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Religion / Who Promised You And Has Forgotten? by uchkochi(m): 9:39am On Apr 13
Who promised you and has forgotten? You may not be in the person's heart but that person's heart is in God's hand. In the name of Jesus that person is remembering you to favour you now.
Religion / Why Is My Life Like This? by uchkochi(m): 4:10pm On Apr 11
Why is my life like this?

Have you ever asked this question or are you asking this question now?

Special people get special challenges. Great people get great challenges. But they also get great victories. And this is that day of victory. The storm is finally over.

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Religion / Why That Person That Promised You Have Not Yet Fulfilled It. by uchkochi(m): 7:08pm On Apr 05
Why that person that promised you have not yet fulfilled it.

1. You trusted the man instead of trusting your God. Jeremiah 5:17-18. Yes that person promised you, but never see that good as coming from the man but from God.

2. You placed your personal need in front of kingdom need. Before meeting your need please meet kingdom need. Invest in ministries and churches. If God can trust you to put His kingdom first then He can give you any amount of money. Matthew 6:33.

3. You have not giving God enough thanks in anticipation of your expectation.

4. You told the wrong set of people of your expectations. Anyone with envy in His or Her heart attract a negative energy that hinders good. So if you don't have a right person around you keep quiet till that blessing comes.

5. You do not have a written down, thought out plan on what to do with the blessing. God does not grant vague expectation. The expectation that cannot be cut off is the one that is documented and properly planned for. Proverbs 23:18.


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Religion / A Man's Desire Is Not Sex, He Can Get It From Anywhere.... by uchkochi(m): 10:47am On Apr 03
A man's desire is not sex, he can get it from anywhere. A man's desire is not food, he can get that from the best restaurant. A man's desire is not dressing, he sees women even better dressed than you every day. A man's desire is his respect. If you take that from him, you will cause the beast in him to be activated. He needs respect. He needs you as a woman to massage his ego. Act like a queen then he will be your king.

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Religion / The Power Of Words, Spoken, Written, Heard Or Read. by uchkochi(m): 6:16pm On Apr 01

Sin cannot occur without a word. Spoken, heard or read or seen. It is this word of sin that brings the action of sin. Everything is encapsulated in a word. This world was founded on the premise of the spoken word of God. Imagination is simply the collation of words in a pictorial form. Even good success is impossible without the meditation of God's word day and night. Life and death are in the power of the tongue...(words).

Whatever affects your heart affects your life. Proverbs 4:23. So once the devil knows that this or that will affect your heart, he will then touch it. So the best way to live is to be moved by nothing but God's word. If you are moved when your car has difficulty, he will ensure that your car keeps having fault but when nothing moves you then you are up for victory at all times. That issue taking your joy is turned to a testimony.

Religion / Happy New Month. by uchkochi(m): 1:28pm On Apr 01
HAPPY NEW MONTH. The Spirit of God is telling me that delayed and forgotten expectations are coming to pass this month. What you have given up on is manifesting this very month. Rejoice because it is your continuous joy that will bring this to pass. Isaiah 12:3.
Religion / The Only Thing Worse Than Sin Is Guilt. Once You Repent From Any Sin. by uchkochi(m): 4:16pm On Mar 31
The only thing worse than sin is guilt. Once you repent from any sin. You have to stop feeling guilty by forgiving yourself. If guilt lingers it cripples grace and mercy.
Religion / In The Kingdom Of God Seeing Is Not Believing, It Is SAYING That Is Believing. by uchkochi(m): 12:07pm On Mar 30
In the kingdom of God seeing is not believing, it is SAYING that is believing. Until you say it you may not see it.

Prayer does not move God it is praises that moves God. God answers prayers but moves during praises.

Until your mind changes your situation will not change.

This is how Joy changes things. The devil is responsible for mishaps and calamity. When you become joyful, your joy chases him away. And when the devil goes everything he comes with goes. This is why you must guard your joy. Avoid depression. Proverbs 4:23.

