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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by yizzyweezy: 5:16pm On Jan 09
Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals 2020 ➜ ➜ ➜ by yizzyweezy: 11:08pm On Jul 04, 2020
I need 580$ Payoneer, who's selling?

Reach me on whatsapp: 080 8910 4022

Scammers stay off...
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 6:28am On Jan 20, 2020
I started a shopify store but yet to make any sales. YeezyWizzy any hints on getting sales??

Lots of variables..

-- If your CTR is low and cost per landing page view is high, problem's from your ad creative... You need to work on it
--- If you have 150 sessions without sales, then problem is from the product page, or product...

95% of the time, the problem is with the product...If after spending 50$ on a product, I don't get a sale, or at least 3 add to carts.. I move on to another product...But all the other variables(ad creative, and product page copy) need to be spot on, to be able to come to a conclusion, that the problem's from the product itself.
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 6:26am On Jan 20, 2020

For the Instagram messaging, can it be send to multiple contact once or you message one by one?

I prefer one by one.. But I just found out about an app, called Jarvee, that can automate the process...but You'll be needing proxies...I'd try it out, and see if it's worth it.
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 6:25am On Jan 20, 2020

There may be a better alternative for PayPal withdrawal. How do I contact you?

Send me an email, with your contact details (preferably Whatsapp): emmaekeme@gmail.com
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 3:49pm On Jan 18, 2020
I tried messaging you man, it wasn't going through... I don't want to leave my contact details here, to avoid disturbances... I'lll take it off soon. Just search for my name on Facebook

Bro. Please treat as urgent. Its me Michael on fb. I lost my account. Can you please contact me via my signature or how can I get your email or WhatsApp? Please I need to have your contact again.

Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 3:48pm On Jan 18, 2020
Sorry about your loss bro. Why not opt for Stripe? Finally got mine!

Hey G12, my mannie. Been a while. Yeah, conversion rate not so great with only stripe! Except you're able to eat the loss, for a while, till facebook optimizes and shows your ads to only those who pay with credit card.
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 3:46pm On Jan 18, 2020

He has run grin grin how you people protect your money making secret eh... Lol... It's well sha... Godspeed man and be careful with online svammers next time.

Yeah, to be frank, I didn't expect to make 150k in 9 days. But I actually did make more...The goal is to offer your skills to individuals, who are in the position to pay you for your services, without stress. And of course you must have proof.
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 3:39pm On Jan 18, 2020

Following boss.

Sorry about the scam issue... A newbie in dropshipping, haven't launch my store yet as I am still learning the ropes, will be delving into Facebook ads etc by next week. By next month though I'd be launching. Only downside is budget, which I am hopefully going to scale up by next month. But rn My startup capital currently standing at 50k.

Can I shoot you a DM?

Following up on this though.

Save your 50k, else you'd lose everything...Come to the table with 200k+($700 at least) to stand a shot at succeeding easier.

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Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 2:55pm On Jan 14, 2020

DAY 6 (12/1/2020): So I messaged quite a bunch of individuals, both foreign and national. Well, Nigerians, were rather receptive to my offer. I did actually make about 34k from Nigerians alone, in terms of just doing menial jobs like setting up shopify stores.

DAY 7 (13/1/2020): I was able to get 3 clients (Two in USA, & one in UK) who needed me to manage their facebook advertising, in the dropshipping space. We agreed a flat rate of $500 monthly, for the first month. Then 20% of the profit on months after that.

50% of the $500 will be paid after 5 days of successful results.

DAY 8 (14/1/2020): I started working on one store, on the 13th of January, and so far, today, we're profitable (20% profit) Image attached below.... Hopefully, I'm able to optimize the funnel more and drive in more sales and more profit. And on 16/1/2020, I'll get my $250 paycheck.

Due to the complexity and much focus needed moving forward, and in setting up the other 2 stores, I doubt I'll be able to update this thread anymore. Once I receive the $250 as planned with my current Client. I'd call it a wrap up for this, and then moving forward, I'll look at getting $1k-2k and restarting my own shopify store again. This time I won't be using exchangers. I'll either use Fiverr or upwork to withdraw my PayPal funds...i.e. listing a service on Fiverr(or upwork) on one account, and then paying for the service with my other account.



Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 1:20pm On Jan 11, 2020

DAY 1 (7/1/2020): On this day, I went through my desired skills, and did a research to pick one, which is in heavy demand in Nigeria. I noticed, not everyone advertised on Facebook, and to spend on Facebook Ads, no be mai mai. You'd need to at least be spending minimum of $20 (8k) daily for guaranteed results, testing and what not. I figured not every customer that I'll private message or call, will be willing to spend this from the get-go, even though results are somewhat guaranteed, due to the extremely low CPMs in Nigeria. But then, with FB Ads, the whole funnel has to be tested multiple times, to get the angle that's working (story for another day)

DAY 2 (8/1/2020): On this day, I compared selling my services to Nigerians, versus Americans, or those in top tier countries, to have an idea of who'd be able to pay higher. Telling an average Nigerian to pay 10,000 naira for a service, especially that related to social media marketing, might seem "too expensive". On the other hand 10,000 naira is just about $USD25 for an American, and may seem too cheap for them*

DAY 3 (9/1/2020): On this day, I decided to test both advertising to Nigerians and Americans. I'm in the make money online space, A.K.A. dropshipping space. So I joined 20+ dropshipping groups with at least 10k members or more, and decided to send a cold dm , to both Nigerians and anyone living in (USA,UK,CA,AU,) to try and measure the results I get from both.

The message I sent them was regarding me offering my Facebook Advertising services

DAY 4 (10/1/2020): I got 1 individual from Uk, and another from USA interested in my offer. We're still in the conversation process, and I'll try to see how I can close her* I messaged mostly females, because they are quicker action takers, compared to males. Also, I got a Nigerian interested in my offer, but If I'm going to onboard him as a client, I'd only offer my services of store creation....as a way of luring him, then when I do great in that, I can upsell him other services.

DAY 5 (11/1/2020): I'm not really doing anything now. But I'll continue messaging individuals on both of my facebook account, and IG account. Limit is 150 messages daily on each...

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Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 8:24pm On Jan 06, 2020
Good luck. I wish I could follow your journey here but won't be around here for a long time.

Do you have a whatsapp group where you update?

I should create a Whatsapp and Telegram group for this before Day 5.. By then I must have had everything set out and my plan fully edited, rethought over, and verified.

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Business / ⭐⭐ Follow Me As I Go From ₦1500 To ₦100,000 In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 8:13pm On Jan 06, 2020
Happy New Year everyone.

As you can tell from the title of this post, my plan is to try making 100k naira within 30 days, after this post goes live, starting with 1,500 naira.. How I plan on making it, will be outlined below.

Why am I doing this?

Recently, I got scammed online of a huge amount of my PayPal earnings, when I tried selling to an exchanger who didn't really have my best interest at heart (scammer). I'm into dropshipping (screenshot of December earnings attached below, before I got f#cked over) , and so, I had to use my personal cash to fulfill orders, just to keep my PayPal in good condition (as it's very difficult operating a working account in Nigeria, and this account is my last hope)

Right now I'm down to close to ₦1500. But this time, I want to document my journey on how I plan on taking that to 100k in 30 days.

So I have three options of doing this:

1 >> Sell a 3k service to 10 people, ( and use the proceeds for Instagram shoutouts on my already winning product, to get more and more, and rinse and repeat)
2 >> Sell a 3k service to 34 people
3 >> Sell a 10k service to 10 people

I was going to go with option 1, but I don't want to use any of my existing assets. Also, some people may not have an idea of what dropshipping is, and I wouldn't want to start entering another topic as a whole. I want to make this very relatable and actionable, just in case someone else wishes to follow.

So what service will I be selling? and how and where will I get my costumers.

This has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I was in my workroom, brainstorming on what service to provide, while also providing value, and at the same time undercutting the market.

I listed out all the skills I'm good at:

Shopify store creation & theme editing
Video Editing
Facebook Ads Management
Keyboarding ... A.k.A Typing ( I average 130wpm)
Drop servicing (Acting as a middleman between a service provider and a potential consumer)

So how do I plan on Getting Clients you may ask!
Well, I'm going to go the traditional route.... I'mma be cold calling different individuals, and cold messaging them (on IG and Facebook) . Cold calling is an unsolicited telephone call to someone, in an attempt to sell goods or service. Likewise, cold outreach/messaging

I'd first start off with cold messaging, before going for cold calling. Of course, I've got a script I'm working on and will be done with the script before Day 4/5. As I need to go through the script and will let you all know the script.

Now during cold calling, especially to Nigerians, you have to be very professional, as most Nigerians think everyone that tries to sell em a service on phone is a yahoo boy....Lol.

How will I be getting the numbers for these cold calling you may ask

It's very simple. I'm good at Facebook Ads promotion. So I'm going to be outreaching to businesses on Google, and offering to show them how to place their adverts in front of thousands of Nigerians for dirt cheap (as it's cheap to advertise to Nigerian audience, due to the low CPMs). I"ve been in the marketing space for almost 5 years, so I should be able to create a nice marketing strategy to drive leads for my client.

I'd be getting the contact of my individuals from Google

So Which one of my skills would I focus on?

I'm really not going to focus on one skill. I'm just going to try each skill 50 times, till I land a client... Meaning I'd cold call and reach out to 50 individuals that want to show their ads on Facebook, and try to sell myself with my script.
If no one converts, from that, I'd go to the next skill.

