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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 2:33am On Oct 09

Bro, you should have ignored them.
These ones believe in paying higher price for everything until they will pay and later realized they have been scammed or could get it cheaper.
If you say $95 is too cheap then go for the one that pleases you, could even be $1000 nah your money.


Make research and you get an authentic one for far lesser price.

Joohan and BunmiBie are right.
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 2:31am On Oct 09
Finally! I am done reading the 72 pages. I jotted, screenshot , shared info with my husband and then swung to action.

Whyna! You are an angel, not sugarcoating words. Your humility, and patience WOW me. God bless you and yours for what you are doing here.

So, my efforts in the past few days is yeilding results already. Yes! I don't have the complete money for visa yet, and I have not gotten someone to sponsor me but I have:
-Gotten passport for my family, thanks to my husband.
-Started my TEFL courses
-Preparing for C1
-Trying the sponsorship, and school route. Anyone that works is fine. My aim is to move with my family.
Enter Vietnam with work permit, work and enrol in school (scholarship). It's a win win thing. Or just enter straight with student visa if admission clicks and then work part-time.
With God on our side, nothing is impossible.

I am also looking into teaching English in other Asian countries.
I have been applying online but no response yet.
In a nutshell, this year ending or next year, God willing I will come back here to share our success story.

Please, those that are studying in Vietnam should come to my aid. The schools are not replying mails and not picking calls, what do I do?

I read this thread for three days and three night from page one till the end. Whyna, I really commend what you have done and honestly I don't know if I can have the typing strength to do dsame if I were you. All my mind and dreams right now is to migrate to Vietnam, I'm a medical laboratory scientist currently earning 50k monthly despite all d hardwork and stress. Now henceforth, I'm doubling my hustle and probably by Jan 2023, I will meet you face to face in Vietnam.

Hopefully too, things will be completely back to normal over there and cost of visa and flight will have come down, and the idea of 14days quarantine would have been canceled.

Thank you @Whyna and pls keep updating this thread. I love you like a sis. STAY SAFE

Amen. Glad the info helped in one way or the other
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 2:29am On Oct 09
I am not in Vietnam, but I got information that their schools are closed as a result of the Covid, also it's difficult for schools to admit and apply visa for international students. It also affected teaching employment that is if you are not residing in Vietnam currently


The lockdown has been lifted though and things are opening up. Schools remain closed in some provinces while some other provinces have resumed.

As for International students, note that when you get admission here, you sort out your visa yourself. Schools don't help with that
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 12:39pm On Sep 21
Hello Whyna & Everyone
I have a girlfriend there in Vietnam & she's Vietnamese as well
What is the easiest way for me to get there cos I'm really confused on how to go about it
And how much will I budget for my travelling?

No vex o, but if na true luv, then carry go.

If no be am, e no go pay you as per say even Uma mari, you go still dey renew visa. Pipu wey wey don mari born children, both them and their children join no be citizen. To even get certificate for your pikin, im gats get their name

Now to your question, like everyone else, looks for a company to sponsor you.

All the best
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 3:03am On Sep 20
I read from page 1 to now�

Wow!!! WhyNa Just Wow!!!

I'm really impressed by your guts. It's good you took the move the time you did.
I guess it was really your time to leave Naija cuz in retrospect,all things worked out for your good. kiss

Well done and thank you for the periodic updates.

Wish you all the best.

Of which, @azubix what happened? I stopped seeing your input on the thread. You don Japa? �

Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 3:03am On Sep 20

Hi, i heard Vietnam is opening up for tourists next month but only to phu Quoc island.
How true is that? And does it mean people might be able to come in soon to other cities?

Things are gradually opening up again. Some provinces are resuming school today.

Phuc Quoc is strictly for tourists and vaccine passport holders and duration of stay is one month I think.

This is a bid to strengthen the economy and quickly recover in the tourism industry
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 6:28am On Sep 04

15k or fifteen tasand?

Mehhhhnnn oh....

Is it affecting blacks?
Can I volunteer as a healthworker?

But why dis covid dey affect whites more than blacks?

You can't even come in.

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 2:43am On Sep 04

Oh mehhhhnnn!
See me with with ielts academic 8/9 still hustling in naija......

What a wawu.

Anyways, I'm guessing finances is the challenge because nothing dey easy for Naija sadly.