Religion / Noises Of Delay, Disfavours And Disappointment Are Silenced Now In Jesus Name. by uchkochi(m): 2:21pm On Mar 29
Noises of delay, disfavours and disappointment are silenced now in the name of Jesus the Christ. Psalm 140:11. Declare this prayer over your life 7 times and that cloud and garment of delay, disfavours and disappointment will catch fire now.
Religion / God Is About To Introduce You To A Destiny Helper That Will Not Leave You Alone. by uchkochi(m): 11:19am On Mar 26
God is about to introduce you to a destiny helper that will not leave you alone. He or She will carry your matter like their own. Proverbs 21:1.


Religion / It Is Not That The Battle Was Too Strong And Fierce But Your Strength Is Too Sma by uchkochi(m): 4:06pm On Mar 23
It is not that the battle was too strong and fierce but your strength is too small. Build spiritual strength and that Goliath-Like challenge will crash before you.
Religion / That Spell, Bewitchment And Enchantment Against You Breaks By Fire. by uchkochi(m): 8:45am On Mar 23
That spell, bewitchment and enchantment against you breaks by fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Your helpers will call you now.

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Religion / Marine Spirits...what Are They?how To Identify Them And Defeat Them. by uchkochi(m): 5:12pm On Mar 22

When you hear marine, the first thing that comes to your mind is water or river. You are not wrong, marine spirits are water spirits or spirits that comes and dwells in the river. Beloved they are real, they execute their plans by possessing either a man or a woman. The marine kingdom is one of satan's department headed by a queen, popularly known as the queen of the coast. The earth is divided into the air, the land and the sea. When God made man in Genesis, He gave him dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. Genesis 1:28. God will never ask man to dominate his fellow man, so what God meant was that man will have dominion over the spirits in the sea(marine spirits), spirits in the air(witch craft spirits), and on land.

There are two types of marine spirits; we have the conscious mariners and the unconscious mariners. The conscious marine agents are those that know they are possessed, while the unconscious mariners don't know that they are possessed. Marine spirits possesses females more than males, they do so to oppress men and scatter homes, since the man is the head of the home. Their primary tool is sex. They are extremely fashion-crazy, they dress to attract on purpose, they walk to attract on purpose. This marine spirit pushes single ladies to date married men without any remorse. They take delight in breaking the hearts of their victims so as to render them emotionally unstable, once a person is unstable emotionally he is sure to make wrong decisions about other things. They neutralise the will-power of their victims through sex. They are very unstable in relationships, they cannot keep a relationship for too long, they pretend a lot and changes their voice to fit the mood they are in.

Falling in love with a lady possessed with this spirit is the worse thing that can happen to a man, because the moment he decides to end the relationship, she begins to behave well, the moment the man changes their minds, she starts tormenting the emotion of the man, constantly frustrating the man. Those who are possessed with the marine spirits without knowing can easily be delivered by getting close to the things of God and His word. Lesbianism, homosexuality and pornography are also marine initiations, they are also party freaks. This spirit push young, talented, beautiful girls into "runs". The truth is this with God all things are possible. Deliverance is possible only when the mariner is willing to be delivered. Once that person is willing, that person must go to a bible practicing church for the power of the queen of the coast to be broken. Then the person must be born again and take God's word seriously. Self deliverance is also possible with this knowledge, you can pick up the bible and ask Christ to come into your life. Once He enters, the rest is history. I break every trace and strong hold of marine spirits from your life in the name of Jesus.


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Religion / What You See In Your Dream Is Either The Source Of Or Solution To Your Problem. by uchkochi(m): 10:50am On Mar 13
What you see in your dream is either the source of or solution to your problem.
Religion / You Are More Than What You Are Going Through. by uchkochi(m): 8:22pm On Mar 12
You are more than what you are going through. You are more than the challenges of your life. Your condition is not your conclusion.
Romance / If That Heart Break Does Not Make You Stronger, Smarter Then You Deserve Another by uchkochi(m): 1:59am On Mar 11
If that heart break and disappointment does not make you stronger, smarter and wiser then you deserve another heart break.

Why continue a relationship with someone who can just make do without you with no remorse. Why treat someone as a bag of rice when that person is treating you as a pinch of salt. Why call the person for ten times a day and you have to beg the person to call you even if its once. You are in a relationship but are you sure the person is in relationship with you?

