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Politics / Re: Ayiri Emami And His Squad Fly In A Private Jet To Lagos (Photos) by ideylaff: 10:48am On Oct 28
Na all these ones be moneybag. Non be all those Hushpuppi and Mumbah or what his name is.

If u reach Ayeri garage u go know say ur 2016 range rover na toy compare to cars u go see there.

Means ? Phew
Politics / Re: Ayiri Emami And His Squad Fly In A Private Jet To Lagos (Photos) by ideylaff: 10:46am On Oct 28
Na all these ones be moneybag. Non be all those Hushpuppi and Mumbah or what his name is.

If u reach Ayeri garage u go know say ur 2016 range rover na toy compare to cars u go see there.

And that means ?
Celebrities / Re: Lola Omotayo-Okoye Reacts To Mr P "Cool It Down" Video by ideylaff: 9:54am On Oct 22
What people don't know is that it was Lola who introduced them into the oil and gas business they currently are into. Her dad has a big oil firm and they used her contacts. When she was doing all the help and rendering all the services to the okoye family they didn't complain.

I guess in life people just want to use you and then dump you when they are through. You are only lucky to find those who will appreciate your efforts.

Which Lola introduced them to oil and gas.

Same Lola that was doing Aliko and co for Money while dating

Please let her not come and form angel here oo

Hope you are not terming selling 3rd party middleman Diesel and transporting PMS as Oil and Gas business ooo

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Politics / Re: Buhari Approved N640Bn Oil Contracts From His Sick Bed In London- Baru indicates by ideylaff: 3:21pm On Oct 11
Terrible lot... the worst part of it all is the masses are just too divided and most myopic to see through the erosion of our collection effort..

I know for sure the next election, Tinubu would rather not involve himself than side this present government.

I know osibanjo would rather step down in the next election than ruin his image with the continuity of this.

The election the western world were speaking off was not 2015, but 2019..

A de-tribalized northerner would take the seat and an osibanjo kind of vice would suffice.

You make me laff and you think is not looking after himself via Sahara Oil Tonye Cole who replaced Prof as head of RCCG Business Advisory team.

Tonye walks into Aso Rock as he likes and get approval of wants that are on the VP’s table anytime

Prof is a deals man but very quiet and coded.

He’s also looking after Oando PLC as well silently with Wale Tinubu

VP is not in that seat as a mumu ooooo he’s bn with Jagaban Tinubu and represented in on many board seats.

You are on your own if you think it’s not BAU business as usual ooooh it’s just very coded and hush hush this time

Don’t even ask me what Fowler head of FIRS is doing for Consultant deals via PROF’s intros sshhh

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Celebrities / Re: Caroline Danjuma: I Dated Tagbo Umeike; Why I Called Davido Out Over His Death by ideylaff: 2:27am On Oct 07

Young boy, you are the one confusing yourself. In a dynasty, when you mention the family name, you have inadvertently referred to the patriarch . I called him the general relation, I would have said relative or brother , but intentionally used relation.I said his wife does not tolerate any disturbance . Is he not happily married?

Daisy is not all what you see outside.

Daisy has bn known to date young boy from time immemorial oooo.

TY knows as well and they have an understanding that works for both of them.
Politics / Re: EFCC Report Against Ibe Kachikwu Sent To Osinbajo, The Vice President Leaks by ideylaff: 8:31am On Oct 05
Aha! I've been expecting this. You speak against this government then suddenly the EFCC remembers you in thier so called antigraft war. Same tactic repeated over and over again. Kachikwu is no fool, he won't have a genuin case to answer EFCC and yet accuse a serving GMD of corruption because he knows the usual response from this government is counter accusation. They do this because they know that gullible Nigerians will forget the first accusation and follow whatever the media feeds them with grin

Kachickwu has always bn a deals man don’t be fooled by the sharp suits and all. Way back from. Mobil days he’s always bn mr 50/50 but in a very quiet and subtle way.

He’s crying coz the deals he planned have bn cornered nothing more.

He’s Gov Uduaghans person what do you expect?

He was appointed by Buhari through Danjuma and IBB. They are all into dodgy stuff.

