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Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 2:32pm On Jul 28, 2014
Bibi,i think some oil poured on her leg' Jane explained to her mother who poured some cold water on her leg,she also rubbed shea butter on the leg too and Rose had begin to feel better.

Jacob showed up later in the day,he took her out,she had requested for a quiet place not somewhere loud or noisy and he'd taken her to CubiCle,it was a big restaurant for people who had something in their pocket.

Each table looked like a Cubicle,where it was easy for couple or a group to share some quality time without being disturbed by other customers.

They had a quiet dinner and talked at length.Jacob had been very considerate,he'd made her understand that his mother only wanted the best for both of them and he'ld be happy if she could spend the weekend with him.

Spend the weekend with him! Thats was not something she was ready to do.
She could not bear his mothers biting glares even for a day,talkless of three days at a go!

Janet did her best to convince him about it,after so much persuassion ,they'd finally agreed that he'ld take her shopping during the week and Janet will spend the whole of Saturday in his place.

They finished their dinner over a bottle of wine,before he drove her home.

Janet lay in the bathtub,thinking of Jacob,his smiles,his eyes,how she felt each time,he held her hand,the way he spoke with her about their growing love,how he wanted her so much,that he could catch her a grenade at her request,what had really touched her was when he said he could leave his mother to be with her!

How many men would do that for their woman? she'd advised him against such anyway.

Janet cherished every moment with him like there'll be no other again.She closed her eyes allowing the warm water flow into the depth of her very soul.

She looked forward to a beautiful week ahead and how she'll face ''Mother Lion''this time around. 
Hannah rushed outside the hostel,Rotimi had probably come here,because she wasn't picking his calls.she had tried his phone now,it was switched off.

The cool night breeze felt cold against her skin,she wished she had put on a thick clothe,she saw people standing in two,threes discussing whatever,that was how people usually fill th outside of the hostel and garden beside it every night,that was none of her business sha,she walked along G3 gardens but couldn't find him,she was about to turn into the garden,when two strong hands rested on her shoulders,she suddenly freezed,she turned to face the owner of the hand,only to see a silly Akinlolu grinning at her.

She was mad with rage and tried to control herself,as she gently removed his hands from her shoulders.Taking a step back she folded her hands under her bosom.
'Good evening,Hanny' he smiled at her.

'Akin,i don't see anything good about this evening' she said,a frown was evident on her face.

'I asked your roommate to call you,i would have called but i had a flat battery' he explained.

So,it was this silly Akin that was calling her,when she had rushed out,thinking it was Rotimi,she hissed in her mind.

'Akin,i am in no mood for any of your foolish talks,i have to go' she walked into the garden without a backward glance at the guy she left behind.

She walked to the far end of the garden,it was a bit dark here,she saw figures standing around in two,some stood,some sat holding hands.

Janet sat on one of the cemented chairs,allowing herself to enjoy the breeze,she stretched her leg and relaxed her body.

She was thinking about Rotimi,when she heard someone moan,she listened carefully,and heard the moan again,whatever! She thought,when she began hearing voices,the couple were a few inches away from her,she had to strain her eyes to see their faces.

She couldn't make out their face,it was dark,soon,they began to talk,she would recognize that voice anywhere,anytime in this world.she listened again,ofcourse she hadn't made a mistake,it was the same person,she saw them smooching,the voice of the lady sounded familiar too.They didn't even notice her prescence,as the pair were touching and caressing in the dark garden.

Blood rushed to her face,as she sat propped on the chair,she was lost,she thought about something to do,she had two options.
1.She was to stand up,walk up to those ,and have them bursted.
2.Stand up,and a take a walk away carefully without being noticed.

She knew the better idea of the two,Her mind was made up as she stood up and...............
Monday came and went without much fuss,tuesday,wednesday,and finally thursday.Janet had woken up to a warm morning.she lingered in bed till around 8 in the morning,her mother came in to bid her bye,she was off to work.

The morning sun did her good,she stood by her window enjoying,the feel of sunshine on her face,she remembered Jacob telling her that she could compete with the likes of Isabellezza di San Gregorio of Rome,with her beautiful and flawless skin,she smiled deep down in her heart,she sank on the bed again.

Ruffling the duvet with her feet,she wished Jacob was there with her,right in bed with her,she didn't want to think of likely things that could happen,if he was truly here.She longed for the day,he would finally take away her innocence and make her a woman!

It was one thing to look beautiful,its another to know you're beautiful and loved.Walking with an handsome man and a popular figure like Jacob Smith was a privilege anytime,anywhere,Jacob was never short of smile for everyone they met.

Jacob was out of the country on an urgent call he received Monday morning,he had flown to New York and had just returned last night,he had informed her that,they'ld go shopping today,she was so excited about it.

Something she loved about her 4inches Pear heels,was that it allowed her to walk gracefully,her blue chiffon blouse looked beautiful against her skin,what made her stomach yummy was when Jacob said,
'I love your white pant on that heels' 
she had blushed,they'ld both enjoyed shopping this afternoon at MaSuShis Supermart.

Jacob had looked a bit tired but his black suit did him good,he'd bought her so many expensive things,she'd been awed when he bought her a N300,000 diamond ear studs,they looked so small yet shiny and beautiful.she couldn't thank him enough.

He'ld taken her for lunch to crown it up,he kept stealing kisses from her once there was a little opportunity,Jane could not contain her joy.He drove her home and before he allowed her to get down from the car,he'ld kissed her senseless making her ask for more,she enjoyed the feel of his lips on hers and lingered in his warm embrace,being in love was so much more than she knew.

Jacob reminded her every minute,of how much he loved her.they had even argued about who loved the other more,Jacob won and demanded that His price was a kiss,Janet gave in without a word since she was enjoying his touches.

Before he left,he reminded her of Saturday,pleading with her to come to his place,she had agreed with much confidence showing on her face.

Jacob returned to work,saying he had much work at the office.

Janet spread all that he bought her on the bed,she marvelled at how much he'd spent on a 2hrs shopping,when all she could give in return was kisses and show of love.

She wondered if he had any other girlfriend save her,she had not completely forgotten about the creamy skin,rich lady at the restaurant,she quickly banished such thought from her mind.

She remembered the flirting gaze of the pretty attendant at the supermart and how Jacob had returned it with a sweet innocent smile.She was the envy of so many ladies.

She made a vow in her mind never to do anything to provoke him or make him distrust her,she packed the clothes,shoes,accesories and other things into its pack.

If always and forever truly exist,that was what she wished for with Jacob,a voice in her head told her not to forget about his mother,she scolded the voice saying nothing was impossible for God.

But why God! She laughed,A God she hardly prayed to,thanked? Praised?
Awwh! Life was a handful,she thought.

She looked forward to her Aunt's visit the next dae and spending a whole day in the Smiths! That was something she didn't want to think about for now.

It was late in the evening and she settled on the couch to watch a new movie her mother brought last night.She asked Rose to join her after asking about her leg.

It was a comic movie,a love story like that of hers and Jacob,it had a happy ending,and she laughed till tears found their way down her face,she hoped her relationship with Jacob would have a happy ending too,she wished,she wished,she wished..........
Adeola gave the phone to her mother,the phone had stopped ringing,adeola returned to her seat.

Biyisi took the phone from Adeola,the phone was in automatic lock,
'Toun unlock this phone now' she said handing her the phone,she received it with shaking hands and shivered as she fed the screen with a 5 letters code,she handed it back to Biyisi.

Biyisi saw two missed calls,she didn't understand how she saved the name. 'Who called' she asked again.

Adetoun was shaking,
'I .....I.....I .....haven't,I....don't know...' she stammered.Biyisi gave her the phone she scrolled to missed calls,her racing heart stopped when she saw the name,it was her aunt who had called she told her mother.

Biyisi had only nodded,saying she didn't have her time at the moment.

Adetoun left for her room immediately,she had not bothered to carry her food,she sank on her bed,thankful to have escaped any beating that night,but it was not her aunt that called,it was Priye,she was lucky that Biyisi had not insisted that she returned the call.

Her father had sat at the table like a dummy through the whole time,not saying a word,she was even happy he didn't contribute,or he would have made matters worse for her.

She called Priye,who asked to see her tonight at his place,which was just 10 minutes walk from their house,she explained to him that he would have to be wait till everyone had gone to bed.

Adetoun sat on her bed counting hours,wishing she could cast a spell on everyone to leave for bed especially Biyisi,but that only happened in movies not in real life.

She had met Priye when she was in Sec. School,he'ld been so nice and caring especially after hearing the ugly tale of her home.Priye stood by her through thick and thin,his parent were okay and he always had money to give her,even when she didn't ask for it.

He used to visit her at home,until Biyisi had developed a lukewarm attitude towards him and Adetoun had adviced him to stay away for some time.she was the one always going to his house,or somewhere discreet to meet him.
His mother was always nice to her everytime she visited.Priye cared so much for her,they had sexx several times,she really enjoyed doing that with her,they were special moments,she would not erase from her memory

If wishes were horses,beggars would ride,as Adetoun wished things were different from the vague life she was subjected to,she sneaked to the sitting,no one was there,eveyone had retired to bed.she collected the bunch of keys from a drawer and sneaked out of the house quietly.

Adetoun had been gone for an hour and a half,she explained to Priye all that happened that afternoon and he brought her food and a pack of juice,he comforted her,they both cried,that she loved about,he was always ready to share in her pain,they had a quick sexx in his room,he also gave her some money,she ran all the way home,she carefully opened the gate so as not to wake Sulaimon,their gateman.she didn't even worry much about Sule,a bottle of Gulder would settle him.

She locked the big gate,climbed the stairs and entered the kitchen noiselessly,she locked the door,she was about to proceed to the sitting room,when the light suddenly came on in there,she froze on the spot,she prayed that whoever it was would leave in time,but alas,the intruder had come to stay.

Her hands became cold,she was sweating at the same time,the sound of the television came on.

Ah ah,this was big trouble o,she had to get to the sitting room to get to her room.she peeped and saw Biyisi's lean frame on the chair.

It was like her prayer had been answered,when the light in the sitting room went off,but when the lean figure began to walk towards the kitchen,she began to say her last prayer.

Adetoun lay quietly by the cupboard and prayed for a miracle,when.........
Wake up Sleepie! Wake up!,Jane heard in her sleep,was this a kind of dream or was it a nightmare.
She snuggled the duvet closer,enjoying its warmth.

Like a shy baby,she opened her eyes,Biola was standing there in a white apron,waving a spoon at her,Jane glanced at the white clock resting on the wall.

She opened her mouth and closed it for lack of what to say,her mother sat by the dressing table,
'Wake up sleepie' Biola said smiling at her daughter.

'Mummy,are you not late for work?' she asked.

'Somebody has forgotten something here' Biola laughed.

'And whats that?'

'I own my business and i can do as i wish' 

'You don't have to remind of that' Jane smiled warmly.

'Today is Friday!'

'I know too,and Aunty Lade is coming to visit us.' she said quizzically.

'Good,i'm staying at home and am cooking too' Biola giggled

'I can't wait too'

'You know what,i made breakfast for you,let me get it,so that you'll have no excuse not to help me in the kitchen,my lazy girl.'

Something was happening and she was yet to get a grip on it,she couldn't remember the last time Bibi took off a day at work or volunteer to cook,oh God! Bibi is gradually recovering from her husband's death,to her old funny self.Death was a sad thing,it took their mother's joy away and robbed them of a father figure.
She couldn't wait to enjoy some of her tasty meals and the prescence of a whole new mother,she grabbed her brush and in two seconds she was in her bathroom,she washed her mouth with some water,the aroma of whatever her mother cooked filled the whole place.she rushed out of the bathroom to see Biola placing a tray by her bed.
'Here you go darling.' her face was plastered with a smile.

Jane walked over and examined the content,a plate of srambbled egg,a toast,tomato ketchup,and a jug of hot tea.
'This smells nice and it tastes....hmmm' she said putting a toast in her mouth.

'I knew you'll say that,so hurry up with that,so that you can join me in the kitchen.' Biola headed out.

'Yes mum,i'll be out in a minute' she said with her mouth filled,she poured herself a cup of tea,sipping cautiously to avoid an emergency.

Jacob called saying he had much work at the office today,he didn't want to bring home any work so as to enjoy the whole of saturday with her.he had dropped the call blowing her a kiss over phone.

Jane downed all the content of her plate and returned the tray to the kitchen,her mum was having a field day,so much to cook,clean,wash and arrange.Awwwwh! 

It was some minutes past eleven when Aunt Lade arrived,she had jumped on her,they both crashed on the couch.
'Let me hug my sister o' Aunt Lade laughed,giving Biola a big hug.
The two sisters were like that for three minutes before disentangling.

'I miss you so much sis.' Lade said sitting by Jane.

'I miss you too dear' Biola answered.

'Jane get Lade some juice from the fridge' 
Jane dissapeared and reappeared with a jug and a glass on a tray.she poured some juice and gave it to Lade.
'Here you go' Lade collected it and downed the glass.
'Ah ah,you didn't say you were so tasty Aunt Lade.' Jane asked.
'Well,you didn't tell me it was freshly made orange juice with GG' she said smiling at Jane.
'How did you know it was freshly made?'
'You ask so many question Jane,i spent four years reading Food Technology,two years in a cooking school and i still cook for KFC.' she let out in one breath.
'Wow,you're a star then.' Jane laughed.
'You can say that again.' Lade said.
Biola who had gone into the kitchen soon appeared,
'We do not have all day Lade,don't let my food get cold o' she said placing a tray on the dinning.

They all moved to the table,on it were arrays of dishes,even without opening the plates,the aroma said it all.
'You must have gone to great length getting all this prepared'Lade said picking a fork from the cutleries.
'Yes o,mum cooked all theses food,she had been up early today.Jane said.
'If i don't take care of you,who will?'
They all burst into laughter,and soon began to eat.
Biola had made,Jollof rice,fried rice,sushi,fruit salad,fried plantain with fried chicken,and peppersoup.she also made fresh orange juice and pineapple cedar.

Jane made sure she had a taste of every dish on the table,
'Aunt Lade you're not eating much.'Jane asked with a chicken dangling in her hand.
'Thats because am watching my weight,i am to maintain a particular figure for my wedding gown' She said drinking the peppersoup.

After the meal,they all sat in the sitting room catching up on each others life,Biola had made some plantain chips which they sampled as they discussed.

The trio talked at length,Lade had left in the evenin,after giving Jane some things she got her and Hannah,promising to visit soon before her wedding.She drove off in her Lexus Jeep.

Biola was so happy,she and Janet cleared the table and resumed to the kitchen to wash them and stash away the leftovers in the fridge.

Biola chatted away excited,she loved talking about her family,how they were raised.Her parents and her siblings.

One story she never tired from telling was how she met her husband at an interview,and how his parents had disagreed of their relationship saying she was from Ijebu,but he had remained adamant and went ahead to see her parent who gave their consent.

After months of quarell,they agreed that their son should marry her,he'd been so happy that he got drunk,she'd been so excited too.Their wedding was not a big societal one but it was a union of two people who feared God and were in Love,Biola had danced away her sorrows, When God finally blessed their union with two beautiful looking girls.She was glad that she didn't lose hope of marrying her husband.

Biola smiled while recounting the story to Janet that evening,she'd really loved her h
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 5:02pm On Jul 28, 2014
Biola smiled while recounting the story to Janet that evening,she'd really loved her husband,but tonight was special,she was not going to cry again,she had moved over that phase of her life.
And now,she was ready to nuture her children all the way to their husbands house.

Is it not funny,how people think? The mother is thinking about her children,her daughter is thinking about her boyfriend.All the while Biola spoke,Jane was thinking of Jacob Smith.

Aunt Lade had come to inform them,that they had fixed a wedding date,She had brought the tall handsome looking man their house twice before their fathers death,the man was a doctor and he had his own private hospital.

Aunt Lade was Biola's mother's lastchild,she was finally getting married at 31:> after so many heart break from men,she thought she loved.

she had informed Jane that she was to be her best lady,her joy knew no bounds.

For Aunt Lade to have talked so much about Doc Lamide,it could only mean one thing,they were in love,interesting .

Jane had so many thoughts on her mind,most of which concerned Jacob.
The memory of that first day in his house stayed glued in her head,not even a jug of panadol could make it dissappear.

Jane knew that Jacob loved her,but what do yoruba people say about having a loving in-law was better than marrying a man whose family dislikes you.She hadn't met Jackie in person they had only spoken twice on the phone,she sounded soft on the phone,she must be a nice lady after all.

Aunt Lady had come to annouce her wedding date,when would Janet Odenuga annouce hers? When? She asked herself. A well known voice in her heart answered 'Never',she rebuked that voice,another voice whispered this time,this one was soft,it told her to take things step by step.

She preferred this other voice,anyway she still had her service year before her,maybe after that,things would have gotten better between Mrs Funmilayo Smith and the future Mrs J Smith.

'You're a joker' the first ugly voice laughed in her head.
'Mrs J Smith ko Madam J Smith ni' the voice continued laughing.
'How can you think of that,when he has not even proposed to you?' the voice went on. 'Haven't you heard about girls with class and money?' she shaked her head trying to stop the voice,but it grew loud and strong.'How much are you worth Mrs J Smith?'the voice mocked,'Who are your parents and what influence do they have in this country for you to consider yourself as a potential bride?'

Janet let the water flow in torrent,she touched her face,she couldn't feel any water,she gasped she was crying in her heart. 'I think you're worrying your poor head over nothing' the gentle voice spoke,the other voice kept quiet.She let the voices battle each other in her head as she thought about Saturday,whish was barely 12 hours away from now.

'Jane Jane Jane' someone shouted beside her,it was Biola.

Jane looked at Biola,her face was white,she looked afraid or so she thought.

'Jane,i have been calling your name,and you didn't seem to hear me' Biola moved closing feeling her forehead and arms.

'Mother,i am fine' she answered putting a fake smile on her face.

'Do you realise you've been rinsing that particular plate for ten full minutes Biola said awed.

'Well,i was just thinking.' she let out with a sigh.

Biola pulled her away to the sitting room, 'Sit down Jane,what are you worrying your poor self for' she asked holding her hands.

'Mother,i was only thinking of my life and that of yours' she lied to her.She had never told Biola of the drama that took place,the day she visited Jacob at home.

'You shouldn't worry about us,that is why you have me,let me do the worrying' Biola held her close. 'I just can't thank Jacob enough,he's doing so much for this family,i hope you won't let him down'

'Its okay mum,i'll try my best' Janet sobbed quietly. 'Am glad i have you,Hannah and Jacob'

Her mother did not cry,she only wiped Janets tears and kissed her like a lost but found daughter.

She had something important to tell her,but it could wait,till she was in a better mood to handle it.
Biola prayed that her daughters would still accept her,by the time she told them what she had been hiding from them.
Hannah stood up from the seat and walked away from the smoochers,she hurried out of the garden,walking fast into the hostel,ignoring greeting from friends.

Her feet took her inside her room,there was light and the others were cooking on an electric stove,but Rukayat was not in.

Something nice was cooking,she could perceive the aroma from Shade's covered pot.She had not prepared her own food,and she knew Shade was generous,she coughed and went over to her bed.

'Hmmm hmmm,i just hope that i'll not sleep hungry tonight.'she said looking at Shade.

'You and food sha,' Cynthia laughed. 'You're just lucky that no matter how much you eat it doesn't affect your size' she finished bending over the stove.

'Na you know,i wasn't even talking to you self' Hannah said.

'I just hope you'll be able to eat this,because i added sharwama to the rice o' Shade said,adding little water on the rice.

At the mention of Sharwama,Hannah's stomach became filled kiakia,she so much hate that fish called sawa.she switched to team Cynthia.
'Cynthia,abeg cook fast o' she teased her.

'I know you,at the mention of sawa every Hannah must run' the trio burst out laughing when the door swung open,Rukayat strolled in like someone who just won a visa lottery. 
She opened the nylon in her hand and carefully brought out its content,like a doctor bringing out his instrument for an operation,she placed the bread by a tin of sardine,she went to cupboard,brot out tea and milk,she mixed everything and sat down ready to devour it.

Cynthia too dished out spaghetini and egg in two plates for herself and Hannah,who attacked the food like her life depended on it.

Finally,sister Shade sharwama also dished out her own food,everyone to her plate.

Hannah was planning in her head,how to drop the bombshell to her friends without getting burnt.

She watched as her friends concentrated on their food,she cleared her throat before speaking.

'Hmmm......hmmmm...hmmmm' she coughed.
'Bless you' cynthia and Shade said in unison.
Rukayat,ate on,like she didn't hear anyone cough,pressing her phone,probably pinging,Hannah guessed.
'Eh....eh..hmmmm' she started like a real amebo.
Cynthia and Shade looked at then continued their meal.
'I saw something o' Hannah said drinking water from a glass.
'What did you see madam' Shade asked,the amebo spirit in her had woken up.
'Well,it happened in G3 garden,some minutes ago' she said putting them in suspense.
'Abeg talk now,which one is this now' Shade said.
Hannah carefully explained all that she saw in the garden,leaving out the names of the smoochers.
'So,na who and who com act this ogbonge drama,wey you just talk' Cynthia asked scooping a spoon of rice in her mouth.
'Na assignment jare,go find out' Hannah told her two listeners.
'Who and who now' Shade asked again.
'Why don't you guess' Hannah knew she was putting them on the edge of their seat.
'Na Rotimi and Pwettyolly.' Cynthia said laughing.
'Wrong answer,think hard jare'
'Rotimi and you' Hannah eyed her, 'You no dey think?'
'Okay we no know,spit am' Cynthia said getting impatient.
'If i tell you guys,promise you wont tell somebody else' Hannah said.
'Promise na promise o' she told them.
'See as Shade wan fall from her bed,becos she wan do amebo' Hannah said taking her time.

Rukayat,had finished her dinner of bread&Sardine,she was stepping it down with a cup of tea,pressing her Bb with so much seriousness,she pretended as if she wasn't listening when her two ears are wide open.She would have joined in the amebo section but for the quarel they had some hours ago.

'Hannah talk now,after allowing me to waste my energy,i just hope those names go make sense o' Cynthia quipped,she had finished her food now.

'Don't form names o,this one that you're taking time to mention their name'Shade added,eating her rice.

'And their names are..' She paused 'Babes relax,no go get Bp because of this tory o' 

Cynthia hissed,while Shade flung a pillow at her.

'At the count of ten,if you no talk,we go beat you o' Cynthia said 'Shade you be effiwe now,abeg count for her' She picked a broom from the corner of the room,while Shade picked the turning stick.

Rukayat was looking at them from the corner of her eye,she was enjoying their little drama.

They both faced her,Shade locked the door,and counted. '1,2,3,4,5,6,.....7..............8..................9.............' she prolong the 9 very well.

Hannah knew she had been cornered,'Don't count 10 o,ah ah,u want beat me before ni'
knowing they could follow up their threat.

'Now you're talking,good girl,and their names are.....?' cynthia asked raising up the broom.

'Okay,i actually saw Pweetyolly and Habeeb in the Garden' she said like a hen drenched in the rain.

The clock stopped ticking,there was a grave silence in the room,they could hear each others breath.

Cynthia and Shade dropped their weapon noiselessly.
The four girls stared at each other.
Rukayat stared at Hannah in disbelief,she didn't know when her phone dropped on the bed,

She looked at the other girls for support. 'Is this some kind of Joke' She asked dazed.

'I thought you were not listening to us,oh oh sorry,you were eavesdropping abi?' Hannah said.

'We have to work as a team now,this is not the time for apportioning of wrongs' Cynthia said perceiving another fight.

'Which Habeeb are you talking about self' Rukayat asked concerned.

'Oh,in case i left out their surname,am talking of no other person than the president of Muslim Student Society,Habeeb Aladejobi' Hannah said smiling.

Habeeb Aladejobi is the MSS president on campus,he's a famous guy,and decent one too,he's okay in terms of money.
It was funny how he overlooked all the Hijab sisters and professed his love for Rukayat who hardly attended their meetings except on Fridays.The matter had raised so much dust among the executive before it finally died down.
'Am trying not to believe you' Rukayat said fighting the pain behind those words.

'You don't have to believe,if you don't want to.' Hannah said.

'Who is pweetyolly by the way?'

'Don't you know those ugly girls,who live by strange names,her real name is Olamide,but being a ugly babe,she decided to add swagger to it now.' Shade explained,'Such names abound now,Pweety cherry,bisi berry,queenly this,Diva that and much more.'

The girls burst out laughing except Rukayat.

'Enough of the laughter jare,lets help a friend in pain' Cynthia said

'So,what do you girls suggest we do?' Hannah asked genuiely

'As of now,this place is blank' Shade said pointing to her head 'Lets sleep over it,tomorrow morning,we'll come up with ideas.'

'I agree with that,am already feeling sleepy self,tomorrow,we'll trash it out.' Cynthia moved to Rukayat who was crying. 'You don't have to cry over this,okay?'

'We're in this together,and we'll support you all the way,try and sleep.' Hannah joined in.

The girls lay quietly on their bed,each to her thought.Rukayat sobbed quietly letting the tears flow freely.
Adetoun watched as the figure came into the kitchen,she almost froze,behind the cupboard.

Her eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw that it was Adeola,and not Biyisi.

Adeola carefully opened the pot and began eating the fish from the stew,so it was Adeola who was always eating the meat at night.

And the girl will watch her mother beat Adetoun every time meat or chicken dissappeared from the pot of soup.Her knees were paining her already as she squeezed herself in the little space.

As she crouched down,something fell from the cupboard,both girls froze.It was a spoon.

Adeola switched on the light,to see a crouching Adetoun behind the cupboard.'I caught you Toun' she said.

Adetoun laughed,'Look at the oil in your hands,you thief,i'll report you to mummy.' she stood up from her hideout.
'But....but,i wasn't....'Adeola stammered.

'You were not doing what? Little thief' Adetoun continued.

'Anyway she won't believe you,am sure you're coming from Priye's house' she eyed her sister.

'I have a proof.' Adetoun said 

'Proof? What proof?'

'Well,lets wait till morning,when i give it to Biyisi.' She grinned like a baby who just found a new toy.

'And how are you going to explain what you were doing in the kitchen at this time' Adeola asked.

'I'll simply tell her i came for a glass of water.' Adeola looked defeated.

'How about,we strike a deal' Adetoun suggested.

'What deal?'

'Well,you'll have to abide by my rules.' Adetoun said smiling wicked.
This was time for revenge no going back.

'So,what are your terms?'

'1.You'll help me with the chores,each time i call you 
2.You'll stop stealing meat from the soup.
3.You'll keep queit about all that happened tonight.

'Thats not fair now,all that?.' Adeola asked about to cry.

'You'd better be quiet,if anyone comes in,you're in soup' Adeola wiped her tears.

'Do we have a deal?'


'Now,to your room,nothing happened here o.'

They both tiptoed to their room,Adetoun pulled on her night gown and slumped on the bed.
She had no proof,she had only said that to make the silly girl afraid.

Was this how she was going to continue her life?
Sneaking? Running?hiding? For how long? For how long will i bear this flogging?

The work load was too much for her,she had no choice.
How about running away?
Thats not a good idea,she never liked that idea.where would she run to?she erased that completely from her mind.

As she turn on her sides,she felt the pain of this afternoon flogging,she removed her bible under the pillow and prayed to God,she wept till she slept off,tomorrow was another day,only God could dictate the happenings of her life.

Only if she knew what was in store for her,she would have prayed to God to take her life this night.

May we never experience sorrow beyond our understanding....Amen
The incessant hitting of hammer on nail,sounded from away,the hitting caused so much noise that she had to open her eyes,there was no carpenter in the room.

The hammering continued,she could feel it in her head,she realised it was an headache.

She climbed out of bed,into the bathroom to ease herself,she got some paracetamol tablets and downed it with a glass of water.

