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Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 9:17am On Mar 13
[quote author=Aphroditee post=76610881][/quote]
Do not allow the spirit of devil to hook you down with depression;
Just ask JESUS CHRIST to have MERCY UPON YOU AND RELEASE HIS GRACE UPON YOU from his THRONE OF GRACE so that you can learn and understand how and what GOD is doing or intending to do in your life so that you follow him with FAITH, hope, patience and eager expectations.

KEEP ON SEEKING FOR HIS MERCY AND GRACE through HIS THRONE OF GRACE which is your heart and mouth as a believer even as you study his words every day and every time. You will never MISS YOUR FAVOR, BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES at HIS APPOINTED TIME.

Studying GOD'S WORD to discover more ABOUT JESUS CHRIST who LIVES INSIDE YOU every tick of time on this EARTH is the MAJOR KEY to discovering HIS TRUTH for YOUR LIFE ON THIS EARTH which ALONE can set a man's heart FREE from worries, depressions, anxieties, confusions, doubts, fears, intimidation, sinful-living, demonic-manipulations, occultic-influences e.t.c according to John 8:31-32.

It is not just about prayers or quoting bible but OPERATING IN FAITH based upon GRACE shown through LOVE FOR GOD 1ST above every human beings, endeavors, ambitions, institutions, company-targets, family-targets/expectations e.t.c then HE{GOD} will manifest *adequate love* for human beings through you even give you a sound mind on how to USE EARTHLY THINGS FOR HIS GLORY.

Hence I will advise you to study Hebrews 11 {complete}, 1 John 5:4-5, Galatians 5:6, Ephesians 2:6-8, John 1:11-13, Luke 18:8, Jude 1:20-21 as you ask the HOLY SPIRIT to BUILD UP HIS FAITH inside YOUR LIFE.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by chrisjordan: 6:23am On Mar 14
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Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 11:35am On Mar 14
JESUS said "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments"
{John 14:15}
"And this is his commandment: We MUST BELIEVE in the name of his Son, Jesus Christ, and love one another, just as he commanded us." {1 John 3:23 NLT}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 5:57am On Mar 15
By his mercy and grace, I WILLINGLY surrender my *free-will* to accept the *will of God* for me at every tick of time just like JESUS CHRIST willingly laid down his life and was not coerced/compelled by His Father or any being to redeem me{mankind} through his gruesome death on Calvary like a thief/tout and his resurrection from death ("The reason the Father loves Me is that I lay down My life in order to take it up again. NO ONE TAKES IT FROM ME, BUT I LAY IT DOWN OF MY OWN ACCORD. I have AUTHORITY/CHOICE to LAY IT DOWN and AUTHORITY/CHOICE to TAKE IT UP AGAIN. This CHARGE/CHOICE I have received from My Father.” John 10:17-18)

"and you have forgotten the divine word of encouragement which is addressed to you as sons,

“My son, do not make light of the discipline of the Lord,
And do not lose heart and give up when you are corrected by Him;
For the Lord disciplines and corrects those whom He loves,
And He punishes every son whom He receives and welcomes [to His heart].”

7 You must submit to [correction for the purpose of] discipline; God is dealing with you as with sons; for what son is there whom his father does not discipline? 8 Now if you are exempt from correction and without discipline, in which all [of God’s children] share, then you are illegitimate children and not sons [at all]. 9 Moreover, we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us, and we submitted and respected them [for training us]; shall we not much more willingly submit to the Father of spirits, and live [by learning from His discipline]? 10 For our earthly fathers disciplined us for only a short time as seemed best to them; but He disciplines us for our good, so that we may share His holiness. 11 For the time being no discipline brings joy, but seems sad and painful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness [right standing with God and a lifestyle and attitude that seeks conformity to God’s will and purpose].

12 So then, strengthen hands that are weak and knees that tremble. 13 Cut through and make smooth, straight paths for your feet [that are safe and go in the right direction], so that the leg which is lame may not be put out of joint, but rather may be healed."
{Hebrews 12:5-13 amp}

May the HOLY SPIRIT help us by his mercy and grace from HIS THRONE OF GRACE TO WILLINGLY SURRENDER OUR FREEWILL TO ACCEPT THE WILL OF GOD FOR US as human beings on this earth every tick of time in JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 8:18am On Mar 15
Receive Grace to study, understand, believe and willingly obey the word of God according to Jesus teachings with effortless ease today 15th March, 2019 and everyday of your life on earth under the Holy Spirit influence in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

The New Birth:
1 Now there was a certain man among the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler (member of the Sanhedrin) among the Jews, 2 who came to Jesus at night and said to Him, “Rabbi (Teacher), we know [without any doubt] that You have come from God as a teacher; for no one can do these signs [these wonders, these attesting miracles] that You do unless God is with him.” 3 Jesus answered him, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless a person is born again [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, sanctified], he cannot [ever] see and experience the kingdom of God.”

