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Politics / Re: Mujahidat Daba Dokubo Reacts To Gen. Danjuma's Call To Arrest Asari Dokubo by ideylaff: 1:37pm On Jan 29
Please jump off the niger bridge as soon as possible!!

Is this no Jonathan attending OIC meetings... was he forced to go... he cld have sent a lower ranking person to show hes not in support of OIC

Please do not let them use religious lines to make us not see the light... Think and vote wisely my people

In Pictures: Jonathan arrives Cairo for OIC summit

So its now that jonathan realises that we are not in OIC

If GMB as a Military Leader with Power to rule without any senate or House of RepresentaTHIEVES cld not do it what makes us think he can do it now....

Think people think well Asari Dokubo and his wife were once Xtians... na Buhari convert them? or ? Yeye people


Politics / Re: Mujahidat Daba Dokubo Reacts To Gen. Danjuma's Call To Arrest Asari Dokubo by ideylaff: 1:17pm On Jan 29
hausas tryna reap where they didn't sow

Please lets be sensible and logical... if the Hausas are behind bokoharam, what is their gain killing the same people they want to rule over for the last few years.. all running into thousands.

Also the vigilantes fighting Boko haram are the Notherners who are not known to fight each other

They always stand by themselves...

In my opinion Bokoharam was started Politically by Politicians in government (FG) but its nor gotten out of hand

I just cannot imagine for the life of me that Notherners will day by day kill their own to send a message across.

Think well. John Ketty the US Secretary of State said even when they provided The Presidency and our security agancies with satellite Images of where Bokoharam where hidden shortly after the chibok abduction , the Federal government turned a blind eye to the information and the next thing they found out was Bokoharam was in possession of the same security report

Jonathan also refused to let the US fly with drones to monitor the movement, yet he called them and cried for them to come over.

That is why the American and The French moved into Mali and Cameroon to play siddon look as our FG tied their hands and did not allow them do the job

Just think deep and very well

Azazzi spoke b4 he died even GEJ said Bokoharam are in my Government

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Celebrities / Re: Buhari's Late First Wife And Their Kids (Photos) by ideylaff: 3:02pm On Jan 27

it's your father that is daft

God bless my president

Soo GEJ still has some shoeless who want to remain shoeless followers... LOL

Make una smell the coffee quick quick oooo

Otueke boxes are already packed oooo
Music/Radio / Re: The Truth: D’banj Explains How He Was Kicked Out Of Mo’hits Records By Don Jazzy by ideylaff: 12:57pm On Jan 27
I used to know of a guy who lived with don and his family back then for more than 10yrs he said don used to act as if the world his under him!!I remember D banj bought 4 range sport for all mohits crew,you guys call him broke ass accepted but yet he still travel more than all your generation will ever be,he started driving aston martins back then,up till now it still one of the most expencive cars where una no fit get till una life on earth finish,so I wonder why the hating!!stop beefing another mans success,try yours!!is it too much to ask kai !!!#change!!!!

So riding a CAR - "depreciating asset" is seen as a sign of bn rich > hmmmmm Nigerians...

so you use cars to judge a person is rich,......

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Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Campaign Rally In Zamfara Live On NTA And AIT by ideylaff: 3:56pm On Jan 20
Pity A sitting president cannot pull a crowd commensurate to what Buhari pulled in Akwaibom, Bayelsa, Crossriver and Rivers.

This crowd I'm seeing in Gusau is a disgrace to a government having a son of the Soil Aliyu Gusau as the Minister of Defence.

GEJ is finished politically in Nigeria and it is so obvious with the scanty crowd who are pulled from the N21bn campaign fund to attend.

Really a shame .

Do you want to see what a presidential campaign rally is all about? Tune to TVC right now and watch Buhari in Kano

I can categorically vouch that Forever IBB's Man Gusau will be voting Buhari with his people on February 14.

GEJ is fooling himself thinking he has backers.....

