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Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 3:51pm On Aug 09
There's also Miss Asian America, Miss Hispanic America and probably a bunch of other ethnic-minority-based pageants. I wonder if people are calling that racist too, or are just bothered about African-Americans.

This thread reminds me of something a sensible white guy said about the people calling the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement racist. These people had been saying that 'Black Lives Matter' implies that White lives don't matter; that the appropriate tag should have been 'Black Lives Matter, Too'.

The (sensible) white guy's reply was, "Be thankful that you don't even need a 'White Lives Matter' Movement."

Whites should be thankful that they do not need an NAACP, a BET, a Miss White America pageant, and such.

Amen, so true there are Miss Asia America and Miss Hispanic America but nobody weirdly brings those ones up but the african american beauty pageants are brought up and it makes me conclude that they are bothered by the african american one more. I think its because the history between african americans and white americans is very bitter and more deep then the history between white americans and other minorities like Asians and hispanics(which is not a race mind you, so white hispanics may have a different experience from non-white hispanics in America).

I'm surprised a white man made those statements lol, white americans are actually lucky that they don't need such things as the NAACP or a Miss white america pageant.


Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 3:15pm On Aug 09
This isn't a goose-and-gander scenario. Mainstream American media, etc, are already predominantly white. They do not need special us-only organizations (like NAACP) or media houses (like BET) to feel relevant or visible.

Minorities still do.

Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 3:06pm On Aug 09
Why do the blacks feel they have to breathe the "air" of relevance as though they aren't already by default relevant ? Inferiority complex if you'd ask me....

This is what I want blacks to understand,the mainstream organisation that are already "white"established and predominantly theirs(politically or not) shouldn't make blacks want/need to uphold an organisation exclusively to their race,...it'll mean following their(white) steps,being slaves to them and eternally second-fiddle to whites. mainstream bodies that are white dominated is testament to the fact that,blacks are minorities and we don't have to cry racism when our quest for establishing Organisations that are black exclusive thereby side-lining white race in it self is racism. Or do they have exclusive white programs and systems that blacks aren't remotely part of ?

After all, blacks still participate in the so called mainstream "white" predominant org.

I think what you bring up has some points but in America it is complex especially when it comes to things such as beauty pageants among the races. As you said the majority rules most things so they really don't need to have things exclusively for themselves, its the minoritties that are affected and thats why things like this spring up to be honest so in the end of the day there is no right or wrong.

Look at England for example they have a Miss Britain but black british women are not represented that you have beauty pageants like:
Miss Black Africa UK
Miss Caribbean UK

Any way the UK is a different story to a extent cause its a european country as opposed to America where the country originally belong to the Native Americans so other races don't have original claim to the land.
Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 2:53pm On Aug 09
Sorry to unearth this old thread...

There is nothing racist about a Black Miss Pennsylvania pageant just like there's nothing racist about the BET awards. Anyone who thinks otherwise is confused. There are numerous places to get an explanation from I hate having conversations like that.

Worst thing is when black people themselves say sh*t like that. Double standard my foot. There should even be more things for "only" black people.

OP do you live in the U.S.

I don't think the pageant is racist to be honest and that includes BET cause of the history of America when it comes to race. So racial pageants, BET, Telemundo and etc were inevitably bound to happen, so people shouldn't really complain in the end of the day, thats why America is the most complex in the world when it comes to race.

yes I was born and raised in America

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenyan Lawyer Offers Livestock To Wed Obama's Daughter by anonymous6(f): 1:24pm On Aug 08
That dowry is toi expensive for her habah
50 cows? This lawyer they steal or what ?30sheeps and so on ..abeg ..my brother she is not worth it

the guy is deluding himself that Barack or Michelle Obama will allow him to marry their older daugher, those girls are Americans and don't subscribe to that way of life lol, that lawyer is a fool
Culture / Re: Why Africa Is Hollywood’s Biggest Missed Opportunity - Washington Post by anonymous6(f): 1:19pm On Aug 08
Culture / Re: Africa's Population To Double To 2.4 Billion By 2050 - Telegraph by anonymous6(f): 1:19pm On Aug 08
They should worry about their indebted and failed countries ? We are only following the course of the nature....after slaughtering US like salah rams during slavery and colonization ,they are now waging biological warfare on us yet we shouldnt reproduce? Our continent riches and wealth must exploited by aryans and arabs crusaders ......a continent where countries 5 times the size of France or italy dont even have the 1/5 of their population ? Give US break ...nesides even if we lack the technological know how in some fields..who will prevent US from storming Europe America and asia to get that knowledge ..the same ways centuries ago they invaded US to steal our redources and technologies... History repeating itself ....

