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Phones / Re: Iphone 14 Ranked 2nd Best Camera Phone In Dxomark by Unbiased1: 2:08pm On Oct 03
S22 Ultra is better than iphone 13 pro in term of zoom (since it comes with 10X Periscope zoom and 100X Digital zoom) and night photography (since it comes with 108mp camera with 12 in 1 pixel binning to produce a 12mp photo in lowlight). While the 13 pro max is better than the s22 ultra in videography(since it has better hardware-software synergy, better video stabilization, and better lowlight videography) and better picture quality(it produces warmer tone, doesn't oversaturate picture like s22 ultra, and picture looks more natural than s22 ultra), better potrait)

The Samsung S22 Ultra had the best edge detection algorithm that dwarfed that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and produced better portraits. iPhone 13 Pro Max mainly wins in the video recording department. The warmer tone on the iPhone 13 Pro Max pictures does not make any better than the images from the Samsung.
Phones / Re: Iphone 14 Ranked 2nd Best Camera Phone In Dxomark by Unbiased1: 7:52pm On Oct 02
The iPhone 14 Pro's scores are out. (Source: DxOMark)
DxOMark has just released its camera assessment of the iPhone 14 Pro, in which the group praises its upgraded shooters' color reproduction, auto-focus, dynamic range and detail highly. Nevertheless, the new Apple flagship has not managed to knock the Honor Magic4 Ultimate Edition off its top spot in the rankings, even though it is now #1 in terms of selfie-camera performance.
DxOMark's camera test results for the iPhone 14 Pro are out, thus giving a potential insight as to how its new 48MPmain shooter does against its forebear in the 13 Proseries. The new flagship (which also represents its Pro Max sibling as they have the same specs in this regard) came in for largely positive feedback for many of its updated features, its color (skin tone reproduction included); zoom capabilities; detail; auto-focus and bokeh effects included.
The iPhone 14 Pro was also awarded a new top score in terms of stabilization, thereby hinting that DxOMark might not have been on TikTok with the phone - or completed the testing with the latest software: iOS 16.0.2 is rated to fix the new high-end unit's issues on third-party apps.
On the other hand, DxOMark did find some fault with the 14 Pro'sobserved inability to keep its white balance constant across all lighting conditions; the flagship also apparently had the tendency to exhibit ringing around subjects in certain scenarios, and had some noise in indoor shots.
Accordingly, the iPhone 14 Pro ended up with a total score of 146 which was a point above huawei p50 pro.(which had a total score of 145) in this camera test, second only to the Honor Magic 4 Ultimateon 147. Then again, the new Apple smartphone is now the leader in DxOMark's selfie camera rankings at 145; in addition, it has done better than its 13 Pro predecessor, which came in at #4 on its release in 2021.

This why I hate this DxOMark rating. Take this to the bank, the Samsung S22 Ultra is a better camera phone than the iPhone 13 Pro Max while the iPhone 14 Pro Max has better camera quality than every phone on the planet right now.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Renew 3D Interest Or Start Fullstack Development by Unbiased1: 1:54pm On Oct 02

You are right but going to game sector as a programmer without design skills will still be a problem I think. So I want to get 3d designs my best then add some C# programming

No problem
Phones / Re: JLQ JR510 - The New Soc On The Poco C40 by Unbiased1: 7:02pm On Oct 01
In a market dominated by the sheer volume of both MediaTek and Qualcomm, it is always nice to see a new face. Enter the JLQ JR510.

The JLQ JR510 is a new budget SoC from JLQ. I have written a whole post about them so do well to check it out.

The JLQ JR510 is the latest SoC in town and has already made it’s debut on the new Xiaomi Poco C40 phone.

