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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Web Developer Needed by Uchenaija: 10:51am On Feb 15
[quote author=vinehedge post=110238606][/quote]

It's on my signature
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Web Developer Needed by Uchenaija: 5:24am On Feb 15
A full stack web developer service is needed here.

Please signify and I will reach out to you for talk

Romance / Re: What Kind Of Gift To Give My Husband? by Uchenaija: 9:26pm On Feb 09
Since it's posted on the webmaster section, you can gift him a website
Programming / Re: One JavaScript Study Partner Needed (online or IB) by Uchenaija: 5:29pm On Jan 03
Please I'm interested in joining any WhatsApp/Telegram group for ionic angular/JavaScript

Please where you able to find a group for support? Can you add me to one?
Business / Re: How Can I Start A Pharmacy Shop by Uchenaija: 6:24pm On Dec 27, 2021
Hello brethren,

I recently have this idea to setup a pharmacy shop but I'm not a pharmacist. I want to venture into this area which I don't know and someone told me I need to be a registered pharmacist to be able to pull it. My plan is to employ a pharmacist and nurses to run the shop. How easy/hard is it to get a pharmacist and register the business plus operating it?

My budget is around 20m. Will that work?

So please must I be a pharmacist to own this business or is employing one enough?

I can help you set up one.

I've set up more than 10 pharmacies for different people in Lagos.
Family / Re: Dear Wives, Why Do You Deny Your Husband Sex? by Uchenaija: 5:15am On Dec 25, 2021
I stop taking CK and AZ because my legally married wife always denied me of sex. I'm very faithful man and never wanted to cheat on my beloved wife. So, I have to stop taking CK and AZ, since then she gives me sex whenever I want it. In the bathroom, kitchen, lobby and bedroom, sitting etc. Please your legally married wife and you will forever be a happy man. I'm talking from my personal experience.

What's CK and AZ? sad
Business / Re: Enaira Is A Fine Project: A Nairalander's Review Of The App by Uchenaija: 5:30pm On Nov 16, 2021
It's is a fine app, but you account is zero naira, you money is not fine to be inside?

Business / Re: Never Transact Any Business With Poor People by Uchenaija: 10:17am On Nov 13, 2021
When doing business do the right things.

You have set up the right limit in any business, rich or poor.

Who gives out bike to a stranger without guarantor?

Even with the rich you have to set the right boundaries, because people would always want to go beyond boundaries.

It's even the poor that'll make you rich. You need to learn manage things properly.

You clearly want to make gain. It's business, it's not help. He's also going to make money for you. You can't be emotional about it.

These one of your life lessons. If you want to make more money hire people, rich or poor, just hire the right person cos that's your real duty as a boss.

Drops mic


Romance / Re: I'm Not Marrying Her: How DO I End This Relationship, All My Trap Has Faild Me by Uchenaija: 4:20pm On Nov 11, 2021
Stop insulting the guy naw.. Is it because he said his own out.
Let me tell you, if God should open your eys so that you can see the inside heart of your partner, i'm so sure you will run for your life..

Speak for yourself
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Buhari Himself Can’t Retire To Daura In 2023 - Reno Omokri by Uchenaija: 5:40pm On Nov 04, 2021
This guy sabi find Buhari trouble, walayi

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Programming / Re: App Developer Needed by Uchenaija: 12:29pm On Nov 02, 2021
That can create Uber/Bolt like App. Drop your whatsapp contact.

Please my whatsapp is on my signature.
Business / Re: Find Co-founder Or Early Employees by Uchenaija: 5:17pm On Oct 29, 2021
Can we as youths come together and tackle the biggest challenge in the country, in the process create a lot of jobs? SECURITY

What's our biggest challenge? Security?
Politics / Re: Dr. Maduka: "I Will Fix Anambra In Every Aspect Because I Have Done It Before” by Uchenaija: 3:14pm On Oct 29, 2021
Sounds like what someone would say before erection election and you need to cum

Find an investor, co-founder or Early Employees


Business / Re: Find Co-founder Or Early Employees by Uchenaija: 3:13pm On Oct 29, 2021
I'm interested.

