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Celebrities / Re: Tobi Bakre Steps Out With His Son, Abdulmalik Oluwatobi For First Time (Photos) by Yuceeluv(f): 10:28am On Jan 17
Their son will be so handsome.
See sweet couple.


Celebrities / Re: Simi Replies Lady Who Questioned Adekunle Gold Over 'Kelegbe Megbe' by Yuceeluv(f): 10:18am On Nov 25, 2021
Lmao! 'Mr knowest'...keep it on.


Amoiru yin
Celebrities / Re: Simi Replies Lady Who Questioned Adekunle Gold Over 'Kelegbe Megbe' by Yuceeluv(f): 10:44am On Nov 22, 2021
I made that comment two years ago. Maybe, check the main post, to see why I said what I said, at the time.
I've got nothing but love for Simi. That doesn't mean that when she does something that isn't right, I wont say it.
Have a nice day.

what is unpleasant about her? Speaking up for herself?

Una too like dormat and people who una go just dey talk to anyhow without her replying

The girl jejely dey advertise her music product ON HER OWN PAGE O NOT ANOTHER PERSON'S OWN, UNA STILL GO THERE GO INSULT AM
Politics / Re: Sit-at-home Pictures: Situation Report In South East.today Monday by Yuceeluv(f): 9:47am On Aug 23, 2021
Aba is dirty shaa. Tueh!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power: There Is No Issue With N-power Stream 2 by Yuceeluv(f): 2:20pm On Aug 18, 2021
Batch C stream 1 is my interest. When are they deploying us ooo.
Celebrities / Re: Bbnaija: Pere Wins Bbnaija Head Of House For The Week by Yuceeluv(f): 7:01pm On Aug 09, 2021
I hate SAPA.

Make I just sidon to watch this HOH game, power supply disappeared. cry
Education / Re: Amazing Car That Has Swimming Pool,helicopter Landing Space,sitting Room And.. by Yuceeluv(f): 1:20pm On Jun 17, 2021
Mobile self contained apartment.
Politics / Re: “We The Leaders Have Provoked The Youth Of This Country” – Buhari’s Aide by Yuceeluv(f): 10:30pm On Jun 16, 2021
A hopeless man is more dangerous than an armed soldier

Someone once said so.

We literally don't care anymore about your guns and rifles.
Politics / Re: Just In, Facebook Has Deleted Adamu Garba Page. by Yuceeluv(f): 10:27pm On Jun 16, 2021
grin cheesy

He will come and say it's because his facebook account needs refurbishing. grin grin


Celebrities / Re: Nigeria Sucked My Beauty : Singer Shares sad Throwback Pictures by Yuceeluv(f): 5:26pm On Jun 06, 2021
Lol...go and look at kelvin that acted 'home alone'. Check out his then and now pictures.

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Crime / Re: UK Black Lives Matters Activist Shot In The Head In London ‘after Numerous Death by Yuceeluv(f): 9:21am On May 24, 2021
Ah! They should take her children to a safe place and under tight security first please.

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Fg Declares 27 Foreigners, 63 Nigerians Wanted [full List] by Yuceeluv(f): 9:15am On May 24, 2021
Let me go through the list to see if i know someone there.

You are declaring them wanted. Go and arrest your officials at the Airport. It's not like these people dissapeared into thin air, upon arrival.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea vs Manchester United - (0 - 0) On 28th February 2021 by Yuceeluv(f): 7:45pm On Feb 28, 2021
How did you know I am a Manchester United fan?�


Lol cheesy.
U sef see am.
We pray they won't do that rubbish again this second half.
It was scary to watch shocked

Yuceeluv, are you watching?
Food / Re: Tomatoes And Onions I Bought For 300 And 350 Naira Respectively In Nnewi by Yuceeluv(f): 6:22pm On Feb 21, 2021
Transporting them is what makes them expensive in the east.

mhen... how can someone move things from the north to south ni?... that tomotoes here in bauchi should be around #50-#70 and the onions should be #150 tops


Religion / Re: Apostle Chinyere Gifts Pastor Bullet Proof Jeep (photos) by Yuceeluv(f): 6:17pm On Feb 21, 2021
Some of you are so fast in attacking acts by pastors and men of God.

