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Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 8:45pm On Dec 13, 2014
Sit up
sit up
sit up
you are about to read something that will capture your interest and make you hunger for more

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 9:38pm On Dec 13, 2014
My parents are devout withnesses,my father was an outstanding elder in our congregration and my mother was a regular pioneer-regular pioneers are people who devote thier time to tell people about jehovah..
Although i was born into a Godly family i was more of a rebel,jehovah withnesses are never stubborn my parents keep reminding me..
My parents were unfortunate to have a bully like me as an only son,mama would always tell me that an only palm fruit never get lost in the fire.
But did i pay heed to her words??
* * * * * * * *
Emeka! Emeka!'' mama's voice woked me up from my stupor,i was unconciously folding the awake magazine.
''mama good afternoon'' i greeted. I was surprised to see her at home,when i had arrived from my friends place my youngest sibling had told me that she had gone for field service.
''you look troubled,what is it?'' she asked as she came to sit beside me on the bench, i was so fond of mama,although she had given birth to five girls before me,people preferred to call her mama-Emeka, i was so close to her much to the envy of my siblings.
''mama something is troubling me'' i began
''what is it?''
''there is this young girl i love so much and am thinking of marrying her''
''hope she is a withness?''
i sighed ''no mama,she is not a withness,but i love her so much,and i want to make her the mother of my babies''
''taaaaa''mama rebuked me,her eyes fiery red.
''thats rubbish,you better remove that thought from my mind..you hear me?''
my heart sanked,i had feared telling mama about nkeiru.
I knew no staunch withness will be in support of my marrying someone who isnt our fellow member.
But i loved nkeiru so much....
''have you forgotten solomon in the bible,when he married out of thier tribe,he started worshipping idols''
''but mama she is not an idol worshipper'' i interrupted her..
''hush what do you know? Doesnt she celebrate christmas? The both of Us know that 25th december is an ancient pagan holiday in worship of the sol-invictus the unconquerred sun which was the enjoyable period of longer days and shorter nights.''mama was saying.
I sighed and stood up
''mama i love nkeiru,it is not her religion that am marrying,but herself''
i retorted and walked away

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Onemansquad(m): 9:41pm On Dec 13, 2014
#ride on ma *folowing*
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by tempem: 9:41pm On Dec 13, 2014
Childish act..... Better get yourself some work to do.
Do "f" gender bears Emeka?
Or your are just hating on JW's.
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 10:37pm On Dec 13, 2014
I walked into my room and sanked down on the only armchiar.my thoughts were far away and my head was spining,i felt confused...i didnt know when i started biting my finger nails,this was a childish habit i had stopped doing for long.
Back then when i was an adolescent,i always bite my nails whenever i was nervous or in a confused state, this led to been called ORI MGBO AKA(finger nail eater) by my peers,and i had to stop the habit.
The nokia tone of my ringing phone brought me back to reality,i brought out the phone from my trouser pocket and stared at the screen.
The call was from chuka,the friend i just left his house,he was my close buddy although he wasnt a fellow withness.our friendship started far back when we were both little boys,we even formed a languange of our own then.
He knew my secrets and i knew most of his,he was the only friend i had confided in about my problem.
''Emekus whats up?'' he asked immediately i accepted the call.
'' o boy..i just told my momsy and she wasnt in support of it oo''
''haa,i said it!''he excliamed
''yes you did,am just confused,i dont think my parents are going to be in support''
''then try and talk things over with nkeiru,maybe who knows? Due to her love for you she may agree to be a withness'
i shooked my head'' i know her very well chuka,that girl is stubborn.and moreover she doesnt know i am a withness,i have been hiding all this from her because i know she doesnt approve of jehovah withnesses''
''my dear love can move mountians,anyway i think you need to give this issue serious thinking,you know marriage is once and nothing like dating,are you sure you love this girl so much?''chuka asked
''i do,i love her with my life'' i remarked strongly.
''okay but be careful,i will call later to get feedbacks from you''
''nsogbu-adighi'' (no problem) i replied in igbo.
He disconnected the call and i dropped the phone on the side table beside the armchiar i was sitting on.
I remembered i had an assignment in our congregration that evening,i had forgotten i had few hours left to prepare for the assignment.
I quickly brought out my watchtower and awake journal from my leather bound briefcase.
Just then my cell phone ranged and i picked it up.i wasnt able to recognize the eleven digits on the screen.
''hello who is this?'' i cautiously asked.
''haba...bro emmy so you have deleted my number already'' a familiar female voice accused.
''no..my phone got stolen so i did welcome back with the new sim,please dont be annoyed''
''okay,this is ogechi,elder Bethel's daughter''
''ooo Nne,is that you? Long time ooo what happened?''
''i travelled to kano,i lost your contact there,i came back yesterday and i retrieved your number from my phone book''she explianed in a hurried manner.
''okay..hope you will attend todays study?''.
''yes,we will meet there''
''okay,takecare'' i retorted and quickly disconnected the call.i was in a haste to prepare for the assignment.
I was surprised that ogechi had called me,ogechi was one of the outstanding beauties with good personality in our congregration,she was also a regular pioneer and an Elders child likewise I.
Few years ago i had a crush on her and we went out on a couple of dates,but i became fed up of her,she treated me like i was below her level just because she had many admirers that were far handsome and marture than me.

