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Politics / Re: Solomon Arase Visits Kemi Adeosun (Photo) by ideylaff: 12:26am On Feb 08
Why not pay courtesy visit to the Governors of Borno and Adamawa to discuss possible measures to end insurgency.

God bless you
Celebrities / Re: Ebuka Uchendu & Cynthia's White Wedding Today (Photos) by ideylaff: 6:32pm On Feb 06
all those are people's names

you end up putting on people's personality in bid to boost your esteem.

Don't get me wrong, i wear quality things but Am not a designers freak

Hmmm you said it all

Creativity has died since.

There is more to groomsmen and bridal train these days ooo I've bn at it for over 20 years in marriage

It's a journey daily

I like Ebuka, level headed boy with a lot of respect

Good luck to the couple
Politics / Re: Ben Murray-bruce Serves Epic Clap Back To Guy Who Tried To Disrespect Him by ideylaff: 9:59am On Feb 06
This man has so much time in his hands to reply every Tom Dick and Harry online.

Yet u hardly see him utter a word in the House.

Ben is a fake common sence revolution evangelist riding on the waves of Twitter.

When he has finished spending the money Stella Obasanjo stole and kept in his care he can come back and talk to us who know him

He is suck a fake guy grabbing attention and fooling people all over

So many times I've bn with him on internal flights queue with Beb jumping the queue with his PA to head straight into the plane

Always in Abuja airport

He can make sense sometimes with his points but he is not really a well means tested upright person

He is only talking from a position of comfort. He also cornered the family good will and brand for himself alone.

He can fool others but not us

Someone who cannot sort things out with his blood brothers wants to sort Nigeria out

Pppplllleeeeeaseee please
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Visits Ooni Of Ife Ogunwusi, Today - See Photos by ideylaff: 8:21am On Feb 06
The young monarch made his billions from contracts from Baba Obj when Obj was in power. Obj likes him a lot.

Young, Brilliant, Handsome, Rich Monarch.

Igba Odun, Odun Kan.

Kabiyesi Ooooooooooo.

Who said Kabiyesi has billions. Lol

Jagaban is lookin after him right now
Politics / Re: Adeosun Explains Nigeria’s Borrowing Plans To Fund Capital Projects by ideylaff: 7:28am On Feb 03
Bia Obiagelli,
It is difficult defending Mrs Kemi Adeosun. She is an underdog. Alot of Financial experts in this forum is better than her and that why her statements are being punctured easily. By merely looking at the budget breakdown and funding,it is easy to know when Mrs Adeosun is talking nonsense.The loan will partly fund recurrent expenditure save if the government do not intend to fully implement the Recurrent expenditure of which imply that government is planning to owe workers salaries. I dont blame Mrs Adeosun,it is Gov. Ibekunle Amosun that set her up.

With his Dksy that she found juicy until OBJ to tried to enter the same garden AMOSUN has bn watering since her Ogun State days.

Sure Mrs AMOSUN is glad she's in the FG set up so her hubby can see she's is alive and focus on her.

Nigerian bedlitics oooooo

Shhhh I never said anything ooooo
Politics / Re: Obasanjo, Adenuga, Okoya Welcome Buhari To Ogun State (Photos) by ideylaff: 11:20am On Feb 02
Our great grand fathers still ruling us with their cunning brain.

Spot on

Such bad timing for the trip in the midst of the economic situation all of them all smiles as if we are not in a mess.

Am osun pulled this one to prove to the other APC Governors that he's bn with Buhari since CPC Days

look at the minister for Finance all dressed up like its a carnival

For PMB TO ARRIVE UN Ijebu LATE LAST NIGHT TELLs YOU AMOSUN made him bend /pressure for this senseless jamboree of white robe wearing robe peeps who are part of Nigerias problems
Politics / Re: Obasanjo, Adenuga, Okoya Welcome Buhari To Ogun State (Photos) by ideylaff: 11:14am On Feb 02
Ijebu's with their long beads and long golden chain. Eweso

All laced with power abenuuuu gongorrrr
Politics / Re: Caption This Picture Of Adenuga Greeting Buhari by ideylaff: 11:05am On Feb 02
I so much respect his lifestyle, so damn reclusive and his humility.
My favorite naija billionaire. smiley

