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Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 7:29pm On Aug 28

You didnt magically get born in America. Your parents benefited from their struggle. Why arent you transforming Nigeria, living there..if you cant be bothered with the other blacks that are here with us? Why not fix glorious Nigeria?

A better news source would be MSNBC instead of Fox News or CNN.

Maam, Martin Luther Kings movement is still going on with modern leaders. And as a person that donated to bringback my girls, black Americans donated with me.

I am not trying to move you. This is an open forum, I commented like I did elsewhere in this thread. Each time you speak publicly, you risk receiving an opinion that DOESNT agree with your position.

I say: get a better grasp on civil rights. We arent exempt because we are Nigerian from being killed, no matter what we ideally believed. And even more, we should want to join with ALL our people.

But good day.

I know I wasn't born here magically and I know the benefits of the Civil rights movement struggle of decades ago have done for me, It made people like President Obama, Oprah, Condolessa Rice, Mellody Hobson and many others possible. I help Nigeria they way I want and have donated to Bring back Our girls as well. Your not God and I am not, so you have no right to judge me as if you opinion is the holy grail, cause mine are not the holy grail opinions either.

Is there still issues since the Civil rights movement of decades ago? YES, Was the Trayvon Martin Case of last year one of them? YES but is Ferguson one of them? not so much


Yeah I know it's a open forum and I will encounter people with differing opinions but to insult is something entirely something I won't do but you did, which is what I am suspecting is how you communicate with people on nairaland.

Lets agree to disagree

have a good day
Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 6:44pm On Aug 28

I dont think you have a right to be in America, as a Nigerian - you embarrass me - for you are a detached ingrate. I am honest. I am not rude.

Mike Brown was walking down the street and executed, had he been white - he would not have been executed. And your entitlement to a space, etched out by the blood of black Americans is quite disgusting. Civil Rights is not some sterile or static movement, it is not just for history book leaders that you can gloat is for those, who are imperfect but deserve the same civil rights as their white counterparts.

I dont need to march I donated to their tribute cd and their go fund site.

And as you talk about Nigeria, why arent you there?

I do think I have a right to be a American cause I was born in America whether you like it or not, just being honest.

Yup we know blacks have it harder then whites in America with the police and that's why blacks should take extra care, like not getting into their trap by walking in the middle of the road and giving them a advantage to trap you just being honest

I appreciate the civil rights struggle of Martin Luther king Cause if not for him I wouldn't be a nurse practitioner today.

I was in nigeria a few months ago, thank you

Again keep your opinions to yourself, and learn to agree to disagree. Your not moving me by making me feel wrong for my opinion, which I didn't do to you. If this was about trayvon Martin I would agree but in this case not so much.

Also stop engaging in this topic with me cause it seems to me you are looking for someone to get into a debate with and I'm one that doesn't care for it

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Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 6:32pm On Aug 28

It isnt as though they stopped struggling after Martin Luther King, each time they enact change we benefit. Ferguson has every thing to do with the civil rights movement. And you dont have a great understanding of race relations or the law, if you think Ferguson was not about a violation of civil rights. When you are not given the right to surrender that is a violation of their civil rights. You are not benefiting from some distant Martin Luther King, you and me are benefiting from their modern day civil rights activists, like the dream defenders and other orgs.

Also, let me make this clear again: I dont care whether you agree with me or not. I think most of us are pompous ingrates. We are lazy. And we dont work hard for our own country. No. We have no problem invading other peoples countries, telling others how to behave according to OUR cultural biases..when we cant even get our OWN territories together. Any struggle that they have will impact us Africans as long as we are in their location.

I still think that you are an ingrate. But that has nothing to do with you disagreeing with me, it is your attitude towards the subject matter.

And further, if you think that African nations are a priority why are you here, as a Nigerian, like me? We talk a good game. But we dont even work hard to fix our own country. Then we come here to talk about how different we are than the other blacks. You are arrogant.

I dont wish for you to change your mind. I am merely commenting from a Nigerian perspective who is ALSO in America.

