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Politics / Notice Of Funding Opportunity U.S. Consulate General Lagos by ceomike: 7:01am On May 18
The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Consulate General Lagos works with non-government organizations (NGOs), academic institutions and individuals to increase cooperation on issues of mutual interest. Contingent upon availability of funds, through small grants of less than $9,000, the U.S. Mission in Nigeria is able to provide financial support to a specific program or initiative that supports shared goals. Funded projects typically range from 5,000 to 9,000 USD. The Public Affairs Section in Lagos will accept applications beginning May 15 and closing June 30, 2016 for projects to be implemented from September 1, 2016 until September 30, 2017.

Grants may be awarded to support the following goals:

· Democracy and Human Rights – minority integration, human rights, transparency in government, freedom of media, empowerment of women and youth, and citizen participation in entrepreneurship

· Mutual Understanding – culture, art, higher education, understanding American society and government

· Global Issues – environment, energy independence and sustainability, counter-terrorism, immigration, and economic prosperity

· Regional Security – transatlantic cooperation

The criteria for these grants are as follows:

· Applicant should be a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that is registered, or individuals based in, the following states: Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Osun, Ekiti, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, and Cross River.

· Applicant must give a project description and implementation plan.

Grants generally cover up to 12 months of activity.
Proposed projects should be innovative and feasible, with objectives that are sound and well-thought-out, and should clearly indicate the target audience.
Proposed projects should have clearly defined outcomes and evaluation methods.
Funding cannot be provided to pay ongoing salary costs. Cost-sharing by the requesting organization is an important factor in evaluating grant proposals.
Eligible proposal shall consist of:

· Applicant should fill out an application form (SF424)

· Organization/company profile, project description, detailed budget, activity timeline, discussion of the target audience, detailed expected outcomes. The budget must be comprehensive and specific. No block awards can be issued. The organization must have access to a bank account, as funding will be dispersed to grantees in installments by electronic bank transfer.

Public diplomacy grant proposals received will be reviewed and/or selected according to program needs and funding availability. If you or your organization would like to apply for funding for a specific project, please send a detailed description of your project along with a budget to:

Public Affairs Section
U.S. Consulate General Lagos
2 Walter Carrington Crescent
Victoria Island, Lagos
Email: culturallagos@state.gov

Jobs/Vacancies / Free Online Digital Marketing And Social Media Training With Certificates by ceomike: 10:46am On May 09
What you will learn:

Digital Marketing Diploma - Free

What you will be taught:

Your Digital Marketing Foundation – Designing for Conversions
Social Marketing and ORM – Closing and Acquiring All At Once
The Benefits of Blogging
eCommerce – Converting 101
Pay per Click Advertising (PPC) – Acquiring the Right Leads for Less
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Acquiring Leads Long Term
More For Less – Online Affiliate Marketing Made Easy – Acquiring Leads Risk Free
Converting More for Less with Email Marketing
DataDriven Marketing and Sales for Maximum Return
Your Strategy – Building a Platform for Success


Diploma in Social Media Marketing (Free)

Content and Community – Build It and They Will Come AND Stay
Learning to Monetize Social Media
YouTube without Big Budgets
Facebook – Social Targeting Means More Leads for Less
Twitter – Understanding and Monetizing the Noise
LinkedIn – Professional Networking in the Digital Space
Instagram – A Picture Tells a Thousand Words
Data Driven Social Media
ORM – Protecting Your Brand Online
Strategy – Making More of Your Marketing


Diploma in Web Development

Introduction to web development
Creating web pages
Javascript fundamentals
Creating a Javascript widget
Setting up a web server
Content management systems
Programming fundamentals
Introduction to PHP and back-end languages
PHP & Databases
Putting it all together

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 3:21pm On Apr 21
Has anyone here started the training? What is it like so far?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 8:21am On Apr 14
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 4:08pm On Apr 13
I don't think so.

They are currently recommended by the Irish government
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 1:20pm On Apr 13
No exams but you would have quizzes
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 9:30am On Apr 13
Good to hear
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 9:14am On Apr 13
I don't have chrome. Can you suggest any other browser?

