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Romance / Re: Why do many ladies prefer a salary earner to a budding entrepreneur? by Toks2008(m): 10:03am On Aug 07

Very thoughtful indeed! wink

lol! thanks mr spell checker. But grammar no collect money for bank o.
Romance / Re: Girls that are really hard to get wont cheat easily i guess. by Toks2008(m): 11:04pm On Aug 06
1 year? Are you saying some people are so jobless that they go after a lady for 1year. cry

Lol! Naija girls are far better...most of them don't give too much wahala yet many of them are very fresh,beautiful,cultured,And respectful...

I know one country like this where their own men hardly marry them because of their ways yet these ladies in most cases form voltron as if they are too special but many of them are so sexually loosed,worn out,and ill-mannered.


Romance / Re: Girls that are really hard to get wont cheat easily i guess. by Toks2008(m): 11:01pm On Aug 06
Excuse me! Who wrote that crap up there... Who put that crap on front page.... I am sure this must be some Joro olomufin family.

I cant even imagine such dumb thought! ..
Ahhh! Oma seye ooo!!!

This is why I will never ever waste my time chasing any lady who is probably a pass time for another guy..GOD FORBID..

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Romance / Re: Girls that are really hard to get wont cheat easily i guess. by Toks2008(m): 10:58pm On Aug 06
I always hate it when ladies form hard to get. But on a more mature look of things a girl that said yes to you easily won't she say yes to another guy easily?But on a flipside she might not really be into you thats why she's fforming hard to get. Buh all in all girls that gives a lot of trouble sometimes might be the best bet cos some of them dont give in to guys easily. My own opinion though what do you think?

In most cases,a lady who proves hard to get for one guy is usually another man's intimacy gadget so what is the point?


Romance / Re: Women Please Say No To Joro Olumofin And His Relationship Advice by Toks2008(m): 10:24pm On Aug 06

Abi ooh, should this type of senseless advice be given by a supposed relationship counselor? He is simply fake to say the least & i pity those following this guy's advice

When I give my own advise una go abuse me now una don see the one wey pass una

Romance / Re: Ladies Should Have Backup Boyfriends - Joro Olumofin Reveals Why by Toks2008(m): 2:35pm On Aug 06
Only a naive girl puts all her eggs in one basket sad girl when dealing with Nigerian men you play them 50 in a 55 wink and when one clicks you dump the rest cool

And when the contingency guy becomes the main guy you will now start looking for a contingency husband...

Rather than spend time to make your affair work by beeing the best you can be you are fooling around looking for back up.

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Romance / Re: Types Of Nigerian Girlfriends With Pics by Toks2008(m): 2:29pm On Aug 06
Nice one...very creative.
Family / Re: "My Wife Wants To Bring Her 7-Year-Old Girl She Had Before We Met To My Home" by Toks2008(m): 1:38am On Aug 06
pardon my blunders.
I was aware she has a baby before we met but still continued the relationship because the baby is with the father. she told me it was a mistake and the guy's family doesn't support their relationship. so they went their different ways while the guy kept the baby.

when we started, I found out she's humble, hardworking and she's everything I ever wanted in a woman. so we got married 4 years ago and have a 3 year old son and 2 beautiful twins (just 3 months old).

now the problem started when she went to church and her ex brought her 7 years old daughter unannounced. that he's married now and can't continue taking Care of the girl.
she called me from church and told me. immediately I told her not to bring a child thats not mine to me. she now took the baby to her mom and came home to meet me with my kids.
she has been begging me since to allow the baby in our home because the mother gave her 3 days to come and take her baby from her.

nairalanders pls I need your advice on this. those it make sense that I take the baby while the father is out there enjoying his life.

Well since the other guy chose to be foolish,i will advise you dont do same but he must not renege on his responsibilities towards the girl even if she stays with you.
NYSC / Re: Nine Corpers Drown In Taraba During Picnic By Riverside by Toks2008(m): 7:36pm On Aug 05
'Sudden upsurge'...hmmm! Who is thinking what i am thinking.? Dark continent.

May their souls R.I.P


Celebrities / Re: BBNaija's Gifty Shares Bedroom Underwear Photos by Toks2008(m): 10:25pm On Aug 04
Beauty sometimes can be a curse.

