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Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by demi2008(f): 2:37pm On May 29, 2008
does any1 have any idea about where i can buy gold in dubai and any rough idea about their prices would appreciate it if i can have information on cheap hotels i can stay there also
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by tai2(m): 2:43pm On May 29, 2008
Looking for gold in Dubai is like looking for saltwater in the middle of the Atlantic, there's plenty to be had. Try the Gold Souq every cab driver can get you to the location. As for cheap hotels, you could see a number in the $70 range. Used to be one I remember in the old city but I've forgotten the name but you'll be sure to find many more.
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by demi2008(f): 2:45pm On May 29, 2008
many thanks u r a life saver waiting for the hotel name any idea about the price range for d gold
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by LondonCool(m): 2:59pm On May 29, 2008

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Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by nellyholmz(m): 1:32am On Jun 03, 2008
I think buying Gold from Dubai is very expensive okay,,you can get cheap Golds from Botswana and then i can help u get that if you are insterested becos i live in Botswana,,people come from Dubai to buy here,,,hit me back
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by demi2008(f): 9:05am On Jun 03, 2008
how would u know d types i want do u have a catalouge and how do i verify d quality and how do i even get them
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by nellyholmz(m): 3:01pm On Jun 04, 2008
I can get you the catalogue of you need it but the main thing is that i want to know how serious you are on getting it and i can help you okay,,,write me on my email address
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by funkybaby(f): 10:26am On Jun 05, 2008

how would u know d types i want do u have a catalouge and how do i verify d quality and how do i even get them

Girlfriend, be careful. You want to deal with someone located at Botswana shocked shocked shocked

Gold is one of the easiest things through which we women can be duped.

Credible people here have advised you how to shop for it when you get to Dubai. smiley

The gold/jewelry is weighed and those people at UAE are honest and i am yet to hear of any case where a buyer was sold low quality gold at the cost of the real thing.

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Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by demi2008(f): 11:03am On Jun 05, 2008
funkybaby many thanks about ur advise
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by krama(m): 11:06am On Jun 05, 2008
And while buying gold in Dubai you need to haggle the price very well. It’s like Nigerians have now taught them how call high prices at the first instance. You also need to go round and compare prices before buying.

You may also wish to read these tips:
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by nellyholmz(m): 12:13pm On Jun 05, 2008
Funke babe what is wrong with you? why are u acussing me of what i dont know about? God will judge you, Bye
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by landis(m): 12:18pm On Jun 05, 2008
this may interest you.

Sandra2000 and nellyholmz are one and same poster.

Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by jesusfreak(f): 2:38pm On Jun 05, 2008
Travel to DUBAI

Join us on a trip to the Home of Modern Development, DUBAI

Date: Thursday 24th July – Monday 28th July 2008

Cost: N175, 000.00

(This covers Visas, Travel, and Accommodation)

Accommodation is a 4 Star hotel by the beach, bed and breakfast

Experience the following:

   Visit Emirates Mall,
   Museum
   Zoo
   Beach
   Desert Safari
   Shop at Dubai Emirates Mall and Dierra and a chance for persaonal development training with a well known speaker!


For enquiries, call : 08084746972 | 08026335686

Note: To qualify for this trip, you have to be 24years and above.

this is no fluke, its fr real!
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by shawthy(f): 3:08pm On Jun 05, 2008
what a question, well its GOLDSOUK NO OTHER PLACE
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by Afribiz(f): 3:42pm On Jun 05, 2008
Jesusfreak, are you for real?
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by landis(m): 4:18pm On Jun 05, 2008
Date: Thursday 24th July – Monday 28th July 2008

Cost: N175, 000.00

Sounds Interesting.

is this the entire cost? flight, hotel, transport, tips?

Is it all inclusive in the hotel?

what's hotel name?
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by Jummy4real(f): 4:25pm On Jun 05, 2008
@ jesusfreak

You mean if have 175k u will take me to Dubai, visit some places and also accommodate me?
unbelievable! Is it that cheap?
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by jesusfreak(f): 4:50pm On Jun 05, 2008
if ure really serious, then call the numbers for further discussion and yes, its for real

we've organised trips to dubai in recent past and i'll bet u ds is the best bargain u'll ever get for this kind of trip

it doesnt cover ur SHOPPING OOOO!!! lol

Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by chaircover: 8:03pm On Jun 05, 2008
This time last week my husband and I were in Dubai on a well earned holiday. I bought back some gold for personal use. Gold Souk is the place to go for gold and Any taxi driver will take you there. One of my friends recommended this taxi driver who took us all over Dubai and haggled on our behalf at the gold souk and other shops. He is an executive cabbie (Brand new Lexus) and his prices were more than the street taxi driver at 90 Dirham an hour; but he was very knowledgeable, professional and he took us to all the places we wanted to go. We also met a Naija guy who runs a cabbie service, he charges 300 Dirham a day and he took us to Abu Dhabi.

There is also a market behind the gold souk that sells Naija lace, shoes, bags, shirts and other cheap items. Swiss voile starts from about 150 Dirham which is quite reasonable. My husband and I also found a Naija restaurant in this market and prices quite reasonable. Be warned though this market is just like isale eko and I had to remind myself I was in Dubai and not Lagos. Always remember to haggle. Do it with a smile , all they can say is no to your price if its too low for them.

