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Travel / Re: Rowdy Passenger Forces Virgin Atlantic Flight To Turn Back To Hong Kong by anonymous6(f): 3:10pm On Aug 12
adaobi123: They should have put him to sleep. Some passengers might have been terrified.
This world is full of nutcases undecided

so true, If I was them, I would have gave him a medication to knock him out, Now virgin just lost money. Nobody has time for that nonsence especially on a plane. crazy people and a plane don't mix.
Celebrities / Re: Robin Williams Is Dead! by anonymous6(f): 2:54pm On Aug 12
Very sad, the man was a good actor and comedian. RIP Mr. Williams
Celebrities / Re: Pictures From Chris Attoh's Proposal To Damilola Adegbite by anonymous6(f): 2:52pm On Aug 12
so beautiful congratulations to both of them
Travel / Rowdy Passenger Forces Virgin Atlantic Flight To Turn Back To Hong Kong by anonymous6(f): 2:46pm On Aug 12
Flight VS201 had to make U-turn just 90 minutes after departing Hong Kong
26-year-old man, known only as 'Robert', became 'out of control' on flight
He was arrested for violating aviation security ordinance once plane landed
Passenger claims the man was 'tied up with belts' during restraint by crew

An 'out of control' passenger forced a London-bound Virgin Atlantic flight to make a U-turn back to Hong Kong this morning.
Flight VS201, which was destined for London's Heathrow, was forced to turn back to Hong Kong International Airport after the 26-year-old man, identified only as 'Robert', became disruptive.
The flight had been in the air for just over an hour-and-a-half when the passenger 'lost control and didn't follow instructions from staff'.

Once the plane returned to the airport, the man was arrested and sent to hospital, authorities said.
'The foreign man called Robert, who is 26 years old, lost control on board and didn't follow instructions from staff on the flight,' a police spokesman told AFP.
'He was shouting... When the flight returned to Hong Kong, the man was arrested for violating aviation security ordinance and was sent to Princess Margaret Hospital,' he added.
A Hong Kong airport authority spokeswoman said the plane, an Airbus A340, had departed at midnight

One passenger, who claimed to be on board the disrupted flight, said the man had to be restrained with belts during the incident.
Katie Wong wrote on Facebook: 'He just gone out of control (sic). Talk loud and walking ard. Actually he touched my shouter (sic) and go intimidated at the aisle when the captain announced we're diverting the flight.

'The crew ended up put him down temporarily with an injection (we guess) and tied him up with belts.'
Virgin Atlantic confirmed the flight had to turn back to Hong Kong after about 90 minutes, but was unable to confirm whether flight attendants had to restrain the man.
A spokesman said: 'Virgin Atlantic can confirm that due to a disruptive passenger flight VS201 to London Heathrow returned to Hong Kong and was met by authorities on arrival.
'Virgin Atlantic does not tolerate disruptive behaviour by passengers on-board and the safety and welfare of our passengers and crew is the airline's top priority.'

Passenger left stranded by the incident were put up in hotels in Hong Kong and will fly out again on this evening.
'The rest of the passengers were provided with accommodation before they depart tonight,' a Hong Kong-based Virgin Atlantic spokeswoman said.
Police said this morning that the man had not yet been charged.
Authorities were unable to confirm whether he was still in hospital and what treatment he had received.
Travel / Re: Nigeria Suspends Gambian National Airline Over Ebola Virus by anonymous6(f): 2:35pm On Aug 12
I agree with Nigeria decision but I feel this is something that should have been done from the beginning.
Travel / Nigeria Suspends Gambian National Airline Over Ebola Virus by anonymous6(f): 3:23pm On Aug 11
Lagos (AFP) - Nigeria has suspended the Gambian national airline from flying into the country, alleging "unsatisfactory" measures by the airline to contain the spread of Ebola virus, officials said on Sunday.

The "NCAA (Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority) has reviewed the measures put in place by your airline as contained in your letter of 30th July, 2014 and have found these measures unsatisfactory," NCAA said in a letter to Gambia Bird Airlines.

