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TV/Movies / Re: Photos: Kwese TV Launches Cable TV Service In Nigeria by Unionised(m): 7:23pm On Oct 19
Una well done

Abeg, EPL dey?

If not, then wetin una dey sell?
Business / Re: What They Never Told Us About Working Hard In This Present Age by Unionised(m): 11:02am On Oct 19
Growing up, I have seen things and I have also experienced some. Life is full of mysteries and most of them are accompanied by experiences that each one of us must at one point or the other pass through. It is no doubt we have been preached to, admonished and encouraged in one way or the other.

But nonetheless, it may never settle with us historically except we experience them ourselves to be able to tell the tales that follows.

Every one of us wished success will just locate us and hit us very hard that we may heave a sigh of relieve and say, 'I don hammer'. Our minds were later disabused when they told us that, we can only attain success by hard work and perseverance.

The latter line of principle is generally spoken and widely accepted. But I think there is something so cunningly avoided by many, that we have not been told. Truth be told, Most of all the truths we have been told about life, does not exist. They are mere fables, preached by elites, imposed on the gullible and accepted generally by the ignorant.

Let's get down to what I want to say without wasting your precious time. It is basically this, 'hard work without the Proper Connections in Place, you are most assuredly wasting your energy'. I so believe that as there as so many ways to kill a man which does not even equal the few ways we know to make love, so also are there many ways to 'Work Hard' and they don't equal or lead to success.

Virtually all the things I have gone through have been because; there was somebody that knows somebody that knows someone and so it is for everybody. So in essence, if you have something to offer to people, your prayer should be for you to meet that somebody that knows another person to give you the opportunity to showcase what you've got. A celebrity I followed posted something on his page about how God has helped him to scale through, a fan who has understood the 'LINES' "based on the basis" asked him also to help him get connected to people that will allow him sell what he has.

I am not in any way trying to tell anybody to stop working and start looking for connection. No. You must have worked and mastered and art before seeking relevance. This post and most of my previous post which I will list at the end of this post, do align to one basic principle, "Prepare yourself first before you seek to announce your availability".

What am trying to point out is that you must seek to get connected. IN the Bible, Jesus after talking about tax collectors and their seemingly evil ways in Luke 16, he points something very glaring in Verse 9.

 Go check it out and seek the meaning of what He was saying.

If you have read this post, don't rush out without telling us your views. We love to hear your own side of the story!


You fail because you do not have the proper orientation.


Long leg or Godfatherism is so 90's.


Ask and ye shall receive....

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Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:21pm On Oct 15

Is that why you are calling me ode? Is there not a better way to express yourself?

Be objective.

Heresay can be damaging.

Lesson learnt I hope?
Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:20pm On Oct 15
Mr Oga, did you think pension is a gift?
my dad is getting paid for his selfless service and he's entitle to his pension.. Meanwhile my man never rely on that change.. The annual pension paid is far less than my monthly income. Employing someone like you who can't just make a meaningful dialogue is a bad market for Union bank

Nobody asked you for explanation....
Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 5:01pm On Oct 15

Abeg look bush! Olodo tongue

e pain am grin
Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 2:44pm On Oct 15

You are just an information marketer. My dad retired from union bank ughelli (delta state) 20years ago, my best pal presently work at the ondo city branch. I and my siblings still have a running account with them. How more can I be sure.?

And is that the best way to talk about the fingers that fed you?

Kindly return those monthly pensions your Dad recieves.

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Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:32am On Oct 15

I wish I had saved a screenshot of a Whatsapp message... 2 weeks, nothing! I will try re-add the Whatsapp number to see if it'll still show up for later evidence...

Additionally, since 2015 I've had 2 unresolved transactions of N70, 000 and N10, 000 via their useless USSD, that's N80K! I kid you not. I have proof and I've written letters to no avail.

A very stupid lady I went to see at their customer service clearly out of inexplicable hatred lied that I was not in line one of the times I went on complaint, this was after like 30 minutes of waiting o... very saucy and rude. I was so dejected an embarrassed... I NEVER and I repeat, NEVER jump queues... in fact at an ATM, if my transaction does not go through and I see that people on the line are agitated and I need to try yet again, I re-queue and not loiter close to the machine and then claim my right to usage after like one person behind me takes his turn...

Then again, there's the idiot guy - God forgive my anger today - that used to be so helpful and just totally refused to see me again. Why? He had asked me for a loan from the account! I didn't even decline, I was just putting it to thought but apparently he found another alternative after and short while and became utterly disrespectful. I couldn't believe it. This is something that os totally against their ethics o and he feels he doesn't need me again... no wonder he was helpful before!