4 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can a man be born when he is old? He cannot enter his mother’s womb a second time and be born, can he?” 5 Jesus answered, “I assure you and most solemnly say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot [ever] enter the kingdom of God. 6 That which is born of the flesh is flesh [the physical is merely physical], and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7 Do not be surprised that I have told you, ‘You must be born again [reborn from above—spiritually transformed, renewed, sanctified].’ 8 The wind blows where it wishes and you hear its sound, but you do not know where it is coming from and where it is going; so it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

9 Nicodemus said to Him, “How can these things be possible?” 10 Jesus replied, “You are the [great and well-known] teacher of Israel, and yet you do not know nor understand these things [from Scripture]? 11 I assure you and most solemnly say to you, we speak only of what we [absolutely] know and testify about what we have [actually] seen [as eyewitnesses]; and [still] you [reject our evidence and] do not accept our testimony. 12 If I told you earthly things [that is, things that happen right here on earth] and you do not believe, how will you believe and trust Me if I tell you heavenly things? 13 No one has gone up into heaven, but there is One who came down from heaven, the Son of Man [Himself—whose home is in heaven]. 14 Just as Moses lifted up the [bronze] serpent in the desert [on a pole], so must the Son of Man be lifted up [on the cross], 15 so that whoever believes will in Him have eternal life [after physical death, and will actually live forever].

16 “For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His [One and] only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send the Son into the world to judge and condemn the world [that is, to initiate the final judgment of the world], but that the world might be saved through Him. 18 Whoever believes and has decided to trust in Him [as personal Savior and Lord] is not judged [for this one, there is no judgment, no rejection, no condemnation]; but the one who does not believe [and has decided to reject Him as personal Savior and Lord] is judged already [that one has been convicted and sentenced], because he has not believed and trusted in the name of the [One and] only begotten Son of God [the One who is truly unique, the only One of His kind, the One who alone can save him]. 19 This is the judgment [that is, the cause for indictment, the test by which people are judged, the basis for the sentence]: the Light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. 20 For every wrongdoer hates the Light, and does not come to the Light [but shrinks from it] for fear that his [sinful, worthless] activities will be exposed and condemned. 21 But whoever practices truth [and does what is right—morally, ethically, spiritually] comes to the Light, so that his works may be plainly shown to be what they are—accomplished in God [divinely prompted, done with God’s help, in dependence on Him].”

John’s Last Testimony
22 After these things Jesus and His disciples went into the land of Judea, and there He spent time with them and baptized. 23 Now John was also baptizing at Aenon near Salim, because there was an abundance of water there; and people were coming and were being baptized— 24 for John had not yet been thrown into prison.

25 Therefore there arose a controversy between John’s disciples and a Jew in regard to purification (ceremonial washing). 26 So they came to John and said to him, “Rabbi (Teacher), the Man who was with you on the other side of the Jordan [at the Jordan River crossing]—and to whom you have testified—look, He is baptizing too, and everyone is going to Him!” 27 John replied, “A man can receive nothing [he can claim nothing at all] unless it has been granted to him from heaven [for there is no other source than the sovereign will of God]. 28 You yourselves are my witnesses that I stated, ‘I am not the Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed),’ but, ‘I have [only] been sent ahead of Him [as His appointed forerunner and messenger to announce and proclaim His coming].’ 29 He who has the bride is the bridegroom; but the friend of the bridegroom, who stands by and listens to him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s voice. So this pleasure and joy of mine is now complete. 30 He must increase [in prominence], but I must decrease.

