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Religion / Re: "Who Can Donate N1 Billion?" Pastor Adeboye Asks - Daddy Freeze, Davido React by YoungExec: 1:43pm On Nov 29, 2017
As debate rages on Naraland, those who understand the Kingdom principle of Sowing and Reaping are quickly running over themselves to see Daddy G.O. Secretary.

Pray that God enlarges your coast and delivers you from small thinking.

1 Billion Naira is barely 3 Million dollars. There are Nigerians living in Nigeria who are worth over $750 Million.

Don’t allow the weak Nigerian Naira to fool you. Your ‘Billion’ is someone else’s ‘Million’


Politics / Re: Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Arrives Imo State Today by YoungExec: 12:54pm On Nov 09, 2017
So the role of Rochas Okorocha in government is to promote his private foundation? angry


Politics / Re: Governor Darius Ishaku Visits Buhari - Pictures by YoungExec: 2:22pm On Nov 06, 2017
Thank God for his improved health.

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Politics / Re: Winifred Oyo-Ita And Abba Kyari In Heated Argument Over Leaked Memo (Video by YoungExec: 8:03pm On Nov 01, 2017
Madam, you are an example to all to always stand their ground and not let anyone sacrifice their reputations.

How can she sit back and allow politicians who just came to office in 2015 to rubbish the near 35 years of toiling she has put in to get to the peak of her career?

Bravo madam.


Politics / Re: President Muhammadu Buhari Was Aware Of Maina's Reinstatement- Sahara Reporters by YoungExec: 6:43pm On Oct 23, 2017
2019... 2019... Please come quickly

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Family / Re: Grandma Accidentally Buys Adult Book For 6-year-old by YoungExec: 11:31am On Oct 07, 2017
The world has ended.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Undergoing CT Brain Scan Over Head Injury (Medical Report) by YoungExec: 2:43pm On Apr 29, 2017
shocked shocked shocked shocked
She has a head fracture! Kai. Kai.
Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe: Opemititi Queen Stunner Posts Cryptic Message by YoungExec: 2:41pm On Apr 29, 2017
It takes a special kind of animal to beat a woman. No matter what.


Autos / Re: Respray / repaint And Oven Bake your Vehicles to look brand new[with pictures] by YoungExec: 1:30pm On Apr 26, 2017

Yes we are only in Lagos, it will cost 80k to get it done. thanks

I'm entering Lagos on Thursday, leaving Friday. Send me an email so I can come see your facility.
Pets / Re: Can I Get A Cheap Siberian Husky Puppy? by YoungExec: 6:54pm On Apr 23, 2017
Looking for one too.
Business / Re: Customers Groan As GTBank Grapples With Technical Issues by YoungExec: 3:59pm On Apr 22, 2017
Why not try another Bank? Una be tree wey no fit move. Try the new UBA and see what is called effortless and hastle free banking.

I can testify. UBA Internet Banking Transfer is the fastest out there. I was so impressed that I quickly moved my Company Account to them. In all fairness, GTB is Primus Inter pares. This is just a minor issue which they will resolve quickly
Autos / Re: Respray / repaint And Oven Bake your Vehicles to look brand new[with pictures] by YoungExec: 1:08am On Apr 22, 2017
Hi, I have a Toyota Hilux (Dubai) with the flame markings on the side. Are you guys only in Lagos? How much will it cost to get a very sharp and impressive job done? (I am very hard to impress).
Travel / Re: Struggles Of Two Nigerians At A US Airport by YoungExec: 1:01pm On Mar 10, 2017
A PA to the President should not usurp the duties of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Period. Abike Dabiri should stay in her lane and stop swerving into Onyema's


Travel / Re: Struggles Of Two Nigerians At A US Airport by YoungExec: 12:37pm On Mar 10, 2017
the reason why the two of them were denied was obvious now....1) Mr olafemi popoola was travelling with a pregnant wife with 8k without health insurance. The visa is not a medical visa . if the wife delivers by operation in USA, the cost may run into hundreds of thousands of dollars and he won't be able to pay.
2) the other man got family visa for tourism only for him to arrive alone at the border saying the wife is now busy. usually they probably told them at the embassy she would be on leave. oyinbos don't believe in vacation while your wife is in nigeria. They believe the man went ahead to prepare ground before the woman finally joins her. follow the rule of your visa and you won't have problem

Thanks so much for this. I don't know why honesty is just such an expensive commodity. I just returned from the US. My going and return was very smooth. I'm even on fast track! Abeg, people should just stop trying to fool themselves.

