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A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 9:11am On Nov 06, 2012
As you carry out your national/primary assignments, May God's Grace guide you to impact positively on every soul you encounter.
May your lives be an examplary one to your fellow corpers and to all humanity.
And may the Almigthy God we serve grant your utmost heart desires as you go about your duties with humility and diligence, Amen!

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Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 2:28pm On Nov 08, 2012

Our Daily Manna Scriptures

The essence of Joseph's wisdom: You must not detach the years of plenty from the years of famine.

When you experience plenty, do not let it you blind your vision and desensitize you from what is truely important in life.

The priorities you cultivate during your good times should be of the kind that will sustain you during your "bad times" as well.


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Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 1:44pm On Nov 09, 2012

Our Daily Manna Scriptures

Oh, please beware of a lean prayer life, a lean Bible study life, a lean life of praises, a lean life of evangelism, a lean giving and forgiving life, or lean working for God because these will eat up the fatness of your comfort and peace season.

May your season of FIRE FOR GOD not be swallowed up by your season of LUKEWARMNESS!
May your YESTERDAYS not be better than your TOMORROWS.
May you not end up as a ONCE-UPON-A-TIME man or woman! PRAY NOW!


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Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 5:54pm On Nov 10, 2012

The reason I'm writing my story online is not to put my private life in public view but that you reading this now may learn from my life experience (especially my mistakes and stupidity) and avoid the pit falls which are eminent if you are not careful your daily decisions.

I shall present all the events of My Story, in a summarised edition, in the following chapters.

Chapter 1 - In the Beginning
Chapter 2 - My Frustration
Chapter 3 - My Mistake, My Stupidity
Chapter 4 - The Business Idea
Chapter 5 - My Torment, My Transformation
Chapter 6 - My Breakthrough, His Grace
Chapter 7 - The Future

In order not to take too much of your time I will be be sharing one chapter per day starting with the 'Introduction' today and will conclude in the next 8 days. As I said earlier my reason for doing this is so that you may learn from my experience and make necessary adjustments in your own lifes.

Please read and be inspired to do the little you can to positively change the society. May God Bless You As Do


The reason I'm writing my story online is not to put my private life in public view but that you reading this now may learn from my life experience, my mistakes, my stupidity and avoid the pit falls which are eminent if you are not careful with your daily decisions.

In life, temptations, trials and tribulations will always come and we will inevitably be disappointed by the ones we love the most. Not because they do not care about us but God uses them as a vessel to prove to you that He is a jealous God and that all attention comes to Him first before any other. This is explained in the the first commandment given to Moses in Deut 5: 6-7, "I am the Lord your God......worship no other god but me." Until we give our whole existence completely to him and hear him speak within us we are yet understand the reason Christ died for us the cross of Calvary.



Human disappointments, natural calamities and accidental mishaps are not to be seen as God's punishment for our sins. But he lets it happen to warn us and to call us to a life of conversion and gives opportunities for growth. St. Paul tells the Ephesians that God gives various gifts to build up the body of Christ. God is most eager to build up the body of Christ within us. Ask yourself, 'how do I collaborate with God in my personal transformation.'

One of the hallmarks of champions is knowing what battles to ignore. There are some people who are specialists in reminding you of some ugly things that you did in the past. These are the people that will tell you that it is impossible for God to use you today because of something that you did twenty years ago. Just like they said about Jesus, "Is this not the carpenter's son," they want to take you back to your past. You need to realise that those are comments you need to ignore. Those are battles you should not bother fighting. As you journey through life just determine to ignore some battles and REST UPON GOD! All Champions Do!
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 5:55pm On Nov 10, 2012

If you lose the dress, shoe, cars or houses your father gave you, they can be replaced. But a Black Mark on the name he gave you cannot be replaced.
Don't forget what shakespeare said: "He who steals my good name steals all I have".


