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Nairaland / General / Open Letter To Seun Osewa And Nairaland Moderators by Ilekokonit: 3:02pm On Jan 05
Dear Seun Osewa and Nairaland Moderators,

With sincerity of purpose, I must bring to your attention "happenings" on Nairaland that "on the long term" may hinder the ability of Nairaland to hold onto serious minded subscribers.

First it was the level of divisive and thoughtless tribalistic insults that were thrown back and forth between Nairalanders that was a turn off for "sane" minded people.

Now, today I log into nairaland from a work Pc right in the middle of a busy open plan office and open multiple pages of interest on nairaland in order to read them quickly as a way of de-stressing and lo and behold on trying to read the 3rd page, what do i have staring at me ?? Suffice it to say that if i did not close the whole Nairaland web page group quickly and a work colleague saw this, i would have been given a label that is not my own simply for trying to keep up with happenings in Nigeria.

Seun, I believe you had a business Mission and Vision when you started Nairaland and I wish you success with Nairaland BUT you need to "Brutally" clean Nairaland of "Miscreants" (both current ones and future ones) who on the "long run" may give Nairaland such a bad Name that becomes very difficult to shake off (especially with the global reach of any website in this our digital age).

Also, spare a thought for the younger generation and family orientated people (including elderly people) from all corners of the globe (Nigerian's and Non-Nigerians alike) who use this site and don't let the mindless actions and postings of some users put people off visiting your website.

Many Thanks
Politics / Buhari Dead Serious About Corruption by Ilekokonit: 5:30am On Aug 12, 2015
Buhari Dead Serious About Corruption: “Masu Gudu Su Gudu” (Run If You Must) By Abiodun Ladepo

Goodluck Jonathan gave one of the most shameful and ridiculous excuses of any person who ever occupied the exalted office of President when he claimed ignorance of the serious malfeasances that went on during his administration. That was passing the buck taken to a new low. Certainly, any leader who claims ignorance of the torrents of putrefying and sordid corruption stories that flowed under and through his presidency is only being clever by half. Surprised? How could Jonathan claim he was “hearing for the first time” about some of these scandals? Wasn’t it at the peak of some of these scandals he announced to a stunned world that “stealing is not corruption”?

The game changed when Buhari became the flag bearer of a resurgent opposition. Those who did not take him seriously during his previous campaigns when he talked about taking on corruption head-on are now doing a rethink. In fact, word on the street is that even some leaders of his party (APC) can no longer afford to pass the night in the same place on consecutive days. Those in his party who thought they could order him around because they were instrumental to his victory are now busy burying the corruption skeletons in their cupboards. Those we thought were Ministerial shoe-ins don’t even have the courage to stand before the man anymore. They had kleptomaniacally soiled their oats and Buhari knows. And they know he knows. The fear of Buhari is now the beginning of wisdom.

It was this same fear that got Jonathan scurrying over to Abdulsalam Abubakar ‘s house, and then to Aso Rock the other day seeking cover; seeking insulation and possibly redemption from the anti-corruption axe Buhari is wielding with indiscriminate ferociousness. Like an apparition, Jonathan reportedly snuk into the seat of power and begged Buhari to adhere to the pre-concession deal brokered by Abubakar in which Buhari purportedly promised to not humiliate him. What a shame! Jonathan went from the guy asking that his Ministers should not be probed a few weeks ago to one asking that he himself be spared today. Buhari IS a General, guys. Buhari will always remain a General. Don’t ever forget that. Many people speak derogatorily about OBJ being “wily” and IBB being “Maradonaic”. These ARE Generals! (Even after retirement, you still refer to a General as General.) Forget that nonsense about calling Buhari “President Buhari” instead of “General Buhari.” Behind that façade of a soft-spoken and gentle mien lies a lethal tactician. Everything in his DNA is military discipline and doctrine. So, why would he show his hand to Jonathan by telling him on the eve of his’s concession of defeat that he would, in fact, be targeted? Why, especially when it was obvious to everybody Buhari was going to win anyway? That would amount to telling the enemy when your forces would attack, where they would attack, the number and types of weapons they have, and their numerical strength. That would be suicidal. Buhari played him. Period. Only a gullible person would be so fooled. Jonathan was so gullible he must have been the only one in that room, during the Abdulsalam-brokered meeting, who believed Buhari would not go after him and corruption.

Throughout his presidency, Jonathan displayed a degree of gullibility and ineptness that dwarfed Shehu Shagari’s during his 1979-1984 misrule. How could he have missed the most ubiquitous proofs of grand larcenies that went on under his very nose? How on earth could anyone have tolerated Stella Oduah at the Aviation ministry for as long as Jonathan did without answering any of the accusations against her? Who else would have hired Femi Fani-Kayode (or whatever he is now called) to manage his campaign funds when the man still had corruption and money-laundering cases pending in court? How could Diezani Alison-Madueke have held on to the Petroleum Resources ministry for so long in the face of the mind-boggling, licentious scandals reported by everybody close to that ministry? Who, in his right senses, would have fired CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi for exposing the humongous graft going on in the oil sector while keeping Super-Ministers Okonjo Iweala and Alison-Madueke who should have been queried about the missing money in the first place? Do we want to talk about pardoning convicted felon - Diepreye Alamieyeseigha or turning a blind eye to James Ibori until the British Metropolitan Police picked him up? Who hobnobbed with Gani Adams and Tompolo (a.k.a. Government Ekpemupolo)? Who had nothing to say to Musiliu Obanikoro, Ayodele Fayose, Iyiola Omisore, Aliyu Momoh despite the preponderance of evidence of corruption during Ekitigate?