31 “He who comes from [heaven] above is above all others; he who is of the earth is from the earth and speaks [about things] of the earth [his viewpoint and experience are earthly]. He who comes from heaven is above all. 32 What He has [actually] seen and heard, of that He testifies; and yet no one accepts His testimony [as true]. 33 Whoever receives His testimony has set his seal [of approval] to this: God is true [and he knows that God cannot lie]. 34 For He whom God has sent speaks the words of God [proclaiming the Father’s own message]; for God gives the [gift of the] Spirit without measure [generously and boundlessly]! 35 The Father loves the Son and has given and entrusted all things into His hand. 36 He who believes and trusts in the Son and accepts Him [as Savior] has eternal life [that is, already possesses it]; but he who does not believe the Son and chooses to reject Him, [disobeying Him and denying Him as Savior] will not see [eternal] life, but [instead] the wrath of God hangs over him continually.”
{John 3:1-36 amp}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by dunsin125: 8:52am On Mar 15
Who ia going to mass 6.0 abeg especially from ondo
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 9:57am On Mar 15
Dreams are 2-ways however IT MUST BE INTERPRETED FROM YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE not with a general perspective.
1st-way; Dreams can be complimentary that is *manifesting something you have desired in your conscious mind while you were not sleeping* hence in this case check your relationship/thoughts as it concerns studies/education/examination in your life before the night you had this dream.
Second-way; Dreams can be supplimentary that is coming from the spiritual realm either positive-dimension which is THE HOLY SPIRIT hence as a message or revelations, here you just pray to God in order for it to manifest in your life or if you are not clear about its content then you ask the Holy Spirit to give you more details/clarity as it pertains to that dream.
Do not be scared/worried/anxious/fearful when you have not received clarity, the same God who gave the dream will bring its explanation at his appointed time{Habakkuk 2:3, Gal.4:4}. Within the supplimentary-aspect, it could also be from the negative-realm which devil/demons hence as attack/initiation/intimidation, here you just wake up with faith-filled prayers esp. Luke 10:19,Matt.18:18 Eph.1:21, Eph.2:4-6 and rebuke/reject/renounce them and BELIEVE IT IS SETTLED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT {John 19:30}.
As it regards writing Exams from God, it could be *examine yourself and know whether you are still living THE FAITH IN CHRIST JESUS* (2 Cor.13:5), it could also mean that there is future task you need to start making preparations.
from the dark realm it could be a ploy to take you back your past/low-life.
In all these you need to ask THE HOLY SPIRIT TO GIVE CLARITY ON YOUR DREAMS AS IT CONCERNS YOU and stay away from accepting other peoples' opinion or interpretation to avoid REGRETS{"When the Holy Spirit of Truth COMES, He will guide YOU INTO ALL THE TRUTH; for He will not speak on His OWN, but will speak whatever He hears and HE will declare/reveal to you the THINGS THAT ARE TO COME(FUTURE REVELATIONS OF A PERSON/FAMILY/NATION/WORLD AND ITS CLEAR EXPLANATIONS) John 16:13}.
I pray for the HOLY SPIRIT REVELATION in your life in JESUS NAME. AMEN.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 2:17pm On Mar 15
"Those whom I [dearly and tenderly] love, I rebuke and discipline [showing them their faults and instructing them]; so be enthusiastic and repent [change your inner self—your old way of thinking, your sinful behavior—seek God’s will]"
{Revelation 3:19 amp}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 2:30pm On Mar 15
Let every human being EMBRACE JESUS CHRIST NOW{2 Cor.6:1-2} and there is NOTHING TO FEAR ABOUT DEATH because THE ONLY STING OF DEATH is to die in SIN{OUTSIDE JESUS CHRIST; 1 Cor.15:56}.
So many aeroplane crashed yet landed safely on the road while some landed on the sea without anybody dieying yet some people accrued its SAFE-LANDING to expertise instead OF GOD'S GRACE.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 9:33am On Mar 16
See Our Hearts Lord
Remove anything that is standing in the way
of coming to the depths of your Holiness in every second we spend here on earth. Amen.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 4:44pm On Mar 16
Grace which is the Holy Spirit working and moving inside and outside you as YOUR ABILITY NOW THAT YOU HAVE BELIEVED IN JESUS CHRIST AS GOD AND LORD is CAPABLE of SUSTAINING you without SIN or your old habits till JESUS comes again {John 14:16, 1 Cor.1:8, Titus 2:11-12, 2 Timothy 1:12}.
I am a living testimony, Jesus Christ delivered me from fornication and pornography since March 1997 till date I have never engaged in sexual intercourse with any being {spirit/physical}.
YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IN THE ABOVE TRUTH OF WHAT JESUS CHRIST HAS DONE IN YOUR LIFE thus "WHOEVER the SON sets FREE is FREE INDEED" {John 8:36} WITH YOUR WHOLE spirit, soul/mind/brain/thoughts and body as well as CONFESS IT in your mind/mouth every tick of time {Hebrews 10:23}.
You need to ALLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT CONTINUE IN STUDYING THE BIBLE THROUGH YOU to discover more about JESUS CHRIST who is now living inside you till ETERNITY through HIS HOLY SPIRIT so that YOUR COMMUNICATION WITH HIM{which is collaboration with GRACE} will flow CONSISTENTLY destroying EVERY FEAR OF FAILURE/SIN {"Jesus spoke to the JEWS WHO HAD BELIEVED IN HIM, if you CONTINUE IN MY WORD, you will KNOW THE TRUTH and THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE" John 8:31-32}.
To continuously study his word daily and meditate it upon your mind/mouth just ask THE HOLY SPIRIT to HELP you become more committed to HIS WORD and fill you with his understanding.
Take 1-chapter per day {some verse in the morning and the remaining in the afternoon during your free-time or in the evening immediately you close work/business/market, do not wait till you are tired in the night lest sleep will rob you of this *time-out with GOD'S WORD* unless you have trained your body to wake up in the midnight to study and pray}.
I will advise you to start with the Gospel of St. John chapter 1 today, chapter 2 tomorrow and CONTINUE. Pray with Jude 1:24-25 for *consistency in righteous manifestations of habits by the Holy Spirit* through your lifestyle/career/job/vocation/academics WITH EASE as you ALWAYS REMAIN ON THE THRONE OF GRACE SEEKING HIS MERCY AND GRACE for every time of NEED on this earth {Hebrews 4:16}.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 1:18pm On Mar 17
May the Good Shepherd; Our Lord Jesus Christ fill US with his mercy, grace and love from HIS THRONE OF GRACE as well as the boldness to teach and guide human souls in the revelations/mysteries of the Gospel of Jesus through the Unlimited manifestations of His Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Amen. GREAT GRACE BRETHREN!!!
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by Blesschemical(f): 4:27pm On Mar 17
please brothers and sisters in the house, help a sister pay her school fees. Ur help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by Alqalami: 7:43pm On Mar 17
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 8:34am On Mar 18

Let us ask the Holy Spirit to have mercy upon us, release his mercy upon us and grace to help us in this time{18th March, 2019 and every tick of time we spend on this earth} of NEED.

Nobody can manifest mercy/forgiveness by *trying to be merciful/forgiving* by his/her self-will or strategy or determination or calculation.