America no dey smile again o. People better shape up.


Investment / Re: Investor Prospects 2016 by YoungExec: 10:59pm On Sep 26, 2016
3/4 of the year is gone. Today the Dollar is $1/N440 at the parallel mkt. Anyone up for a review of the journey so far?
Investment / Re: Investor Prospects 2016 by YoungExec: 10:59pm On Sep 26, 2016
3/4 of the year is gone. Today the Dollar is $1/N440 at the parallel mkt. Anyine up for a review of the journey so far?
Autos / Re: Buy Cars from Cotonou without stress and your car(s) will be delivered 48 hours by YoungExec: 10:22pm On Sep 26, 2016
I'm hearing great things about you Sir, I hope I can reach you via email?
Travel / Re: International Cargo Flight Lands In Akanu Ibiam Airport Enugu. See Photos by YoungExec: 2:23pm On Aug 23, 2016
Commendable. Govt should take a critical look at the runway. The contractor PW has to be prosecuted.

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Investment / Re: Investor Prospects 2016 by YoungExec: 2:10pm On Jul 06, 2016

But, towards the end of H1, I decided to shift my focus out of Nigeria like you did too, and so I built and currently focused on running an online services company, which provides some services to businesses in US and UK. Its a niche I'm quite comfortable with, and its time requirements are well within my alloted 'time budget' for developing new businesses, so I'm quite happy with it.

That way, I'm reasonably insulated from the instability of the current Nigerian economic environment and Buhari's policies (or lack of it), while waiting for the present govt to get its acts together.

Exactly, when the bird decides to fly without perching, the hunter learns to shoot without missing. I had to get creative very fast by identifying stuff that I could export that the western international market was willing to pay premium for. The problem with agriculture for now is that global commodity prices also sank along with oil prices. Hence competition is fierce on the international commodity market.
Investment / Re: Investor Prospects 2016 by YoungExec: 2:09pm On Jul 06, 2016
Investment / Re: Investor Prospects 2016 by YoungExec: 2:01pm On Jul 06, 2016

This govt policy is clearly towards infrastructure development, hence construction takes the lead for this administration. This can be confirmed if you check govt procurement adverts which are majorly construction.

I have my tentacles in construction. The minister (fashola) has not even received the part of the 350 billion promised for paying contractors and 'reflating the economy' (according to Fin Min. Mrs Adeosun).
I saw the calls for tender but the politics is just too much. You need not apply if you are not a Card carrying party member who 'verifiably contributed meaningfully towards the party's success in the 2015 elections'.
Unfortunately we that are not party men are still being owed for successfully executed projects let alone bidding for new ones. My only saving grace was that I never took bank contract financing plus I really worked to get jobs that were partly or fully sponsored by international development agencies.
Now, the only stuff I bid for are World Bank, USAID or EU funded projects. Many contractors who are being owed by federal and state govts (esp state) are hospitalized both in Nigeria and abroad due to high blood pressure.
Why? Many took heavy loans to partly execute jobs and finance the PDP with certainty that the party would win. PDP lost and the rest is history.
Investment / Re: Investor Prospects 2016 by YoungExec: 4:25pm On Jul 05, 2016

Man, its half year already...so fast.
Time for taking a pause to reevaluate and analyze our steps so far.
What did you end up investing in this 2016?
Agro processing (packaging) like you were considering...or entertainment....or just simply holding on to funds and looking to see where the Buhari+dollar+oil price drama finally settles.
And has it worked out like you planned?
What are your plans to maximize the remaining half of the year?

