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Romance / Re: Ayo Shonaiya: 'Most Nigerian Men Invite Their Side Chicks To Their Wedding' by Ilekokonit: 4:40am On Feb 04
It takes an inhuman sort of bravery / disrespect / carelessness / adulterous spirit for a man to invite his side chick to his wedding or a woman to invite her sugar daddy to her wedding. Talk of rubbing it in his/her face.

Such a husband will probably end up sleeping with his wife's sisters and friends and such a wife may end up sleeping with someone close to her husband because they are addicted to risk because stolen water is sweet.

For the side chick or sugar daddy that has the mind to "thoughtlessly" honour such wedding invitation, suicide is only a step away from attending such adulterous invitations.
Romance / Re: What Would You Do If You Were Him? by Ilekokonit: 12:23am On Feb 01
he needs to know the right way to handle this situation.

There is no right way, there is only one way to handle the situation and he knows it.

Call off the damn wedding and stop cohabiting with her to avoid changing his mind or being trapped with an emergency pregnancy.

He should cut off his disloyal friend as well.

The eye that will last you till old age will not start getting sticky in your youth.

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Romance / Re: These Girls Aren't Loyal by Ilekokonit: 12:00am On Feb 01
Why waste time?

You've forgotten your worth or something? You'll be surprised in the cause of widening her pussy, you'll fall helplessly in love again. You've done it before, you'll do it again.

Spot on.

And this is why some grown men have been known to marry and love prostitutes.
Crime / Re: 'Touch Me Not Campaign': Girls Sexually Assaulted Make Shocking Revelations by Ilekokonit: 3:14am On Jan 31
It is true that child molestation happens everywhere, but this very case is a big SCAM. Read the text of those handwritten notes and ask yourself if the average Nigerian child can use the words in those write ups.

All these letters seems to be written with same handwriting.

Surprised no one noticed that the writings are from the same handwriting.The stories are made up!

What first struck me on reading the hand written notes was that the word "usually" in both the 2nd and 3rd letters were written by the same person.

The so called entrepreneur Mercy Makinde is on a cynical attempt at using a very serious issue to score cheap popularity for herself even if it means forgery and outright lies.

She should be called out for damaging the cause of real victims.


Romance / Re: How Do I Deal With My Girlfriend's Male Bestie? by Ilekokonit: 6:45am On Jan 29
How Do I Deal With My Girlfriend's Male Bestie?

There is no physically "complete" man who is in constant touch with a beautiful woman who is not his relative without having some amorous thoughts from time to time.

Its just the way nature intended for men's genes to carry on to the next generation.

Women under-estimate the inner workings of a mans mind BUT you are a man yourself, so you know what I am talking about.

Your girlfriend is under-estimating her male bestie's libido and taking him for a mug but hope he doesn't end up impregnating her.


Crime / Re: Woman Uploads Maids Nude Video For Stealing From Her (pics) by Ilekokonit: 5:48pm On Jan 26
With this wickedness, this woman has shot herself in the foot.

By publishing the pictures in public, it became a case of revenge porn which is a criminal offence.

Then how did she get the pictures ? Was she in a sexual relationship with the maid ? Or was she abusing the maid and her rights ?

If the woman took the pictures without the maids knowledge or consent then it is also a clear case of voyeurism which is another criminal offence.

Pro Bono Human Rights Lawyers over to you.
Politics / Obasanjo Dancing Highlife by Ilekokonit: 9:52am On Jan 24
Politics / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Set Olu Falae's Farm On Fire In Ondo. FFK Reacts by Ilekokonit: 12:19am On Jan 22
Obasanjo's Farm is Next.

Maybe then the greedy elite will ease up on their stealing when they realise that their properties are also not safe from the result of their corruption.

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Beautiful But Not Intelligent. Should I Still Marry Her? by Ilekokonit: 8:21pm On Jan 21
learn to listen when we tell you these things. dont argue with a guy about what a guy wants.

Good advice
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Beautiful But Not Intelligent. Should I Still Marry Her? by Ilekokonit: 6:15pm On Jan 21
manners is not enough, our conversations are usually shallow.

every stupid thing she reads on whatsapp she believes

i hope they dont scam of all her fortunes one day.

with her course, of which she is not coming out with a reasonable grade, it means she will have to do business as no one will employ her.

