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Politics / Re: SW APC State Chairmen Absent As 28 State Party Chairs Visit Saraki by ideylaff: 11:29am On Jul 04

Lol. sorry, how old are you? Coz you come across as a naive kid. Mimiko is still fighting for relevance in his newly adopted PDP, yet you expect him to become SW leader? Lol. Sorry to bust your bubble but while he's a nice and likeable guy and all -- compared to Fayose for example -- he lacks the requisite charisma, loyalty, war chest, network, and stomach to fill that role.

Hes extremely fettish and has a lot of bad deeds hanging around him.... iroko just uses the Chruch Pulpit to look like an innocent educated man

there is a lot behind the scenes

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Politics / Re: Buhari Talks Tough: Saraki Angry, Oyegun & Dogara Smile At APC NEC Meeting (Pics by ideylaff: 10:26am On Jul 04
Just d way Tambuwa did to pdp.

Saraki/Dogara is return match which we shall all see to d end.

It's a lesson to all.

APC get what they deserve for all they do to pdp.

That was a totally diferent scenario...... his vote was not done behind the house half empty..... and he never tried to unsettle the PDP like Bukola threw away Deputy Senate seat

You can tel form his Body language, he does not know the angle Buhari is cominf from... his defiance was not really to Tinubu if you look at the bigger picture, it was to the President, hence why hes just bn seen with the President in a photo op Bukola has bn craving for ever since he became Senate President

He should take his eyes off tinubu and focus on Buhari.... a tactical soldier can never bn underestimated.....

By the time EFCC kick off proper, half of the people behind Bukola will dissapear and allign.....

he will soon be hung dry....
Politics / Re: SW APC State Chairmen Absent As 28 State Party Chairs Visit Saraki by ideylaff: 10:08am On Jul 04
Truth be told the SW betrayed the entire south haba

Now all dey have is a commissioner e president

It's a big shame that Tinubu led a gOod number of the yoruba to this sucide mission

As it stands now the North knows they don't need SW anymore

I heard on good authority that the north has alligned Tambunwal with Ihedioha for 2019 and I know the average SS/SE man will.queue behind them if only to give the SW a taste of their own bitter medicne only this will ne more bitter

In GEJs candidature I found an opportunity to drastically de-militarise governance once and for all; I saw an opportunity to re-structure. The country to the viable regional structures

While the SW sas the defeat of GEJ whom they felt was igbo and also a sneak back into Aso rock after 8 years after and ahead of the igbos who haven't been there at all

God sees our hearts and hidden intentions; whatever we sow we must surely reap

Where do people kick of stories form, when Buhari is yet to kick off his administration proper, you are telling us about some kids who are yet to crawl......

Pick Tanbuwal and watch how his present friend Bukola Saraki kick up a big fuss even before they even mention it within the party

As the have gathered together, so will they all scatter when the time comes

Its a pity the poor man who voted is the loser

did you mention Ihedioha.....lol, that could not win a gubernatorial election ...... very funny

SW will be fine when the dust settle down, all those pitching Buhari against Tinubu are just digging their graves.....

Buharis silence says it all

I dont have a problem with Bukola Saraki, the manner of exposing his party this very early at the start was a slap on the faces of the peoole who voted for change..... thats all

The Kamar of what he dd to his very own father will still always come back to haunt him.... time will tell

Now that he needs the ears of the President..... he has nothing but to dance to Buharis tune....

lets get the senate to reject the no nonsense EFCC head and watch him call for a few heads

They will sink soon than later.... time reveals all over a period

I am not a Tinubu man or person, but to point accussing fingers to his head , a person that single handedly battled the opposition OBJ, PDP and co over the years is not nice.

Tinubu alone is the only one that does not jum party ships like the others... hes stood his ground as a one man show form one state to many states

Please show me Bukola Sarakis many states as a Political GOd father.....none

Hes bn watched and laughed at and he thinks Bn senate President by defaul will make him President in waiting..... what a joke
Politics / Re: PMB’s Delay In Naming Key Appointments Is Irritating, Frustrating, Unacceptable by ideylaff: 9:11am On Jul 03
I see a lot of people making reference to typos as a sign of my personality.

