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Roomates by Nobody: 6:50pm On Jun 27, 2014
This is the continuation of a presently non-existing topic which was deleted as a result of nairaland's data loss. I am very sure nairalanders will still catch up with the topic though.

This is roomates. To be precise, the continuation of roomate but i will give newbies few info about the previous datas that were lost..
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 7:46pm On Jun 27, 2014
Four Females. Four roomates. They all have different modes of thinking and reasoning all are students of university of Ilorin, and they all share a room.
The first roomate;
Tara Carlos hailed from a remote town in Enugu, a jambite in Unilorin she was born into a poor family blessed with four children. The 3rd born of the family, 19 years old and the only female. Tara hides her identity and she is not ready to disclose her poor background to anybody while on campus. Not even her roommate (who were already suspecting. Especially Jolade and Cynthia.) She wore the false coat of being wealthy.

Ayodele Jolade Kehinde. The second of a pair of twin. A 200 level student of Unilorin. The only female and the only daughter of Senator Ayodele Olajide and Late Mrs Fowora Ayodele. Taiwo (male) and Kehinde lost their mum at the age of 5 but they hardly feels her absence because their father took very good care of them both. Although, Jolade has a father who is ready to spoil her with cash, she resent getting spoiled and hid her identity on campus as a child of a pauper. She doesn't want fame on campus which she thinks can distract her from her studies.

Aisha Ahmad. The only child of Alhaji and Alhaja Abdullahi Ahmad. A new student of Unilorin and 16 years of age. Young and innocent at heart. Spoiled to a certain degree, Aisha came to the campus with loads of expensive jewelleries and clothing accessories. Her favourite jewelleries were stolen. Consumed by anger and jealousy, she accused Jolade, someone she had taken as a sister and who everybody almost thought was her sister of stealing her jewelleries.

Bolajoko Cynthia. The last to join her roomates, a 200 level student of unilorin. Born into a family of 3 females. The first born of the family. She is mourning her parents death. She lost them and her youngest sister to the cold hands of death during a fire outbreak that occured overnight. She went into a state of depression and hates everything around her. Even her roomates. She was also scared of breaking the news of her parents death to her second sister who schooled abroad. Jolade helped her get over her depression state because she never stayed away from cynthia despite her insults which made Aisha really jealous because she wanted Jolade's company more than ever. Cynthia has gotten very fond of Jolade and she was sure she didn't steal Aisha's jewellery. She is convinced Tara stole it to get between Aisha and Jolade for reasons best known to her.

Tara has a skeleton in her cupboard. After turning down the request of Abdulrahman Olufemi, whom she taught wasn't rich enough to her taste, she sadly found out he now goes out with Aisha, her roomate. She wants to get Femi back but she can't unless she is close to Aisha and she can't get close to Aisha like she wanted unless, Jolade, Aisha's best friend is out of the way.
Tara got really broke and she needs money. She took Aisha jewelleries and sold it for N200 000 then she acted on Aisha's intelligence and framed Jolade in, planting Aisha's jewellery box under jolade's bed.
Coupled with Aisha's jealousy, Aisha called Jolade a thief because she couldn't believe she could do that to her...
Cynthia is ready to prove Jolade's innocence, Tara is also on the lookout....

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Re: Roomates by barackodam: 7:54pm On Jun 27, 2014
FTC I guess

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Re: Roomates by Nobody: 8:15pm On Jun 27, 2014
[color=#006600][/color] FTC means?

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Re: Roomates by barackodam: 8:39pm On Jun 27, 2014
omoshelwa: [color=#006600][/color] FTC means?

R u a newbie

It actually mean first to comment
Re: Roomates by missuniverse(f): 9:37pm On Jun 27, 2014
so missed Roomates!!!!
welcome back Shelwa
hope u wont kip us starving again..

Tnx 4 the rundown,for d benefit of our new babies.....

hmmm!!! *i'v gat to start dusting my seat*

welcome all
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 7:26am On Jun 28, 2014
miss universe: so missed Roomates!!!!
welcome back Shelwa
hope u wont kip us starving again..

