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Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by akanji2013: 10:13pm On Oct 05, 2013
Fube Entertainment
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June 29, 2013 8:06 pm
LAUTECH has for years now been in the news as an unstable University courtesy of Power Tussle- Ownership Issue, Students protest due to bluffly refusal of unfavourable policies by the school authority; death of fellows courtesy of insecurity and lots more. More-so, the image of LAUTECH is being painted black with issues that generated only from this about to end semester. The death of a student which led to days of peaceful demonstrations (world grossly misinformed); the killing of a lady for ritual, by her boyfriend; the EFCC arrest, detain and sentence of a student to three (3) years imprisonment for internet fraud.
All these gives people bad impressions about the school. Students of other schools see LAUTECH Students as scoundrels; but the fact that they heard of a Lautech Student who killed his girlfriend for ritual doesn’t make all Lautech Students ritualists; that they read and heard in the news of a Ladokite whom EFCC arrested, detained and sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment for internet fraud/cyber-crime, doesn’t make all Ladokites Scammers, Fraudsters and Cyber Criminals.
Drawing conclusions based on small size, rather than looking at statistics that are much more in line with the typical or average situation is unacceptable. It’s worth condemning making a hasty conclusion about our School without considering all of variables. These have blindfolded many eyes from seeing the better side of our school. They had better look beyond this secundum quid and stop the intentional exclusion of evidences to a bias conclusion.
There are Cyber-criminals, Ritualists, Internet Fraudsters in other Universities as seen in LAUTECH. What’s happening in LAUTECH also happens in mostly all Universities in this country, it’s just that the media gives so much attention to issues generating from our school. Therefore, the LAUTECH situation has generated so many controversies and arguments between our Students and others, most especially the Students of University of Ibadan (UI), Obafemi Awolowo University (UI) and University of Ilorin (UNILORIN); all claiming the best is their school.
Their noise am sick and tired of. UI Students claims to be the Best because of the school being the First, OAU Students claims their School is the Greatest while Students of UNILORIN claims they’re Better by Far. Whatever! Truth be told, they’re all living on past glories and now becoming gongs & cymbals adding no harmonioustones to songs.
LAUTECH was founded in 1990; it is only 23 years old, so it is youngand still developing. LAUTECH as an institution cannot be compared to UI, OAU and other first generation Universities based on its age, and infrastructures available. In the above mentioned schools, all the infrastructures more less are in place and what is only needed to be done is to maintain these facilities. LAUTECH is still growing and there are many things to be put in place for it to accomplish it aims and objectives.
LAUTECH is still fighting hard to find its feet I must admit, still with this situation, its products are first to be reckon with in the labour market. Ladokites competes favourably well with graduates from other universities, there are a lot of testimonials to the effect. Despite the trials and upheavals LAUTECH faces, it’s growing strong and stronger, and strengths of its Students waxing stronger. That’s the reason we’re Sound, Agile, Active and SMART.
Sincerely, what sickens me most about the Students of UI & OAU is that of a baseless argument they always engross in; before you could make a point to buttress, ‘do you know how many Professors we’ve produced? Most of all the lecturers of Universities in Nigeria are our products. The Vice-Chancellor of your school is a product of our school’, they says, it has always been that same point. Shut-Up! Your school made them Professors or their commitment, resilient, dedication and hard-work?
Ehn-ehn, where would the lecturers have schooled if not your school which is the first in the country. The fact that my Vice-Chancellor is a product of your school doesn’t make your school far better. You claims to have Beautiful structures, Smart Lecture Halls, and the largest Lecture Theatre in West Africa or evenin Africa while LAUTECH builds Sheds; Yes, of course we build sheds but the products of our sheds competes head-to-head with your products of Smart Lecture Halls and big Lecture Theatres; shouldn’t you guys shut up and bury your heads in shame.
If UI & OAU Students are raising eyebrows, UNILORIN Students should better keep quiet. What is even special about UNILORIN; is itthe ‘Ki-ra-mosa & Bo-wowo’ style of learning they engage in These guys fails to understand that University is a Citadel of Learning not only reading and studying books or making researches but also giving exposure to life. In LAUTECH, you get exposed to what LIFE means…you garner experience and memories you can never let go.
FUTA Students, you also claim your school is the best? Please better go solve the puzzle that brings “Tension” & “Agony” in that Federal University of yours. Truth be told, UI and OAU are living on past glories; University education is not about living on past glories but on the students’ capacity to be good in all areas of life; One way to measure the quality of a school is not by Nigeria University Commission’s ranking but by its products. Being rated 1st by NUC doesn’t make you the best.
