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Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 11:50am On Jul 22, 2014
Staring at Janet was Lucy her part time friend.
'Hello Jane' she laughed,waving her hand in Jane's face.

'Hi Lucy'she replied hugging her.

'How are you doing!'Janet said, hugging her tightly.

'Before i say something,won't you ask me in'Lucy said laughing.

Janet opened the door wider to let her in, 'Don't mind me,come right in' she said.

Lucy jumped on the couch,crossing her leg,Janet was least surprised,Lucy was a fun loving person,she lived in a beautiful house opposite theirs,she lived with her parents and her two older brothers,Her father was a medical doctor,who owned a psychiatric hospital and two other hospitals,he partnered various organisations,he was always busy,though strict he had a spoilt daughter,Lucy's mother owned the biggest supermart in the estate with over fifty workers.

Lousy Lucy as Jane and Hannah often referred to her behind her,loves talking,she would go and on about her handsome brothers and their money.

'Jane,you're always looking beautiful' She complimented,folding her hands on her leg.

'Pot calling kettle black,i can say the same for you too' she said smiling.

'Its been months i saw you'

'Huh,No,its just four weeks you've been to school.' she replied.

'How's Hannah and your mum' She asked.

'They're both doing fine,and you'she said playing with her hair.

'Aren't you going to offer me something to drink' Lucy asked

'Oh,sorry,i forgot my manners,what do i offer you?'
she said moving toward the kitchen.

'What do you have in there?' she asked.

'I'ld have to check,so hold on'Janet answered.

'Jane,wait how about we go out and catch some fun!' she said going in to the kitchen to meet Janet.

'Yeees yes yes'She shouted.'i want us to go out' she said laughing.She was finally going to catch some fun indeed.She was already thinking of what to wear.

'Jane? Are you ok?' she asked suddenly.

'Ofcourse,i am,what made you ask!'

'Thats because this is the first time you'll agree to go out without much persuassion' she paused 'Am kind of surprised'

'well,i just feel happy today' she smiled with her eyes,'so where are we going to' she asked

'what do you think of FoodCo Restaurant?'

Janet rolled her eyes 'That Restaurant is expensive' she said

'Hey girl,the bill is on me,so relax'

'Fine,let me change my clothes then'

'Jane,you have ten minutes to do that,don't stay all day' she stood to go out 'I have to get dressed too.'

Janet knew Lucy was actually making jest of herself,giving her ten minutes,when She,Lucy,could spend two days dressing for a party,Janet wore a chocolate chenille fitted dress,with a white flat baby shoe,she used light make up,and held her hair with two red pin.She checked herself in the mirror,what she saw in there screamed lovely at her,it was thirty minutes of dressing,yet Lucy was not out.

'ElEmEnT perfume,this perfume has a striking saint,you could smell it fifty yards away,even though Lucy was not in sight,but she could smell her because of the perfume,it has this strong effect on people and clothes,Lucy came in rocking a 5inches heel,with a short white dress that has a low neckline,she adorned her neck with a glittering tiny piece of necklace.She looked extremely cute.
'Are u ready Jane' She drawled,turning for Jane to check her out.

'This is.....you look...huh....em....great,great,yes great and lovely too' Janet stammered,the back of the dress from her neck to her waist was sheer lace. Strong,stubborn and staring eyes could see through them.

The two ladies stood side by side.Janet said,

'Don't you think this is too much for Lunch' she asked with wide eyes.

'Jane,i love what happened the other time i turned my back,you were stammering,i want every eyes that sees this' pointing at her backside 'i want their speech slurred because of me' she laughed.

'If thats what you want,you're sure going to get it' she laughed too.

'Don't forget who my father is' she said.

'And don't you forget who my boyfriend is too' she said giggling.

'I won't,hmmmm,i like your new car' Janet nodded thanks to her.

'Are we going in my car'She asked.

Lucy led the way,'Thanks,but No to your offer,because we're going in mine' she said pointing at a blue benz parked outside the gate.
Lucy had three beautiful cars to herself.She was a lucky girl,Janet thought.

Finally,the two gorgeous ladies entered the car,with Lucy on the wheels,they set out for FoodCo Restaurant,which was just an hour,twenty minutes drive away,they left home quarter past One.

With the look of things,the outing looked like it would be an interesting one,Janet thought in her heart,using the seat belt,she relaxed,ready to enjoy the drive while Lucy chatted away.
Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 11:55am On Jul 22, 2014
Jacob returned home the next morning,he parked his car in the garage and walked into the house,his mother was in the sitting room watching a movie,just as he entered,she turned to look at him,then quietly return her gaze to the screen.Jacob didn't utter a word,and his mother also kept her peace.He went to his room.

The following day was a Saturday,and he had planned his movement,his secretary had informed him that,he had some messages to attend to and some calls to return.Sharon had handled the ones she could.He used the Gym,took his bath and ate his meal,in the other sitting room.
He sat relaxed on the couch and called their househelp.
'Ruth' he called.

'Yes oga,you called me' she answered.

Jacob turned to look at her,she was wearing a long skirt that was slit in the front,and a tight blouse,her bosom were pushed up,Jacob wondered what pushed the bosom,if it was the bra or the blouse,the bosom looked firm and round.
'Oga Jay' Ruth called again,tracing Jacob's eye to her chest,what was he looking at,she wondered but dare not ask.

Jacob realised that he had been staring, 'Sorrry...em,sorry about that,am relaxing here,and i don't want anyone to disturb me,okay?
'Yes sir,but....Oga,what am i to do?' She asked.

'You're to make sure no one comes in here,okay?'

'Yes sir' she walked away wriggling her buttocks,she closed the glass door quietly.

Ruth went back to her room,she sat dejected on her bed,her plan had failed,she had worn the push up bra to make Jacob notice her,the slit on the skirt was also to get his attention,when she caught him starring,she thought her plan had worked,only for him to recover quickly.She hissed and returned to the Kitchen.

Jacob dozed off only to be woken up by the bleeping of his phone,he picked it up,it was Jane,she had asked to have Lunch with him,to which he declined,lieing that he had a meeting to attend to,he was about resuming his nap when Katherine called to remind of their Lunch together.

He stood up,and stretched his legs,he deliberated on what to wear,after an hour he settled for a crisp,stark white shirt on jeans,he decided to look casual,Katherine had not mention that it was an official lunch,so he dressed lightly,his deep set brown eyes illuminated against his white shirt.He looked handsome.

He drove to Foodco,he arrived just in time to see Katherine going him.Jacob watched Kat walk to a table at the far end of the big room,it looked liked she had called earlier to request for a table.As she walked,eyes turned to admire the beautiful lady,some that were bold enough smiled,Kat swayed her hips,whether it was deliberate or not,was what he couldn't answer.

Jacob got to the table,as she sat down,he pulled the other chair facing her and sat comfortably.
'Good afternoon Jacob' She smiled beautifully exposing white set of teeths,her lipstick glistered red.

