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Properties / How To Create A Real Estate Website That Will Sell Like Garri With Only 15k... by ubaojeh(m): 9:26am On Nov 23
Chai This thing shock me and i have even started creating for my friends who have been on my neck for a good ecommerce website that has space for catalogue and as well customer order deliver as invoice on whatsapp to have that person as lead

See the one am almost through

You can see right, i will be heading to his office after i completed adding his domain name.

Back to the topic

The first thing you need to do is

Goto https://trycart.co

1. Click on Create Free Store
2. Enter Your Best email to continue
3. Fill the forms to create your free store
4. After filling the forms Click on Create my store

Then Boom the system logs you in without any stress

use this video from trycart to learn more ejoo!


If you be Thomas they have Walk-in Support Office in Lagos
- Suite 316, Ikeja Plaza, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja

Or Call them +2347068182639

Always Register and upgrade online on their website or goto them at ikeja and thank me later

The main that made ne love them not just affordability and perfect customer service
What You'll Get With Pro Access
✔️Add Custom Domain (All Setup Done for You)
✔️Dashboard to easily manage your Properties.
✔️List Properties and property categories.
✔️Create tax and assign rates .
✔️5 theme with 5 diffrent color to choose
✔️Access Email subscribers list.
✔️Order summary and print of any given order.
✔️Modern Flat Views
✔️Accept Payment Paypal, Paystack, Flutterwave
✔️Lead Magnet and Whatsapp Integration.
✔️Telegram integration for get notified order.
✔️Accept Offiline payment
✔️Sell in multiple languages
More Bonuses
✔️Free Domain Name
✔️Free Business Email
✔️Free SSL for your domain
✔️Get it up and running in few minutes
✔️Grow faster
Business / Breaking News: Instagram Automation BOT Is Coming Soon In Hifinox by ubaojeh(m): 6:33am On Aug 20
According to the news broke on their social handle read below

We are glad to announce that Instagram Automation BOT, a Hifinox Feature, is going to be released very soon. We have developed Instagram Automation BOT, using the official Messenger API for Instagram. Like the Hifinox Messenger Automation BOT for Facebook, we have created the Instagram Automation BOT with dedication. To make it highly efficient and user-friendly, we have given it the best. And when you use the Instagram Automation BOT, you will understand that we have succeeded.

Read more about the upcoming Instagram Automation BOT: https://hifinox.com/instagram-automation-bot-is-coming-soon/
Technology Market / Facebook Comment Auto Reply: A How-to Guide (july 2021) by ubaojeh(m): 10:18am On Jul 06
What You Will Learn free today

Why Pay Attention To Your Facebook Comments?
Why Move The Convo to Facebook Messenger?
Why Use Facebook Comment Auto Reply
How To Set Up A Facebook Comment Auto Reply

If you’re reading this update, you possibly getting tons of Facebook Comments on your page. This update is going to explain why and how you should set up an Auto Reply Comment Facebook. Using hifinox.com, which works intelligently like a real staff, you will learn how to set up Facebook Auto Reply Comment that sends a private message to the commenter over Facebook Messenger.

Why Pay Attention To Your Facebook Comments?
It’s no jokes answering Facebook comments can be a pain, especially when so often Facebook comments can be spam. However, in so many other cases, Facebook comments are a valuable source of customer feedback or even sales leads.

An insight by Hootsuite found that in an average 28 day period, a typical Facebook user only makes 5 comments. Only 5! The relatively low number of Facebook comments compared to post likes and ad clicks mean the user is highly engaged with your content.

A Facebook Comment may indicate that a user is:

interested in your industry, business, or product.
looking for a solution for a particular need.
seeking assistance with your product.
a customer looking to engage with your company to provide feedback.
a dissatisfied customer.
The common thread in all of these cases is that a Facebook comment indicates that for one reason or another, the user is looking to build a relationship with your company. A Facebook user who comments on your Facebook post is not something you want to waste. Ideally, you want to convert this user into a Facebook Messenger Contact.

Why Move The Convo to Facebook Messenger?
These Facebook users are already commenting on your Facebook post, why should you move the conversation to Facebook Messenger? The simple answer is, once they have messaged your Facebook page, you can message them back at any time.

Facebook posts and Facebook Messenger each have their strengths and weaknesses. Responding to a Facebook Comments thread can boost the post, and we recommend you keep on doing that.

With the right implementation, your business can benefit from both posts and private messaging over Facebook. Here are some reasons why you might want to take a conversation that starts in Facebook comments private:

Selling to a potential customer: if your user asks for a discount, you may want to offer one that is not visible in Facebook comments.
Personalized assistance: some users are in a specific situation, best to provide direct feedback so as not to confuse other users.
Addressing negative comments: resolving the issue in Facebook comments may open a Pandora’s box you are not ready for.
Addressing negative comments is a critical aspect of a business’ online presence as you are not only attending to one person but rather everyone who sees it. Proper execution will benefit your business as it shows that your business wants to make it right, legitimate, and responsive.

