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Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" - Literature - Nairaland

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Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:52pm On Nov 18, 2012


Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:53pm On Nov 18, 2012
We are delighted to be able to invite you to participate in a Debate session on Nairaland

Come and impact on the learning experience of members of Nairaland.


Is the use of Child Soldiers, a good phenomenon or not?
Should countries prosecute child soldiers for the crimes they commit during wartime?


Who is to blame when a child engages in sex ual activities without the right knowledge about harms associated with such;
is it the parents, media or teachers(government)?

24th & 25th of November, 2012

6pm - 9pm (Nigerian Time)

Gree die


Pharoh, Kpolli & Crazyman

Jaybee, Oam4j, Maclatunji, Roland17, Sisi_kill, Tgirl4real

Literature/Writing Section, Nairaland

This Is An Opportunity To Promote The Female Gender....
Please, Support & Encourage Them In This Battle of Wits
You Miss It, You Miss Out!

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Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:53pm On Nov 18, 2012

-All Nairaland Forum rules should be strictly adhered to.

-Extreme profanity or constant use of mild profanity is strictly prohibited.

-Debaters MUST NOT incite their fellow debaters in any manner.

-This includes but is not limited to, threat of violence and incitement to

-No personal attacks on other members would be permitted;
debaters SHOULD NOT resort to personal abuse or
harassment only comments relating to the subject being debated will be tolerated.

-Do not attack your fellow debaters! Specifically, members SHOULD address
the argument and not the poster.

-Do not let them bait you into a rule breaking reply, if you feel you have
been personally attacked call the attention of the Moderator to it so
that it can be treated accordingly.

-Do not assume that opposing teams are personally attacking you.
Tone is difficult to interpret online especially in a debate setting.

-No harsh wording: Words like "idiotic", "moronic", "stupid", “cretin”,
“dimwit” etc are not welcome here.
You can debate without being inflammatory.
*NOTE: The words in quotations are an example only and not to be taken literally.

-Word limits should be strictly adhered to.

-Lastly, this is not another avenue to vent; we intend to rationally discuss
topics of interest. If you feel yourself getting upset by a comment...take a
step back and let other members take over.
Passion is great but don't let it get out of hand.


The mechanism is simple, we have created dummy accounts for all debaters.
The debaters won't be debating with their handles/moniker but the ones that will be assigned to them by us.
This handles will be sent to the debaters few minutes before the debate starts.

That way, the judges & the audience will vote based on the quality, credibility & standard of the write-ups/deliveries.
This will also eliminate the issue of bias, favoritism, connections(man know man) & votes based on beauty/popularity.

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Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:54pm On Nov 18, 2012

-The debate will be segmented into different phases and we are hoping it should last for about three hours maximum or less.

-The debaters will be selected from those who have indicated interest and they will be asked to prepare a compelling speech
that either argues in support or against the resolution or topic.

-The affirmative side argues in support of the resolution and tries to prove it correct.

-The negative side argues against the resolution and tries to prove it incorrect.

-The number of participants is not yet determined but we are hoping to have two each on both side of the argument and
if we have more than two participants then the best two articles will be selected for the debate proper or we can go
with a system of three.

-The debating resolution will be presented by the organizers and stated in the positive sense.

-Exactly 6pm the debate thread will be opened, we will supply the link on this thread.

-We expect each participant to have composed his arguments before 6pm, so all the participants are to post their
arguments between 6.00pm and 6.10pm

*The chairman will signal the beginning of each stage
*No member of the audience will be allowed to post between 6pm and 8:35pm
*Any post from the audience will be hidden during this time

-Each of the judges will mail or his/her scores of all the participants to the chairman who will collate the scores
and post the final scores on the thread if we are going the elimination route or they can as well post it on
the debate thread.

-Only the Top 4 or 6 candidates will proceed to the next round after the elimination phase.

-If we are not doing any elimination rounds then the debate will go on to the debating phase structure.
Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:54pm On Nov 18, 2012

The Constructive Phase:
The constructive phase will be the first action where each participants will paste their opening statements,
arguments and closing remarks in one presentation of not more than 1000 words.
The best speeches are moved to the debate proper if there are more than the required numbers of participants.

Cross-Examination Phase:
The next phase is the cross-examination phase where each participant will have a chance to question the other
participants about the presented evidence in their speech if there is any.
The participant will have the opportunity to clarify or remove this evidence if they cannot be adequately proven.
The judges also can question all participants about the facts, data's and evidence in their presentations.

Partner Pairing Phase:
The next phase is the rebuttal phase where each participant will choose a sparring partner from the opposing side
to rebut his or her argument.
The organizers will pair partners, if there is any complexity.
Contestants will have to wait for the final pairing from the organizers before rebutting the arguments of their
opposing pair.