FOR MORE INSPIRATION, COPY THIS LINK inspiresouls4christ.blogspot.com
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 11:35pm On Nov 11, 2012

Now I could go back as far as the year 1991 when I gained admission into secondary school (a boarding home) and how I got influenced by a particularly 'bad egg' who happened to turn my hitherto innocent life around negatively. Though I got away with most of the vices I learnt at the time, it will come to hunt me 14 years after (the year I was to graduate from the Univeristy). But instead, I will start from the most recent events which I believe has enough lessons to learn therein.

Before I go into My Story, I will like paint a PICTURE which I believe will be of utmost importance to this write-up. It is about the very fabric of Human Nature. It is about the BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT of man. I implore you to please bear with me as I attempt this piece of art .

The BODY is an 'empty vessel' which could be filled up with anything at all. Lets take a plastic bottle for example. If filled with a sweet carbonated liquid, we call it a Soft Drink. If filled with bitter fermented drink, we call it Beer or Alcohol. If filled with pure, clean water, we call it Bottled Water. So in essence, its content justifies what it becomes. But the bottle (THE BODY) alone cannot determine what it becomes.

The SOUL on the other hand, is who we are. It is our Conscience. It determines what we are known for and what we become. We are in complete control of the SOUL but most times we are in a dilemma as to which 'voice' to listen to. It is the part of humans that makes our decisions, whether GOOD or BAD.

The SPIRIT is the connection or link between us and our CREATOR. In reality, our SPIRIT should be in total control of our SOULS (our decision making machine) with the guidance of God's Spirit (THE HOLY SPIRIT) but its not so today because of man's imperfection. In life, we are tagged 'GOOD' or 'EVIL' depending on the SPIRIT that guides our decisions.

To get a clear picture of what I mean, think of A Car! Its 'Chassis' can be likened to the Human BODY, it is an empty vessel. The 'Engine' is the the SOUL (with Fuel running in its Pipes like Blood in the Human Veins). Then the Driver/Creator is the SPIRT which controls what the Car does (move, stop, reverse, speed e.t.c). But it can only do this by giving commands to the Engine. Humans are not in control of their SPIRIT.

Every machinery invented by Man follows this principle. All Inventors that have ever lived know of this principles and how it works. Think about any invention or machinery you know and you will understand what I mean, your TV set, CD player, Blender even the House you leave in. They are all controlled by the SPIRIT i.e YOU & I, without which they are 'empty vessels.'


My transformation partially began during the last quarter of 2011 after a business which I successfully co-founded with a friend began to collapse. By December of the same year I was seriously tormented by unseen forces that eventually brought my life to a stand-still and then a search for a new direction began. By the beginning of this year (January 2012) I started a whole new journey, although at the time I did not know I was guided by Powers beyond my control. Sometimes I look back and wonder how ignorant and out-off-tune spiritually we could be as humans.


To be continued in CHAPTER 2 - MY FRUSTRATION
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 1:03pm On Nov 12, 2012

It all started in January 2009. Fresh out of the National Youth Service Scheme by September of the previous year (2008), I decided
to rest for a couple of months before actively engaging in job search because I was very sick during service year and had lost a lot of
weight. Also my brother had his traditional wedding coming up by December, 2008, so I decided I was going to start job hunt the next year.

So after the wedding which took place in the eastern part of the country (Imo State), I was back to Lagos by the first week of January
2009. Immediately, I updated my CV and was ready to enter the job market. With the help of my new sister-in-law I submitted my
CV to a multinational company. It might interest you to note that this was my first job application and co-incidently, happened to be
my last. To my utmost surprise, I was called for an interview the following week, and was told to resume training immediately, as
they had written their test earlier (which I missed) and had candidates who where undergoing training already. We were the pioneer
staff of the company. (Can someone tell me this was not a micracle in present day Nigeria?)

After the training in which I was the leader of my team, I was posted to a branch of the company on Broad street, Lagos. Before now, I have always wanted to startup a business but knew I needed some capital thus my need for the job. But getting into the corporate system, and having access to our new HQ, I realised how unfulfilling (in my view of course) the life of the corporately employed could be (you cannot believe how much our salary was). No offence to those in the corporate sector but if we were to make a critically review of the sector I believe there something wrong with anyone expecting much from the system.