She was about to sit down when her phone vibrated,she picked it.
'Good morning darling' Jacob drawled over the phone.
'Hi Jay' She said to him.
'How was your night?' he asked.
'Cool as ever' she smiled over the phone.
'I want to remind of our date today' Funny! How could one forget that,she mused.
'You don't have to,i know' she laughed.
'Thats good,let me know when you're ready,i want my driver to pick you' 
'Thats not a problem'
'Don't keep me waiting dear' Jacob said at his end.

Jane dropped her phone,when she heard the buzzing of the intercom.
Who could be at the gate,it was just 7:30 by the wall clock.

She still had her night robe on,she tied a towel over her body and went to the gate,she saw the strange looking fat man who came the other time through the peep hole.

She opened the gate, 'Good morning' the man said with a smile on his face.

'Good morning' Jane said asking the man in.

'This came in for you Miss Jane' he sais bringing out a box and a book.'You're to sign here'

Jane signed and collected the box from the man, 'Thank you' she said closing the gate.

She floated to her room in 5seconds,she removed the well decorated wrapping paper and ribbon to reveal a red and brown box.

On it was written 'ChoCoPoLoGie' she almost screamed,her dream chocolate,she had mentioned it to Jacob once,she had never seen it before,she had only seen it in a movie and in books.

Chocopologie is an expensive kind of chocolate,made by Knidschildt,its made of 70% valrhano cacao,creamy greanache,and handrolled with truffle oil and dusted with cocoa powder.

She removed the cover,it had two rolls,6pieces in each,she ate two pieces at a time,it tasted Yummy,it had a very rich taste.

She finished it before remembering that she had not brushed her teeth.It didn't matter anyway,she rushed to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Jacob was the only one that could send her such,Jacob was a darling indeed. 

She had to freshen up,it was past eight.
Jacob's House

Jacob had woken up early,he'd also woken the entire staff himself,they were wondering why the boss himself took charge of things.

He wanted to make it up to Janet for the other time,his mother dismissed her.He'd let Jackie in on his plans and they both worked together to ensure everything was spick and span before she arrived.

Jacob wanted her to feel welcome this time,he wanted her to relax and be comfortable in his home.He would never disobey his mother at the same time,he couldn't sacrifice his comfort for her cry about class and money.

What was class and money compared to Love? That four letter word that could turn your world upside,if anyone had made a bet with him that he'd raise his voice over his mother in 10 yrs time,his opponent would have won his money by now.

Jacob had personally chosen the dishes to be prepared,ordering everyone around,he had never been known to fail at anything,including business and deals,he was not prepared to start with Janet the daughter of the Odenugas.

He had notified the staff at the kitchen to inform him about everything,and nothing carried on behind him.He sank on the cream sofa,he looked pleased with himself,he was downing a cup of coffee when Jackie joined him.
'I think we're making headway' Jackie said looking tired.
'Yes sis,thanks for helping me out' Jacob hugged her.
'You can thank me,when the day is over' Jackie smiled warmly at her brother.
'I sure will,i only pray she doesn't change her mind' Jacob said calmly.
'Hey brother,relax,am sure she'll come' Jackie held his hands confidently.
'I'll be so happy.'
A maid came in to ask about something,he answered her promptly and discharged her away.
'You must be crazy in love to have gone this far for Jane,i hope she's worth it' Jackie said in a serious countenance.

Jacob smiled, 'I pick my woman,she doesn't pick me,and i really love her.' he said 'Lets just wait and see.'

'Alright Jay,i haven't seen mum since i woke up' Jackie said looking at the wall clock.'Its quarter to nine already'

'Mummy's girl,you know the way to her room now,check.' Jacob said
He was fully prepared for his mother this morning.

'Don't go looking for me,I AM HERE.' a voice answered.

Jackie and Jacob were both startled,they hadn't seen her come in.
'Good morning mum' They chorused.
'Good morning' Their mother said sitting on a couch opposite theirs.

'I guess you're expecting an important visitor,there is so much fuss in the house this morning' she said aloud.
Rukayat had met Habeeb exactly nine months ago,they'd glued like bread and butter on the instant,he'd stayed by her even when his muslim brothers were against thei
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 5:24pm On Jul 28, 2014
Rukayat had met Habeeb exactly nine months ago,they'd glued like bread and butter on the instant,he'd stayed by her even when his muslim brothers were against their relationship.

She poured water on her body as she heard another impatient knock,waiting to use the bath.she packed her soap case and rushed out,only to see two ladies with bucket of water and towel on their bosom eyeing her,she rushed to her room,today was a not a morning for exchange of angry words.

'What took you so long' Cynthia asked, 'You have an impatient caller jare,the person no allow us hear word since o'

Rukayat checked the caller ID,it was Habeeb,she saw the message sign on her screen,
'Words are not enough to explain,how and what i feel for you.
The bright morning has come to cut short my dream about you,
My Lily,please wake up.
May Allah bless you,this day.'

it was from Habeeb,she heaved a sigh dropping her phone on the bed.She had planned to rest all day being a weekend.Her roomies went about,each to her business.

She still found it hard to believe Hannah's story of the other night.

Hannah lay on the bed pinging with God knows,she was giggling all the time,her face glued to the phone.

Shade had just returned from the bathroom,while Cynthia just sat down probably at a loss of what to do or say.

Rukayat,creamed her body,and cleared her throat to get others attention.
'Hmmm Hmmm'
'What is it?' Cynthia asked playing with her hair.
'I need your attention girls' she wore a serious expression on her face.

Hannah placed down her phone reluctantly, 'We are all ears o' she sat upright.

'Am sure this is about what Hannah said last night' Shade said putting on a skirt.
'yes,what do you guys think i ought to do' Rukayat asked.
'In my opinion,i think we should confront pweetyolly or whatever her name is.' Cynthia said.
'I support that idea' Hannah looked at Shade for support.
'Thats good then,how do we go about it' Rukayat asked
'I know her dept and her room,i know some her friends too,we can launch an attack on her' Shade watched as Hannah talked.
'We let her know,she has bitten more than she can chew.'
'When do we go'
'We'll issue a warning to her,and threaten her if need be,the girl is really tough' Cynthia stood up emphasizing her point.
'I am not in this with you' Shade spoke aloud.
'Why' the others chorused.
'Because,we're going about it the wrong way' She said confidenntly.
'And whats the right way?'
'Good,do you guys have any evidence?'
'Has Habeeb shown you any reason to doubt his love?'
'No' Rukayat answered,'He sent me a text some minutes ago.'
'I think we should wait,till we have concrete evidence against them.' Shade saw the look of defeat on their faces,she rushed on.
'Moreover,olamide is not someone we can confront just like that,i think she belongs.'

The other ladies looked at each other, 'Now,you know that,you're contesting with someone bigger than you.'
'I agree with you.' Hannah said
'Rukayat,lets give them time,so that we don't end up looking like fools' Cynthia gave her support.

'Am so happy to hear this,its a better idea,now i feel better' she said,relieve written on her face.

Pim.......a ping sounded on Hannahs phone,it was Akin,that rascal,Hannah thought.
Akin:Hello pweety
Akin:how was your night?
Akin:Are you busy?
Hanny:y re u askin
Akin:Maybe we could go out.
Hanny:Am with my friends
Akin:I don't mind,we can all go,what do you say?

Hannah called the girls attention,
'Abeg,who wan comot o'
'Se na oshofree' Cynthia asked
'Before nko,na that silly Akin for my class o'
'Am in,no be my money now'Cynthia said laughing
'I trust you' Rukayat said 'am in too o'
'See your mouth,i think say you no go comot' Cynthia laughed.
'Shade,hw far,you wan go?' Hannah asked
'Library things o,i get date with my books' They all burst out laughing.
'I was only pulling your legs.' Hannah said
'I thought you dislike the guy,yet you wan spend im money,God dey o.' Shade laughed packing her books into a small bag.
'Abeg free her o,na your brother?'
'Ask am o'Cynthia said.

Hannah continued pinging.
Hanny:Wia self?
Akin:Your choice.
Hanny: pool nko?
Akin: okay by me.
Hanny:when are u comin to pick us?
Akin:An hours time
Hanny: okay.

'Oya,lets start dressing o,the is coming in an hours time,grrrrrrr the trio began dressing and painting their face.

Shade left them for the library,'Abeg,i don't mind some take away o'

'Trust us now,we go chop remain for you'Cynthia said picking her hand bag.

'He's calling already,' Hannah said 'Hurry up girls'

'I don finish o,wetin you still dey paint Rukayat.' 

They rushed like new born babies who just found a new toy downstairs,they walked towards Akin who stood by a car,greeting him,the others sat at the back while,Hannah sat beside Akin in the front seat,while Akin drove .

The car was about to zoom off when Rotimi's call came through.....Aarh
Morning had a way of coming quietly.when you still enjoy your sleep or probably dreaming about a loved one.

Being a queit environment,you hardly hear noise,Adetoun rolled on her sides,she fought the urge to sleep off,she brought out her Bible and prayed,she sleep walked to the bathroom and rinsed her face.

She rushed to the kitchen to wash last night plate,she was tired and her body still reeked from the afternoon flogging she received,it all came rushing to her memory,her encounter with Adeola,she laughed in her heart,and she was going to make the lazy brat work.

She quietly went to Adeola's room where the girl slept like a log of wood,she tapped her buttocks urging to be queit,she took her to the kitchen,and ordered to wash the plates.
'Adeola,oya,thats soap and here's the sponge,wash and rinse those plates.' Adetoun said.
'Ah ah,all this plates?'
'Yes,thats how i wash them everyday.'
'But the day is still young' Adeola protested.
'You have to wash them before Biyisi wakes up' she said pulling her ears.
'Hurry,let me go and sweep the other rooms.'

Adeola had no other choice,she washed and rinsed the plates and pot complaining as she did so.she didn't know when her mother got in.
'What are you doing here?' Biyisi asked surprised,Adeola never washed.
'What does it look like,am doing?' she retorted rudely.
'Answer me' Biyisi said impatient.
'As you can see,am washing' she said,stacking the plates in a rack.
'Where is Adetoun?'
'I don't know o' Adeola replied.
'Did she ask you to do this?'
'She didn't and dont even ask her'
Biyisi knew that something was wrong,she left the kitchen in search of Adetoun.

Adetoun heard the give and take exchange between mother and daughter,she laughed and prepared for her turn.Biyisi walked in looking angry.
'You!' Biyisi said
'Ma,good morning ma' Adetoun cortisied before her.
'Why did you ask Adeola to wash?'
she quickly feigned innocence
'She's washing in the kitchen'
'I didn't ask to wash for me'
'Are you sure?'
'Yes ma'
'Good,Uncle Titus will be arriving this morning,your father is going to the airport to collect him,i want you to prepare jollof rice for the family' Biyisi said
'Okay ma'
'Do we still have some Chicken in the freezer?'
'Good,i want a nice dish,any mistake and you're in trouble' She walked out,Adetoun hurried to the kitchen to get started.

She asked Adeola to blend some pepper while she washed the rice and chicken.

The whole family was up by 8,Adekunle had come to the kitchen to assist Adetoun and was surprised to find Adeola there.
'What am i seeing o? My ancestors where are you?' he mocked
Adetoun burst out laughing,she knew the reason for those words.
'Adekunle,you're funny'
'Oh my God,let this be a dream o,Madam adeola herself blending pepper.'
They burst into laughter again,Adeola watched them anger boiling in her,she kept mute.
'what can i do to help' he asked looking around.
'Help me light the cooker,i want to fry this chicken'

In no time,everything moved fast,food was ready and everyone had gone for a bath,awaiting the arrival of their father who had gone to pick his brother.

The honking of the car alerted everyone of their arrival,they all rushed to the sitting room to receive them.

Their father came in with Titus who carried a big leather box,and another small travelling bag,he looked tired,probably from the flight.

Adetoun got the bags from him,and carried it in,she could feel an odd pair of eyes on her,kunle assisted her with the big box.

Uncle Titus smiled as he hugged Biyisi too close for comfort,Adetoun thought.Titus had not changed one bit,he was thirty three but looked Twenty five.

He greeted everyone with a hug,he had hugged her too pressing her to himself for a minute longer,he smiled at her with a wicked lust on his face,he grinned foolishly.

She looked away as everyone was asking about one thing or the other,what was special about him anyway,he had been gone for just two years,she never liked him from the start.

Titus had a quick shower,while Adetoun set the table,Titus sauntered in wearing a round neck polo and a jean,he was handsome in all honesty,he looked cool and sat on a chair on the dinning.

Biyisi served the food,smiling at Adetoun as the aroma of the food wafted through her nose,she dished for everyone and they all ate the food,it tasted delicious.

Titus commented on the food as he sipped his juice in a glass,he was stylishly starring at Adetoun,making sure he was not caught,when Toun served him his drink,he'd brushed his hand on her bosom pretending not to have noticed that.

Adetoun was mad,but kept silent,she ate her meal and only said the necessary,hmmm,yes and all that.Her anger had increased when her father announced that Uncle Titus will be staying with them for a while.

Everyone chatted happily as the meal progressed asking Uncle Titus different questions,meanwhile his eyes was constantly fixed on her.
Trouble loomed!
One of the girls removed her shoe and wack,she hit it on the other girls head,in one instant,they tore each others cloth,clawing at each others face,the fight was getting hot,people stood around watching without trying to separate the frenzied fighters.

One of the girls had her bosom dangling outside like a baby lizard,she fought hard to push her partner on the ground,in a flash both girls were rolling on the floor,their blouse had dissappeared,this was a bosom display,free for all show,the crowd cheered loudly,as the girls fought frantically,everyone booed them.

Suddenly a car stopped by,two men in their mid thirties came out and settled the two girls doing a public display of shame,soon the crowd dispersed,and the men drove away.Hannah and her friends walked into the hostel laughing,Akin had just dropped them outside the hostel some minutes ago,they had stood there watching the mini drama and deciding who of the girls was a better fighter.

The day was far spent already,they had fun at the pool with Akin paying for everything they bought,even they air they breath.Hannah did all she could to avoid being alone with Akin all through their time.

She pulled off her dress and lay on the bed,Rotimi called her more than 10 times,she didn't pick it she was to pretend that she was sick,Rukayat had slept off,Hanny noticed that she had been talking to just one guy all through the day.

Hannah had just finished speaking to Jacob on the phone,he asked about her welfare,and told her he was having Jane over at his place.he asked if she needed anything,and she gave him the list of things she needed knowing fully well,that an alert would come in by monday.

Cynthia was on the phone too,she dropped the call soon and sat on the bed,
'That must be Uncle Jay'
'Yes?' she smiled'What about him?'
'The guy is cool'
'I know thanks,i hope you don't have your eyes on him o'
'Who wouldn't,he's handsome,rich,got good manners,and he's a bachelor' she laughed.
'Am sure you're kidding,don't even try it babe.'
'Its okay,i dont dig him anyway'
'Have been meaning ask you something' Cynthia got serious this time.
'Whats that?' Hannah looked up,having no idea of what her friend had to say.
'Its about Rotimi Williams' Cynthia paused to look at Hannah,she caught a look of concern and fear on her face.
'What about him?'
'Do you like him?'
'Yes i... do'
'Do you want to go out with him?'
'Ofcourse,i want to.Why are you asking all this?' Hannah stared at her friend,with mixed feeling.
'I just want you to remember that,nothing stays for too long,if you like a man,don't waste time playing hard to get,there are other ladies,waiting to have him at all cost' Hannah looked on as if she was lost.
'What exactly are you saying?'
'What i am saying is that,time and tide waits for no man,i think you should get serious with Rotimi'
'I...like him,but..hmm.'
'But what?'
'I'll think about it sha'
'The earlier the better dear.'
'Thanks for that friendly advice,this one that you're playing Mother Theresa,i can't stop laughing o'
'Edward is coming next weekend,i want this to be between us,'Cynthia whispered quietly.
'Love bird is coming,no wonder you're in good spirit this week'
'Na you know o'
'Wait o Bookie never come back since o' Hannah looked at the wallclock.
'Its almost four thirty,wetin she dey read self' Cynthia said.
'Help me ask am o,the babe can read too much.'
'I no blame am o,exam na one month time o'
'Na true you talk jare'

With this Hannah lay quiet on the bed,exam was one month away?when last did she do a thorough reading except for occassional glance before going to class.

She had a lot ahead her,Akin and one other guy was still disturbing her to be their girlfriend,Rotimi was constantly on her mind,she really liked the guy sha,she was beginning to fall for him and she was watching herself like an horror movie.
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The guy was always hanging out with girls wherever he was,class?library?social gathering and all.She made a mental note to make sure they got to see this following week,time was jogging,

She picked a paper unconsciously from her table,it was Prof. Boyle's 40th birthday celebration jotter,the young handsome lecturer was good at his work,he was a disciplinarian,you read to earn his marks,it came rushing out in a flash,

Yeeepa,she had forgotten,the prof. had asked to see her on Friday,she had left class in a hurry to get prepared for her date and now.....? Well,she hadn't done anything to be ashamed off,an apology and that would be all.

Why did he even ask to see her self,she had submitted her assignment along with the rest of the class,she did her test well too,so why? Wait ooo,why was she bothered self,she could tackle anything that came up,but what about this?
See me in my office,8:00am Monday morning,no excuse allowed. Prof. A. Boyle 

the text message blinked on her phone,she read it over again,hmm,she sighed,this must be something important.
Breakfast was over in no time,she packed the plates to the kitchen,Adekunle came in waving a new wristwatch in her face and smiling.
'Hey sis,have a look' Adetoun looked at the gold chain wristwatch.
'Nice watch,courtesy of?'
'Uncle Tt'
'I should have known' She returned to her washing.
'He bought Adeola pairs of earring and a necklace,and he also gave the baby of the house a new boot' Adetoun smiled mildly not wanting to make any comment.
'He's in the guest room,waiting for you.' Adetou frowned instantly.
'Waiting for me?'
'Yes,for your own gift now'
'Okay,but you can see that am busy now.'
'I can help,while you go'
'Thanks but no thanks'
'No problem,did i tell you about her?'
'Her? No you didn't' Adetoun said rolling her eyes sideways.
'Actually,i just met her 3weeks ago and...'
'And what?,am listening jare.'
'Well,i like her,and she's beautiful,she's 16 in her final class,preparing for WAEC.'
'Whats her name?'
'Daniella,she's yoruba,and she lives with her parent'
'More,spill it' Adetoun pressed him.
'I just asked her out and she said yes,am so happy,we're hanging out tomorrow' Adekunle smiled,he seemed to be proud of his achievement.

He had just written his exams last year,Just 17 and three months old,he's planning to have a girlfriend,so that had been the reason for the new glow on her brothers face,Adetoun thought.

She left the kitchen for her room,she called Priye,they were on the phone for 10minutes.Before Adeola burst in without knocking.
'Have you lost your manners,you brat'
'No,i haven't,you were not even dressing,why the paparazi that i knock,we are both females' Adetoun watched her lousy sister eye her.
'I don't have your time what do you want?'
'Uncle Tt asked me to get you' Adeola said 
'What for?'
'You can ask him when you get there'
'You are a spoilt brat'
'Before you insult me,Mum asked me to tell you that,you should clean her bedroom and that of dad,before she comes back o'
'Back?did she go out?'
'Yes,with dad,go and see uncle Tt,he's waiting for you o' Adeola made to leave.
'Don't even say it' she said as she stopped by the door.
'How do you know what am about to say'
'Well,am smart,you know'
'Good,we'll both clean mum and dad's bedroom,i believe thats clear'
'Clean my foot,am off to Omotola's place,we have a group reading' Off she ran without waiting for a reply.

Adetoun stood up from the bed adjusting her blouse,she didn't want to start giving him ideas,she left for Titus room,she knocked twice before the door was answered.
'Come in' Titus thick voice sang out from the room.
Adetoun opened the door carefully,peeping like a thief.she entered standing by the door.
'You can come in Toun' he was wearing a white singlet over his jeans now.
'You asked for me' 
'Sit down on the chair' he also sat up on the bed.Adetoun inspected the chair like a detective before sitting.
'How are you doing'
'Am fine,thanks.' she answered politely
'What are you doing currently'
Thats none of your business man,she wanted to say.
'Sitting at home,washing,cooking and cleaning' She swallowed the pain that followed those words.
'I see,you've been lazying around' Titus looked over her,a wicked smile playing on his lips.
'Can i leave,i have some works to do'
'No,you can't,i got you something from the states' he stood from the bed and brought out a box,opening it,he sat by her.
Adetoun was shocked,all the while she was hating him,he got her a beautiful set of jewellry which contained,earrings,a lovely necklace,a wrist chain and a watch.
She stared at the set,a smile lightening her face,Titus covered the box and held her hands,she jerked instantly,standing up.

Titus joined her on her feet,putting his hands on her shoulders,before she could say Jack,his mouth came crashing on her lips,he pushed her against the wall,kissing her fiercely.

Adetoun pushed him away,but what could her frail arms do against that of her uncle.He kissed her harder groping for her bosom,she became mad,she was unable to scream,she bit his lips hard,he left her for a seconds before he could touch her,she sent another kick to his groins,making him fall on the bed like a pack of card.

She hurried out of his room like someone being pursued by a masquerade,she entered her room,closed the door,securing the lock before falling on her bed.

Titus must be mad she screamed in her head,he couldn't even wait for a day or two,before making his evil intention known,little wonder he had been smacking his lips during breakfast.

She could still feel the lustful desires in his eyes,he hadn't changed a bit,she knew he would make a move,she hadn't thought it could be this fast and ugly.

As she cried she felt blood on her tongue,she examined her lips in the mirror,she had no cut,that must be from bitting that bastard.she wondered what excuse he would give to her parents for his bleeding lips,she cursed him again,as her tears formed a pool on her bed.

The cucumber and honey were beginning to wear off on her face,she rinsed her face with warm water,then cleaned it with aloevera,rubbing it gently on her face after thirty minutes,she rinsed it off with some warm water,she massaged her skin with different ointment and lotion,she had a long bath taking extra time in the bath.

She tied a white towel over her bosom and rubbed cream all over her body,she looked in the mirror,the beautiful image she saw pleased her,she sat at her dressing table styling her jet black curly hair which was below her shoulder,she wore her undies,and began to dress up......

The question sounded like a time bomb in his ears,he stared at Jackie who stared back at him.
'Am sure you both heard me' Funmi inquired looking from Jacob to Jackie.'Who are we expecting?'
'A very good friend' Jackie said smiling at her mother.she couldn't bear to listen to another exchange of words betweeen mother and son.
'A business associate?'
'My girlfriend' Jacob said confidently maintaining eye contact with his mother.
'A girlfriend who lost her name or what?' Anger roared in her beautiful voice.
'If you must know,she's got a name,she's Janet Odenuga' Funmi stared at her son without wavering her eye.
'The same poor girl you brought home the other day'
'The same beautiful lady i brought home the other day.' Jacob corrected. 
'I see' Funmi stood and paced the spacious sitting room.

Jackie sat down quietly at a loss of what to say.
'I don't want that girl in my home.' Jacob could feel the authority in her voice.
'In our home'
'You have the nerve to talk back at me se?' 
'Mum,why all this,what has she done to you'
'I don't want to see a gold digger in here' 
'Jane is no gold digger,i love her and she's been so honest and faithful to me'
'Why wouldn't she be?' Funmi laughed, 'Money is involved you know'
'She's not after my money mum,how can you say that?' Jacob frowned,he felt anger surge through his bone,while Jackie dropped her hands on his arm trying to pacify him.
'What do you know boy'
'Am no boy,am all grown up now,you just have to accept that,i make my decisions here' Jackie could feel his anger,Jacob stood up facing his mother.
'Look here,when you're in those conference room,you can talk business and use your authority as you wish,but once you're here,you're my boy' Funmi glared at him spewing.
'Boy my foot,you can't control my love life mum,you can do as you wish with Jackie not me' Funmi sat down tapping her feet noisily on the tiles.
'There are so many young girls,i could connect you with,my friends daughters are there,but what does my son want? A poor homeless girl' her body vibrated as she spoke at the top of her voice.
'What has your numerous matchmaking done to help Jackie,she's twenty eight and she's still single' Those words stung Jackie,as a tear escaped from her bright eyes.'Let me be,maybe you should concentrate on Jackie,she isn't getting any younger you know'

Funmi was shocked to her bone marrow,this was coming from Jacob,she couldn't believe it.'Your father must hear this,you're raising your voice on me because of a useless girl,mo gbe o' 

'Why don't you call him now,you can use my phone,if you've run out of call card' he said very angry,Funmi stood up and rushed towards her son,in a flash it happened,Jacob felt something hard on his face,he was shocked.
'Mum?you slapped me?' Jackie had come in between them,as Funmi raised her hands again.

Jacob couldn't remember if his mum had ever slapped him,he was about leave when his phone rang,it was Jane,he picked it right there.he called his driver to go and pick her immediately.
'She's coming over' he announced to no one in particular.
'And i'll be waiting for her' Funmi said calmy.
Jacob walked to her,'Mum,she's coming over soon,and i swear if you say one single word to hurt her,or to make her leave.' His face was contorted in a deep frown,blood rushed to his face and there was fury in his voice as he tried to speak calmly,'Mum,i'll leave this house and never come back,and i'll denounce you as my mother.i mean it' 

Funmi watched as he walked out on her, 'Jackie did you hear that,Adekunle has asked me to take a vow of silence in my house because of that girl.'
'Mum,you went too far,how could you have slapped him?,i never thought you'd ever do that.'
'I know,but he challenged me,Adekunle pariwo mo mi nitori obinrin' Funmi lamented,she knew she had bitten more she could chew this time.

Jackie pleaded with her to be calm and give Jane a chance,'You know nothing about her,its wrong to judge her like that'
'I thought you had some thing better to say,so you're both in this together,he's drawing strength from you abi' Funmi laughed as she stalked out,sudddenly turning back as she got to the glass door,'Omolewa mi,i'll be waiting for her.'

With that,she was gone.Jackie looked around the sitting room making sure,everything still looked cool as she headed to the kitchen.
The journey was smooth,as Jacob's driver drove her,he tried to make polite conversation with her,asking if she was comfortable or needed anything,she peered through the glass enjoying the smooth ride,her face was calm and she looked well composed,the Ac was cool on her skin,but inside her a dirty brawl was taking place.

She wondered if Jacob's mother would be home,and what her reaction would be,she was sure Jacob would have spoken with her,if the woman embarrassed her this time,she'll gladly ask the ground to open up and swallow her.

She tried to remain calm as the journey shortened,her mother had told her to have a nice time and be a good girl,the latter she was sure of but the former,she wasn't so sure about that,she prayed that Jackie and Mrs Smith would be warm towards her,her heart was beating fast,she caught the driver staring at her through the mirror.

Bash had been Jay's driver for five good years,he knew a good amount about his boss,he loved beautiful looking girls and this one,he was driving looked hot and sophisticated,so what was the arguement about,he'd overheard Jay and his mother,this rich women just loved trouble.Looking at Jane who was oblivious of the burning tension at home,he wondered what awaited her arrrival,as it was just 20 minutes drive away.

Jane brought a small mirror from her bag,her make up was intact,she let herself enjoy the ride.
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Jane brought a small mirror from her bag,her make up was intact,she let herself enjoy the ride.

The water felt cool on his airy skin,he showered and toweled his body dry,

He was still finding it hard to believe,that his mother had slapped him back there some minutes ago,he couldn't understand her banter about this gold digging thing,even if she was,he wasn't complaining,moreover she wasn't one.

Jane hardly asked him for money,he was always forcing her to ask him for things she needed,unlike her outspoken sister who never wasted time in telling him whatever she needed.
The duo were different in many ways.

