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Make $1000/month Challenge - Strictly For Network Marketers by Success15(m): 8:22am On Apr 06, 2013
Friend, great entrepreneurs are known to always challenge themselves, think out of the box and get out of their comfort zone to meet the challenge. Personally, I've read about this from different great entrepreneurs' books. Also, I've observed most of my role models do same and I've seen my mentors do the same too. As an entrepreneur, I've previously challenged myself in several ways, some I achieved while some I didn't. To me the most important thing is the learning from this exercise.

Fellow network marketer, how are you wired for a challenge of making $1000 on or before 30th of April 2013? Is your mindset wired to make this happen? If you're, how do you plan to make it happen?

This is my April 2013 challenge and I'm 100% wired to make it happen. Let me share with you some of the marketing strategies that are working for me. WARNING!!! If you must make anything out of this short training, you've to put up an open mind, ready to challenge your status quo if you're not already making $1000/month. Then, and only then, you can go with me in this marketing training session. If you're good to go, let's roll together!

The first thing you need to know is that you've to be sizing up the people you'll prospect. You may be tempted to challenge me to be prejudging but I encourage you to be a bit patient so that I can explain myself. Let me use the analogy of a professional championship football league coach. If you're a professional league coach and your club has been promoted from division 3 to 2, and you want to recruit new players (professionals) who you can mold to your style of football so that they can help your club win the championship, will you just go out in the street and recruit any boy who is playing in the street playground? Certainly not! You'll go look for those who are already in professional football club in division 3. Similarly, if you want to make more money faster in network marketing, all your prospecting energy should be focused on other network marketers - struggling network marketers. I can hear you roaring again; what will I do with other network marketers who are already signed up to a particular company struggling to build a business for themselves? The reason is simple! Are you ready to listen to me?

If you're, then let's ride on...if you're not, you can leave peacefully. Are you still there friend? Now that I know those that are serious about this challenge, let move on. It's even better for me so that I would go on to waste the food meant for children to feed the dogs. Jesus Christ forbid this in the scripture and as believer, I'll never want to attract the wrath of the Father by going contrary to his words. That's by-the-way. Ok, why you need to focus on other struggling network marketers is because they are already sold to the MLM idea. The truth is that it'll take less energy and financial resources to get the attention of a struggling network marketer about a valuable marketing information that is helping you make more money from your MLM business than trying to sell your business idea to a new person who does not believe in the network marketing business - those guys that don't know the difference between scam; pyramid scheme, ponzi scheme and MLM. So, save yourself the stress and focus your little resource on those who are already sold - a wiser investment decision that will yield higher result; isn't it? If you are focusing on other struggling network marketers, let me inform you ahead of time that your primary goal is not to recruit them into your primary network marketing business. Example, as a distributor of XYZ MLM business, I would not want a GNLD or Tianshi or even a fellow A2W distributor to leave his primary business and follow me. This is not going to be possible except if you've gone to Ijebu to wash your tongue. (If you're from Ijebu please pardon me ooo! I'm only joking) What you've to do is to teach them generic marketing strategies/skills that are working for you. Just like I'm doing right now. Ask yourself, why am I listening to this guy? I guess because you're deriving value from what I'm teaching. What you've to know is that 97% of people who join the network marketing business do not make up to $100 in their first year in business. And that is why the attrition leave is high and people conclude that the business is not working. The business works perfectly well and is making more people - ordinary people like me and you - millionaires in dollars. So why will somebody say the industry is a scam and does not work. The truth is that it's only a bad workman that queries with his tools.

So, how do you go about it? What you need to do is to take every single offline marketing knowledge you know about network marketing and blend it with internet marketing skills. You'll need to do a lot of adjustments to make this work for you. The new approach I want to teach you is called Attraction Marketing Approach. This approach brings into network marketing the knowledge of the Multibillion direct response, information marketing and internet marketing industries so as to make it easier, cheaper and faster for network marketers to make more money from their business. To make it to be clearer, let me do a step by step approach,
Step 1: Plug in to an existing Attraction Marketing System.
There are so many marketing systems out there. I don't mean a primary network marketing company. Attraction marketing systems are education platforms that teach generic marketing skills and strategies to improve your primary MLM business. They operate like an affiliate program where you learn from their resources and go ahead to teach as well as attract others who need the knowledge to plug in so that you'll be earning a reoccurring affiliate commissions. Also, they help you present you primary business in a better and more attractive manner. The best attraction marketing platform in the whole wide world is My Lead System Pro (MLSP) and I'm plugged in to it.