Please look at this personal analysis of my family. In the late 60's/ealier 70's one could get a job after secondary school by writing an
application and posting it to multinational companies and will be called for an interview. My father got a job with Shell Petroleum Development Company in exact same way after been contacted by other major companies at the time including The Nigerian Tobacco Company and a list of others. Because of the Nigerian Civil War they had to leave Port Harcourt back to Imo State, Nigeria. After the war, he sent out letters in the same way and got a job with Pan Ocean Oil Corporation, another multinational in Lagos. After less than a year training, he became The Chief Cartographer (Map specialists) of the company. Now, I am a Geologist by qualification, can someone tell me what it will take (in time, sweat and blood) to achieve that feat in these times? To say the least, my father bougth a brand new car from the Peugoet Automobile Company in Kaduna, all paid for: A Secondary School Certificate holder!

Another quick example, My mother after a short while working for Industrial Gases Limited (presently BOC Gases) at Oshodi became
the Head of Computer Department; with the same qualification. She also bought a brand new Toyota with her salary (No runs o!).

Please do not get me wrong, some people still achieve feats like these but if we consider the times, there are millions of qualified
graduates out there and very little jobs. Even the available jobs pay salaries that are not able to cater for your transport and feeding
talkless of your up-keep. Realizing these facts got me worried and frustrated.

While doing my National Youth Service in Jos, Plateau State (2007/08), I attended a seminar organized by House on the Rock
Ministry with the Topic - THRIVING IN THE MARKET PLACE (By Fela Durotoye, a motivational speaker). I was fired-up. I got
encouraged, motivated, inspired to start a business. But there was a problem.

I had a lot of questions but the answers were no where to be found. I had problems and seriously needed solutions fast. Instead of

To be continued tomorrow in CHAPTER 3 - MY MISTAKES, MY STUPIDITY
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by Prettylady1: 5:51pm On Nov 12, 2012
souls4christ: As you carry out your national/primary assignments, May God's Grace guide you to impact positively on every soul you encounter.
May your lives be an examplary one to your fellow corpers and to all humanity.
And may the Almigthy God we serve grant your utmost heart desires as you go about your duties with humility and diligence, Amen!

For daily inspirational guide, pls visit inspiresouls4christ.blogspot.com and be inspired.

Pls remember to leave a comment to help inspire other readers and your fellow corpers.

May God Bless You As You Do.
Amen ooo
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 10:18am On Nov 13, 2012

Welcome back! As I concluded yesterday my Anxiety lead me in search of Answers and Solutions which in turn lead to my Greatest Mistake.

Now, I had this friend who had the same business ideology as I did and he had some capital but needed a partner to support him
and to share his ideas. He called me up at some point and told me his plans and how he needed us to work together. But their was a
problem, he resided in a different town (Ibadan) and we needed to be in constant touch if things where going to work for good. I had
to take the big decision. Yes! It was a radical one considering the fact that I did not really have a plan B yet but I was of the opinion
that, 'what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.' I learnt this from a story I heard some time ago about a captain who took his
platoon to war against an enemy and was greatly outnumbered. As they crossed the bridge leading to the battle field, the captain
bombed the bridge and to his overtly freightened men he said, 'There is no way back home except through the enemy lines, so if you
want to succeed in this battle, you have to stay alive or die trying." And that was all they needed. With that determination, they
fought, suffered casualties and eventually came out victorious. I always narrate this story to anyone who is of the conviction that
Entrepreneurship is his/her calling. But always remember the road to genuine fame and wealth is rough and narrow. YOU MUST

Back to my story. Barely, five months into my new job, I left to Ibadan for good. You might wonder, why Ibadan of all places in
Nigeria. There was a strategic reason. Apparently, we both had our tertiary education in the ancient city where we meet during our
first year in the university. We became close and continued our friendship even after we left school. But the main reasons he chose
Ibadan were because it was generally more economical to operate in the practically cheap and sane town (as compared to the
insanity Lagos) and also because it is much more accessible to other parts of the country by road which was key to any possibities if
we where going to survive as a business. So here I was ready to enter into the business world with no prior experience per se. Due to
my impatience, I left a job which though was frustrating at the time but had potentials since it was a new company and I was among the pioneer staff. I didn't want to wait indefinately. Even though I had no plan B and no savings yet MY GREATEST MISTAKE was that, "I DID NOT ASK MY GOD WHAT DIRECTION TO TAKE". I felt my QUESTIONS where going to be ANSWERED by a FELLOW MAN.