Under GEJ, impunity reigned supreme. Profligacy was the norm. But the EFCC and ICPC went into near-comatose. They were reduced to running after theft of measly sums in the neighborhood of N1 million and wasting resources on credit card fraudsters while bigtime thieves laughed all the way to their banks. Under GEJ, even the EFCC chairman was accused of corruption!

But he was not short of advice. Those of us who are little fries wrote about it. Big pens like Wole Soyinka wrote about it. Big guns like OBJ fired off a few rounds. But rather than heed advice, GEJ doubled-down and continued to bask in the delusion of ephemeral grandeur, acting as if he would be President for life. He buried his head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and pretended that all was well. Rather than listen, he sent his attack dogs after everybody who had anything deemed unsavory to say. Reuben Abati even boasted once that his boss’ opponents underrated him at their own perils; that GEJ knew how to “wrong foot” them at every turn. They forgot they were dealing with the real “big boys” of Nigeria. GEJ forgot that they actually “let” him be President and they could “take” the presidency from him if they chose to do so. No sooner had he become President than he started behaving as if (and indeed his wife said it publicly many times that) it was now the turn of “his people” to do whatever pleased them with the nation’s resources. Talk about the child who was tasting soup for the first time and messed up his clothes in the process. Now, he is making nocturnal visits to the new powers-that-be, looking for salvation and claiming he did not smell the rot in his government.

Those who backed IBB and his fellow travelers in overthrowing Buhari in 1985 knew that the Buhari/Idiagbon anti-corruption freight train was coming through their lives. But they didn’t reckon with Nemesis. They didn’t reckon with the likelihood that Buhari would return, albeit through the ballot box, some 30 years later, to continue where they had stopped him. When a person tries to accomplish a mission two, three or four times, you have to believe in his doggedness and you have to take him seriously. Many people (me included) who criticized Buhari for not having picked his Ministers by now have been shut up by the apparent success of this anti-corruption crusade. Let the house mice go forth and announce to the bush mice; that there is a new Sherriff in town. His name is General Muhammadu Buhari. And Stealing is now Corruption.

By Abiodun Ladepo

Ibadan, Oyo State


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Politics / Saraki's "PLACE OF BIRTH" is 19-12-1962 by Ilekokonit: 6:46pm On Aug 07, 2015
In a bid to conceal his place of birth as the UK, Saraki stated his "PLACE OF BIRTH" as 19-12-1962 on the INEC nomination forms for the National Assembly election.

This is immediately after he had also answered 19-12-1962 to the question of Date of Birth on the same form.

What manner of Bandits most Nigerian Politicians are !!!

Nigeria's Senate President Saraki Lied In His Official Election Forms

SaharaReporters has obtained exclusive copies of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) nomination forms by which Senate President Bukola Saraki ran for the National Assembly election, and they unveil a pattern of lies, evasion and misrepresentation of facts on questions about his nationality and identity.

The documents come weeks after SaharaReporters provided evidence showing that Mr. Saraki is a citizen of the United Kingdom.
For instance, under “Personal particulars of persons seeking election,” the man who would become Senate President declared his nationality to be “Nigerian.” However, when answering the question, “Did you change your nationality in the past?” he indicated “NIL” or no. UK passport of Senate President Bukola Saraki Sahara Reporters Media

As first exposed by SaharaReporters, Mr. Saraki’s passport clearly indicates that he holds citizenship of United Kingdom. Perhaps on account of this, Mr. Saraki left blank Question 10, on whether the prospective candidate has “made a declaration of allegiance to any other country.”

Saraki's INEC form Sahara Reporters Media Mr. Saraki’s answers to these questions indicate that he is concealing the fact that he is a bonafide citizen of the United Kingdom. Knowing that it would hurt his political ambitions, he deliberately concealed the fact that he has changed the profile of his nationality in the past.

On the forms, Mr. Saraki also completely evaded question 12, which asked the candidate to specify his place of birth. Rather than declare his place of birth to be Hampstead North, of the Metropolitan Bourough of Hampstead in the United Kingdom, Mr. Saraki craftily repeated his date of birth: 19-12-1962 For some reason, INEC did not invalidate the form as it should have. Saraki's INEC form Sahara Reporters Media

On the question of the circumstances of his birth, Mr. Saraki has also played fast and loose with the facts. SaharaReporters has obtained a copy of his birth certificate, which proves that he was born on December 19, 1962 as Olubukola Adebisi Olabowale Saraki but curiously Mr. Saraki’s birth was not registered until a year later in 1963. This is contrary to his name on his INEC documents, which he wrote as Abubakar Bukola Saraki. Our sources who have knowledge of the story say he gave himself this version in an effort to appeal to northern voters in Kwara State.

SaharaReporters contacted Mr. Saraki and his aides to offer an opportunity to them to explain the systemic evasion and misrepresentation of his nationality and citizenship in his election documents, contrary to the law. Nobody appeared willing to provide any explanation as to the discrepancies in his official records and claims as listed in this and previous SaharaReporters stories.