Ferguson had nothing to do with civil rights. Mike brown after stealing from a convenient store(which Wilson didn't stop him for) and later was walking in the middle of the road, and was complained about by other black American witnesses when Wilson got on the scene. Wilson was a trigger happy cop and mike brown feel for the trap by walking in the middle of the road and then resisting arrest which lead to Wilson taking it to another level. Witnesses, who most were black american also said mike brown wasn't entirely innocent even though Wilson wasn't entirely innocent either. This has nothing to do with the civil rights movement that made oprah and president Obama today. I was born and raised in America and get racism and discrimination which I experienced from both white Americans and black Americans. So don't preach anything to me about this case, I already said before trayvon Martin rights were not given cause of racial profiling of a trigger happy fool but not with mike brown based on what has been said by the media so far.

When it comes to the other Nigerians being pompous ingrates, that's your opinion, I don't care(after all I never insulted african Americans on this thread on nairaland)and me being born and raised in this country I have a right to my opinion without being insulted and forced to your thinking(which is what your doing). I have every right to be in America, if you feel so strongly about this then maybe you should join the protesting in ferguson.

I do help in my way, I have given money and goods through Nigerian charities that they send straight to the poor in Nigeria. One of them is black girls ignite Africa, I have seen the evidence I have done. So don't you dare preach to me again on what I should or should not do on a Nigerian forum.

Think you need to preach to the Nigerians that act or tell black Americans they are better, I never said that. So take that topic to someone who cares or someone who actually said that.

So keep your arrogant and rude comments to yourself. I'm only speaking from a Nigerian American who lives in United States of America

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Foreign Affairs / Re: It Begins… US Citizen Goes To Jail For Collecting Rainwater by anonymous6(f): 4:41pm On Aug 28
What a crazy law, I see nothing wrong with what he did. He is collecting one of the most natural things on earth: WATER, it's not like he is going in a store stealing water bottles, ridiculous
Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 12:58pm On Aug 28

You are in America like me - benefiting from their struggles. And when they find a solution to this problem, your sons if you have them will benefit again. I never quite understood how we ..Nigerians that run and hide and flee to other countries can be so dismissive of other blacks..when we cant get our own poo together IN our countries. I am also a Nigerian but your response is of an ingrate. And it is shameful. Our culture isnt remarkably better, look at OUR country.

I'm benefiting from the struggles of the civil rights movement from Martin Luther king and other civil rights activist; and what they struggled for has been accomplished for not only African americans but for all blacks and other non-blacks and non-whites who are American or immigrants. Ferguson has nothing to do with the civil rights movement struggle, so my response has nothing to do with a ingrate. I never said any culture is remarkably better, and as a american born Nigerian I stay with my opinion. I believe in Economic unity amongst African nations but forcing a ideology or mentality that you, the OP, and a few other Nigerians and other Africans believe with most African americans on Nigerians on a Nigerian forum that don't believe in that is wrong.


Culture / Re: Nigerian Or American? by anonymous6(f): 12:32pm On Aug 28
EzeEfuna: I was born in Atlanta Georgia, USA. I was also raised (Being raised) in the US. However, most of my life, I have identified myself as Nigerian, despite where I was born or brought up. I have siblings, and they identify themselves as Americans with Nigerian parents. This slightly does irritate me, but any time I try to say anything, they all slaughter me with insults.

At school, when people ask me where I'm from, I always say Anambra State, Nigeria (As that's where my forefathers are from). However, when they ask me where I was born it's as if time slows completely down. My heart rate increases, and I start sweating. I proceed to tell them where I was born, but they always feel that they have to argue with me, saying that that means that I'm from Atlanta, and not Nigeria. I always tell them that I don't come from Atlanta, because blood isn't of this land. This sometimes forces me to tell some people that I was born in Nigeria (As some of my cousins do) so I wouldn't be viewed as a non-Nigerian, as that breaks my heart.

My siblings constantly argue with me, sometimes randomly asking me where I am from. I always answer, "I am from Anambra State, Nigeria.". Then they say, "No, you are not. You were not born there, and you have never actually lived there. You are not a Nigerian, your parents are. You are nothing more than an American." Of course I cannot combat those statements, as they never let me explain my point. They all yell and scream at me before I explain that we all come from Anambra State.

