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Culture / Re: My take on BET awards and Africa as a whole[must read] by anonymous6(f): 4:07am On Jun 30
They did. But you know, all revolving around things like hip hop, rock etc. In short, authentic African Music like Lingala, Taarab, Tuareg music etc wasn't there. Still isn't.

Sad and disappointing, not surprised smh

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Culture / Re: My take on BET awards and Africa as a whole[must read] by anonymous6(f): 12:42am On Jun 30
you're getting something wrong girlsad I never said BET is African's but rather its Africa-America which simply means Black Americans. And black american were generated from Sub-sahara countries in nigeria.

Now BET means "Black Entertainment Television"
How many blacks were honoured yesternight

Yeah I agree with you that,we africans need to put in more effort and advance our own Awards(Headies,NEA) and others. Buh still,do africans deserve what happened ystnight? Giving them award Back stage embarassed

I don't think africans deserved it but I feel it reflects on BET and shouldn't be a concern to africans in the end if the day
Culture / Re: My take on BET awards and Africa as a whole[must read] by anonymous6(f): 12:40am On Jun 30
Im African American..if it matters

The BET awards, for the most part, is a joke at least with honoring hip hop imo. Im sure Nicki Minaj, another Ms. Bleacher, took away even more awards and more publicity I bet, increasing her stock

African artists should be on center stage too and many are like Akon and Wale. but lets not ignore that there were African American B-listers who didnt make it on the primetime stage as well. I'm sure it likely doesnt have anything to do with simply being African or Nigerian or simply because African Americans dominate in that industry, but their decision more than likely equates to the size of one's fan base and appeal... imo, when you think about it, a BET or MTV award is really not an award you want or something to be proud of

You brought up some good points, it's sad b-rated musicians are ignored especially when there are some b-rated musicians Bette then some a-list musicians today. Music today I don't know what direction tjeir going but as you said BET and MTV shouldn't be taken seriously
Culture / Re: My take on BET awards and Africa as a whole[must read] by anonymous6(f): 10:54pm On Jun 29

I also remember the MTV Africa Awards which at first only selected hip hop and otjer American genres artists. The manager came to address the media once (when the awards were held in Kenya. He was at pains trying to answer a journalist what African music meant to them as only American styled genres like hip hop had got their attention. It was after that when weird categories like Anglophone and francophone were introduced.

I agree all those awards are American. It's natural for them to manipulate them. African music is unmatched in greatness. foreign acknowledgement or not.

Wow didn't know this, it's embarrassing that they didn't realize this before and a journalist had to bring that to their attention of what the MTV african awards should have in categories lol ridiculous
Culture / Re: My take on BET awards and Africa as a whole[must read] by anonymous6(f): 6:03pm On Jun 29
BET is an award for black Americans only. It means Black Entertainment Television or something.

I can't believe people waste air fare to go and be treated like that. I have a feeling a white-organized event would treat African musicians better.

I think I love Dencia. I used to hate on her for attacking our Lupita. I think the dress was a deserved insult to BET.

I agree White organized event or awards would treat Africans and other foreigners Better, have you've seen the oscars they have a foreign film section awards and it's done during the awards show despite the fact that many in this awards don't know those movies but the at least get a respect enough to be included in the ceremony. Despite that I dont feel africans should depend on the oscars and etc for recognition as well cause the oscars are for America to as well

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Culture / Re: My take on BET awards and Africa as a whole[must read] by anonymous6(f): 5:56pm On Jun 29
Hello,NLanderssmiley I don't really know where to put this maybe EDU section or Culture. Pls mods should help me upload it in the right sectionsmiley. Thanks

I'll start with this,why are we africans regarded as nothing Among other continents

Last night in LA where BET awards took place,where various artistes,actors,sport men etc,attended. We all know that BET is a big award also like the Grammysmiley

I saw a topic on FP talking about what Dencia wore to BET awards last night,trust me,those NLanders that commented hurl abusive words on hersad,leaving her tweet "focus on the fact that africans artists still get awards 5hrs b4 the show in front of empty seats not my outfit #DearAfricans #bet she wrote. Buh most ppl left aside that and comment on her dresssad

