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Celebrities / Re: This Is The Most Unclad Red Carpet In The History Of Fashion [Photos..] * by Ilekokonit: 12:30am
Some of these women get liver pass armed robber.

There is nothing 21st Century women will do that will suprise me. Not after Mercy Johnson, Naomi Campbell, Britney Spears and Rihanna have all shamelessly gone commando in PUBLIC.

Its the way they then try to look innocent when half Unclad in public that pisses me off. Dem go do face like say dem no know wetin dey happen. What deceit As if dem no get mirror for house.

With the current trend, I wonder when women will have the courage to go out completely Unclad in public. but I doubt if they will ever have the liver to do that. but then again, dem no dey know finish. Rihanna will probably be the first to achieve such ignominity.

Its just the innocent young girls they are misleading just to get and make more publicity money for themselves that is my concern.

Eventually, there will be no more innocence in the world. Thats if there currently is any left.
Romance / Re: I'm Tired Of Being Single!!! by Ilekokonit: 10:34pm On Nov 27
Don't look down on anyone, you may be surprised where the miracle will come from.

Good advice.

Education or lack of it is no guarantee of someone being nice.

In fact, I find illiterate women to be more caring and willing to stay in marriage for the long haul than educated ladies.

The only snag is that rightly or wrongly, I feel that illiterate women are more likely to be fetish than educated ones but then again not a few University "big girl aristos" have been caught with fetish objects in their possession. case in point is the Unilag girl who had a live snake under her pillow when the Army was called to chase students out of their campus hostels a few years ago.

Finding a "good" life partner seems to be a matter of luck these days but knowing what i know now, I would rather marry an illiterate than an educated woman. They are just more peace loving in my opinion.
Romance / Re: I'm Tired Of Being Single!!! by Ilekokonit: 4:34am On Nov 27

my ideal partner:
a good christian, has a good university degree, Good spoken English, sensible, compassionate,hard-working,morally upright
older than I am, taller or same height with me, has a good job. Am i asking for too much?

Sorry to burst your baloon but :-

A good university degree There are PHD students who are scammers.

Good spoken English Does not necessarily point to being compassionate.

Older than I am Someone younger than you may love you more than someone older.

Taller or same height with me Which would you choose between height and integrity

Has a good job This is the principal reason some marriages fall apart and some relationships fail to start in the first place. Monetary issues have no part to play in TRUE LOVE. Note that I mentioned TRUE LOVE.

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Romance / Re: M In Love With Tosyne2much by Ilekokonit: 1:50am On Nov 27
she's open with her feelings and pretty too. don't turn her down OK?

She's what I'll call a breath of fresh air.

Her honesty and lack of airs is refreshing.

Classic example of thinking outside the box.
Romance / Re: The Money For Marriage And Who To Marry: Which One Is Harder To Find? by Ilekokonit: 11:30pm On Nov 26
Its definitely the RIGHT one to Marry thats harder to find.

Some people don't make big bucks until later in their life but if you mistakenly or hurriedly marry the wrong spouse it may set you back 20 years or more.

Why do you think that the bible states that "He that findeth a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord."
Romance / Re: M In Love With Tosyne2much by Ilekokonit: 10:30pm On Nov 26
M In Love With Tosyne2much

I don't know hw to tell him because d society doesn't encourage dat

Brave girl.

The biggest deliverance is the deliverance from other peoples opinions.

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Politics / Re: APC Office Raid: DSS Releases List Of Recovered Items by Ilekokonit: 9:17am On Nov 26
why is Nigeria so unfortunate to be led by idiots and silly people like this empty head.

Nonentities ruling intellectuals.
Politics / Re: APC Reps List 50 "Impeachable Offences" Against Jonathan by Ilekokonit: 8:47am On Nov 26
A ranking officer in the House who revealed this said both chambers have resolved to work together for the common good of the country by impeaching President Jonathan for “incompetence, corruption and unprecedented impunity.”

Never in the history of Nigeria has a leader displayed such crass incompetence as we have seen in President Jonathan. It is glaring and you can feel it. Mr. President, with due respect, has shown that he is not capable of running this country. That is the basic truth”, he stated.

So, the Senators and Reps of ALL parties knew all along that Jonathan was incompetent and corrupt but they did NOTHING.

But the minute his impunity affects them directly, they start crying wolf.

What of the millions of Nigerians old and young that are suffering and smiling under their collective incompetence, corruption and gross impunity ??

The current Nigerian politicians of ALL parties DO NOT yet know the meaning of the phrase "common good of the country".

Once we have leaders who understand what "common good of the country" means, then Nigeria will be on the path of glory once again.

