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Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 1:10pm On Nov 30, 2014
Love ¡s a beaut¡ful th¡ng
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 1:11pm On Nov 30, 2014
finding real love begins with
God, the one who created
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 1:13pm On Nov 30, 2014
A woman must learn to
distinguish between a man
that flatters her, and a man
that (genuinely) compliments
her. A man that spends
money on her, and a man who invests in her. A man
who treats her like property,
and a man who treats her
properly. A man who lusts
after her, and a man who
loves her. A man who thinks he's God's gift to women, and
a man who remembers that
woman was God's gift to
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by Qsscruz(m): 1:38pm On Nov 30, 2014
Op why are your letter 'i's upside down? Do you use i phone 6?
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by santos876(m): 2:03pm On Nov 30, 2014
owk we don hear u.
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:32am On Dec 02, 2014
like my page on facebook. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1444304459172258&refid=8&_ft_=qid.6088155252518294681%3Amf_story_key.3366675809221290729&__tn__=C
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:34am On Dec 02, 2014
If you're giving your all and
your all isn't enough, you're
giving it to the wrong
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:34am On Dec 02, 2014
People will love you and
adore you for hundreds of
good things you've done to
them, but will hate you for a
single mistake...
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:36am On Dec 02, 2014
YOU CRY One young man
went to apply for a
managerial position in a big
company. He passed the initial
interview, and now would meet the director for the final
interview. The director
discovered from his CV that
the youth's academic
achievements were excellent.
He asked, "Did you obtain any scholarships in school?" the
youth answered "no". " Was it
your father who paid for
your school fees?" "My father
passed away when I was one
year old, it was my mother who paid for my school fees.”
he replied. " Where did your
mother work?" "My mother
worked as clothes cleaner.”
The director requested the
youth to show his hands. The youth showed a pair of hands
that were smooth and perfect.
" Have you ever helped your
mother wash the clothes
before?" "Never, my mother
always wanted me to study and read more books. Besides,
my mother can wash clothes
faster than me. The director
said, "I have a request. When
you go home today, go and
clean your mother's hands, and then see me tomorrow
morning. The youth felt that
his chance of landing the job
was high. When he went back
home, he asked his mother to
let him clean her hands. His mother felt strange, happy
but with mixed feelings, she
showed her hands to her son.
The youth cleaned his
mother's hands slowly. His
tear fell as he did that. It was the first time he noticed that
his mother's hands were so
wrinkled, and there were so
many bruises in her hands.
Some bruises were so painful
that his mother winced when he touched it. This was the
first time the youth realized
that it was this pair of hands
that washed the clothes
everyday to enable him to
pay the school fees. The bruises in the mother's hands
were the price that the
mother had to pay for his
education, his school activities
and his future. After cleaning
his mother hands, the youth quietly washed all the
remaining clothes for his
mother. That night, mother
and son talked for a very long
time. Next morning, the
youth went to the director's office. The Director noticed the
tears in the youth's eyes,
when he asked: "Can you tell
me what have you done and
learned yesterday in your
house?" The youth answered," I cleaned my mother's hand,
and also finished cleaning all
the remaining clothes' “I
know now what appreciation
is. Without my mother, I
would not be who I am today. By helping my mother,
only now do I realize how
difficult and tough it is to get
something done on your own.
And I have come to appreciate
the importance and value of helping one’s family. The
director said, "This is what I
am looking for in a manager. I
want to recruit a person who
can appreciate the help of
others, a person who knows the sufferings of others to get
things done, and a person who
would not put money as his
only goal in life.” “You are
hired.” This young person
worked very hard, and received the respect of his
subordinates. Every employee
worked diligently and
worked as a team. The
company's performance
improved tremendously. A child, who has been protected
and habitually given
whatever he wanted, would
develop an "entitlement
mentality" and would always
put himself first. He would be ignorant of his parent's
efforts. When he starts work,
he assumes that every person
must listen to him, and when
he becomes a manager, he
would never know the sufferings of his employees
and would always blame
others. For this kind of people,
who may be good
academically, they may be
successful for a while, but eventually they would not
feel a sense of achievement.
They will grumble and be full
of hatred and fight for more.