"Consequently, your flights into Nigeria have been temporarily suspended with immediate effect until such a time that you are able to put in place acceptable and satisfactory measures," said the letter, a copy of which was sent to AFP.

The contents of the airline's letter to the NCAA were not disclosed.

NCAA is the government agency that serves as watchdog for all airlines operating in the country.

The Gambian national carrier flies to Lagos twice weekly. It also flies to other African countries in the region: Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gambia and Senegal.

NCAA said that part of its efforts to curb the spread of the virus was to to direct all airlines operating into Nigeria from Guinea, Freetown and Monrovia "to put in place adequate measures to ensure that passengers with this disease are not boarded and brought into the country."

"Such measures may include suspension of flights into these countries," NCAA added.

An American Liberian who arrived Lagos from Monrovia, capital of Liberia, via Lome (Togo), eventually died of Ebola virus in a Lagos hospital last July 25.

A Nigerian nurse who had contact with the Liberian also died last week while seven others have been confirmed to have the virus in Lagos.

Nigeria along with Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are the hardest hit countries by the epidemic, which the WHO has called the worst in four decades. Nearly 1,000 people have died of the virus in these four countries, WHO said.

Nigeria's president on Friday declared a national emergency over the deadly Ebola virus.

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Culture / Re: You Lazy ( Intellectual) African Scum! by anonymous6(f): 12:01am On Aug 11
Your thread's story was a WOW and as much as it's a bitter reality that white dude said it doesn't surprise me because I was born and raised in America and have heard the most ignorant stuff from Americans of all race's even african americans about Africa, that it's not a shocker, just a cherry on the cake. One thing I would disagree with what the guy said though is the "lazy" part, I don't know about Zambia but with Nigeria, it's not laziness its the "I Don't Care Attitude" that's affecting Nigeria, it's from every class in Nigeria from a Market woman to a multi-millionaire Nigerian who sells goods, it happens in the government and legal system and etc. I don't think this happened over night, it was a process that happened in Nigeria, after our good leaders were killed off they were replaced with idiots or ones that didn't give a damn. I think in Africa in general, I think most people lost hope, and when you lose hope you don't care about anything. Thats why I respect Gov. Fashola of Nigeria, President Sirleaf of Liberia, Former president Jerry Rawlings of Ghana, Former President & and Legend Nelson Mandela and etc so much cause they represents african leaders that are most needed in Africa; they got things done. To me though I feel African women are the ones that will change Africa for the most part.
Culture / Re: You Lazy ( Intellectual) African Scum! by anonymous6(f): 11:41pm On Aug 10
Caracta: My heart is on fire! However, it's not like we don't have people willing to make differences, but our leaders, our culture, our religion, our state of mind, have oppressed our ideas and cut off our expectations.
Our problem is beyond laziness. We have brilliant engineers, scientists, researchers in almost every city...but they don't have tools and resources to work with. No adequate training or facility. No opportunity to explore. No reasonable attitude to education. No place to learn. No teacher to guide us.
I'm not making up excuses but if many of us had the opportunity needed, we wouldn't be at this level. Our problem is really deep. Even when you want to stand out, you have people around you shouting you down.
Indeed, Africa is in total darkness! Where do we start from? Our leaders have failed us. We have failed ourselves too.

You said it all, I think African governments have failed us and we failed ourselves as well. Many african countries don't care about the big picture but what they can gain for themselves. In Nigeria, the country makes billions of dollars through oil but most of that money is not around to build better roads, better hospitals, better opportunities and jobs for recent graduates, simple electricity that stays on 24/7, a decent police force to protect it's own citizens and etc but it gets in the hands of greedy leaders that use it to buy houses, have big parties and show off, and that cycle keeps repeating themselves. It has repeated itself so much many Nigerians don't believe at all the government is for them any more, so everybody is out for themselves.
Nairaland / General / Re: Man Accidentally Kills Himself Taking Selfie With Gun by anonymous6(f): 5:52pm On Aug 10
lol I don't wish anybody death but damn cheesy
Religion / Re: Liberia Churches: Ebola Virus Sent By God To Punish Homosexuals by anonymous6(f): 5:46pm On Aug 10
Apatheist: So Patrick Sawyer was a homosexual? or was he "immoral"?