Pls can you tell me why african artistes were given awards 5hrs before the show,IN FRONT OF EMPTY SEATS Any answer? Yeah,its racismangry

They were given the award just for them to leave pronto, why cos they were nothingembarassed

Kenzo eddy the uganda musician received his award back stage why now Racism

To me dencia's outfit was okay:* had it been 'twas rihanna or Bey who wore such or similar to it,you'd all be praising themsad why,don't we appreciate what we havesad

Even the "BET" na "Black Entertainment Television" celebrating African-American ppl,but today nko? The Oyinbos don dominate amembarassed

Now let's put that aside a little bitsmiley. The communication company 2go was invented by some african students,basically S/africanswink. Now,today where's 2go We don't appreciate what we havesad there was even a time i was on 2go,and my bro saw me 2going and he said hehehe,ppl still dey 2go,let's be appreciative 4 once nasad

I was tweeting some days back,I saw one "oyinbo" guy who tweeted "who's this Aliko Dangote that's trending? Oh he's the one who wanna buy arsenal he further by saying "damn it!!! Let him use his money to feed his fellow africans not to buy arsenal omo if you see d RT and FAV this guy got shocked Nawa shasad

Do you really think arsenal team can be sold to Aliko Dangote

Sometimes sef I jus wonder and keep wondering why God created african BLACK and we're the only continent which majority are BLACKS ,why Make I no jus sin(plenty tinz dey wey I go ask God if I make heaven sha)

There was a time,I was watching football and some players carried a banner with these characters boldly written on it Say No To Racism. Is it really working

Now we've given ourselves a logo "Black is Beautiful ,Are we truly beautiful?kiss Maybe yes in some cases shasad

Pls why we Africans treated like this naangry

BET is a awards show for african Americans NOT Africans, it has nothing to do with racism and why you are complaining about it baffles me to be honest. African Americans have a right to do their own awards show as they see fit, african musicians are not a priority to them cause that music doesn't cater to that demographic. Africans and Nigerians have their own awards shows, it may not be up to BETs level yet in exposure but soon its reaching there. Africans need to concentrate on themselves and stop begging people from other entertainment industries to give them a platform or audience. Look at Nollywood it was created as a result of Nigerians wanting to see movies with people that are from their community about issues that relate to them, the same goes with Indians with Bollywood or Asians and their movie industry.

BET, Grammys and etc are award shows for America and to an extent the western world not Africa.


Culture / Re: Gayism Vs Polygamy by anonymous6(f): 6:29pm On Jun 28
It is with immense sadness that I have followed the turn of events in the last days in the US. Finally, the greatest country in the world, the pacesetters in ideas and development, the legacy makers, and the biggest world shaper have now legalised gay marriage. It puts the question; must the western ideas be right for every other nation? In no time they will amplify their efforts to choke it down the throat of other communities using all strategies, from policies, to the social media, to movies. They will stare it into our face till there will be no breathing space. It brings up the reasoning that, America will only celebrate and make popular what it want. Regards Polygamy, the west re-wrote the books, re-shaped the world and made the world believe that it was such an absurd thing to do. When even to God our creator, Polygamy is admissible . A number of the Prophets of God were Polygamist, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon, Mohammd (pbuh). Even before the whites came to Africa with their thoughts, our fore fathers practiced it peacefully and coexisted harmoniously. Apparently, I am not encouraging polygamy, but only trying to shed more light to the issue that, Americans make right what they want and prefer, and they would do everything to institutionalise it to be grounded. I am happy that I am off this generation, in a 100years to come or more, humans living by then would be confused on what sexuality to live by, as ones neighbour might be gay and the house opposite could be lesbians. I also foresee history been made as the agitation to emanate soon, will be having the first gay Mayor, Governor and even President. My posit is thus: America has a blend of the both, a carrot and a stick. A carrot to make life easier, fun filled and a stick to push us towards perdition. Examples of the carrots are: Education, Infrastructural development, Internet, Shaping trendy life and styles........while the Sticks are: Guns, adverse effect of the internet for Illicit sex videos, Unclad dress codes, Selfish political policies etc, gradual extinction of the Godly ethos. My advice to all and sundry is thus; be weary of the west, they make the world easier with their inventions and level of development, but they could make one loose thoughts of the real reason we were born, which is to strive to obey and serve God almighty.

