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Culture / Re: Why Are Nigerians Hated By Others? by anonymous6(f): 3:48am On May 11
We Nigerians need to love each other, built our country, have incentives to control our population until we become the envy of the world its possible oo

Nigerians will get there and are getting there but certain things like corruption, consistent electricity access and boko haram need to be tackled and everything will fall In place. That's why when Buhari won I was happy cause boko haram will be dealt with differently while he's president.
Culture / Re: Why Are Nigerians Hated By Others? by anonymous6(f): 8:01pm On May 10

whilst this may be true, there are scammers and corruption everywhere.

Most of the cybercrimes for instance are not happening in Nigeria, but in the United States, Russia, China and other countries that have more widespread access to the latest technologies.

Look at how $1 billion dollars was stolen recently because banks were hacked.

$1 billion USD is no joke sha, na money they chop chop well well. I think sometimes because of the fact we are black, there is a double standard and whenever a black person commits a crime it is looked at more offensively than a white person committing the same or similar crime.

of course I agree, Nigeria is not even in the top ten list for countries that scam but they are brought up the most lol

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Culture / Re: Why Are Nigerians Hated By Others? by anonymous6(f): 7:46pm On May 10
nigerian scammers and corruption I feel are the biggest issues that cause the hate which at times is understandable but the sad part is its a small minority of the nigerian population that does scamming.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Royal Baby Girl. Kate Middleton Give Birth To A Baby Girl. by anonymous6(f): 6:37pm On May 10

The new child will be the new face of imperialism for Europeans to Africa. The goal is to be an African without any African in it. To permanently take our lands and have us living in reservations like Native Americans or Aboriginals. Africans need to wake up, these are not our friends. They want us dead look what they are doing to African Americans in America. Wake up to the world we live in stop being so naive.



Sorry I don't agree, congratulating them for their new baby girl means nothing more then congratulating however if there are few fools out there that look up to them as Gods then thats their mental problem not mine. What you need to understand is that the Royal family of England are rich figure heads of some influence but in the end of the day they are a cultural & tourist attraction of England, who really don't work and have no power in England. Nigerians are still african, we eat our foods, have our own movie industry in different languages, we still have our music, traditional clothes, everybody from politics, medical field, business and etc are Nigerians and because of strict laws that have been placed in Nigeria when it comes to foreigners owning land & property in Nigeria, its basically impossible or difficult to get land in Nigeria whether they like it or not however some other african countries have more relaxed laws when it comes to foreigners owning land/property in their countries:

Do you think some africans nations creating strict laws were created out of no where? No they weren't they were created as a result of cases like colonization for example in their own back yard or what the Native americans, aboriginals and south africans went through, plan and simple. So I think you are over hyping and underestimating Nigerians, based on the links for the most part africans are awake but they can still congratulate a powerless figure head royal family all they want the same way they congratulate Nollywood stars Like Omotola or Genevieve when they make when progress higher in the careers or How Aliko Dangote being a Black Nigerian Billionaire makes them proud. Personally I get the issues you are trying to address but stop making up conspiracy theories and concluding Africans are naive because some nigerians on a nairaland thread about kate and williams are simply congratulating them on their new baby girl being born, ridiculous.

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Culture / Re: 10 Beautiful African Traditional Wedding Attires by anonymous6(f): 6:08pm On May 10
"Nigerian" Attire, hold on a moment let's get real here. There are many types of "Nigerian" attire in regards to weddings, not just one style.

exactly thats what I said in the beginning, Nigeria needs its own section when it comes to attires that represent Nigeria as a country.

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Culture / Re: 10 Beautiful African Traditional Wedding Attires by anonymous6(f): 5:39pm On May 10
Culture / Re: My Confusion About Edos by anonymous6(f): 5:33pm On May 10
The only confusion about them is that some of them bear yoruba names, but they will tell you they are from Edo state

True, I agree
Culture / Re: 10 Beautiful African Traditional Wedding Attires by anonymous6(f): 4:12pm On May 08
The African traditional wedding attires are magnificent outfits that makes a wedding ceremony stand out. They are very distinctive, with a rich blend of colours; containing every traditional African elements that makes them vibrant and elegant.