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Politics / Why We Must Support Buhari by Ilekokonit: 7:15pm On Aug 05, 2015
Why we must support Buhari

It’s a sign of our distorted times when a honest politician with integrity and strong, moral values is ridiculed for trying to and eventually winning a Presidential election. We’ve become so accustomed to greedy and wicked politicians that we can’t see the better alternative even when it is put on a plate.

Perhaps Buhari is too much of a shock to our system that we can’t seem to swallow it all just yet. He was and still is the only alternative for a better Nigeria. And forget the term “radical alternative”, it’s simply a better alternative. All we need to do is wake up and smell the coffee – in Buhari ’s case, it would be undiluted honest coffee – and realise that there is an alternative to a government based on stealing as much as you can whilst millions wallow in abject poverty. There’s an alternative to the effects of corruption which is hitting the poor and vulnerable the hardest. There’s an alternative to the wickedness of a political class only a tiny percentage of the population can relate to. Now is not the time to lose sight of the purpose of politics and government, which is, quite simply, to serve others.

Lets look at what Buhari represents. He clearly represents what could be a new lease of life for Nigeria. He is also an upright leader who remains untainted by the corruption that has made majority of Nigerian politicians unpopular. With trust in Nigerian politicians at an all time low, a Buhari Presidency will reinvigorate people’s hope in the system. It will show our generation that all hope is not lost, that politics isn’t a game and that we can make our society a better place.

Buharism will inspire the younger generation – and leadership is all about inspiring people – and also the elder generation. A Buhari leadership would also inspire the poor as it would send a clear message that there are politicians who will stand up for the rights of the erstwhile poor to partake in the dividends of democracy which in times past has been cornered by just the greedy politicians.

But there is something more fundamental at play. Right across the world, self-indulgent, self-obsessed, power hungry people run for leadership. This was not the case with Buhari . He ran because he saw the way Nigeria was being plundered and he knew that if we don't kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria . Why is this important?

According to Psychology Today magazine, there are two types of power. There is socialised power and individualised power. The first type, is used to benefit others, whereas the second is using power for personal gain. How many of Nigerias former Presidents and Heads of State have genuinely cared about the wellbeing of the down trodden Nigerians that they were supposed to look after? Not many. Buhari clearly cares. A low-maintenance, frugal man who even his political enemies have no choice but to admit his uprightness. A man who replies questions with straight forward honest answers, Buhari is as honest as they come.

But this is more than a case for Buharism. This is about – and excuse the platitudinous language – creating a better, fairer and less corrupt Nigeria, which a Buhari government has started pursuing.

If you want to see our country become respected on the global scene, become a place where the vulnerable, marginalised and poor in Nigeria will start having a sense of belonging as their welfare starts being looked after because corruption will be fought to a standstill, we must support Buhari . This is no light matter. This is not hyperbolic language, but the very existence of Nigeria hinges on these decisions.

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Crime / Re: Benue State Uni Med Student Commit Suicide Afta Been Withdrawn Afta 10yrs(photo) by Ilekokonit: 8:26pm On Jul 25, 2015
Benue State Uni Med Student Commit Suicide Afta Been Withdrawn Afta 10yrs

If only the guys parent(s) did not place too much a burden of expectation on him expecting him to graduate as a doctor at all costs when he might not originally have been cut out for such courses.

If only the guy saw the signs and threw in the towel the minute he lost the zeal to continue with medical school.

If only Nigerians minded their own business and stop labelling people who quit university as "drop outs".
Politics / 13 Ex-Militants Dismissed From Lufthansa Pilot Training School In Germany by Ilekokonit: 4:24pm On Jul 24, 2015
What was Goodluck thinking or PLANNING before retraining "Ex-Militants" as Pilots in Germany ??

What implication does this have for the security of our air waves in the future ?

13 Ex-Militants dismissed from Lufthansa Pilot Training School in Germany

Niger Delta Amnesty Payments: Women Protest Youths' Expulsion From Lufthansa Flight School

by Sahara Reporters, New York Jul 23, 2015

Hundreds of women from the Niger Delta region staged a protest on Tuesday in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, against thirteen ex-militants youths’ dismissal from pilot school in Germany because of the federal government’s refusal to pay for their fees under its own Presidential Amnesty Programme.

The thirteen ex-militants were undergoing commercial pilot training at the Lufthansa Flight Training School in Frankfurt, but were last week sent away from the institution due to the nonpayment of their fees. Other Niger Delta ex-militants have also been sent packing by their various institutions in South Africa, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, and several more countries in Europe.

During their march to an office for ex-militant leaders called the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative (LPCDI), the protesting women said President Muhammadu Buhari should be held responsible if there is resurgence of violence in the Niger Delta region. “We are warning Buhari that, as mothers, we are already feeling the heat and the gathering of disgruntled youths in our communities. The refusal to pay the amnesty training fees is causing problems in our homes and communities," one said.

Another of the protesting women, Ebiere Ankiomete, lamented President Mohammud Buhari’s “refusal to appoint a substantive Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Committee to liaise with the Federal Ministry of Finance to pay the amnesty training fund.” She said that delaying until September to make the appointment would have drastic consequences for amnesty beneficiaries already enrolled in approved programs abroad.