But keep at it!

One advice, save in dollars!

Because in January, people wey their money been remain 100k to complete to jappa, now, even the one wey them save done devalue and the 100k no go do again.

In other news, make I rant small......this lockdown is really spoiling my plans!!!!! We're in the 5th month and as at yesterday, we're recording 15k cases daily with no end in sight.

If we've been at home, shouldn't the numbers be decreasing instead of increasing?

Anyways, God dey

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 3:00am On Aug 29

How are you ma'am?
Hows the extended break in the lockdown?
I thought you could come in one of two ways; help me get a better bargain off the contact number on the website or since the product(s) (firefly phototherapy machine and CPAP machines) is in Hanoi.....there could be other medical companies offering similar design for a cheaper price.
Or shey you know all these things are sometimes "sold cheaper locally and sold for a fortune on exporting".

Aswearugwad I am having a splitting migraine headache, i no fit even think wellwell.....but I just need some of that stuff in Nigeria cry cry

Anyways..... I appreciate your response ,just incase it will be stressful on you..... #warmHUGS#

Alright I'll make some calls and see if there are other cheaper options.

What price were you given though
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 2:56am On Aug 29

Why nah, how are you all there surviving? Make hunger no go kill una for house oh, if it’s that critical, abeg drop your account make I send you Small think to take support yourself.


Nahhhhh I'm good. Even if this goes on for another 2 years, I'm good. I'm a full blooded Naija so I know and knew the essence of saving.

E go only delay future plans but we good, I'm good. Besides, we've been teaching online.

Fun fact:

If you teach for only 4 hours a week, in a month, you'd get money for your rent and food for that month!


Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 9:13am On Aug 27

Lol....the naija still dey ur body.....
If you can help it will be of immense use to the people it will benefit....

It's quite hard communicating here on Nairaland...... nothing like chats and with a time-zone I don't understand,I wouldn't know when to communicate with you....

Lolllllllllllling..... She say she no go click link....hehehehehehehehhehehe

It's a popular medical website joor. . . . E dey everywhere; youtube,facebook, everywhere

Just check it out..... Na some small lifesaving cheap machines I want to get from dem.....


Seen. How do I come in?

You can DM me

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 6:37am On Aug 22
I got to the last page! Thank you Whyna, I am more than interested in starting this journey and thank you so much for all information you dropped here. You have a kind heart and I know God will reward you with a beautiful life ( even if you already have one, lol) . God bless you for your patience in responding and for all the pictures and the food pictures, grin, I enjoyed those the most.
We must make this move and more money.

Warm regards

Amen Amen and Amen.

E remain one thing for the beautiful life to be perfect so I appreciate your blessings.

It is my wish that every youth in Nigeria struggling should find greener pastures for the sake of their mental health.

If you find this greener pastures outside, please pursue it.

We would come back to build Nigeria. We already are when we make money here and send back home to help someone start a business or erect a structure and create employment by so doing and many other ways.

Don't let anyone deceive you by saying stay and build Nigeria. A struggling person cannot build himself let alone Nigeria. Let those who are deeply rooted financial and WANT to stay back join hands and help Nigeria.

Until then, we'll go, make money and if it pleases the Lord, come back....or not.

I know I don't update frequently again but I see y'all viewing and reading and commenting. I've been there, took me 6 years of galavanting Nairaland to achieve the dream.

In summary, keep keeping at it. DON'T GIVE UP. No time is too late because in the end, it's totally worth it.

I don turn preacher sha. Lol. Y'all stay safe

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 6:22am On Aug 22

I am very proud of you


Means a lot

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 6:22am On Aug 22


I want to get 3 pieces of the above two items.
I don't know if you would be magnanimous enough to assist in either procurement or even sourcing from a different vendor.
Dear ma'am, that websites is making me scream *why now* *wetin happen!*


No vex but I ain't clicking on no link

You would have attached pictures or sent me a message starting what you're looking to procure.

If it's something I can help with, then we'll discuss further.

Bear in mind that we're on lockdown and everything except hospitals and supermarkets and local markets are open.



Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 6:19am On Aug 22

Any news about the lockdown and school reopening?

They keep extending the lockdown.

Things are pretty bad right now, even HCMC has gone into military lockdown. It's bad everywhere

I really do not see schools opening anytime soon but I pray I'm wrong.