Immediately, we jumped into action. It was a little difficult at the beginning but later we settled in. I was naive in the business world. I felt since this was a very good friend of mine there was no need for formalities. I DID NOT SIGN A FORMAL AGREEMENT. It was just word-of-mouth (VERBAL AGREEMENT). Anyways, in good faith, I gave in my all, my brains, time, blood, sweat, everything. The business blossomed (Pls stay tuned for THE BUSINESS IDEA tomorrow). Then we got stupid. Stupidity came in the form of Pride. Now, because of how good our product was and the idea behind it, people marvelled and applauded us. We became Proud. WE BOASTED OPENLY THAT THE BUSINESS WAS NO MORE IN GODS HANDS, THAT IT WAS IN OUR POWERS TO MAKE IT SUCCEED OR FAIL.

Some of you reading this now might want to crucify me for such words, please be careful for it is written "judge not, that you will not be judged." There are so many things we do (even as christians) on a daily basis in our personal lives and businesses which hinders us from recieving God's blessings. Sometimes we make excuses in the name civilization and we feel justified. A common example is, "You are in a relationship, you go to church with your partner and God through his ordained minister say's, 'Thou shall not commit fornication.' You leave the church, take your partner home and F**K all night. What you have just done indirectly is, you are telling God F**K YOU to His face. Please pardon my language but that is what it is. When it comes to God there is nothing like PART-TIME LOYALTY. It is either you are IN or OUT. It really hurts me to see how spiritually out-of-tune we are as humans because I have been there. I am not trying to boast but this days, whenever I ASK GOD, maybe for a sign, I WAIT & LISTEN, and then He SPEAKS and I HEAR Him. We were created in this way, to commune with Him in the Spirit. You have to search for Him within you and you must find Him. Even if you make millions of dollars in your business today, if you are not guided by the Spirit you are not safe for the devil is on the prowl looking for someone to devour.

May God give us the Grace to ASK (PRAY), WAIT & LISTEN and then HEAR Him when He SPEAKS, IN JESUS NAME, AMEN!

To be continued tomorrow in CHAPTER 4 - THE BUSINESS IDEA
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 11:14pm On Nov 14, 2012

(Because of time constraint and the length of this Chapter, it will come in two parts (I & II). I really wish I could make this write-up
as brief as possible but at the same time I have to give out as much information as I can. Please bear with me.)

Good morning again, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I come to in good faith and with glad tidying. I guess this is the day you have
been waiting for. Before I go into the main business of the day I will like to bring to your attention 3 key factors that are of utmost
importance that aided my business success. You must also put into consideration that these are my personal convictions and thus,
this story is peculiar to me and might not apply to all and sundry. But I assure that the guiding principles applies to all business
ventures anywhere in the world.

The 3 key factors that my business success are;


In my assessment, a reliable way to make millions fast in business is by "DEVELOPING A UNIQUE PRODUCT". I do not mean
coming up with something entirely new. It could a be product already in existence but you could add some unique features to it. If
you look around your area of residence, you will see a prevailing type of business (e.g supermarket,schools e.t.c), believe it or not, at
sometime in the past, they where started by one person. Yes! ONE PERSONS IDEA! When other people discover how lucrative what
you are doing is, they cash in on it. SO BEWARE! But remember, there is always an advantage of being A PIONEER. A typical
example is the sachet water business. One man or a group of people came up with the idea but today we have countless sachet
water manufacturers everywhere. 'La casera' soft drink gave The Nigerian Bottling Company (manufacturers of Coca cola in Nigeria) a
run for their money when they introduced into the market their unique (Apple) soft drink in 'Pet Bottles'. THAT IS IDEA.


