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Re: Story: Taking Chances by repogirl(f): 3:40pm On Apr 21, 2013
princesa: love you too grin

#typing chapt 3#

So is there any hope of reading that later this evening? grin, or are we waiting till tomorrow cry
Re: Story: Taking Chances by oyestephen(m): 5:15pm On Apr 21, 2013
Princess em em....we'll settle that later
Fantastic work...could u update chapter 3 today ?
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Nobody: 5:17pm On Apr 21, 2013
Re: Story: Taking Chances by repogirl(f): 7:43pm On Apr 21, 2013
@oyestephen, good to see you here, now its time to put fire under princessa's you know what for a change.grin
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Tovot: 10:55pm On Apr 21, 2013
princesa,wonderful,wonderful story,muah,muah,pls update asap ooo,btw give jide a knock!
Re: Story: Taking Chances by oyestephen(m): 12:15am On Apr 22, 2013
repogirl: @oyestephen, good to see you here, now its time to put fire under princessa's you know what for a change.grin
@repogirl same here...expecting another masterpiece from you soon....
Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 2:37pm On Apr 22, 2013
@oyestephen, good to see you here, now its time to put
fire under princessa's you know what for a change.grin

you know what... ah :O
Repogirl grin

#sorry guyz its not fully typed#sad
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Tovot: 2:47pm On Apr 22, 2013
#sorry guyz its not fully typed#sad[/quote],so u made me login,and u dnt type,ah! afta i'v applauded u,ok no p!:-(
Re: Story: Taking Chances by repogirl(f): 3:20pm On Apr 22, 2013
Ok..because I know how difficult it is to write I'll cut you some slack.
Re: Story: Taking Chances by frank317: 6:00pm On Apr 22, 2013
beautiful story... no one can ever stop reading this. i love jide, dont know why, perhaps because i like rough love (not the wife beating typeoooo), but love with so much heat and emotional adventure.

pls do update, besides i like this phrase "she mentally gave herself a knock, can i borrow it and use it in my up coming story?
Re: Story: Taking Chances by ibironkefayemi(f): 7:29pm On Apr 22, 2013
Beautiful write up,being longing 4 a new update 4rm u, pls do update!more ink 2 ur pen dearie!
Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 8:12am On Apr 23, 2013
Chapter 3.
Daisy woke up rather late this morning for she was an early riser, the
bed-side clock showed the time to be 7:30am, but Daisy made no move to
stand, instead she curled up further into the blanket, she was feeling
sick and her head really hurts. This was an aftermath of skipping her
nightly dose of juice and as she had predicated, the consequence had
been grave, it shook her like an earthquake.

She had all but consciously walked to the kitchen at about 2am earlier
that morning for that was the time the craving begins. Still not fully
awake, she searched the fridge and cupboards looking for Juice, it was
minutes later that it dawned on her that She wasn't in her apartment in

But by then, the kitchen was a mess, things were out of their place and
sprawled on the floor while cupboards and cabinets lay open. Daisy
didn't care, she remembered then that she had searched before so she
just walked like a zombie to her room, half noticing Jide who was
snoring away, oblivious of the noise she had made.

When she got back to the room, her trouble doubled, for minutes later,
she started sweating profusely, her body shaking uncontrollably, the
worms gnawed at her intestine and she felt a sickening sensation, she
was a pile of wreck, more like a drug addict who didn't get a dose of
drug. She was deeply addicted to juice, her hungry stomach compounded
the problem and she found herself visiting the toilet to vomit now and
then, nothing came out for her stomach was more or less empty, but she
went back again nevertheless.

She couldn't sleep, for hours she just sat on the floor, her back
resting on the bed and her hands on her head. It was hours later that
sleep came knocking and slowly she had dragged herself to bed. The
reason she woke up late this morning.

Daisy now rolled to the other side of the bed, she was still queasy. She
suddenly remembered what Today was. Sunday! and it was their wedding
thanksgiving service, still she made no move to stand.