JLQ JR510 specs


Core count: Octa core
Big cores: 4x ARM Cortex A55 (2.0GHz)
Small cores: 4x ARM Cortex A55 (1.5GHz)
GPU: ARM Mali G52 MC1
ISA: ARMv8.2-A
Fab: 11nm Samsung FinFet


RAM speed: 1866MHz
Max RAM size: 6GB
Storage: eMMC 5.1/UFS 2.1


Camera: 25MP, 13+13MP
Video recording: 1080p@30fps
Video playback: 4K@30fps
Video codecs: H.263, H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9, MPEG4
Display: 2520 × 1080p


Modem: 4G LTE modem
Speeds: Uplink (Cat. 13), Downlink (Cat.7)
Bluetooth 5.0
WiFi 5



This SoC does pack some decent juice on it, especially for a budget SoC. It should, depending on its optimisation, be able to handle regular tasks and apps with ease.

With that out of the way though, it is important to note that this is not a gaming SoC. So, while it should handle regular or casual games, triple A titles like eFootball, PUBG, CoDM etc. may not run on it.


However, it’s not all doom and gloom though, this SoC seems to be camera focused as evidenced with the addition of a capable ISP bundled with a vDSP.

It supports up to 25MP stand alone cameras and two 13MP cameras bundled together for photos and videos.

The manufacturer has suggested that this SoC is camera-centric and will deliver decent shots. It will also deliver good night shots as well, depending on the image sensor used.

Now, whilst it could do really well in the camera section, it’s videography is rather average. This however is due to the fact that we’re dealing with a budget SoC.

The JR510 can record (encode) videos of 1080p@30fs and playback (decode) videos of 4K@30fps.


Network connection also looks good as it can do uploads at speeds of 150Mbps (Cat. 13) and downloads at 300Mbps (Cat. 7) with its 4G LTE modem.

It does not seem to be all that battery friendly as it is built on an 11nm Samsung FinFet process. But with that being said, the Cortex A55s are “little cores” that tend to conserve rather than consume battery. So, a phone with this SoC should go over 8hrs SoT with standard use.

This SoC, as earlier is a budget class SoC that easily comparable to the likes of the Exynos 850. I have seen some big blogs compare the JLQ JR510 to the Helio G37 or the Snapdragon 450 which is not very correct.

It has more in common with Exynos 850 and Unisoc T610. It sits just under the Exynos 850 on my list of top 100 smartphone processors.

Summary and Conclusion

The JLQ JR510 is a decent budget SoC that brings some decent power and reliability for an affordable price. It will not play heavy games but it will get you through the day.


This SoC is based on Samsung's 11nm. I can just imagine the amount of power it will be pulling to give a mediocre peak performance. They should have just gone to TSMC that forges original 11nm and not the nonsense from Samsung.
Phones / Re: The Most Powerful Smartphone On The Planet by Unbiased1: 5:48pm On Sep 29
The Rogue phone 6 is powerful for gaming but the s22 ultra is a powerful all-rounder. powerful camera, multitasking, internet speed and even gaming. even the iphone 14 pro max can't come close.

lol. Who told you the S22 Ultra beats the iPhone 14 Pro Max in camera? You are a very funny dude. A phone with a processor that is not even more powerful than last year's A15 bionic processor in the iPhone 13 Pro Max is what you are saying is more powerful than the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the newer A16 bionic.
The Samsung S22 Ultra can only be compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max where it manages to win in the camera, screen and customisation departments but when compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone will destroy that Samsung S22 Ultra.
iPhone 14 Pro Max has better RAM management, it is faster at opening most apps, it has better GPU for gaming, it consumes less power to deliver peak performance, it has better battery life than the Samsung S22 Ultra, it has a better LTPO screen with higher brightness, it beats the Samsung S22 Ultra in almost all camera comparisons from exposure handling to sharpness, colour accuracy, better low light performance in both picture and video recording with either the rear camera or selfie, just name it, the iPhone 14 Pro Max wipes the ass of the Samsung S22 Ultra. The Samsung only outshines the iPhone 14 Pro Max in just zooming test that exceeds 10x zoom, the iPhone still has better 2x, 3x, and 5x zoom quality than the Samsung S22 Ultra.

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Renew 3D Interest Or Start Fullstack Development by Unbiased1: 10:37pm On Sep 28
I am in my 30s but I started laying my fingers on 3D animation about 10yrs ago. But due to the nature of my studies "Engineering" and the power of my laptop then was a limiting factor.

Now I have to choose between 3D continuation and starting Fullstack Development training.

