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Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 4:11pm On Jan 19, 2009
I like this thread. I think i will be a regular here. Alot of mature people here and thats a good thing!

As per my own office blues!

Let me not get into that now! Freaking hectic especially being a lawyer and you have this motion to file, complaints to listen to and draft for justice to be redressed, company filings at the Cac with those bureaucratic animals wasting your time, omoniles to fight with over land. In fact its not a easy job at all. I evny you guys working in a serene company atmosphere. You have no worries about bills, salaries, maintainance package and the rest. All you need is to start at 9am and close 5pm, browse nairaland and facebook all day, pretend as if your working, end of the month collect your salary.

Now that's the life!

u dey find trouble oh!
who are u describing as pretending to work cheesy
do u know the amount of intellectual tasking activities we subject our brains too in the course of carrying out our duties? eh, lol, just kidding

hope uve won some cases this year?? grin
best of luck in fighting ur omoniles!
Re: Welcome To My Office by lawyer(m): 4:43pm On Jan 19, 2009
u dey find trouble oh!
who are u describing as pretending to work
do u know the amount of intellectual tasking activities we subject our brains too in the course of carrying out our duties? eh, lol, just kidding

hope uve won some cases this year??
best of luck in fighting ur omoniles!



Me sef don work for person before so i know the format. Wake up in the morning, wear heavy coat (no be suit o) grin deck one flashy tie, enter office with file wey contain nonsense. Sit down in your cubicle or table, arrange your stationeries, switch on your p.c and start playing with the damn computer switching from webpage to webpage. When oga comes around, pretend as if you have something imtant to photocopy or carry one file around frowning so as to make the oga believe your working. Attend meetings and scribble furiously on an empty sheet as if your taking minutes, continue watching the clock for break time so that you can enter your fav amala joint, come back looking all stressed out and pretend to study some files and scribble rubbish till it is closing time and you zap.

All in a days work! grin

End of month, be the first to line up to collect salary, so that the bank starts to deduct the car loan and flat screen t.v loan and leave the rest for friday night clubbing!, lol

Guy! I don de that world before no the tables have turned, lol (I miss that world sha!) undecided

As for the cases; Rule number one, a case is being solved minimum after 7 years, so you dont just win cases that, rather you win motion arguments till the next appeal!

As for the omoniles, abeg forget those cows, i de house for them!

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Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 7:18pm On Jan 19, 2009
Hmmmm, your jobs all sound hectic and so so interesting.

Well, there's nothing for me to report now, just mundane things have been happening all day:
Prepared quotations
Had a cup of coffee
Sent some emails
Had some bubble gum that made my cubicle smell so so fruity
Dollar price increase wahala with client
My operations boss gave me wrong information as per a request and when the poo hit the fan, he denied giving me such info. Thank God the music I had to face wasn't of the hard rock Genre.

Now I have a full blown headache from the coffee and chewing all that bubblegum
And I have to pursue one of these telecoms companies for a major project but I still feel so idle.
Can't wait to start all the real work. Then I'll come complain all about how hectic it all is
u dey try rhyme with ur work thingy shey
at a point, i tot i was reading a poem grin
how u dey? u don fashi my side shey?

i understand ur paro. FB used to be the ish when i was in consulting also. especially when im outside Lagos working on clients site. but now, omo na only NL dey keep my sanity at a reasonable level.

do u have internet at home? if u do, just check when u get home

lawyer don come ijogbon don come grin grin
for real, u be one of my fav. for this NL. Now that we have u and debosky here, then i can safely say, we are getting the 'bigmen' to come share their daily experiences with us. thats cool.

as for ur dossier on our daily activities in the office. i beg to differ o. as for me, my daily activities start from 7am till 9pm most times and although i always have NL opened, its always work from morning till nite. These sites are just the only way to keep the momentum going or else, person go run mad

as for today
today happened to be our front desks gurlie's buffday. enuff food in the house. from some creamy salad, to plenty assorted meat and some choice drinks to wash down the whole 'schitzo'. That made the whole day very yummy.
my boss suddenly took ill so no yawa for me today cos even when i called the guy on d fone, he sounded like he was almost dieing. The office was calmer and everybody did their job with no fears that one he'goat will come barking

sent my signed amended NDA to the bank at walter carrington, finished the SSPA for the new investment vehicle created and its ready to be sent to the global fund raising coy on Kingsway Ikoyi.

