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Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 6:59pm On Jun 21, 2013
So they say Muslim Women is oppressed,let find the facts and those who calling for their freedom of women,let call for their equality,let call for justice,lets save these muslim women from oppression of today,lets free her please,free her from what? Free her from her dignity of course,Free from the clothes she wears,Free her from the pride she has has,Free her that she doesn't know who the ancestors were,Let's free this girl,Let's set her free come on girl,come on down,come on down where yiu have no value,come on down where your price is for the highest bidder,come on down where every time they can have people look at you,come on down that you will be judge according to 36,24,36,if you fit the bill you are good
Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 7:30pm On Jun 21, 2013
How big is the measurements,how good you look is not what you have inside,it is what you have outside,it is a superficial short lifed,a measuring stick that is judged by a human being,they put you like a hanger,they put the clothes on,this year is the red,everybody wears red,this year is black,everybody wears black,it's below the knee,it's above the knee,it's cut from right,it's cut from the left,it' s cut from front,it's cut from the back,you feel like a toy.
You're a slave to a man that tells you what to do,what not to do,what to wear,what not to wear,is that the freedom you're telling me about?or are you to please Allah SWT?
A man thar doesn't care who you are,where you go,you're gonna end up in the hell fire after him or Allah SWT that wants you to go in eternal happiness,is that the freedom you are telling me about?if this is who you are,it is a choice you have to make Ukhti!
Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 7:43pm On Jun 21, 2013
Every successful man needs a khadija,so the first person to embrace islam was a woman,the first person to die for islam was a woman;Sumayyah,the greatest scholar of islam was a woman;Aaysha,the person who loved the prophet the most was a woman,who was the woman?Faatimah,the person who made the biggest sacrifice for islam in one day was a woman;Khansaa,one of the greatest fighters in islamic history was a woman;Kawlah Bint Al Azwar,she fought on the back of horses,killed many kuffar,and sparred the mujahideen on to go on
Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 8:45pm On Jun 21, 2013
This evening Insha Allah is for every one of our sisters,who loves Allah SWT and his messenger PBUH,that lives in the defence of the Qu'ran and the sunnah,and lives for jannah,that has forgotten who she is,i want to speak to you but the real you,i don't want to speak to the lipstick,or the colour contacts,or the pink hair,or the loud gum,or the head bouncing to the ipod,or the cowgirl boots,or the fake nails.i want to speak to you,the real you,your heart,your soul and your mind about those things buried deep down inside of you that i wish you could remember,don't you remember who you are?And women that are 'Kaasiyaat',they have clothes on,they have fabric on their bodies,'Aariyaat'but they're Unclad.They are wearing clothes but it's as if they're not wearing anything,their clothes are not offering any concealment for them,like the women we see nowadays,'Maa'ilaat;moomilat',they sway side to side in the way they walk,the walk they talk and the way they interact with the opposite gender.
The prophet PBUH says:they do not enter jannah these two types of people,and they will not even be able to find the fragrance of jannah,the women that leaves the house with the shape of their bodies define,or the hair showing,or they are decorating in one way shape or form or they are perfumed,every necks that turns,every eyes that looks,you share in the sin of the person that committed it,you can be thinking about a million and one things from the moment you leave your house till the moment you return,you can be thinking about school,exams,shopping,email,studing,friends.appointments,you could be upon the bus reading Qu'ran or making zikr and you don't even realise it that guy whose eyes fall on your thigh or upon your arms or your neck or your waist or your legs any of this you will get the exact same sin because you made that sin a possibility and available and it appear to them beforw Allah what they never expected sins and sins and sins and sins;mountains, never expected it.some people will come on the day of judgement and this will be their condition so 'Wallahi'it's not just another sin,our enemies,the enemies of Allah,his messengerPHUB,the Qu'ran,the believing men and women,they tricked the women(muslim and non muslim) alike into selling herself like a piece of flesh on the streets,they brainwashed the women into thinking that whatever attention she can draw to herself,that means she's liberated.They did it for example with the anti islam propaganda,they throw a bunch of woman on the screen with hijab on;and they say this is the definition of oppression,oppression,oppression,oppression,oppression and something repeated so many times begins to settle in their minds and take it for granted as a reality and has a fact and on top of that as a sociologist will tell you,this is not some random guess,train specialist and researchers will tell you:that a woman when she dress more provocatively,she get 40% better wage,the higher the skirt,the higher the pay,the button opened on the
blouse,the higher the pay,the prettier the hair,the higher the pay,they tricked the women into thinking the attention they could grab to what?to feed their perverse desires,they brainwash women into thinking that was value and they thought they were librated and they finally achieve equality
Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 9:24pm On Jun 21, 2013
But i want to say:they might have tricked the women,but not you,not my sister,not the slave of Allah.you will not fall for that,you are wiser than that sister;my sister;my sister:O daughter of islam:you see that's who you are!tThe daughter of islam,that girl jumping around on street in the music videos,that is not you!that girl dressed in a business suit,staying late in a private office as someone secretary,that is not you,that fool on the billboard,that is not you!