I need advice guys

Latest 3D softwares and where to get the cracked versions

Full stack Development sure pays better than 3D Design based on how you approach both sectors. Even in game studios, the programmers get more pay than the 3d designers.
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Renew 3D Interest Or Start Fullstack Development by Unbiased1: 10:36pm On Sep 28
Today I have an update...

About two weeks ago I made this post, while looking for 3d softwares online I unfortunately downloaded Trojan which collapsed my entire workstation.

I had to restore my system using my basic technical and IT skill.

Fast forward to today after getting insight from a friend (Allen). I have four latest 3D softwares currently downloaded, I am also installing 3DS Max 2022 as I am typing this note.

I have decided to split my knowledge branch into both 3D and Fronted Development.

I look forward to what I can recreate with the 3D Softwares.

I will also drop my progress here for all to see...

Peace ☮️

4 3D Softwares. lol
How many do you think you can learn?
Which ones did you download?
Phones / Re: Comparisonhuawei Harmonyos 2.0 Vs Samsung One UI 4.0: Quick Settings Panel by Unbiased1: 8:54pm On Sep 26

HarmonyOS 2.0 comes with a bunch of new features including the new Control Panel that replaces the old unified quick settings panel. On the other hand, you have the Samsung One UI 4.0 and we’ll be going to compare it with HarmonyOS 2.0 for the quick settings panel in this comparison.

Let’s talk a little bit about the One UI 4.0 first, Samsung’s latest software is based on Android 12 and brings a bunch of new enhancements over its predecessor. Therefore, its UI has been revamped and supported by some extra customizations thanks to the latest Android version. However, one thing to note is that One UI 4.0 still has the unified quick settings and notification panel.

Now, let’s begin our comparison of HarmonyOS 2.0 vs One UI 4.0 quick settings panel.

One UI 4.0:

The Quick settings panel of One UI 4.0 enhances the user experience over One UI 3.1. For instance, the quick switch icons now have a more subtle appearance and thanks to the Android 12 operating system, Samsung phones can customize the color of the entire user interface, including icons, based on the home screen wallpaper.

Another thing to mention is that the system font is also polished and increases the visibility for areas such as time and date. Talking about the minor changes, the One UI 4.0 has minor tweaks in the slider area, which has become a bit cozy to access. There are also, two large buttons for Device control and media output management.


HarmonyOS 2.0 has its own vibe that will clearly reflect on its quick settings called Control Panel, you just need to swipe down from the right corner and bring it on. In comparison to One UI 4.0, HarmonyOS has separated the notification center and control panel for easy access to the different features in various interaction-friendly aspects.

The HarmonyOS sans font looks good on the user interface and system icons for Settings and layout editor are also there. The use of media and connectivity switches brings ease of access for specific features such as music, WiFi connections, and Bluetooth. On the other side, the quick access switches are brighter and come with a perfect size that won’t miss a tap from your finger.

In addition, to Settings, you’ll also see Super Device manager and smart connected device controller widgets below the quick settings.


Both of these user interfaces are really good but HarmonyOS 2.0 has the upper hand in some areas of navigation and control over the quick settings. Still, One UI 4.0’s new color palette and virtual power on the switch are really big features that HarmonyOS 2.0 missed.

Lol. This stuff is just too funny. One UI 4.0 is by far the best and most customisable Android skin in the world.
Can't you see how jam-packed and ugly the Harmony OS quick settings look? I will not write too much since you compared only the quick settings of both UIs.
Phones / Re: Iphone 13 Pro Max Fairly Used Vs Iphone12 Pro Max Brand New by Unbiased1: 7:52pm On Sep 25
My People which would you suggest for a brother? Someone offered me a fairly Used iphone 13 pro max or a Brand New 12 Pro max untouched Both at the Same price. Which do you suggest I go for?

Go for the 13 pro max. It has better battery life than all the iPhones ever created (yeah it has a better battery life than the 14 pro max), it has a better processor, faster internet modem, better camera sensors etc. It is also very similar to the newly launched iPhone 14 Plus as they have the same processor, screen etc.
I am also sure the 13 pro max will be cheaper than the 12 pro max since it is a fairly used device compared to the 12 pro max that is brand new.

