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Building A Search Engine Like Google by hola2ng(m): 1:23pm On Mar 10, 2006
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by Seun(m): 8:57pm On Mar 10, 2006
I think it would be very hard to make a search engine like Google, but there's one man who runs his own profitable search engine by using algorithms that work differently and require different resources ("just" 8 servers). His name is Matt Wells and his search engine is called Gigablast. He was recently interviewed about search engine design.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by niyyie(m): 4:26pm On Mar 11, 2006
Another man is , angry (I have forgotten his name). He is a South African, and he built Jonga using all the latest web technologies. The site also looks very nice. I have been dreaming of a nice engine like Jonga, for Nigeria.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by Seun(m): 11:58pm On Mar 11, 2006
Why would someone want web search results from one country only?
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by joftech(m): 12:31am On Mar 12, 2006
And i wonder what resource Nigeria has got to warant a dedicated search engine.

Hola2ng if you want to roll your own search engine you may have to come up with a good algorithm first, then thing about having your own filesystem and system design which you will adapt to your algorithm, i have gone through Google's filesystem and the thing is for advanced PhD holders in computer science.

Google uses PageRank, that's something you will most likely never lay your hand on (that's Google's heart and blood).

But i have seen something that's related to Pagerank algorithm before, too bad i can't remember the UR/text again.

There are somy algorithms that you can adapt to your use. But, it's not a simple thing.

I think you will be OK if you can use their (Google) service just like A9.com and Yahoo search started.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by Seun(m): 1:06am On Mar 12, 2006
But i have seen something that's related to Pagerank algorithm before
The [url=http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~georgem/hilltop/]hilltop algorithm[/url] is one (pagerank is patented!). You can't get good results from these algorithms if you simply discard links to and from pages that are not Nigerian.

Challenges involved in distributed web crawling itself must not be underestimated. Jonga above is basically a small web directory so it may just run on a single server the way Nairaland does, but search engines like google and co are different.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by joftech(m): 1:24am On Mar 12, 2006
Here's the link to read more about Google's filesystem.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by bashali: 3:36am On Mar 12, 2006
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by joftech(m): 3:54am On Mar 12, 2006
bashali, am sorry to say it's like you sounded like you don't know what you are saying and also what we are saying.

The algoritm been mentioned here is not the normal 1970's flow charts your lecturers have been putting into your head.

When we talked about algorithm here, we are talking about how the program get to categorize a page in order to know it's relevance to a search query.

The algorithm really matter and that's what's doing the magic for Google. How i wish i can get the url that's related to PageRank.

All systems like routers, switch, and now search engines have their own algorithm. Bros, seems you need to learn more before you can make people look stupid.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by oasis: 6:13am On Mar 12, 2006
Why do you need google's specifically?  Why not come up with you own?

oasisoflove.com has a complex ranking system that includes: photos, last date of visit, profile completeness, percentage of messages replied, speed of response, frequency of visit, whether user lied about geolocation, distance, etc.  More is being added.  I didn't need to use anybody's pre-made formula.  You can do the same by deciding what criteria to use in ranking websites in your SE.

The fact about google, and SE's in general is, they're highly dynamic.  What works today with them for high SERP, may be gone during their next update.  If not, SEO experts would take over the search engines with their black hat tricks.

If you really want to learn, then search for google pr formula.  You'd read till you head hurts.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by niyyie(m): 2:12pm On Mar 12, 2006
[quote=seun]Why would someone want web search results from one country only?[/quote]

WHY NOT? It seems you simply haven't been in that situation before, whereby you need info from a particular country. That country only. If you try doing things like adding the country name in the search term, you are likely to come-up with just gabbage as many folks who have nothing to do with that country would have made sure they spammed their web pages with the country name, so they could do well in search engines.

Last week, I needed a company that offer a particular service, in Malaysia. What did I do? I simply went to www.google.com.my and searched for the keywords only, without including the word 'Malaysia'. I came-up with the right result in the first ten and I am doing business with that company today.

