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Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by spencer(m): 11:42pm On Aug 17, 2005
Scientist, medical experts and other health related workers are working day and nigth for the final solution of HIV/AIDS.

Now, my quetion is: Are they aware of that sickness called stomach ulder?. [A lot of people] suffer [from] it.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by abuguy64(m): 6:56pm On Aug 27, 2005
What about stomach ulcer?!There are a lot of information on stomach ulcer.We can diagnose it,treat it via several options.It is not contagious,though may be familial(run in family). Yes many people may have it,but it not comparable to the disaster that is HIV/AIDS. Do you have a specific question on stomach ulcer?Ask and may be people can help. There are also a lot of misinformation about stomach ulcer. Quite a few people have been told they have stomach ulcer(peptic ulcer)without proper investigation and confirmation. This will of course lead to wrong treatment! grin rolleyes
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by layi(m): 8:16pm On Aug 27, 2005
Sometimes Stomach ulcer can be a cogenital or filial disease but most often that not it is caused by negligence on the part of the patient.
Our stomach linin secrets HCL (hydrochloric acid) which helps in gastric digestion of food. If u do not eat in a long while, the HCL secreted become dangerous and eat up the lining of the stomach thereby leavin open sores. If anythin (u take thereafter) touches these sores...It'll be hell. Sumtimes it could be caused by the presence of a baterium in the pyloric glands.
There are some paliative and curative medicine for it anyway. See your doctor for endoscopy&treatment.
But remember
"Prevention is better & cheaper than Cure"
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Greatpeter(m): 10:20am On Aug 28, 2005
What is a peptic ulcer?

A peptic ulcer is a hole in the gut lining of the stomach, duodenum, or esophagus. A peptic ulcer of the stomach is called a gastric ulcer; of the duodenum, a duodenal ulcer; and of the esophagus, an esophageal ulcer. An ulcer occurs when the lining of these organs is corroded by the acidic digestive juices which are secreted by the stomach cells. Peptic ulcer disease is common, affecting millions of Americans yearly. The medical cost of treating peptic ulcer and its complications runs in the billions of dollars annually. Recent medical advances have increased our understanding of ulcer formation. Improved and expanded treatment options are now available.

What are the causes of peptic ulcers?

For many years, excess acid was believed to be the major cause of ulcer disease. Accordingly, treatment emphasis was on neutralizing and inhibiting the secretion of stomach acid. While acid is still considered significant in ulcer formation, the leading cause of ulcer disease is currently believed to be infection of the stomach by a bacteria called "Helicobacter pyloridus" (H. pylori). Another major cause of ulcers is the chronic use of anti-inflammatory medications, commonly referred to as NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), including aspirin. Cigarette smoking is also an important cause of ulcer formation and ulcer treatment failure.

H. pylori bacteria is very common, infecting more than a billion people worldwide. It is estimated that half of the United States population older than age 60 has been infected with H. pylori. Infection usually persists for many years, leading to ulcer disease in 10 % to 15% of those infected. H. pylori is found in more than 80% of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers. While the mechanism of how H. pylori causes ulcers is not well understood, elimination of this bacteria by antibiotics has clearly been shown to heal ulcers and prevent ulcer recurrence.

NSAIDs are medications for arthritis and other painful inflammatory conditions in the body. Aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin), naproxen (Naprosyn), and etodolac (Lodine) are a few of the examples of this class of medications. Prostaglandins are substances which are important in helping the gut linings resist corrosive acid damage. NSAIDs cause ulcers by interfering with prostaglandins in the stomach.

Cigarette smoking not only causes ulcer formation, but also increases the risk of ulcer complications such as ulcer bleeding, stomach obstruction and perforation. Cigarette smoking is also a leading cause of ulcer medication treatment failure.

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol, coffee, colas, spicy foods, and caffeine have no proven role in ulcer formation. Similarly, there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that life stresses or personality types contribute to ulcer disease.
With modern treatment, patients with ulcer disease can lead normal lives without lifestyle changes or dietary
restrictions. Cigarette smokers have been found to have higher ulcer complications and treatment failure. Eradication of the bacteria H. pylori not only heals ulcers, but also prevents the recurrence of ulcer disease.