was meant to have a conference call with some of our foreign chaps on the Info Memo they are doing for the international investors but since the main man in charge of the account was ill, the call was pushed forward to tmr. Not looking forward to that call at all. I hate it when one particular Indian talks while having the call. How people manage to hear what that guy says baffles me.

anyway, im waiting for the traffic to ease off then i can jump on ma pedals and go prepare for tmr

safe people
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 9:25pm On Jan 19, 2009
Seems so long since I've been in here. Good to see more mature minds are coming on board, as in, I'm really learning.


Aww, sorry about your project setback. Hope she finds it o.  .  .if you need help sha just holla.


I didn't know you're assistant oga o.Abi na relief oga. Seems your working life's one rush of meetings and deadlines. You do 7 to 9? And I thought my hours were long. Find time to de-stress o.  .  .who wants to die young?Lol.
P.S. have you settled the female issue you had? grin

Welcome to our little kickback zone. I like lawyers 'cause it's so easy to get under their skin and engage them in an argument grin Kidding. Your job must be pretty stressful too huh?
There was this lawyer dude that came to my office once to get a confirmation letter on his account sent to FBN.  .  .he was so grouchy and grumpy and never smiled. Wonder how that kinda person can charm a judge or a jury.
Hope you're not that type.

Today was tight,despite the fact that I did a half day,beginning at 2pm. Had to attend to some issues affecting the country,lol. It's like everybody had to be at the bank today with issues ranging from new accounts to ODs to mortgages to shares and everything in between.
Was able to cope(like I had a choice) but being on my feet in heels for hours was so not funny.  .  .my back aches sad
   Coupled with my own workload was most of my boss's.  .  .she kept going from one meeting to the other today and directed most of her desk issues to me. Guess I should be flattered that she believes I'm capable of handling stuff like that, but heck, the stress ain't anything to smile about.

EFCC paid us a visit today to inquire about one of our top-class customers.  .  .sorry guys,can't go into details on that one grin But mayn, it wasn't a totally funny experience, though twaz very enlightening. CBN sef, any little thing they expect you to report it and the protocols involved in that process just depresses your spirit.Lol.
It's all good though, I enjoyed the pace and energy.  .  .just wish I had a live-in Japanese masseuse.

p.s Abeg people don't be intimidated by these ''big boys'' here o(tkb and co grin ). No matter what it is you do, even if na armed robbery, please feel free to come in here and share your good and bad moments. So long as it puts food on your table, it's important.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 7:24am On Jan 20, 2009
@good day people
how is it going?

relief oga ke? i be small oga na grin
the woman palaver has been settled. Now my output is a lot berra at work.

quick one: while coming to work o this early 'momo'
i was on a bumper to bumper with one stupid okada man and the goat had the most beautiful gurl ive seen on his bike.
while trying to curse out the guy for trying to scratch my machine, the lady on d bike appealed to me to cool down by waving at me.
i signaled to her to come join me, she did. . . . .

i got her number o and i dropped her off at Oceanic at Ozumba

i don get another woman palaver but this one looks mouth watering cheesy

when i go marry? Cristalz, i need ur prayers and help

i dey go work
ttygl smiley
Re: Welcome To My Office by tollu: 9:04am On Jan 20, 2009

@good day people
how is it going?

quick one: while coming to work o this early 'momo'
i was on a bumper to bumper with one stupid okada man and the goat had the most beautiful gurl ive seen on his bike.
while trying to curse out the guy for trying to scratch my machine, the lady on d bike appealed to me to cool down by waving at me.
i signaled to her to come join me, she did. . . . .

i got her number o and i dropped her off at Oceanic at Ozumba

Guy, beware of mammy water spirits o (OCEAN ic, Ozumba – rite in front of water) he he he
Btw what kind of girl gets off a bike to hitch a ride with a total stranger These Lagos gurls sef. My brother must marry from village o

u dey try rhyme with ur work thingy shey
at a point, i tot i was reading a poem
how u dey? u don fashi my side shey?