Alternatively, you can use this link http://www.shawacademy.com/studony
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 6:39am On Apr 13

The site isn't user friendly. I've been trying to apply for diploma in principles of nutrition. When I click on enroll it's takes me to another page entirely that I don't even understand

Its working here. It leads you to a page where you see all the courses and you can then apply for one.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 8:46pm On Apr 12
Has anyone applied?
Jobs/Vacancies / Free Courses With UK Certification To Boost Your CV by ceomike: 6:24pm On Apr 12
The courses are for free plus you would get an accredited diploma from the UK. The courses are actually priced at above N100k, so it some deal to get it for free. If you are interested, you can visit http://www.studony.com to see all courses and enroll for any.

Courses includes:

Diploma in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Mobile App Development Training and more.


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Politics / Re: Dave Uduanu: Pension Funds Should Be Invested In Viable Infrastructure Projects by ceomike: 10:16am On Apr 11
Do you mean Pensions is an avenue to make money?
Politics / Dave Uduanu: Pension Funds Should Be Invested In Viable Infrastructure Projects by ceomike: 9:17pm On Apr 10
The Managing Director, PAL Pensions Limited, Mr. Dave Uduanu, in this interview with Nume Ekeghe, urged the federal government to ensure that pension funds are invested in viable infrastructure. He also spoke on key issues affecting the economy.

There has been much talk about investing pension funds in infrastructural development, what is your stand on that?

Pension funds are long-term funds. So ideally in more developed countries, pension funds invest up to 10 per cent, in some instances like in the US, in Latin America it is up to five per cent and in Canada, it is up to 20 per cent in infrastructure. One would expect that in Nigeria that should be the case. However, in Nigeria, infrastructure as an asset class is very new it is not well developed. The bulk of infrastructure has been built by government and is done through appropriations from the budget. So our initial stance is that pension fund ideally should invest in infrastructure.
However we are quick to caution that investment should be secure, investment should be well structured and investment should be through an instrument or through intermediaries who are experts in infrastructure investing. There has been news in the newspapers about how the Federal Government plans to use the pension funds for infrastructure and we say that on the face of that, it is not possible to use pension funds directly.

You cannot directly appropriate pension funds to invest in infrastructure because the funds are utilised and they belong to individuals. And one thing I need to quickly point out is unlike in Canada, Australia or in the US, the pension funds are contributions from individuals. In those other countries the pension funds are promises by the employers. They are defined benefit schemes. And the bulk of the employer being government is at liberty to decide how these funds can be used. But that is not the case in Nigeria where the pension funds are contributed by individuals, they are held in accounts and the individuals know their account balances and therefore it would be difficult to appropriate.

That would be like a confiscation of pension asset which would send a wrong signal. So my stand is that yes pension fund should seek to invest in infrastructure in a safe and secured way. So what we are doing is liaising with the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, which is almost like the infrastructure ministry headed by Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, the ex-Governor of Lagos state to come up with safe and secure way to invest in infrastructure. He spoke at our last pension retreat and we seem to be in agreement that we should work together to see how we can safely channel funds from the pension funds to infrastructure investing working with investment banks, intermediaries and development finance institution (DFI) who are experts. However, we also made the point that we need government to put guarantees in place so that the pension funds are secured. And also for government to put appropriate rules and laws in place so that if anything happens, people don’t lose their pension funds.

When do you think these appropriate rules and laws would be put in place?

The first thing we agreed was to set up a committee which has been done. So we are going to have a meeting in the middle of April and that working committee team is made up of representatives from PenCom, from the industry, from the pension operators and from the ministry. And that working team is to come up with a work plan on how these things should happen. So I believe that once that meeting is held we should be able to give more clarification around timeline. You know infrastructural development take time. When talking about investments in roads, airports, power plants, water schemes, railways, these things do take time. So what we also agreed is that they would come up with a shortlist of the type of investment infrastructure that can be completed within the next three and a half to four years which is the tenure of this regime and see how we can work with government to issue out instrument so that pension funds can invest through does instrument.

Greater part of pension fund has been invested in federal government bond because the fund managers feel it is more secured, why can’t the fund be invested in other portfolios that will yield more profit and add value to the lives of the people?

Government bonds are the cornerstone of pension funds investing. I was reading somewhere that in Europe, the Germans invest up to 50 per cent of their pension funds in government bonds. And the reason is because government is the largest issuer in any market. Government bonds are used to finance the budget and in economies that are well structured, you find that these budgets are used to finance capital expenditure. So indirectly, government bonds investment is an indirect way of pension funds putting money in infrastructure. However, the problem in Nigeria is that the budget in Nigeria is skewed towards recurrent expenditure. The bonds are profitable. Two years ago, we had government bonds as high as 16 per cent. That is perhaps one of the highest investments you can make here.

