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Celebrities / Re: Rita Dominic 43rd Birthday Party Photos And Video by ideylaff: 12:16pm On Jul 14
RiTa RiTa... surprised all her yahoo yahoo runs boys are not around her.
Sports / Re: Pinnick To Commission France Vs Belgium World Cup Semi-final Match by ideylaff: 5:30pm On Jul 09
we like to put salad dressing and make the inconsequential to be something big...

Match Commissioner is now a big role......all of a sudden..... Nigerians kaiiiii

"carry out joint inspection of the area of play prior to the start of a recreation
The state of a football pitch is extremely significant in a recreation of football. A area that is h2o-logged or unmarked may perhaps not be acceptable for a conventional recreation of football. The pitch have to also have perimeter fencing to steer clear of encroachment.

assure that there is sufficient security arrangement pt in put by the host staff
Protection is a person of the most significant facets of the recreation of football as violence can erupt in the program of play. The presence of mobile and normal policemen cannot thus be compromised. The match commissioner has a responsibility to insist that the match be discontinued if there is no sufficient security for the match officials.

presides above the conference of referees and officials of both of those groups prior to the start of a recreation
A conference of all stakeholders is commonly held in the morning prior to be kick-off of the match. Some issues commonly discussed incorporate security, clinical, hues of jersey to be employed by both of those groups and general admonition by the match officials on the need to notice the spirit of reasonable play ahead of, all through and following the recreation. This conference is commonly chaired by the match commissioner.

assure that unauthorized people or objects do not enter the area or stadium
It is the responsibility of the match commissioner to assure that the match venue is absolutely free of unauthorized people and objects in the program of the recreation. He watches the match in a superior place and observes the overall performance of the referee and his assistants.

post a specific report
He submits a specific report of the match to the acceptable football authority within 48 several hours following the match. The report will incorporate almost every thing that occurred ahead of, all through and following the match. In conclusion he have to assure that match officials are presented their entitlement by the organizers in accordance to the provisions and laws of the recreation."

Please tell me what is the big deal in this ceremonial role that is revolved around the all head of respective football associations throughout the worldcup...

Its just a ceremonial role nothing more....

Let Amaju return home after the world cup ends to give account of his stewardship thats all they are asking for.... there is no job that does not have mandates and deliverables without. simple
Business / Re: Sijibomi Ogundele Of Sujimotos To Give N5 Million For A Picture With MKO Abiola by ideylaff: 11:36am On Jun 13
Sujimoto has started his 419 jump on the MKO bandwagon and train too.

Attention seeking more than substance.....

Nija shaaaaa.

Everybody is a Billionaire .......LOL
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Celebrates His Only Son, Fewa Otedola, On His Birthday by ideylaff: 5:32am On Jun 05

Of course you know their son more than they do. But you don't know that autism has a broad spectrum. Some are more intense than others.

There was no need to be cheeky

I am in the medical field and also know the family very well. I’m speaking from that angle

Apologies. I’ve known Fewa from birth
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Celebrates His Only Son, Fewa Otedola, On His Birthday by ideylaff: 5:31am On Jun 05

Autism is a spectrum. Some are very severe. Don't be ignorant.

Apologies I did not mean it in that way.

I am in the medical field and also know the family very well. I’m speaking from that angle

Known Fewa from birth.
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Celebrates His Only Son, Fewa Otedola, On His Birthday by ideylaff: 9:43pm On Jun 03

Its social and personality problem. Its not mental problem, most of them has higher intelligent quotient. He could have the intelligence needed to succeeds his father's business as the father may only needs to higher therapist that will help the boy to improves his social participation.

Autism can be managed. What Fewa has is more deeper than Autism but the family for reasons known to them gave an interview and said he’s autistic.

You don’t care for an Autistic child like the kind of 24/7 Fewa needs. He has a Permanenet minder that feeds and does all for him.

That’s not Autism it’s depper than that.

God can do wonders though

HBD F boy
Celebrities / Re: Davido Releasing List Of Lost Artistes In Nigeria by ideylaff: 10:23am On Mar 03

Na by force to like em music? If you dont understand how psychology plays a major role on the masses dont quote me with your ignorance. Youre just a brainwashed scum smartless scum.

Most of them are lucky they make the airwaves with the pangolocigar songs they use auto tune to put together within 10
Minutes. Then use social media to put in our faces.