I'll keep you all updated....

Next update will be the script I plan on using for the FB ads

#1000 - #1,500 naira will be used for the cold calling. I'm on a plan on MTN (betatalk), that gives me 3x my airtime, that's enough for a cold call.. Seeing that I wouldn't want to spend more than 2 mins per individual.

Godspeed to me!

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Investment / ⭐⭐ Opening A Fully Functional Paypal Account In Nigeria & How To Withdraw ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 12:49pm On Dec 18, 2019
I've been trying to make this post on both business section and investment section of Nairaland, but keep getting banned by antispam bot.

Anyone have any reason why? Does it go against Nairaland rules?

Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 6:37pm On Jul 17, 2019
Good day guys... I've been passing through some challenges...Paypal Limited my account with some huge sum of cash in it, and after reviewing, I'd have to wait 30 days to access it...In the meantime, I've been helping a friend overseas with his store, hence my busy schedule, as I've not been able to give update here..

Has anyone started and progressing. as regards this dropshipping thread? I could hop in and help out, now that I'm a lil bit free...


Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 8:16am On Jul 11, 2019
Good day everyone..

Mike was unable to fulfill orders for 3 weeks. I don't know exactly what happened. I initially told him to sell the available PayPal funds (as some were on hold) and use that to fulfill part of the orders, and I thought he's done that. But 3 weeks later, he told me he hasn't still fulfilled them. So we paused till he's done fulfilling them, which he's done by now ,and we're hoping no customer asks for a refund or opens a claim, cause waiting 6 weeks for a product is unacceptable.

We were scaling during the EOQ, and it messed up everything, even on my store, the sales were sour, so we had to pause...Right now everything's back to normal, but we "took" a video from Facebook related to our product, and the owner of the video filed a DMCA, for copyright infringement, and the video was taken down. I doubt we'd be able to create LAA (which is the overall and main goal)..Nevertheless, I'm waiting till when Mike's ready, he said he wants to gather more funds just in case Paypal decides to hold his funds again, he'd have extra to use and fulfill the orders while waiting for his funds to be delivered, and he'd also be needing his international passport to lift limits on his PayPal account, so he's waiting for that.

N/B: For those of you that keep dming me to "Mentor" you for free, and those who plan on, please don't.

Number 1: I don't do mentorship. The free value on this thread is enough to get you going, just ask questions and I'd reply so everyone can benefit.
Even if I'm gonna do mentorship, I won't be willing to charge below $500 monthly, as I make twice as much in profit weekly. Because I know average Nigerians can't afford this, I don't offer mentorship, so don't DM me asking about that. Thanks

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Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 7:44am On Jul 09, 2019
Will run a breakdown of everything later on, the obstacle we Currently facing (in terms of delivery of goods) and why we paused and the way forward.
Our video was also reported for copyright infringement and was taken down..Will explain everything later today or tomorrow.
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 7:33am On Jul 09, 2019
Will run a breakdown of everything later on, the obstacle we Currently facing (in terms of delivery of goods) and why we paused and the way forward..

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Business / Re: ➜ ➜ ➜Currency/E-currency Market Deals➜ ➜ ➜ by yizzyweezy: 8:35pm On Jul 01, 2019
$226 payoneer funds for sale at 340NGn/USD....

Who's buying?
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 1:27pm On Jun 29, 2019
Sorry guys for the delayed update, I've been hella busy

I had to pause the Facebook ads for Michael's store and all my stores cause they got hit by the EOQ effect (End of Quarter Effect)

EOQ effect, is when big companies outpour all the remaining cash (hundreds of thousands)on advertising during the end of each quarter of the year, making the ad cost for those spending low amount to be on the rise..

An FB rep told me the best time to run ads will be from the 2nd week of July, except I have thousands to spend on a campaign, or willing to bear the loss For a few days(7-14 days) -

Right now only google shopping ads are working on my stores... That's why there's a need to diversify traffic channels/sources, so incase one messes up, the other is there to suffice

More references on EOQ can be found on YouTube

Even rito has a post on it here https://www.flyingstartonline.com/reduce-facebook-advertising-costs/

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Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 5:11am On Jun 26, 2019
[UPDATE: DAY 21!!]

Update guys!! Wohoo! We just crossed $500 on Michael's store. Will go into details later today...

We are 9 days away from the 30 Days challenge , and have $483 left to make in 9 days to hit the goal!

Oluwa is involved .. cool

Y'all should comment on this post so it pops up in my notification, else I'm very busy and may forget to post the update


Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 7:52pm On Jun 20, 2019
Hello Sir......Please is there an email or number i could reach you with, i would like to discuss with you privately about thsi dropshipping business......I love what you are doing and its really inspiring.