Step 2: Pick one strategy that you are most comfortable with, start learning how it works as well as implement your newly acquired skills. Like me, I'm currently focusing on social media marketing with special focus on Facebook Marketing. By virtue of being in MLSP you're better than so many struggling network marketers who don't know how to generate more leads, make more sales and sign ups with ease without spending themselves to bankruptcy. With the attraction marketing, you promote your funded proposal, that is, your Self Liquidating Offer(SLOs) on the from end and promote your primary business in the back end. Your SLOs are low cost valuable generic marketing skills training resources such as membership subscription, eBooks, eCourse, softwares, videos etc. With these, you make money from 80% of your leads both those that will sign up to your primary business and those that will not. Again, your marketing cost will be paid with other people's money. Is it interesting?

Step 3: Start promoting your SLOs, that is MLSP in my case by offering pure values to other struggling network marketers. The primary goal here is to generate quality leads and convert them to customers - buying your SLOs and much here resources like home study course or mentoring program. It must not be your own products but other people's products promoted through your attraction marketing system. Here, I'm promoting "Get Fans Get Money". It's a high value home study video course that will take you by the hand and show you how to pluck tens of thousands of dollars from Facebook month in month out. Note; you should not mention your primary business here less your prospects will see you as a competition. The goal is to attract them into your sales funnel and start building relationship with them. I highly recommend that you lead with value.

Step 4: Introduce your customers to your mastermind group. This is where you sponsor them into your primary business. Remember mastermind team does not accommodate everybody. Only those who believe in your vision and think like you. You sponsor this people into your primary business and start mentoring them. This is a complete new process that you will learn over time.

If you will want to be part of the $1000/month challenge, I recommend you master this new approach to network marketing. If you are committed to this goal, I welcome you to my 100% FREE weekly marketing training. To plug in just send SMS to 07055333000 in this format; [b]MLSP/Your Name/Your Email/Your Home Address/Your Office Address. Example MLSP/Uche E. Udembaozoh/successplus11@gmail.com/12 Fola Agoro Street Somolu Lagos/SuccessPlus Services,25 Olumo Street Onike Yaba Lagos. [/b]I advise you to do it with your best phone number less you'll be missing a lot of free values.
Re: Make $1000/month Challenge - Strictly For Network Marketers by Success15(m): 2:46am On Apr 08, 2013

Fellow network marketer, did you gain any value from my previous training on this thread? Were you inspired to activate your thinking faculty? Did you take any action? Have you already subscribed to my FREE private special mentoring program? If I were you, I'll take my time to frankly answer these questions.

Today, I want to update you on my activities for the first day of the challenge. (For your information, I started this challenge on Saturday 6th April 2013 and it'll end on May 6th 2013). My first goal is to generate leads of those who are interested to know how I can make $1000 in the next 30 days from my MLM business. These are quality laser targeted leads - primarily network marketers or aspiring network marketers. Based on this, I started a campaign on my Facebook page tagged FREE PRIVATE MENTORING PROGRAM with Uche E. Udembaozoh. The program is to teach those who subscribe how they can easily generate laser-targeted best quality leads for their MLM business and how to make more sales and sign ups in their struggling network marketing business. This campaign is to inspire targeted prospects' interest hence making them to like my page as well as opt-in to the mentoring program. As at the end of Sunday, nobody has subscribed so I'll be putting up a paid classified advert while I continue the Facebook campaign by leading with value.

I'll be keeping you updated with my daily activities on this challenge. While you enjoy this thread, I encourage you to join me in my FREE private mentoring program by either subscribing to my weekly marketing training webinar or you like my Facebook page. For the former send SMS to 07055333000 in this format; MLSP / Your Name / Your Email / Your Home Address / Your Office Address and for the later just search for UcheEUdembaozoh on Facebook.

