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Politics / Re: Senate Okays 7.5% VAT And 6 Other Tax Hikes by valentinenw(f): 10:45pm On Nov 21, 2019

This worries me

I should be too but I know how it will end
Politics / Re: Senate Okays 7.5% VAT And 6 Other Tax Hikes by valentinenw(f): 2:43pm On Nov 21, 2019
The real reason international companies are running as fast as their legs can carry them. They have seen the coming dictatorship.

We should be worried because their presence in the country checkmates some excesses of the govt knowing they have the muscle to slug it out at the international level. cry cry

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Japanese Emperor Naruhito Enthroned In Centuries-Old Way Before World's Royals by valentinenw(f): 5:32pm On Oct 22, 2019
Dear ladies, see how real queens dress

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Celebrities / Re: Chioma Hails Davido For Sleeping By Her Side In Labour Room by valentinenw(f): 8:50pm On Oct 21, 2019

Not really. The birth happened in the UK where the father is literally compelled to be there and WATCH the delivery process.

Seems she doesn't know this undecided

Big lie grin
Celebrities / Re: Mompha Arrested By INTERPOL In Abuja - Kemi Olunloyo Says by valentinenw(f): 6:29pm On Oct 21, 2019
my Mom thought me this poem...

She must be intelligent. My parents grew up in Cameroon so I got these kind of stories from aunts and uncles
Celebrities / Re: Mompha Arrested By INTERPOL In Abuja - Kemi Olunloyo Says by valentinenw(f): 6:02pm On Oct 21, 2019

Twenty Froggies was written by Englishman George Cooper in the 19th century as a poem…

Twenty Froggies


Twenty froggies went to school
Down beside a rushing pool
Twenty little coats of green,
Twenty vests all white and clean.

"We must be in time," said they.
"First we study, then we play;
That is how we keep the rule
When we froggies go to school."

Master Bullfrog, brave and stern,
Called the classes in their turn;
Taught them how to nobly strive,
Also how to leap and dive.

Taught them how to dodge a blow
From the stick that bad boys throw.
Twenty froggies grew up fast,
Bullfrogs they became at last.

Polished in a high degree,
As each froggie ought to be,
Now they sit on other logs
Teaching other little frogs

Lwkm, my wonderful aunt taught me another version ooooo, more like 2 stanzas, each stanza has a line from the original stanzas.

Stanza 2 was:
Master bulldog brave and stern
Taught them how to be bull frogs,
And to dodge the little blows
From the sticks the bad boys throw,
Now they seat on other logs,
Teaching other little frogs grin grin grin
Phones / Re: Banks To Charge You For Recharging Via USSD As From October 21 by valentinenw(f): 9:17am On Oct 20, 2019
From today, it's either I recharge via mobile app, quickteller or I buy from street vendors.

It's either I use apps like opay, quickteller, mobile apps to transfer money or I go to the bank.

That's how Alat charged me #380 to do a ussd transfer of 9k saying its #20 per second billing when using ussd channel and the billing is totally controlled by mtn

Cashless policy my left foot

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Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Corper Convicted For $150 Fraud by valentinenw(f): 9:50pm On Oct 14, 2019
did u indirectly just involved davido in this case?

That's an old igbo proverb. Frog is regarded as unclean meat in most of igbo land
Celebrities / Re: Tacha: Do2dtun Gets Death Threat Over Interview With BBNaija Star by valentinenw(f): 4:28pm On Oct 14, 2019
This is way out of line but on a second thought, are you sure Teebillz isn't trying to draw sympathy to Tacha by claiming death threats over an interview? Or why will Dotun be willing to go ahead with the interview just because of a press release by Tacha and her management?

Will the press release scare the blackmailer away from the blackmailee?

Is he even meant to go to social media or the nearest police station?
What do I know sef? Lemme come and be going grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: Broadcast Stations To Pay N5m Fine For Hate Speech, Inciting Comments - FG by valentinenw(f): 10:14pm On Oct 11, 2019
They need to define hate speech, incitement and indecency. Nobody goes to the media to call other tribes useless.
This fine is not transparent at all


Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Mercy Becomes Ambassador Of Innoson Motors, Receives Her N25M SUV by valentinenw(f): 5:07pm On Oct 08, 2019
which porn oga.did you see her acting porn?...if you are looking for porn go to xxvideos and stop al this nonsense

If you can't recognise soft porn, neither can I explain because you will still not see it
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Mercy Becomes Ambassador Of Innoson Motors, Receives Her N25M SUV by valentinenw(f): 5:05pm On Oct 08, 2019

What is ambassadorial about this shit!

