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Politics / Re: Fg’ll Establish New Special Forces To Tackle Terrorism – Jonathan by Ilekokonit: 1:19am On Sep 16
Man, be careful with your use of words.
How sure are you about those allegations?
Do you know God's judgement awaits you if those allegations are not true?
Whichever way, abusing your president with such words is condemnable.
You will never tolerate anyone degrading your parents in like manner.

I didn't have to reply you but because I hate Treasury Looters with a passion, I will address your points one at a time :-

I will never be careful when abusing Treasury Looters.

I am 101% sure Jonathan is a Thief and a Treasury Looter.

God does not mind my abusing a Treasury Looter.

Jonathan stealing from Nigerians is condemnable.

My parents are not Treasury Looters.

Every Treasury Looter including Jonathan is a BSTARD and as long as God is on the throne, all Treasury Looters including Jonathan, OBJ, IBB, Abdulsalami, Tinubu etc etc will all die untimely deaths including their collaborators and apologists.

Treasury Looters don't show any mercy when impoverishing and killing Nigerians with poverty, hunger and hopelessness hence Treasury Looters OF ALL PARTIES and TRIBES deserve no mercy as they are all BSTARDS and will rot somewhere worse than hellfire.

Since our prayers for our Lootocrat leaders have not worked maybe outrightly cursing these criminals in power MAY do the trick of converting them from stealing us blind
Politics / Re: Fg’ll Establish New Special Forces To Tackle Terrorism – Jonathan by Ilekokonit: 9:49pm On Sep 14
He also assured that government was intensifying “ongoing efforts directed at equipping and retooling our Armed Forces for better service delivery even in the midst of funding constraints”.

What funding constraints is this Bstard of a President talking about After stealing Nigeria blind this piece of sheet of a President has the audacity to insult us by saying there are funding constraints.


Travel / Re: 10 People You Will Meet In A "Danfo" Bus by Ilekokonit: 2:15am On Sep 12
Onegai: Trust my mama to have sharp Nigerian mama tongue: "you'll be carrying natural hair up and down, wearing ankara with oily face, she thought you were poor and at her level!" grin

Why do Nigerians ridicule poor people ??

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Politics / Re: I Didn't Travel To Chad With Sheriff, Says Jonathan by Ilekokonit: 1:01am On Sep 12
jeffizy: Quote me: The President and his Numbskull assistants are MAD!!!

You can not steal so much money and remain sane.


Politics / Re: Ogun Governor, Amosun In Certificates Forgery, Age Falsification. by Ilekokonit: 12:45am On Jan 11
Amosun's F9 parallel in Physics and Chemistry proves once again that "Its not what you know but who you know"
Business / Serving British Policeman Admits Lying In Order To Bring Down Serving British MP by Ilekokonit: 12:22am On Jan 11
If a Serving member of the British Cabinet can be so brought down by the lies of a Serving British Policeman then nobody is safe from the "mafia" like gang up by so called public servants !!!

Scotland Yard in crisis as PC admits, 'I lied over the Plebgate affair': Commissioner's grovelling apology to ex-Chief Whip

Andrew Mitchell lost his job as the Conservative Party chief whip in the wake of the incident

Pc Keith Wallis had always said that he witnessed Downing Street row

Mr Mitchell has always denied using the word 'pleb' during the argument

Mr Mitchell said he was 'very pleased that justice has been done'

Wallis has offered to resign and pleaded guilty at first opportunity

By Stephen Wright and Tim Shipman

PUBLISHED: 11:08, 10 January 2014

Police officer Keith Wallis today admitted falsely claiming to have witnessed the Downing Street 'plebgate' incident

The Commissioner of the Metropolitan police apologised to former Cabinet minister Andrew Mitchell last night – after a serving police officer admitted that they had lied about ‘Plebgate’.

In what was described as ‘a black day for the Met’, PC Keith Wallis – who falsely claimed to have witnessed the infamous row between a colleague and Mr Mitchell – pleaded guilty to misconduct in public office.

The former Chief Whip said he was ‘pleased that justice had been done’ but said ‘serious questions remained’ over the conduct of the police.

The Prime Minister quickly rallied to support him, raising the prospect that Mr Mitchell could eventually return to frontline politics.

Mr Cameron said: ‘It is completely unacceptable for a serving police officer to falsify an account of any incident.

'Andrew Mitchell has consistently denied the version of events presented in the email and I welcome the fact that the officer concerned has now pleaded guilty.’

And Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was forced to make a grovelling apology, after initially backing the officers involved in the affair.

Speaking in November 2012, Mr Hogan-Howe insisted that he was ‘100 per cent’ behind the officers, saying: ‘They accurately reported what happened. All the evidence I saw led me to think it was accurate.

‘I believe my officers. They had no reason to lie.’

But in an embarrassing climbdown, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe said Wallis, 53, had fallen ‘way below’ the standards expected of officers.

Conservative MP Andrew Mitchell was forced to resign as the party's chief whip following claims that he labelled Downing Street police officers 'plebs'. He has always denied the claims

Pc Keith Wallis sent an email to his MP, the deputy chief whip John Randall, falsely claiming to have witnessed the Downing Street row.

MPs have demanded to know why the Met Chief had been so quick to back the officers’ version of events.