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 7:30am On Dec 14, 2014
The days study went fine as i had planned,i had performed the assignment without stammering and when i left the podium i was greeted by a pronounced oviation.
My mother smiled at me as i returned to my seat while my immediate elder sister chioma winked at me.
After the closing prayer,we held a meeting on the issue of the building project which we had at hand-we were building a fence around the kingdom hall premises.
''bro Emmy'' a familiar voice called my name from behind as i came out of the kingdom hall after dismissal.i turned,ogechi was the one who had called me,but it wasnt her that caught my attention,it was the younglady beside her.
I approached them slowly,with a smile on my face,still wondering who the younglady beside her was.
''ogechi how far''
''we are fine oo,meet my friend chioma from Umuna congregration'' she introduced.
''haa..chioma,thats the name of my elder sister,Nne kedu?''
''am fine''she replied in a sonorous voice that reminded me of birds singing at dawn.
Someone called ogechi and she excused herself,i cleared my throat.
''i really enjoyed your public talk'' chioma was saying.i noticed she was wringing her hands,she was also the nervous type.
''ooo Dont mention,its jehovah who inspired me,i remembered the first minute i stepped on the podium,i had stage fright,i had to take a deep breath before i commenced''
chioma smiled,i saw the twin dimples on her cheeks and i liked her the more,she was light skinned,average height and had a shape to die for.although she wasnt wearing a tight fitting gown,her feminine curves was clearly visible.
I felt turned on,i havent felt this way for any other girl since i started dating nkeiru,maybe this was a good sign.
''bro i have to go now,i came in the company of my siblings and they are about to start going''
i panicked'' please can i have your phone number?'' i gave her my phone and admiringly watched her as she typed her eleven digits and save it.
''i will call you in the evening'' i promised as she gave me back my phone just as ogechi approached Us,she left in a hurry after whispering into ogechi's ear.
'' oge..kano treated you fine oo'' i said when ogechi joined me,we were both heading out of the kingdom hall premises.
''which fine? Dont start that your yeye talk,are you mocking me?''
i smiled ''not at all,i like your friend chioma'' i said after a prolonged silence.
She smiled wanly ''emekus the man'' she retorted and we both laughed.
''time to part,i have reached my junction'' i said.
''okay naa,bye'' she said and we waved.
* * * * * * * * *
my phone was ringing when i entered the room after bathing,it was some minutes past eight o'clock in the night.just then i remembered i had forgotten to call chioma.
I recognized the eleven digits on the screen,it was ogechi's number,i hadnt saved her number earlier.
I wondered why she was calling me.i thought we saw today.
''hello Emmy''
''oge whatsup''
she kept quiet for a long time ''Emmy there is something i want to tell you''she started.
''what is it?'' I asked as i sat down on the bed.
''i dont know how this may sound but i really love you,it was because of you that i came back from kano''
my heart sanked,was she playing a game?
She loves me?
What of those handsome and wealthy youngmen of hers??
''oge i have heard you'' i remarked quickly.
''what are you saying naa?''
''i said i have heard you,but this is not the right time to talk about love..oge am sorry to disappoint you but please put this love issue aside''
''okay but bear it in mind that oge loves you and is there for you''she remarked.
''okay goodnight'' i said and disconnected the call,i felt angry all of a sudden,what was she playing at??