The stock market over the last eight years since the financial crisis has not really done very well. In fact, it has been three good years of performance and five years of bad performance. So government bond investment has been profitable and it does add value to people’s life because this investment is used for the budget and government is still the largest employer of labour in Nigeria and some proportion of that goes into infrastructure. In fact, on the state government bonds, what Lagos state issued can appropriately be called infrastructure bonds because the bonds that were issued were used to fund all the road projects that you see in Lagos state which includes the Badagry Expressway or the rail line Lagos state is building. So it does really add value to people’s life.

How far have PenCom, fund managers and custodians gone with plans to invest in state government bonds?

We are being selective as far as state government bonds are concerned. If you take Lagos state and some of the oil producing states, you would find that a great proportion of these state governments rely on federal allocation to finance the budget. So with the drop in oil prices, there is a bit more risk in investing in state bonds because the monies that they get from the federal government has reduced by as much as 50 per cent and a lot of them have very low IGRs. I don’t expect to see a lot of investments in state bonds. However, about seven per cent of the funds are already invested in the state bonds. So there is selective appraisal of state bonds and each Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) make their own decision based on their judgement on the credit rating of the state and the ability to repay these bonds. So we don’t expect to see a lot of state bonds.

What is your assessment of performance of pension funds in 2015 and what is your company’s experience like?

2015 was a difficult year for the pension industry. Simply because of two things- the elections and the year oil prices dropped. And because of that, the stock market didn’t do well at all and also bond yields started to come down because the central bank decided to reduce rates. So you find that bond yields dropped from as high as 15 per cent to as low as 10 per cent last year. Stock market was negative.
So pension funds didn’t do well. The returns were at about between seven and eight per cent on the average. But that was an exceptionally bad year because over the last five years or since inception, the average return on pension fund has been about 11.9 per cent, which up until now has been above inflation. As you know, the mandate of pension funds is to generate positive returns above inflation. But as inflation is beginning to inch up, the challenge now is that the bonds are still low, the stock market is still depressed and there are very few alternative assets to invest these pension funds. That is why we are actively seeking out for opportunities in private equity, infrastructure and housing so that we can continue to invest these funds profitably for the end users.

What is the impact of current inflation trend on pension funds and its investments?

One of the biggest enemies of investments is high inflation whether it is pension fund investments, individuals or corporate investments. So as inflation begins to inch up, we need to find instruments that would give us returns that are above inflation and at the moment it only government bonds that can give you that sort of returns. Another thing is what to expect in a well-managed economy as inflation inches up: central bank begins to raise interest rates to manage inflation and money supply. And I think the last MPC decision by the central bank was in the right direction because they raised rates from 11 to 12 per cent and in response to that, the bond yield has gone up from 10.5 to as high as 12.5 per cent. And inflation is just below 12 per cent.

So government bond yields are still giving a return above inflation. But we cannot say that much for money market instruments with banks which are below inflation and also, for the stock market which is also still in negative territory simple because of the currency policies which has seen exit of a lot of the foreign portfolio managers and therefore their withdrawal is depressing the stock market prices. So we are facing a significant challenge this year with inflation and one hope that inflation would be brought under control through the activities of the central bank so that we can still see single digit inflation.

In your opinion, is the CBN going in the right direction?

They are going in the right direction as far as the monetary policy is concerned and we expect to see more rates hikes over the next MPC cycle. Our view in Pensions Alliance is that rates should go up to about 14 per cent. However with 14 per cent, it means that growth in the real sector would be affected but we believe that financial stability is more paramount at this point than growth. And if inflation begins to go up, a lot of investors would delay making investment decisions and then foreign direct investments (FDIs) would stay away from the country. We think that the CBN should raise rates by an additional 200 basis point to further moderate and reduce inflation.

When will the window transfer system take off?

This is something the public has been expecting for a while and the reason for the delay was the absence of reliable biometric data. Now that has been done by the banking system and we are hoping that perhaps it is possible for the pension industry to reach some sort of agreement to use that biometric data. The alternative is that the pension industry can do its own biometric exercise to authenticate the data. So what we feel is that this transfer window should open anytime soon. I cannot give you the real date but hopefully towards before the end of this year or early part of next year. But again it is really up to PenCom.