Man, the whole thing just feels like literature jare
Fashi ur side ke? We don talk happy new year now and January is far from over.

Any luck with your project draft?

@ Cristalz
Hope we can hear a little detail of the EFCC yawa sometime in the future

Standing with heels for stretches is tough o, perhaps u should find some cute flats u can slip into when the hot chicks or guys aren't in ur radar.

Nothing major happening at work YET. Just NL and emails and coffee and sidetalks and ---
I'll be back later
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 10:28am On Jan 20, 2009

Haaaa shocked You sef, first thing this morning you dey cast net.
Oceanic bank? Either she sees you as a good prospect for her cabal or she thinks you'll be an 'interesting' date or both grin Be careful sha o.  .  .you just got out of one female drama and already you're set for part 2.
I'll organize prayer sessions for you asap grin


Perhaps someday when the issue has grown old I'll talk about it, but for now, nah grin
Was going to bring flats today, but I forgot sad Definitely tomorrow.
All this coffee you keep drinking.  .  .watch it o.Lol. Have a lovely day.
Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 2:03pm On Jan 20, 2009
im wondering how the okada man must have reacted when the girl jumped into ur car?
im also wondering?, wat car do u drive?
cos i'm sure it will take a minimum of the new B class mercedes jeep or Range or even a toureg, for that kind babe as she fine reach, to jump ships,
im sure with my tokunbo honda she for no join me, unless i flash her my denzel washington smile, grin

i used to work in a bank b4 i left for audit,
i remember one thing my RM always told me about complete documentation,
he will say, " alamesiagha has been released since 2007, his account officer is still in jail oh!!
so be careful my sister, very careful,

today has been uneventful,
i got my reports back today, surprisingly the review points raised where not too much,
im working on them now,

ur job seems pretty relaxing,
u guys got a vacancy for me? wink
Re: Welcome To My Office by damiso(f): 2:10pm On Jan 20, 2009
Nice Thread,really nice to read what other people go through at work

Just finished my 121/PRP walk thru and my manger was talking o*ks as usual with same lingo for the past 5 months'i think you are settling very well into your role and i think you are doing quite well bla bla' at the end of the day she still gives me a C.after taking on extra work load and working like a jackal to get an A or even B to get better bonus in march, i am so mad angry  The woman just dey hail so me i would do more work not know ing that me na the performance based bonus for march i dey chase tongue
Thank God for nairaland to unwind

Before that was chasing an accounts query for one really annoying broker who kept on saying 'sorry could you repeat that' on the phone, was really tempted to tell him to shove it but you know proffessional courtesy and all.The ironic thing is that me sef i was struggling to understand him as he was scottish and the way they twist their words na die.

Nairaland really is a place for me to escape to when am less busy cos most of my colleagues their gist bore me so when i am on my computer like that they think i am doing a report  or somethingbut i am happily posting or reading through threads grin

will be back,have a meeting now.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tollu: 3:30pm On Jan 20, 2009
@ Cristalz
We'll be patiently waiting

As per the coffee thing --- I have it under control. (guess that's what all addicts say  embarassed )

@ Damiso
lol, sounds like you have an 'alagbari' boss there and the accents of those Scots --- girl, I don't envy you.

One should enjoy every stage in life o, this stage of my life ends in less than a month so I'm living it seriously.

It's not always slow paced though take today for example, I'm not a lawyer and I've been asked to go through some documents and explain its contents to my ogas. Give reasons why they should be signed or not.

Mutual non disclosure agreement
Master purchase agreement
A BULKY supplier self review list
Three well detailed RFI's (Request for Information)

In the middle of it all, I had to go see a client located on the 7th floor of Icon house. That’s not the tough part. Icon house has crazy elevators, always out of service, ALWAYS and two floors for parking. So if you are going to the 7th floor, because of the parking floors, it’s like you are going to the 9th floor.

My thighs are in mini distress – good exercise for the butt though.

And there are so many tiny little details as per other business units that I go through post-its like fire else tasks just slip through and I end up under direct missiles.