Conservative Michael Ellis, who sits on the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, said it was a ‘major crisis for the Metropolitan Police’.

Asked whether the affair had become a ‘major crisis’ for the Met, Croydon South MP Sir Richard said: ‘We now have firm evidence that a police officer has lied to bring down a cabinet officer and a huge injustice has been done.

Read more:
Business / UK Financial Watchdog Knew Co-op Bank Chairman Had A Criminal Conviction by Ilekokonit: 11:50pm On Jan 10
No better reminder than the following story that "Its not what you know in the system, its who you know"

UK Financial Watchdog (The Financial Services Authority - FSA) knew Co-op bank chairman had only been a clerk and had a criminal conviction... but rubber-stamped his appointment anyway

He did not even have the full AIB Qualification !!!!!!!

Paul Flowers's role approved by the FSA in 2010 after a 90 minute interview

Senior official of FSA says although Flowers lacked experience he gave 'cogent' answers

By James Salmon

PUBLISHED: 01:04, 8 January 2014

The appointment of Reverend Paul Flowers as Co-op Bank chairman came despite the City watchdog knowing his banking experience was limited to four years as a clerk in the 1960s, MPs were told yesterday.

Clive Adamson, who was a senior figure at the now-defunct Financial Services Authority, rubber-stamped the appointment after a 90-minute interview in 2010, even though he also knew the disgraced former Methodist minister had been convicted for gross indecency.

The senior regulator, now head of supervision at the new Financial Conduct Authority, was hauled to appear before the Treasury Select Committee yesterday.

The panel of MPs and peers is investigating the near-collapse of the so-called ‘ethical’ bank, which secured a rescue package last month to plug a £1.5billion black hole in its finances.

Flowers quit his £132,000-a-year job last summer after the shortfall was identified. But in November, footage emerged of him allegedly buying crystal meth and crack cocaine. He is now on police bail.

He has also been accused of using his work email while a Labour councillor in Bradford to organise drug-fuelled SinParties with male prostitutes.

Mr Adamson said he was aware of Reverend Flowers’s spent conviction for gross indecency after he was caught performing a sex act in a public toilet in 1981, but said the nature of the conviction was deemed to be ‘not directly relevant to his ability to do the job’.

MPs also grilled Mr Adamson about why he approved the man now dubbed the ‘Crystal Methodist’ to run a bank despite knowing he lacked relevant skills.

Mr Adamson rejected accusations from committee chairman Andrew Tyrie that the appointment was ‘negligent’, saying: ‘I don’t think it was a mistake in terms of the decision I made at the time with the information I had.’

Before revelations over his private life emerged, the suspended minister admitted to the Treasury Committee in November that his only banking experience was four years as a clerk after leaving university in the late 1960s.

The Reverend’s lack of knowledge was highlighted when he was asked by MPs to estimate the size of the Co-op Bank’s balance sheet. He said it was £3billion, only to be informed that the real size was £47billion.

Mr Adamson said he knew the Reverend lacked banking experience but said he gave more ‘cogent’ answers in the 2010 interview.

Instead, he said the Reverend was appointed to bring together an ‘unruly board of 22 indididuals’ at the bank. But Mr Tyrie responded: ‘One of your solutions to taming this unruly board was putting in a financial illiterate as its chair.’

Asked by Mr Tyrie if he would approve of chair of nuclear power station who knew nothing about nuclear energy, Mr Adamson responded: 'It would depend on the circumstances.'

Mr Adamson rejected accusations from committee chairman Andrew Tyrie that the appointment was ‘negligent’. He said:

‘I don’t think it was a mistake in terms of the decision I made at the time with the information I had.’

Asked about Flowers’ past conviction, he added: ‘We regarded it, but it was from 1981 and we didn’t think that the nature of that conviction was directly relevant to his ability to do the job. We had to be very careful not to draw inferences from people’s private lives into their professional lives’.

Mr Adamson also admitted he was unaware of Flowers’ later conviction for drink driving in 1990.

'Financial illiterate': The Reverend¿s lack of knowledge was highlighted when he was asked by MPs to estimate the size of the Co-op's balance sheet. He said it was £3billion; in fact the real size was £47billion

Police have seized Reverend Flowers’ Co-op work computer and his laptop hard drive from his time as a Labour councillor in Bradford

He has been accused of using his work email to organise drugs fuelled SinParties with male prostitutes.

Flowers resigned from Bradford Council in September 2011 after adult pornographic material was found on his computer.

The shoddy management of the Co-op Bank has led it to the brink.

It sealed a rescue package last month to plug a £1.5billion black hole in its finances.

The Co-op Group, the funeral services to supermarkets giant which owned the Co-op Bank, has ceded control of the lender to hedge funds.

Thousands of ordinary investors have been forced to take a haircut on their investments to help ensure the bank stays afloat.

Read more:
Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by Ilekokonit: 5:54pm On Jan 09
Why did the "faceless group" have to "hire a private investigator" when Ms Oduah could have simply laid the matter to rest by publishing a copy of her "purported" MBA certificate on the net for all to see. ??

Oh, I forgot that rats could have "selectively" eaten her MBA certificate.


