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Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: What Yorubas Think Of Ijebu People by anonymous6(f): 6:39pm On Oct 31, 2013

You lot and your silly labels.

That's why I can't stand most of you Yoruba women - common sense seems to be uncommon with most of you.

Or should we start labelling all the other subgroups as well and how inferior most of them are to the Ijebu's?

Primitive labels induced by envy has no place in the 21st century! undecided

did I ever say I believed them, I am just saying what I heard. There is a big difference between hearing certain belief's and believing them,

so shymmex you need to calm down, your barking at the wrong person, i don't have issues with ijebu people
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 5:37pm On Oct 31, 2013

I'm sorry but I can hardly make any sense out of the part in bold. embarassed
You asked if Miley was more influential than Michelle and I implied that it depends on whom the survey is being conducted.
Miley will most likely sway more teens than Michelle would. So, yes, if we are taking only teens into consideration.

Which brings us back to my point. Kim has some sort of influence on a set of people (regardless of the quality of these people). If we conduct a survey on just these people, Kim will win. ''Kanye isn't entirely wrong''. What's there not to understand? undecided

I think the assumption that Kim will win is based on your opinion not fact, based on what I have seen on the media it depends on the demographic of women in America, to me that is not hard to understand but to sandbox all women and say a generalized statement and make Kim a winner is hilarious, most likely celebrities like A-list actresses on Oscar night from Nicole Kidman to Halle berry would win but Kim, I'm sorry NO.

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Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 4:57pm On Oct 31, 2013

Yeah. When you go to your next job interview dress like Kim Kardashian and see how far her influence will get you. Kim's sense of style is more geared towards street clothing. This same Kanye West was the one that tried to change Kim Kardashian's whole wardrobe because he felt it was too ghetto LMAO. At least Kanye West has a good excuse. She's the mother of his child and he is in love with this woman. What is your excuse?

I finally read the interview and that Kanye is taking about Michelle Obama cannot wear the same bikini that Kim Kardashian wore after having her baby. Looking good in a bikini is the highlight of a 30 something year old mother in 2013 This is what women were persecuted and imprisoned for so that women Kanye West can tell us that a woman is influential because she looks good in a bikini. Susan B Anthony is spinning in her grave.

You're right Kim Kardashian is influential with people that like to take half Unclad pics and instagram them. She's popular with people that watch her life and try to convince themselves that they have similar lives. In Kim Kardashian's defense she is living her life the way she wants it.

excellent response
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 4:53pm On Oct 31, 2013
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 4:51pm On Oct 31, 2013
Ask teens to choose between a free ticket to Miley's concert and an access to Michelle's whatever. You should get an answer.

She is the First lady, what do you expect?
Regardless the price of what they wear Michelle and Kim cannot be put on the same scale of fashion. . . It will be an insult to Kim and I will take offense. grin

Which brings us back to my original point - Kanye isn't entirely wrong as Kim is more influential to a set of people than Michelle is. The quality of the people being influenced is another story and isn't the subject of discussion right now.

I rest my case!

Its funny you say the people being influenced is a different story but bring up the example of who teens would chose Miley or Michelle, when everybody knows that mileys fan base are TEENAGER'S but you didn't use the example of college graduates or middle age adult women who are doctors, business women in the corporate world and etc as a example. so let me flip it if it was a person in the late twenties to early thirties who works for a big corporation in America, A professor in a IVY league College/University, a engineer, a chef , or simply a women trying to progress in society and etc who do you think they would chose? a free ticket to see miley cirus or free access to michelle; also who do you think they will emulate in how to dress in the office or corporate dinner? Kim kardashian or Michelle Obama

I never brought up price, but clothes selling out of J.Crew and other well known stores so women can get a dress Michelle or kate Middleton wears to official appearances not Kim speaks alot of volume in influence in the fashion world. The type of people Michelle influence is another scale then to Kim's. So the type of people makes a difference. Kanye made a generalized statement as if a teenager or a 20 year old Vegas Hip Hop dancer that watches keeping up with the kardashian and buys their products means everybody from a corporate lawyers, exec from a company or a female scientist who works for the CDC is also influenced in Kim Kardashians fashion when it is the complete reverse.

