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Travel / Re: Lagos Government Seals Off Chisco, Ifex, GUO, Other Transporters' Office by Unionised(m): 9:58am On Dec 13
Nice plan with the Ojota luxury bus station but they could have had more dialogue with those companies that seal up their facilities.

What is the present state of the Ojota alternative bus station? Are the amenities they enjoy in Jibowu available in Ojota.

Why do they have to wait till December before effecting the Governor's directive when they know this is the most lucrative season for those transporters? Anyway, I know those guys will go sort the LASG officials sha.

Eko Onibaje o

Sorry, what amenities?
Politics / Re: Ikoyi Money: Union Bank Wades Into Ownership Of Building by Unionised(m): 11:34am On Dec 01

I swear my brother. Remember, union Bank is the bank buhari's Banks with. So what do you expect

And you just applied logic, abi?

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Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 11:07am On Dec 01

And the naira has not been suffering devaluation?

Over the last two years, cedi has been more stable than the naira

Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 8:46am On Dec 01
please, I beg you.. I can tolerate some states in nigeria but not what you mentioned.... Is it not the same kano where there was bomb blast at the central mosque in the year 2014? Is it not the same Kano where tribal clash exist? Is not the same kano where a woman was killed for blasphemy and the court gave them freedom. Is it not the same kano where shia Muslims and police attacked?

Crime exist everywhere but not that kind of place where I would fear going to mosque to pray to my Allah due to terrorism which happens there.. Or tribal or religious hate..

I can actually feel the hate in your write up.

Point is, DON'T GENERALISE. Simple.

When foreigners say Nigeria is unsafe, you are quick to shout that its just borno.

Kano is safe and peaceful too.

The side I lived and grew up in.


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Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 8:43am On Dec 01

Lived well in Kano ? ���

Nop, you didn't.

Really, you couldn't have lived well in Kano. Except you're like them anyways ...

Na you sabi.

Point made.
Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 3:40am On Dec 01
I am also proud of Nigeria too.. But you are not getting the picture clearly.. One distinct uniqueness about ghana and 9ja is peace. There is peace in ghana.. There is law and order.. Nothing like hustle and bustle... No magomago... The serene is alot better.. With one naira or one cedi you can live in peace in ghana But in 9ja you need more money to get to live in peace... In nigeria, there is noise and air pollution but it is not like that in gh.. The air is fresh..

When I was schooling in gh, at night I smell cocoa all over and I was living in a city(kumasi) but when I come to Lagos for holiday, I smell generator fume.. This is bad.. Let us say the truth..

Accra you mean?

I had peace and lived well in Kano too.

Come back after your visit to Kumasi, central region and northern Ghana...

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Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 3:35am On Dec 01


can you please give a run down of some of the costs one might expect to incur?

Will a 500 usd (approx 200, 000 naira) budget be enough for one person?

You want to rent the presidential suite for one month? grin

That amount is more than enough unless you want to buy a lot of things.

An average hotel actually costs around 20k naira per night, so look for less than average. Trust me, they are still better than most hotels in Lagos grin

That being said, your major money guzzler in accra would be the taxis because you will need to move about.

So, ditch the Taxis and take TROTRO.
Their version of the danfo would bring you closer to the people.
The reall Ghanaians.

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Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 3:27am On Dec 01
Now to the second hotel where i lodged, eclipse hotel, cheap and quite accessible. The driver took my bag upstairs with the door to his matrix opened. That gives you a sense of safety.

13. When you start comparing the cost of there stuffs with an handicapped Naira, then you might not even be spending a kobo, you'll think those stuffs are expensive, not knowing that its due to a watery Naira. Coke goes for 2 or 3 cedis, which is like 222-333 naira, same as bottle water. So don't even compare.

But the coke tastes different and thicker.

14. Good Food, they sell jollof rice at every street corner, with nicely carved food shops just accessible. 2cedis, 4 cedis. Then, Ghana is a home of chicken, as they sell it alot likewise. And the nice thing is that almost at every spot, they microwave your food before serving you.

15. Mr Wale enjoying a nice meal of fried rice.

16. Bought this wanche with shittor for about 3cedis i think, here's a very cheap meal though. Really wanted to have a taste, and it was a nice mix of rice and beans.

Oga don't even compare!

That cedi that gets devalued every few years?