'Goodafternoon Katherine' he said smiling,he had made up his mind to be very polite and sharp with her,but here he was smiling stupidly.
Katherine beckoned to a waiter,who took their orders and left.As she spoke with the waiter,he stared,all he could see was a tofee-toned body draped in an oversized fringe shawl.The soft iridescent material in shimmering bronze tones slipped off her shoulder revealing more bare skin and the lush swell of her bosoms.

A hot ball of healthy lust rolled through Jacob,few men would probably be immune to such an obvious temptation.

She smiled warmly to the waiter,he soon returned with a bottle of white wine,their mushroom,vegetable salad and apppetizer.She waved him off.
They ate their meal quietly,they were almost through with meal when Jacob spoke.Katherine sure had plans he knew.

'Hmm,hmmm' he cleared his throat.

'Katherine,you wanted to see me!' he asked placing his fork down.

'Foodco serves good meal,this is tasty' she said pointing at her chicken 'Thats why i brought you here.

Jacob knew she was avoiding his question. 'Kat,i do not have all day,why did you ask to see me?' he said.

Katherine continued chewing the food in her mouth,when she was done,she answered.
'Jay dear,lets enjoy this sumptous meal,we'll talk after that.' she said,using her fork to pick the salad.

'Well,am done eating', he eyed her pushing his plates aside.

'Jay,calm down,actually,i just came into the country last week,i was holidaying in Las Vegas,you know all work and no play makes Kat a dull girl' she smiled into his face,caressing the shawl on her shoulders revealing the pink swell on her bosom,Jacob swallowed and drank his wine hurriedly to calm his jaunting nerves.He wanted to get up and leave.

Just then two ladies walked in from the side door,he didn't see their face,but their behind spoke volume,heads turned,he glanced around and saw the rapt attention of several men doing the same thing,STARE

The two ladies walked to the other end of the restaurant and......
Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 12:02pm On Jul 22, 2014
Janet and Lucy sat at the far end of the expensive restaurant,the ladies knew they were causing some sort of commotion right now,eyes were staring at the gorgeous ladies sitting alone.

They debated on what to eat,Lucy almost tore the menu card in her haste,the waiter soon returned with their lunch,served neatly on their plates,Janet had coleslaw,fruit salad with crunched chicken,while Lucy was eating her Jollof rice with chicken and fruit dressing eagerly.

Lucy ordered for two bottles of expensive red wine,Janet had complained,saying a bottle was enough and that they were not drunkards,but Lucy insisted.

The ladies chatted on and on about various issues ranging from men to cars,food,love and everything Lucy could think of,the girl could talk o,she always had something to say and never ran out of words.

Janet looked around the restaurant,she was careful not to stare,her eyes strolled to the other corner of the eatery,she saw someone who looked like Jacob,because she thought it couldn't be Jacob,he had a meeting to attend to ofcourse,but her mind told her it was him sitting across a cream skinned beautiful lady,they both looked relaxed and were chatting happily like long lost couple,she could see that the lady was flirting with him openly.

She held her breath,shut her eyes,opened them again,the couple were still there,it was not an apparition,she blinked,but it was true,it was Jacob.And he looked so comfortable with his lunch partner.

Her stomach rumbled,her toes curled beneath her feet,she felt sick inside.

Lucy noticed that her demeanor had changed,Janet suddenly looked cold.

'Jane,whats wrong' she asked anxiously.

'I'm fine' she replied curtly.

'You haven't said a word in five minutes.'

'Lucy am fine' she managed a smile.

'You're fine and you're picking at your meal bah!'

'Hey,girlfriend,mo wa okay,am fine'

'If you are fine,then eat,or do you want to order for something else,the bill is on me and am not complaining o' she laughed.

Janet picked her fork and started picking her salad gingerly,She didn't want Lucy to know about it,She couldn't confide in her yet,she didn't trust her that much jare.But how could Jacob do this to her.

Jacob was enjoying Kat's prescence.

'Jay,you've been boring yourself with work,i see' Kat said sipping her white wine.

'You see nothing at all,am enjoying my life'

'I pity the poor girl you're dating'

'I don't like that Katherine'

'Stop calling me Katherine,i prefer Kat' she mused.

'Why?' he asked.

'I like it that way,the way you say it makes my stomach turn.' Kat smiled warmly into his eyes.

'kat,i need to go now' He said quietly.

'Jay,can we do this again?' Katherine asked

'Kate,we can't and you know it' he tried not to sound hard on her.

'Jay,a lunch or another dinner will not hurt your work,stop avoiding me Mister!'

'I'll let you know when i can then'
he said standing up.

'Oh thank you Jay darling'.She smiled happily.
He knew he shouldn't have agreed so sheepishly,seeing her again could be trouble,or fun,something said oddly in his mind.
Lucy tried to cheer her up,
'Tell me about that your bobo jo'

'My bobo?' it sounded strange to her.Jacob could not be her bobo,yet,treat her this way.

'I mean Jay,that guy that keeps every lady on their feet whenever he talks' Lucy supplied,raising her glass to drink.

'C'mon he's fine'

'Just fine? Whats rocking between you two,the bobo likes you now,its very obvious' Janet eyed her.

'Lucy,abeg mind your business for here o'

'And you Jane happen to be my business'

'Your head is hot from drinking,i guess'

'Okay,finish your meal,and lets catch a movie'

'Catch what?No,am not seeing any movie,am going home to rest' she countered.

'Last i remembered,i wasn't seeking your opinion,its an order,so finish your drink ma'am Jane' she pushed her plates. 'Besides you've done nothing to make you tired,lazy woman' she laughed loudly,causing eyes to look their way.

'You are a trouble bag and you know it'.

'Sha,do fast jare' Lucy said.

'Wait o,you have to change this your outfit to something simpler o,or doyou have new motives for this movie thing again.

'Maybe,i do have motives,na you know,my feet is hurting me jare.'

'I didn't ask you to wear that o,you can see am comfortable in mine' Janet laughed at her and finished her drink too.

Lucy signalled to the waiter who brought their bill,telling him to keep the change.Naija babe for real.

Janet walked behind Lucy,she searched for Jacob with her eyes,but he had gone,she was sure he hadn't seen her.

So much for meeting with some foreign clients,the lady he just had lunch with was more than that,she thought quietly,Lucy drove and she sat beside her like a dummy,listening to her with her body,while her soul pondered about Jacob Smith.She knew what she was going to do.


Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 12:18pm On Jul 22, 2014
Could this be true?
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 12:39pm On Jul 22, 2014
Flakkydagirl: Could this be true?
yes it is. I'm looking at it the same way you are looking at it.
Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 12:44pm On Jul 22, 2014
ESIXLOVE: yes it is. I'm looking at it the same way you are looking at it.
Esixlove.....is this you?
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 12:48pm On Jul 22, 2014
Flakkydagirl: Esixlove.....is this you?
i'm the one. Flesh and blood. I know dey two.
Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 1:32pm On Jul 22, 2014
ESIXLOVE: i'm the one. Flesh and blood. I know dey two.
Its been a while you know.I hope you're fine.
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 1:54pm On Jul 22, 2014
Flakkydagirl: Its been a while you know.I hope you're fine.
i'm handsome.
I opened a new thread some time last week or so. I gave you a mention but you didn't show up. I have been visiting this thread ever since the disaster.
Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 2:16pm On Jul 22, 2014
ESIXLOVE: i'm handsome.
I opened a new thread some time last week or so. I gave you a mention but you didn't show up. I have been visiting this thread ever since the disaster.
Oh no,i'll try and check through....thanks for staying true.
Re: My Husband......... by opeoluwa2(f): 3:33pm On Jul 22, 2014
Madam Flakky pls work on ur next update as soon as possible. Immediately exislove finish posting the old ones you shld give us a fresh update. We are tired of waiting.
Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 5:48pm On Jul 22, 2014
opeoluwa2: Madam Flakky pls work on ur next update as soon as possible. Immediately exislove finish posting the old ones you shld give us a fresh update. We are tired of waiting.
As much as i'ld like to update i can't.There's still much of the story that is yet to be posted. And new readers would not be able to understand it....Big thanks to Zanga,God bless his heart.

Thanks for dropping by.....

You can check my other piece..Rebecca'' is the title.

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Re: My Husband......... by crumboy(m): 7:02pm On Jul 22, 2014
i should av save d end of dis rytup....realy enjoyed it
Re: My Husband......... by kingphilip(m): 7:42pm On Jul 22, 2014
Flakkydagirl: As much as i'ld like to update i can't.There's still much of the story that is yet to be posted. And new readers would not be able to understand it....Big thanks to Zanga,God bless his heart.

Thanks for dropping by.....

You can check my other piece..Rebecca'' is the title.
I think wat he meant was that u should work on it under ground... either get it typed and saved so that immediately zanga gets there, we won't be waiting for updates again
Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 8:49am On Jul 25, 2014
Jacob Smith drove home in his Bentley Rapier 2012,playing a cool music and humming quietly,the car had been a dream toy for him,but now having a Rolls Royce was on his mind,he was only taking his time.

He knew what was expected of him as the number three buisness man in Nigeria,a tycoon like him had to be careful of what to wear,places to eat and ladies to be seen with,and he was trying his best to remain good.

Lunch with Katherine was cool,and he enjoyed his meal,but Katherine could be dangerous,a lady with class,money,power and influence and who knows how to make use of them is no plaything.

His mother had been dissappointed with the break of the relationship,it wasn't so easy for him too,but he had to move on,agreeing to have lunch or dinner with her again sounded silly to him,but he was a man of his words.

He arrived home late in the afternoon,made some calls,and retired to his private library,he called Jane's mobile,the phone rang but it was not picked,he dialled their home telephone,the same thing,he settled on the chair making himself comfortable and selected some books to read.
He had been consumed with it,as reading was a passion for him,the brass knocker sounded,he looked up from his book,it was Ruth.
'What do you want' he asked flipping the book to another page.

'Dinner is ready sir'

'I'll eat here,you can bring my food'

'Your food is on the table sir,madam and Aunty Jackie are waiting for you', she replied

'Did you hear me at all' Jacob said,closing the book.

'Yes sir,i heard you'

'Then leave'.

Ruth left the library,Jacobs eye went to the clock hung on the wall,it was thirty minutes past seven,he was so engrossed in the book,that he didn't notice the time.

Leaning on the chair,he stretched his leg out,Jackie came in.

'Hello kid brother' She drawled

'Hello Jackie'

'I am fine and how was your day' she asked,looking all over him.

'Cool as usual'

'Dinner is ready and we're waiting for you' Jackie said

'I am having mine here'

'Here? Why?'

'I just want to be alone'

'Are sure you are alright?' she asked again.

'Eagle eyes am fine,i just want to eat here,by the way i like your hairstyle,its new and it looks good on you' Jacob said,touching her face.

Jackie kissed his cheeks, 'Thanks brother,i'm glad you like it'.

Ruth came in bringing Jacob's food on a big tray,Jacob opened each covered bowl,assessing its content,
'Whats in the jug?'

'Orange juice sir'

'Freshly made?'

'Yes sir'

'Its okay,you can leave,bring Jackie's food here' he said,asking her with his eyes.
She nodded.
'Mummy is not going to like that' she said,drawing out a chair to sit by him.

'She doesn't have to like everything okay?'

'Jacob you are taking this far,and i do not want any trouble between you too.You know daddy would not like it too' she said,setting her tray on the table.

Jacob ate with Jackie chatting all through.

'I guess you have a date tomorrow' he asked.

'Yes,i have a date with Danjuma' she said picking some plaintain.

'Danjuma? The same Senator Danjuma?'

'No,Danjuma Khalid is the Senator's first child,he is a Barrister'

'Am sure mummy introduced you to him right?'

'Yes, she did,and there's nothing wrong with that.'

'Why does she like to matchmake self,she'll be so happy you're going out with him unlike me' he picked a napkin and cleaned his mouth.

'I don't know much about this girl of yours,but i hope you're making a good choice dear'

'Thats what i expected from mummy,but she wouldn't give Jane a chance,thanks for your love' he sipped his juice.

'You're welcome anytime,am through,let me call Rose so that she can clear this place,you don't want rat eating your books.' She pressed a bell by the table,and Ruth came in.

'Clear this table' Jackie said standing up.

'Yes ma'

'Jackie i'll be in my room,i want to use the shower' he said leaving the library. 'Clean this room too,and close the door before leaving.'


Janet sprawled on her bed,covering herself with her baby pink duvet,she skipped dinner because she had two popcorn refill at the cinema,the movie was interesting,but she was not feeling it,her body sat there watching with everybody while her mind kept playing out,the face at the restaurant.

Who was the elegant lady who had Lunch with Jacob this afternoon,everything about the lady screamed c.l.a.s.s.
They looked a perfect couple together,those were the kind of women,Mrs Smith would gladly approve of,little wonder the woman rejected her friendship with her rich son.

Her phone rang all afternoon,but she hadn't picked it,she was lost in thought,she remembered his response this morning,when she called him,an all afternoon meeting with foreign clients?how many of such meeting or was it Lunch had he lied to her about.

She was wasting her tim
Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 8:50am On Jul 25, 2014
Thank heavens,Jacob sighed as he landed on his kingsize bed for two,he had just come back from the kitchen where he went to get iced water when he bumped into his mother,he had expected her to say something,but she just said 'goodnight' instead and walked away,he didn't know what he would have done,if she just started any unnecessary sermon about Jane.

Good!,that reminded him,she had not returned his calls,since afternoon,the blinking dot on his phone alerted him,that must be a missed call from Jane,he guessed,reaching for his phone on the dressing table,he scrolled through his missed calls,he was dissappointed that it was his bossom friend Durojaiye.

