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Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 10:31am On Jul 27, 2017
Searching for the princess
In the land of lupe, there lived a very
handsome prince called prince Alfred
he was a dutiful and upright prince.
This story is bout the prince's search
for a befitting princess. He goes
through all odds, circles, betrayer and
manipulation to get his princess.
Chapter 1

Your highness, Goodmorning I was just coming to see you because I knew you would be taking ur morning stroll said babu the prince's childhood friend.

They had been friends from childhood. Babu was one of the chief's son.

"Babu why did u want to see me and while so early in the morning."your highness, Hmmmm I heard something and I said I should tell you. Yesterday father came back from the meeting with the king, I heard him telling mother that a dancing ceremony is going to be held in which the best dancers will be chosen and they will be taken to the oracle and the virgins among them will be chosen to be ur bride.

"what are you saying the crown prince asked.

Your highness let me finish babu said" they will stay in the palace and they will go through vigorous activities the one who happens to win becomes the bride.

Samod was silent for a while but he said I don't think that will work I will talk to my father about it. Let's go.

Yes your royal highness "replied babu.
* * * * * * * * * *
Amelia where are you, can't u see have been waiting for you since morning let's go to the farm said Amelia's mother.

Mama can't u see iam beautifying my face, mama see I can't be following you to the farm oooo iam one of the fair maidens of this town and iam also preparing for the village dance. Mama see leave without me, you are talking to the latest princess of this town.

"Amelia is it me your mother you are talking to like that hehn. "Mama just leave me alone and take my younger ones. Amelia just know when your father comes I will tell him about ur arrogant behaviour.

Samod, got home he met the king on the throne he greeted his father and sat down.
My king is it true what iam hearing bout the dance ceremony and the best girls who danced well would be chosen as my bride and screened by the oracle and they would go through some tasks to get my hand in marriage.

Hmmmmmmmm....my son I want the best for you that is why iam organising this for you.lets try to make this work and if it does not work then I will leave u to find ur own bride.

Ok father have heard you, I will try to make this work.

Pls comment on the story, I will start posting regularly as from nextweek friday. Thanks

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Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 1:29pm On Jul 30, 2017
Nice One

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Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 6:59pm On Aug 05, 2017
Thank u
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 7:01pm On Aug 05, 2017
Thank u will start updating regularly from nextweek friday

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Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 8:44pm On Aug 05, 2017
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 2:33pm On Aug 15, 2017
sorry for the delay in the update, I need ur comments n encouragements n criticisms, thank u
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 2:34pm On Aug 15, 2017
Brother pls I want to go for the dance it can change our fortune.

June, am not saying you should not go for the dance,but pls do be careful of the other girls and just do what you have to do.

Thank u brother, I love u so much, I will meet mama in the farm and tell her, because she said without ur permission I can't go.

Chapter 2
On the day of the dance, it was such a bright and colourful day, the girls danced and out of the the 35 girls who danced 20 girls were chosen, the girls who were chosen were happy and they danced, while those who were not chosen went home dejectledy.

Out of the 20 girls who were chosen the daughter of the chief priest, two were daughters of the chief, June and Amelia, then they were taken to the chief priest house and screened for purity out of the 20 girls 15 of the girls succeded in the purity test while 5 went back home shamefully.

They were taken to the palace where a special place was prepared for them and they were given two months for one of them to snare the prince heart and schedules were made on how they were going to cook for the prince and they were asked to leave peacefully with each other and not to fight and they could visit their parents during the weekend.


Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 12:30am On Aug 20, 2017

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Re: Searching For The Princess by TEMMYMUJEEDAH(f): 2:31pm On Aug 20, 2017
Nice story... Update more often please

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Re: Searching For The Princess by Rachelbolanle07(f): 7:22am On Aug 21, 2017
Nyc Story pls update

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Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 12:23pm On Aug 23, 2017
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Oh my, I cannot wait to be the prince,s wife Amelia exclaimed.

Bang! Bang! Someone was knocking on the door of Amelia's room.

Who is knocking so hard on this door thought Amelia,
it's me mercy said the person at the door,our attention is needed by the king.

