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Foreign Affairs / Re: Is The World About To Go To War The Third Time by anonymous6(f): 2:23am On Sep 05, 2014
Apart from North Africa (Which is part of the middle east like you said). South America and Sub-Saharan Africa's contribution would probably be stuffs like: Safe Passage, Raw material supplies etc

Forgot about North Africa, True I agree
Foreign Affairs / Re: Is The World About To Go To War The Third Time by anonymous6(f): 9:09pm On Sep 04, 2014

It wont Affect Nigeria like the person rightly said. The economy might shrink but apart from that, Nigeria is irrelevant when it comes to a full scale war.

exactly; North america, Canada, Europe, Russia, Middle East maybe Asia will be in a possible WW3 but Africa & South America I doubt it
Foreign Affairs / Re: Is The World About To Go To War The Third Time by anonymous6(f): 8:56pm On Sep 04, 2014
igbo2011: My question is how will Africa defend itself from invaders.

you mean if or when world war 3 comes?
Culture / Re: 18-year Old Beautiful Girl Marries Dog In India (pictures & Video) by anonymous6(f): 1:36am On Sep 04, 2014
Foreign Affairs / Re: Is The World About To Go To War The Third Time by anonymous6(f): 7:29pm On Sep 03, 2014
donroxy: The world is just waiting for that one and first mad man to launch the nuke and Gbam, WWIII !!

So true, I just pray I'm out of the crossfire when that mess happens
Foreign Affairs / Re: How Three Students Created Nigeria's Online Jobs Giant - BBC News by anonymous6(f): 7:26pm On Sep 03, 2014
donroxy: The dudes have actually contributed to happiness of some companies and families !!

Many Nigerians need to look up to him as a example
Culture / Re: Italian Couple Perform Igbo Traditional Wedding Rites by anonymous6(f): 7:24pm On Sep 03, 2014
surprised and amazed; some Nigerians need to appreciate their culture


Foreign Affairs / Andrew Madoff Son Of Bernard Madoff Dies Of Cancer In NYC by anonymous6(f): 6:00pm On Sep 03, 2014
NEW YORK (AP) — Andrew Madoff, Bernard Madoff's last surviving son, died of cancer on Wednesday, his lawyer said.

Andrew Madoff and his brother, Mark, both worked on a trading desk at Bernie Madoff's firm, a side of the business that wasn't directly involved in their father's $65 billion Ponzi scheme.

Bernard Madoff was arrested in December 2008. Almost exactly two years later, Mark Madoff hanged himself by a dog leash on a metal ceiling beam in his Manhattan loft apartment, as his 2-year-old son slept in another room.

"One way to think of this is the scandal and everything that happened killed my brother very quickly," Andrew Madoff told People magazine last year. "And it's killing me slowly."

Andrew Madoff, 48, died at a New York City hospital from mantle cell lymphoma, his attorney Martin Flumenbaum said Wednesday.

He was first diagnosed with the rare form of cancer in 2003 but went into remission. He blamed the relapse on the stress of living with his father's scam. The disease returned in October 2012, and he told People magazine that he felt "blindsided."

Andrew Madoff had served as the chairman of the Lymphoma Research Foundation's board of directors until his father's scheme was revealed.

Funeral arrangements will be private.

Foreign Affairs / Re: ‘yes Means Yes” The New Sex Law Of California by anonymous6(f): 4:46pm On Sep 03, 2014
EnlightenedSoul: Instead of pushing outrageous and relatively unenforceable laws, they should properly enforce the laws we already have in place.

Secondly, if they want to curb ra.pe on campus, they should transfer control from the "campus police" (glorified security personnel) to the local law enforcement. I've talked to a "campus officer" I know, and he expressly stated that his job was to make sure the university never got a bad rap. He was expected to sweep such reports under the rug when studies show that few of these crimes get reported as it is.

I know more than one girl who claims to have been ra.ped. One of them claimed that she'd reported it to the campus police only to be advised against pressing charges. Perhaps this "Yes Means Yes" BC was passed with good intentions, but I don't see it changing anything. I guess we'll see how it goes...

c/s 100%

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Culture / Re: Who Really Is ODUDUWA? by anonymous6(f): 4:39pm On Sep 03, 2014
Oduduwa, Olofin Adimula, and First Suzerain of the Yoruba, was the Oba of Ile-Ife. His name, phonetically written by Yoruba language-speakers as Odùduwà and sometimes contracted as Odudua or Oòdua, is generally ascribed to the ancestral dynasty of Yorubaland due to the fact that he is held by the Yoruba to have been the ancestor of their numerous crowned kings.[1] Following his post-humous deification, he was admitted to the Yoruba pantheon as an aspect of a primordial divinity of the same name.