Give me an illiterate who is loyal, has manners, has a teachable spirit and loves me 100% and I will marry her anyday.

Your girlfriend by not getting good grades may not secure good employment and have to settle for opening her own business and this alone is an asset as being an employee is a form of slavery as ALL employees can be sacked at the drop of a hat.

Regarding whatsapp and her believing everything thereon, you will have to wean her off whatsapp but it will be a tough task especially if you are still on it yourself.

QUESTION for you :- Can you marry a very ugly woman with very high intelligence

Love covers all faults and if you are already having doubts about your current girlfriend then maybe you should free her and let her be available to her own soul mate who will not even see the faults you are seeing in her.

There is no point in creating future unhappiness for both of you when you can avoid such.

Marriage is tough business and a case of fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Beautiful But Not Intelligent. Should I Still Marry Her? by Ilekokonit: 3:18am On Jan 21
she has manners.

That's all a man needs in a wife.
Romance / Re: Even Broke Guys Are Shouting I Stand With Sex Doll by Ilekokonit: 12:07am On Jan 19

no more "loose pussy"

Wonderful development.

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Romance / Re: Even Broke Guys Are Shouting I Stand With Sex Doll by Ilekokonit: 11:16pm On Jan 18
if one can package himself with the little funds one has and give the middle finger to these hungry slay bitches who moves around like leeches, looking for whom to suck dry of d little cash u have and still call u a broke guy wen u can no longer afford their needs,u will see how ur lives will diversify.

Lesson of the year for ALL men of ALL ages.
Romance / Re: Women Are In For A Big Trouble (photo) by Ilekokonit: 10:58pm On Jan 18
I'm wondering if the sex doll will come as a virgin or olosho.

It wouldn't matter as you can tighten it manually to be as tight as you want.
Romance / Re: Everythin' You Need To Know About Sex Dolls And Their Features (video) by Ilekokonit: 5:31am On Jan 18


No wonder the video title starts with Amazing.
Romance / Re: Answer These Burnin' Questions On Sex Dolls And Win Airtime by Ilekokonit: 5:19am On Jan 18
They can feel our focus is shiftin' from them

Men's focus is now on not giving a flying f.cuk about women.

And this includes American and European men who are sick and tired of being short changed by these belligerent women.

Just search on Youtube for MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) and you will see that more and more men are Anti Marriage as Marriage was a scam designed to profit women.


Business / Re: Paddy Adenuga: 'I Cannot Date A Lady That Wears Wig, I Have Standards' by Ilekokonit: 4:55am On Jan 18
I Cannot Date A Lady That Wears Wig, I Have Standards. Paddy Adenuga

Smart guy. He knows that those weaves were sacrificed on oath to Indian Gods before being exported out of India.

totally unattractive when an attractive person is rude, suddenly their good looks don't matter anymore... there is absolutely nothing endearing about being disrespectful. Paddy Adenuga


Maybe the ones who are really serious about settling down will take a valuable lesson from him at least they can't accuse him of being broke.
Romance / SEX DOLL BOOM: Japanese Men Dump ‘Complex Women’ For Sex Robots Who Don’t Argue by Ilekokonit: 4:06am On Jan 18
SEX ROBOT BOOM: Japanese men ditch ‘Complex Women’ for sex robots who don’t argue

Jun 30, 2017 | UPDATED: 11:41, Fri, Jun 30, 2017

THOUSANDS of Japanese men are turning their backs on real women and choosing ultra-realistic sex dolls as their life partners, it emerged today.

More than 2,000 of the scarily real silicone dolls - called Dutch Wives - are sold each year in Japan at the cost of about £4,600, industry insiders have confirmed. And sales are rising every year.

Makers of the dolls claim they are so lifelike, men will never want a human girlfriend ever again.

A love affair with the silicon sex machines is becoming increasingly acceptable. Owners have no qualms about taking their rubber companions to the park or the beach.

Sex dolls are becoming more advanced - and acceptable - in Japan

Father-of-two, Senji Nakajima, of Tokyo, is one of those men.

He explained he was so sick of complicated relationships with real women he bought a life-sized doll for a simple life.