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Onemansquad(m): 7:56am On Dec 14, 2014
9c bt try paragraphing ur works ma'am

#stil folowing

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 10:17am On Dec 14, 2014
thanks ...onemansquad
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 11:13am On Dec 14, 2014
I was still lost in thoughts when someone knocked at the door of my room.
''who is that?''i asked with a tired yawn.
''dede food is ready''my junior sister's voice came from behind the door.
I stood up and tossed the phone on my bed,there was still enough time left to call chioma.
I walked to the dining room,mama and papa were already sitted at the table.i took my seat and closed my eyes in prayer.
Papa took the cue,he said the meal prayer in a jiffy.
Dinner consisted of fried ripe plantian with jollof rice,i savoured every grain till the last grians left on my plate.
''Nnam,do you need extra?''mama asked.
I shooked my head.
''jehovah thanks for the meal,thank you papa,thank you mama'' i remarked.
They mumbled thier replies and i stood up awkwardly,ready to dash into my room.
''Emeka you did very well in todays public talk,keep it up'' papa's voice startled me.
I blushed.
I had expected him to say something about what i had told mama,it seems mama had kept a sealed lip.
I winked at her and walked out of the dining room.

My phone was blinking green light when i entered my room,i dashed for it and checked the screen..ten missed calls from nkeiru.
My heart sanked,i felt quilty for not calling her through out the day.
I was about to dial her number when i got an incoming call,it was from her.
''hello nkeiru''
''Emmy howfar''she replied,i noticed her voice sounded faint.
''fine,nkeiru are you okay?'' i asked,worried.
''no...i have been throwing up since morning,i feel weak and dizzy,i just managed to go outside this night to buy airtime because i havent heard from you since morning''she replied.
''am sorry dear,please bear with me.i have been busy today,hope you have taken pills?''
''yes..i took aspirin''
''aspirin isnt enough naa,makesure you take something better tommorow''
''okay,am already feeling sleepy sef,goodnight''
''goodnight dear,i love you''
''i love you too''she replied and disconnected the call,i heaved a sigh and dropped the phone.
* * * * *
It was late in the afternoon and i was inside my shop were i sold phone accesories,recharge cards and nokia torch phones when i got the shock of my life.
I was busy unknotting a blackberry bold5 phone when i looked up and saw chioma entering my shop.
My heart sanked,i hadn't called her as i had promised,and it had been nearly a week since i saw her.
''good afternoon'' i greeted with a smile on my face.
She stood still..i saw the emotions -shock,relief,indifference- dance on her face.
''afternoon,please i want to repiar my phone''
''chioma am sorry for not calling you all this while,i have been very busy,am really sorry please sit down'' i motioned at the leather sofa opposite me.
''thanks''she said and sat down.
''let me see your phone''
she brought out an old model white and black nokia phone that my junior sister wouldnt have accepted even in a dream.
''this phone cant function very well naa'' i remarked.
''i have been using it since ages'' she replied.
I shooked my head and opened my drawer,i gave her the asha205 nokia phone that i had intended to give my elder sister.
''take it,it is yours now..''
''thanks but i cant take it''
''you can and you will'' I remarked adamantly.
She took it reluctantly and thanked me profusely.

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by dastancypayne(m): 11:45am On Dec 14, 2014
Boss.....but u shldn't have used d name JEHOVAH WITNESS....as a title of a book on Nairaland.....how does it sounds in ur ear?
Anyway, stil following.....


Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by kenchukscole(m): 1:45pm On Dec 14, 2014
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by eunisam: 4:50pm On Dec 14, 2014
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 11:11am On Dec 15, 2014
thanks,good morning and happy harmattan,will be updating soon
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 5:45pm On Dec 15, 2014
We were both Engrossed in a petty conversation that obviously was leading nowhere when an okada halted in front of my shop.
Nkeiru came down from the motorcycle and paid off the cyclist.
''angel how far?'' i asked as she entered the shop.
''am fine''she replied,her eyes darted from chioma to me.
Chioma took the cue,she stood up immediately.
''bro Emmy,am going'' she said.
''okay,you will hear from me soon'' i replied,silently praying that she shouldnt say anything about the phone i gave her.
''thanks,goodbye'' she left and i heaved a sigh of relief.
Nkeiru sanked down on the sofa and yawned tiredly.
''baby whatsup?is there anything i can get for you?'' i asked as i took my usual position on the arm of the sofa.
She shooked her head.
''not at all,am okay''
''so whats troubling my angel?'' i fondly asked as i lowered her head on my lap and started caressing her hiar.
''Emmy nsogbu di '' she said.
My heart beat accelerated,i remembered our last conversation,she had said she was two weeks late-that is she hadnt seen her monthly flow on the supposed date,and she was troubled.
'' baby what is it?'' I asked gravely.
'' i bought the PT strip and i followed the instructions on the pack''she paused and i held my breath,preparing myself for the big blow.
''the result was positive,that is..am pregnant''she said quietly.
''you cant be''i mummured,not knowing what else to say.
''i told you we should use protection but you preferred the withdrawal method'' she accused.
''hey angel,no need for panicking,you cant just believe that flimsy tube of a thing,i think you should visit a medical lab for close examination and test'' i carefully said.
I feared what would be her reaction if i boldly told her there wasnt any possible way she would be pregnant by me,i had been careful.
Wasnt I?