PAL Pension is one of the prominent players in the market, what are your plans to increase your market share?

We are about number six in the market which is a decent position but not where we want to be. At PAL Pension, our strategic plan is be one of the top five PFAs in the industry. So we are very close but not there and whilst one can begin to say we want to be the biggest, we are realistic because we also know that other pension players are not sitting down and folding their arms. We want to one of the top five but more importantly is to reach asset under management (AUM) of N500 billion over the next two or three years. How do we intend to do that? There are two ways, one is either through organic or by acquisition.

In the organic area, we have just launched an aggressive market strategy were we want to position the brand as the number one brand within the youth market segment. Today we have moved from being a distant number in the social media space to being the top two or three brands as far as social media is concerned and this is directly measured by the number of hits and likes that we have on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We have also launched our YouTube channel and we have a crop of very young and creative workforce that is focused on this segment of the market. The second strategy on the organic side is on micro pension where we are also coming up with plans to be one of the key players in this new space. The pension industry is still largely formal and with numbers of about seven million. However, Nigeria has a huge informal sector with well over 80 million workforce but we think realistically 20 million of this work force can enter the scheme.

So we are working alongside the industry and PenCom to launch a youth micro pension offering that would be separately branded and would rely on the best technology platforms to reach the mass market. The third strategy is by consolidation. We are actively pursuing opportunities to achieve consolidation with other players in the industry. By this we mean combining our business with another PFA. We are currently just above N200 billion in AUM and we are talking to one or two other players and if those plans crystallise, we might reach close to N500 billion in AUM before the end of 2017. However it is still in the works and these things don’t happen overnight. But we are very bullish and we believe that without consolidation, the industry remains fragmented. We see an opportunity to leap frog and move from number six to number two within 18 months.

So our strategy to build market share is based on organic growth alongside engaging in consolidation and mergers with another PFA of similar size. We are talking to PFAs of similar size not smaller so we can build scale because as you know pension fund management is a game of scale. If you reach N500 billion of AUM, you are better able to spend money on branch network, advertising, branding and employing the best skills in the market. Presently, we have arguably one of the best investment team in the country. In investment world, one of the qualification that are recognised internationally is the CFA qualification and we are the only PFA with up to four CFA chartered holders in the team and another two or three that would emerge in the next two years. So our investment team is unrivalled, I can confidently say that there is no better investment team in the industry. We are building the building blocks to create what we believe should be the second or third largest PFA in the country so we are just trying to execute on our plan. We have a five year plan which would see us reach 1 trillion in assets through a combination of organic growth,
mergers and acquisition.

This article was originally published on www.thisdaylive.com

Career / Free Diploma Courses From The Shaw Academy (UK) And Studony by ceomike: 9:21am On Mar 30
The Shaw Academy in partnership with Studony brings you free online courses with accredited diploma certifications for anyone, anywhere in the world. You can study at your own pace and comfort while also having access to live recordings with Q & A sessions and you get a diploma certification delivered to you for free.

What you will get:

1. Learn at your own pace with access to the recordings of your live classes

2. Live lessons from professionals with fully interactive bonus Q & A sessions

3. Upon course completion an Accredited Diploma will be available, excellent for your Résumé

List of Courses:

Diploma in Digital Marketing
Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Diploma in Nutrition
Fundamentals of Mobile App Development
Introduction to Web Development
Career Advancement Programme
The Art of Wedding Photograph
Introduction to Graphic Design
Fundamental Investment Programme
Financial Trading Course
Blogging and Content Marketing Course


Sports / Nigeria Vs Egypt - Ighalo And Iheanacho Starts, Iwobi And Moses On The Bench. by ceomike: 4:12pm On Mar 25
Manchester City striker, Kelechi Iheanacho will start alongside Odion Ighalo against Egypt on Friday. Meanwhile, Arsenal striker, Alex Iwobi will start on the bench in what looks like a new Super Eagles side captained by Mikel Obi.