Re gold prices; a small day to day work wear pendant and earring set will set you back by approx 800 Dirham and a big party set will cost you double or triple. A pair of earrings is about 350 dirhams. All the gold is sold by weight so the heavier the piece the more expensive it is. I am happy to try and describe the shop which I thought sold the cheapest gold. Sorry I am not a trader so the only info I can give you is as a personal shopper.

If you are looking for a good hotel try the Copthorne at Port Saheed. Brand New 4 star hotel with rooms only 479 Dirham a night. When we got back I asked them how much it will cost to come again in January and they quoted 1250 Dirham a night so I am not sure when the 479 offer will end but it is well worth it. We were treated like royalty and nothing was too much for them to do.

Don't forget, the Desert Safari is a MUST!!!!!
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by lacrimose(f): 8:42pm On Jun 05, 2008
wow, this makes me want to go to Dubai so bad, my mum and siblings are going for vacation in couple of weeks i tell them all these info
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by Roscodaddy(m): 10:21pm On Jun 05, 2008
There are some very cheap hotels like Blue Diamond and the other one I can remember the name,they have shared accomodation ,if you like that.there is one popular hotel close to Gold Souq basically for traders,Once I remember the name I will forward 2 u,Dubai is a wonderful city.
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by seyibrown(f): 12:26am On Jun 06, 2008
Thanks for your info on Dubai O! I have been considering an Holiday out there with my Hubby for some time now(with an ulterior motive of buying jewellery)!
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by showbobo(m): 8:51am On Jun 06, 2008
WOOW.I'm tripping
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by showbobo(m): 8:53am On Jun 06, 2008
FYI 1Dirham=32naira
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by jesusfreak(f): 9:10am On Jun 06, 2008
anyone interested in actually going

just call : 08084746972 | 08026335686 to register!

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Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by chaircover: 11:04am On Jun 06, 2008
There is a hotel in the same building as the Naija restaurant which I am sure will be extremely cheap from the look and location of the hotel. I suppose it all depends on why you are going to Dubai; in our case it was for a holiday so we went for a top end 4 star hotel.

No one has mentioned the heat!!!!!. At this time of the year we are talking between 40-55 degrees. Remember Naija is about 30 degrees. Having said this everywhere is aircondinditioned and there is no NEPA blackouts and you will only spend minimal time out in the sun.

I personally found the heat unbearable but it could be that coming from the UK, I am more accustomed to much lower temperatures. I saw a Naija woman trader with a 3 week old baby on her back in the heat and I was speechless but I suppose everyone must make a living somehow. undecided

If you are a trader and you don’t mind the heat this is the time to go; Dubai is a tourist destination and hotels cut their prices in the summer due to the lower influx of tourists due to the heat.

There is also a huge shopping centre about 30 minutes out of town called Dragon Mart or city cant remember the exact name, which is a giant indoor market with hundreds and hundreds of shops selling made in China items. I got very good quality handbags, purses etc from here at very very cheap prices and will certainly recommend this mall.

Generally speaking I found prices in the malls quite high compared to the UK and certainly I found Gucci handbags more expensive compared to online prices.

I will however recommend the Carrefour supermarket(not sure if this the correct spelling) This departmental store is found in most shopping malls. Household items and clothing are very good value for money and I managed to buy a chaffing dish for 80 Dirham (and I stuffed it in my suitcase to my husbands horror & he pretended not to know me at the airport!!) my suitcase weighed 28kg instead of 20kg but the whole works knows that Nigerians do NOT travel light smiley

If the N175,000 offer is true then I think it is Ok and although most of the hotels on Jumeriah beach are really nice, I would check out your allocated hotel on tripadvisor first.
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by popsonj(m): 12:05pm On Jun 06, 2008
Getting gold in Dubai is very easy call this number i'll put you thru.
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by oYaTo(m): 1:43pm On Jun 06, 2008
Anyone got ideas of tourist attractions to visit? I'll be heading there next week for 3weeks,
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by chaircover: 2:52pm On Jun 06, 2008
Check out these places;

· Desert Safari – about £150 – 240 Dirham - can be booked whilst in Dubai or online before you go. If you don’t do anything else in Dubai please go on the safari. Well worth the money

· Dhow Cruise – 2.5 hour boat cruise on the creek with a buffet dinner. Nice & romantic.