LPCDI President and former militant commander Pastor Reuben Wilson appealed for calm but called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to allow the Presidential Amnesty Programme to be starved of funds. He noted the growth of Niger Delta oil production and its substantial contribution to the nation’s coffers, all of which depended upon amnesty payments.



Politics / Re: Is Alison-Madueke Sponsoring Biafra Breakaway To Avoid Prison For Her Corruption by Ilekokonit: 1:26pm On Jul 19, 2015
A child who is adamant on acquiring leprosy at all cost should be left alone as long as he will live in the evil forest reserved for lepers ALONE.


Politics / Is Alison-Madueke Sponsoring Biafra Breakaway To Avoid Prison For Her Corruption by Ilekokonit: 1:11pm On Jul 19, 2015
Is Alison-Madueke sponsoring Biafra breakaway to avoid prison for her corruption ?

After reading that Buhari Turns Down Former Petroleum Minister Alison-Madueke Offer To Refund $250m and reading the following comment from a contributor referring to Madueke and her accomplices :- Maybe they are speeding up the race for Biafra because they think if they are in Another country they won't be prosecuted http://www.nairaland.com/2461606/buhari-turns-down-former-petroleum/1#36033937

I'm left to ponder the following :-

1. Is it a coincidence that around this same time that Alison-Madueke is undergoing Cancer "Treatment" In London is the very same time that Nnamdi Kanu of Biafra radio who is also in London is intensifying his attack on the Nigerian state by way of trying to split Nigeria up.

2. Are the funds for Nnamdi Kanu's Secessionist "Project" coming from Alison-Madueke's deep but corrupt pocket in the hope that once Biafra breaks away from Nigeria, she will escape to Biafra thus avoiding prosecution in Nigeria for her serious kleptomania and live happily thereafter with her loot in Nairaland.

3. IF the above is the case, is Nigeria not bigger that the greed of "some" corrupt officials

4. These corrupt officials SHOULD NOT be allowed to succeed in their SELFISH agenda of secesssion because Nigeria belongs to all of us and having eaten the VERY BEST from Nigeria's high table, Madueke and co cannot and will not be allowed to butcher up Nigeria (willy nilly) just because they want to run away from prosecution in Nigeria for monumental corruption whilst in office.

5. By the way I am an advocate for corrupt officials of ALL PARTIES and ALL TRIBES (at Local Govt, State and Federal levels) going to prison for their theft whilst in office to serve as a deterrent for future Lootocrats of ALL parties and tribes.

6. Finally someone once wrote that Secession brings the "Threat of Anarchy" because smaller and smaller entities may choose to secede until there is chaos.

7. But ALL corrupt former Government officials of ALL parties and ALL tribes should be probed and jailed.

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Politics / Re: Amaechi, Bakare, Others On Buhari’s 18-Man Delegation To US - Sahara Reporters by Ilekokonit: 4:02pm On Jul 12, 2015
President Goodluck Jonathan Leads 600-Man Delegation To United Nations General Assembly

Nigeria, which has failed to focus on implementing the United Nations Millenium Development Goals, is sending a record 600-man delegation to the 68th General Assembly in New York which will focus on a follow-up plan, SaharaReporters investigations reveal.
by SaharaReporters, New York Sep 22, 2013

The delegation is led by President Goodluck Jonathan, who will speak at the plenary debate on Tuesday. It includes two state governors and the First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan.

The Nigerian delegation is by far the largest of any nation at this year's UN event, the theme of which is: “Post-2015 Development Agenda: Setting the Stage.”

The Nigeria leader, who has been much-criticized for squandering resources and for failing to lead by example, arrived in New York today and is staying at the lavish The Pierre Hotel across from New York’s Central Park in a presidential suite that will cost Nigeria at least $10,000 per night. This means his tab for accommodation alone, for one room, will hit at least $50,000.

According to the hotel’s documentation, the 39th floor presidential suite, which features an expansive living room and two bedrooms, among others, may be combined with other rooms and suites to provide up to 6 bedrooms and a private floor, an opulent option Mr. Jonathan is likely to have jumped at. According to the hotel’s itinerary which was seen by Saharareporters, he is booked for five nights.

Nigeria has become internationally-known for wasting valuable development funds on lavish foreign trips. It would be recalled that during last year’s United Nations General Assembly, for instance, the Minister for Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison-Madueke, booked into two rooms in two different expensive hotels. One of them was a $5,000 per night suite at the Four Seasons Hotel at 57 East 57th Street, and the other a 28th floor room at the Pierre for $3,000 per night. It was unclear how she slept in two different hotels at the same time.

In addition, Ms. Alison Madueke’s delegation of seven from her Ministry also rented 10 limousines, at a cost of $1,800 per day, some of which were never used.

As SaharaReporters reported last year, the profligacy of the Nigerian delegation attracted the attention of America’s National Broadcasting Corporation in New York, which reported on how African delegates from the poorest countries stayed in some of the most expensive hotels during the UN General Assembly and shopped in high-priced retail stores.

Mr. Jonathan will commence his official duties in New York this afternoon by engaging in an all-expenses paid lunch date with Nigerian professionals selected by Nigerian diplomats in the US.