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Sports / Re: Sunny Supremo Chukwu Is Dead! Coach Jangaza Supremo Dies In His Sleep (Photos) by Toks2008(m): 10:15pm On Aug 04

We forbid such bad news in our lives and household in the name of Jesus...

Rather pray your entire family makes heaven cos we all must die in one way or the other and at different ages...not everyone will live long even when we all pray to

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Politics / Re: PMB's London Vacation: Ben Murray-Bruce Calls Out President, Nigerians React by Toks2008(m): 7:56pm On Aug 04
Ben Bruce right now...

Politics / Re: PMB's London Vacation: Ben Murray-Bruce Calls Out President, Nigerians React by Toks2008(m): 7:54pm On Aug 04

Seeing Nigerians reply this hypocrite in his foolery gives me hope for the country and it's youth.

But, why don't we see such sensible response like twitter people did, on Nairaland?

It seems like the worst of of our lots are sent to populate here undecided

70% of nairalanders are teenagers who have nothing meaningful to contribute..20% are not intelligent...5% are scammers and only 5% are the reasonable ones and just 1% of the 5% have time to post comments.


Celebrities / Re: Reekado Banks Shows A Lady In Bikini On His Bed With A Handcuff by Toks2008(m): 5:15pm On Aug 04
BDSM things...

How you take know the name?


Health / Re: Oyinbo Man With HIV Vows To Spread It To Ladies In Lagos - Twitter User by Toks2008(m): 4:43pm On Aug 04
police officers will not see this one and arrest him its only to run after people selling diesel and kerosine they know ...he should be deported back to his country

This type of viral message will never be treated lightly in developed countries.


Food / Re: “yorubas Cook Jollof Rice Better Than Igbos” - Nigerian Man Says by Toks2008(m): 3:32pm On Aug 04
I'm a Yoruba, I say it depends on the person cooking it. It's not a tribal stuff. OP stop causing trouble BTW 2 sibling.

My brother it is a tribal thing o...how many Igbos do olopo?


Food / Re: “yorubas Cook Jollof Rice Better Than Igbos” - Nigerian Man Says by Toks2008(m): 3:30pm On Aug 04
A social media strategist, identified as Olumide Glowville who went viral after he publicly proposed to his girlfriend on the street they met five years ago, is making waves of Facebook due to a post he shared.

According to Olumide, the Yoruba tribe cooks even more better jollof rice than the Igbos.

Read his post below;
[i]“Please tell my igbo friends that when it comes to jollof, it’s better left to Yorubas. This tomato rice they cook is not jollof rice! ”[/]


Ofcourse Jollof rice is a Yoruba thing.


Travel / Re: Is There An Order From US Authorities To Deny Nigerians Visas? by Toks2008(m): 2:58pm On Aug 04
I am asking this question with a heavy heart because a friend of mine told me his F1 visa application—as well as that of all intending students to the US—was denied this morning. He answered all the questions of the visa officer perfectly but he was still denied. He was aked if he is married and had kids, and he answered in the negative. Could his being single be a factor in the denial of his application? Or is there something else prompting the US embassy to deny Nigerians visas? I am really perplexed because my friend expended a lot of money to apply and gain admission to a US school. If the US doesnt want Nigerians to come to their country anymore, they can as well a formal and well publicized directive to that effect. The practice of swindling Nigerians of exorbitant visas fees must be deprecated and discouraged by the Nigerian Government.

According to my friend, all intending students for masters degree to the US were denied their visas this morning. Not even one was issued a visa. This is the height of visa discrimination and something must be done to remedy the situation. Nigerians cannot continue to waste their hard earned money to apply for visa that has already been denied by fiat of the authorities at the State Department(Foggy Bottom). We need clarity and honesty on this visa issue from US authorities. Enough is Enough. angry angry angry angry angry angry

Mods, do the needful, please.

U,S visa application process is pure Gamble and this was exactly what i wrote as a reason i was denied when i applied for my U.K visa when they asked if i have ever been denied a visa to any country and why.

Nigerians lose over 1billion naira each month to American embassy just for the visitor visa category alone not counting the loss on other visa categories.
Politics / Re: FFK Slams Jerry Rawlings Over Comment on Buhari (Photos) by Toks2008(m): 2:38pm On Aug 04
I hope FFK grow up soon from opening his gutter rotten mouth attacking everyone like a mad dog.

He is raven mad and not different from the crvzy nairaland trolls who attack people for expressing their opinion.