Kindly message me or chat me up on WhatsApp
Politics / Re: We Need ₦13bn To Fix Sango-Ota Road - Abiodun by Uchenaija: 1:59pm On Oct 29, 2021
They way they call money in this country you'd think we're anything close to developed countries.

Find an investor, co-founder or Early Employees.


Crime / Re: Soldiers Foiled IPOB Militants Attack, Seize Vehicles by Uchenaija: 1:54pm On Oct 29, 2021

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Business / Re: Find Co-founder Or Early Employees by Uchenaija: 1:53pm On Oct 29, 2021
Okay cool one. I'm in

Chat me up or dm me
Business / Find Co-founder Or Early Employees by Uchenaija: 12:42pm On Oct 29, 2021
They're a lot of startups springing up lately.

I've observed that most are looking for a Co-Founder or an early employee just like me.

I've decided to create this thread for startups looking for co-founders or early employees.

I've also created a telegram for it. If you're interested make a comment on this post, let me add you to the telegram group.

I hope this makes sense.

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Romance / Re: How Ladies Can Get Married At Any Age - My Opinion by Uchenaija: 8:22pm On Oct 24, 2021
An evening newspaper is an evening newspaper.

No motivational quote or story can change that

Evening newspaper, that term always sound hilarious to me...well I've seen young men marrying older women who even have kids in Nigeria here...in the real world love is blind.

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Romance / Re: How Ladies Can Get Married At Any Age - My Opinion by Uchenaija: 6:40pm On Oct 24, 2021

Forget these fairytales and lies

You just wanna give false hope to menopause-calling and matrimonial frustrated shawties like ishilove and pocohantas

Well continue; not my business

Well I love pocohantas, but she doesn't like men.

I admire ishilove, always will.

I'm sure I'm not the only one tongue
Romance / Re: How Ladies Can Get Married At Any Age - My Opinion by Uchenaija: 6:36pm On Oct 24, 2021
What if you do all these and he still do not propose?

70% to 80% of time men will rush you if a lady acts right.

If he does not propose, not everyone likes apples, spread your branches.
Romance / Re: How Ladies Can Get Married At Any Age - My Opinion by Uchenaija: 6:30pm On Oct 24, 2021

No, I can’t. Unlike men, women are not particularly obsessed with men matters. Definitely not if you marry or not. wink
Obsessed? When NL women say obsessed I think they want to say overpowering. We can't be more obsessed when they're more women in the romance section than any other section of nairaland.

Well, no show for us, that's what I get. undecided

You must be mistaking me for someone else, but if at all this is correct, please do not fall for it. It is a trap.
Yeah, I won't agree less, you're a trap itself
Romance / How Ladies Can Get Married At Any Age - My Opinion by Uchenaija: 5:28pm On Oct 24, 2021
Sadly, there is a growing number of single ladies in our time and generation.

This wasn't always the case in the time of our parents. Most of our parents were married early enough, some even before 20, 25 and 30.

Why is it becoming increasing difficult for most ladies to get married nowadays?

For me here are a few things. For me I always say, any woman who wants to get married would get married.

I feel women are so powerful that they don't know their power.

To me any women can hook up any man of his dreams. That may sound impossible but 70% of the time it is possible if they do the right things.

Here are couple of things ladies can do to marry any man of their choice.

Develop your inner beauty
Today, you'd find a lot of people making fun of people who encourage developing your inner beauty.

They argue that when you meet a person first, is it not their outward beauty you see before you make a move towards them. Let me tell you the truth, you see people's inner beauty before their outward person.

When you meet a person for the first time you are already evaluating the kind of person they are. Their dressing, their facial expression, their charisma, their composure, their demeanor and more. At that point you're already making a decision whether you want to be with this person or not. Trust me we're always reading people's body language consciously or unconsciously. If you're a friendly person it reflects in you at first glance. If your a shy or less confident person your head and shoulders would possible be looking down. For example, pocohantas has started becoming a more friendly person that she used to even though no one has seen her before.