I think you are over exaggerating this just a bit, but I don't know why this is a surprise because for the most part being gay is accepted in America, so this new federal law was bound to happen. Polygamy will never be accepted in America, cause it's a old school practice that doesn't sit well with people in the western world but in Nigeria it's the reverse. Even before the anti-gay law in nigeria, America and England put pressure in nigeria and Nigeria still passed the anti-gay law so I don't know what else pressure they can do to change the Nigerian governments mind. As much as some Africans don't agree with polygamy, it is still accepted and embraced by many Africans. I guess every country had their own way of doing things, not everything follows the same line.
Culture / Re: 27 Ways Black People Are Brainwashed From Birth by anonymous6(f): 2:48am On Jun 27
The article might be directed to African Americans and mostly black diaspora - but I believe there are a lot of jewels there for Africans as well.

yea you are right it is directed towards Africans Americans but their are a few in the list that Africans can at least learn something from. When I read the list many of the listed was spot on that I found it funny to a extent but bitterly true


Culture / Re: Nairalanders, On Behalf Of The Whole Of Horn Of Africa... by anonymous6(f): 2:37am On Jun 27

Please, disregard him. He's a anomaly. Just look at all his posts - they're nothing but the redundant rantings of a sex-starved lunatic w/ Down Syndrome and half the IQ of a reprobate dingbat. I mean, I feel terrible using DS in this context seeing as I've worked and interacted with young ones (great people) who have DS, but frankly I'm not sure how else to put it. Don't even take him seriously.

lol, I understand hopefully the moderators will be more aggressive about this nutt case


Culture / Re: Nairalanders, On Behalf Of The Whole Of Horn Of Africa... by anonymous6(f): 1:14pm On Jun 24

It is a lost cause bro. The moderators don't care and it seems like people enjoy his company.

Btw are you half Somali or just an Ethiopian Somali?

I think some of The moderators do care but that lunatic keeps poping up, even one of the moderators fulaman mentioned this. Although I do feel if the moderators are more aggressive about him they could have easily get rid of him. Also nobody enjoys his company but the way people react to him is different. Most ignore him, some report him and taunt him at the same time and a few have directly fought him back in his game. Don't confuse the taunting with enjoying his company, I have read some nairalanders taunt him negatively in a jokingly way. However I do think his crazy self has brought nairalanders to see him as a joke and as a result he is laughed at but not in a positive way to support ayanle/axum/ajuran or whatever he calls himself.

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Culture / Re: Nairalanders, On Behalf Of The Whole Of Horn Of Africa... by anonymous6(f): 12:55pm On Jun 24
I apologise to all the people on Nairaland for what the twisted troll Ayanle, Axum, Ajuran and whatever the hell he likes to call himself has said about you.
I would like to distance the good people of the Horn from that individual and all he has said about our African brothers and sisters. The Horn of Africa is not only the motherland of all Africans but also the home of many passionate Afrocentrists.

Please accept this apology from me and pressure all the moderators to do something about that troll.



As a Nigerian and nairalander it is good what you are doing, it really helps. I would actually recommend you and many more from horn of Africa that are not insane like Axum/ayanle and the many other troll names he has, to start speaking up against him or show the reverse of what he has done in nairaland. However I must admit ayanle the somali troll has caused alot of damage in nairaland when it comes to images of the people of horn of Africa, He is actually doing it now once he entered your thread. Ayanle has been on nairaland for years posting one crazy racial thread after another on different sections from the ethnic political section to the culture section and etc. Many nairalanders from different sections know him very well and not one likes him, this will let you know how far this fool and loony bin has went so it will take awhile but I have seen about three nairalanders from horn of africa so far are slowly putting him in his place slowly. So welcome to nairaland