That kills people's business by not paying for services rendered even within terms and conditions

Don't make these so called Money Billionaires who rode on people's money to become rich ooo

Mike been a recluse is just a boju bony Oooo all Na Wash ! Setting !! & Dry !!! Ooo

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Celebrities / Re: Olumofin Brothers Asked To Leave Toolz & Tunde Demuren's Wedding; They Reply by ideylaff: 2:59am On Jan 31

Abeg, sharrap!!!
The lady I quoted,her own words were ok for public view abi..?!
And if I take panadol for someone else's matter, how in the hell is it your fvcking business
Let the girl I quoted talk to me Instead, and maybe you should direct your advice to her.. Shes the one trying to run another woman down,tell her to allow toolz enjoy her marriage..

I won't trade words with you.
GOD bless you, apologies if you got me wrong
Celebrities / Re: Olumofin Brothers Asked To Leave Toolz & Tunde Demuren's Wedding; They Reply by ideylaff: 7:48pm On Jan 30

So, how is gbemi = tolu
You just jump enter talk, , she condemned tolu and not gbemi who obviously started the wahala.
The girl first talk say she no know who tolu or the brothers dem b,but she quick point fingers at tolu..like say na she cause the fued,,now,that's a woman hating biatch right there..

Toolz did get involved ans was on Gbemiz side buy Social Media made sure that side wnet quiet

Toolz added faya to the gist by just a few comments

Anyway you started your post with the word dumb fool which I felt was very uncouth and sharp in a public forum

Next time clean up your words and dont use Panadol for anoda persons headache....

Allow the couple enjoy their life...

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Celebrities / Re: Toolz And Tunde Demuren's Traditional Wedding Photos Today by ideylaff: 7:01pm On Jan 30
If you want the CURVES, come and collect it grin grin grin grin grin

Celebrities / Re: Olumofin Brothers Asked To Leave Toolz & Tunde Demuren's Wedding; They Reply by ideylaff: 6:53pm On Jan 30

Dumbfool... You hate her for what action Were you personally told she asked them to be bounced out Do you even believe those brothers were bounced out, reallly?, but you just decided to spew trash about someone who obviously doesn't know u r breathing..
No, shes no beauty queen but she thinks she is very much better than you..and i think sge is..
You just jump enter thread ,drop silly comment wey no follow at all..
You say u no know toolz but you suddenly hate her for this action, what action Trash!!
Shame on your head!
You hate the girl, but pity the brothers and you say u no know any of them.. How u kon conclude shes responsible for whatever action(which I dont believe to be even true!).

Calm down now,, ToolzDefender nor start #Toolzgate on here o

nor put anoda person faya for head oooo not worth it ooo

Yes the brothers went in too hard on Gbemi and i'm am sure they now regret it,

That aside Gbemis mouth is full of sharp razors, so if you cannot take dont give simple

That will be a low if Tolu and Tunde told their parents what happened.... a few days ago

Cos in the middle of planning a big day like this their folks wont be on blogs to read about it

Maybe na Toke go do big mouth

Short Noble Igwe....acting like a lady all his life.. woman wrapper he sure is...joining hands with Gbemi
Celebrities / Re: Olumofin Brothers Asked To Leave Toolz & Tunde Demuren's Wedding; They Reply by ideylaff: 6:48pm On Jan 30
This lady wey dem call Toolz abi na equipment, dey use kasala start marriage abi? She don start to dey do TATAFO b4 she enter huz abi? She think say marriage b like radio studio?

This post got me in stitches.... Ive bn laughing alone out load for the last 10 minutes

Your choice of words are very apt and funny at the same time

1. Kasala
3.Marriage /Radio Studio
4. Toolz/Equipment
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ejiofor's Fela Inspired Gown (photos) by ideylaff: 3:01pm On Jan 30
damn Linda was light skinned before she did not have tro get lighter by bleaching . Lord have mercy...
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ejiofor's Fela Inspired Gown (photos) by ideylaff: 2:56pm On Jan 30
Fashion icon undecided...

You guys should stop making silly people famous!

Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife Visits Awujale Of Ijebuland (Photos) by ideylaff: 1:56pm On Jan 30
short of words honestly.... this king is great. it's not like normal king that sits in the place expecting stolen money from subjects and politicians. let me say... I see this king becoming the president one day

hey not so fast buster.. calm down... don't let EFCC come after him ooo

His case file will just be opened again ni oooo

He does not need any money since Jagaban is looking after things
Celebrities / Re: Asa Shows Off Her Dogs & Car Collection by ideylaff: 12:44am On Jan 26
punch line bro.....
Anyone who doesn't know Asa doesn't know what music is.... I might be a rapper buh Asa nd Brymo re two people I wouldn't disrespect when it comes to music..... Jesse Jags included...

You said it all Asa , Brymo You know your Onions surely
Business / Re: CBN Introduces Current Account Maintenance Fee by ideylaff: 6:46am On Jan 23
"That's what happens when people in strategic positions think backwards. Will you blame them, when all they specialize in is how best to aid politicians to loot funds abroad" WORD
Business / Re: CBN Introduces Current Account Maintenance Fee by ideylaff: 4:31am On Jan 23
They dont know what the are doing...

You said it ALL in a nut shell.

Only in a jungle nation does a central bank policy get introduced with immediate effect without and deliberation whatsoever

Emefiele the rogue governor is trying to impress Buhari with all these crap policies especially when he has a rookie / new ie Minister of Finance by his side as Chief monitor as well

Expect more motor park / knee jerk policies from CBN where everyone but none are departmental Dirrctors on salaries doing nothing but attend meetings and eat doughnuts and puff every other day

God help Nigeria ooo
Celebrities / Re: Picture Of Paul Okoye Chilling In His Sitting Room - Money Speaking by ideylaff: 5:31pm On Jan 07
Get your feet off the coffee table.... bush man


Celebrities / Re: “don’t Turn Davido To An ATM, Get A Job” – Dr. Ola Balogun Tells Sophia Momodu by ideylaff: 3:47am On Jan 07
Is he in anyway related to any of them,what's his business BTW he looks unkept,if this is how all movie makers looks like,then i don't wanna be one

So many kids on the internet these days...if you dont know Dr Ola Balogun.... you really have not seen what hes made off, yes I am not in support of him getting involved, but please dont diss the man. He has a credible reputaion and historical audit trail

see below and read up your history..... hes an icon in the film industry


"Ola Balogun
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ola Balogun
Born 1 August 1945 (age 70)[1]
Aba, Imo State, Nigeria
Occupation Film director, screenwriter
Years active 1969-1984

Ola Balogun (born 1 August 1945) is a Nigerian filmmaker and scriptwriter. He also ventured into the Nigerian music industry in 2001. Balogun, who has been making films for over three decades, is part of the first generation of Nigerian filmmakers.[2]

Balogun was born in 1945 in Aba, Nigeria to Yoruba parents. His father practiced law in Aba until his death. The first language that Balogun learned to speak was Igbo.[2] He attended Christ the King School, Aba, from 1951 to 1957, then went to King’s College, Lagos. He studied at the University of Dakar (1962-3) and at the University of Caen, France (1963-6). He worked with Nigeria's Federal Ministry of Information as a scriptwriter in 1969 and was later posted to Paris as a press attaché of the Nigerian embassy. A pioneer of Nigerian filmmaking, Balogun produced his first films in the early 1970s. His 1981 film For Freedom! was entered into the 12th Moscow International Film Festival.[3]
Jump up ^ Mubi Europe.
^ Jump up to: a b "Ola Balogun". Modern Ghana. Retrieved 2009-09-29.
Jump up ^ "12th Moscow International Film Festival (1981)". MIFF. Retrieved 2013-01-25."

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Politics / Re: Anybody Complaining About Buhari Is Wasting His Time – Diya Oladipo by ideylaff: 3:55pm On Dec 21, 2015
Diya still get mouth dry talk?

This old soldier is doing WASH WASH Dry and set for Buharis Administration.

I can read him a mile away. Where has he bn all these while come dey balance cap on head telling us the things we already know about Buhar.

Cry baby soldier Diya go Sidon Jor

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Travel / Re: How Can Nigerians In Diaspora Access Their Funds From 2016 With The CBN Policy? by ideylaff: 3:46pm On Dec 21, 2015

hmmm, are you such about that? I have friends that have and operates dom accounts in Nigeria...and when I google 'opening dom account in Nigeria' I got lots of hits...see some:


...and there are more.