You can develop your inner beauty so much that you can carry yourself with confidence and not faking it.

Talking about inner beauty a lot of ladies in our time are so self centered. They show a "I want relax and be taken care of" attitude. While wishing for this things are not bad, but then you don't have to push it to someone's sons face. Let him do it out of free will. Many men want their wives to relax so the take care of them, forget all this redpill attitude. But then don't go pushing it into their faces as if demanding it from them. Who are you? Are you the only girl in the world?

Try to be kind. Kindness doesn't make you stupid. It's the person's lost if the take your kindness for granted. Kindness doesn't need to be spending money. A kind eyes, a kind listener, a genuine interest in someone or whatever their lives are up to are little things that make you human.

Forget spec, a man would ditch his spec for a woman who carries herself right.

We all want someone who treats us right.

Be a Person of Substance
After building your inner beauty, work towards becoming a person of substance.

Being a person of substance can mean different things to different people. It simply means developing your skills. For some it means making money, for others it could be becoming a good cook, while to others it can mean how to buy things in the market.

A man doesn't necessarily want you to be rich, don't mind all men say, they just hope you're a person of value. That they can trust you to handle a couple of things.

Make a Move to the Man you Want
Sometimes if the first two things doesn't get you the man you want you might want to make a move.

You don't necessarily need to stop them in the road and tell them I love you. Most Nigerian ladies (I don't know if that's the same with other African ladies) would love a man and would keep it entirely to themselves. I have met women who were madly in love with me, they came as good friends but I never knew they were madly in love with me, until their friends secretly told me or they revealed it many years after.

Indirectly, let men know you're interested in them. Don't come as friends, afterall you're not here for friendship. While keeping a distance and appearing a little hard to get, drop hints now and again that you are interested in a romantic relationship through your words or actions. This is something easy for women to do, afterall there the best pretenders among the gender. Most prostitutes also know how to use their eyes to achieve this same effect.

Don't Take Men for Granted
Don't look down on men. You'd see a woman who can barely feed herself telling a man he's not his spec.

Don't wait to find the perfect man with full pocket to accept their advances.

If a man is sincerely making effort appreciate it and give them a chance.
A man would go all length to please the right woman.
Obama became president because Michelle knew how to bring out a president in him.
A man would careless for the world, but would do anything for a woman who sincerely respect him.

Be Principled
Stop going naked to please men. Stop dressing like prostitutes to attract men.

Fine, you can attract a man by how you look, but how long would that attraction last. If he finds someone more attractive would he not cheat on you with that person.

You can pretend all you want a man would know if you're the type of person that would sleep around. Most would begin to lack trust in you. Where is a relationship without trust?

Even if you catch a man after sleeping with them, I wonder how many you have to sleep with to catch your soulmate. Your chances following this path are very slim.

Being principled doesn't mean lacking manners or being rude. It only means you truly want to do what's right and who doesn't want to be with such a person.

I pray this little piece changes someone's daughters life.

pocohantas, can you write one for men who want to get any lady of their choice, I'll love to read it.



Webmasters / Re: I Need A Bulk Sms Website. Who Can Build This For Me? by Uchenaija: 5:51am On Oct 17, 2021
Check my signature
TV/Movies / Re: ShineYaEye Ex-Housemates Party With Top 6 by Uchenaija: 3:47am On Oct 03, 2021
Thank God BBN is finally over,only married men will understand this Statement.
As much as I dislike BBN 9ja,I think it's a terrible lie for anyone to say it's boring.
My trips to some friends house this last 3 months made me realize a lot of people are watching this show, although not so many are enthusiastic about voting for housemates this year.
I get all my BBN stories on Nairaland cos I will rather watch WWE channel on my decoder than watch this BBN 9ja,but I know a lot of people who follow the show religiously.
My observation though of BBN 9ja this year,Yoruba people have no vested interest in the show this year,2 years ago it was Seyi Awolowo they queued behind,last year it was Laycon,I think this year,Yoruba people decided to take a break from the show,I advise the producers of BBN 9ja to always have a Yoruba-igbo ego battle if they want more enthusiasm for the show.
These 2 tribes are actually money spinners for reality shows,even Nairaland is benefiting from their unnecessary ego wars.
Secondly there must always be a love-hate drama on the show, everyone supports the under dog that the beautiful girl or handsome guy refuses to acknowledge his/her advances.
I swear I don't watch BBN 9ja on my decoder. grin
God bless Nigeria

