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Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by landis(m): 9:10am On Dec 31, 2008
Majek Fashek: A rainmaker in need
By Justin Akpovi-Esade

IS it fate or retribution or perhaps self-inflicted pain? If it is retribution, for what sin then? But then, what kind of a man would inflict so much on himself? Fate? It must be the cruelest on Nigeria and one of Africa's biggest reggae music export to the world, Majek Fashek at present.

All these questions among others were on the minds of the large crowd last Friday as the reggae legend walked into celebrity hangout, O'jez, National Stadium premises, Surulere, Lagos, to savour its Friday Nite Show. The musician is a shadow of his former self. The reality of his now deteriorated condition hit everyone straight in the face as the haggard fellow with a black leather jacket and equally black shirt, all hanging from his limp shoulders, walked in.

Every activity momentarily stopped as the icon, also spotting a black beret, black boots and blue jeans staggered into the cool arena led by his later day friend and confidant, a budding reggae act, Jahcob. It took him some minutes to realize the attention he was generating among the packed celebrity restaurant. Then he began to savour the spotlight, something he had been used to since 1988 when he took the nation and world music stage by storm with his Prisoner of Conscience hit, that reportedly sold over 200, 000 copies, an unprecedented feat at that time.

Several hits followed and Majek was soaring, playing concerts all over the world including Jamaica, where his genre of music originated from. All his shows reportedly sold out. Then, it all began as a rumour that the musician was hooked on drugs. First, it was rumoured to be 'ordinary' Igbo (marijuana), but as the rumour mill spurned, Igbo graduated into its elder 'brothers' and 'cousins'-heroine and cocaine among other dangerous drugs.

There were several denials. Statements to the effect that Majek was never into drugs but alcohol, as well as spiritual attack, were issued at intervals. All these did not help the reggae star as his condition worsened. At least, something close to admittance was given by Jahcob, his latest friend when he chastised government for the perceived neglect of an icon of like Majek even as he solicited for help from well-meaning Nigerians to save the artiste. His words: "It is only in Nigeria that we throw away our icons, that is Majek Fashek, the great one that is worshipped all over the world, that is Majek Fashek who has traveled the world doing Nigeria proud and government is not doing anything to help him. This is not the first time an artiste is having a drugs problem, Alpha Blondy had a drug issue and his government came to his rescue, so instead of our government helping to preserve a national heritage like Majek, they are busy giving out national honours to some people."

Majek's condition is now at its precipice and if nothing is done fast to get him into a rehabilitation home, he may end up being eaten by the drugs. That was why perhaps, almost everybody in the dancing restaurant wanted to take pictures with him that night. Mobile phones were handy, recording his performance. O'jez official photographer Say What had a busy time taking shots of Majek with his fans especially women. They want to have a piece of the legend before the sunset, unless something is done, and fast. The question is, is he ready for help? When he climbed the stage to perform, he demonstrated that his music and mind are still intact. The only time he went off the rails was when he snapped that all the mobile phones be taken from his face. "Spray money, he (Jahcob) needs money or else take these cameras off my face." Jahcob apologized on his behalf later adding that it is not money they need but help for the ailing artiste. "Forget about what Majek just said about money, we don't want money, we need help. So many newspapers have written in the past that Majek is mad, but I have been with this man for over two weeks now, his mind is intact." Jahcob should have come out clean on the need to get Majek into a rehab home fast.

The artiste still has music inside of him. His about 45-minute performance sent a chill down the spine of many. Combining beautifully well with Jahcob, one of his hit songs, Holy Spirit, sent all to the dance floor. Little Patience did something similar but his Redemption Song, a remix of Bob Marley's piece of the same title shook O'jez. Jahcob was the only one attempting to perform the song, but Majek dashed back on stage as the opening instrumental began. With a stick of cigarette between his finger, he grabbed the mic from Jahcob with his free hand and delved into the song. His rich voice filled the hall and Bob Marley came alive that night. He signed off with his monster hit Send Down The Rain. It was an emotional reunion with the song that is two decades old.

How did Majek get to this point? Nollywood director Charles Inojie who was at O'jez that night was too numb to comment. "It is a sad story but it is not too late. His (Majek) situation is not beyond redemption, that is why government and well-meaning Nigerians should rally round and save Majek." He was seen later recording every Majek's move with both his digital camera and mobile phone. Perhaps, a movie may soon be on its way.

