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3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 2:39am On Sep 18, 2008
Ok! i am sure u all have seen headings like this b4 so lets cut the crap. With all these talents its time for a select few of US to pull out an animated film of good quality and have it recognised in naija. As to if im capable, some of u mite have seen my videos on youtube.com. I want to make that happen under the studio of DARKGRAVITY WORKS i am forming.All i need are a dedicated few who are ready to work and function as a team. Whatever the proceeds are we will split and at least our names will be in the credits of the film which is a step-up.I am going to need artists, modellers, riggers, texture guys and animators. Being a collective effort there are a lot of things we will need a common ground for(seeing software for production varies) but we will vault that as soon as the team is assembled.

If you feel touched and are up to the task, show a little faith by pasting a commitment and your email here and also an example of your work. The above positions will be open for only three days b4 d team is assembled.I expect that our film should take 3-4weeks.More details will be conveyed wen we are ready.So what say ye' all HOUSE 3D babes&guys

Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by smartsoft(m): 9:31am On Sep 18, 2008
you u dey show ur self abi ? lol
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by bizkit(m): 11:13am On Sep 18, 2008
9ice idea bro, watch out 4 my post aight & contact me if u deem it fit. Ciao Ciao grin
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by sojioguns(m): 11:50am On Sep 18, 2008
Nice idea resichild. I have seen your work and they are impressive. We share that need in common. But it is a lot more than just getting people together. Trust is an issue nowadays. A lot of professionals have had bad experiences with 'clients' and find it difficult to trust people, especially if they have to wait for proceeds to get paid.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by Tunslike: 12:10pm On Sep 18, 2008
I think i will be the intrested.

wanna know me cool
CG Visual Effect Animator and compositor
3D Modeller and Animator
Matchmoving and Digital Matte painting artist.
Character modeling, animation and rigging with great controls.

let's see how it goes, cheesy cheesy cool cool cool cool wink wink wink

I believe there are great professionals out there, let's see how we can unlease CG Films in Nigeria. IF YOU ARE FOR REAL, then mail me cool
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by codename47(m): 1:30pm On Sep 18, 2008
I'm also interested. I think its about time.
I use 3dsmax majorly, vray for rendering, Photoshop for textures.
I'm expecting something to start very soon.
i'm on sirkay47@yahoo.co.uk
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by Neikid: 4:29pm On Sep 18, 2008
I love this idea been looking for pips like y'all.
check this one out, its a character from an animated chess movie i'm working on, my evil black bishop.
you may want to hit me on jbr391@yahoo.com

Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 10:23pm On Sep 18, 2008
this post is gonna be long so bear wit me.
the truth of the matter is where we are.We all blog at nairaland for free and use our works at no cost within each other.none of us get paid to blog but we do it anyway.i'm simply channelling our collective energy into a project.Forget what other people hav been thru, this is us and if we are determined, we will pull thru.Thats why the team has got to be small and compact.The project is going to be short so we dont feel we are killing ourselves by working for it.I was hoping you would be on board cos i am guessing u mite be the end of the pipeline also because we are going to need a production outlet for voicerecording and all, was thinking 601 has that facility, although i hav a backup.About people feeling insecure, i have put checks and balances in place to make sure as long as you contributed,u wud get paid when the proceeds come because everyone would have proof of what they did and where they contributed so that if u all feel i am about to bolt for the door, u can cut me down on media, courts, wherever u feel best(pls not mafia or hitmen or jazz, abeg oh!).So as to where trust is concerned, we can shove it if u dont want to trust the team and simply hold on to the original files of our input.At least wherever u show them,people will believe you.But for the record, i am a trustworthy person so guys/babes dont be afraid.Therefore, pls either have faith and post ur commitment and work or just sit back and watch us!!!its our time to shine.Naija music and movie industry is becoming repetitive.

I've got to show them i'm not just a talker.by the way u didnt give a commitment and work example,?u dont believe we can pull thru?

would love to see ur work first.no offense, just trying to get serious people

saw your commitment but u didnt post any works!!!And for the record, i am for realllllllllll cos 3D is my life.

got ur commitment but no works??i am a 3dmax user also and , anyway lets start first.

Love the enthusiasm and response but ur pic is kinda dark so i couldnt make out anything.would like a brighter one.Also, i hope u know this is not just going to be an idea, we've got to get "there" to prove something to naija

Countdown:2 days more, if u guys can tell the other graphic bloggers.we should make this huge.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by Neikid: 10:34pm On Sep 18, 2008
i'll try to add a little light so u can see it properly. although i made the character glow so its visible in the dark background.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by Neikid: 11:09pm On Sep 18, 2008

Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by A2J(m): 5:49pm On Sep 19, 2008

I expect that our film should take 3-4weeks.