You guys had better not get caught up with past glories; stop depending on glories of the past, and start molding yourselves; get a life, make names yourselves and stop the issue of how many pot-bellied professors you produced. Also, graduating from UI or OAU doesn’t make you better than someone that graduates from the ripped-apart University of Ado Ekiti (UNAD now EKSU) or other schools. Your God’s given aptitude and hardwork are more important. Your university will not determine your success; it may only have impact on you. Being a good student depends on your personal ability, brain, talent and how vast you are!
As long as am concerned, LAUTECH remains the best; it’s not all about infrastructures, it’s all about knowledge and how the school can impact life into you. LAUTECH is a young flower just budding and when the fragrances of the older flowers are gone and they arewithered, LAUTECH will be in its full glory. Forget the “FIRST AND THE BEST” Trumpeters, the “GREAT IFE” shouters, and the “BETTER BY FAR” Criers; LAUTECH remains the best University in Nigeria and the World at large, like it or loathe it. No matter how black they may paint us, we’ll always lead while others follow.
Written by
Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMI’NIGERIA, PRO, Union of Campus Journalists, Lautech.
@Fube_Ent 261EF6C3
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Posted by andycole
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Tags: lautech
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Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Aibike(m): 10:15pm On Oct 05, 2013
akanji2013: http://myschool.com.ng/oau/news/21137/ui-oau-get-approval-to-offer-traditional-medicine-degrees.html Hmmm sign of the endtime o... Sey na babalawo UI want dey do ni.
....funny guy,.lmao
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by akanji2013: 10:15pm On Oct 05, 2013
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VC inspects projects to improve teaching and learning environment
2013/2014 Admissions Exercise
Sunday Saanu
University of Ibadan (UI) recently did Nigeria proud when it defeated other West African countries at a competition organized by the African Union’s (AU) Pan African University and emerged as the hub for the West Africa where Earth and Life Sciences will be taught to other West African university students. The Earth and LifeSciences Programmes that will attract foreign students to Nigeria’s premier university are Agriculture and Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries, Botany and Microbiology, Food Technology, Zoology and Geology. Others include Petroleum Engineering, Oil and Gas, Dentistry, Nutrition and Dietetics as well as Medicine and Surgery. The courses will be subsidized by the AU and partly by UI.
African Union had observed that the quality of many African higher education institutions has been adversely affected in recent years by harsh economic, social, political and even conflict situations on the continent. Besides, the union noted with serious concern the endemic phenomenon of brain drain which has deprived the continent of its finest intellectuals. To address this backward trend, AU therefore, proposed in 2008, the creation of the Pan African University (PAU) which shall involve promotion, networking and development of programmes and research centres within some existing excellent universities in the five geographic sub-regions including Northern, Western, Eastern, Central and Southern Africa.
The idea behind this segmentation of African continent is that each sub-region will host a thematic component of the PAU which will be committed to selecting and networking high quality centres, developing similar programmes and to serve as a hub for other surrounding institutions. In other words, UI which has now emerged as the hub for West Africa shall serve as a centre where quality learning and research shall be emphasized and promoted in order to create a global pool of knowledge and innovation, better links with industry so as to enhance relevance and contribute to addressing local challenges.
However, UI’s journey to this continental success was not a tea party as it had to contest fiercely both locally and regionally with other universities craving for the AU’s honour and recognition. Explaining the process, UI. Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olufemi Bamiro who commended the Education Minister,Prof.Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa'i for her transparence,patrotism and fair play said the Minister hinged her judgement on merit while selecting the university that would represent the country at the AU’s competition.
According to Prof. Bamiro “we must thank the Minister for her honesty. She went to the National Universities Commission (NUC) and got nomination about the best University to represent Nigeria. With UI’s record, structure, achievements over the years, the minister did not hesitate to nominate UI for the Addis-Ababa competition”
“At Addis-Ababa competition where Nigeria’s representative (UI) met Senegal, Benin and Guinea for the epic battle, UI defeated all these universities with its unrivalled profile, thus, emerging as West African hub for the PAU’s programmes” Prof. Bamiro said:. Interestingly, among cutting-edge which facilitated UI’s success included evidence of the institution’s involvement in the thematic priority areas, existence of formidable post graduate programmes and research, evidence of international partnerships as UI has over 139 linkages all over the world including join research collaborations. Also, the university showed availability of adequate and qualified staff as well as availability and quality of infrastructure for teaching and research.