I'd love to address this issue to my parents, but there's one problem; my mom agrees with my siblings for the most part. When my siblings yell at me about where I come from, my mom yells at me too. Saying that I am not a Nigerian, and Nigeria isn't my home. In fact, the only person that agrees with me is my father, but he's not always around to defend me. This leaves me with nowhere to go and nobody to go to.

All I want is to be viewed as a Nigerian. I learned my native language (mostly), I know my culture, and I know about politics in Nigeria. Unfortunately, this lead to my siblings and mom calling me an "extremist", claiming that I hate the United States, and want to destroy it. That's obviously far from true, I love being an American. But I want to be viewed as a Nigerian-American.

Despite being a male, I have cried many times about this topic. I have prayed, and everything. However, nothing has changed. I'm just tired of this, I know deep down within my heart and spirit that I am a Nigerian, and a proud Igbo. However, it feels as if it's only my imagination, as I'm constantly being told otherwise.

I have argued this point, but they don't seem to understand. I ask them, "Where is our father from?" They reply, "Anambra State". "I then nod my head, and proceed to say, "However, he wasn't born in Anambra State, he was born in Rivers State. They then try to avoid this topic, spewing insults and saying, "It's different, it's in the same country. "

So, I just want to see how other people view this. And I desperately need some form of help... thanks.

Well I was born and raised in America from Nigerian parents(Yoruba) and I identify as Nigerian American or American born Nigerian. Under the Nigerian constitution you are considered Nigerian once you are born of Nigerian parents. So in a sense you are american and Nigerian, not only by nationality but by culture. I think it is all right to label yourself Nigerian and be proud of it, at the sametime it is ok for you siblings to label themselves american only. My parents raised me and my siblings in the Nigerian culture but know we were born and raised in America, so by nationality we are american but we are also culturally Nigerian. My parents see all of us as their own culturally. I don't have the issue you have. I have noticed that some immigrant parents regardless of race or ethnicity don't pass down to their kids their cultural identity and some do the reverse like my parents and pass down the culture to their kiss. That's why I see some Nigerian Americans born and raised in America label themselves american only, while others say Nigerian American or at times like you Nigerian. I think you should be happy with how you identify yourself and respect how your siblings identify. Like I said in the Nigerian constitution you are automatically Nigerian to.

Jennifer Lopez was born and raised in America and call herself Puerto Rican American or just Puerto Rican Or the Kennedy family, many of them call themselves Irish American or identify with being Irish while calling themselves America for example.

Nigerian Nationality law

Nigerian Constitution Chapter 3
"25. (1) The following persons are citizens of Nigeria by birth-namely-

(a) every person born in Nigeria before the date of independence, either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents belongs or belonged to a community indigenous to Nigeria;

Provided that a person shall not become a citizen of Nigeria by virtue of this section if neither of his parents nor any of his grandparents was born in Nigeria.

(b) every person born in Nigeria after the date of independence either of whose parents or any of whose grandparents is a citizen of Nigeria; and

(c) every person born outside Nigeria either of whose parents is a citizen of Nigeria."


Culture / Re: Nigerian Communities Worship Giant Pythons As Their Gods. PHOTOS by anonymous6(f): 4:56pm On Aug 27
Culture / Re: Which Top Ten African Countries to you Contribute To The Image Of Africa Today? by anonymous6(f): 2:34am On Aug 27
Onilaiscool: Ghana-quite cocky sometimes

but very clean, neat, civilized people

One thing I know about Ghana is they don't have NEPA issues like Nigeria
Culture / Re: Which Top Ten African Countries to you Contribute To The Image Of Africa Today? by anonymous6(f): 2:32am On Aug 27
CAMNEWTON4PRES: Image in what sense ?