First they said we'll open on the first of September but then the lockdown was extended again.

Right now, different provinces have started developing online curriculum for children to study online for the next semester which ends in January/February.

Personal, I think this may be possible for the private schools because 90% if not 100% have a laptop at home to study.

What about the public schools and children from the poorer climes?

Even the private schools, what happens to a family with 3 kids who all have to study online but have only one or two laptops?

So everything is really uncertain right now.

Teachers have been home for 4 months. Manyyyy, when I mean many have left the country believe me.

First, the government cracked down on people with tourist and business visas teaching. There was a mass exodus of so called white teachers because na them dey do that kin thing

Then lockdown came and lingered and people wey dey flex their salary on club and vacation immediately e enter begin go their mama house back.

So while we are not finding it easy now, (nobody is honestly especially the locals because they earn wayyy lower than us) we know it would get better once schools open because there would be a shortage of teachers.

We've been pulling through by teaching private classes online .

The government is focused on vaccinating the population right now and they've been receiving tons and tons of vaccine

We're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 5:13am On Aug 19

Please I know this may just sound off the hook....but are you still in Vietnam?
I am interested in getting a medical equipment from Hanoi.....
And shipping to Nigeria.
Can I speak or chat with you ma'am?

Yes I am
Travel / Re: Who has noticed this about travel section?? by WhyNa: 5:43am On Aug 07

Are you in china?

No. Vietnam
Travel / Re: Who has noticed this about travel section?? by WhyNa: 9:03am On Aug 02
Ok smiley I just noticed that there has been a shortage of inspiring living abroad threads.

The likes of lionlee216, drenimarcus, mackynaija, blowjobs, danielhouston, frank better, whizqueen dairy, mrsC143 diary, whyna, Chiggslover, nahinbdis, mrphysics, troublemakerpro, canny19, tochiphotos, originalsly

Omo I miss you guys so much and your posts especially lionlee216, mackynaija and mrphysics. Fell in love with your threads

I still go there from time to time to inspire myself grin

I hope you guys are doing well out there.

Where is tochiphotos and franknetter?!!

Danielhouston, our Germany man that haters bullied out of Nairaland, if you can see this. I miss you too bro grin

I don't know about the others but I hope they are all doing well and staying safe in the various countries they are in.

For me, we've been on partial lockdown for the past three months.

Then sometime last month, they made it a full blown lockdown like don't leave your house. Your can't even go into another province.

So there isn't much to write about or pictures to take when you're indoors

Thanks for checking in on us

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Travel / Re: Share Your Nigeria To Abroad Stories Here by WhyNa: 3:55am On Jul 29

Are you out yet

Totally forgot about this.

Yes. Since February 2020. I opened my own thread

Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 2:27pm On Jul 25
I went through these thread all I can say is Whyna. I bu agu Nwa. Such a daring lady


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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 4:08am On Jul 22
[quote author=loliapoopy2013 post=103951576][/quote]

Vietnam is changing. Lots of new rules and regulations and restrictions.

I can't give advice now until Vietnam defeats this current pandemic that isn't looking good right now.

When things are back to normal, we'll get more accurate information and can advise accordingly. Right now, lots of things are in the pipeline so we're not 100% sure


Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 1:45pm On Jul 08
why do you think people prefer beef to pork in Nigeria. ( does it has to due unavailability of pork in major market or religious beef , ) will you buy pork when you visit Nigeria. ( this is a market survey on behalf of pig farmers)

I'd say religious beliefs
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 6:56am On Jul 08

Finally!! Lol cheesy, but is there a tiny bit of hope for july? cry

Before school opens fully, we will open for just two weeks to complete the last semester and run exams.

This may happen in July happen in Ju

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 9:16am On Jul 07
have you tried their pork and sticky Rice?

Even Naija sticky rice, I no d y eat talk more of their own

Their pork though is nice. Started eating pork when I came here. Plus pork, chicken, fish and duck are the most common meat here. Beef,mutton and turkey on the other hand na war
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 1:48am On Jul 07

Damn! This lady won't answer me lol
grin cheesy

Lol. Sorry.

Not at the moment especially if you're coming in to teach.