You can wipe off the original humans

interesting, cant stop human nature
Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 1:13pm On Aug 08

Odd, clear your browser's cache, and try again please

hi fulaman theres a tribal bash thread brewing and I think the thread will be unproductive, can you close this thread: http://www.nairaland.com/2510076/which-tribe-most-unfaithful-marriage
Culture / Re: Why Africa Is Hollywood’s Biggest Missed Opportunity - Washington Post by anonymous6(f): 4:07pm On Aug 02
Because we have a dauran as a president!

are you talking about Obama or buhari?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenyan Lawyer Offers Livestock To Wed Obama's Daughter by anonymous6(f): 3:37pm On Aug 02
She wil marry a lady.....cos 0bama prefer same-sex marriage to normal...

Dah man is a clown

Culture / Why Africa Is Hollywood’s Biggest Missed Opportunity - Washington Post by anonymous6(f): 3:22pm On Aug 02
It has been 13 years since Halle Berry and Denzel Washington made history on the Oscar stage, taking home statues for Best Actress and Best Actor. In her acceptance speech, Berry — the first black woman to win the category — proclaimed that the “door has been opened” for other deserving actresses of color to win the honor. History has proven this to be an overstatement. Only 10 black actresses have been nominated in the leading role category, and Berry is still the only winner. There’s no hope that will change at the 87th Academy Awards this Sunday — no people of color are nominated for acting.

Hollywood has consistently snubbed minority actors and actresses. Some movie studios justify their diversity problem with economic arguments: In a leaked e-mail to Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton, an unnamed producer warned against casting Washington in films that would be marketed overseas: “I believe that the international motion picture audience is racist — in general, pictures with an African American lead don’t play well overseas.” Such judgments reveal Hollywood’s outdated mindset and ignore the rapidly changing demographics and tastes of international moviegoers. Africa, in particular, has remained a perennial blind spot, threatening to become a missed business opportunity for Hollywood. Movie watching is growing rapidly in several African nations, and there is evidence that black leads attract the attention of that growing audience and others.

International moviegoers deliver nearly 70 percent of the industry’s business today, with nearly a third of that global box office coming from Asia — especially China, Japan and India. The industry is courting that audience by producing high-tech films that wow on Asia’s growing number of 3D movie screens, and distributing more films with Asian characters and settings. “Life of Pi,” the 2012 film about a shipwrecked Indian boy, shocked movie executives by earning nearly 80 percent of its sales in foreign markets. South Korean actor Byung-hun Lee was cast in the 2014 movie “G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” which grossed $42 million in its opening weekends in East Asia, more than half of its total foreign opening weekend sales. Now, when industry decision-makers look beyond U.S. shores, their first question is, “Can this sell in China?”

But that view is short-sighted. Movie-watching in African nations like Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa has exploded in recent years, alongside a rapidly growing middle class hungry for entertainment that reflects local perspectives and phenotypes. Nigeria’s film industry, dubbed Nollywood, is already home to the world’s third-most-valuable movie industry, worth more than $500 million and bested only by Hollywood and India’s Bollywood industry. Producing nearly 50 movies a week, mostly with low budgets and local actors, Nollywood now churns out more films than its California counterpart. And Africa is not the only place with a growing black middle class with a desire for movies with diverse stories. In this hemisphere, Colombia has 5 million citizens of African descent, and 50 percent of Brazilians identify as black. Hollywood would be wise to court these customers now, as they develop new behaviors and spend newly found disposable income.

Certainly, Hollywood films built on black lead characters rarely have been runaway hits. Will Smith’s “Independence Day” is the only one to have cracked the global top 50-grossing films — and that was in 1996. But this has less to do with the race of the actors than with the expectations of the studios. When industry executives limit their investment in films anchored by people of color, their low expectations become self-fulfilling. For instance, international sales made up only 7.1 percent of revenue for last year’s “Think Like a Man Too” — but the film was released in only 11 foreign countries (and earned half its international take in Africa). But when these films are well marketed, they succeed overseas. “The Butler,” for instance, was release in 43 countries (but not China), and earned 34 percent of its revenue abroad. And “12 Years a Slave,” boosted by its Oscar recognition, generated 70 percent of its sales in the 48 foreign countries where it was released.

With movie after movie after movie, films with black directors or black leads have struggled to get funding, industry attention or international box office support — and yet many have gone on to outperform studio expectations. For industry executives, “it’s becoming harder and harder to bury their heads in the sand and pretend there’s not this demographic earthquake happening,” Darnell Hunt, director of the Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA, told The Washington Post. “At some point, it’s not going to be sustainable. They’re going to have to start making movies that people of all colors will want to see.” While some actors from the African diaspora have been awarded by the industry — Lupita Nyong’o and Chiwetel Ejiofor, for example — Hollywood seems to ignore their ability to appeal to cross-cultural audiences.