I type now and again on my device in the middle of multi tasking so does not matter

I normally don't brag about what I bring to the table but the attack on my person brought me to this

I rest my case

One day you will know who I am

Till den let's keep posting faceless
Politics / Re: PMB’s Delay In Naming Key Appointments Is Irritating, Frustrating, Unacceptable by ideylaff: 12:11pm On Jul 02
barcanista, whynotthetruth, oremussanctus, introvert, mogidi, anonimi. Please read this comment and advise me if I should accept his PM which he just did #LOL

The inbox PM was an error, I surely dont need rude people under my watch employment, I was only looking at your profile to see if you were a kid upstairs and was taken aback that you are even femail

The country has gone to the dods with the youth anf young generation bn rude and uncouth in manners

I must have had my Masters degree well over 20 years ago and bn employing people before yu could crawl/

What I have brought to the Economy of this country is less than what I have taken out of it

Dont bother... please, I can take anything but rudeness and bad behaviour......


Politics / Re: PMB’s Delay In Naming Key Appointments Is Irritating, Frustrating, Unacceptable by ideylaff: 11:52am On Jul 02
Anyim was never Chief of Staff, go and play with your toys please such an immature comments everywhere

This is how you people fail in school, speaking to your elders in an uncouth manner just because you have a keyboard and an internet connection

Whats the need for your rude comments....

If you may fail to know, I have over 5,000 people in employment under my watch, and i have bn doing this even before you could crawl

Dont think everybody on nairaland is just a no hoper tying all day

I am a decision make in my won right and the highsest paid in my own set up and establisment is paid well over 70 million as an annual salary

If you could read right, i was not referring to ANYIM as Chief of staff, I just was addressing the overhyped COS and SGF role in the same post

Im so disgusted in the maner in which people like you that we fight day after day for to make your lives bettter, just grwo wings and start to address people like you have no elders

I was going to inbox you at first point to get to know you better and see where I could impact your life, but hey your loss

We and a couple of God fearing employers, (Ive never owed my staff in over 10 years) are the drivers of the killed economy that you lot keep acting like spoilt kids on a public forum

If you care to know the job creation and Wealth enablement blue print I am working on for the VP's office to drive the economy is bn done free of charge by me and a couple of well meaning Nigerians.

I have never asked for a penny form Goverment for like this, and you come on here speaking to me like you know me.

I'm very dissapointed with this forum.......


Politics / Re: PMB’s Delay In Naming Key Appointments Is Irritating, Frustrating, Unacceptable by ideylaff: 11:32am On Jul 02
you muddled up everything because you don't know that there is a big diffrence btw Chief of Staff and Secetary to Govt of the federation.

Stay on the topic next time and stop mentioning Anyim pius because he is not even supposed to most of the functions you enumerated.

Ideylafff U

I was referring to both positions , Pius Anyim as SGk as well as the Chief of Staff (that even has no constituional role) we just copied the American Style but really did not document the role or what the person does case in point why this role has just bn abused big time
Politics / Re: PMB’s Delay In Naming Key Appointments Is Irritating, Frustrating, Unacceptable by ideylaff: 9:41am On Jul 02
I think you need to understand the functions of SGF before you start spewing rubbish

So how did Pius Anyim impact this very vital position you are all making noise about?

He has over 60 special assistants to himself doing nothing and getting paid while still looting.

The Chief of Staff is overrated if the leader is not the right leader

Google Pius Anyim all over , all he did was sleep, eat and drink at most meetings

Hence the shabby hand over notes. Pius Anyim never did a days job as SGF other than be a guy man with a ship heading for nowhere.

Chief of Staff is also noise big time. Unless you have the righ hands

Pius Anyim was a waste pipe and a total disgrace to his person and to the office of SGF as well

So what's the rush for these 2 roles.. with square pegs to fit them in

Jonathan took 1 months and 2 weeks to assemble the last criminals that brought us in this rot

OBJ took 2 months to put jus together and Baba OBJ used to work and stay up till late in the middle of the night

I've seen his Green pen on documents signed and reviewed at 2 am mid night

He was a hard worker I must confess but was stubborn and not too tact Phil in his ways
I have no doubt Buhari will take us somewhere positive

Mark my words it's not business as usual hence the frustration we are all facing

Go and read what the CBN DID OVER the elections driving the Rconomy to a halt big time

The after effect now is just a spiral of what was done, it won't disappear over night

We did not vote in a magician but a thorough Leader

Please let's be patient

Minsters are overated unless we get the right hands

I am busy working on a blue print on Job creation and the VP has read over this document with red pen over 20 times back and forth

He reads email and his active for most of the day

Nigerians will marvel when the think tank team delivers the good of this Change

It cannot be rushed

Many a times I submit research work re job creation and value in the past and ministers don't even read them at all

This is a new move , let's pray for them

By the way my work us free, I am not asking a kobo for it

I just want to make people's lives better and move the country forward

I cannot use this medium to talk up work bn done in the background

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Politics / Re: PMB’s Delay In Naming Key Appointments Is Irritating, Frustrating, Unacceptable by ideylaff: 9:27am On Jul 02
Nigerians already eager to know the next Business as usual Minister of continuity.