Hopefully this will be in our lifetime.
Health / Re: Prof.wole Soyinka Is Suffering From Cancer by Ilekokonit: 12:07am On Nov 26
Prof please hang around for much longer as if anything were to happen to you, we would be like orphans left to the machinations of these merciless Lootocrats of ALL parties who have held EVERY Nigerian hostage by the jugular for far too long.

Wishing you many more years on earth as you are one of the very few remaining voices of conscience left in Nigeria.

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Family / Re: The Angry Black Woman: Racist, Sexist Or Truth. by Ilekokonit: 7:14am On Nov 25

The same women are always quick to attack black men, with the most malicious stereotypical things other races of people attach to black men.

Black women just hate criticisms. That's their Achilles heel and the reason why there's this never ending war between black men and black women everywhere on the planet.

Now, let's ask why the average black woman is always angry. Or is it because she's a willing tool in the destruction of the black man, hence her rebellious nature, for absolutely no reason whatsoever?

I don't know - but black women need to check themselves. We're already a dysfunctional race of people, at the bottom of the totem pole of basically everything.

Yet the average black woman, who is meant to be the glue between the father and child. The one to hold the black family together and raise kids to turn our fortunes around - is now the biggest headache we've as a people. Sad.

You are a very observant person.
Politics / Re: Cultists Kidnap, Murder Kogi Varsityprofessor, Student by Ilekokonit: 6:12am On Nov 25
Professor Otitolaye, who had been championing war against examination malpractice in the institution, was abducted around Stadium Road

So for a conscientious lecturer to do the right thing and fight exam malpractice is now a death sentence in Nigeria.

Soon only armed robbers and cultists will be lecturers in Nigeria.
Politics / Imminent Collapse Of Civil Rule In Nigeria By Femi Falana by Ilekokonit: 8:38pm On Nov 24
Imminent Collapse of Civil Rule in Nigeria By Femi Falana

The dreaded Boko Haram sect has continued to unleash mayhem on defenseless civilians including school children in the north east region . In the last couple of months, the satanic society has annexed part of the territory of the Republic of Nigeria. In the circumstance, the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan has requested both chambers of the National Assembly to ratify his decision to extend emergency rule in the war torn Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states in accordance with section 305 of the Constitution.

While the Senate has commenced deliberations on the request the House of Representatives has been violently restrained by the Police from considering such matter of urgent national significance. 

Without any justification whatsoever, the Speaker of the House, Honourable Aminu Tambuwal and his colleagues were teargassed by the Police and prevented from gaining access to the chambers of the National Assembly last Thursday. In a bid to enter the chambers some of the legislators risked their lives by jumping the fence. In the process, they exposed themselves and the nation to undeserved ridicule. Consequent on the break down of law and order instigated by the Police the National Assembly complex was closed down by the Senate President, General David Mark (rtd). Thus, the House was prevented from carrying out its legislative duties contrary to the order of the Federal High Court that the status quo ante bellum be maintained pending the determination of the suit filed by Honourable Tambuwal over the removal of his security aides.

Although the majority of the members foiled the coup to remove the Speaker the triumph of democracy in the National Assembly may be short lived. Since the ruling party cannot secure the endorsement of the required two thirds majority to remove Speaker Tambuwal the House will be factionalized while the minority will be given official recognition and security protection under a new leadership. In justifying the barbaric invasion of the National Assembly complex by security forces the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Suleiman Abba claimed that the police received intelligence report that hoodlums were going to break law and order in the premises of the National Assembly. To the detriment of democracy the security forces decided to break the law when the hoodlums failed to turn up as arranged!

In a reckless display of partisanship the Police ensured that the Deputy Speaker of the House, Honourable Ihediora and a few other legislators were not subjected to any form of harassment. Meanwhile, the Presidency and the Police have turned round to blame the Speaker and his colleagues for assaulting security operatives who were discharging their "lawful duties" at the National Assembly complex. According to the Police, Tambuwal and a motley crowd of his supporters "broke the cordon, assaulted the Police and evaded due process..." The Police then warned "all political actors to respect constituted authority and due process and desist from the use of thugs to pursue their agenda."

As security forces were used last week to disrupt the proceedings of the National Assembly President Jonathan was prevented by a former militant , Mr. Government Tompolo from attending the flag-off ceremony of the $16 billion EPZ project in Warri, Delta State. Like the terrorists who have prevented the President from visiting Chibok the militants declared him a persona non grata and forced him to stay away from Warri. As if that was not enough, the journalists who had assembled at the venue to report the event were abducted by a horde of armed goons. Even though the reporters regained their freedom after six hours of horrific physical and mental torture those who committed the grave criminal offences of kidnapping and threatening to overawe the President of the Republic have not been arrested by the Nigeria Police Force!