It wasn't as if there was anything to wear, and her phone wasn't with
her, in all of yesterday activities, she didn't know who she had given
it, and she was sure Jide wouldn't bother calling the family house.
Well, she wasn't feeling any better herself.

Soon she heard noises. She attuned her ears to it, it was coming from
the parlour.

'Kilonshe gbogbo awon omode yi!' someone had shouted.

She guessed it to be that of Jide's father, that must mean the family
were here she reasoned. Slowly she started rising up, but stopped when
the door flung open, and in came Mama.

'Daisy, what are you still doing in bed by now? It's almost eight, i
don't know you to be a late riser, first service will end by nine and we
are booked for then!...' Mama said, her voice rising with every
sentence, she was now by the bed.

Daisy was sitting down now, no movement, her expression blank. She
didn't reply either.

Mama felt her temper rising, if Jide was adamant, atleast not Daisy too.
Noone seem to care.

'kilo de?' she asked in yoruba.

Daisy said nothing, she just pulled the blanket up to her folded knee.
Mama pulled down the blanket and fuming still, said:

'O fe dami lo hun ni? See the time, its sharp eight, you nor Jide is
prepared, are you children bent on causing scandals?

'Daisy!' she shouted when Daisy still made no move to stand or reply

Mama continued complaining in yoruba language, she did so, mostly when
she was angry, Daisy understood all she was saying, her 10 years stay in
the States hadn't eroded her knack for the language. she couldn't speak
it fluently but she understood it quite all right, she had been perfect
in the language due to her long stay in Ijebu-Ode with her grandmother
before she left for Boston to stay with her mother, though the years
took away her ability to speak yoruba fluently, Mama had made sure she
never lost the language totally. She often than not converse in yoruba
with her.

Mama was ranting on about how Jide was so ungrateful, how children of
nowadays were spoilt and disrespectful, how nobody seem to appreciate
her one bit, how Daisy seem to have joined in frustrating her and so

Inbetween all of mama's ranting, Daisy had slide down into the blanket
drawing it up to cover her face. You don't try arguing with Mama when
she was this way.

Having said her piece, mama sighed, her anger seem to have dissolved.
She now sat calmly on the bed.

When Daisy noticed Mama was no more talking, she stole a glance at her, peeping from beneath the blanket.

'coast clear' she said quietly to herself and pulled off the blanket.

Standing up she said 'Mama don't overwork yourself already, i was feeling sick then'

Mama immediately looked up from where she had bent her head wondering whether she didn't deserve how she was being treated.

'Sick! How? when? Why didn't you tell me...' she was now at Daisy side and touching her body.

Mama and her fussing, Daisy thought resignedly.


Re: Story: Taking Chances by sino(m): 8:33am On Apr 23, 2013
Very nice, good work you have here madam, good work.

Keep 'em coming...
Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 8:36am On Apr 23, 2013
oh guys am really encouraged by all of your comments, and Frank...you can borrow just the line.wink

repogirl...thanks for the slack.

tovot, thanks for logging in, cut me some slack too will youwink

chapter 3. is ready but you know my mobile plan doesn't allow me access to internet unlimited.

understand. but i will update all of chapter 3 today.


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Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 8:52am On Apr 23, 2013
chapter 3 continues...best know am modifying it, so just refresh and continue
from where you stopped. thanks smiley

...... ......
'It's gone now, am okay. Twas because i missed my nightly dose of juice'
she said in truth, maybe all of Mama's rant had somehow paid off afterall.

'juice? but they was more than enough at the wedding and You should have
told Jide to get you some...'

'yeah right' Daisy snorted cutting into Mama speech. she wont be surprise if she got acid instead.

Mama was still looking her over, she's like a mother hen when it
concerns Daisy'.

'Mo wa pa!' Daisy exclaimed in a funny Yoruba accent and hugged Mama.

'you should worry about the clothes i will wear when i take my bath, all my...'

'oh, that has been taken care of, Jumoke is with it in the parlor, just get prepared'

'okay' Daisy said, blew Mama a kiss and bounded off into the bathroom.