Just as he was about returning the call,another call came through,it was Durojaiye again,he picked it at a glance.
'Hello Jaiye' he said into the mouthpiece.
'Hello Jacob,did you get the mail,i sent earlier' came Jaiye's voice from the other hand.
'Yes,i did,but i have not gone through it' he had seen the mail,but had left it hoping to do that tomorrow.
'Do go through it tomorrow,so that you can get back to me,i have to work on it on Monday, it means a lot to J&J.'
'Okay,thats fine with me'. Jacob answered.
'Now,thats that,whats boiling tonite baba olowo' Jaiye said
It never cease to amaze Jacob about Jaiye's flexible nature,one minute,he is frank and the next he is laughing like a baby.
'Boiling? for where?'
'Make we enter club now,saturday night things o' Jaiye said again.
'Forget me for that one,am on my bed already'
'Okay,now,me and Femi them don dey go,if you change your mind,na FIJB we dey'
'Goodnite boss' Jacob said laughing,
'Na you be boss o,sleep well'

Jacob dialled Janes' number again,it was switched,he didn't want to get worried over nothing,he hoped all was well with her and her family.

He reached for the bedside lamp and switched it off.
Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 8:51am On Jul 25, 2014
It was unusual for Janet to miss her dinner,Mrs Odenuga,Janes mother thought.Jane had personally wrote the food table,and saturday night usually promised yam or potatoe porridge with vegetable,which happens to be one of her favorite,she had gone to her room to check and saw that she was neatly tucked in bed.

Sunday service to Mrs Odenuga was not something you should miss,she would scold her daughters insisting they all go to church,Janet doesn't argue much but Hannah her young daughter will give you 1001 reasons not to go to church,Biola was Mrs Odenuga's maiden name,only Hannah and her late husband addressed her as Bibi,Janet preferred calling her Mummy.

Biola had just dressed up for service she wore a blue dry lace,iro and buba with matching headgear,shoe and purse,she knocked on Janet's door,but there was no response,she pushed the door gently and it opened,there lay Jane sleeping soundly on her bed,Janet loved pink and so adorned her room with everything pink,her bedspread,the walls,the curtain,almost everything,the room looked feminine,Biola felt her head with the back of her palm,but her temperature was okay,she left a note for her and went to church asking Rose to keep an eye on her.

It was Mid-day when Jane woke up,the sun shone brightly from the partition on her curtain,she rolled on her side,she finally sat up,she picked up her Bible and prayed,that was something she hadn't done in weeks,she was relaxed now,if God truly answers prayers,it seems hers was answered already,she could feel it deep down in her.

Jane took her bath,She saw the note her mother left her,it was past 12 already,she couldn't make it to church again,she asked Rose to make her a glass of warm milk.

She remembered switching off her phone last night,she picked it from her dressing table and put it on,she carefully pushed all thought of Jacob to the back of her mind,she didn't want to wallow in sobs this morning.
She wanted to call Hannah last night,she had forgotten,she was about placing her phone down when a call came through,without bothering to check the Id,she knew it was Jacob by the special ring tone,she selected for him.
She let it ring twice before picking it.
'Hello Jane' came Jacob's voice through the phone.
'Hi' She replied,sitting by the bed.
'Am in front of your gate,are you home? can i come in?' he asked
'Hey you ,am home,but you can't come in,you liar,i caught you yesterday' she wanted to scream into the phone,but she calm down and said.
'Am home,you can come in'.
She dropped her phone on the bed,she rushed to her dressing table,she powdered her face,put a brush in her hair,she was about to dab her pink lipstick on,when she thought,why am i even making up my face for him? Am i trying to look beautiful for him? Am i trying to compete with the other lady? Oh! No,she dropped the lipstick.

She got the door in time before he knocked,she opened it wider for him to come in,rather than come in,he stood there staring at her.What? don't i look good? She thought.
Jacob stood,he couldn't help but stare,Jane looked very beautiful,her face,her lips-he didn't want to think about them,her tall figure,something jacked inside of him,butterflies? Her bosom,hmmm,narrow waist,her hips in those loose jean,he was still staring when Jane coughed,waving her hands in his face.
'Are you okay?' she didn't like the alarm note in her voice.
'Sorry,am fine' he walked in.
'Please sit down' she said when she noticed he was still standing.
'How are you dear' he said sitting by her.
'I am fine' she answered curtly.
'What happened to you? Why didn't you pick your call' Jacob asked concerned.
'Nothing,i was busy'
'Yes,very busy'
'Doing what?'
'Thats my personal business' she replied
'You sound angry Jane' he moved closer to her.
She wanted to lie,but she couldn't contain it anymore, 'Jacob you're cheating on me' She almost screamed.
Jacob was taken aback,that was the last thing he was expecting.he adjusted his frame on the couch.
'That can't be true' he said trying to hold her hands.
'But i saw you at Foodco! You lied to me about a meeting,i saw the lady' she wanted to cry,this emotions of her was irritating.
Jacob started sweating,his brows rose,he had to say something,he wanted to lie but decided against it.
'Yes,you're right,i was there with a friend,the meeting i had was cancelled' he said trying to hold her gaze.
'How am i supposed to believe that? How?' she started crying.
'please don't cry' he held her hands and wiped the tears streaming down on her face.'Just believe me,please'
'Its okay,i trust you,i was just worried that you had probably settled for a rich lady,like your mother proposed'she sobbed.
'No dear,i wouldn't do that,i truly love you' he spoke quietly.
'I love you too dear' she said holding him tight.
'Am sorry for not trusting you at first'
'Its nothing dear,stop crying'

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Re: My Husband......... by Zanga007(m): 8:53am On Jul 25, 2014
'Its nothing dear,stop crying' Jacob embraced her,placing her head on his shoulders,he loved the feeling going through his body.

He kissed her,her lips were soft and irresistibly sweet,he brushed his mouth against them once,twice,then pressed against them more insistently,he had been wondering how to get her into bed.Janet didn't appear to know how to respond to the unexpected kiss,her lips were unmoving,her eyes wide,Jacob moved his tongue inside the corner of her mouth and she made a strangled little sound that had come from somewhere deep within her,then she leaned closely against him.Goog God,Jane had no idea how incredibly he wanted her,he slid his hands to rest at the back of her neck,he deepened the kiss,he was beginning to explore her soft bosom when the brass knocker sounded...Gbammmmmm

They broke the kiss,Rose came in carrying a basket of whatever,the room was awkwardly silent.Janet was yet to recover from the kiss.
Jacob spoke first, 'Hello Rose' that didn't sound like it came from his mouth.
'Good afternoon Uncle Jacob' she curtsied and continued,'Aunty Janet,i didn't know you're here o,did you see the milk?
'Yes,i did thank you'. She had regained her voiced.
'I'll be in the kitchen if you need anything ma.'
'Its okay' Janet said.