When responding, reply to comment stating your business’s intent to address the issue and continue the conversation on Messenger. Follow up professionally, sympathetically, in-line with your business’ tone, and do not delete negative comments.

Addressing negative comments is a critical aspect of a business’ online presence as you are not only attending to one person but rather everyone who sees it. Proper execution will benefit your business as it shows that your business wants to make it right, legitimate, and responsive.

When responding, reply to comment stating your business’s intent to address the issue and continue the conversation on Messenger. Follow up professionally, sympathetically, in-line with your business’ tone, and do not delete negative comments.

Facebook allows you to respond to these messages privately already.

This works on a small scale. However, imagine if you could respond instantly & privately to all comments.

Why Use Facebook Comment Auto Reply
Facebook comments are valuable due to the weight of the user’s interest; thus, it is crucial to follow up most comments. The benefit of having a human answer comments is their ability to personalize as it is done by a person on a case by case basis. However, having a human attend to every user is not always practical. This is especially true because, responding to a comment by private message does not allow you to message the user until they respond to your message.

The hifinox.com Facebook Comments Autoresponder works intelligently like a real staff. Facebook Post Autoresponder will allow your business to allocate your time and effort on those who have responded to your private message. In addition, since this feature sends a private message instantly, the user is more likely to respond. This is great if your Facebook comments are leads.

A study by Harvard Business Review, HBR, shows that an important determinant of lead generation is response time. This is where automation and operator work together to create the best customer experience. HBR shows that by responding to a customer within the first hour, you can increase lead conversion by 7 times!

Aside from timeliness and responsiveness, moving the conversation to Facebook Messenger using hifinox.com allow you to convert Facebook commenters into your business list of contacts which you can in turn send broadcasting and marketing retargeting free within 24hrs

Apart from facebook page auto comment reply, there are several other ways to obtain Messenger contacts like using Messenger Codes or plugin and adding hifinox Facebook Messenger chat plugin to your Website.

How To Set Up A Facebook Comment Auto Reply
To set up the Facebook Auto Comment reply, you will need:

A Facebook Page
A hifinox.com Account
First you’re going to need a Facebook Post

Once you have your Facebook Post ready you can set up your Facebook Comment Autoresponder by watching this video prepared by Timothy O

Adverts / Re: Learn How To Create A Free Messenger Chatbot In 3 Minutes by ubaojeh(m): 6:41pm On Jun 18
� Just starting out? Try this video:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbntv7KbHDo ...
Adverts / Learn How To Create A Free Messenger Chatbot In 3 Minutes by ubaojeh(m): 6:40pm On Jun 18
You can build a Messenger chatbot in minutes using hifinox's done for you template, no-code, Simpler interface. Start automating your customer service, lead generation, and sales on Messenger today!

Business / How To Make Your First Chatbot [easy Ways To Create Chatbots For Free] by ubaojeh(m): 9:14pm On Jun 08
This video will show you how to build a chatbot from the ground up in hifinox. For free. No coding skills required, only a bit of creativity. Have fun! <br />

Business / How To Import Existing Messenger Subscriber From Manychat,chatfuel In Hifinox by ubaojeh(m): 11:18am On Jun 03
This is my own thursday palliative for my chatbot lovers . I can be happier enough to share this great new i found on youtube today guys!

As it is not possible to export users from most existing platforms at this time after some platfroms became more costly and delimited pages access, here is a workaround on how to import active users in hifinox. this hifinox still very cheap and infact onetime annually ... can't just keep it to my self only. enjoy please.

Connect an empty hifinox bot to the same page where your existing bot lives.

Goto Login/register - hifinox.com/i/subscriber_manager - Sync subscribers - select page previously used in other platforms- Scan page inbox - Scan page inbox

Those users who interact with the page will be captured by the hifinox bot, which will enable you to Re-Engage with them from there going forward.

Deactivate the bot in other plafroms and use the new one in hifinox.

You can as well check their video below


Business / This Thing Will Help You Understand How Chatbot Can Bypass Facebook Ads Cost ;D by ubaojeh(m): 1:46pm On May 15
If you are a business owner and do not want your business to fail one day, then you must pay attention to this

According to recent research reports, Poor business management is one of the major causes of business failure Globally.

Do you know how much customer of yours are being stolen by your competitors? Yes, your competitor always looking on your page and actively they are sending private message who commenting on your page. Hide comments after giving reply that nobody can see the comment and prevent stealing your customers. You can also hide offensive comments based on keyword matching.

If you still pay social media managers to do what you can easily automate with a simple tool or you still reply customers manually one after the other heaping up unresponded angry buyers that will never come back to your adverts, then you are also headed for failure in your business.

You can set comment & inbox reply campaign and like & share campaign for full page, meaning one settings will work for whole Facebook page. It's an Artificial Intelligence based quick process.