Since the religious leaders are obviously neither homosexual or "immoral" they should be immune from the virus.

exactly, Africa doesn't need this, especially from religious leaders that influence the masses. They have a chance to spread factual health conscience facts to the citizens to quench this disease.

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TV/Movies / Re: "Ebola" Nollywood Movie Is Out by anonymous6(f): 5:38pm On Aug 10
All I can do was laugh when I read the title and saw the picture, this is pathetic, lmao
Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Recapture Damboa : Photos by anonymous6(f): 5:37pm On Aug 10
Amen, now find boko Haram, kill them and return the girls to their mothers and fathers
Culture / Re: Africa, Why The Double Standard? by anonymous6(f): 4:16pm On Aug 10
blizard44: In our very own Africa, it is not uncommon to see a man in his sixties - seventies marrying a woman of no more than thirty-five years.
This is a woman he was probably already thirty-four years old before she was concieved.


This happening is not restricted to a particular area of Africa only. It exist in virtually all the cultures of Africa - from the Berbers of the Algerian clime to the Negros of the Niger area; they are all into it and why the society thinks nothing is wrong with it can best be said to be a question for the gods.

But in the same Africa, marrying a woman who is even just a year older is seen as an abberation to a popularly held convention - a taboo of sort. Though, there are minor and almost insignificant exception in the union of certain celebrities due to their societal status, yet, they are not totally immune to the condemnation that comes with the seeming abnomality. Their family members most times find the pill too bitter to swallow.

Now, my question is : Why the double standard, if we think it aint right for a man to marry an older woman, what justification have we for the men marrying far younger womens , with some even going as far as wedding child brides?
Why berrate a man for choosing to swim with who he wills?

I think it's beacuse in general Africa is patriachal(the exception Ghana) from the ancient times till now, so they have a upper hand in having thier way. Also I think medical is involved, men can have a child till the day they die but for a woman 99% of the time once they reach their mid 40's having children is not easy, by the time their in their 50's it's a wrap. I think those are two reasons that has contributed to the double standard. However I must add I don't agree with the system entirely, I have seen couples where the woman is two years older then her husband and they are happy and I have seen some couples on TV or media of Nigeria or other african countries, where a 60-70 year old man is marrying a female in her early 20's or younger, and at times it's nasty but these females are adults and have a right to chose what they want(some don't get to chose though, especially if it's arranged, another topic I guess). I think the double standard will continue in Africa for a long time cause of the position they have put african women in the first place. To me personally though I don't agree with elderly people(female or male; even though you rarily see elder women doing that) going out with young people that are the ages of their grandchildren.

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Religion / Liberia Churches: Ebola Virus Sent By God To Punish Homosexuals by anonymous6(f): 3:58pm On Aug 10
Leading churchmen from the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) claim that the deadly Ebola Virus is a plague sent by God to punish homosexuals and others committing “immoral acts.”

The Independent reports that religious leaders recently attended a meeting of the LCC to talk about an appropriate “spiritual response” to the disease which has now claimed almost 1,000 lives across West Africa.

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced a 90-day state of emergency in the country, warning that “ignorance and poverty, as well as entrenched religious and cultural practices,” were the reasons that the disease was spreading so rapidly.

She said that the state of emergency was necessary for “the very survival of our state and for the protection of the lives of our people.” She had instructed that the military would be deployed to quarantine badly hit communities.

A report from The Daily Observer stated that the church leaders at the meeting agreed unanimously that “God is angry with Liberia” and decided that Ebola has been sent “as a plague” on the country.

The resolution said (in part): “Liberians have to pray and seek God’s forgiveness over the corruption and immoral acts (such as homosexualism, etc.) that continue to penetrate our society. As Christians, we must repent and seek God’s forgiveness.”