Sister;O Daughter of islam:become modest!do not remove the veil,do not remove the hijab from upon you and then become regretful.Guard your beauty if it's honour that you seek because the people around you are like wolves on the prowl,'Wallahi'it is so true.They killed in you the most beautiful thing about you:'Al Hayaa',Modesty,Sister:O you who spends hours in front of the mirror looking at herself,don't you know that Allah is watching you and looking at you as you are sitting there or standing there pleased at what you are preparing of the disobedience of Allah.O sister who spends such a large sums of money at the salon to give herself the new look for the party or the streets or the classroom or tge boardwalk,how much would you pay to fix your look before Allah SWT.Sister 'Wallahi'i fear for you.
How many beautiful girls with beautiful skin got trialled with skin cancer?that is so common nowadays,how many beautiful girls had to go through a procedure an agonising,depressing,grievious procedur because she's trialled with breast cancer?you think these diseases were always so common?'Wallahi',they were not,not in the age of the obedience.i fear for you a punishment to come down from Allah,Veil yourself and i fear for you that you don't really think you're going to die 'Wallahi'you're going to die.we said this many times over and over again,that guy that turned his neck in the street,'Wallahi'he will not benefit you when you're on a piece of wood and they're washing your body with that cold water.


Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 11:54pm On Jun 21, 2013
And there is no one on this earth more beautiful than a muslim woman,there's no one who come close to that who is a servant of Allah,who dresses to please Allah.
Be opposite the unbelievers so when this women before she leaves the house like the other women,she looks in the mirror,but they're looking in the mirror for something different,when the woman in the street look in the mirror,she look to make sure she has the best style,she looks good,she can attract a man, but this woman when she looks in the mirror,she makes sure she 's stressed:she's dressed appropriately,make sure that Allah is pleased with her,make she is covered,so when she goes out in the street that she is covered to please Allah SWT,if she does that she is beautiful.
Opposite!the more you grow,the more you study,the more'Imaan'you have,the more you become disattracted to some of the things of the 'Dunya',you don't like what you used to do because something happened to you,what happened to you?something's in my heart now,something is in my mind,i have the Qu'ran in my mind,i have Qu'ran in my heart,i have the love of the prophet,i have the love of Allah,i have something in me,and now i'm difference,i feel different and i warned you,i warn you:those of you who still like the 'Dunya' and you don't make a distinction,then 'Imaan' is not written in your heart and be careful,be careful,be careful.
The choice you have to make so you ask yourself:do you have a life or is it a lifestyle?what do you have on your walls?who you listen to?who you look up to?who you trying to imitate?you walk,eat,dress,talk,everything like and you'll find out that some of them unfortunately go with the flow,that's how i role,i get the bling bling,i go down,it's true,why because it is peer pressure,the peer pressure of today and then you find out,that who i am?the true who i am,if you look at reflection;when you look at yourself in the mirror,you have to think my grandmother,my ancestors Khadija.don't you know who you are ukhti?your ancestors,you are the children and grandchildren of the Aa'ysha,faatimah RA so you should be proud 'Wallahi' of who you are!Walk with your head up high!And think about it:think about what islam done,the first indication,Go back to the 'Ayyamul jahiliyat';The preislamic Era,The 'ignorant era'so they call it,you will find out that women had no rights,women were killed before islam just because they were dishonourable,it was shame,as a matter of fact it is mentioned in the Qu'ran,it was a shame for anybody to have a daughter,what did they do?they either kill it or bury it alive or bear with it for a shameless day or a long life.