Oral history of the Oyo-Yoruba recounts the coming of the Oba Oduduwa from the east, sometimes understood by some sources as the "vicinity" of Mecca, but more likely signifying the region of Ekiti and Okun sub-communities in northeastern Yorubaland/central Nigeria. Ekiti is near the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers, and is where the Yoruba language is presumed to have separated from related ethno-linguistic groupings like Igala, Igbo, and Edo.[3]

When Oduduwa arrived ancient Ife, he and his group are believed to have conquered the component communities and to have evolved the palace structure with its effective centralized power and dynasty. Going by the tribal records, he is commonly referred to as the first Ooni of Ife and progenitor of the Yoruba people.


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Foreign Affairs / Re: Nigeria Launches National Identity Card Scheme by anonymous6(f): 3:17pm On Sep 03, 2014
Canadidacy: New Driving License, New Plate number, new passport, new voters card now new National I.D. Next should bea new Nigeria; a re branded Nigeria of our dream.

lets hope so with no boko haram of course
Foreign Affairs / Re: This Map Shows Which Countries Prefer China Over The USA by anonymous6(f): 3:12pm On Sep 03, 2014
I'm not surprised Nigeria is pretty mixed because they don't trust easily so both(USA & China) will be in the same boat to them.
Foreign Affairs / Ebola Affects Bourbon’s Operations As Company Swings To Loss by anonymous6(f): 3:07pm On Sep 03, 2014
The deadly Ebola outbreak in Nigeria is affecting Bourbon SA (GBB)’s operations, the supplier of ships and crew to energy producers said after reporting it swung to a loss in the first half partly on industry cost cutting.

“The mobility of our vessels coming from Nigeria has been restricted by some countries,” Chief Executive Officer Christian Lefevre told reporters. “Vessels coming from Nigeria can’t go directly to Cameroon or Ivory Coast.”

While Bourbon has stopped sending vessels to Nigeria for maintenance, there haven’t been any “significant disruptions” to operations, he said. The company’s Nigerian operations are centered around the southern oil hub of Port Harcourt. The city recorded its first death from the outbreak on Aug. 22.

Bourbon posted a first-half net loss of 4.8 million euros ($6.3 million), after a 14.4 million-euro profit a year earlier, as oil companies cut costs and delay projects, and the ship-supply industry suffers from global overcapacity, the Paris-based company said in a statement.

It fell 3.4 percent to 20.96 euros by 10:14 a.m. in Paris.

“The offshore oil and gas business environment is getting tougher for contractors,” Raymond James analysts wrote in an e-mailed note to investors. Bourbon produced an “uninspiring set of results,” said the analysts, who rate it Underperform.

Growth Forecast

Sales, up 8.9 percent in the half on a “constant” basis, are expected to be at the “lower end” of a full-year growth forecast of 8 percent and 10 percent, Lefevre said. “Offshore markets during the first half of 2014 were affected by a slowdown in activity, partly due to cost reductions by oil and gas companies and delays on some projects,” he said in the statement.

The company, which took delivery of 23 vessels in the half to bring its fleet to 500, has sold and leased back ships to reduce debt. A plan to sell as much as 30 percent of its supply-vessel fleet will continue through next year, Lefevre said.

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa that has sickened more than 3,000 people may infect 20,000 more and cost at least $490 million to curb, according to a World Health Organization plan. Nigeria has reported at least three cases outside Lagos.

Foreign Affairs / Re: Is The World About To Go To War The Third Time by anonymous6(f): 3:04pm On Sep 03, 2014
World war three predictions have been theorized for years and the way the world is going it may happen. It also predicted that it will start from the middle east, no surprise there.
Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 11:27pm On Sep 02, 2014
Fulaman, I think you need to shut this thread down, its another tribal thread again: http://www.nairaland.com/1884060/attribute-average-yoruba-woman-too
Foreign Affairs / Re: ISIS Beheads American Journalist Again by anonymous6(f): 11:19pm On Sep 02, 2014
sad these ISIS people are sick

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Foreign Affairs / Re: How Three Students Created Nigeria's Online Jobs Giant - BBC News by anonymous6(f): 5:22pm On Sep 02, 2014
Mutuwa: Innovative..naija no de carry last.

True, Nigerians are very innovative and progressive
Foreign Affairs / How Three Students Created Nigeria's Online Jobs Giant - BBC News by anonymous6(f): 3:07pm On Sep 02, 2014
Three students had time on their hands in the summer of 2009 when their university lecturers in Nigeria went on strike.