The LCC also strongly suggested that Liberians should remain indoors for a three-day period of fasting and prayer.

Part of the problem in Liberia is that families are hiding sick relatives in their homes. Bodies of victims are being abandoned in the streets as many are suspicious of Western medicine and refuse to go to isolation wards.

Operation White Shield — as the military deployment is called — is expected to be fully in place by Friday. Residents in the capital, Monrovia, received the announcement with fear and concern; the exact details of the emergency powers have not yet been made public.

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva were involved in a series of meetings to hash out an agreement on emergency measures to tackle the highly contagious virus. Today, Friday, they have declared the Ebola Virus outbreak to be an international public health emergency
Foreign Affairs / Ebola Starting To Take An Economic Toll In Region by anonymous6(f): 1:00am On Aug 10
WASHINGTON (AP) — Caterpillar has evacuated a handful of employees from Liberia. Canadian Overseas Petroleum Ltd. has suspended a drilling project. British Airways has canceled flights to the region. ExxonMobil and Chevron are waiting to see whether health officials can contain the danger.

The Ebola outbreak, which has claimed nearly 1,000 lives, is disrupting business and inflicting economic damage in the three African countries at the center of the crisis: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. So far, analysts say the crisis doesn't threaten the broader African or global economies.

"We must make sure it is controlled and contained as quickly as possible," said Olusegun Aganga, trade minister in Nigeria, which has confirmed nine cases of Ebola. "Once that is done, I don't think it will have a lasting impact on the economy."

The World Health Organization on Friday declared the outbreak an international public health emergency. The WHO didn't recommend any travel or trade bans. But it cautioned anyone who had had close contact with Ebola patients to avoid international travel and urged exit screenings at international airports and border crossings.

"When you have a widespread outbreak of Ebola, you can end up with a panic," said John Campbell, senior fellow for Africa studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. "People won't go to work. Expatriates will leave. Economic activity will slow. Fields won't get planted."

The World Bank estimates that the outbreak will shrink economic growth in Guinea, where the crisis emerged in March, from 4.5 percent to 3.5 percent this year.

Ama Egyaba Baidu-Forson, an economist at IHS Global Insight who focuses on sub-Saharan Africa, is cutting her forecasts for growth this year in Liberia and Sierra Leone. She warned that prices would rise as food and other staples become scarce and that the region's already fragile governments would run up big budget deficits in fighting Ebola.

Baidu-Forson says the countries hit by Ebola ultimately could require financial help from the International Monetary Fund.

In the meantime, multinational companies that do business in the resource-rich region are scrambling to respond to the crisis. Among them:

— Heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar Inc., based in Peoria, Illinois, has "evacuated less than 10 people" from Liberia, company spokeswoman Barbara Cox said by email. In a statement, Caterpillar said: "The health and safety of our people is our top priority.... We will continue to monitor the situation closely."

— British Airways has announced that it's suspending flights to and from Liberia and Sierra Leone through Aug. 31 "due to the deteriorating public health situation in both countries."

— Tawana Resources, an Australian iron-ore company, said it had suspended "all non-essential field activities within Liberia" and sent all non-essential African workers, expatriates and contractors home.

— London-based mining company African Minerals has begun imposing health checks and travel restrictions on employees in the region.

— Canadian Overseas Petroleum, based in Calgary, has stopped drilling in Liberia. And some of its expatriate employees have left the country.

— ExxonMobil said in a statement that its offices remain open and that "we're taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees." The company has offices in Liberia, Nigeria and several other African nations.

— Chevron, which has an office in the Liberian capital of Monrovia and is in the process of exploring for oil off Liberia's coast, said it's "closely monitoring the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa." But the company wouldn't say whether it was withdrawing any employees or taking any other steps as a result of the outbreak.

So far, the economic damage has not affected West Africa's biggest economy, Nigeria's, though the disease has already spread to that country.

"It's not stopped commerce; it's not stopped buying," said Danladi Verheijen, managing director of the investment firm Verod Capital. "The flights are still full going into Nigeria."