Culture / Re: You Might Want To Know That We Yorubas Are Part Of The Lost Tribe Of Israel by anonymous6(f): 3:38am On Jun 17


Culture / Re: 15 Top Rated International Musicians Of Yoruba Descent (Old and Contemporary) by anonymous6(f): 3:20am On Jun 17
The Yorubas are one of the largest African ethnic groups south of the Sahara Desert. They are, in fact, not a single group, but rather a collection of diverse people bound together by a common language, history, and culture. The Yoruba homeland is located in West Africa. It stretches from a savanna (grassland) region in the north to a region of tropical rain forests in the south. Most Yoruba live in Nigeria. However there are also some scattered groups in Benin and Togo. During the four centuries of the slave trade, Yoruba territory was known as the Slave Coast. Uncounted numbers of Yoruba were carried to the Americas. Their descendants preserved Yoruba traditions. In several parts of the Caribbean and South America, Yoruba religion has been combined with Christianity. There are also many Yoruba descents/ diaspora who are living in North America and Europe.

Music is part of the Yoruba's culture and tradition. Many musicians of Yoruba heritage had made their mark on the world stage. Although some of them did not sing in Yoruba but they all acknowledged their heritage. The following 15 artistes were selected based on the following inclusion criteria:
a. Yoruba parentage (either father or mother)
b. Nominees or recipients of major global or African musical awards
c. Performing on the global stage
d. Being on US or European top charts
e. Popular beyond Africa

1. Fela Anikulapo Kuti
2. Tunde Baiyewu (Formerly of Lighthouse family)
3. Angelique Kidjo
4. Sade
5. Ayo
6. Asa
7. Seal
8. Lagbaja
9. King Sunny Ade
10. Ebenezer Obey
11. Femi Kuti
12. IK Dairo
13. Beautiful Nubia
14. D'Banj
15. Orlando Julius

However there are many other musicians who are of Yoruba heritage but these 15 are the ones acknowledged as the most popular ones outside Nigeria and Africa. Some are already subject of Masters and PhD dissertations in universities around the world.

Drummer, Pianist, Civil Rights Activist, Songwriter (1938–1997)

Early Years

Musician and political activist Fela Kuti was born Olufela Olusegun Oludotun Ransome-Kuti on October 15, 1938, in Abeokuta, Nigeria. Kuti was the son of a Protestant minister, Reverend Ransome-Kuti. His mother, Funmilayo, was a political activist.

Activism Through Music

In 1963, Kuti formed a band called Koola Lobitos. He would later change the band's name to Afrika 70, and again to Egypt 80. Beginning in the 1960s, Kuti pioneered and popularized his own unique style of music called "Afrobeat." Afrobeat is a combination of funk, jazz, salsa, Calypso and traditional Nigerian Yoruba music. In addition to their distinctive mixed-genre style, Kuti's songs were considered unique in comparison to more commercially popular songs due to their length—ranging anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour long. Kuti sang in a combination of Pidgin English and Yoruba.

In the 1970s and '80s, Kuti's rebellious song lyrics established him as political dissident. As a result, Afrobeat has come to be associated with making political, social and cultural statements about greed and corruption. One of Kuti's songs, "Zombie," questions Nigerian soldiers' blind obedience to carrying out orders. Another, "V.I.P. (Vagabonds in Power)," seeks to empower the disenfranchised masses to rise up against the government.


Excellent list
I like the fact that you put timeless and traditional Yoruba Nigerian singers who acknowledge their Nigerian Yoruba heritage but you forgot to add davido. Maybe he should be in there over dbanj
Culture / Re: Afro American Migration To The Motherland by anonymous6(f): 1:34pm On Jun 14

watch this video of two African America girls in Nigeria during their initiation as Orisha priestess


wow thanks for posting the video, this is interesting


Hahahha....very funny, you actually remind me of someone i know, anyway asking all black people in the whole world to move to Africa is just a fantasy that will never happens, having said that i know of many africa america and blacks in caribean that are currently in nigeria (south west) learning about yoruba religion/cultures.