It is narrated that a man came to prophet Muhammad PBUH,he says:i have done something before Islam that i fear Allah may not forgive me for that and of course we know Allah SWT forgives all sins except one which is shirk;ascribing partners unto Allah SWT,he told after a long story that i had this daugher,i felt ashamed,i was patient for a few years and after a while i made a decision that i will either bury her or throw her in the well and as i done,i hear my daughter saying:you have killed me dad and i waited for her voice to drown until i hear her die.The prophet Muhammed PBUH cried and the people around them cried too so Allah SWT reveals:On judgement day,this 'Mawoodah' this young child,this young daughter that's prior to islam,what sin has it committed for it to die?what mistake has she done?by what rights have you had to killed your daughters?she will come on judgement day and ask you what sin have i done to be killed?what rights have you had over me to kill me?So this was the first indication that islam honoured Women.
you go back to history and you find that islam give a woman the rights to inherits,give a woman rights to vote,give a woman rights to have business.All this were authenticated that islam has given women way ovet not just 100 years or so ago,that they were fighting and debating,over 1400 years ago,islam has given the rights to women.
Imagine yourself Akhi and Ukhti?and you go back in history,you will find out that their own faiths says the same thing you go back to the scriptures,you'll find the authenticated ones and it's telling you the same thing.Amazing! islam says:women her honoured,we look at them much more you think,they are elevated,the only religion on the face of the earth that elevated mothers over three times over the father.No other religion on the face of the earth that actually honours women more than islam,if you think about it you would find islam is the only true path.
It teaches you that even if you go ask for her hands in marriage,A wife she's still wearing her hijab,why?because you don't look at that we talked about before,you look at her mind,her characteristics,her personality,heart,the religion background,the moral conduct background not the other way around where they meet in bars,if she is good all around or she takes her whatever,i'm trying to keep this a family show as much as possible.we have kids,how are you son?you get the jist,you understand what i am saying.Allah help you 'wallahi',but of course the sisters have it very difficult you think it's easy LAA WALLAHI;but you tell me: man i wear a thawb,man i have a beard,no,noyou try wearing a hijab and niqab and walk down the street just in case you think it's easy,Wallahi,it is not easy.They are a walking pulpit Ya Akhi.you should be proud UKHTI.It is an IZZZA,it is an honour for you to be a muslim Muhajabba wallahi,you stick out like everybody else is walking Unclad and you're holding on even though it's hot in the sun

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Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 11:16am On Jun 26, 2013
The scholars say:every drop of sweat in your body is the heaviest on the scale
you have shaded yourself here,Allah will shade you on judgement day where there is no shade except his shade;50,000 years.
Imagine yourself,this is a true story,a young girl was wearing the hijab,another sister,suppose to be muslim says:isn't it hot?what did she say?The hellfire is hotter,imagine yourself Ukhti Afifa:Honourable,no one see you except what is permitted to be seen or those who can see you.
imagine yourself Ukhti:As if you're the only one that is fighting when the whole army has fled,yoy are the only one holding on to 'La Ilaha Illaha Muhammadur Rasulilahi',in an environment that is full of mischief,transgression,evil deeds and acts.
Imagine yourself Ukhti being resurrected on pulpits of light,being proud to say:'La Ilaha Illalah Muhammadur Rasulullah',when everybody else around you has not.
Imagine Ya Ukhti:you're called among the few, 'Al Qaleel'.May Allah make us amongst the few 'Al Qaleel',Ameen.Only if you of my slaves are grateful and how could you be grateful?Allah SWT gives you the answer:it is the actions and deed 'Aamal',so once you wear the hijab Ukhti,'Allahu Akbar'.