Thus, through sheer negligence and official impunity on the part of the Federal Government the country has become a failed State where security forces are competing with criminal gangs in the wanton infringements of the civil liberties of law abiding citizens. Like the terrorists who attack communities while ill-equipped soldiers vamoose, armed thugs are allowed to threaten the life of the President of the Republic while the Police without any reaction from the Police. But unlike terrorists who abduct school girls in the night, militants kidnap journalists, lawyers and others during the day. Unlike coup plotters who overthrow legitimate governments at night security forces collude with anti-democratic forces in broad daylight to remove elected leaders of legislative houses. Having been enriched by the State and allowed to acquire weapons without any license some ex-militants have set up armed gangs for the 2015 general election.

It is common knowledge that many politicians have also established illegal violent groups of unemployed youths and cultists. Of recent, there were bloody clashes between armed thugs in several parts of the country. In fact, policemen attached to some politicians have taken part in such clashes which marred some of the congresses of the APC and the PDP. The Sheik Ahmed Lemu Panel set up by President Jonathan to inquire into the post election violence which occurred in Akwa Ibom state and some northern states in April 2011 had recommended that over 850 armed thugs and hoodlums be prosecuted for culpable homicide, arson and allied offenses. Although the recommendation was accepted by the Federal Government the persons indicted in the report have not been prosecuted.

In one of his media chats last year, President Jonathan rightly condemned the military invasion of Odi community in Bayelsa state in November 1999 by the Olusegun Obasanjo Administration. Shortly thereafter, Chief Obasanjo accused President Jonathan of training snipers to attack his political opponents. Although the serious allegation was denied by the Presidency security forces are now joined by hounded militants and other nihilist groups to harass voters during elections. It is an irony that the President of the Republic is being harassed and intimidated with weapons acquired under the pretext of executing multi-billion oil pipeline monitoring contracts by ex-militants!

In the first and second republics security forces and thugs were used in the manipulation of elections and the violations of the rights of the Nigerian people. Such Unclad abuse of power by the Federal Government paved away for military interventions and the civil war. In the third republic, the military dictators annulled a credible presidential election. The crisis that ensued terminated the expensive political transition program and facilitated the return of a full-fledged military dictatorship with dire consequences. However, it is hoped that the ongoing politicization of the security forces, the unprecedented wave of official corruption and the subversion of democratic institutions by the Federal Government will not lead to the eventual collapse of the fragile forth Republic.

In spite of the threat of terrorist and other nihilist groups to balkanize the country I strongly believe that the rickety democratic process can still be salvaged by all the genuine democratic forces who led the Nigerian people to fight against unending military rule and who equally defeated the cabal that attempted to take advantage of President Umaru Yaradua's ill-health to seize power from the then Acting President, Dr. Jonathan. As time is not on our side the forces of democracy ought to return to the trenches now to halt the imposition of fascism on the nation by the Jonathan Administration.

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Politics / Re: Why Is APC Rejecting 2015 Elections Result In 2014? by Ilekokonit: 11:38pm On Nov 22
Why Is APC Rejecting 2015 Elections Result In 2014?

Because Jonathan is bent on winning by hook or crook.
Romance / Re: Should A Girl Tell Her Boyfriend About Other Guys Hitting On Her? by Ilekokonit: 10:14pm On Nov 22
Should A Girl Tell Her Boyfriend About Other Guys Hitting On Her?

Yes, if her conscience is clear.
Celebrities / Re: Picture Of Dele Momodu, Chris Okotie And Shina Peters In The 90s by Ilekokonit: 7:56am On Nov 22
Thats actually Dele Momodu's wife.

Romance / Re: How To Know A Girl's Butt Is Fake by Ilekokonit: 7:22am On Nov 22
there's actually no difference between an average Nigerian female & a scam artist grin grin

Women; scamming men in every way with fake everything since 6000BC..

The picture below reeks of deceit at the highest level.

But why go as far as attracting a man using a fake body

Men are in trouble.

Like the caption on the fake Bottom says, guys have to start looking beyond what they see.

It seems that in addition to the normal "due dilligence", one has to start doing a full structural survey just like you do to spot hidden defects when buying a house.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: IGP Orders For Tambuwal's Arrest by Ilekokonit: 4:53am On Nov 22

Buhari and Jonathan, Buhari would be a better choice because he is the lesser of two evils and because the man has the clout, the leverage, the integrity and the discipline to lead Nigeria right now given the level of Corruption and insecurity in Nigeria. He has done it before. I believe He can do it again if we support him. Need I say more?