If your heart is broken a second time then you are yet to be wise. When you suspect something wrong in a relationship speak up in love do not assume. Make yourself valuable. You can do without her and she can also do without you too so avoid been too emotional. You will be shocked to know how easily he or she will move on without you.

Relationship is not 50:50 percent it is 100:100 percent.

Religion / Every Charm Against Your Life And Destiny, Every Spell, Divination, Enchantment by uchkochi(m): 4:48am On Mar 09
Every charm against your life and destiny, every spell, divination, enchantment and bewitchment catch fire now by the consuming fire of the Holy Ghost. No more negative happening. Your credit inflow into your bank account will be more than the debit outflow in the name of Jesus.Where you are looking for single, God will give you double today.


Religion / Cheer Up Please It Won't Get Worse. by uchkochi(m): 7:31am On Mar 08

You slept through the night, but God didn't sleep, He won all your battles. Isaiah 49:24-25; says that even the Lawful captive shall be delivered.... What this means is that whether you deserve that trouble or not, God contended with those contending with you and delivered you. YOU ARE FREE, HOW YOU GOT INTO THAT TROUBLE IS IRRELEVANT, GOD HAS BROUGHT YOU OUT IN HIS INFINITE MERCY. You are totally free. You are completely delivered. You are no more in any form of bondage, If you were rejected before in a place where you applied for a job, go back there and take your job. If your proposal to marry that girl was turned down, propose again. If your name was not shortlisted, go and check again. Last night was a special night of turn around for everyone connected to this ministry. Apply again, Try again, see that person again, call again, send an sms again, send a mail again.

The spiritual controls the physical, Once the spiritual atmosphere is clear the physical will clear. What hindered you before is no more there. LORD Jesus do for the person reading and receiving this message what no man can do, break protocols, break barriers, break limitations in Jesus precious name.

It is very important to know that there is a major difference between reading this message and receiving this message, many people just read our messages as a broadcast or as a post or write-up. Beloved it is not a broadcast nor a post, it is a message from God to you. Receive it like it was God sending it directly to you. Many people have gotten their testimonies because they received, not just because they read. You will get your own testimony today.

Religion / Understand Prayer In A Different Way. Prayer Is The Engine Oil Of A Believer. by uchkochi(m): 6:38pm On Mar 06
Understand Prayer in a different way.

Prayer is the engine oil of a believer. When there is no engine oil, the engine knocks. The word of God is the fuel of a believer. Without fuel a car can not move. The car may look okay but will lack motion. So the prayer and the word are the two most important thing in the life of a person. 1st thessalonians 5:17.

Prayer is the breath of a believer. You can be prosperous but you still need to breathe to live.

Religion / Why Are You Worried? God Saw You In Your Husband's House Before You Were Born. by uchkochi(m): 3:23pm On Mar 06

Friends, there is nothing to be bothered about,God has already done all things well for you.He saw your end before your beginning.Your end was glorious, that was why He said you were very good.He saw you in your husbands house before He brought you to this world,He saw you owning your own businesses,before He created you.He saw you fulfilling all your heart desires according to His will before giving you life.Jeremiah 1:5.It was all these successes that He saw around you that gave Him the confidence that you were going to make it.That was why He brought you to this world.

So any failure that is around you is an aberration.It is to weigh you down,so that you will miss out of the benefits God has loaded into your destiny.The devil also knows that whoever God creates is a star.No matter the obstacles on the way,you have already being declared the winner before you were born.You have won already,refuse to be cast down,your victory is sure.The bible says in Philippians 4:6 that be anxious for nothing,we should not worry over anything but as we pray with thanksgiving because what we are asking for has been given to us before we were born.With this understanding,you will always have a reason to rejoice.Be blessed in Jesus name.This is the beginning of endless testimonies for you.

Religion / In The Next 24 Hours God Will Show Up In That Darkness. by uchkochi(m): 4:38pm On Mar 05
In the next 24 hours God will show up in that darkness. You are walking out of pain, you are walking out of lack, you are walking out of diseases in the name of Jesus Christ. The truck that carries fuel is always being overtaken by other cars but you will wait for it in the petrol station. The greatness of your destiny may make you walk slow sometimes. A pregnant woman does not run like those that are not.

