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Romance / Re: "Is Our Private Part Still Private?" - Reactions To Boobs-baring Lady Dancing by Toks2008(m): 6:39pm On Dec 11
I love boobs no doubt but not this type.
Celebrities / Re: Princess Shyngle Attempts Committing Suicide. Lands In Lagos Hospital by Toks2008(m): 1:39pm On Dec 11
Maybe she found out she has a deadly sti like hiv, hepatitis b. Who knows, hope she survives.

All the best princess shyngle

FYI HIV is no longer life threatening.
Religion / Re: Counsellor Lutterodt: "Man Who Fails To Give His Woman Orgasm Will Go To Hell" by Toks2008(m): 9:26pm On Dec 10
If i make love to a lady and she does not cum or squirt then i have done nothing. If i could cum,she deserves to climax too.
BTW i watched the video and i think people misconstrued him.
Celebrities / Re: Desmond Elliot Blasts Counsellor Lutterodt For Talking About Orgasm In Church by Toks2008(m): 6:25pm On Dec 10
I had to carefully watch the clips and i don't see any big deal in what the counselor said. That is his ministry and true to his words, your sexual life can impact positively or negatively on your spiritual life and I can relate to that.


Celebrities / Re: Top 8 Most Handsome Men In The World (2018) by Toks2008(m): 5:43pm On Dec 10
Who is the most handsome man in the world? Many people are extremely crazy and enthusiastic of the glamorous world. There are many of the fashionable man and women who have taken attention of most people around the world.

Here is a compiling list of 8 most handsome men in the world

8. Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington was born on 28th December 1954, in United States. He is an American actor and filmmaker. Denzel is one of the handsome American actors.

He may be big in age, however ageing seems to make him more handsome. He has very good height and looks very handsome.

7. Noah Mills

Noah Mills was born on 26th April 1983, in Canada. He is well known model and actor from Canada. He has done few films till now.

He is very good looking person with a good height of about six ft. His hazel color eyes and brownie hair makes his look more handsome.

6. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was born on 13th May 1986, in United Kingdom. He is both model and actor. Pattinson has also composed some of the music.
He is having very beautiful look and he is a mesmerizing man, who had attracted many of the women.

5. David Beckham

David Beckham was born 2 May 1975) is an English retired professional footballer and current President of Inter Miami CF. He played for Manchester United, Preston North End, Real Madrid, Milan, LA Galaxy, Paris Saint-Germain and the England national team, for which he held the appearance record for an outfield player until 2016.

4. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born on 3rd July 1962, in United States. He is a very famous American actor and producer. Tom Cruise is the most handsome guy in the world. For him the age does not matter.

His charming look and dashing personality simply makes women crazy. He is very good looking and handsome guy.

3. Christiano Ronaldo

One of the most expensive football players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5th February 1985, in Portugal. He is the most handsome soccer player in the world. He really looks very charming, many of the girls went crazy for this handsome guy.

His well-built body makes his personality very good. He has become a fashionable icon around the world, which has given him a celebrity like status.

2. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik was born on 10th January 1974, in India. He is very famous and celebrated actor in the Indian movies. This actor deserves to be in top ten lists as he is very good looking, heighten and very charming. There were many girls who had become crazy for this handsome guy.

1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt was born on 18th December 1963, in United States. He is very well known celebrity and actor who has given lots of hit movies with his outstanding acting. He is relatively aged, however he still looks very handsome. He is has a very good body and style which can easily attract a women.

How well do you agree??

Source ==>


List not complete without me
Celebrities / Re: Mr Spell Dede Nne Goes Back To School by Toks2008(m): 5:40pm On Dec 10
Them just dey use this guy head to make money and once his head stops producing oil, dem go dump am one side. I dey sure say this guy never touch up to 50k since that time.

Don jazzy ought to make him blow with the song "spell Buhari"
Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 1:15pm On Dec 10
So who gains if Atiku uncovers Jubril now? And can't the one who gains right away do a GEJ on Atiku? Who are at risk of being GEJed in the elections if Jubril is uncovered now?
Well, enjoy your self imposed ignorance. Everything is moving as planned anyway. As rat chase you out of your village. grin Surely that rat that chased a CoC from his deserved abode must be smarter than you or do you presume they achieved such fit by being dumber than you? Political enemies my left ball. : cool

Judt know - "Good" intentions from the onset but how it ends and the cruelty.......

At this point in time Atiku will be at vantage point if the so-called Jubril is uncovered because we all will lose faith in APC.. Common sense.