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by drfunso1(m): 9:15pm On Dec 15, 2014
Nice write up. But try to add some jokes and suspense also. ---Love ur story------
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 7:20am On Dec 17, 2014
Good morning pals,am sorry for the delay......had been busy off lately,i promise to make it up....
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 7:45am On Dec 17, 2014
sad i was Upset for the rest of the day,nkeiru's news had ruined my day. I had a sickening dread at the pit of my stomach..

What if she was really pregnant??
Although I was the only son and my parents were eager to carry my offspring,they would never be in support of my marrying nkeiru.
I would be the black sheep of the family.
I knew few ladies in our congregration that had married non-withness.
They were never accepted back not until they had divorced the men,even then they were still regarded like outcasts.
* * * * *
Emeka! Emeka!''mama called from the door,i was sitting on the armchiar in my room,staring into empty space,with my palm on my jaw.
Her voice brought me out from my stupor.
I sighed heavily.
''nnam what is it?'' she asked as she came to sit on the bed beside me.
I shooked my head.''nothing that i cant take care of'' i replied quickly.
''is it about that girl?'' mama asked,her question was like an electric jolt,i sat up.
''how did you know?''
she smiled wanly.
''am your mother and i bore you in my womb for nine good months,i know you''
i shuffled my feets on the carpetted floor.
''is she pregnant for you?''
''No '' I snapped.
What if she is pregnant?? A timid voice asked in my head.
Then it isnt for me....another voice replied.
I had been careful....
Hadnt I?

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 3:16pm On Dec 17, 2014
Mama left the room when she saw i wasnt in the mood to talk with anyone,she later sent my junior sister to bring my supper.the meal remianed untouched on the table,i took my bath,freshened Up and walked out of the house.
It was dusk and my rolex wrist watch confirmed it was some minutes past six o clock.
I heard someone call my name across the mian road and i looked up, it was Arinze.
A friend of mine that had attended the same secondary school with me.
''Emekus whats up naa?''he asked,as he crossed the main road.
We exchanged a firm handshake.
''am fine ooo,where are you heading to?'' I asked as i noticed his trianee shoe,baggy trouser and large basketball singlet that had the picture of the tatooed lilwayne on the front.
Arinze smiled,displaying his set of white glittering teeth.
''just heading to my regular joint,i need to take some booze to keep my spirit high''he remarked.
''haba so you havent stopped this your drinking habit ehnn,and by the look of your lower lip i know you still smoke'' i retorted.
''my dear,this is life,Enjoy it while it lasts'' he replied
''life no get duplicate oo''he added as an after thought.
''Arinze you seem to have forgotten that smokers are liable to die young,cigarette is a slow killer,it kills slowly''
he laughed out ''who needs a quick killer?'' he jested.
''cigarette is like the proverbial rat,while it chew at your feets it blows you breeze so you wouldnt feel the pian.as you are enjoying cigarette thats how it is destroying your lungs'' i said..
''haba Emeka...you and this your preaching,i have forgotten E BU ONYE armageddon'' he added in vernacular.
I shooked my head.
''am off,see you later'' i told him and walked off towards the opposite direction.
I was thinking deeply that i didnt hear the incessant honking of a car behind me not until the angry driver shouted.
''you will not carry your dead body off my lane,you are looking for someone who will purchase your coffin,bury you and even pay for the rice that will be eaten that day''
i flinched at the hateful words,my heart thumping wildly.
''Emeka..''a familiar voice called from behind.
I turned,it was chioma my elder sister. I noticed she was in the company of a youngman.
''chi...howfar?'' i asked,i was wondering where she was coming from so late.
''am fine,meet my friend stanley,stanley this is my brother''
she introduced.
We exchanged a handshake and mumbled incoherent greeting. I wanted to ask him if he was a fellow-withness but chioma winked at me and I kept my cool.
''i have to go and see a friend,see you later''I excused myself hurriedly.
''okay,see you at home''chioma replied and i walked off.