Full Team List

Ikeme Carl
John Obi Mikel
Oboabona Godfrey
Etebo Oghenekaro
Efe Ambrose
Amuzie Stanley
Ahmed Musa
Kelechi Iheanacho
Odion Ighalo
Shehu Abdulahi
Moses Simon

Alex Iwobi
Echiejile Elderson
Victor Moses
Umar Aminu
Azubike Okechukwu
Okogbue Kalu
Akpeyi Daniel

Celebrities / Re: See The Trend OLAMIDE Has Started O! Feel Free To Add Yours! by ceomike: 4:04pm On Jan 07


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: The Consulting Refinery Has Invited You To Take TCR Aptitude Test by ceomike: 9:58pm On Nov 13, 2015
It is 100% legit and the training is very helpful if you seek to work in a multinational firm. Like okunrin mentioned earlier, The Consulting Refinery is being put together by Jobberman and Talentmine to train Nigerian graduates, helping them to get into firms like Goldman Sachs and many more.

Guys, I received this email message today, after filling out their online questionnaire (through www.) sometimes last week.
Can someone please assist me to verify if they are actually Legit, cos it beats me as to why I should pay N30k if successful.
Thank you.
Forwarded message below:
Thank you for your interest in the Consulting Refinery and for taking the time to submit your application.
You are required to complete an online assessment as part of your application. This must be completed on or before 11:59pm on Sunday, November 15, 2015. Failure to complete it within this period will be interpreted to mean you have withdrawn your application with us.
You have been invited to take TCR Aptitude. The duration of this test is 1 hours 0 mins.
You can take this test from 11 Nov 2015, 08:00 PM till 16 Nov 2015, 00:00 AM ( Timings are as per UTC + 01:00, please be sure to check the date and time in your time zone. )
A response would be sent regarding the outcome of the test on the 17th of November, 2015. Successful candidates should expect to be invited for a face to face interview between the 18th – 20th of November. Following the interview, successful candidates who are invited for The Consulting Refinery will be required to pay a N30,000 (thirty thousand naira only) as training fee. This will cover tuition, training materials and light refreshments over the 2 month programme. Candidates who successfully complete the training will be recommended for interviews for entry level roles with our multinational Consulting clients.
Please, also take note of the following important information:
• In the test, you would be asked to answer multiple choice questions. These questions are similar to what you would be faced with while applying to management consulting multinationals.
• The test consists of 26 questions to be completed in 60 minutes.
• You will need a computer with a reliable internet connection and webcam to take the online assessment as your test would be monitored via the webcam.
• The test can only run on Firefox 11.0 & above. Please install the latest version of JAVA for your browser before you start the test.
• Should you be prompted by the system, grant all necessary firewall access
• Before you start the assessment, please make sure that you are somewhere safe and quiet, and that you have paper and a pen at hand.
• No specialist knowledge is needed to answer the questions and you should not rely on any previous knowledge you have as this may lead you to a wrong answer.
• Please note that calculators are not allowed in the completion of the tests.
Please note that if you are interrupted during the assessment due to unforeseen circumstances such as loss of internet connection, you can resume the test only within thirty (30) minutes of the interruption.
If you experience any problems with the assessment, please contact +2347033288057 for help.
Thank you once again for your interest in the Consulting Refinery.
You will be monitored via webcam while taking the test. Please make sure that you have one.
Best Regards ,
The Consulting Refinery
For technical queries, call +1-650-924-9221 (USA), +91-82878-03040 (India)
or drop an email to support@mettl.com
Jobs/Vacancies / Scam Alert!!!!! by ceomike: 4:03pm On Aug 14, 2015
If you get a text message in this format, please ignore and report to the nearest police station

"We successfully invited you for an interview ikeja inside, 16 akinremi anifowose str on sat 15/8/15 by 10am ref; Jobberman.ng. call Zeolite abiola 08098016306"

This is a clear scam as Jobberman did not send this message, Abiola Zeolite is a scam and should be reported to the authorities.

Beware of scammers like Abiola Zeolite

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Jobs/Vacancies / Jobberman Commences Free Recruitment Services For Ngos,agriculture And Insurance by ceomike: 12:33pm On Aug 10, 2015
SUMMARY: Jobberman commences free recruitment services for NGO[/b]s, [b]Agriculture and Insurance companies.