I'm loving it.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 5:39pm On Jan 20, 2009
Obamas inauguration is on
thank God, hes alive today to live his dream.    .     .     .

today was ok
my meetings went well and i had one cancelled.
i still have another one for 7pm and right now, im tired. as at 5.34 pm, ive not even taken lunch. nyways, its part of life
im so tired i cant give details today but everything went well sha

i no dey drive Range o and my car isnt LR3 but its good enuff for any babe to abandon a bike grin

ive not even called her but ill do on my way home. Thats when i can say only sensible stuffs. how ur work? shey ur oga no dey give u wahala?

wassup my person. im sure ure enjoying urself shey?
what street are u again? cos i know u aint too far from me. so if na u, u wont come down from ur bike?
na people like u no dey let me carry people even when rain wan scatter their hairdo. we go see. no worries grin

peeps, mo fe jeun cool

abeg, organise the prayer sessions sharp ish. where is oyb and debo?
Re: Welcome To My Office by mukina2: 12:37pm On Jan 21, 2009
i have to do it all over again, i have to submit something sad. The dealine for me was just pushed back a bit sad
Re: Welcome To My Office by tollu: 4:29pm On Jan 21, 2009
Hello guys, this room seems to be a bit slow in terms of posts, too much work? Take it easy o

@ Mukina
awwwww, such tough luck. Sorry about that dearie and if there's anything we can do, do let us know. I'd be glad to help.

Yes o, Obama has done it. Before the oath and everything, I was so scared he was gonna be blown to pieces or something (such horrid thoughts).
Listened to his inauguration speech over the radio on my way home and when I finally settled down at home to watch TV, there was a breaking news that a Sen. Ken had collapsed! I just went to bed jeje.

7pm meeting? I just hope it was over drinks and good food.
Engineering close. I come to your office building wella. I'm assuming that's your building sha cos there's no other sensible building on that street (i.e the building that has one elevator on the right and three others on the left)

No, I won't get off the bike except I know you. What if you guys finally get married and all? What kind of "how we met" stories would you be telling your grandkids? They'll be thinking, "grandma's a 'ho". he he he

Hey guys, we are missing your stories. Come on board and let's celebrate or sympathise (Crazy boss syndrome) with you.
Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 4:46pm On Jan 21, 2009
i have to do it  all over again, i have to submit something . The dealine for me was just pushed back a bit

we all feel ur pain,
take it easy, im sure u'll meet the new deadline,
look on the bright side of life, there definetely should be something to smile about,

guy,u no cast net this morning again for traffic?
infact as i dey come work dis morning i dey use eye dey scope to see wether i go see any fine babe ontop of okada wey go wan jump ship to my car, lol grin

babe, i was just gently teasing,
Mutual non disclosure agreement
Master purchase agreement
A BULKY supplier self review list
Three well detailed RFI's (Request for Information)
but wait oh! u for involve lawyer make im help u with the above,
hope u were able to do a good job though,

today has been quite busy,
trying to tidy my outstanding reports
then complete my risk documentation for my new clients,
next week will be crazy, i'll possibly working at my client's site all week long,

come to think of it, (sorry to all my female collegues in here)
it seems as if working for a female boss is equivalent to having sh**t being shoved down ur throat every day
i say this because till Novemebr 30 last year i used to report to a female manager,
dat woman was full of crap,
everymorning u wake up and pray dat she comes to work in a good mood
before u gather the liver to go and meet her for any official issue ,u have to study her temperament closely and determine wether she's in a good mood or not,
if u make one small f**k up, she go leave her office ,come out to the open office and start giving u a dress down in front of everybody,
i just remebered all this because if u see as she take finish my paddy for office this morning,e just remain make she bring cane, tell my collegue 'oya turn ur nyansh" and she go begin flog am, na d only tin wey remain,
cant bosses realise dat they are dealing with adults and as such treat them like adults

Ive heard of a case in a bank branch whre someone phoned in to tell dem that their manager was involved in a ghastly motor accident,and 2 of the staff said in reflex action "thank god",
it was only when they realised that they had said it openly to the hearing of others that they covered their mouths in horror and shame,
must it get to that level?? ,when ur staff wish u'll just frigging drop dead?