***Sigh cry***
So fast o. My greatest frustration this year has not been the economic outlook but the uncertainty caused by lack of clear govt policies. No one knows what they are really up to 13 months into their administration. The uncertainty means most people are not willing to invest.
1. Journey so far:
I tried the Agro processing for export and found that my prices ended up higher than could successfully compete on the international market due to my overhead costs included power generation, road transport and high export processing costs. At the international market, I was competing with sellers who enjoyed subsidies on power, ultra low cost rail transport and low export processing charges. Once I found I could not compete, I had to get very creative. You can't come to the international market and cry expecting them to pity and buy your stuff at higher cost simply because your cost of production is higher. It's a free market and competition is fierce.
I didn't bother about entertainment in Nigeria but invested in Africa wide entertainment. With the crisis in the Nigerian economy many people can barely eat let alone pay to be entertained. Many people can't afford fuel at 145 and have deactivated their pay tv services.
Finally, in Nigeria I'm still hedging until I get a clear sense of govt's policy direction. For me this is not a good time to invest. I almost did but the resurgence of millitancy in the Niger Delta slapped me back to reality.
2. Rest of the Year:
For H2 2016, I intend to seriously look beyond Nigeria (at least until I figure out what govt is put to), I'm looking at mining opportunities in African countries especially Uganda.
The pain we are going through now is self inflicted. A clear policy direction by govt instill confidence and encourages investment however when the policy is not clear, investors turn to bears.
Still I am highly adaptive as I'm never one to give excuses.

Let me know how it's been for you so we can rub minds for the 2nd half.


Phones / Re: How To Stop Unsolicited Messages From Mtn,airtel,glo, Others by YoungExec: 3:05pm On Jul 04, 2016
Does this affect bank alert SMS?
Celebrities / Lol: Funke Akindele by YoungExec: 10:14am On Jul 02, 2016
This is what it means to create a great ad.



Business / Re: Banks Move To Limit Over-the-counter Withdrawals To N10,000 by YoungExec: 7:00am On Jun 13, 2016
'Electronic' in a country where a vast majority haven't fully understood the basics.

Step 1: Connive with CBN to limit cash withdrawal to 10,000 Naira
Step 2: Declare redundancy among operations staff (since there is less work for them due to low customer numbers in banking halls)
Step 3: Push large portion of operation staff to marketing and set unsustainable targets for them.
Step 4: Sack most of the new marketers for failure to meet their targets.

I see right through them. This is exactly what will happen angry

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Politics / Re: Obiano At The Burial Of Richard Okeke, His Deputy's Father by YoungExec: 11:39am On Jun 11, 2016
Willie should start working well. many Anambra people are getting fed up with him.

At least he is still paying worker's salaries. Unlike a vast majority of his colleagues.

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Properties / Re: 7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Build Your Own House by YoungExec: 11:00am On Jun 11, 2016
Tell them ooooo... Some Drive Big jeeps but still rent. I have one in the village, one in Lagos and now working on my third in Abuja. It's never a bad investment. God Bless the OP.
The first home I rented after starting my company was a duplex and I swore that the next house I move into would be mine (even if it's a boys quarters on land I own). 2 years later, I packed out and into my 3 bedroom bungalow. Then I took a deep breath and started building my first real house while living in the boys quarters.


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Family / Re: 11-Year-Old Boy Maltreated By Stepmum: See The Highest Order Of Child Abuse by YoungExec: 7:35am On Jun 11, 2016
@OP angry angry angry
Politics / Re: FG: We Have What It Takes To Turn Economy Around by YoungExec: 8:41am On Jun 09, 2016
I wonder if I should bother listening to this govt anymore. They said immediately budget is signed, 350 Billion will be released to stimulate the economy.
While the budget signing was delayed, why didn't they conclude the due process so that once budget is signed, funds will be released?
Were the staff of the Fed ministry of Finance all on leave?
Politics / Re: CCT Trial: Saraki Tactically Delaying Trial Because He’s Afraid – Tribunal Judge by YoungExec: 2:49pm On Jun 07, 2016
Sometimes I wonder how qualified this Justice is to preside over this tribunal. Does he not know that he fans the flame of accusations of prejudice against him when he makes silly comments like this?
What is the meaning of 'final consequences'? angry

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Travel / Re: Ban Nigerians From Entering India, Says India Former Minister by YoungExec: 2:44pm On Jun 07, 2016
Funny comments here... If you ban Indians from Nigeria, who do you think suffers the most?
Certainly Nigeria.
India still remains one of the biggest buyers of our crude oil. You can't lose such a big client.

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