Timi Austen-Peters, chairman of the Nigerian engineering and manufacturing firm Dorman Long, met in Washington on Friday with investors who were interested in Africa. Ebola, he says, didn't come up in the discussion.

"We were having a good old-fashioned business meeting," he says. "They were not in any way spooked."
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana's Economic Woes Worsen , To Apply For IMF Bailout by anonymous6(f): 11:43pm On Aug 09

What is this saying sef? and wha is your business with Ghana at least people are not eating from the dustbin in Ghana. grin 90% of Ghanaians are not surviving on less than $2 a day! grin youth unemployment is not 90% in Ghana grin life expectancy in Ghana is not 52 years! 70% of the citizens have access to electricity! Folks in Ghana can sleep with their two eyes closed. can you say the same for your country. there is no boko haram grin there are no militants unlike what obtains in the paradise yet confirmed sh1thole grin

Well you are right this is not my problem or business, as it isn't your business to be on a nigerian forum as well, Nigeria is not perfect and I never said it was, so you need to take your Ghana vs. Nigeria fued some place else, your words don't move me because there is some shitty things going on in Ghana. So if it was perfect their wouldn't be protesting going on for jobs and pay checks not being paid. Don't attack me on my post on a thread about Ghana's protesting. Bye
Culture / Re: The Great Yorubas, People Of A Unique And Vast Culture by anonymous6(f): 11:27pm On Aug 09
Fulaman198: I owe this thread and dedicate this thread to my Yoruba brethren. Amnestylaw1 made and created a wonderful thread dedicated to the Fulbe (Fulani) peoples, I'm not quite doing this to repay him for his kind deeds, I just thought that the Yoruba, masters of sciences, masters of talking drum (gan gan), and beautiful women and kind gentlemen deserved this thread.

So here it goes:

beautiful thread Fulaman, I'm actually seeing it for the first time

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Culture / Re: Liberia's President Declares Ebola Emergency - ABC News by anonymous6(f): 3:06pm On Aug 09
Do you agree with President Sirleaf that culture is one of the reasons Ebola has reached epidemic levels?
Culture / Liberia's President Declares Ebola Emergency - ABC News by anonymous6(f): 3:05pm On Aug 09
Liberia's president has declared a state of emergency in the West African nation amid an Ebola outbreak that shows no signs of slowing.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made the announcement on national television late Wednesday, saying that some civil rights may have to be suspended as a result of the crisis.

Observers say the crisis in Liberia has deepened because many people are choosing to keep their ill relatives at home instead of bringing them to isolation centers.

The disease that has killed at least 282 people in Liberia alone is spread through contact with the bodily fluids of Ebola patients showing symptoms.

In her speech, Sirleaf said that "ignorance and poverty, as well as entrenched religious and cultural practices, continue to exacerbate the spread of the disease."
Foreign Affairs / Re: Ghana's Economic Woes Worsen , To Apply For IMF Bailout by anonymous6(f): 3:02pm On Aug 09
Its sad but this has been going on for years due to Ghana being in debt that has been mentioned in the media since Obama got into office. Heres another article highlighting this:
Ghana, Debt, Borrowing and Promises
Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S. Takes Control Of $480 Mln Stolen By Nigerian Dictator Abacha by anonymous6(f): 2:48pm On Aug 09
Infomizer: Call me a pessimist but all I see is money claimed from one gang of thieves being handed to another gang..
*singing fela's "authority stealing"*

I agree completely, I don't see that money being used to build better hospitals in Nigeria or fix roads in NIgeria but given to greedy Nigerian politicians. I wish they would give it to Nigerian citizens who are struggling
Foreign Affairs / India Goes On Alert For Ebola, With Thousands Of Nationals In West Africa by anonymous6(f): 2:44pm On Aug 09
NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Indian authorities are on alert for the Ebola virus, the health minister said, suggesting there is a risk the deadly virus could be imported into country if the large population of Indians working in the four affected West African nations returns.

There are nearly 45,000 Indian nationals living and working in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria - where an outbreak of the disease has killed 932 people, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan told parliament on Wednesday.