Lyrics always my Baka, my money long bla bla banana.

Not hating, just can’t get my head around calling miming as singing � over a DJ playing songs in the background and then turned up
Loud. Shortie got a million dollars say make I waya wayaaaaaa...... what’s that about☺️

Heard Tiwa singing over her song a few shows last year and you wonder did she really sing those songs.

Most artist think the world is their oyster once they get likes on Instagram and Twitter

Wake up Davido and coooo, in the country of the blind one eyed man is king.

Average does not make Quality. Nuff said

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Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Flaunts His N432 Million Wristwatch On Instagram (Photos) by ideylaff: 11:22pm On Jan 24

I repeat that from Travis Scott’s Twitter feed a few days ago

Rodeo � on Twitter: "Travis Scott's new Jacob & Co. watch cost $1,015,000

Yes watches exist that cost over a million dollars each it’s all about the diamonds attached to it sometimes but some do cost even without diamonds

Nadal and a few Tennis stars even The Jamaican 100 meter guy but most of them are given this watches
To promote the Richard Mille brand as well


Only people like MayWeather and a few actually buy them


Wizzy fall my hand small oooo why would he use someone else’s Twitter pic as his. That’s sad very sad �
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Flaunts His N432 Million Wristwatch On Instagram (Photos) by ideylaff: 11:16pm On Jan 24

Why is WizKid lying..... that’s Travis Scott’s hand with his new watch by Jacob & Co



I repeat thats from Travis Scott’s Twitter feed a few days ago
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Flaunts His N432 Million Wristwatch On Instagram (Photos) by ideylaff: 11:11pm On Jan 24
Wizkid is rich but that watch ain't $1.2m

Why is WizKid lying..... that’s Travis Scott’s hand with his new watch by Jacob & Co


Politics / Re: Adebayo Shittu & His Buhari’s Campaign Caps In Big Ghana-Must-Go Flood Aso Rock by ideylaff: 6:40pm On Jan 24
The silly man has bn Buhariz man Friday since ANPP days just like Amosun... all they do is kiss Buhariz back side all day.

They go way way way back and that’s how he made the Ministers list

He’s in the running for the Governors office in Oyo State.

Serial bride taker he is always pressuring Telcos to drop Money.

He also made money from the MTN NCC fine case.

Openly corrupt and never hides it

We are in a real mess guys

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Politics / Re: Michael Jonathan Asemota And Abike Dabiri Meet After He Returned N150m In Qatar by ideylaff: 8:11pm On Jan 17
Both of them be looking like #200 Agege Bread.

Look at the rot around the door key hole in Abike Dabiris office.

Na by Force to work in Aso Rock.

Her job is nothing but a glorified messenger for the diaspora.

No value added than taking picture as she travels round the world.

Treacherous lady she was during her NTA days and I’m sure she’s stepping on toes already
Politics / Re: 2019 Elections: Cabals Plotting To Remove Saraki - Senator Isa Misau by ideylaff: 8:00pm On Jan 17
As long as Abba Kyari us still there with his assistant, that treachrous sacked bigot called Babagana Kingibe, buhari will continue to be a figurehead

Wow how did you figure that out by dropping Baba Gana Kingibe ............ it’s a known silent secret he has a lot of
Power over Buhari oooooo.

You must be an inner caucus person oooo >:

Much respect
Business / Re: Tony Elumelu Visits Defence Headquarters In Abuja (Photos) by ideylaff: 5:00pm On Jan 17

You are right. The ADC's outfit is only for the Military Police personnel,i.e soldiers who put on red berets.

Point of correction not Military Police . The Red Feather signifies the closest 1st point of security to the President known as Brigade of Guards
Politics / Re: Dele Momodu's Open Letter To President Buhari: Please, Don't Run For 2nd Tenure by ideylaff: 2:30am On Jan 07

Buhari really dissapointed me in the kind of best he came with. he failed woefully by not getting capable hands to work for him, by not able to manage the self interest political party that brought him to office and by not seeing those problems that Nigerians are seeing. I also think he should just go in 2019 if we see another option but definitely not Atiku, if it's between him and Atiku again. I have no option than him(Buhari) then. my example: he was supposed to leave Ibe Kachukwu as GMD of NNPC and find someone else to use as petroleum minister and also appoint a minister for state petroleum too instead of holding the portfolio. He really messed up with his decisions too and the party was also a troubled house.