He shld be packing up now ooooo

Gusau is just enjoying the position of Defence Minister.... on election day he will allign... same for all the PDP Governors as welll

The writing is on the wall
Car Talk / Re: Meet Nigerians Who Own Bugatti Veyron Car(Photos) by ideylaff: 4:10am On Jan 10
Ok, so 2 years ago, a picture of a bugatti veyron car spotted in streets of abuja, Nigeria, was all over the internet. Lots of websites, blogs, forums carried the news. Even here on nairaland someone created a thread on it. And i remember that particular thread was on the frontpage. (Btw, for those that may be wondering why picture of a car sighted in nigeria is ''news''. Bugatti is not just an ordinary car. It is one of the most expensive cars in the world! To own one, you will have to pay a whooping N250million or more shocked). Anyways, while reading through comments i observed that not a few people wondered who owned such an expensive car (especially in a country like nigeria where there are lots of poor people around lipsrsealed) and what exact does the person do for a living! With no answer forthcoming, i decided to do a little research and this is what i came up with

Below are nigerians who own bugatti veyron cars and what they do for a living!


Kola aluko is a Nigerian energy business magnate with further interests in African infrastructure development and aviation. Based in Nigeria, Aluko is the Co-Chief Officer and an Executive Director of Atlantic Energy, an indigenous, private upstream oil and gas company, focused on independent exploration and production ('E&P"wink participation in Nigeria.

Kola Aluko was ranked by Forbes Africa as one of the 40th Richest Africans, as well as included in the Top Ten list of Successful African Entrepreneurs

The New African Magazine (November 2013 issue) included Aluko in their 100 Most Influential Africans listing and issue. Kola Aluko owns 2 bugatti cars. One of the bugatti is a 2million pound plus 'Year of the dragon' A very limited edition bugatti which was made to commemorate the chinese Year of the dragon in 2013


Alhaji aliyu abubakar is a billionaire businessman and the chairman of AA oil. He owns a bugatti veyron car among other latest cars


Prince walter igweanyiba is a multi-millionaire businessman. He is also the husband of Nollywood actress, Uche Elendu. He was said to have bought his bugatti car 2 years ago in the united state of america.


Jamil abubakar is a pilot that currently works with Elite Air Wings. He is the first son of Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubukar. Jamil is also a proud owner of a bugatti veyron car amongs other exotic cars.

Compiled by Lesbianboy
NB: Incase, you see the information here on other blogs, forums, newspaper or entertainment magazine just know it was stolen from nairaland!

Point of correction Kola Aluko does not live in Nigeria as a matter of fact hes presently in the UK moving around with Israeli trained body guards

Kola is Dezianni front man for moving of stolen funds and after a few years of doing this, hes absconded with most of the funds in his hands.

Last I know is Asor Rock and a few of the people using Dezi to do Oil Deals are looking for him

He cannot step into Nigeria right now...

All his companies are front companies for Oil Deals

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Celebrities / Re: Niyola In Love With Banky W’s Younger Brother And Not Banky W by ideylaff: 5:59pm On Jan 05
after Banky W chopped... cant believe she was passed down....

I know Banky chopped... wella from Surulere days....shssss

Randy Niyiolaaaa she was back then.... shhhhhh
Celebrities / Re: Photos: Ini Edo Poses Inside Her New House In Lagos As She Hosts Colleagues by ideylaff: 3:37am On Jan 02
Is that wallpaper in the living room or what kinda wavy wall is that? I love it.

its called 3D wallspaper...

just a bit of embossed cardboard that is stuck to the walls of parts of the house to beautify it.

Its bn a round for years... not to expensive as well.....some paint over it depending on choice


Politics / Re: Akinjide Attacks Buhari For Truncating Lagos Metroline Project by ideylaff: 2:31pm On Dec 31, 2014
when did akinjide become a politician? and which party does she belongs? and how much did her boss pay her?

Abi oooo wonder why its us Yorubas that are so vocal.....

Bn used as Pawns again for pittance .... what a pity Jumoke....Akinjide.....

ur dad could even win his ward since he left NPN.... yeye girl>>>>>>

you wan join the late night chjick for GEJ as well if you are not already......

Business / Re: Folorunsho Alakija Unseats Oprah As Richest Black Woman. by ideylaff: 2:36am On Dec 30, 2014

Her weapon of man destruction is Rusty now I guess

na the husband get the weapon this time.... he went to the market and sold it...