Mama smiled inspite of her initial anger, this was another reason why she so loved Daisy.

Down in the parlour, Jide hadn't found it easier either.

A loud knock on his door earlier had jolted him from his slumber,
opening it, he was surprised to see his dad, grandmother, Yemi, his
immediate younger brother and Jumoke, his sister at the door.

He had totally forgotten that it was Sunday and his supposed
thanksgiving service. But then what's there to thank God about, he
thought drily.

His family were not smiling one bit, well, so wasn't he.

Shaking his head and with a disgusted look he said:

'Hail the pack of trouble' and walked away to go lie back on the settee.

'Is that supposed to be a greeting or what?' his father asked

'or what' he muttered

'Omo de yi ti baje tan' put in mama almost shouting. She was also
clapping her hands.

Yemi and Jumoke left the bickering 'grown ups' to go sit down.

'Really Mama, keep your voice down, you don't wanna wake the whole damn
neighbourhood' Jide said angrily, mother and son were at it again. He

'what kind of lazy neighbours sleep till this time and on a Sunday too?
Mama retorted. no more clapping.

'My friend, just quietly go inside, take your bath and prepare, time is
not on our side' his father said, he was sitting now.

'prepare for what?' came Jide's curt reply

'its your wedding thanksgiving service for God's sake!' his father
replied, his voice high.

Jide laughed briefly, this family of his were really something. He'd be
darned if he moved an inch or dance to their tune, not this time around.
Thanksgiving Ko, praisegiving ni.

'What am i going to thank God for? For a wedding that was forced on me?
Or for a family that is driving me insane?' his voice had risen.

'I don't have your time, Nibo ni Daisy wa na?' mama had said angrily and
walked off to go find Daisy.

'Kilonshe gbogbo awon omode yi?' his dad thundered.

'look Dad, am a grown man, you don't just come to my house to tell me
what to do, havnt you done enough already?' he asked, really pissed.

'Yemi give him his cloth, look at the time, we are supposed to have been
in church by now, in an hour time, the service would end, will they
wait for us specially'. Jide's dad said, as if Jide had not spoken. He
was middle aged, bulky and almost as tall as Jide who stood on 5'7.

'Its okay! if you think you can order me around like a child, we shall
see where it ends!' Jide said shouting.

Yemi tossed the bag he had been holding at Jide, he really didn't envy
Jide now with father at his back, they were both stubborn and he
wondered whose turf would hold.

Jide, out of curiosity, opened the bag that was tossed at him. Soon His
face held a deriding smile, inside was a cloth exactly the same material
with that which his family were wearing, he guessed Daisy would wear
just the same Ankara material, he never doubted that she would gladly
without resistance adorn it, well that was her business, his was making
sure he was not caught dead on this uniformed cloth with his annoying
family trotting like an i.diot in front of a large congregation to go
thank God for nothing spectacular he could name. No sir, he won't!

'you guys got all the bloody nerves' he said rather calmly and tossed
the bag back to Yemi.

'did you actually expect me to wear that? Jide, wear the Ankara with...'

He stopped midway, it was really not worth the trouble to keep the word
exchange, he would just stay and watch who was gonna force the cloth on
him and he would show that person a piece of his mind.

His mind set, he picked up his remote to switch on his television.

Noone pushed further, even his dad rested resignedly on the chair while
jumoke rose to go meet Daisy and Mama in the room. The guys could tear
themselves up for all she cared.


Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 9:41am On Apr 23, 2013
guyz i need help here, is it okay with my input of yoruba, without explaining the meaning, that is for the benefit of those who can't decode my gibberish yoruba grin

If i don't spell it correctly, just kindly correct me okay, me ability omo ibo ohsmiley

thanks for reading, even those who are ghost readers, una no try na, encourage your girl here with a little comment......plswink

chapter final part will be posted later today.