Ibe was caught doing deals and was given a soft landing by still bn in Government, he has always bn a deals man.

The suit wearing calm looking Ibe got the job via Danjuma and IBB based on their recommendation as a result of their huge contribution to
Buhari’s campaign.

I cross my heart Ibe was caught with his hands in the cookie jar.... he’s only still there because of Danjuma and IBB

Not saying Baru is better...


Politics / Re: Dele Momodu's Open Letter To President Buhari: Please, Don't Run For 2nd Tenure by ideylaff: 2:25am On Jan 07

Apologise to whom?
The cause of the recent decay !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway , Dele Momodu has hit a point that I noted less than 9months after Buhari's election.
Remember that he delayed his appointments.
One appointment that really struck me as backwards was the managing director of the Nigerian ports authority.
He handed over an important agency of government to a woman who does not have the skill set just like obj and Jonathan handed the same agency to the useless and hopelessly corrupt Anenih.
Nothing in this woman's CV says I am competent for or have a background in this role .

Bala Usman was born in Zaria to the historian, Yusufu Bala Usman.[2] Bala Usman grew up close to the campus of Ahmadu Bello University, where her father worked.[4] Bala Usman earned her bachelor's degree in 2000 from Ahmadu Bello University and her master's degree from the University of Leeds in 2009.[2] She worked for a non-governmental organization, the Centre for Democratic Development and Research Training (CEDDERT) in Zaria as a research assistant for a year starting in 1999.[5] She has also worked for the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) and as a Special Assistant to the FCT Minister on Project Implementation.[2] In 2011, she worked as Director of Strategy for the Good Governance Group (3G).[2] In 2015, she was appointed Chief of Staff for the Kaduna State Governor.[2]

Being one of the most important economic appointment, Buhari did not avail of himself with the global talents at his disposal.

KEYWORD - global talent .
There are thousands of experienced managers available globally , who can be enticed to work in Nigeria.
Managers with experience in facilities ,human resources, administration etc .
People who see a problem and set out to fix them .
Experience beats narrow tribal or national considerations every time
Where you expected him to move away from the practice of putting expired nincompoops ,children of rich politicians,traditional rulers , deadbeats and thugs in positions of public trust ,he doubled down on the practice .
You can say the same about almost every other agency ,ministry or board .
Even though , I predicted and I was right that Buhari would probably govern like obj ( and he is ) , His narrow nepotic tendencies drops him tad below obj . He cannot use Obj standards because the problem have only got worse since then especially under Jonathan.

For those asking why I zeroed in on this non oil agency aka NPA.
It is because it is one of a few parastatals which can become a mega global corporation .
The NPA cab be turned into one that buys and build ports not only in Nigeria but worldwide , generate humongous profits in the hands of the right managers .
All this without needing funding or directions from Abuja

The girl has bn El Rufais coded girl friend for years.

She’s bn with him for a while......

She got the job thru El Rufai

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Leicester City Vs Manchester United (2 - 2) On 23rd December. 2017 by ideylaff: 11:56pm On Dec 23, 2017
If we draw this game Rashford and Martial should be caned. Just square the ball to a free Lukaku. angry

Politics / Re: Petrolex Mega Oil City Launch: Osinbajo, Obasanjo, Ajimobi, Ooni Spotted by ideylaff: 8:51am On Dec 13, 2017
Petrolex mega oil city launch happening at the site. Present are several dignitaries including Obasanjo, osinbajo, Ajimobi, kachikwu, oni of ife, oba of lagos, obi of onitsha, samuel ortom etc

Not knocking Baba ijebus investment, but for crying out loud its a Tank Farm with Staff quarters built right next to it and the whole VP and Governors have left their domains to open

We just like to celebrate things that dont need noise.

It costs every governor 7 to 15 million Naira in security votes spend anytime they leave their domain. Yet they troop out to the opening
of a storage facility for a 1 hour show

What a waste.

Also the farm tank is to close to the residential area. Who did the Health and Safety compliance on this project.

A storage facility bn built when the world is looking at renewable energy we are busy storing crude

Like I said not knocking the project it’s just a farm Tank facility nothing more for now
Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari At Oluwatosin Saraki's Wedding In Abuja (Photos) by ideylaff: 3:12pm On Dec 09, 2017
Saraki's daughter's wedding is still ongoing?