Different cultures have different wedding attires, each one just as beautiful and enigmatic as the other. Here are 10 of our favorite African traditional wedding attires on the web. SOURCE:http://oddastic.com/10-african-traditional-wedding-attires/


see image below


See image below









I always will rep Nigeria of course but I feel Ghana, Ivory coast and morocco was pretty to but I felt the picture for Nigeria was good but I have seen much better as far as I am concerned when it comes to repping Nigeria, also number 1 which was south africa mentioned the tribe that traditional attire was from, it would be nice if they did that for Nigeria, cause Nigeria can not be summed up with just one picture

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Culture / Re: What Is Acting Or Talking "White" To You?? ;D by anonymous6(f): 1:44pm On May 08
Talking or acting white is more of a black American term.
Educated AAs who speak correct English are often accused of trying to talk white.
But that's their problem.
In Nigeria, we don't say you're trying to talk white.
Some Nigerians feel you have to borrow foreign accents in order to be posh, not white. Some even fake a black american accent, lol.
For example Chimamanda Adichie and Wole Soyinka speak properly but it's still Nigerian accent. This is how they teach you in Nigerian schools to speak. But Toke Makinwa and those radio hosts in Nigeria often speak with borrowed accents. Some may have been brought up abroad like Toolz, so she gets a pass but majority are fake.

I agree, excellent response
Culture / Re: What Is Acting Or Talking "White" To You?? ;D by anonymous6(f): 12:43pm On May 08
Speaking white would mean speaking in (or similar to) a borrowed accent 'foh nè'

You have freedom to speak in whatever way you choose so long you are audible, coherent and your pronunciation's good, communication will not be breached.

Mindful however, there is a fine line between sounding white and 'sounding like a clown'. If you must speak white, do your research and speak it well.

So true, it's the accent actually when they are speaking proper English that Nigerians use to say whether your acting like someone you are not, this excludes nigerians born overseas though

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Culture / Re: What Is Acting Or Talking "White" To You?? ;D by anonymous6(f): 12:42pm On May 08
To Nigerians speaking proper English doesn't mean your talking white cause I never witness nigerians criticize Nigerians when they speak proper English however if they over do it like using English words that even English people rarely use as much for example it becomes obvious their acting like someone they are not. When it comes to acting white it depends on their mentality and cultural connection for example nigerians are neutral when it comes to race, they dont criticize nigerians blackness based on what music they listen to, achieving higher education, speaking proper English, and etc but how they go about it culturally.

With some african Americans though it's extreme, speaking proper English, your education, being neutrally black instead of thinking like a Afrocentric, listening to music considered non-black, and etc equates to acting white to them.

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Culture / Re: Why Do Our Hausa/fulani Love Their Hausa Neighbours From Chad,niger Etc So Much? by anonymous6(f): 11:45am On May 08

Just like Yoruba and Igbo people connect with their kinsmen in neighbouring countries.

Exactly it's like Igbo Nigerians connect with Igbos from Cameroon and Yoruba Nigerians connect with Yorubas from the country of benin

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Culture / Re: Top 5 Ways To Develop Africa by anonymous6(f): 3:00pm On May 07
We need to concentrate on West Africa, African continent is too big for this project of unified currency and military

Another thing, we need to reconstruct our boarders, this colonial countries must be dismantled and we rebuild new nations, true nations built on ethnic homogeneity

I agree, a unified currency in west Africa will be tough but a military Definately yes.

One tribal nations will be good but I don't see that happening
Culture / Re: Why Do Our Hausa/fulani Love Their Hausa Neighbours From Chad,niger Etc So Much? by anonymous6(f): 2:44pm On May 07
There's nothing wrong with it, they connect with people of their tribe regardless of their nationality or country of origin. This is nothing new though Hausas and fulanis have always been like this.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Meet The Woman Likely To Be Brazil's First Black President by anonymous6(f): 2:29pm On May 07
I heard about this lady on world news, I hope she wins

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Royal Baby Girl. Kate Middleton Give Birth To A Baby Girl. by anonymous6(f): 2:17pm On May 07

Jewish people would not congradulate Adolf Hitler's grandchild. The Armenians wouldn't do it to Ottoman leadership. But us stock holm syndrome weak minded slave thinking Global Africans would. This is why we are in our situation. The way we think and see the world.