Baru could be wrong but both are culpable in all


Politics / Re: FG To Merge BVN, Driver’s Licence, National Identity Card by ideylaff: 9:38am On Sep 24
They should kuku merge all of us.

A technology step that is massive to take and they bring a committee of spent old tired � Money grabbing people led by
Olagunsoye Oyinlola age 70 plus to lead them to more international travel estacode collection for roadshow visits and exhibitions that lead to nowhere.

This people just make me sad and make us look like idiots.

Another project that leads nowhere.

The data exists in numerous data sets just needs aligning and test first to see if makes sense

Where in the world has it bn done

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Politics / Re: Yemi Osinbajo Arrives In Uyo For Akwa Ibom At 30 Celebration(Photos) by ideylaff: 3:00am On Sep 24
is like recession no de akwa ibom oo those people loves celebration

You just said it all in a nut shell

Typifies everything we do in Nigeria. A broke country and states celebrating what really? In a recession damn Have mercy Lord

If I was a struggling business and my Bank looks at my figures and sees budget for stupid things like this surely my loan door will be shut
in my face

Celebrating 30 years of what really.

Then VP gets on the plane fuelled with tax payers money forward VP entourage expenses and all

I weep for this country we have not grown up yet
Celebrities / Re: Richard Mofe-Damijo And Ego Boyo Are Back On TV "DramCom" (Photo) by ideylaff: 6:48pm On Sep 18


That's pretty embarrassing mehn

Why bleach

Her hubby Mofe Boyo is Deputy CEO Oando and has more class than what Ego has turned herself into ooo.

She must have just started to bleach at her age close to 50 damn

What a sight those fingers are

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Nairaland / General / Re: NIMC: National ID Card Pre-enrolment Portal Issues by ideylaff: 10:36am On Aug 29
have anyone here collected his or her own nidc card bcus I have done but not being able to get it

I did mine in 2015 and got it 6 months after it expires in 2020.

The process was not smooth then as well it was all over the place . Scanners and cables all over the floor in the office in Lekki next to A Mercedes Benz dealer showroom
Politics / Re: Buhari Weighs Options As Cabinet Reshuffle Tops Agenda by ideylaff: 10:02am On Aug 29
I am not a Buharist, but the continued disregard of the contributions of Osinbanjo in matters like this really surprises me. Is Buhari not aware of the enormous credence the VP brings to his government? The face of Osinbajo remains the only beauty of this government and these efforts to undermine him each time will only spell doom for this government.

The VP is a silent deals man using the Pastor Holy Holy sneaky front face as a coverup.

Look deeper. He hung out with Tinubu as his lawyer and represented Tinubuz interest in most of these companies for many years

It's in the public domain he sat on the board of ARM and a few other companies that Tinubu used questionable funds
to acquire.

So please tell me which Holy Hands does the VP have.

He has many people fronting for him and old mates winning deals in this government but you can't trace it to him

They are all the same. I am not fooled by his public outlook. He's a quiet deals man Period


Politics / Re: Dele Momodu Displays His 7 Phones As He Treats Himself To A Pedicure & Manicure by ideylaff: 7:58am On Aug 23
I just can't believe that in this day and age of viruses that can easily be picked up that Dele has allowed one of those
girls to work on him with no protective gloves . That's bad publicity for the company as well.

Manicure with bare hands damn shame

They are lucky he never mentioned the place
Politics / Re: Photos Of Osinbajo With President Kagame Of Rwanda & Wife At His Inauguration by ideylaff: 10:41pm On Aug 18


You said it all. They never know when to stop visiting places where diplomats could represent them.

Visiting a country that does not even have a presidential fleet because they are serious and know what governance
is all about.

Nigeria is broke and we are still trying to act and live like Big Brother of Africa.