She hoped Rose didn't catch the edge in her voice,she adjusted her blouse,thank God Rose came in when she did,maybe Jacob would have done something else,like take her in here,so much for keeping herself.
She knew Jacob was a man of intergrity,he would never take her in her home on the couch for that matter,what if he did? God forbid that,she thought.Jacob's phone rang,he excused himself and took the call.
'Janet,i hope you're fine now' he said for lack of what to say.
'Am okay,thanks'
'And i want you to put your trust in me,i'ld never let you down,no matter what,my dear' he said.
'I know,i'ld never doubt you again'
'I love you darling'
'I love you too'
'I have to go now,Jaiye and the other guys are waiting for me' he stood up.
'My regards to them'
'Tell mummy i'll call her soon'
'Its alright then'
she saw him off to the gate,she watched him enter his car and drove off.

She returned to her room,she picked her phone and called Hannah,she was on the phone for thirty minutes,Hannah was a talkative unlike her,She had promised to talk to her again before the end of the day,that was how she was able to end the call.she began to arrange her wardrobe,brought out her box,she hadn't packed anything and camp was a few days away,she brought out a pen and Jotter to make a list of things she needed.she was so engrossed in what she was writing,the sound of the door bell jolted her.she knew Rose would get the door.
'Aunty Janet,someone is here to see you o' Rose shouted from the sitting room.That girl is too local,Janet thought,she had expected her mother to be back from church now,it was some minutes to two.
'Who is the person' she answered back walking to the sitting room.
'I don't know o' Rose said and left.
Janet moved closer to the door,there was a fat man standing by the door.
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Braids!,thats one hair,she couldn't do without,she packed it to the back using a fancy rubber,the sun was getting too much today,having sat for close to 6 hours,she had left the lecture hall tired and famished,she waved at people who bothered to say hi to her,no time for idle chats today,she had an important date by 5 in the evening.She walked to her hostel,which was just about 15 minutes walk from her department.

Hannah Odenuga Olabimpe was a charmer,she was the kind of lady men noticed because of her fair skin,she had bright eyes,other ladies aspired to emulate her.

It was impossible to remain detached and impersonal once you saw her,and had been graced by her eloquent prescence.

She looked far matured for her age,her beauty could light up a room,so fair and beautiful,guys hussled to have her attention,at 20 she was beginning to look like a beauty queen,Basketmouth would not mind having her as a personal assistant,because of her jovial nature.Her friends often call her 'Mammy' which was short form for Mammywater behind her.

She entered her room quietly,not wanting any uninvited guest to bother her,it was just some minutes past three,she shared the room with three other ladies,Rukayat,Cynthia and the book worm amidst them Shade.

Her roomies had all gone to thier various department,Hannah was a Pol science student 200L,she rummaged the room for food,she made boiled noodles with egg,and ate,she took her bath,and took her time dressing up.

Hannah had always had a crush on Rotimi Williams right from her first year,he was a year ahead her but in the same dept.He was tall and handsome,he was btw 22-24 years,he was the social director for their department.He was always seen with different beautiful ladies everything.

She had been very happy,when he asked her out 5wks ago,she laughed and dance that day,her room mates even laughed at her,they probably envy her,she thought.She had a loud mouth and was not afraid to speak her mind,but asking a guy out was the last thing,she'll ever do in her life.

Luckily for her,Rotimi Williams asked her out,she had been forming for him for close to 4weeks,ladies things you know,she had finally agreed to see him this afternoon at NEoN park,she relaxed on the bed and set her alarm for 4:45,to enable her do some last minute make up.

The fat man standing by the door,looked up.
'Good afternoon Ma'am.' he said politely.
'Good Afternoon sir,what can i do for you' Janet asked.
'Excuse me please,are you Miss Jane' the man asked putting a smile on his face.He looked better,he was a middle aged man.
'Yes,anything the matter'
'Sorry to disturb you,i have some delivery for you' he walked outside the gate.
Janet wondered,what the man wanted to delivery,she hadn't made any purchases to be delivered at her doorstep.

The man soon returned with a big object wrapped nicely,'This is for you ma,you're to sign here' he brought out a book and a pen and she appended her signature.
'Thanks' the man turned to leave.
Janet also mumbled her own 'thank you'.

She allowed the man to drive away before carrying the wrapped whatever into her room.she was about opening it,when she heard someone entering the sitting room.
'Oh my God' she said to herself,she met her mother about coming to her room.
'Janet,you're up' Biola said leading her to the sitting room,it was more of a statement than a question.
'Yes Mum,welcome,how was service today' she asked without interest.
'It was great,God be praised.' she continued 'What happened to you last night,you missed one of your favorite meal,and you woke up late today' Biola asked concerned.

'Nothing! Just tired,thats all', she didn't want to go into any story telling.

'Are you sure about that', Biola asked again.

'Yes mum,am sure' she said giving her mother a quick smile so as to reassure her.

'Thats my daughter,don't hesitate to talk to me,if you need anything,okay.' she hugged her

'Let me change my clothes,i want to eat.' she carried her purse and her bible and left for her room.

Janet went to the kitchen,Rose was not there,she would probably be in her room.she knocked before going in.
'Rose,are you there' she called.

'Yes Aunty,am here'.

'Please set the table,Mummy is back'.

She quickly returned to her room to check 'her delivery', she laughed in her mind.she entered her room,the wrapped item was still there,where she placed it.
She sat down by her dressing table,and started unwrapping it.
Brrrrrrr...brrrrrrrr,her phone!,who is calling again,ah!
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North Lecture hall,with a 500capacity,was full to the brim,the students were shouting ,some were talking loud,others arguing,they were waiting for their lecturer to come in.The heat was so unbearable,most people were sweating.

'Up Nepa' someone shouted from the back,everybody looked up,alas,it was a false cry,shouts of abuse rented the air.Two minutes later,the fan started rolling,everybody shouted again.
'Una be mad men o' another voice shouted,there was an uproar from the students.

A stout young man of about 22 years stood in the front of the hall,trying to get everybody's attention,he put the mega phone to his mouth and spoke at the top of his voice.
'Hello everybody,Mr Adeleye is busy at the moment,so he would not be coming' another uproar rented the air. 'But....' everyone kept quiet again 'Prof. Dehinde is coming in 5minutes time',he walked away to his seat.

Hannah who was sitting with her friends,Bukola and Molade, quickly adjusted her seat,putting her note pad on her desk.Prof. Dehincome as he was fondly called among students,was a disciplinarian in all ramifications.
'Tahrr! Bukola sit well,Dehincome will soon be here o' Hannah wispered.
'I can't kill my self jare,what is it self ah' Bukola retorted eyeing her.
'I hope this your foolish mouth will not put you in trouble sha' Hannah,eyed her too.
'Look who is coming?' Molade pinched Hannah.
'Who is it jare' Hannah turned towards Molz
'Its Akinlolu,your upcoming borfriend' Molz said laughing.
'You'ld better stop that,i don't like it' her brow furrowed in anger.
'Chill abeg,he's coming to our table' Bukola said.

Akin walked to their table,he looked cool in his well ironed shirt tuck in a black trouser,he banged on their table,they all turned towards him feigning ignorance of his prescence.
'Hello Ladies' he smiled.
'Hi Akin' they sang in a chorus.
'Hi Hanny,you look good' he smiled at her.
'Thanks' Hannah replied looking away.