The 61-year-old sleeps with his doll, who he named Saori, every night after buying her six years ago to fill the gap as he lived away from his wife.

He initially used her for sex but she is now so much part of his life he takes her, in a wheelchair, to the shops and on walks, free of embarrassment.

He said: “She never betrays, not after only money.

‘I’m tired of modern rational humans. They are heartless.


One in five Germans wants a robot sex doll - and six per cent of adults say they could fall in LOVE with one

Looking for love: Unhappy Japanese men turn to silicone sex dolls

My sex doll is so much better than my real wife

Interactive sex doll responds to human touch and moans when her breasts are massaged

Sex Dolls Are Replacing China’s Missing Women

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Romance / Re: List Of Things Sex Doll Cannot Do By Nigerian Lady by Ilekokonit: 3:41am On Jan 18
I recommend this sex doll for every single male in the world. We have had enough with these dumb feminists wannabe. Sex dolls are better than most of them

Fact. The mindset of some of these women is so repulsive and nauseating that I don't think I can live under the same roof with one of these foul mouthed feral witches.
Romance / Re: List Of Things Sex Doll Cannot Do By Nigerian Lady by Ilekokonit: 3:34am On Jan 18
Let's do a poll
Like for sex dolls, share for women
OMG sex dolls are winning with a landslide

The game is over for women with bad attitudes and lousy sex offering.

The doll can be tightened as tight as you want and it will never give you attitude or lie to you nor cheat on you. It stays where you left it when you come back from work and does not argue, is not quarrelsome nor cantankerous and does not struggle with you for the remote control.



Romance / Re: List Of Things Sex Doll Cannot Do By Nigerian Lady by Ilekokonit: 3:26am On Jan 18
Is this sex doll pussy pleasureable like human feelings? Is the sex doll pussy feels natural like woman pussy?

Its made of special silicone that makes it feel almost like a human body AND you can tighten it to your specifications - as tight as you want - which is why its detractors are up in arms because of this configurable aspect of the doll they can never compete with.

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Romance / Re: List Of Things Sex Doll Cannot Do By Nigerian Lady by Ilekokonit: 3:22am On Jan 18
These Nigerian girls have issues with sense believe me. I pray they eventually get one before I marry.

Its been getting progressively worse over the years and it will only get worse.

For "smart" men, marriage is now seen like an everlasting punishment. A case of look before you leap 'cos marriage for men is a case of "fools rush in where angels fear to tread".
Romance / Re: 10 Memes On The Trending Sex Doll by Ilekokonit: 2:46am On Jan 18
This one thinks he has made sense. Probably smiled at this post whilst typing loool. NLanders are soo foolish

You have the guts to call someone who is minding his own business foolish just because he is speaking about MEDICAL FACTS he knows about.

If you feel that your secret use of a vibrator is getting exposed, then this is not the way to go about saving face. At least I did not specifically mention you or any woman for that matter, I just stated MEDICAL FACTS about the damage overuse of vibrators can cause to the vagina by way of a smelly vagina.

And you have the guts to come charging out of the woods to call me foolish for stating a well known medical fact.

Well, facts are facts and if you are using a vibrator on yourself, be advised to reduce its use if you don't want to eventually end up with a repulsively smelling vagina BUT if you already have a repulsively smelling vagina as a result of your over use of a vibrator on yourself then your hope of keeping a "clean" man is gone.

Sorry but a foolish woman with her own hands destroys her own ......

And to cap it all, not only do you MOST LIKELY have a vibrator destroyed smelly vagina, you have a foul mouth also and you don't mind your own business hence your being single.

Okay, I get your game. You are thinking along the lines of attack is the best form of defence and you thought I was exposing your secret addiction to a vibrator, and felt that by calling me foolish, you would cow me into silence but you are mistaken because you can't argue or throw insults or tantrums at MEDICAL FACTS.

Its just common sense that if you keep drilling a well, you will meet water sooner or later and likewise with your over use of a vibrator on the walls of your vagina, its walls will be progressively worn down and somewhere down the line, osmosis will take its course sooner or later and the worn down walls of your vagina will give way slowly but surely to allow liquid from your bladder and/or rectum to start seeping through the now thin walled vagina into the vaginal cavity via the anterior and posterior walls of the vagina hence the resultant repugnant smell coming out of your vagina when ever it is open and the foul smelling fluid has to be kept at bay with mounds of tissue paper.