Proper change as a change expert needs untangling especially in a system that's bn a rot over the years.

I am ready to wait at least a month for a formidable team than a hijacked team full of sharks and vultures.

I don't think people understand the spendthrift damage that was done by GEJ and his team desperate to cling on to power at all costs

Even respected Okonjo Iwesla became a liar over night to cover up Jonathan .

I am ready to wait

The CBN governor will be going soon he's a criminal to the core in suit. More to follow

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Politics / Re: FFK Celebrates Court Victory With Friends (see Photos) by ideylaff: 4:29pm On Jul 01
I like FFK, he is smart and just give him the right goodies, he will sing your praise. He is neither here nor there. No enemy, no friend, na all weather.

Sincerely, a fine and rich dude like FFK will always be a ladies man, that is why the yellow-pawpaw gum the guy like araldite tongue.

It is only in Nigeria that all you need do is just be a polithiefcian, have friends in high places then you can loot every treasury on sight, come out of court unscathed, celebrate with friends, take selfies with babes and get national honour. It is only in Nigeria!!!

Karma always catches up at some point, for now, he looks like he's d don and king, showing off and looking flexed up cos he won his case

The curse of the people he stole their money will live on his generations.... thats d mistake people dont realise

God is always watching.

Stay on the straight and narrow even if it means you starve... the water you will drink will never flow past you

I have turned down many opportunities in Nigeria that will make me Billions and yet I have not suffered nor begged for bread.

I know its hard to look away.... just hold on to The Word of GOD.
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Tweets About Why He Didn't Honour BET's Invitation by ideylaff: 4:20pm On Jun 30

Uhrobo laugh no be here o.
But on a more serious note all African artiste have to stand up against this.

let us question BET in a proper channel and get a reply why they do this.... then we can now have a fight in our hands......

if they hit us with record sales.... we all know we will fall flat on our faces.... the figures coming out of Africa is/are distored and not a real measure of success at all

The fact that our Artists come out every weekend and put a CD on to mime their music and voice over a few thousands of people makes them Big within africa, and not Globally agreed.

I dont even think any one of then has sold 1 million albums ever....in real sales and not CD sold during traffic hold up
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Tweets About Why He Didn't Honour BET's Invitation by ideylaff: 4:02pm On Jun 30
One has to work before you jump high simple.

If we are trying to compare with Nikki Minaj... not saying shes a star artist in my books cos not my kind of music, but from a business and commecial stand point shes way ahead of Wizz Kid..... just like if Nikki comes to africa her sales wont even match up to WizKids

but in the bigger picture Nikki Minaj is way and by far a bigger star than wizzy globally

Yes or NO

WizKids Message was lost and the transfer of Beef was not needed in anyway shape or form....

Just imagine GLO does a deal with BET to move should we say a few numbers via their GLO channel.... you think WizKid will be able to come to the table to eat after all his hot and cold tweets....

They say anyone that wants to eat the Honey in the Rock needs to be patience

I've known WizKid as a kid, he lies flat on the floor to say hellow when he sees me or wants to greet me, I have already told him many times

Young man you need to calm down if you want your career to go far, you have not even scratched the surface....

BET is collaborating with Aple Music Lunching today and a few other channels and platforms to move music that WizKid can make millions form and gain more recognition, so why ruin it all with one silly Big Boy tweet

How many times has kanye apologied to MTV or the Grammys..... thats cos hes even lucky

some people dont get a 2nd chance...

I already told Ayo Balogun myself.... how much do you think GLO has given you that is making you jump up and yap establishments you need to sit down with and find a platform to make it big.....from

Its a chicken and egg situation.....messages can be sent across BET other than 4 to 6 tweets trying to feel like a Geeee


Hope you will learn from this son,

its so funny Nigerian Artist are forever chasing Rappers and US arrtists all over the states to feature them on their Albums and yet they feel bad with the same platfom that they need to move up their career