Mercy is one of the attributes/nature of God just like holiness hence he ALONE can manifest it inside our individual souls, this is why GOD{THE HOLY SPIRIT} dwells/lives inside any man/woman who BELIEVES IN JESUS CHRIST as GOD AND LORD to MANIFEST HIS ATTRIBUTES WITH EASE to those who ALLOW HIM or PERMIT HIM or SUBMIT TO HIM or DIALOGUE WITH HIM every tick of time in their soul/hearts/mind/brain/thoughts/imaginations/desires/passions e.t.c. thus "it is GOD AT WORK INSIDE US who BOTH wills and does his good pleasures through us" {Phil.2:13}

"Submit yourself to God, then He whom you have submitted your whole being to will be the one to resist the devil from you and evil will completely flee from you" {James 4:7}

"the human flesh {self-will, self-determination, strategy, strength, ideology, methods e.t.c} has NOTHING TO OFFER, it is THE SPIRIT that GIVES/PRODUCES LIFE{RESULTS, EFFECTS, IMPACTS, CHANGE, TRANSFORMATION e.t.c in any human being or human society} and THE WORDS{the Gospel of Jesus Christ} I SPEAK TO YOU ARE THE SPIRIT that gives/produces LIFE" {John 6:63}

"Jesus Christ was speaking to the Jews who had BELIEVED IN HIM, if you CONTINUE IN MY WORD then you are my DISCIPLES/FOLLOWERS INDEED, then you will KNOW the TRUTH and the TRUTH will SET YOU FREE" {John 8:31-32}

FATHER, we approach your throne of grace as we are moved by your HOLY SPIRIT GRACE, have mercy upon us that we may receive your grace to manifest your mercy through us this day 18th March, 2019 and every day we spend on this earth through the unlimited manifestations of YOUR HOLY SPIRIT IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME. AMEN.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 10:08am On Mar 18
"Be filled CONSISTENTLY with the HOLY SPIRIT and you will no longer desire *carnal things*"
{Galatians 5:16}

How does a human being get filled by the HOLY SPIRIT?
By meditating on Jesus Christ and his teachings in your MIND/HEART/EARS thus
"the flesh has nothing to offer, the *spirit* is what *gives life* to the *flesh* and the WORDS{MY TEACHINGS} I SPEAK TO YOU ARE THE SPIRIT THAT GIVES LIFE" {John 6:63}

Abbah Father, fill us with your mercy and grace to consistently meditate on the teachings of Jesus Christ; Our Lord and Redeemer so that there will be no-space for carnal desires inside and outside our minds through the unlimited manifestations of Your Holy Spirit in Jesus Name. Amen.
Great Grace Brethren!!!
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 9:23am On Mar 19
The *eternal value* of *any human soul* is *priceless* in the eyes of *God* thus
"In the same way, I tell you, there will be *more/great joy* in *heaven* over *one sinner* who *repents* than over *ninety-nine respectable people* who *do not need* to *repent*." (Luke 15:7)
My/Your repentance from sin/unbelief is far-more important to God than those who are still *steadfast* in faith, this is not to *discourage* those who are steadfast rather bearing in mind that it is the Holy Spirit that *lives out this steadfastness in a believer* they should appreciate his steadfast works in their lives and continually remain submissive to his leading.

Child of God, no matter what sin/lifestyle you have found yourself in the past or presently Jesus Christ paid the *price* for that *sin* on Calvary and he wants *me/you* to *repent/reject/renounce them and confess *all of them to him* so that he will release his *precious blood to cleanse us and make us whole again* yes for any/every time we confess our sins/unbelief/weakness to Jesus Christ, He is *always ready to wash and make us whole again* and even restore to a higher level in glory before that particular backsliding thus "the latter glory shall be better than the former glory" (Haggai 2:9).

This forgiveness and restoration does not encourage *complacency/impunity* in sinful living because the Holy Spirit takes his position inside such a person who has repented and received forgiveness *both* to *will* and *do his good pleasures* till the end (Phil. 2:13, 1 Cor.1:8-9).

Holy Spirit give us sincere passion for human souls and reverence for their eternal value as we meet people continually in our daily endeavors in Jesus Name. Amen.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 11:21am On Mar 19
"When CHRIST OUR LIFE is REVEALED, then YOU also will be REVEALED with HIM IN GLORY" {Colossians 3:4}
A Christian is a person WHOSE LIFE IS CHRIST!!!

A Christian is NOT a person who reads bible alone or has completed reading the whole bible, knows/quotes bible passages, preaches bible, carries bible about, makes research about the origin of bible, makes research about the logical correctness of the bible but Christians study *every and any part of the bible* to testify about Jesus Christ teachings as God and Lord {“you search the scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they (the scriptures) that testify on my behalf. Yet you refuse to come to me to have (eternal) life” John 5:39-40} and discover more about Jesus Christ who is the new life NOW living inside us hence to learn how to collaborate with His Holy Spirit grace to bring out/manifest Christ as our LIFE {“be consistently filled with the Holy Spirit and you will no longer desire carnal things” Galatians 5:16}

Rather a person who BELIEVES/RECEIVES IN THE LIFE OF CHRIST JESUS WHO IS GOD AND LORD as HIS NEW LIFE thus “As many as there are who RECEIVED HIM, who BELIEVED in HIS NAME, He gave power/right/authority to BECOME SONS/CHILDREN OF GOD” {John 1:12}
Hence he/she does not say “this is my life, I can do whatever pleases me with it or let me research the bible, its origin, its truth and its logical correctness with my human reasoning in order to receive eternal” after he/she has BELIEVED because “THE LOVE OF CHRIST JESUS PUSHES US INTO ACTIONS since we are CONVINCED that someone died for *all*; therefore *all have died* and He died for all so that we who live the LIFE OF HIM WHO DIED FOR ALL no longer live for ourselves but we LIVE FOR HIM WHO DIED and was RAISED TO LIFE FOR OUR SAKE” {2 COR. 5:14-15}.