Like I said they each have their style but their influence are to different crowds & demographics so for Kanye to blurr that to me sounds like a insult and ridiculous on Michelle's end


Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 3:26pm On Oct 31, 2013
The one in a higher position isn't always the most influential.
Newsflash: In some aspects Kim would sway more crowd than Michelle could; in the fashion world for example.

then by your definition Miley Cirus is also more influential, almost everything Michelle has worn from the inauguration ball twice, to world appearances has sold out in stores and has been mentioned. Don't get me wrong Kim kardashian has her own style as well, the same as Michelle but the type of people Kim sways vs. Michelle is totally different, and totally different levels

Stylemakers of 2013: Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Phillip Lim and More—See the Pics

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Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 2:39pm On Oct 31, 2013
soul_glo: Kim Kardashian being compared to Michelle Obama is like comparing Anna Nicole Smith to Ursula Burns. Those names should not be in the same sentence. Kanye West is delusional.

Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 2:31pm On Oct 31, 2013
Missy_B: I'm more likely to open a thread on Kim than one on Michelle Obama. So, no, Kanye West isn't entirely wrong.


well it is pretty obvious she is always in celebrity news all the time, not Michelle(not a celebrity) but that is not a excuse to use the word influential and Michelle Obama in the same sentence with Kim Kardashian. Michelle Obama is in a higher level and influence in America then Kim Kardashian regardless of how many times TMZ flashes her and kanye on celebrity news. I think if Kanye had compared her to another celebrity in her level this wouldn't be a issue and their would be agreement with that
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 1:43pm On Oct 31, 2013
2rifty: Look @ how dis guy is hussling for kim...SMDH

thats what foolish love does to some people sometimes
Business / Re: Tycoons Who Won't Leave Their Fortunes To Their Kids by anonymous6(f): 12:13pm On Oct 31, 2013

good question, I don't think so
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 12:11pm On Oct 31, 2013
Sexytemi: Wifout bin told, culdnt kanye see d diff btw his bitchy fiancee n his sophiticated 1st lady, guess his blinded by love n his baby north west ooo, bt d love go soon fade ooo, afta all he'll b her 3rd hubby. undecided

it's obvious and the media will make sure the splash it every where when that time comes just as these two splash out their business everywhere to the media
Celebrities / Re: Photos As Beyonce's Mum Steps Out New Boyfriend by anonymous6(f): 12:09pm On Oct 31, 2013
congratulations to her
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 11:59am On Oct 31, 2013
gluv01: How can Gold iphone 5s and Nokia c2 be on the same shelf Showing your behind and punana to the world through internet is senseless. Filming your bedroom makeover with your lover is 'tales of a love-vendor'. Michelle is classy and decent, highly intelligent in her academic achievements as compared to Kim with only beauty and stopped at high school, not for lack of finances, but puffed up ego. Michelle is older as well and still looks good, all the surgeries and medical procedures Kim took will still tell on her in few years to come. For me i think kanye just made her look silly by comparing her to the first lady. They match in no way.

kreami diva: Woooow! The two pictures above are a sharp contrast!

One has elegance, sophistication,maturity,and class written all over it while the second one has a slutty s£x appeal to it. I guess it's the s£x appeal that is shacking kanye's funny little head.

yup, Michelle and kim should have never been compared to one another at all in the same sentence
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 11:45am On Oct 31, 2013
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 11:41am On Oct 31, 2013
Eze Promoe: Kanye's weeds are the most influential undecided

Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 12:03am On Oct 31, 2013
adaobi123: Kanye's ego has engulfed his brain. How can he compare a Michelle to Kim ? Michelle is probably like 15 years older than Kim. Michelle has class whilst Kim is an industry slag. Michelle does not need to show her āss to the whole world to be noticed.

Kanye needs to have his head re-examined. undecided

Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 7:13pm On Oct 30, 2013
homesteady: This kanye is really crazy about kim! Good for them!

yup he is but sometimes that craziness makes him say some funny statements out of his mouth
Celebrities / Re: Nollywood Actress Omoni Oboli & Husband Celebrate 13yrs Wedding Anniversary by anonymous6(f): 6:51pm On Oct 30, 2013
congratulations to them
Celebrities / Re: Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 6:37pm On Oct 30, 2013
First lady Michelle Obama

Kim Kardashian
Celebrities / Kanye West Claims Kim Kardashian Is More Influential Than The First Lady by anonymous6(f): 6:33pm On Oct 30, 2013
"As Kanye West statements go, it's probably one of his most absurd.

The lovestruck rapper talked up fiancee Kim Kardashian in a new interview in which he claimed the reality star is more influential in terms of style than the First Lady Of The United States Michelle Obama.

He told Ryan Seacrest: 'There's no way Kim Kardashian shouldn't be on the cover of Vogue.

'She's like the most intriguing woman right now. She's got Barbara Walters calling her like everyday,' he said.

And bizarrely he claimed the reason Kim was more influential that Michelle Obama, was because the First Lady could not share a bikini pic like Kim's recent bottom-baring pose in a white swimsuit.