Politics / Re: St Paul's College President Denies Speaking To SaharaReporters by Ilekokonit: 5:41pm On Jan 09
Surely it doesn't cost up to $2,000 to call those numbers even if you are calling from the moon ??

Who are they trying to hoodwink.


Politics / Re: President Jonathan Asked Sanusi To Resign But He Refused by Ilekokonit: 9:26am On Jan 09
ba7man: If he doesn't have the balls to remove Stella Oduah, he doesn't have the balls to remove Sanusi Lamido.


It is clearly evident that GEJ is punching above his weight. Remember this is a guy who went to an outgoing USA ambassador to Nigeria and confessed to her that he did not have the Admin experience for the job. That undoubtedly shows humility on his part BUT the guy simply does not have enough brain cells to be Nigeria's President. It will be a calamity for Nigeria if we have another 4 years of Gross Incompetence from GEJ and I would rather have another Ijaw man or woman replacing Jonathan and staying for another 8 years or more AS LONG AS that replacement has solid O'levels as against GEJ's evidently fraudulent PHD.

There is no way a PHD under the sun will be as cerebrally deficient as Goodluck evidently is.


Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Scrambles To Cover Up Certificate Forgery Scandal by Ilekokonit: 7:50pm On Jan 07
rasojie: why do Nigerians refuse to be honest and and be able to see above sentiments? is this how we bring up our children?? no wonder the moral laxity among children is high. how come we cover up sin and crime. i remember when a Ghanian minister was quoted as saying that she will leave politics only after making a million dollars, she was Sacked instantly, it shows zero tolerance for corruption. Now i begin to realise why the much awaited change in Nigeria will never come. there will never be a change or 'transformation' in a corrupt environment.
which way Nigeria?

Thank Goodness we still have some decent people in Nigeria.

** From the way the oppressed Nigerians defend our captors, it would seem that cowardice and self deceit now seems to be in our dna ? **

****************** can't we get out of our comfort zones for once ? ************************

are nigerians suffering from a case of stockholm syndrome where the kidnapped (the masses) now start having sympathy for their kidnapper (the lootocrats) ??

people are now afraid of calling a spade a spade because they fear that a corrective revolution would stop them from going to their jobs to earn a living while driving past 90% of the population who have hunger, fear, poverty, hopelessness and utter despair apparent on their faces.

they are "afraid of change" because a revolution will mean that they temporarily will not be able to go to shoprite or silverbird galleria even though they at times drive past dead bodies on the way to their temporary enjoyment.

they dont want to sacrifice any comfort because at least they have jobs and are not particularly downtrodden "at the moment".

they will criticise any one who points a finger at our corrupt rulers because the corruption of our politicians has "not yet" reduced them to abject poverty.

at least they can pay their immediate bills "at the moment".

but for how long will we refuse to call a spade a spade like fela did ??

instead of letting us collectively shame our leaders into stopping their corruption we are busy pontificating against any one who exposes our corrupt rulers because we do not want to rock the boat.

our politicians have "ganged up" against us to make our lives a misery thus far.

when are we going to "gang up" against them and tell them that enough is enough ?

if we don't have that courage yet, when are we going to learn to give the most courageous amongst us the moral support they rightfully deserve ??

*********************** or is cowardice and self deceit in our dna ? ************************

****************** can't we get out of our comfort zones for once ? ************************

haven't you heard about the word "critical mass" ?

until we have a "critical mass" of nigerians who boldly say enough is enough or if they are not bold enough then try and give the boldest among us the moral support he or she needs to confront our evil rulers, nigeria is not yet ready for equitable redistribution of our "common wealth".

it took just one guy who was fed up of being oppressed to set himself on fire and die before tunisia was liberated followed by egypt and latterly libya.

haven't we heard of righteous anger ??

God will not leave himself without a witness.

courage to speak the truth in the face of apparent danger to your life can only be given by God.

"170 million people can not all remain cowards forever"

Yes, our captors have Guns to kill and silence us if we take to the streets in protest BUT we have a weapon that reaches further than theirs in our COLLECTIVE internet voice, so we should learn NOT to use our own weapon to justify the evil doings of our heartless adversaries who don't give a hoot if mine or your children die of poverty and/or hopelessness induced by the corruption of Nigerian Politicians and their associates


Politics / Re: Inter-ethnic Marriages Or NYSC Which Can Promote National Integration Better? by Ilekokonit: 7:33pm On Jan 06
Inter-ethnic Marriages Or NYSC Which Can Promote National Integration Better?

What WILL promote national integration better is when the "Educated Illiterates" in our midst start getting rid of their "Stinking Thinking" and drop their backward tribalistic tendencies.

I often wonder how a supposedly enlightened, exposed and educated Nigerian can be more tribalistic than an illiterate who did not go to school.
Politics / Re: Mentally ill Woman Delivers Baby At Rubbish Dump In Lagos State (Pics) by Ilekokonit: 7:23am On Jan 06
If this new baby girl or her mentally ill but neglected mum curse Nigeria and its leaders for failing to nurse her back to mental health in the past 4 years, it would only take the grace of God to break such a VALID curse.
Career / Worst CV In The World by Ilekokonit: 11:18pm On Jan 05
World’s worst CV admits to ‘stealing’, ‘laziness’ and ‘skiving’

Benedict Le Gauche is every employer’s dream – a ‘venereal disease-free’ jobhunter with a history of stealing from his workplace and a relaxed attitude towards punctuality.