We must all care about the competency and patriotism of the next president and vice president, not their religious and ethnic backgrounds!

If the election is not rigged and Buhari loses, then Nigerians are not ready for deliverance from poverty caused by corruption at the top.

The fish rots from the head.
Politics / Re: Are We Headed For Another Civil War In 2015? by Ilekokonit: 11:58pm On Nov 21
When pepper soup joints, nkwobi, brazillian weave on, corrupt politicians parties for young babes, beer parlour, night clubs, babes, sex, fashion, nice clothes, OBT, 419 and yahoo yahoo never finish, who want fight the war ??

Nigerians of today are not ideological enough to fight a war.

An example is when people (a multitude at that) on Nairaland will justify corruption in Nigeria without batting an eyelid

Are these the same people who will fight a war without selling out for monetary gain

And if they are the starters of the war, then a war prosecuted by corrupt people and their enablers will have started on a wrong footing and anything built upon a wrong foundation is bound to collapse on the LONG run.

Sane societies had something common to their revolutuions. Its called critical mass.

Nigeria (sad to say) does not yet have a critical mass of honest, selfless people who will call a spade a spade irrespective of ethnicity or anticipated private gain.

And this missing ingredient is why a peoples revolution in Nigeria as it currently stands will not work.

Until we get rid of our stinking thinking in Nigeria, the future doesn't look rosy.

We have to go back to the basics of a decent society first before any thing can work in Nigeria.

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Health / Re: Man Lying Dead Next To His Car At Ijesha Lagos(graphic Photos) by Ilekokonit: 4:16am On Nov 21
This man obviously died from hypertension or. Epilepsy going by d evidence of foam in d mouth. RIP

Normally, in sane societies, people who suffer from epilepsy are not allowed to drive and their licence is automatically cancelled and the health system helps them manage the condition either through medication or brain surgery.

But then again, Nigeria has been kidnapped by criminals (of ALL parties) at the top who couldn't care less if all sick people in Nigeria died horrific deaths as long as the Looting continues.

At this rate, even God may now be afraid of Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Prevent Speaker Aminu Tambuwal From Entering The National Assemb by Ilekokonit: 12:47am On Nov 21
Do or die politics.

Isn't this the same way teargas was fired into Chuba Okadigbo's face at a political rally and the man who was naijas senate president and was also asthmatic died on his wifes laps inside a car on the way to the hospital.

Shame on ALL parties involved in this latest round of executive irresponsibility.

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Politics / Re: Jim Nwobodo Loses Son by Ilekokonit: 9:37pm On Nov 20

Oga , your vexing is para-ful. I reason your yarn and he make sense die

But we are still humans , the day we loose our humanity over things like death is the day the world and mankind ends.

I fully understand where you are coming from but it is frustrating to know that our politicians are stealing billions daily whilst millions of children die because of corruption.

The Animals in human skin who have lost all semblance of humanity by their continued looting of public funds are the reason why more than 2 million Nigerian children have died before their fifth birthday just in the last decade as a result of corruption ??

These 2 million Nigerian children died because our rulers have lost all semblance of humanity and couldn't care less if we all died of poverty as long as they and their families continue living in opulence from our stolen commonwealth.

Why do you think China is now lending America money ? Its because there is an enforced death penalty for corruption.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Troops Prevent Speaker Aminu Tambuwal From Entering The National Assemb by Ilekokonit: 9:00pm On Nov 20
With the pictures below, it is crystal clear that Nigerian Politicians will fight and die to preserve their bread and butter and looted billions.

Reminds one of the "Honourable" who jumped up and down on a table in the house chambers shouting Etteh must stay and died of a heart attack right in the hallowed chambers to prevent Patricia Etteh from being removed as Speaker of the House a few years ago.

Stealing Billions with no chance of ever being caught is really intoxicating these guys.

We the masses just have to vote with our head.

We know the right person to vote for and hopefully, we will not keep harvesting defeat from the jaws of victory.

Health / Re: Any Permanent Cure To Convulsion? by Ilekokonit: 11:49pm On Nov 19
I dont know o

But dat thing show me and my mama eh,

My twin nephews were staying with us becos their young mum cudnt cope. So my mum brought them to benin frm ile-ife.

They were severly malnourished and very sick.

Atleast twice a month they will get convulsion mostly at night. Me and my mum will walk from medical store rd to UBTH at 2 am becos no bus.

After treatment we will start walking back.

But go see dem now,
Biggest boys ever liveth grin grin

God bless you and especially your mum for not giving up on them when they were kids.

it would have been easy for your mum to return them to their mum when they were young but she showed true love and courage for them and their mum.

may God reward you and your mum for your good efforts.