i still dey vex for dat woman,
u know wat else she asked my guy during the dressdown?
she said[b]"I wonder how ur wife agreed to marry u! i pity her! u are hopeless!!"[/b]

can u imagine dat kind of statement?
make una hold me oh, i dey find rat poison make i go put for her coffee cup now now!!!
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 6:00pm On Jan 21, 2009

That's a really horrible boss. But not all female bosses are like that. . .my manager is female and she's one of the nicest,friendliest,funniest souls I've ever come across. She's very tolerant and doesn't get mad unless you do something really stupid, or you aren't serious with your job.
Abeg no poison her o, just pray for her and her household,lol.


My dear, that's how this our thread goes. Sometimes you're just too busy to post, other times you're too tired to.
Today's been good, not too hectic.I just decided to take things easy today, was in almost the entire time. And the good Lord rewarded me for my indoor efforts. . .I got a 2mil account this afternoon, and it promises to grow much bigger grin Quite rare in January when money ain't that easy to find.

One of my customers almost gave me headache though. . .he wanted to find out what his repayment plan would look like if he took a loan of 4mil. I explained the charges and everything to him, but he still insisted on coming round my table to see it for himself on my system. Obliged him, and after looking at it he asked me to print it out. I did.
Thought he was gon' get going, but instead he brought out a pen and pocket calculator and started analyzing the thing step by step, figure by figure. Not that I blame him,it's him paying after all but heck,it's not like the rates are that high. And for someone earning his kind of salary I really didn't see why he was fussing so much,lol.
One of the little things about being a financial analyst's banker. They always want to prove they can calculate better than you grin We spent almost 30 mins on the thing o, with me having no choice but to keep smiling and calling on my best people skills to keep the man interested in taking the loan when all I wanted was for him to just say ''thank you,I'll be back tomorrow to fill out the forms''. Lol. He sha left later without making up his mind whether to go for it or not. I'll have to call him tomorrow morning if I don't hear from him. Loans are good business after all grin

Was supposed to take a call with a senior colleague @ 5, but someone went out with our car without telling my colleague. The man vex nor be small. Me, I was just glad I could get off early. Hey I'm a hard worker, but a call at 5? Means we'll be out till like 7, and before I tidy up my table and get home it would be 8pm. Not attractive one bit.
Everyday I'm thankful Abuja has mild traffic issues,unlike a place like Lagos. . .you guys in Lag are really trying.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tollu: 6:26pm On Jan 21, 2009
@ Contactuzo

I had to defend myself before everybody thinks I;m 'unbusy'.
Did my best and shirked the rest, thanks for asking

tehehe Female bosses are hellish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, but it's not really a gender related thing. Some men are also crazy. Check out this link
One day, I'll be one sha.

@ Cristalz

You go girl!!! More girlpower in the room.

@ Topic

I can't say welcome to my office cos I wasn't at work today. yay.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 7:14pm On Jan 21, 2009
Cristalz prayers are working for me real good. didnt even see anybody on the bike today be it female or male.

was not in a good mood at all today cos i had a presentation with one of our clients. Those 'ogas' just left me at the mercy of those people. see questioning? i nearly told them in yoruba make dem leave me. crazy people

was glad to enter the office and lo behold my boss (a CFA charterholder o) called me to sit beside him to analyse some investments that have gone sour. i just dey laff inside me. The dude even ordered food for me. crazy dude.

ill be right back jare
Re: Welcome To My Office by damiso(f): 11:34am On Jan 22, 2009
Yipee i am on training for a new software for the rest of the day from 12.00,free lunch and all the works. grin

But this morning still have to make calls to some brokers regarding some discrepancies in their accts and trust them they are so dodgy and are always trying to wangle out of admin charges(as if they waive them for their clients ).Also have to call the DVLA and MIB regarding some reg nos that are coming up as incorrect or invalid on the sys and have indeed been confirmed as correct by the owners of the vehicle(am sure you must have guessed a this point that i work in underwriting in an insurance company;one of the most boring jobs in the world;the only high point is when you get a tingle by detecting potential frauds). I am already tired, i always feel burnt out by thursday and happy again on friday cos the next day is Saturday(i can wake up at 10 grin).Thank God i am have a bit of break from work later at least na trainer go dey work and na just for me to be attentive(come to think that itself na work cos na mental exercise).Its all good at least il be away from my phone and computer.