Ok, am coming.

The girls assembled at the king's entertaining room, the king told them that he wanted to throw a party for them and that they should all go and get dressed.

After the party they were all exhausted and they slept and woke up late.the Queen was annoyed with them all for disregarding the palace rules and she gave all of them a piece of her mind.

Gosh! The Queen was too harsh on us Mabel exclaimed, after all it was because of the party we slept off like that did she now have to lash out at us like that.

I did not know you will say that oooo, lizzy answered back, that was too much, my mum self she can talk to me like that if I wake up late.

Habaa! U guys should not talk like that,she had to talk to us like that so we would not do the same thing next time June said.

Oh! Shut up, the ever so good June, I l knw that's what you would say sneered Amelia. I would see where that Goodness will take you to.

Am out of here.

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Re: Searching For The Princess by Rachelbolanle07(f): 2:32pm On Aug 23, 2017
Tanx for the update more data to your phone

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Re: Searching For The Princess by abefe99: 3:31pm On Aug 23, 2017
this story go sweet oooo

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Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 8:01pm On Aug 26, 2017
Mama, iam missing Aunty June oooo...., if she was here now we would have finished work on the farm said David june's kid brother.

"Iam also missing her too but not because of the farm work ooo, ever since the death of my husband, she has been my confidant, my adviser, I reallly do miss her.

On their way back from the farm they met Amelia's mother on the way.
Mama Amelia,Good afternoon.
Mama Gabriel, Good afternoon too, hope you are hearing from june
Yes ooo, mama Gabriel she came home lastweek.
Hmmmmm, I wish my daughter Amelia was like that ever since she left to stay in the palace, she only came to see us once, I do not know what to do about her anymore.
Mama Amelia do not worry, God will take control.we have to start leaving now.okay bye mama amelia.
They both said their Goodbyes and left for their various destinations.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The following morning the royal family and the maidens were eating breakfast.

One of the maidens was assigned to prepare the breakfast, the maiden who prepared the breakfast, her father was a very well known doctor in the village,he came from the city to settle down in his hometown.

The maiden name was juilet phillips.
The queen complimented juilet for preparing a very delicious meal.

Juilet was very happy, Infact she was on seventh heaven.

The prince looked up and saw everyone staring at him.... oh! The food is delicious and everyone burst out laughing.

After breakfast the maidens introduced themselves one after the other to the prince.

The names of the fifteen maiden who were chosen are ;amelia, june, juilet, gloria, cynthia,chelsea,maria, mercy, Mabel, bridget,sarah,ella, tamara,esther and sofia.

The prince welcomed them all and adviced them to be of good behaviour and that they should not disobey the palace rules and any act of disobedience or fighting within the maidens, those involved would be sent away from the palace and they were dimissed.

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Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 8:57pm On Aug 29, 2017
Who Will Be D Princess
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 9:00pm On Sep 10, 2017
On a glorious Friday during the midday,some of the maidens were outside relaxing and playing outdoor games and some were inside watching a movie.

All of a sudden two of the maidens started fighting and insulting each other."
Are u mad!!!! screamed one of the maiden named Gloria,see how you stepped on my feet and you cannot even say common sorry,why are you so ill mannered....Jeez!!

The other maiden Bridget was a very pompous girl her parents were filthy rich and they lived in the city,she came to the village to learn how to cook traditional delicaces from her grandmother place, she heard about the dance and decided to join since she was a very good dancer and if she would be also lucky to catch the princes eye and stake his heart as her own.

Bridget was so furious that she saw red and gave Gloria a very hot slap, How dare you call me mad,you must be a slowpoke and moreover I do not have the time to stand here and continue bantering with you, you fool.

Gloria's temper rose ,she drew Bridget and gave a hot slap and a fight ensured between two of them.
it took the intervention of the palace guards to separate the maidens.

They were called to the Queen chambers and she listened to both side of their stories and declared that both of them were at fault and they were evicted from the palace for breaking the rules.