Mr Le Gauche described the government course he attended for the long-term unemployed as ‘patronising’

At least that is what the 28-year-old hopes, after writing what may be the world’s worst CV.

He calls his previous jobs ‘boring and drudgerous and disheartening’ while dismissing his philosophy degree as ‘pointless’.

Duties at his earlier jobs included peddling ‘disastrous horses***’ and stealing ginger biscuits.

Other roles included ‘hiding’ and ‘pretending to be on the phone’.

But it is not all bad. Mr Le Gauche – not his real name – says he ‘can stand the company of people I hold in contempt’ and ‘can lift more than it looks like I can lift’.

Under extracurricular activities, he adds: ‘I draw pictures of my friends and give them to them as birthday presents. I like to close my eyes and pretend I am Darth Vader.’

He is hoping the brutally honest application will land him the job of his dreams – although he admits it is ‘statistically improbable’ he will actually enjoy any work he gets.

‘I just wanted to write something that looked like me, not everyone else,’ he said. ‘What I put on the CV is basically the truth.

‘I figured if someone sees it and sees some sort of potential in me then I might get something better than what I would have done with a conventional CV.’

Mr Le Gauche, from Manchester, took the unusual step after attending a ‘patronising’ government course for the long-term unemployed.

So far, he has secured an interview as a copywriter and several angry replies from recruitment agents.

But he has vowed to stick with it until he runs out of cigarettes, when he may ‘have the chemical impetus to write a normal CV’.

Link to his full CV :-

His full CV is replicated below :-

The CV

Personal Statement

My name is BENEDICT LE GAUCHE and I was born on 02/05/83 which makes me 28 and ripe as a lemon. I’m looking for a job I’ll like. As a man of integrity I’m not about to try and give you the impression that all the jobs I’ve had previously were brilliant learning experiences tailor-made to equip me for precisely the job I’m applying for (hello you) when in reality they have been, for the greater part, boring and drudgerous and disheartening.

I should state I was not bad at them. The capacity to bear such trials whilst retaining an at-most-times sunny disposition might be called something like ‘the ability to work under pressure’. Yes. I wasn’t bad. I was good in fact – I can’t think of a job I wasn’t good at. (I can: a call centre job at a company called GOVNET – ‘a communication tool that government uses to communicate with the third sector’ and home to the most disastrous horseshit I’ve had the pleasure of peddling, commercially.)

So, but via some kind of weird pride or fear of being disliked I have hitherto been inspired to perform above averagely for every company I’ve ever worked for and believe that I can harness this same fear in the furthering of your company goals. Who knows? I might even like the job! Though this is statistically improbable.

Some short sentences about me: I excel at customer service – really fly, you should see. I can lift more than it looks like I can lift. I like working on my own if there isn’t anyone fun to work with but can also stand the company of people I hold in contempt and am, in this sense, versatile. I can work incredibly long hours, and will work for very little money. I have ginger hair and for a lot of people this is a talking point.

Sometimes I do not feel like I am completely in control of myself and I have to pinch myself very hard. I like the great outdoors. As of the 11th January 2011 I am free from all venereal disease. Thanks for taking the time out to read my application. I’ve tried my best to be honest. I really excel at customer service and do, through great force of will and habit, hide the worst of my qualities.

Work History

Cleaner/Caretaker; The Women’s Organisation, Manchester ; 11/08/2010 – Present

Duties include: Working out how dirty I can let the building get without Lisa complaining and then cleaning to this exact standard. Composing lewd/crass emails to Alison. Enjoying the reversal of gender stereotypes. Pride swallowing. Key holding.

Host: Zion Arts Centre, Manchester; 02/02/2011 – 28/07/2011

Moving chairs from one place to another place. Tables, sometimes. I sat on the front desk. I colleced printouts from the office which is 300 meters away from the desk and I brought them back. When people passed the desk and made little jokes in a kind of we’re-in-this-together spirit I laughed even if the jokes were not at all funny. This made me feel hollow. I tried to fill the hollow by eating stem ginger biscuits that I stole from the cafe.

The biscuits were delicious but they did not fill the hollow. Duties included: Checking that the toilets were still there and that it was ok in them, still. Keeping a log of this information on an A4 that was taped to the back of the toilet door. Taking orders from people who are conspicuously younger than me.

Copywriter ;, the internet ; July 2010

Duties included: Writing about fabrics and tailoring like they were something I thought were exciting and meaningful. Researching the exact tone of condescension invariably used in the Q&A sections of trendy fashion websites and overcoming an astonishing sense of dread in order to copy seven shades of poo out of exactly this tone. Wondering whether I preferred prostitution of the mind or of the body. Wondering whether this made me a writer. Wondering when it would end.

Waiter/Barista/Kitchen Porter ; Koffee Pot, Manchester ; I did this job like five times in 2010

Duties included: Washing up until somebody told me it was time to wash the floor. Washing floors. Pretending I was cooler than I am and that I was ok with all this washing up.