Imagine yourself:The honour when you walk around,nobody will be able to see you and say:She's walking for this and that but we take the norm or the general 'Insha Allah',understanding the 'Iffah',the honour and dignity of that woman by the blessing of Allah SWT.So we go back and say:don't be fooled Ukhti!Don't be fooled when they tell you:Like some other women done in another country again so called muslim,they took of their hijab,placed it beneath their feet and they start stomping on it declaring it is the freedom of women now,'Allahu Akbar',and eveyone that follows her,she will commit that sin till judgement day.Could you imagine?The Scholars will te you for every hair that is shown to a non~mahram,so a person that can actually marry you,is considered a sin.yoh imagine now if the sister not 'Muhajabba',for every hair on her head is counted as a sin,you know how many people that has seen you without,multiply by the days in your life,you do the math.'Subhanallah'
Don't you see the sister that is walking around specially in the west that is wearing the hijab or the niqab?like an Angel,'Wallahi'!i have never had so much respect for women till i have seen a sister is walking in the west specially that is wearing the hijab or a niqab,wallahi she looks like an angel walking down.'Ya Allah','subhanaka rabbi',by the 'izza' and some now of the muslim sisters say:i don't want to be known Ya Akhi,its a difficult time,different this and that,says:you are going against the Quaran Ya Ukhti,Allah SWT says:you wear this so you will be known,you will be known,so you will not be harmed,how could you be known?i am not that type of a girl,it is a declaration,i am a muslim woman,don't mess with me,where is the pearl come from,the beauty of the pearl is it inside the shell?the shell may not look that beautiful,but what is inside that counts,that is the beauty of the women in muslims,as the muslim women,the beauty of you Ukhti,is who you are,who you truly are,what you are created for,the reason that is inside your heart,the beautu under the hijab,not the outside;the fake,when you take that sister that look like a......whatever,you take her and put her under the shower,you take out all that paint,all that plastics and all that stuff,she loojs like a...but the beauty,the one that worship Allah SWT,no matter what happen,you actually admire and respect that sister,the sister that will be you in heaven'Al Jannah'insha Allah,

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Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 9:46pm On Jun 26, 2013
It is totally different,so even the brothers maybe fooled.they have the picture in the back of their mind,that this is who i want to marry,that is beauty,that is love but don't you see Ya Ahki,look at all the dreams before and even nations before,you will find out that hijab was before islam,when people tell you that a muslim woman is oppressed and they force them to write this.i say:Ya Ahki:you don't even know,you haven't done your own homework,you go back to the nations before you,i ask him one question,what was the colour of the hair of Mary,may peace be upon her,the mother of Jesus,may peace be upon her.what was her hair colour?they don't know,they tell me:i have heard this,Ehh:brown,black,blonde,i have heard this:blue,i go blue,come on man,it is not from mars,come on down to earth man,come on,this is from the school that come from the centre,they talk.about comparative religion and the world religion classes,i go:you know why you don't know?because she was what?she told me:yes she was covered.you are right.what about the nuns?Ah yes;they are covered too,ok let free the nuns,free the nuns man,free mary,let's go do demonstration in the streets,i say:let's go do it quickly now,what were you thinking?we oppress women,we force them to wear the hijab,i go on the contrary,this is the european country,you are suppose to be on top of demicracy,a G7,freedom,democracy in action,they passed the law that you can not cover your face,now they are passing other laws that you cannot even cover your head and so on and they say that's democracy,they tell you what to do,what not to do,how to live your life and how to worship,what not to worship,how to actually practise your religion and they call that democracy,'Allahu Akbar',in france,after they passed that law,who walked in the streets of france asking for their rights to wear the hijab?was it muslim men?was it muslim men,we want to oppress our women?let them put their hijab on?No,it was muslim women that walked in the streets of france asking for their rights to wear thehijab,it was french women that
walked in the streets of france to support muslim women for their own rights,let them be and hold on to:'La illah illaha Muhammadur rasullah',because that is your lifeline,'Wallahi'this time is short lived,however my sisters in islam,i can tell you;how proud i am of you 'Wallahi',on holding on to the hijab or the niqab here in the west,it iz a struggle day in day out but what gets this poor slave of Allah is when i hear a sister on the other line crying,says:my father will disown me if i wear the hijab,i said:i am sorry Uhkti:repeat that please?my father will disown me if i wear the hijab,he says:if you wear the hijab,i will disown you!or better yet,my husband now is telling me to take the hijab off,i go 'Allahu Akbar',i can't believe i'm having those words with my own ears,have you not heard Ya Akhi?that in jannah,there is a banner that says:the youth, the youth;the definition,those who see,that is unlawful,upon their women folks,the one they are in charge of or responsible for,and he accepts that,as a matter of fact,you go the other way round,tighten the dress a bit,shorten a little bit more,tale off the hijab,show a little bit of,whatever and all that stuff.imagine,or they ask her to do something that is bad or unlawful or haram,'La hawla wala Quwatta ilallah billah',that is call the youth.on judgement day;there is a banner in the heaven says:this the youth will not be