If we are this kind of
protective parents, are we really showing love or are we
destroying our children
instead? You can let your child
live in a big house, eat a good
meal, learn piano, watch on a
big screen TV. But when you are cutting grass, please let
them experience it. After a
meal, let them wash their
plates and bowls together
with their brothers and
sisters. It is not because you do not have money to hire a
maid, but it is because you
want to love them in a right
way. You want them to
understand, no matter how
rich their parents are, one day their hair will grow gray,
same as the mother of that
young person. The most
important thing is your child
learns how to appreciate the
effort and experience the difficulty and learns the ability
to work with others to get
things done. Try to forward
this story to as many as
possible...this may change somebody's fate. Feel free to
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Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 4:34pm On Dec 04, 2014
To love another person almost
MORE than the VALUE you
place upon yourself is
something WORTHY of note,
to be taking well into the
record books.. . From the word
"unconditional" literally its WITHOUT a condition, that is,
you didn't tie ya love on the
basis that she is beautiful, he is
handsome, she has a nice
curve, big boobs, bang_able,
Hairy Johnny and so on.. . You are not loving ya partner
coz of whatever they give or
you get from them, a kind of
love that flows FREELY and
PURELY.. . All you know is that you love
FAR ABOVE all that, if they
are present or not you still do
love them, likewise the ladies,
its good to love ya man far
above the strength of his pocket, be Supportive.. .
Encouraging.. . Available.. . Don't allow ya love to be
based ONLY on material
possession or any other thing
coz when that particular thing
will be no longer there, I
wonder what will happen to ya professed love.. .
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 4:38pm On Dec 04, 2014
Being strong is to love
someone in silent, to radiate
happiness when we are
unhappy, to forgive someone
who does not deserve
forgiveness, to stay calm in moments of despair, to show
joy when we don't feel it, to
smile when you want to cry,
to make someone happy
when our own heart is
broken, to be silent when we feel like screaming our
anguish, to comfort when we
need to be comforted, to have
faith when sometimes we no
longer believe.
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 5:47am On Dec 10, 2014
There was a man who
loved his wife very much.
The couple had 3 children.
He could give her everything he could but
the woman never
appreciated. Though the
man was not rich, but he
could share all he had with
her. He could buy for her clothes and the only thing
his wife could say was that
the husband was fulfilling
his duty as a Man. The man
would buy a dress but in
reply, the woman would mock at him, because the
dress was of low quality.
The man could smile at his
wife and tell her "one day,
I will become rich and I
will buy for you all the expensive things you
need" The woman could
never make any phone call
unless she was requesting
anything from her
husband and once her request was not granted,
all she could do was to
quarrel for days,
sometimes fight. One
evening, the man was
coming from work, he bought a Kilogram of
meat, happily the poor
man expecting to suprise
his wife, he reached home
found the wife and
showed her the package, Then she shouted: "eh! And
you call yourself a man?
Which husband, apart from
you, do you think comes
home with just one
kilograme, no cooking oil, no anyother ingredients?
You better leave it, ur a
good-for-nothin g husband." Then she threw
the meat to the bush and
went back home. The
Husband felt low but he
never let down his love for
her. One day, the husband felt pain in his left foot,
then a Tumour appeared on
the foot, it then emerged
growing big and more
painful. He went to the
hospital after several months of pain and was
found with cancer, he was
poor to have a better
medical care. Though he
was sick he tried much as
he could to provide for his family. Two years later the
condition worsened and he
was put in the special care
unit, he was operated and
the foot was removed, but
unfortunately it was too late, the Virus had affected
more parts of the body
and at last he called his
wife and told him, "LOOK
can't live any longer though i'll always be with
you in spirit, may God be
with you" He then
breathed his last and died.
The woman, and three
children cried, for days mourning, they buried
him. Two months later, the
wife was bowing down
on her husbands grave as
she said these words: "My
love, you did all the best to me, you treated me well
and gave me all you could,
but all i could pay you, was
endless quarrels and fights.
I never realised your
importance and your love until when you are gone,
when am the one to
provide food, clothing,
education and many
others. I remember when i
threw your one Kilogram of meat to the bush, but
now i have nowhere to
get even a Half a Kilo 'THE
why you died when you
were still young. A husband whom i could
mock at but you only
smiled at me. The husband
who could care and had
unending love. I know
you are listening to me and i ask you to forgive me for
not appreciating all ynu did
to me, when you were
alive. We are all missing
your presence as your
youngest daughter Diana is always crying asking
when you'll be back. But
you will never leave our
hearts until we Join you.
May you Rest in Eternal
Peace." MORAL LESSON: * Always appreciate what
you are given, whether
small or big. * Love is not
all about how much we
have, but its all about how
we share the little we have. RELEVANCY. Have
you ever taken time to
thank God for what he has
done for you? Many people
only remember God when
they have problems and once their problems are
solved, they don't take
time, to thank him or
remain close to him. *READ
THIS LINE* O God, i pray
that you keep your providence towards me
always and give me an
appreciating heart so that
i'll always be thankful to
whatever you give me
AMEN. If you have read the line, click LIKE and
write AMEN to claim it
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 5:49am On Dec 10, 2014
Shakespeare said, "A Boy &
a Girl can never be Friends
forever." Lincoln said,
"Friendship is the starting
step for what we call
Love." Words worth said, "Proposing a Boy or a Girl
for Frndship is nothing but
indirectly saying, I LOVE U."