Can wizzy be compared to Her Minaj is the only woman to be featured on the Forbes Hip Hop Cash Kings list. She made her first appearance on the list in 2011, earning U.S. $6.5 million from May 2010 to May 2011.[195] In 2012, she placed eighth on the list, earning U.S. $15.5 million from May 2011 to May 2012.[196] Minaj rose to the fourth position on the list in 2013, earning U.S. $29 million from June 2012 to June 2013.[197] She made her fourth consecutive appearance on the list in 2014, earning U.S. $14 million from June 2013 to June 2014.[198] In the aftermath of
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Tweets About Why He Didn't Honour BET's Invitation by ideylaff: 9:27am On Jun 30

Lash on you. Do you an idea on how BET runs it. Everyone has a motives of expression. If wizkid didn't like what he seen in the last. I guess he has every right to focus on some important things. Instead of the fvck shows. Mind you he just sign a deal worth of $600k to gloworld ng. So thus that stop him for his achievement. Find some thing to do bro.

What's GLO' s return of investment for them to give him 600k dollars . It's all overhyped please

Wiz kids message is diluted by the kind of tweet he Sen out .

Most of the artists are done based on your reviewing company and the power you pull form sales

Did Wizkid sell albums in US just like the clown American rappers do . No

U.S. Is it not the same boring talentless meek mill and clown d same wiz kid chases all over glorifying them lik Demi gods
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Tweets About Why He Didn't Honour BET's Invitation by ideylaff: 9:10am On Jun 30
I like Wizkid for saying the truth and dis is the same reason Yemi Alade & Fuse ODG did not attend and they made it known to BET as well.

Now for all u ignorant Nairalanders attacking Wizkid for dis tweet, lemme tell u guys what u don't know. I dont see why BET should be discriminating against African Artistes in an award show like dis, shebi na black people we be?.

The gate keepers of the American music knows dat if they give African artistes a chance, they might steal their market in America. That's why they treat African artistes like second class citizens or pretend dat they don't know dat we got a vibrant music industry in Africa. African artistes need to wake up!! Come on, we don't need validation from the West to know dat we are good!!! Africa is a continent of over 800 million people!!! Who needs America They can keep their yeye backstage award. An award show dat most American A-List artiste did not even attend sef. 50 Cent was even blasting dem on an instagram video. Lets forget about dem. The BEST AFRICAN ACT AWARD sef no dey do anything for the artiste career sef. Na only title. The African market is soo huge and has sooo many potential, let our artistes explore dem, see how PSquare dem are breaking ground in North Africa.

I have soo many things to say about the American music industry and African American themselves. To start with, these Black Americans have a condescending attitude towards Africans even if u were born in the states. Infact, lemme leave it here, Akatas and their wahala too much.

So i support Wizkid, Yemi Alade & Fuse ODG for not attending, we are not fools. Dat was how Grammy Awards were giving Black Hiphop acts their awards backstage back in the day and they fought against it. Now they are coming to do it to their fellow Blacks too?? Cos we are Africans To hell with Dem!!! I support you Wizkid!!!

As much as WizKid might have a valid point. A collection of Artists voices will make an impact with a more sensible tweet that getting the message lost and diluted in a series of numerous tweets . That's the much better way to drive home his point

Back to the idea that the U.S. Bn scared of stealing their market, very funny' can we please crawl first before we run, let's even start paying proper royalties to our artists and making quality CD's first before we start to act all big.

If we don't need their market what is Wizkid doing in U.S. Chasing after hip hop artists and fanning all over with rappers just to up his game.

The music market is miles ahead of our music let's face it

From catalogue and media with all sorts of channel to carry music, we are still playing catch up

We hardly even do our video back home at home, we always head for the U.S., UK or even SA just to shoot 3 minute videos with Unclad girls dancing all over

Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves . African music is unique, but surely it won't dent a bit on the huge U.S. market . FACT
Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Bukola Saraki And His Father In 1960s by ideylaff: 9:18pm On Jun 29

You make me want to puke ,your claim is baseless as well as ridiculous.You must be the main heir of the Saraki dynasty then ,Oloshi

what a joke of some people we have on here, where in my post did I go uncouth in any shape or manner...

The manners in this place has gone to the dogs....