Please, can somebody tells me the aims & objectives of this morally corrupt BBN?

The dress she's putting on does it sell Nigeria to the world?

What I'm seeing is just that Africans not only Nigerians, we are still under colonialism, the way we dress, language wise, just name it.
It is well.

Amen oo

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Mercy Becomes Ambassador Of Innoson Motors, Receives Her N25M SUV by valentinenw(f): 5:04pm On Oct 08, 2019

Common stop this jealousy, and go out der and work hard, we will all celebrate, if not....

Work hard or twerk and kiss women hard?
Politics / Re: No New Projects In 2020 Budget - The Nation Newspaper by valentinenw(f): 4:14pm On Oct 08, 2019

So it is Buhari that makes us to have no money? Let me ask you, was madam Ngozi not telling us all that they were borrowing to pay salaries?

What did GEJ do with so much oil money?

Was it Jonathan that made us not to have money?
When Madam Ngozi told us we were paying to pay salaries what did you saints say

Buhari has performed 10times worse than Buhari and you're here making excuses for him.

If buhari fulfilled 1/4 of his promises like building a refinery each year, will NNPC be paying billions monthly as fuel subsidy?

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Politics / Re: No New Projects In 2020 Budget - The Nation Newspaper by valentinenw(f): 4:00pm On Oct 08, 2019
Why won't they halt the projects when there's barely enough money to service our dangerously high debts, pay labour new minimum wage, pay fuel subsidy and service their kleptomaniac desires.

If Jonathan said there will be no new projects in a whole new year, APC will scream at the top of their voices but now they want us to clap for them for trying to be clever by half.

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Celebrities / Re: BBNaija: Mercy Becomes Ambassador Of Innoson Motors, Receives Her N25M SUV by valentinenw(f): 3:42pm On Oct 08, 2019
Is that why her girl is barely inside her dress?

And the porn continues

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Nairaland / General / Re: We Just Killed This Snake Tonight by valentinenw(f): 12:25pm On Oct 08, 2019
Op you have just killed your village deity

A god that is killable should be killed grin grin

@holywizard congrats, you just broke your ancestral covenant. Watch your life from now. Make sure you eat it.

That snake is the most common symbol of riverine deities. Not killing / eating it when you meet it is a covenant renewal.
Riverine deities are big thieves and destiny killers. Congrats once again

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Politics / Re: Why CCB Will Not Release Asset Declarations Of Buhari, Osinbajo, Others by valentinenw(f): 4:36pm On Oct 07, 2019
Guideline line kor, procedure line ni.

All of you in that outfit are waiting for a guideline to release details of a form?
How about uploading a scanned copy of the form? Is there supposed to be a guideline sef? Is that what FOI means?

They know that we know that they are telling a white lie. They don't want anyone to know the contents of the form shikena. This is buhari's 5th year in office and the guideline is still missing.
While that of the ex cjn was readily available

Well, welcome to Nigeria

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Romance / Re: Ladies, Can You Marry A Guy That Earns N30k? by valentinenw(f): 10:25am On Oct 07, 2019
The ladies that will marry a guy earning 30k are not on nairaland. My friend once employed a guy part time(14days a month, 6hrs a day) and she was paying 15k. When she learnt he was married with 2 kids and didn't have any other job, she had to increase it to 20k and later to 24k. As he started earning 24k, see as the guy begin shine, adding weight, changing clothes etc. We later asked him how he was doing the magic, o boy, see economics masters. Too bad he had to be sacked when business couldn't stand against the harsh economy. Surprisingly, he had saved enough in his local meeting to collect a loan and buy an okada.
I throway salute


Properties / 3 Plots Of Land For Slae In Lugbe Abuja by valentinenw(f): 11:04pm On Sep 26, 2019
I have 3 plots if land at Sabon Lugbe in Lugbe and I wish to sell them asap.
Tittle: CofO.
I can sell individually or together.
Price : 6m
Send a DM if you're interested
Properties / I Need An Open Halĺ For Rent At Gbagada Axis by valentinenw(f): 9:36pm On Sep 26, 2019
I need an open plan hall to rent around gbagada/bariga to rent.
Minimum 70sqm size. Parking space is a bonus.
Budget: 800k - 1m. It's urgent.