Humm I don't believe the perception non Africans have about Africa and Africans really changed or is about to change, not that I care

And we shouldnt care , I'm only interested in nationalistic African countries , non white-western dependent countries with the population living well and being proud of who they are and what they have .
I don't see any tho I Believe Zimbabwe is the closest

Well when it comes to image I mean what comes to mind, and I am talking about people(including Africans) that know about Africa being a continent and know most of the countries to a extent. I understand what you mean about non-Africans perceptions, and you are right we shouldn't care but I do feel the perception of Africa from decades ago to now is different however There are many that believe that Africa is a jungle land, tarzan land, disease, corruption, war, starvation and etc and that view is not going away soon but many other images of Africa that wasn't never seen about africans decades ago are being seen more now by people due to technology. I don't think Africans should care but they should be aware about it.
Culture / Re: Which Top Ten African Countries to you Contribute To The Image Of Africa Today? by anonymous6(f): 2:26am On Aug 27
Rivertemz: i wasn't specific enough, but i tried to get out of what i vaguely knew, but im well aware of the countries listed and some of their trade-marks as individual nations

if you want you can add to it but so far the list is good
Culture / Re: Which Top Ten African Countries to you Contribute To The Image Of Africa Today? by anonymous6(f): 11:01pm On Aug 26
For me it's:

South Africa
Economic influence, Nelson Mandela, Walt Disney movie Lion King, Shaka Zulu, Hosting the 2010 World cup, Patrice Motsepe, Gold

Nollywood, Fashion, Economic influence, Music, Population, Art(bronze cast sculptures of the Oyo and Benin empire), Aliko Dangote, Oil

Historical and biblical influence from the Nubian to Egyptian empire(Nefeteri, Cleopatra, Tut), Pyramids

Ghana empire, Ashanti, Fashion, Black stars soccer team, Jerry Rawlings, Gold, Arts,

Safari, Lupita Nyongo, President Barack Obama's Racial and heritage connection, Professor Maathai(first african woman to win Nobel peace prize)

Historical, The birth place of humanity, Queen of Sheba, Never colonized, Coffee

The Caribbean of Africa, lemurs, Unique wildlife not found in other parts of the world

The birth place of soukous music, The great apes(gorillas) are only found there, gold, copper,

Victoria falls, copper,

Mount Kilimanjaro, wildlife(elephants), world earliest skull found in Tanzania.
Culture / Re: Racism, The Rational & Logical Response To Black Behavior (philosophical Debate) by anonymous6(f): 10:11pm On Aug 26
It's not justified cause there are many honest blacks that would follow those rules, regardless of socioeconomic status, at the sametime you would not see a rich person doing that whether they are white, black, Asian, Hispanic or whatever; so this maybe more about financial status then race. However nobody should be surprised by the response of the fastfood restaurant because it is human nature when someone keeps seeing a certain group at times doing a certain act that is negative they will react back.

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Fashion / Re: MAC Cosmetics To Expand Presence In Africa, Opens First Store In Nigeria by anonymous6(f): 10:55pm On Aug 25
Fashion / Re: The 10 Best Makeup Lines For Black Women by anonymous6(f): 10:53pm On Aug 25
Culture / Re: Which Top Ten African Countries to you Contribute To The Image Of Africa Today? by anonymous6(f): 2:41pm On Aug 25
Rivertemz: Personal opinion

1.South Africa -Passion, Economy, Music and Influence

2.Nigeria - Population, Economy, Art and Nollywood

3. Ethiopia- Historical infrastructure, origins

4.Egypt- History, knowledge and connections

5.Ghana- Passion, Pride, culture, ambitions and Art

6.Congo- History, diamonds, culture, connections

7.Rwanda- history, values, ambitions

8.Mozambique- Beauty, landscapes, art

9.Tanzania- Beauty, landscapes, climate

10.Mali- Rich History, ancient gold, untapped wealth

Nice list

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Foreign Affairs / Re: BREAKING NEWS.. ISIS Terrorist Who Murdered James Foley Unmasked (photos) by anonymous6(f): 2:40pm On Aug 25
This man is evil, I feel sorry for what Foley had to go through
Culture / Which Top Ten African Countries to you Contribute To The Image Of Africa Today? by anonymous6(f): 5:53pm On Aug 21
What are the Top Ten African countries you feel contribute to the image of africa when it comes to culture, beauty, mentality, Historically and etc? Or When you think of Africa, what ten African countries pop into your mind.

Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 5:46pm On Aug 21
Can you put this thread on the front page:
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ebola Travel: South Africa Bans Incomers From W Africa- BBC by anonymous6(f): 5:33pm On Aug 21
To slow this Ebola disease from spreading is the best way forward, African countries are stepping up with this
Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 7:29am On Aug 21
I never said everyone should march in the streets of a Ferguson. I am not. I'm also waiting to hear what the final outcome of the investigation is. You though are talking from both sides. First you say it's not really a racial thing and then you say let famous black Americans handle it. Why? Also Nigerians in America are definitely following the story. Palestinians are following the story. Syrians are following the story and yes Latinas are also speaking out. My friend us organizing a march on Sunday and she is white. Anybody who feels that there was an injustice done is speaking up. I can understand Nigerians in Nigeria not being bothered but Nigerians in America?? I think I understand what you're trying to say. It's your mindset and I respect that. I just think Nigerians who live in the United States need to understand that at the end of the day any injustice that happens as a result of someone simply having dark skin affects us all. Honestly people are getting tired of this use of excessive force by the police. Not just black people. People of all races and creed.

I feel it's not really racial but it seems some african Americans think so and if it bothers them then they need to involve famous african American to speak for them. Nigerians in America like every community in America is following it but there are differences in opinion. You have points about excessive force by policemen in America and that's why this issue is a mess as I have said. More and more is coming out of the case, so we will see


Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 5:16am On Aug 21
Lol. This just blows my mind. You do know that Black Americans died so that you can have the same education that white people in America (the country of your birth) have. Do you know that if it was not for them you probably would have 4 kids at home working menial jobs with a husband possibly in a chain gang jus because you are black. I don't subscribe to this idea that every single thing should be black or white. Honestly it's getting old. I am tired of seeing Al Sharpton's anorexic looking face on TV. But for you to think though that the freedoms you have in America just happened because your parents hoped on a plane many years ago is kind of unsettling for me.

I get it and I know what black Americans have done for all Americans especially african Americans progress during the civil rights movement and they succeeded in getting rights for themselves and as a result today Asians, Africans, Hispanics, caribbeans and african Americans have equal rights today. That's why Oprah, president Obama and many famous african Americans was made possible today. However that has nothing to do with what is going on in ferguson. So to tie the two together and say because of the civil rights movement, everybody should join the ferguson fight is ridiculous. Not Africans but Famous african Americans should be speaking about this, not just sharpton and jackson.


Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 3:56am On Aug 21

So why do you think we should not be a part of what's going on

well first of all if some africans want to, like the OP, why not? don't see a large population doing that though but I don't think it should be forced or made a agenda on non-african american black communities, when Black african themselves are not protesting to african americans to involve themselves by force in their issues.


Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 3:43am On Aug 21

So basically you're saying let's benefit from something you refuse to contribute to. Are you black? Do you live in the United States? If you answered yes to any of those questions then it is your problem too. Not "their" problem

Benefit from what exactly? protesting on the street right? I am black and live in the United states I was born in America from Nigerian parents. Their is racism in America and all blacks(Caribbean, africans and etc) living in America experience it one way or another but the way each community reacts and addresses it is totally different. African americans mentality of how they address racism is different from Africans majority of the time. So their problem and our problem does creep up sometimes. Do you see black Hispanics living in America saying everything going on in the african american community is their problem to?


Foreign Affairs / Re: South African Officers Caught On Camera Having Sex In A Hospital by anonymous6(f): 3:07am On Aug 21
They couldn't wait to get home and do this; horniness got to them
Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 12:11am On Aug 21
xp17: Madame, an injury to one, is an injury to all. yes, st Louis county isn't in Nigeria, and no one is talking about the st Louis county. what we are talking about is racial discrimination involved. and what happened to mike Brown is not just Ferguson's , but to the entire black race, which comprises on Nigeria and other black Africa countries.