Tnx 4 the rundown,for d benefit of our new babies.....

hmmm!!! *i'v gat to start dusting my seat*

welcome all

yea and get your pop corn ready too miss universe
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 7:29am On Jun 28, 2014

R u a newbie

It actually mean first to comment

Actually, that's the truth, I'm a newbie. Joined Nairaland a couple of weeks backs. Anyways, thanks for introducing me to the concept
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 7:59am On Jun 28, 2014
Ayodele Jolade Kehinde

Not much has happened after the stolen jewellery. The only insignificance difference I noticed was that the room has been splitted into two with a pair of us on each side. Aisha and Tara, Cynthia and I.

The stolen jewellery still ramained plastered on my mind. How would I forget the first day I was accused of stealing a jewellery that more expensive ones lay unused in my closet at home. I have known Tara to be the contemptous and unscrupulous type in both character and speech but I never knew she could add deceit to her many condemnable behaviours. A part of me wants to believe she actually did it, but another part of me told me I am accusing her because I felt devastated and I wanted so badly, someone to believe me and probably prove my innocence to.
I geuss everything has to remain this way, I shouldn't fuel the already blazing flames in this room even if Tara actually did it. My roomates are so unpredictable, who knows what they would say even if Tara was found guilty? Probably nothing and it would just be like boomerang.

I think Tara is enjoying Aisha's company but I could feel and see traces of unhappiness on Aisha's face. Why would she be unhappy? If anyone has to feel unhappy here, it is nobody but me. I was even more surprised when i came from a lecture and found a piece of paper lying on my bed. I hesistantly picked it up and read it.

You may forget about returning the jewelleries. I've forgiven you.

Although the short note has no name written on it, I knew exactly where it came from.

That apart, Taiwo and I will be celebrating our birthday party next week. Although I don't want a big party, Taiwo and Dad always want a big party especially since it's our 20th birthday. I don't know if I should invite my roomates. I have always managed to appear as average (in terms of wealth) to them. What would they say if they found out, I'm the daughter of Senator Ayodele? And if I refused to tell them, they will surely find out because Taiwo wants to invite almost everybody on Campus. He wants a one in town party. I'm so confused.
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 8:35am On Jun 28, 2014
Ahmad Aisha

I am trying to get used to Tara whom I geuss is the exact opposite of me but atleast, I've got someone I could share my thoughts and Ideas with. She is helping me in my relationship with Femi. She gives me hint on how to dress when going on a date and advices on how to maintain one's relationship
I was taken aback one sunday Morning. Jolade and Cynthia went to church and I hadn't bothered to ask Tara why she didn't go since she kept me company. I would have been lonely if she had gone. She asked me a question that greatly bothered me
"Can I have your boyfriend's mobile number?" that was the question that got my mouth agape
"Why?" I asked unconsciously. She just smiled charmingly at me but i didn't bother to smile back. I kept a straight face.
"Common A.A, you know... like... when you guys go out and... and... your number is not going through, I have to call him and ask after your welfare. Not only that, whenever I feel like giving him hints on how close we are and how good I want him to treat you and all that" she stopped then stoop up and walked over to me
"You are my friend now and I won't want any body to hurt you my sister" she said in whispers.

Her words were so touching that i felt tears gathering on my eyelids. I hugged her almost immediately and gave her Femi's number before smiling happily at her. My first smile in Days after my stolen jewellery.

Surprising events never seemed to cease. This was more unexpected. It was that same sunday afternoon. I was arranging my things in my bag and securely locking those that contained expensive stuffs. Cynthia was on her bed reading her bible, I didn't say a word to her although we are the only ones in the room. I was still arranging my things when I felt someone's presence behind me, I turned back and standing there, looking down at her feet was cynthia. I crossed my arm and gave her what-the-hell-do-you-want-with-me look.
"Aisha, you are making a big mistake" was the first statement she let out
"What makes you think so?"
"Tara is up to no good. She has evil plans against you. She is a devil in disguise"
So, this girl knew my name. I never thought she did. She thinks I'm a fool, she wants Jolade for herself now she want Tara out of the way. Maybe Jolade sent her, who knows?