With this latest achievement, UI has not only confirmed its prestigious vantage position as the first and the best university in Nigeria, but has also continued to be a source of pride to every Nigerian with its academic profundity and solid moral rectitude. This is one institution that has been insulated from the national virus known as corruption as a result of quality leadership it enjoys.
Not quite long, the university won a MacArthur Foundation grant worth N108 million to host a new master’s degree programme in Development Practice designed to promote sustainable development. UI was the only university selected in Nigeria as one of the ten taken among more than 70 universities from North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America which bidded for the grant. Indeed, all of these could not have been possible without accountable and committed leadership provided by Prof. Bamiro and his team players. Kudos to them!
However, there is still some distance to destination for UI to be a global player. There are still many challenges. Funding is a critical component of a university aspiring to become an internationally acknowledged institution for higher learning. And, government alone can’t do it. The University must put on its thinking cap with regard to fund raising without ompromising
its hard-earned integrity.
African Union has reposed its confidence in UI by making it a hub for West Africa. This hope must not be dashed. Strike action must not jeopadise this aspiration. All hands must be on deck to ensure that the programmes succeed. The vision of the AU is to build an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa. This is a good vision that must not be allowed to blur. We all have a role to play. Surely, quality higher education is imperative if Africa is to attain this vision and participate fully in the global knowledge economy.
Sunday Saanu
of Ibadan
s undaysaanu@yahoo.com08059436919
2013/2014 Admissions Exercise
Life of Staff and Students is Precious in UI
List of students with a CGPA of 6.0 and above in the 2011/2012 Session
UI Intellectual Property Policy now online
UI Gender Policy now online
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>>Scheme of Service (Senior Staff)
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Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Nobody: 10:16pm On Oct 05, 2013
SOA93: tommybob dont let mi start avin 2nd tot about u men,u ar talkin 2 mi in directly.am askin a questn,nd if u cnt answer u sud liv it; nd nt 2 tel odas to nt reply....u ar 2 big 4 dat bro,let respect ourself
bro.... Hanhan didnt expect dat frm u... 2nd tot ke? I was actually jokin .... My guys undastand bera.... Drp ur 2go id... I ll lyk to explain to u bera... Increasing d no to b admited cant affect d hostels.... Drp ur id lemme explain to u bera
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Mesopotamia(m): 10:19pm On Oct 05, 2013
olalerey: Hmmmmm.......jst watchin u my BROS and BROSRESSES in 3d .....i hail al my oga @ d top o in d likes of mr fynest,morgang,leystra,mesopotamia,mikebis e.t.c
i hail back sir
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by akanji2013: 10:26pm On Oct 05, 2013
RSSUI admission: When dollar was offered as bribe
Economic & Financial Times
Monday, 30th September 2013
Global Economy
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YOU ARE HERE: Home Analysis CommentUI admission: When dollar was offered as bribe
UI admission: When dollar was offered as bribe
Sunday Saanu
Admission into various higher institutions in Nigeria is metaphorically a tug of war.
Year in year out, an ever increasing number of admission seekers duel themselves to exhaustion in order to secure a place in a university of their choice. Some
of these desperate admission seekers often go spiritual: attending vigil, consulting oracle and eliciting the support of babalawo and dibia – all in an attempt to go to school. Their parents are equally involved in the rat race as they, on their part, lobby possible people that could assist their children, as well as providing logistics.
Currently, there are 124 universities in the country, 37 federally controlled, 37 state owned and 50 privately established. From these three categories, only the
federal universities are open to the children of the poor as both state and private universities charge exorbitantly. An average tuition fee in many of the state universities is about one hundred and fifty thousand naira while a conservative amount of fee in private universities is between three hundred and fifty to four hundred thousand naira. Some private universities charge over a million naira per session! Conversely, in most of the federal universities, tuition fee is less than forty thousand naira.
In spite of the wide gap in terms of charges, however, the issue of quality education is simply in comparable. While many of the federal universities can boast of world class lecturers whose intellectual clouts command global respect, a majority of the state and private universities rely on second degree holders, who are just
cutting their academic teeth! For example, the nation’s premier university, University of Ibadan (UI) parades over 300 professors as academic staff whereas
there are some private universities where they could not boast of five professors!