Appreciate your own...


Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 3:22am On Dec 01
Nice but did you go with a drone? Saw the pix of the Independence Square shocked BTW most filling station pumps in Nigeria have that POS functionality just that the stations are not knowledgeable enough to know that they need to integrate with a PTSP (Payment Terminal Service Provider) who will build the software to activate it.

They just refuse to do it, simple.

Knowledge kor...
Travel / Re: My Ghana Experience 2017 by Unionised(m): 3:20am On Dec 01
1. Welcome to benin republic, picture 1 shows the border of Nigeria and Benin Republic. You have to trek while you pass any of the borders.

2. Welcome to Ghana. Here's an illustration of a ghanian plane arriving gallantly though i commuted via a car from lagos, ABC transport in lagos is also a great alternative, just make sure you have someone to receive you before you move.

3. The journey was more than 24 hours, we had a lot of waits due to the fact that the car is a New Nigerian registered vehicle, so we had to do a lot of clearance at the borders. Picture 2 shows a charity building in togo alongside gh.

4. Picture 4 illustrates a filling station at Ghana's border town, Afflao, a closer look at my hand in the picture shows my power bank. Only if i had known there wouldn't be a need for it. grin grin grin

Seriously, 24 hours to Ghana?

For what? That transport company should do better!
Politics / Re: Edo Central, North Monarchs Urge DSS, Police To Arrest Ijaw Traditional Rulers by Unionised(m): 3:16am On Dec 01

Some fishermen think crocodiles only exist in the sea!!

Una go dance Indomie , back to your tiny bayelsa

Do crocodiles live in the sea?

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Religion / Re: Letter To The Born Again Sisters From A Born Again Brother by Unionised(m): 8:38am On Nov 26

Dear Sister,

You've come of age and I need to tell you some blunt truth.
You refused to be friends with all the brothers in the church, if they don't greet you first, you ignore them. Even when they greet you, your mouth is too heavy to answer, all because you're a precious sister.

They added you to the youth Whatsapp group but you never make any contribution. Bro Dave privately messaged you, you replied him after three days because you are busy. Even when you replied, it's a one liner. K, yh, same here, y, lol, hey, hi, those are the only vocabulary in your own dictionary.

It is true that you are friendly, but only to the sisters and married women in the church. Now that you are rubbing shoulders with Good women at 24, all the brothers are not spiritual to your standard, therefore they can never meet your standard of Husband material.

Bro Dave, the general secretary turned himself to follow-up secretary just to get your attention. When he calls, you don't pick and you never call back. He sent you "merry Christmas, happy new year, happy new week" text messages. He's already composing happy weekend message and you refuse to reply common "thankyou".

When you saw him at church yesterday, you acted like you didn't see his messages. He brought it up and you quickly form too busy and spiritual to be replying messages.

Every night, Bro Nelson is always the one to ping, he asks how are you and mention all your siblings by name and your reply is "all fine", and the chat is over. You don't even bother to ask him how his day went, talk less of asking after his family.

Dear Daughter, don't worry o, keep snubbing all the brothers at church because God has prepared your own angel from heaven, shebi you can pray very well, continue oo

Leave the born again part out.

She is just not into you.

I know a lot of born again sisters, and I assure you they are so friendly one tends to misconstrue those smiles as 'come ons'.

Trust me, they need no ice breaker to initiate a conversation.

So the problem is you.

You probably have a 'track record' of conquests within the church circle.

Or you are just a sore loser!

If I want to date a girl in my church, I date!

Don't be a sissy....


Food / Re: Food To Avoid On A First Date by Unionised(m): 8:56pm On Nov 25
FIRST dates are all about people getting to know each other. People are nervous enough and are already trying to put their best foot forward to either secure a second date or decide what the next step would be without having to worry about a food- related incident. It’s not a matter of forming or not being authentic but it’s the first date and the food you know how to eat very well could end up embarrassing you( even simple common ice cream/ pop corn). All our finesse and efforts could be wasted if we tried any of these meals:

A) Spaghetti :
No matter how appetizing the spaghetti is, slurping and chewing while trying to get to know each other is a no-no. It’s either you trying to cut the spaghetti strands into smaller pieces or attempting to suck on the spaghetti.