I have since withdrawn it all and I have final balance... when I have their time, it is on social media et al. I will disgrace Union Bank and likely sue as well.

God is my witness in all this! Let me come and be going to church, or at least stream service.

No give yourself high bp.
If you have a solid case, report to the appropriate quarters.


Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:29am On Oct 15

Infact, i was surprised when i saw a nice air conditioner instead of a standing fan in one of their branches. I was also impressed when a colleague used a token for an online tramscation. They are becoming smarter these days.

They've been smart for years.

You did not notice because you ran away!


Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:28am On Oct 15
Fake video celebration.

If a carpenter or tailor approach them for loan, they would simply say no.

Send your carpentar to GTB na


Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:27am On Oct 15
Okay so no more Big , strong, reliable

Now; simpler smarter bank..... They better live up to their word.....very backward bank undecided

Gbenu e soun!

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Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:26am On Oct 15
'charity', they say it begin at home... Union bank treat their staffs (both retired and in-service) like poo.... Speaking from experience.. With Union bank I have the worst banking experience.. Re-branding is long overdue


Not sure you know what you're saying.


Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:25am On Oct 15

Very slow bank that has refused to adapt to the rapidly changing world of e banking. Bank with them at your peril. I can't deal Jo! Even my mama had to run from the bank. If I see their ATM, I pick race. I just can't deal

Olodo ni e.

What do you know about the bank?



NYSC / Re: How Do I Tell A Female Corper Who Keeps Bringing Me Food To Stop? by Unionised(m): 3:42am On Oct 12


Let love grow on you man.
That girl is a keeper.
We men usually don't know what we need.

Take your eyes off that babe you are eyeing, it's just an attraction.

That ugly duckling that brings you food, now that's the real deal!
She's a swan, open your eyes man!!!

Speaking from experience...


Career / Re: Appointment Terminated Unjustly And The Staff Asked To Refund Salaries by Unionised(m): 5:09pm On Oct 08

Bro, you are very informed.
Can you shed more light on the circumstance surrounding repayment of housing and salary upfront ?
You know the bank gives its staff their full housing allowance at the beginning of the year and most also pays quarterly upfront.

Since these allowances are not outright loan requests but a form of salary advance, will the bank be right to demand a repayment especially of pro rated housing allownace since the staff is expected to have rented a house and paid for a year in full ?

Experienced inputs please.

Believe me when I say it's an argument an employee cannot win.
Housing and education are a form of advance for you to be comfortable enough to concentrate on the job.

While they are not loans in the real sense, you are supposd to work for it in the course of the year.
So, if you leave within the calendar year in question, repayment will be prorated and dropped into your account.

The banks have good legal advice on this.
It's a lost cause fighting it.

My opinion though.
Career / Re: Appointment Terminated Unjustly And The Staff Asked To Refund Salaries by Unionised(m): 3:00pm On Oct 08
Dear brethren. Please do advice. My sister'S appointment got terminated in a bank and she was asked to refund the loans she collected from her office. Note:she had no intention to live the bank. The loan was meant to be deducted from her monthly salaries. Lawyers in the house can she make a case in the court. Since she didn't resign but the bank ask her to go,invariably the bank should also forfeit the loans since they terminated her appointment.

What i have seen from those around me in this scenario is that the loan is commercialised (higher interest rate)

The sacked staff is asked to pay back the loan

Most resist paying because its the bank that laid them off.

The bank usually cannot do anything about it.

They simply wait for your next employer to ask for a LETTER OF REFERENCE, which they (the bank) will refuse to give you unless you pay back the loan.

The new employer now has two choices;
To not confirm your appointment and lay you off too
Or, accept you that way without the reference.

But remember, every bad loan is a killer.
Aside from the default rate which accumulates over time,
You really cannot borrow from any mainstream finance house again for life, unless you clear the loan.

And when you decide to travel out, another matter.....

20 years down the line nko?
A political appointment or prestigious award somewhere turns sour when monitoring spirits decide to dig up your past.

Moral of the story? PAY YOUR DEBTS
There is no justice in this world.