Obviously, these are some of the reasons that inform the decision of the admission seekers and their parents. They want quality education at an affordable rate. Any
wonder that UI records a yearly admission subscription of about 60,000 when in actual fact; the university can only admit less than 5,000 candidates! Much as
the caring Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Folorunso Adewole would have wanted to admit more, carrying capacity of the 64 years old university would not allow
more than it is needed.
Consequently, there is much pressure on all the Principal Officers and their Assistants during admission period. Parents and their children probably did not know that
UI has conceptualized, operationalised and institutionalized a transparent admission process that does not allow anybody any room for manipulation. The guidelines are well spelt out. The intention of the university is to admit only the best.
In fact, the UI admission model is so strict that even the VC who is the “Commander-in-Chief” cannot dictate that a candidate of his preference must be admitted when such a candidate has not met the minimum entry requirement. For example, Prof.
Adewole’s cousin was not admitted last year as a result of competition, yet, the VC could not assist because the system disallows interference. While narrating his experience during admission period, Prof. Adewole said “I offend many of my friends and relatives during admission because their children could not be admitted. They thought because I am the VC, I have powers to do anything. No, our system does not allow that”
If the VC could not whimsically dictate to the system, how does one handle a particular parent who thought he could bribe his way through the institutionalized process and get his son admitted on account of power of dollar? Mr. Sule (not the real name) got my contact from the media and felt I could be an accomplice in his
“money can do all things” game. He wanted his son to be admitted by UI. Good desire, no doubt. But his method was fraudulent!
Sule acquainted himself with me so well and we started talking. Unconscious of his game, I promised to help, but on one condition that his son must work hard to pass the UI post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) test. I equally spoke with the son, urged him to gather all past questions and study them.
As if appreciating my effort, Sule sent me recharge cards, promising to do more when the boy gets in. No sooner the result was released than I went to check Mr.
Sule’s son’s result on net. I was dazed with what I saw: 24 percent. Believing that 24 percent I saw belonged to someone else, I called Mr. Sule to give me
the full name of his son. Alas! It was the same. I was shivering. How do I break this bad news to my friend?
With an exaggerated concern of a pseudo parent, I phoned Sule, “this guy really fumbled. What happened? He scored just 24 percent! This is scandalous! This is
very embarrassing! What frightened me most was Sule’s unperturbed reaction.
“24 percent?”, he asked casually, “I will call you back Mr. Saanu” While I was still discussing the result with my Internet Assistant, Fatai Arisekola, Mr. Sule
called again. His next line of thought was as shocking as it was fraudulent. In a rather calm and cool manner, he proposed “yes, my brother, how much do you
think I can send to you? I want you to go and settle those who can inflate the 24 percent!” For a few moments, I literally went blank. I was left curious and
confused, wondering how a man could be audacious as to assault with me with an eyesore.
I mustered up courage and began to enlighten him on how money, irrespective of the amount and denomination could not help his case in U.I. Sule thanked me and hanged up. But Fatai seemed to have understood his mindset better than I did. Fatai postulated that he would still call back. He did. Like a victim of a deadly
disease, longing for help and healing, he called. “Hello, my brother, I am sorry disturbing you. I want this boy to study Law in UI and don’t mind any amount, even if you want it in dollar, I will give you, just help me to see people, it is possible” , he said to my astonishment.I wish I recoded his voice for EFCC's action. It was at this point that I realized that Sule has deluded himself into believing that he could bribe his way through any system. But he was wrong. Nobody collects money in UI to guarantee admission. In UI, as far as I know, everyone is an auditor of everybody. Nobody wants to lose his job over a dirty lucre.
Admission process is free from filth. Why is this man thinking he could bribe people? This type of attitude makes insinuation inevitable. And, my inference from Mr. Sule’s action is that he must have bought school certificate result for his son at Oluwole Market. It is possible that his son is a product of a special centre – a centre set up for all kinds of examination malpractices.
Indeed, my encounter with Sule exposes the vulnerability of the rich. Some of them teach their children to expect success without sacrifice, reward without work
and harvest without sowing. To buy comfort for his son, Sule stubbornly tempted me to prey on his gullibility but I resisted. I remember the vicarious lesson I learnt in Otedola –Farouk Saga that intelligence can take one up, only integrity can keep one there.
Sule wanted to besmirch UI reputation with his dirty dollar. He wanted mediocrity to triumph over merit via bribery. He did not know that some institutions like UI
are corruption free. For example, at the UI Post Graduate School, the inscription displayed on the wall is “we do not collect or give bribe here.”