4 weeks for an animated film? i doubt it unless you just want to do "rush rush" work or few mins film.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 11:38pm On Sep 19, 2008
Nigerians are usually never willing to try.
If i say 3-4weeks , its give or take and yes what i was planning was a 30mins film not feature length.its the best balance between the eager team and an audience.
Now pls i actually need more help than more people trying to discourage others.please what say u all
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by OKX(m): 2:48am On Sep 20, 2008
letting people know wot they are getting in for and setting realistic time frames doesnt constitute as discouragement, on the contrary- it ensures commitment. no offense, but i wouldnt submit to your project cos it smacks of amateurish enthusiasm. show us a well thought out schedule/plan/work flow, and maybe the kind of people you really need will show some serious interest. work is easy, its the planning that separates a good project from a poor one.all our time is valuable, so if you are going to spearhead this- do your homework, study production pipelines, and sound like u know wot u are talking about-or you will have chaos at your meetings, with everyone throwing great ideas around and no one to moderate or control the creative flow. again, no offense meant.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by grafikdon: 3:11am On Sep 20, 2008
@ Resichild, just out of curiousity, what type of 30 minute animated short do you hope to accomplish in 4 weeks? Now I am not saying this is impossible because with a competent team 10 or 20 experienced animators, you can pull that off, assuming you've done the storyboards, modeling, textures and rigging before the four weeks deadline. You have to understand that animation is very tedious process and can be very unforgiving when done with a prohibitive time constraint. Your mistakes become too glaring especially when you cannot go back and fix the too-obvious mistake due to prohibitive time constraint.

Like OKX said, you need a solid foundation or well thought out plan/work flow. I believe more people will join without thinking of it as a waste of time or amateurish enthusiasm.

BTW, I like the enthusiasm but it must be backed with a solid and REALISTIC foundation/plan/work flow.

Good luck with the project. smiley
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 8:51am On Sep 20, 2008
i like what both of you(OKX and grafikdon) have posted. To outline a production workflow and paste it here on this blog would be ludicrous.I have a workflow already and trust me when i say i am keeping it tight. U call it amatuerish, i call it motivational.Why? its because if i decide to put up all the plans i have for the project right here, u all would think i really do not have a clue as to what i am doing. The amount of work put into a 30mins video can either be much or less, but it dosent mean the quality is affected. Let me try to show a little professionalism here. If any of u hav seen the CGI flicks kungfu panda and Incredibles and u also looked at both from a technical standpoint, u will find out that Kungfu panda has nice textures but small landscapes while incredibles is the other way round. I saw an hour long horror movie that had only 6 characters in it and 2 locations, a forest and a highway, believe wen i tell u it was nice. My Point, combining few characters along with 2-3 locales can give u a film better than what u hav seen before as long as the story and directing are tight. If U both are far into animation, then u will know that 3modellers can have those about 8characters up and ready in less than five days,throw in the locales and in 10days they are done.Mind u, parallel production will definitely be employed in that the riggers can rig for bipeds which can be adjusted to suit any bipedal/five fingered character(i know 3d max well enuf).Within a span of 15days, both models and environs are ready.animation gets underway while the texture artists do their work.During the course of modelling the storyboards will be drawn out.The only lag in any production is the startup because all work is halted until the 2d artists are done. If u guys were even to flaw me, it would be in voice acting and sound integration because i dont have that base covered yet.
The problem i feel u guys have is because, like me, i usually work alone from modelling down to final rendering so its tasking.But if i could pull out a 1min 10secs video in 3weeks,why cant a team of say 15guys do it in 4weeks.And in nairaland here, we all are usually versatile.i am into modelling,rigging and animation, u grafikdon are into all the production stages except sounds(seen ur work by the way and loving it, actually it was what inspired me to take this leap of faith) and alot of others here.So tell me, was i still too amatuerish to know what i was doing?
If a lot of u dont give ur support,this project will fail.Lets try before we accept defeat,i am literally pleading cos i am sick and tired of just doing 33D at home, smile at it, show some friends and then after their usual "o boy u be don oh!", its back to square one. I dont know about u guys but i want bigger
@OKX and grafikdon
i really need all u guys, we can make this work.Give or take 5weeks and we all would strive to make it worth our time
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by OKX(m): 5:08pm On Sep 20, 2008
a little education here. again i seek not to offend but to enlighten.
kung fu panda was begun in 2003, and it took a team of 300 artists at dreamworks to pull it off. what u seem to regard as sparse landscape is the artstyle of the movie.while i agree that it doesnt necessarily have to take ages to produce a movie,time,- wisely invested makes all the difference between a shoddy job or not.and there are no shortcuts.