I stand to be corrected but it is practically impossible to grow a small start-up into a multi-million dollar business without
leveraging on financial support from anywhere possible. But a key factor that gives you an advantage is how RELIABLE and
TRUSTWORTHY you are. No matter how good your idea's are, nobody will give you a financial leverage if you have a questionable
character (track record), unless of course, you are a con artist or scammer (If you reading this now and you engage in such, I
admonish you to change your ways and give your life to Christ). I'm not bragging but if you must know, I'm the kind of person that
will go any length to make sure a friend or colleague achieves their set goals without any personal gratification. I personally got loans
from my family to support my business venture even though I had no formal agreement with my partner. This was possible simply
because I have proved over time to be RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY. As christians, we go to church on sundays and give millions in
offerings because we believe in our priests and pastors to to help pray to God for our salvation. THAT IS INTEGRITY.


I'm very much convinced that the 2 factors mentioned above cannot be achieved without a supernatural force. Unique ideas I
believe, come from the sub-concious which is our connection with supernatural forces which operates within this realm, although,
some of the people who come up with some very brilliant ideas might be ignorant of these facts. I really do not know much how this
happens but I have seen it work. Or how do you explain this: With a frail stature and a weak heart, I have personally worked into
over a thousand supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide to market my product with over 95% success rate. In less than 3 years, I
have travelled all over this country (except some of the Northern states) by road. YES! I MEAN BY ROAD! Even with the terrible
condition of our highways which some analyst classify as death traps. A number of times, I have driven through armed robbery
gangs in operation, involved in ghastly motor accidents but in all cases, I WAS NEVER HARMED. All this I did IN PURSUIT OF


Today, I look back at my life and all I can say is, "THANK YOU FATHER, I AM GRATEFUL!"
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 11:42pm On Nov 14, 2012

Lets quickly refresh our memories on the previous chapter (MY MISTAKES, MY STUPIDITY). In the beginning, I got a miraculously a
job in the corporate sector got frustrated, left my job. Started a business with a friend without any formal agreement and in a short
while the business blossomed. Then we became proud. WE BOASTED OPENLY THAT THE BUSINESS WAS NO MORE IN GODS

So I'm in Ibadan in search of a business break-through. We had to come up with AN IDEA, A UNIQUE PRODUCT, A BUSINESS PLAN
and we had to do that fast. The IDEA was to develop a UNIQUE PRODUCT, a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FMCG) and build a
DELIVERY CHANNEL (SYSTEM) nationwide by supplying the products to outlets who deal in the same sector with the hope of
developing other FCMGs in the future and selling them through the same channel. We eventually chose the HEALTHCARE SECTOR.

*P.S. This is actually one of the proven methods of getting rich or becoming a millionaire (potential enterpreneurs please take note).*

There are 2 ways in which you can do this:

(1) Develop a (unique) product and supply to outlets or export to other countries
(2) Import an already existing product and supply to outlets or sell wholesales

Though, nos (1) is much easier to achieve, I always recommend nos (2) because the quality of products are always better and the
cost of production in this country (Nigeria) is very expensive. For more information or free consultation on this please feel free to
contact me via email at inspiresouls4christ@gmail.com or call 08083267777.

The first idea we came up with wasn't entirely a failure but we felt it wasn't going to get us the our promised land as fast as we
wanted. So we dumped it. Then, out of the blues, we struck Gold. For the purpose of confidentiality I will not be able to mention the
product here but for the sake of knowledge and giving you as much helpful information as possible, I will draw a mental sketch of
our whole business model.

The Product we developed was a Fast Moving Consumer Good (FCMG) under the Health Care Sector. We developed the product
content and designed the pack from scratch. The Packaging which was key to our success was an instant attraction to all who came
across it. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. It was manufactured by an American Company based in Gulin, China (which we discovered online
via www.alibaba.com). The cost of manufacturing and transportation was very competitive even after much negotiation but we were
partly guaranteed on quality. We sent money through a domiciliary account. After production, the goods were transported via air
frieght as compared to sea transport because we needed to recieve them as quickly as possible . The goods are delivered to the
Nigerian Aviation Handling Company PLC (NAHCO Aviance), we clear from them and transport all the way to Ibadan where we start
distribution nationwide.