You don't know websites and links are never in sync with the current.

Even Board members of the same bank issue conflicting policies

This town is known as ORGANISED CHAOS.
Travel / Re: How Can Nigerians In Diaspora Access Their Funds From 2016 With The CBN Policy? by ideylaff: 3:44pm On Dec 21, 2015

Is this a new development due to the dollar scarcity? I know you can send money via western union and money gram from Nigeria.

The limit on Westen Union is enforced and you can only send monogram once every quarter

This is very sad.

The policy is not for the rich who have forex at home or in their foreign accounts abroad

It's a step backwards nothing more. FACT

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Politics / Re: Kachikwu: Subsidy Removal Will Not Affect Pump Price by ideylaff: 11:00am On Dec 19, 2015
One thing I like about our state petroleum minister is that he is intelligent and smart. I am guess that's what I expected from a first class material like him

Yes he his but don't be fooled he was handed over to Buhari buy the cabal of the old (Danjuma and IBB)

He's a chop man but an intelligent chop man who will have equity in the industry.

Our oil and gas industry will always have a grey area.

People who have worked with Kachukwu say he's half decent ethics wise nothing more or holy pass

Kachukwu is purely Danjumas contribution to Buharis government .

Danjuma was completely frozen out on a few things by Deziani and he decided he needs to hold down Petroleum when Buhari comes in.

He's probably the biggest donor to Buharis campaign.
Sports / Re: After Mourinho’s Sack, Mikel Obi, The 'Consistent' One #Mikel Trends On Twitter by ideylaff: 3:06pm On Dec 18, 2015
He's is the laziest player ever liveth.

Lol funniest post today

"Laziest Player Ever Liveth"
Travel / Re: Truck Bursts Into Flames While On Motion In Lagos [PICS] by ideylaff: 8:17pm On Dec 15, 2015

still thinking what could have cause such a flame to engulfed the truck....

is it electrical faults

I can bet my bottom dollar he had exposed kegs of PMS - Petrol in the car and they got exposed to Unclad fire.

Lekki express way is full of People with PMS selling all over the place, one Unclad fire and the whole axis will be on fire.

Kachikwu NNPC/Minister quit the talking we need action.

Things are getting worse
Travel / Re: This Is Ajose Adeogun, VI Lagos And Not New York City. by ideylaff: 8:22am On Dec 10, 2015
Here is a picture of Ajose Adeogun road at Victoria Island.

Thanks to Zenith bank for decorating the street every December.

With blocked drainage systems on the left and right


Politics / Re: 2016 Budget: FG Votes N500b For Social Welfare by ideylaff: 7:55am On Dec 10, 2015
The money from recoveries and misappropriated funds is PROJECTED, don't get it twisted the statement never said the money is there now ooo

Another issue Legislative budget slashed by only 5 billion what Crap is that?

Can't tighten up more on themselves ,. Wicked LOT
Politics / Re: Photos From The Emergency Federal Executive Council Meeting Yesterday by ideylaff: 3:41pm On Dec 08, 2015
We don't want pictures. When they are not yeyebrities. They are servants elected to serve the people and not competing with Nollywood.

They should be sober while at it cos I don't see any condition in Nigeria that warrant smiles in the face of any politician.

Spot on and well said.

Bunch of out of touch people.


Politics / Re: Buhari Arrives Nigeria From The China-africa Summit In South Africa (Pics) by ideylaff: 1:54pm On Dec 06, 2015
This arase guy no dey tire to welcome buhari always, thank God he wasn't there at his departure but now back to welcome him.. . undecided undecided undecided

It's such a backward practice to wait to welcome the President back.

If they are really busy all these old age protocol bull sh*t should be fazed out of our system.

I'm privy to them waiting for at least 2 to 3 hours for the President to arrive .

We are not proactive in nature. Set in old ways.

Such a pity and crying shame.

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Crime / Re: Dismissed Policeman And Accomplice Arrested For Man-hole Vandalism (picture) by ideylaff: 12:29pm On Dec 06, 2015
the funny one is that most of them been stolen are infront of barraccks and ECOWAS building.

The authorities look away most times and share the proceeds of the sale with the culprits.

This country has gone to the dogs endemically to the core marrow.

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