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Programming / Re: Prove Me Wrong If You Can! by Unbiased1: 8:15pm On Sep 19
You can't write "web" "." "app" as one word on nairaland...

PROVE me wrong cool

Programming / Re: My Experience Using An AMD Based System by Unbiased1: 8:13pm On Sep 19
Got myself a HP 255 G8, it's a small laptop wanted to be using it for programming smiley it came with an AMD chip. I have never used AMD before so I was a bit sceptical.

First off all the laptop Battery last a lot longer compared to my other system I have been using, I can use this laptop for like 6hrs plus and the battery would get to like 20% from 100%. I have to shut it down when it gets to 20% so I don't wear the battery for future problems.

The second and most important is that this Laptop hardly gets Hot, I don't know if it's because it's AMD but all the intel Based laptop I have used gets hot like say tomorrow no day but this Laptop 5hrs plus of using it and I touch the bottom of the laptop and it was just a little bit warm if it was Intel it'll be burning by now. grin

I might be biased though but this are just what I have experienced. Other AMD laptop might not be like this but I have never gotten lucky like this with an Intel based laptop.

This is expected because AMD has actually left Intel behind in the race to build efficient processors. AMD used to be a really bad company and purchasing any PC that used AMD's processors was bad news but now, AMD has greatly improved. Their processors are of better architecture (less than 7nm for their newer processors) which has lower power consumption and hence, generates less heat while still giving peak performance. Their integrated GPU is also better than the nonsense in Intel's processors.


Food / Re: Microorganisms Grew Inside The Bottle Water Nd Sachet Water We Bought Last Week by Unbiased1: 7:43pm On Sep 19
We bought this Table water and sachet water last week in our shop and this afternoon they’ve changed color and microorganisms can also be found inside...Some factories produce poisons..May God protect us in this country

Why then are you blocking the name of the sachet water? You brought the attention of the public to a hazard and a poisonous water produced by a wicked company but blocked the brand's name. How do you expect other people to now know the exact sachet water to avoid?

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Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 9:34pm On Sep 15

I beg to differ,the customization might be user friendly but it's literally outdated

Outdated but iOS is just introducing the outdated feature lol.
There are too many new features in One UI and MiUi so these 2 Android skins are not outdated.
Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 7:56pm On Sep 15

But nothing beats IOS,we can debate that from now till world's end

lol. The same iOS that just introduced always on display and battery percentage in their latest update? It's like you have not used Samsung's One UI 4. One UI and MiUi from Xiaomi are much more beautiful than iOS UI with many times more customisation options than iOS.
Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 7:45pm On Sep 15
Hahahaha Samsung screen was used for the pro not the pro max , maybe you should ask more questions. LG screen was used for the Pro Max.

Just search Google now and see the results you will get. Both the Pro and Pro Max use Samsung screens.
Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 3:35pm On Sep 15
I think it says something that all the comments on here are about how phones made by Samsung (or LG, or Xiaomi) are sooo much better than Apple's iPhones, yet not a single iPhone user has even bothered to weigh in. Perhaps that's because iPhone buyers know what they're paying for, are content with it, and as such, they are utterly indifferent to what users of other phones may or may not think. A lot of the moaning and groaning about Apple on this thread can simply be translated as "I can't afford a new iPhone", because no iPhone user I know gives a moment's thought to anything Samsung or its fans might have to say about their purchase.

Please don't flatter yourself. The last time I checked, the Samsung S22 Ultra is $100 more expensive than the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the Z Fold 4 is more expensive than all the iPhones ever made and even at that, it's market is steadily increasing as people are beginning to enjoy the large screen they get on the foldable which still fits perfectly in their pockets. The only reason iPhone users don't talk in such discussions is because they have nothing to contribute as most of them only bought the phone based on hype without knowing any technical stuff about it.

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Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 3:25pm On Sep 15
iPhone has never used Samsung's screen on the Pro Max models, they uses LG OLED which is far superior to Samsung's super amoled and QLED. the new iPhone 14 pro max spot LG OLED as well.