If you looked at Jonga.co.za carefully, you would agree with me that Nigeria needs something like that. Jonga is more than a directory. It's an engine and it has a bot that crawls web pages.

Try searching for the word "Nigeria" on Jonga. Relax, and take in the results that come showing.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by alexis(m): 2:26pm On Mar 12, 2006
Try these 2 opensource solutions, they run on php

1. http://www.cs.ioc.ee/~ando/sphider/index.php
2. http://www.greywyvern.com/webslavent?msg=182

Since it is opensource, you can view the code and tweak it to your liking or even port it to another language if you have the necessary skills.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by bashali: 4:28pm On Mar 12, 2006
josoft, you really show me, you do not know anything about programming,
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by sbucareer(f): 5:53pm On Mar 12, 2006

Remember that Dr Lary Page the founder of Google Inc. was a Ph.D student at Standford University and his Ph.D thesis was basic on Data retrieval and storage. His father professor Dr. Carl Victor Page, a lecturer of Computer Science at Michigan State University made sure his son had the early beginning in computer industry like Bill Gates.

Dr Larry did his Ph.D and researched thoroughly in database storage and retrieval and that was where he came up with his fantastic algorithm that powers Google today.  He earned a fantastic academic achievement at Stanford university and argues everyday with his professors on the issues of database manipulation.

At Stanford where Dr. Larry meet a fellow Ph.D student Sergey Brin,  Co-Founder & President, Technology of Google Inc. At first both men argued all day about computer related issues and particularly database, but as luck could have it, both men agreed on one issue database storage and retrieval.  Soon both men became good friends and now own and manage Multibillion Company, Google Inc.

Thy did not stop there, soon they hired Dr. Eric Schmidt,  Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc. He came from Novell, where he led that company's strategic planning, management and technology development as chairman and CEO. When he came on board he helped google to focused on building the corporate infrastructure needed to maintain Google's rapid growth as a company and on ensuring that quality remains high while product development cycle times are kept to a minimum.

The whole point of this is that to became very good at what you do in life you must study with passion and create time to learn new dynamic view of life and employ your education as a mechanism to deliver strategic and compulsory product that people want. Never forget to continual learning.

I have made up my mind next year to go and study Ph.D in the department of Computer Information System and Mathematics focusing my thesis on Neutral Networks and Artificial Intelligence. When I finish by the grace of God, I will think about my thesis if it worth developing business ideas with it.

Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by hola2ng(m): 7:09pm On Mar 12, 2006
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by Seun(m): 9:51pm On Mar 12, 2006
Most things we search for are not limited to one country, and even for country specific searches like "Nairaland" we get good searches from Google already. And if you don't get good results by searching for something like "MTN" you can always add the word "Nigeria" to your query to get good results. This is still faster than going to a separate search engine just because you want to make one query.

Therefore my contention is that this is a solution in search of a problem.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by sbucareer(f): 10:29pm On Mar 12, 2006

Let me let you into an abstract ideas I have regarding business opportunity rather than reinventing the wheel. You know in the USA, lots of doctors now can perform surgery from a remote location via high-speed internet connection using sophisticated neutral network technology. I was watching a programme on TV about American Doctors making big dosh using remote equipment to perform surgical operation so patient . These patients do not need to fly into USA, hence saving money and life.

The programme was a classical idea of what you can do with IT and computer networks. Now, my idea is could you send blood samples from one place to another place via a PC? Well if you ask me the answer I'd give is yes. Why, blood have properties, when doctor analyze blood what they are interested in are, properties of the blood and computer can work out the rest of the components that make up these properties and produce a diagnosis of the patient and even recommend a treatment.

You may ask what is this application going to achieve, well it be nice to send blood properties to a remote place where they have more equipments and sophisticated lab around the world to help produce early diagnosis of disease even recommend the level of treatment and quarantine if possible rather than the patient to start thinking of where to get money to fly himself abroad for a simple but still complex treatment.