'No one is looking at what [Barack Obama] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a [bikini] pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day

On that point he is right, as we've never seen the First Lady's bottom in a selfie.

While Michelle Obama will clearly not want to take on that challenge, it seems Kanye is still fuming at Kim being persistently overlooked by his friend Anna Wintour for a Vogue covershoot.

The Vogue editrice is a big fan of Michelle Obama, who has been pictured on the cover twice.

Vogue describe Mrs. Obama's style as 'bold and unapologetic.'

And she is widely seen as a champion for American fashion designers, bringing new designers like Jason Wu into the fashion spotlight.

'Her approach to dressing has earned her a reputation as something of a fashion maverick- particularly in Washington, D.C., where women have traditionally valued conformity over individuality.'

She herself simply says: 'Women should wear whatever makes them feel good about themselves.'

And while Kim has certainly become something of a cultural phenomenon in recent years, it seems that her influence has not extended to the ivory towers of the fashion bible.

Kanye revealed he was delighted when Kim was chosen to cover CR Fashion Book, the new publication by Former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfe.

'Carine Roitfeld supports my girl. That's a breakthrough,' he explained. 'There's a wall of classism that we are breaking through.'

Maybe the memo hasn't reached Anna Wintour just yet.

During the interview Kanye shared new details of his much-discussed proposal at a baseball stadium in San Francisco.

'The ring was four-hours-old from when I put it on her finger,' he explained, of the 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond band.

'I had to pick it up in LA. I was working on it for a while. I was working on it with four different jewellers. I just put it in my bag.'

Meanwhile Kanye revealed that while he and new fiancé Kim only went public with their love in April 2012, he had his eye on her for much longer.

'I just knew I wanted her to be my girl for a long time,' he told an On Air With Ryan Seacrest radio interview on Tuesday, in which he also confirmed she will take his married name

'I remember I saw a picture of her and Paris Hilton, and I remember telling my boy, 'Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon?'"

The picture was taken in 2006, while Kim was known simply for being heiress HIlton's friend.

One Compromizing Video, and a successful reality franchise later, Kim was the bigger star. And despite both having high profile relationships Kanye formed a strong friendship with his crush which eventually led to love.

During his lengthy chat Kanye also confirmed that Kim will take his name, and that he will wear a wedding ring after their nuptials.

Kim also confirmed the plan, telling E News that she will be Kim Kardashian West after her marriage, with Kardashian being a middle name.

And despite his famous self-confidence, Kanye was by no means certain as to Kim's response.

'I was nervous. I was talking to her cousin.

'I was like, "I don't know, what do you think she's going to say?" I'm not arrogant about love and feelings at all.

'I'm confident in the work I put so much work in to but this is someone else's feelings.

'You never know what someone else may feel at the time.'

And he shared: 'Everybody that came in just thought it was a surprise party… As soon [Kim] heard the [Lana Del Rey] song playing, she just figured I was going to have Lana sing and we were going to have dinner. Because at a certain point she just knows I'm going to do something turnt up. So she was expecting something awesome.'

Of course, this being Kanye, everything had to be perfect.

'The guy who organized it was talking about this romantic lighting and I was like, "Enough already! We're at a baseball field. It has to be fully lit!" That was one of the things that was making me really mad.

'I was like, "Let me do it like how I would do it."'

He told 97.1 AMP Radio station he felt his proposal was patriotic.

'I just thought of it. It seemed so all-American. I just love being American, you know, and I love you know, family ... I feel so blessed.

'I feel God gave me exactly what I wanted, I have to do the right thing in God's eyes. Just follow what God really wants me to do it will come tenfold by doing the right thing.'

Despite their short relationship, Kim and Kanye are already a family, with daughter North born on June 4.

And the rapper claims he plans to take his daddy duties to the next level in the future by teaching the four-month-old his favourite sport.

'I hang out with my girl [Kim] and my daughter every day. No place I'd rather be. Not even when I'm thinking about things I'm creating in business, my biggest goal is to get home to family.

'I want to figure out a way to do my work and be my daughter's soccer coach. I'm going to be a soccer coach and redesign their uniforms. I'll redesign the mini van.'"
Culture / Re: Want Love Date And Integrate Dating Cultures? by anonymous6(f): 8:33pm On Oct 29, 2013

I tried it and was permanently banned 5 minutes after writing the post. So yeah your theory didn't quite pan out.


Reply to or delete this message by clicking here.


From: danniemcq
Subject: You have been banned

Dear Mamiwata,

You have been permanently banned from After Hours for posting Spam.