Some of the maidens were happy to see Bridget leave because she was so snooty and troublesome but some were sad to see Gloria leave because she was such a nice girl.
After they left peace reigned in the palace.
So thirteen maidens were left out of the fifteen maidens.

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Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 9:06pm On Sep 10, 2017
Weldone, Till Wen Again
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 9:23pm On Sep 10, 2017
The following day was weekend so the maidens went home to see their families
Mama! Mama! screamed June's junior sister Ava.
Sister June is back ooooooo,David June's who was busy washing his clothes ran out and threw his hands around his sister.
sister June welcome home.
Their mother came out and June hugged her, I missed u all, especially u mama June said.
My daughter we missed you too, oya David carry your sister's bag inside .
Mama where is brother, oh your brother went to the city for business.
Okay mama let us go inside.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In Amelia's house, when she got home her parents and siblings were not at home, she met her elder sister who came from the city.
Aunty Imelda It's so good to see you, when did you arrive and what did u buy for me.
Her sister welcomed her and asked her to sit down, Amelia look here I am not happy with you.

Haba sister what did I do.

Mama told me you have been behaving badly and you would not come home, why Amelia.

Sister is not like that ooooooo ,I am very sorry, I will turn a new leaf.

You had better do so Amelia, I do not want to hear another report about you and pls make mama happy and behave yourself in the palace.

I will sister, thank you very much.


Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 9:31pm On Sep 10, 2017
Waiting For More
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 9:52pm On Sep 10, 2017
by Gods grace tmao I will post more
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 2:41pm On Sep 11, 2017
Chapter 3
prince Alfred and babu his best friend were discussing about the maidens.
So prince Alfred you have not told me yet which of the maidens have u set ur sight on.

Hmmmmmmm.........I like Amelia but I am still studying her behavior, I want to know her habits,her attitude and if she is someone I can marry and call my own.

OK prince Alfred that is good, but I like one of the maidens too.

Babu, are you supposed to like the princes maidens hehn!

My prince am sorry but I cannot stop my self from liking her, in fact let me say I love her ever since I have set my eyes on her.

Who is this precious maiden of yours sef.

Prince her name is June,you know One late Mr Thomas that very hardworking farmer.

Oh! the one the snake bit......so she is his daughter,I did not know, so you love her.

Yes prince I really do

OK then , u can court her, while I study Amelia.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I really miss Gloria ooooooo cythnia lamented to june.
cythnia aand Gloria shared a room together.
It was a pity she fell prey to the devious bitch Bridget, chaiii that girl is evil.
Haabaa!! cythnia that was not a nice thing to say June said.

Abeg June that girl is a first class bitch jare.

OK,OK, I agree with you on that, she is so frustrating, but Gloria I think am in love.

In love, with the prince asked Gloria

No, not the prince said June

Then who asked Gloria

Hmmmmmmm, His friend babu

Jeez!! June tell me you are joking, I know that guy is handsome and good in some things and some of the maidens are crushing on him but why him June?

Cythnia let me tell you the truth, actually I have liked him since when I was a kid, remember when we do go to those village dances and any festival he was always there with the prince and it was because of him I joined this dance in the first place so I can get to see his face almost everyday and from there my crush on him started growing into love.

So what are you going to do about him now June.

I do not know I will just leave it to fate.
Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 2:48pm On Sep 11, 2017
Love In D Air
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 9:07am On Sep 14, 2017
In the middle of the night suddenly a loud scream was heard from Amelia and juilet's room, some of the maidens ran into their room.
Juilet was trying to calm her down. "what happened one of the maidens asked you screamed so loud.
I am fine said Amelia, thank you, you can all go back to your rooms.

"are you sure asked one of the maidens. Yes, juilet is here .They all left and went back to their rooms.

Amelia did not go back to sleep immediately, she was weeping softly,so if I do not change my ways, this is what is going to happen to me.
Thank you the Gods of our land for this revelation and she slept off till the following morning.
* * * * * * * * *
The following day three maidens were gossiping about Amelia.
Lord did u see how she screamed last night like someone who was possessed one of the maidens said.