He had heard his mother on the phone with his father,he'd already let his father in on all that happened and he apologised on behalf of his wife.That was one thing he loved about Richmond,he spoke his mind,he had merely advised him to becareful in all his decisions.

He had called Bash,who said they were just 20 minutes away,he wore a white shirt buttoned in the front over a pair of jean Richmond sent him two days ago,he loved his father so much and they looked alike in so many ways.

He'd gone into the kitchen for a last minute check and was satisfied with all arrangement,his wing of the mansion was neat and beautiful,he loved the scent of the fresh flowers Jackie brought into his sitting room,he put on the plasma and sat down awaiting Jane,passing time with a cup of iced lemon tea.

He'd stationed two help by the door,and asked Ruth to available,because he would be needing her.

She looked lovely in her tailored white pant on a blue chiffon blouse,you would find it hard to believe she would be clocking twenty eight in two months.she looked three years younger,her skin was fresh,it glowed and he loved her for it.

Jackie smiled as she walked in,she hugged her brother tight,they loved each other and was always on the look out for one another,she could see the beautiful glow in his eyes as he smiled,she sat beside him,
'Calm down brother,you look tensed' Jacob laughed,
'It looks like am a 17 yr old awaiting his first love right'
jackie laughed too.'Yes,just relax,she'll be here in no time.'
Jacob felt some ease as he relaxed.'Am glad you're trying to help me.'
'Am happy to be of help,if i don't take care of you,who will?'

She asked Ruth to get her a glass of what Jacob was drinking.

'You know,you're still my kid brother.'
'And you're my big sister' They often laughed about this.

The honking of the car brought Jacob to the present,he rushed to the gallery with Jackie following behind,'Yes' he shouted 'She's here'he said hugging his sister.

He watched Bash open the door,she got out and walked confidently behind Bash into the house,Jacob and Jackie rushed to meet her.He wanted to be there when she met his mother again.

He could hear the tick tack sound of her shoe,she was on the stairs now tailing Bash,just as they opened the door,Jacob saw Funmi standing atop the stairs staring at the approaching figure,They all stood still as Jane climbed the stairs and stood before the trio-Jacob,Jackie and Funmi-

Janet stood still too,she had lost her voice on the instant,everyone kept quiet,watching Funmi who was on her way out,she was gaily dressed and she was super beautiful at her age,probably to one of those saturday functions she never missed.

The atmosphere was tensed,the air stood still waiting for someone to break the silence.Jacob had began to sweat,Jackie stood there like a robot as Janet was lost amidst them.

Finally Funmi cleared her throat,'Hmmmm hmmmmm........ ....... ..........'

Like a rehearsed drama,every eye turned towards her as she began to speak.
Every eye turned towards Funmi,as she was about to speak,but Jane was faster,
'Good Afternoon ma' she had spoken before she realised that her lips had moved.

There was a dieing silence as Funmi answered 'Good Afternoon' she said quickly without any ceremony and walked away as fast as she could,the girl had changed from the last time she saw her,she looked confident this time and Heaven help,she was wearing Oscar de la renta,her favorite American designer,you could talk about taste,she got into her car as the driver opened the door.

Jacob threw his arms around her for a warm embrace as Funmi walked away,Jane was shy at first,but Jacob held on,he'd been so happy that his mother hadn't said something bad to her,he heaved a sigh of relieve as he gently let her go,holding her hands and facing a smiling Jackie.

'Meet the best sister in the world' Jacob smiled as Jane shaked Jackie who extended her arms for a hug.
Jane was surprised at her kind gesture,'And here is my sweetheart Jane.'

'Good afternoon'
'Good afternoon ma'
'Nice meeting you'
'The pleasure is mine' Jane smiled warmly as Jacob walked her in to the house.
'Common ladies,lets go in' Jacob led the way with Jane and Jackie walked behind them.

Jane gasped at the sight of the sitting room,she hadn't noticed it was this big the first time she came,the sofas,the multicolor blending of the walls against the sofa,it all looked beautiful.She practically floated in thin air.

Jacob took her to his wing,looking proud as he did so,Jane loved the persian rug with its smooky look,she sat on a two seater couch,overlooking a full home theater and a flat screen plasma looking relaxed on the wall.

Jackie sat opposite her,
'Am Jackie'
'Jacob has told me a whole about about you'
'Really?i hope they are good things' she smiled
'Yes' Jackie seemed to be a smart lady Jane thought.
'I love your dress' 
'Thank you.'
'Thats Oscar de la renta'She gasped,'Mum must have noticed it,thats her favorite,you've got great taste.'

Jane enjoyed Jackie's prescence so much,she'd been elated when she spoke about the dress,although she didn't know much about designer wears,Jacob had insisted on this particular dress,she'd taken it because it was a pink gown,it fitted her well,enhancing her natural endowment,it had a low neckline but it wasn't too revealing,Perhaps Jacob was aware it was his mothers's favorite before picking it.

Jacob came in with a jug of cider,pouring a glass for her.
'You're welcome to my little hideout.' Jane smiled expressing her shinning dentals.
'You call this little?'
'Isn't it?'
'Ofcourse not,' 
'Permit me to show you around the house then' He stood up paying her a bow,he held out his hands to her.

Jacob showed her his library where he had a whole lot of collection,his kitchen which he seldom use,his bedroom,the guest room and to other parts of the house.

Jane loved the big house and its workload of servants,she made comment where necessary,teasing him as they did their tour.

He'd finally taken her back to his own wing,Jackie had returned to join them.
'You must be famished by now' Jane smiled as that seem all she had been doing since she arrived.
Jacob pressed a bell,a neatly dressed man appeared in 10secs,Jacob ordered him to prepare the table.he'd come back in some few minutes time to declare all done.
'Its time we eat' Jacob announced as they made for the dinning.
Jacob was seated beside Jane with Jackie sitting acrosss the table.

Jane could perceive the aroma from the dishes,she loved the way,the dishes were set,it looked colourful that her mouth began to water,Jackie held a plate as she served herself,some grilled salmon,broccoli and lamb chops,adding peppered pasta salad.
Jacob asked Jane to help herself,she was at a loss of what to serve herself,she had never tasted some of the dishes and she didn't want to sound local,she looked at Jacob for help.
'I'll help you out' Jacob got a plate and served her some macaroni cheese,batter fried fish,with grilled chicken bosom,pouring her a glass of iced white wine,he also served himself and they ate.
'I hope you're enjoying your meal' Jane wondered,how one could have all this and still complain,she was enjoying the grilled chicken.
'Yes,its taste great' she answered.
'Taste the grilled broccoli with lemongrass and chilli,i bet you'll like it' Jane served herself.
'It does taste great,you must have a wonderful cook.' 
'You're a wonderful lady too,little wonder Jacob can't stop talking about you'
jane smiled.'Thank you ma'
They discussed so many things as they ate,before Jackie excused herself.
'I have to go now,i am glad i met you,its been wonderful speaking with you.' Jackie said rising from the table.
'The pleasure is mine.' Jane said
'Do take care of my brother and you kid brother,make sure she enjoys herself' Jackie gave her a shopping bag while Jane thanked her.
Jacob was glad Jackie left,they finished their meal and drank some wine,Jacob made sure Jane had a taste of every dish on the table,even when she said she was watching her weight.

He took her to the sitting,where they talked together and laughed.
'You'll be leaving on Monday?'
'Yipee,though am not done packing'
'Do you need me to help you pack?'
'And what do you know about
packing anyway.' she laughed at him.
'I'm going to miss you'
'Me too.'
'What's me too?'
'I'll miss you too'
'I know,i only wanted you to say it the right way.'
'Thanks for the chocopologie'
'You're welcome dear'
'Don't you think you're spending too much on' Jane asked a bit worried.
'Am not complaining,why should you' Jane looked a bit tensed.
'Its okay,i just wanted to ask'
'You look tensed Jane,please relax,this is my home'
'I know,am fine.' 
Jacob excused himself and soon returned,
'What are you hiding behind you?' Jacob smiled,his hands held something he was not willing to reveal.
'Take a guess'
'You know am not good at that.' 
'Tryyyyyy....try try.'
'A car?'
'Dumb! How can i hid a car behind me.'
'Okay,just let me see it'
'Don't come near me' he shouted as Jane walked towards him.
'Okay' she sat back.
'Lets make a deal then'
'You close your eyes while i reveal what am hiding'
'Done deal' Jane smiled.
Jane closed her eyes and tried to guess what he held,while Jacob waved his hands over her face.
'Are those eyes closed?'
'I don't cheat' she said
'I know' he brought his forwards and nudge her to open her eyes,instantly he popped open a bottle of champagne,Jane looked delighted and Jacob watched the flicker of joy smiling through her eyes.

Jacob poured out two glassful and handed her a glass...
'What are we celebrating' 
'Happiness,Joy,Love,Lasting Relationship,and Everything' Jacob smiled sitting by her side.
'Cheers' they chorused sipping their wine.
'This taste great' Jane said light hearted.
'I love you Janet' 
'I ....' Jacob put his fingers to her mouth.
'Quiet,don't say it'
'If you do,it might go away and i don't want you to go away.'
'You're a darlingl Jane kissed him full on the lips.
'I like that' Jacob said licking his lips.
'Naughty boy' she laughed.
'Am a man,young lady' he drawled.
'Oops! Sorry,naughty man' they burst out laughing.
'Now,can we dance?' Jacob said moving towards the stereo.
'Is that a request?please make it a statement' 
'Lets danceeeeeeee' Jacob said stressing the dance,he pulled her up,held her hands while their body moved to the slow steps of the song.
'Don't be dissapointed,am not a good dancer.'
'Neither am i,just move your body'
Jane finished her drink and asked Jacob to fill her glass again,she sipped the wine enjoying westlife,Queen of my heart,as Jacob held her waist.she loved the feel of his body against hers,the warmth therein.

Jacob moved his hands over her beautiful body,moving his body with hers,he clung to her like his life depended on it,she radiated warmth as she rest her head on his shoulder,he ached for her.

Suddenly without knowing how it happened,he felt her lips on his,she was kissing him,gently at first and in a seconds,it went fierce,she stopped suddenly as she had started,she picked the bottle of champagne and poured a full glass,she downed it in an instant,she walked towards Jacob seductively,holding his arms,she found his mouth with hers and kissed him slowly.

Jacob felt his body tremble,he carried her away to his bedroom,she clung to him removing his shirt in a haste,he was wondering if this was the same lady who'd said no to sex all this while,
'Are you sure you want this' His voice was husky as he spoke,
'Yes,please take me.' her hands caressed his back,pushing him on her.
'Jane,are you sure' he was finding it hard to restrain himself.She was in his bed already.
'Jacob,yes....pleaseeee.....i want you...in my body,nowwww' she said with laboured breath.
Jacob drew her up,his emotions were failing him as he unzipped her gown,she had nothing under except her lingerie,her bosom were full,succulent and round,he caressed her body.He couldn't believe his eyes as she made for his belt,throwing caution to the wind,he kissed her lips,her face and she moaned softly.

Sunday Morning 
The atmosphere was warm,the bed big,no too big!,she woke up and wondered where she was,she didn't wonder for long when she saw the cream painted wall,this was definitely not
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Sunday Morning 
The atmosphere was warm,the bed big,no too big!,she woke up and wondered where she was,she didn't wonder for long when she saw the cream painted wall,this was definitely not her room.

Realisation hit her hard,this is Jacob's room!,she stood from the bed,her clothes was strewn about,Jacob was not insight,she had on a robe that wasn't hers.

Anger raged through her bone,how could he? Why would he have done that to her? Jacob had taken her? This wasn't the time to ask questions,she picked her gown,wore it,she had trouble doing the zip by herself,she finally had it in place,picking her Hermes bag she made for the door.
'What did you say to her?' Funmi was startled to see a boiling Jacob towering above her with a deadly look.
Jackie came in,she had her night robe on,Jacob's voice had woken her,she sat beside her mother.
'Mum,what is it again?' She inquired from Funmi.
'Please ask him'
Jacob was wearing a polo and shorts with a towel around his neck,he'd gone to use the gym only to return to an empty room,he'd thought it was a bad nightmare,alas,it wasn't,he'd checked the bathroom,kitchen and every empty room in his wing,yet Jane was no where to be found,her bag and her clothes had dissapeared also,and only one person could make her vanish..FUNMI
'Jay,what happened?' Jackie asked impatiently.
'Ask her' his hands pointed at Funmi.
'Mum,what is it now?' Jackie said.
'Where is Jane?'Jacob said muttering every courage he could to remain calm as he spoke.
'Is she not in?' Jackie asked
'What happened to her?'Funmi looked at Jacob and Jackie.
'Don't pretend to me,what did you say to make her leave?'
'I know nothing about it' Funmi stood up.
'Please calm down mum' Jackie paused 'Jay what exactly are you talking about?'
'I went to use the gym only to return to an empty room'
'And you think i am responsible for her,when did i become a watch woman?' Funmi shouted.
'I am out of here' She walked out.
'Mum,if anything happens to that girl,if she does anything to hurt herself,mum..' 
'You have to calm down,have you tried her mobile?' 
'Not yet'
'Lets do that first'
Jacob dialled her number,but it was switched off.
'I think you should check her at home then.'
'I'll do that right away.'

'When a salt losses its taste,it becomes useless,it is poured out to be trampled upon by men.
So it is,when a christian losses his/her value in the lord,they become useless.
Are you here this morning,with a lost value? Have you lost your faith? Are you saltless?
Men no longer value you,then you have been trampled on by men.
Come to the lord,he'll add value to your life,he'll make you a salt to the world....... the pastors word echoed in her ear,as she sat gloomy in her seat staring at other worshippers in the church.

She'd returned home sad after the service,she'd only gone to church to avoid suspicion,she wasn't prepared to be on the hot seat today,her mother might begin to ask questions she had no answer to.

As she got out of her car,she saw Jacob's car parked in their compound,her heart did some sommersault,what did the devil want from her again?what was he doing in their house?

What effontery?after all that happened last night,he had the guts to come to her house.

He'd surely get what he bargained for today,she would lash him.
He'd overstepped on her,he'd broken his boundary,a man who puts a leaf to his mouth in an attempt to mimick a dumb person should be prepared for a bitter fight.

Her mother had gone out straight from church,she walked in opening the door quietly,Jacob sat on the sofa with Rose,with a glass of whatever he was drinking,only God knew what he was saying to make the girl laugh,she felt like slapping Rose,he was laughing with a traitor,the girl had done nothing to be ashamed of,she was probably keeping him company,so?was that a pang of jealousy,save heavens she said,with a heavy breath.

Jacob looked so handsome,he didn't make effort to look this hot,he was dressed simple,he was a natural.
And merely looking at him,something in her longed for his strong hands,she wanted to lay her head on those broad shoulders and sleep,No! That was simply impossible,a man who takes advantage of a woman is a beast,to be thrown to the dogs,he'd taken her without her knowledge,he'd taken away her innocence.she was now saltless,that tasted bitter in her mouth.

Rose turned her head slightly to see a staring Janet.She smiled,
'She's back,Uncle Jacob' she said as Jacob turned towards her a smile on his lips.
'Welcome aunty Jane' Rose said leaving for the kitchen.The frown on Jane's face had frozen Jacob,who sat tongue tied.

She walked away from the door,
Jane stared at him like he'd just said something strange.
'Ja... ... ....ne?'
'You....you have the guts to come here' the waters were rushing out before she could control it,she wiped it away with the back of her hands,her voice was vibrating.
'Now,get out!'
Jacob stood up startled,he was at a loss of what to say or do.He opened his mouth,but couldn't utter a word,his tongue was stuck,he was stunned as he stood there frightened thinking of something suitable to say.
'Leave my house right now!' she screamed,her handbag fell from her as she walked to the door and held it ajar.

Jacob tried to lift his leg but he was finding it difficult to move,Jane glared at him with tear stained eyes,a greater force shook him pushing him to move as he walked out of her house without turning back,he entered his car and drove away like a mad man.

As she heard his car zoom off,she slumped on the sofa crying.
One,two,three,....he'd lost count,as he continued throwing his clothes into a box,he'd drove fiercely ignoring traffic signs,he drove at a high speed,he was driving in body while his spirit was being tortured,he couldn't think straight,he drove recklessly all in a bid to get home,he'd ordered Bash to get him some travelling boxes,and also make arrangement for a place to sleep.

He'd gotten home in 40mins,climbing the stairs two at a time,he went to his wing and into his room,he packed his clothes,the ones he could pack anyway,few shoes,some office documents he'd brought home and other necessary items.

Whatever his mother had said to Jane must have hurt her badly,she'd never reacted to him in such manner,she was a smart woman but cool headed,not the screaming or nagging type,he knew what to do.

'I'll deal with my mum first,am coming back for you Janet' he said in his mind,his shirt was soaked with sweat,he cleaned his face with a towel as tears sprang to his face,he wasn't prepared to let go of her now.

His mother was merely pushing him,he wasn't going to give up,he had better plans than that.

His phone rang,it was Jaiye,he picked it up on the fifth ring,he knew what he was calling about.
'O boy,whats up' Jaiye said laughing over the phone.
'You said we're moving by one,its quarter past one,and you're not here.'
'You guys can go,am not coming.'he sounded impatient.
'What? Something is wrong' Jaiye said,he was talking to someone beside him,Jacob held the phone to his ear listening to their conversation as Paul another of his friends spoke with him.
'What happened now?' Paul asked surprised,because Jacob had been the one bragging that he was going to spoil the others guys rotten at their friends party that sunday.
'Sorry guys,i can't make it' he said with a dull voice.
'Are you sure you're alright,should we come over.' Paul asked worried about him.
'No problem man,i can handle it.'
'I'll sort it,you guys can go,thanks.'
'I trust you,there is nothing you can't handle.At the snap of your fingers,every contract must bow.' Paul laughed,even Jacob had to laugh,his friends were fond of saying that.
'I've got to go now' he said into the mouthpiece.

He dropped his phone,checking if his wallets and cards were in place,he remembered he was boasting to his friends that he was going to spoil them with drinks at their friends party,that was a bygone now,he had issues to sort out.

Someone was at the door,
'Whoever is there should come in or get lost' he growled like a wounded animal.
Jackie walked in,dressed up,she was probably going out.
'I didn't know you're back' she said looking at the packed boxes.
'Yes,am back'
'What are all these boxes for?'
'I bet you don't want to know' he said without looking up.
'What is it?i want to know'
'Jackie am leaving' he said without much ado
'I take it you're joking.' she said feigning a smile.
'Does it look like i am' he answered her.
'Today isn't fools day,come off it'
'Jac...kie,thats it,no jokes' His voice was stern and controlled.
'You know what mum can be like,she said she hadn't spoken a word to her.' Jackie defended her mother.
'Do you believe that?'
'Well,am not too sure.'
'Good! Jane doesn't want to see me,she does not want to talk to me,she walked me out of her house! Jackie don't you get it!' he was angry as he spoke.
'Please calm down' she said as she held his hands trying to soothe him. 'We can work together to solve this'
'Its late,am leaving' his phone rang again it was Katherine,she'd been calling for the past three days,he silenced the call as he swore under his breath.
'Was that Jane?' she asked with hope in her beautiful eyes. 
'Why did you cut the call'
'That was Katherine' He said
'You guys still see each other?'
'No,trust me on that Jackkkk,i don't go back to my vomit' 
'Its okay,lets talk this out'
'There's nothing to talk about sis' he rose to his feet,he walked towards her and hugged her close to himself,he kissed her on the lips,they were both locked in the embrace for some minutes,Jacob pulled himself away from her,he picked the box along with him and walked out.

Jackie left to call their mother,Funmi thought she was trying to scare her at first,but the frightening look in Jackie's eye?

Jacob returned to his room to pick the other boxes.

Funmi got up from the bed,and followed her to Jacobs room,but he wasn't there,they both rushed to the balcony in time to see his car zoom off from the compound.

Mother and daughter looked at each other. 
'Did he tell you where he was going?'
'He's gone!' Jackie said as a tears glistened in her beautiful eye.
This was one thing she disliked about bean cake,the peeling of the beans! aaarh she hissed,she washed it twice,rinsed the pepper and onions and poured it into the blender,Rose was supposed to be doing this but she had sent her on a personal errand and it was getting late already.

She put on the blender,and watched as the beans,pepper and onion blender together,she wished her life could be blended together too to give her peace.

Why was it that people you love always let you down,it was said that,when you love someone,you are giving such a person the power to make you,or destroy you and hoping that they don't do the latter,how true can this be? She sighed,she'd put all of her trust in Jacob,and look what he dished her in return,men!

She wasn't proud of her action this afternoon,but she couldn't stand his sight either.she'ld have been a fool to call to apologize,if there was any apology to be made,it should be coming from that pig headed man.

She had just unplugged the blender,pouring its content in a bowl when Rose returned.
'Did you get it?'
'Yes i did,here it is' she handed Jane a bag.
'I have just blended the beans you can go on and wrap it' she left the kitchen.

It was quarter to 6 in the evening,she was not even aware of the serene atmosphere,she had cried a lagoon this afternoon,and she hadn't eaten a bite of anytthing today,she was about to go into her room,when she caught sight of the shopping bag beside the sofa.

That was the same bag,Jackie gave her yesterday,Jacob must have brought it for me,she'd forgotten the bag this morning and even if she saw it,she wouldn't have taken it along.

She took it to her room,and dumped it in a corner,she sat on the bed staring at the bag,her curiousity got the better part of her as she pulled it out to divulge its content,she was awed,three dress,a pack of perfume and two Dior heels,the dress were her size,and to think she'd seen those two shoe at the supermart,though it was of different color,she'd wanted to pick them but the price tag sent her away.

Jackie must have gone to great lenght getting her all these,she packed the bag and returned it to its position,she'd packed her boxes as she was leaving for camp tomorrow morning.

Biola arrived not quite long,she heard Rose answering the door,she cleaned her face and added a little powder to it,her mother had owls eye,
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Biola arrived not quite long,she heard Rose answering the door,she cleaned her face and added a little powder to it,her mother had owls eye,she could detect anything.

To avoid suspicion she'd gone to the sitting room to watch TV,her mother came in afterwards placing a little bag by Jane's side.
'Whats here?' she looked surprise.
'For your eyes only dear' Biola smiled at her grown up daughter.
Jane opened it to find a plate of vanilla ice cream.
'Oh Bibi,thanks' she threw her arms around her mother.
'You're welcome dear' Biola said studying her daughter as she unwrapped the paperbag,bringing out a small spoon to eat her ice cream.
'What are those circle i see under your eyes' Biola was curious.
'Yes,it looks like you've been crying all day.'
'Mum,have been crying all day because Jacob has deprived me of my pride without my consent,i am now a woman,my innocence is gone,i have lost my salt,i have no value'she wanted to scream but thought against it,Biola would hate Jacob for the rest of her life.
'Mum,you're imagining things,am fine,fine,fine' she laughed heartily to convince her inquisitive mother.
'So how was the event' Jane was trying to change the topic.
'It was good' Biola said oblivious of her daughters agenda.
'Did that woman attend?'
'You mean mrs George?'
Jane nodded.'Yes she did.'
'How's Jacob' Biola asked 
'He's fine.'
'And his family?'
'They are all fine too.'
'Are you set for tomorrow?'
'Yes,i have packed my box and other necessary items.'
'I'll drive you there before leaving for work'
'Thank you mum.' she smiled warmly forgetting her sorrow for the moment.
'Jane,i want you to becareful in all you do,you're not getting any younger you know,do not taste what you're not ready to eat,i have known you to be a decent lady,pls keep youself for Jacob,and pay attention to every instruction.
The lord is your strenght,i love you so much' Biola said holding her hands.

'I love you too mum' She smiled.

They'd just had dinner,she drank a glass of warm milk and had a quick bath,she sat on the dressing table,applying an ointment to her face and staring at herself in the mirror.

The tears came from nowhere,she had always wished that her wedding night would be the best,knowing her husband intimately for the first time,but alas,she wished wrong,Jacob had blacken her dream,she looked at the saltless image in the mirror and wept harder,she got a kleenex and cleaned her tears promising never to wallow in self pity again,she prayed that night to God to forgive her.

As she lay in bed,all her thought was about camp and how she planned to enjoy her every bit of it.She slept like a baby oblivious of what lay ahead her on Monday monday.I bet you don't want to know.
The class was noisy as usual,everyone seemed to be speaking at the top of their voice,a female lecturer had just left the class.Hannah sat with her friends talking,
'This woman self,her own too much' Bukola hissed.
'I don't blame her,that Phd thing is shacking her body' Molz said,the girls burst out laughing

They were laughing at their Public Administration studies Lecturer who just left the class,
'Let her go and find a man to marry jare,she's almost 40,yet no man in sight.'Molz said looking around the hall.
'She's married to her Phd Cert o' Bukky joined in.
'But seriously,whats delaying her,she's got a car,a house,and degrees to be proud of,her shape self na baba' Hannah said.
'Truth be told,with the way she shouts and scream at us,do you pray for such a lady for your brother.'Molz laughed.
'Tufiakwa,thank God i don't even have a brother.'Bukky said smiling.
'Me too,i have only got a beautiful sister,' just then a message came on her phone,she opened it to see an alert from Jacob,he'd sent her a whooping sum of 200,000.

Bukola who had seen the wide smile on her face guessed it was an alert. 'Hanny na alert be that o' she said.
Hannah looked at her making a puppet face,'I always knew you were a witch'she said putting her phone into her purse.
'Before nko,money don come o,make we spend am jare.'Molz laughed.
'That must be from handsome uncle Jacob'Bukky added.
'You don dey fall abi' Hannah laughed.
'You go carry us comot o' Molz said.
'Did i tell you guys that Akin took us out on Saturday'Hannah said looking at her friends.
'Yeh,lovey dovey o,and you were forming Jackchan here on friday,see your life'Bukky said eyeing her.
'Actually,i was bored on saturday and he offered to take i and my roommates to the pool,i didn't know he was that loaded sha,he took us in his ride'Hannah gisted her friends.
'Ha ha,we don miss big time o,Rotimi nko?' Bukola asked
'E dey o,he even called this morning,he wanted to see me this evening,but i lied that i was going to the library after class'
'Don't you think its time you get serious with him,this shakara is getting too much now'Molz said seriously.
'I agree with Molade o,give this guy a chance now,see the way girls are frolicking around him,and even a blind man can perceive that he's got eyes for you alone'Bukola said.
'I have heard you girls,this was the same thing Cynthia told me,i kind of like the guy,i just want him to fall hard,i want to be sure he's really into me.'Hannah explained to her friends.

The class suddenly became quiet as a lecturer came in,Hannah and her friends adjusted their sitting position,as the lecturer turned to face the class,Hannah froze,when she saw Prof. Boyle.

She'd forgotten about the text she received,she relaxed in her seat,bending a bit low,so that he would not see her,she had to go and see him immediately after his class.

He'd only spent an hour lecturing them before he packed his books and left,Hannah followed him out of the class.
'Excuse me sir' Prof Boyle turned to see her.
'Good afternoon sir' she said breathlessly.
'Yes,young lady what can i do for you?' he said without looking at her.
'You asked to see me sir' Prof Boyle looked at her now.
'Oh,its you,i have a class now check me later in my office' With this he turned and entered his car.

Hannah walked dejectedly back to meet her friends,who had been waiting for her,
'Hmm hmmm,what were you discussing with read or fail'Molz asked Hannah as she walked up to them.
Prof Boyle was popularly known for his read or fail slang.while some called him Prof Ewo{boil}.
'He asked to see me this morning,i'd forgotten to check on him' Hannah said bringing out her purse from the bag.
'When were you planning to tell us,or is it strictly yellow pawpaw and Boil?'Bukky said laughing.
'See you o,dirty mind,i don't know what you're talking about o'
'But what does he want from you?'Molz asked looking at Hannah.
'He hasn't said anything to be afraid of anyway and he's a decent man.'
'Decent kini,he's as guilty as guilty,his hands are not clean o.he's just being discreet about it,maybe he wants to taste your pudding' bukky answered.
'You're a bad girl Bukky,lets wait till we hear from him first.'
'Na una sabi o'
'Enough of this gossip'Hannah shouted at her friends'Am famished jare'
'Me too,you promised to take us out now'Molz said
'Its okay,i have my ATM here,lets go girls' Hannah said,they waved two bike men and off they went.