Commis Chef ; Stock Restaurant, Manchester ; 28/09/2009 to 15/12/2009

Duties Included: The preparation and presentation of fine-dining dishes. Intimate acquaintance with panic. Embracing with grace and good cheer being called ‘Julie’ by most of my colleagues. Teamwork. Because I personally went in to resign instead of anonymously skulking off I was commended for my bravery and forthrightness though I really only went in to collect my ipod and my terrifyingly sharp knife.

Telephone Guy ; GOVNET, Manchester ; 15/8/2009 to 28/8/2009

Duties included: Pretending to be on the phone. Joining my irrevocably compromised colleagues in the morning chorus of ‘I’M GOING TO SELL SELL SELL (my soul)!’. Trying to work out what it was the company did and what part of that I was supposed to be doing. Hiding.

Bookseller ; Blackwell University Bookshop, Manchester ; 01/06/2006 to 10/12/2008

Where I was kept on after temping because I was more than willing to share my social time / pass notes on Belle and Sebastian with the full-time staff. My meteoric rise to ‘Fiction Buyer’ – I was for a time featured on their website as an ‘expert’ – was tempered only by my devil-may-care attitude toward punctuality and what was termed in meetings with management as my ‘attitude problem’ (Bleep OFF).

Having achieved a dream I attributed après coup to my traumatic childhood at such a tender age (the dream of being able to buy ‘all of the books’) I withered on the publishing vine and hit the bottle. I eventually left, to Denmark, in pursuit of dubious love. Duties included: Daily use of the full suite of Microsoft Office programmes. For two years. So now I can’t look at a latticed window without seeing, in my mind’s eye, Excel and everything that follows.

Weekend bookseller ; Books Etc. Manchester Printworks (now a Cafe Rouge) ; 02/08/2005 to 20/12/2005

Where I ignored signs that the world of bookselling was not quite as I’d pictured it in my dreams (signs included: Simon’s cadaverous skin and desperate smell. Eve’s quiet fury at how unlike the dream of youth real-life-retail-maturity had turned out to be. And Richard’s faltering attempts to allay this same fear and same desperation by writing plays that no-one ever performed, no-one ever saw, drunk, as was I, on the promised authority of the author over his and all possible worlds.). Duties included: Cashing up. Data input.

Retail man ; NEXT, Market Street Lancaster ; 06/09/2001 to 01/02/2003

Duties included: Resisting the desire to fold my arms. Resisting the desire to yawn. Resisting the desire put either of my hands into either of my pockets. Resisting the desire to scream aloud. I learned how to separate women who’re clutching with their dear lives to the same knitwear without ruining the knitwear. Learned how to dress wounds. Learned what it means to be a man (thanks Wendy).

Education // Trainings

Customer Service Certification ; Mary Gober International ; June 2007

After a two day course in a hellhole hotel deep in suburban Leeds my self-satisfaction is up from 46% to 79% and number of written complaints I receive down from 400 to 35 (all statistics in line with their website[1])

BA (hons) Philosophy (2:1) ; Manchester Metropolitan University ; 06/06/2002 to 06/07/2006


A levels, English Language (C), English Literature (C) Mathematics (D) ; Preston College, Preston ; 06/06/1999 to 06/07/2001

I learned that I was not nearly as clever as I’d always assumed I was. A difficult pill to swallow.

GCSEs in all manner of subjects (4xA, 2xB, 3xC and 1xD ); Garstang High School, Garstang, Lancashire ; 1994 – 1999

So unfathomably long ago that I can remember only vague scenes and almost certainly nothing of value.

Extracurricular Pursuits

I read, I brood, I play squash, I collect Nina Simone and Fats Waller and Billie Holiday records because they are beautiful. In order that the cheques do not stop I sometimes spend time with the family. I like going to parties (If ever I sit next to you at a party it is likely that I will talk to you about the author David Foster Wallace in a way that you will find dreadfully boring and it is likely that you will start looking around in an increasingly frantic manner for your friends. I will be hurt by your obvious attempt to escape and I will most likely betray this hurt by rhythmically stroking my ironic tie). I play the piano and the guitar. Sometimes I’ll give a cigarette to a tramp. I draw pictures of my friends and give them to them as birthday presents. I like to close my eyes and pretend I am Darth Vader. I pursue love and happiness like anyone else, with about the same level of success.

Facts and Figures

Average time I stay in a job: 357 days
Average wage: £6.15p/h
My weight, as of June 2011: 56KG
Number of friends on Facebook: 289
Age at which I was 100% sure I’d passed puberty: 21
Average number of letters in my eight ex girlfriend’s Christian names: 5
Number of letters in current girlfriend’s name: 9
% of customers satisfied: 97% (up from 74% thanks to The Gober Method)
Fashion / Black Women Buy Hair Shaved Off In Sacrifice To Hindu Gods As Human Hair by Ilekokonit: 3:07am On Dec 31, 2013
Is the Hindu god happy that his property (the sacrifice of hair) is being reprocessed and repackaged as human hair ?

From Hindu temple to Hollywood hairdo: How thousands of Indian women have their heads shaved to please the gods... only for the hair to end up as £3,000 extensions

The hair of even Indian babies are even scraped and auctioned off to exporters before it ends up in Human Hair.

Every day, thousands of Indian women – and a few men – offer up their hair as a gift to Lord Venkateswara, the presiding deity at the Hindu temple of Tirumala Venkateswara in India.