He/she lives according to the *promptings* of the HOLY SPIRIT just like CHRIST JESUS thus “how God anointed/filled Jesus of Nazareth with the HOLY SPIRIT and with POWER; how He went about DOING GOOD and HEALING *ALL* who were *oppressed by the devil*, for God was with Him” (Acts. 10:38).

The Holy Spirit can speak to u directly from within your mind; anyone who BELIEVES in JESUS CHRIST can hear his voice directly thus “My Sheep hears my voice. I know them and they follow me” {John 10:27}

The Holy Spirit can speak to us through other people thus “it is not you who speak, the Spirit of your Father speaks through you” {Matthew 10:20}

The Holy Spirit can speak through animals even circumstances, billboards, audio-messages, video-messages, chats, write-ups e.t.c just like Balaam’s Donkey {Numbers 22:28-30}

The power of the Holy Spirit working inside any Christian *MUST* produce *GOODNESS/RIGHTEOUSNESS* not evil or *die-by-fire-prayer against a fellow human being*

The power of the Holy Spirit at work within us as Christians brings clarity and internal-peace to whatever knowledge you have acquired about life, creation, creator and human existence to you as well as the people around you no matter how *little* or *big* your accumulation of facts have attained not causing confusion within you or weighing you down as a burden thus “the Lord is the Holy Spirit and wherever the Holy Spirit is found there is *freedom/liberty* for our mind/body/soul/spirit/business/family/marriage/career/vocation/brain/heart/finances/health/jobs/polity/nation e.t.c” {2 Cor.3:17} and God{the Holy Spirit} does not produce/manifest/cause *confusion* {1 Cor.14:33} in human hearts/mind/thoughts/soul/lifestyle/affairs as it concerns his relationship with mankind and his teachings.

The power of the Holy Spirit manifesting Christ in a Christian is to help those oppressed/possessed by devil/demons to regain their *wholeness* not by doing *magic* or *forcing your self-acclaimed freedom upon them* but by doing *only what the Holy Spirit tells you to do at each particular encounter/circumstance/situations/persons* thus “Do whatever He tells you” {John 2:5}

The power of the Holy Spirit also manifests the person of Christ inside us by bringing healing; where he prompts us to cast out demons we do just that {“In my name you shall speak in strange tongues, in my name you shall cast out demons” Mark 16:17}, where he instructs us to counsel human beings we do it according to his directions, where he asks us to teach we do it with all sincerity and clarity not hurriedly like a hireling {‘tend the flock of God that is in your charge, exercising your duty not under compulsion but willingly as God would have you do it—not for sordid/selfish gain but eagerly’ 1 Peter 5:2}

When people encounter us as Christians WHOSE LIFE IS CHRIST they *must* express a sigh of *relief* from *devil’s mental, demonic/diabolical, physical, financial, body oppression* because JESUS CHRIST OUR LIFE through His Holy Spirit manifesting inside and outside us ESTABLISHES COMPLETE DELIVERANCE IN ANY HUMAN BEING HE ENCOUNTERS thus “whoever THE SON sets FREE is FREE INDEED” {John 8:36}

We as Christians needs to *re-examine* our *current lifestyle* and discover “IF *CHRIST OUR LIFE* IS ACTUALLY MANIFESTING WITHIN US OR NOT”; If our lives as Christians is not manifesting THE LIFE OF CHRIST then we should ASK THE HOLY SPIRIT to have mercy upon us and release HIS GRACE to help us in this time of need.

Father, you have made us to understand that Our lives as Christians should only be prompted by Your Holy Spirit to manifest Christ, we have discovered our dependency on our human efforts and self-righteousness which made us exhibit *dead works* through the revelations/mysteries of the sound gospel of Grace and Truth hence we ask for your *mercy* upon us so that *your grace* may be given to us from your throne of Grace to help us *in this time of need* to submit *our free-will* to accept *only your will* for us on this earth in every tick of time in Jesus name. Amen.

Great Grace Brethren!!!
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 10:21am On Mar 20

"And this good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the world, as a testimony to all the nations; and then the end will come" {Matthew 24:14}.

If you want the world to END then *submit yourself to the HOLY SPIRIT* so that he will use you to proclaim the good-news of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ *throughout the world as a testimony to all the nations* then the WORLD WILL COME TO AN END.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 10:35am On Mar 20
for *Christians* ALL THINGS DEPEND ENTIRELY ON FAITH not on what you will personally do if you were in her/his shoes/position/circumstance or personal opinion just to *appear holy or acceptable or righteous or likable* in the eyes of men
"Therefore, [inheriting] the promise depends entirely on faith [that is, confident trust in the unseen God], in order that it may be given as an act of grace [His unmerited favor and mercy], so that the promise will be [legally] guaranteed to all the descendants [of Abraham]—not only for those [Jewish believers] who keep the Law, but also for those [Gentile believers] who share the faith of Abraham, who is the [spiritual] father of us all—"
{Romans 4:16 amp}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 11:13am On Mar 20
Reasons why so many ladies find it difficult to get married:
Do you know that 70-80% of unmarried ladies in Nigeria are hardcore lesbians pretenders. They don't have any emotional attachment to men at all!

I am a relationship Counsillor and I know what I am telling you. Lesbianism has eaten so deep into the psyche of most young girls in Nigeria that they do no longer form emotional bonds with men!