Looool. What did you just write? No company produces better screens for smartphones than Samsung and not in this Universe can an OLED be better than the Super AMOLED produced by Samsung. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is using Samsung's M12 OLED Display Generation Technology that was used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

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Phones / Re: Can Solar Panel Tap Energy From Fire? by Unbiased1: 1:40pm On Sep 15
We are all aware of how naturally talented NEPA people are in distributing NEPA bills than in either supplying power or fixing faulty transformers.

The transformer in my neighborhood had been in bad shape for awhile now due to the combined efforts of bad rainy weather and good-for-nothing transformer vandals.

As a result, I have resorted to charging my phone using one of those small mobile solar panel chargers. But the thing is as slow in charging my phone as a snail; that's because we hardly get enough sunlight these days in my place (no thanks to aforementioned bad rainy weather)

So I was wondering this morning if the solar panel can extract energy from fire light as it does from sunlight. I really wouldn't mind exposing it to fire from my gas cooker so I can power my poor dying phone. But am kind of scared conducting that experiment; because I read here on Nairaland some days back about how a woman's phone somewhere in India exploded and blew her brains out.

Engineers in the house I need your counsel before this phone shutdown.


You will just damage the solar panel. The light energy from fire is similar to the light energy from an incandescent bulb which is very low and not enough to enable the solar panel produce any reasonable amount of electricity. The heat from the fire will also damage the panel.

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Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 12:55pm On Sep 15

How does using other manufacturers components make one superior? Samsung is the best phone yet iPhones have the biggest sales. You talk of components, are most Samsung components made by Samsung? Samsung is the biggest costumer of Qualcomm, they purchase most of their processors from Qualcomm, most Samsung cameras/camera components are made my Sony IMX.

Samsung only purchases Qualcomm processors for its phones that will be sold in the US. All other Samsung phones come with Exynos processors which are fully built by Samsung.
If you don't know, Samsung and TSMC are the largest smartphone processor producers. Samsung produces their Exynos processors as well as Google's Tensor processors while TSMC produces the chipsets for Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek etc.
The Snapdragon 8 gen 1 was produced based on Samsung's architecture while the Snapdragon 8+ gen 1 was based on TSMC's.

Samsung is camera king. Their new 200mp camera was recently tested by Motorola and the S23 will be coming with it next year January. Google Pixel 6, 6ro, 7 and 7pro also use Samsung's camera while Google uses Sony's camera for their midrange. Vivo is also using Samsung's sensor. What of Oppo and Xiaomi that have been using Samsung's 64mp and 108mp camera sensors?
When it comes to technology, Samsung is a king.


Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 12:50pm On Sep 15

40% of iPhone architecture are made by Samsung including iPhone camera.

40%? Wrong.

Screen, RAM and ROM come from Samsung, Apple designs it's chipset while TSMC manufactures it, Sony supplies the camera sensors, Foxconn handles the motherboard and full assembly of the phone, Corning supplies the glass at the front and back of the phone.

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Phones / Re: Samsung Trolls New iPhone 14 by Unbiased1: 12:46pm On Sep 15

You are well informed. But not just the screen up to 25% of iPhone components are made by Samsung including screens, camera, boards, and even ram sometimes.

To pu things in perspective and For quite a few years now and depending on the model, for every iPhone that is sold, Apple has paid Samsung between 10% -30% of the sales value.

That’s why I always laugh when people say iPhone is better than Samsung phones. �

This is not entirely correct. Samsung has been responsible for supplying RAM and ROM to most smartphone companies and even to the desktop companies which includes iPhone but iPhone has always purchased it's Camera from Sony not Samsung. Samsung also supply screen to iPhone and the iPhone 14 pro and pro max are using the latest Samsung LTPO screen which has the highest peak brightness ever recorded in a phone. This is also like the first time that Samsung will sell its best product to its major competitor even when Samsung itself is yet to use it.

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Phones / Re: Is Apple Really Not Innovative, Anymore? by Unbiased1: 11:55pm On Sep 13

Antutu is not a reliable benchmark.

The test results of Antutu benchmark only support the comparison within the same system based on the same major version and not support cross-version or cross-platform comparison.

