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Music/Radio / Re: The Best & Hottest Nigerian Music Video's by anonymous6(f): 2:36pm On Oct 27, 2013

This is pretty hot right now

Food / Re: Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes! by anonymous6(f): 2:16pm On Oct 27, 2013
Naija get native white o! Me am full NIGERIAN and am white not albino nor bleached so I can say am white-Nigerian. gringrin

your are something else, lol

didn't know this thread was still up
Culture / Re: Whose Name Should Comes First On A Wedding Invitation.(bride's Or Groom'name). by anonymous6(f): 2:01pm On Oct 27, 2013
Culture / Re: The Culture Section In Decline Because Of Fulaman by anonymous6(f): 1:57pm On Oct 27, 2013
Radoillo: The culture section is a joke because of you, Somalia/africa down/ajuran/ayanle/axum/whatever.

The OP is ayanle, lol, this dude is desparate

I applaud fulaman and give him two thumbs up, ever since The OP has been on this Forum he has started attack threads on Nigerians about Somalia and the rest of the horn of Africa being superior to us or Nigerians being jealous of them and the rest of horn of africa.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Shun Domestic Air Travel Over Fear Of Crashes by anonymous6(f): 10:47pm On Oct 22, 2013
steve_cantrell: Wouldn't you ? Before you become a statistic of the circus called Nigerian Aviation.

so true lol
Culture / Re: Why Are Nigerians Crazy About Enemies by anonymous6(f): 10:28pm On Oct 22, 2013
good question but funny, any way judging the society of Nigeria I am not surprised
Culture / Re: Sixteen Year Old Wife And Mother Of Two Kids Stab Husband To Death. by anonymous6(f): 10:25pm On Oct 22, 2013
why is a 16 year old even allowed to get married in the first place
Celebrities / Re: Van Vicker Celebrates 10 Years Wedding Anniversary With Family In Dubai (Photos) by anonymous6(f): 4:51pm On Oct 21, 2013
congratulations to them
TV/Movies / “Nollywood Films Allow Black People To Shine,” Ebbe Bassey by anonymous6(f): 3:31pm On Oct 21, 2013
"Nigeria’s Nollywood is the third largest film industry worldwide right behind Hollywood in the US and India’s Bollywood. Its filmmakers have mastered the art of producing entertaining popular media with low production costs and high revenue gains. According to Black Enterprise, Nollywood produces more than 2000 moves each year and brings in $250 million in profit. But exactly how does Nollywood work?

As with Tyler Perry’s films, Nollywood filmmakers can produce a film for around $15,000. In return, they often see 10 times that amount in profit. Nollywood started in the late 1980s, and has since been producing movies that display the everyday life and dilemmas of Africans covering religious to moral, romantic and political themes.

With an increasing number of African American actors jumping on board, Nollywood has been able to reach an even greater audience, and has fans from across Africa, the Caribbean and the United States. But Nollywood offers the black community more than just a means of entertainment.

“Nollywood films allow Black people to shine,” Ebbe Bassey, the Bronx-born, Nigeria-raised actress said to Black Enterprise. “[Unlike in Hollywood], we’re not being killed at the end of the first scene. We’re not gangbanging or on drugs,” she says. “We can be doctors, lawyers and whatever else we want to be. Nollywood films allow Black people to choose roles that fully express their humanity.”

Bassey recently played in the award winning Ghanaian film “Ties That Bind,” starring African American actress Kimberly Elise.

Nollywood also offers less bureaucracy than Hollywood.

“You don’t have to worry about filing much paperwork here,” Bassey said. “If you’re [a producer] shooting in the States, you’re using union actors and directors so you have to file with the Screen Actors Guild, and that’s a nightmare,” she continues. “As a filmmaker, you also spend far less money on licenses and have a lot less input [from the government] on how to run your company. If you wanted to pull out your camera and start shooting in the street, it’d be okay.”