I gave her a smirk.
"Look, Tara is better than any of you two and any attempt by either of you, I mean Jolade or You to seperate us is surely in vain." I said in anger and turned back to arranging my stuffs.
"Tara is of no good, she is using you for her..."
Tara entered just in time to hear what Cynthia just said...
Re: Roomates by barackodam: 11:46am On Jun 28, 2014

Actually, that's the truth, I'm a newbie. Joined Nairaland a couple of weeks backs. Anyways, thanks for introducing me to the concept

Cool though, u'v gat a lotta ppl to put up with on this thread then
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 12:21pm On Jun 28, 2014
Abeg come update na abi u wan make i......
Re: Roomates by Opiosko: 9:00pm On Jun 28, 2014
balispecial: Abeg come update na abi u wan make i......
Yeye boi. Na silly little girls ish u dey.......for? Mtchewww!
Re: Roomates by Empressgifted(f): 9:26pm On Jun 28, 2014
Welcome back Shelwa, i love ur story.wink

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Re: Roomates by Yemlizzy(f): 12:57pm On Jun 29, 2014
Nice one,following.


Re: Roomates by Nobody: 4:23pm On Jul 08, 2014
Bolajoko Cynthia

It's has been a though week and I have been really busy with some stuffs on school. The upcomming exam consumed the greater part of my time which I devoted into reading but that didn't stop my investigation into Tara's daily activities which had somehow made me want to give it up because nothing good was comming out of it.
I was at the verge of giving it all up when something auspicious found its way into my investigation.

It was one faithful evening when I had no lectures and Jolade went home (to her dad). I couldn't cope withTara and Aisha in the room so I went into the town library to read after reading for some hours, I felt the urge to fill my bowel with any delicious delicacy. My mind went straight to Miss Treaty restaurant which would have been the number one finest restaurant in Tanke if it wasn't enclosed in a small area. Treaty Restaurant has limited space to occupy enough customers but I still loved it anyway.
I've tried her meals a couple of times and they were never dissapointing. The restaurant was filled to the brim as I expected it to be on Friday evenings which mark the begining of weekends. There was no vacant seat to rest my bosom on or to have a comfortable meal on. I was on my way out dissapointedly when a couple and a kid occupying the table near entrance of the restaurant stood up and exit the restaurant. I wasn't told before I sat down on one of the previously occupied seats and ordered for a plate of rice, beef and skin. When the waiter went for the orders, my eyes caught two girls whom I knew almost immediately to be students of Unilorin because of the I.D cards that hung on their necks. They were depressed and dissapointed like I was some minutes back because of the crowdy nature of the restaurant. I signalled them to come and join me on the table which has two seats still vacant. It was after the girls got to my table that I recognised one of them as Tara's close acquaintance and Tara do call her Sister Jane. She visits Tara sometimes with the other girl that followed her. The other girl must be her best friend. I bet Jane won't recognise me because her visit to Tara are simply brief.
"Thanks so much. We have been really exhausted and hungry" the second girl said Immediately she settled down.
"You aren't as hungry as I am. You know, the trip was tiring and boring" Jane also added
I only nodded and smiled approvingly at them while waiting for the waiter. I wasn't interested in their conversation at first, but I listened with rapt attention when they mentioned a jewellery..
"Did I tell you about the jewellery Tara sold to me while you were away?" the second girl asked
"No, Rita. You told me you are going to show me the jewellery"
"The jewellery was most beautiful" Rita added searching her large handbag "I think I brought with me." she said and I watched as she fished out a shiny jewellery resembling Aisha's missing jewellery from her bag.
Tara is in trouble!
Following the line of their conversation, it certainly was Aisha's jewellery.
"You won't believe she sold it for just N200,000, it's somehow cheap to me" Rita said handling it to Jane
"I wonder where she got this from. She can't afford this!" Jane exclaimed
"I don't care where she got it from. The fact is that it is mine now" Rita said excitedly
As I followed their line of conversation, something jumped into my mind...
"You girls are so cool and I won't mind hanging around with you another time. Your dressing is superb and classy. You are certainly different from other girls. I won't mind if Can I have your numbers." I asked politely
Rita gave me the reply.
"Why not? It's so nice of you to ask. I would have asked for yours if you hadn't. Here it is 0813....."
Re: Roomates by missuniverse(f): 4:33pm On Jul 08, 2014
welcome back ma'am