Dreamworks use HP machines in their render farm, specifically HP xw9400s with dual core AMD Opteron processors and more recently HP xw8600s with quad-core Intel Xeon processors, yet the movie, kung fu panda took 24 million hours to render on the studios approximately 6000 cores.Shrek took 5 million hours.
again, u may not go so intense, but some facts should put things in better perspective and make u read a bit deeper, and plan better and more realistically. a 3-4 week 30min movie will look like just that- a hastily assembled movie, suitable for posting on youtube- but certainly not the kind of stuff you are talking about making a significant impact with.

and u are an unknown factor, so theres no reason for any of us to trust u with our time on a project, until u show us u know ur onions-and that is what any kind of outlined plan will show.why would posting a plan make us think u havent a clue?wasnt asking for loads of details, but you are trying to recruit professionals who value their time- so, make us believe in the project.

PS. feel free to outline any areas of weakness, thats the only way the project will succeed- with people synergizing to maximize their collective strengths.

Good luck
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by OKX(m): 5:23pm On Sep 20, 2008
and by the way, it is the complexity of the plot which in turn affects the storyboarding, xterization etc, and that is what determines the duration of the production, not how long u want the movie to last.

two different 30 min animations can take significantly different times to produce based on the respective stories u are working on.
the question is, do u have a story that u have time-analysed for production timelines to arrive at your 3-4 week schedule?
u didnt sound like u had.

significant facts like that are what u need to post.
most of the evaluation of the project will need to be done online so u need to give more info bro!

Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 10:48pm On Sep 20, 2008
it takes a gr8t deal to offend me so dont sweat it. Let me just say that in nigeria and with the resources at hand, a render farm is impossible and u know it so dont go all technical with the graphic aspects. What i am saying is clean-cut, we' ve all done videos at home and they look good enuf to be a FIRST in Naija, two points u are missing.Have u seen the new south-african cgi series, have u seen grafikdon's cel-shaded series?u think he used a render farm?i have three different cel-shaded videos which i rendered with an assembled desktop and onboard nvidia graphics card way back 2003.It took me 4hrs to render each and it looked really good. My point is we are not hitting kungfu panda or incredibles with this film but its going to be presentable enuf to attract nigerians in general and from there, it keeps improving. When Styl+ Olufunmi music video came out,people tripped.Why?it wasnt because we had never seen stuff like that b4, it was solely because people were proud to associate it with nigerians.Period. Thats the edge here.We arent going after disney, pixar or dreamworks yet, just what shud be enuff to put 3d graphics on the nigerian entertainment industry.
Being so professional,as u rightfully say, what amount of stress will it be to join up?After u see the plans, story and work distribution on a private space and not aired here in nairaland, u can decide to quit if its "amateurish".
U say i am unknown, but u seem to 4get that i also dont know any of u here.thats why its a project of synergy as the goal and profit as 2nd place. U can take ur time to model and post them here for free so where's the harm in doing it for the project.
Anyway, i see clearly that i made a move i thought people were just generally afraid to make.Thats not the reason at all, the problem is everyone who's quite good thinks he knows too much.Instead of lending the knowledge, we all try to show ourselves.i think synergy in this area still has a long way to go.I am officially discouraged from continuing and anyone who feels more capable can continue this journey. But let me say this, LETS TRY TO PRACTICE THE UNITY WE ARE SCREAMING FOR.

sorry i wasted ur blogging time but i'll keep u guys in mind.We cud start stuff off the record so send me ur emails and phone numbers.i'll mail the story and its concepts to u all.We dont have sketches and art, and none of u put up 2d art as a skill so we still need that.
just an after thought, since u are quite versed in production, whats keeping u from pitching this project?Because if u are quick to point out the loopholes, then u shud hav a waterproof plan.Why havent u executed it yet?Wud like to know so i wud hav learned some strategies at least
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 10:57pm On Sep 20, 2008
Just sat back and pondered on something.I will post a work flow,plan and summary of the story and also where i am deficient. At least let me take a last stand for what i believe we can do and after dat, whatever happens,happens! undecided

hmm!Amateurs they call me,
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by A2J(m): 12:46am On Sep 21, 2008
Now you are talking, post it and i will consider and by the way, i love your kunfu fighting short movie on youtube, is the project going that line or just our normal "Naija" love/witch storyline?
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by OKX(m): 1:33am On Sep 21, 2008
this is what lack of info causes. if u wish to showcase 3D in Nigeria by merely completing a project- thats easy. u cld prob'ly do that single-handedly.
however, if you wish to make an artistic statement and wow ur audience- thats another thing entirely.