He soon walked away from their table, 'This guys has guts! Awwwh' Hannah spat.
'Wetin now,se na crime to admire you,the guy fine today o,the guy likes you like ...Kilode and you are forming stubborn girl' Molz said.
'Molz,no worry,i can order for transfer of admiration o' Hannah replied.The three of them burst into laughter.

Just then prof. Dehinde came in,carrying a notepad and walking like a cow,he wobbled to the front of the class,by now everyone was quiet.He dropped his note pad and adjusted his old glasses,pushing it up his nose.

'Good day class' he said,everybody shouted. 'We can't hear you sir'
'Rep?' he called. The stout man scurried to the front again.
'Get me the Megaphone' the class rep. returned in a jiffy,handing him the phone,he hurried back to his seat.

'Good day class' he repeated.
'I will not spend more than thirty minutes here,today,we're treating Nigerian Government and Politics,under it......You,You,stand up.he pointed his hand towards a lady.

'Me?' Hannah said looking back.
'Yes,Yes,the one looking back' he said.
'Sir? Me?'
'The one wearing that pink bra' the class burst into laughter,'Sorry class,the one in the pink blouse'
that was Hannah.

Hannah stood as if she had just wet the bed,
'Yes you,pls come forward'
Hannah walked to the front,she stood beside him like one who had just been convicted of murder.
'Can you tell the class,what you were thinking about,you look lost' he handed her the Mega phone.
'Sir,i was thinking about Rotimi Williams' she answered,everybody shouted.
'Is that not the social director of this dept!'
'Yes,he is,he asked me out five weeks ago,and we have a date today by 5pm at NEoN park' the class shouted again.
'A date? is that why you were lost in thought?'

Hannah was about answering him again,when she heard some people murmuring around her,she listened,those murmuring had started laughing,she looked around but found no one,something closed her eyes and everywhere was dark,she tried to open her eyes again,this time it opened,she looked around her,she was in her room in the hostel.....she saw her friends talking to each other,she had been dreaming all day.


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Whoever said washing was fun? She turned to look at the pile of clothes by her side,she still had a long way to go,she had been washing all day,eating was a luxury she couldn't afford,when she still had so much washing to do.there were about 4 buckets and two washing basin in front of her,she sat on a small stool bending down to wash,if the clothes she was washing was hers,it would have been better,they belonged to her siblings,who were old enough to sit and wash by themselves.

It was Saturday and everyone had gone out save her,she had been up since dawn,doing one house chore or the other.She had been washing for two hours and still counting,she stood up for a split seconds to scratch her back on the wall,knowing that trouble loomed for her should she not be through by the stipulated time.She rinsed the ones she had washed,taking a seconds she look at her hands,they looked old and rough just at twenty two.

She hurried up with the spreading of the ones she just rinsed.she still had the dirty stack of plates to wash,she hadn't prepared Lunch and a mud splattered car to wash in the garage,the more she thought about her predicament,the more tired she grew.Even slaves were treated better than she was in her own fathers house.

Such was life for Adetoun Adepoju Omolewa,the first daughter of the Adepojus.She was still basking in the sorrow of her life when she heard her name.
'Toun Toun Touuuuuuun' a strong female voice shouted from somewhere inside the house.

Yekpa,wahala de o,Adetoun thought, 'Ma,am coming' she answered,shouting at the top of her voice.

The caller who seemed to be impatient shouted again.
'Toun buruku yen da.' the voice drew nearer to her.

Adetoun quickly left the bathroom,where she was washing,she scurried to the sitting room,practically running,her heart was beating loud and hard.she stood before her caller.

'Toun,on ka mi lohun ni,ah ah,you were counting my voice abi!' she walked closer to Toun,who was standing at a distance.

'Rara ma,i wasn't........' she could not finish that statement,she felt something hard land across her face,kpaaaaa....,it was a hot slap.
Before she could register that in her head,two sharp slaps landed on her right cheek again,her vision blurred,her head vibrated,and she slumped to the ground.


Jane glanced at her phone,to check the caller Id,it was Lucy,that lousy girl,let her not come over she prayed in her mind,she picked her call.
'Jane Jane Jane' Lucy sang on the phone,her voice was cool,she sure had a good voice.
'Hi Lucy' she said.
'Hey Jane,whats up today?' she asked,she was probably about to propose another outing,Janet guessed,that was the something she was good at.
'Am good o,and you' she asked.
'Bored-is the word,lets go out'
just as Janet had thought,she had to find a way to decline without being rude.
'I just came back fron church'She lied without much thought.'And i have a whole lot of things to do.' she landed.
Lucy made a low dissappointed sound from her end of the phone.
'You're just so boring jare,awwwh!,and i was counting on you o' She said.
'Sorry to dissappoint you,i have to go now'
'Alright,talk to ya later'
'Okay' Lucy had pressed the red button,she heard the call drop,she put down her phone.

She heaved a sigh of relieve,glad that Lucy had not asked to come over to her own house.She returned her attention to 'her delivery' as she termed it.she locked her door,she tore the wrapping carefully to reveal a bunch of flower,her favorite colour,it was pink,with blue patches,it looked so beautiful in its glass vase,and quite expensive too,she loved the scent that emanated as she placed it close to her nostrils,hmmmmm hmmmmm,she did that again,she looked for a vantage position to place it her room,it looked so beautiful against the pink wall in her room.she caught sight of something else in the wrapper,a small box,it was a box of her favorite chocolate,BaWwela.she brought it out,as she opened it,something fell down from the cover,it was a small decorated card,on it was written.
WiTh LoVe fRoM JaY

it was written boldly,she placed the card on her chest,and something felt warm inside of her.To love and be loved in return was really a beautiful thing.

At that moment,Jacob's call came in.
'Hello love' his voice sounded husky,Jane loved that.
'Hi dear' she said happily.
'Did you get my message'
'Yes i did,it was so beautiful,you got my favorite colour too' she smiled,wishing Jacob could see her face now.
'And the BawweLa?' he asked.
'Yes,thnks for the chocs too,have started packing for camp dear' she said giggling.
'Good,that reminds me,i just made some arrangement for you about that,you will be...'
she didn't wait for him to complete the statement.
'I'll be doing what?' Jane asked perplexed.
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The woman watched as Adetoun slumped to the ground,she called her younger son Yemi,to get some water.
'Yemi dear' she called softly,she didn't even act like someone was in danger.

Yemi,a young boy of 12 came in,walking blindly as his eyes were glued to his blackberry phone.
'Mum,you called up' he said without looking up.

'Yemi' she shouted,'give me some attention.'

it was then he saw the slumped figure of her sister.
'Mum,what happened to her' he asked nonchallantly.

'Don't mind the ,i slapped her and she slumped to the ground,pretending to have fainted',she eyed the figure on the floor.'just get me some water jare'.