Tag your commenters also: All the commenters will get notification about your comment & they will visit it again. You can make your post viral again as the post will again start to display in people feed and also friends of commenters.

Mentioning commenter in reply will make it more personalize and notification will be sent to each commenter. Suppose your post have 200 - 4k comments and you want to reply them all mentioning commenter name. You can do this by simply creating an easy campaign in hifinox.

Few things you can do with such cloud based AI software named Hifinox include:
Hide comments after private reply
Hide unwanted/abusive comments
Delete unwanted/abusive comments
Private reply on comment deletion
Add image/GIF in comment reply
Add video in comment reply
Supports image url
Comment reply campaign
Inbox private reply campaign
Like/share page’s new post as your other pages
Supports comment hide/delete & multi-media reply
Comment reply each comment tagging the commenter
Comment in post bulk tagging all commenters
Exclude people while bulk tagging
Supports image/video in tagged comment
Supports campaign scheduling

This video will as well help you

Business / Convert Commenters Into Buyers With A Facebook Auto Comment Responder by ubaojeh(m): 11:17am On May 15
It can be really difficult to get views and engagement on Facebook page posts these days. Last year, Facebook post engagement dropped 50% YoY!

But in order to gather more buyers, your business can’t be publishing donkey-level Facebook posts all the time.

Here’s the thing: Facebook’s news feed algorithm only gives visibility to posts that have engagement.

The more active engagement, like comments, on your Facebook posts, the more people will see them.

So here’s a secret tactic for higher Facebook post engagement which will help you increase your buyers….

The Facebook post auto responder is a Facebook tool that helps your business engage customers, expand reach, and, most importantly, convert your commenters into buyers.

Today I want to inspire you with this simple video of how you can use a Facebook bot auto responder to convert commenters into buyers.

Then we’ll make this comment guard together. https://hifinox.com/how-to-set-up-auto-reply-to-users-comment-on-facebook/

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Business / Re: Who Understand How To Buy Sms Online by ubaojeh(m): 8:07pm On Sep 20, 2015
thanks but your rate is too high
Business / Who Understand How To Buy Sms Online by ubaojeh(m): 7:45pm On Sep 20, 2015
please i need to send bulksms this night but when i click buynow at www.talkingsms.net bulksms site it will be demanding token. please what is token and how can i get it
Business / Who Can Help Me With A Foreign Bulksms Api by ubaojeh(m): 9:52pm On Jul 25, 2015
i am currently using www.talkingsms.net mobile application to send my bulksms even with free contacts back-up very efficient but i need to compare their service with international Api. Anybody with better Api i can use for my New website
Business / Free Juice For Only Real Naija Breeds by ubaojeh(m): 9:30pm On Jul 25, 2015
Make as much N5000 with your phone just posting adverts on social networks like fb, twta etc follow me sharp http://www.mobofree.com/?utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=cpa&utm_campaign=affiliate_all
Business / Re: How To Make 4,500/day With Your Phone by ubaojeh(m): 9:26pm On Jul 25, 2015
Business / How To Make 4,500/day With Your Phone by ubaojeh(m): 11:22pm On Jul 19, 2015
i know i may not have the time to really educate you we start with affiliatedotmobofreedotcom/idevaffiliatedotphp?id=9895 simply replace three dot and simply register with it and then come back to ask me how. i make over 5k daily. the secret is the mobofree you know. Note: if you already have account with mobo free kindly logout before using my link. waitn for you

Business / Re: Bitcoin 101: Introduction To The World Of Bitcoin & How To Earn Bitcoin Online by ubaojeh(m): 9:09pm On Jun 05, 2015
well i posted about this same offer some months ago and persons that knew about this great currency took the advantage. but the real truth is that u need to be educated before giving you the link the harm z total ban if found spamming the network meaning forcing people over the social network to join you or creating more than a single account. to cut the whole story short the website that give you free bitcoin and other 16coins including lithcoin , vitacoin etc daily is currently unaccessible but to get the link soon they open it get in touch timothyojeh1@gmail.com or whatsapp 07031351481 thanks
Webmasters / Re: I Need Free Website Hosting With Subdomain URL by ubaojeh(m): 6:56am On May 15, 2015
free do it yourself www.timosoft.net
Webmasters / Re: A Good Web Designer Needed! by ubaojeh(m): 7:52pm On May 14, 2015
pay only 3k for hosting and pay the rest upon satisfaction i can do work for as low as 6k and blog design with guaranteed google ads approvable content contact 07031351481 timothyojeh@gmail.com timosoft.net
Webmasters / Re: Need An Affordable Web Designer by ubaojeh(m): 12:06am On May 12, 2015
you can design any responsive website with full wordpress setup kit by yourself if u can use microsoftword download now free www.timosoft.net u even get priceless ebooks free to help u market yourself
Webmasters / Free Ebooks For Webdesigner In Nairaland by ubaojeh(m): 2:11pm On May 11, 2015
you can now download free ebook on nairaland www.timosoft.net

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