the question is, which is it? my bad!but i thot it was the second.

i went 'technical' with those movies because of ur reviews. less is more, and it takes a great deal of skill and planning to pull a complex movie and make it look simple. the things that make a hit movie are usually subliminal-just hiding beneath the surface. send me ur addy and i will mail u a digital mag that deals with the making of Kung Fu Panda. when u understand what goes into just creating a lovable, hit character like the Panda- u will get my point.

of course, we are not going to compete with the big studios for technology- but u have to make allowances for the improved digital players available today. u dont want ur movie to suck when viewed HD.so rendering specs is an issue. a render farm with lo spec computers is possible.

besides, if i am being a wet blanket- pulling the plug at the first 'discouragement' (if thats what u think i am), hardly inspires confidence for the rest of your team; cos if the project kicks off- believe me, there are granite walls waiting ahead of u!


Anyway, i see clearly that i made a move i thought people were just generally afraid to make.Thats not the reason at all, the problem is everyone who's quite good thinks he knows too much.Instead of lending the knowledge, we all try to show ourselves.

did i sound like i was showing myself? i thot not, but i need second opinions.

the move u made while commendable, isnt original. every graphic site eventually boils down to some variation of the same synergy theme, believe me- i have been there. they generally fizzle out because most people lack the foundation of discipline and staying power inspite of what they say. those that stay,like me- need to know certain things for sure.

and all u needed to say concerning your production pipeline was that u didnt want to post ur plan in a public forum.see? communication.lol

u need loopholes pointed out to you so u can fill them. i am not interested in running u down and fyi- have a project i have been working on with my team for 14 months now. completion estimated for 2nd week in january. its an animated folktale series.

dont feel threatened or discouraged- in my own twisted way, i am actually trying to help u bro.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by A2J(m): 7:16pm On Sep 21, 2008

You need to understand we (i) are not trying to discourage you, far from it, am very impressed that someone could think of such project and come out to gather talents together to make it successful because NAIJA is suppose to have its own animated series o, talents plenty.

like i said before and as OKX said, it will be hard to do a "wow" animated series for 4 weeks, the rendering alone will take it all. i know you say it is just 30mins thing but is it a once project or continuing project?

what will be your role in this project? are you the storywriter? you need to state what you need also, 1 or two persons per role/task and how many people could your project hold/need.

We arent going after disney, pixar or dreamworks yet, just what should be enough to put 3d graphics on the nigerian entertainment industry.

you mean say you just want create any 3d film and shoot it out to nigeria to watch or create a "wow" 3d film, i beg make i know o

no condemnation meant o, just trying to understand the project better o, no bad belle o


send me ur addy and i will mail u a digital mag that deals with the making of Kung Fu Panda. when u understand what goes into just creating a lovable, hit character like the Panda- u will get my point.

my email is dayo_a2j@hotmail.com send me that digital mag you talked about i beg. need to see the info in it about the kunfu Panda.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by xothermik(m): 2:49am On Sep 22, 2008

i really admire your spirit because i believe in the talent and the hardworking nature of nigerians. the truth is it takes 10 times the effort to be even a mediocre animator in nigeria than it  takes guys in the developed countries to be a good one. why? because animation generally is still in its budding stages here. for instance if u make up your mind that u want to learn 3d anination in  say in the u.s or the e.u. 1- there are tons of top notch schools for that,2-there are zillions of training dvd's magazines with complete step by step tutorials on how to animate.3-there's a gaziliion amount of information, websites and e-books as well as videos online. 4-you will probably find guys around u and friends or even mentors who are into it already and help u learn much quicker than u'D hav done by yourself.5-what the heck you don't have to juggle your mainstream education(university) with some animation in your sparetime you cud just do what you love and study moviemaking or animation.and finally 6-you will actually get employed for your skills just as long as ur good at it and make a living out of what you love doing.