Futhermore, the application can have a database of well known prognosis and cure for diseases. We can link that to a national database for forensic science to combat crime and disease control and other application we can build out of it.

Imagine, when you want to buy a care in Nigeria there is a place you can plug the car into and it will link to a global database and download information of the car, if it is stolen and check the particulars of the car i.e millage, age, and current state of the car. All these sort of abstract ideas is what we ought to be thinking rather than thinking of developing search engine that is already here.

Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by oasis: 11:48pm On Mar 12, 2006

Your ideas are very interesting. I'm also an advocate of creativity. What I find with most of us is that we lack originality. Most suggestions I see are about how to create something that's already been done to death. I always stress the need for learning how to build things from scratch, rather than piggy backing on someone else's prototype.

As marvelous as technology is today, we've barely scratched the surface, as far as what can be done with it is concerned.

A good example is oxygen and nitrogen. We know oxygen is flammable, while nitrogen is basically inert. But why? Unless you understand the atomic structures of these elements, you cannot offer an explanation as to why. On the other hand, a good knowledge of atomic structures gives you the ability to create things never before done by anyone.

Have you heard of George Washington Carver? http://inventors.about.com/library/weekly/aa041897.htm

He invented over 800 products from peanuts, soybeans, potatoes, etc.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by joftech(m): 3:16am On Mar 13, 2006
The long tail of software. millions of markets of dozens which is what Google is using today to make money was first started by Joe Kraus (of Exite fame), in one interview he said he couldn't figure out how to make money with it and that's basically how Exite fizzled out of the search game.

So maybe our guy saw something we did not see.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by hola2ng(m): 9:08pm On Mar 13, 2006
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by t4cash(m): 1:15pm On Mar 14, 2006

Just would like to add that google's success is not only attributable to its algorithm.

In fact, its probably less important than the architecture and sheer firepower of the network of PC's that power google. The founders placed speed at the center of their strategy, and adopted an architecture based on ordinary PC's yet (through shere numbers) resultantly more poerful than any other site's. I'talking millions of motherboards to ensure that you get results within 1 second. Consequently Google has the most powerful computer network on this planet. So many times more powerful than the next guy (including the US government) and growing at such a rate. that its practically impossible to catch up with them. This is why, it is often borrowed by scientists for such complex tasks as simulating the human genome.

Of course, the site is abundantly redundant, and duplicates are made continously not just for hosting in different parts of the US but all over the world (in top secret locations). Google lost hundreds of thousands of PC's in a hosting-site fire once and nobody on the web even knew.

So when you build your search engine, dont forget the PC firepower.

There are so many other aspects of what makes google special, (its come a long way from Pagerank). Just as Microsoft is not just about a guy who IBM asked for an operating system. Those guys are genuine super-entrepreneurs who would have made it even if they had wound up in medicine. I mean they didnt invent serving cost-per-click text-ads next to search results, Overture did.

Also Larry and Sergey dropped out of Stanford after they started Google (yup) , so sbu, you cant call him Dr Page.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by hola2ng(m): 8:32pm On Mar 14, 2006
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by t4cash(m): 10:56pm On Mar 14, 2006
Hola, I am part of a dream to create a nigerian portal that can match yahoo. I could mention the site, but Seun knows my site and I'll leave him to mention it if he wants to.

But let me correct some inaccuracies in your post. First, 1 million dollars (N140m) is chump change for Leo Stan Ekeh. So you need to talk in 10's of millions when you talk about Zinox. Second, the .ng is a reality. I personally already own several (choice) .ng domain names. Yahoo and google have probably registered their .ng domains. I have checked and its available but I bet the NIC guys will not allow me to conclude the registration. That would be blatant cybersquatting. Want my advice? grab some names- the Internet is like the wild west. Its the last real estate that is unowned.