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Re: Story: Taking Chances by Nobody: 10:04am On Apr 23, 2013
pls do.. thanks.. you're still doin great dear.. I think I'm begining to like jide wink

princesa: guyz i need help here, is it okay with my input of yoruba, without explaining the meaning, that is for the benefit of those who can't decode my gibberish yoruba grin

If i don't spell it correctly, just kindly correct me okay, me ability omo ibo ohsmiley

thanks for reading, even those who are ghost readers, una no try na, encourage your girl here with a little comment......plswink

chapter final part will be posted later today.
Re: Story: Taking Chances by repogirl(f): 11:03am On Apr 23, 2013
princesa: guyz i need help here, is it okay with my input of yoruba, without explaining the meaning, that is for the benefit of those who can't decode my gibberish yoruba grin

If i don't spell it correctly, just kindly correct me okay, me ability omo ibo ohsmiley

thanks for reading, even those who are ghost readers, una no try na, encourage your girl here with a little comment......plswink

chapter final part will be posted later today.

WOw, princessa, mo ma tin ro pe yoruba ni e. Okare, your yoruba is great. Omo yoruba dandan ni e. But biko translate a maka onye who will not hotala (understand,now dats really rusty ibo). Nne jisike, o? More power to your elbow.
Re: Story: Taking Chances by kanmaolise(m): 11:20am On Apr 23, 2013
so, so, so following this, am not a fan of this kind of stories cos they prick my anger buh dis one has mi eye to mi screen. up Jide!!! cool
Re: Story: Taking Chances by MumZ(f): 11:24am On Apr 23, 2013
D story flows naturally wit d yoruba input without d interpretatns, its mks all d bickering funny. Clndnt hlp smiling wen readn, bt myb its cos I understand yoruba. So mayb 4 d benefit of dose who dosnt, u may interpret. Great write up.
Re: Story: Taking Chances by IZUKWU(m): 12:00pm On Apr 23, 2013
More power to your elbow,but i don't hear is in yoruba
Re: Story: Taking Chances by IZUKWU(m): 12:30pm On Apr 23, 2013
More power to your elbow,but i don't hear is in yoruba.
Re: Story: Taking Chances by frank317: 1:43pm On Apr 23, 2013
ur work is lovely, pls continue and yes do interpret
Re: Story: Taking Chances by kanmaolise(m): 5:17pm On Apr 23, 2013
*fatherly look* go on...
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Emeralddan(f): 5:35pm On Apr 23, 2013
Feed me more!!!.....cant wait for ur next update sweerie
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Nobody: 7:04pm On Apr 23, 2013
Good,princesa! Keep it up. Abt the translation,i'm on my knees...biko,translate for those of us from other tribes...thanks in advance.
Re: Story: Taking Chances by barag(f): 8:57pm On Apr 23, 2013
i love ur story kiss pls more updates. but Jide get agidi sha. na wa o
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Tovot: 10:06pm On Apr 23, 2013
okay, I have cut u some slack,but pls,biko,jo, update now do u know how many times I have checked?update ooooo but nice story wink
Re: Story: Taking Chances by oyestephen(m): 10:52pm On Apr 23, 2013
@princessa adding yoruba to the story, added some flavours...those mother-in-laws can be impossible some times. You could put the interpretations in a bracket for the ibo brethren....
Re: Story: Taking Chances by Ice4jez(m): 11:03am On Apr 24, 2013
where is this princesa self.if u think u re going to start sweet story and keep us here waiting u beta ve a rethink cos i will take it as my duty to stake u every where u go infact where is my laptop make i roll my cowries application for ur case.to consult ...............ok ice chill now make we give her some time .
Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 6:25pm On Apr 24, 2013
So damn sorry for the break in transmissionsmiley
it was due to...erm...erm
am tired of excuses jó, let me just continue.

Ice4jez....you still owe me your last penny, don't you forgetwink

story continues...
Re: Story: Taking Chances by princesa(f): 6:25pm On Apr 24, 2013
The atmosphere was still cooking with a kind of angry heat, when mama,
Daisy and Jumoke walked in. As Jide had noted, Daisy was wearing her share of the family uniform, though her hers fitted her perfectly and highlighted her curves. The clock showed the time to be 9:10. Yet Noone
in the parlor was making a move.