Spam is defined as repeatedly posting unwanted and/or unrequested advertising or information.

Please see the here.


*Your post:*
---Quote (Originally by Mamiwata)---
Having the desire to integrate with the Nigerian culture? Then just give it a go and you may be lucky to find someone who would be interested to travel north to Europe to meet you for marriage or whatever you so desire.
Chat, make friends and meet with interested Nigerians for free. I know lots of lovely Nigerian ladies who would love to meet Irish/British men. PM me for more info.
---End Quote---

lol, priceless
Culture / Re: France Returns Stolen Artifacts To Nigeria by anonymous6(f): 5:26pm On Oct 28, 2013
rolshowers: good news but cnt Nigeria sue dem, get Russia on deir side so dat Nigeria can be able to withstand opposition by USA nd France combind nd get sme money frm dat

It is possible but it may be difficult cause some countries may have laws which may prohibit others from suing them for money on past atrocities that their ancestors did on other groups of people. I feel if France refuses to give them the artifact then maybe they would have a case I guess but you do have a point.
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: What Yorubas Think Of Ijebu People by anonymous6(f): 9:54pm On Oct 27, 2013
ode remo:
Love parties , so frigging what.

there is nothing wrong with parties, don't have any issue with it; I'm just saying labels that have been put on ijebu's that I have heard
Ethnic, Racial, Or Sectarian Politics / Re: What Yorubas Think Of Ijebu People by anonymous6(f): 5:16pm On Oct 27, 2013
well I'm yoruba and what I have heard about them is they are stingy but educated(there are other yoruba sub grougps that have that badge of honor to) and love parties
Culture / France Returns Stolen Artifacts To Nigeria by anonymous6(f): 4:50pm On Oct 27, 2013
The Government of France has returned a valuable artefact, Esie statute, stolen from Nigeria in 2011 and seized by Customs officials at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

The statue, which originated from Kwara State is said to be between 500 to 900 years old.

The Ambassador of France to Nigeria, Mr. Jacques Champagne de Labriolle, at a symbolic handover ceremony to mark French National Day in Abuja Sunday night, said the artefact was returned in line with France hardline stance against trafficking in art works and historical items.

He also handed over the restitution documents to the Director General of the National Museum and Monuments Commission, Dr. Abdalla Usman. Labriolle described the statue as one of great antropologic value, while he recalled that five items of Nok origin were returned to Nigeria in February this year by the French government.

Speaking on bilateral issues between Nigeria and France, the envoy disclosed that the trade volume between the two nations reached about $6 billion annually.

He added that Air France, which commenced direct flights between Abuja and Paris in 2012 had recorded so much success on the route that it had converted to the use larger aircraft.

"French businessmen would visit Nigeria in October this year to access the potentials for their business. I have no doubt they would be interested provided the appropriate environment is guaranteed," he said.

He said French troops have assisted ECOWAS to restore peace and push out terrorists in Mali, adding that the French Mission in Mali was a success.

He disclosed that 18 Nigerian troops marched alongside AFISMA and French troops in Paris on Sunday to mark the national day.
Music/Radio / Re: The Best & Hottest Nigerian Music Video's by anonymous6(f): 2:36pm On Oct 27, 2013

This is pretty hot right now

Food / Re: Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cakes! by anonymous6(f): 2:16pm On Oct 27, 2013
Naija get native white o! Me am full NIGERIAN and am white not albino nor bleached so I can say am white-Nigerian. gringrin

your are something else, lol

didn't know this thread was still up
Culture / Re: Whose Name Should Comes First On A Wedding Invitation.(bride's Or Groom'name). by anonymous6(f): 2:01pm On Oct 27, 2013
Culture / Re: The Culture Section In Decline Because Of Fulaman by anonymous6(f): 1:57pm On Oct 27, 2013
Radoillo: The culture section is a joke because of you, Somalia/africa down/ajuran/ayanle/axum/whatever.

The OP is ayanle, lol, this dude is desparate

I applaud fulaman and give him two thumbs up, ever since The OP has been on this Forum he has started attack threads on Nigerians about Somalia and the rest of the horn of Africa being superior to us or Nigerians being jealous of them and the rest of horn of africa.
Travel / Re: Nigerians Shun Domestic Air Travel Over Fear Of Crashes by anonymous6(f): 10:47pm On Oct 22, 2013
steve_cantrell: Wouldn't you ? Before you become a statistic of the circus called Nigerian Aviation.

so true lol
Culture / Re: Why Are Nigerians Crazy About Enemies by anonymous6(f): 10:28pm On Oct 22, 2013
good question but funny, any way judging the society of Nigeria I am not surprised

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