The invitation-only event was chosen after the President and his inner circle abandoned a Town Hall plan for fear of protesters in the New York area.

Family / Re: I will deny my husband sex until he pays his debt — wife by Ilekokonit: 9:42pm On Jul 10, 2015
Modinat lies a lot. One day, she told me that she was going to Mushin in Lagos state; but some hours later, someone called to tell me that she was in Igbo-Ora in Oyo state.
“When I called her and confronted her that she was in Oyo state as against Mushin she claimed she was going to when she left home, she cut her cell phone line.

“She took permission on another day that she was going to Oshodi, but someone saw her at Ijebu-Ode in Ogun, I cannot just account for her movement.’’ Akeem said.

A lying spouse is a keg of gunpowder.

Wan ri e ni Sokoto
Wan ri e ni Calabar
Wan ri e L'Oyingbo
Wan ri e L'Agege
Oni Oshogbo
Otunla Ijebu
Wan ri e ni Benin, Wan ri e N'Ibadan
Irin Were were to mi rin ko ma temi lorun o

Ede we pe yi o, ko ma ye mi to o o
Ede we pe yi o, ko ma ye mi to o Omidan

They'll see you at Sokoto
They'll see you at Calabar
They'll see you at Oyingbo
They'll see you at Agege
Today Oshogbo
Day after tommorow Ijebu
They'll see you at Benin, They'll see you at Ibadan
I am not happy with this your mad waka about

This your new style is confusing me
This your new style is confusing me Madam

Orlando Owoh - Iyawo Olele lyrics

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Celebrities / Re: OMG! Yetunde Bustline Oduwole Breaks Down In Tears Curses Ex-bf Baba Tee (VIDEO) by Ilekokonit: 3:39pm On Jul 09, 2015

It just beats my imagination why she has become so pained, jaded and man-hating because she used to be very nice, down to earth and bubbly..

The lady in the video comes across as being a sincere person who has been genuinely hurt in love.

BUT having said that the lady lives in London and London is "littered" with men hating black women who in most cases are >= 40 in age. A great many of them are also single mothers whilst the other cases are women in their 40's who have never been married but still claim that they are "big girls" who take no poo from men.

A lot of the single mothers single handedly mismanage their first marriages and push their husband out of the house once they get a very good job or once the government gives them enough single parent benefit to augment their low income. They push their husband out in the hope of getting another man "they can control" from the supermarket shelf as it were but they FAIL to factor in that a real black man can NEVER be controlled by a woman unless the man is a greedy man who makes it a habit to live off women and even at that, such a man will not be subservient to a woman forever.

Sooner or later, London Black women and most westernised women will have to make do with sperm banks to father their children and Romance-Machines to keep them company (as they already are doing) because it is almost at a stage that no sane black man wants to put up with a perpetually brash, loud, argumentative and aggressive black woman as a wife / partner. Life is too short to spend it with a black woman who in most cases has a sole "hidden" agenda to be richer that the man who (in good faith) helped her climb up.


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Health / Re: Anal Fissure, Hard Stool. Please Help by Ilekokonit: 2:07am On Jun 29, 2015

Please I need help on what to do.

Drink more than enough fresh milk and go about your business and it should sort itself out in a day or 2. If you can't get fresh milk, dilute "enough" powdered milk in water and drink it.

To treat the internal hemorrhoids, you may need to use Anusol Suppositories available from any reputable pharmacy.

In the immediate term, avoid any "hard" food such as bread, biscuits, yam, fried meat and eba and don't strain when you visit the loo.

Also, remembering that what goes in one end must come out the other end you should take enough liquid plus oranges at each meal time to constantly hydrate and flush your system since you seem prone to constipation.

On a lighter note, developing a pot belly may be a price you will have to pay to keep constipation at bay by constantly over loading your digestive system with liquids at each meal time but then again constipation if not controlled or contained may become a serious problem as it became for Elvis Presley.
Politics / Re: Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation 1-Year Anniversary In Pictures by Ilekokonit: 2:01am On May 09, 2015
More Photos

Obj with Anne Welsh (prior to sacking her when money laundering sting video came out)

Obj with Cherie Blair (Tony Blairs wife)

Obj with Anne Welsh 2



Politics / Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation 1-Year Anniversary In Pictures by Ilekokonit: 1:56am On May 09, 2015


Politics / IBB Mocks Goodluck For Not Condemning Fayose's Tasteless Punch Ad by Ilekokonit: 9:21am On Jan 20, 2015
IBB mocks Goodluck for not condemning Fayose's tasteless Punch Ad - See IBB's Twitter post (text and picture below)

I expected the President to have condemned what Fayose did by mocking our dead Presidents! Wait, what am I expecting? He is a zoologist. - IBB 20 Jan 2015


Politics / IBB Endorses Buhari As His Candidate On Twitter by Ilekokonit: 9:07am On Jan 20, 2015
IBB endorses Buhari as his Candidate on his Twitter page - see image below


Politics / Re: IBB Endorses Muhammadu Buhari For President - SaharaReporters by Ilekokonit: 9:02am On Jan 20, 2015
IBB endorses Buhari on his Twitter page - see image below


Politics / IBB Says To Obj That Fayose Is Truly A Bastard !! by Ilekokonit: 8:53am On Jan 20, 2015

Family / Re: Bride Price; What Purpose? Who Benefits? by Ilekokonit: 4:46am On Jan 07, 2015

And his generalisation was a tad bit condescending but that might be his own experience.