The entrants quietly went to seat on different settee in the parlor,
they too didn't know what to say or do. As they sat, each to his
thought, Jide looked different, he hadn't taken his bath neither was he on the uniformed attire.

Daisy had noticed a sort of glint in Jide eyes, in the split second he
had paid them a cursory look when they came in, his eyes had lingered on her for more than required, and that her unsettled her a bit. Later, on
her seat she translated it to mean admiration or at worse, a figment of her hazy imaginations. She wasn't sure, 'Must still be the juice' she thought.

Noone said anything for the next few minutes and the silence was
deafening, everybody was tired of the mulish Jide, His was a case of
taking a horse to the stream and then leaving the drinking part totally to the exigencies of the horse for Jide still didn't show concern one
bit as his gaze fixed on the Tele.

Mama spoke now, she was visibly angry. If everyone kept their peace, Jide would end up having his way and today would be a total waste,
Though Jumoke had called one of her usher friend at the church to shift
their thanksgiving to the second service, the service was already
30 minutes underway! What kind of defiance was jide putting up? she thought fighting hard to contain her anger.

'Jide' she started 'please for the sake of Abike...' Abike was his
deceased mum '...and for the sake of the love and respect you ever had
for me and your dad, wole ko lo we, jó omo mi, jó ... am begging!'
(enter go and bath please, my child pls) mama said with the softest
voice she could mutter, 'cos inside she was burning hot. It was very
obvious that Jide wouldn't respond to force, best to try the pleading way.

'Don't bring mum into this issue' came jide's curt reply few minutes
later, as if he had been contemplating.

Everyone kept mute, even mama. And after what seemed like ages, Jide switched off the television, stood up, hissed and muttered something, before storming out of the parlour.

Silence still.

Some minutes later, Jide resurfaced, he'd taken his bath and was wearing
a black shirt on a jean trouser, he was also putting on a black speck,
every eyes turned on him but he said nothing to his family, he just went past them outside.

An impatient horn from Jide outside jolted them from their inertia, they quietly stood up and walked out, noone uttered a word. On the chair sat
the bag containing Jide's Ankara cloth, it would obviously rot there
forever, Daisy thought rather amused, this husband of hers was
definitely a character.

Minutes later, they arrived at the headquarters of Love Word Assembly
situated in Ikeja, mama had insisted on riding in Jide's car, even
though he disagreed. Mama had said she could not take any chance with
him, if not he would do something st.u.pid like dropping Daisy along the
road and zooming off elsewhere, after much persuasion accompanied with
another family drama in the compound, Jide grudgingly accepted.

Their thanksgiving kicked off not long after they arrived for they came
in quite late but in the nick of time. The family had hardly settled
down when the Olukoyas family was announced to come for their wedding
thanksgiving. Mama immediately got busy, soon, relatives and family were
dancing to the altar with huge tubers of Yam, mama could not contain
her joy, she danced from one corner to the other shaking her behind, she
would dance front and dance back even to the amusement of the

Jide felt so sill.y in the midst of his uniformed family, it turned out
to be that some of their relative were also wearing the same Ankara
material, he was angry, irritated and mortified, if not for the presence
of a large congregation, he would have simply left. Mama's dancing was
irritating him the more, she was dancing like she was the one who had
wedded not him, Daisy on her part was all smiles and was shaking her
body lightly to the praises being sang by the choir, not only her but
all his family, his sister, father, brother, the relatives and well
wishers from the church, he wondered if there was another reason this
people were happy about if not the obvious? He just couldn't wait to be
out of these clowns known as his family.

Daisy on her part was having a good time, she had atfirst felt silly about the uniformed clothes everyone was wearing, soon she got used to it, even loved it, 'another reason to love the yorubas' she thought. She noticed her aunty and waved, her aunty waved back, she was part of the entourage of thanks givers, Daisy felt welcomed and at home in the midst of them all.

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