So why you are slow is because you carry greatness. Your time is now. All you lost will come to you within the next one month.


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Religion / Breaking The Hidden Anti Reward Covenant. by uchkochi(m): 4:57pm On Mar 03

There is a secret force that affects people without them knowing. Have you ever wondered what makes people repay you with evil for good. Have you ever wondered why people just forget to help you after promising to help.

There is an Anti Reward covenant that is active in your life. How it was started is irrelevant but God said He is ending it now. This Anti reward covenant is responsible for broken relationships and marriages even after putting your best. You struggled with your husband and now that things are good he just abandons you for someone who have not contributed a dime to his life. Matthew 15:13.

Today as led by the Holy Spirit I break that Anti Reward covenant in Jesus name. It is responsible for joblessness even with good qualifications. It is responsible for hatred for no reason. I use the blood of Jesus Christ to break that covenant of anti rewards in Jesus name. There is someone that constantly renews and monitors the covenant. But right now I arrest that being in Jesus name

Religion / That Heat Of Challenges Disappear Now In Jesus Name. by uchkochi(m): 7:54am On Mar 03
That call you have been waiting for since the past one year. AS THE LORD LIVES BEFORE 12 MIDNIGHT IT MUST COME TO THE GLORY OF GOD.

That heat of challenges disappear now in Jesus name.REJOICE!!. Who is backing you is stronger than who is fighting you.

Who is assisting you is stronger than who is resisting you.No matter the condition of a nation it does not affect everyone.You re exempted from hardship, set back and struggles in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Religion / Christian Sex. by uchkochi(m): 7:07am On Mar 01

We have established the fact in the previous message that sex is not bad, it is just that if it is done before marriage it is wrong and a sin at that. Even married people still commit adultery which is also wrong. So this message is a two sided one talking to singles on one hand and the married on the other hand.

It is difficult to convince someone that is already involved in fornication or adultery that it is wrong especially when they have justifiable reasons to indulge in this act.

Justifiable reasons like their spouses does not satisfy them, or they feel compelled to do it so that their relationship will not break, no matter how justifiable your reasons please don’t forget that there is a way that seems right but the end of it is destruction. Proverbs 14:12 and 16 vs. 25.

Don’t assume that everybody is doing it, there are still people keeping themselves. Stopping it is not as important as know how to. That is the various physical strategies to apply.

These Practical Ways Includes;

1.Be real and avoid pretence: many people don’t know themselves so they end up doing what they don’t know they can do. We have weaknesses, but a weakness is not dangerous if it is discovered on time and curbed. It is only when you ignore your weakness that it controls you. The first thing you should know is that your flesh is weak when it comes to sex. And there is no time that it will be stronger than sex. You cannot be stronger than sex. The devil knows that it is stronger than you so he uses this ignorance to over power your mind. Of all the sins lust leading to fornication is the only one that God insists that we flee. 1st Corinthians 6 vs.18. Joseph would not have been able to overcome the temptation to sleep with Potipher’s wife if he had not fled. He knew that he was weak and the only way to be strong is to flee.

2.Understand that there is nothing like casual sex: sex is sex there is nothing casual about it. It could be casual today and become deep and regular tomorrow. It is deceitful to believe that the enormity of the act is when you really go deep in it. Conceiving the thoughts in your mind and meditating on it is like opening the door for the devil to molest you. What do you talk about when you are alone? If you only talk about sex, you may just be preparing the ground for the act. Sex begins in the mind, so to think that sex can be casual is to end up a casualty. You may have sex and not reach orgasm; this does not make it casual. It only increases your appetite for more and more. Kissing and playing would soon graduate into a deeper level of intimacy so beware.

3.Romance for ladies sex for guys: You should understand that a lady loves romance so much that most times she wishes it does not metamorphose into sex.But a guy cannot be truly satisfied until sex is involved. So you see that abstinence is the best bet. Don’t try to please anybody by indulging in sex with them if you are not married to them. They may be pleased today but tomorrow may not be pleased again.