          Lets now take a look at the nigerian paradigm. u make up ur mind that u want to learn animation. and say you live not even in lagos but say like emm,  sokoto. yes. ok. tongue  for starters maybe you don't even hav access to a personal computer, and you hav to go to a friends or your big bro's.(we all know that the priveleged kids use the least of their potentials, rather watch movies porn and chat on their lappy's). step 2 how do you even get your hands on the software. say you finally get someone to rip u off from lagos and sell u a pirated copy. great step 3 is there anyone to teach you. probably not and even if there was, chances is that that persons not too good.and learning the intricacies of the vast interfaces like max(even the very best in the biz say they hav parts of the software thay they haven yet mastered and would probably keep learning new things about it till they die)is a gargantuan task if you plan to learn by yourself(i was there) the pace is proficently slow to say the least. u cud get stuck on a problem for months only for one person to point it out for u in a second. 4 internet is the next option for your tutorials since there are a lot of sites that provide free tutorials. where do you get a connection. xcept if you are xtremly lucky and your traditional folks are actually hooked up to the net you would probably end up at a cyber cafe. DAMN! those hot queing low spec systems cafe with low and shared bandwidths.to even download a pdf na wahala. at the end of it all chances are that even your friends wont really dig it lik they should and probably discourage u especially when you spend 5 hours + on max and they want to play game or watch movie. on top of all that you will have to only squeeze that into the little time you have inbetween school and the rest. wow. thats an uphil struggle and is already enough to bore any one into giving up.

         However. inspite all these difficulties, a selected few still manage to persevere and persist and get somewhere with the whole thing. they might not make money from their relentless quest but at least are able to post a thing or two on u tube(thats even if their connection is good enough to allow them upload a file bigger than 1 megabyte.)

[b]Buttom line, to all my nigerian animators and digital artists, i salute you! don't ever let anyone discourage u but make sure you keep on improving all the time.some of the comments (or critiscisms) toward resichild have been utterly unfair. there's probably uncountable hours it took you to learn and get to your u tube post. theres still a big room for improvement but you did take a largle leap. my main concern for your vision is that i don't think you can sponsor animators from all over the country for your team to come to whereeva you are and accomodate, feed and pocket change them(all work and no play) for the duration of the project(except u plan on hiring only people around your area and ud definately not hav the best minds because skills in this sort of thing really has no demography, the best gems are in all nooks and cranies of the country). u see we animators hav a problem in this country. the guys with the real dough are old school and are'nt willin to invest in this baby. twas like in the music industry lik a decade back. no one would think you are serious if you said you wanted to be a musictian full time. but today they are everywhere and are even celebrities. people like the primetime guys and loads of others steppd up and created oppotunites for the talents to earn a living. we need a similar thing. an animation or visual media empresario. that will create the enabling environment. fancy that our musical artists have to travel to south africa if they want their videos to be top notch. come on. is there no one that can afford celluloid camera's? people are so stikingly rich in this country our politicians and the rest we see them on tv and in ovaton magazine but none of them is smart enough to realize that if he should open a video studio with good celluloid cameras, cranes, lighting  and audio equipment that not only will artists not need to go to south africa to pour out our precious nairas but at least the whole of west africa will come into nigerias to get their videos (and movies) shot and processed.
our rich guys dey fuk up oh thats what we need. big big investments that will nuture the animation and video industry in nigeria.and if that cud happen then we could hav a serious animation boom in the country like and even better than what we hav in the music industry. you hav got to be able to finance the team no matter what faith they hav in animation. if  you can pull that one of then im telling you you can pull something off no matter what. even if you make just a slighly better looking version of what you hav on u tube and hav a good storyboard  and animation into a feauture. my guy nigerians will appreciate their own and u would hav flunged the door open. another group will want to raise the bar and the competition is what is going to make the whole thing blow up in the end. besides you would hav made history and that will remain a first forever in the history books. rome was'nt built in a day. na step by step. did any of you guys ever see the very first cartoon animation. its totally stupid and worse than a kindergarten drawing. but guess waht. it started an entire revolution and got tom an jerry winning oscars in the thirties or so. lets not just fold our arms in negativity it must start somewhere. and i'D say rather sooner than later.[/b]
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 8:45am On Sep 22, 2008
Huh!Now i feel kinda refreshed.This is actually what i wanted, questions and advice not reproaches though my good pals OKX and A2J were being true to the core in their way.
Loved ur speech,encouragement and ur work.