· City tour – takes half a day and it takes you to all the sights

· Museum tour – very cheap to get in. Well worth a visit

· Jumeriah beach – beach

· Skyline – lots and lots of skyscrapers packed together on one road

· Wild Wadi – Water park

· Bur jurb hotel - 7 star hotel (don’t think I got the spelling right) but you will need a meal reservation to get into the hotel

· Dubai Zoo

· Jumeriah beach road with all the beautiful houses

· Creek taxi

· Abu Dhabi is just an hours drive from Dubai

· Camping out overnight in the desert

· Gold Souk

· Spice Souk

· Shopping malls

· The Kings residence – You can drive up to the gates but you are not allowed to stop or get into the compound

· Lots of other places but we didn’t have time to visit everywhere.
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by Abu-Maryam(m): 7:27pm On Jun 06, 2008
Well, i dont knw your target of buyn gold, its personel or for trading? If u r buyn gold for personnel use i think that one u can buy it anywhere in the world. But if u r buying gold for trading the language differs here, what i mean gold trading firstly need u to define the test of ur customers. Dubai shall not be ur solemn target.
     There are difference designs and qualities (karet numb and place of manufacturing) for example, a gold of dubai origing with 23k and that of saudi have different market value. And beside, most of the time its consumers taste that is driving saler where to make an order.  If u r not careful u will go to Dubai or Abu-dabi and spent huge of money without return.
    However, if ur determination is to be a dealer then that one no headache. You and retailers will sattle the square.
  Regarding visa, now if u ve UBA account u can make a request and u can get it, its better than dealing with unknwn face.
Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by chimaze(m): 2:27am On Jun 07, 2008
Dubai has the reputation of being the City of Gold and rightly so. A trip to the Gold Souk will demonstrate this. If you have not been, it truly is a marvel to see hundreds of golds shops all together, selling this age old investment. And while, historically, gold has been an investment, the temptation for adornment remains. With the numerous styles on offer, it is very difficult to walk away from the UAE without getting your own piece of bling. We provide you the details so that you are in the know when scoping out the gold stores.

Choice - The UAE is a large importer of gold offering a variety of designs from Indian style, to Arabic and modern Italian and European pieces. Tax free - There is no VAT on the gold in the UAE, which makes prices particularly cheap. You might find that prices are up to 40% cheaper than those in the west.

Shop around - There are an endless number of stores offering similar products. Once you have found the item you like, make sure you haggle down to get the best price, before comparing that same item with another shop. Feel free to walk away and come back for the best price you have haggled to – it is all part of the game.

Weight and Workmanship - The price is based on the type of gold (24K, 22K etc.) and how much it weighs. The price per gramme is usually displayed at each store. (Check out the Alukkas web page for a handy table of the current rates) There will then be a charge for workmanship depending on length of time taken, how intricate the design is and whether a craftsman or machine was used. With a little bit of mental arithmetic therefore, you can quite easily work out what percentage charge is being charged for the workmanship. And if maths makes you uncomfortable, ask for the calculator.

Safe and secure - There is significant monitoring of the stores so that customers can be sure that the shops are providing a good product that is real gold.

Colours - Designs are constantly changing and white gold is becoming more and more prevalent in the souks these days, with chromium designs also being offered.

Trade in - Many tourists have their old gold on the shelf and come to trade in for cash or as payment towards a new design. Not all stores buy gold, but many do. Bear in mind, though that some are particularly picky about certain factors: whether the gold has a hallmark; whether there is a certificate; or whether you have a receipt. (There are a number of measures taking place to prevent illegal trading of gold)

New designs - if you want to get the newest pieces, then base your trip around the shopping festivals. Many bring out their new ranges to coincide with DSF and DSS when much business takes place.

Custom made - if you want your own piece designed, that can also be done, depending on the time frame. It is best to get in touch beforehand or as soon as you get into town so that your piece is perfect. Having pictures of what you want is also a big help.

Copies - Duplicate designs exist all over and you could get your Bulgari gold set for a snip in comparison the legitimate price, not that we condone this flagrant infringement of copyright! Talking of copies you will hear the calls of “copy watch, copy handbag” being pitched at you, to lure you to rooms filled with fake Louis Vitton, Gucci and other big names.

What is available - everything is available from chains to sets, diamond rings to bangles, watches to cufflinks to money holders. If you want it, it will be here.

Shop times - The shops at the souks operate on a split shift basis, so there is basically a break for the afternoon between 2 and 5. Either get there early or aim for the evening until about 1030pm.

Cash is king - You can bargain down to the last Dirham if you pay in cash. While credit cards are accepted, your Dollar or Dirham can make a big difference if you are planning a big purchase.

Location - The gold souk in Dubai is based in Deira. Any taxi should be able to take you there if you are visiting. You will find some of the branded stores across Dubai and the UAE, offering the same price as their store in the Souk. If you are based in Abu Dhabi, there is another such souk at the Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre which contains a fair few gold shops to give you significant choice. There are also a few shops on Hamdan Street which gain much attention.

Who to buy from - There are so many stores available, but we have checked out a few that stand out and would be a good place to starts with. Damas is the big player offering the most up to date designs. Marhaba also provides a good option for European styled jewellery. Alukkas is a big seller of Indian designs and has a number of stores in the UAE. Other stores worth a check are Barakat and Yasin jewellery. Remember, everyone has a different taste – be sure to check out a number of stores and then buy from where you feel comfortable. But most of all, enjoy yourself – buying gold is an experience that makes you feel like a king (or queen!). (Source:

Re: Where Can I Buy Gold In Dubai? by spikedcylinder: 7:16pm On Jun 07, 2008
Nobody metioned the Indians who are always spitting on the road. angry One didnt know i was behind him and almost spat on my feet! angry

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