B)Eba and Soup:
This is the first date we are talking about. Leafy leafs could get stuck in your teeth while okra/ ogbonno needs no explanation, the drawing nature of the soup explains it all.

The more you eat, the more you whoops. Be classy and not gassy- just forget the beans. Apart from beans causing you to fart, you’d be full quickly and ruin your plans for dessert if you made any.

Salads take long to chew and it getting between your teeth is never a good look.

E)Anything with Onions:
Onion breath is terrible, it could end the date.

F)Spicy Foods: If you can handle the heat, good for you but don’t risk it. Running nose and sweating is not a good look. No one is forcing you to appear macho by eating spicy meals.

G)Vanilla Ice-cream/ Junk:
Except you want to appear childish don't take junk meal or the vanilla flavour of ice-cream

H)Bad table manners:
Bad table manners should obviously be avoided at all costs. DO NOT chew with your mouth open and speak with a mouthful of food. Basic manners and a little common sense would go a long way.

Link below�

Yes, don't eat at all on a first date ...
Celebrities / Re: Celebrities At Banky W & Adesua Etomi's White Wedding In Capetown, South Africa by Unionised(m): 8:36pm On Nov 25
Na wa oo

So because of an ordinary open field with olden wooden chairs this guys have to take their wedding to Cape Town.

We see all those celebs snapping in Cape Town, but if u ask them... That wedding has cost them more than they bargained for.

Yes wen u have money spend it... But on what really worths it.

They could have gotten a nice field all green here in Nigeria and safe the guests some unnecessary spendings.


You will get there IJN
Sports / Re: Nigeria Begins Sale Of FIFA Hospitality Packages by Unionised(m): 7:12am On Nov 23
Nigerian football fans, who want to watch matches of the Russia 2018 World Cup, now have the opportunity to get the packages from the official sources.

Yesterday, Match Hospitality confirmed that Nigerian events and hospitality outfit, Integral, has acquired the rights as its exclusive sales agent in the country for the sale of the 2018 FIFA World Cup packages.

MATCH Hospitality is the exclusive rights holder of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The FIFA hospitality programme offers fans guaranteed match tickets bundled together with such services as facilities at the stadiums (including private suites, lounges and marquee tents), gourmet catering, preferential parking, entertainment and gifts.

Speaking on Integral’s appointment as agent for Nigeria, Match Hospitality’s Chief Operating Officer, Pascal Portes said: “We feel a tremendous sense of pride in the product range offered by Match Hospitality as FIFA’s official hospitality rights holder for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

“Nigeria is an established and very passionate market, and we are extremely optimistic about the sales potential for our hospitality programme in 2018. We know that Integral are our best partners to open the door to a thriving Nigerian market ready for the extraordinary experiences promised by this exceptional FIFA World Cup environment.”

Also speaking on the development, Managing Director of Integral, Abimbola Ilo said: “We are delighted to act as the exclusive sales agent of Match Hospitality in Nigeria for the sale of the 2018 FIFA World Cup’s official hospitality programme.

“After months of negotiations and discussions, this deal clearly confirms Integral’s pedigree to have been selected, and on an exclusive basis in Nigeria. This basically means now that we have the entire inventory to deliver unforgettable experience to all our clients during the FIFA World Cup, right from the moment they think about attending the event to support their team.”


No can do!

Why waste money when my brother Mikel Obi's In-Laws get mansion for there.

Nna, I dey bunk there!
Celebrities / Re: Basketmouth Reacts To Ebuka's Outfit To Banky W & Adesua Etomi's Wedding by Unionised(m): 8:12am On Nov 21

Ebuka doesn't just have more swag, he is also wiser than the rest of them

Ebuka would have been more washed-up than Thin Tall Tony if not that he took his gold-digging one notch higher

And married Cynthia; the ugly daughter of the (Young Shall Grow) billionaire, Chief Obianodo.

You are something else grin
Literature / Re: What Is The Difference Between Reviewing A Book And Summarizing A Book? by Unionised(m): 7:11am On Nov 14
what is the difference between reviewing a book and summarizing a book?

Review - Breakdown the book and give your opinion.

Summarize - Give a short explanation of what the book is trying to communicate.