This is telling Nigerians that though our country is beset by all manners of corruption, an institution such as UI would not descend to Nigerian level, but rather teach Nigeria to imitate the culture of transparency and accountability as evinced by Prof. Adewole led administration in UI.
Saanu wrote in from UI. He can be reached on 08059436919, and sundaysaanu@yahoo.com
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Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by cleverj01(m): 10:30pm On Oct 05, 2013
My big bros! Am convinced u no i ws'nt referin 2 u! I cn remember vividly dat u posted dat moral upliftin epistle abt 2days ago! D person i ws referin 2 in d best of my knowledge had his 1st post on dis thread 2day! Hope u undstnd! 1 lov! Nd plz more of ur ritins would b apreciated!
hakings: i don't want to believe he was really referring to me because i could remember his post was aimed at one seeking attention who never got one. even if i did, i got what i wanted. so, any hard feeling is like waving at a long gone vehicle. if anyone thinks me a charlatan with my post, such may post his with humility.
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by akanji2013: 10:30pm On Oct 05, 2013
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UI is still unsurpassed —Adewole
Written by Tayo LewisThursday, 06 December 2012 01:00font size Print Email
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раскрутка сайтов
There is a renewal going on in Nigeria’s oldest university. Editor, Tribune Education, Tayo Lewis spoke with the man on the driver’s seat, Professor Isaac Adewole. Excerpts.
THE University of Ibadan is known to be the first university in Nigeria. Would you rate it as still being the best or one of the best?
I am particularly amazed at the question because of a number of reasons. Even among Vice Chancellors, I don’t think there is any doubt or dispute as to the best university in the country. Just as there is no doubt as to the first, the first is an accident of history, but the best is a product of what I will call a collective effort, conscious determination to retain the position. And one must praise the courage determination and contributions, the collective effort of all those that had worked and are still working in the institution. When you look at the human resources available in UI, no other institution in this country can match it, the number of professors, Associate professors and readers; senior lecturers in the academics, teaching and non-teaching staff, technical staff, we are simply unparalleled. The number of teachers with Ph.D, the number of teachers in our college of medicine and Vet with fellowships, UI has been wonderful. Recently, we were even adjudged the best research university in the country and the fifth in Africa.
So, when you are looking at those things that really make a university, UI is it. And as at the last time, we have produced over 40 per cent of Vice-Chancellors in Nigeria. It is either the VC trained in Ibadan or was trained by someone who trained in Ibadan.
During the tenure of the last VC, people had thought because he was in engineering, he went all over building structures and constructing roads, but you came in and seems to have continued in that trend despite the fact that you are from the medical background.
I think that is also vintage University of Ibadan. The kind of training, the background, I think drives us. Let me also tell you that whatever we do in UI is not a one-man show, but a collective effort. I had a three month gap between appointment and assumption, during when we developed a strategic plan, and in the recent time that would be the first time a VC would develop a strategic plan for his tenure. It was discussed University-wide, approved by Senate and Council, and dutifully, we have continued to implement that plan. I think we must also recognise that the physician is a builder. By our training and background, there is no other builder, no other strategist than a physician.
Can you tell us some of the additions, since you came in?
The first thing is the continuation of the project we inherited because we do not believe in an abandoned project. We also want to teach this country a lesson, that when you have a new leadership, you do not have to discard whatever was inherited. So, we continued what we inherited, completed them and started ours. We concentrated on three main areas which are energy, food and health. When you look at what we are doing, they are all keyed into those three areas but we are all moving in one direction; that is promotion of academic excellence, and I think that is the ultimate goal and that is why we set up the quality assurance unit for both research and teaching. Whatever we do in health, education, agric, technology, they are all design to promote academic excellence. In terms of specific, we have resuscitated teaching and the research farm that was moribund for years. We moved the piggery section from almost dead, now we have over 400 pigs. We have resuscitated the Dairy Farm, and we now have exotic cows on the teaching and research farm. When you move to the farm section, we have started what I will call the multiplication of the super sweet corn.
The specie that we import in cans?