I have no rude words for you, u have already used your dirty left hand to describe where you come from....
Politics / Re: Throwback Picture Of Bukola Saraki And His Father In 1960s by ideylaff: 4:49pm On Jun 29

Gbemi Saraki Is My Father’s ‘true’ Political Successor –laolu SARAKI - Old News - Politics - Nairaland


For the second time in one year, Laolu Saraki, the last of the Saraki siblings has publicly declared that his sister and former Senator, Sen Gbemsiola Saraki, is his father’s ‘true’ political successor.
Laolu, who recently arrived in Lagos after a brief holiday in Madrid, Spain, made this disclosure on his twitter handle, @lmSaraki.
Laolu, who was apparently reacting to the outcome of the PDP congresses, which saw his sisters’ close allies clinch juicy positions in the party, expressed his happiness over the development, describing it as a ‘nice one’ that ‘daddy will be proud’ of.
Laolu therefore said that his dad, Dr. Olusola Saraki, who was also the crowned Waziri of Ilorin, had always said that Sen. Gbemi is his ‘true political successor’ in his lifetime.
Parts of the tweet read thus: “Nice one yesterday Gbemi! Daddy will be proud. As he often said “You are the true political successor.”
E-Kwara recalls that Laolu had made similar disclosures shortly after the death of his father last year. When he was asked by a national newspaper about the fate of the Saraki Political Dynasty after the demise of his dad, he simply said that the name ‘Saraki’ was not hereditary but an exclusive reserve of his father’s relationship with the people of the state.
That statement was seen by analysts as a direct reference to an erstwhile Governor of the state and Laolu brother, Dr. Bukola Saraki’s claim to be the heir apparent of the late strongman of Ilorin politics.
This latest salvo, which is coming from no less a person than Laolu, one of late Saraki’s beloved, is seen by many as another missile against Dr. Bukola Saraki.
One of such analysts, Dr. Salman Mohammed, the National Coordinator of Enough is Enough Movement (EEM), an NGO, said in a chat with E-Kwara.com that the statement ‘is pregnant with a lot of meaning.’
In his words, Dr. Mohammed said that there is no better source to know the real thinking and position of late Abubakar Saraki on his true successor except either Laolu or Mrs. Tope Edun, another of Saraki siblings, who is based in Lagos.
He said although the most authentic would have been their mother, Mrs Florence Saraki, but the fact that she is media shy, or would not be seen as depeaning the crisis of confidence within the Saraki family, is the reason why the public is being deprived of the true position of the late Dr. Saraki.
“Some of us know that Bukola Saraki has all along being lying against the dead. His dubious claim to be Baba (Dr. Saraki)’s heir is just a fluke that is fast crumbling. Thank God it is coming from within the family itself.” He said.

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Politics / Re: Gbemi Saraki Is My Father’s ‘true’ Political Successor –laolu SARAKI - Old News by ideylaff: 4:26pm On Jun 28
I though Bukola was the all powerful Na
Travel / Re: Taking Food Out Of Airplanes by ideylaff: 7:22pm On Jun 25
@ideylaff you sound like my mama, who will buy herself Business or First class and purchase Economy for her children and tell us "I'm training you" as excuse.

That woman angry grin

Even when I said "I'm too old to be trained" her reply was "I don't want to spoil the special moment you finally enter it for your husband" grin

And sometimes she brings plane food with her. I guess I should go and tell her to stop being uncultured and unsophisticated before she buy a her next plane ticket..

Lol smiley wink

That's exactly what I do with my 4 kids, if they fly premium it's a trade for something nothing else.bar that it's economy all the way for them

Life is not a bed of roses

You need to let kids know that life is not a bed of roses, I watch kids running around in 1st class or business when you are trying to get some sleep b4 you land for business and I just wonder why parents allow this to happen
Politics / Re: LEAKED: Letters From APC To Senate President Saraki, Speaker Dogara by ideylaff: 7:10pm On Jun 25

It's so sad that after gathering so much momentum,they are crashing just at the point of take off, I wish they can pass a law that a politician can only decamp once in 10 years,

On a good note Saraki should learn how to respect party's decision at times because had he contested under PDP for that senatorial seat he would have lost & wouldn't be calling bluffs at this point

Let him continue thinking he's fighting Tinubu, big mistake, he's making Buhari look silly, he might end up bn the first senate president to go to jail if his case file suddenly opens

Atiku had / has more money and political machinery and it's still taken him nowhere

So who be Bukola

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Politics / Re: LEAKED: Letters From APC To Senate President Saraki, Speaker Dogara by ideylaff: 7:04pm On Jun 25
Politics and interest is like rice and beans.

APC underestimated Saraki. He has a political clout that only the politically naive will undermine.

a man who fought his father to a standstill, took over his fathers followers and and made the father call for peace.

He was a governor for 8th years same time with Tinubu, later became a senator, at a time had the plan to run for presidency in 2011. Tinubu certainly knows he wont be able to push Saraki arround or instruct him.

such a man is who APC takes for granted.