Business / Re: Folorunsho Alakija Unseats Oprah As Richest Black Woman. by ideylaff: 2:33am On Dec 30, 2014

We should try not to be negative when.nigerian women are successful. Anybody, man and woman can make money. It is just abt being at the right place, at the right time, with the right set of people.

Setting up an oil coy is not so big as u think.
My cousin was able to do that at 27 years. She worked with a coy dt has so much money but the boss doesnt know what to do with the money or businesses to fix it. It as a communication and logistics coy in abuja. She advised the boss that they need to diversify into oil and gass and the boss told her to lead the project which she did. She employed an experienced hand in the field and matched his salary. He recruited other staff to work wi th him and the oil coy was good to go. They got experienced marketers who are part owners of any deal they seal. The oil coy took off .

Apart from that, if you are rich and influential, businesses come to you naturally. Some bright guys might need your name on the board of their coy to sell their brand. They may come to you to bankroll the idea and you name your stake. It is still possible that the fashion designer made money and invested in sumones idea.

Remember also that she has worked in the bank and met ppl. She was a secretary showing she has some office mgt skills. Contacts when used well can change your level.

That simple.... very LOL.... lets grow up guys and ladies....

Alakija.... has a story....not that simple oooo

Let your cousin tell you the true story....
Business / Re: Folorunsho Alakija Unseats Oprah As Richest Black Woman. by ideylaff: 2:29am On Dec 30, 2014
She has always been ahead of Oprah nah.....but amazes me is that she's 62 but looking like she's in her late is good sha

This is Folorunsho at work with this silly unfounded report making the rounds ever since....

She is not the richest black woman in the world.....

Just don't get why we celebrate meaningless things....

I know the story of FAMFA from day 1... its mere patronage turned into silly was all given to her on a platter of GOLD...

its IBB's well indirectly.....FACT.... not as if its sweat money at all

Wake up Nigeria....
Business / Re: Aliko Dangote Loses $7.8 Billion As Naira, Stocks Plunge -Forbes by ideylaff: 7:09am On Dec 25, 2014

Not only this.

GEJ govt unlike OBJ is favourable to his number one competitor.

See, if food no belle full man pikin, Wetin him comot from teeth using tooth pick no go belle full am.

Ibeto and Dangote cement were the pioneer private individual investors in cement business in Nigeria. All of a sudden, the govt of the day favoured one person above the other to the point of crippling one. Yours trully will want a govt that will tilt a favor on him again though it may never happen.

At least, when we do things, let's try and fear God. That's what I always tell people.

When your wealth gets to a certain level, you become AGIP known as Any Government In Power.

Dont for once be fooled Dangote is not bn favored by GEJ Government oooo

The President is solidly behind him all the way, in fact he will have invested funds within his portfolio bn held for Presido and the rest.

He sure will be giving PDP some money in camera....but hes been sensitive to shareholders more than before and so will not announce it due to corporate governance within the Dangote Group that he now wants to follow and adhere to..

Dangote never fights anyone in power, they both need each other...
Properties / Re: Eko Atlantic City Showcases First Street Light by ideylaff: 5:28pm On Dec 23, 2014
you will readily see this building at CMS and leventis, i think its currently taller than this.

That's the proposed AFREN OIL HQ bn built at Eko Atlantic at the moment. The very 1st sky skyscraper

Celebrities / Re: Is Jim Iyke Planning Marriage With Nadia Buari‎? by ideylaff: 2:36pm On Dec 12, 2014
Nadia and Jim Iyke are not together anymore as much as Know and Nadia is carrying some Oyinboz baby oooooo

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Celebrities / Re: D'banj's Landlord Threatens To Evict Him - PM News by ideylaff: 2:17pm On Dec 08, 2014
people fail to understand that spending money is easier than making it, when you punch above your weight you are sure to get into trouble. When Dbang goes hanging out with rich guys like kanye and picking up bills in that class its a matter of time before he exhorts his savings say four mill dollars, while kanye is worth over four hundred mill, go hanging out with Dangote and see if your savings will last two weeks. I just hope its not true anyway

You have said one of the most important things on here....