He is so childish,unintelligent and suffering from social interaction disorder(SID)

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Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 1:29pm On Aug 04
grin It's because you always have opinion about everything so I'm surprised you don't have opinion. grin

I gave an opinion which was seconded by many.
Romance / Re: 5 Qualities You Should Consider Minor In Marriage! by Toks2008(m): 5:50am On Aug 04

You for tell me make I go marry monkey because sĺhe get good character.

In most cases ladies who know they are not attractive tend to have good virtues because if they don't they will be missing both ways.

My wife must be sexually pleasing to my eyes and I can tolerate her excesses but if she no fine for my eye no good behaviour will make me keep her.

Men are visual.

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Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 12:11am On Aug 04


The lady in Pink looks like chipmonk but the one in blue set well while the one in jean is something else Lol!
Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 11:38pm On Aug 03


You know I love curves abi...ok o continue to send more...how come this one come resemble lalas247?

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Politics / Re: Olusola Eleka Challenges Fayemi’s Victory At Tribunal (Photos) by Toks2008(m): 11:24pm On Aug 03
The part we have been waiting for....justices must prevail.

Romance / Re: My Fiancee Got A Job With The Help Of Her Ex Without My Consent, Please Advise by Toks2008(m): 11:23pm On Aug 03
Hello. Please a kind advice is all I need .

Have being dating this lady since last year December 8months now. I met her at her sister's place that happens to be my mum's neighbour when she came for a visit. She just finish school and looking for a job. We were both looking for job for her even if it's far from her place (Ekiti) as I thought she should be productive to herself.

Thought I was lucky when she called weeks ago to inform me that a friend called her about one vacancy here in Lagos. I was so happy because I can't do long distance relationship (experience)

She came to my place this said Friday and stayed till Sunday. She left for that so called friend's place because we think it's not too safe to get to the interview venue late. She got the job and we thank God......

After two weeks of resumption, I saw this advice on nairaland that talk about 10 Questions To Ask Your Partner In Order To Build Trust "What do you find hard to talk about with me?" She said "nothing " I try talk to her to open up because I can't settle down with someone that will hide anything from me, then she said my ex got me this job. She has kept in contact with him. I ask her" we've being together for three days, you left my house for your ex house and passed the night there? You keep contact with him without telling me all this while? You guys have being seeing each other since you resumed (two weeks?) All she kept saying is am not cheating on you.....

I really love her and I'm confused right now. Please I need advice on what to do because am just tired right now.

I don't know about the cheating part but she does not need your permission before accepting any job offer either from her ex or enemy.
Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 10:09pm On Aug 03


Nah this is tewmuch but the second lady in black is ok...#teammoderatecurve

And what is it with this Funke name? Lol!
Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 10:01pm On Aug 03


Is that your pics? Natural beauty...im missing my fresh beautiful Naija babes..
Travel / Re: Update From The Agege-Pen Cinema Flyover Construction - Photos by Toks2008(m): 9:26pm On Aug 03
Ambode is working grin

Wishful thinking
In about 5years time,Lagos will be in the same standard as Newyork and London cheesy

In a thousand years it can't be like Johanesburg how much more new york or London.

Don't get me wrong...im not an enemy of progress but for that to happen they have to do a total restructuring from the trot which is practically impossible..

Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 9:07pm On Aug 03
[quote author=FrMbaka post=69962333][/quote]

Who is this sweet homely looking lady and the small girl with the photoshoped hips on your dp?
Celebrities / Re: Ronke Tiamiyu: "Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Coded To Date” by Toks2008(m): 9:04pm On Aug 03
Iyen kolan baeso. Ani ko fesi si oro omo geshi yen. You're deviating from the issue

See me see wahala o...wettin you wan make I talk again?

One thing I know is that this lady has done serious damage to her reputation...GOD HELP HER.
Travel / Re: Pastor Survives Accident Which Killed 6 On Lagos-Ibadan Road. Graphic Photos by Toks2008(m): 6:21pm On Aug 03
Genuine men of God don't die anyhow...! Thank God for your life sir!

Soro niyen?

You might be surprised that he might be the one that caused the accident just yo donate others as sacrificial occultoc pledge.
Romance / Re: Nigerian Lesbian, Moji Solar-Wilson And Her Wife Pictured Together by Toks2008(m): 6:00pm On Aug 03
Nothing can replace the real thing...and I even wonder why they use man like kini to do themselves...

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