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Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 12:07am
Moreover, love is severely overrated and subjective, and it is my opinion that no such concept exists on earth. The thing is one of the greatest scams of all time.

So I have heard from a friend and you guys might just be right afterall. It means one has to now approach and assess matters of the heart with a permanent pinch of salt.
Politics / Re: Amaechi: I Didn't Join APC To Become VP!! by Ilekokonit: 2:37am On Dec 21

based on my understanding of things: Nigeria today is somewhat similar to Yeltsin's Russia, with Oligarchs running the show, before Putin come on board, to sanitise the polity. And put Russia back on the world map. However, as powerful and strong, as Putin is - he still hasn't been able to get full dominion over country. Due to how powerful the oligarchs are. They still control the money and the Russian central bank. That's where I'm drawing my comparison from.

True. And Nigeria is probably more corrupt than Russia is.

So, is this man as powerful, decisive and strong, as Putin? I doubt it, and age isn't even on his. Hence I'm not too optimistic about anything. Regardless, he's still 100 times better than GEJ.

I had my qualms when his party merged with Tinubu's ACN to start with as Tinubu is one "super" corrupt carpet bagger but I was heart gladdened when I read that he vehemently told Tinubu to his face that instead of having Tinubu as his VP, he would rather resign as the party's Presidential candidate, So there is still fire in the old dog and with the guys clean living, he is not dying very soon and even if he tries to sanitise the system in 4 years and then resigns, he would have set the stage and path to Nigeria's re-emergence as not a joke but a country to be reckoned with in the comity of nations. Even Obasanjo as corrupt as he is created the EFCC which scares the s.hit out of corrupt politicians talk less of what a non-corrupt Buhari will do. And if Buhari sets the stage for a non-corrupt nigeria in 4 years and then steps down for a Fashola or even a non-corrupt PDP President after 4 years then his work is done.

Even if Goodluck as clueless as he is renounces corruption unequivocally today, he will get my vote. My problem is not with Goodluck, my grouse is with corrupt politicians of ALL parties. Tinubu included, Buhari excluded.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 2:09am On Dec 21

if you are sincere with a woman, you would get burnt. give her an inch & she's taking a mile. women often say men lie a lot but can women really really handle the truth?

that's a social experiment for you.

Wahala dey o.
Politics / Re: Ajimobi Re-opens Agodi Gardens, Ibadan by Ilekokonit: 1:47am On Dec 21

Bruv, Nigeria has the wealth, manpower, naturally beauty and topographical endowment to literally host 100 Hyde Parks if the committed leadership is in place to deliver such. This is why Nigeria frustrates and excites many in equal measure.

I'm speechless and frustrated at the same time. Speak of arrested development. If only we had a non corrupt leadership ?
Politics / Re: Amaechi: I Didn't Join APC To Become VP!! by Ilekokonit: 1:24am On Dec 21

Bro, I don't listen to people - I observe and study things by myself.

The APC primaries were just a facade - they already picked him before that. And the Igbo guy had no chance, based on how the party is. All the noise about his candidacy were from Igbos, who hate the party and have no presence within the structure, however want an Igbo person to be the flag-bearer. Classic Igbo mentality - eating your cake and having it at the same time. grin

Also, the 12 million votes came from a particular region. And based on how ethnocentric Nigerian politics is, just any Northerner going against GEJ next year, would garner the same number of votes. I was alluding to the swing states/areas, in the Middle Belt and South, where the man failed woefully during that last election. Some of his utterances, especially when it comes to religion and violence, are just the best. So, they have so many tools to pick him apart, for smear campaign and character assassination. Then you have got his age...and the fact that he has been part of the system since the 2nd republic.

Anyway, based how woefully GEJ has performed, he has big chance, if APC can keep harping on nostalgia and make that the nucleus of his campaign. Folks love nostalgic feelings. However, if they party had been wise enough to build a young and vibrant Northerner, during the 4-year window they had - making inroads into those swing states/areas would've been much more easier.
That's just my 2p.

The major problem at the root cause of ALL of Nigeria's problem is corruption by politicians of ALL parties. The USP of Buhari is like you say Nostalgia but good Nostalgia and the HOPE that with the mans obvious frugal lifestyle and lack of corruption or sticky fingere.d tendencies, Nigerias wealth may become more equitably distributed amongst the millions who are currently suffering and smiling.

For me, an old, dunce who is non-corrupt is better as Nigeria's President that a young smart thief.

Buhari ruled for just 20 months before being toppled by a Corrupt Babangida who was scared Buhari's probe of corrupt senior Officers was getting too close for comfort.