Bassey also relates that actor Danny Glover has visited Nigeria several times to discuss potential projects. But producing films in Nollywood also has its negative aspects. Equipment can be hard to find, as well as quality technicians to work the equipment, which leaves room for poorer film quality. In addition, Nigeria is plagued with power outages.

“[In Nigeria], you can be shooting and the lights will go off and suddenly you’re dealing with a blackout. Now you have to go get a generator, which is not cheap, and then deal with the noise of a generator, which can ruin your sound quality,” she said to Black Enterprise.

For Nigerian actors, making a lucrative business from acting can be difficult. Those that are not in unions face minimal pay with no additional incentive for overtime. In addition there are often no food carts and they also find they must do their own stunts with no insurance to cover accidents.

But many Nollywood supporters find that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. “We’re telling stories that have purpose,” Osas Ighodaro, actress and Miss Black USA 2010 said. Ighodaro is set to play in the upcoming documentary film “Black November,” which tells the story of the destruction of Nigeria’s oil spills.

The oil spills [across Nigeria] have been much more damaging than the 2010 [BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexíco], yet no one’s talking about them,” she said to Black Enterprise. “We’re educating people about what’s happening in our homeland; what we’re dealing with here.”
Culture / Re: Myths About Nigerian Tribes by anonymous6(f): 2:54pm On Oct 20, 2013
Although All this is straight up generalizations and stereotypes because I have seen and know some Nigerians from all these tribes that don't fit these characteristics listed However when it comes to Finance there is some truths I have seen to be true to a extent even though Nigerians as a whole love money.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Devyn 'the Face' Model Says She Doesn't Consider Herself A 'black Girl Model' by anonymous6(f): 5:11am On Oct 18, 2013
"With all the talk about the lack of diversity within the fashion industry, you'd think black models would band together for support and show the world what it's missing.

So it was a bit disheartening when Devyn, a supermodel hopeful from Naomi Campbell's TV show "The Face," revealed that she doesn't consider herself to be a black model.

Say what?!

The awkward exchange happened between the 21-year-old, brown-skinned beauty and media maven Wendy Williams, who made a cameo as guest judge during an episode Tuesday night. Wendy's attempt to understand Devyn's experience being a black girl in fashion resulted in the following:

Wendy: Is it hard to be a black girl model?

Devyn: I don't really consider myself as a black girl model. I know what my ethnicity is, but I'm fair-skinned and I feel like I have an international look.

Wendy: So you don't feel black?

Devyn: No, that's not what I said, whatsoever.

Naomi Campbell (chimes in off to the side): What the f*ck does she mean? That's a disgrace! She's a black girl.

We're with you, Naomi. Fair-skinned on not, the second Devyn walks into a model casting (or anywhere else for that matter) she's a black girl and no one will want to entertain her "international look" pitch. She's got way more melanin than the white girls who are getting booked and that's that.

Even Chanel Iman, arguably one of fashion's top models, recently opened up about not being able to land jobs simply because of the color of her skin. And when magazine editors are using the crazy excuse that there aren't enough black models out there to be considered for jobs, it's high time Devyn start representing for her race. "

press the link to see the video
Foreign Affairs / Re: Women Sentenced To Life In Prison For Amputating Husband's P-enis by anonymous6(f): 3:42am On Oct 18, 2013
onila: google does not like the words

not seun fault

oh I didn't know google did that to
Music/Radio / Re: The Best & Hottest Nigerian Music Video's by anonymous6(f): 3:26am On Oct 18, 2013
Music/Radio / Re: The Best & Hottest Nigerian Music Video's by anonymous6(f): 3:14am On Oct 18, 2013
Celebrities / Re: Who Are The Top 10 Most Beautiful Nollywood Actresses? by anonymous6(f): 3:08am On Oct 18, 2013
noncy: 1. Ntim Ikpe
2. Dakore Egbuson
3. Geneive Nnaji
3. Ini edo
4. Stephanie Okereke
5. stella Damascus
6. Omotola Jalende
7. Uche Jombo
8. Chacha Eke
9. Mercy Johnson
10. Amanda Ebiye

Interesting list
Foreign Affairs / Re: Women Sentenced To Life In Prison For Amputating Husband's P-enis by anonymous6(f): 3:06am On Oct 18, 2013
Table Leg :

So nairaland is now for kids or what? peni....s getting censored?