All this because you got addicted to a vibrator which you should have used on yourself sparingly and researched about the dangers of overusing it.

The truth is bitter but you can decide to destroy your own vagina with your own hands by over indulging in using a heavy duty vibrator.

But don't say you weren't warned of the medical dangers of such.

Next time you don't jump in just because you don't like someones non specific post and decide in your wisdom to call such a person foolish just because you can.
Romance / Re: 10 Memes On The Trending Sex Doll by Ilekokonit: 10:57pm On Jan 17
Love Machine that is even worst, no one cry about it

True talk. Overuse of vibrators and dildos causes vaginal odour over time due to the wear and tear of the vaginal walls and the attendant osmosis of liquid from the bladder and rectum into the Vj although it is a gradual wearing down process that is not immediately noticed by the participant.

Some women use it for hours on end at a go happily thinking that they no longer need a man as the vibrator can service them for 4 hours a time not realising that its just like drilling a well, you must drill and hit water sooner or later.

Its similar to a "combined" Rectovaginal and Vesicovaginal fistula but on a milder but more embarrassing scale.

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Romance / Re: Sex Doll Trending On Twitter: Funny Reactions From Twitter Users by Ilekokonit: 5:44am On Jan 17
not all men can stand real women.. they only manage to stand most of y'all cos of that urge they wanna satisfy.

How times have changed. Women have finally boxed themselves into being seen as loveless and unlovable creatures.

When their parents were telling them that beauty is in the character, they turned deaf ears and carried on with their nasty behaviours to the extent now that less than 20% of them can find a man to keep long term.

The VERY few smart women left are holding tight to the remaining few men who see marriage as a necessity.

21st Century women with their sense of entitlement and all round nastiness are not worth the hassle and the more educated they are the worse their foolishness.


Religion / Re: Are Pastor Adeboye's Recant Of Various Testimonies Real. by Ilekokonit: 8:07pm On Jan 14
I am having some serious doubts of these stories or testimonies.

Jeremiah 6:13 (NIV) - From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit.
Nairaland / General / Re: Please How Do I stop this stubborn Prophet by Ilekokonit: 6:45pm On Jan 14
I meet this Prophet through a friend of mine ...

I cut ties with this Prophet I think august last year I've already forgotten about him..... I don't know how he got to find out about me again he's being calling me since new year eve

Your so called friend is giving the "prophet" updates about your life.

Cut off from them both and if possible change your phone number and the harassment will stop.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Massive Owl Killed In My House This Morning (pics) by Ilekokonit: 6:19pm On Jan 14
bats, ravens, sparrows have mistakenly flown into my house at different times. I didn't kill any, I just opened the door to let it go.

Some birds make their nest and lay eggs in my stairway, I didn't destroy their eggs or nest like some other people will do. I just let them stay there till the eggs hatch and they leave themselves..
we as Africans should learn to appreciate wildlife.
once you aren't killing it for food, don't bother to just waste life.

In the UK, all birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and it is an offence, with certain exceptions, to Intentionally or recklessly disturb any wild bird listed on Schedule 1 while it is nest building, or at a nest containing eggs or young, or disturb the dependent young of such a bird.
UK Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981
Religion / Re: Newman Emmanuel Edward: "If You Are Rich & Don't Help Pastors, You Will Die" by Ilekokonit: 5:54pm On Jan 14
I pray make God give u sense and understanding.

Nice Insight.

The same bible that we all read makes the following statements :-

Jeremiah 6:13 (NIV) - From the least to the greatest, all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit.

Proverbs 22:16 - One who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and one who gives gifts to the rich—both come to poverty.
Family / Where The Assault On The Black Family Came From by Ilekokonit: 3:05am On Jan 14
Religion / Re: Newman Emmanuel Edward: "If You Are Rich & Don't Help Pastors, You Will Die" by Ilekokonit: 11:15pm On Jan 13
If You Are Rich And You Don't Help Pastors,you Shall Die Before 2019 - Pastor Says

Proverbs 22:16 - One who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and one who gives gifts to the rich—both come to poverty.

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