It was late evening,she had on a tube and a leggings,she was reading but she found it hard to concentrate,what troubled her mind was Prof Boyle,she'd checked him three times,but he wasn't in the office,was Bukola right?was he interested in having a taste of her pudding?if not what else did he want from her.
Maybe she was just overhyping the whole stuff self.
She put a call through to Jacob to thank him.
Just as she dropped the call,another call came through,she froze when she saw Prof Boyle's name on screen.
She sat on the chair by the dressing table,combing her hair,although her hair was short,she looked beautiful,her hair was well trimmed,she enjoyed the sweet sensation that nimbled in her stomach each time she drove a comb through her hair.

Adetoun just had her bath,it was a monday morning and she had no where to go,she started laughing all of a sudden,each time she remembered Uncle Titus face,while telling her parents his rehearsed rooster and bull story about how he got a swollen lips,she laughed again.

Titus lied to the family during dinner that he fell on the stairs hitting his lips on the wall,everyone had laughed at him,only Adetoun knew the real story behind those swollen lips.

Luck had been on her side this past two days,she'd been careful not to provoke Biyisi,although she had received two dirty slaps on Sunday morning for boiling too much water for tea,actually it was Adeola who boiled the water,she had gone to the kitchen to check the water when Biyisi flopped in like a toad,thank God she hadn't asked the silly girl to mix the tea,or else she would have received the beating of her life.

After service on sunday Biyisi went out,that afforded her the opportunity to visit Priye at home,he'd been so happy to see her,he prepared a nice dish of spaghetti and sardine stew for her with a cold pack of juice to step down with it,they wouldn't be seeing much during the week,Priye was so caring,he asked if she needed anything,which she declined,she lacked nothing even the money he gave her was still breathing where she kept it.

They had sex as usual,Priye was indeed a good lover,he knew how to satisfy her,each time they had sex she was always floating in heaven,making her forget her sorrow at the moment,he would explore inside of her,taking her to heights unattainable.He loved her so much. 

She'd return home before Biyisi to prepare supper for the family,Adekunle was there to help her,he was so excited about his date with Daniella and he shared every single detail of it with her.

There had been no shouting or flogging,and this morning everyone had gone about their business,her father to his place of work,that man she thought was as useless as the P in Psychology.
Biyisi had gone to work too,Adeola and Yemi to school,and Adekunle to his lesson center.

Even randy Titus had gone out,leaving her as the alpha and omega of the house at the moment,she'd just had breakfast,she sat on the bed thinking about the dormant lifestyle she lived,she was not moving forward nor backward,she was just stagnant.

She loved reading novels of any kind that appealed to her,she was about to open the one she bought of recent,when she heard tapping on the door,maybe it was their neighbor's door,she heard someone knock again,this time she stood up to answer it.

To her surprise it was that silly uncle Titus,she let him in without a word,and headed to her room,the sight of that man this days was nauseating,she locked her door firmly and sank on the bed.

'Adetounnnnnn' he called her five times,she answered after the fifth time.
'Sir?' she saw him in the sitting room,watching a programme n TV.
'Why didn't you answer when i called you?' he asked facing her.
'Sorry,i......i...... had an earpiece....... to my ears.' she stammered,what was it about this man that made her gittery?
'Can i get something to eat'
'Yes,there's rice and stew.'
'Get me a plate.' he ordered.
Adetoun left for the kitchen,she could tell his eyes were on her,she tried to stiffen her body making sure her buttocks were not wriggling.

She got a plate and dished some rice adding the fish stew,she put it in a tray with a spoon and a glass of water,she met an empty sitting room.'Uncle Titus your food is here o' she dropped it on the dinning.
'Please bring it to my room'
Adetoun sensed trouble,this man was surely going to have a broken head this time,should he try anything silly.
She carried the tray to his room,he collected it from her and dropped it on the small table in the room.Adetoun was glad that he behaved himself this time,she quickly walked out of his room.

But randy Titus was faster,he kicked her legs hard,she fell down and hurriedly locked the door,he stood behind the door glaring at her as she struggled to her feet.

She stood still looking at him,she screamed out loud.
'Bravo' Titus said clapping,maybe you should scream louder,your knight in shining armour might appear to save you.

Adetoun shuddered,as she stood,her legs were shaking,screaming was not going to help,and crying was not an option either.it was Monday and everyone was out.she had to be brave to fight this .
'What are you thinking about my little princess' he mocked her.
Adetoun merely shook her head,she was more than confused,as Titus picked his steps towards her,
'This morning,we're going to finish our little business which you disrupted on Saturday,Now pull your clothes before i tear it off you'
He glared at her with a wicked smile on his lips.
One companion she had come to love was the mirror,it never failed to tell the truth,she'd always enjoyed the beautiful moment they shared together every morning.

Excitement surged through her as she rolled out of bed,she headed to the bathroom,she brushed her teeth,and rinsed her mouth,looking at the smiling face in the mirror,she'd woken up with a new excitement today,allowing the thought of Jacob slip to the back of her mind,at least her mirror was faithful unlike Jacob Smith. 

She had a tete a tete with her bathroom mirror before going to her bedroom to dress up,finally she would be leaving for camp,she was going to have enough fun and not wither away thinking about Jacob.

The more she tried to ease him away from her mind,the harder it bacame,she could perceive the aroma of something delicious that Rose was preparing,she creamed her body,with caro white,rubbing her beautiful skin gently,it glowed like that of a baby. 

Her phone vibrated on the bed,that must be a text message,those network provider could be funny at times,sending numerous message about on going promos and packages,she retrieved her phone under the pillow,she wasn't prepared for the shock that greeted her sight.

Jacob yawned lazily on the bed,the alarm rang again. Gosh! he wanted to break that alarm,it was ringing with the intention of waking a dead man,and he wasn't a dead man or so he thought,his soul had

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Jacob yawned lazily on the bed,the alarm rang again. Gosh! he wanted to break that alarm,it was ringing with the intention of waking a dead man,and he wasn't a dead man or so he thought,his soul had been paralysed since sunday morning when he discovered Jane's disappearance.

This alarm must be crazy he sighed,as its sound penetrated his thoughts again,since he arrived at his 'Den' as he tagged it,he'd not enjoyed a moment,without Jane's beautiful face intruding his thoughts,Bash must think he was crazy at the rate at which he downed every bottle of alcohol in the house,the stereo played at its loudest drowning his thoughts.The sight of Jane's sexy body clouded his thought as he visualised all that happened on Saturday evening.His third member rose up as if it just sighted a prey,but there was none in sight,he'd been sleeping for fifteen straight hours.

His business strategies had deserted him,he thought about what to do to make Jane speak with him,nothing sensible came to his empty head.

He'd spoken with Jackie last night,letting her know,he was safe,he was not prepared to disclose his hideout.Katherine had called five times yesterday and twice this morning.

He stood up slowly from the bed,stretching lazily as he did,letting himself into the bathroom,he was out in ten minutes,he wore a black suit with a cream green shirt with matching black tie,he wore a Giambattista black shoe and belt.

The fresh looking handsome man he saw in the mirror was definitely not Jacob Smith,looking good on the outside but rotten on the inside.He had a nice frame and an athletic body,he'd seen beautiful ladies ogling at his sight.Even ladies in his office tried their best to get his attention,but they were not his type of woman.He brushed an unseen element off his broad shoulders smearing powder on his spotless face,he combed his hair and eyebrow,Jackie taught him all that,he laughed,his first laughter within the space of 32hours.

Bash drove him to work as usual,he walked briskly to his private elevetor,as he got off,some workers greeted him as he only answered with a nod.

Sharon was at her desk as usual typing,the lady was so serious with her work,Sharon stood up to greet her boss and opened his office,he walked to his seat removing his suit,he sat looking around his office like a new worker exploring his working environment.Sharon knocked twice and came in,
'Good morning sir' Jacob looked up at her without a reply,Sharon went on,she knew her boss was probably in a bad mood.
'The meeting with Bluebird firm is coming up in two hours time sir,and the manager of PCcG will be coming over in the afternoon,the other...' Jacob's hand cut her short.
'Call off the meeting with PCcG,i'll see our clients from Bluebirds,hold off all other appointments,within the two hours before this meeting,do not receive any visitor for me.' Sharon stood still listening to her boss.
'Should anyone,i repeat,should anyone ask to see me,i am not in,i hope you understand,if you would still like to work here,pay attention to all i just said.

Sharon wanted to speak but he waved her off,'Meanwhile get me a cup of decaf coffee.'

Jacob sat on the couch in a corner of the office,switching on the TV,he removed his tie,putting on the AC,he unbuttoned his shirt,Sharon brought in the coffee,she'd never seen him without his tie all her life in the office,the man was so handsome,and sexy she thought,dropping the coffee tray on his table.

A beautiful lady stood by her table when she got out.she knew her very well.'Hi Sharon.' she greeted.
'Good morning ma'
'Is Jacob in?'
'Yes...no,you can't go in ma.'
'Have your sights failed you.'
Before Sharon could say Jack,the lady pushed her slightly barging into the Jacobs office.....
Men! She swallowed,huh! What sort of humilation was this,was he bribing her? That was such a wack way to go about it,she read the message five times,dropping her phone on the bed,oceans of salt water found their way down her face,she let the water pour.

She was still finding it hard to forgive herself and here he was adding pepper to her fresh sore,she wanted to call him and lash at him,but she decided against that,it would sound like she was a coward,she was going to face him,let him know how grave his sins were before her,and how he was doing a great job of multiplying her pain.
It was just a quarter past eight by the wall clock,she dressed up within the space of ten minutes,something she couldn't have done even if she had an interview in twenty minutes time.

She told her mother she was going to see a friend and would be back soon,she drove her car out of the compound,something within her told her she was being silly about her decision,another told her to hurry up and finish the whole thing on time.

She was having a second thought about this whole thing of going to confront him in his office,she hardened her mind and increased her speed,no turning back about it.
The lady opened the door and walked in,Sharon followed her in,
Jacob had not even heard the door open,he stood by the window staring at the world deep in thought.
'Excuse me sir' Sharon repeated twice,Jacob did not utter a word.
'I told her not come in but she barged in here.' she explained.
'I don't want to see anyone' Jacob spoke calmly without turning back.
'Even me?' The lady spoke out loud.Jacob would recognise that voice anywhere,he knew who the intruder was without turning.
'You can go Sharon'
Sharon walked out closing the door behind her.The lady walked elegantly towards Jacob placing a hand on his shoulders,'Are you okay?' she asked,Jacob turned slowly facing her,she looked beautiful with her well made up face,she was like the lily of a valley.
'I am.' She led him to seat on the couch.
'You don't look like you're fine' she said,worry written all over her face.'Do you want to see a doc?'
'Katherine,i am fine.' his voice betrayed him
'Whats bothering you?you haven't been picking my calls.' she placed his hands on hers.
'Just a bit worked up,i'll be okay'
Katherine pulled him close,enjoying the warmth radiating all over him,Jacob made no effort to pull away,he was emotionally drained,he was enjoying this as much as she was.
'Do you want anything right now?' 
'No,you sound like am sick?'
'You look sick,.........your eyes,.......your look,your.....lips...sexy' she whispered.She kissed his lips and he held her tight,she kissed him again confidently this time,Jacob kissed her back,his hands moving all over her body,releasing the tension in his body.

In the twinkling of an eye,her Jacket was gone,his shirt had vanished too,Jacob pulled down the zip holding her beautiful tube gown,she was kissing him hungrily like a starved child,their hands found each the others body,Jacob kissed those volumptous bosom,while Katherine removed his belt.

Jacob mind was clouded,something felt wrong about touching Katherine,yet a greater force urged him on,he threw caution to the wind settling her better on the couch for real action,he felt like a man.
Sharon heard the tick tack sound,someone must be coming towards her office she guessed,true to that,a knock sounded on the glass door,she could see a young lady standing there,'Pls come in.'
In came one of the most elegant lady she had ever set her eyes upon,she looked so beautiful,though she wasn't gorgeously dresses,she looked simple but cute,her face,her body,her hair,she recognised that face from somewhere.

Yes,yes,yes she remembered now,her boss had brought her to the office sometime ago,she guessed the lady had something going with her boss,half the female staff kept asking her if she thought Jacob Smith was dating the lady,she was so pleasant to look at,
'Hello' Jane greeted. Sharon had been staring she muttered an apology.
'Sorry ma,your face looks familiar,i was trying to remember where i met you' Her smile could melt the strongest heart of stone,Sharon thought.
'Its okay,i am here to see Mr Jacob Smith' she asked politely,she was boiling inside yet trying to maintain her calm.
'He's not in ma' Sharon lied.
'I ....just saw his car in the lot.'
'Yes,actually he's around,but busy.' 
'Yes ma,he does not want to see anyone at the moment.'
'Thank you.' Jane said and walked towards the office.' Sharon stood up now.
'Please ma,my job is on the line,should you go in.' she tried to explain.

All she said fell on deaf ears as she took her steps towards the door,in one swift yank,she opened it and walked in.

Jacob lifted his head,thinking it was Sharon,but he was wrong,he was stunned! shocked!,speechless,paralysed as he stared at the figure before him.He opened his mouth and all he could say was J......ANE!
He stared at the beautiful lady,standing before him,his tongue was stuck and his brain was failing him.
Sharon walked in after Jane,
'Excuse me.....' Jacob gave her a look that screamed disappear.Taking in the tensed atmosphere,she walked out closing the door firmly behind her,something was surely amiss back there,the way her boss looked at her,his ruffled shirt.

Sharon had apologized to Katherine when she came out of the office with a forlon look some twenty minutes ago,katherine had only nodded with a fake smile walking as fast as her heels could allow her.she had wondered what happened between the duo but could not arrive at a sensible conclusion,although her clothes were rumpled but she knew her boss better,he'd never done such,in an office for that matter.

She sat down by her desk,she was going to make sure no one entered that office again today until those two in there came out.She knew there would be so many questions to answer from prying eyes and busybodies around the office,she only prayed her job would still be there at the end of the day.she brought out some files and began to work on them.

Jane stood there,all she wanted to do was remove his shirt,and stroke every hair on his flawless skin,he was beautiful for a man,she wanted to kiss him senseless and cry away her pains on his shoulders,her heart did a quick gymnastic,
'Jacob Smith' she said picking her words carefully.She inhaled deeply,letting out the air slowly,she was trying to compose herself,and she was fumbling big time.

'How could you?' her heart was racing fast. 

Jacob looked lost amidst the unfolding drama,he'd regained his senses,he could only thank God that Katherine had left before she came in,he'd been consumed with Katherine's show of affection that he let down his guard and allowed himself to get carried away for the moment.The instant he snapped out of his clouded emotion,he'd made her leave,but trust Katherine,she'd extracted a promise from Jacob,that he would come to visit her before the week runs out.She left some twenty five minutes ago.

God was surely by his sides,he didn't understand a word of what Jane was talking about.
'How could i?' he asked stunned.

'You're so cruel,how can you feign innocence about the message i received this money.' Jacob looked more confused.
'What message are you talking about Jane?'
'Don't you mention my name,was that my worth before you.'
'I don't think i understand what you're saying please.' His eyes were cool and pleading,Jane made up her mind not to fall for that.
'How do you explain the alert i received this morning.' Jane almost shouted.

It came rushing in an instant,Jacob had made a standing order with his bank to credit her account this morning,he'd forgotten all about it.he knew she'll be needing some money but knowing Jane,she'ld never ask him for money.
'Its an order i made for you dear.'
he tried to explain.
'Pls don't dear me,i get the game,but i ain't playing along,' she brought out her phone.'Tell me is this all that i am worth.'


'You can do better than keep quiet,talk i need answers,you clown! Is this some sort of bribe for what you did to me?'


Jacob sat down comfortably on the couch staring at her,he wasn't making any move to stop or explain to her.

'Or is this to compensate me?you took away.........my innocence?my.........pride.' Her body racked with sobs as she spoke.
'You defiled me,you made me a woman without my consent,you insulted me,as if that was not enough:...' she fought for air as she rushed on 'You intend to bribe me,Jacob Smith Adekunle,tell me two million is all i am worth before your eyes.'

'The picture is clearer,i see it now,your mother warned me but i thought she didn't like me.so its true,i do not belong to your class,you wanted to use and dump me like you just did,i can't believe you've thrown your conscience to the dogs,you fool,you think because you control money,you can control me?Hell no,i don't want your money,i don't want you.And i'll never sell my body to you in exchange for money' she cried.

Jacob was beginning to get a clearer picture too,this was a side of Jane he didn't know existed,what was she talking about self,what innocence did he take away? The pieces were coming together now.

This raging Jane was a new one to him,how was he going to explain all this to her.

'You look so cool like i am not even talking to you,you rich monster' she had finally lost her patience,she walked towards him, Jacob sat still,with no intention of answering her,he didn't see it coming,in a flash she hit him hard across the face,that was a hot slap!
She thought her ears were failing her,but alas,she heard him right.She was already shaking like mango tree in ti

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She thought her ears were failing her,but alas,she heard him right.She was already shaking like mango tree in time of winter,a cold decended upon her.

Titus was just two feets away from her,'You heard me young lady' his eyes looking all over her.
Adetoun scanned the room for anything,anything at all to break his head with,her mind was racing hard,beads of sweat had formed a water corporation on her face,even though the Air Conditioner was on.she shifted her legs on the floor.
'You're wasting my time my beautiful princess.' His eyes were stone cold without a trace of emotion in them.

Titus had longed for this moment,the seconds he arrived in their house,he'd noticed that the two pumpkins on her chest looked bigger and firm from the last time he saw her and her behind spoke volumes.
'Pull your clothes!' he ordered.
'No,i......wont' the waters were close by,they would spill any minute from now.
'I know you're not going to give in without a fight,do your worse,but becareful so you don't have to tell stories that touch the heart' Adetoun watched as he laughed loud.
Yes,she wouldn't give in before a fight,she glanced at the glass of water,as Titus took a step closer,she picked the glass,emptying the water on his face.
Titus was not expecting that,
'Bravo' he clapped,wiping the water from his face with a towel.

Adetoun felt something hard across her face,Titus slapped her twice,the glass fell from her hands breaking into two equal half,Titus picked one of the broken pieces and brought it to her neck.
'Do it now' Adetoun saw the look of terror in his face,she needed no second warning,she pulled off her jean and her blouse in five seconds weeping as she did so.
'And the rest?' 
she couldn't do it,she wept,she had only her bra and a lingerie on.Titus was ogling like an ,and it was irritating her more.

Titus yanked off the bra off her shoulders,she screamed,and he gave a blow on her arms keeping her quiet,he pushed her on the bed,she fought him frantically,she only ended up receiving more blows all over her body,he tore off her pant in a seconds,he brought out his John thomas,pinning her hard on the bed,he drove hard into her with anger,and she was forced to scream.
'Shhhhhhhh' he quietened her.
He grabbed her bosom pressing them hard,his lips crashing on hers,he kissed her hard,putting his hands in between her legs,doing whatever there,she moaned softly as he continued to rake inside of her,he began to increase the pleasure slowly but surely pushing the heels of his hands firmly against her.

Adetoun made another small desperate noise,helpless to prevent if from escaping through her open panting lips.

It was just too much to bear,she twisted under his hand helplessly,seeking release,ready to surrender all her fears,all her tension.She wished she was dreaming,but it was there,he was right on top of her.

He finally let her go,after having his fill of her body,pushing her off the bed in the process,she stood up crying,
'Heaven is a witness of this day,' she sobbed.'Titus you......'
'Will you shut your mouth,why are you even crying,this is not your first time.is it?Was i the first to taste your sweet pucci?speak out' he asked angrily.
Adetoun could only cry harder,packing her cloth from the floor.
'Although,i must confess,you're tight in there,you moaned softly while i explored your sexy body,' he accussed her.'Deny that you didn't enjoy it.'

Titus lay relaxed on the bed panting,he laughed at her as she wept,'you're such a sweet girl,i like the feel of your pumpkins in my mouth.You should be wiser than reporting this to Biyisi,' was that a warning?

'She would never believe you.Wipe your tears' he brought out a wad of mint cash throwing it at her.
'You deserve something' he laughed sardastically.

Adetoun couldn't take it any more,her anger was rising,it had gotten to its peak when her uncle said.'I hope to enjoy more of this soon.' she looked at his relaxed figure on the bed,picking the broken glass,she bashed his head hard,he let out a loud scream as she ran to her room.

She secured her door with a lock,she was about to sit on the bed when she heard someone knocking the sitting room door softly,she became afraid,the knock became louder,someone was definitely by the door.

Sorrow filled her heart as she lay on the bed,covering herself with a duvet,wishing that this bad nightmare would pass away.
Jacob was stuck dumb with the hot slap,Jane made to slap him again,but he was fast to hold her back,he stood up slowly.
and she knew that tone too,knew the thickness in his voice that meant he had been caught raw.

Jacob made a rough raw sound in the back of his throat and snatched in a breath as if he could hardly make his lungs work to keep him on his feet,he lowered his head and took her mouth in his,the scent of her body surrounded him as she clung to him shakily,flooding his head.

Jane was lost again,a tiny shaky voice in her head told her she was going crazy,was she here for this?she held unto his hands like her life depended on it.
Time was moving fast and here she was kissing the devil himself.

Jacob made no effort to break the kiss,as Jane snuggled closer to him,something snapped in her head,and with all the courage she could muster she pushed him gently breaking the kiss,he sat down pulling her to seat by his side.

'Jacob' her body racked with sob,

'Calm down and talk to me' he held her hands exuding the confidence of a man in his right senses. 

Breathing slowly she inhaled deeply,letting out the air slowly wishing her problem would be let out too.
'Jacob....'she burst into tears again.
'I don't understand a word of all you said,can you explain again please?'
'The alert i received this morning,was it a sort of bribe for what you did? She asked wiping the tears from her face with the back of her hand.
'I already made a standing order with my bank for you since last week,the part i don't understand is this saturday stuff you're talking about.' he asked.
'Don't tell me,you already forgot about it?'
'About what?'

How was she supposed to say it,you defiled me,you made love to me,we had sex?you? She was at a loss of how to start,She was filled with utter shame as she looked into his beautiful eyes. 

'Please speak.' he urged her on.

'Saturday evening!' she answered quietly.
'Nothing happened on Saturday evening.' he answered truthfully,surprise felt over his face.
'You don't get me'
'Then make me understand.' he was getting impatient trying to maintain his calm.
'In your bedroom,you.....i.......we............' She stammered,how do you say such a thing,she thought.
Jacob looked on trying to put the piece together.
'We had... .....' Jane stopped as fresh tears welled in her eyes again.
'No' he nodded,he got what she was trying to say now.
'You know what am talking about?'
'Yes,nothing happened in the bedroom!' he said it so confidently that she wanted to believe him for an instant.
'I mean we.....'
'I know what you're trying to say,i didn't do it....' 
'You mean,you didn't..'
'Yes i did not make love to you' he said bluntly.

Jane was stunned,shocked,confused,'But my clothes...the robe.....' she was going to run mad if Jacob didn't explain now.
'You see,when i asked you to dance with me,you already had a little too much drink,and you started kissing me,i carried you to my bedroom,you were asking me to do it' he paused to watch the reaction on her face, as she covered her mouth with her palm so as to avoid screaming.
'Then i removed your clothes and started kissing and touching,i almost lost it with the way you were behaving,but i had to put myself together,i reasoned it must have been the drink,and you're probably going to skin me alive if i tried it,it took all my will power,strength and every courage i could muster to leave you,Jane i didn't,although i wanted to,but i didn't'

Jane was crying,he held her close.
'I cherish you so much,i'll do anything to make you happy.' a stubborn tear escaped his eye.'Now i understand you,this means a lot to you,and i'll always respect your wishes,i'll wait for the right moment,i am not going to rush you into it.'

Jane raised her head,'Am so sorry,i thought you... ... ....' 

'Its okay,i just want you to trust me,i don't want to hurt you,let me love you,please.' Jane listened as he spoke into her ears.'And i am so glad,i didn't,i've never seen you like this before,you were about to tear down this office.And i don't want to see this part of you again.'

'Thank you so much Jay' she whispered.
'Now wipe your tears,thats enough for a day,let me take you home.'
'I can find my way'
'No,i insist dear' he smiled warmly.

'I love you my damsel'he kissed her on the lips.
'I love you too dear.'

He held her hands as they both walked out of the office,
'Cancel the meeting with Bluebird,i'll be back when am back,let no one wait for me.'
'Yes sir' Sharon nodded,as they walked towards his private elevator.

Sharon wondered what had happened in there,more than 90minutes,talking? But,the lady's eye were red,she needed no diviner to tell her,she'd been crying.

She sat by her desk,not wanting that to bother her,she had her own plans in motion,no turning back.Her boss is not one woman's property.

She couldn't deny they looked a beautiful couple together,like they were paired from heaven.
Whoever was at the door,had the intention of breaking it,the knock grew louder,creating a noisy atmosphere.

Adetoun snuggled under the duvet,pretending not to hear the noise that was bent on giving her migraine,it seemed whoever was there,was prepared to break in,it had to be Adekunle or a nosy neighbour,whoever it was should sleep there,she didn't give a damn,where was he\she when Titus was molesting her,when her world was shattering to pieces before her very eyes.

Her pillow was soaked in hot tears,her body throbbed,she was not feeling easy again,she felt pain right in her,she wondered what the devil of a man was doing to his bleeding head,she prayed the cut would not be too deep.

After what seemed like eternity,she heard the sitting room door opening from inside,that must be Titus,maybe he was going out to get his head bandaged.No one entered as she didn't hear any footstep in the house,the person must have left, since the door was not answered.
she stood up and went to the window,she watched as the monster of a ruthless man left the compound,she rushed to the bathroom to wash herself,she wanted to wash away everything,his touch from her body,but,
could she wash away the memory too,it was stuck in there forever,she spent so much time in the bathroom. 

Crying had become a stubborn part of her,she didn't need to cut a piece of onion to cry,it was part and parcel of her,a routine she had come to accept,even when she knew crying would never solve a problem,it still felt good to let out the torrent of warm water.

She lay on the bed,ignorant of the beautiful afternoon that had turned sour for her,someone was at the door again,she answered this time,it was Adekunle,he looked a bit angry.
'I've been to the house some hours ago,but you refused to answer the door',he said as he walked in,a bag slung on his shoulders.
'I was not in then,i went to get some things.' she said rushing towards her room.
But Adekunle had caught the edge in her voice,his anger dissolved as he pulled her gently
'Sister is anything the matter?'he asked with so much concern written in his voice.
'Am fine,just a little headache' she feigned a quick smile to convince him.
'I know you better than you do,something is definitely wrong,Oh my God! Look at your face,your eyes are red,you look sick,please talk to me dear sis.' Adetoun felt the tears again betraying her shamelessly.

'Adekunle,i am fine' she managed to say.

'No you're not,should i call Biyisi.'
Adetoun held his hands,alarm written on her face.'Please don't call her,i'll be okay soon.' Her legs were shaken as if they couldn't hold on the floor.

The last thing she would do,was call her mother,How was she going to explain such a thing to Biyisi,moreover,she'ld never believe her,she was used to her mother.She had wanted to call Priye but thought against it,it wouldn't be a wise thing to do,she was matured enough to keep it to herself.

'I just hope you would confide in me,i thought we were friends.'