Fu...cking crasss!

yup, I don't get it either
Culture / Re: BBC's Documentary On The 'Bronze Cast Head Of The Ife King' by anonymous6(f): 3:05am On Oct 18, 2013
taharqa2: Great thread...



Thanks for the videos
Music/Radio / Re: The Best & Hottest Nigerian Music Video's by anonymous6(f): 3:02am On Oct 18, 2013
Drlumi: Good Morning- Wemimo AyoDavid

thanks for the video
Celebrities / Re: Who Is The Most Handsome & Hottest Ghanian Actor? by anonymous6(f): 3:00am On Oct 18, 2013
ogenjemz8: chris Attoh is sexiness personified. he is very attractive

true, Good looking man
Celebrities / Re: PHOTOS : Inside The Most Sophisticated Mansion In Nigeria + Meet The Owner by anonymous6(f): 9:19pm On Oct 11, 2013
Celebrities / Re: SHOCKING: Man Eats His Daughter’s Flesh And Drinks Her Blood by anonymous6(f): 9:14pm On Oct 11, 2013
OMG this is sick
Foreign Affairs / Re: One Million Children Are Growing Up Without A Male Role Model In England by anonymous6(f): 7:30pm On Oct 06, 2013
panafrican: This is what happens when a so -called modern country humiliates men and takes manhood away from them by empowering women to spit on any male.
This being said, if you check the data in Canada and the United states, the findings could well be more alarming.Someone called it the womanization of the American society. For instance in many american schools, when teachers or school administrators call parents,there is no man to talk to. It is most of the time a woman.
Why? because men are sick of being run over by the justice system.

It's sad though but I think it is more then that though, I think the institution of marriage in general is not appreciated any more
Celebrities / Re: Actress Vanessa Williams Explains How DNA Powers Her Family Tree by anonymous6(f): 6:44pm On Oct 04, 2013
Hezron Lorraine: Odikwa plenty.

ok lol
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actress Funke Akindele Finds Love Again by anonymous6(f): 6:43pm On Oct 04, 2013
lets hope this is permanent
Foreign Affairs / Re: One Million Children Are Growing Up Without A Male Role Model In England by anonymous6(f): 6:41pm On Oct 04, 2013
Hezron Lorraine: We shouldn't cry about the fact that these kids grow up without a male model,rather we should channel our energy into empowering the system to accomodate people to see the benefits of training their children should be made to reconcile spouses who have left their partners alone to handle the upbringing alone.

Yes,single parents are also great teachers.We can't undermine their efforts,many people today are products of single homes.

yes true many good people have been raised out of a single family home, and single family homes shouldnt be put down but those numbers in England are alarming but I agree their should be programs to educate and promote people in staying together as a couple to raise their children
Celebrities / Re: Beverly Osu Slept With Men To Take Care Of Her Family’ by anonymous6(f): 12:57pm On Oct 04, 2013
I don't see what she is gaining by saying this information to the public smh
Celebrities / Re: Actress Vanessa Williams Explains How DNA Powers Her Family Tree by anonymous6(f): 12:52pm On Oct 04, 2013
Sagytarius: Hmmm!23% Ghanian? Nzogbu dikwa.

how is it trouble?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Angola Helps Out Portugal by anonymous6(f): 12:50pm On Oct 04, 2013
[quote author=panafrican]Wait until Dos Santos dies. Portugal will seize all the assets and claim that the man was a dictator. His daughter who has invested a lot of many out there will see all doors closed in her face when she asks for any legal help in Europe.