my email is concepthaven@yahoo.com.just notify me when the mag is is coa i wud really love more technical insight into that movie.
This is the best way i am going to put it
1.I have 3stories basically written with time and environment as constraints.The 1st is 25th century naija as a large mass floating on antigravity devices.Things have gone sour a long time ago and the rich were the only people who could afford to stay on the mass.The rest were hauled over the edge.The epidemic that was released due to wrong toxic experiments turned all those overboard to black bodied people referred to as shadows.Every decade, they amass and try to take over the floating mass.Within the 10yrs, 2 people, a male and female are trained with one goal, to exterminate the shadows.These duo are called Omo-Ehis.This whole beginning is narration while the film is basically 30mins of shadow ass kicking with some hi-tech gadgets.The duo wud eventually discover why and how they regroup after every 10yrs but , i cant give out the ending twist. The 2nd story starts in a forest, with a young man strung up on a tree and left for dead.In his dying moments, he calls on a demi-god that grants him a staff with unknown powers. The god tells him the only chances of him surviving is to complete two tasks, race an enchanted beetle-guy(it was originally a tortoise but, KungFu panda happened and i dont want to be referred to as a lifter) and fight a gargantuan creature.I,ve already seen a sketch on nairaland that i wud like for this creature but we can come up with better.It ends with the man reaching the edge of his village, there's a twist here also but, my lips gotta be sealed.3rd takes place in just a 5 0r 8floor story building where 2young boys are trying to rescue a senator that was kidnapped and held hostage somewhere in the building.Initially they dont even know cos they were just trying to save their necks from the armed men in the apartment block.
My plan for making the work short is simple, i am going to have just very few xters in each story.the first will have just the main xters(2) a lot of mass produced low polygon xters that will be horrifyingly black so there's practically little detail and the environments are going to be caves wich can be randomly generated and reused.the 2nd, has only 4xters.The young man, the demigod, the beetleman and the creature.Environment, forests.i assure u with 3dmax, u can come up with a pretty good looking forest and mountainsides in a day.Rigging&Animation would just be for 4people.The third will have just the senator, the 2boys, a voice over the phone and two masked guards that will be repeated with just clothes variations.The idea in all three is to keep the viewers focused on the thrill and action.Trust me here when i tell u i know what im talking about.

My role would include moderator,modeller,storywriter,rigging&animation,rendering.i am not good with texturing and sound production.Just picking up after effects so not too strong in postproduction.

Thats why i wanted a cross section of people to apply so that after selection, we can all participate as much as we can.And b4 u say it, i dont run things like a dictator.Inputs will definately be sought after but ultimately instead of arguing unnecessarily, we will make a quick decision and move on.thats why we also need team spirit.
i have already opened a yahoo mail and secured an online storage facility where we can keep and exchange the files so that wherever we are wont be too much of a problem.And u all can see xothermilk is along my thinking.if its better dan what i have on youtube,then its presentable
And the final thing i need to say here is this, IF THIS PROJECT GOES UNDERWAY I, LIKE THE REST OF YOU AM CONTRIBUTING OUT OF THE SHEER FACT THAT WE WOULD EQUALLY SPLIT THE PROCEEDS.I DONT HAVE MONEY TO PAY YOU THATS WHY THIS IS A TEAM EFFORT THAT WE MUST REAP IN THE END.Also thats why i dont want to take too much of peoples times so they dont get disenchanted and leave halfway becos i know my naija guys.
Trust me, if we pull this off, we would definitely continue so that we will be the pioneers.Wont u like dat?
hope i hav been a little convincing.Also, the stuff/project u are doing, abeg space dey for this guy?wont mind at all

o boy!See gist.Hope u guys have enuff time to read all this.Tell me what ya think.I'm waiting anxiously wink grin
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by OKX(m): 11:26am On Sep 22, 2008
mags in ur box. its the July edition of Computer Graphics World.

i like the second story best- its closer to what Nigerians would relate to. i dont think they are quite ready for all the hi- techhy stuff- maybe a gradual ease in with time.
play with suspense, u dont have to end the story. kill it at the climax and use it as a demo to source funds. personally, i think a 10 minute demo rocks- that way u can maximize ur assets to pack a greater punch.

the funding for the project we are working on came from a foreign investor, we hooked him with a 60 second demo.
cable stations have scouts looking for new material all the time, but it has to meet certain standards. certain reputable bodies call for entries of artistic materials either for reviews/critique or publishing/promoting. u can explore that too.