... everyone is shouting about his Dr BEATS deal as if its a pay upfront deal.. no its not... its a sales based deal.. lets see if you can move these head phones for us and den u will get paid on the sales of the head phones...


same deal he had with Kanye... I will give you a cut out of the sales you make when I promote.boost your career... you think if the kanye
deal pay am he nor go still dey blow guy for Yankeeee... cos he lost a lot of money on the deal...

Kanye was so tight on him... Good Records deducted every penny spend on Dbanj and treated him as an overhead (deducting money form source)

All thur this Dbanj never stopped clubbing, flying with at least 4 to 5 Team members and living large.

Just like in business you can take a wrong turn and lose it all.

I pray things work out well for him but he needs good advisers ASAP....

Good-luck Dapo and do some growing up as well with it....
Celebrities / Re: Is D'banj Broke? Kokomaster Hit With Messy Debt Scandal by ideylaff: 3:14pm On Nov 26, 2014
Dbanj is a big and strong brand. Dbanj brand is worth in excess of a billion dollars. All these useless allegations will not derail the kokomaster. The haters will be derailed with jealousy.

Its just basic business financial rules.... no matter how much you make, if you are spending more than you make.

u will be back in the red in no time.

Dbanj has a huge appetite for good life... flights all over with a team of management crew and all na wash.. most times...

if you fly to Ghana with 10 people and what you make on the trip does not cover your expenses... then thats a loss.

thats the story of most of these hip hop guys you see driving around in cars that lose value as soon as its off the fore court of the car seller.

Don't 4get the deal Dbanj had with Kanye was a partnership so all the while he was hanging around Kanye... he was paying his own bills...

I wish him weel though.. Lessons Learnt...if he is actually broke sha...
Nairaland / General / Re: The Billionaire Wedding That Shut Down Benin by ideylaff: 3:13am On Nov 10, 2014
Crazy Country
Nairaland / General / The Billionaire Wedding That Shut Down Benin by ideylaff: 3:13am On Nov 10, 2014
This Country is just full of funny characters

When Two kids of Billionaire parents wed, activities in town literally stops.

When Two kids of Billionaire parents wed, activities in town literally stops.

This occurred yesterday in Benin when One of the sons of the Olu of Warri, Tsola Emiko yesterday got married to Ivie Okunbor, one of the daughters of billionaire businessman, Captain Hosa Okunbor.

Both Families also sent private jets to pick up their guests to attend the traditional wedding in Benin.

The wedding was grand but some passengers from other flights that where grounded did not enjoy the delay caused by the private jets.

Captain Hosa Okunbor, who has been described as one of the richest men in Benin.

Sports / Re: Akwa Ibom State Intl Stadium Opening – PROGRAMME OF EVENT by ideylaff: 11:09am On Nov 08, 2014
Nigeria is really an underdeveloped country and majority of the governors are backward.
A state governor builds an ordinary stadium with questionable contracts and he is being celebrated here like he has built the 8th wonder of the world and with such an elaborate ceremony, because of ordinary stadium.
Bush people in the jungle suddenly transported to the 21st century.

There is not a single spectacular building in the entire country.

You said it ALL, our level of expectation is so low we are disjointed totally.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Back In Nigeria! (Pictures Included) by ideylaff: 1:43am On Oct 31, 2014

So Tinubu has plane too ? undecided

He even has 2 planes ....

Celebrities / Re: D'banj VS Don Jazzy! Who Has Grown More Since Their Split? by ideylaff: 12:04pm On Oct 24, 2014
point of order dear friend. Your ability to remain financially wealthy has nothing to do with you being connectect to world powers but your ability to remain disciplened and focused. I think both dbanji and donjazzy had make remakable progress in thier life pusiut. What dbanji would avoid is over dependent and closseness with world politicians becasue they cant be trusted. Being an african and a nigerian they might decide to run him down and destroy him anyday they wish. I think he should somehow still protect his music carreer cos that was and is still his starting point.

Spot on.

Appearing on TED or hanging around Bono and the likes of The world BANK is like an NGO Project, does not add millions to your pocket. but creates awareness and gives you presence.