Instead of slacking off, Ayodeji Adewunmi, Olalekan Olude and Opeyemi Awoyemi started an online job search company.

Five years later their start-up, Jobberman, has got a multi-million dollar valuation, employs 125 people, and is still growing.

While Nigeria is Africa's largest economy it still has massive unemployment problems, in particular among young people who are also more likely to be connected to the internet.

Jobberman has become the single largest job placement website in sub-Saharan Africa, helping over 35,000 people find jobs within the last two years.

The number of companies using the site to find employees has grown from about 40 in 2009 to some 35,000 today.

Carrying between 500 and 1,000 jobs on the site every day, the founders estimate that there are about 1,000 active users searching for a job at any given time.

"The growth has been tremendous, it's at rocket speed. One of the biggest challenges has been to keep up with the volume of work," says Olalekan.

Overcoming fraud fears

However, there have been other challenges along the way.

"In the beginning a lot of people did not trust an internet-based business because at that time a lot of people were using the internet to perpetuate fraud here in Nigeria," he says.

But as other online businesses thrived and became trusted, so Jobberman thrived. Companies would dip their toe in the water with one or two postings and then when they trusted the site they would come back.

In 2012 some of Jobberman's clients wanted to use the site to find workers in Ghana and so the company took its first work outside Nigeria.

Two years later it says it is now the biggest online job site in Ghana as well as Nigeria.

The company is now expanding its reach to Kenya with a partner called Brighter Monday. The partnership also gives it a footprint in Uganda and Tanzania.

'They found me'

Some people find a job through the site without actually applying for one.

Amarachi Apakama uploaded her details and was approached by a company to take the position of executive assistant at a mobile phone content company.

"That really changed my life," she says. "It was a morale booster. It helped my confidence - the fact that my interests and my experience put together such a good fit that I didn't have to apply for the job."

Multiplier effect

"It is incredibly fulfilling helping people to become economically empowered by getting job placements via Jobberman," founder Ayodeji Adewunmi says.

"One company recruited more than 80% of their employees through the site. Another time, a director was able to hire a former colleague in the United States to come and work for his company here in Lagos. All amazing stories."

Olalekan Olude adds: "If you put food on the table by virtue of getting a job for someone, that person also fends for a mother, or a brother and you create a multiplier effect within that household.

"And anytime we get to hear of such stories, we are very, very happy. It motivates us, it makes us look forward into the future and try and get more people to get more jobs."

Foreign Affairs / Re: 10 Most Corrupt Countries In The World by anonymous6(f): 10:54pm On Sep 01, 2014
I am nuetral whether Nigeria would have been or not be in the top 10 list cause sometimes you never know with Nigeria but initially After reading the thread title I thought some how the Op wanted to connect Nigeria to the list and put Nigeria in the list However after reading it was a article(not Op's personal list), it makes sense. Nigeria is not perfect and there is corruption but there are countries that are far worse then Nigeria when it comes to corruption. So I am not surprised Nigeria is not in the top ten list. Maybe a top 50 list, you'll see Nigeria pop up.
Politics / Re: Army Repels Boko Haram Attack, Kills 45 Terrorists by anonymous6(f): 7:24pm On Sep 01, 2014
AMEN, good news

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Celebrities / Re: Baba Suwe Set To Remarry, 5 Years After Wife's Death by anonymous6(f): 10:34pm On Aug 30, 2014
wow didn't know any of this, thought baba suwe was still with her, may her soul rest in peace but wishing baba suwe well
Celebrities / Re: I Can Never Reconcile With My Ex-wife Fathia ––saidi Balogun by anonymous6(f): 4:50pm On Aug 30, 2014

Excellent, you got my point.

I think that until she stops being a hard a$$ about stuff like keeping her Ex Husbands name then he will not be satisfied and can not be civil about their dissolution. The thing is that some dissolve marriages get back together, but they cannot move along is she continues to hijack his family name.

I've watched a few of her movies, well actually a lot since my Wife got here (that Woman can watch Yoruba movies all day), she seems to be a household name, a decent actor (for Nigerian standards) and is fair to look at.

So I think a name change to Fathia (no last name like Prince), Fathia Olanrewaju (etc) cannot hurt her stnadingin the industry. Fathia is actually a very powerful name that people will instantly recognize her with.

I know if I had lost my push in court to get my Ex Wife to not continue to use my family name I would not be very happy.

PS: Thanks for the correction. I said Americans have no culture. They actually do but I minimize it since it's different from Nigerians but it is a culture to them. Apologies to fellow Americans on the board.