So you can only rely on Antutu if the system is the same like S22 vs S21(both android). It fails spectacularly when you try to compare iOS to Android.

I also remember they were kicked out of Google play store because of policy violations.

What you have described here isn’t even noticeable to the naked eye since nearly everyone still uses their smartphones to view the pictures.

Unless you are a professional photographer who takes pics and blow it on large canvas like a billboard, the pixels involved in 108MP don’t make any difference. UltraHD/4K is still 8.3 MP and your phone won’t render more than than that for now.

The picture difference can be noticeable in low light conditions. You can place a Huawei mate, Pixel 6 Pro, Samsung S22 Ultra and an iPhone 13 Pro Max to take pictures in low lights, you will notice the difference. In daytime, pictures from all the phones listed above are acceptable except you want to dive dipper into checking for colour accuracy, exposure handling etc.
Phones / Re: Is Apple Really Not Innovative, Anymore? by Unbiased1: 9:04pm On Sep 13

Rareoil is right because Apple puts more effort into the real world results so their video/photo quality is significantly better

MegaPixel has meant nothing since 1999, it is simply used as advertising by inferior companies to try and fool their gullible consumers. The reality is that the more megapixels, the smaller each pixel is so it catches less light, less light is less accurate and noisier.

Most users aren’t viewing the high-resolution images that we share from our phones on Ultra HD displays, and even if they were, that’s only an ~8.3MP canvas.

Having a higher megapixel count count doesn’t tell the whole story, since various factors such as the software, image signal processor (ISP) and the image processing algorithm play a huge role in the quality of the final image.

And this is why the 12MP camera on an iPhone produces a better image than the 108MP on Xiaomi phones.

You are partially correct. The software handling the image processing is the core factor in today's smartphone photography. Have you asked yourself why Samsung, Huawei and latest Vivo phones tend to perform well in low light conditions? It is due to the Pixel Binding technology used in the software.
When a Samsung or Huawei or Pixel device comes with 50mp or higher, the software pixel bids the pixels to just 12mp or 16mp thereby increasing the the amount of Microns (Light) the camera can take in.
The iPhones with 12MP normally have a rating a 1.4 microns while the 108mp of Samsung or Xiaomi may have just 0.8 microns but when you want to take a picture, the iPhone takes it at the same 1.4 microns while the Samsung and Xiaomi pixel bind the 108mp to 12mp thereby increasing the microns from 0.8 to between 2.4 and 3.6 microns.

Hope you now understand why flagship Android companies come with high megapixels. Even the latest iPhone Pro Max comes with 48mp.
Phones / Re: Is Apple Really Not Innovative, Anymore? by Unbiased1: 8:50pm On Sep 13


Most of these reviewers normally avoid Antutu Benchmarks and carry out just Geekbench. Snapdragon processors always win Antutu Benchmarks while A Bionic processors win Geekbench. Even the checks from nanoreview showed that the Snapdragon 8 gen 1 had better GPU than the A15 bionic.
Phones / Re: Is Apple Really Not Innovative, Anymore? by Unbiased1: 8:45pm On Sep 13

The s22 you said is better has a 50MP camera that doesn't match what iphones can produce with their 12MP camera, how is that not innovation.

S22 that runs on exynos 2200 or snapdragon 8 gen 1 doesn't even come close to apple a15 chipset

This information is wrong. Apple only shoots better video than the Samsung S22 and nothing more. The S22 has better portraits, night shots, zoom shots etc.

Apple's A15 chipset sure performs better than Snapdragon's chipsets but the difference is not noticeable in everyday use except you use your phone for 4k video and photo editing that is were you will notice the slightly higher performance of the A15.
Phones / Re: Is Apple Really Not Innovative, Anymore? by Unbiased1: 8:38pm On Sep 13

I've been hearing a lot of people talk plenty stuff about how Apple is re-casing and shipping out the same phones every year with little innovation.


You see, Apple is a company that was created to build products that will meet the standards of a specific category of people ALL THE TIME.

Apple is one company that has never created any innovative stuff except there was a dire need for it in the market. Apple doesn't build stuff to "catch your fancy", Apple builds stuff that are extremely useful.