On you making your dreams a reality, I can only say that I do not subscribe to the school that teaches that everyone should aim at being a celebrity businessman/ leader or whatever. We dont all have to be successful in a way everyone in the world can know about us. Everyone can not achieve what Seun Osewa has achieved. True success in life is a 3 -step process, 1)Find something you are good at/ enjoy/ others appreciate, 2) take is to its zenith, and finally 3) Give back. Follow this 3 step rule and whether its in teaching or in motherhood, you will die happy.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by niyyie(m): 10:30am On Mar 15, 2006
why wait for the U.S to let technology define us?
why can't we define our own technology.
Whats wrong with having a nigerian email service, or nigerian search or chatrooms?

Thank God someone is reading. Very same thing I was thinking about on my way home, last night.
We adapt into western technology and do not usually adapt western technology to fit our perculiar needs.

I'd support a Nigerian search engine, any day, any time. There is a huge quantity of Nigerian content out there. kiss
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by niyyie(m): 4:03pm On Nov 02, 2006
A Nigerian search engine http://www.supernigeria.com kiss

Give it a try and share your thoughts
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by hola2ng(m): 8:39am On Nov 10, 2006
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by chuksloy: 4:28pm On Nov 11, 2006
try www.searchnaija.com its new. i designed the whole concept all by myself. it took me 4 months of beeing indoors and lonely with my pc. 2 months to put up the idea. i wonder how long it will take me to get to the roof. cry
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by sbucareer(f): 10:06am On Nov 12, 2006

chuksloy, I personally feel sorry for you, particularly "Getting on the roof" issue.  What a marvellous work and dedication but you need to work harder on your concept or motivation of developing the site relatively to do with making money from it.

Have you ever had what they call Web Crawler? Register and browser some academic research papers on past articles or essays on Search Engines.

You cannot optimize your fantastic website (IMO) by just adding web links to your database that is the job of a Web Crawler.  You job will be to consult a mathematician, or like you have the time, you could study Differentiation and Integration in maths and study lots of Sets and logic theories to come up with a prevailing algorithm to run through your millions of turples on your database with few nanosecond.

When you have achieved that tell me I will help you with some few concepts I have as to making money with search engine.

Example of web crawler program

The challenge in developing a marketable search engine is within your algorithm that is responsible for indexing the internet in such a way that search by users is delivered with limited time frame, we are talking of nanoseconds.

All  you do is to write powerful triggers, SQL, create table indexes etc within your database that hold these queries.

My recommendation if you are really serious to embark into it, don't mind people like Seun saying "What is the use of a country search engine” the purpose lies within your actual motivate and marketing strategy.

Links that start from A-E on database instance,  F-J one instance, K-N one instance, O-R one instance, S-Z last instance. Mind you all are within one database management System.  This will reduce the load a a single database instance, thus on one machine will definitely reduce performance. To achieve total process independence and time factor you will require running them on a separate machine, it could still be one DBMS but then the issue of bandwidth will come up. The final solution would be to invest on oracle grid computing, but this is way out of the scope for now.

Develop a web crawler first to populate your DB and write a caching algorithm as well to store frequent search path to reduce the burden on your DB. Then come and talk to us here for further help.

I strongly believe you can break through; there is not solution like this on the African continent. If you are listening to news and are following future market and global market. Africa is fast developing by 1.6% GDP every year, thanks to our new creditors, China with low interest rate we can afford and the West do not like it. What haave they done for us said one of the Chinese international economic spokeman? He said that the west achieved slavery, poverty and incitement of war. 

Anyway, I see the West falling in the next 10 years. With US economy under calculated deprivation, Saudi Arabia Construction boom, India Technology acumen, Africa growing at the rate of 1.6% GDP, Sudanese billionaire Mo Ibrahim offering $5 million every year after retirement of a good president of African country, Now Cofe Anan and many African president are now in serious negotiation for China to transfer technology to Africa and it looks promising and the West do not like any of these things but they do not have a choice because their time is coming to and end like any other empire on earth it last for a while and other people take over.