You don't watch it, how do you know it's not boring? I read through the comment to understand the statement I couldn't find.

It's actually hard for me to watch people living their own life on T.V, like don't I have a life. Like you said the news is out there, so of course one can read what's happening in the house, like every other news.
Romance / Re: I Am The Gid Redpiller, I Was Molested At 9, I Masturbate And I Love Rape Porn! by Uchenaija: 5:24pm On Sep 04, 2021
Rape or no rape, immoral sex messes up the mind. Porn, wrong sexual thought or activities affects the psych more like rape itself.

You're perfectly normal. You're not beyond redemption.

We're all imperfect. That means porn, rape, sex or not something is missing in us humans just as we're born.

We can learn to unlearn the things that have become ingrained in us. It is completely possible and you too can. The world would make believe you're not in control of things, but man is the greatest being in the universe you have perfect control over your past bad experience.

Now I've come to understand your some of your redpill ideas, which I've always felt excited about. While most of them make a lot of sense, there's a place to draw the line. Yes, because your bad experience must have cut into your pure judgment.

You can regain your good senses. If you wish we can talk about it, we don't need to meet but I can help. My contact is on my signature. I'm not a therapist, not a professional but I've seen people made changes in their troubled thinking and get help to heal your scars. @TheGidRedpiller
Webmasters / Re: Looking For Someone To Help Build A Forum by Uchenaija: 3:05pm On Jul 04, 2021
I'm looking for someone to help build a forum like nairaland that can push topics to front page.

Interested person should let me know.


How do we contact you?
Romance / Re: Why Can't Guys Date Without Having Sex? by Uchenaija: 3:18am On May 01, 2021
I'm a virgin, I don't want to have sex until my wedding night. I'm a Nigerian but my bf is a white guy, he told me he loves and he wants to marry me but he wants us to start having sex while we are dating. I tired of breaking up for this same reason. What do I do?

Psalm 84:11 - For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.

God created us and knows us better than we know ourselves. If he says we should not fornicate, he knows it's for our benefit.

Stay holy, you'll meet 1001 guys who'd appreciate you and be your desired man.

All this guys shouting go pop the cherry, would be the same person condemning you for moving from one man to another when they're serious to settle down.

They're good men out there. Just know that.

From my more than 30 years understanding of life, women act wisely when they stay away from sex & their value increases on many fold in their husbands eyes.

Why do you think they're many broken homes, increased rise in heartbreaks or problems in marriages? It's this same lack of self control over sex.

If I had sex with you today, I cannot trust you not to have sex with another person. Expressing self control till marriage, is a quality that has been tested in you and your partner would learn to trust you.

But one thing you must know, don't carry virginity for head as if it is gold, learn the ropes of being a good person with an attractive personality. We all want to stay with someone who's kind and treats us well basically, sex or no sex.

Chat me up, I'll link you up with a certain lady that can motivate you on this path, she's an inspiration to me too.


Programming / Re: Why So Many Junior Developers Struggle To Get An Opportunity. by Uchenaija: 10:54am On Apr 26, 2021

Hi could u please add me to any WhatsApp group where ionic angular developers.
Ima new developer and I need to be in the company of people like u.
Or please let me have your WhatsApp number thanks.

Let's chat
Programming / . by Uchenaija: 11:29am On Apr 04, 2021
Programming / Re: Developer Needed by Uchenaija: 7:34pm On Mar 29, 2021
I can do an excellent job. My number is on my signature

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