Leave the judgement to God and face your own lives.

If you wanna be a believer, fine. If not, fine. Salvation is personal!
On that day, it'll be all man for himself.
Religion / Re: Apostle Chinyere Gifts Pastor Bullet Proof Jeep (photos) by Yuceeluv(f): 6:15pm On Feb 21, 2021
How about you meet one of them and ask them in person.

How do pastors make money?

Does it mean they eat the tithe made for God?
Religion / Re: Apostle Chinyere Gifts Pastor Bullet Proof Jeep (photos) by Yuceeluv(f): 6:13pm On Feb 21, 2021
This man has been a giver since time immemorial.
Politics / Re: An aide to Owelle Rochas Okorocha Shot In Owerri- photo by Yuceeluv(f): 6:09pm On Feb 21, 2021
Crime / Re: Girl Who Went To School With a Gun Reveals The Cult She Belongs To by Yuceeluv(f): 11:17pm On Feb 19, 2021
That old man on his own should be hung upside down by the blokos... Not to die... Just to feel some pains for being a paedophile.

Her mother should not be left out of the party.


Crime / Re: Girl Who Went To School With a Gun Reveals The Cult She Belongs To by Yuceeluv(f): 11:16pm On Feb 19, 2021
See her eyes in the first picture. Completely unapologetic and ready to kill again and again.

This one should not be let loose o. Else something might still happen to that teacher.


Romance / Re: I Will Teach You How To Get Any Girl You Want. Get In Here!!! by Yuceeluv(f): 7:51pm On Feb 19, 2021
Gurl! grin grin Each time he tags me, I laugh at what he writes. I reckon he's just a child. Just ignore him.


Autos / Re: 100k Reward For Useful Information. by Yuceeluv(f): 12:36am On Feb 17, 2021
Sorry about this. I hope you've taken this case to Twitter too? With his picture and everything?

Twitter folks will make it go viral. It'll help.

Hello Nairalanders, I opened this account specifically to find my missing car. I will share a story of how my secondary school mate disappeared with a car I bought in lagos.
I am willing to pay 100k to anyone who will help with useful information. Just send an email to missingcar2020@gmail.com.

A secondary school friend named emanuel onyeanusi. Reconnected after over 11years of leaving secondary school. We met at a mutual friends office in Enugu, and since then we normally meet in the office, go out and have drinks together. He said he sold cars and had some cars parked at our mutual friends office for sale.

Later I heard he moved to lagos. Once in a while we talk and ask about lagos. One day a family friend who brings in cars with some accident from US told me I should help him find buyers for cars he brings in and he will give me good price.

There was the Corolla 2007/2008 that the normally use for uber. I thought since the car is hot cake and the price is affordable I could buy and resell. I paid for the car and
Out of trust, I called my friend Emmanuel who deals on cars, to help me pickup the car in october 2019 and take it to his pannel bitter for body work.

He agreed, went there and picked up the car with the papers . Then we did the costing and sent me a bill of about 175k. I sent the money and work started. He said the chassis needed to be straightened a little, so the had to put jack. This took about a month or more.

Finally the car was sprayed and ready on January. However he said the engine was a bit slow, needed fixing. He took it to the mechanic, next video he sent smoke was coming out of the exhaust. I asked how come he said after the fixing and stuff it had some fault but could be fixed. Later I suggested he take it to an friends mechanic let me buy half engine and replace.

He later said I should not worry they can fix with 87k perfectly. He was coming to Enugu for a burial in February and said I should send 50k let him give them before he comes. I sent the money. He came to Enugu, we met. He said the car will be ready in 2 days. A week later, I met him in Enugu and ask why he hasn't gone back. He said he had some things to round up, but the car is ready and they have parked it for him in lagos.

He returned to Lagos, I called him and told him someone wants to buy the car, let him show the person the car. The person called him, he said he went to the island, when he returns to the island the next day, they will meet. The next day he stopped picking both my call and the guys call.

I got information that he was in Enugu at a time, I reported the matter to the police. Got someone to track his number with the police. They ended up picking his brother and sister who said the saw him in Enugu, but do not know where he was staying. He got information that his brother was arrested and begged a friend to help him bail the brother. The brother is also a friend of mine, so he was later released and promised to help with any information.