Temple hair, as it is known, has already found its way to hundreds of British salons, where it is sold in the form of real hair extensions costing up to £3,000 a time.

Yet the women who once possessed the hair – many of them peasants – receive not a penny, donating their hair, instead, as a religious sacrifice.

The shaving ceremony and the sale of hair is not limited to this one holy site, but Tirumala Venkateswara attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims in a single day and is by far the dominant temple in the trade.

Small children being carried by their mothers can be heard whimpering. They too are candidates for tonsuring – the shaving of the head as a sign of religious devotion.

With a few expert sweeps of a razor, each head is shaved smooth and is then doused with water, washing away any blood caused by nicks from the razor.

Often, as they wait for their turn, the women’s faces are impassive, their lips pressed shut, as though trying not to cry.

Thousands have made an oath to their gods – they may have asked to be blessed with a child or for a good harvest. Should their wish be fulfilled, they offer their most precious possession as a sign of gratitude.

Pujari Aruna started her pilgrimage early one Sunday morning and, after walking in her bare feet for 30 hours.
‘Offering your hair to the god is a symbolic gesture of surrendering one’s ego,’ she says, ‘and a way of giving thanks for your blessings.’

Aruna says she is thankful because her husband, Pujari Nagraja, 45, made a swift recovery after an accident. She seems unconcerned by the fate of her hair after tonsure and shakes her head. ‘I don’t know what temple staff will do with it but I am sure they sell it to someone.’

Baskets filled with hair are collected every six hours and stored in a vast warehouse where it is piled knee deep.

Sometimes it has never been cut. The temple then auctions off the hair – even taking online bids – to exporters around the globe.

The following youtube video by Chris Rock travels to India to document the practice of Indian women freely sacrificing their hair to their Hindu god and the same hair being auctioned off and exported to be repackaged as human hair. start video at the 51 min mark

Politics / Arabs (including North Africans) Don't Recognize Blacks As Fellow Men !!!! by Ilekokonit: 10:12pm On Dec 30, 2013
Currently watching a programme titled "Muslims of France" on Al Jazeera Tv and some of the contents of the programme reminded me of a time I was house sharing with an Algerian chap in London and the Algerian clearly felt and once mentioned denigrating words to the effect that there was a difference between North Africans and Black Africans but eventually he was put in his place by his inability to match the Nigerian co-tenants English Language abilities although he wasn't too happy about that.

Some of the contents of the "Muslims of France" programme narrated by a North African chap are as follows :-

The blacks didn't found Islam. The Blacks were slaves first before Prophet Mohammed founded Islam and liberated Blacks from slavery

Arabs don't recognize blacks as fellow men !!!!

Violent clashes often resulting in death erupted when the Black Africans from Mali and Senegal were relocated from Sub-Human slums and housed alongside North Africans in better accommodation by the French Govt in the 1970's.

It really is a crazy world we live in.

Link to get video directly from Al Jazeeras website

go to the second video titled :- "Muslims of France: Part 2 - Immigrants" Relevant bit starts from around the 32:30 min mark
Culture / Nigerian-American Kid's Video On How To Speak Yoruba by Ilekokonit: 4:16pm On Dec 27, 2013
Career / Re: Woman Loses Pregnancy After Alleged Kick From Lebanese Boss by Ilekokonit: 9:57pm On Dec 25, 2013
The big question is how does our government treat its own people? The way our Govt treats us is exactly the same way these foreigners will treat us in our own country. If our government treats us with love and respect, which foreigner will dare come here and brutalise our pregnant women ?
Business / One In 11 Britons Has Less Than £10 A Month Disposable Income by Ilekokonit: 4:15am On Dec 19, 2013
18 Nov 2013

One in 11 people, or 4.5 million British adults, have less than £10 a month left over once they have paid their essential bills, new research from thinkmoney has found.

With many households struggling to make ends meet, the findings from budgeting account provider thinkmoney reveal the worryingly small amounts of disposable income people have left once they've met all their financial commitments.

Of the 2,149 people polled, one in four said they had less than £50 a month to spend after bills.

Across the UK, the average monthly disposable income was £224.50. However, there was a wide gender difference with men reporting having disposable incomes averaging £272.50, almost twice as much as women (£190.20).

Young people reported having the least disposable income, with 18-24 year-olds averaging £174.20 – some 22% below the overall UK average. Almost one in three people in this age group have less than £50 a month to spend after bills.

By contrast, the wealthiest in terms of post-bills spending money are people over 65, with an average of £269.50 a month available to spend.

The amount of disposable income also varies depending on where people live. It is highest in London, at an average of £261, and the South East, at £244. People in the North East and Wales have the lowest disposable incomes, at £199 and £181 respectively.

Worryingly, one in six people questioned in Wales said they had less than £10 a month to spend after bills.

“It’s stressful not knowing if you will have enough money to pay the bills and afford added extras each month,” said Ian Williams, director of communications at thinkmoney.