Haven't you wondered why women rarely fight for love these days? Haven't you wondered why there is no existence of sugar mummy again unlike in the 80s? Haven't you wondered why most young sophisticated women these day do not seem to care about marriage to men at all but only about being rich?

Haven't you wondered why more and more young women prefer to hang out with their fellow ladies than with guys these days? Go to clubs, are you not surprised how women are openly admiring and romancing each other.

Let me be clear with you. If you open your eyes very well you will see what I am saying it is hiding in plain sight.

Now let me give you a chronology of how it starts.

All young ladies enter secondary schools as virgins, but from their Jss1 senior female student start their initiation of the junior ones. These School mother stuff is a perfect cover for lesbian training. These young naive girls first introduction to sex starts by their School mother fingering and sucking them till orgasms! Thereafter they become attached to females sexually. From there it becomes very difficult to form emotional bonds with men. If in doubt go to any of these single sex female schools on Valentines day the gifts these girls buy for themselves even you cannot buy for your own girlfriend!

When the girls leave Secondary Schools for University most of them are already coded lesbians, men are no longer attractive to them. They manage to have one or two boyfriends in schools because that is what everyone expects of them but they still keep coded lesbian partners, they wear leg chains , in their Facebook walls you see posts like " I STAND WITH GIRLS'. Na dem be that.

After University, they live alone in rented apartments, they are now adults with jobs. They only enter relationship with men at this stage for financial benefits, but they keep their lesbian relationship so coded even you will swear for them.

They can't pretend for long, very soon, as aging sets in, they will start being under pressure from parents who of course do not know that their beloved daughter is a coded lesbian! She will start with excuses! Gods time is the best, I haven't met the right man, Don't rush into marriage bla bla bla!

In their coded lesbian lifestyle sometimes they let it slip! A case in point is Toke Makinwa that was seen in an Instagram video pressing and squeezing another ladies breasts and claiming she is not a lesbian! Of course, we all know the truth!

So my dear, here is a brief reason why most ladies are not married and seriously do not care!

PLEASE ASK JESUS CHRIST TO SET YOU FREE because *the bondage involved in this path of life is beyond what you can handle or psychotherapist can help you*
"WHOEVER THE SON OF GOD; JESUS CHRIST SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED {free from the sins of the past, today and future temptations/occurrences}" {John 8:36}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 4:22pm On Mar 20
One look at Divinity convinces us of the guilt attached to any sin or anything with the appearance of sin. Peter the denier, under the eye of the Son of God, became at once Peter the penitent/repentant. That one look in which Divinity searches the soul is the beginning of *personal responsibility towards God*.

We do not sin against abstractions or even against commandments only; as persons, we sin against a person.
The awfulness of sin is not exhausted in the breaking of a commandment; it embraces the recrucifying of Christ. That is why the ultimate sorrow in sin is related to the Crucifix, where each of us can read his autobiography.
We see *our pride* in the crown of thorns,
*our lust and carnality* in the nails,
*our forgetfulness of God* in the pierced feet,
and *our thievery* in the riven hands.

Penitence/Repentance is to hold ourselves up in God's pure and infinite light then let Him *dispel* our darkness away.
{Fulton Sheen; The Priest is Not His Own}

If we had never sinned, we never could call Jesus our Savior.
{Fulton Sheen}

The man/woman who says, "I am so stupid" when he commits sin instead of "Lord, be merciful to me, a sinner", is still far from Holy Spirit rebirth.
{Fulton Sheen}

When a follower of Christ {Christian} sins, Our Lord Jesus Christ through the move of His Holy Spirit inside that person *turns first and looks at that person* not with *condemnation* but with *a glance* to win us back with added privilege and multiplied mercy!

It is not only the glance of Christ that brings repentance; it is also our response!
The sun that shines so warmly both softens the wax and hardens the mud; the MERCY OF GOD, calling the fallen, softens them to collaborate with HIS GRACE and BE REFRESHED IN CHRIST JESUS 
hardens them to REJECT GRACE and condemn themselves into the devil's tool.

Repentance from sin is not concerned with fear of sin's consequence but a convinced belief and feeling that I have hurt/offended/betrayed someone I love or betrayed the love that person has for me
Remorse for sin is mainly driven by fear of the unpleasant consequences of such sin.

(Fulton Sheen)
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 4:41pm On Mar 20
Receive Grace to study, understand, believe and willingly obey the word of God according to Jesus teachings with effortless ease today 20th March, 2019 and everyday of your life on earth under the Holy Spirit influence in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

Jesus Goes to Galilee:
1 So when the Lord learned that the Pharisees had been told that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John 2 (although Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples were), 3 He left Judea and returned again to Galilee. 4 Now He had to go through Samaria. 5 So He arrived at a Samaritan town called Sychar, near the tract of land that Jacob gave to his son Joseph; 6 and Jacob’s well was there. So Jesus, tired as He was from His journey, sat down by the well. It was then about the sixth hour (noon).