Buhari was a thorn in the flesh of corrupt politicians that he replaced. For starters their stolen cash became too hot to handle for them 'cos a masterstroke of Buhari's was for him to unexpectedly change the design and colour of naira bills in 1984 thus forcing everyone who had naira in their posession to go to the banks to exchange the old notes for the new ones. Now corruptly enriched ex-politicians dared not take their loot to the bank to exchange as the fear of Buhari then was the beginning of wisdom.

Buhari stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of his frugality and honesty. Buhari is simply a cut above Jonathan in terms of integrity and all Nigerians know this.

Corruption kills 3.6 million people every year - BBC

Boko Haram Proves The Nigerian Govt To Be Corrupt And Useless - British Magazine

There Is No Goodluck In Corruption - Femi Aribisala

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Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 12:29am On Dec 21
he must have saved heartbreaks & stopped loads of bastârds brought in by cheating partners.

they almost adore that man who talks more seriously to them, and who seems to consult and trust them; I say, who seems; for weak men really do, but wise ones only seem to do it."
this bit carried a powerful message.
in other words, make it seem you are doing it without doing it.

In other words, women don't like men who are sincere with them but will adore a man who pretends he is giving them what he is not. And to think that women have always being like that even since 1748.

In fact, the man is also saying that only weak men trust women. Now that is scary.
Family / Re: Man Fights Wife Cus Dad Bought Her A New Car by Ilekokonit: 11:43pm On Dec 20
See as people dey fail exams?For a man to react the way he did, there must be an underlying issue.

For God's sake, if the FIL buys a car without some form of notice to his SIL, he's meddling in their affairs. Simple. He can buy the car, and the husband can insist that the car be returned. He's the husband to the wife, not the father. Let's get this straight!

How would that same FIL feel when someone buys a car for his wife without any hint from any source?

Please let's stop thinking like boyfriend and girlfriend!

That's a major part in the epidemic of divorce nowadays. Immature and shortsighted shallow thinking.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 11:35pm On Dec 20
let me find some of them.....he's a loon but what he said makes sense...he wrote this letter to his son as far back as 1748.

He probably saved his son from many a heartbreak.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 11:17pm On Dec 20

i mastered the art from a very young age. came across some of lord chesterfield's musings in my teens & that prepared me fully for this world of sin.

Doesn't approaching it like chess take out the spontaneity from love or is love really and truly dead like everything in the world seems to point to

What are the main points of lord chesterfield's musings ??
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 11:11pm On Dec 20

it's a game of chess.....
thank God, i know how to play chess. i'm 100% covered.

Means that I have to brush up on my rusty chess and utilise its tactics religiously when it comes to dating.

But doesn't that take out the spontaneity out of love or is love really and truly dead like everything in the world seems to point to ?
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 11:06pm On Dec 20
some women are professional liars.....
you don't stand a chance catching their lies unless you are fortunate to find something out by accident.

True talk. Especially if you are someone who is naturally trusting. Marriage is becoming worse than politics by the day. More like Russian roulette.
Family / Re: Man Fights Wife Cus Dad Bought Her A New Car by Ilekokonit: 8:34pm On Dec 20
i will not undermine my son-in-law just because I feel like throwing my weight around.

That means you want your daughters marriage to last. But some FIL's especially the ones who only had daughters themselves repeat the error of thinking they can bully their son in law like they bullied their daughters and wives. Their error eventually proves fatal for their daughters marriage.

No man wants to be controlled by another man. Men are that territorial.


Family / Re: Man Fights Wife Cus Dad Bought Her A New Car by Ilekokonit: 8:26pm On Dec 20

The most annoying part of it all is that the couple already found a way to manage the problem before meddlesome FIL came into the picture with his BIG CAR!
Dynamics of a marriage differ considerably from other forms of romantic engagements.

EVERY body pre-marriage fails to realise that the wedding day is a 100 metre dash but the "marriage proper" is a marathon that only lasts if you patiently waited until you met your soul mate. fools rush in where angels fear to thread. Inlaws and outlaws should be circumspect in meddling directly or indirectly in a couples affairs especially when it comes to finances or the lack of it.
Family / Re: Man Fights Wife Cus Dad Bought Her A New Car by Ilekokonit: 8:09pm On Dec 20

As long as you are single, good for you. Marriage is a different issue altogether.
Matured Parents give their children space to develop into their own individuals after the period of training is officially over.
A married child is even more out of the equation when their palms itch to give troublesome presents.

Wisdom nuggets.

I'll add that Marriage is a completely different kettle of fish with some dynamics that even the Pope can not comprehend.