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Romance / 86 Yr Old Widower Dies HRS B4 Claiming His Prize Of Sleeping With 2 Prostitutes by Ilekokonit: 7:06pm On Dec 16, 2013
Widower, 86, chokes on his steak just HOURS before having sex for the first time in over a decade after winning 'Get My Grandfather Laid' contest on Howard Stern

Johny Orris won a coupon for sex at Nevada's famed Bunny Ranch after his grandson Ed, 49, entered him in the 'Get My Grandpa Laid' contest on Howard Stern

Orris only took two bites of steak before he began choking to death

'I'm gonna be back here at 9-o'clock--you'd better be ready!,' Orris told the girls he'd been corresponding with almost every day since October

Ed used his grandfather's coupon for a night at the Bunny Ranch since Johnny couldn't

PUBLISHED: 00:58, 14 December 2013 | UPDATED: 02:54, 14 December 2013

An elderly widower choked on a celebratory Steak dinner in Lake Tahoe Thursday night just hours before having sex for the first time since his beloved wife died over a decade ago.

Johnny Orris, 86, was greatly looking forward to collect a prize he'd won on the Howard Stern show for the 'Get My Get my Grandpa Laid' contest in October: a menage a trois with two prostitutes at the famed Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Orris and his grandson Ed, 49, were dining at the Sage Room Steakhouse at Harvey's Lake Tahoe when Orris began choking on his meal, said Bunny ranch owner Dennis Hof to the Daily News.

Johnny Orris and his grandson Ed appeared on the Howard Stern Show in October

The men appeared on the show for the 'Get My Grandpa Laid' contest shown here on Howard Stern's Website

Ed and the maitre'd performed CPR. Orris was later taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Prostitutes Caressa Kisses and Vanity were heartbroken upon hearing the news that the gentleman they'd corresponded with almost every day since October choked just moments before they were able to give him the night of his life.

'I'm gonna be back here at 9-o'clock--you'd better be ready!,' Orris told the girls.

'He was on cloud nine, and anxious to get back to the Bunny Ranch,' said his grandson Ed.

Back in October, Orris told Howard Stern that his wife died 11 years ago and that he hadn't had sex since. He loved his wife dearly and never strayed. After her death he remained celibate but he dreamed of having sex with 'big breasted black women. '

The Friday following the contest, Ed and his grandfather spent the day flirting with the bunnies and Johnny was able to choose the two he wanted for his 'dream come true.' He chose the blonde and busty Caressa and a curvaceous brunette named Vanity.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, mourned the retired farmer's tragic death

Orris flew all the way from Sullivan, Illinois and wanted to have steak 'before the big game,' Hof told TMZ.

'Johnny said he was prepping for the "Super Bowl of Sex" and he never got there,' continued Hof.

Ed went to the ranch to tell them the sad news after his grandfather choked.

Hof and the bunnies let Ed use his grandpa's coupon for a free night of fun.

Ed told TMZ that he would have felt bad leaving the ranch without experiencing what it had to offer.

He also told TMZ he didn't have sex with Caressa or Vanity 'because that would have been weird.'

The Moonlight Bunny ranch is considered 'the finest adult entertainment facility' in Reno according to their website.

The ranch was featured in an HBO documentary called, 'Cathouse.' It is one of the few legal brothels in the United States.

Nevada is the only state to legalize any form of prostitution.

The Bunny Ranch was made famous after it was featured in an HBO documentary called 'Cathouse'

Read more:
Family / Re: Baby Strapped To A Pillow So Her Mum Could Work (Picture) by Ilekokonit: 12:44am On Dec 16, 2013
Its normal abeg! Them say make woman weh born no rest? This pillow is better than some that will give the baby panadol or sleeping tab or ogogoro.

Giving a harmless baby ogogoro just to send the infant to sleep ?? If the ogogoro damages the baby's liver the mother will now start blaming her enemies or her mother in law and be going from one pastor to the next in search of a cure.
Business / Re: Watch Out For Scammers At Shoprite (ikeja) by Ilekokonit: 12:29am On Dec 16, 2013
If Nigeria had more people willing to expose corruption (at all levels) like this poster has just done then maybe our redemption as a nation will be hastened.
Family / Re: Baby Strapped To A Pillow So Her Mum Could Work (Picture) by Ilekokonit: 10:37pm On Dec 15, 2013
for d baby mind,him dey enjoy mummy's soft back...he no knw say na pillow!!!...

Mum's are now deceiving babies !!! Which way Nigeria ?

The mums in question probably have never heard of Cot Death or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Is Our Mandela ~ Doyin Okupe (on AIT) December 6, 2013 by Ilekokonit: 9:04am On Dec 08, 2013
These Politicians are actually poking their fingers in our eyes and daring us to do our worst because they know fully well that the balance of power is tilted in their favour.

One of them has actually called Patience Jonathan his own Jesus Christ on earth and now the inept Jonathan is compared to Mandela.

Jonathan is surrounded by advisers who are mocking him and will eventually lead him to disgrace.
Romance / Re: Sleeping With Another Man's Wife. by Ilekokonit: 8:39am On Dec 08, 2013
Life has a way to make us answerable to our deeds, to reap whatever we sow.

Why then are our Looting Politicians not reaping the misery they deserve for impoverishing millions of Nigerians ?
Foreign Affairs / Re: Nelson Mandela Is Dead by Ilekokonit: 12:44am On Dec 06, 2013
An Angel has left us
Family / Re: Nigerian Killed By A Lorry After Storming Out Of Car During Row With Wife In UK by Ilekokonit: 7:40am On Dec 01, 2013
Many men avoid arguments with their wives, the problem sometimes is that you are followed even when you run.