Get it?
Celebrities / Re: Ugochi Ihezue Wins Model Challenge At Miss World 2017 & Advances To Top 40 by Unionised(m): 6:58am On Nov 12
Really pretty in fact Omalichanwa

Am not igbo but damn Igbo kwenu grin

You can tell this is natural fair beauty see how her hand dey shine no black knuckles

They make up knuckles and knees nowadays.....

The hustle is real grin
Family / Re: What Would You Do To Him If He Is Your Son At The Moment(Photo) by Unionised(m): 6:56am On Nov 12

Don't worry, you don't know what it means to put sperm into a woman, then wait for a whole 9 months before seeing the fruit of your labour... I am not like other people who have children just because nature wants them to... I want children because I want to hold my own in my hands and know that it came out of me....

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

When you get one, come back and give us updates.

Until then, STFU.
Business / Re: How Safe Are Your Funds With Piggybank? by Unionised(m): 9:57am On Nov 04
Morning Fellow Nairalanders, Happy Independence Day...
Yea, i was on Instagram last week when I came across this App, PiggyBank. It is an app that helps you save money with them (from your bank account) daily, weekly and on monthly schedules. I really wanna try it, but don't wanna test the depth of a river by dipping legs inside. If there's anyone who had used it, or is still using it, kindly testify.

You better save your money in a bitcoin wallet.

Thank me later.

You grandchildren will pray for you.

The future is here...
Romance / Re: Have You Ever Been Humiliated For Visiting Your Crush? Share Your Experiences by Unionised(m): 6:58pm On Nov 01
[b]chai see babe, her back heavy load her front big orange na so i get huge crush on this babe, she is a girl every niggqq eyeing

i had being trying to woo this babe but she's is being hard to get, perhaps because she is ajebo and am a full time ajepako guy

she comes and visit her friends around my place of work.

whenever she passes there i just stop her, trying to still wooing her, all she always says na 'i have boyfriend'.

so had being threatening her with this my proposal, so one faithful day she just call me say i should visit her, i was like wetin i hear sef, i was very excited like this babe finally agreed wink

so next day i go see one my hausa mohla wey dey sell accessories, na so i buy one chain, and one cheap handband, then i proceeds to one ipob goan buy one okrika jeans and one kind t shirt, abeg boy go fine nao cheesy

na so i entered bus, from bodija to oluyole

i called the babe on phone and she finally lead me to their house, behold na so i see her hugging one guy

me:hello but ur house too far oo

babe: (still hugging the guy) and so shebi nq u wan date a fine girl nao, so pls sit on that chair am coming

they trekked reach out of my sight

na so i angrily grab one chair wey dey their front house, i was frustrated and angered by what i just heard, i waited for 30 minutes, suddenly i began hearing laughter.

na the babe and her friend laughing now, i think the guy don go now.

babe: (laughing) that him, he wan date a fine girl na there he go wait till him dey go

friend : (laughing hard) why nao that too bad nao, just pity am nao

babe: i had already told him i have a boyfriend

friend: he no even fine sef

qnd that how they kept gossiping my whole drama,i just wish make ground swallow me in that moment cry i just left dat day, frustrated, flabbergasted, angered, dehydrated, starved n stuttered!! cry

moral:when a girl keep telling u i have a bf, just keep off!![/b]


When you never reach, you never reach.

Celebrities / Re: Union Bank Employs F.Shaw Olufemi Olukayode Adeyemi As New Handler by Unionised(m): 5:18pm On Nov 01
no matter how union bank re-brands it will always be behind



Politics / Re: Solomon Dalung Pictured With Anthony Joshua After His Victory In UK by Unionised(m): 4:32pm On Oct 29
Minister of Sports and Youth Development Solomon Dalung and the Deputy Governor of Ogun State pictured with heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua after the fight in Cardiff, UK.

The current unified world heavyweight champion, having held the IBF title since 2016, and the WBA (Super) and IBO titles since April 2017 boasts a flawless professional record of 19 fights, 20 victories

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2017/10/solomon-dalung-poses-with-anthony.html?m=1

So Dalung can look this responsible?

Dem collect hin beret for airport? grin
Family / Re: What Would You Do To Him If He Is Your Son At The Moment(Photo) by Unionised(m): 5:33pm On Oct 28

Don't worry, you don't know what it means to put sperm into a woman, then wait for a whole 9 months before seeing the fruit of your labour... I am not like other people who have children just because nature wants them to... I want children because I want to hold my own in my hands and know that it came out of me....