No cost cut within Government yet they want us to sacrifice in paying more taxes

God punish them all
Celebrities / Re: Stephanie Coker Aderinokun Gets Mrs. A Tattoo On Her Body by ideylaff: 2:55pm On Aug 15
The second pix. Wife was smiling and husband frowned, Bride's maid was frowning and groom's man was smiling. Something must be fishy
Wedding gown looks like a buttress root. Is like the guy was forced into the marriage. See his face like who dey vex

Anyway, I pray the marriage last at least like those perfume being sold by my brothers in other part of Nigeria

He could be deep in thought if he's making the right move. He already has 1 or 2 kids from 2 other girls if memory
serves me right.

Money is not an issue he's the younger brother of Late GTB founding member Tayo Aderinokun. He's well sorted but guess that does mot
make a marriage. You still need love and the right lady to make your home.

Used to like and see Stephanie Coker as well but this show of taking pictures while on first class or her new expensive bag and stuff flaunting should be left for local new money girls.

She needs to calm down and not try so hard to impress by force.

Best of luck to both of them
Travel / Re: Akeredolu Launches Lagos-Akure Route By Air Peace (Photos) by ideylaff: 9:50am On Aug 14
Ondo state is unlucky with the parade of people who have governed the state.
The last and only good governor was Ajasin.
The rest fall into the following categories have been

very local,
Persons with antiquated ideas

what impact does this nonsense bring?

Just tell me ooo.

It's called playing to the gallery and fooling the blind.

No traffic assesment was done and now we have a photo op.

I'm sure the management of Air Peace will be thinking this is only for the governor and his staff to go
Back and forth between Akure and Lagos as they fell like.

Akeredolus wife is even in the photo op as well. Like they voted for husband and wife.

I'm not an Akeredolu hater but I expected more from him than all his galavanting up and down
for weekend weddings and weekday burial rites him and the rest of the governors attend with their
entourage all on tax payers money.

It just shows how idle and non directional he's bn since he assumed office
Business / Re: After 39.6% Growth, Analyst Still Bullish On Nigerian Equities Market by ideylaff: 7:39am On Aug 09
Most people on this thread do not understand, and didn't read the whole thing grin

It just simply means there is aggressive confidence in the market with room for more growth before EOY17.

Comments like this make investors decide on actions to take.

That what a bullish market means in simple terms (rising share prices) that has not peaked yet . More room for growth

Sad thing it this is not a reflection of the economy in the bigger picture when it comes to Nigeria as the market is full of sharp practices where
shareholders and equity is secretly manipulated by the big boys with borrowed money just to prop up share value and cash in.

You can see the report says some peeps have cashed in but no full explanation where and how

Nigeria we hail thee


Politics / Re: We Begged Audu Ogbeh To Join Buhari Administration – Osinbajo by ideylaff: 3:06pm On Aug 08
It is good to brag at times. But don't forget too that the economy of a single USA state like Florida or Newyork is bigger than the economy of Nigeria's 36 states including the FCT, put together. Yet they don't even talk about it.
Everytime I just wondered why God chose to punish Nigeria with these sets of clowns.

Can you just imagine..... I know people that Audu Ogbeh was indebted to before he bacame minister this time around.

The mans business was struggling and he had serious financial issues. This is totally coded messages, I just wonder why Osinbajo
has now become full of lies and sweet talk anytime he pick the mike.

Last time he told us President Buhari was hale and hearty, the president returned and said he was very sick and hes happy for the prayers that were said. Has Yemi Osinbajo suddenly become so despereate for power that he now sings the tune of the Politicians with lies all over the place.

Audu Ogbeh that was practically struggling before he got called for the role and Yemi Osinbajo is telling us he was enjoying wealth

which wealth...
Celebrities / Re: Davido Spends One Million Dollars On Gold Chains For His Crew by ideylaff: 11:02am On Aug 05
Y is he telling us?

Is a shame that a kid born with a silver spoon is behaving like the son of a pauper who just won a jackpot

He got money no sense... So sad money can't buy sense

Hmmmmmm you said it all

Even Dangotes kids don't spend like this.

Yet Davidos dad used to be one of dangotes boys way back in Atlanta during Alikoz hustle shhh deal days.

David o is busy spending the money Sony advanced him like it's going to last forever. He needs a financial adviser now before it's too late.

He's spending money on perishable assets that don't hold value just to prove a point.