This is so true. I remember leaving home to avoid an argument with my Ex some years ago and after having had a not so sound sleep at a Bed & Breakfast, I came back home on a Saturday morning in the hope that she will at least let me catch a few hours more sleep. But she wasn't having it and wanted to continue the argument from where we left it the previous night. These UK Naija women sef. Its like this UK brings out the hidden witchcraft tendencies in Niaja women.
Family / Re: Nigerian Killed By A Lorry After Storming Out Of Car During Row With Wife In UK by Ilekokonit: 7:02am On Dec 01, 2013
I personally witnessed a situation where a nigerian wife, in a heated argument, told her husband: are you talking back on me?, are you talking back on me?, you are leaving this house now. She then left the house and called the police, the police arrived in less than ten minutes and asked the husband to leave the house. The man stayed away from the house for one week. A wife is always right in the western world, the law always back them.

Sooner or later only the blind sperm banks will agree to go near Westernised Naija women.
Family / Re: Nigerian Killed By A Lorry After Storming Out Of Car During Row With Wife In UK by Ilekokonit: 6:21am On Dec 01, 2013
Mr Nicholas was being driven to Heathrow Airport by his wife at 4.30am
Let's even assume she kicked him out unto a hard shoulder, you mean she would have left a man who had a flight to catch on the roadside that early morning? I hope his relatives read this commentary. That woman killed your brother and son

Coming from a Naija woman, the above gives us men a flicker of hope that there are still a few educated Nigerian women who still hold on to their humanity in spite of their education.
Family / Re: Nigerian Killed By A Lorry After Storming Out Of Car During Row With Wife In UK by Ilekokonit: 3:54am On Nov 29, 2013
coogar: so which action preceded the other? the wife parking & refusing to move or him getting off & continuing his journey on foot?

Well spotted again. Afterall we are not told that the man jumped down from her speeding car. She must have stopped the car for the man to have gotten off the car in the first place. The question remains :- Why did the Wife from Hell stop the car on an Express road in the first place. Some Nigerian wives in the UK and the US do more damage to a man than the devil


Family / Re: Nigerian Killed By A Lorry After Storming Out Of Car During Row With Wife In UK by Ilekokonit: 3:36am On Nov 29, 2013
she parked her car on M25 thereby putting herself, her husband and other road users in danger. i am sure she asked her hubby out of the car in the heat of their argument - why would a man get down on M25 hoping to hitchhike to heathrow?

Well spotted. Any one who knows the UK's motorways or any other motorway for that matter knows fully well that with the speed at which cars travel thereon, nobody stops for hitchikers so the woman must have told him to get out of her car the same way these Devils call the cops to kick a man out of his own house right in front of his kids.

coogar: this is a very selfish woman - the type to be avoided.

To be quite honest a lot if not most Westernised Naija Women are already selfish in large measure and bad for you on the long run.

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Family / Re: Nigerian Killed By A Lorry After Storming Out Of Car During Row With Wife In UK by Ilekokonit: 2:57am On Nov 29, 2013
This Death was Avoidable if the Man had Divorced the Woman the Minute she shows her true colour as a Poison Tongued Demon

The argument became very aggressive and his voice changed,' she said.

Why wind up your man to the point where the argument becomes aggressive ?

Mrs Olokun-Ola told how things were tense at home due to financial problems.

Typical Nigerian woman in the UK. They always respect the man when he is financially buoyant BUT once his fortunes change for the worse, then he will see their nastier side. Guess our women were not listening on their wedding day when the Pastor said "For Better for Worse" / "For Richer for Poorer"

She no longer felt comfortable driving and pulled over to what she thought was the hardshoulder. The stretch of the M25 where the accident happened was unlit.

The guy obviously knew what was coming and knew the woman was going to tell him to get out of what was possibly her car BUT which demoness in her right mind stops the car on an Express road just to prove her power over her husband

The fight started because she wanted their bank card while he was away.

Never open a joint account with a Westernised Nigerian woman.

Now she has succeeded in hounding the man to death, she can now go and marry her bank card after killing the man who stupidly opened a joint bank account with the cantankerous devil.

'I got out the car and at first I was angry because he didn’t come running over to see if I was okay,' she said. 'I initially couldn’t see him anywhere.'

You have just hounded your husband to death and one of your first thoughts is that he didn’t come running over to see if you were okay !!! Who the hell do these UK Nigerian women think they are that they expect their men to come running at their beck and call ??

Left to me, ALL Nigerian women in the UK will remain single until they come down from their high horses and stop dragging power with men.

You can now see the mindset of a UK based Nigerian woman that accounts for the reason more smart Naija guys in the UK are literarily postponing marriage indefinitely instead of marrying these demons.

it is better to reside in a small corner of the roof than live with a brawling woman in a mansion

Now the poison tongued hen pecking husband hounder has to forever live with the fact that she contributed in no small part to the death of her childrens father

What is a hen pecked husband ??

A hen pecked husband is a man whose wife never stops picking on or criticising him.

To try to dominate or harass (one's husband) with persistent nagging


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