APC will split into two because the interests are weigh too many.

what we are seeing now is scene one episode one of twenty four.

Saraki has aligned with some powerful northern elements and thats a safe heaven for him.

for those of you who are naive in politics and say he has committed political suicide. watch how powerful Saraki becomes in coming days, weeks and months.

He has the money, the connections, the power, the intelligence. Only nairalanders and laymen think otherwise.

APC has one option, beg saraki and accept him and his teaming loyalists or expel him from APC which will mean doom for APC.

You sound like you have forgotten Atiku and the party PDM that eventually became PDP

Atiku has 20 times over the political clout and even more money than Saraki.... Where has it taken Atiku since the last time he was a VP


Saraki is trending now cos people that have angles and hidden agenda to make and render Buhari toothless from day 1 are pushing and making him feel cool

Even IBB with all the people he put in the NASS back in the days could not even mount himself to challenge and be a Presidential candidate in the same PDP he funded with Atiku

So who is Bukola Saraki ...... You mKe me laugh.... That is the highest office /height he will be ever

No one can trust anode Atiku with power after he's Senate President action a few weeks ago

He's trending now, but he must watch out for the pit he's dug for himself in front

Please let's not put Saraki on a pedestal or on a level he's not on

Al he needed to do on the day if he had balls was contest while his party members were in setting, but he chose not too

Has he he had any rest since
Today he's with OBJ, next minute in Atikus house, 2 Moro in Okrochas house, keeps overruling and banging the Senate Presidents gavel lol

Is that the peace he wants.hmmmmm
Travel / Re: Taking Food Out Of Airplanes by ideylaff: 6:47pm On Jun 25

It's surprising to hear this. I guess your thoughts and actions aren't so far from the generality of the many unrefined Nigerians, upper class you may be.

I didn't attack you dear, was just stating the obvious

I've flown to most parts of the world, mixed from continent to continent my dear

I'm just bn frank, there is nothing wrong with it

My flight from Nakata Airport , Tokyo 5 days ago , as I we were getting ready to land , the air hostess in my cabin, said to me,

Mr ...... I know you have kids ( as we interacted a lot on the flight heading to London) please have these bag of biscuits , and almonds for the kids, it's going to be wasted, I replied I know cos I do supply of airline food as well

I said I don't feel like carrying anything as I was tired, she went away, packed it into the Airlines Duty free bag and insisted I take it home and give the kids, when I got home, I den even realised she packed sandwiches as well

I repeat my dear, it's a choice thing and not an uncultured thing

Yes I know some people act bush on flights agreed especially the greedy ones who keep asking for 3 to 4 portions of food southern an take it away. That is uncultured in my books

I fly across the Atlantic @ least 4 to 6. Times in a month And I have dined and wined with royalty at thebhighestblevelnand bn with cultured and extra posh well brought up people

It's not wrong dear, not trying to force my opinion on you, but your post seems just out of sync and concluding that it's uncultured is just not the way to drive home your message love

Better way to put it is, I don't do it cos I don't like it , simple

I bn flying first or business class for the last 25 years and trust me, I see people in my cabin take home food big time


Travel / Re: Taking Food Out Of Airplanes by ideylaff: 6:19pm On Jun 25

Firstly, it's just so well in the habit of wasteful people to overplan and have excess food at parties. Next time, try to plan more appropriately.
Having said that, excess food at parties should be processed and served to dogs, fishes and other animals. They'd thank you for doing that. Why in the world would you want to 'pack' food for guests to take home? Don't they survive already without your food?

That it's in the take-away pack shouldn't encourage taking it away. That's uncultured. Would you take away food from KLM or Turkish airlines planes? I guess you wouldn't. And not because they don't serve in take-away packs, but merely because they don't encourage it. Would you then, for the desire to compulsorily take something away, enter a KLM flight with your personal cooler and then take away their airplane food? Of course not!

So, please, eat in the aircraft or trash it. If you don't feel hungry there and then, politely decline the food, request water and eat a comfortable dish at the hotel.

This is a non issue, I'm posh to the brim and proper upper class with education and manners to match it

There is nothing wrong with taking food away from the plane as long as it's in original package.