You have some points and I'm not hyping will and Kate, they are like other couples out there but because of their royal connection they get special attention and treatment, which is they way the world is but Why would Jewish people celebrate hitler in the first place? It's the same way africans are not celebrating their old colonizers, which is not will and Kate, so this has nothing to do with William and Kate having their second child. There's nothing wrong in you not congratulating them but don't put down Africans doing that and equate it to black africans being down. I don't agree with past things Europeans did to africans but this has nothing to do with William and Kate new born baby. Create a new topic about what you are trying to bring up but don't do that in a thread like this one that has nothing to do with the topics your bringing up.

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Culture / Re: Top 5 Ways To Develop Africa by anonymous6(f): 2:10pm On May 07
I don't think so because every country in Africa will benefit due to the monetary value behind the currency.

True countries struggling will gain but others not struggling will just be in a stable state. I don't see big african economies agreeing to one currency when they still have problems in their countries. It's not that simple, I don't see countries like South Africans or nigeria agreeing to that
Foreign Affairs / Re: Royal Baby Girl. Kate Middleton Give Birth To A Baby Girl. by anonymous6(f): 12:34am On May 07
I hope you all are not Africans. Look what those wicked "royal" people did to Africa for hundreds of years. We have Stockholm syndrome!

lol, there is nothing wrong in congratulating William and Kate in their new born baby girl

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Culture / Re: Top 5 Ways To Develop Africa by anonymous6(f): 8:26pm On Apr 11
I am a strong believer that we Africans have what it takes to develop our wonderful continent and match up to the western world.
Here are 5 ways I think A.U should adopt inorder to develop Africa.
1} ONE CURRENCY- Africa 54 countries should come together and have One currency which will be spearheaded by a Central Bank Of Africa. This Continent have the costly and highly wanted natural resources to add monetary value to this Currency. It will be the most valued in the world and poor African Countries will benefit greatly from this decision.
2} A BIG JOINT AFRICAN ARMY- African should have one big gigantic Army which will be well equipt and fortified. This kind of Army will crush Boko Haram and all terrorist groups in Africa.
3} INTRA- AFRICAN TRADE- Lets put an end to this "made in china" mentality. Let African 54 countries trade within themselves and help each other economy. For example, let start seeing "made in Botswana" products in Nigeria, or "made in Gabon" products in Zambia.
4} AN ANTI- CORRUPTION COURT IN AFRICA- Any Corrupt African President should be arrested by the Big Joint African Army and prosecuted in this African Anti-Corruption Court.
5} ONE AFRICAN INFRASTRUCTURE MASTERPLAN- African cities should be renovated, rehabilitated and built with one style of Infrastructure masterplan.. Europe did it after world war 2 and beautify their cities.. Africa should adopt it.
6} ACTUALLY TAKE BACK OUR MINERAL RESOURSES- Our minerals are owned exploited (together with local populations who are the real owners.) from the colonial times till now.
Raw materials from Africa go to create jobs (after their colonial exploiters transfer most of the profits back into their own economies) for industries in Europe and the US.