"If the situation worsens in the affected countries, there could be possibility of these Indians travelling back to India," Vardhan said. "While the risk of Ebola virus cases in India is low, preparedness measures are in place to deal with any case of the virus imported to India."

Liberia has declared a state of emergency to tackle the worst-ever outbreak of the disease, its health system is collapsing. Officials say some major airlines have halted flights to the affected countries and many expatriates are leaving.

Though the vast majority of cases are in the remote border area of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, concern over Ebola's spread grew last month when a U.S. citizen died in Nigeria of the virus after arriving from the region. A nurse who treated him also died in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city, and at least five other people have been isolated with symptoms.

In Saudi Arabia, a man suspected of contracting Ebola during a recent business trip to Sierra Leone died early on Wednesday in Jeddah.

Vardhan advised against all non-essential travel to the four countries, adding that authorities will screen travellers who originate from or transit through affected nations, and track them after their arrival in India.

In-flight announcements prior to landing will be done by airlines, and passengers will be informed that mandatory self-reporting is required at immigration.

The government will also set up facilities at airports and ports to manage travellers showing symptoms of the disease. Signs range from fever and intense weakness to internal and external bleeding and the incubation period is two to 21 days.

"The surveillance system would be geared up to track these travellers for four weeks and to detect them early, in case they develop symptoms," Vardhan said. "These persons would also be advised to self report in case of symptoms."

Of the 4,700 Indians in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, 300 are Central Reserve Police Force personnel - comprising largely women – serving as U.N. peacekeepers in Liberia. Nigeria has nearly 40,000 Indian citizens.

There are also 7,000 Indian troops deployed in other African nations, but not in the affected countries.

Vardhan said the troops will be informed of precautions to take to reduce the risk of contracting the disease, and returning personnel will also be tracked and monitored for symptoms.

State authorities have been instructed to designate hospitals with isolation wards for response to possible cases and to stock personal protective equipment.

The minister said the government also planned to spread public awareness about the disease through newspapers, radio and television. Information about the virus will be posted on the health ministry's website.

"Though there is no vaccine or curative therapy for Ebola virus disease, I want to apprise this house that outbreaks can be contained through early detection and isolation of cases, contact tracing and monitoring, and following rigorous procedures for infection control, if such cases were to report in our country," Vardhan said.
Foreign Affairs / Families Of Liberia Ebola Victims 'leaving Bodies To Rot In Streets' by anonymous6(f): 2:16pm On Aug 09
Relatives of Ebola victims in Liberia are leaving bodies rotting in the streets because of fears about being quarantined, according to officials.

More than 280 people have so far died of the disease in the country, prompting the government to declare a state of emergency last week.

Tough new powers to crack down on Ebola include the decontamination of victims’ homes, monitoring relatives and quarantine.

People have reportedly been seen dragging bodies into the streets rather than facing the emergency measures in the capital of Monrovia, which is still scared by the civil war that ended in 2003.

Soldiers were deployed to Lofa County on Monday to start isolating affected communities and authorities are cremating bodies after local communities opposed burials near homes because of infection fears.

With less than half of those infected surviving the disease, many Africans regard Ebola isolation wards as death traps.

Liberia’s Information Minister, Lewis Brown, said people were removing bodies of disease victims from their homes to avoid the crackdown, increasing the chances of it spreading further.

“They're exposing themselves to the risk of being contaminated," he told Reuters.

"We're asking people to please leave the bodies in their homes and we'll pick them up."

Although he hoped it “will not require excessive force”, Mr Brown said authorities would do whatever they could to restrict the movement of people trying to flee infected areas.

Liberia is one of four countries affected by an outbreak of the deadly virus, which has so far killed 932 people in West Africa according to World Health Organisation (WHO) figures.

Ebola, which begins with flu-like symptoms and can lead to horrific external and internal bleeding, is deadly in the majority of cases and has no known cure.