Abi now the second maiden replied.
I want that girl out of the palace, if you see how the prince stares at her when we are with him, I think he has taken a liking to her.

Hmmmm!!!! Chelsea let us deal with her, you know she is the one cooking today .
Yes, let us do that said the second maiden.

It was lunch time, the food was served by the palace maids, the king was always the one who first tasted the food and all the others will follow.

The expression on his face when he tasted the food was so hilarious and weird,he spat out the food.
He thundered out," who prepared this food, all of you should taste the food he said, they all did and spat it out.

One of the palace maid said it was Maiden Amelia who prepared the food. Amelia stood up shivering.The Queen was very angry, she spoke out, Amelia did your mother not teach you how to cook.

Your highness said Amelia , I tasted the food nothing was wrong with it, I do not understand how it has so much salt and pepper.

As from today said the Queen I do not want to see you in the kitchen anymore, you are banned from preparing any of the meals. you are dismissed.
Amelia ran up to her room,she was weeping badly.

The prince felt so bad that he left the dinning table.
The king asked the palace cook to prepare another lunch.

The three maidens who sabotaged the lunch were very happy,One of the palace maid came to the Queen and whispered something in her ear.
The Queen expression changed and she dismissed the maid.


Re: Searching For The Princess by Toyin223(f): 9:20am On Sep 14, 2017
Nxt Pls
Re: Searching For The Princess by Nobody: 3:09pm On Sep 14, 2017
Update pls
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 7:16am On Sep 15, 2017
As soon as Amelia got to their room she locked herself up and she refused to open the door for juilet her roomie.

Juilet had to go to the Queen's chamber because she was scared Amelia might have injured herself.

The Queen and Juilet hurried to the room, it took up to a minute before Amelia opened the door, the Queen was very furious with her for locking her roomie out, Amelia she said this is not the end of the world, you were only reprimanded and that means she should try to improve in that area.
Because a lady who cannot cook cannot have her husband's love all rounder and please do not let it affect your stay in the palace, get it off ur mind, and improve yourself, have I made myself clear here.

Yes, my Queen answered Amelia

On her way back to her chambers the Queen heard some maidens talking in the parlour provided for the maidens and she heard them mention Amelia's name, she remembered the what the palace maid told her and decided to wait and listen.

The first maiden said " I like how we dealt with Amelia

The Queen was so astonished so was the maid who stood beside her.

Another voice said " and we poured additional salt and pepper inside the food she prepared.

Another one said , did you see her face wen the King and Queen reprimanded her it was so priceless, I was so overjoyed inside, then she spoilt the fun and ran away like a scared rabbit.

Chelsea said did u see the prince face when he was walking away he was so embarrassed now I am going to try and seduce the prince for my own. Yipeeee

The Queen went into the parlour and clapped her hands.

The girls were so surprised to see that the Queen heard their conversation.

A meeting was called and the girls were found guilty and they were evicted from the palace.

That evening the three maidens named Chelsea one of the chief's daughter, Tamara the chief priest's daughter and Ella the royal palmwine Tapper's daughter left the palace after crying their eyes out.

And the glory returned back to Amelia and she was vindicated by the Gods.

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Re: Searching For The Princess by kingphilip(m): 6:56am On Feb 13
Kunbeex is this the end?
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 4:28pm On Feb 13
This is not the end, I would still complete it. M very busy that is why before this year runs out, I will complete it
Re: Searching For The Princess by itsandi(m): 5:41pm On Feb 13
Lovely story... Interesting update... Enjoy interesting stories, poetry, follow series on Tushstories via


Re: Searching For The Princess by kingphilip(m): 10:28am On Feb 14
This is not the end, I would still complete it. M very busy that is why before this year runs out, I will complete it
like seriously thats like 10 months away now
Re: Searching For The Princess by kunbeex(f): 7:49pm On Feb 14
I will be less busy by march/april don't worry, I will complete it
Re: Searching For The Princess by kingphilip(m): 9:27pm On Feb 14
I will be less busy by march/april don't worry, I will complete it
no p now

Just garnish it well when showing up

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