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Politics / Re: Cabal Planning To Dump Osinbajo After Using Him - Ozekhome by valentinenw(f): 7:07am On Sep 26, 2019
Dumping Osinbajo equals dumping Tinubu. That may be the final catalyst Nigeria needs to separate. They are trying to soil his name as much as possible and discredit all possible contenders so during 2022, he would be in jail or quarter to jail.

There's no smoke without fire, the North is overpressing it's luck by thinking of El-Rufai succeeding Buhari.

I prefer BAT as president anyday to El-rufai. I attended one of his lectures back then when he was still campaigning for Governorship. All he said was how Jonathan was daft and slow and how SS/SE feel entitled because the oil is in their territory and their attitude is the reason Nigeria is backward. He sounded so educated though but to think he's the one demolishing churches and poking his short fingers into the eyes of Nigeria's unity is a true definition of hypocrisy.

Under APC, my biz collapsed and I have to pick my life afresh due to their nepotistic policy.

But El-rufai specifically said that Buhari was there to ensure a corruption free environment while Prof Osinbajo would be given free reins to steer Nigeria's economy to greater heights. All were lies, the same Osinbajo they are bullying out of Aso Villa.

If you feel Buhari is tribalistic/nepotistic, wait for El-rufai. Tinubu would be a better option but they are already ganging against him. Troubled days ahead. cry cry cry

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Career / Re: My Boss Asked Security To Throw Me Out Because I Asked For My Money by valentinenw(f): 10:51pm On Sep 21, 2019

She decides not to.

And she has her reasons.

Maybe she will publish some day and just maybe your perspective will change.

Story doesnt add up. Its filled with solicitation for sympathy.

I challenge her to publish her Appointment letter.

Because she is Otedola jnr's wife
Is she God that decides to change contracts midway and nobody can do anything about it?

The lady in question is still being considerate.

If I were her, first thing I will do is to lodge in the police station that if anything happens to me and kids within the next 6months, hold Jola abi Jolu or whatever responsible.

Secondly, I'll go for blood, I have nothing to lose, she has family respect to lose. I won't even call her out, I'll go straight to her family members and SM influencers with my appointment letters, sworn affidavit and all proof I can muster (emails, call logs, sms etc) Let them be the ones to pay me off or call her to order. I won't demand only salary o, I will add severence bonus and trauma fees at at least 50%.

Some people need to know that no be only them sabi craze. Igbale ni oko were


Career / Re: My Boss Asked Security To Throw Me Out Because I Asked For My Money by valentinenw(f): 2:19pm On Sep 21, 2019

Her toil brought no results sir.

Be objective.

Did she deliver on her goals?

Pay her off. Simple


Career / Re: My Boss Asked Security To Throw Me Out Because I Asked For My Money by valentinenw(f): 2:17pm On Sep 21, 2019

People on the lower rungs of the ladder should learn not to be crying fowl.

Travelling from Alagbole to V.I was not part of the job description.

She took a job for which she had no training or expertise for.

13 followers in 3 weeks! Haba.

Be honest, that page has some good content. I'm sure she was multitasking in that office not only social media handling.
Lastly, she said many people unfollowed the page


Career / Re: My Boss Asked Security To Throw Me Out Because I Asked For My Money by valentinenw(f): 2:10pm On Sep 21, 2019
This is a very straightforward something, she was employed, a salary was agreed on. Within 3weeks, the company feels she's not good enough.

It's the fault of the employer for not screening her well enough. Divide the agreed 1month salary into 4, multiply it by 3, that's her 3weeks salary. Etiquette demand at least 20% of the salary as pay off too sha.

It's a simple sturvs. I'm sure the money in question isn't up to a tenth of the cost of the boss's handbag.


Culture / Re: Part Of Igbo Land Where You Mustn’t Kill A Python by valentinenw(f): 6:35pm On Sep 19, 2019
A cousin is from Awo omama and I have been told A lot about the snake there

1. You don't call it's name in the night
2. It's their ancestor / child of the njaba deity
3. It hears perfectly though it may choose to ignore you
4. It visits new born children and coils around them
5. It may decide not to show itself to you even if you stay there for months, people around will see it but before you turn, it's gone.