What Dbanj now has to do is use the platform of bn a recognised voice and face round the world and get his management team to use that to add value to his core business and focus : =Music/Entertainment.

If he does that he his on a winning train.

Last time I had a look at him financially (ds is from what I am privy to) , due to his I need to keep up appearance be all around the world mind-set, he was haemorrhaging a lot of hard earned cash in expenses and crew with me 24/7 all around him.

If Dbanj builds on his brand with his face bn all over the world, he will be laughing all the way to the bank.

At the moment he's just keeping up appearances and all that does is drain your pocket... ie ur spending more than what is coming in.

If he calms down more and focuses he will be laughing with Success>>>>>>>.......

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Politics / Re: Us, Investors Plan $20bn Power Plant In Katsina by ideylaff: 7:55am On Oct 24, 2014
Will our importers make it work

I very much understand your valid point, but please can we see the potential and not the limitations on how this is all going to pan out.

My only issue with this statement is Obama made the grant announcement at the African /American Summit (August 4 - 6 ) in the Washington. US, and I will just like to know when the visibility study was carried out and by who to have arrived at this place we are at now.

Just a simple question....
Politics / Re: No Governor Can Take Credit For Wining Ebola War – Jonathan by ideylaff: 8:27am On Oct 17, 2014

Now, this is embarrassing for a President! Rather than drag bragging ryts with small small boys like Amaechi n Fashola, he should find his voice at the World stage among the likes of Putin, Merkel, Obama etc

Why are you asking Jonathan to embark on a "suicide" mission? There are many Governors far better than Jonathan in Nigeria. He is yet to perform better than them, you are asking for his disgrace.

Look at the picture and see his position at the wold stage grin grin grin

Too right and apt sha.... na 4 backi oooo na 4 back.

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Celebrities / Re: Jim Iyke Shares Photos Of His His Water-bottling Factory by ideylaff: 5:39pm On Oct 14, 2014
Where is the factory ?

I hope it's not in Dubai Or Ghana , cos that's where they like spending the mOnEY .

Good one though, Or sha .

Can't you see the setting /background of the mini factory ? Does dat look like Dubai to you with the bricklayers hod in the picture. LOL
Celebrities / Re: Jim Iyke Shares Photos Of His His Water-bottling Factory by ideylaff: 5:35pm On Oct 14, 2014
The actor and businessman is getting ready to launch his Burgeon water and shared photos of himself and his partners inspecting the Burgeon factory headquarters.

Where is the industry abi the factory?
Politics / Re: Jonathan, Zuma Open Talks Over Botched $15m Arms Deals. by ideylaff: 7:36am On Oct 14, 2014
....SA must not allow nigeria to sniz because when nigeria snizes africa catches cold

all these noise on top 15 million USD.. na wah ooooo
Celebrities / Re: Psquare’s 2014 World Tour Concert: See Peter & Paul Okoye’s WOW Crowd In Dubai by ideylaff: 7:30am On Oct 14, 2014
Na lie! this is Dance Afrique concert in Dubai.. these guys where just one of the performing artists! World tour ke? THIS WAS NOT A Psquare SHOW.. some people there came to see other performers like Makizolo abi watin be her name... Flavor performed there as well. see hyping... OP make una dey talk true o..liars dey go hell fire o grin

Thank you for this... correction... the hype of ds Dubai concert will have killed us all
Health / Re: No Bra Day (october 13) by ideylaff: 10:13am On Oct 13, 2014
Perverts everywhere..... hmmmmmm.
Politics / Re: Jonathan Demands Retraction Over Inclusion In Richest African President List by ideylaff: 6:29am On Oct 10, 2014

Have we come to a complete low in ds country where the Special Adviser to the President is busy venting and replying a faceless blog?

Na wah oooo Abati must be very busy..... shocked

If only they put more energy into the things that affect our lives... yeye dey smell big time ooo

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Politics / Re: Jonathan Demands Retraction Over Inclusion In Richest African President List by ideylaff: 8:43am On Oct 09, 2014

Have we come to a complete low in ds country where the Special Adviser to the President is busy venting and replying a faceless blog

Na wah oooo Abati must be very busy..... shocked

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