The airlines bin food they fly with that is left over period

I run a an arm of a business that supplies pilots and logistics to 3 world major airlines, food supply is included

By law no food must be returned or re served after Fligh has bn completed

Please allow the people eat the food as take away

I repeat , it's not wrong ,period


Politics / Re: Welcome Saraki's Choice Of Majority Leader! (picture) by ideylaff: 6:12pm On Jun 25
u actually don't know politics... U think all dose apc senators supporting him are doing it willingly... He has d dirty secrets of most of dem. U actually don't know how cunning he is

No you got ur wrong , on the first meeting before he became Senate President , he gave all the backing senators 2 million each, before Dangote, Otedola and Atiku raised 2.45 Billion exactly to distribute to the senators again for round two

Buhari is entangled in a web, dos the same people that visit and smile with him are afraid since he's bn saying, he wants to have a look at most of the AMCON debt settlements (Otedola implication) and also import waivers (Dangote)

So they prefer to have Bukola to checkmate most of the things the President wants to do

Please publish it and wait for them to deny they did not raise money for SarKi to bribe the senators who never vote for free

Even communication committees and appropriation co tees members have bn know. To collect bribe, free travel 1st class tickets and what not form MTN, ETISALAT AND OTHER private sectors companies

Nigeria is in a real mess MEHN iweep

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Politics / Re: Obama To Host Buhari July 20 by ideylaff: 4:38pm On Jun 25

So a U.S. President inviting another president, yet a Nigerian president is an achievement? I pity my fellow Nigerians because Nigeria through Buhari has become a puppet of the U.S., I hope you'll say the same thing when it hits the fan.

We like to fool ourselves sha. What do we have . What ?

Unless we have outer house kept neat and tidy, we will forever need the western world, moreover no country is an island

I remember George Bush visiting China to tell them to slow down on their products and manufacturing as it was killing the U.S. Trade

In our own case, Yankee has stopped buying our oil that we used as bargaining chip before

So really we need them more than they need us if you look at things intrinsicly ooo

Let's nit flex when we are not at the level of flexing

We are an import dependent a economy and we keep making noise as if our cheap oil is work anything these days

So lol LOL
Politics / Re: Obama To Host Buhari July 20 by ideylaff: 4:35pm On Jun 25
I want the incumbent president to be watchful of this so called western world, there interest in nig is getting suspicious

We like to fool ourselves sha. What do we have . What ?

Unless we have outer house kept neat and tidy, we will forever need the western world, moreover no country is an island

I remember George Bush visiting China to tell them to slow down on their products and manufacturing as it was killing the U.S. Trade

In our own case, Yankee has stopped buying our oil that we used as bargaining chip before

So really we need them more than they need us if you look at things intrinsicly ooo

Let's nit flex when we are not at the level of flexing

We are an import dependent a economy and we keep making noise as if our cheap oil is work anything these days

So lol LOL
Politics / Re: Nigeria’s Treasury ‘virtually Empty’ Says Buhari. by ideylaff: 7:41am On Jun 23

The FG revenue is 70% dependent on oil proceeds.

Obama blocked the US from importing oil from us, coupled with the oil glut occasioned by Saudi Arabia pumping too much into the market and a significant drop in the price of crude, how in God's name will we not be broke?

Every logical solution that was proposed by Ngozi was vehemently opposed by your governors even the removal of fuel subsidy which you guys are not complaining of any more since your It is your Buhari in office now.

I don't really have the energy for nairaland any more because I feel there is no need arguing with illiterates.

Please try and update yourself of facts rather than regurgitating cheap lies from Liar Mohammed

all this talk about FG being broke is only to pave way for Buhari taking a juicy IMF loan which will be in dollars and is meant to put us in bondage to JP Morgan and Co for the next 40yrs

The change they promised was to steer us back to the dollar which GEJ was set to dump

This is why Obama wanted him out to the point of loaning Buhari his personal campaign manager and brazenly opposing our fight against the Bokos.

Already Sanusi has been appointed into the board of the US based Financial giant Blackstone who are to invest $5bn in our Energy market

Give the man a Chance.... haba.... he's only 3 weeks in the seat

hes just giving you an outlook of what is on ground its called transparency simple

GEJ really spent the treasury dry for his relection and over the years...

People need to be in jail

Just yesterday we found out that he injected 500 within 3 weeks after losing his elction into the civil service when you are meant to go lean


allow Buhari dont wish him bad cps ds Nigeria is all ours ooo

make his Job easier by challenging the NASS, #Occupy Nass... Buhari /FG cannot do ot, the law does not allow him to interfere unless he uses presidential veto now and again, but with Bukola saraki in the seat.. hes bn checkmated... big time and all people see was Tinubu....

