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Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by cleric(m): 4:21am On May 23, 2018

My wife applied for a US visa for child birth purposes in 2016. This was outrightly declared from the beginning of the application. However, closer to the travel date in 2016, Nigeria experienced a shortage in dollar supply due to government new policies. This made it extremely difficult to get dollars. The best means was to make full payment ahead through an international bank transfer even though it was difficult to do so as well. However, the hospital we intended using refused to take transfer and as such we had to change to a hospital that accepted bank transfer in same state thus same POE. On arrival at the POE, we told the CBP about the challenge with foreign currency and our need to change hospital just before travel but that full payment has been made ahead. Since we had gained entry and was sure our change of hospital was transcribed, i didn't see any need informing the US Embassy via e-mail that we had to change hospitals.
We are now due for a renewal, will this be an issue? All medical bills were settled and we have proof of zero balance except for an itemised bill which i am trying to get from the hospital.

I apologise for the length. I needed to give a very clear picture of my situation. Kindly advise if change in hospital will be an issue in renewing.

Thank you.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Lorandy001: 10:57pm On May 24, 2018
Hi LagosNIV,

I must commend you for your great services on this thread.

I have an issue and i believe your advise will go a long way to help me form a decision.

In 2014, immediately after our wedding my husband and I applied and got our US tourist visa, during the interview the consulate asked us if i was pregnant or trying to get pregnant anytime soon and i said NO because i was not pregnant at that time.
But i became pregnant less than two months after we got our visas in June.
In February 2014, we traveled to the US and at the POE the officer asked if i planned to have my baby in state and i said NO even though i was not sure. Getting to the US, some of my friends advised that i should stay back and have my baby, ignorantly i accepted but my husband was not too comfortable about the idea because there was no arrangement on that and his Mum would frown at such an idea. at the end i had my way and my husband returned to Nigeria alone leaving me behind at my friends place to have my baby. i finally had my baby in June and my husband make sure that we pay every single medical bills.
After this particular trip, i made two seperate trips to the US with my husband and our son on the same visa before it expired in 2016.

Fast forward to 2017, my husband and I re-applied to renew our visas.
My husband got his visa but i was asked to show up at the embassy for an interview, i went and there i was refused.
I reapplied almost immediately but i was refused again the second time despite going there with all receipt of medical bills that i paid. i was forced to ask the consular why i'm being refused a visa the second time in a row and he said "you are denied a visa because you deceived an Officer that you were not pregnant and that you are not going to have your baby in the US but you did" those were his words.

Someone advised my husband that we should write an apology letter to the embassy and explain the reason for what happened.
i'm willing and ready to do this, but i think writing a letter to apology might be taken as though we lied on purpose about me not having my baby in the US at the POE.

i need to know if writing an apology letter to the embassy will change anything.

i'm confused and i need your candid advise.

thank you in anticipation.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by adedoja99: 3:23pm On May 26, 2018
Hi LagosNiv,
I gained admission into Morehouse college, and I've done everything necessary and also scheduled an appointment with the Lagos embassy. The only thing is my school used FedEx to mail my i-20 since 2 weeks ago and I've not received it. But I have a signed PDF copy the DSO, sent to my email. Can I print that out in case FedEx doesn't deliver in time?

Thank you
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by olubobokun1: 9:41pm On May 26, 2018
Hi, am going for conference on Oct, I have visa interview is September, Pls I useful tips, the things I should know or do.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Boldbode(m): 7:19am On May 27, 2018
Dear Abuja NIV.

Thank you for providing this platform for support.
Please I got the message below from your team and I have sent a new email address to support@ustraveldocs.com as they have requested but I am yet to receive the new password.
It is over two weeks now and no one is responding.

Kindly assist.

Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk.

We understand that you want to update new email address.

Please be informed that the (*************@****com) is already on another profile in the system. You may provide us with a new email address so that we can update your profile.

You will receive a temporary password through the new e-mail address that you have provided. Be sure to check your inbox/spam for the password.

When replying to this email, please DO NOT change the subject/case reason.