Apple was the first company to ship out fingerprint sensors on phones, on a commercial scale with the iPhone 5s. The didn't introduce the tech because they were in some rat race for innovation or something.

The introduced it as way of securing phones easily without putting the stress of remembering complex passwords. An old woman with partial amnesia, facing an episode, with her hands shaking could use her fingerprint to unlock her iPhone and call 911 without having to remember which one of her children's birthdays she set as the password.

Apple "reluctantly" moved to a 3-camera set up because it practically became impossible to meet up with standards of modern smartphone photography with just 2 cameras.

Apple is one company that has been know to innovate with fully functioning features (no need for adjustments etc). Apple has never had to recall devices they've already shipped for issues like batteries exploding in peoples hands, or malfunctioning micro sim ports.

When they build, they try to make sure its perfect. Two years after Apple shipped a fingerprint sensor directly mounted on a button, Samsung and other manufacturers were still struggling to perfect that technology.

In fact, to avoid stress, they just put it at the back.

Apple did it once and it caught on.

So the question is... what's your definition of innovation? Do you want a transparent phone? Or do you want a phone that can project a colored display on walls with a tiny projector mounted at the back?

See, all these phones existed. Chinese, Korean companies have built samples and MVP s around these tech, but they are still young and unproven.

You can't expect Apple to jump in and grab the tech and release a transparent phone or something like it in one year. If it happens, it will be disastrous.

Even the the fold-able phones Samsung has, they started working on it since 2016 and it wasn't till last year they just managed to perfect it . Before now, plenty people had been reporting issues with the hinges and how cost of repair for the screen particularly, is something else.

But I see no reasons why I would buy and carry something twice thicker than Nokia N72 in 2022 in the name of double screens. Are we going forwards or backwards?

Till now, I'm yet to see any real use for the "edge screens" Samsung put in their phone.

Besides, a lot of smartphone designs you have now on most Android phones were actually copied from iPhone. The bazelless design that makes it look like your phone is all screen and no frame, was first implemented commercially by iPhone.

Apple is one company that will never tell you if they are working on a fold-able or transparent phone.

They just build, test, once its completely ready, they drop it like hot akara (an indigenous African snack made from beans flour) , sending the market into frenzy. But in the meantime, the much they can do is keep the business going by upgrading what is already available and making money to pay their team working on new stuff.

Or do y'all have better ideas?

Before Steve Jobs left, he warned that people will get tired of Apple overtime, if they wait for "a new feature" for too long. However, I don't want to believe that the company's shareholders have forgotten his warnings.

I believe while their CEO, Tim Cook is bringing in the cash, their engineers are cooking something he could use to bring in more cash.

Finally, we all want innovation, but we are not ready for every kind of innovation.

I remember Samsung once build a phone that had a projector, the phone was ahead of its time... but the world wasn't ready. It failed.
Samsung projector phone Ebube Emeka

Google came up with the brilliant idea of smart glasses which was like having your smartphone converted into glasses. Very sharp, but it failed and fizzled out.

Samsung once had "women bras" equipped with solar charging facility for women sunning themselves on the beach. pffs... It fizzled out.

At their level, and with they structure and trust they have, Apple can't afford to ship a flagship product that the world isn't ready for.

I'll try to address some things here.

For the TouchID, you are right on that one.
Apple is a kind a company that tries to improve on existing innovation. Apple was not the first to start most of the things you have written here, they mostly watch other companies innovate, then they identify the flaws in the innovation and how the public views the innovation then tries to improve on the already existing innovation. Just like China that has consistently been designing tech products that were first introduced in the US.

