio and I played Ogene music all through the session. When had finished shooting, one man walked up to me and told me he recognized the sound of the Ogene music and told me he heard it's usually used by African tribes to make incantations and appease the gods.

Then he proceeded to ask me the most ridiculous question ever; He asked if I was playing the ogene music and dancing the way I did because I wanted to ask my ancestors to send us snow and make the weather normal again.

Guys see, I couldn't stop laughing. This happened for real and I still literary laugh out loud whenever I remember this lol.

So here is the video I made. I taught some girls in my University how to dance ogene. please watch the video, like, comment and subscribe. I dey beg una biko


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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 4:00pm On Jan 16, 2020

I love cats embarassed. What camera do you use?, these pics are nice!.
Taken with my iPhone. Almost all the pictures I posted on the thread were taken with my iPhone 7 plus.

If you know!
If you really know!!
I mean if you really really know!!! You felt the last two posts!!

Spread likes everywhere abeg!!!

Go subscribe to AfroTV for the culture!!

I mean see Cat na!!!!! Cat o!
If i see dat one for night sef why I go run like the usual naija cat

Tochi no b guy man walahi!
Go dey do sermon with stripper grin you won turn her to FWB ni?
Enjoy your life man! Life here ain't easy for the average Nigerian. Even when u dey suffer dere no body go notice cus of picture background and quality.
Big ups to the London Nairalander too!

Lol guy see ehnI still dey laugh myself each time I remember that story

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:16am On Jan 12, 2020
So yesterday I met a nairalander. He lives in London but decided to visit Russia for a few days and I was happy when he told me my diary heavily influenced his decision to visit Russia.

He arrived at Saint Petersburg Yesterday morning and I went to meet and show him around the city after my lectures ended in the evening.

He initially bought flight tickets to Moscow and back to London, but when he found out I'm based in Saint Petersburg he changed his itinerary so we could meet for a day before he continues to Moscow and then back to London on Sunday. So he will spend 3 days in Russia which I think it's a really short time to explore and truly experience the beauty of Russia.

After my lectures, I went to meet him and we started our night with a short walk around Nevsky prospekt, he wanted to visit the faberge museum which is also located near Nevsky but we couldn't make it there before the closing time, so we decided to have dinner first cos we were both starving hahaha.

I took him to this really nice Chinese restaurant located in an obscure market that is the Lagos equivalent of Idumota market hahaha. It's one of my favorite places to eat because their food is spicy and delicious, and most importantly, they serve really large portions just like jevinik for Naija hahaha. Funny thing, I ordered my special for him and when they brought the food, he told me he was allergic to one of the ingredients, so I ended up eating two portions of that large meal while he ordered something else. I won't lie I put fear for my guy face cos the speed wey I take finish that big bowl of Chinese my guy go dey wonder whether I been dey starve before hahahaha but i'm just a foodie with high metabolism.

Afterwards, we walked to the Hermitage. We couldn't enter the museum because it was closed. We headed to Dumskaya street. Dumskaya is a street in the center of Saint Petersburg that houses all the major bars and nightclubs. We got there around 11pm which is too early because most of them open by 12 so we decided to go to a Strip club. It was my first time visiting a strip club in Saint Petersburg so I was a bit shy and didn't know how to act. It was really fun and exciting but something really funny and embarrassing happened. I don't know how to act in strip clubs cos it's kinda my first time so when one of the girls came to dance for me, instead of vibing with her and having fun, I turn I'm to therapy sessions.
She first started it by sitting on my lap, been all flirty, asking my name, telling me cute things, I come forget say na her work she dey do and I think say we dey relate normal, so I started asking about her life, her dreams, her plans for the future etc, before you know am, na so we come forget dance siddon dey get deep conversation about life hahaha and plans for the future hahaha. After an hour we left the place and we to a bar.

Most of the bars were empty because it was a Thursday night and still too early. We went to the only bar that plays American hip hop, danced, the na black guy so he played some Burna Boy for us. We met two lovely girls afterwards and invited them to our table and got to know each other better. It was a really nice night
That's what I was up to yesterday. Mr L, the nairalander is currently in Moscow now but he said he will visit again in the summer so I'm excitedly looking forward to his next visit. He is a really nice guy.