As of 4 August, 1,711 cases of the disease have been confirmed, with 363 deaths in Guinea, 282 in Liberia, 286 in Sierra Leone and one – a nurse – in Nigeria.

Saudi Arabia has also announced one death of a person with Ebola-like symptoms.

The outbreak started in Guinea in March and is showing no sign of slowing, spreading fastest in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

The three countries announced a raft of measures last week to contain the disease, shutting schools and imposing quarantines on victims’ homes, amid fears the incurable virus would overrun healthcare systems in one of the world's poorest regions.

A spokesman for WHO said the organisation was working with national health authorities on informing the public about dangers of handling dead bodies and training Red Cross teams to conduct safe burials.
Culture / Re: How African Is North Africa? - BBC by anonymous6(f): 1:58am On Aug 09
To ascribed this mental set to muslims or northerners only is'nt it hypocrisy? It's our Nigerian mentality. I have seen a lot of forks prayed ernestly for a win for Argentines over Nigeria in the last world cup just because they were fans of Messi and Barcelona. So, it's not matter of religion or culture. Even a critical appraisal of the fork that brought this issue, one can judge from his tone that would favour any team other than from northern part winning caf cup. Take a look at our national team, despite Ahmed Musa's contribution to our winning the nation cup & qualification to last world cup a lot of voice mostly of southerners still suggested that he should be dropped from the last w/cup team during the selection. Musa scored two beautiful cum intelligence goals that later secured us second round yet no major headline in his credit from our southern dominated news media. Can you guess why?
Take a look at the massacre going on of palestines by the Israelis. I read a blog which tried to seek opinion of who should be blamed, Palestine or Israel. The muslims blamed israel, as the christians too laid blamed on the Palestine. The problems were that most analysis were not based on objectivity rather than religion affiliation & sentiment.
So we should not make it as if only the northerners or muslims are the guilty once on this. When America & west power conspired & dislodged undemocratically a democratically elected gov't in Egypt recently a lot of christians in nigeria couldn't hide their joy. What's you take on that? We are all guilty!!!

Based on what your saying every country(including Nigeria) has this issue, which is true, everybody is biased in the end of the day to a certain degree depending on experiences, loyalties, and etc so what your saying is inevitable However at least Nigeria didn't give up their culture completely for another culture cause of religion that you wonder if they are african any more, and that's what has affected Northern Africa, their image is of being African has been completely gone NOT Nigeria. I understand what you mean that it is more then the Northerner/Muslims and etc, which I understand and agree to a extent. Although for BBC to even bring it up and make a article questioning Northern Africa africaness, there must be some reasons for that.
Foreign Affairs / U.S. Takes Control Of $480 Mln Stolen By Nigerian Dictator Abacha by anonymous6(f): 12:26am On Aug 09
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has taken control of more than $480 million looted by former Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha and his associates after a court ruling, the Justice Department said on Thursday.

The money stolen during Abacha's 1993-1998 de facto presidency of the oil-rich African nation and stashed in banks around the world will be returned to the Nigerian government, the department said in a statement.

“Rather than serve his county, General Abacha used his public office in Nigeria to loot millions of dollars, engaging in brazen acts of kleptocracy,” Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said in the statement.

U.S. District Judge John Bates in Washington ordered on Wednesday that the funds, frozen by the Justice Department in March, be forfeited to U.S. control.

The judgment includes about $303 million in two bank accounts in the British offshore center of Jersey and $144 million in two bank accounts in France. Three accounts in the United Kingdom and Ireland hold at least $27 million, the statement said.

Claims to another $148 million in four investment portfolios in the United Kingdom are pending.

Abacha, who took took power in a coup, died in 1998. Nigeria has been fighting for years to recover his money, but companies linked to the Abacha family have gone to court to prevent repatriation.

Between $3 billion and $5 billion of public money was looted during Abacha's regime, according to Transparency International.

The Justice Department suit filed in November 2013 saying that Abacha, his son Mohammed Sani Abacha, their associate Abubakar Atiku Bagudu and others embezzled, misappropriated and extorted money from the Nigerian government.