'You can't understand dear brother' she walked dejectedly to her room,her only place of comfort.

Adekunle looked on,as his sister wobbled to her room,he knew something was wrong with her,she'd never looked that pale before,his thoughts were interupted by the entrance of Adeola and Adeyemi who had just returned from school.

Adetoun felt numb as something cold swept through her body,she wore another blouse and a cardigan,but it was the same,Adeola and Yemi came into her room to ask of food.
'We want to eat o' Yemi annouced loud enough for a deaf to hear.
She'd forgotten lunch completely,
she asked Adekunle to help make lunch,even silly Adeola knew something was wrong.
'You don't look well to me' she asked Adetoun who was shivering on the bed.
'Am fine.'
'Whats for dinner so that i and Adekunle can make some food before Biyisi returns.'

Adetoun was stunned by those words,Adeola offering to help in the kitchen was like a bomb thrown at her.
'You can check the roaster for food in the kitchen' she was glad she wouldn't have too much to answer when Biyisi returns.

It was getting late in the evening when her father returned,not quite long Titus too appeared from nowhere,the shouting in the sitting room alerted her that Biyisi was back.

She was so tired that to get up,Biyisi was mad with rage after finding out that Adetoun had slept all day under the pretext that she was cold or whatever,and that Adekunle and Adeola made dinner,she stormed to her room not bothering to listen to the other childrens plea that she was sick.
'Adetoun!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!?!!!!!!!!?!!!!!?' Biyisi voice was so loud that people in the next compound could hear her. 

Adetoun got up slowly to open the door,she unlocked it,coming face to face with her mother who was now wearing a black trouser on a black top,looking fresh probably she just had a bath.
'Didn't you hear me come in' Biyisi shouted.
Two heavy slaps landed on her right cheek without warning...
It feels so great to know that someone you love,loves you better in return.It gives you some tingling excitement in your belly,staring at his handsome features was far more intoxicating than champagne,she looked relaxed and contented as her chauffeur drove her home,watching the beautiful scenery before her.

She had come to realise that few specimen of men like her dotting Jacob really exist.Although she had found hers easily,she was not going to let him slip away from her,she was brought back to the present as the car came to an halt.
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 9:03pm On Jul 28, 2014
She had come to realise that few specimen of men like her dotting Jacob really exist.Although she had found hers easily,she was not going to let him slip away from her,she was brought back to the present as the car came to an halt.
'Here we come miss' Jane smiled sweetly removing her seat belt.
'Thanks my adorable chauffeur' Jacob smiled lazily at her.They burst out laughing,one of the things she loved about being with
him was his ability to make her laugh. Isn't it amazing to have a lover and a best friend in just one lovely man.

'Don't you want to come in?' Jacob made a face like he was thinking about it.'At least for tea' Jane encoraged.

'We both know if i come in,it wouldn't be for a cup of tea,i'ld end up wanting to kiss you again and again,don't tempt me.' Jane held his hands softly.
'Its alright.'
'I take it you've accepted the money'
'Yes i have.'
'I'm glad you did' Jacob said tightening his grip on her hands.
'I have got to go now,mum is waiting.' she made to open the door.
'Wait dear,you forgot this.' As she turned to face him,he pulled her into his embrace kissing her lips.
'Thanks,and be a good girl at camp,i'll be checking on you.'
'Thanks dear.'
'Send my love to Bibi'
'I will'
'I love you' he said,Jane opened her mouth to reply but he placed his fingers to her lips.
'Don't say it,it will go away,and i don't want you to go away'

Jane opened the door to the sitting room,to meet a sleeping Bibi. 'Mum?' she said waking her lightly.
'Oh you're back' she said adjusting on the sofa.
'Yes mum'
'I thought you were never going to come back today miss'
'Am sorry i kept you waiting' Jane stood up walking towards her room.
'Where are you going to,your food is getting cold.' Bibi said standing up.
'I almost forgot i was famished already' She laughed,how can you forget such.

Rose set the table,while mother and daughter had a breakfast of boiled spaghetti with fish stew with plantain and a glass of warm milk.
'Thank God,i am self employed.i would have received a query letter this morning at work.' Bibi laughed as she picked a piece of plantain.
'Thank God,when last did you speak with your baby girl' Jane asked.
'Oh,that reminds me,she called to say Jacob sent her some money,remember to thank him for me.I'm glad she's in school,her trouble is just too much for one woman to handle.' Biola said smiling.

'I will.' she paused looking at her mother,you wouldn't have to ask where she got her beautiful features from once you've seen Biola.'Mum?'
'Yes dear,anything the matter.'
'Yes' Biola's head snapped up instantly,what could be wrong with her daughter,not today of all days.
'What is it'she asked.
'I? How? Did i hurt you,have i done something you do not like?' Biola dropped her fork in a hurry.
'Not like that anyway,but Bibi there's this new glow on your face,the way you smile this days.i don't understand you'Jane said sitting upright.

Biola's heart sank,she prayed that her daughter had not found out her secret,she had wanted to tell her,but not now.She wanted to tell both children at the same time.
'Are you not happy that i am happy?'
'Ofcourse i am happy,but this beautiful glow is too much,you're always smiling,i think there's more than you're letting out.' Jane said.
'I am just happy,no secrets,no hidden agenda,i am just fine.'
'If thats the case,i am happy for you,how's work?'
'Better than before.' They both laughed,Jane sipped her warm milk.

After breakfast,Jane went in,freshened her make up,and brought out her box and her travelling bag,she loaded them into the car.Biola had insisted they pray which they did,it was a lengthy one,she said her amen quietly,trying to remember if she had everything in place before leaving the house.

She had promised herself to make the most out of camp,have fun,really have fun,meet people and make new friends and also work hard,

With the look of things,it would work out well,i hope so too.
The slap stinged her cheek,as she placed her palm to rub her cheek.she didn't feel too much pain,she was used to being slapped.You're probably wondering if i am silly,or how can one get used to being slapped.

Adetoun stood where she was,while Biyisi pushed the door hitting her on the face,bitter stinging tears burned in the back of her throat,pricked at her eyes,threatened to spill out widly,but she had done enough crying today already,she held back the tears as she balanced her foot so as to not fall.

Biyisi glared at her,
'You heard me come in,yet you didn't come to welcome me abi?' Welcome you for what?,Adetoun thought,its not like you travelled to Gallile or something.
'No ma' she answered.
'As if that was not enough,you slept here like a log of wood while Kunle and Adeola sweated away in the kitchen.' Adetoun stood quietly without speaking.

'What is wrong with you,what nonsense did you plant in my children's head.Good,all those questions deserve no answer from you right.' In anger she pushed her away,Adetoun fell hitting her head on the bed.

'Meet me at the dinning in 5secs' Biyisi hissed at the figure on the floor,and walked away without remorse for her action.

She thought her head would break into two equal halfs,but alas,it didn't,she stood up and followed her immediately,the cold had disappeared at the prospect of another flogging.

Everyone was sitted at the table including Titus who had a big baseball cap firmly fitted on his head,she had to stiffle a laughter that wanted to escape her throat,
so the bastard was not going to let out his shame to the world,she felt like stabbing him dead right there,

'I like your baseball cap uncle Tt' Adeyemi said from across the table,Titus only smiled at the boy.
'I might have to borrow that cap .'Adekunle added probably to make yanga to his friends that he had a baseball cap bought from the states.
'Not anytime soon' he said quietly discussing with Biyisi,and the way he spoke with her,she could swear there was a lustful desire ravaging him,his brothers wife? Biyisi was laughing at all his dull jokes,was she flirting with him too? She just hoped it was not what she was thinking.

She served the family,plastering a plastic smile to her dull face.Her father sat there as usual,he never had something to say,he was just a figure head father,she wouldn't feel his absence even if he was dead.He'd never asked about her problem,never showed concern.

She returned to her room with her plate of food,she placed it on the only table in the room,she had lost her appetite.

A text came in from Priye,it was a good night message,she placed the phone on her chest letting it remain there.

She heard someone tapping her door lightly,without thinking she opened the door,lo and behold there stood TiTus,he had walked in before she could even register his face,he closed the door securing it with a lock.

Adetoun was shocked,what does this sonofabitc# want,not again she prayed.she closed her eyes so as to wake up and find him gone,but he was there,yes,right on her bed.

Her phone was still in her hands with Priye's message displayed on it,she must have slept off.
'What do you want Titus' she said quietly,something asked her to scream,she just couldn't bring herself to do it.
'You know what i want' he answered with a devilish smile on his face.

This man must be a bastard thrown from the darkest pit of hell,she was yet to recover from this morning episode and he was here again for a repeat,what did he take her for,a LovePeddler?slut? Oh no God where are you?

'Lets be fast about it' he said pulling down his boxers,he drew her close,pushing her gently on the bed,she didn't protest nor make any effort to scream.

Titus removed her clothes as she lay there like a log of wood,he had a very rough sex with her,squeezing her bosom like a juice extractor,pushing her roughly into various positions he desired,Adetoun wanted to bash his head one more time,but she had no strength to do so.he bruised her badly after satisfying his lustful desire he rolled off her staggering towards the door,
'I'll be back again'
with that he let himself out of her room.

Adetoun lay still,drained of all her energy,stripped of her dignity like an empty tin of milk.she was tired of thinking and crying.

She was fed up of praying to a God who never answered her,nevertheless she still prayed,
'Lord please take away my life.'
'I was so angry that i got out of his car and slammed his door,without a word' Hannah said looking at her friends across the room for support which she didn't get.

After speaking with Prof. Boyle,putting a flipflop on her feet,she had gone to talk to him some meters away from the hostel,he was in his car.seeing a cigarette in his hands shocked her,so much for all his discipline and moral talks.

She got into his car,sitting on the passenger's side,Hannah wasn't listening to the trash he was spewing about how beautiful she was and how he had always admired her,she was studying his face,he looked like a bitter man who had just survived an argument with his wife for infidelity,he was rough but his handsome features shaded it,he came across as a deadly viper when stepped upon.

She'd only heard his last statement saying he would like to take her away for the night at one of the few upscale hanging out spot in the vicinity,can you imagine that on the first day of the week.Without as much as a sideward glance,she had gotten of the car,slammed the door and walked briskly to her hostel.

'What?' the other girls shouted as she recounted the episode that just took place to them.

The three girls were seated on Rukayat's bed watching a movie on her laptop,while Ann sat across them on her bed.

'Did i do something wrong?' Hannah looked confused.
'You did' Rukayat said,'How can you walk out on him like that,at least you should have agreed with him,going out with him wouldn't hurt a hair on your skin.'

'I wasn't expecting something better from you anyway' Cynthia eyed Rukayat.'Look,my dear,i think you did the right thing by walking away.'

Hannah looked a bit relaxed now 'Really?oh thanks,i was afraid of my action for a moment.'

'I think you have every reason to be afraid of your action Ann,from the little i know about that Boyle,he's as deadly as a cobra,he spits venom when he's angry,i wish you had taken a subtle action.' Shade said shaking her head as she spoke.

Shade was an all rounder in gossip all over campus,thats her hobby.The two things she should be awarded for are reading and gossip.

'I said it,i don't see any big deal in what this man proposed,just hang out,osho free drink,peppersoup,chicken grill,you might be yellow pawpaw but you have a dull brain.'Rukayat said,she was never one to miss out on something free anyway.

'This is your matter,each one of us is entitled to our own opinion,but your decision carries the weight,so be wise' Cynthia cautioned eager to continue with the movie.

The girls resumed their movie while she resumed her thought,she was more confused than ever,what was she supposed to do? Apologise? Plead? Beg? Or just keep quiet and watch things play out.

She opened her provision bag,bringing out a blueband butter,she ate the remaining slice bread she left over in the morning.she was definitely going to think this out before sunrise.The sound on her phone revived her lost mind,it was a ping from Rotimi.

Rotwilm:Hello babe
she so much disliked being referred to as a babe.
Hanny: Hi Rotimi
Rotwilm:How was ur dae?
Hanny:Cool as usual nd u?
Rotwilm:Just boring without you
Rotwilm:Yes babe
Whats with this babe thing self.
Hanny::Okay,anything for me.
Rotwilm:So many things for you now.
Rotwilm:Yes,but first,i'ld like to see you after class tomorrow.
Hanny:I don't know if i'll be busy or not.
Rotwilm:You can make yourself available,if you really want to.
Hanny::Okay i'll try.
Rotwilm:Is that a promise?
Rotwilm:C'mon pleeeeeeeeease.
Rotwilm:Whats with you and boil?
Rotwilm:Reread previous chat.
Rotwilm:Should anything come up don't hesitate to inform me.
Hanny:Sleeping things o
Rotwilm:Its not 10 yet.
Hanny:I sleep when i like
Rotwilm:its alright.
Hanny:Its a good night then.
Rotwilm:Not so fast.
Hanny:What else?
Rotwilm::ppromise to dream about me.
Rotwilm:I know you will
Hanny:Good night..........
Rotwilm:Sleep tight.
Rotwilm:Someone cares
After 10secs
Rotwilm:Remember to dream about me.Sleep well my lady.........

Hannah enjoyed chatting with Rotimi,he was a good guy,funny and understanding.she placed her phone by her pillow,and pretended to sleep before she finally slept off.

Tuesday Afternoon
The big fan standing across the room generated much heat than the air it was supposed to provide due to the number of people in the room.
Chop 'n' Chop[/b]was always crowded,morning afternoon and night.She didn't so much enjoy the food,but her friends had insisted that they eat here.Students were always moving in and out every seconds.It was a small eatery though expensive.It still had an enviable number of customers.

It took an eternity to find a good table where some fresh air could get in,and another century to get their food on their table.

'I enjoy eating here'Bukky said,uncovering her plate of food.
'Me too o' Molz joined in.'Are you not going to say something'
'What do you want to me to say?i dislike eating here,the crowd pisses me off.' Ann ate a piece of plantain as she spoke.
'Relax girl,this place is crowdy,i agree,but the food is tasty.' Molz said bringing out a towel from her bag.
'Lets talk better matter jare,i still can't believe Boyle said that.'Bukky said dropping her fork.
'Are you calling me a liar?' Ann asked she had explained all that happened to her friends in the class this morning.
'Ofcourse not,am just surprised.'Bukky added.
'I am not surprised at all,Men like prof.Boyle abound,they do the exact opposite of what they teach or preach to you.'Molz said.
'I think you should tell this to Rotimi,he has extra fingers in this department.'Bukola said.
'I agree with that.'Molz said.'It wouldn't hurt to tell him.'
'You guys talk like,i am already dating him'Ann said raising her eyebrow.
'We all know you're going to date him'Bukky said
'He's handsome,rich,caring...........'
'Intelligent,social,if you ran out of adjectives'Ann said sipping her cold drink.
'Its a known fact,that you like him,he likes you too.whats there again'Molz said measuring her gaze.
'What happened to love?' Ann asked.
'Love is a gradual process,it will come in at the right time.' Bukola said pressing her phone.
'You guys are simply dumb'
'And a friend to dumbs'
'Is simply dumb too'
The girls burst into laughter,drawing a few eyes to themself.
'Hey girls,lets be serious,i know whats troubling you,'
'And what is it?'
'You're trying to convince yourself that you do not like him,but sorry dear,its so obvious,its written all over you that you dig this bobo'Molz was a blunt person,she didn't sugar coat words,she says it the way it is.
'Is it that obvious' Ann asked pertubed.
'Well,......yes,at the mention of his name you become extra careful,why are you even fighting it.'Bukola asked her.
'I don't want a guy to play me like strings of a guitar and move on to the sticks of a drum like nothing happened.' she explained,what she was really afraid of was that three letter word that usually pops up in every relationship.
'Just give him a trial,it just might work out,how many have you tried before self'Molz asked.
'Just one' Ann answered.
'One pere,just one and you're spewing like this.' Bukola said.
'Yes,and guys enough about me,' Ann said,she looked around,most people were eating and chatting with friends.She'd noticed some admiring glances thrown across her which she returned with cold hard stares.

His hair was jet black,well cut,he looked neat in his pink shirt,huh thats a feminine colour and he rocked it well.he was staring at her when he thought she wasn't looking,and now that he looked elsewhere she was staring at him too,he hadwell defined features too,He looked like he'd stepped straight from the pages of GQ,not that she had ever read Gentlemen's Quarterly but she was familiar with the comparison.And if anyone looked like he deserved to be on the cover of GQ,it was this guy.

'Who are you staring at?' Molz asked piling the plates together she signalled to a waitress.

Before she could think of an appropriate answer,the shrill ringing of her phone came in,she checked the caller id,
'Rotimi is calling' she whispered to her friends who kept quiet.
'Hi' she answered putting the phone to her ears.
'Hello pweetie,how are you?' Rotimi's voice boomed through the phone.
'I am fine,and you?' she asked.
'Fine too,where are you so that i can pick you up'
'I'll be waiting outside Chop 'n' Chop ' she answered.
'Okay.i'll be there in ten minutes.'
'Don't keep me waiting' she said
'Trust me,i wont.'
Ann dropped her phone in her purse.
'What did he say?' Molz asked
'He is coming to pick me up in ten minutes.' she smiled as she spoke.
'Where is he taking you to?'Bukky asked.
'I don't know yet.'
'Just be a good girl and don't say anything to hurt the guy o,am happy for you sha'Bukola smiled too.
'Make sure you get a goodbye kiss from him o'Molz added as they all moved out of the eatery.
'Isn't that too early?'Bukola said
'It isn't at all,i trust you now.'
'Thank you girls' Ann said laughing.

A blue car Honda accord pulled to a stop before them,Rotimi came down,greeted the other girls and opened the door for Ann just as expected of a gentleman.
'So where are you taking me?'
she asked,she wasn't expecting what she heard.' My place outside the campus!'

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Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 10:06am On Jul 29, 2014
The pool was very cold,the water in it ice cold,she couldn't remember going there,they didn't have a pool in the compound,adding to her foolishness,she was swimming with her clothes on,how weird?

Worse still,she couldn't swim,no one thought it wise to teach her how to swim,her parents saw it as a luxury they couldn't afford.Her parent never took her out until the younger ones started coming,at times she had been left at home while the other members of the family had fun elsewhere,she used to worry about this,but now she was used to it.

She was shivering by now,totally drenched like a hen caught in a stormy rain.she just couldn't get out of the pool,isn't that funny?something blurred her vision,she tried opening her eyes,after so many effort she finally opened her eyes,to find an angry Biyisi standing over her with a bowl of water.

She was dazed.stunned.shocked to say the least,this woman was pouring iced water on her right in her bed,
'Wake up sleeping frog,its 6:00am' she said in a terrifying softness.
'Mumm.....' Biyisi's hand cut her short.
'Don't waste my time,get out of that bed,prepare the bath for your siblings,wash the dishes,make breakfast,and clean this house.' Biyisi fumed,speaking in a haste.'Your father's car needs some washing and you know he'll be ready for work in 90minutes time.'

'And what will you be doing while i work my poor self to death,you wicked Naughty Lady'Those were the very question on the tip of her tongue,she had to caution herself least she invoke her mother's wrath this morning which could lead to a beating and slapping session.

Biyisi watched as she crawled out of bed,looking over her with disdain,her dislike for her first daughter was so obvious this morning.

The memory of last night came flooding in,her clothes were still on the floor,the room dishevelled,was this about to become a routine,a cold chill went up her spine and she shuddered at the thought. 

She boiled water for tea and went to prepare the bath,she returned to clean the dishes and sweep the kitchen,her body complained as she felt pain all over but who was a beggar to complain about a dirty money.

Even Adekunle noticed her coldness,he was a smart boy,
'I still believe something is wrong with you' He had said,Adetoun recognised his voice and didn't bother to turn as she mixed the tea in a jug.
'You thought wrong.'
'Why do you look this pale?'
'Am just tired.'
'And the pain in your face?'
'I'll be fine'
'You have a listening ear,confide in me.'
'Don't let me bother you with my gibberish nonsense'
'Am not complaining.'
'Why are you so bent on knowing?'
'Why are you so bent on making a secret of whatever happened to you.'
'Thanks for worrying over me,its enough,i'll come around soon.'
'I hate to see you this way,the smile is gone,no trivial jokes,you haven't asked of Daniella in 18hrs.'

Adetoun cracked a smile,so those little things meant a lot to her dear brother.she continued with her work while Adekunle stood behind her.
'Okay,i'll tell you when i am ready' But,being an inquisitive person,Adekunle wasn't satisfied with that.
'Is this about Priye?'
'Sshhhh,don't put me in trouble o' she whispered.
'I need to know what is wrong with you.'
'Nothing is wrong with her,she is just seeking a little attention that i am not prepared to give.' Biyisi said from the doorway,she made no secret of her dislike.
'Mum,thats harsh.wicked.blunt and stale coming from you' Adekunle said venting his anger,Adetoun kept mute,what is the business of a rat at the meeting of a lion and an elephant?
'Adekunle please keep out of this.' Biyisi warned.
'And if i refuse?This cold treatment is uncalled for,you're being heartless about this.' He was getting angry.
'You know nothing about this,so get out of here.' Adekunle recognised that tone and knew better than to argue,he glided out like a rattle,hissing as he did so.

'Look what you caused?' Biyisi's palm stung Adetoun's back twice.
'What nonsense did you feed his head with?don't get on my nerve this morning o'

Adetoun felt hot tears stung the back of her eyes,she let them spill, as she hurried with the breakfast.

At last what she feared became stark reality,Titus had made a routine of sleeping with her anytime he felt like,he'd appeared at her room and every other night that followed for the past one week. She always left her door open now,so he made an habit of coming to empty himself inside her,making her a public latrine.

He had come one afternoon,while her parents were around,she argued with him for the first time and he'd said. 'Your parents are busy doing what we are about to do.' she hushed herself letting him in.

And tonight like every other night,he came knocking again,she didn't know why she had secured the lock,she opened the door noiselessly,but it wasn't Titus,it was the least person she expected.

The person stood there staring at her,and she was shocked beyond words.
'Do you like this place?' She asked her.

Jane was so happy to be in camp afterall,her mother dropped her at Iyana ipaja orientation camp,she did her registration,she saw a lot of corpers just like her,male female alike,tall,dark,fat,short,yellow pawpaw ones like her sister and semi orobo and lepa.

The camp was not as bad as it was painted to be,it was neat,and there was tap water,electricity and generator when PHCN decides to exercise their power.Though the hostel was crowdy,she had learnt how to manage and she adjusted fine,she was learning a lot at a fast pace,she always planned her activities,here she had learned to do things in a hurry,bath in a hurry,dress in a hurry,rush to camp ground to avoid punishment from those wicked soldiers that never tired of sending her admiring glances.

Jacob called frequently as he could,he said to call in before the week runs out.

She met people of different class and status,different age and attitude,attention seekers like our amiable visitor on this thread and other quiet ones who just read in ghostmode and disappear.

Luckily for her she had made three new female friends,she spoke generally with anyone who cared to greet or say hi,and two male friends in just three days.

At least she had friends to talk to,she made sure she participated in every activity,this was camp and she was going to enjoy.

'Yes' she answered Ajoke who finshed from Unilag studying Accounting,the lady was a talkative but she was intelligent and smart too.
'No place like home' Ajoke said looking into the sky
'Yes o.'
'You have a fiance?'
'What that suppose to be a question or a statement.'
'All of the above'
The ladies burst into laughter.
'So tell me'
'What's yes?'
'I have a boyfriend.'
'I mean a fiance not a boyfriend,someone who you're engaged to marry.'
'Oh,i don't have one at the moment'
'Why,you're such a beautiful lady.'
'Can't you see those young men always casting admiring glances each time you walk by.'
'Ajoke,hawk eyes,how about you?Does anything ever go past your eyes?'
'Not at all,and I have a fiance,he's a petrol chemical engineer,lives and works in Lagos.'
'So sweet' Jane said giggling.
'You love him?'
'With all my heart.' They laughed while Ajoke excused herself to the ladies.

She relaxed as she surveyed the environment,its been five days now and things were going on fine,she was sitting outside the camp hostel,there were other people sitting in two,three and in groups laughing and arguing as they discussed.

The sun was settling in and the atmosphere cool,although a bit noisy,it was a beautiful evening,she let herself enjoy the cool breeze romancing her beautiful skin.

Ajoke was taking time o,she disliked sitting alone,because of some guys,once someone discovers you're alone they tend to sneak up to your side boring you with dry jokes all in the name of keeping you company,and she didn't want that this evening.

Not that it matters anyway,she could always walk out on any inquisitive guy,what was more embarassing than a guy with poor english usage trying to get your attention,she often wondered how they made it through school with those bad grammer and poor use of tense.

There was a guy just two benches away from her,he was reading something in a pieces of paper,perhaps a song or a poem,but his demonstrative gestures was making him look funny,she tried to listen,he was reciting a poem,his voice was growing louder and people were beginning to place attention on him.

The guy was growing confident as he began reciting the poem aloud,everyone laughed,it was a funny poem about a beautiful lady,he saw in the market,fell in love with,tailed all around as she went buying foodstuff,he finally lost track of her in the crowded market,he had returned home crying,without realising that he hadn't purchased any food item too,he wept and slept in hunger.

They way the guy recited itwas so funny,especially when he got to the latter part,everyone clapped and booed at him as he did all over again changing his styles and gestures as he did so,by now he had pulled a crowd of people to himself.

Jane wished Ajoke was here,including Duro and Ibrahim her newly found male friends,both guys finished from the same university,and were very funny,never a dull moment with either or both of them.

People were asking him for a repeat performance,he never declined as he seemed to be enjoying himself and the large crowd he had succeeded in pulling,he'd began to recite other poem he had mastered too,the crowd kept cheering him on.

She felt a soft warm hands placed on her shoulders,no one could touch her with such familiarity except either of her two male friends,the owner of the hand was in no hurry to take it off,she turned to look at the person.

She was surprised as she looked into the most beautiful and soft looking pair of eyes she had ever seen.
The area was not too far from the school vicinity,perhaps a 30minutes on foot and 10mins in a car,she was enjoying the ride as Rotimi made polite talk,she didnt want to talk much,not wanting her favourite lipstick,Jimmy Choo to wear off.

He stopped in front of a two storey building,LION HOSTEL was boldly inscribbed in front of the house,he came down from the car to open the gate,he drove the car in and got down to open her side door before closing the gate,whats with all the formality self?

She walked closely behind him as he led her into the house,the environment looked neat,she climbed the stairs,thank God she was wearing a flat heel,as he stayed on the top storey.

He opened the door and she walked into a tastefully furnished apartment for a student,
'Please sit' Hanny smiled as she sat on a cushion chair.
'Welcome to my apartment' he said smiling warmly.'Do relax and make yourself comfortable.
'Thank you'
'Do you mind if i show you around'
'Don't bother.' she said.
'Its no bother at all'
He showed her around the apartment.She wondered how many girls he had applied this method with,Guys! you just can't trust them sha. 
'You've got a nice apartment here.' she said.
'Thank you ma'
They return to the sitting room.
'What would you like to drink?'
'Anything is fine.'
'Any fruit drink will do'
'Now you're talking,please excuse me,i'll be back in one minute' He walked inside,probably to the kitchen,he returned with a tray.
'Hope,i didn't keep you waiting.'he said as he poured her a glass of five alive.
'No,you didn't.'
'How are you,how was your day?'
'Fine o and you?'
'Not too fine,Did you miss me?'
'Miss you? She laughed.'Why should i?'
'Because i miss you.'
'Is that to say you miss me too?'
'Hmmmm' she sighed
'I take that for a yes then.'
'I thought we already crossed this phase,why are you always saying maybe to me.'
'I don't know'
'Are you shy?'
'No,am not.Do you stay here alone?'
'Nope,i have a roommate,but my roomie is not yet back from school.' He explained moving from his seat to sit close to her.
'I like you,and i am sure you like me too.'
'What an assumption?' she said smiling.
'Its written all over your face.'
'I don't believe you'
'Just give me a chance to love you.'
'Just like that?'
'Is there a condition?'
'None that i know of'
'I see no reason to keep postponing me.'
'I am not......' A chill went up her spine as he touched her arms.she looked alarm.
'I didn't mean to make you afraid.'
'Its okay,am fine'
'I love you Hannah,we're ain't kids,lets get this started.' He relaxed his hands on her shoulders.
'Am just...'
'Please Hanny don't make excuses'He pulled her closer.'Don't you see how much i love you'

Hannah was finding it hard to breath locked in such a close embrace with an opposite sex,she tried to pull away,
'Hannah please let me love you' he said breathlessly.
'I have heard you' She said,how was she suppose to pull out without embarrasing herself.Before she could say Jack his lips had found hers,he was kissing her gently,still holding her hands.The kiss! On a first date? 