Exactly my thoughts as well

Is that not Marian Abacha in the mix as well

Nigeria Nigeria.... so called broke country sad sad the way we are going

They will come to us for votes soon
Politics / Re: Oba Of Benin, Ewuare Visits Osinbajo (Photos) by ideylaff: 3:04pm On Nov 25, 2017

Who is the chairman of uac board of directors ?

Obi of onitsha is a share holder in shell Nigeria

Oga stop talking what you don't know

Let’s not get carried away. OBAT is living on Credit

I know the figures don’t add up.

He’s flamboyant and flashy but not as rich as the noise we hear

See links below

Skye Bank Plc has taken possession of the tank farms and business premises of Obat Oil in Apapa Business District of Lagos State.

Obat Oil is owned by flamboyant business magnate and Olugbo of Ugboland in Ondo State, Oba Fredrick Obateru-Akinruntan.

The bank took possession of the oil company Friday afternoon.

The development followed an October 28, 2016 ruling of a Federal High Court in Lagos over an outstanding debt to the Bank in excess of N1.5 billion by Obat Oil.

The ruling was given by Justice Jude Dagat.
There is no reaction from the company as at press time.


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Politics / Re: Ayiri Emami And His Squad Fly In A Private Jet To Lagos (Photos) by ideylaff: 10:48am On Oct 28, 2017
Na all these ones be moneybag. Non be all those Hushpuppi and Mumbah or what his name is.

If u reach Ayeri garage u go know say ur 2016 range rover na toy compare to cars u go see there.

Means ? Phew
Politics / Re: Ayiri Emami And His Squad Fly In A Private Jet To Lagos (Photos) by ideylaff: 10:46am On Oct 28, 2017
Na all these ones be moneybag. Non be all those Hushpuppi and Mumbah or what his name is.

If u reach Ayeri garage u go know say ur 2016 range rover na toy compare to cars u go see there.

And that means ?
Celebrities / Re: Lola Omotayo-Okoye Reacts To Mr P "Cool It Down" Video by ideylaff: 9:54am On Oct 22, 2017
What people don't know is that it was Lola who introduced them into the oil and gas business they currently are into. Her dad has a big oil firm and they used her contacts. When she was doing all the help and rendering all the services to the okoye family they didn't complain.

I guess in life people just want to use you and then dump you when they are through. You are only lucky to find those who will appreciate your efforts.

Which Lola introduced them to oil and gas.

Same Lola that was doing Aliko and co for Money while dating

Please let her not come and form angel here oo

Hope you are not terming selling 3rd party middleman Diesel and transporting PMS as Oil and Gas business ooo

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Politics / Re: Buhari Approved N640Bn Oil Contracts From His Sick Bed In London- Baru indicates by ideylaff: 3:21pm On Oct 11, 2017
Terrible lot... the worst part of it all is the masses are just too divided and most myopic to see through the erosion of our collection effort..

I know for sure the next election, Tinubu would rather not involve himself than side this present government.

I know osibanjo would rather step down in the next election than ruin his image with the continuity of this.

The election the western world were speaking off was not 2015, but 2019..

A de-tribalized northerner would take the seat and an osibanjo kind of vice would suffice.

You make me laff and you think is not looking after himself via Sahara Oil Tonye Cole who replaced Prof as head of RCCG Business Advisory team.

Tonye walks into Aso Rock as he likes and get approval of wants that are on the VP’s table anytime

Prof is a deals man but very quiet and coded.

He’s also looking after Oando PLC as well silently with Wale Tinubu

VP is not in that seat as a mumu ooooo he’s bn with Jagaban Tinubu and represented in on many board seats.

You are on your own if you think it’s not BAU business as usual ooooh it’s just very coded and hush hush this time

Don’t even ask me what Fowler head of FIRS is doing for Consultant deals via PROF’s intros sshhh

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma: I Dated Tagbo Umeike; Why I Called Davido Out Over His Death by ideylaff: 2:27am On Oct 07, 2017

Young boy, you are the one confusing yourself. In a dynasty, when you mention the family name, you have inadvertently referred to the patriarch . I called him the general relation, I would have said relative or brother , but intentionally used relation.I said his wife does not tolerate any disturbance . Is he not happily married?

Daisy is not all what you see outside.

Daisy has bn known to date young boy from time immemorial oooo.