Whew, so school don start it's back to the crazy busy schedule and deadlines smh.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:14am On Jan 12, 2020
Now make I try post the story and pictures with the nairalander I met and I hope the bot no go ban me again. I still don't understand what triggered the ban the other time cos the post is just text and pictures no link or any kind of spam


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:07am On Jan 12, 2020
Also I've been cat sitting my friend's cat since the holiday. She traveled home to spend New Year with her parents so she gave me the key to her apartment so I can check on her cat and change her food at night. Took some pictures of the lil cutie. It's so funny how I absolutely hated cats when I was a kid back in Nigeria especially one very black witch look cat that used to cry like a baby in our area in Enugu that time. I never imagined that I'd ever start adoring cats hahahaha

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:06am On Jan 12, 2020
Before I re post the update about my meeting with the nairalander, let me post this lovely picture of the Smolny Convent in Saint Petersburg. I visited the convent for the first time this week it such a beauty.

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:03am On Jan 12, 2020
Chai, I just finished serving my ban. I updated my thread yesterday about my meeting with a fellow nairalander and the anti spam bot banned me and hid my post. I didn't even include any link just text and pictures. Let me try and repost it if the stupid bot likes make e ban me again

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Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 11:55pm On Jan 10, 2020
Wow.... You have had a lot to deal with this new year and it's hard having to start a new year with all that but I am happy that you can still smile and laugh and not let it beat you down... Everything will work out for the best
Just keep being you and smiling...
I hope your dad is fine and I'm saying a prayer for him, your friend and you
Amen o. My dad has been discharged from the hospital so he is recuperating at home now. Nastya is still in coma but we're praying for the best. Thanks for your good wishes. I really appreciate.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:50pm On Jan 04, 2020
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the love and support. I always feel so renewed and stronger each time I come here and read the wonderful supportive messages you guys write.

I really pray this year favors all of us cos I'd really like to visit Nigeria this year and I'd definitely love to meet some of you. We can plan a December tour and visit my village in Enugu. I just pray this year will be good so this will come to fruition.


Travel / Re: Diary Of A Nigeria Student Living In Saint Petersburg, Russia. by TochiPhotos(m): 12:48pm On Jan 04, 2020

Mah G TochiPhotos

Every man goes through a tough phase in life. How you crawl, walk, or run through that phase doesn't matter, what matters most is for you to see the light at the end of the dark times because one thing I can assure you is "it can never last forever " if you keep pushing.

It's a new year, new vibes, new opportunities, you've come too far to give up now. Na small time remain Stamarrer go call him papa name cus for this life no be stone we dey cook, na Beans, e no get how the fire take low reach. One day e must don. Happy New Year Bro♡♡ No go dey promise watin u no get mk dem no beat u one day o smiley
Thanks my brother. I really really appreciate.

Happy new year to you too bro. May it be your year of breakthroughs and fulfillment.

So sorry about what you going through now, please do remember tough times don’t last but tough people do. May your dad and your friend be healed in Jesus name. Take a day one at a time. Don’t be depressed, there is something to always cheer on. Wish you a prosperous new year bro. Stay blessed.

Thanks my man

I'm sorry about conditions now TochiPhotos. Please stay strong!

Onye Okada hahha thanks bro


That 100 dollar guy is funny oh.

Bro, I'm happy that despite everything you're going through you can still voice it all out and hope for the best. I understand how just typing out those sentences can be like the most difficult thing to do sometimes.

But like the other guy said, it's all a phase and you may think you've already had your fair share of challenges ( I thought so too at some point in my life) but struggles are part of life, and they're what makes our life a better story to tell and inspire others. Just be strong, you really don't have an option. Tell yourself that this phase will pass and you don't want to be forever broken when it's all over (you will seem like someone who saw a promised land but didn't enter it).

Stay strong bro, it's all you got, find solace in God, don't be ashamed to seek help from him even though you two haven't been in best terms before, he actually doesn't care and he's always ready to help. Calm your soul, one day you'll come back to all these messages with smiles.

Keep serving us our videos hot hot.
Enjoy your Russian christmas and happy new year. Goodluck with the exams and everything.

The support I get from you guys keeps me going. Just want you to know I appreciate your words man. May this 2020 be our year of open doors. May God's abundant blessing locate each and everyone of us Amen. Thanks once again bro.


Sorry about whatever you are facing now. It's a phase and it would be gone soon

I want you to know that there is a dark cloud covering the great sun you are. After it lifts, you’ll be shining.”

Everything is going to be fine bro. Be happy

My main man. Thanks a lot.


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