Thank heavens for the shrill sound of his phone,but that didn't stop him,the phone rang twice before he picked it.
Hannah adjusted her rumpled cloth,
'Can you please excuse me for ten minutes.' Rotimi asked,he looked a bit angry,but he was doing a fine job of keeping it in control.

He had been arguing with someone over the phone,the person wanted him to bring him/her some things,she guessed from the little she heard of the conversation. 
'If you're going in to the school,you could drop me then.'
'You don't have to cut short this visit,i'll be back soon.' 
'Its alright,pls don't keep me waiting.' Hannah said.
'Thanks for understanding,let me play you a musical video'

He inserted a disk and played her some music,it was blaring from the speaker,she had to tell him to reduce it volume.
'What would you like me to get you?' Rotimi asked.
'I'm okay.'
'I promise to get you something nice.' He smiled for the first time since receiving that call fifteen minutes ago. 'I just want to drop some stuffs for someone,i'll be right back.

With that,he let himself out,carrying his backpack along.

'Wow!' Hannah exclaimed. 'This place looks nice o'

She went towards the corridor,the kitchen was well kept too,she opened the first door she saw,that must be his room,it was in total dishevel,after looking around she closed it and opened the other room,

'This must belong to his roommate' she said aloud.

She opened the door noiselessly,she had to grasp the handle so as not to fall.

Little wonder he hadn't opened this door,when he showed her around,she was dazed to say the least,he was keeping a very big cockroach in his wardrobe. 

The guy had guts,she had to leave now,she rushed to the sitting room,picked her purse and bolted.
The weekend was going to be a good one as Jacob had promised to come over.excitement tinged all over her body,it was like awaiting the convoy of a semigod,and truly Jacob was her semigod,her personal man.

'I can't wait to meet him.' Ajoke chatted excitely.
'You won't have to wait for long.' Jane said giggling.
'I have heard his name quite a number of time,but i haven't been privileged to meet him.'
'You will very soon.'
'I am yet to get over the fact that Jacob Smith is your supposed boyfriend.'
'And so?'
'You say it like it means nothing to you.'
'Whats so special about that?' Jane asked an inquisitive Ajoke.
'Everything is special o,he's an hunk of an handsome man from what i have heard o,he's a multi millionaire,he's contantly on the pages of papers and magazine and you think thats not special.' Ajoke said eyeing her friend.
'You're over hyping this thing self.'
'Over kini?,Jane you're damn lucky,you just don't know it.'
'I've heard you o.'
'I want to look good for him.'
'I should be saying that.'
'Well,i am saying it because you don't see a big deal in being the girlfriend of Jacob Smith.'
'I hope you're not having ideas'
'C'mon,i have a fiance,i am just excited thats all.'
Jane's eye strolled to the wall clock,'I think its time we start dressing.' Ajoke brought out her box and the search for something nice to wear began.
'I want to look real good.'
'Yet,you're still on an ultimate search for what to wear.
'Let me take my time o.'
'We do not have all the time in the world o.'

'You look surprised.' Jacob said as he got to the sitting room,where Bash was sitted comfortably watching a football match.
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 10:19am On Jul 29, 2014
'You look surprised.' Jacob said as he got to the sitting room,where Bash was sitted comfortably watching a football match.

His friends Jaiye,Paul and Frank had just left after a futile attempt to drag him to the golf course.He had declined saying he had a better and far more important place to touch.

'Yes,am surprised.' Bash said looking at his Boss,his confident and his -friend,though Jacob never reffered to him as that.Bash has a good taste when it comes to fashion,design and combination.And he was the one who arranged his clothes,selecting the best combo that suited every occassion,but he was surprised because Jacob was not wearing the matched clothes he selected this morning for their afternoon outing.
'Well,i just decided to wear something else,something simple,thats all.' Bash smiled,Did Jacob just call this simple?Yes maybe it was simple,but he looked elegant and dangerously handsome in his Jean and white shoe,white had a way of bringing out the life and sparkle in his bright eyes,and he was rocking this white shirt nicely.
'You look good sir.'
'Thanks,are those boxes in the car.'
'Yes sir.'
'I am ready to move.'

The Ac was doing a good job as he was more relaxed,he leaned in the back seat,enjoying the ride,Bash was a good chauffeur and he enjoyed his company,his phone rang and he answered it.

He was happy to be putting away his business trouble for the mean time,his work was succeeding in taking over all his time,it was not an easy task,running such organisation,management wasn't his favourite.Thank God he was finally getting out this weekend.

He was jolted to reality from his thought by the sound of a text,that just came on his phone. 

A frown caressed his face as he looked up from the phone,his brow furrowed like he was deciding about something,
'Bash take a turn,we're heading towards the Island.'
A surprised Bash turned to his boss with a questioning look on his face.
'You heard me,be fast about it,take the next turn.'
'Okay sir.'

'I'm getting impatient o' Ajoke said looking at Jane who was draped in a pink chiffon dress that hung perfectly on her.
'What am i supposed to do,you heard me call him few minutes ago and he said he was on his way.' Jane said tapping the table lightly.

They'be been sitting at the table for close to an hour with a pack of juice both shared in two glasses.
'Huh! Its getting late now.'
Ajoke said sipping her drink while Jane played with a strand of hair in her face.
'You don't have to remind me,i know.' Jane said,Jacob was getting late,and Ajoke would be so disappointed after going to all the trouble with her hair,her make up,and her beautiful knee length white gown that made her look like one of those ladies in fashion magazines.
'Don't make that face for me o,lest your make up wears off.' Jane said feigning a smile,as she didn't want to show the coldness riding in her own soul.
Ajoke smiled,'Lord please let him come on time.' she prayed.
'Is that a prayer.'
'Ofcourse it is.' The ladies laughed.Jane adjusted her seat and sat up.

And there he was walking towards them with so much vitality,he looked more handsome than the other time,his soft eyes smiling as he walked towards their table.

His lips......,she breathed hard,were damn sexy,she couldn't wait to kiss him.Would he love to kiss her,it would be so much fun....
This was the height of it,she was taking the assault and the pain no more,she was merely sharing a house with the two people who derived so much pleasure from being called her parent but never fulfill their obligations as one.Her parents neglected her like a priced burden upon them.She lived each day in constant fear of being flogged at her age,where her mates were graduating.

She had showered some minutes ago,taking a shower this days was taking much time,she always wanted to wash away the pain from being bruised each night.she dressed up,her face looked pale in the mirror,she didn't give a damn,she was going to see Priye because he had insisted he wanted to see.

She had been home all day,she looked at the corner where she kept her weapon,Titus must have a strong head and his god was solidly behind,if not he would have been rumaging around in the land of the dead by now.But luckily for him,he hadn't come to her room for his usual rendevous,else he would not have lived to tell the story,her body shivered at the sight of Titus in cold blood and mudered by her.
If she would be hanged tomorrow,then it must be fro m murdering her own killer.

She heard Adekunle knocking her door all day,but she'd pretended to be asleep,the boy wanted to know what was wrong,but she wasn't telling,at least not yet.he was too young and helpless to be let into the matter.or how was he going to take it,that his uncle was shacking her sister,molesting her,assaulting her at every opportunity he got,for the past two weeks.

'Your voice...... was so cold,the way you sounded on the phone,and...and now,you look pale.' Priye said hugging her tight.

'I am not fine.' She wanted to let it out,all of her worries her pain,her bitterness,sorrow,heartbreak,disappointment,but she just couldn't do it.
'What happened to you?' Priye sat her down holding her hands.He looked so worried,just like a mother hen huddled over her baby chick with a broken leg.

Adetoun was silent.

'I just might be of help.' The concern in his voice touched her.
'You can't understand,i bet you don't want to know.' Priye held her close as she closed her eyes and wept.
'Make me understand,i love you so much.' Priye looked like he would start crying soon. 
'This is beyond you Priye.' she sobbed.
'If i can't be of help,i'll let my parent in on this' Adetoun wanted to tell him,but decided against it instantly.The last thing she wanted to do was wash her dirty linen in public.
'Its just too complicated.'
'No,its not,let me help you.' Priye had began to cry too.
'Is it biyisi again?is she the one causing you so much pain?' He asked bitterly.

Adetoun only wept harder.

'Adetoun,......let me worry about you..... ,allow....allow....... me to solve your problem.' Priye stammered as hot tears stung the back of his throat. 

'My problem is beyond an arithmetric progression or lines on a graph sheet...'....I....love you Priye.'

'I love you too dear.' Priye cried.

What a day!,overwhelmed by their tears,pain,passion and love,Priye bagan to UnCloth her and for the first time,she said no to him.
'Why baby?'
'I just can't do it.'
'Let me make love to you'
'You'll hurt me.'
'I wont,have i ever hurt you?'

'No you haven't,but others have,Biyisi has,the woman i call my mother,Titus has,the man i call my uncle and ..... ..... .....' she wanted to tear herself apart,she was going to run mad soon,her heart racked with sobs,her body shuddered,the tears flowed freely. 

In a frenzy,she picked her clothes,and began to wear them,Priye looked on as she wore her clothes hurriedly like a force greater than her was taking control of her mind,she said a quick goodbye and almost ran out of the door.

The cool night breeze brushed her face outside,she had lost track of time,it was dark already,the people she addressed as her parents must have returned home,she wasn't running home tonight,she was walking quietly like she owned the road,enjoying each feathery step she took.

Her house was now in view,suddenly a force overcame her,something propelled her to walk fast,she almost broke into a run,she walked into the gate,pushing it open,she never knew she possessed such amount of strength within her.

She climbed the stairs two at a time,she opened the sitting room door without knocking,to hell with formalities or politeness,what had she been doing to herself this two weeks,allowing herself to be molested,but last night had been worse,it had superceeded others,she wanted to tear the world away,for taking such humiliation without basking an eyelid,to hell with destiny! 

Who destined her to be molested,assaulted,abused? As the door flung open with a loud thud,she allowed herself in slowly,she couldn't explain how the calmness descended upon her.

Everyone was taken aback with the noise as six pairs of eyes were trained on her,exactly what she wanted a full house and an attention.
Hannah ran down the stairs,she was about to open the gate when Rotimi walked in.he was surprised to see her leaving.
'Are you running away?' he asked lightly.
Surprise was written on jer face,thank heavens he wasn't looking at her face,she was thinking of a lie,as he bent to open the gate,she was a bad liar.
He drove in,got down and locked the car.
'Ofcourse not.'
'If then.lets go upstairs.'

Rotimi led the way while Hanny followed gullibly behind,she knew she was not supposed to be doing this.she was trapped now,she couldn't come up with a reasonable excuse.

Rotimi opened the door and she walked in,
'Sorry for the other time.'
'Oh,not to worry,at least you're back.' she smiled.
'I bought you this' he said bringing out his bag.
'Whats this?'
'Why don't you take a look.'
She opened the disposable to find a grilled chicken.
'Oh,thanks' she mumbled dropping it on the table.
'Let me get you a fork and a knife.' he glided into the kitchen.

She sensed a new breath in the room,she turned slightly to see a young girl,probably eighteen or nineteen standing by her,wearing a brown tube over shorts,that was the exhibit,the big cockroach she saw in his cupboard,before bolting out the other time,the last thing she needed was a showdown,she should have known,he had a girl he was shacking right in his apartment and still had the guts to bring her in.

The girl sized her up,from her hair to the toe nail polish she wore,
'Who are you?' the girl asked rudely.
Hannah was taken aback,what insolence?,she wasn't going to fight a kid so she kept mute.

'I just asked you a question.' she continued,staring at Hannah.
'Who are you too?' Hanny returned. 
'As you can see,i live here,this is my apartment,i am Rotimi's roommate.' she said calmly but in a rude way.

When Rotimi said he had a roommate,it hadn't occured to her,that it could be a female galfriend.

'I see' Hannah said getting up.

Just then Rotimi walked in,with a fork and a knife in his hands. 

There was an awkward silence in the room,before he walked up to the girl,hugging her lightly.
'Hey,you're up,i didn't even know you're home.' he said smiling.

Hannah was so embarrased,she picked her purse,
'Oh,my bad,i didn't introduce you ladies.' Rotimi said

So what was he going to introduce her as?as a galfriend? Or just a friend and what about the girl?

'Hanny,meet Tomilola,she's my kid sister.' he said pushing Tomi towards her.
'And Tomi this is Hanny,my girlfriend.' he smiled warmly towards her,now that was soothing in a way. And girlfriend?

None of the ladies raised her hands to be shaked,
'C'mon ladies,a shake wouldn't hurt.'

Hannah stretched her hands,and Tomi shook her warmly,giving her a hug,at least that was a surprise.

Tomi cleared her throat,
'So this is the lady you're always talking about? She's so fair and beautiful.' wow,what that a compliment coming from this rude girl.'Nice meeting you'
'Same here.'
'I guessed she had said something bad while i was washing the knife in the kitchen,pls never mind her,she's such a rude girl,i mean R.U.D.E,but not bad you'll come to love her soon.' Rotimi laughed,but that was cut short with a punch to his sides from tomi.

'Don't mind him pls,am sorry about the other time.' Tomi smiled this time.Was that an apology from the rude girl? She wasn't that bad indeed.

'Me too.' Hannah smiled.

'You're the lady playing hard to get for my brother,you're worth it in everyway,i hope to know you better soon.' she said 'Please excuse me.'

'I have to leave now,its getting late.' Hannah pointed at the big brown clock hung on the wall.

'I hope you're not angry'

'No am not,she's a nice girl.' she said.

'I'll drop you,what about your chicken.' he asked

'Save it for another day.'

Another day? She thought.

'I don't waste food,you'll have to take it along.'

'Please i can't.'

'I'll be dropping you don't forget,let me get a nylon bag for you.'

he buzzed into the kitchen and soon returned with a nylon bag,picking the chicken,he wrapped it neatly and led the way down stairs.

He opened the side door and she got in,he closed her door and got in the car.

They had only been driving for about six minute,when they came to a sharp bend that cornered onto the road leading to the school.

There were four long sticks or was it plank used to line the road,as an obstruction to coming vehicles,Hannah pointed at the road block,Rotimi told her to be still that he would get down and clear the road,before he could get down,he heard a gun shot,he remained in his seat.

Hannah froze on the spot,she gave a loud scream,Rotimi urged her to be calm and to remain quiet.

Four hefty guys walked out from the side bush from different each had a club,in his hand,they looked like smokers she watched in a soap opera on her laptop last night.

The guys began to walk towards their car while Rotimi who had been typing started laughing.

She was caught in a trap! She thought.
The four hefty guys stood in front of their car,Hannah was shaking as tears welled up in her eyes.

Rotimi who was typing furiously-what was he typing in such a critical situation-was laughing.

'Oh my God,this is a trap,and i walked right into it' Hannah cried as the tears flowed freely down her cheeks.

The guys just stood there peering at them through the glass,and not making any move to speak to them.
'Hey calm down.' Rotimi said.
'Calm down my foot,i can't believe you're in this' Hannah said locking her door and clutching her purse.
'You think i planned this'
'I know you planned it.' Her eyes was red with anger.
'Keep your voice down,can't you see we're in this together.'
'God please,don't let this happen to me.'
'Look,you'll be fine,and i promise you,not even a strand of your hair will get lost in this.'
'Please keep your promises,keep them...'she cried '...just keep them to yourself.'
'Put yourself together baby'
'Just...' she was cut short by the tapping on the glass,she turned her head to see one of the guys standing by her side.

Her heart was stuck in her tongue as the guy asked her to roll down the glass,her fingers were shaking,she couldn't wine it down,Rotimi reached for the handle and opened it.

'Get down' he ordered,his eyes were red,probably he'd smoked some weed before coming.
Hannah's bum was glued to the seat,the guy yanked her down in one instant,without much effort.
'Easy man,don't injure her.' Rotimi said coming down and walking to the other side.

'Don't move you sonofabitch' another guy said standing before him.
As he moved,another of the guys issued him a dirty slap.
he wasn't expecting that,as he retraced his steps.

The guy pushed Hannah on the floor.
'Get down on your knees jo'
'Don't rough handle her' Rotimi shouted.As the guy standing by him landed a knock on his head.
Hannah wobbled to the floor,
'Whats the meaning of this rubbish?' Rotimi asked,why were his guys taking this long he thought.
'The NaughtyPerson wants to know why we are delaying him.' One of the guys said,he looked like their leader with the confidence he evoked as he spoke.

The guys laughed except for Rotimi who was frowning,'Jiigan,teach him some lesson'

In a flash Rotimi landed on the floor as the Jiigan guy landed a kick on his groin,kicking his legs and hands furiously as Rotimi rolled on the floor.He gave him more punches on the floor.
'E don do for now.' The gang leader shouted.

Jiigan added two punches on his face before standing up reluctantly.
'Lover boy,we are not here for you,this babe is forming for our boss,practically walked out on him,we have come..... ....... ....'

he wasn't opportuned to finish those statement,as some guys came out of no where,the other guys were taken aback as it becaming a wrestling field.

Rotimi held Hannah who hugged her tight,watching the ongoing match,it appeared the new guys were going to overpower those hefty guys,it was over in some few minutes as Jiigan and the other guys reeled in pain on the floor.
'Thanks guys.' he said as the other guys walked towards him giving him an handshake. They disappeared into the bush were they came out for.
'Are you okay.' Hannah asked.
'Yes i am,i should be asking you that.' Rotimi said walking towards the car,as it was now dark.
'Do you know them?' 
'I don't know them,they came for you,i'm glad i was here,and to think you wanted to leave the other time.' He said getting in the drivers seat.
'Thank God i did not,am sorry i caused this.'
'Don't worry,i'll sort it out.'

Rotimi drove her to back to the campus and to her hostel,
'Where did those guys appear from,how did they know we were in trouble?'
'Thats a story for another day dear.'
Hannah got down from the car,
'Thank you so much for today,goodnight'
'Good night dear,i love you.'

It was two weeks since that happened,she thought it wise not to breath a single word of that encounter to any of her friends,even when they quizzed her about it,she designed a perfect story for them,they all laughed and forgot about.

It was a bright thursday morning from the rays rushing in through the window,she yawned lazily as she got out of bed,Cynthia was up as usual,while Rukayat and Shade were still sleeping probably in the land of dreams. 

She had an 8 o'clock lecture,she'd dressed quickly,even Molade had pinged her,she was in class already,she bid Cynthia bye as she left for class.

Students milled around the campus as she walked to her department,she waved at some people who greeted her,she was about to enter the hall when she him again.

The same shirt,why was he always wearing a pink shirt,he was standing by a bike man,the same guy she saw at Chop 'n' Chop,this time he was staring at her,the bike man was gone.

She was staring at him too,she felt empty inside,she wasn't going to fall down,she thought,it seemed he was staring right through her Unclad soul.

And he smiled.....
The gateman knew him well,he rolled opened the big gate when he heard the horn.Bash drove into the big compound,it was a big house,fit for a king,occupied by a spoiled lady who saw money as a means to yield power.

'Park over there' Jacob ordered,he had called Jane's number,it rang twice but was not picked.Bash parked in the garage pool of cars.
'Wait here,i'll be back' there was a look of worry and concern over his face.

He walked in quick,long strides into the house,the servants courtsied as he passed by,most of them knew him for the new ones,he climbed the stairs and walked into an exquisitively furnished sitting room,she had a great taste when it comes to fittings,colours,room accessories,it was adorned with latest gadgets and every comfortability you wished for,
'Where is she?' he asked with a frown on his face as a pretty lady walked towards him,
'She's in her private sitting room.'
she said standing aside as he walked away from her.
'I see' 
Jacob knew all the interior and exterior of this house like the back of his hands,he was the one who referred the decor who did his place for her.

He knocked before entering the jumbo room,
'You're here.' Katherine said.
Jacob stood by the door arms akimbo.
'Please come in' she said cuddled on the persian rug.
Jacob took in the sight of whole room,she'd made some changes in here,he thought.Since the last time he'd been here,two years to be prescise.

He sauntered across the room like a chief,
'What do you want?' he asked.
'You got my message then,I actually......I.....Jacob... .....' Katherine stam
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He sauntered across the room like a chief,
'What do you want?' he asked.
'You got my message then,I actually......I.....Jacob... .....' Katherine stammered.
'Cut that part,i know you're not sick.' He said sitting on a sofa.
'You know?' she asked surprised.'You caught me then.'
she stood up gathering the spread around her body.
'You haven't answered my question.' 
'What would you like to drink?' she asked.'You remember those shark white wine,i still have them,new wine,am sure you'll enjoy it' she pressed a bell and a male servant came in.
'Do i look like,i am wine starved,stop parabulating and hit the point.'
'You can leave' she signalled to the servant feeling embarrassed.
'I am all ears.' Jacob continued.
'The last time at your office...'
'It was a mistake,i was emotionally drained,and you seduced me.' Jacob finished the statement for her.Katherine was stunned,she'd wanted to use that as a bait.
'Well,it means,you still find me attractive and sexy.' she smiled warmly.
'I used to' he corrected.
'All the same i have a surprise for you'
'What is it?'
she stood up and pulled him along.
'Come with me' she smiled.

He was walking towards their table now,he looked handsome in his corpers oufit,he was simply gorgeous for a man,his fair complexion awwh,her phone began to ring,but she wasn't paying attention to it.

Ajoke tapped the table to get her attention,
'Hello Jane'
Jane stood up as the man walked to her table,
'Good afternoon' Jane said smiling graciously.
'Good afternoon beautiful' the man smiled too.'I must confess you're one of the most beautiful ladies i have ever come across.'
'Thank you.' Jane was blushing blue and wine.
'I have to go now,my friend is waiting.'He smiled,walking to another table where a man sat.

That smile could melt the strongest heart,she stared at him as he left,she remembered the first day she looked into those soft beautiful eyes,that evening at the camp,he'd mistaken her for someone else,he said an apology and left in body,because his soul stood right there with her.

'Jane!' Ajoke banged the table for the third time.
'What is it?' she asked.
'Welcome back.'
'From where?' 
'From God knows where,since that man left this table five minutes ago.'
'Oh my!' 
'You were staring!'
'What is it?'
'The guy that just left.' Jane pointed at him.
'What about him?'
'He's so handsome,he sucked away all my breath.' There was a ting of excitement in her eyes as she spoke.
'Your phone rang twice,i am sure that must have been Jacob' Ajoke said.
Jane glanced at her phone,the look on her face confirmed it.
'It was him' she said non challantly.
'Call him back.'
'There's no need to,the day is far spent.'
'Jane,call him jare.'
'He's probably going to make an excuse.'
'Just try it.'
Jane dialled his number but it was switched off.

Jane kept talking about the guy much to Ajoke's irritation as they went back to their room.
'This guy didn't even ask for your digit Jane'
'He didn't ask fine,that doesn't mean i can't ask for his.'
Ajoke was surprised.
'You don't mean that,do you?'
'Yes i mean it,he's attractive and i like him'
'Was that a joke?'
'Its a fact you can't erase'
'Have you met before?'
'Yes,we have.'
'I think you're going crazy'
'Yes i am crazy,can't you see him,so perfect,so full of life.' Jane smiled. 
'Jane,i don't think you're okay.'
'Yes,i am sick,love sick,if he doesn't ask me out in 5days,i'll ask him out!
Just as the HOD delivered his message,he left the lecture theatre,Hannah was all smiles,she could barely hide the excitement threatening to overflow in her spirit-The guy in Pink shirt.

'This one that you're smiling like a wet fish,whats bubbling?'Molz asked seating on the edge of her seat.
'Are you talking to me?' Hannah said adjusting her blouse,she so much disliked this chiffon blouse,she'd worn it because she was in a hurry this morning.
'No,am not.C'mon answer me.' Molz said.
'I am just happy noni,nothing special.'
'I don't believe a word you said.'
'Thats your cone of ice cream jare,Bukky is yet to return since o' Hannah said looking concerned.
'I just hope all is well.' Molz joined in.
'I hope so too.'

In some minutes time Bukola walked towards her friends,
'What did he say?' Hannah and Molade asked in a chorus.
'The usual arrangement.' she sighed dropping her bag on the table.
'He must be joking.' Hannah said.
Bukky thrust a piece of paper in her hands.
'Oh my God,he's damn serious.' Molz almost screamed.

Their Theory of Politics TOP lecturer had been on Bukky's throat at the beginning of the semester,Hannah had adviced her not to agree,but Molz regarded it as a means of getting marks from the damn man,and Bukky had given in to him,and now that they were no more running his course,he wants a taste of her pudding again.

'I knew it was a bad idea right from the onset.' Hannah frowned.
'Please don't apportion blames now.'Molzz said.
Bukola was shaking her head,'What do i do?'
'Simple,tell him in a frank tone,that you can't do it.' Hannah said holding her hands.
'Don't forget that,even if he no longer lectures us,he has friends who do,i am sure you detest a rerun of any course.'Molz said.
'What are you driving at?' Hannah asked.
'Just do as he says,this thing doesn't run a meter,in some few minutes you'd have forgotten you did anything.' Molz finished.
'Talk of the devil.' Hannah spat,'Your idea is as wack as you are,how can you say such,Bukola please thread softly,the decision is your's to make.'
'Thanks babes,i have to run along now.' Bukola said picking her bag.
'We still have two lectures today.' Hannah said.
'You guys should just see me out,i want to go home and think.'Bukky said as they all went out of the class.

After the two lectures,Hannah walked back to her hostel in the company of some other girls,she felt pity for Bukola,she had adviced her strongly then not to give in but she did,now the man wants a replay of what happened.

Her roomies were not back from class yet,she dropped her bag and brought out the piece of paper the guy gave her this morning,the guy in pink shirt,she saw him smiling at her this morning,she smiled back,the way he smiled made her knees go weak,and it also did some funny things in her stomach.he'd walked up to her and asked for her number.

She was happy,but looked reluctant on the outside as she reeled out a couple of incorrect figures,he had not bother dialling the number,the guy had given her his number too,she saved it on her phone,she wished he would keep on talking with her this morning,his voice was soft and pleasant to the ears.

She boiled some pieces of yam and fried two eggs,while she was cooking,she thought about her exam which is just two weeks away,she still had a lot of reading to do,she couldn't wait to go home,and see Biola,and her sister Janet.
Uncle Jacob had promised her a time out at her own convenient time,she would be showing off to the world that Jacob Smith was her sister's boyfriend,'Lucky me' she thought.She was going to make the most of it,all she had to do now,was read and pass her exams.
Rotimi's birthday was one week away,she was yet to pick him a gift,so thoughtful of her.In all honesty Rotimi befits her,he's caring,jovial,and very understanding at that.But there's something about him that she is yet to lay her finger upon,there's this feeling up there that she can't explain,it was definitely not love what was it?

She was almost through with her food when Shade burst in excited,
'Good afternoon Missy'she said dropping her bag on a chair.
'Welcome' Hannah said drinking water from a cup.'How was class?'
'Interesting as usual with exciting gist for you o' She smiled.