My friend continue with you idea and don't get demotivated, time is just round the corner and your idea will emerge.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by Afam(m): 6:34pm On Nov 12, 2006
No online business will become a great success by copying or depending on another online business for success.

What about creating a site that will bring Nigerians to it every single hour of the day either for business, pleasure, knowledge, news etc?

What about building a site that integrates almost everything that people find useful on the internet while focusing on the Nigerian market?

This is easy to do even though it takes time.

This is what I am doing now and will be done in 3 weeks maximum.

It is very very vital and necessary for us to have a site where everything about Nigeria can be found and every Nigerian can make use of and more importantly be able to solve problems using the website.
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by niyyie(m): 4:28am On Nov 14, 2006
Chuksloy, I agree with "sbucareer", and congratulate you on your effort. However, have you thought about spamming and how to deal with it? You better add some image verification to the "add site" form, to deter spam bots, and also, do not allow new entries to go straight into your database. Verify them.

All the best. wink wink
Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by chuksloy: 3:49pm On Jan 05, 2007
thanks guys, i really appreciate your comments expecially that of "sbucareer". the truth is that i really know about web crawlers and what it takes to get a complete search engine working(i did research before i start the whole project). but u see this is nigeria , most of us who learned programming know less than they should, because there is only little info available. i keep telling myself that in future i might be able to right my own crawler, infact ive started improving my perl and c++ status. if u guys understand me u will see that i like the hard way(i really want every single code in the site to be done by me).

Re: Building A Search Engine Like Google by sholemania: 4:17pm On Jan 05, 2007
Try and work on this, this is the source