Nigeria has her problems, likewise the States. when the states declared a war against Iraq and Afghanistian, it was not Nigeria's problem, hence we kept mute. hitherto, Nigerians has not interfered in the uprising in West , because it's none of her business. even when her neighbor, the Liberians ,were dieing of Ebola, it wasn't Nigeria's business , until the "mad man" brought it in.

there's been a lot of improvement, but not good enough. the black race deserves to be in an egalitarian society with the rest.

we need justice.
when do we need it? now!
no justice, no rest.

Sorry it is a Ferguson issue, Racial discrimination? TRAYVON MARTIN YES, this case hmmm, please take that to african american forums. Walking in the middle of the street and not cooperating with a policeman doesn't sound like racial discrimination, it sounds like a troublemaker(whether he was asian, white, black and etc). Many media outlets(especially CNN a hour ago) have said that witnesses who were all black american and were present there, have conflicting stories about what happened after the cop stopped him in the middle of the road, some said Brown provoked the cop or the cop took it to far. What the hell was he doing in the middle of the road in the first place? in Nigeria he would have been knocked down on the road. Like I said this is a Ferguson issue, since certain behaviors are allowed in America but in Nigeria No. Did Mike Brown deserve to die? HELL NO, does racial profilining/discrimination exist in America? HELL YES, but was it racial discrimination?............

The OP asked what africans felt about this Ferguson rioting, and people are giving their opinions but that's where it will end with most africans because this is not a issue that hit close to home to them, it's actually Ebola that did. The Trayvon case had more africans talking but that didn't nudge them like Ebola has done. What they need is President Obama, Oprah and more african american celebrities to speak up about this like they did in Trayvon Martins case, not africans.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Graphic Photos: Ebola Task Force Open Fire On Resident Of Ebola Slum In Liberia by anonymous6(f): 8:41pm On Aug 20
wow this is sad
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Nigeria Sees The World Vs How South Africa Sees The World by anonymous6(f): 8:29pm On Aug 20
magubane: NIGERIAN >
#america is in our backyard
#south africa is full of people dieing from aids
#nigeria is the giant of africa
#England is our tertiary institution
#no nation is well travelled like us
#no place on earth is like ours
#africans take our jobs......(Atleast that's what we are told)
#we are the biggest economy no matter what nigeria says
#what is africa

I didn't know these sentiments I highlighted above were expressed by Nigerians and South Africans but the rest I know. It is good for african nations to have positive mindset about their country at the sametime I don't think it's good to be in delusion about it and forget the negatives
Foreign Affairs / Re: There Is A Race Riot Going On In America Right Now!! by anonymous6(f): 6:59pm On Aug 20

It would go a long way with us if someone would speak up about the situation. After all, we supported Bring our Girls back, had protests/rallies etc. It's called support. Egypt, China, Germany etc have spoken out about this. It's selfish and unappreciative imo to want support and then not give it. These places all have national issues and they spoke up.

As I said this is a american issue and they can handle it by themselves. Many people around the world spoke about the Trayvon issue from Australia to South Africa(some agreed with Zimmerman & some with Trayvon) but didn't involve themselves in it, just because all countries plus Nigeria is speaking about this is irrelevant, after all they were all speaking about "Bring back our girls" but that still doesn't mean it's their problem. Nigeria still has their problems(as a non-western country) and this is not one of them. I'm a American born Nigerian and I feel Nigerians should concentrate on Boko Haram and put their energy on National issue's not Ferguson. The Nigerians I'm around are talking about Boko Haram & The Ebola outbreak not the Ferguson fiasco(at least not more then a few mins). Nobody deserves to get shot but Nigeria is going through their own and not going in African american forums demanding they fight for them.
I don't think it's selfish. Ferguson is not Nigeria's Problem.