The Samaritan Woman
7 Then a woman from Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink”— 8 For His disciples had gone off into the city to buy food— 9 The Samaritan woman asked Him, “How is it that You, being a Jew, ask me, a Samaritan woman, for a drink?” (For Jews have nothing to do with Samaritans.) 10 Jesus answered her, “If you knew [about] God’s gift [of eternal life], and who it is who says, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him [instead], and He would have given you living water (eternal life).” 11 She said to Him, “Sir, You have nothing to draw with [no bucket and rope] and the well is deep. Where then do You get that living water? 12 Are You greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well, and who used to drink from it himself, and his sons and his cattle also?” 13 Jesus answered her, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again. 14 But whoever drinks the water that I give him will never be thirsty again. But the water that I give him will become in him a spring of water [satisfying his thirst for God] welling up [continually flowing, bubbling within him] to eternal life.”

15 The woman said to Him, “Sir, give me this water, so that I will not get thirsty nor [have to continually] come all the way here to draw.” 16 At this, Jesus said, “Go, call your husband and come back.” 17 The woman answered, “I do not have a husband.” Jesus said to her, “You have correctly said, ‘I do not have a husband’; 18 for you have had five husbands, and the man you are now living with is not your husband. You have said this truthfully.” 19 The woman said to Him, “Sir, I see that You are a prophet. 20 Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews say that the place where one ought to worship is in Jerusalem [at the temple].” 21 Jesus replied, “Woman, believe Me, a time is coming [when God’s kingdom comes] when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You [Samaritans] do not know what you worship; we [Jews] do know what we worship, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 But a time is coming and is already here when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit [from the heart, the inner self] and in truth; for the Father seeks such people to be His worshipers. 24 God is spirit [the Source of life, yet invisible to mankind], and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” 25 The woman said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming (He who is called Christ—the Anointed); when that One comes, He will tell us everything [we need to know].” 26 Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you, am He (the Messiah).”

27 Just then His disciples came, and they were surprised to find Him talking with a woman. However, no one said, “What are You asking about?” or, “Why are You talking to her?” 28 Then the woman left her water jar, and went into the city and began telling the people, 29 “Come, see a man who told me all the things that I have done! Can this be the Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed)?” 30 So the people left the city and were coming to Him.

31 Meanwhile, the disciples were urging Jesus [to have a meal], saying, “Rabbi (Teacher), eat.” 32 But He told them, “I have food to eat that you do not know about.” 33 So the disciples said to one another, “Has anyone brought Him something to eat?” 34 Jesus said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to completely finish His work. 35 Do you not say, ‘It is still four months until the harvest comes?’ Look, I say to you, raise your eyes and look at the fields and see, they are white for harvest. 36 Already the reaper is receiving his wages and he is gathering fruit for eternal life; so that he who plants and he who reaps may rejoice together. 37 For in this case the saying is true, ‘One [person] sows and another reaps.’ 38 I sent you to reap [a crop] for which you have not worked. Others have worked and you have been privileged to reap the results of their work.”

The Samaritans
39 Now many Samaritans from that city believed in Him and trusted Him [as Savior] because of what the woman said when she testified, “He told me all the things that I have done.” 40 So when the Samaritans came to Jesus, they asked Him to remain with them; and He stayed there two days. 41 Many more believed in Him [with a deep, abiding trust] because of His word [His personal message to them]; 42 and they told the woman, “We no longer believe just because of what you said; for [now] we have heard Him for ourselves and know [with confident assurance] that this One is truly the Savior of [all] the world.”

43 After the two days He went on from there into Galilee. 44 For Jesus Himself declared that a prophet has no honor in his own country. 45 So when He arrived in Galilee, the Galileans welcomed Him, since they had seen all the things that He did in Jerusalem at the feast; for they too came to the feast.

Healing a Nobleman’s Son
46 So Jesus came again to Cana of Galilee, where He had turned the water into wine. And there was a [h]certain royal official whose son was sick in Capernaum. 47 Having heard that Jesus had come back from Judea to Galilee, he went to meet Him and began asking Him to come down and heal his son; for he was at the point of death. 48 Then Jesus said to him, “Unless you [people] see [miraculous] signs and wonders, you [simply] will not believe.” 49 The royal official pleaded with Him, “Sir, do come down [at once] before my child dies!” 50 Jesus said to him, “Go; your son lives!” The man believed what Jesus said to him and started home. 51 As he was already going down [the road], his servants met him and reported that his son was living [and was healthy]. 52 So he asked them at what time he began to get better. They said, “Yesterday during the seventh hour the fever left him.” 53 Then the father realized that it was at that very hour when Jesus had said to him, “Your son lives”; and he and his entire household believed and confidently trusted [in Him as Savior]. 54 This is the second sign (attesting miracle) that Jesus performed [in Cana] after He had come from Judea to Galilee [revealing that He is the Messiah].
{John 4:1-54 amp}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by Samrocker(m): 2:25am On Mar 21
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Under the rookie of the year category!!!


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Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 11:05am On Mar 21


"So he said, 'Father, I beg you then to send Lazarus to my father's house, since I have five brothers to give them warning so that they do not come to this place of torment too.'"(Lk.16:27-28).

Today {21st March, 2019} is the ONLY AND SUITABLE TIME to *repent* and BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST.

Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 5:20pm On Mar 21
Our *hope* inside Jesus Christ can never *disappoint us* because the *love of God* has been *poured* into our spirit through His *Holy Spirit* whom He has given us to dwell inside our spirit *forever*" {Romans 5:5}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 8:34pm On Mar 21
If you think/assume/presume *hell-fire* does not exist
you think its torment does not last *forever*
think about these:
Jesus Christ confirmed the existence of hell {Luke 16:19-31} just look here
"He said, then father, I beg you to send him to my father's house--for I have five brothers--that he may warn them so that they will not also come into *this place of torment*"
{Luke 16:28}
and for your information this tormenting fire burns continuously forever
"And if your eye causes you to stumble, tear it out; it is better for you to enter the *kingdom of God{Heaven}* with one eye than to have two eyes and to be thrown into *hell* where *their worm never dies* and *the fire is NEVER QUENCHED*, for everyone(inside hell) will be *salted with fire*" {Mark 9:47-49},

"...Those who worship the beast and its image and receive a mark on their foreheads or in their hands, they will also drink the wine of God's wrath, poured unmixed into the cup of his anger and they will be *
tormented with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of *THEIR TORMENT GOES UP FOREVER AND EVER. there is no rest DAY OR NIGHT for those who worship the beast and its image and for anyone who receives the mark of its name*" {Revelation 14:9-11},

"Whoever believes in the Son has *eternal life*; whoever *disobeys the Son* will not see *life(eternal)*, but *MUST ENDURE GOD'S WRATH*" {John 3:36}.
Great Grace Brethren!!!
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by budaatum: 11:36pm On Mar 21
Please I don't need money from you,!!!!

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You got a long way to catch up!
Gonna have to work harder.
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 10:35am On Mar 22
What are you/I doing with the word of life{the gospel of Jesus Christ} implanted by the Holy Spirit inside you to save souls for the eternal kingdom of Christ Jesus?
Are we not seeing that there is *deep seated war* against the name of *Christ Jesus* in your/my country?
Are we not seeing the increasing rate of occultism/marine spirits amongs our children especially those in the primary/secondary schools not to mention tertiary institutions/universities?
Are we not seeing the *ease* at which human beings *kill* each other at the slightest provocations/abortions/ethnic-cleansing/political-ambitions in our society that *formally* exalted the sacredness of human life above *every other aspirations in life*?
Are we not perturbed by the alarming rate of sexual immorality{homosexuality, lesbianism, pedophile, rape, incest, abortions, fornication, adultery, masturbation, pornography, nudity of pictures/videos/dressings/fashion, adultery, pornography, lust e.t.c} in our society today ranging from children-adolescents-parents with *impunity*?
Are we not tired of *fraudsters* under the guise of *preachers/seers/prophets*?
Are we not concerned about lack of love in our families, broken-homes, people wishing another person dead via social-media write-ups and altercations?
Are we not moved by incessant quest for get rich quick attitudes/ideologies without *tangible righteous labors/engagements* {Occultism, ritual-killings, slavery, human/child trafficking, sell/use of under-wears for charms, betting/gambling, yahoo-yahoo, ponzi-schemes, fraud/419, one-chance, armed-robbery/assassin, prostitution inside/outside the country, runs girls/boys, sugar daddy/mummy, travel out of the country by hook or crook, sell your kidney inside/outside the country to make money/wealth e.t.c} in our society currently from children to parents?

Are we not aware that it was only the word of life inside Jonah was the *only way* God designed to save *the whole nation of Nineveh*?
The message of Christ Jesus inside you/I could be the *ONLY MESSAGE* that a nation, school, family, office, neighborhood, Church, fellowship, Pastor, Priest, individual, classmates, office-colleague, friend, ministry-mate, vocation-mate, spouse, parents, children, siblings, town, village, market-line, co-passengers, business-partner e.t.c

Do not delay the *message/utterance* before you get news of death about that person/group.
the GOSPEL is the ONLY POWER OF DELIVERANCE/SALVATION for *any human being* hence *share* it with *every human being* you encounter with the disposition to teach, love and propose *the real life of mankind* not with coercion/insults/intimidation/manipulations.

Inside keke-marwa, Danfo-bus, taxi, molue, private-lift, streets, market-line, office-morning-prayer e.t.c share the gospel, do not look at the faces of the people 1st to ascertain whether they are *welcoming*, do not be distracted by *people's seeming important discussions/conversations*, do not be distracted by the driver/conductor's bad-manners/shouting, do not be distracted by the *hiss or insults from a co-passenger*, if you are privileged move from house to house, shop to shop, one-on-one evangelism e.t.c just declare *PRAISE THE LORD {JESUS CHRIST}* and *begin with Short prayers, if possible a hymn that arouses human consciousness about our need of a Savior*, go ahead and share the gospel.

Bear in mind, so many people will resist you, out-rightly send you away HOWEVER BEAR IN MIND THAT THEIR IS ATLEAST ONE SOUL INCLUDING YOUR OWN SOUL that THE HOLY SPIRIT needs to TOUCH at each point He *arouses our mind* to share THE GOSPEL.
"We *must* work the works of Him who sent me while it is *day*; *night* is coming when no one can work" {John 9:4}
Re: The Christian Chatbox ( sticky) by ochibuogwu5: 11:09am On Mar 22
"But sexual immorality and all [moral] impurity [indecent, offensive behavior] or greed must not even be hinted at among you, as is proper among saints [for as believers our way of life, whether in public or in private, reflects the validity of our faith]. 4 Let there be no filthiness and silly talk, or coarse [obscene or vulgar] joking, because such things are not appropriate [for believers]; but instead speak of your thankfulness [to God]. 5 For be sure of this: no immoral, impure, or greedy person—for that one is [in effect] an idolater—has any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God [for such a person places a higher value on something other than God]" {Ephesians 5:3-5 amp}

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