Ann knew something was up,with the kind of excitement bubbling on her face.
'I can't wait to hear.'
'Not so fast dear' Shade said walking towards her pot of yam.
'Ah ah why now?'
'I'll tell you on one condition'
'Which is?'
'If you're ready to part with some pieces of yam and egg to go with it.' Shade said smiling.
'Deal' Hannah serves her some yam and egg.She was eager to hear all the details of her gist because,when Shade gossips she gives you all the fact,the truth,exactly as it happened.
'Lets finish this before others come in' They ate quickly clearing the plate away.
'Do you know.......' Shade started but was interrupted by someone knocking the door.
*************************** She went out of the sitting room,climbing the stairs,he followed quietly behind her,they entered a big hallway,as she got to a room she stopped and walked in,Jacob remained outside.

'Here we....' She stopped when she noticed that Jacob was still standing outside.
'Oh Jay,please come in.' Kate walked to meet him,she held his hands and he removed them from hers.

Memories came flooding in his head,memories he thought he had stabbed away,but here his head was failing him as he stood in the center of the room,he'd decorated himself,this beautiful room,where so many intimate escapade had taken place,things that could not be spoken beyond the corners of room.He was trying so much to contain his emotion but he was doing a bad job of it.Her intimate prowess was something he was trying so hard to forget.
'Here we come.' Kate said smiling.
Jacob noticed some changes in here too,and it was newly decorated with drapes of white and sky blue,what was the crazy girl up to,he thought.
'So?' he asked quizzically glancing at her.
'I'm giving you the honour of opening that.' Kate said.
'Opening what?'
Kate pointed towards the bed,it was well laid and there was something on it,well covered.
'Just take some steps and uncover it'
'Kate i can't.'
'There's no harm in that,please do it for me.' she pleaded,Jay knew it was a trap and he was walking right into it with his eyes closed.His emotions were a mess,he knew that.
'No i can't' he replied maintaining a straight frown on his face.
'If thats all,can i take my leave?' he said walking towards the door.
'Okay,i'll open it myself,please come nearer.'
'I am here'
'I am not going to eat you,please move close'
Jacob took some step closer to her.
Kate gathered the spread tightly on her body,walked to the bed and touched the white lace material covering it,she turned back to look at Jacob who remained still,he held his breath,exactly what she wanted.She wanted him on toes begging for more and after today's special delight,she was sure,he'd come running back to her baby girl.

She held the covering without opening it,Jacob was mute,his face blank,he wasn't giving away the excitement in him,he was eager to have a look.His body was stiff as he looked on

Kate removed the material slowly,taking a step back,she stood face to face with Jacob.

Jacob inhaled sharply,on the bed lay a beautiful pure white cake,with a red inscription that read,Make Love To Me.He gasped,she was offering him her body on a platter of gold,what an offer! He was speechless as he suddenly became tongue tied.

'Jacob,make love to me' she said seductively,her voice was low and sharp.That was an invitation,no man in his right senses could decline.He was caught in this web for real.

Jacob was dazed,'I can't' he managed to whisper.
'Please...'she pleaded.
'I just can't' he pleaded too.

'Is that too much to ask for?'
'I thought you had a boyfriend.' he said
'Yes,i have a boyfriend,one of those rich spoilt kid,my dad found one for me.'
'Its your rod i want to hold,you know the way you do it,that makes me scream your name ten times in one seconds.'
'Don't argue with me,you're one man with a great intimate prowess,please.' 
'Its wrong to do this.' he said huskily.
'No,i just want to feel you in my body,inside of me.'she whispered.

Jacob was beginning to loose hold of his senses,control was slipping off him,as Kate carefully removed the spread she held around her body,she had nothing on except a lacy bra and white pants.

She was damn sexy,her body gave him a hard on,as his John Thomas roared in its cage,she dropped the spread at her feet and a took a step towards Jacob,she held him close as she felt his JT on her body.
'Jay!' she exclaimed,'I still give you a hard on' she whispered.
'Kate..' His voice was husky and sexy.
'Say that again' she pleaded as his large hands circled her waist.
'Kate..' he drawled.
His lips found hers,it was the clash of the titans as their lips fought eachother.He unhooked her bra with the mastery of a lover,she unbuttoned his shirt as he held her bosom zapping away all her energy.she lay limp on him.
'Give it to me now' she cried when he wasn't making effort to remove her pant.

'Jane,Jane,Jane.... .... .... .... ....' a cold hard voice screamed in his head.
'Jane....' he whispered.
'Am not Jane' Kate replied,
'I want Jane' he whispered much to her irritation and disgust.

Jacob was regaining himself as he had stopped kissing her,Kate held his hands,and he removed them from hers.
'Jay,look,its me kate'
'I am done with you.' He buttoned up his shirt standing up.

Kate held his hands to her below,
'Katherine,i don't feel anything for you' he said calmly.
He knew he was killing her with those words.
'Jacob?' he could hear the tears threatening to spill in.
The days were moving fast,and the orientation camp will soon be over,she was enjoying camp activities so much,except for the routines with the soldiers.

The morning exercise made her mind alert and sharp towards the days activities,they'd just got into the room sweating,She sat by the bed pulling off her shirt,
'I saw you this morning.'Ajoke said drinking water.
'Please don't start again.' Jane said trying to avoid a fight.
'Do you realise what you're doing to yourself?'
'Ajoke please.' she snapped.
'I saw you changing places with that other lady just to stand by his sides.'
'Is it your business?'
'Yes,because you're my friend.Let this guy ask you first.
'Whats wrong if i ask him?the most important things is one of us is doing the asking.' Jane answered.
'You can't him trully?do you really want to?'
'Yes,Is it because today is the fifth day,you'd better stop preaching to me,my mind is made up.'Jane said.
'This guy we are talking about self,do you know his name?'

Jane blinked twice,she didn't even know his name.
'Does it matter?' 
'It does,you're a beautiful lady,let him come to you of his free will.'
Ajoke said calmly trying to talk sense into her,its so true beauty doesn't come with brain.
'Enough Ajoke,its my life,let me be.' With that,she stamped out of the room.
'That girl don fall finish' Dimeji said sitting on one of the bunks in the large room.
'How you take know?' Charles asked.
'You need to see the way she manouvered herself to his sides,during morning jogging'The guys burst out laughing.
'I can't believe i'll be 30,000 richer by the end of this week o,make she just sharpaly come find me.' Dickson said smiling.

The trio,Dimeji,Charles,and Dickson had met on camp,as their bunks were placed side by side,they became friends,you know guys make friends easily.

They'd all notice most of the beautiful lady's on camp and Jane was no exception,They'd made a bet of 10,000 each, if Dickson succeeded in getting her into bed without asking her out.

Dickson was the one who brought the idea,and Charles and Dimeji had countered it that it wasn't possible.How can you get to lay a lady without asking her out,Dickson convinced them that he could do it,he assured them it was a simple strategy,one of the most important is that one must be handsome,and sure as hell,Dickson was a very handsome man,ladies do fall for him and this was not his first time,he'd pull this through without a sweat and they all concided to make a bet.
'I pray she doesn't fall for whatever trick you're using on her.' Dimeji said partly for fear of losing his money.
'Me too o,10,000k no be buns o,make this babe no go fall for you yakata' Charles added.
'Lets wait and see,i can't wait to sample her with my Dickson now' He said laughing.'She must be out with her friend now o,lets go out guys,the more we see,the better my chances.'

One thing about friendship was making up,friends fight,but good friends should learn to make up in time,before things go sour.Ajoke w
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One thing about friendship was making up,friends fight,but good friends should learn to make up in time,before things go sour.Ajoke was someone who couldn't keep a grudge for long,she'd apologised to Jane explaining to her,all she was doing for her sake.They had made up on the instant with Janet apolgising too and pleading with Ajoke to stay off the issue for now.She'd told Ajoke she knew what she was doing.
'Lets go out for some fresh air' Jane said tapping Ajoke on the lap.
'Its just 6:00 now,lets wait small'Ajoke said trying to buy time,she didn't want Jane out,her going to see that guy was bothering her.
'Maybe,you ought to check your time again,its quarter past six jo' she said pulling her up.
'Okay,give me a seconds' Ajoke said getting up.
Most people were not in the room,as it was evening,some were watching Dstv in the common room,some had gone visiting,everyone to her business.
They sat on one of the cemented seats outside the hostel,people were milling about in twos and threes.
'I wonder where i will be doing my primary assignment.' Ajoke said.
'Wouldn't it be lovely if we're lucky to be stuck together again'Jane wondered aloud.
'I'ld definetly love that.' Ajoke laughed.
'What would it be like?'
'I can't imagine teaching those primary or secondary school student,Aunty Joke or Miss Ajoke,so so funny,isn't it?'

Jane was looking elsewhere,she traced her eyes,
'Talk of the devil' she muttered under her breath.What was he even looking for self? Can't he stay in his room? But,could she blame the guy?No,not at all.
'Jane' she called tapping her.
'Yes' She answered without looking at her.
'Jane come with me i want to get some things.' Ajoke said trying to divert her attention.
'Opportunity come but once,here is one i don't want to lose it.'
'I am going to talk to him now'
'Jane,please stop this'
'Oh no,i can't stop dancing when the music has just started,i can't stop myself,not when i can talk to him right away.' She stood up and walked towards him.
Jacob had called Janet to apologise for not making it to her place,and promised to check her over the weekend,but there was something about her voice he couldn't grasp.

She sounded far away from him,her voice had lost its usual excitement,he wondered if she was being stressed or she was just not happy to hear his voice.

And he had apologised again,thinking she was disappointment when he hadn't showed up last weekend,what was this thing about love that made you do things you would not have done naturally.

He couldn't remember the last time he apologised to anyone,he wasn't going to apologise to his mother for blaming her over Jane's disappearance because she had also refused to apologise for slapping him.

Funmi,had called in so many times,but he ignored most of her calls he wasn't ready for any chitchat about who and whom not to date.

And this days,work was consuming most of his time,his father had asked to see him in person and he was making arrangement about that.

Some of his friends were clamouring to be introduced to his heart robe,but he was careful not to give them a glimpse of her picture,he didn't trust anyone of them specially Jaiye,it was like teasing a monkey with fresh ripe banana.He'd let them meet her after her Nysc.

He didn't want anything to disrupt his affair with Janet,her mother was not a problem,he knew how to handle her,but this Katherine girl was crazy,thinking about the last stunct she pulled on him.Sending him a text that she was very sick and needed him.Was he a doctor? Or a pharmacist? He'd only gone to see her to keep his promise with her.

He couldn't wait to propose to Jane,he'ld be in paradise if she agrees to marry him,thats something he was planning carefully.

First things first,he was going to see her over the weekend and make things right with a surprise package specially for her.
'Hey babe,this one that your bobo is coming over today,don't go nowhere o' Ajoke said excited,she was still angry with Jane for walking up to that guy,asking for his name and number,the guy had given it to her and not a night passed that Jane didn't go out to see him,she calls him everday much to her disgust.

She was trying her best not to pick a fight with Jane,as that would only succeed in pushing her away,she wondered what they did every night whenever they were alone.
'Thats by the way,i have a date.'Jane said.
'I know you do,and your date will be here soon,i am sure he's missing you badly.' Ajoke laughed.
'You don't get it?'
'I get it.'
'No,you don't understand, i have a date with Dickson today!'
'Dick what?'Ajoke inhaled sharply,'Not today of all days.'
'We'll talk about this later,not now.' Jane said.
Jane had introduced Ajoke to Jacob over the phone,she even gave him her number and they'd spoken a couple of times.
'Don't dare me Janet.'
'I dare you to breath a word about Dickson to him.'
'You have finally gone mad.' Ajoke was visibly angry now.
'You can say that again because you don't feel what i feel,and you do not see what i have seen?'
'Jane,i still think you're rushing things with this Dickhead guy,what has he shown you,what do you feel for him?tell me.'
'I would have loved to,but you wouldn't understand.' she said eyeing her friend.
'Okay,calm down and lets talk like mature adult that we are.' Ajoke said calmly.
'I am all ears.' Jane replied,a bit of calmness had set in her voice.
'This is supposed to be a surprise,Jacob plans to surprise you today,it wouldn't be good,if he comes here and not meet you.'
'Fine,you'll do well as an advocate,but you see,i can't disappoint Dickson.'
'But you can disappoint Jacob?'
'These are two different people you know.'
'Better still,fix another date with Dickson.' Ajoke said trying to be reasonable.
'I can't.'
'You love him?'
'I can't answer that'
'I know you love Jacob'
'Thats my business'
'If you have to choose btw the duo,who would you drop'
'God forbid that i have to choose one of them.'
'I'm fed up with you sis.Just remember that you can not eat your cake and have it.'
'I know thanks.'
She left the room without as much as a backward glance.

Ajoke sat on the bed,what was it with ladies,you have your dream guy,yet you're pitching your nose where it doesn't belong.You want to have Dickson and you're not prepared to relish your hold on Jacob.
Why couldn't she be content with what she had,
'I pray she doesn't loose the gold in her hands before she realises that she's chasing after stone.' Ajoke thought aloud,Jacob would be here soon,what would be her reply,when he asked after Jane.
'Oh,she has a date with Dickson,her newly found boyfriend' or 'Oh she's coming soon,she's gone to fuccck Dickson' or rather, 'She's ....'

She's what? None was pleasant to the ears,she sighed,clutching her phone tightly.
Her phone vibrated on the bed,she wasn't expecting any call,
Oh my! It was Jacob,he was here already.
Hannah and Shade looked at each other,wondering who the intruder could be,
'Are you expecting anyone?'Shade asked.
'None' Hannah said shaking her head.
'Let me get the door' Shade opened the door,and Cynthia came in panting.
'What happened?' Shade asked,Gossip 101 activated.
'You guys won't believe it' she said breathlessly,as Hannah stood up to join the duo.
'You know that Pweetyolly babe?'
'Yes' Shade and Hanny chorused.
'She fought Rukayat,at NLT.'
'En enhen,how did it happen?'Hannah asked.
'I can't even explain' Cynthia said.
'I thought you even saw the whole drama,let me gist you jare.'
'The moment i entered the class this morning,the air smelt fight,i knew something was amiss,girls clustered in groups talking,so i asked what the matter was,i learnt that pweetyolly went around bragging that she was dating Habeeb and that Rukayat would be coming to confront her,after the second lecture,everyone rushed out,as the drama had started,i tried your number,but it wasn't available.' Shade explained.
'My phone has been on all day' Hannah said.
'It could be the network.' Cynthia said adjusting on the bed.
'So,they started screaming all sort of abusive language at each other,not later than five minute Habeeb drove past the two of them,it was a funny movie as pweetyolly shouted at Rukayat,a lecturer who got attracted to the scene took them away while i was coming home.' Shade finished.
'Nawa,i don miss o' Hannah said
'You miss big time ni o' Shade said laughing.
'So what you saw the other day was true' Cynthia said.
'I am wondering if i can stoop so low to fighting for a man' Hannah said.
'Well,you never can tell until you have to fight for someone you love.' Cynthia said.
'Babes,abeg i dey go library' Shade said putting her books in a bag.
'I trust you' Cynthia laughed.
'I can't wait to see a day,that you wouldn't visit the library.' Hannah laughed too.
'Na una sabi o,i don comot' she said leaving for the door.

Hannah lay on the bed,she was already dozing,when she saw Rukayat walk in dejectedly,she sat up,
'Hannah' she said softly before bursting into tears.
'Sorry' Hannah said holding her hands.
'You won't believe what happened today.' she said
'I heard about it too'
'That crazy girl went around saying i was trying to snatch Habeeb from her.i got mad after she dared me to go close to him again'Rukayat explained.
'All the same,you shouldn't have gone public fighting.' Hannah chided softly.
'Habeeb was dating her for real,Hannah,he's still dating her and to think i love him,i trust him because,he is the president of MSS.' rukayat cried 
'You just can't trust anybody this days' Hannah said.
'Habeeb drove past us while we were screaming and he didn't even stop'
'Thats too bad.' Hannah said.
Brrrrrrr...brrrrrr....Rukayat's phone was vibrating,
'He's calling' She said to Hannah.
'Pick it'
'No,i don't want to talk to him'
'Then you're pushing him away to her.'Hannah said,'Pick it'

Shade answered the call,her face suddenly grew white and pale,she ended the call dropping her phone.
'Did he apologise?' Hannah asked.
'No,Hannah he said it was over between us.' Rukayat cried.
'Was that supposed to be a joke?'
'He was serious'
'He broke up with you over the phone?' Hannah asked surprised.'He must be a coward.'
'No,he's not,he's a bastard.'
'I am so sorry about that.' Hannah said trying to soothe her pain.
'And to think that i love him,i never cheated on him,I'll never fall in love again.'
'Never say never dear'
'No o o o' Rukayat screamed.
Hannah held her tight,
'Don't hurt yourself anymore.'
'Let me hurt myself,is that what love is all about?he broke up with me over the phone,after how many months,she doesn't even share our faith,Olly is a christian,he dumped me for her.' Rukayat was shaking all over.
'Please take heart,he might come around to his senses soon.'
'I don't want him again,i don't want to love again,i just want to be alone' She cried as her body racked with anger.
'Please don't say that again.'
'Men cannot be trusted,after everything,' 
'Its okay'
Rukayat cried so much that she thought she might die,Hannah stood by her,wiping her tears and comforting her.

It was a terrible thing,being ditched by a man you love and trust enough to fight for,thats life o.

And to think,he's a muslim leader,what an example! After ensuring that Rukayat took her bath and ate,she fell into bed herself,the day was far spent.

Could Rotimi do such! God forbid that o,she banished such thought from her mind.She had come to care so much about him,one thing that kept her on her toes now,was when he would spring up that question,what would she say,that deadly three letter word was something she wasn't ready for,at least not now.

The guy in pink shirt,the more she tried to forget him,the more she saw his face...his smile...,he was always the last person she thought of,each night before going to bed.....
She picked her small purse and walked out of the hostel.She called his mobile again since she couldn't find him outside.

Ajoke walked towards the Range Rover sport car,she had longed to meet Jacob Smith,the multi millionaire,a youth Ambassador,a business tycoon and a well represented member of Nigeria,but not in this condition.

it was such a bad thing to lie,and she was yet to find a perfect lie that suits the occassion.she was some feets away from the car when she saw Jane from the corner of her eye,her heart raced faster than usual,
'Jane' she called.
'Ajoke' she replied walking towards the car.
Ajoke could win the happiest person on earth at that moment,thankfully,she had no reason to lie again.
'He's here' Ajoke whispered and they both stood by the door.

The instant he saw her,he knew something was wrong,his intuition was right,his worse fears confirmed,he only hoped his peace offering would be accepted as it is now.

He got down from the car,he looked so handsome that Ajoke wished for a seconds that she was in Jane's shoe.He walked elegantly to the other side of the car to meet them with the pose of a man who was made.
'Hello beautiful ladies' He smiled warmly,Jane's heart did some quick gymnastics,her reflexes could not be controlled as she found herself in his strong and warm embrace,the embrace meant a lot to her,his arms comforted her as tears welled up in her throat.

For a moment,she felt guilty as hell,here was her Jacob handsome,caring,loving,understanding,and she was cheating on him after barely three weeks.Her emotions were loose now,she felt a pang of ache in her head.
'Hmm hmm hmm' Ajoke coughed,as it seemed the love birds had forgotten her prescence,see the way Jane clung to the Jacob like her life depended on it and the next minute,she's screaming dick this dick that.To hell with Dickson,she would gladly squeeze life out of him for no price if given the chance.She hoped this visit would perform a surgical operation in Jane for a change of heart.

'Sorry' Jane muttered after disentangling from his embrace.
'Let me introduce you two officially.' They all smiled with Ajoke having the widest smile.
'Jacob meet Ajoke and Ajoke here is Jacob' she finished.
'Its a pleasure meeting a beautiful lady like you' Jacob said taking a peep at Jane,what was that look he saw on her face? Plain jealousy.he smiled inwardly.
'Oh,the pleasure is mine' Ajoke said beaming with smiles.'I am so happy to meet you Mr Jacob Smith.' and that was a sincere statement.
'The feeling is mutual' Jacob answered,he still held her hand in an handshake and was reluctant to let it go.'Your hands are soft and beautiful' he compilented.

Jane felt another stir of jealousy,was he flirting with her right before her,she put her hands under his,and Jacob let Ajoke's hand go.
'How are you ladies coping?'
'We are fine' Ajoke answered.
'Yes sir' she answered.
'Okay ladies,lets me give you a treat.' Jacob said.

Ajoke was so delighted,she would be sitting with Jacob Smith? What an invitation!
'I am sorry,i would not be able to come along.' she said.When all she wanted to do was scream yes yes yes.

Jane was surprised as Ajoke had drizzled her endlessly about meeting Jacob,so why the sudden change of heart.''Anyway,its better,because i'll have Jacob to myself,i'll be getting all his attention and i have missed him so much'' A tiny voice echoed this in her head.She shook her head as if to send the voice away.
'Why?' Jacob asked.
'I have to see someone now,he's waiting for me already.' she lied.
'Okay,let us not delay you.' Jacob said.' I hope to see this beautiful face anytime soon,here's my card.'

He handed her a card,
'Jane,have fun,i'll talk to you later.' Ajoke said leaving.
'Take care' Jane said. 

Jacob opend the side door and Jane got in,while Jacob drove.
'I miss you' Jacob said smiling.'I've wanted to say that all day.'
'I miss you too' Jane said.
'You're a liar' a tiny voiced screamed in her head.'If you miss him you wouldn't be drooling over Dickson like that.'
Jane was afraid at first she thought Jacob heard the tiny voice too,she allowed herself to breath when she realised the voice was in her head.
'You look tensed.' Jacob noticed.
'I am fine.' She answered smiling shyly.
'Where do you want me to take you too.'He asked.
'Why don't you just find somewhere cool to park,i don't want to go out.' She said.
'As your majesty pleases' He bowed,and she smiled.

Jacob looked for a cool spot,this place was very quiet,he parked the car,killing the engine.

He turned to face her in her seat,he saw the paleness on her face,but it didn't matter,holding her hands,he pulled her into his embrace for the second time within an hour.
'I have wanted to do this,the moment i set my eyes on you this afternoon.' Jacob said impatiently.

He brought his face down to hers,and his lips sought and found hers.
Its friday again,weekend is around the corner.No more lectures and test.

Hannah brushed her weave on,rubbing some gloss on it.Cynthia h

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Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 10:58am On Jul 29, 2014
Its friday again,weekend is around the corner.No more lectures and test.

Hannah brushed her weave on,rubbing some gloss on it.Cynthia had chided her that she was a stingy bone never wanting to spend money on her hair,but thats an assumption because she didn't enjoy the idea of having a human hair or a brazillian weave on,where you have to pay special attention to the hair,and every girl you meet asks,
'Is that a brazillian weave on?' and you have to answer 'Yes'
'Oh its a peruvian hair!'
'How many inches?'
'Whats the colour? Who is the maker?how much is it and all other silly question.

Thats the more reason she prefers ordinary weave on,she brought out her make-up box and began to paint her face,
'How many lectures have you got today?' Cynthia asked,she had just returned from the bathroom.
'Just two' Hannah answered,brushing her eyelashes.
'I have got three lectures o' Cynthia said rubbing cream on her body.'Are you going out after class?'
'Well,i can't say should something come up,but as at now,am free like a bird.' Hannah said laughing.
'I just don't think its a good idea to leave her alone in the room' Cynthia said pointing at Rukayat.
'I agree with you,but what can i do? She's so sad and shattered
'I don't know too,i am really surprised with Habeebs reaction' Hannah said dropping her brush.
'I am not too surprised,never trust a guy.'
'I personally talked her into going into this relationship,thinking that Habeeb would be a responsible man as a muslim leader.'Hannah lamented.
'I am surprised too,and to think Rukayat has changed since she started dating him.' Cynthia said.
'I wonder too,i just pray she doesn't get into wild partying,drinking and Dating old men again.' Hannah said packing up her make-up box,satisfied with the work of art on her face.
'I hope so too,may God help her o.'Cynthia said opening her wardrobe.'How is Roro?' she asked smiling.
'I've told you to stop calling him Roro you this ibo babe.' Hannah laughed.
'He's just there,he's fine'
'And the relationship?'
'Well,we're just building it.' Hannah smiled.
'I just want you to lay a good foundation and don't do what you'll not be proud of.' Cynthia adviced.
Hannah gave a mock bow,'Thank you Mother Theresa' she picked up her bag.'I am off to class o' 
'Alright be a good girl'
'And you too'

Hannah arrived in class on time,she had secretly hoped she would see pink shirt guy today,but unfortunately she didn't meet him,she was a bit disappointed,comforting herself in the fact that she might come across him before the day runs out.

She was chatting with her friends,Molade and Bukky when the lecturer walked in,she'd kept mute instantly,he'd only concentrated on the AOC,and left the class within an hour,The other lecturer was punctual too,although he spent much time saying irrelevances before getting into a brief lecture and an assignment,an assignment? Just two weeks to the exam? He left after three hours using extra time.

Finally her weekend was going to begin at half past one,they were walking to Chop 'n' Chop to have lunch,she'd personally chose the restaurant with the sole purpose of a probability of seeing pink shirt again,if only she had given him her correct digits,he could have called her.
'Have you made up your mind about that issue?' Hannah asked Bukola.
'Yes,i have.' Bukky smiled.
'I trust you to make good decisions' Hannah teased.
'So what are you going to do?' Molade asked.
'I am sorry to disappoint you Hannah,i have agreed to go along with HIS arrangement.' She said calmly.
'Yipee girl,just get done with it and it'll be over in no time.' Molade said.
'Hmmm' Hannah sighed.'I am not asking you to change your decision,i just hope you have had a thorough thought through.'
'Yes,i have,thanks girls' she answered quietly.
'Its okay,i am wondering how long this will continue.' Hannah asked no one in particular.
'For as long as he wants her'Molade cut in.
'You say it easily,i bet you wish you are in her shoes'Hannah said getting angry.
'Thats my business o'
'C'mon,girls don't fight over this.'Bukola said.
'Tell that to her,she thinks she knows it all,the fact that you're fair and beautiful doesn't make you a genius' Molade lashed at Hannah.
'Is that a streak of Jealousy?' Hannah asked pertubed.
'Why on earth would i be?Mammywater'Molade shouted.
Hannah was trying to maintain her calm as she kept quiet and let it slide.why do people bring the question of my beauty into argument,she thought.
'Molade thats enough' Bukola said.
'Girls,i am going home' Molade said.
'I thought we were going to have lunch together.' Bukola asked her.
'I have lost my appetite' Molade said stopping a bikeman.
'Please don't mind her'Bukola said and apologised on Molade's behalf.
'Its okay,i am .... ...'
'Heloo' a strong male voice from behind interrupting her.
She knew who it was,the voice...,she just prayed it was PinK ShirT GuY O.
It seemed time had refused to move on,as Jacob devoured Jane's lip,sapping all energy from her body.
Jacob kissed her with pent up energy as Jane stroked his hands,he finally broke the kiss when he knew she wanted more.
He held her hands in his huge palms,lifting up her face,
'Jane what is the problem?' He asked.
'I.....I...am.....I....' Jane wasn't prepared for such a question.
'Calm down dear,what is the problem?' he asked again.
'I am fine' she answered.
'Jane,look into my eyes and tell me that you're fine.'
'I can't'
'Then you're not fine.' if only she could tell him.
'I am' she said feigning a weak smile.
'Are you angry with me?' he persisted.
'No,i am not' she answered surprised.
'So what is troubling you?' he asked with concern in his voice.
'Jacob,i am fine.how many times should i repeat that?'
'Its okay,don't get upset'
'I am not.' she replied.
'If there's something wrong with you,i deserve to know' 
'Does it look like i am sick?'
'No,you look disturbed,distracted,unsure of yourself,worried and....'
'And what? Mad?'
'Not in that sense,you seem drawn away from me in a way i can't explain.'he said sadly.