Oh yes! In UI now, we have super sweet corns and once we are able to move beyond multiplication, we already have a high demand, Tantalizers wants to partner with us and I’m sure if you more around, you get some. We’ve established sales outlet for vegetable products and one for animal. But what is of particular strategy is the development of the RET corridor project which we have embarked on. The R stands for Research, E is for Economic and T for Tourism, because there is a corridor in UI that stretches from Barth road to Oba dam. On one end of it, we are doing the channelisation, where the canal is being done. At the other end of it, we are developing a Department of Agriculture and Fishery Management by the river.
We are going to have not less than 20 fish ponds. We want to multiply fingerlings and produce fingerlings and fish for Nigeria. And one of the things we want to do that would enable us have a multiplying effect is to breed fingerlings at subsidised price to the community. We want to make sure that in the next five years, we make a positive impact on energy, particularly protein. We want to saturate Nigeria with energy foods. We are concentrating on beef; fish and eggs.
Last year, you had a challenge during the August 26 flood.
We have taken care of that, that’s why we are doing the channelisation. we are having fish ponds on both sides, one will be the commercial section and there would also be a teaching and research section, where our students can learn. When we move from there, we move to the Zoo Garden. We are upgrading the Zoo, the first major renovation we’ve had since it was established by Bob Goldie. And then, we will turn around the Oba Dam to a tourist centre. Those are our major projects, but there are few others. We now have a sawmill, we are developing a fire station in UI, on the College of Medicine side, we are elevating the library projects to two floors. We are building an institution for Maternal and Child Health for the nation. In order to make an impact on the poor maternal situation in
Nigeria, we are setting up an Institute for Infectious Diseases in Africa, which will be the hub. We are also setting up a Cancer Research Institute. We are moving over to this side, putting life into the Pan-African University. We are admitting the first set of students and about 44 of them, and we hope that by January, it will take off. So overall, we will continue with the development, apart from making sure that we renovate the lecture theatres. We are fortunate to have endowment by the Chairman of Council, 350-seater auditorium. We are giving the physical planning to the Department of Urban and Regional Planning. They are building for the first time in 30 years though its at Ajibode. We are moving the Distance Learning Centre to Ajibode. We are going to set up the business school, which has taken off and it also will be at Ajibode. In addition to that within the complex, we are also going to have a Postgraduate Research Library.
You have talked of a lot about infrastructure, how have you been managing human resource in the institution?
I’ve told you that UI is not short of human resource, in fact, we are the most endowed in terms of human resource. But then, we are also not losing sight that as an old institution, we have a lot of weight to shed, in terms of senior people would leave one way or the other. That is why we initiated the automatic scholarship programme for First-Class products. All our First Class products will automatically receive a postgraduate scholarship, to encourage them to stay back so that we can then build the next cadre of people who will take over from the senior ones. We are also not stopping at that, we have developing a post-door fellowship programme. It’s are old programme in the university but died because there was no money to fund it.
How does it work?
The post-door would enable those with Ph.D to do research for about six months to one year, when they finish. They are going to be doing nothing but research.
Developed universities all over the world have that layer that enables people to settle down and do cutting edge research. You would not burden them with teaching and so on, all they do is research. We are bringing that back. And that will, in fact, increase the quality of work that we do as an institution. We are also training people doing exchange programmes. As at the last time, we have over 150 MoUs. So, we are also doing faculty and staff exchange with many universities so that we do not just encourage in-breeding. Last year, we encourage each faculty to invite an international scholar to work with them within a period of six month to a year, next year, we will extend it to department. So that if there is an international scholar, bring that facilitator and let him or her work in Ibadan. And by so doing, we cross fertilise ideas.
How has it been with the unions?
This is like asking how I have been managing myself because I am a unionist. I am one of them, we speak the same language and I think it is one luck I have, that we understand one another. And to me, there is good bonding. It does not imply we don’t have our moments of disagreement but we all recognise that even after a war, people still have to sit and talk, so, why not talk rather than go to war. So, we have been talking and we will keep on talking.
People were excited to see an Isaac in the mosque when you attended the mosque service during the last convocation ceremonies?
Anybody who wears UI, must not really have an official religion. And so, I must draw a line between my role as a Vice Chancellor and personal affiliation. My roles as the VC are to blend with everybody. Even if you have no religion, I have to interact with you. But then, I am a Christian and I don’t pretend being one.
You have a very large body of Alumni. Is it every time you agree with the members of Alumni body on what to do and how to do it?
Certainly No! I also think we have not tapped into the alumni port maximally, but we are trying. At the last count, we had over 180,000 in the alumni database but not all of them will support but we are fortunate to have many of them who do. People like Ohiweire, Onosode; Omolayole,, Olola There are quite a number of them.