The fact that there are still only a handful of brick and mortar cinemas in African markets shouldn’t be a disincentive for Hollywood to invest there. This is an advantage for the film industry and a ripe opportunity to innovate. As some did with land-line phones, African markets are starting to leapfrog past past movie screens and go straight to video on demand. Streaming services, like Netflix, are disrupting traditional movie distribution in Europe and in the U.S., and studios have struggled against movie theaters to develop partnerships for online distribution. They won’t encounter that pushback in Africa. In the past three years, Iroko TV, described as “Netflix for Nollywood,” has amassed more than 5,000 titles and received 1 million unique hits monthly from 178 countries, according to Reuters. While some movies are distributed for free, consumers are willing to pay a $5 monthly premium subscription. Iroko has expanded into South Africa, and opened offices in New York and London, recognizing the opportunity to reach movie fans in the far-flung African diaspora.​

Hollywood has the potential to capitalize on Africa’s growing demand for movie entertainment, if it lets go of its prejudices and outdated presumptions about black lead characters. While Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony won’t make any racial history, it’s clear that Hollywood risks missing a win-win if it continues to make decisions about its future by relying on assumptions from the past.

Culture / Re: Bleaching / Toning/ Skin Lightening Disgusting and Dangerous by anonymous6(f): 7:17pm On Jul 26
Check out the guys

Sammy Sosa looks like a ghost, lol

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Culture / Re: Bleaching / Toning/ Skin Lightening Disgusting and Dangerous by anonymous6(f): 7:17pm On Jul 26
More Men disgracing themselves!

Culture / Re: Bleaching / Toning/ Skin Lightening Disgusting and Dangerous by anonymous6(f): 7:16pm On Jul 26
I guess your right Sis it is really hear breaking. The funny thing is most of the top models in Western World media are dark brown it is such a contradiction! Not to mention Caucasians take serious risk tanning as well! I guess we all want what we don't have.

I know what you mean lol. Some people are just weird in their thinking
Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 10:15pm On Jul 24

I understand why they do it and i really have no qualms about it. I'm only disturbed by the double standard and as much as i believe that the white people have done a lot of harm to people of color all over the world, i think there should be a level playing field of some sort by people of all races. If there is an issue with white people having an organization then same thing should be applied to black organizations. It all depends on what these organization are created for. It it's to celebrate the uniqueness of each race then fine my me but if it's to encourage some form of superiority then i'm not a fan. We always seem to overflog what the white people have done to us but we seem to forget that it's the same white people that abolished most of the things they were known for.

Yea true, the thing about beauty pageants is it was never equal between the races which is sad and still lingering today. that's why this world and the society in America is complex and very messy only God knows when everybody will be respected equally
Culture / Re: Bleaching / Toning/ Skin Lightening Disgusting and Dangerous by anonymous6(f): 9:28pm On Jul 24
Look at these before and after photos. In my opinion the lighter skin did not help the individual look better. undecided

The photos you put up are hilarious

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Culture / Re: Bleaching / Toning/ Skin Lightening Disgusting and Dangerous by anonymous6(f): 9:28pm On Jul 24
All my life I always thought darker skin tone was beautiful. My light complexion shows any little scar and takes months if not years to fade.
I was always perplexed when I saw family and friends using lightening agents and wondered why the obsession with light skin?

I read once:
Nigeria's dangerous skin whitening obsession

Recently, I took a survey of my Facebook friends (which I have over 1,000+ ) In my comparison the brown to dark complexion ladies had a higher percent of being married versus the lighter women.

Skin bleaching comes with hazardous health consequences. The dangers associated with the use of toxic compounds for toning aka skin bleaching include blood cancers such as leukemia and cancers of the liver and kidneys as well as severe skin conditions.

We have to embrace the skin we are in, using dangerous chemicals that are harmful to your health will not guarantee you success or a mate.
What it can do is damage you inside and out for the rest of your life.

I think the bleaching issue in Africa and Asia is a result of European colonialism and it's raring it's ugly head now. I guess when skin injuries and etc increase in that part of the world they will think before doing that mess but for now we will just have to see micheal Jackson clowns


Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 7:17pm On Jul 24

I know there's still some form of racism but let's not lose sight of the fact that blacks represent just 13% of the US population. It's not like they're a majority that should be felt all the time.

I understand what you are saying but I think because of what african American women have went through and what they still go through in America when it comes to social and beauty image which is not positive but better from decades ago however far from perfect. so I think they do it to uplift african American women and girls to a extent
Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 5:03pm On Jul 24

But blacks are allowed to contest in those pageants and have won in some occasions.

Yea but overly under-represented though
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kenyan Lawyer Offers Livestock To Wed Obama's Daughter by anonymous6(f): 12:58am On Jul 24
i am beginning to notice the comic side of these our Kenyan brothers. Was it not there that a lawyer tried to sue Isreal for killing Jesus Christ?