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Culture / Re: Afro American Migration To The Motherland by anonymous6(f): 1:18pm On Jun 14
Beautiful pictures. That is the preparation of them coming back. Yes, they laboured there in the americas, infact, Black had always been there even before the indians, let alone the europeans. They would all have to come home first. Every Black person on earth will converge in the whole of Africa which include the middle-east which is infact Northeast Africa, it only got splitted in 1850. Europeans too would go back into europe, all of them. Every man unto his or her own.

It had already started.

I think some african americans will go back to Africa but the majority of them won't and they don't have to cause America is their home in the end of the day as well, they sacraficed alot in America and it is not that simple like you said to go back to Africa as if its a whole land mass of the same people, they will have to chose what country and tribal culture they would want to relate to and thats through ancestral DNA which is even debatable with some people. The same goes with white americans, many are able to trace their ancestral homeland but many are a mix of different European ethnicities and many have evolved as Americans, so majority of them are not going any where.

Another thing you need to take into account is world populations are growing, natural resources are either decreasing or getting more competitive to get, Global warming is raring its ugly head more and economies are changing quicker then we predicted, that will affect how people migrate from one place to another


Culture / Re: Could This Be The Darkest Baby Ever Born? by anonymous6(f): 1:04pm On Jun 14
taught the famous Yoruba actor baba suwe was black till I saw this picture...


Actually Baba suwe is not dark black like that he always puts black makeup and tar on himself while filming in yoruba movies as a actor but in real life he is black of a dark brown shade

The baby well I am not so sure but the baby is close to being the darkest. Also is the first picture real, there something fake about it but the second picture is real

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Culture / Re: Afro American Migration To The Motherland by anonymous6(f): 6:23pm On Jun 13
Let's face fact and discards sentiments soaked in demented illusion. African Americans must stay put in America because it's their birth rights. They should not trade that for their heritage. A lot of them have changed their names to african names, but are still proudly african americans.

Direct migration is simply wishful thinking. We should be striving to promote african history from an african perspective. When african immigrants become naturalized citizens of America does that take away their heritage or lineage. Certainly NOT..! What is all this mass migration talk.. By migrating en mass they are equally playing into the hands of whitey. How can they mass migrate and forfeite the accomplishment of their ancestors... Tufiakwa.. The destiny of african americans lies in America. If they embrace their africans ancestry wholeheartedly that is extra bonus points.

so true, I agree. Building their influence in America is the way forward for african americans


Culture / Re: Complaints And Notice Thread. Be Serious! by anonymous6(f): 2:09pm On Jun 11

Odd, clear your browser's cache, and try again please

Can you move this thread to the Romance section, It will start another tribal feud on the thread. I don't know what the purpose of it being posted on the culture section is for: http://www.nairaland.com/2371860/igbo-girls-most-beautiful-all
Culture / Re: How Do You Treat Chinese People Living In Nigeria by anonymous6(f): 2:45am On Jun 10

There is nothing interesting about them. They are racists, exploitative and corrupt. They treat Nigerians like second class citizens in their own country. Same with Lebanese and Indians. Had a similar experience with them. Working with them is uncondusive. These are the people who introduced 419 in Nigeria. This is what NLC should look at, they are rather killing themselves on elective positions

That's why I don't understand why some Nigerians go to places like China, Russia and etc even though it's low. If it's for business, Do business in places that at least there is respect


Culture / Re: How Do You Treat Chinese People Living In Nigeria by anonymous6(f): 2:28am On Jun 10

You should call them "Sir" or "Maam"
They are likely to be senior persons in some company or buisness.

They will not be beggers or truk pushers but leaders in Nigeria.
The Chinese own or control nearly everything now so be respectfull to them.