Yemi soon came back with a bowl of water.
'Mum,you won't believe that there are stacks of dirty plates in the kitchen,the whole place stinks,i had to cover my nose'.

His mother got the bowl from him and sprinkled some water on Toun,who stirred on the floor.She pulled her up and landed another heavy slap on her cheek.
'You,,why did you pretend to have fainted just now' she hissed at Toun.

Toun was stung by the pain from the slap coupled with her mothers question,how could she be so heartless.
'I wasn't pretending ma' she tried to explain.

'So,who is lieing between us,by the time i begin to punish you,neighbours will start pouring in,you haven't cleaned the kitchen,the dirty plates are still there,you have not even washed your father's car,what have you been doing all day?' she questioned furiously.'How can i have a grown up girl like you in the house and yet expect me to do the chores alone.'

Toun knew better than to answer any of those questions,the woman who was screaming at her was her own mother,she stood before her with her head bowed.

'Have you gone deaf?' she screamed again.Toun didn't budge.
As her mother made to hit her face again,she stepped back.
The woman almost fell down,a laughter almost escaped from her throat even in her present circumstances,she quickly controlled herself and tried to help her up.

Yemi who sat on the chair,phone in hand,watched the whole drama without interest,it was something the house was used to.

As Adetoun tried to help her,she shouted, 'If you come near me,i'll strangle you' she stood up by herself and looked towards Yemi.
'Yemi,get me my cane.' she faced Toun and smirked her lips.

'Mum,you are disturbing me o' Yemi walked reluctantly to get the cane.He came back with a pankere,he handed it to his mother and resumed to his former position.

Toun stood her ground,she didn't flinch,she only pitied her body and the pain she'll feel later at night.

Her mother flogged her to satisfaction,before ordering her to finish her chores,Adetoun returned to the kitchen,she washed all the plates and cleaned the floor,she headed to the garage to wash the car and later returned to the bathroom,it was quarter to six and she hadn't put a food in her stomach.

She went to the kitchen,to check what was on the list for dinner,thank heavens,it was boiled yam with fish stew,she prepared it fast,she worked like a computer.

By 7:30 pm,food was ready,she placed everything on the dinning table,and resumed to the bathroom.She finished washing and went to her room to cry,she hadn't taken her bath,her body writhed in pain,she could still feel the lashing of the pankere on her rough skin,tears sprang to her eyes,she let them pour like the morning rain,such was life for Adetoun.

Adetoun lived with her parents,Mr&Mrs Adepoju,her father Olakunle Adepoju was a contractor,while her mother Biyisi Adepoju was a Nurse,they were four children in all,she was the first daughter,the second was a boy,Adekunle Adepoju,the third was a girl,Adeola Adepoju and their last child was Olayemi Adepoju.

Adetoun lived and worked like a slave in her parents house,she never did anything right,she was always at the receiving end.she had so many sleepless,her stomach had grown so used to hunger.

As she lay in bed,she thought about her miserable life,the other family members were at the table eating,she prayed that her mother would remain something for her,even if it was a piece of yam without stew.

She lay on the bed staring at the ceiling,her body felt heavy,she had no briuse on her body because she let the bruise remain in her soul,that was where the pain came for,she was still thinking about all this,when her mother called her,No,Biyisi didn't call,she screamed her name.
'Touuuuuuun!!!' Biyisi shouted.
Adetoun almost fell off the body in her hurry to get down hitting her leg on the wall.

What have i done this time?
Did i over salt the yam?
Maybe the stew was not properly cooked.
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Flakkydagirl: As much as i'ld like to update i can't.There's still much of the story that is yet to be posted. And new readers would not be able to understand it....Big thanks to Zanga,God bless his heart.

Thanks for dropping by.....

You can check my other piece..Rebecca'' is the title.
flakky itz nothing too much for you.... But d .htm files man lord for jesus only has the dates till jan 20...so if he can put d download links I should finish that in a day
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Zanga007: flakky itz nothing too much for you.... But d .htm files man lord for jesus only has the dates till jan 20...so if he can put d download links I should finish that in a day
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Good evening house.
I'm so sorry i couldn't assist as proposed on July 9. My laptop power adapter got burnt same day i offered to help, all efforts to retrieve my data were nipped in the bud until recently. Thank God for pple like Zanga.

Thumbs up to Madam Flakky. grin

Happy Eidel-fitri.
Happy Sunday.
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lagbajadgeek: Good evening house.
I'm so sorry i couldn't assist as proposed on July 9. My laptop power adapter got burnt same day i offered to help, all efforts to retrieve my data were nipped in the bud until recently. Thank God for pple like Zanga.

Thumbs up to Madam Flakky. grin

Happy Eidel-fitri.
Happy Sunday.
Thanks for your concern..it wouldn't be a bad idea if you can assist Zanga007.There's still much to be retrieved.

Happy Sunday....
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Aight then, lets start with this:

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Here is another:

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and this:

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And these:
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Hmmmm finally:

@ madam flakky, shey now we can know the end of this beautiful piece. More ink to ur pen, more MB to ur pc.

...Rebecca, i'm right on queue o. Cant miss this for anything, ride on Flakky!

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Hannah looked around her,Rukayat and Cynthia sat on their own bed,talking loud,they were probably gossiping,she guessed.

The room was spacious enough for four girls,she was trying to remember something,she wondered why she was wearing her shoes on the bed,then it came to her in a flash...Rotimi Williams..it sank in her head,they had a date for pete's sake,and she was lying on her,she looked at the time 7:25 pm....
'Oh my God!' she exclaimed.
The other ladies turned to look at her,they didn't know she was up.
'Hanny you're awake?' Rukky asked.

'No,am not,its my twin sis that is talking.' she lashed at her,and made a grab for her phone.

Rukayat and Cynthia looked at each other and burst into laughter.

Hannah was not moved by their display of foolishness,she had 13missed calls, 11 from Rotimi and 2 from Jacob,her sister's boyfriend.

'Good gracious! How could i have slept off.' she wondered.

Cynthia tried to be more understanding,
'Babe,what happened' she asked.

'You won't believe,i slept off on Rotimi' she said quietly.

'You guys were supposed to have a date today?' 

'Yes,by 5pm,and its already past seven,what do i do? She sounded confused.

'Can i speak?' Rukayat asked.

'Speak,only if you have something sensible to say' she said pulling off her black,baby mouse shoe.

'I think you're taking this thing far' she said

'How?' cynthia asked.

'Because you just missed a date is no reason for you to be angry' Rukky said 'Moreover.....'

Hanny cut her short. 'Moreover what? I told you to keep shut,you cow' she retorted angrily.

'Look,who is talking,you're just swooning over this guy,its not like you're the first lady he asked out,so kini big deal?make i hear word jare.' Rukky was beginning to get angry too.

'You guys should stop this rubbish abegi' Cynthia said trying to make peace.

'Cynthia,pls tell that to this jealous girl o,thank God,he didn't ask you out' Hannah shouted at Rukayat.