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"><title>Google</title><style><!--
<script defer>
function sf(){document.f.q.focus();}
window.clk=function(b,c,d,h,i,j){if(document.images){var a=window.encodeURIComponent?encodeURIComponent:escape,e="",f="",g="";if(b){e="&url="+a(b.replace(/#.*/,""wink).replace(/\+/g,"%2B"wink}if(c){f="&oi="+a(c)}if(d){g="&cad="+a(d)}(new Image).src="/url?sa=T"+f+g+"&ct="+a(h)+"&cd="+a(i)+e+"&ei=BmueRZrMJZvcJZOp4MkN"+j}return true};// -->
</head><body bgcolor=#ffffff text=#000000 link=#0000cc vlink=#551a8b alink=#ff0000 onload="sf();if(document.images){new Image().src='/images/nav_logo.png'}" topmargin=3 marginheight=3><center><div align=right nowrap style="padding-bottom:4px" width=100%><font size=-1><a href="/url?sa=p&pref=ig&pval=3&q=http://www.google.fr/ig%3Fhl%3Dfr&usg=__UOOLvPRVchoPTs2Ed1BhUD2JZ1Y=" onmousedown="return clk('/url?sa=p&pref=ig&pval=3&q=http://www.google.fr/ig%3Fhl%3Dfr&usg=__UOOLvPRVchoPTs2Ed1BhUD2JZ1Y=','promos','hppphnu:fr_all','pro','1','')">Accueil personnalisé</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;<a href="https://www.google.com/accounts/Login?continue=http://www.google.fr/&hl=fr">Connexion</a></font></div><img alt="Google" height=110 src="/intl/fr_fr/images/logo.gif" width=276><br><br><form action="/search" name=f><script defer><!--
function qs(el){if(window.RegExp&&window.encodeURIComponent){var ue=el.href,qe=encodeURIComponent(document.f.q.value);if(ue.indexOf("q="wink!=-1){el.href=ue.replace(new RegExp("q=[^&$]*"wink,"q="+qe);}else{el.href=ue+"&q="+qe;}}return 1;}
</script><table border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=4><tr><td nowrap><font size=-1><b>Web</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class=q href="http://images.google.fr/imghp?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=fr&tab=wi" onclick="return qs(this)">Images</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class=q href="http://groups.google.fr/grphp?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=fr&tab=wg" onclick="return qs(this)">Groupes</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class=q href="http://news.google.fr/nwshp?ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=fr&tab=wn" onclick="return qs(this)">Actualités</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b><a href="/intl/fr/options/" class=q>plus&nbsp;&raquo;</a></b></font></td></tr></table><table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0><tr valign=top><td width=25%>&nbsp;</td><td align=center nowrap><input name=hl type=hidden value=fr><input maxlength=2048 name=q size=55 title="Recherche Google" value=""><br><input name=btnG type=submit value="Recherche Google"><input name=btnI type=submit value="J'ai de la chance"></td><td nowrap width=25%><font size=-2>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=/advanced_search?hl=fr>Recherche avancée</a><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=/preferences?hl=fr>Préférences</a><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href=/language_tools?hl=fr>Outils linguistiques</a></font></td></tr><tr><td align=center colspan=3><font size=-1>Rechercher dans : <input id=all type=radio name=meta value="" checked><label for=all> Web </label><input id=lgr type=radio name=meta value="lr=lang_fr" ><label for=lgr> Pages francophones </label><input id=cty type=radio name=meta value="cr=countryFR" ><label for=cty> Pages : France </label></font></td></tr></table></form><br><style>#ie6tb{behavior:url(#default#userData);display:none;text-align:center;width:310px;position:absolute;top:2px;right:2px;color:#656565;border:1px solid #656565;font-weight:bold;background-color:#ffffff;padding:1px 0 4px 4px;font-family:arial}</style><div id=ie6tb><span id=close><a href=# onclick="return ie6tbc()" onmousedown="return clk(this.href,'promos','hppwebdd3:fr_all','pro','1','')"><img src="images/close_sm.gif" width=12 height=12 border=0 align=right style="padding:2px"></a></span><table><tr><td valign=top style=padding-left:4px;><img src="images/arrow_left.gif" width=30 height=27 border=0></td><td style="padding:12px 0 12px 2px;text-align:center;font-weight:bold"><font size=-1>Insérez un champ de recherche Google dans votre navigateur.</font></td></tr></table><img src="intl/fr/images/toolbar_sm.png" width=216 height=35><br><input type=button value="Télécharger la barre d'outils Google" onClick=ie6tbdl(); width=220><font size=-3><br><br></font></div><script>var ie6tbDiv=document.getElementById("ie6tb"wink;ie6tbDiv.load("IsOnIE6tbPromo"wink;if (ie6tbDiv.getAttribute("display"wink==null) {ie6tbDiv.style.display="block";new Image().src="/gen_204?oi=promos_vis&cad=hppwebie6tb:fr&atyp=i";}function ie6tbc() {ie6tbDiv.setAttribute("display","none"wink;ie6tbDiv.save("IsOnIE6tbPromo"wink;ie6tbDiv.style.display="none";new Image().src="/gen_204?oi=promos&ct=remove&cad=hppwebie6tb:fr&sa=X";return false;}function ie6tbdl() {new Image().src="/gen_204?oi=promos&ct=download&cad=hppwebie6tb:fr&sa=X";document.location="/toolbar/intl/fr/webinstall.html";return false;}</script><br><font size=-1><a href=/ads/>Publicité</a> - <a href=/services/>Solutions d'entreprise</a> - <a href=/intl/fr/about.html>À propos de Google</a> - <a href=http://www.google.com/ncr>Google.com in English</a><span id=hp style="behavior:url(#default#homepage)"></span>
if (!hp.isHomePage('http://www.google.fr/')) {document.write("<p><a href=\"/mgyhp.html\" onClick=\"style.behavior='url(#default#homepage)';setHomePage('http://www.google.fr/');\">Google en page d'accueil</a>"wink;}
</script></font><p><font size=-2>&copy;2007 Google</font></p></center></body>

do you know one thing save this source on the desktop using (source.html) if you open it again it will give you google homepage. byyyyye

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