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Romance / Re: Why I Vowed Never to get married ( A Nairalander) by Unionised(m): 5:26pm On Oct 07
Good day NLS ....
I created this thread to bring myself out of the dark instead of hurting my self with ignorance. I've been in couple of relationship that didn't just work out, unfortunately one or two things will terminate it especially (cheating&greed) from my boo. it has become so rampant and almost normal in our world today where you see spouse cheating on each other...tho am young in my 20s really don't know much about marriage. but i definitely know if I will have a good wife and happy family in the future, the foundation starts now.
But this our babes (aka slayers) won't even allow someone to be confident in them. As a guy personally, am very emotional and I have a sensitive and fragile heart. now imagine that I'm dating a lady and fell deeply in love with her, provide all her needs, treat her like a queen, and at the end, she cheated because she saw another guy somewhere with Range sports even tho am still managing my E.o.d Honda accord and eventually dump me for him after all her love confession for me before meeting the new guy, now if you experience this shyt 4/5 times, won't you get fed up and decide to be on your own? but of course our mum won't be happy because she wants grandchildren, then I give it a 2nd thought but I can't just sacrifice my happiness because I want to please my parents..... How will it feel if you find out that your wife and mother of your children is a "runs babe" somewhere, well as a matter if fact, I gave vowed never to dip a ring in any woman's finger......I know people will say I'm ignorant or ion know what am saying or am a kid or whatever!!! i really don't care!
I will remind them failed marriage which might cause depression, high BP, e.t.c.. is among the 1000 ways to die (untimely) yes!!quote me anywhere and am not ready to die because of a woman that doesn't deserve me.

#note# this thread is unisex not male only I used myself because am a male. thank u!!!

Don't be a baby.

Mature people do not fall in love carelessly.

You love for a reason, and if that reason evaporates, then you have a choice.

Get it?

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Jokes Etc / Re: When You Finally Meet That Nairalander Whose Post Is Always On Point by Unionised(m): 1:47pm On Sep 13

Always on point.
TV/Movies / Re: Dstv Gotv Complains Thread by Unionised(m): 4:54am On Sep 13
Paid 6k last week but just discovered champions league channels not part of that package. Can I change package before tonight's games? How do I go about this?
Education / Re: Adekunle Ajasin University, AAUA Post UTME, Step By Step Guide by Unionised(m): 2:45pm On Sep 05
Procedures for AAUA post UTME registration

1. Visit First bank or any commercial bank and tell them you want to buy AAUA post UTME form through ETRANZACT. Remember to mention Etranzact
2. They will sell it at #5500. They will give you Etranzact slip
3. Take the e-transact slip, O'level results, O'level result checking cards, Jamb result to the cafe near you or handle it yourself
4. Cafe service charge may range from #500 to #1500. You will need passport photo with red background

*NOTE* : cut-off mark is 180 and above whether you chose them as first, second or third choice.

Read the details full details through the link below https://followtechie.blogspot.com.ng/2017/08/this-is-to-inform-all-utme-and-direct.html?m=1

Have you done this successfully?
No bank could do mine for me today.
I wonder
Education / Re: 2017 Aaua Post Utme/de, Screening And Registration Process by Unionised(m): 2:21pm On Sep 05
The Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, AAUA Post UTME/Direct Entry Screening Exercise application form for admission into all course/programmes for the 2017/2018 Academic Year is now on sale. AAUA Post- UTME cut-off mark is 180.

This is to inform all UTME and Direct Entry candidates who applied for admission into Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State for the 2017/2018 academic session that the POST UTME Screening Exercise application form is now on sale.


Those who made or are willing to make Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, their choice of University in the 2017/2018 UTME and scored 180 and above; and

Direct Entry candidates who chose or are willing to make AAUA their first choice of University.

NOTE: Candidates, who did not make Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State, their choice of University initially but are now willing to choose AAUA will have to make the necessary change of Institution to AAUA not later than 18th September, 2017.


All eligible candidates are to visit the University website www.putme.aaua.edu.ng to register for the test as from 28th August, 2017 after the payment of N2, 000.00 assessment fee, and N3, 500.00 administrative, handling, and bank charges at any branch of the banks listed below via


If you have successfully paid for the post utme at the bank, please let us know. The banks we visited as listed all could not process the payment. Please enlighten us on way forward.
Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs Nigeria: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier 1 - 1 (Full Time) by Unionised(m): 7:03am On Sep 05
lol...e pain am too!
Next time learn not to exercise ur ignorance and spudity to the world.

Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs Nigeria: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier 1 - 1 (Full Time) by Unionised(m): 6:28pm On Sep 04
ode oponu ayirada, oda bi eni pe nkan ti wo ni ki ofi we(bath) lo gbe mu.

E pain am.

Next time comprehend.
Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs Nigeria: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier 1 - 1 (Full Time) by Unionised(m): 11:38am On Sep 04
ma quy i understand u are bittered just calm, ur dubious hayatou can't fix this. We shall trash ur lousy cameroun.

Olodo ni e.