permitted to enter heaven so my brother in islam,be very carefulYa Akhi and Uhkti.So the khadija's of today and the Aa'ysha's of today are brought up in a way that they can understand what the true islam is all about,people are the products of the society,the environment around you,aid you in doing what you're doing or helping you to believe what you believe,so what i am asking you Ahki and Uhkti:Is to raise then up in the righteous environment,to have the righteous friends,the infrastructure are raised early,that's why prophet Muhammed PBUH says:commanded to pray at seven years old,not when they reach puberty or the age of fifteen,no it's too late then,the Scholars says:'Qiyas';An allergy,do the same with the hijab Ahki ukhti.link them,so if your daughter are raised in a way,to know what islam is all about and what the beauty of the hijab and the reward,at sevrn years old,you start,don't ask him,let them be around the righteous company,choose the righteous spouse for them meaning the mother is the example,that is the one who teaches them,so what i am telling you to be pro~active,not re~active Ya Ahki.The children that you have,have rights upon you before they are even created that is another topic,but that is how they are raised my brother,and infrastructure of having a good friend,you have no choice of your family but you certainly have choice of your friends,so three criteria's you look for Uhkti,in order for you to hold on,to be resurrected with,'Aa'ysha and khadija insha Allah,'Ameen',if yoy see them they remind you of Allah,the path to the jannah insha Allah,the path,the straight path of Allah,when they speak,your imaan increases,they remind you of heaven and hell,life,death.if you find that Uhkti,hold on to them,and i tell you uhkti:you are our sister,our mother,our daughter,our wife.You ate the core of this ummah,you are the backbone of this ummah so that is the reason.we tell you,we honour you,that's why prophet Muhammad PBUH gave us the advise before he dies;look after women 3ce,why?over 1400 years ago,he realised that our enemies will come through islam through the gate of women,they will start ruining and giving them these ideas about freedom,so he says:look after women,they are the one that are going to use or raise the youth,gonna raise your children,teach them,they are the one that are core of the ummah,why?because the ummah is made of countries and the countries are made up of communities and the communities are made of families and the core of the family is the mother whether you like it or not
Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 11:00pm On Jun 26, 2013
She's the one that looks after you and looks after your children,so we hsve to look after them my brothers and sisters so what i am going to ask you brothers,you need to tell your wife:'I love you'at least three times a day.
look after your women Ya Ahki,that is the advise of prophet muhammad PBUH,so when the enemies come and say:you detested or oppress:then you say:no i am honoured,i am loved,respected,raised,honoured and alleviated.yes,dignified.why?because prophet Muhammad PBUH told us to do that,i was blessed by her love,the best of us declared his love Ya Ahki,so when you go,i'm not gonna tell you what to do with your wife,that is another course,but you can understand,'Wallahi',you can understand when prophet Muhammad PBUH says:Your mother 3ce then your father,isn't that enough?so my dear brothers and sisters in islam:Leaving you with one thing,that womanin your lifr,whether it is your mother,your daugher,your sister or your wife.it is the only creation in the face of the earth that will go hungry in order for you to be eating,to be fed,she will go thirsty in order for you to quench your thirst,she will have sleepless night so you can have the comfort of the sleep zone,she will sacrifuce her life in order for you to live,she will laugh when she sees you laugh,she will cry when she sees you cry,she devoted her life in order for you to stand on your own feet.you will find out that who you are is because of your own mother,it is because of the women behind you,you will find out that theu are the reason,the second reason of creation,so you understand now who the women in islam is,the rights they have and the honour they have and the love and respect they have in our heart and soul,from now on Ya Ahki when you see this sister walking around in hijab and niqab,you make dua for her,you ask Allah SWT to give her reward,to give her jannah,'Firdous Ul A'ala',,to resurrect her with khadija and Aa'ysha RA,to grant them patience,struggle and strive,to be drinking from 'Hawdar kawsar' on judgement day,to shade them on judgement day when there is no shade accept his shade and i ask Allah SWT to shade us on judgement day when there is no shade except his shade, and to be able to help our sisters to hold on,be righteous and give them the support they need specially out there in the west and make dua for them all the time,may Allah SWT bless them all.
Alhamdulilahi robil alamin
subhana rabbika rabbil izzati ammaa yasifun wa salaamum alal mursaleena wa hamdu lilahi rabbil alameen
Re: Queens Of Islam by Nobody: 11:17pm On Jun 26, 2013
The messenger of Allah waged war against 'Banu Quinuqa' for the sake of one muslim woman to defend her,this tells you how important it is to protect the rights of muslim women,and now we have hear the calls of muslim womeb from all over the muslim world and nobody responds back that shows that there are no men left,because a muslim man will jump in defence of his sister.this is what 'Rasullulah' did and this was the sunnah that was followed by the 'Khulufa'after him.like AlMu'tasim the khalifa of 'banu abbas',when one woman said:'wa mu'tasima',he responded by sending an army to fight with the super power of his time;the roman empire
http://www.youtube or islamictube or facebook.com/soldier of Allah2
Re: Queens Of Islam by tbaba1234: 11:43pm On Jun 26, 2013
Good work.

JazakAllahu khairan

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