I agree with you, I think that is what is bothering Saheed cause this man has been talking about this issue with his ex-wife to the media(for years) any chance he gets while Fathia keeps silent, so this last name issue must be bothering him. Fathia is a household name to anyone who watch movies from the yoruba film industry, so she can get away with a name change and continue her success if she wanted.

To be honest I'm a fan of both Saheed and Fathia Balogun when they were married and after they divorced, they can act. It's sad their personal business is all over the media about their divorce though

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Celebrities / Re: I Can Never Reconcile With My Ex-wife Fathia ––saidi Balogun by anonymous6(f): 4:22pm On Aug 30, 2014

Tina Turner though is an American with no culture.

I think it's sacrilege for a divorcee to keep her married name.

Tina Turner by any other name remains a sexy goddess and an outstanding performer.

True, Tina turner is American, their ways are way different but I feel what is driving Fathia Balogun in keeping her ex-husband last name is the line of work she is doing which is a actress in the yoruba film industry or entertainment industry in general like Tina; and Saheed is more up in the yoruba film industry cause he is directing now, the connection helps her. To me I'm nuetral though about the whole thing however I understand what you mean, the way I look at it Fathia has accomplished success in the yoruba film industry now, she is one of the top actresses in the yoruba film industry so she could if she wanted to change her name back but I don't think she will or care to.

Tina Turner now can get away with calling herself whatever she wants after the success she has accomplished.
Celebrities / Re: I Can Never Reconcile With My Ex-wife Fathia ––saidi Balogun by anonymous6(f): 12:04pm On Aug 30, 2014

The question is why would she even want to keep his name?

I spent good money making sure that my Ex cannot use my last name after the divorce.

It was mentioned in the media that she worked hard for that name plus her first name to make it in the Yoruba film industry and she doesn't want to give that up. That's the samething that happened with tina turner, turner is not her maiden name, it was her ex-husband name, Ike turner. When Ike and Tina went to court for a divorce, Tina Turner gave up all her properties with him except her last name, Ike refused but the judge ruled in favor for tina. Tina said her career revolves around her name, and she worked hard to gain the level she is in now, in the music industry. she said she wasn't giving up her ex-husbands last name. So I'm guessing fathia may have same mentality when it comes to why she isn't giving up her last name
Religion / Re: Prayer For Injured Teen Sparks Outrage From Atheist Group by anonymous6(f): 12:01pm On Aug 30, 2014
TheBigUrban2: Typical ignorant christian.
You copied the one source that distorts the whole story- FOX NEWS.

Ignorant, I could careless about the atheist vs. Christian back and forth but the article has been in some blogs that formed debates and issues that was interesting

Well you are right Fox News distorts facts but with this article I posted it as a newsfeed to generate attention on issues that arise from it. Which is what happened, mission accomplished
Foreign Affairs / Nigeria Launches National Identity Card Scheme by anonymous6(f): 12:29am On Aug 30, 2014
Abuja (AFP) - Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday launched a national electronic identity card scheme, which backers said would boost access to financial and government services in Africa's most populous nation.

The head of state was issued with his own card, which features a credit card-style chip with personal as well as biometric data and doubles up as a prepaid charge and debit card.

A number of Nigerian government agencies, from the police to the Independent National Electoral Commission, have embarked on their own separate ID card schemes.

But Jonathan said the plan was to eventually include details such as driving licence, health insurance, tax and pension information on the single card.

"The regime of duplication of biometric databases must now have to give way to harmonisation and unification with the e-ID scheme, which shall be the primary database," he told reporters.

Only 32 percent of Nigeria's adult population are thought to have bank accounts, according to a 2012 study.

Nigeria's central bank has been pushing for a move away from cash to electronic payments and has trialled a scheme in the financial capital, Lagos, with the help of private partners.

But the pilot project has not been plain sailing, with retailers and customers often facing frequent power supply and connectivity problems that slowed down transactions.

The cards will be available initially to Nigerians aged 16 and older and all residents in the country for more than two years.

Cardholders will be given a unique national identification number and have to provide fingerprint data, a photo and digital signature to cut the risk of fraud and embezzlement.

The scheme has so far cost about seven billion naira ($42.5 million, 32 million euros), according to the National Identity Management Commission.

Financial services firm MasterCard, the scheme's payment technology provider, said 13 million cards would be available in the first phase, with more than 100 million to be issued in total.

"Nigeria is ready for this," the firm's head of Sub-Saharan African operations, Daniel Mohin, told AFP.

"Nigeria has been left out of electronic financial payment for decades but now Nigeria is saying we want to take our rightful place in payment. There has not been a project of this magnitude... that's been rolled out at this scale."