so true
Foreign Affairs / One Million Children Are Growing Up Without A Male Role Model In England by anonymous6(f): 9:24pm On Oct 03, 2013
"A million children are growing up in ‘men deserts’, living without a father and rarely meeting an adult man, a study of family breakdown said yesterday.
It said the continuing increase in the number of lone parent families means that in some areas three out of four families are headed by one parent.
Their children, most of whom are growing up without fathers, lack the influence of men not only at home but also in the other key areas of their lives, the report from the Centre for Social Justice said.
In particular few ever meet men at school. One in four of all primary schools has no male teacher and four out of five have fewer than three, it found.
The report described the impact of family breakdown as an ‘emergency’ and said that the response of politicians of both Left and Right has been ‘feeble’. It urged David Cameron to ‘get a grip’.
The findings are potentially embarrassing for the Prime Minister because the Centre for Social Justice is the brainchild of Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who launched it in 2004 shortly after being deposed as Tory leader.
Its director Christian Guy said: ‘For all of the promises the Conservatives made in opposition, hardly anything has been done to resist the tsunami of family breakdown battering the United Kingdom.’
The study, Family Breakdown: The State Of The Nation, said numbers of lone parent families are rising by 20,000 a year and will reach a total of two million before the next election in 2015.
Some areas are dominated by single parent families, it found.
In one area of Sheffield, Manor Castle, 75 per cent of households with dependent children are lone parent families.

In Liverpool Riverside, Birmingham Ladywood and Bidston and St James in Birkenhead, the level is more than 70 per cent, and in 15 other places more than 60 per cent.
In all, 236 localities have more than 50 per cent of homes with children headed by a sole mother.

The report said half of all children now being born will not grow up with both their birth parents and that in all a million children have no worthwhile contact with their fathers.
It added: ‘Lack of male role models in many young lives is further compounded by the dearth of male teachers within state primary schools.

Although these trends are nationwide, they are particularly pronounced in our poorest communities where two thirds of all young adolescents have seen their parents part.’
It said the costs of family break-up were ‘devastating’, adding that children from broken families are 50 per cent more likely to do badly at school, struggle to make friends, find it difficult to control their behaviour, or to overcome anxiety and depression.
The report estimated the cost of family break-up, including the price in benefits for state support of families without work, at £46billion a year, or £1,541 for each taxpayer.
It projected that the bill will rise to £49billion by 2015.
The main engine of family break-up, it said, is the spread of cohabitation. ‘It is the instability of cohabiting couples rather than a surge in divorce rates that is fuelling the disintegration of the UK family,’ the report said.
‘Since 1996, the number of people cohabiting has doubled to nearly six million.
Cohabiting parents are three times more likely to separate by the time a child is aged five than married couples.’
Since the election Mr Cameron has failed to act on his pledge to give a tax break to married couples.
He has, however, promoted same-sex marriage even though there was no mention of the subject in the Tory manifesto or the Coalition agreement.
Foreign Affairs / Angola Helps Out Portugal by anonymous6(f): 8:47pm On Sep 29, 2013
"Angola is Sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest economy, after South Africa and Nigeria (1). It is already one of Africa’s biggest oil producers, with an average output of 1.8m barrels a day since 2008, and its extensive reserves may be even greater than thought, since prospecting suggests its deposits have geological similarities with the very rich Brazilian oilfields. After nearly three decades of civil war (2), a national reconciliation programme has given the country political stability, which is attracting foreign investors. Angola is being courted by its former colonial master, Portugal, which has been forced to adopt drastic austerity measures. “Angolan capital is very welcome [in Portugal],” said the Portuguese premier Pedro Passos Coelho during a visit to Luanda last November.

The new Angolan bourgeoisie are buying real estate in Lisbon — which may have contributed to the rise in property prices — but most Angolan investment has been in Portuguese banks and energy firms: around $2bn, or 4% of the total value of companies listed on the Portuguese stock exchange. The figure is difficult to calculate, given the complex connections between Angolan and Portuguese banks. The Angolan oil firm Sonangol (Africa’s second largest company in 2010) has led this trend.