Abeg let me not waste my time any longer responding to vague and unfounded tales by moonlight.

I will still continue to wait with the hope of getting a vivid evidence.but till then...

Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 1:09pm On Dec 10

Just like the hand ball of Maradona, the referee and his assistants didn't see it and it became a goal, if they had seen it wouldn't have bn a goal.

If Atkiku and Saraki are beaten in this game of Jubril, it won't be a yardstick to disagree with the reality.

How come Buhari became shorter and unable to speak his native language Fulfude immediately he came back from London hospital?

What type of rat will chase a whole president away from Aso rock if not that they want to work on the security doors to enable Jubril's finger print....?

What did Aisha mean by this: "The man in Aso rock is not in control of governance, two men are the ones ruling Nigeria not my husband "

I am waiting for your reply.
And you are so gullible to see all these as vivid evidence!

Let me make it clear once again...im not holding brief that who we presently have in Aso rock is Buhari but nevertheless I am not yet convinced that he is not Buhari.

All these vague evidence not strong enough.
Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 11:16am On Dec 10
So Atiku automatically becomes the nations CEO immediately Buhari is confirmed dead?

How is simple comprehension so difficult? Who is the strongest contender for the presidency at this point?

Atiku is dangerously rich to the extent that he can uncover Jubril In less than 24hours...Obasanjo is so wise that he won't break a sweat to expose the cover up if any except they are still waiting to make the hit.

So by my reckoning, Buhari is still Buhari until we see concrete evidence.
Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 11:10am On Dec 10
Can you forget your mother tongue after surgery Even people who exit Coma still speak their native language

Yes you can especially if the sickness affects the brain in one way or the other.

Why am I even responding to You?

All I know...Buhari has too many enemies to expose him so let me assume Saraki, Atiku and Dino are getting set to expose the cover up before elections if there is any at all.
Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 11:05am On Dec 10
[quote author=Afonjas post=73713537][/quote]

How do these prove a thing?

People keep thinking we are gullible but rather we are very resolute and sound minded.

We want to believe but not without concrete evidence. All these beer parlour talks are inconsequential.

Give us proof...show us Jubril pics before he became "Buhari" or was he non existent before now?

Abeg enough of all these crazy rants and baseless bugaboo
Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 10:52am On Dec 10
What makes you think both are not in on the game? The joke is on you and your naïve kind.

Rat chased president out of the villa (even people leaving in caves in Nigeria have not been sent packing by rats abi was it lion rats that entered Aso rock?), surgery made him forget one language not the other (is it not one part of the brain that controls language functions) - if you buy that come let me sell you London bridge, its my grand uncles penthouse The average IQ of Nigerians have been exposed to be below freezing point to believe such. Even a goat knows when it's being had.

Like seriously? Both in on the game? So Atiku will jettison his chance at the nation's C.E.O over a cover up.
Politics / Re: Jubril From Sudan: Why Nnamdi Kanu May Be Right – Omokri by Toks2008(m): 8:46am On Dec 10

I keep insisting that until we see solid evidence, everybody should just shut up

If indeed we have an imposter, Atiku and Saraki will shed their blood to expose him...common sense.

People get BOTOX injection to look younger and there are expensive supplements that rejuvenate.

Jubril must have family, pics of him when he was younger and at least a little history.

We are not fools in Nigeria and we can't be fooled by the wailing of the Ipob bigot.

Let him come out with reasonable proof and we will believe.

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Religion / Re: Sharon Oyakhilome And Husband At Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's 55th Birthday Party by Toks2008(m): 11:41pm On Dec 09

Must everything be spiritual ?
Is democracy spiritual ? Is watching movies spiritual ? Is science spiritual ?

Edit : scriptural

My brother if she was just a celebrity o guess there won't be need to abide by the sriptures but she is a Reverend hence the need to abide by the scriptures.
Religion / Re: Sharon Oyakhilome And Husband At Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's 55th Birthday Party by Toks2008(m): 11:35pm On Dec 09

Maybe her decision was based on common sense and self preservation not the bible.

And is that scriptural?
Politics / Re: The Man In Aso Rock Is Buhari, Ngige Swears by Toks2008(m): 9:02pm On Dec 09
I just can't imagine the level of disgrace that will befall Nigeria, should it be proved that Buhari is dead and replaced by a double.