Jobberman is at it again. The foremost jobs and recruitment website has yet again lived up to its reputation of being a socially responsible enterprise. The company recently announced free recruitment services which would include job posting package on its platform for employers in the Agric. Sector. This is in alignment in with the Federal Government’s economic diversification and jobs creation drive in the Agriculture sector.
With unemployment as one of the biggest challenges facing Nigeria, the federal government has sought to diversify the economy and create more employment for Nigerians. The government has launched a number of programmes in the agriculture sector in recent years. Such programmes include a fund that would finance agriculture in Nigeria by creating an opportunity for young Nigerians to access finance for agricultural ventures and also create more jobs.
In the light of this, it has therefore become imperative that players in the private sector also partner with the government to curb the menace of growing unemployment and the attendant socio-economic challenges. To this end, the introduction of a free job posting package to job creators and employers in the Agric. Sector is well-conceived and timely too. The package also extends to NGOs and Insurance companies; hence all Non-Governmental Organizations and Insurance companies wishing to employ Nigerians can now post their job vacanciesfor free on Jobberman.
This initiative by Jobberman is a laudable one and is yet another milestone by the 2013 Winner of The Future Awards Prize for Enterprise Support.
Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancies - Risk Advisors Needed At Union Assurance Plc - 300 Positions by ceomike: 9:59am On Jun 24, 2015
Union Assurance Company PLC is a composite insurance company established in 1993. The company was recently acquired by GreenOaks Global Holdings Ltd (GGH.) a United Kingdom based firm. The acquisition is in pursuit of our goal to build dominant insurance companies in emerging markets around the world.

We require the skills of professionals and individuals who want to build a career in the insurance industry to fill the following roles in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.


Insurance Risk Advisor - 300 positions to be filled Lagos

Job Description

Job Description

• Ensure fulfilment of all underwriting conditions such as medical examinations and accurate completion of proposal forms.
 Evolve sales strategies to compete with other Advisers/companies that sell insurance
 Calculate premiums and establish payment methods.
 Attend meetings, programs and seminars to learn about products, sales.
 Ensure renewal of policies
 Attend meetings, programs and seminars to learn about products, sales
 Sell various types of insurance policies to individuals
 Generate lists of prospective clients
 Seek out new clients and develop clientele by networking
 Explain features, advantages and disadvantages of various products to promote sale
 Customize insurance products to suit individual customers

By a combination of commission on own business (O/B), quarterly reimbursement and Reward & Recognition.

Qualification – HND/BS.C
Age – 23years – 40 years

If you are aged between 23 – 45 years, have ND/BSC, looking to have a great career and you think this deal is good for you, simply send your CV to Cv.Ikeja@unionassuranceng.com on or before 19th of July 2015.
Jobs/Vacancies / Insurance Risk Advisor Recruitment At Union Assurance by ceomike: 5:04pm On May 05, 2015
If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be your own boss, here’s a sneak peek:

You get to choose your working hours, go on vacation at your own time, spend more time with your loved ones and live your life based on your own terms? Interesting right? Now, that in simple English, is called FINANCIAL FREEDOM!

Do you know you can use your skills to help people achieve financial stability and security while earning extra income for yourself. Whether you are a fresh graduate with no prior experience, a house wife, an employee or you simply run your own business.


I know this sounds like one of those multilevel marketing or affiliate marketing hoaxes, BUT IT ISN’T. YOU WILL NOT EVEN BE ASKED TO PAY A KOBO. That is a guarantee!

If you are selected, you will work as an Insurance Risk Advisor wherein you will essentially
• Provide competent consultation to potential clients in the area of financial security.
• Help potential clients plan for a better and secure life through proper financial planning.
• Help potential clients plan and provide for those special occasions in life like children’s education, buying of assets etc.

If you are aged between 23 – 45 years, have ND/BSC, looking to have a great career and you think this deal is good for you, simply visit http://www.unionassuranceng.com/agencyrecruitment or send your CV to agencyrecruitment@unionassuranceng.com on or before 5th of June 2015.

Business / Re: Multiply Your Income With These 50 Ideas - Free Download by ceomike: 1:01pm On Feb 19, 2015
It was a great read. I enjoyed the bits and pieces of suggestions. Thanks a lot for giving out for free. I learned great doable tips. We need more well organized stuff like this
Sports / Jay Jay Okocha’s Nephew, Alex Iwobi Trains With Arsenal First Team by ceomike: 8:42am On Feb 02, 2015
Ahead of the win against Aston Villa on Sunday, Alex Iwobi joined the rest of the Arsenal first team in training at London Colney.

Unlike his uncle, Jay Jay Okocha who was not really merciful when playing against Arsenal during his time at Bolton, Alex Iwobi prefers to play for a club he has loved for a very long time.