But then, a planned movie on the artiste was what reportedly tore his relationship and that of another movie director Charles Novia apart. Novia's November Records released Majek's Little Patience in Nigeria. The movie producer, director was touting Nollywood star Francis Duru to play Majek in the movie. Nobody has been able to find out what went wrong between the duo. But it brings one to the issue of the star actually wanting help. Because Novia was all over the place then defending and protecting Majek's interests. The deal to release Majek's latest work, when Novia landed it, was news all over the place. The movie producer did all his best to project the star positively the period the affair lasted.
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by abdurrazaq(m): 9:21am On Dec 31, 2008
What a pity cry cry
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by tosinadeda: 10:26am On Dec 31, 2008
Hop 2face dsnt go his way,cos intl stars av major problems
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by khanye(m): 10:41am On Dec 31, 2008
Majeki Fasheki
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by shotster50(m): 11:49pm On Jan 04, 2009
The darkside of fame!!!!!!
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by Sagamite(m): 12:37am On Feb 02, 2011

At least, something close to admittance was given by Jahcob, his latest friend when he chastised government for the perceived neglect of an icon of like Majek even as he solicited for help from well-meaning Nigerians to save the artiste. His words: "It is only in Nigeria that we throw away our icons, that is Majek Fashek, the great one that is worshipped all over the world, that is Majek Fashek who has traveled the world doing Nigeria proud and government is not doing anything to help him. This is not the first time an artiste is having a drugs problem, Alpha Blondy had a drug issue and his government came to his rescue, so instead of our government helping to preserve a national heritage like Majek, they are busy giving out national honours to some people."

They should find this guy and give him a good flogging.

What the fck is this reetard saying? Something is wrong that the government is not wasting their time on some stewpid drug head? angry
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by Sagamite(m): 12:54am On Feb 02, 2011
On Letterman back in the day (1992).


Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by Sagamite(m): 1:16am On Feb 02, 2011
[size=18pt]Anxiety over Majek Fashek's health [/size]

NIGERIANS, especially the stakeholders in the entertainment industry again seemly have a tragedy steering them in the face. Sad! Drugs, Women, liquor have finally finished the famous musician, Pangolo Super Star, Majek Fashek, the Rain Maker. National Daily intelligence can reveal that the artiste's health is fast deteriorating and indeed the confessed Rastafarian has now become a “Prisoner of his own Conscience.”
Impeccable sources revealed to National Daily that the light complexioned, smooth-skinned musician who rose from rags to riches, born Majekodunmi Fasheke to an Edo mother and a Yoruba father is currently an object of self-pity in God's Own Country, the United States where he freely begs and of course receives alms from Africans, in the Spirit of Love.
Not only has he emaciated, his fragile looks in most pubs where he passes the nights, is a contradiction of the bubbly Fashek, most Nigerians adore. After his return to the United States, (U.S.) two years ago for rehabilitation by a group of Nigerian community, their Little Patience dwindled when they realized how addicted the Bob Marley sing-alike has become to drugs, in spite of moves made to get him back on his feet. He talks incoherently, wears dirty jackets and stinks wherever he goes, one of the Nigerians in Diaspora dead worried about his idol's walking corpse looks lamented lately.

Jetho, Reggae artiste, Head of Nigerian Community in Los Angeles expresses fear
Jerry Jheto, a Nigerian/American root reggae artist who had spent 26 years in Los Angeles and close pal of Fashek was in Nigeria some weeks ago for the burial of his father.

Looking ageing
In an exclusive interview with National Daily, he said: “I met Fashek when he came to the U.S. in company of King Sunny Ade in 1992. I saw Fashek in New York by October 2010, he was a complete junkie. His dreadlocks were rough with lies, his looks was frightening because he has become toothless, probably due to his addiction to drugs. He's lean and looked so dirty like a 96-year-old man. His problem is compounding daily. If nothing is done to quickly salvage him now, I am scared that Fashek will be found dead on the streets of New York soon.”

Fashek life-style
Jheto explained that the Rain Maker regularly picks paper and trashes on the streets of New York, because his eyes are permanently fixed on the ground whenever he walks around. His words: “I don't know why he is always in search of looking at the ground in New York and picking papers and dirt. He is such a pathetic sight now. Liquor, women and drugs are his problems. He has no home, but sleeps in various pubs. Each time I remember him, I cry, because I know that is the end of an era”.

How his Rehabilitation in U.S. collapsed
This artiste told National Daily that there were plans by a few Nigerians to really help Fashek back to his feet, but the super star prefers to go begging for dollar and cents from any African he sees on the street of New York to satisfy his lust for addiction. “This is the major reason I blame the Nigerian music industry for its docile performance because it cannot come to the aide of Nigerians. The music industry in this country is poorly managed, being that Fashek is one of most respected Nigerian musicians abroad in the 80s and 90s. I am aware the Nigerian community in New York tried on several occasions to get Fashek go through rehabilitation therapy, but he refused, claiming he is a super star from Nigeria. I will give it to him that he has been our best because the height he attained abroad, even Fela Anikulapo Kuti, though great had not surpassed Fashek's success in music. People criticize me because of my stance,” Jheto stressed.