That is what we all are waiting for..REAL PROOF and not lame wailing from confused people.
Celebrities / Re: Queeneth Agbor: I Must Test My Man Sexually Before Marriage by Toks2008(m): 4:41pm On Dec 09
Not supposed to have sex before marriage. When a woman enjoyed the best sex with a boyfriend who later became an ex and her current bf or the one she keep dating cant measure up to her ex. The lady is bound to cheat or going to be labelled as an olosho. Unfortunately the ex is with another babe .

That is exactly the issue.

I'm so confident that any lady who says I can't satisfy her with what I have is the one that is too loosed.

When a lady has taken a 10inch long 8inch round condo from a boyfriend, she now ends up marrying an innocent 7.5inch by 6inch guy who by far is above average, she will still see the guy as not big enough

Awon oniranu olobo konga

Any guy that is 5:5inches long and 4inches round should relax and not allow any loosed lady give him high bp. Tell her to find her level and you find yours.


Celebrities / Re: Queeneth Agbor: I Must Test My Man Sexually Before Marriage by Toks2008(m): 4:37pm On Dec 09

Source: https://www.mediahelm.com.ng/2018/12/i-must-test-my-man-sexually-before.html

Yes i agree... You can see him Unclad and try to see if the thing dey stand and YES you can do these without sexing him.
Politics / Re: 6 'facts' To Prove President Buhari Has Been Replaced By Jubrin - Nnamdi Kanu by Toks2008(m): 4:04pm On Dec 09
One thing I know...if indeed that is Jubril, Atiku with all his money would have exposed him.


Romance / Re: Most Downfall Of Men Are Caused By Multiple Girlfriends- Nigerian Lady Says by Toks2008(m): 3:59pm On Dec 09
Who agrees with her?

source :


I totally agree.
I hate philandering like hell.

If I want to be with 2 or more women I will rather marry them than keep a mistress.
Religion / Re: How To Marry A God-fearing Husband by Toks2008(m): 2:51pm On Dec 09

I beg to differ with you my sister. There are still God-fearing men out there. I have been happily married to my lovely wife for the past 9 years with 3 handsome boys. I have never cheated on my wife and I make sure love is richly established in my home. See pic of my family

The thing is YOU CAN ONLY ATTRACT YOUR OWN KIND i.e. in most cases godly men often meet godly women

I pray for God to make you be in the right place at the right time to meet the man of your dreams.

That you have not cheated does not mean YOU CAN'T CHEAT ON HER.

Sexual faithfulness is subjective to our effort but no man is immune to it.


Religion / Re: Sharon Oyakhilome And Husband At Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's 55th Birthday Party by Toks2008(m): 2:28pm On Dec 09

Some people just comment stupidly.
The wife and mother is the victim here. She ran away from the fake, bleaching, adulterous pastorpreneur.

Where in the bible was it written that a wife should divorce her husband on the basis of adultery?
Religion / Re: Sharon Oyakhilome And Husband At Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's 55th Birthday Party by Toks2008(m): 11:07am On Dec 09
Happy married life to una. Unfortunately una mama pride dey ruin una parent marriage.

In FACT ehn!

Ignorant people kept saying pastor Chris is not a true pastor cos he divorced his wife and I kept wondering how they reason.

Was it not the wife that divorced him? Can he force her not to? Does it even make sense to force a spouse to remain in marriage?
Politics / Re: Senator Aruwa Ahmed Is Dead by Toks2008(m): 11:01am On Dec 09
Surprised at the 'one wife'; not too common with northern Muslims but I must admit this is almost my first time of seeing such.

**oh...least u forget... Rip

One wife several concubines.
Celebrities / Re: Nairaland Super Mod Lalasticlala Show Off His Pretty Little Baby Face by Toks2008(m): 10:57am On Dec 09
Seriously guys lets just admire this our guy lalasticlala, my thought is the man is going to be a fine man.

The nairaland super mod known as lalasticlala show off his cute little face daughter in new adorable video he shared online. Since this baby can be this beautiful then our guy told will be handsome . What do you think?

See more photos and video below

Gist From Praizenews ; http://www.praizenews.com/nairaland-super-mod-lalasticlala-show-off-his-pretty-little-baby-face/

Lalasticlala abeg nah my 4year old son go marry your daughter o.

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Celebrities / Re: Did Toke Makinwa’s ‘’on Becoming’’ Inspired Michelle Obama’s ‘’becoming’’? by Toks2008(m): 9:59pm On Dec 08
Nigerians and arrogance is like 5&6 shior!

Toke Makinwa inspired Michele Obama

Are you listening to yourself at all?

But of it is the other way round I guess it is cool.

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