Jackie Chan said, "Love is
an everlasting Friendship."
Michael Jackson said, "If one can becom ur Best
Friend, then He or She can
easily become ur Life
Partner! Hit LIKE if u agree
to one of them!!and who
explains it better?
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:55pm On Dec 21, 2014
There are many broken
hearts around the world
and I have found many
here. My advice is for you to
pick up the pieces of your
heart left lying all around
and get yourself together
and move on. This is what
I have done, I have to or I will waiting for nothing
forever. As they say there are
plenty of fish in the sea
and about 6 billion people
(I think) so there are
plenty of men and women.
God will lead you in the right direction and help
peace and love come to
your heart. And if you are
an honest person then it is
the other person who has
made the biggest mistake and lost so much. What you have gained is
the knowledge that you
are probably more than
better of without the
other person - time to
move on and get on with your life. Share you love
with all you know and
have a great times doing it.
Socialize with tenderness
and always work at
improving the gentle side of you and the person who
loves you will fall into
your arms gently and you
will finally know what
love is all about (my
dream, as I have not found it yet). I love women and have
the deepest respect for
them. I deeply believe in
being a good honest
gentleman and suggest
that all single families and males work at being the
best person that you can
be and God will give you a
good decent person to
share the rest of your life
with - just be sure that you want a long-term
loving relationship and God
will back you up. Also realise that if you
need some changes first
God will work alongside
you at changing them as
well. Let us all keep our
faith in God, in His love and in love itself and do please
always believe that God
will bring true love to you.
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:57pm On Dec 21, 2014
LOVE is Never Noisy,
Obvious, or Demanding. It
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:51pm On Dec 25, 2014
If you are strong enough to
love some one with all your
heart then be strong enough to
express your love too.
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:53pm On Dec 25, 2014
Look closely; sometimes the
people we search for in the
outside world are in fact very
near and dear to us. It just
takes a keen eye to see them
and value them.
Re: Love ¡s A Beaut¡ful Th¡ng.... by solomonnyong81(m): 9:54pm On Dec 25, 2014
Words of a Broken Heart. ” Love is a feeling that can
be seen in one’s eye. Love
is the sight of the sunset &
the sunrise. Love is the joy
that makes people smile.
Love is the pain that makes people cry. “ I was once in love with a
person whom I thought I
have to spend the rest of
my life with. Our
relationship lasted for
more or less 3 years. I never thought that we end
up falling apart and grow
distant and cold to each
other. I thought were
meant to be after all we’ve
been through the good & bad times. The promises of
love. The dreams we
shared & build. But it
suddenly came to an end.
The memories keep
lingering on my mind but how I wish I could delete
& forget them at once. That
was my first heartbreak. It was painful and it hurts
like hell. I feel like my
heart suddenly grow
numb. I feel unloved and
ignored. I tried to fixed
our relationship but he refused. He gave up that
easily. After a year of
living in misery. I suddenly
realized: Why should I cry
for someone who doesn’t
deserved my tears? There is no use on holding to
someone who has been
hurting me. I still have my
family & friends to be
there with me. I promised
myself that I should learn how to move on. I have to
accept the reality that he
left me & he may have
never truly loved me.
Because if he did, he
wouldn’t leave for that simple misunderstandin g between us. You can call me old-
fashioned but I do believe
that making love is only
shared by a married couple.
There’s one thing I have
learned from him though. He made me realized that
when loving someone, we
should see to it if they are
sincere enough for their
love and we should never
give our all because if they leave, atleast there is
something left for us. Our
self-respect and self-worth. So when loving someone,
we should never stick to
only what our heart feels.
Sometimes our brain is a
necessity. Let us not use
our eyes to cry for the one who fooled us & those
who treat us bad. Instead
let’s use our eyes to search
for the right one. Let’s love
the one who will fight for
us & bravely face each obstacles & every
consequence. The one who
have trust & patience in
everything. We should not
love the one who only
love us when the conditions are right for
them. We should never
love someone who just
treats you as an option. Let
us not overuse our heart
trying to love the one who never appreciates our
efforts. We should save the
best part of us for the
person who deserve us &
deserve to be love by us.
When I tried to look back at my past it still hurts. I
know there were many
things I regret- words had
gone unsaid, start that has
bitter endings, chances
thrown away, roads I have never taken, signs I
did not see, hearts that
was hurt needlessly &
wounds that I hope it
would mend. But life get
that much harder. The past can’t be rewritten but it
made me stronger. I’m
thankful for every change
life has thrown me, for
every break in my heart
and it may left a scar. Some pages turned, some were
burned but I have lessons
learned. If its love that
breaks us, its love that
make us whole again. Let’s
be wise to make choices in order for us to be happy.
Lastly, always trust in God
in whatever he gives us. He
knows what’s the best for

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