Ti won ba ni ki e ka iwe, eni iro mo fe se fine boy.

Enu e lewa....

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Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs Nigeria: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier 1 - 1 (Full Time) by Unionised(m): 10:37am On Sep 04
Its now so obvious that issa hayatou is the brain behinde all the dubious losses we've encountered in all our 3 afcon final with cameroun.

This cameroun is just too ordinary, it gladens me that we've prove our superiority by beating them 7-0 on aggregate (3-0 in london and now 4-0 in uyo) lets just add 1 more to spell their name.

Yea, Issa Hayatou played in those 3 finals.

He was also the referee for those matches, if my memory serves me right.

I also heard from the grapevine that Issa used Juju on our boys during those games.

And lest I forget, he poisoned the super eagles player too!

The Bastard!!!

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Politics / Re: NNPC Crashes The Prices Of Petrol And Cooking Gas Nationwide by Unionised(m): 10:27am On Sep 04

CRASH-when a motor from one side jam another from the other side and the front of the two motor scatter na him dem dey call " CRASH"

Within this context, olodo grin
Politics / Re: NNPC Crashes The Prices Of Petrol And Cooking Gas Nationwide by Unionised(m): 9:33am On Sep 04

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Education / Re: What Is The Difference Between B.sc Degree And B.sc (Hons) Degree? by Unionised(m): 7:50am On Sep 04
Need clarification about this please.

Let us speak the language we understand in Nigeria.

BSc hons is different from the ordinary degree because of only one thing.



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Romance / Re: I Have Hatred Towards Girl After Love Making, Help by Unionised(m): 1:15pm On Sep 03
Please help me nlander, this thing has been baffling me for a year now.

fast forward in 2016, i started having break ups due to the reason: once i have sex with girls i started having hatred towards them especially when the sex is constantly.

i thought at first maybe it a normal thing due to fact that i love taste random........

until this same occurrence happened yesterday on our first love making, toward me and my long term girl, this girl i love her like mad, am even planing future reference with her, i don't want to lose this same girl because of this hatred.embarassed

i tried to discuss this with my friend, and fortunately this happen to some of them(having hatred after having sex)

i tried to Google for solutions but nothing useful found

i tried to do dating without sex but the thought still runs in my head,and i always want stable relationships for now. cry

just help me!!

A little psychoanalysis for you.


I suspect an ultra-religious background where FORNICATION is CONDEMNED in no small measure.

I am very sure you need a no sex relationship that would lead to marriage. That's one.

Two. You need psychiatric help. One or two sessions with a proper psychologist should point you in the right direction.

Hope this is helpful.
Education / Re: What Was Your Best Subject Topic During Your Secondary School Days? by Unionised(m): 10:28am On Aug 31
For me its reproductive system in biology not only because of what you're thinking but also cuz our biology teacher then at govt. orita aperin mr.olaomo made it more interesting.
#lets hear your own best topic and under which subject
and the reason for choosing it

Wrong reason,
I loved reproductive system because it made the girls in class uncomfortable. grin

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Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: How I Was Scammed By a nairalander by Unionised(m): 3:35pm On Aug 30

u need deliverance , cos i am amazed u cant read and understand that i paid for it not steal it which seems to be the only word u seem to understand in my write up.
if u aint got any thing positive to say, then u dont say nothing.

So when they told you to pay $9 for something valued at $100, you did not stop to ask questions?

Keep it up...
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: How I Was Scammed By a nairalander by Unionised(m): 11:12am On Aug 30

I bought my fifa 17 2 months ago for £9, online so if i had been swindled, wld u have called me greedy? i took a risk and it paid off . so i dnt see anything wrong with securing a steal deal. Some people are just lucky and u wnt knw until u try.

I see its endemic.

So you bought a ill-gotten ware and you are proud to say it.

We all need deliverance.
Video Games And Gadgets For Sale / Re: How I Was Scammed By a nairalander by Unionised(m): 7:24pm On Aug 29

a little sympathy would go a long way if u must say something . he bought it from the said fraudster as anyone wld buy an item from a seller. so he cant be accused of cheating jumia as the seller didnt mention on his nairaland post that it was a defective jumia product .
very sorry man, next time insist on testing games u buy or swap . even if it means carrying ur console with u . at least u could beg to test the game with ur console in a barbing saloon with a little tip . it wld save u all this.

It is attitudes like his that brought us to where we are as a nation.

Everyone wants to cut corner and damn the consequences.

So someone offers you a brand new range rover sports for 2 million naira because the windscreen is broken and you'll jump at it?

It is well...

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