I must confess we took the hard way because we really wanted to make money fast. Though we started with sampling the product in
Ibadan due to accessibility of the town but immediately we confirmed a positve reception, we went nationwide. For those who do not
have a solid financial background, I would recommend you start marketing in your vicinity and discuss partnerships later. One of
the most difficult aspects of doing business in Nigeria is getting reliable hands. But you dont have a choice. The name
ENTERPRENEUR is synonymous with term RISK. Always be prepared at all times because you will definately recieve DISAPPOINTMENTS.

Now, it is very easy to make all this analysis here and generate comments from you but most of you cannot imagine the hardwork
that went into this business. For a whole year I marketed my products with just 3 polo shirts and 2 pair of jeans and 1 pair of
sandals. Yes! Appearance (packaging) they say, matters a lot but if you have a unique product, a fast selling one and people get to
know you are trustworthy they will, "BUY INTO THE LEADER BEFORE THEY BUY INTO THE VISION."

Majority of the business moguls we celebrate in our society today went through fire, sleepless nights, loss of loved ones, to get to
where they are today. Sometimes, I imagine what international artists like P-Square suffered during their prime days. While as
students, we were busy sleeping in our hostels or waiting for them to come perform at 4AM in our schools, they where performing in
various campuses on the same night, risking their lives on the ever dangerous Nigerian roads. But see where they are now,
(performing with international acts like Rick Rozay, Akon e.t.c).

So do not think you can just seat in the comfort of your A/C room with your cute, internet enabled laptop/modem and make
millions (i.e if you are in Nigeria). NO! I DONT THINK SO. Though, it is achieveable in some parts of the world but the high cost of
doing business, expensive/poor internet accessibility and negative impression of our beloved country (NIGERIA) internationally
puts us at a great disadvantage.


- Gratitude is the homage of the heart which responds with graciousness whenever a favour is recieved. Ingratitude is forgetfullness
or a poor return for kindness recieved. Ingratitude easily leads to lack of charity and intolerance towads others. How often have been
ungrateful to our parents, pastors, teachers and neighbours? Do you express gratitude to God for His mercy?

- Hear this: "All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to
circumstances." Are you connected to God?
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 8:49pm On Nov 15, 2012

Good eveing once again. I shall continue today with how my business empire began to crumble. This is MY STORY.

The 1st set of our products we imported by October 2009 cost us about N300,000, by October 2011, our latest consignment was worth over N15 Million naira. We even had a new variety which we planned bringing in before the end of that year (2011). But something happened. I started getting very restless and agitated. At the time, I didn't know exactly what it was but inside of me I was tormented. My friend also started having all sorts of issues and then started acting funny. It got to a point it started affecting everybody around us including our business partners. Our friendship deteriorated. By December 2012, I couldn't bear it anymore, we had goods worth over N15 Million but when I lay down at night to sleep, I couldn't. Something was tormenting my spirit. I started searching for answers and solution again. The exert same spot I was before left my job in 2009. By January 2012, I made a decision. This decision will eventually lead to the next stage in MY LIFE.

My Decision was to breakway from anything that was causing anxiety in my life which included my business partnership. With the help of a then stranger who now happens to be a special friend, very dear to my heart, MY TRANSFORMATION began.
I must confess I kept something from you in the CHAPTER 3: MY MISTAKE, MY STUPIDITY. But I'm told to write it here and now. As I said earlier, as our business blossomed, we got proud and WE BOASTED OPENLY THAT THE BUSINESS WAS NO MORE IN GODS HANDS, THAT IT WAS IN OUR POWERS TO MAKE IT SUCCEED OR FAIL. Now, at that time, I was always pissed with the growing number of churches everywhere and I felt they constituted a lot of nusciance with their loud speakers especially at night during their vigils. This made me take a decision. And the decision was that, "IN THIS LIFE I WILL LIKE TO BE KNOWN FOR BEING THE ONE VOICE WHO CRITICIZED PASTORS AND THESE NEW GENERATION CHURCHES." This in my view was THE STUPIDEST MISTAKE I have ever done in my whole life. Then I used to openly criticize pastors but now I know better, for God Himself said, 'Touch not my annointed and do my prophet no harm.' He also said, 'Judge not, that you will not be judge.'