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Politics / Re: Jim Nwobodo Loses Son by Ilekokonit: 10:44pm On Nov 19

It is so bad, they believe these leaders are entitled to and deserve a better life than them.

They cannot comprehend and cope with the useless leaders suffering but they see their own suffering as acceptable.

The leaders realise this and the mentality is pervasive in society.

Amazing case of Stockholm syndrome gone bad.
Politics / Re: Fashola The Wily Tortoise Ditches Buhari In A Convincing Argument by Ilekokonit: 5:29am On Nov 19
Does Buhari even know what an iPad is? Can he prepare PPT slides?

To be fair, Goodluck doesn't look like he can create PPT slides as well.

On the other hand, Dimeji Bankole could use PPT but wasn't he corrupt ?

Buhari is the most honest of the current lot.


Health / Re: How Can Vagina Odor Be Fought? by Ilekokonit: 5:09am On Nov 19
If she has a Romance-Machine, tell her to ditch it as long term addictive use of a Romance-Machine causes such odour giving rise to a lady displaying one of the most unpleasant symptoms of Obstetric Fistula without having given birth.

She needs to realise that the vagina is bordered at the back by the rectum which contains faeces and at the front by the bladder / urethra which contains urine. If a lady constantly uses a Romance-Machine on herself, it could lead to the thinning of the walls seperating the vagina from the rectum and / or the urethra causing faeces and / or urine to leak into the vaginal cavity. Remember osmosis / diffusion and semi-permeable membrane.

Overuse of the Romance-Machine thins this semi-permeable membrane causing faeces and / or urine to leak into the vagina.

Vesicovaginal Fistula, or VVF, is an abnormal fistulous tract extending between the bladder (or vesico) and the vagina that allows the continuous involuntary discharge of urine into the vaginal vault.

A rectovaginal fistula is a medical condition where there is a fistula or abnormal connection between the rectum and the vagina.


Politics / Re: Jim Nwobodo Loses Son by Ilekokonit: 12:03am On Nov 18
Nah, I no go easy on the useless cretins leading Nigeria and ruining people's lives.

You will be surprised at the number of Nigerians who do not know / will not accept that politicians of ALL parties are DAILY ruining the lives of Nigerians alive and yet to be born.

It’s just like when a confirmed lootocrat encounters some bad luck such as sickness and Nigerians are praying for him / her instead of cursing such to death.

If Nigerians paused to think about it, this lootocrat has injured and set back your destiny by his / her stealing FROM YOU and yet you are praying for such scum

For those who say we should pray for our lootocrats when they encounter illness etc, :-

Do they know that more than 2 million Nigerian children have died before their fifth birthday just in the last decade as a result of corruption ??

Do they know that Corruption kills 3.6 million people every year

If only ALL Nigerians realise ON TIME that they are being enslaved daily for now and the future by these Lootocrats WHO HAVE NO MERCY.

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Family / Re: Marital Issues by Ilekokonit: 7:12pm On Nov 15

No be say I trust people like that. ...but the thought of a pregnant woman spreading her legs like spreadsheet for another man is just too depressing.

I pray such a thing shouldn't happen to me...


But as horrible as it sounds, it happens.


Family / Re: Marital Issues by Ilekokonit: 6:04pm On Nov 15
I don't believe this story. Infact as soon as i read where the 5-month pregnant wife slept with another man, I became disinterested. ......

Na so you trust 21st century human beings reach ?

poo happens.
Politics / Re: Patience Dame Jonathan- Beautful, Intelligent And Compassionate by Ilekokonit: 5:17pm On Nov 15

No wonder her agent was caught with suitcases of money when her husband was governor.

That she and all other lootocrats of ALL parties are not in prison tells you a lot about our country.

Labelling Nigeria in its current state as a failed state is a compliment.

It should be as clear as daylight that Nigeria is worse than a failed state but the sad thing is that a great multitude of Nigerians do not know that they are being taken to the cleaners on a daily basis.

How sad.


Politics / Re: Show The World Your Proof Of My $5m APC Mansion In California - Sowore by Ilekokonit: 4:55am On Nov 15
The truth is that my team and I are beyond bribery machineries. Mr. Jonathan’s foot soldiers who have repeatedly been sent to meet with us individually with the promise of huge bribes can attest to this.

When Mr. Jonathan became Acting President, and then President, we did not expect him to thank us, either even though he sent one of his aides with loads of cash to New York on a "thank you" tour. We refused to meet with stating that were merely doing our duty in defence of Nigeria and her people.

What an indictment of Jonathan.

Jonathan should come out and deny this if possible.

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