Culture / Re: How Can You Marry Someone From An Ethnic Group You Claim To Hate? by anonymous6(f): 6:43pm On Aug 20
I also knew an mixed Naija/AA man who was with his White girlfriend for 3 years, engaged and planning a big church wedding. They got into a HUGE argument over the cost of the wedding.
In the midst of the argument, he said she shouted at him: "See, my parents told me not to marry a nigger, because they're low-class and cheap as hell!"
Well...he said he saw red, slapped the taste out of her mouth, grabbed her hand, snatched off the engagement ring, called off the wedding and told her to kiss his natural-born black azz. He did get a misdemeanor assault ticket for $536 dollars though, but he said he didn't care. It was worth it. Even better, knowing that he had avoided the biggest mistake of his life. No more white women for him. lol

lol, wow lucky he found out now then after he married and had kids, that would have been worse. People really need to watch out who they go out with and potentially marry, sometimes people let butterflies get into their head and miss the warning signs.
Culture / Re: How Can You Marry Someone From An Ethnic Group You Claim To Hate? by anonymous6(f): 12:42am On Aug 20
Very true!
Very weird!
I once knew a Naija man who was married to an Australian woman. She was the worst of wives. She was nasty, slovenly, neglected the kids, cheated on him and even abused him...yet he stayed. But...during an argument, she called him a nigger...and that was it for him. He divorced her and was granted sole custody of his three children.
Oh well...

wow it takes something big to make someone go 360 and the "N" was that for him, to finally cut ties with his wife. I'm glad the kids stayed with the dad, imagine the kids growing up with a person like that and the environment. The courts did a good decision
Culture / Re: Morgue Worker Had Sex With Up To 100 Corpses For 16 Years by anonymous6(f): 9:08pm On Aug 19
OMG what a sicko, this is disgusting but I have heard of similar cases like this in the media. I guess they can't get pleasure from women who are alive so they go after dead ones
Culture / Re: How Can You Marry Someone From An Ethnic Group You Claim To Hate? by anonymous6(f): 8:30pm On Aug 19
zboyd: I once had a African-American neighbor that married a white woman but was very vocal about his hate toward white people. Once during a neighborhood block party, he got drunk and was ranting and raving about how much he hated white people and wished he could kill them all, while his white wife and their four kids stood there looking like they wanted the earth to open up and swallow them. When an AA neighbor asked why he married 'Becky', if he hated whites so badly, he told the neighbor to "Shut the hell up!" and swung on him. At that, his white wife gathered up all the kids and went home. A couple of months later, we found out she filed for divorce and eventually moved back to New York where her family lived. We never saw her or the kids again. He passed away about three years later from a massive heart attack.

Same thing with an Nigerian associate. He would go on and on about how he couldn't stand "akatas", made fun of their names, the way they spoke, how ignorant and uneducated they were and how his parents warned him about associating with them, on any level. So where is he now? Married to an 'akata' woman from Mississippi State, USA, for 18 years- father of seven awesome kids and going strong.

Lastly, one of my first cousins (AA) is married to a woman from Okinawa, Japan. Coming up, he hated all things Asian. If he went to a convenience store and saw an Asian cashier behind the counter or anywhere in the store, he would turn around and walk out. But now, he has been married to his Japanese wife for the last 15 years and they have five adorable children and dote on each other.

So...the question remains...

How can you marry someone from an ethnic group you claim to hate?

1. Sometimes in genuine case's people fall in love in a community they hate and change, or change before they fall in love with the group they previously hated
2. Some people Like to have their cake and eat it to
3. Some people have psychological problems when it comes to hatred of other groups.

I have noticed that many in the African american community, especially with the men on youtube, their forums even media to a extent complain about white americans or other non-blacks and express hatred for them but are the first to marry and have children with whites; they tend to have this Pro-black/afrocentric mentality and are the first to call other blacks who don't have their mentality self haters(particularly foreign blacks) who majority of the time are married to their own Black people from their culture.

I think with Nigerians they tend to have a change of heart for the most part when they end up falling for someone of another tribe they hated before. However that "have your cake and eat it to" mentality(hate a group you marry to) I see in America, I don't see it with Nigerians but in America it's not only with african americans, many white americans and other races have it, just check Youtube, and etc where non-black americans will sleep with african americans, have children with them, brag about it, then trash them at the same time with hateful rants.

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