Peptic Ulcer Disease At A Glance
Peptic ulcers can affect the stomach, duodenum, or esophagus.
Peptic ulcer formation is related to H. pylori bacteria in the stomach, anti-inflammatory medications, and smoking cigarettes.
Ulcer pain may not correlate with the presence or severity of ulceration.
Diagnosis of ulcer is made with barium x-ray or endoscopy.
Complications of ulcers include bleeding, perforation, and blockage of the stomach (gastric obstruction).
Treatment of ulcers involves antibiotics to eradicate H. pylori, eliminating risk factors, and preventing complications.

Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by spencer(m): 2:33pm On Oct 26, 2005
great p, i really appreciate your contribution on this topic. D you know what can be done to get rid of stomarch ulcer?
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by layi(m): 2:58pm On Oct 26, 2005
If you have an ulcer, you should be tested for Helicobacter pylori, and if found to be infected, you should be treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics are the new cure for ulcers; therapy is 1-2 weeks of one or two antibiotics and a medicine that will reduce the acid in the stomach (they've got different types at LUTH, lagos and Big chemists around u). This treatment is a dramatic medical advance because eliminating H. pylori with antibiotics means that there is a greater than 90% chance that the ulcer can be cured for good. Remember, it is very important to continue taking all of this medicine until it is gone, even when you begin to feel better. If you are having side effects that make it hard to take your medicine, talk to your health care provider
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Greatpeter(m): 5:44pm On Oct 28, 2005
This is why I don't like posting health relating issues.
Little people participate and it makes the topic die quickly than expected.
Layi, what do we do?
Any health workers or students here?
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by layi(m): 5:52pm On Oct 28, 2005
Clueless undecided
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by jenny247(f): 10:56am On Nov 02, 2005
In my case, it goes on and off. sometimes for over a couple of years, i'll be ok and then all of a sudden it comes back. the last time it occurred was like a couple of months ago. i had been diagnosed with malaria and put on a drug called athesunate. Boy, it was horrible. i don't know what the connection was but i noticed that i started to feel the ulcer pains whenever i take the drug. it was so bad that even after my doctor stopped me from taking the drug, the pain persisted. i was put on a drug called Omeprazole and flaggyl for a couple of weeks. the pains stopped after 3 weeks. My Mum who is a Pharmacist says she thinks my regular intake of diclofenac and ibufen during my period( i have very bad and sever cramps) has agravated my ulcers and advised that i cease to use such drugs, but believe me i can't survive those cramps without them. she says it's because i take them without food cos when i'm on my period i lose my appetite. so Layi and Gp do you think that these drugs could be connected with ulcers? pls comment!
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Seun(m): 11:44am On Nov 02, 2005
Jenny, it seems that the simple solution is for you to force yourself take food during your period irrespective of your appetite, so that those drugs wil not trigger your ulcer. Tell us why you're not doing that and maybe we'll be able to help?

I am 100% sure that your mum is right.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Greatpeter(m): 1:08pm On Nov 02, 2005
Yes! Jenny Ibuprofen and doclofenac are con-indicated for ulcer patients because they contain ulcerogenic substance.
Your mum would have prevented you from taking such drugs, she's a pharmacist you said. So I expect her to know this earlier.
Other drugs you can't is Aspirin.
So desist from such drugs.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by jenny247(f): 10:28am On Nov 03, 2005
@ Seun,
thanks alot for the advise. i don't eat because i am easily irritated and throw up often. i am trying to fight that but em if you have any tips, don't hesitate to drop them.
@ GP,
Thanks alot. you told me what to desist from but you didn't tell me what i can take!
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Seun(m): 11:13am On Nov 03, 2005
When I'm sick and I find myself throwing up, I drink a cup or two of salt solution and it seems to help. My mom (also a Pharmacist) doesn't believe it works, but I swear it does. I have used this salt and water system to prevent myself from throwing up so many times!