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

Noble ideal.
But ideal it is.

You never get pikin.

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Family / Re: What Would You Do To Him If He Is Your Son At The Moment(Photo) by Unionised(m): 5:08pm On Oct 28
Seems like a very curious child, I will simply carry him down and try to understand why he clenched the tv in the first place, then after that i will correct him depending on his answer.

You never get pikin....

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Romance / Re: Lady Shares Unclad Pic Of Man She Just Slept With & Asked His GF To Come Get Him by Unionised(m): 4:48am On Oct 27
It's all sex sex sex and more sex these days ...... seriously It's just too much

and the dundy is on bed I'm sure chatting with his gf while she took the photo

Its always been about sex sex sex.

Don't delude yourself that the old days were any better.


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TV/Movies / Re: Photos: Kwese TV Launches Cable TV Service In Nigeria by Unionised(m): 7:23pm On Oct 19
Una well done

Abeg, EPL dey?

If not, then wetin una dey sell?
Business / Re: What They Never Told Us About Working Hard In This Present Age by Unionised(m): 11:02am On Oct 19
Growing up, I have seen things and I have also experienced some. Life is full of mysteries and most of them are accompanied by experiences that each one of us must at one point or the other pass through. It is no doubt we have been preached to, admonished and encouraged in one way or the other.

But nonetheless, it may never settle with us historically except we experience them ourselves to be able to tell the tales that follows.

Every one of us wished success will just locate us and hit us very hard that we may heave a sigh of relieve and say, 'I don hammer'. Our minds were later disabused when they told us that, we can only attain success by hard work and perseverance.

The latter line of principle is generally spoken and widely accepted. But I think there is something so cunningly avoided by many, that we have not been told. Truth be told, Most of all the truths we have been told about life, does not exist. They are mere fables, preached by elites, imposed on the gullible and accepted generally by the ignorant.

Let's get down to what I want to say without wasting your precious time. It is basically this, 'hard work without the Proper Connections in Place, you are most assuredly wasting your energy'. I so believe that as there as so many ways to kill a man which does not even equal the few ways we know to make love, so also are there many ways to 'Work Hard' and they don't equal or lead to success.

Virtually all the things I have gone through have been because; there was somebody that knows somebody that knows someone and so it is for everybody. So in essence, if you have something to offer to people, your prayer should be for you to meet that somebody that knows another person to give you the opportunity to showcase what you've got. A celebrity I followed posted something on his page about how God has helped him to scale through, a fan who has understood the 'LINES' "based on the basis" asked him also to help him get connected to people that will allow him sell what he has.

I am not in any way trying to tell anybody to stop working and start looking for connection. No. You must have worked and mastered and art before seeking relevance. This post and most of my previous post which I will list at the end of this post, do align to one basic principle, "Prepare yourself first before you seek to announce your availability".

What am trying to point out is that you must seek to get connected. IN the Bible, Jesus after talking about tax collectors and their seemingly evil ways in Luke 16, he points something very glaring in Verse 9.

 Go check it out and seek the meaning of what He was saying.

If you have read this post, don't rush out without telling us your views. We love to hear your own side of the story!


You fail because you do not have the proper orientation.


Long leg or Godfatherism is so 90's.


Ask and ye shall receive....

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Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:21pm On Oct 15

Is that why you are calling me ode? Is there not a better way to express yourself?

Be objective.

Heresay can be damaging.

Lesson learnt I hope?
Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 7:20pm On Oct 15
Mr Oga, did you think pension is a gift?
my dad is getting paid for his selfless service and he's entitle to his pension.. Meanwhile my man never rely on that change.. The annual pension paid is far less than my monthly income. Employing someone like you who can't just make a meaningful dialogue is a bad market for Union bank

Nobody asked you for explanation....
Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 5:01pm On Oct 15

Abeg look bush! Olodo tongue

e pain am grin
Business / Re: Union Bank 100 Years Celebration Music Video by Unionised(m): 2:44pm On Oct 15

You are just an information marketer. My dad retired from union bank ughelli (delta state) 20years ago, my best pal presently work at the ondo city branch. I and my siblings still have a running account with them. How more can I be sure.?

And is that the best way to talk about the fingers that fed you?

Kindly return those monthly pensions your Dad recieves.

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