The flow of Angolan funds into Portugal accelerated in 2008. Sonangol took a major stake in Portugal’s largest private bank, Millennium BCP. Santoro Finance, owned by Isabel dos Santos, eldest daughter of Angola’s president José Eduardo dos Santos, is also involved: the Esperenza consortium, formed by Santoro and Sonangol, has a 45% stake in Portuguese group Amorim Energia, which has a 33.3% stake in the Portuguese state-owned oil company Galp Energia. Private Angolan banking firms, such as Bank of Industry and Commerce and Atlantic Private Bank, have established subsidiaries in Portugal.

In a few years, Angola’s banking has been transformed. The Portuguese Banco Espírito Santo was a pioneer, setting up operations in Luanda in 1993, soon after economic liberalisation, and establishing close relations with the government. Angolan mobile phone carrier Unitel, of which Isabel dos Santos is majority shareholder, has enjoyed spectacular growth thanks to its partnership with Portuguese telecoms companies, and claimed 6 million subscribers in 2010.

In March 2009, during Angolan president José Eduardo dos Santos’s visit to Portugal, a thousand businessmen met at the Ritz Hotel in Lisbon to discuss further strengthening economic and financial relations. Manuel Domingo Vicente, then chairman of Sonangol declared an interest in building a lasting relationship with Portugal (3). Presented as one of Africa’s most influential entrepreneurs, he is considered likely to succeed dos Santos as president. Soon after this visit, Sonangol and Portuguese state-owned bank Caixa Geral de Depósitos established an investment bank (based in Angola) to facilitate the development of infrastructure and heavy industry."

Heavy losses

"Portuguese banks suffered heavy losses when the global financial crisis struck, as did their foreign shareholders. This did not discourage Sonangol, which helped Millennium BCP to recapitalise, enlisting the help of Bank of Brazil and a Chinese bank, yet Millennium BCP had too much exposure to Greek debt and posted a net loss of 786m for 2011. By contrast, Millennium BCP’s subsidiaries in Mozambique and Angola saw profits rise by 50%.

Frequently criticised by the International Monetary Fund for a lack of transparency in its management, Sonangol acts like a state within a state: it has established the equivalent of a sovereign wealth fund that it manages directly in conjunction with its 22 subsidiaries, which cover all economic activity. Sonangol also collaborates with China International Fund, a private Chinese firm based in Hong Kong. This resulted in the establishment of China Sonangol in 2004 and has helped Sonangol’s business diversification. With or without its Asian partner, Sonangol is present in many African countries, in Latin America (Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela) and in the Middle East (Iraq, Iran).

Angolan corporate strategists see Portugal as the ideal platform for the internationalisation of their companies. They are conscious of being the masters now in their relationship with Portugal, yet Portuguese entrepreneurs benefit from the relationship. Portugal is going through a severe recession, and the opportunity to participate in Angola’s huge reconstruction and development projects, largely financed by the Angolan government, is a blessing for many. Of the 532 foreign companies operating in Angola — and controlling 40% of its gross domestic product — 38% are Portuguese (18.8% are Chinese). With unemployment in Portugal at 13%, Angola has attracted tens of thousands of workers, not all skilled. This worries the Angolan government, which regularly deplores the lack of opportunities for its young people. The official number of Portuguese nationals living in Angola rose from 21,000 in 2003 to over 100,000 in 2011. According to Angola’s consular service, there may be twice that number. The number of Angolans living in Portugal has fallen: the land of opportunity has moved south."
Culture / Re: Photos Of Completely Unclad Couple Getting Married In Bizarre On Wedding Day by anonymous6(f): 7:00pm On Sep 26, 2013
lol, the world is getting crazy
Culture / Re: Who Is Interested In Moderating This Section? by anonymous6(f): 6:58pm On Sep 26, 2013

Thank you kindly sir

congratulations Fulaman, glad you were picked

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