bottomline is- synergy or not, someone has to pick the tab!
ur project may suffer cos someone on ur team has a bonafide reason 4 a delay, an allowance of some sort helps overcome that, as well as make him answerable to the team/project. it doesnt have to be a lot, it may just be the money to purchase a reliable UPS for example.
thats why i say u need 4 ur first action phase to be- producing enough output to source funds with, before ur full production.

funding from within nigeria is also possible if u are willing to brand ur movie to promote the prospective investor.
in our case, several indicated interest- our ultimate choice was based on what/who served our long term interests the most.

well spoken

i think all who are interested in the project should maybe indicate in this post by a YES.

that would be YES for me, if u are willing to accept me in a more advisory capacity. am bogged down at the moment but can spare whateva asset(s) i possess.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by A2J(m): 9:57pm On Sep 22, 2008

Thanks for the mag, just download it now and will reading it b4 i go to sleep.


You are definitely correct but i think some1 that is determine and really want to enter the scene,will find its way thro the whole Nigerian factor and still come out best. Take myself for instance, i started learning macromedia flash mx (you can imagine which year is that) on my own, within a month, am able to do little little animation b4 fate had it that i have to sell my desktop to solve a problem, i sometimes still just sit back and try to imagine how good i could have been if i have continue learning flash(be too damn good!).Now that the hunger has move to computer graphics, i save to buy 2GB of flash pen drive, go do overnight browsing for cafe, download pirated portable softwares along with photoshop tutorial pages for offline viewing, i go to my friend and negotiate to be borrowing his laptop every saturday and sunday,those days i will use to to try out the tutorials i download, slowly i start and now i am intermedite user of photoshop,so am planning to move into after effects and 3dmax and now that am in Ghana, am making most use of their fast internet, i brought 20 pieces of empty cds(cost less and higher storage than usb fash will give), so am just downloading and saving everything,from tutorial to softwares,plugins and rest, i have used 15 cds already(that is 10500MB of valuable tutorials,softwares etc). so when i return to nigeria now, internet wont be a problem for me,make the thing even slow like snail,e no affect me as i got all things in my cd.

so na to just go 5 month holiday for my village,where no disturbance and hustling as it is in lagos, kool down there and study the stuffs and i can bet you, when i enter lagos again, i go dey smoke like hellfire.

My point is, if some1 is determined and have his aim/goal set, he will be ready to defile all "nigeria factors" and still come out good.


Like OKX said, the second story relates better to nigerian than the "american" story1. they three story all great, why dont you write story for our nigerian movie industry na?

i still second OKX, we(if am included) need to make a demo project first, so as to use it to find sponsors o, coz wont be easy if all finances be on the teams head o, air-conditioned "team" workshop,standby generator, standby snacks(as you dey work, u dey throw them for mouth), meal for whole team among other expenses o, guy e too much o, sponsors will be needed.

Need to say more but ah, my fingers don dey cry and my eba don dey koll, i go write.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by resichild(m): 12:40am On Sep 23, 2008
:oSolid. I really like the fact that u are all coming around and yes oh, someone has to pick up the tab.I've taken the advice and will stick to a 10mins video that will be the John the Baptist of 3D graphics in naija. Right now i am writing out the story boards for the artist(which i havent found yet) and i am going with the second story as suggested.i am also writing the story in full to be distributed to team members. After that i will list out the models we will need for the film.I wont bore u guys here but the the document would be complete and when everyone knows and has a feel of whats to b done, we will divide the jobs and kick off.Intermittently we wud create a thread on nairaland to post some progress to get initial feedback. If u are willing ti join dont forget the rule.At least OKX just modified it.
Paste your YES with your email,phone number, strengths and work sample or links to the samples.when we are 10 strong, we can fire down. right now i think its only neikid who has shown some commitment.i will email codename47, tunslike to see whats up.

People respond to this wake up call

Thanx for the mag, just dL it.U didnt still answer me.Do u have an opening cos u dont understand how badly i want 2work with like minded people.i'm getting tired of being a loner and trying to out do the 3d guy next door or wherever i meet him.So what say ye?
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by xothermik(m): 12:50am On Sep 23, 2008

i wanna subscribe to your magazine(lol) grin.pls send a copy to my box too. its sagircarp@yahoo.com.
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by voldemort(m): 2:37am On Sep 23, 2008
On a positive note, heres a project that was developed by people who came together, and used an open source 3d graphics tool - blender to develop a short animated video: See http://www.bigbuckbunny.org/
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by Tunslike: 11:48am On Sep 23, 2008
The BIG BOYS had spoken, cheesy cheesy cheesy cool cool no be small thin , we the small boys are to listen, tongue smiley smiley smiley