Your second question, no idea. You can go there or send someone but my best guess is no
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do You Regret Leaving Your Lucrative Nigerian Job For Abroad Menial Job by WhyNa: 3:27pm On Jul 05
This is a very unfair statement

There is truth in what he said


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Do You Regret Leaving Your Lucrative Nigerian Job For Abroad Menial Job by WhyNa: 10:36am On Jul 05
Perhaps I joined this thread late but better late than never.

First, here's a brief history of my life in Naija before I moved.

The highest salary I had ever earned was 60k. That's less than 150 USD for more than 200 hours job. Even that 60k sef, I chop am only 3 times before I comot.

In 2014, when I decided to leave, I was looking at the big countries but because I couldn't afford it, I spent another 4-5 years trying various scholarships.

2019, I got tired and decided to lower my "standards". Go for a small country and work my way up. Little did I know it was a blessing in disguise.

After much research, in February 2020, I left for Vietnam to teach English. I knew from research, the least amount I could get paid was 800USD per month per 100 hours. I laughed as I had seen worse in Naija. I even got a job for 900 USD before I left but I rejected it when I got here. (There's a detailed thread of my journey to Vietnam on Nairaland)

Long story short, I got here, Vietnam surpassed my expectations and I've been climbing higher and higher since then. Go check out my thread for more info.

Now due to Covid and all, after being here for a year and 6 months and working fully for only about 8/9 months, I started thinking of moving to Canada which was my plan initially. Start small, save up, move.

Back to the drawing board....I knew moving, I had to have a very good degree that is highly sort after or a skill to survive the bills and all. The only other option was to go back to school.

I started checking out schools and fees and even though I now had enough to pay for my studies, I had to think of what NEXT after studies, the income to savings ratio and also ask myself what the other advantages are THEN compare with what I have now.

Well, I have decided to stay back here in Vietnam until for any unforeseen reasons, I decide it's time to move cos I'm wayyy more than comfortable here. Cos of living is mega cheap the highest thing I spend on is rent and my current fully furnished to the teeth one bedroom apartment is not up to 250 USD

Now before you comment about Vietnam being a poor country and all that, don't let your ignorance get the best of you. Google. Then ask yourself why even though Naija is bad, there are foreigners who are living comfortably there buying every single thing in supermarkets et all. They earn wayyyy higher than the local. It's the same story here.

So NO, I don't regret moving. It's been one year and some and I don't even miss or dream of going back to visit.

Modified: Oh and let me add...the first three months wasn't rosy.

Two weeks after I came in, total lockdown started. We were indoors for 3 months. Survived on my BTA, landlady reduced rent for me, then back up from home.

It wasn't funny. Immediately after the lockdown, things changed

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 4:59pm On Jul 03

Please, did you write Toefl too?

No I didn't.

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 10:27am On Jun 30
This is nice really nice tread. @whyna, your story is so inspiring, I am so happy for you and wishing you success and more winnings on this journey. Vietnam sounds like such a delightful place with affordable living conditions

however how is Vietnam coping with the coronavirus, are there still lockdowns in place and I heard school resumptions are still pending?

I started reading from page 1 and been able to peruse half of the thread and feel so pumped and inspired, I would like to contact you most urgently.

We've been on partial lockdown since May.

Schools, bars, restaurants, clubs etc have been closed but we all still move freely with our mask on

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Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 1:58am On Jun 25
@whyna, what do you think is the future of English teaching generally,in 5 or 6 years time?

Still booming especially in the smaller provinces.

More and more kids are getting really good at speaking English. They however still have the problem of mixing up their tenses

That aside, I also see the requirements getting stricter. Has already started
Travel / Re: My Journey To Hanoi, Vietnam by WhyNa: 5:21pm On Jun 17

Hello Whyna please this is urgent. What visa do you advise I apply for? I plan to be in Vietnam for like a year. I have the funds and everything but it'll be good if I can work a little to by the side during my stay. Btwn, I don't have a degree.

I'm trying to get into Vietnam without paying $2k and above for tuition fees alone.

Honestly speaking, 2k CAN'T get you into Vietnam now.

This is also tough because to work, you'll need a degree first. If you're thinking of staying for one year, then there are two ways, 3 months business visa to be renewed every 3 months. ( i'l be weary of this as thousands of foreigners had to leave Vietnam because govt stopped renewing the visa) (Plus you can't get any serious job with this visa)

The second option would e a one year visa which comes with a work permit.

All the best

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