The part of your post that annoyed me was the part where you mentioned the innovations from other companies that failed as if Apple is a perfectionist.
Apple's portable Macintosh failed in 1989, Apple launched a gaming console called Pinpin just like Microsoft's Xbox but that also failed, they also launched the Apple eMate which was supposed to be a hybrid computer but that also failed.
Apple also launched its first mouse called the round mouse which also failed as it considered to be an ugly product. What of the Apple's FireWare that was supposed to compete with USB? It also failed.
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi’s Investment In Education Led To Good WAEC Performance - Commissioner by Unbiased1: 12:32pm On Aug 23

Mumu, Yoruba are the most manufactural and motor assembler in Nigeria

Just as I said the list is a shut up to you IPOB

Enugu alone has more than 2 indigenous assembly plants. The orange coloured Dangote trucks used to carry cement are produced by an indigenous company in Enugu.
The list you gave is trash. There is a difference between between car dealer and car assembler.
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi’s Investment In Education Led To Good WAEC Performance - Commissioner by Unbiased1: 12:23pm On Aug 23

The list means shut up to Igbo

Yoruba are the real time business people in motor business both manufacturing and assembling

lol. You pack list of car importers as manufacturers they disturb us for here.
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi’s Investment In Education Led To Good WAEC Performance - Commissioner by Unbiased1: 12:14pm On Aug 23

Helloo! Now you are drifting,
Is like you are the financial secretary for NORD, PROFORCE and Elizade

Talking of manufacturing
NORD and PROFORCE produce

Motor companies in South west that assemble
1. Oluyole Automobiles
2. Mayor Automobile Industries Limited
3. Brightcloud automoble limited
4. IMC (Steyr Motors)
5. Massilia Motors
6. Perfection Motor Co, Ltd -
7. Monaplex Industries Nigeria Limited
8. Elizade groups of companies
9. Lanre Shittu Motors

Lol. What is this list for?
Oluyole Automobiles is a spare parts trading company same with Mayor Automobile Industries Ltd.

For IMC (Steyr Motors), Steyr Motors is a foreign brand and they have 2 distributors or business partners in Nigeria which are IMC owned by Charles Ekundayo and First Priority Resources Limited owned by Uche Gberemakor.

Masillia Motors is a foreign company that imports Mitsubishi Motors.

Perfection Motor Co. Ltd is an importer of FAW trucks not an assembler.

Monaplex is plastic industry that produces few plastic car parts like Keke and okada head light which is something Innoson and some other Nnewi companies have been producing since 2012 so what's the fuss about?

Elizade group of companies imports Toyota cars.

Lanre Shittu Motors is also a car dealer and recently started assembling Toyota pickup.

Brightcloud Automobile is the impressive one here that is trying to introduce EVs to the Nigerian market.
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi’s Investment In Education Led To Good WAEC Performance - Commissioner by Unbiased1: 11:47am On Aug 23
[quote author=ForumNL post=115978446][/quote]

The Imo State government run by the useless governor who was imposed on the people by the supreme court is only looking for excuses. Rochas Okorocha was the highest purchaser of Innoson vehicles in his tenure and he never complained about Innoson vehicles not working. Anambra State, Delta and Enugu have never had the issue. Even Anambra and Cross River proceeded to purchase Innoson Compact Waste Disposal Trucks due to the quality of Innoson vehicles.Tbe Nigerian Police and Army have not complained about Innoson vehicles, it's only the cursed government of Imo that was imposed on the people and is owing Innoson that it looking for fake reasons to avoid payment.
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi’s Investment In Education Led To Good WAEC Performance - Commissioner by Unbiased1: 11:06am On Aug 23

Typical Igbo always making claims without fact, the same Innoson that is in debt and finding it difficult to service the debt you are comparing to Proforce that West Africa countries and even United Nation patronize.

At least read the topic you posted Na. Imo state government is owing Innoson so how is Innoson in debt? Innoson that was able to supply cars to a state government for up to 3 years without getting paid is a strong company. Innoson supplies the Nigerian police, Army, Anambra government, Enugu govt, Imo govt and even Mali.
Politics / Re: Ugwuanyi’s Investment In Education Led To Good WAEC Performance - Commissioner by Unbiased1: 10:56am On Aug 23

I didn't pass math in my waec but I pass in GCE same as my friends in same year

An average student in SW must write other exams so if they have issue with one, NECO or GCE will be there

But SE as a region has low enrollment, that should be your concern

Horrible Public schools in the SW should be your concern. 100 students will write exam and 60 will fail lol.
Same way they may fail NECO and GCE if nothing is done about it.

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