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by obumsway(m): 8:51pm On Dec 17, 2014
*finds a chair and sits down* *looks left and right* shout on top of my voice ...... !!!! My guy u too good oooo !!! Keep it up but ibeg your update is too slow !!
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by eunisam: 10:25pm On Dec 17, 2014
Chinweblinkz flood this place with update naa.wetin?
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 8:07am On Dec 18, 2014
8-) am sorry pals,am back........thanks for been there for me!
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 9:47am On Dec 18, 2014

I had many things on my mind as i headed to chuka's place.Unfortunately he wasn't around and his phone was switched off when I dialled his number.
I felt fustrated,i had come this way to share my problems with him,where had he gone so late?
With anger i headed back home.rarely replying when people greeted me.
I got home and flunged myself on the bed,the door opened and chioma entered looking sheepishly.
''who is that guy?''i asked,sitting Up.
She sighed and joined me on the bed.
''thats my fiancee''
''fia ....gini?''
she waved her left hand and i saw the engagement ringon her middle finger,I was speechless.
''come...tell me about him''
she shooked her head
''I cant,i dont want anyone to know,but i plan to elope with him.Emeka take a look at me,am I getting young?I cant just sit and wait for a fellow withness to marry me,women dont have much time before they reach menopause.''
i was flabbergasted ''are you trying to tell me that this guy...stanley is not a withness?''I queried.
''he is not,Emeka but I love him and am not afraid of what our parents may say''
''chioma listen..runing away is not the issue,what if this guy dumps you,who will you turn to?''
''stanley wouldnt dump me,we love each other and our love is pure''she replied.
Her words stunned me,I stood staring at her,speechless.
''see Emeka am fed up of all this withness thing.Even napoleon said-to rebel is just,rebellion is justified''she remarked cooly

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 10:04am On Dec 18, 2014

I was confused.......chioma thinking of marrying a non-withness? What is wrong with her? Why couldnt she hold unto our faith just like i intend to do.
''Emmy please dont tell anyone what i just told you''she implored,looking into my brown eyes.
I shrugged,still speechless.
'thank you, i promise you i will not forget you wherever I go''she said,her words brought me out from my stupor just like an electric jolt.
''where are you planing to go with him?''I asked.
She sighed again ''promise me you will not tell anyone''she said
''I promise''I agreed.
''dubia...we are almost through with our papers,we will be leaving soon''.
''dubia...gini?'' i queried,i was bereft of words.
''yes,stanley is an importer and exporter''
''that small boy?'' my eyebrows creased in a frown,this her stanley looks so good to be true.
''he is not a boy,he is 32''she replied.
''chayoma..''I called her by her petname
''you have to be careful so you will not end up like aunt caro,who was later duped,divorced by her so called husband,you know how she had to start from the scratch and how our members looked at her like she is an outcast,because they warned her when she was head over heels in love with a nonwithness''I reminded her.
''dont worry Emmy,it is going to be alright,but please dont tell our parents where am heading to''
i nodded, ''okay agreed,but how much have you spent on this dubia issue,it might not be genuine oo''
she smiled''i didnt spend a dime,stanley took care of everything''she replied and stood Up.
''goodnight dear''
''kachifo''I replied,still looking like a dummy.
Chioma and dubia

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by drfunso1(m): 11:54am On Dec 18, 2014
This chair is becoming hot; maybe next update will cool it. Good job-well done
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by chibarbie(f): 12:35pm On Dec 18, 2014
Nice one,Twin sis
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 12:53pm On Dec 18, 2014
Nice one,Twin sis

yeah....thanks twin sis
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 1:22pm On Dec 18, 2014