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Re: Roomates by ChemicalMallam(m): 5:21pm On Jul 08, 2014
Grab a seat wit my Bowl of pop corn and a bucket of chilled pap
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 5:56pm On Jul 08, 2014
Whr av u been?
Re: Roomates by jaymomma(f): 10:33pm On Jul 08, 2014
Nice update. Tara's in soup
Re: Roomates by princesssusan(f): 12:27am On Jul 09, 2014
Re: Roomates by hassan85(m): 10:54am On Jul 10, 2014
lucky to be Here. something is brewing Here... am surely going to be part of ds journey. more updates please
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 10:55pm On Jul 12, 2014
Tara Carlos
Exams are fast approaching and I've developed goose pimples over that. I hardly go for lectures and I don't even have any idea about what I'm going to do about this exams but I must confess, I DON'T EVEN CARE.
I almost thought science edu. was the simplest course in the world because I thought it will give me enough time to have some fun compared to other courses. That was why I chose the course not knowing I would have been better off with other courses if only there was a course termed "igbo engineering", that would have been my first choice.
I know nobody is to be blamed if I didn't do well in my exams. I have been up to some mischiefs which I find very intresting and I never for once regret doing. Life on campus is the best, especially when you have enough cash to boost your status. How I wish this cash can boost my G.P too but the lecturers here are just too dull for my liking. Virtually all of them resent advances from female students and many refuse to accept some tips too. This is disheartning for students like me but what is certain about this exam is that I am going to pass whichever way it has to be.
I am still thinking about how to approach Femi, Aisha's boyfriend and carry out my plans effectively. The thought of the two of them together is like a repugnance to me. He would have been mine if I hadn't turned him down the first day he approached me. Looks might be deceiving sometimes, I judged his pocket by his looks the day we first met so it turned out that I lost him to my youngest roomate but I think I will correct all my wrongs. I never knew his pocket was handsome until he came to give Aisha a ride for a date they first had in their relationship in his own very car with Jolade's brother. I really want him back now, he shouldn't be Aisha's guy afterall he asked me out first. If only he had approached me with a car or anything that will give me an hint on how filthy rich he was, I bet I would be swimming in money by now.
Femi was waiting by the door when I came back from town. It was a wednesday evening and Jolade hadn't been home for the past 3 days. I geussed she went to her Dad's place. She had invited us all to her birthday party which was three days before exams but I was actually imagining how the birthday will be like. I think it would be filled with prayers from pastors and their neigbours. Also, Cynthia doesn't stay around much either since Jolade isn't around. I know that girl hates me. Aisha went to her parent's too. It just feel like I own the whole room to myself. Femi was looking ever cute and I could smell money from his dressings and the car he parked very close to to where he stood as I neared him and i felt good because I wasn't looking bad either.
"Hi. Is Aisha in?" he asked without even smiling back at me whereas my mouth had broken into a wide smile. The smile dissapeared and I tried to conceal my anger.
"She isn't in. She told me she wants to go and meet a male friend of hers but you can wait for her" I quickly lied selecting my words carefully.
My legs felt wobbly and I felt like my body couldn't carry my weight anymore when Femi gave me the stares that will make any light-hearted girl jump inside a well in an instant. He was giving me a hard, long and annoying look and I knew he already got my drift about making him jealous.
"I will give her a call to ask her where she had been. And also, I only asked you whether she is or not. I never asked you where she went to. Thanks for the information though, you just made me realised some girls can be really desperate. I'm highly impressed" He said and I didn't even know when he drove away because I felt the ground could just open up and swallow me wholly. I've never been this humiliated or embarrased like this in my life. It gave me the hint that I have no chance in stealing Femi from Aisha. He knows my plans now and I know he would try his best to tell Aisha to stay away from me. I wanted to hate him but I just can'. If I can't have him, then nobody will. Femi has to pay for humiliating me... I think he needs some lectures from Leo. Leo is feared by everybody and which makes me to be feared too as his girl. The truth is, I don't like Leo one bit but I'm just using him as my play thing. I've heard so many news about him as the leader of a confratranity but i don't care whether he is or not because he is somehow useful financially and when I need him for protection. Leo won't want anybody messing around with his one and only which is me. But Femi just messed with me, he has stepped on the snake's tail and he has to face the consequences too. Femi has to pay for turning me down...
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 10:57pm On Jul 12, 2014
balispecial: Whr av u been?

i've been busy.
Re: Roomates by hassan85(m): 5:12am On Jul 13, 2014
I just want to say Thanks for updating. I kinda felt bad b4 wen u kept roommates on hold. my fear was that u weren't gana continue. I know it's not easy writing two works at dsame time. All dsame u are doing a NICE job. very nice one. #EL prestigo#