But i really want to get something clear! is it the time frame that is the challenge or the production process itself? wheather resichild like it or not, let him set the time to 2 days, that doesnt matter, but it possible, (but u go work kill urself cheesy cheesy)

From technical/experience views/perspective

I have involved in some big CG production pipeline and Commecials that has CG Intergeration, there is one common thing most of the CG Lead Supervisor/ Lead Animator or CG Artisit esp when working on 3D use to say, "Keep your Resolution as low as possible" why do they emphasis and stress on this, mainly because of their render engine, High Res Image, High Rendering and powerful time, all really come down to rendering, thats is where the fear is.

though pre-production process/stage is extremely important cuss it keys the whole thing into proper shape and focus, also understanding area of specializationa and strenght is also important, ; you hear CG Lead Supervisor asking in the interview in a multi CG production that "what do you like doing that u can't get tired of" they really want u to be comfortable in your area so that u can deliver the best.

I dont want to say much, all i believe is that, proper planning, getting the right and oriented artist and kick on the project.

comparing Shrek and Panda is a different context, their is a lot a technicalities in place, lighing, texturing, animating, cuss they are trying to achieve the extreme photorealistic pictures, i didnt say we can work on this same process/standard, definately that should be our aim but we can still manuaover/manipulate our ways, its depends on our tools, skills, if all of these are in place, then we may have pictures like Shreak and panda.

Resichild cool your project is possible (super possible) whatever you want we will do it (not me) all of us, there is nothing better than showing people that you are among the people who produces Naija Shreak!! cheesy cheesy cheesy

Plan well, good stroy board, come up with a script and a screenplay for the shots, interview and know your teams's strenght and weekness, that's give you more focus and projection,

(not proud wink) from little skills i ve got, and with others supported we can make it and have it done! believe it. i haven'tre read the story cuss i was instrested reading those comments and they were very intresting.

@Others that suggested and cristicsed, please come in with your technical skills and we will make something out of it.

cool cool cool cool cheesy cheesy as to my best concerned, no wahala, but dont be susprise to see Extremely photorealistic Picture and smooth animations like Shrek and Panda, cuss i believe we are employing all the possible CG Professional technicalities and skills to make it happen.

but u go pay oooo grin wink cheesy grin cheesy wink meet u guys there cool tunslike
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by OKX(m): 10:54pm On Sep 23, 2008
dude, u cant multitask on this one.
this project will keep u so busy, even ur social life will suffer- if u have one.lol
u cant work on both projects, u'd die of brain gay!, so i suggest we spread our reach farther. stick with this one, who knows, we may organize an animation exhibition next year and showcase all these arts, demos n sensitize the public and art community.

the more good quality output we have, the better for the industry.

dude, i barely understand u. guess ur thots race faster than ur fingers can type.lol
just kidding bro!

photorealism and smooth animations dont necessarily equate to hits tho- remember Polar Express.
our strength will lie in originality of plot, characters that are likable and a smooth narration style that is entertaining.
Shrek and Panda score on story n xters, the animation n everything else is the topping on the cake, enhancing a good theme.

if Resichild does a good job with the story n we can characterize and storyboard it properly, then we are off to a good start!

on another note, just got the making of Transformers. it took 36hrs to render a single frame of that movie- imagine that!
Re: 3D Graphic Guys And Gals: Wake Up Call by xothermik(m): 11:13pm On Sep 23, 2008
that of the transformers probably took that long probably because well they were robots which meant they were made of metal. which means that in order to achieve photorealism, it had to hav ratraced materials. raytracing metals is such a bitch especially if ur using advanced rendering and lighting parameters like vray, brazil mental ray or even skylight.it cud mean d difference between a 10 second render and a 10 minute render.i know cus i tried it on my r1400 robot video but had to dump it cuz cudnt stand to wait for even a single frame to render. shrek however inspite being a comlete environment with texture shadows and chracters(unlike the rotoscoped robots with shado matte environments) was able to pull off 3 seconds a day. these are things that need to b taken into account. transformers is really a collosal job considering that the camera matching involoved is another time guzzler where as a complete 3d scene just needs the camera to be well animated. there are other ways to cut corners in rendering time like using facing particles with opacity maps rather than complete 3d multiple models like say a forest or even clouds. na wayo go make d tin work in d end sha. cool

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