Till I come your way tommorrow, remain positive and surround yourself with same like minds, and I'll see you on the top!
Re: Make $1000/month Challenge - Strictly For Network Marketers by Success15(m): 4:00am On Apr 09, 2013
The Update of My Activities: Day 3
Fellow network marketer, just as I informed you that I need to place a paid classified advert, I did. Before I talk about it, let me enlighten you a little about classified advert. In direct sales marketing/internet marketing/information marketing, the use of classified can not be undermined. Classified can be online or offline. In online classified, it can be Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Google PPC or LinkedIn PPC. You can also place a classified in a high traffic website or blog that is related to the information you're promoting. Offline classified is placed in newspapers. If you're placing a classified, there are so many things that are to be considered so that you can get the best return on your investment. Although, sometimes there is need for testing so that you can know where your prospects are. In a situation where you place a classified on a certain social media website or a particular newspaper, if the response is low, then you know that your prospects are not there. The essence of classified is to generate leads, that is list building. It's not advisable to use classified to sale anything directly to the prospects. It is serious marketing plunder to state cash price of your product on a classified. That is a poor marketing strategy that can not make you a millionaire. The best strategy is to use classified to offer a valuable FREE stuff in exchange for the prospect's contact details. Then you follow up on them.
For you to create an enduring customer from your list, you have to build a rapport and trust-worthy relationship with your list. The moment this is formed, they will continue to pay you money like a damaged ATM machine. Haven said these, let me get to the main business of the day.
Being that I'm targeting on Nigerian struggling network marketers, I decided to try an offline classified. I placed a 1"
X 1" classified in SuccessDigest Extra which was published on their Monday April 8, 2013 edition, page 13. My advert reads like this;
Only Fools Fail In Network Marketing!
Discover how to generate free endless
leads and 3 easiest ways to make them
call you, to naturally sign up to your
biz opportunity. SMS 07055333000 in this
format; MS/Ur Name/Ur Email/Ur City
for FREE 7 day Boot Camp Video Tutorials
This ad is meant to drive traffic to one of
my affiliate products, Magnetic Sponsoring Course. This is the best attraction marketing course you can get in our industry created by the MLM legend, Mike Dillard. This course will change your orientation about network marketing business and the best and easiest ways to do the business. For promoting this course, I earn commission if my prospect buys. Therefore, I'm using it as my SLO here with the back end offer of MLSP Gold subscription.
As I'm writing this the response rate on the classified is low hence I've decided to place same in Complete Sport newspaper tomorrow. Actually, my goal is to build a list of minimum of 1000 quality prospects for my FREE Private Special Mentoring program. In the mentoring program, I will lead with pure value so as to build rapport, trust and relationship. Then, I can recommend resources as well as sponsor some of them into my primary MLM opportunity. This strategy is called Value Based Sponsoring - a process of positioning yourself as an Alpha leader who offers the prospects with really value which will remove their pain and offer them pleasure.
I want to believe you are following me on this training. Also, I believe you're understanding the strategies and will start practicing them to improve and get results. Till I come your way next time, remain positive and get link minds around you a friends as I'll be seeing you on top.
Re: Make $1000/month Challenge - Strictly For Network Marketers by Success15(m): 5:20am On Apr 10, 2013

Fellow network marketer, how is this thread helping your MLM business? Is there any new skill/strategy you've learned from here? If yes, don't hesitate to share it with us in this thread. Your comment is highly welcomed.

In continuation of my Make $1000/Month Challenge, I'll be sharing my 3rd day activities. I observed that I tagged yesterday's update as 3rd day. That's a mistake, it should be 2nd day activities. Having made that correction, let's go on. Yesterday, I said that I'll be placing a Facebook classified, yes but I had a little challenge i doing that. Facebook turned down my GTBank current account mastercard. I think it has to do with my previous transaction with Facebook. Doing my early months in the internet marketing business, I placed a Facebook classified without limiting the number of days it will run as well as not tracking my campaign hence I exhausted the money in my account and incurred debt. Being that I was building on budget then, I could not pay that money for months and Facebook wrote it off as a bad debt hence they blacklisted that debit card. You know that every challenge overcame is a seed for wealth creation, therefore I didn't see this from the negative perspective rather I picked the key-learning. I've moved on to apply for a new Zenith Bank online shopping customized card account called 'Web-Surfer'. I'll also create an info-product, a special report that will teach newbies how to avoid this mistake of mine that is costing me extra $20, the charge of getting 'Web-Surfer' and this product for sure will sell for N1000 per copy. Don't ask me how I'll market it because the money is always in the list. I know you must have heard of that, except if you're new to internet marketing business.