Jane hated that look on his handsome face,her bad mood was really affecting him.he must care so much about her.How about.
'I am seeing someone else who is driving me crazy' She thought,that was a silly thing to even think talkless utter.
'Are you seeing somebody?' He hated to say that,but that possibility could not be ruled out.
Jane almost bolted out of her seat,
could he read her mind?was he seeing through her?
'Why are you taking so long to answer me?' Jacob asked,he doubted her faithfulness for a seconds.
'I am....no....i am not cheating on you Jacob' she stammered.'How can you say such?' she said turning the table against him.
'I am sorry about that,Jane you know who and what i am in the society,i need a woman like you,i just want you to be sure what you want in life' Jacob explained.
'I don't get you'
'I need to know what is worrying you.Do i inform your mother about this,at least you should be willing to talk to her.'
'Please don't' She almost screamed.
'Are you willing to talk now?'
'I am fine'
'I am trying to believe you.' He said.
'Its getting late you know.' Jane said checking her wrist watch.
'You're politely asking me to leave.' she nodded.
'Its okay,i got you some things,they are in the back seat,let me.....' he made to open the door.
'Don't worry,i am okay.'
'I brought it for you' he said
'its okay,let me have it.'
He got out of the car and opened the back door,bringing out a wrapped basket.He handed it to her.
'Thank you' she muttered quietly.
'Let me take you back'

It was a silent journey,as each kept to the himself,Jacob tried to make polite chitchat but Jane replied with monosyllables.He dropped her off,without a hug or a peck.
'Say hi to Ajoke for me.' 
he said that to anger her not out of genuine care,he drove away as she walked away.
'You're back?' Ajoke said,jumping off her bed.'That was fast.'
'Yes it was.' Jane dropped the basket by the bed.
'How did it go?' she asked lifting the basket and tearing away the wrap on it.'Look Jane,he got you all this!' she exclaimed looking at the various expensive wine,fruits,provions and can food.
'It was just fine.' she said nonchallantly.
'I want a full gist abeg' Ajoke said.
'Nothing special,we just talked.'
'Did you guys iron things out?'
'I never mentioned that we had a quarell' she snapped.
'Don't get mad at me,i was only asking a question' Ajoke said calmly.
'So,did he kiss you?' she asked again.
'Do you ever back down on anything?'
'Yes,but not an interesting topic like this one 'she smiled.
'You need a slap'
'Did he kiss you,simple yes or no'
'Ajoke!' she shouted,the other ladies in the room looked towards them.
'Just answer me'
'This one that you're stammering hmmm,i can't wait to hear what happened.' Ajoke grinned.'Is Mr Jacob a great kisser?'
'Yes,he kissed me' she said shyly.
'I knew,and what else did he do?'
'Leave me alone'
'Jacob is so handsome,i like him,he's a naturale.'
'Was that why you held his hands for so long?'
'See jealous babe o'
'I am not jealous,just curious.'
'Sincerely,i like him,anyway who wouldn't?he's got this pleasant smile and good manners too.But i love my man better,so stick to your Jacob,you had to see the look on his face when he hugged you,Jane its so obvious he's crazy about you. Ajoke laughed.

Jane had to smile too,
'I know'
'Is that why you're taking his feelings for granted?'
'No,Jacob is Jacob and Dic.... ..'
'Don't even mention his name.'
Jane picked her phone,and answered a call,she brought out 
a small bag and began to pack some of the things Jacob brought into it,
'Where are you going?'
'To see Dickson!'
Ajoke was stunned,[b]Jane has finally gone mad![/b]she thought aloud....
Everyone in the room was startled as she walked in with so much confidence,she walked to the center of the room,facing the whole family thus disrupting their view on the wide screen Tv on the wall.

Biyisi was very furious,she got up and stood before Adetoun,
'What rubbish are you performing disrupting our view?'Biyisi asked angry.
Adetoun stood menancingly before her mother,they were of the same height,and size.She was measuring her up in a fight.She refused to answer her question.
'Have you gone deaf?' Biyisi shouted.She raised her hands in her usual manner to slap Adetoun,but Adetoun hanged her hand in mid air.
'Don't you try that with me' Biyisi was shocked to the bone marrow when she realised that Adetoun was speaking to her.

'Was that for me?' Biyisi asked
'You heard me.' Adetoun answered looking into Biyisi's eyes coldly with hatred..

Her father was stunned too,as the rest of the family sat watching the free home cinema before them,tongue tied.

'Do you know what you're doing?- Her father chided.

'Hey you,Hold it' Adetoun screamed her father down,she couldn't believe that the voice she heard some seconds ago belonged to herself. 

He kept quiet instantly,
'You have grown wings to talk back at me,you this rat.' Biyisi pointed in Adetoun's face.
'What will you do? If i talk back at you.' she asked Biyisi as she raised her hands to slap her again,Adetoun hanged her hand in mid air again. 
'Don't try that again' she warned Biyisi.sho walked to her seat like a wet fowl.

Adekunle was so surprised,he hadn't seen that coming from his sister,it hurt to know to know that she didn't carry him along in her plans,he would have gladly supported her.Adetoun deserved to be heard afterall.

Adetoun turned her back on the only family she knew as she walked towards the TV disconnecting the wires and plug with one single yank.

'Adetoun are you alright?' Titus spoke when he realised others had gone tongue stuck.

Adetoun picked the stool by her side and flung it at Titus,thank God for quick reflexes,his head would have found solace on the floor by now,
'If you utter a word again,i'll butcher your head into pieces,you fucckiing bastard' she hissed like a rattle snake.That was the first she swore before her family.

Titus was awed as he touched his head to confirm,if it was still in place,he cuddled on his seat like a baby python in danger.

Adetoun carefully removed a knife from the hem of her jean,she dazzled it in the air to allow every one have a good look at the shinning edges of its blade.

The family sat together like a heap of dirt,even Adeola and yemi were shaking,they knew she meant serious business,and what was that she saw in Biyisi's eye? It was fear,a frightening look.she never thought existed on her mother's face or in Biyisi's stone heart.

Only Adekunle looked a bit relaxed,partially assured that Adetoun couldn't harm him,but this Adetoun was a reformed one,this bold anger filled lady before him was definitely different.

Adetoun paced the big and well furnished sitting room,staring each person in the face.she was very anger,and was trying to calm down before speaking.

'I have just three questions for the three of you' Her eyes threw dagger as she spoke.
'You,you and you are to answer one question each' she pointed the blade of the knife on Biyisi's head,Her fathers head and Titus's throat,letting it linger there for extra seconds.Titus was shaking like a pregnant leaf.
'So this could shake like this?' she thought in her mind.
'And i woudn't like any of you to waste my time' she roared,'If you do,i will butcher you and throw your carcass to the dogs.' she gave a wicked laugh.
'Is that understood?' she asked while they nodded their head in unison like a well mastered part of a choreography.

Pulling a big chair to the center of the room,she sat down facing the others,
she spoke with so much energy and exuded a ne brazen confidence,
'My first question goes to you Biyisi' Adetoun cleared her throat for better hearing.Biyisi adjusted in her chair.Fixing her gaze on Biyisi she continued,
'Don't waste my time,i need straight simple answers,who is my mother?'
Hanny turned to face the intruder,and to her utmost joy,it was Pink shirt,he was wearing a pink shirt again,so coo

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Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 11:02am On Jul 29, 2014
Hanny turned to face the intruder,and to her utmost joy,it was Pink shirt,he was wearing a pink shirt again,so cool.
'Hi....hi...' Hanny replied.
The guy walked over to Bukky.
'Good afternoon,i'ld like to speak to your friend for a minute,could you please excuse her.' he said it in a such a smooth way,that one would find it hard to object.
'My pleasure' Bukky smiled.
'Thanks pretty.' He turned back to Hanny as Bukky took some steps away.
'Being honest is a good virtue that every beautiful lady should exhibit,in my books' He said smiling.
'The number right?' Hanny asked.
'Yes-a wrong number,i want to talk to you,do you mind if i buy you lunch?' He asked dropping his eyelids to her face.
'Actually,i was going to have lunch with my friend.' Hanny explained.
'Thats not a problem,we can all have lunch then.'
Hannah beckons to Bukola,who was talking to someone over the phone.
'Hanny please i have to leave now,my roomie is back and i have the key with me' she explained in one breath.
'Oh,i just wanted ...'
'I'll ping you sha so that we talk,later things bye, Bukky said waving down a bike man.
'What happened?' Pink Shirt asked.
'She had to leave,it was important.'
'I hope there's no problem?'
'Shall we?'

Life is filled with so many people each with a different character,and a different personality.His name is a tongue twister,Adegoroye,huh? Thats long:>,but she could call him Ade for short,he was cool and smart too,but,
They'd walked to the cafe to together,he didn't even bother to ask,if they could take a shuttle,she had to walk for 30minutes,too bad.He'd spent a total of 200 in buying her food and coke? Too bad.His phone,Nokia torchlight,huh?

Was that a sign of being broke or simply stingy?she disliked stingy guys,she thought as she made tea for Rukayat.
'You have to sit up now' Hanny said.
'I can't' Rukayat said lieing on the bed.
'Since i left for class and returned,you're still on the bed.' Hanny chided drawing Rukayat up and placing the pillow by her for support.
'I stood up to use the toilet some minutes ago.' Rukayat said.
'Just sit up,so that you can drink this.' she said placing a glass of hot tea on her hands.
'Thank you.'
'No thanks,just drink ,i don't want you to catch fever o'Hannah laughed.'So has he called yet?'
'Habeeb....Habeeb hasn't....' Rukayat said breaking into tears.
'Its okay,i shouldn't have asked'
'Hannah,he hasn't called to say he was joking,he hasn't called to tell me it was a big prank.he hasn't called to apologise.he hasn't.....'
'Its okay,he'll come around.'
'I am not a baby,and i know he's never going to come around,he's a man of his word.' she sneezed.
'i don't want you thinking about this for long.'
'But what can i do but think,Habeeb broke my heart,he used to preach to me,counsel me,telling me to be faithful to God and man,Habeeb disappointed me' She wept,and before Hannah could say Jack Robinson,she was at the door.
Hannah ran to her,
'What happened?'
'I am going to see him now!'
'No,you can't,you're weak,i can't allow you.' Rukayat tried to get her hands from Hannah's grip,but Hannah was stronger,pulling her away from the door,towards a corner in the room.
Shade came in without knocking,she was surprised to see Hannah and Rukayat on the floor.
'Were you girls fighting?'
'No,she tried to leave,so i had to pin her down,join me so that i can put her on the bed.' Hannah and Shade carried a weeping Rukayat on the bed.
'Hannah,has he truly left?'
'No,i'm sure he'll call to apologise for all this.'Hannah tried to calm her.
'I don't think so' Rukayat and Shade turned to look at Shade.
'Why did you say that?' Hannah asked.
'Because this afternoon,i saw both of them leave the school in his car.' shade said.
'Habeeb and who did you see?'
'Pweetyolly ofcourse' In a flash,Rukayat landed a hot deafening slap on Shade.
'What!' Shade and Hannah screamed.
'You saw him and you couldn't stop them,and you had the effontery to come tell me.' Rukayat hissed.
'Oh,you shouldn't have done that.' Hannah said.
'She should have stopped them.' Rukayat screamed.
'You're taking this thing badly' Hannah said.'And Shade you shouldn't have told her that.not yet'
'Was that why she slapped me?' shade said holding her cheek.
'And i'll do it again,if you mention her name again in this room.' Rukayat said angry.

Shade picked her bag and stumped out of the room.
'Its alright just calm down' 
'Hannah,i am trying to calm down,i really love Habeeb.'
'We all know,you have to get over this,most importantly exam is just two weeks away.' Hannah said calmy stroking her hands.
'I will get over this,once Habeeb comes back to me.'
'You haven't been listening to me.'
'Has anybody ever hurt you so badly?'
Hannah was about to answer her,when her phone rang,it was Rotimi.
'Who was that guy you had Lunch with this afternoon?' Came Rotimi's voice over the phone. 
Surprise and guilt spread over her face as she dropped the call.
'You got me all this?' he asked surprised,spreading the content on the floor,'Oh thank you so much,you're such a darling' he packing the provision into its bag.

'So what would you like to drink?' he asked perched on the bed.

'Any soft drink will do'

Jane didn't feel like having a drink,she just wanted to sound polite.As Dickson was a good mind reader.
'You look dull' He observed.
'I am fine,just a bit tired.' Jane said casually.
'Oh sorry dear,come to daddy' he said laughing and tickling her.
'Dickson stop' she laughed.
'I won't' he was laughing and at the same time tickling her.
'Oh please stop'
'On one condition' he said smiling and pulling her on the bed.
'Whats that?'
'I want to kiss you'

Oh my my,something she had constantly dreamed of,was taking it to the next level.she wondered how it would feel like kissing him,She was still basking in the tatse of Jacob's mouth,his kiss was hot and cool at the same time, ...his breath on her.....,sweet,....soft,....compelling,and here she was,about to kiss Dickson.Well she wouldn't have to wonder for long.
'I hope he's going to be able to ignite this fire in my body' she thought.

'Jane,jane...' Dickson called.
'Whats that?'
'You were far gone,what were you thinking about?' he asked cupping her face.

Jane was trying to think of a suitable answer,as he held her too close for comfort.
'I was thinking about you'
'Me? So tell me.'
'I bet you don't want to know.' Jane teased him.
'If you don't want to kiss me,i'll understand.'Dickson said bitterly.
'No,no,its not that,ofcourse i want to' Jane said.

Dickson grinned,he seemed happy to hear that.
'You want to do what?' he asked feigning innocence.
'I want to kiss you' Jane smiled.
'I love that baby.' Dickson laughed heartly.'But first,i want you to pull off your shirt'
'My shirt? Why?' Jane asked.

Dickson disliked petting girls,but he had to do this,if he was going to get down with her right here and now was the time,the delay was getting too much.He bagan unbuttoning his shirt.
'So that your white shirt won't get rumpled or dirty.' he said smiling.
'No,i don't want to pull it,i won't feel comfortable.'
'Its just you and i here,are you afraid of me or shy?'
'No,am not.'
'Then let me help you' he moved closer to her and began to unbutton her shirt,picking each button with pleasure.
'This is going to be fun,just i dreamed it would be' he thought.
Ajoke had been feeling uneasy since Jane left,
'I just hope this matter is not spiritual o' she thought aloud.
You have a ready made man,and you're running after a jobless graduate.
To think that Jane even took some of the things that Jacob bought for her to him was really annoying.
It was quarter to seven,she should have been back by now,and her cell phone was not reachable.
She fought the urge to go over there and drag her back.The girl sure needs some serious flogging.

She was starting to get tired of her attitude,seeing another man when you have a boyfriend was sure not in her books of good ladylike conduct.At least she was content with her fiance,she had sworn to herself that no other man would lay with her except her fiance,since the day she agreed to be engaged to him.And she was being faithful about it.

Ajoke stood up from the bed,that was the fifth time she was doing that within the space of one hour,she prayed that Jane would return in one piece and in peace.

She had to find a way to put an end to this menace,even if it requires breaking Dickson's head she wouldn't mind.
Her hair was rough,the breeze was having a field day playing with them,she felt bad for her actions,this evening.She walked fast,
someone called her,she had noticed that someone was following her,but she was only being calm as she could see people all around her.
'You're Jane' the person said again,walking towards her.
The guy was shaking,but the weather wasn't even cold,he looked jittery at first.
'Yes,i am Jane.' she stopped in her track.
'Did you do it?' he asked,he looked so afraid of something.

She looked around her,
'Do what?'
'Did.... you,....did you.... sleep with him?' he asked stammering.
'Sleep with who? Are you crazy or something?' Jane asked puzzled,,she looked white as snow,guilty? she wasn't feeling comfy talking to a stranger although his face looked very familiar,she just couldn't nail it.'Are you trying to insult me or what the hell are you talking about?'

'I am sorry,if i sound crazy,i just couldn't hold myself,i can't go ahead with the plan.' He said.

'I don't understand you.' Jane said,confused-she had her bag of woes already,she didn't want anyone adding to it,she was yet to get over what just happened between her and Dickson- and at the same time surprised and eager to know what he was ranting about.

'Actually,i am Charles,Dickson's friend.' 

She knew it,she had seen his face somewhere on camp.
'I have come to tell you something that is very important' *****
There's something about being guity that gives you away even when you're everything possible to look innocent while you are as guity as sin.

Hannah dropped the phone out of guilt,and fear,how did Rotimi know that she had lunch with someone this afternoon?her teeth were shattering as she kept an eye on the phone to see if Rotimi would call back.

It was barely one week away and Rukayat had fallen out of her mood,she was starting to recuperate,on realising that Habeeb was gone for good.She got her solace by returning to her old habit of drinking,smoking and hunting for rich,old guys,married or unmarried.

The weather was far from cold,she felt warm air caress her skin as she hurried from the bathroom.

In the space ot fourty minute,she had her face,hair and clothes done,she checked the mirror for one last look,she was pleased with the fair goddess she saw,slipping on a flat pink shoe,she picked her purse and left.

She was happy that either of her roomie,was in to peruse her about her outing and all that.

She had barely stepped out of the hostel gate,when Rotimi's car glided to a stop at the far end of the G3gardens,she picked her way towards him.

What is the essence of mpney,if not spent,a rich man who refuses to spend his cash and a broke guy are both broke,Rotimi had money and he spends it well.

He'd taken her to the newly opened food cafe by the school entrance gate,she enjoyed his company as much as she enjoyed her dinner of Friedrice and chicken over a pack of juice.

Rotimi looked every inch proud,of her as he chatted with her and held her hands as they walked out of the door.

Hannah thought,he would drop her at the hostel but he didn't,he wanted her to come over to his place,she'd argued on and on with him but he won,so he drove her home.

Hannah climbed the stairs with ease,she sat on a cushion set as he got her a glass of cold water,
'Thanks' Hannah said crossing her leg.

Rotimi kept her good company,cracking soft jokes and talking about his family,making her laugh.she was taken about with his question as he was beginning to get all romantic with her, 'Do you enjoy being kissed?' he asked. Hannah felt her legs moving against each other she sensed where the question was heading.

She nodded her head,
'Is that in affirmative?' Rotimi asked again,Hannah subtly asked him to keep quiet as he was beginning to bore her.
'Then i know what to do,to lighten your mood.' he smiled coming to seat by her.

He took her lips in his without warning,caressing her lips softly with his,and exploring every inch of her mouth,Hannah relaxed in his arms enjoying the kiss,his hands found a soft round ball and still she didn't complain,she was gradually leading him on and yet she wasn't ready for what was to come as the zipper of her dress slid down her back.
Cynthia lay on the bed reading a magazine,she borrowed from a friend when shade and Rukayat came in,their dressing was different,as Shade looked quite simple and Rukayat flamboyantly dressed,
'Where are you guys coming from?' Cynthia asked raising her head from the book in her hand.
'Library things ofcourse' Shade said laughing. 'I am sure Rukayat is not coming from the libaray' Cynthia said that judging from her dressing. 'Yes,i went for a party?' Rukayat smiled peeling off her shoes and dress.
'10days to exam?' Cynthia asked bewildered.
'Point of correction mother theresa,its just 9days,8hrs.' Rukayat said.
'You girls should stop talking pls,i am hungry jare.' Shade sighed stiffling a yawn as she rummaged her food box for something to eat.
'Rukayat,you're not reading.' Cynthia said as a matter of fact.
'You read your business,i party my sole business' Rukayat said.
'I am saying this because we're friends.'
'Thank you ma'Rukayat mocked,as she tied a small blue towel over her bosom,her phone began to ring,she picked it on the first ring.
'Hello Chief' she said,giving her caller a big smile. She rambled on and on laughing,as she set a date with the man.she dropped her phone.
'Don't tell me you're going out tonight?' Cynthia asked surprised.
'Well,i am,as you can see,i just received a call from an important friend and a helper.' Rukayat said.
'All that i am saying is for your sake,don't joke with your Gp,before it becomes too late.' Cynthia said.
'Cynthia,please i need a bath,before i pollute this room with my smelling armpit.' Rukayat laughed.
'Just go and clean your body jare' Shade chipped in having a field day with a cup of garri with milk and sugar.
Rukayat dripped water as she returned from the bathroom,eight minutes later.

There was a soft knock on the door as Hannah sauntered in looking like soaked agege bread.
'Hey what happened to you?' Shade was the first to ask.
'Where are you coming from?'Cynthia asked.
'Tell us what happened?' Rukayat joined in too.

Hannah's resolve not to wash her dirty linen in public was quick forgotten as she plunged into her story.
'What?' Her friends screamed.
'What?' Ajoke shouted.
Jane got in some minute ago,and recounted all that happened to Ajoke,they were both stunned as she wept.
'I was very surprised too' Jane said sobbing quietly.
'That Dickson is a beast,a sheep in human clothing,a wolf in disguise and to think you fell foolishly for him' Ajoke said.
'You don't have to remind me of that.' Jane cried again,
'Let me remind you,because i warned you,but you just wouldn't listen.'
'You should have seen,the Charles guy he was shaking as he explained all about the plan and their bet.'
'Oh i am awed,men are so dangerous,yet we have honest and God fearing ones like Jacob is.' Ajoke said smiling.
'I am yet to believe Dickson set me up.'
'The earlier you believe him,the better for you.' Ajoke told her in a strict voice.
'I can see the reason for his actions now.' Jane lamented.
'What actions?'
'He cooed me to pull off my shirt for a kiss'
'And you did?'
'I ....I.....'
'Oh no Jane,are you that daft,you pulled off your shirt to be kissed?you make me laugh.' Ajoke said as Jane cried.'I am just happy all this is over' 
'I am so sorry for all i have done,i am ashamed of myself.' Jane said as Ajoke wiped her tears.
'You let that guy get down with you,its just too bad.'
'He didn't'
'C'mon,i am a lady like you,and i understand that such things happen between people of opposite sex' Ajoke explained.
'Yes,thats true but we didn't have sex.' Jane maintained.
'Is that to say for this past one week,he didn't touch you?' Ajoke asked surprised written all over her.
'No,he didn't.I guess he was being careful,taking time with me so that i'ld give in when he decides to launch an offer.' Jane said.
'Well,you should be happy,even if he had his way with you,Jacob wouldn't have known.'
'He would definitely know' Jane corrected her.
'How in the world is that possible except you tell him' Ajoke asked.
'Thats because.....i.....i .....am...' Jane stammered.
'You're what?'
'Don't tell me its what i am thinking?' Ajoke cut her short.
'What is it? Jane asked.
'No,you go first,how would he know?'
'Well,i am virgin.' 
'You're what?' Ajoke said quietly afraid that people might hear her.
'I am what i just said.'
'Is that a kind of joke?'
'No,i am.'
'Unbelievable!,at your age? You still have the pride of every woman stuck under you.' Ajoke said puzzled.
'Is it a bad thing?'
'No,my dear,i'll give anything and everything to have mine back,its your confidence,your pride,oh why are you so lucky? And you would have given that away to that Dick headed pig?'
'Ajoke,please stop it.' Jane pleaded.
'I should stop reminding you that you almost sold your priced gold,your most valuable diamond to that nuisance.'
'Its okay,i have learnt my lesson' Jane said.
'I hope thats true,Jacob must be a proud man,just imagine the look on his face when he realises that you're not who you claim to be.'Ajoke asked.'I am not a saint here,i started having sex when i was 18yrs,i never got pregnant for once,and since i got engaged i have stayed away from other men,only my fiance has full access to my body. Ajoke landed.

Jane looked at her as she spoke,clunged to her and wept.
'I hope you will never do this again,make Jacob proud by being undefiled,stay away from the likes of Dickson and co.They have nothing to offer than the stick dangling in between their legs.'

Jane sneezed,holding Ajoke tighter,'I know how much you adore him,i hope someday soon,you will be able to look Jacob in the eye and tell him about this.'
Its been three whole days since the incidence happened,Ajoke advised her to move on like nothing happened.

Jane had returned to her senses and to her norm

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Re: My Husband......... by harmlessphil(f): 2:01pm On Jul 31, 2014
Nice story pls when will be your nxt upload can't wait to knw wat happened in d house of toun, becos I really feel for her, and at her age she was allowed to be molested like tat, tat is so annoying and tank God for janet oh tat dickson guy for dickson her well well she really annoy me for tat part mommy jacob matter no come up again, anyway kudos to you pls update immediately can't wait pls. Cieo

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Re: My Husband......... by Opracus(f): 8:29pm On Jul 31, 2014
aunt flakky more power to ur elbow cant wait to see ur next upload just want to see adetoun reaction towards her family
Re: My Husband......... by DoroCute(f): 4:27pm On Aug 04, 2014
Wow... Done reading d book 4rm A-Z... Thnxx flakky! Ɣφυ r d best!
Re: My Husband......... by Flakkydagirl: 7:39am On Aug 06, 2014

Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 8:34am On Aug 06, 2014
Flakkydagirl: Esixlove......

dear flakkydagal, i'm sorry, i can't post until my phone is back. All the files that i converted is inside the phone.
Re: My Husband......... by lagbajadgeek(m): 5:44pm On Aug 08, 2014
I have uploaded the whole story in Word Doc format separated into six parts on this forum. Anyone who hasn't read it up can download and read at ease.
Ma'am flakky, i presume this is the end of My Husband.........
Re: My Husband......... by dopevick: 6:35pm On Aug 08, 2014
lagbajadgeek: I have uploaded the whole story in Word Doc format separated into six parts on this forum. Anyone who hasn't read it up can download and read at ease.
Ma'am flakky, i presume this is the end of My Husband.........
could u drop d link den
Re: My Husband......... by ceceee(f): 1:05pm On Aug 09, 2014
Please,the link
Re: My Husband......... by ESIXLOVE: 3:40pm On Aug 09, 2014
Please,the link
there's no link just go back to the previous page you will see it.
Re: My Husband......... by Ziziola: 6:41pm On Aug 09, 2014
@Lagbajadgeek I cant read a doc.x file on my phon cos it gets downloaded in pictures and shows me unsupported file format. Is there a solution to that?
Re: My Husband......... by shenney: 1:40am On Aug 11, 2014
Flakkydagirl: Esixlove......
lagbajadgeek: I have uploaded the whole story in Word Doc format separated into six parts on this forum. Anyone who hasn't read it up can download and read at ease.
Ma'am flakky, i presume this is the end of My Husband.........

Flakkygirl... Pls kindly complete d story....
Re: My Husband......... by lagbajadgeek(m): 2:08pm On Aug 15, 2014
dopevick: could u drop d link den

The link is on page 7 of this thread. Separated into six links in this fomat "My Husband_NL-story 1,2....6"
Re: My Husband......... by lagbajadgeek(m): 2:12pm On Aug 15, 2014
Please,the link

The link is on page 7 of this thread. Separated into six links in this fomat "My Husband_NL-story 1,2....6"
Re: My Husband......... by lagbajadgeek(m): 2:15pm On Aug 15, 2014
Ziziola: @Lagbajadgeek I cant read a doc.x file on my phon cos it gets downloaded in pictures and shows me unsupported file format. Is there a solution to that?

You probably need to get a phone app that can open it or u transfer to a computer and open with Ms Word 2010 and above.
Re: My Husband......... by lagbajadgeek(m): 2:18pm On Aug 15, 2014
Flakkygirl... Pls kindly complete d story....

The whole story can be found on page 7 of this thread. Separated into six links in this fomat "My Husband_NL-story 1,2....6"
Re: My Husband......... by shenney: 3:59pm On Aug 15, 2014
i have downloaded it but the story is not yet complete... what happen to adetoun's family, adetoun itself and the rest of the characters in the story.

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