To add to the female boss issue,my boss is female she is ok and all and seems genuinely interested in my career growth and progression but the thing is i just have some apprehensions about her.She just comes across as two-faced(u know the kind of feeling that comes across when you are dealing with english people).I am not saying that all english people are two faced but she is all nice and appreciative of my work,so why give me a C when i know i do more work than Lee(who is white english by the way) and give him a B.So you know what i mean.Like she goes out of her way to be nice and supportive in front of everyone so as not to seem R**ct and then something else where she can use proffesional jargon to back up,she marks me down.The good thing about my company is they really care about their staff and i have a right to go to my head of Unit if this continues in my next appraisal.Let me just give her the benefit of doubt that i am relatively new compared to the others on the team wink/

My boss at my last job in Nigeria was also female and she was the BOMB.She could be annoying atimes because she was such a workaholic and perfectionist and expected the same from you but i am happy that i worked with her.It has really helped in my new role.She really brought out the best in me and made me almost a perfectionist like her.Before that, i worked under a man and he was HORRIBLE.always pickin on me and all (though some of my colleagues said he fancied me and was just picking on me because of that).So i think its not a gender thing,some people are just BOSSES and not mangers of people.
Re: Welcome To My Office by lawyer(m): 12:10pm On Jan 22, 2009
What a way to start the day! undecided

Woke up this morning, started the car and Battery was flat! Called battery charger who told me it was a dead battery that i had to buy a new one this morning. Unexpected expenses. Got to work around 11am , generator refused to start undecided Called generator man and he said the battery too is flat and the generator needs servicing!

Na Wah o! Battery wahala this morning both moto and generator don already scatter my head and all this is before 12 noon! undecided
Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 12:27pm On Jan 22, 2009
So i think its not a gender thing,some people are just BOSSES  and not mangers of people
i guess ure right, it isnt a gender thing, but it dont mean ive changed my mind about poisoning her, infact i was contemplating throwing her out of her office window (4th floor) when no witnesses are around,
which otion would leave no traces, i need advice here guys wink wink

ur job sounds interesting, sorry about ur two faced boss,
i guess europeans and whites in general still have a long way to go in overcoming their racial prejudices
4gt say dem allow obama enter white house, dem still dey dey ask demselves question, "how were we fooled into doing this?" shocked shocked shocked

sorry about ur battery wahala,
poo just happens, it doesnt serve u notifications b4 hapening, just make sure u carry around a good quantity of tissue papers to clean it up when it comes,  lipsrsealed
dont worry im sure the last bill u sent out to ur client for legal services can purchase u 10000 new batteries,  grin

finished and returned in my outstanding reports,
helped a rookie out with some computations he wasnt clear with,
nothing much ado, till monday,

im sure ure in one crazy meeting or d other, take it easy oh,

anyways have a gud day y'all!! cheesy
Re: Welcome To My Office by mukina2: 1:44pm On Jan 22, 2009
Tollu, Criz and co smiley

I was given two more weeks to finish , but i didnt accept angry ,the initial thing took almost a month, two weeks wont do nothing, so we are still on that.
Friday is tomorrow angry if that lady does not produce my project, her death is near angry

Today is a bit boring, finishing touches to the other two, re-reading,  and going over crazy mistakes, my head hurts like crazy, i hate coffee embarassed so am stuck with drinking bottled water tongue

One of the guys here is busy complaining about his ill luck at the bank this morning,  grin he went to get telex copies for foreign swift transfers, the lady there mixed it up and it was sent to the wrong person, similar names ,only the Initial caused the trouble, he's been running up and down here , he didnt notice it earlier until he was about to scan the docs and send, that gave me a reason to laugh like crazy today grin
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 3:53pm On Jan 23, 2009
My man I've read a couple of ur stuff, and I have to give it to you U sound smart. Well 'm a finance /Investment analyst also a CFA candidate myself returned to the country some months back, and working in the Telecoms. ind. right now, good pay by Naija standard but man I live,eat,dream finance, and I don't know if i enjoy this job .