And at the last convocation, Mr Itsueli was here with his wife, as the special guest, and a number of them. And we are also talking to quite a number of other ones.
I think we are fortunate. When we do well, they are happy, and that is the incentive that encourages them to think of what can they do for this institution.
During the last convocation ceremonies, you specially honoured some eminent foundation students?
Actually, that was not the original plan, but the outcome reflected the collective vision of an institution that believes in recognising the roots. We voted and picked the top four. And when we looked at the top four, they happened to be all foundation students. People even nominated about 10 people or thereabout.
But what was supposed to be the motive for this honour?
Over the years, the university made it a point of duty to recognise those who deserve to be honoured and we have done that over time but not necessarily every year. I could remember a time, when for four years, we had nobody to be honoured. Because the institution has a strict regulation. We do not honour those who are in service. We want them to have completed service so that we can fully reflect on what they have done over time. We also don’t recognise young people, because they have not attained their maximum potentials. We also do not recognise people of questionable character because we don’t want to be drawn into any controversy. We will look at what you have done, how much you have impacted on other human beings. We like to know if you are a role model. Can we showcase you as an individual? We look at this in totality and then we score. We gave it to the top four and those top four happened again by some coincidence to be four foundation students who got admission into UI in 1948, and are still alive.
Who inspired you into academics?
Very interesting. I did not set out to be in academia, but I have some role models; people like Professor Adetokunbo Lucas; Professors Olore, Akande, Professor Akinkugbe and they have all contributed a lot. One of them, to me, became a turning point, and that was my first two weeks in Royal Hammersmith Hospital. We had this patient, a pregnant woman who was passing blood in her urine. They did all kinds of test at the hospital but could not detect what was wrong. I happened to recognise that Professor Akinkugbe wrote a paper about the challenges which blacks abnormal haemoglobin could face. And one of their presentations was passing blood in urine. I then went back to the library to read it up, and the next morning I said “the patient who came yesterday probably had this problem. Can we probably check the haemoglobin status?” They did not believe me because they said ‘the fellow from Nigeria suggested this’. I was amazed but behold when that individual was investigated, she had an abnormal haemoglobin. And of course, i worked under a first class Clinician.
What is your relationship with the students?
With the student union, excellent because I see them as my children but not that the relationship does not have hiccups. Recently, they even crossed the line and I got angry but we settled it. They threatened to go on strike over electricity and I told them they cannot do that without informing the authority first. But by and large, the relationship is cordial.
Recently, a coalition of labour groups threaten to go on strike, have you started talking?
Although we have started talking, it is beyond us. Government signed an agreement with the unions three years ago and have not fully honoured it which I think it’s unfortunate. I suspect that there are some realisations that the implementation might be tougher than expected. And I also thought that what government ought to have done was to have called them back and talk. But having waited for three years, to me, it is an error of judgement. Secondly by the content of the agreement which government signed with them, government also indicated that they would they would renegotiate the agreement when the old has not even been implemented and its due for renegotiation. So, there is an error. I think government must also have an in-built mechanism to educate themselves about principle of collective bargaining and negotiation. They also have a lot to learn.
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Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Vickson123: 10:31pm On Oct 05, 2013
SEXY95: i would choose the prof,get married to him,make sure i become his beneficiary then poison him after 2 months of marriage.shikena
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by quivah(f): 10:37pm On Oct 05, 2013
iamliljozy: Sorry if I sound crazy to you,but u shouldn't be joking around with bible verses. No dissing abeg
not only did you sound crazie,you sounded d.umb!!...

Point out to the joke there..except if you mean the whole verse is a joke to you! Pray tell!
Sorry if I sounded angry to you but its:
#vexing mood and pun intended!

SOA,its my fav at the moment.