He stopped using his line for calls, only watsapp messages. All our friends and mutual friends from university secondary school have called him and he does not pick anybody's call.

His numbers 08033354160, 08055253260, 08182418601.

I will also attach watsapp conversations.

Attached is his picture . When we talked he always says he is at beggar, where they sell cars. Also heard he lives in festac. So anyone with useful information on his whereabouts, please send an email to missingcar2020@gmail.com

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Romance / Re: Reactions As Nigerian Man Proposed To A Mad Woman On Valentine by Yuceeluv(f): 1:43am On Feb 15, 2021
This one fit dey disguise.

Maybe they've told him to go sleep with a mad woman for this or that. So he is playing the smart card.
Family / Re: My Househelp Stubbornly Answers Phone Call When Cooking Using Gas Cylinder by Yuceeluv(f): 2:54am On Feb 14, 2021
Awwn! Believe what you must, dear. And allow me believe mine. Is it your gullible?


Who said that making calls while using gas will cause explosion? As if it's a fact?

What's the likelihood? Nobody even thought about it this way.

Can any of you show me a peer reviewed scientific literature supporting that? Not just junk from a useless illiterate dumb blogger?

Everybody that commented on this thread disappointed me.

Nigerians are too gullible and naive.

One even said he should remove cylinder outside as if balconies are designed against the kitchen or that everyone lives downstairs.



Uniquisite liposure aroundtheearth eyinjuege veave oizee drmikeadams Haider55338 farous fixey

Lalusky bola146 bawal mindlog reatord43 kriss216

Gofront mariahangel sijo01 dobnina
Family / Re: My Househelp Stubbornly Answers Phone Call When Cooking Using Gas Cylinder by Yuceeluv(f): 6:35pm On Feb 12, 2021
Helloooo! You know what to do. God forbid! If anything eventually happens, you'll never forgive yourself.

Remember you said it's not only Gas issue.

So you know exactly what to do.

I have severally educate my Househelp on the dangers of making or answering phone calls in the kitchen when cooking using Gas cylinder and that she should never try it but desist from it to avoid explosion.

Unfortunately she seems to pay deaf ear over it as this morning I saw her answering calls right inside the kitchen while cooking using the Gas cylinder and I was so upset that if I had not hold myself and control my anger I would have used an object and beat her mercilessly.This is a family with children and I don't want to give devil chances.She is so stubborn that most times (not only this Gas matter) telling her not to do something is like pouring water on the stone and such attitude upsets me.

Please what should I do?.
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Teenager Flaunts Rolls Royce In Dubai by Yuceeluv(f): 2:40pm On Feb 11, 2021
Reminds me of all the motivational captions and "thank you Jehovah Over do" captions of Hush...

Na so dem go dey disguise.


Romance / Re: Man Drags Lady To Court Over N5k After The Lady Refuses To Visit Him (photo) by Yuceeluv(f): 1:18am On Feb 05, 2021
In all honesty, it is common to the rich. Not to some of us who are still trying to make it. It is well.

Hmm men! Common 5k.
I don't blame him. He had just 200naira left in his acct. Jobless he-goat. His mates are out there hustling to better their lives and family while he's there using the stipend his parents gave him to mess around.
Business / Re: N5 Million Sitting Idle In My Bank Account.. GIVEAWAY by Yuceeluv(f): 1:36pm On Feb 03, 2021
Reason why I specified 'small' everywhere.


With just N5 million?! shocked
Business / Re: N5 Million Sitting Idle In My Bank Account.. GIVEAWAY by Yuceeluv(f): 1:27am On Feb 03, 2021
Buy a small plot of Land in a reasonable location, build a reception venue. It does not have to be too posh or sophisticated. And it does not have to be so big.

Then be doing rentals with it... Bdays, wedding receptions, meetings, conferences, etc.
Health / Re: FCT Orders Closure Of Markets Over Covid-19 by Yuceeluv(f): 7:38pm On Feb 02, 2021
Investment / Re: INSME: Man Cries As He Loses ₦63,000 To Ponzi Scheme (Video) by Yuceeluv(f): 1:48am On Jan 30, 2021
What is INSME?

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