Man lets hook up somehow cud learn a thing or two from you.

Send a text to this number 08058553775 wt the name tkb417 I will call u.
(number above is not mine, but can't drop mine cos anybody can easilly link to me, u know we have specialised nos. in the telecom ind.
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 4:19pm On Jan 23, 2009

Nice thread u got going here babes, Nice one babes,nice one.

All my other guyz I salute o!

This Jon-oh-jon on board.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 7:09pm On Jan 23, 2009
Hey Jon
Nice to have u on board. u work in the Telcos? thats gud enuff
we'll be glad if u start sharing some of ur office stuffs with us, ttyl

today was cool. My fin/investment advisory crew submitted a draft of one biz plan to me for reviews and ill be quick to say the thing didnt real well at allll. i had to lock myself up in one room to get myself to rewrite some of the stuffs they did.

One of my team people had a presentation with some clients and can u people imagine, the gurlie sent me a text to come over . . . . her text read " tk pls can u come cos these guys might take on me" what on earth that meant i didnt understand. trust me, i replied sharply saying i get plenty work. she came back looking forlon like she just lost a relative. wetin concern me, i didnt even look at her face. I immediately asked for her feedback report filled by the client. chei!!!!!!! na so so rubbish comments den write.
The gurl is in yawa.

i had another meeting with some chaps who wants some funding for their project. pipeline security and blah blah blah. young boizz. meeeenn, i was tripped men. here i am saying yes sir to one mango park and my peers on d streets are already running stuvvs. . .
as dbanj said, ori yato sori, fingers no equal

im sneaking away jare, im off in few mins to go drink some beer

whts gud man? how work?

babes, what building are u talking about? phb?
Re: Welcome To My Office by tollu: 11:12pm On Jan 23, 2009
@ Mukina
Abeg no kill person o, we no fit contribute money for bail cheesy

Welcome on board Jon

You know where now

You should have helped the girl now, some office romance might have cum outta that wink (assuming u r into closed spaces kinda thing)

@ Topic

My day started on a not so interesting note but ended quite well.

Sparked for one yeye girl that wouldn't give me my quote in good time

Did some haggling with clients

viewed Nairaland

Had lunch cum dinner cum meeting at a semi-posh restaurant (though two hours traffic on Ozumba Mbadiwe just to get to engineering close o took all that away)

FUN, FUN, FUN at the end of the evening.

Gotta go watch some Desperate Housewives now, catch y'all tmr.
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 4:41pm On Jan 24, 2009
Hi folks,
Men went for an interview yesterday after close of business and the guys told me straight , that they really want to give me the job but my sal.demand is a bit on the upside.

Realised these guys knew I deperately want want an Investment job so they were offering something below what I presently earn.

Ol boy Man I come tire cos I was like I should be going up and not DEPRECIATING anyhow i tell them to make the full offer on back and white and then I can really look at it and get back but then the chances are very low I ll take such after all no be my papa coy.

Apart from that work was just there started normal business forecast for the next month and carried out some analysis. Immediate boss is on maternity leave so i take my time to what i had to do
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 7:51pm On Jan 24, 2009
Thanks dude, nice to have you here. Keep your gist coming. . .

Which girl is after you again? grin
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 11:36am On Jan 26, 2009
Goodmorning people
wish u the best of the week

u wanna change jobs? what level have u written and passed in CFA? if u have level 1 alone, then u shouldnt have issues working as an analyst. how much are u asking them? dont be too greedy o cos the global meltdown is making them think twice with the way they offer jumbo pay.
if i was coming to my new place today, i'll probably would have been offered less than i got cos. things have changed.

our auditors just completed thier jagbajantis audit and my o my, ill be collecting my half year bonus today today today
chei!!! money go enter pocket today.
You'll can catch me at Kuramo waters on saturday. ill spend the tiniestt fraction on awon boiz. tht has been my usual practice tho anytime i get a substantial transfer payments.
somebory shout halleluyah grin grin