I have heard a lot of people criticize, judge and condemn ordained men of God. Although it is true we are allowed to have our own opinions and we also have the right to make our own judgements but what if we are wrong in our judgements. Just, what if God really takes offence when we judge the men of God? Can you imagine the condemnation we will be bringing on ourselves and to our generations. Is it not better to be on the safe side and MIND OUR BUSINESS? Is it not better to allow God take His revenge by Himself? Why do we keep fighting battles that is not ours?

I pray God to give us His WISDOM & KNOWLEDGE to UNDERSTAND His ways, AMEN!

You can also follow my blog - inspiresouls4christ.blogspot.com

Thank you for reading.

To be continued tomorrow in CHAPTER 6: MY BREAKTHROUGH, HIS GRACE


- Jesus promises to bring the kingdom of God to all who recognize in him the power and glory of the Father in heaven.
He reveals Himself in countless ways to those who seek Him with eyes of Faith.

Do you seek the kingdom of God with joyful hope?

- Hear Jo Blackwell-Preston: "Dont you dare for one second, surround yourself with people who are not aware of the greatness that you are."
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 9:52am On Nov 16, 2012

As MY TRANSFORMATION began, my eyes started opening up to a lot of things I couldn't see before now. It might interest you to know that so many unknowns in my life has openied up to me since I took that decision in January this year 2012. I must confess that it was a very tough decision and it has been a very painful journey. I have cried, wept, shed tears endlessly, lost everything I worked for but finally I have been comforted. Even though I have no material wealth now, I have everything I need.

I have MY BREAK-THROUGH because my spirit is at peace with my God.

Just as iron passes through fire to become STEEL, so I am passing through (Yes! I'm still in the process) my eternal fire now to become GREAT. I have gone past the stage where I worry and fear about my past, present and future because in essence, if He can take care of the Unclad crops in the field and the gentle birds in the air, why not me His own repentant son. Thus, I have decided that, 'In all I do, in sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, in sadness and in happiness, I will never fail to give Glory and Praise to His Holy Name. For it is by HIS GRACE that I'm saved.'

I pray the PEACE and GRACE of God Almighty be with you all now and forever more. Amen!

You can also follow my blog - inspiresouls4christ.blogspot.com

Thank you for reading.

To be continued tomorrow in CHAPTER 7: THE FUTURE


- The return of the Lord is certain, but the time is unknown. The Lord's judgement comes swiftly and unexpectedly.

God judges every one individually according to how they have lived their life and responded to His Grace. The good news is that God gives His grace, security and refuge to those who seek him with Faith and Contrition.

He gives us the grace to know Him personally and to accept his Lordship over our lives. And He gives us the Holy Spirit to live each day for His kingdom, and readiness to receive Him when He returns.

Are you ready to come face-to-face with God?

- Thich Nhat Hanh wrote: "To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself."

So always declare: "The God whose I am will NEVER let me down."
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 4:04pm On Nov 17, 2012

As I look into THE FUTURE, my vision is so clear because MY GOD has cleared all the obstacle in my way. In geographial terms, I have been elevated as high as the clouds so I can see what lies over the horizon. From my aerial view, I can see the hills and valleys and trees that obstructed my vision while I was on land but now they are no more in my way. This was made possible only by His Grace.

As I said earlier in this write-up, I am an aspiring Brand Expert and Business Consultant. My aim in life now is to build businesses that are founded on the fear of God, businesses that will serve humanity and eventually give Glory to His Holy Name. I cannot say for sure I know what THE FUTURE holds but He has told me that just as He did for His servant Joseph in Gen 39: 2-3 which reads, 'The LORD was with Joseph and made Him successful....in everything that He did', He will do the same for me.