U.S. Visa Service Desk
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Obriken(m): 7:55am On May 27, 2018
Hello good day dear Abuja NIV.
I am planning to visit Miami for a 3 weeks vacation between Dec 2018 - Jan 2019. I am single and work with one of the highly reputable commercial banks in Nigeria. What are my chances of getting my visiting visa - B1/B2 and also when is the best time to start my travel plans?
Thanks in anticipation for a quick reply.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by josh49: 4:07pm On May 30, 2018
Hello good afternoon
I will be going for my f-1 interview in 8days
My mom signed on the parent option of my 1-20 which she wasn’t supposed to and i am above 18, so i used a white ink to clean it out, will this an issue for me?
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Violetdaisy: 1:25am On May 31, 2018
Dear Lagos/Abuja NIV
I tried renewing my visa via Dropbox but received the 221G letter inviting me for an interview.The earliest available date is July 16 and I intend traveling in June as I have scheduled surgery.Pls how do I request for an emergency appointment
P.S I could not find any helpful options on my cgifederal page
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by clemclem(m): 1:01pm On May 31, 2018
Good afternoon,
A friend applied for visiting Visa for USA in December 2017, He was denied . But yesterday he was sent a mail from no-reply@ustravelsdocs.com quoting his name and passport no that "your document(s) have been collected from US embassy / consulate. The passport number been returned is ....... You have chosen to have your documents delivered to the following address; " The passport no was also tracked with DHL and was showing that it is available for collection at the designated place. The question now is this,
could this be a mistake or what ? his passport was never taken on the day he had the interview and was never requested to bring the passport . i wish to be enlightened on what is happening . Thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by funlad26(f): 7:14pm On May 31, 2018
Good evening

Please i need your advise

My husband has been trying to get a US visa for a while now, the first time he applied was in 2013 and he lied he was married to his then girlfriend but was denied even thoh we went alone
, he tried agaim in 2017 while we were planning for our wedding, so we changed all the spouse information to my own and he even went to the interview with my passport hoping that would help him get the visa but he was still denied . When he was asked why he was traveling he lied that he was going for cousin's naming ceremony which i believed that was why he was denied

We tried again this year april and he was still denied. Despite telling them the truth this time that we want to go for our honeymoon

I have a valid visiting visa that will expire in November this year, should i wait till my visa expires and then change my passport to my married name then we reapply again or he should still try again alone ?
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Itzsady: 10:40pm On May 31, 2018
Dear Abuja NIV
When I applied for my US visa my 6 children and we were put on administrative processing which took 6weeks, we have since then travelled 3 times and have renewed our visas successfully via drop box. My son however who had turned 15 was required to go for 10printing and he was then put on administrative processing since August 2017. I understand the process is supposed to take 6weeks is there any way I can find out what's is happening?
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by cris83: 2:29pm On Jun 02, 2018
Good day house. Please I'd like to find out how long one has to renew his visa using Drop Box Approach after it expires. My visa expires next month and I don't have ready cash to renew now. Thank you very much.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by sophiawisdom(f): 3:40pm On Jun 02, 2018
I don't know if anyone has a similar situation here, I just need information about it. I was given two years tourist visa with my dad last year December. And we both travelled to the state march in which we spent a month. I got married in the state. Buy am in a confused state right now because my aunty who stays in the state illegally said I must be in Nigeria if I want to other siblings and my mum visa to be approved. I came back because of that and they already scheduled there interview to October. I can't wait any longer for that because am traveling back next month and my aunty still instill that whenever they going for there interview. I must be in Nigeria. I need someone to knows the process very well. Because I believed since my dad is in Nigeria I don't need to be wasting money on ticket fees
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by NiklausAkins(m): 7:15pm On Jun 05, 2018
Hello LagosNIV
Please i was denied visa last month and now i need to reapply as my school starts early august. But now i was told i cant apply till 6months time. How true is this please?? Thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by NiklausAkins(m): 7:25pm On Jun 05, 2018
Hello LagosNIV
Please i was denied visa last month and now i need to reapply as my school starts early august. But now i was told i cant apply till 6months time. How true is this please?? Thanks

Hello olumig –

You are not required to attend. If you wish, you may send your passport containing your valid visa or a copy of your visa with your wife to her interview. This is also not required.


Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by titoavi: 7:09pm On Jun 12, 2018
Hello Everyone,
Kudos for the Job you are all doing, I used this page for my first visa, now I am about renewing with Dropbox
I have checked the whole thread but still no answer to my issue, I have paid, filled my ds-160 form and also gone to the cgi site of which it asked to merge my previous account and then they will send me an email.
My question is, how long does it take to get a mail response from them.
Thank you
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Buttylon: 12:43pm On Jun 14, 2018

Please i need an advice on how to go about these issue which goes like this i apply for america visa in 2017 and i was denied, please can i change the document i provided to the embassy when i was filling the form or i should still use the same document.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by paulsdot: 11:17pm On Jun 14, 2018
Good day Abuja NIV,

My family and i were denied a US Visa in January 2018 and are currently trying to book another interview appointment. On the CGi site we can see that there are available dates. However, after inputting information required it tells us there is currently no available appointment date. What could be the issue?
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by Stella91: 3:16pm On Jun 16, 2018
Thanks for a job well done , i went for for my f1 visa with my family for f2 , i after the interview I was placed on AP pending verification of state ment of account , but was issued in 2 days time. my passport has been sent with that of my husband and son but that of my 16minths old wasn't sent but her i20 was sent including the statement of account , i just checked her number and it's still showing AP . but on my wall it is showing that my passport has been delivered. so what could be wrong? her number is AA007YM7XO
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by kwaake: 12:43am On Jun 19, 2018
My b1/b2 visa expired went for dropbox and was asked to come for inteview, I went and was given 221G for to submit additional documents which I did through DHL. Few days later my passport and all the documents returned to me with another form stating that my application is undergoing through admistrative processing. My concern is that it has been more than a month, when I checked the status of my visa application it read " cased last updated 20 June 2018 and Ihave not been contacted in any form. Pls is the admistrative processing concluded. Thanks
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by fortnite: 6:46am On Jun 19, 2018
Hello USNIV I Went For an Interview in May this Year for an F1 visa and the Interview was successful, the lady handed me the pick up note and travel instructions but how ever she held on to the bank statements i brought she said for further verification which i was ok with it was over a week i hadn't gotten my passport back, however i should add that i used an agent who i still can't reach till today since when the day we payed him the balance on the successful interview...however my passport came back with a letter charging me of material misrepresentation asking me to take due action in a year and advising me that i'm eligible for a waiver, i read about this on the USCIS website and it said it was a lifetime bar which i still find very confusing, from a successful interview to a bar telling me to take due action, on the course of research is how i found this forum, from the threads i've read i know u can't advice me on here but if you can give me a clue on how i can i go about fixing this i'd be very glad because school starts in August and i really need to get started and finished with my MSC
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by trav(m): 2:31pm On Jun 19, 2018
Hello VO,
I have a little dilemma and I need your advise. I renewed my US visa along with my wife and two kids via dropbox in November 2016. We had initially planned to travel in December of 2016 but had to move it to February 2017. Around same February we had an opportunity to buy a house which was a good deal for us.
Since then my wife and I have been paying back funds loaned to support our house purchase and there as not been any extras left for things like travel.
My challenge now is that the visas will expire this year and I still don't have a planned travel date or the money. I want to know if I should call the embassy to cancel the visa as I want to avoid any issues whenever we are ready to apply again.
Thanks for your advise.
Re: U.S. Non-immigrant Visas: We’re Listening by itszomb1: 4:22pm On Jun 20, 2018

I got an exchange traineeship in the USA. And I will be applying for J1. I'm a first time applicant and would like to know more about:

- The documents I will be taking along for the interview process;
- Do I need to present an account statement? If yes, will an account statement from a sponsor and mine be accepted together?
- I graduated from my BSc program in 2015, how can I prove my ties to Nigeria. I am not married neither do I have a business/company I own. But I am very passionate about my society and the opportunity the organization (I will be working with) offers to Africa.

Thank you in anticipation.

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