TY knows as well and they have an understanding that works for both of them.
Politics / Re: EFCC Report Against Ibe Kachikwu Sent To Osinbajo, The Vice President Leaks by ideylaff: 8:31am On Oct 05, 2017
Aha! I've been expecting this. You speak against this government then suddenly the EFCC remembers you in thier so called antigraft war. Same tactic repeated over and over again. Kachikwu is no fool, he won't have a genuin case to answer EFCC and yet accuse a serving GMD of corruption because he knows the usual response from this government is counter accusation. They do this because they know that gullible Nigerians will forget the first accusation and follow whatever the media feeds them with grin

Kachickwu has always bn a deals man don’t be fooled by the sharp suits and all. Way back from. Mobil days he’s always bn mr 50/50 but in a very quiet and subtle way.

He’s crying coz the deals he planned have bn cornered nothing more.

He’s Gov Uduaghans person what do you expect?

He was appointed by Buhari through Danjuma and IBB. They are all into dodgy stuff.

Baru could be wrong but both are culpable in all


Politics / Re: FG To Merge BVN, Driver’s Licence, National Identity Card by ideylaff: 9:38am On Sep 24, 2017
They should kuku merge all of us.

A technology step that is massive to take and they bring a committee of spent old tired � Money grabbing people led by
Olagunsoye Oyinlola age 70 plus to lead them to more international travel estacode collection for roadshow visits and exhibitions that lead to nowhere.

This people just make me sad and make us look like idiots.

Another project that leads nowhere.

The data exists in numerous data sets just needs aligning and test first to see if makes sense

Where in the world has it bn done

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Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Arrives In Uyo For Akwa Ibom At 30 Celebration(Photos) by ideylaff: 3:00am On Sep 24, 2017
is like recession no de akwa ibom oo those people loves celebration

You just said it all in a nut shell

Typifies everything we do in Nigeria. A broke country and states celebrating what really? In a recession damn Have mercy Lord

If I was a struggling business and my Bank looks at my figures and sees budget for stupid things like this surely my loan door will be shut
in my face

Celebrating 30 years of what really.

Then VP gets on the plane fuelled with tax payers money forward VP entourage expenses and all

I weep for this country we have not grown up yet
Celebrities / Re: Richard Mofe-Damijo And Ego Boyo Are Back On TV "DramCom" (Photo) by ideylaff: 6:48pm On Sep 18, 2017


That's pretty embarrassing mehn

Why bleach

Her hubby Mofe Boyo is Deputy CEO Oando and has more class than what Ego has turned herself into ooo.

She must have just started to bleach at her age close to 50 damn

What a sight those fingers are

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Nairaland / General / Re: NIMC: National ID Card Pre-enrolment Portal Issues by ideylaff: 10:36am On Aug 29, 2017
have anyone here collected his or her own nidc card bcus I have done but not being able to get it

I did mine in 2015 and got it 6 months after it expires in 2020.

The process was not smooth then as well it was all over the place . Scanners and cables all over the floor in the office in Lekki next to A Mercedes Benz dealer showroom
Politics / Re: Buhari Weighs Options As Cabinet Reshuffle Tops Agenda by ideylaff: 10:02am On Aug 29, 2017
I am not a Buharist, but the continued disregard of the contributions of Osinbanjo in matters like this really surprises me. Is Buhari not aware of the enormous credence the VP brings to his government? The face of Osinbajo remains the only beauty of this government and these efforts to undermine him each time will only spell doom for this government.

The VP is a silent deals man using the Pastor Holy Holy sneaky front face as a coverup.

Look deeper. He hung out with Tinubu as his lawyer and represented Tinubuz interest in most of these companies for many years

It's in the public domain he sat on the board of ARM and a few other companies that Tinubu used questionable funds
to acquire.

So please tell me which Holy Hands does the VP have.

He has many people fronting for him and old mates winning deals in this government but you can't trace it to him

They are all the same. I am not fooled by his public outlook. He's a quiet deals man Period


Politics / Re: Dele Momodu Displays His 7 Phones As He Treats Himself To A Pedicure & Manicure by ideylaff: 7:58am On Aug 23, 2017
I just can't believe that in this day and age of viruses that can easily be picked up that Dele has allowed one of those
girls to work on him with no protective gloves . That's bad publicity for the company as well.

Manicure with bare hands damn shame

They are lucky he never mentioned the place

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