That guy has being dreaming while standing

Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 12:55am On Jul 24
Foreign Affairs / Kenyan Lawyer Offers Livestock To Wed Obama's Daughter by anonymous6(f): 8:43pm On Jul 23
Nairobi (AFP) - A Kenyan lawyer has offered US president Barack Obama 50 cows and other assorted livestock in exchange for his 16-year old daughter Malia's hand in marriage, a report said Tuesday.

Felix Kiprono said he was willing to pay 50 cows, 70 sheep and 30 goats in order to fulfil his dream of marrying the first daughter.

"I got interested in her in 2008," Kiprono said, in an interview with The Nairobian newspaper.

At that time President Obama was running for office for the first time and Malia was a 10-year-old.

"As a matter of fact, I haven't dated anyone since and promise to be faithful to her. I have shared this with my family and they are willing to help me raise the bride price," he said.

Kiprono said he intended to put his offer of marriage to Obama and hopes the president will bring his daughter with him when he makes his first presidential visit to Kenya, the country where his father was born, in July.

Obama's Kenyan grandmother, who is in her early 90s, still lives in Kogelo, in western Kenya, home to a number of the president's relatives.

"I am currently drafting a letter to Obama asking him to please have Malia accompany him for this trip. I hope the embassy will pass the letter to him," he said.

Kiprono dismissed the notion he might be a gold-digger.

"People might say I am after the family's money, which is not the case. My love is real," he insisted.

The young lawyer, whose age was not revealed, said he had already planned his proposal, which would be made on a hill near his rural village, and the wedding at which champagne would be shunned in favour of a traditional sour milk called "mursik".

Kiprono said that as a couple he and the young Obama would lead "a simple life".

"I will teach Malia how to milk a cow, cook ugali (maize porridge) and prepare mursik like any other Kalenjin woman," he said.

Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 8:39pm On Jul 23

What about White pageants?

don't they exist already
Culture / Re: Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 7:10pm On Jul 23
That racist show should be stopped by all means. lol.

yup its funny, I feel black pageants should continue and even be bigger worldwide


Culture / Miss Black Pennsylvania accused of being a racist pageant by anonymous6(f): 3:24pm On Jul 23
Miss Black Pennsylvania's call for contestants caused a debate among Patch readers, with some saying the event is racist.

A pageant’s recent call for black contestants in Pennsylvania has prompted a firestorm of feedback that the event is “racist” against whites.

Numerous Patch sites in Pennsylvania posted a story Tuesday that the Miss Black Pennsylvania USA organization is currently seeking contestants for its annual pageant.

The story sparked a debate among readers, with some saying the event, which has been going on since 1986, is racist.

Some readers said the event was flat out racist and suggested the creation of a “Miss White Pennsylvania” pageant.

“A Miss White Pennsylvania pageant would be shut down for being racist,” wrote one reader on Lansdale Patch’s Facebook page in response to the article.

“Please give me more information on this pageant’s counterpart, Miss White Pennsylvania,” another reader wrote.

Others said segregation in any form is a step backwards.

“There shouldn’t be a white or black miss Pennsylvania pageant. Why are people trying to segregate our state? The existing miss Pennsylvania pageant has no race restrictions on who enters. This seems like a step backwards for unifying our people,” a Lansdale Patch reader said on Facebook.

Yet some readers were quick to put the pageant into historical perspective.

“Our entire race was not restricted from basic human rights for over a century and we’re pissed off because black people have had a disadvantage in almost every aspect of life and are seeking to build themselves up. Some white folk need to get with the program and realize that most of their parents were the ones that restricted blacks from entering a single one of these white pageants until the early 70s,” a user responded via Lansdale Patch Facebook.

Winners of the Miss Black Pennsylvania pageant will go on to compete in the Miss Black USA 2016 Pageant.

According to the organizers, the mission of the Miss Black USA Pageant is “to provide educational opportunities to outstanding young women of color and to develop the whole woman – mind, body, and spirit.”

Since 1986, the Miss Black USA Pageant has provided winners with scholarship money, international travel opportunities, modeling contracts and leadership development, the organization said
Culture / Re: White People Hating On Serena Williams! by anonymous6(f): 3:19pm On Jul 23

That gabby girl though. I'm proud of her sha.

yea she has made history
Culture / Re: She Is White But Claimed Black For The Love Of Black...but You Bleach In Hate! by anonymous6(f): 3:18pm On Jul 23

Yea, really funny...

I guess thats the way the world is now a days

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Culture / Re: She Is White But Claimed Black For The Love Of Black...but You Bleach In Hate! by anonymous6(f): 2:07am On Jul 22
I heard about this lady on the news, I found it funny but strange at the same time because how long did she think she can get away with that lie and I'm surprised the NAACP didn't do a background check lol.

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