Fashek on America's most famous TV station
National Daily learnt that the most popular entertainment Talk-Show in the United States is a programme anchored by David Letterman, a foremost television producer/presenter. Jheto corroborated this when he said: “Fela's music has never been aired on U.S. radio station because the duration of his music was always nine minutes, whereas Fashek's music lasts for three minutes. Fashek was the only African musician to have been hosted on Letterman's programme, while the American audience stood up to applaud his creativity and endowment. Letterman's show is the mainstream of entertainment in the U.S. because every American musician aspires to be on the show. I witnessed the heroic welcome accorded to Fashek. I was there when Letterman hugged Fashek after the programme. It was like the old Art Alade show in Nigeria.”

On King Sunny Ade appearance in David Nirak Show
Jheto said he was around when King Sunny Ade, KSA, came as a guest artiste on David Nirak show. After KSA had performed in the studio, he walked away. His words: “I am aware he was not hugged by Nirak after his performance.”

How he took Fashek in for days
A tearful Jheto said: “I took Fashek in for four days in my house in Los Angeles, where I counselled and talked to him to leave his bad habits and live a decent life. He met my wife and kids. I did that to help him as a friend because you smell his stench three feet away and everyone avoided him like a plague. I knew it was time for me to help him. Nigerians must be aware that Fashek needs urgent spiritual solution, because his ways have defied any human logic. I feel that his problem may be more on the spiritual side because he loves tequila, a high brand liquor.”

A Nigerian cried when he saw Fashek, his idol
Further, he told National Daily that his cousin wept and almost beat Fashek on seeing this man he regards as his idol in a state of pity. He said: “There was a day Fashek asked some of my friends to give him one dollar each to buy tequila and when I told Kelechi, my cousin to see the Rain Maker his idol, he wept and got angry with him. He began to shake Majek and asked why he had to put him to shame as an idol. We had to separate him from Fashek, to calm the already tensed scenario.”

Nigerian musicians react
Oritz Wiliki, a leading Reggae artist told National Daily of frantic efforts made to save Fashek the last time he visited home. “I was part of those that were involved in his rehabilitation process the last time he came home. We even met with Edo State Government for financial assistance to enable him get proper medical treatment in the Rehab. He is my brother, just like you. I would not want to discuss a matter of this nature on the pages of newspaper,” he said.
Charles Emeka Oputa, Charly Boy felt pained by the present travail of Fashek when he asked “What are those musicians that brought him to Nigeria the last time doing? That is the reason the un-ending crisis at the Performing Musicians Employers' Association of Nigeria, PMAN, is painful to me. At this point, we need a formidable union, where all of us can come together and fight a common cause affecting any of our musicians. I fear for Fashek's life because this is the time to quickly raise funds to bring him back home into Rehab centre. If you give him any money now, he will still end up on the streets, since he is already addicted to such lifestyle. I am sad because Fashek is a bundle of talent just wasting away in a foreign country.”

Ras Kimono Claims to be in contact with Fashek
For rub-a-dub master, Ras Kimono, he believes the tale of the mental state of Fashek is traceable to rumour mongers. In his reply to National Daily e-mail, he said: “Nothing like that my brother because I spoke to Majek last night…Just pure rumour mongers carrying bad news.”
But when National Daily requested for the number to access Fashek, he kept mum until press time.

Ziggy Marley proffers solution
In an electronic mail sent to Ziggy Marley, son to the legendary reggae king, Bob Marley at his base in 269 South Beverley Drive, Beverley Hills in California, United States, he said in a terse statement: “Majek is a star that represents Africa on the global music stage. Something's got to be done to rescue him quickly.”
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by Bamsyle2(m): 4:12pm On Feb 02, 2011
Damn, this should be one of those special circumstances where a victim's consent can be circumvented in rehabilitating him . . . this legend should be rehabilitated before he self-destructs!

The Law is an a[i]ss[/i].
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by eghost247(m): 5:20pm On Feb 02, 2011
Sad Very Sad
Re: Majek Fashek: A Rainmaker In Need by Djswaggz(m): 6:30pm On Feb 02, 2011
Major reason I pray for Success and not fame, Hope somefin is done for him in good tym sha!

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