We've seen it all before in hip hop. He needs to slow down

What his crew and many Nigerians call World tour is Davido singing and miming to his music bn played by a DJ
in a 2000 to 3000 packed all . That's not a concert in my books

Needs a wake up call. Sony will come knocking soon for materials of the advance they paid him

Please don't mention his dads money if he's that rich as proclaimed why was he begging Aregbesola to let him pay reduced taxes on his University in Osun State.

He's rich but not as much as the noise Davido makes. Unless his dad has not told him the bottom line of his money.

Davido needs to wake up

Micheal Tyson blew more than this on hangers on and crews where is he today.
Business / Re: Dangote, Femi Otedola Attend Omotola's "Alter Ego" Movie Private Screening by ideylaff: 10:32am On Jul 31
There is another quiet rich person to the right, unrecognised in the name of Mr. Osagie Okunbor; Group Managing Director Shell Nigeria

He's on the extreme left in Red Polo Top.

Real money is always silent
Culture / Re: Emir Sanusi, Wife, Children, Aliko Dangote Attend Polo Event In London by ideylaff: 9:40pm On Jul 19

Ideylaff e be like say your papa no get any business or company ko? Him no leave you anything ko? Why other people money dey pain you like dis. Sorry o fake pastorian dullardeens are so full of hatred and wretchedness that they must abuse any Nigerian enjoying themselves? Nigerians pray to reject all fastordeen wretchedness in Atiku's name! Oh ye children of Buhari Osinbajo anger hatred and wretchedness you can go and be suffering with Buhari and Osinbajo, let those that remember a better Nigeria live and let live! Abeg! Ride on Access Bank.

You dont even know who I am nor have an audit trail of what ive done in my life.

One does not have to be rich to have an opinion sir....its got nothing to do with Bad B at all

No need to drag my dad into this if you have any respect for elders please

its a public forum but decency and manners in post is still needed . Thanks
Culture / Re: Emir Sanusi, Wife, Children, Aliko Dangote Attend Polo Event In London by ideylaff: 3:29pm On Jul 19

And who told you that it was access bank that financed aig's trip there, what if he used his personal money for the trip....you people will just come here and be talking trash.

Are you AIG's ...spokesman or lap dog.....he is Chairman of the bank FF Sake please.... show me the books of any corparate company in Nigeria and I will show you that even billionaires on their board still receive things like cars every year off the books of the bank.

Lastly where in my post did I mention money for AIG's flights..... No where...?

You brought it up......

This jamboree is way deeper than a 4k pounds business class flight.....

They use things like this to cook their books and launder money for the event simple

The board is full of uncounth and less humane guys who treat their staff like rags but are prepared to spend money on crap like this that adds jack
to their value or brand....

When i speak im talking from inside close quarters of my know within the corporate boardroom

take it please

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Culture / Re: Emir Sanusi, Wife, Children, Aliko Dangote Attend Polo Event In London by ideylaff: 1:58pm On Jul 19

Nigeria is still colonized mentally.
Nigerians are slaves to the white man
Inferiority complex is instilled in the psyche and bloodstream of the average Nigerian.

All the elites and celebrities must travel to the white man's country if they must gain any reverence from Nigerians.

AccessBank loses my respect henceforth.
The money spent on thus charade by them could have been channeled to the better welfare of their staff here in Nigeria.

Can't polo be played in Nigeria?

Colonial mentality.

Nigeria is cursed
People only turn on their location on social media when they are in the white man's land.

You said it all.

Theye have bn doing this crap for years.... how it adds value to the Bank or Brand Idomt know.....

Bunch of opportunist and robbers running a bank and making out they are the best in the land....

Pity the country and the system we are in.....we keep blaming the white man for iur situation......

Did they force Access Bank to come to England to run a show of shame? NO


Travel / Re: Private Jet Looking Like A Hotel That Costs N27 Million From Lagos To Abuja by ideylaff: 7:00am On Jul 18
Op can lie for Africa.

You said it all.

Even a PJ flight from here to London is about 10,000 dollars.

The figures don't add up. I think Hotel.ng just
Created it a headline sensation to attract traffic to their website or the OP is just messing with people's heads.