Hmu on WhatsApp- 090-506-99810

Due to the rules of Nairaland, I'd have to take off my number in 18-24hrs
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 4:07pm On Jun 20, 2019

I tried the PayPal stuff, it doesn't work out sir

What error did you get?
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 2:49pm On Jun 20, 2019

It's been 4 hours since we launched the ads (the ads started delivering at 2am PST, which was our 10am, here in Nigeria)

And WalkerMichael is onto his first sale of $53 �

Let's see how it plays out by the end of the day.

We're $947 away from our $1k goal


Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 9:44pm On Jun 19, 2019

Monthly or yearly?

That also depends...But majority of the apps offer a monthly subscription, e.g. Skype ($8/month), textme, etc..
Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 9:34pm On Jun 19, 2019
So in essence for the testing stage, you'd spend anywhere from $100-$120 testing products and here are the metrics we're looking for

Ideally, you may not get a sale with $3 spend per adset, but if you do, then that means that interest is FIRE and the product is worth testing and scaling, if all things go well.

Here are the metrics we are looking for
1. 3%+ Outbound CTR (Outbound Link Click-through Rate)
2. Less than $1 Cost per view content, if you get $0.3-0.7 ( then this is a good sign)
3. An Add to Cart/Initiate Checkout
4. A sale
5. a CPM Below $30 (Not really mandatory, but a lower CPM will be easier to work with)

CPM- Cost per Mile (Cost per 1000 impressions)
CTR (Click-Through-Rate)
ATC (Add To Cart)
VC (View Content)
IC (Initiate Checkout)
Pur (Purchases)


Everything we'd be doing from now on, will be heavily dependent on this column setup

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Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 9:15pm On Jun 19, 2019
@justli images have been added to the post

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Business / Re: ⭐⭐ Shopify Dropshipping 101: Taking A Nairalander From $0 - $1k In 30 Days ⭐⭐ by yizzyweezy: 7:33pm On Jun 19, 2019
On to the Facebook Ads Creation.

head over to business.faceboook.com to create a Facebook Business Account, and create a new ad account...If you don't know how to do that, head over to this link for help on that:

N/B: When creating the Ad Account, select USA Timezone and USD as currency

Creating Business Account: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/1710077379203657 &
Creating and Adding an Ad Account: https://web.facebook.com/business/help/910137316041095?_rdc=1&_rdr

After Creating your Business and Ad account, you wanna create your FB Page, your page should be the same with the name of your site. If it's already taken, just add a little variation, mix or TM ..E.G PuppyMark TM

Now the structure of the ads.

Like I said initially, you're going to need to find 5-6 products, and you're going to spend $21 on testing each product.

Go to Create Campaign

Using the Quick Creation (Not Guided)...Give your campaign any name you can remember, You can give your adset any name for now, you can always edit that later and give your ad any name...Make sure you change the objective from Traffic to Conversions. Then click on "Save to Draft" to continue.

On this page, click on the adset you just created,

and it takes you to the page below
Click on Create a New Pixel

To Install Pixel on Shopify: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/analyze-marketing/facebook-pixel

After Creating the pixel, click on the conversion event and select Purchase. We are going to be optimizing for purchases


Don't bother if the pixel shows a red color, mine is showing a green cause Michael triggered the pixel by initiating a test purchase on his store.

If it tells you to turn on "Automatic Advanced Matching", turn it on

Scroll down to where you have daily budget, and change it from $20 to $3.

Scroll down to where you have "Locations" and change it from "Everyone who lives in this location" to "People who live in this location"
As for the country, change it from "Nigeria" to United states, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand, by typing their names in the box provided, individually. These are the top 5 countries that spend the most online.

Leave the age and gender as default, as for the detailed targeting, put in a broad targeting of your niche first, for now. Since Michael's in the dog niche, I'd leave it as dogs, for now.

Scroll down to Edit Placement and make sure only FB Newsfeed, IG Feed, FB Marketplace and suggested videos are the only placements selected. Deselect other placements.


Scroll down and change the conversion details to "1-day click"

Click on the Ad level, to create your ad
... I highly suggest you use a Video and the video should be uploaded as a "dark post" in the method outlined here:

After creating the darkpost (A.K.A Unpublished Post), get the post ID, which is an ID To the right of the post you just created. Copy it. Click existing post (outlined in red) and paste it in the space provided for it below. Be sure to select the right page
. You can create an IG Account and select it, or use "Selected Facebook Page"

Now, you wanna test other 6 similar interests to to your niche...Go back to the adset you just created and duplicate it 6 times, by pressing CTRL + D. In each duplicate, you want to change the interest, by using the suggestions feature located next to your interest. So In my Case, from the image below the suggestions feature shows me these similar interests to target. So for each product I'd ensure to target 7 interests each at $3 daily.




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