'its not even like he asked to marry you,just an ordinary girlfriend o and you're behaving like he proposed to you,dnt tell me you're a desperado' Rukayat hissed like a snake.

Those words hit Hannah like an heavy blow,she stood up and rushed towards Rukayat,if not for Cynthia who had already guessed her move,a wrestling competition would have started and that was the last thing she wanted.

Cynthia stood between them panting, 'Whats this now ah ha,over wetin? A guy for crying out loud,ah una dey fall my hand o' she suceeded in pushing Hannah back to her bed.

Rukayat was still dazed,she wasn't expecting the move,she quickly recovered from her shock.
'Don't think because you are oyinbo and guys are all over you,i'll beat you blue black,Mammywater' she hissed and walked out of the room,before she received the beating of her life.

Cynthia sat by Hannah and begged her to stay calm,it was useless fighting over nothing,and opportunities loomed about for another date.
'Thank you jare,you get brain pass that crayship wey just comot'

'Don't mention,maybe you should just call him and explain,that sounds like something reasonable to do afterall.'

Cynthia left for her bed,Hannah was about to call Rotimi when Shade,their roommate burst in.

Shade must have been coming from the Library,thats her second room,she walked in looking tired with her bag slung on her shoulders.
'Hello anybody who cares to answer' she said,throwing her bag on her bed.
'Welcome sisi Shade' Hannah greeted without lifting her head.

'Welcome bookie' Cynthia said looking for trouble.

'I don't have your time Omo ibo' she said,Shade could be a bookworm but she was a better gossip.'Before i forget o,one fine guy is outside o,he asked to see Hannah,he's outside the hostel beside G3 gardens and he also..... ' 

Hannah didn't allow her to finish the statement before she jumped from her bed, 'That must be Rotimi o' she said,putting on her shoe,she rushed outside.

Shade burst out laughing,'It looks like someone is in love o' she said,opening topic for gossip.

'Me,i don't know o,maybe you should ask her,but be becareful o,she almost beat Rukayat now o,thank God i was here o,

'En enh,tell me more' shade moved to Cynthia's bed 'Gossip mood activated...gbam..' she laughed.

Cynthia adjusted herself and gave Shade a full version of what transpired some minutes ago.
'Eeyah,i don miss big time oworld war 3 for that matter' she pitied herself.

'How you no go miss,when you wan kill yourself for library,they take book swear for you abi.' she said.

'Na you sabi o,exam go soon come,let me read o,na my number one business for this school o' she replied moving back to her bed.

Suddenly,the light came on.
'Up Nepa' both girls shouted at the same time.
'I'll be doing what?' Jane asked perplexed.She didn't want any surprise again concerning this service,not after he had re-arranged the posting making her stay in Lagos.Only God knew who and who he called to pull that through without a sweat.she listened carefully to Jacob as he sighed over the phone.

'Jane dear,calm down' he said 'Does that mean you're yet to forgive me for making you have your service here in Lagos?' there was concern in his voice.

'Not that,its just that i like Abj,buts that gone.' she said 'what were you saying the other time?'

'I just wanted you to spend your weekend in my place,i'll take you shopping and we can talk better too before you leave.' he said without stopping.

'Am sure you're kidding me right?' Janet asked surprise written all over her voice.

'Does it look like that to you' 

'Maybe,it does sounds funny,you know we can do whatever talking we want in my house or anywhere apart from your place.'

'And whats wrong with you coming over to my place? Ever since the first time-which was months ago,you have refused to step your foot here.' Jacob was beginning to get angry.

'How do you expect me to visit the lion's den' she snapped back.

'And who is the Lion?'


'And am asking who the lion is? My mum?'


'Its okay,if you dont want to talk to me.' Jacob said accepting defeat.

'No Jacob,maybe we shouldn't discuss this over the phone.' She said,her voice quaked slightly.

'I'll pick you up by 6pm,bye.'

Janet dropped her phone and heaved a sigh.How could Jacob speak like he wasn't aware of his mothers coldness her.The woman had made it that she didn't approve their relationshio.

And the last thing she needed was someone reminding her of her status,it was not even like they couldn't feed,her mother was back on her feet,working hard and she was sure that with that,they could maintain the family.

They were getting too comfortable in Jacobs hand of luxury,she pinched herself,she hoped that one day,he would not wake up and start asking her to pay back,how would she ever repay him for every of his kindness,to her family,and his love for her.

She was about to relax on the bed,when she heard a loud pierceing scream,it came from somewhere in the house......

Adetoun looked at her mother,expecting her to shout or pamper her cheek with a slap,but neither was done.
'Toun get me a plate from the kitchen' she said without shouting.

Adetoun dissappeared into the kitchen and returned with a breakable plate.
'Here it is ma' she courtsied.

Biyisi pointed to the bowl of yam on the table.
'Help yourself with some.' she said.

Adetoun stood rooted to the ground,maybe her ears have started failing her o,what luxury! Help herself to some yam?
Strange things are happening o,She thought.

'Toun,mo ni ko mu isu,take some yam in there.' Biyisi said calmly.

Adetoun stepped forward,and opened the bowl with shaking hands,she picked four slices of yam and added a little stew to it.
She turned to leave.

'Toun,come and eat here now,everyone is at the table,why would you want to eat alone.' Adekunle,the first son and her immediate brother spoke.

'I am not ready to eat now,I still have some things to do' she answered back.

Adekunle was the only one who supported her no matter what their mother did or accused her of.
He'ld sometimes beat Adeola who was the second daughter of the family ordering her to assist Adetoun with the house chores.

Adeola was a spoilt girl even at 15,she couldn't wash nor cook.But who could blame her,she had been trained like that.Adekunle was only wasting his time.

Adetoun and Adekunle talked a lot,this was something Biyisi didn't approve of.

'Sister,come and eat here.' he said again.

'Toun,you can join us at the table.' Biyisi joined in,something was happening o,she thought.

She sat at the far end of the table,when her phone began to ring,she could hear it from her room.

She didn't want to excuse herself from the table.Her mother looked around 
'Whose phone is ringing' she asked.

'Mine.' Adetoun answered.

'And who is calling you?its almost 8pm' 

'I dnt know yet,let me get it' she made to stand up from the table.

'No,let Adeola get it' Adeola rushed inside to get the phone.

Adetoun knew the caller would be Priye,her boyfriend,whom her mother had ordered her to stop seeing for no reason in particular,she loved Priye and he loved her in return,he had stood by her always.she prayed in her mind that it should be someone else,but she knew better.

Adeola came in,the gleam in her eyes,said it all.
The scream she heard had come from someone in the house,she rushed to the sitting room,
'My leg o ooo ooo......' the voice shouted again.

Biola had rush to Jane's room before hurrying to the sitting room,mother and daughter looked at each other,they both rushed into the kitchen to see Rose on the floor.
'What happened?' Biola asked crouching beside her.

Rose pointed towards the gas cooker,where a frying pan sat with little oil,the oil must have poured on her leg.

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