They laundered funds by buying bonds backed by the United States using U.S. financial institutions, prosecutors said.

The assets were held in banks that included Deutsche Bank AG, HSBC Holdings Plc and Banque SBA, according to the lawsuit.

In June, after a 16-year legal battle, Nigeria recovered from Liechtenstein $228 million stolen by Abacha and his associates.

As of last year, Nigeria had recovered about $1.3 billion of Abacha's money from various European jurisdictions.
Culture / Re: I Hate Being An African American Woman by anonymous6(f): 1:32pm On Aug 07

This is where you make your mistake. You have a view of self based on how white people view you. Imagine how different your views would be if you would allow yourself to make a decision without their blessing. I'll never be a n****. This is the different between an enslaved/colonized mind and one that is not.

Amen, so cause a white woman said same difference we all should see each other's as Ni$&@$, whatever lol. What she doesn't understand is this sentiment by some whites are nothing new. Some african Americans have done it to some foreign whites, and I have witnessed these whites tell and correct them that they are white British, Russian, and etc so I feel black Africans have a right to demand that respect as well when we are grouped together with non-black africans and etc. I've seen Africans correct some whites about this and they respect it and don't cross that line, regardless of how they feel. Tisabone had the chance to correct her but accepted it cause she agrees since her community identifies with being identified by their race and being labeled NI$&@&@, and feels Africans should since a white lady told her that. What she doesn't understand is that shows lack of respect on that ladies part in not respecting the differences in black cultures when it comes to identification. Any way I've bumped into white people that Respect and know the difference between a Haitian, Jamaican, and Nigerian.
The only blacks I see embrace the label ni&&@ amongst themselves is Africans Americans, some not all, especially with the young generation and hip-hop/rap industry but get mad when white Americans step and mention it to them. I don't get how you can embrace a negative word amongst your community then get mad when whites mention it. Any way their issue, they just shouldn't drag africans into that nonsence.
Culture / Re: I Hate Being An African American Woman by anonymous6(f): 1:29pm On Aug 07
no1madman: whoever is not proud of his Skin colour is simply dead and buried. . .

Culture / Re: Nairaland And Tribalism by anonymous6(f): 10:21pm On Aug 06
sorry it is inevitable, tribalism in nairaland will be go on till the forum is no more. To be honest majority of views people say when it comes to other tribes, majority of the time is a sentiment believed with many nigerians, not all but many, so this shouldn't be a surprise. Nairaland to me is highlighting it, instead of sugar coding it. Its sad but the truth, for me I could careless cause it's a forum like others of other races and nationalities that talk about their neighbors. I have been to British, African american, white american, Asian, and British Caribbean forums and heard worst about almost every group more then nairaland. So to me you should ignore it, sit back and treat nairaland when you bump into these tribal threads as if your watching a funny but disturbing movie.

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Culture / Re: Hatred For Black Americans On This Website.. by anonymous6(f): 5:31pm On Aug 06
traware: I don't like your condescending tone on this post

Fulaman is cool, There have been three threads started by black americans last month that was meant to start drama and Fulaman closed all of them(the OP of this thread wasn't the OP of those threads though). He is very efficient in closing those type of threads, when those threads pop up believe me; so if this thread leads to that he will shut it down. What I like about niaraland those type of threads are normally ignored or shut down but in a black american forum or thread it would have reached 10 pages in 10 minutes
Culture / Re: Hatred For Black Americans On This Website.. by anonymous6(f): 5:24pm On Aug 06
tpia1: its far more deadly than that.

well for me this threads title is in the wrong section and should be in the ethnic political section but besides that there is no wide anti-black american vendetta on nairaland, Nigerians rarely speak about them unless asked or started by some non-nigerians or asked by a few naive nigerian(which I haven't seen for awhile now).
Culture / Re: Hatred For Black Americans On This Website.. by anonymous6(f): 5:16pm On Aug 06
tpia1: if this topic was locked:

then this one should be too.

You have a point, if that thread was locked then this thread should be locked to cause I can tell where it's leading to.

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