Although the 19 year old is yet to make a first team appearance since signing a professional contract in 2014, Arsene Wenger is believed to admire him a lot. The manager on several occasions has allowed the young Nigerian train with the likes of Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil. Iwobi was also an unused substitute in the win over West Brom last year.

Iwobi was born on the 3rd of May, 1996 in Lagos. He would later join the Arsenal academy where he has grown to be a major player in the cadet teams. Iwobi played for all three academy last season and caught the eye of Arsenal fans after an amazing display for the under 18’s in the Youth Cup semifinals.

Iwobi is an exciting dribbler like his uncle and can on the wings and in midfield. He also dreams of becoming like Jay Jay Okocha someday.


Politics / African Union To Send 7,500 Troops To Fight Boko Haram by ceomike: 10:26pm On Jan 31, 2015
Members of the African Union on Saturday, agreed to send 7,500 troops to fight the Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria.

African leaders recently endorsed the deployment of troops by 5 West African countries to eliminate terrorism in the continent.

The leaders are members of the 54-man African Union meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for a two-day summit that ends Saturday.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon speaking to the press at the Summit also endorsed the move by the African Union to send a force to fight Boko Haram.

Politics / US To Help Fight Boko Haram As John Kerry Set To Visit Nigeria by ceomike: 10:42pm On Jan 23, 2015
US Secretary of State John Kerry is set to visit Nigeria “in a couple of days” as part of the fight against terror groups Boko Haram.

Speaking to an audience at Davos on Friday, Kerry said there is “no room for sectarian division, anto-Semitism or Islamophobia” as the US plans to help Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram.

“Violent extremism has claimed violence at every corner of the globe and muslim lives most of all,” Kerry said.

“There is no room for sectarian division. There is no room for anti-Semitism or Islamophobia,” he added.

“In the weeks to come we… have to strengthen our efforts in Somalia, intensify our efforts to end violence in Nigeria, that’s why I m going there in a couple of days,” he said.

A spokesman for John Kerry, after the meeting confirmed Secretary of State would be in the city of Lagos this Sunday and would meet with President Goodluck Jonathan on the issue of security.

“This kind of atrocity can never be rationalised,” he said.

“We can’t change minds without knowing what’s in them.

Politics / Adeboye, Oyedepo Present As Jonathan Meets OBJ In Abeokuta by ceomike: 9:28am On Jan 13, 2015
On Monday, January 12, former President, Olusegun Obasanjo and President Goodluck Jonathan held what is believed to be a peace meeting at his Hilltop residence in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

The meeting reportedly commenced around 7pm and its subject of discussion is believed to the lingering face-off between the pair and the re-election bid of President Goodluck Jonathan.

We gathered that Obasanjo listed as a condition for the meeting, the presence of General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and the founder, Living Faith Ministry(Winners chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, who were reportedly at the sit-down.

However, it could not be accurately confirmed if the clerics were present, as journalists were barred from gaining entry into the premises.

The meeting is believed to have ended at about 9.53 pm, without any of the parties giving an official statement on the outcome.

Politics / Some Questions For Buhari by ceomike: 10:12pm On Jan 10, 2015
I do understand we need a change. I do understand we have faced a lot in this country already with the bombings and all but I have some questions...

1. What has Buhari done as an elder stateman to help solve the issue of Boko Haram? Martin Luther King was never close to being the President of the United States of America but he did his best to fight for a good cause. What has Buhari done in the last 3 to 4 years? Absolutely Nothing!

2. I agree GEJ has been calm and weak in handling issues which is clearly because he was never in the military and he has made mistakes too but when a 72 year old man comes to become President without backing a Protege to go for that position,then it shows he is no leader.

3 During the elections in 2011, we had a lot of youth corpers killed in the North by CPC members with Presidential Candidate Gen Buhari and his vice, Tunde Bakare. What has been their response to the killings and how have they assisted the families of the dead. Those who died then where Southerners and Easterners majorly. The killings then have grown to what we have now by the Boko Harams. I am careful here but that is what I think.

If Buhari wants to rule, he should come out and tell us he is a changed man and once supported or allowed evil. We can forgive him if he does have good intentions but he has been defensive and uses words against the opposition shows he is violent.

Do note I don't favour any of them (Buhari of Jonathan). I alone know who I would cast my vote for.