Rebuttal Phase 1:
The rebuttals should be short, precise and must not contain any new arguments or points.
There will be two or more chances to rebut the statements made by the other side after the first reply and
this same process is repeated when the other party are defending their own arguments.
The chances can go on to exceed the limit stated above if the time for that phase has not been exhausted.

Rebuttal Phase 2:
The next phase is the presentation of the closing statements of each participant and this should go with
reasons why their presented arguments has proven to either support or oppose the stated resolution of the debate.
The closing statements should also include reasons how their arguments have stood the test of rebuttals during
the debate and found to be still valid.

Judges Score:
The next phase will be for the judges to present their scores for each pair debate and give reasons for their

Audience Questions:
We believe our audience might have a different position and at this point they will be given the chance to
have a go at any debating participant to clarify their points or have a discussion with them concerning their

Audience Voting:

Then the audience will make an open score for one pairing debate and give reasons for the given score.

Only members of the audience who registered to Nairaland pre 2011 will have a valid vote,
so this means that you must have registered to Nairaland as from 2010 going backward.
We might be flexible to this rule after proper feedback from the members.

Audience Score and General Reflection:
The organizers will collate the scores and announce the final audience choice;
this process should last for some minutes or hours and probably the next day (voting).

The thread is then thrown open for the general public to discuss and give feedback about the whole
Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:56pm On Nov 18, 2012

**We have one important feature that will be updated a few days before the main debate day on this part**

-The judges also will have a choice of either mailing their scores to the organizers or decide to paste it
on the threads if they are not concerned about their privacy.

-The presentations will be in the same font and size specified by the organizers.
Also, the supporting side will be in a uniform font colour that is different from a uniform font colour
specified for the opposing side.

-The presentations should contain arguments or points that are separated into paragraphs or in ordinal
form like my first or second argument.

-We hope the arguments are precise, straight forward and not too lengthy but should be at least five.

-The rebuttals should be precise also and separated in quotes for each argument, so if there are five
arguments to rebut then there should be five quotations with the accompanying questions for each.

-This same procedure is repeated for those replying to the questions thrown at them which should be
in separate quotations and their accompanying answers.

-All these should be in one post with it going back and forth until the given rebutting time interval
is elapsed.

-The judges and audience can throw their questions without quotations but the contestants should answer
with quotations and separated for each questions.

-The final statement should also be short but give a concise summary of the debate.


There is a limit of 1000 words for each participant’s presentation and considerable less for
the arguments or closing statements.

Good luck to all participants, you can start preparing now.
Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:57pm On Nov 18, 2012
Phase clarifications:

Rebuttal Phase 1 – During this phase the opposing side will have to challenge the arguments of the supporting sides.

Rebuttal Phase 2 -- During this phase the supporting side will have to challenge the arguments of the opposing sides.

Re: Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits" by Cuddlemii: 12:58pm On Nov 18, 2012


There will be 6 judges
Each judge has to declare one person as winner of the debate and then the scores can be collated to find the main winner
(Out of a pair each).
This same procedure is used for the audience voting and declaration of the winners.

JUDGING GUIDELINES: The judges and audience should freely use any number of criteria listed below to judge the debaters.

This refers to the ability of the debaters to identify the major issues and arguments pertaining
to the proposition or topic. Also, it explains if the debater found the issues that are critical?
Do these issues have the potency to decide whether one accepts or rejects the resolution?
Does the debater know what he must do to destroy a case or establish one?

Research plays an important role in the debate process as debaters try to find not only sufficient
evidence but also the most potent and relevant evidence that would support their analysis and conclusions.
Attention should be paid to the quality of evidence? , Is there too much reliance on opinion and not enough
on fact? And is the evidence relevant and timely?

Reasoning refers to how logical, coherent and organized the debater is in presenting her arguments.
Does the debater use cogent thinking? How capable is she in drawing logical inferences from existing data?
Does she show the capacity to reason for him/herself?

It is important for a debater to refute the arguments presented by the opposing side while at the same time
expertly defend his/her own case. Refutation is defined as the process of weakening or destroying an opponent’s arguments.
Does the debater recognize the crucial areas of agreement and disagreement? How effective is the debater in destroying
or weakening an opponent’s argument? Does the debater know what to do to destroy a case or establish one? Did he or she
accurately identified opponents major arguments; refuted arguments fairly, specifically, clearly, and point by point;
reasonable, thoughtful and persuasive.

To present a complete and convincing case; well-constructed and compelling arguments: theme and arguments should be