While, I'm waiting for my new card, I using Facebook to promote this campaign. Mind you, this challenge is not just how to make $1000 in 30 days but it is to prove that Only Fools Fail in Network Marketing. So, are you a fool! May be you are; if you've failed in your network marketing business. A fool at 40 is a fool for ever, they say. Fellow network marketer, have you failed for 40 days, 40 weeks, 40 months...I trust you'd not want to be a fool forever and that's why I'm sharing with you how I'm killing it with my MLM business month after month, generating endless free quality leads and making more sales and money with ease in my business. And the goodnews is that you can duplicate my success blueprint. If you desire to duplicate my blueprint as well as honorably steal the brains of some of the top MLM earners who have mentored me, you should leave other thing you are doing now, and visit this site now; www.successplusteam.com/mlm-recruiting-magic to learn for FREE How To Easily Recruit More Leaders Into Your MLM Business. I remember when I started; how I was asked to visit a particular pure-value recorded video training sites by one of my mentors (then not yet my mentor) and I saw him as a scam. Do you know that I later paid some dollars to watch/study that same video tutorial that he earlier offered for free in exchange for my contact details? If you do not visit that site now, enter your contact details for subsequent valuable training materials, carefully study the 71 minutes video training and start practicing the skills taught there, you may end up being a network marketer-fool for 40 years. God forbid; I can hear you say. But God will only forbid it when you take action because He says; Heaven helps those who help themselves and His grace (which includes this opportunity of getting a $99.99 value video course for free) is sufficient for us!

Enough of the admonition. Here is my strategy to make $1000 in 30 days. Within this 30 days, I'm committed to generating 500 new laser-targeted quality leads (struggling network marketers) and this is how I'll generate those leads.
1. I've mapped out $100 for Facebook sponsored classified which will be running @ $10/day testing different headlines and body as well as tagging different network marketing high traffic FB pages and groups. From my history, $10/day gives me average of 7 opt-in, that is leads. $100 in 10 days will give me average of 70 leads and this will be carried over week after week for 4 weeks thus 70 by 4 will generate 280 leads. Don't think I'll be spending another $100 every week. No, these prospects (lead) will pay for the subsequent weeks advert fee. How will you do that; Uche? I can hear you ask...what I'll do is to lead with value and I'm surefire guaranteed that 20% of the leads will be converted to customers who will buy one or two of the high value network marketing information products I'm promoting in my business. That means affiliate commission and free advert money.

2. I'll get 50 leads from Nairaland. This leads will not fall from heaven rather you should be part of those I'm expecting to opt-in to my high value FREE mentoring program. Except you've agreed to be a fool forever doing same thing every year and be expecting new results. Buddy, even if you don't opt-in, I'll still go ahead and make more money while you watch me and my mentoring course subscribers who I'm committed to show how to start writing their own paychecks in dollar, cruise life with our cool money.

3. I'll generate 150 leads from Social Media Site, specifically Facebook. Here is how I'll do that;
a. Send out 5 friend requests daily to other network marketers.
b. Comment on 5 different MLM authority pages/groups daily
c. Update my FB page daily with either an educating, enlightening or entertaining comment. This is to stir interest and page like.
d. Engage 3 friend on Facebook chat daily. The goal is to teach them as well as recommend one of my FREE resources which you know comes with a lead capture page. This is a typical leading with value approach otherwise known as Attraction Marketing Strategies.

How Does these translate to $1000? Here is the arithmetic
1. Sales of 25 copies of Magnetic Sponsoring Course which pays $16 commission, that amounts to $400
2. Sales of 10 copies of Building on a Budget eBook which pays $16 commission, that amounts to $160
3. Sales of 10 MLSP Academy membership subscription which pays $11.6 commission, that's $116
4. Sales of 10 MLSP Gold membership subscription which pays $20 commission, that's $200
5. 4 sign ups to my primary MLM company which will earn me $200 direct referral commission

Kindly do the sum and share what you think about this strategy of promoting network marketing. If you are tired of pursuing friends and family members, then this is what you need for get to the top of your company in 12 months. Imagine sponsoring average of 4 persons weekly and using your autopilot system to teach them how to do the same. I'm just conservative about the numbers.
Till I come your way tomorrow, see you at the top!
Re: Make $1000/month Challenge - Strictly For Network Marketers by Success15(m): 4:43am On Apr 17, 2013
Fellow network marketer, I'm very sorry that I've not been updating you of my progress. Something caused it. There was a technical issue from the Nairaland team which made the reply link to disappear. I've to inform them and appealed that they should fix the issue. So, the technical problem was fixed today. I'll send you the back log of my unreported activities later today. Once more welcome back.
Re: Make $1000/month Challenge - Strictly For Network Marketers by Success15(m): 12:38pm On Apr 28, 2013
Fellow network marketer, our biz is interesting when you understand how things work here. Our biz has to do with generating laser-targeted quality leads and offering them pure value simple.
How does this work? You may ask, it all start with sorting who you Prospect. For me, there two set of people that I target- other struggling network marketers and those who are open searching for money making opportinities. By crafting the right classified ad and placing it in the media, you will generate lots of quality leads to follow up.
This is whay is working for in my MLM bix and it can work for you. too. If you would want to master how this works, send your comment.

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