We are yet to have a leader in a long time. We have always had rulers

God Bless Nigeria!!!

By http://twitter.com/michaelokeje
Politics / Re: 10 Tweets That May Bring Buhari Down by ceomike: 2:33pm On Jan 09, 2015
This elections would be something else. God help us
Politics / Re: 10 Tweets Buhari Needs To Answer To In 2015 by ceomike: 1:10pm On Jan 09, 2015
You do have a point but does that mean Buhari didnt do all those mentioned above?
Politics / 10 Tweets Buhari Needs To Answer To In 2015 by ceomike: 12:55pm On Jan 09, 2015
As the accusations and counter-accusations fly around in preparation for the 2015 elections, here are 10 tweets from Reno Omokri that General Muhammadu Buhari may need to answer to immediately if he really wants to occupy the Aso Rock by May 29.

If Buhari really believes that power is from God as he says, then why did he take it by force in 1983? #GEJtazarce

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

They say Buhari is now a democrat. Really? Then why did he treat the Oputa Panel with such disdain and refused to appear? #GEJtazarce — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Has Buhari apologized to Ooni of Ife for stopping him from travelling abroad without permit because he visited Israel in 1984 #GEJtazarce

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

What reason did Buhari have for jailing the activist Beko Ransome Kuti who campaigned for his brother, Fela's release? #GEJtazarce — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Why did the Buhari regime break up a press conference of ASUU in 1984 and detain four of their executives? #GEJtazarce

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the National Association of Nigerian Students? Does he hate students? #GEJtazarce — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Can Buhari explain to young Nigerians why he banned the Nigerian Medical Association? Does he hate doctors? #GEJtazarce

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Why did Buhari jail Fela Kuti in 1984? What was Fela's crime? Singing against military govt? #GEJtazarce — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

What reason did Buhari have for jailing Ojukwu in 1984? Ojukwu was not in Shagari's govt and he did not steal! #GEJtazarce

— Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Has Buhari apologized for jailing Tai Solarin & denying him his asthma drugs simply because he campaigned against military rule? #GEJtazarce — Reno Omokri (@renoomokri) January 9, 2015

Source: http://www.vantage247.com/2015/01/09/10-tweets-may-bring-buhari-2015/
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Is "jobberman" Real by ceomike: 10:34am On Nov 20, 2014
I have pondered for a while on this question before I eventually throw it out.
for countless time, I have applied to various job of different positions' advert in this website and none has called me with the name of their organization as a reference except awkward names like "HR1684", "H-recruit" ,with the same content of text like:

"medpro Global Resources invites you for test/briefing on mon,17/11/14 by 9.00am@ 161 ikorodu rd,beside lanre shittu motors,onipanu b/stop .lagos,08188560679"

and if I eventually call those numbers,their reply will always be we're into human development blah blah blah
not long I found out that they're all GNLD people.

I don't know if anyone has also witnessed this awkward scenario. so,for heaven sake, why are we wasting our time applying for jobs on this site if most of them are linked to time wasting,mouth smelling GNLD guyz

Wait! Are you guys actually thinking, is Jobberman the only job site in Nigeria? What makes you so certain that it is Jobberman that sent you those scam messages? I get these texts too! In situations like this, you contact them via their customer care unit. This is how I handle things like this. There are lots of scammers out there using big brands to scam poor people, so it's not just about Jobberman.

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Nairaland / General / What And When Is Black Friday 2014 by ceomike: 5:18pm On Nov 18, 2014
Black Friday is finally here and time for shoppers to get some massive discounts from shopping websites like Walmart, ASOS, Amazon, Ebay and many more.

What is Black Friday?
For those living outside the USA , Canada or Europe and who haven’t heard of the term ‘Black Friday’, you have missed a lot already. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States usually seen to many as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Black Friday is to Thanksgiving exactly what Boxing Day is to Christmas. Black Friday is never an holiday although some states in the USA observe “The Day after Thanksgiving” for government staff.
The 2014 Black Friday sale is the best way to save big on gifts items and Christmas celebrations or the end of the year.

When is Black Friday 2014?
Black Friday is usually the day after the fourth Thursday in the month of November. In 2014, Black Friday would be observed on the 28th of November. Most times, it usually starts earlier on Thanksgiving Day and extend to the major day, on Friday.

Source: http://mokeje.com/black-friday-2014-deals-ads/

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