Actually, my post if read and digested was alluding to the high esteem i held carribean men in principally for not allowing their women to push them around and also for not buying into the one wife for life mantra that society advocates.

In fact if i had my way, i want to imbibe some of the carribean man's free spirit into my dealings with women as that way you are not setting yourself up for future heart ache by being loyal to one woman in diaspora who will most likely turn against you in future.

So, my generalisation was not condescending IN ANY WAY. In fact, I see Carribean men in diaspora as heroes for being able to command loyalty and RESPECT from their women in this concrete jungle called black diaspora.


That has to be the silliest most generalized post I've read in ages. I'd suggest you rethink the stupi.d remarks you just made.

Look at all the ashawo/runs things going on in your own communities. It's blatant, and you have the gall to say our men are bad. At least, at very least, Caribbean men have the sense to claim and name every child that come out of their loins as bastards are a shame. How many half Nigerian kids do I know in my place who's mother was used for green card/citizenship who don't even know that their father had a wife back home, in London, in Germany and 3 more gfs in America, until his charade came out in the open.

Regarding the response of Vivalableue to my post part reproduced above, Vivalableue is saying I am generalizing without her fully "comprehending" my post to realise that I was actually praising Carribean men for their no nonsense approach to their women and was hoping to imbibe some of this no nonsense approach to women that Carribean men have. But in typical black woman fashion she mis-reads and mis-interprets my admiration of Carribean men's attitudes to mean that I am saying that Carribean men are bad. If only black women would slow down, pause for thought and digest a subject matter before engaging their loud mouths.

Now, the same Vivalableue who says I am generalizing goes on to state the following :- Look at all the ashawo/runs things going on in your own communities. It's blatant, and you have the gall to say our men are bad.

Now, isn't she generalizing by her above statement ?

Yes, she is, but do I have the right to call her silly and stupi.d like she did in her response ?
Of course not and I have replied her as I deemed fit in a seperate reply to show her that she does not have a monopoly of insults.

With her conclusion and that of all4naija (who concluded that with my post, I meant that African men usually marry more than one wife!) I have finally realised that a lot of people on this site are mentally lazy and/or lack comprehension skills and instead of reading a lenghty post to the end or if their mental laziness kicks in they should choose to refrain from commenting on something they have not fully read and/or comprehended, BUT what obtains here is than once certain people see lenghty posts from a gender they hate, they quickly scan it for something that will mean offence to them and then they prematurely attack the poster in ignorance thus displaying their own folly for the whole world to see.

I just can't stand women with big mouths especially when I do my best to avoid entering into any discussion with them and I was not even talking to her in the first place.

This site is becoming too toxic for any sane minded person. Its like all the angry and mentally unbalanced black psycho diaspora women congregate here seeking a black man to exercise their feminist witchcraft on.

Their new agenda seems to be that, if black men are avoiding us like a plague and refusing to get married to us or stay permanently with us then we will get under their skin with our feminist witchcraft online since online is the only place they have interactions with black diaspora men.

More things about the character of the 21st Century Black woman becomes clear to you as you interact with or read the mindset of black women online.

Nowadays, I even avoid reading comments from women on Nairaland even if directed at me (although a few women change their gender to male just to have a cover from which to insult men). But if they insult me when I was not talking to them in the first place then this is the only time I respond to them with the same insults they started with.
Family / Re: Bride Price; What Purpose? Who Benefits? by Ilekokonit: 2:52am On Jan 07, 2015

Lol, I guess it's 'cos they have to compete with loads of women, for one guy's affection, subconsciously made the like that. And from experience, it isn't just the ones with social misfits of Caribbean descent - the highly educated ones are just as loyal. Also, their loyalty isn't just to their own men, they're also loyal to African men as well.

Furthermore, once you look at the history of black diaspora, most of their black women have always been loyal, and part of the struggle.

There is nothing as stabilising for a black man in diaspora as a loyal wife and by loyalty I don't mean just in terms of fidelity. My main thrust is when a diaspora black woman recognises the unique battles a "strong" black man faces in diaspora and tries her best to be a stabilising factor in his life and not the deliberately destabilising, belligerent, cantankerous and loud mouthed crop that populate Naija society in diaspora nowadays. They are just pure evil which is why I called them witches in one of our chats some time ago.

By witches, I meant the level of deliberate, destabilising wicked spite that a Nigerian woman in diaspora displays towards her man that is so evil as to qualify the Naija diaspora woman as practicing witchcraft implicitly or explicitly.

Most of the Nigerian Women in Diaspora are a Re-Incarnation of Judas.
Family / Re: Bride Price; What Purpose? Who Benefits? by Ilekokonit: 2:37am On Jan 07, 2015
To cut your long story very short, African men usually marry more than one wife!

They used to teach English Comprehension is schools a long time ago but I don't think they still do because your above comment shows that you did not comprehend what I wrote above hence your calling it a long story and coming to the WRONG conclusion.