Tollu & Cristalz
did i say im looking for another woman palaver?
hell no. i have plans to be serious with my life b4 easter

pally, how ur runs?
how work?

takia guyz

where debosky na
Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 2:29pm On Jan 26, 2009
Sorry fellas for being out of circulation so long, work was hectic last week ending,
ive been shuffling btw my office and clients office today,

@TKB Egbon, i know say verything dey sail smoothly for ur side

ladies ,how y'all doing,
hope ure all on top of ur games,

@d rest of us,
heres a little inspiration for 2009 i got from a freind, hope u gain from it,

[b]Dear Friends,
This is a brand new year and we need to begin on a good note.
So take time to read the following and apply them where necessary.

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.
3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants.
4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.
5. Make time to practice meditation on God's word & seek His face daily in prayer.
6. Play more games.
7. Read more books than you did in 2008.
8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day.
9. Sleep for 7 hours.
10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk every day. And while you walk, smile.


11. Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.
14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.
15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.
16. Dream more while you are awake.
17. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
18. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.
20. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.
21. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.
22. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
23. Smile and laugh more.
24. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.


25. Call your family often.
26. Each day give something good to others.
27. Forgive everyone for everything.
28. Spend time with people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.
29. Try to make at least three people smile each day.
30. What other people think of you is none of your business.
31. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.


32. Do the right thing!
33. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.
34. GOD heals everything.
35. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.
36. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.
37. The best is yet to come.
38. When you awake alive in the morning, thank GOD for it.
39. Your Inner most is always happy. So, be happy.

Last but not the least:

40. Please Forward this to everyone you care about.

Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 11:32am On Jan 28, 2009
Hello People
was wondering what happened to everybody. . .
is it that work is getting too much or what?

. . . .my productivity has been low lately cos ive been battling with cold. The thing refused to go o after taking medications. Blocked nose et al. nyways, im coping.
work as usual is a 'going concern'. im here to fill in the space cos my head is shut down for today.
signed some docs already, interviewed some young chaps who wanna come in here. cool guys and gurls.
one of the peeps got a distinction in the only good school in Coventry. Left to me, ill take the guy in straight but lets see how he performs facing the MD.

Im forseeing a stormy session with one of our SPVs tonite. One of the investment has totally gone sour and the board has demanded to see the management of the coy. I wish i can be excused from that meeting cos e go remain make dem no throw blows today.

My Gambia parole is having k-leg. The peeps over there seem not to know anything (apologies to Muki). Or how hard is it for someone to organise a high profile retreat. Im having a feeling we have an incompetent lots over there. Not looking forward to meeting them

ok o, lemme attend to some other coded issues on my desk
hoping to hear from others. Cristalz, Tollu, Debo, Muki, Oyb, damiso, lawyer, contactuzo and jon. oya guys wetin dey happen for una side?
Re: Welcome To My Office by Tgirl4real(f): 12:03pm On Jan 28, 2009
Hmmm . . .

Very interesting thread. Well done guys. cheesy

My day has been so boring. Nothing much to do for now.

I will prolly fill u guyz in later on. bye wink

On a second thot, let me gist u about yesterday's.

Yesterday was fun for me and a lil fulfilling.

I am into marketing communications and events management, so I get to go for marketing once in a while. I enjoy talking to people I must say, but I have just been lazy lately. Yesterday was fun cos I got some positive responses from some prospective clients. The weather helped matters too. It wasn't too hot neither was it too cold.

I will stop here for now hoping today will still pick up. wink
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 12:07pm On Jan 28, 2009
will prolly fill u guyz in later on. bye 

On a second thot, let me gist u about yesterday's.

Yesterday was fun for me and a lil fulfilling.

I am into marketing communications and events management, so I get to go for marketing once in a while. I enjoy talking to people I must say, but I have just been lazy lately. Yesterday was fun cos I got some positive responses from some prospective clients. The weather helped matters too. It wasn't too hot neither was it too cold.

I will stop here for now hoping today will still pick up
so u go fit become my wedding planner when i don ready shey?
good one. ko si wahala smiley

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