Africa's most populous nation has an unenviable reputation for fraud, particularly involving financial transactions.

But Monehin said the card was "secured with the best form of security that is available".


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Religion / Prayer For Injured Teen Sparks Outrage From Atheist Group by anonymous6(f): 12:03am On Aug 30, 2014
It truly takes a special kind of evil to threaten Americans because they prayed over an injured child.

The injured player was on the ground being tended to by trainers and coaches.

So the Seminole High School football team did what many football teams do. The teenage boys took a knee, bowed their heads and prayed for their injured teammate.

But that simple act of compassion and humanity in Sanford, Florida sparked outrage from the Freedom From Religion Foundation – a group of perpetually offended atheists from Wisconsin.
An FFRF attorney fired off a letter to the superintendent of Seminole County Public Schools – accusing them of having an adult lead the prayer for the injured child.

A school district spokesman told me the injured child, who is the son of the team’s head coach, has since rejoined the team.

“It is our information and understanding that Seminole High School (is) allowing an adult, a local pastor, to act as a ‘volunteer chaplain’ for the football team,” FFRF attorney Andrew Seidel wrote.

The attorney said the school cannot “allow a non-school adult access to the children in its charge, and certainly cannot grant that access to a pastor seeking to organize prayer for the students.”

The FFRF told the school district to “refrain from having a ‘volunteer team chaplain’ at Seminole High School.

The school district said the prayer was instigated by students and denied that a chaplain prayed with the team. School spokesman Mike Blasewitz told MyNews13.com that the school doesn’t even have a team chaplain, contrary to the FFRF’s allegations.

“There is nothing to cease and desist because our behavior was within the guidelines in the first place,” he told television station WFTV. “No adults in the photo, no adults participating, no adults leading it.”

Seidel told me in a written statement that he’s satisfied with the school’s response – and they now consider the matter closed.

“FFRF is very pleased with central Florida's new-found commitment to upholding the First Amendment and protecting the rights of conscience of all students, not just Christians,” he said.
Parents, meanwhile, are a bit perturbed with the atheist bullying.

“There are a lot more important issues going on in the world than worrying about kids praying at a game,” parent Andre Collins told ClickOrlando.com. “We live in a country where we’re free to do what we want to do.”

Barbara Frase has a grandson on the football team. She could not believe the atheists would call out the kids for praying.

“Come on, let’s get real,” she told ClickOrlando.com.

Seminole County is not the first school district targeted by these rabid atheists – and they won’t be the last. Earlier this week, I exposed the Christian cleansing underway in Orange County, Florida public schools.

But it truly takes a special kind of evil to threaten Americans because they prayed over an injured child.

Heaven help us all.

Culture / Atheist Group Threatens School With Lawsuit Over Prayers - Fox News by anonymous6(f): 11:54pm On Aug 29, 2014
An atheist group is demanding that a Georgia high school football team stop praying.

The American Humanist Association is accusing coaches at Chestatee High School of quoting scripture on team documents and leading the team in prayer. The group is threatening to sue.

In a letter to the school, American Humanist Association said, “This type of religious activity, by government employees in the course of their duties as public school football coaches, is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause [of the First Amendment]."

Tommy Bowden, former head football coach at Clemson University, was on “Fox and Friends to weigh in. He said that those high school coaches have a great case.

“If you look at the history with every president we've had from George Washington to President Obama has put his hand on the Bible asking for guidance and wisdom, direction to lead this country. […] Our Supreme [Court justices walk] up the steps every day. Right above them sitting on a concrete slab is Moses with tablets on each leg written by God almighty himself, the same God that the high school coach is praying to,” Bowden said.

According to Bowden, the coaches are obviously just trying to impart wisdom.

Celebrities / Re: I Can Never Reconcile With My Ex-wife Fathia ––saidi Balogun by anonymous6(f): 8:35pm On Aug 29, 2014
RICHBOI2: She has moved on long time ago.

exactly so why is he bringing up this information now, well he and his ex-wife have been going in and out of court for years because of their divorce. He even wanted fathia to remove her last name, which is his and change back to her maiden name but Fathia refused. He needs to move on
Foreign Affairs / Re: Yes We Tan: Barack Obama's TAN Suit Sparks Uproar On Twitter by anonymous6(f): 7:33pm On Aug 29, 2014
I noticed that tan suit after the Obama press conference and the color threw me off a bit but I later ignored it though, cause it's not a big deal. It's funny it's causing such a fuss but normally when men wear suits(not pimps) they are grey, dark grey, black, navy, or a dark brownish grey color but not tan, maybe he wanted to try something new with his wardrobe or something

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