4.FLEE,RUN AWAY WHEN THE URGE IS RISING,WHEN YOU DO GOD WILL STRENGTHEN YOU BECAUSE ITS HIS WORD: Some people sit and say no, no, no when they should be on their feet heading for the doors. Its not easy, I know, but would you prefer to disobey God and loose out than to obey Him by fleeing? Don’t assume that you are spiritual enough to overcome; this assumption has led many to fornication. Please don’t only make an attempt and return, rather flee indeed.

5.GOD CANNOT HELP YOU UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO FLEE: To flee does not only mean to run away, if the pressure continues you will have to flee from that relationship. If someone gives you a gift or promises you a favour and wants to sleep with you, you will have to flee from that gift and favour. Sin is sweet but your destiny is sweeter.

6.Avoid songs and films or pictures that put sex in your mind: Your mind is programmed in such a way that what you pay more attention to is what passes to your subconscious. And it is difficult to control what has passed from your consciousness into your subconscious. For example you can watch a film and be so engrossed in it then sleep at night and dream about that same film. What just happened is that the film information was saved in your subconscious mind. So guard your heart with all diligence. Proverbs 4:23.

Incase you are married and your partner cheats or intends cheating on you because you don’t satisfy him/her sexually then it will not be out of place for that partner to teach you how to. You see the best way to satisfy yourself is to satisfy your partner. Sex is reciprocal in nature, if the love is there. It is because of sexual insatisfaction in marriages that was why God said in Hebrews 13 vs. 4 that MARRIAGE IS HONORABLE WITH THE BED UNDEFILED. God’s original intention was that HUSBAND AND WIFE ARE VIRGINS WHEN THEY GET MARRIED. So that they can learn from the onset on how to satisfy each other and even grow to learn the many things that sex can offer. Thank God we serve a God of restoration, a God that can rewrite every wrong by His mercies. WELCOME TO A NEW BEGINNING OF CHANGE IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

Religion / There Is Difference Between Praying For Favor And Praying For Favour With Faith. by uchkochi(m): 10:58am On Feb 27
There is difference between praying for favor and praying for favour with faith. To pray for favour you just pray and wait for favour to come to you. But to pray for favour with faith, you go in search for favour even after praying. The bible says it is to you according to your faith, not your prayers. Add action to your prayers.

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Religion / There Is Difference Between Praying For Favor And Praying For Favour With Faith. by uchkochi(m): 6:15am On Feb 27
There is difference between praying for favor and praying for favour with faith. To pray for favour you just pray and wait for favour to come to you. But to pray for favour with faith, you go in search for favour even after praying. The bible says it is to you according to your faith, not your prayers. Add action to your prayers.
Religion / Please Stop Criticizing Apostle Suleman by uchkochi(m): 4:20pm On Feb 23
Please stop criticizing Apostle Suleman, you are only blocking your access to God's blessing. He bought only one jet, the 3rd one but was gifted 2. You that is saying feed the poor. Will the poor ever finish. How many poor have you fed at your own level. Do you even know the level of Sacrifice He made to get here.


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Religion / The Protocol Breaking God. by uchkochi(m): 2:52am On Feb 23

God does not make people better, He makes them WHOLE. He does not want you to excel in your business or job while your marriage or relationships fail. He does not want you to be spiritually stable while your finances dwindle. He does not want your finances to be balanced, while sickness ravage your body. Proverbs 10:22. He wants you complete. The easiest way to be complete and make progress is to stop blaming people for where you are, stop blaming God, don't blame the devil either, don't blame your nation. Blame yourself. Take the blame and make amendments. In the name of Jesus be perfectly whole.

The impotent man's healing was delayed for 38 years because he was waiting for someone to help him get into the healing river on time. John chapter 5:1-9. But nobody helped him.

God is going to by pass men and help you speedily in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus came by Himself to heal that man, He broke protocol for the sake of that man. He will break protocol for your sake tonight. Have you been waiting for a man to help you and the man is disappointing you? Tonight disappointment is over in Jesus name.

Religion / Two Things Are Just About To Happen To You. by uchkochi(m): 6:28pm On Feb 20

Number 1; It is either you find favour.
Number 2; OR favour finds you.