Lawan was not even tinubus candidate sef.....
Politics / Re: APC Crisis: Obasanjo’s Peace Mission Hits Brick Wall by ideylaff: 5:21pm On Jun 21

When Saraki double crossed from PDP to APC, he became trustworthy, was celebrated by the Progressives as a champion. Again when he double crossed APC to become Senate President, he became a traitor. Does that makes sence Once a traitor always a traitor.
Politics is a game of interest. No permanent friends but permanent interest. APC brought this on themselves when they caused defections of all kinds of charaters into their fold just to win elections. Now that they have won, its time they face off with the characters they brought into their party.

This is not in any way the same thing, when GE came to APC, the people that followed him did do as PDP people, no APC part member was involved.

This time around, voting is / was involved and he decided to fine with PDP just to get that one position of Senate President.

If he had balls and was do confident why not wait for the rest of the APC members to be present just line Dogara did.

Everyone is accusing Tinubu of bn too heavy handed , the same and worse Is bn done by The Saraki family for ages in Kwara, in fact Bukky has strangled the entire state and he's worse than his dad

He's laid his bed how he wants it, he should just lie on it as he wants to and stop going all over the place begging the people he never out into condideration before. To dine with all people Atiku Abubakar. Hmmmmmm

He thinks dis GE sees him with Buhari, means Buhari trusts Atiku. Lol

I see Bukola has now commandeered the Private Jet assigned to the office with his wife flying all over Nigeria begging people to talk to Buhari who has already said, I'm not fighting you oooo, but Surrey we don't gave to have lunch and dinner together to prove that we are together.

I repeat Bukola, you've laid your bed, do lie on it simple

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Celebrities / Re: Stephanie Okereke-Linus Is Pregnant by ideylaff: 5:15pm On Jun 20
Hmmmmm GEJ's fresh secret meat for close to 3 years now...

I just hope its not former Presidos baby ooooo shhhh

We are in the know....... as Gene took her to Aso..... via
Celebrities / Re: Glo Drops Naeto C, Lynxxx As Brand Ambassadors And Signs Wizkid by ideylaff: 2:47pm On Jun 20
Wizkid drops MTN for GLO, to earn N120m
After two years of aligning with the South African telco, Wizkid has chosen not to renew his contract.

Xenophobia people should only sign their artist cool

These figures are surely way inflated...... sure not 100 million over 2 years... naaa
Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Gets Rid Of Her Framed Wedding Photo At Her Home. by ideylaff: 6:02pm On Jun 19
That is good news. Am happy fo her.

She finally got rid of him (am just assumin ooo)

Dont worry Toke, u will find a man who treat u like a queen.

He will not be with u because of ur fame (I think thats why he married you)

Take heart my dear.

Things happen for a reason.

He just wasnt the one for u.

But Maje has bn eating the thing for over 12 years , it's going to be hard to find someone who wants to chop food bn cooked and warmed for the last 12 years oooo

I think she clinked more to Maje than he clinger to her, she likes the upper class , Harvard university dinner photo op and things while she took her eyes of the ball.

Don't tell me Toke did not know about Majes side chick , she knew and it was convenient for her to share her man

When he forcefully put a ring on her finger by force by MFM FORCE she thought she was none and dry

Naaaaa. Maje was nit good for her as far back as 6 years ago,

We told her but she refused to listen cos the stakes are HIGH for the kind of man she wanted

It's a pity. It's okay if you don't know who's chopping your wives something, but if you know and it's in the public domain , will you marry that sort of chick.

Tough one ooooo very tough


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Politics / Re: Crowd Welcome Saraki At Ilorin Airport (photo) by ideylaff: 5:52pm On Jun 19
Is the crook also entitled to a Presidential Jet?! I don't get this. Buhari should sell them out in time!

Yes the Senate President and House of RepresentaTHIEVES do make use of the Presidential fleet as well

Such a hopeless situation we are in.

Basic accounting procedures says Resrves low, oil price low, all you need do is run a lean government and cut your coat according to your size.

Naaaa it's the opposite in Nigeria.

I just know God is watching and selecting candidates going straight to hell cos Ds sure is not fair at all

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Politics / Re: Crowd Welcome Saraki At Ilorin Airport (photo) by ideylaff: 5:48pm On Jun 19
Even though I am ardent supporter of APC, and at the same time an indegene of Ilorin; the truth is I don't like this man one bit. His 8years of running the affairs of Kwara state have yielded NO tangible result.

I campaigned against his pet (the current gorvernor of Kwara state - Abdulfatai Ahmed) in the 2011 election, but our people are not ready for the truth, all the want is money.

Lord have mercy on Kwarans.

It's just a crying shame


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