A marriage may be tottering on the bring but an outsider including inlaws and outlaws may not know this and any real or perceived intrusion or perceived judgemental presents and/or criticisms from any parent might be just the final nail in the coffin of a marriage that is beginning to tire one or both parties.

A muslim father would probably have given the car gift to the couple jointly so as not to unintentionally call the mans capabilities into question. (I've seen this in real life).

Its possible that the husband has some hidden animosity towards his father in law from past issues that borders on the father in law's unwillingness to release his daughter from his apron strings or maybe the father in law had meddled in their marriage openly or covertly in the past.
Family / Re: Man Fights Wife Cus Dad Bought Her A New Car by Ilekokonit: 8:03pm On Dec 20
I'm sure that if your mother-inlaw should bring another in woman for her son when you can't make babies you'd gladly welcome the new wife too? undecided

Now, I get your logic.

Basically what you are saying is that the parent of one party to a marriage should not use the other parties perceived or real weakness to spite that party.

It happens a lot in nigerian marriages where for example the husbands mum is looking out for the wifes weakness or the wifes dad is looking out for the husbands weakness (maybe lack of money) and is stepping in to fill that gap with or without the husbands knowledge or consent.

Its very common with men who only have daughters as children and because they have not brought up a male child in real life, they forget how territorial a man is and once their daughter WRONGLY starts telling them how she is suffering in her husbands house, the dad WRONGLY steps into their marital affairs to the chagrin of the fiercely independent husband. I've actually seen a marriage with 2 kids break up because of the overbearing influence of the wifes dad in the marriage and the fiercely independent husband not being ready to be colonised by a fellow man.

I actually blamed the woman in my example for going behind her husbands back to give her dad a running commentary of happenings in her marriage over a long period and the dad advising her on how to relate to her husband. the wifes dad in this case also had only 3 daughters and because he was used to bullying them including their mum, he WRONGLY thought he could bully a fellow man in his son in law with the result that he scattered his own daughters marriage with his meddlesome character.

My advise to couples is NEVER involve any inlaw or outlaw or parent or pastor into your marital matters. They may mean well to start with but they complicate matters on the long run.

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Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 7:25pm On Dec 20

you can't blame them too much....
their biological clock puts them at a huge disadvantage......and if you meet a 35 year old chic, you would want to know her history between 18 & 35, won't you? grin

taking 10 years off solves 90% of her problems. cheesy

It solves her problems temporarily but stores bigger problems for her in the future as anything built on a foundation of lies WILL not last.

Also, only a man that doesn't ask probing questions will be fooled. If you are someone with an inquisitive mind, a retentive memory, someone who doesn't sweep things under the carpet and who can also add 2 + 2 to give 4 then her lies will come crashing down in no time.

I'm one for laying your cards face up upfront to avoid future BIGGER disappointments which tend to hurt more than if you had told the truth in the first place.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 6:48pm On Dec 20

10 bloody years off her age? grin cheesy
by the time she's "28", her eggs woulda calcified. grin

Funny but true. Some women are just unbeleivable in the lies they tell.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 6:33pm On Dec 20
And they lure these guy who wouldn't mind sleeping with them, for the fun of it and loose change, with the money they leeched off the system.

Apparently, that woman labelled herself as being "rich" after scrounging all kinds of benefits, as a single mum. These women are hilarious! grin

And yet she had the effontery to pose as a victim in her full faced rebuttal video - thus compounding an already bad situation for her kids in the future.

What a pathetic joke some of these women are turning out to be right before the very eyes of their hapless kids. They clearly underestimate the smartness of todays kids. A lot of these women will have some serious questions asked of them in the very near future especially by their male children.

They are underestimating the character of a male child. If only they knew.

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Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 6:26pm On Dec 20
And when they have no logical argument, they start making up porky pies.

Personally I've seen an ex girlfriend on Facebook (when i was still on it) blatantly slash 10 years off her age.
Education / Re: Futminna: Two Students In Hijab Nearly Lynched by Ilekokonit: 5:43am On Dec 20
Same thing happened in America after 9/11 when Sikhs because of their head turban were mistaken for muslims and attacked.
Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha Releases Campaign Picture by Ilekokonit: 5:42am On Dec 20
Only in Nigeria
Education / Re: Futminna: Two Students In Hijab Nearly Lynched by Ilekokonit: 5:38am On Dec 20
Same thing happened in America after 9/11 when Sikhs because of their head turban were mistaken for muslims and attacked.
Politics / Re: Ekiti Assembly Sits, Suspends Seven PDP Lawmakers by Ilekokonit: 5:22am On Dec 20
"The hallowed chamber of the Ekiti State House of Assembly is the only venue for the sitting of the State House of Assembly and those meeting in hotels and paraga joints in Lagos and Osun States should know that they are just advertising their collective idiocy," Olugbemi said.