Some first hand stories:
My aunt's husband who is now a pastor went back to the village after giving his life to Christ, called the snakes name and drew a boundary with his cutlass round his apartment and warned that the day he catches the snake beyond that boundary, it's dead meat, till today when the snake visits other members of their extended family, it circles round the invisible boundary that man drew with its cutlass.

Meanwhile, there's a neighbouringvillage that eats the snake as a special delicacy, they share schools, markets etc, the young children from that village are very very notorious for stealing the snakes on their way back from school or wherever they meet it, the snake stays away from their boundary wella.

So the second story;
Not everyone is cool with the snake but they tolerate it due to traditions, so once the unwanted visitor comes, they usually try to take it out with a stick or whatever and sometimes, it refuses to go by dropping down each time it's picked up, so a new trick is to tell the snake that people from the neighbouring village are passing by. They said that the snake runs with unusual speed into the bush whenever it hears those people are passing which is a second proof that the snake hears perfectly.
Politics / Re: Reps Threaten Onyeama, Lawmakers Invite Allen Onyema, Air Peace Boss by valentinenw(f): 5:39pm On Sep 17, 2019
Dont just clap empty hands for him o, give him tax waivers so that others can be encouraged to follow suit

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Politics / Re: Border Closure: Benin, Niger Economies Under Pressure by valentinenw(f): 11:46pm On Sep 15, 2019
the telecom industry is just the only example you have to offer. What about oil and gas, agriculture, textile, manufacturing etc? All in all, what goes up doesn't always come down as long as the Nigerian factor is involve.

The global oil and gas market is another example, when saudi and usa began to flood the market with excess oil the market crashed from $140 - $28. The Nigerian oil market is immune to these fluctuations due to govt subsidy.

Agric local market hasn't been given a run for its money due to the massive competition from smuggled foreign imports hence the meagre local farmers can't dictate the price, they simply flow with the imported ones.

The textile industry can't be rated because we don't grow cotton here in Nigeria in commercial scale because dirt cheap fabrics from as low as #1k for 5yards have flooded the market from the neighbouring countries. Aba is still struggling with linen production against imported linen, yeah your zippers, linen, buttons are imported angry

Manufacturing hmmmmmm, I'm into manufacturing and I can say categorically that 70% of all raw materials I use in my field is imported from China and the rest, we mainly do assembly here in Nigeria. Sometimes we make sales with lower than projected profits cus when we get to the market, the prices have gone up a notch or two, do we disappoint scarce clients ? No, What about the times the goods are scarce cus fresh container hasn't landed So are we manufacturing ? No, we buy parts from about 2 - 4 countries and assemble them in nigeria and claim they are made in Nigeria.

When the border closes, 180million people will be forced to solve the lacking things, naturally prices will be high but as more people enter the industry, newer cost effective techniques are implemented and competition strives, prices will crash.

Nigeria's market isn't responsive because of the foreign influence in the market, when Nigerian demand speaks, a foreign supply answers, the foreigners are not affected by Nigerian competition because if Nigeria won't buy from them, they simply look elsewhere, only demand in their country can make them adjust prices.
But if foreign supply is cut off or reduced to the barest minimum, when Nigerian demand speaks, the Nigerian supply will have to answer and it will keep getting louder until it matches and even over shadows the Nigerian demand and then, we begin to export . But first, we have to remove the foreign influence and let the Nigerian supply flex its muscles


Politics / Re: Border Closure: Benin, Niger Economies Under Pressure by valentinenw(f): 9:30pm On Sep 15, 2019
Lol. I want to believe you're aware that law doesn't apply to Nigeria.

Over apply sef, the telecoms industry is a perfect example. It will be very high in the beginning, but later, people will be begging Nigerians to buy for 8k. Then, I believe we or naira can gain value
Politics / Re: Border Closure: Benin, Niger Economies Under Pressure by valentinenw(f): 6:04pm On Sep 15, 2019
you say there isn't enough locally produce rice to go around that's why it's expensive, right. Now since there isn't enough to go around why didn't the government wait for there to be enough to go around before they close the border.

Think about it, there isn't enough local rice to go around and it's expensive, now that the border is close what do you think will happen to the little local rice that is around? The price will triple and who will bear the burden?

There are business that brings in good money that will never be flooded because the capital to start it is something else.

The federal government is making a very big mistake with this move. I hope you know the price of chicken have gone up now?

What goes up must come down as long as the borders remain closed. Bag of rice that costs 3-5k to produce per bag will become he next oil well

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