So my advice: when you want to take those drugs, eat some food (solid foods like eba are ideal on an excited stomach). Eat! Then drink up to a glass of salt water, then take the medication you use for the cramps on top of it all. I'm eager to know how this home-made technique works for you!
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by jenny247(f): 12:40pm On Nov 03, 2005
Wow Seun, Thats wonderful. Thanks a million.
i promise to keep you informed on how this goes. wink
If it works then we could make it a theory! smiley
then maybe our pharmacist Mums would believe us and take our ideas more seriously. wink
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by dblock(m): 12:41am On Jan 22, 2006
Hey, my mum has a stomach ulcer but I don't think it's a serious one
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by layi(m): 5:31pm On Jan 22, 2006
Every sickness, no matter how trivial is likely to become serious is left unattended to.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by wanitas(f): 2:08am On Feb 04, 2008
try carrying a pregnancy while a n ulcer patient and u'l know how much of a big deal ulcer is, i know wat im talking abt, im going thru it right now,
was diagnosed , supposed to go for an endoscopy but i took in and thus decided to wait til after childbirth, but meennnn, this is redefining 'hell', so to all ladies out there, if u have ulcer,pls get urself treated b4 u carry, otherwise, u go see pepper-o-o-o, no be joke,
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Rlst84sale(m): 6:11am On May 05, 2008
There are 2 natual ways to treat ulcers that have proven very effective.

1) Drink raw organic fresh juice of cabbage. It is very rich in vitamin U which fights and takes care of ulcer. You can check this book out: "Drink Your Sorrow Away". You can google the book I hope I word the title right (If I were you I would even read up on if I can add carrot juice to it and what quantity)

2) Sun dry the back of raw green plantain, grind it to powder and filter it to collect only the fine ground particle and mix it with raw honey and use it regularly.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by andreajone: 4:33pm On Sep 21, 2009
NSAIDs are medications for arthritis and added aching anarchic altitude in the body. Aspirin, ibuprofen (Motrin), naproxen (Naprosyn), and etodolac (Lodine) are a few of the examples of this chic of medications. Prostaglandins are substances which are important in allowance the gut linings abide acerb acerbic damage. NSAIDs could cause ulcers by interfering with prostaglandins in the stomach.

Best diet pills
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Kefuie: 5:06am On Jun 02, 2010
Risks of Developing a Stomach Ulcer

* Family history of ulcers
* Smoking
* Excess alcohol consumption
* Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (aspirin) or corticosteroids.
* Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
* Improper diet, irregular or skipped meals
* Type O blood (for duodenal ulcers)
* Stress does not cause an ulcer, but may be a contributing factor
* Chronic disorders such as liver disease, emphysema, rheumatoid arthritis may increase vulnerability to ulcers

But the most important thing is, Consult your doctor. He knows the best!
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by otikpoko(m): 11:25pm On Nov 16, 2010
This ulcer stuff is really killing me right now.
I need all the help i can get.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by Markclay: 12:50pm On Feb 11, 2011
Signs and Symptoms:

    * Abdominal pain with a burning or gnawing sensation
    * Pain 2 - 3 hours after eating
    * Pain is often made worse by an empty stomach; nighttime pain is common
    * Pain may be relieved by antacids or milk
    * Heartburn
    * Indigestion (dyspepsia)
    * Belching
    * Nausea
    * Vomiting
    * Poor appetite
    * Weight loss
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by jonnex: 10:51am On Feb 12, 2011
My Mum is suffering frm dis menace right now, the tragedy part is that she doesnt feel any appetite, she spent most of her time in hospital, pls what can we do.
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by vincent10(m): 8:51am On Feb 23, 2011
Could u pls reduce the medical jargon to ordinary man language so that we can understand. I appreciate a lot

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Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by adexchamp(m): 11:54am On Dec 17, 2013
Please I've been having serious chest pain and back pain for quite a while,its like when i woke up in the morning i have this heaviness in my chest so i went to the hospital and after all tests i was diagnosed with ulcer,ever since then i've been treating ulcer but the chest and pain still remains and its getting worse everyday......I need assistance on my ailment,Doctors in the house!!!!
Re: Stomach Ulcer: What is the effect? by disdorm2013: 6:19pm On Dec 17, 2013
@ Adexchamp.... Am a Doctor and wil advice u perfectly... Dia is no cure for Ulcer with orthodox medicine bt wit food supplement, u can get ride of Ulcer problem..... Nt anyhw supplement bt EDMARK food supplement... Call me on 08060495589 or ping me on 28A69685 for more info and description.. Thanks

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