It may be a long story but not everyone fears reading. We can't all have mental apathy.
Family / Re: Bride Price; What Purpose? Who Benefits? by Ilekokonit: 2:21am On Jan 07, 2015
You are obviously an incredibly reasonable person who can discuss a matter with decorum and grace.

If you meant the highlighted above without sarcasm, then you are very correct but what riles me is when I give my "honest" "personal" opinion on things and someone I was not talking to and will never meet tries to stampede me into silence by insulting me when I was NOT even talking to the person IN THE FIRST PLACE.

At times when people insult you unnecessarily out of the blues, as a mature man, you keep quiet since silence is the best answer for a fool BUT at times you have to return fire for fire especially when the other party struck the first blow.

Check my posts on Nairaland and you will see that on the rare occasions when I insult people, they had ALWAYS struck the first blow.
Family / Re: Bride Price; What Purpose? Who Benefits? by Ilekokonit: 1:43am On Jan 07, 2015

That has to be the silliest most generalized post I've read in ages.

I'd suggest you rethink the stupi.d remarks you just made.

Loud mouthed Black woman. No wonder no man stays with you lot.

I normally don't exchange words with black women in diaspora as most of you lot are mentally ill but are not knowledgable enough to get treatment before it gets to the stage where you run nake.d on the streets but seeing that I was replying to someone else before you brought in your dirty motor mouth then I will reply you.

You are either a single mother or an ageing frustrated feminist tramp or a woman who "molests" a vibrato.r on a steady basis. If you ever have a man that stays with you, that man must either be foolish, silly, a gigolo who lives off women or a sissy as you have no manners as to know not to insult a man who was not talking to you in the first place.

Why would a decent man stay with you when you have messed up and damaged your vagina by fuckin.g yourself all day long with a vibrato.r leading to your smelly vagina due to vesicovaginal and rectovaginal fistula (Leaking feaces and urine into your vagina due to excessive drilling of your vagina with a vibrato.r). No wonder women on nairaland especially the ones in diaspora fight tooth and nail to derail any topic that mentions the illness called smelly vagina. Some people are aware of the self inflicted smelly secrets you harbour under your skirts or why do you think men constantly break up with you without giving you any valid reason ??.

If I had my way, the government should introduce what muslims have in their religion where husbands are allowed to flog disobedient wives as per the Quoran. Then loud mouthed vibrato.r fuckin.g tramps like you would not open your dirty mouth and insult just anyone because you are on the world wide web.

Mark my words, you will NEVER keep a man for long with your big mouth and if you do keep one, he will just be exploiting you. Just watch.

To all you vibrato.r addicted black feminists who want to be men and at the same time be the women, it is not just today that women didn’t know how to be women, it started a long time ago and it is part of a wider spriritual problem according to the bible verse below :-

Romans 1:26-27 (MSG)
Worse followed. Refusing to know God, they soon didn’t know how to be human either—women didn’t know how to be women, men didn’t know how to be men. Sexually confused, they abused and defiled one another, women with women, men with men—all lust, no love. And then they paid for it, oh, how they paid for it—emptied of God and love, godless and loveless wretches.
Family / Re: Bride Price; What Purpose? Who Benefits? by Ilekokonit: 7:06am On Jan 06, 2015

Funny enough I was having a chat about how Carib women make better wives than Nigerian women today, with an older friend. Sad but true, despite the fact that these folks lost their culture, they're still more traditional, and super-loyal. grin

Carribean women have no choice but to be loyal seeing that their men are not as soft as African men. Their men don't accept disloyalty or disrespect of any kind from them.

Carribean men are not hooked to the idea of one man one wife like most African men which is why our women take the piss with us 'cos they know that we value having all our kids from just one woman and we also value living with our wife and kids under the same roof hence our women take detrimental advantage of our need for a stable family life for our kids just like we were brought up.

Carribean men are also not as fond of religion as African men are and they don't see divorce as a biggie (that's if they get married in the first place). They've got too many side chicks to bother about settling down with just one woman. The amazing thing is that these multiple side chicks dare not cheat on them to their knowledge or all hell will break loose.

Carribean men have multiple baby mama's competing for their affection and company and I personally have seen a Jamaican side chick wait loyally for 5 years for her man (the father of her only child) to come out of prison after which she continued being his side chick and she sees herself as committed to the guy for life.

She waited 5 years for the guy to come out of jail. You will be hard pressed to see this kind of loyalty from 21st Century African women. Travel for just 2 months and on getting back the relationship will have changed for the worse.

Marriage is becoming more obsolete and more of a trap by the day. No wonder Carribean men avoid being trapped by marriage like a plague.

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Politics / Re: 18 Female Soldiers Feared Kidnapped In Baga by Ilekokonit: 5:31am On Jan 06, 2015
The following is a comment by someone on Sahara Reporters :-

Time to put a General in Aso Rock to stop this madness. Lip services won't do anymore. It's been 6 yrs...time to go!
Crime / Re: Man Dies After Woman Bites Off His Private Part In Edo by Ilekokonit: 10:22pm On Jan 05, 2015
This news smells fishy and 'frogy' at the same time

1.So the man just stood there watching the woman bend down and cut off his thing? Abi na Mouth Action hin dey expect

2.Was the man Unclad? Cos I wonder how she was able to spit out the man's p.enis. Abi she bite plus the trouser comot?

in short op where is your source?