People are falling for this. Damn peeps need exposur mehn

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo Back From UK, To Preside Over FEC Meeting by ideylaff: 6:21pm On Jul 12

You go weep and wail tire bro IPOT

Lol i am a SW person oooo but im privy to all the deals VP and cronies are doing and making it look they are the honest crew.

Dont trust these people ooo
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Back From UK, To Preside Over FEC Meeting by ideylaff: 11:19am On Jul 12
Why is our leaders in Nigeria so fill with secrecy.

Osinbanjo visited Buhari in London without any photo or press coverage for public to know how Buhari health has improved so far since when he left Nigeria.

The same with the first lady, Aisha Buhari she went to London to see her husband President Buhari and only said her husband is improving.

That is how they hide Musa Yar ' adua sickness till death took him away.

One day breeze go blow fowl yansh go open.

You can not press down calabash in a river for too long it will surely surface on the shore of the river.

Well said.... Thumbs up for your post. Gos Bless you
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Back From UK, To Preside Over FEC Meeting by ideylaff: 10:06am On Jul 12
Is this a country where the lives of over 180 million people is treated as we are chickens and cats....

whats the secrecy in meeting the President with no information forthcoming apart from Laolu telling us VP traveled to London.

Is this what we voted for... Secret meeting and no information to the public.

Will a normal and well structured country have a VP visit the President in another country with not a single piece of what the visit was for, what was said or at least a picture of both of them.

We seem to have no shame at all.

We cannot fix our hospitals even the one in Aso that has billion in Budget money cannot be trusted to look after the president.

iWeep for my Nation....

all of you hailing the VP is this how a normal system works where the VP is working up and down doing Ministers, VP, Senators and Presidents job all wrapped into one and we are hailing him as a strong President....

Condolence visit, RCCG Camp trip, Wedding and funeral ceremony always there.... on Taxpayers funds and we expect wastage to be blocked....

Absolute Disgrace
Politics / Re: Osinbajo And Fashola Visit Collapsed Mokwa-Jebba Bridge (Photos) by ideylaff: 9:57pm On Jul 10
Is this what a President is expected to do?

Tell me oooo What a waste of funds with the convoy the office commands.

Hands on does not mean efficient in my own books....

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Business / Re: Oyinda Adenuga Weds Adeolu Abayomi Olufeko (Photos) by ideylaff: 2:13pm On Jul 07
Its only heavily jazzed up juju people who get so paranoid that they dont want pictures taken.

The first wedding of his daughter bella which they turned the husband into wife is already done and now another mugu head is been used.

I dont evny the boy ooooo The family is not a straight one oooo
Events / Re: English Family Storms Nigeria For Their Bride (Photos) by ideylaff: 9:28pm On May 10
dat gal must be a very good gal 4 someone 2 carry his people here

That is the daughter of Captain Hosa Okunola


Very rich and made a lot of money from Marine Oil & Gas government patronage

Over inflated contracts and all.
Politics / Re: Wike, NIA Fight Over Ownership Of N13bn Seized By EFCC by ideylaff: 10:18am On Apr 15
Why would the agency money be in a locked up apartment? Why not in a bank.
These people really think we are homo habilis Abi.

Well said ...... they are taking us for fools.....

Micromanaging to the level that the President had to be told like a school headmaster.......

Everything is always the presidency yet there are parastatals allover with their budgets and staff count rising.

Nigeria is truly a comedy state grin
Politics / Re: Buhari Appoints Jelani Aliyu To Head Nigeria’s Automotive by ideylaff: 6:45pm On Apr 14
Only in Nigeria do you hail an appointment like this..... putting the cart before the horse.

A country with no steel production has this kind of parastatal > LOL

Sad thing is I see him taking up this role as they would have told him the same lingo " Dont say no to your father land" also
its not as if his role @ General Motors was setting the world alight, there are man Senior Creative Designers within GM on the same 70 to 85K salary which they sure will match with a bigger sume to entice hime back to Nigeria.

If he's wise he will reject this role..... Nigeria is known for making the best in their field end up bn ordinary and basic when you answer the Nigerian call

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