Challenges are not forever, the bible says surely there is an end and your expectation shall not be cut off. It is your expectation that destroys the challenges, Once you expect it to end today, it has no choice but to end. I decree the end of those issues you don't like in Jesus precious name. So Expect It To End Today. Prepare to testify. Proverbs 23:18.

Religion / How To Know If The Enemy Is Trying To Capture Your Soul Or Have Already Captured by uchkochi(m): 10:39am On Feb 18
How to know if the enemy is trying to capture your soul or have already captured it. What to do to be free.

1. You hear voices. Especially baseless stupid words in your head. It makes you restless most times. Other times it makes you weak as if you have been thinking for weeks.

2. Fear: You begin to experience constant fears. Especially unnecessary ones. Imagine a full grown man being afraid of a little baby or even the rain.

3. You feel as if another person is with you even when you are alone in the room. This further increases the fear.

4. You begin to suffer avoidable losses. And you begin to make decisions that you end up regretting.

Today I decree your soul is restored according to God's word in Psalm 23:3.

Religion / How To Stop Sex And Enjoy Your Relationship Till Marriage (reloaded) by uchkochi(m): 9:55am On Feb 15

Sex is sweet, it is enjoyable, everybody likes it, but the value of sex is only truly experienced in marriage.
No matter what you seem to enjoy pre-maritally, it kills love instead of nurturing it. Fornication is sweet but your destiny is sweeter. Marriage is honorable when the bed is not defied, you may be having fun but in essence you are only preparing for the fun-HELL.
It can be stopped; you don’t have to break that relationship because breaking the relationship does not really solve the problem. You might still continue this in the next relationship you may enter.
Sex outside marriage or before marriage open invisible doors for the devil to come into your life to strike later in life.
Once started it is difficult to stop, but it can be stopped.

It is wrong to practice it outside marriage; it is not valued at all. It does not make your guy love you even better neither does it make your girl love you more. Rather it kills love if you don’t try to stop it.

Once started it is difficult to stop, but your desire to stop it has half solved the problem.

Breaking the relationship does not stop it you might even loose because that man or girl could be divinely meant for you. Not seeing the guy or keeping away does not either, the question is; when you now see each other what happens? Not sleeping in his house does not stop it, you can visit him in the afternoon and still have sex.

Let me show you how you can truly stop sex and revive and enjoy your relationship more till you are married when you can now tie her if you want and make genuine guiltless love countless times and become more intimate with the God and His blessings.

The first step to stop sex in your relationship is: believe it is wrong outside marriage. Don't feel it is impossible to do without. It is possible to stop.

Prayers and fasting does not stop it; what stops it is renewing your mind with the word of God daily. You can fast and the next thing you are on it.

Refuse to be guilty if you have done it don’t hate yourself God loves you he wants to help you because you cannot help yourself, can't you see all your strategies have failed.
The moment you feel like doing it, don’t consider, don’t think just flee from it. Don’t explain, Escape.
You must flee because sex is stronger than you; the only thing it respects is FLEEING. Joseph fled to escape potiphars wife. Great men and women have fallen to it and are still falling; you can’t afford to fall again.
It is not normal it is abnormal; don’t pay attention to it in their thoughts. The moment you think of it CAST DOWN THE IMAGINATION IN THE NAME OF JESUS. David was a man after Gods own heart, He heard Gods voice but still fell to it, because He entertained it in his thoughts. You are what you think.
I am not saying it will not come, it will, may be even today but CAST DOWN THE THOUGHTS IN THE NAME OF JESUS IN FAITH.

Change the way you see sex in your mind and renew it by reading the bible daily and you will see that your girlfriend and yourself would begin to make progress. It takes the two of you and God (his word) to make it. You will make it in Jesus Name.

Religion / Most Bad Dreams Are Not Really Bad But They Are Only Conveying A Message.... by uchkochi(m): 7:27am On Feb 15
Most bad dreams are not really bad but they are only conveying a message on the cause of the problem and the way out. For example eating food in the dream means it was through food or what you ate or swallowed that the problem came. Dreaming and seeing yourself in your past school or past house or past job means something was done against you there.

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