Good list and I agree to a extent but number 1, I don't think so cause some african countries doing better in their currency wouldn't want a one currency with a country that isn't up there in par with them cause it will bring down their own currency. Why do you think England didn't agree to join the Euro
Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 12:07pm On Apr 11
Fulaman the 5 ways to develop Africa thread I can't reply on the thread for some reason
Culture / Re: Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World by anonymous6(f): 12:04pm On Apr 11

Yeah lots of women are not showcased also due to religion like Fulani women

Exactly, Fulani women are beautiful but the outside world doesn't see them and sadly religion is inhibiting that.
Culture / Re: Countries With The Most Beautiful Girls In The World by anonymous6(f): 6:40pm On Apr 10
lol this is nothing new, at this time in age people should know that one person eptiome of beauty is different from another persons epitome of beauty and if you see the authors name who wrote the article you can kind of guess the type of countries he will put down. When it comes to Africa for the most part when people from the western world think of african women they base it upon what the western media & hollywood is telling them; Alek wek is one prime example of what they show, not Genevieve Nnaji, Yvonne Nelson, Omotola Jalade, Damilola Adegbite, Liya Kebede, Agbani Darego, Tiwa savge, Naid buari and etc. I'm not saying Alek wek Is ugly but There are prettier african women with Alek Weks look for example Lupita Nyongo. In the end of the day when they keep showing images of starving people or Alek Wek as the representation from Africa, people will believe it. The authors name sounds like someone from the middle east, south east asia or possibly eastern europe; people from those areas consider darker skinned shades ugly. If you look at the Brazil representation he mentioned white brazilians not other races in Brazil for being pretty lol. So nobody should be surprised at all by this since most of the world still believes Africa is a country(the Ebola virus exposed that just recently last year even though its common knowledge).


Foreign Affairs / Re: Join Nigerian Pan-african Group In A Solidarity March For Freedom Of West Papua! by anonymous6(f): 5:36pm On Apr 10
It is not a failure because this type of campaign takes time to reach the intended goal.

I agree, if you just read up about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-Africanism
it is understandbale why it's impossible because it is not that simple, black people worldwide are not a monolithic group or have the same mentalities of moving forward or how they want to be represented. Black diasporians have a racial mentality that ties into their culture, especially african americans but Africans it is more deeper then just race, it includes nationality and even deeper tribe. I think for economics through African countries particularily sub-saharan African Pan africanism makes sense, which has been happening but we can do more. but outside that its fairy tales
Culture / Re: European Distortion Of African History by anonymous6(f): 4:22pm On Apr 07

I'd strongly recommend that, if you want your thread to get the attention of readers that you need and have your message passed across, you translate your message into text, arranged into paragraphs and kept averagely short. Most nairaland users are in Nigeria and are terribly limited by bandwidth limitations, especially mobile users. Thus they are unable to stream videos. There is very little way they are going to view the video you just posted.

I didn't realize this thanks

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Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 11:32pm On Mar 27


Culture / Re: European Distortion Of African History by anonymous6(f): 5:59am On Mar 23
My sister, the whole truth is adding up to a crescendo. We shall all see the entire contraption that has held us down for so long as people. Pls, i encourage you to read the powerful material titled 'IS EDUCATION IGNORANCE?' at www.noahklub.wordpress.com, www.facebook.com/noahklub
You will be shocked. We need to start making noise to the roof.

thank you I'm going to check the link now
Culture / Re: Why So Much Hate For Somalis? by anonymous6(f): 11:08pm On Mar 22
Agreed, but to clarify, nobody here hates Somalis, all things that are said about Somalis are in defense. Axum and Ajuran are always coming here and causing trouble. I dont see any threads started bashing Somalis, in fact most threads that are pan-african are very positive, but it is the destructive Somali minority that appears and causes enough of a commotion to drove people mad to defend themselves.

you took the words right out of mouth. Nigerians in nairaland rarely talked about somalis until the nutty Ajuran/axum/... started talking about Black Africans in negative terms, his crazy superiority views or saying bantus 24/7, a term we are not familiar with because West Africans are not bantus in the first place. He likes to start crap with Nigerians with one useless topic thread after another in our own forums, so nobody should be surprised that Nigerians are defending themselves. The Op needs to put her energy into shutting Axum the lunatic down, that would help. As for me I don't have any issues with Africans with horn of Africa origin, I have some friends from there and they are nothing like Axum, Thank God.
Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 7:34pm On Mar 22

Do a password recovery

Fulaman can you put this thread on the front page, and please add some african history videos to the thread as well:
Culture / Re: European Distortion Of African History by anonymous6(f): 7:25pm On Mar 22

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