Some people teeth sharp o.

Yoruba people say :- eyin mu ju abe lo. ( Teeth is sharper than blade).

But if the story is true then the woman must have bottled up her hatred of men for so long that she unleashed her hatred on the man who was wrong in the first place to slap her but who did not deserve to be castrated to death on a tarred road.

But imagining how she bit through the mans trouser and underwear before masticating "the main the main" is still a mystery to me. But then again poo happens and maybe the woman had watched too many wildlife programs or maybe she is a carnivore - a lion / hyena - that changed into a female sent by diabolical means to kill him. At least in Nigeria you hear tall tales of birds turning to witches and vice versa. We are in perilous times.
Celebrities / Re: Cute Pictures Of Fashola's Wife, Abimbola Fashola by Ilekokonit: 10:07pm On Jan 05, 2015
No wonder the man is excelling. Behind every successful man is a peaceful and peace loving woman.
Politics / Re: Controversy Rages On Over Buhari’s Certificate by Ilekokonit: 9:42pm On Jan 05, 2015
Buhari should either request for the photocopies of his credentias from d militery or d military save us this saga by bringing them out, including to d press

The military top brass are against Buhari becoming President because it means certain court martial and jail for them for stealing the money meant to buy equipment for the soldiers to fight Boko haram.

They also know that Buhari being a General (and a honest one) will see through their smokescreen and expose the Military Generals who by their acts of commission or ommision are facilitating Boko Haram enabling them to slaughter innocent school children.

Every corrupt Nigerian official be that Politician or Military are dreading going to prison under Buhari who will expose their corrupt practices and deal with them.

They don't want the guy in charge and as the handwriting on the wall is indicating a landslide victory for the peoples general, they are distracting nigerians with this issue because they know that Nigerians worship paper qualifications whilst avoiding the substance in question which is the corruption of those currently in Power including Goodluck and the Military top brass.

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Politics / Re: Controversy Rages On Over Buhari’s Certificate by Ilekokonit: 11:41am On Jan 05, 2015
The real enemies of Nigeria are Politicians of ALL parties, INEC and the Army and they are ganging up in doing a good job of letting the masses focus on a smoke screen in order to prevent an anti corruption tzar becoming President. The Army has already admitted they have photocopies of Buharis certificates, why don't they bleeding publish it ?? Or are they going to turn around and say that Buhari forged the photocopies he gave to the Army as well ??

The fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom even for the corrupt Army Generals.

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Politics / Re: Controversy Rages On Over Buhari’s Certificate by Ilekokonit: 11:24am On Jan 05, 2015
The penny has dropped :- The fear of Buhari is the beginning of wisdom even for the Army top brass who are also patently as corrupt as Jonathan.

The bottom line is that every corrupt Politician (Jonathan included) plus the corrupt Army Generals are afraid of having to give account to Buhari hence their shouts of crucify him.

A case of give a dog a bad name to hang it.

I have also learnt a valuable lesson on how corruption has wrecked Nigeria and all its institutions.

Buhari was toppled by Babangida.

He was locked up for 3 years during which his house was ransacked by his captors and his personal effects including his original certificates were vandalized and/or taken away by the Army.

The man was refused time to go bury his mum who died while he was in captivity.

He is released after 3 years obviously bitter at being jailed and his house being ransacked by junior officers who took away his certificates along with some other personal effects.

Buhari a former C-I-C of the Nigerian Army most probably felt aggrieved at his treatment and as he did not need the certificates between 1985 and 2003 he let sleeping dogs lie.

In 2003, instead of going to the vandals who ransacked the sanctity of his house whilst he was in detention, he chose to swear an affidavit asserting that his original certs are with the Army which by all accounts seems to be the case.

PDP which has nothing good to offer Nigerians are focusing on this non-issue whilst our currency, economy and security goes to the wall. What a sick joke Goodluck Ebele Jonathan really is. Never again.

If the Army has nothing to hide and have not been bribed by Jonathan to do a dirty job on Buhari and if they are too crooked and ashamed to admit that they stole Buhari's Certs while he was in prison when they vandalized his house, then the bleeding Army should publish Buhari's certificate photocopies which the Army has admitted that they have in their possession for all officers and then we can all see it. Or are the Army PDP going to turn round and accuse Buhari of forging the photocopies in the Army's PDP's posession as well ?

INEC is not innocent of being manipulated by Jonathan as well 'because come to think of it, how did PDP know that Buhari's Certs are not with INEC in the first place afterall Buhari's submissions to INEC are supposed to be confidential and covered by Data Protection Laws ??

With the way Jonathan and the Army and INEC PDP are carrying on, I am beginning to realise that I was fooled into thinking I had a country to call my own. Nigeria belongs to the Politicians and their cronies (including the Army and INEC). He that pays the piper dictates the tune.

The greedy Army top brass instead of dilligently planning winning strategies to quench Boko haram are approaching Buhari's certificates (which they have) with all the zeal they should have used to tackle Boko haram. If the Army had been this dilligent in fighting boko Haram, the terrorists would have been defeated long ago. but then again there are different types of terrorists and Jonathan, the Army and INEC and corrupt politicians of ALL parties are another class of terrorists.

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