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Re: Roomates by Nobody: 5:38am On Jul 13, 2014

i've been busy.
Re: Roomates by missuniverse(f): 9:03am On Jul 13, 2014

i've been busy.
emmmm, u left us in dis room nd went to perfect clara's flaw..u think i dont knw,,,i ll still follow u

Dis thing u re doin,God is watching ooo

i 4got to say gudmorning nd happy sunday

wen is d nxt update plzz
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 9:32am On Jul 13, 2014
missuniverse: emmmm, u left us in dis room nd went to perfect flaws..u think i dont knw,,,i ll still follow u

lol, the next update is soon goodmorning to you too

Dis thing u re doin,God is watching ooo

i 4got to say gudmorning nd happy sunday

wen is d nxt update plzz
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 12:48pm On Jul 18, 2014
Ahmad Aisha

I don't even know what to do anymore. Everybody seems to be against Tara. I couldn't believe Femi could say what he said about her. I was still at home with Dad and Mum when I received his call
"Hi Aisha"
"How are you doing sweet"
"I just left your hostel right now"
"Oh, I forgot to tell you, Dad insisted I spend a few days with him here. So, I'm at home"
I waited for his reply but there was silence at the other end. I was wondering whether it was the network or maybe something was wrong.
"Are you there?" I asked.
"Yeah." And he was silent again. "Aisha, must you talk to Tara? Why don't you just stay away from her? "
I was alarmed because I wasn't expecting such.
"why are you even asking?"
"Aisha, It's not like I want to hurt your feelings or anything but that girl is no good. I don't like her and she doesn't like you either. When I say I don't like her, I mean I dont like her AT ALL!" he laid emphasis on the last two words.
"What is this all about? What gives you the impression that she doesn't?" I asked boiling with rage
"I don't need to tell you why. But you have to trust me, she is up to something negative. Something that could hurt both of us"
"Really? She doesn't like me? There is something you don't know about this girl. She stayed by my side when others turned their backs on me. She stood by my side during hard times and you think the best way I could repay her is by staying away from her?" I stopped to swallow and to catch my breath. My voice had became coarse because of the tears that were gathering on my eyelids. I don't want him to notice that I was about to break down.
"This is all because of Jolade isn't it?" I summoned up courage to ask.
"What is wrong with you? What has Jolade done to you anyways?" he asked. I could bet he was as mad as I was
"Why don't you go and ask her?"
There was silence for a period of time.
"I don't cherish a relationship built on hidden secrets. You never told me what went wrong with Jolade?"
"Don't make it sound like I'm the only one hiding things here. You are also hiding the reason why you want me to stay away from Tara."
Before I could say another word, the line was dead. I was so mad ast him and myself. I kept wondering why everybody seems to be against Tara. I have judged her wrongly in the past too but I found out she wasn't that bad afterall. Maybe Femi needs to get close to her and know her better.
What came to my mind after then was to call femi back but i quickly changed my mind. I was still very mad at him so I decided to call Tara.
"Hi" she said, her voice was a little softer than it always was.
"Hope nothing is wrong with you?" I asked a little bit concerned
"Nothing actually, just got this headache."
"Okay dear. Did you see Femi today?"
"Yeah... Why are you asking?"
"Nothing. I just want to know whether he came over to the hostel"
"Okay. Has he called you after then"
"Yeah, he did but we had a lil misunderstanding"
"Oh! Sorry dear... What caused it?" she sounded really interested like she had been waiting for it. But I am not telling her "She" caused it.
"Just normal stuffs. I'll be comming back to school tommorow"
"Really? I've miss you."
"Same here"
"Did you hear anything about Jolade's birthday party comming up tommorow?"
"Yeah. The more reason I would be back at the Hostel. I want to know how she is celebrating her birthday party...."
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 9:30pm On Jul 21, 2014
Many have accused me of slow update but the truth is I've been really busy cheesy. Pardon me anyways... wink
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 10:14pm On Jul 21, 2014
omoshelwa: Many have accused me of slow update but the truth is I've been really busy cheesy. Pardon me anyways... wink
inconsistent updates make pple lose interest
Re: Roomates by Nobody: 9:11am On Jul 22, 2014
omoshelwa: Many have accused me of slow update but the truth is I've been really busy cheesy. Pardon me anyways... wink

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your story. I wish we could nominate you for some kind of award. Btw could u pls check my thread, maybe it might interest u.

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