I woked up to the sound of heated arguement coming from my parents room,my parents were having one of thier nasty morning brawls.
I yawned,feeling hungry.i hadnt eaten anything last night and my stomach growled in request for food.
Sabina my junior sister was sobbing in the kitchen when i got there to take a glass cup of water for brushing my teeth.
''dede good morning''she managed to greet between sobs.
''morning,why are you crying,what happened?''I asked with a tired yawn.
''it is papa''she replied,wiping at her tears clumsily.
''papa mere gini?''(did what) i asked in vernacular.
She didnt reply but unfolded her hands.
I flinched as I saw the burnt scald on her right hand.
''papa did that?''
she nodded
''why?'' i asked,confused.
''i made pap for him for his breakfast,then he called me and asked me who made the pap,i told him it was me.he then poured the hot pap on my hand''
''jehovah!''I excliamed,eyes as round as saucers.
''he said the pap was watery,that i should not prepare his meals again''
i shooked my head.
''papa could be so harsh,ndo nwanne,what of chioma?''I asked.
She took her time before replying...
''she has left''
''left to where?'' i asked,my brain was still foggy.
''i dont know,she left a letter in her bed when i went to wake her this morning,i didnt see her nor her belongings so i took the letter to mama''.
I staggered and held the doorknob.
Chioma gone??
So soon
No wonder she had told me about stanley.
So she had already planned leaving for long.
I walked to my room,forgetting about the glass cup of water.i sat on the bed and tried to remember if those ladies that had married non-withness had ever come to any good.
No,they never.
They spent every minute of thier life in regrets.

''you cant put the blame on me,they are also your children.when the children acts bad they belong to the mother,but when they are good they belong to thier father.
Nna Emeka!! It is not done that way oo'' mama was screaming at the top of her lungs.
I shuddered and closed my ears with my palms..
The day had begun with a problem,how would it end i wondered and stood up,determined not to allow the morning incident to ruin my day.

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Nobody: 9:29pm On Dec 19, 2014
''Emeka Emeka!''mama called me just as I came out from the bathroom,i was wearing my butterfly patterned boxer,i quickly rushed into my room and wore something more decent before answering her call.
She was sitting on the double-set cushion known as me&my wife,and her right hand held a folded paper which I quickly knew was chioma's letter.
''mama you called me''I replied,sitting on the sofa opposite her.
''yes I did,read this''she said and handed me the paper.
My hands shooked as I unfolded the paper,I went through the content,my heart beating wildly,chioma's letter is better read than imagined.
I couldnt believe she could be this harsh to our parents.
''what do you have to say about it?''mama asked.
I sighed and sat up.
''mama am bereft of words''
mama emmited a long hiss ''i believe she was bewitched''she remarked.
''i know my daughter very well,this must be a love charm at work,how could she fall so easily,what does she needs that we can't give her..what?''.
''mama so you believe in all this witchcraft of a thing??''I queried.
''i have every reason to believe chioma is under a spell,now your father is trying to put the blame on me...chioma has shamed me!! My fifth daughter has brought disrespect to this family,why could she be so eager to get married,the time of every individual waits for them.
Have she forgotten that akudo her immediate sister got married at the age of 27,it isnt late for her yet''
I stood up.
''mama this chioma's issue is causinq me headache,i need to prepare for shop today''i remarked.
She sighed''sabina will prepare something for you''
''dont worry am not hungry''I lied just as my stomach growled in remindal.
¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
I was busy repiaring a samsung phone when my phone beeped,i checked the screen,it was an alert from diamond bank.i was confused......twenty thousand naira had been debitted from my account via ATM...
My heart sanked.
Had i fallen victim to account hackers?
I searched my wallet were i normally kept my ATM card,it wasnt there....
Then bang!!
I remembered I had given chioma my sister my ATM card to withdraw some cash for me over the weekend,she had done that for me....
But I had forgotten to collect my ATM from her.
Chioma must be the brain behind this.....
My phone beeped again,another alert...
Twenty thousand naira debitted from your account via ATM,balance=2,545 naira.
I fainted

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by obumsway(m): 6:23am On Dec 20, 2014
omoooooo see gobe ibeg ..... No be small thing @ all..... See wahala....... Does it mean that the guy bewitched her ? Na wa ooo.... No be small matter @ all...... Pls when will you update again, watin patiently today !!
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by Onemansquad(m): 8:34am On Dec 20, 2014
Na 2.545 naira remain nd u dy faint...
What if ntin is remainin grin grin grin
Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by emirate0(m): 10:35am On Dec 20, 2014
Am really enjoying ur story. Nigerians are really good writers

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Re: Diary Of A Jehovah's Withness.. by drfunso1(m): 7:57pm On Dec 20, 2014
Lolz your sis na 4: 1: 10 o. U go manage d left over sha cry[color=#990000][/color] cry

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