Paraga joints. See the mindset and caliber of people holding public office in Nigeria.

And kids are watching and learning from the unending tragicomedy with enough comic elements that is Nigerian politics and making up their young minds as they grow up.

At this rate, hope God will not become scared of Nigerian Politicians.
Celebrities / Re: Photo: Chief Tony Anenih & His Young Wife by Ilekokonit: 4:30am On Dec 20
Na Women like this FULL Nairaland.

They give silly advises here, but in real life they marry their papa MATE. So this woman wants to tell me she is in love with this MAN? talk of using an old man to climb the ladder.

Was just told today that the most beautiful girl in my class in the Uni. then, is the 4th Wife of a Commissioner in one of the South-South States, what is wrong with this women sef?

Greed pure and simple.

And as there are not enough Rich men to go round, hence the millions of ageing women in their 40's still single and searching for "their knight in shining armour" because they were chasing ready made men in their 20's and 30's and playing hard to get to guys who were still finding their feet financially.

Now they shamelessly are becoming 4th wife to a Commissioner who will probably use them for juju soon.


Politics / Re: I Get Contradictory Advice On National Issues, Says Jonathan by Ilekokonit: 3:56am On Dec 20
We promise that any opportunity given to us, we will use it to serve mankind. - GEJ

How have you served the millions of children that have died because of the corruption of yourself and politicians of ALL parties
Education / Re: 70% Of Candidates Fail Nov/dec WASSCE by Ilekokonit: 3:29am On Dec 20
am not surprised...
when all kids do this days is social this social that...
2go today, Facebook tomorrow, instagram next tomorrow...

A lot of the 70% that failed to get 5 credits probably relied on fake expo instead of dilligent study.

The competition to excel in academics in nigeria is dying down with every kid wanting to get rich quick by yahoo, "runs" or "trying" to go the way of olamide or tiwa savage forgetting that tiwa had a degree before we even knew her.

Now factor in the fact that some parents even pay for invigilators to allow their kids cheat in exams and you wonder why 70% of kids won't rely on fake expo to their detriment.

Also to buttress your point above, the internet has gradually reduced productivity in the world in general.

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Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 2:19am On Dec 20
Most of them can't even exhibit basic reading and comprehension skills.

Very true. That's the result when a lot of people cheat to pass exams even in medical school. Shocking.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 2:18am On Dec 20
As for the old single mums, those ones are just using that to leech the welfare system, whilst they fvck around.

Reminds one of the single mother in Dublin that got her intimate pics posted online by her "boyfriend" about a week ago.

I know plenty-of-fish - when did they change the domain name to grin

They both lead to the same place.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 1:55am On Dec 20
But you know how toxic the forum has become

That's such a shame and I think the lowering of educational standards has a big part to play in that coupled with riff raff's now becoming undergraduates because the entry scores have been lowered and also the amount of exam malpractice that goes on in our exam halls.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 1:41am On Dec 20

It's about emasculating black men. And perhaps some of them are just bitter about something. Who knows?

I think its "delayed womens liberation" a.k.a "independent womans syndrome".

A case of assertiveness gone wrong as evidenced by the horde of single black women in their late forties and even early fifties and the battalion of single mothers who have mismanaged their own marriages due to their cantankerous nature and wrongly copying every thing oyinbo literature and TV tells them.

Just log onto and you will see approx 500,000 people online at any time - a sizeable proportion being women.
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 1:00am On Dec 20
Moreover, they only push that "school of thought" on black men. When they meet white men, they get star-struck and become slaves. Overly submissive.

A clear case of inferiority complex.

most white men aren't even attracted to them, they just objectify them

If only they knew what these men say about their body parts to their mates who haven't been with a black woman before.

I'm super-western and I'm also super-black/African.

Seeing that you did not grow up in Africa, how did you manage to keep a strong black identity in a country that has perpetually knocked everything black overtly and covertly ?
Family / Re: The Manipulated Man - A Book By Esther Vilar by Ilekokonit: 12:51am On Dec 20

They're just too emotional, and everything they do is induced by emotional impulses in BPS (bits per second). grin

When they come with that flurry of emotional rants, I just lock off my phone, and switch it off. And if we're together in the same vicinity, I just tell them to shut the fvck up, and walk away. Ain't no one got time for that. grin

Its amazing how fast these women type when they want to send you multiple "per second" texts and want to brow beat you into accepting their point of view BY FORCE.

Most of these texts at the end of the day are childish to say the least.

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