Bravoosi..i'm sorry to burst your bubbles but presently i'm having p with my whatsapp app
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by SOA93: 10:39pm On Oct 05, 2013
Tommybob: bro.... Hanhan didnt expect dat frm u... 2nd tot ke? I was actually jokin .... My guys undastand bera.... Drp ur 2go id... I ll lyk to explain to u bera... Increasing d no to b admited cant affect d hostels.... Drp ur id lemme explain to u bera
my 2go id is soadabest
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Mikebis(m): 10:40pm On Oct 05, 2013
single and not searching unrequited crush communication network.!
actually she's waitin 4 me
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Mikebis(m): 10:42pm On Oct 05, 2013
[quote author=azidon][/quote]guy,gboju,she's mine,she's waitin 4 me
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by quivah(f): 10:42pm On Oct 05, 2013
Mikebis: actually she's waitin 4 me
....and you are taking time,actually you are using your extra time! cheesy
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by renaissance: 10:43pm On Oct 05, 2013
akanji2013: http://myschool.com.ng/oau/news/21137/ui-oau-get-approval-to-offer-traditional-medicine-degrees.html
@brainee.u way u b babalawo go and get ur degree in traditional medicine now o...lol
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by cleverj01(m): 10:48pm On Oct 05, 2013
Morgan u jst comot online 4 2go u no tel me gudnyt! Anyways catch ya 2moro
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Mikebis(m): 10:53pm On Oct 05, 2013
....and you are taking time,actually you are using your extra time! cheesy
dnt get u
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Mikebis(m): 10:54pm On Oct 05, 2013
I site u sleek
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by renaissance: 10:58pm On Oct 05, 2013
@cleverjo1.i'm very sorry.i didn't know ur post wasn't referring to hakings.i'm sorry once again.don't worry,i'll buy u kulikuli and groundnut after our admission...lol
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by akanji2013: 10:59pm On Oct 05, 2013
renaissance: @brainee.u way u b babalawo go and get ur degree in traditional medicine now o...lol
bro na so make @brainee go get his degree now dat there is chance for him to do so....
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by akanji2013: 11:00pm On Oct 05, 2013
renaissance: @brainee.u way u b babalawo go and get ur degree in traditional medicine now o...lol
bro na so make @brainee go get his degree now dat there is chance for him to do so....UI and NUC thank you for giving @brainee a chance to unleash his potential....
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by quivah(f): 11:02pm On Oct 05, 2013
Mikebis: dnt get u
.... lol don't worry jere.
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by SOA93: 11:07pm On Oct 05, 2013
Mesopotamia: ,
o boy,mi get ur scop,u shaa wan of page 800 by al mins.wel congrat u finaly did it
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by renaissance: 11:10pm On Oct 05, 2013
akanji2013: bro na so make @brainee go get his degree now dat there is chance for him to do so....UI and NUC thank you for giving @brainee a chance to unleash his potential....
abi na,opportunity 4 him.economics no fit him...lol
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Mikebis(m): 11:12pm On Oct 05, 2013
.... lol don't worry jere.
lemme wori o,u mean,if i av anytin in mind,i shld let u knw,xo dat i wunt waste much of time b4 sayn it,let b serz here,nd mk me 2 undstand beta
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Nobody: 11:14pm On Oct 05, 2013
SOA93: my 2go id is soadabest
k bro... Expect my request very soon
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by AttahOjoma(f): 11:14pm On Oct 05, 2013
Oooooooh! Dis guy stp wastin dis page nau... Kai!
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Itzpretzy(f): 11:18pm On Oct 05, 2013
Attah Ojoma :
Oooooooh! Dis guy stp wastin dis page nau... Kai!
thank yu! Serzli its annoyn....just dint want to talk.
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Nobody: 11:23pm On Oct 05, 2013
Baby mi...
Attah Ojoma :
Oooooooh! Dis guy stp wastin dis page nau... Kai!
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Nobody: 11:24pm On Oct 05, 2013
U jst did that....
Itz_pretzy: thank yu! Serzli its annoyn....just dint want to talk.
oluwasimi...MMG of life
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by hakings(m): 11:25pm On Oct 05, 2013
cleverj01: My big bros! Am convinced u no i ws'nt referin 2 u! I cn remember vividly dat u posted dat moral upliftin epistle abt 2days ago! D person i ws referin 2 in d best of my knowledge had his 1st post on dis thread 2day! Hope u undstnd! 1 lov! Nd plz more of ur ritins would b apreciated!
i salute the courage and courteous manner with which you address this issue. so responsible and responsive of you. not because you declined attacking me with your post but because you did address the issue with maturity and decorum. meanwhile, i love people who criticise when i write because that is the best way to improve as a writer. resainnance, thanks for playing the role of a trouble - shooter...sweet hugs!
Re: University Of Ibadan 2013/2014 Admission by Itzpretzy(f): 11:26pm On Oct 05, 2013
Taylor184: U jst did that....oluwasimi...MMG of life
wa lastwinkwink #MMG

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