You Definitely are not Nigerian, plus 99% or majority of senior positions in Nigerian companies or businesses are Nigerian not Chinese. Most chinese have contract jobs in Nigeria so most don't stay permanently. Respect is earned and if they don't give respect then nigerians don't have to show it back. Chinese own more Of America then other parts outside of china


Culture / Re: How Do You Treat Chinese People Living In Nigeria by anonymous6(f): 2:21am On Jun 10
Hello, I will like to know your experience in dealing with Chinese people living in Nigeria. Have you learnt anything interesting about them, why do they find it difficult to interact with Nigerians, whatmdo you dislike about them?

Well from what I heard from family and relatives in Nigeria, they've told stories of a few Nigerians who have experienced them. They look down on any one below them, work you like a dog and don't have respect. If your a Nigerian politicians, wealthy Nigerian, and etc you won't experience that at but Nigerian that's a driver for them for example will feel the disrespect in most cases
Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 3:19pm On Jun 06

I think if you check every family in Nigeria, 99% will have somebody who is mixed.

ie assuming you factor in Nigerians who do not live in Nigeria or who are resident outside of their ethnic origins.

current time, not ancestry.


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Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 2:06pm On Jun 06
I think the Briggs fit in to this. Maybe Saotome and Princippe have this kind of people than a nigerian population. People like Sade Adu.

Sade Adu, Nneka, caroline Ekanem, Lillian Bach, Ramsey Noauh, lola omotayo, are good examples cause they were all born in Nigeria but are all of mixed ethnicity, culture and race. People like that are so low in numbers in Nigeria

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Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 1:59pm On Jun 06

I meant nigerian people, not the country of nigeria itself.

it comes down to the samething though
Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 1:58pm On Jun 06

Most nigerians are not on ancestry.com.

True and I think cause most Nigerians are not concerned or already know or are comfortable who they are culturally in how they identify themselves

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Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 1:57pm On Jun 06

Not all nigerians live in nigeria.

Ancestry is not the point of reference because the time frame I'm looking at is a more current one

True but the nigerians outside Nigeria are low compared to the numbers inside Nigeria, and most are first to second generation Nigerians overseas any way. If your looking more current then I must say that I don't fully agree with your view that all Nigerians have some current mixture in their family, you must remember Nigeria is not America or Brazil where it is a multicultural/multiracial/multiethnic society or country it never was

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Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 1:55pm On Jun 06
Exactly, non Nigerian African communities are mainly ghanians, except the Fons who are at the fringe of the border. Non Africans are expatrates that never mix with Nigerians (in any known significant number), such as indians that were employed by old Western regions free education scheme in the 60s to 70s. Industry attract foreigners to Nigeria back then and not sight seeing as is the norm in East Africa. Likewise, white man die at the bite of our mosquitos, so we are saved of the Boar/Zulu experience. I think the Briggs fit in with op's idea. Nigerian culture may not readily absorb or allow any alien to uproot one of their own just like that.

exactly, you took the words right out of my mouth

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Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 1:00pm On Jun 06
This is just hypothetical. What actually informed this assertion? How do you identify mixed families? How far back do you intend to search for mixed ancestry? How many Nigerian families have a record of foreign members? What sort of mixture are you referring to? Inter ethnic or Multi racial? Don't know how one will just land on nairaland and assume that all Nigerians are mixed without emprical backups.

Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 12:59pm On Jun 06
But nigeria is not that diverse with multinationals as you have in say, south Africa. Nigeria was never a rainbow country.

Amen, c/s 100%
If he was asking this question to new world continents or countries like South Africa, America, Brazil, and etc this question would make more sense but Nigeria lol, where 99% of people are black. The op is thinking and leaning towards ancestry not families, which is a whole different kettle of fish
Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 12:59pm On Jun 06
ancestry.com is western i think.

the indigenous record would be somewhere else, as you know.

Its western when it comes to how it started but based on what you asking and how people will know answers to your question ancestry.com is the only answer to any nationality you ask that question from

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Culture / Re: Any Nigerian Family With Absolutely No Mixed People At All? by anonymous6(f): 12:57pm On Jun 06

I think it might be extremely difficult to find any Nigerian family with nobody who is mixed.

Sorry but your leaning towards ancestry, especially ethnically its very likely true but families for the most part I don't agree fully

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