I pray for Grace in your lives and to do to you all, the same as He did to His servant Joseph, Amen!

You can also follow my blog - inspiresouls4christ.blogspot.com

To be continued tomorrow with MY CONCLUSION


- Jesus illustrates how God as our judge is much quicker to bring us His justice, blessing, and help when we need it. But we can easily lose heart and forget to ask our heavenl Father for His Grace and help. If we want to live, grow, and persevere in the Faith until the end, then we must nourish it with His word and ask the Lord to increase it.

When trials and setbacks disappoint you, where do you place your hope? Do you pray with expectant Faith and Confidence in God's merciful care and providence for you?

- One of the secrets of provoking God to remember you is by allowing an "innocent child" to pray for you apart from your pastor, this week do the same concerning your business, marital life, career, ministry and wait for your BREAK-THROUGH!
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 11:53pm On Nov 18, 2012

As I CONCLUDE MY STORY today I want to use this opportunity to thank all my readers especially those that have contributed their opinions and comments to this blog. I also want to inform you that I will be taking a couple weeks off to organize a Business Idea that came to me in the course of doing this writing. As a source of inspiration to you, I want you to know that I have absolutely no capital now. I had to leave my house in Lagos to go stay with my brother in Port Harcourt, Rivers State because I needed to clear my head from the disappointment I experienced in my business. All I have is MY IDEA, MY INTEGRITY and most importantly MY SUPERNATURAL FORCE - MY GOD ( Remember the 3 key factors I mentioned in THE BUSINESS IDEA - I). These are all I will be needing for my next project.

Always remember this, "The world we leave in works on PRINCIPLES and there are SEASONS for everything. A crop needs a combination of fertile soil, moisture and air to grow (PRINCIPLES) without any of these it dies. A farmer plants his crops before the rains and harvests them afterwards (SEASONS), if misses the Planting Season, he misses the Harvest. We cannot leave through life without sowing seeds of Faith and being connected to our CREATOR. We have to discover our purpose in this life. We have to search for Him within us and we MUST find Him. Without Him, all we do in this life is FUTILE. Vanity upon Vanity, ALL IS VANITY.

Thank You All For Staying With Me Through This Journey And May God Bless You As You Go In Search of His Grace And Your Purpose In Life.

You have all read MY STORY and hopefully, have learnt the lessons therein. If you are out there and you have an inspirational story you will like to share. Pls send it to inspiresouls4christ@gmail.com

Let us join hands to Inspire Souls of All Humanity because I believe that is our primary Assignment and Purpose in Life.


- Jesus used the fig tree to teach his disciples an important lesson about reading the "signs of times".

The fig tree was a common and important source of food for the Jews. It bore fruit twice a year, in autumn and in the spring.

The signs of spring are evident for all who can see. Just so are the signs of God's kingdom and his coming in judgement.

The "budding" of God's kingdom begins first in the hearts of those who are receptive to God's word.
God's word is utterly reliable, because God Himself is utterly trustworthy.

Those who trust in God's word will bear the fruit of His kingdom, namely righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Do you look with joyful hope for the fulfilment of all God's promises?

- King David once said, 'What is man, that thou art MINDFUL of him?....'

Note this, " No matter what you are passing through, always remember if God could give you Jesus His beloved son, then there is NOTHING ELSE He will not release to you.

He is always MINDFUL of you.

FOR MORE INSPIRATION, PLEASE VISIT inspiresouls4christ.blogspot.com

*P.S. Leave a comment below to inspire other readers of this blog.*

God Bless You As You Do.
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 6:58pm On Dec 05, 2012
Always remember to say yor prayers everyday.
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 8:40pm On Dec 19, 2012
This is just to wish all my readers a lovely preparation towards to yuletide season.
May the spirit of Christmas bring eternal joy and heavenly peace to you and your families.

Compliments of the season.
Re: A Simple Prayer For All Youth Corpers by souls4christ: 9:21pm On Dec 31, 2012
This is wishing all Nairalanders and Nigerians at large a wonderful transition into 2013. (THE AGE OF HUMANITIES SPIRITUAL DISCOVERY)

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