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Re: Welcome To My Office by Moyola(f): 12:13pm On Jan 28, 2009
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 1:01pm On Jan 28, 2009
Hope you bounce back to top form in the shortest possible time, I think its this funny weather what is called again harmattan.
Careful for the meeting and pls be on the guard oh, make blow no land grin we need you here.

As to ur quest. the last time as per my CFA level, ol boy just attempting lv 1, however I hold an Msc in Finance and Investment mgt (Herts) U.K and have a combined exp. of about 8 years in the Finance ind.(5 years banking ops and 3 years investment/asset mgt). Anyways wetin go be go be, its just that this una peeps here they price me low , and true,true sad 'm not expensive na dem dey look for gbanjo

Work is just there, peeps make i run i get presentation I will give you the gist when ireturn.
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 1:13pm On Jan 28, 2009

Hi ya babes, welcome on board, am sure you'll like it here.


Yes o 'm back, can you imagine got the date of my presentation muddled up, it's for tomorrow . Anyhow work just dey . Got paid yesterday men and was i glad I thought they had increased salaries as I got paid in excess, only for the salaries unit guyz to call me later that there was a mistake and I should do a cheque IFO of my org. for the excess. See me see trouble o, thank God I've not started spending the money,yeye now I will have to incur unnecessary C.O.T charges.
Apart sha all is well and work is going on smoothly.

Catch ya all, later
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 3:11pm On Jan 28, 2009
nice one man. thts a good CV uve got there. i havent even done half of the years u have done all together
u must be a very big mannn o

thts good, one of these days, we'll chat and lets see what i can pick from u
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 3:19pm On Jan 28, 2009
Noticed you are on-line. Work is a bit on the slow side today, trying to keep busy sef. Well i guess days like this do come by.

How is the everyday bustling of the Finance world. Do miss that a bit though
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 4:40pm On Jan 28, 2009
Mindeth me not o. . .have been quite occupied.
So you are an interviewer. . .hope say you no scare your interviewees o grin . Hope your oga hasn't been giving you too much stress.

Mayn. . .see impressive CV.Very attractive. If those people don't value you don't waste your time with them.Go somewhere where they recognize good things.
What's your presentation about? I like presentations, prob'ly 'cos I'm pretty good at giving them. Don't forget to come give report.


Hi hi. . .welcome to our little chill zone. I love event managers. I have this picture of them as really nice, friendly, busy people with lots of fun,creative ideas. Unfortunately not all of them are like that, but I would like to think you fit my picture grin
I understand the marketing part o. . .some days my butt just refuses to move. But I still like the ''hunt'' for business, and nothing beats the thrill when you land a particularly good one.


Today I went to convince my madam's tailor to open an account with me grin Make una no laugh o, the man na rich aboki. He sews like a dream, and hez got lots of movers and shakers as his customers. If all the money that man constantly gets paid swims into my cabal eh, I'll just be relaxing grin

That was my only outing this morning. . .rest of the day was reports and loan bookings, and of course running up and down making sure customers are happy. I have to like permanently station my charger @ the office now before my batt will die on me one day. . .nokia phones for that matter.
One of our smaller offices had an IT problem so a friend there brought her loan requests to my office to book. . .they were plenty!! I was like, girl have you been hiding them in your desk drawer or what? She sha got me to help out. . .extra work.We finished them anyway.Her office issue should be okay by now,I hope.
Yeah, had one recovery to do also. . .a customer with an erratic account defaulted on his OD repayment. . .hate when that happens 'cos someone has to take the fall for it( the relationship manager or the BM).

Had a little wahala with one Dubai madam like that that doesn't completely understand COT. She wanted to know why some amount of money disappeared from her account after a transaction she made involving a particularly large sum. . .she was nice about it though, not like the ones you get once in a while that threaten fire and brimstone. Some time ago one lady said she'll bring mopol to close my office grin grin

Have a presentation tomorrow @ this company in Wuse 2. . .sometimes when we're targeting an entire staff body they ask for presentations. . .means I'll have to do a little bit of reading tonight. . .maybe I should just start now so I can watch Arsenal lose when I get home grin

Oh. . .naija is even playing this afternoon sef. . .
Re: Welcome To My Office by mukina2: 4:57pm On Jan 28, 2009
wow . ofice people dey in full swing

hello everyone Criz, Tollu, Debo, Oyb, damiso, lawyer, contactuzo and jon. wink

no shaking i nor fit harm fly wink

back to sender angry grin

it depends on the sector, the office and the people involved its not everyone tongue no diss dem o i nor go take am grin

we finally reached an agreement, though its a major set back form e, i guess till the end of next month 28+ more days, i guess i just have to forget that and start getting materials ready. The hard part will be going out again to meet and interview people. in this kind cold sad. chei!! . Am done with the other two.
will spend more time in the official office grin useless canteen wants to tear our tummy lining grin embarassed
Re: Welcome To My Office by Tmoni(m): 6:39pm On Jan 28, 2009
hi all, really thread, one of d first meaningful ones in a while
i really quite enjoyed going thru especially, chairman tkb who got a phone no, pls even if it is not office related, jst give us gist on progress, lol

@mukina2, sorry bout ur project, sure u get it better done nw
@ contactuzo, had an uncle who used to be at AWD a while ago , was criss crossing the country

'topic, i work as a project planner/controller, make sure d coy makes money, bottomline, lol

this year has been a bit slow sha, nothing much going on here, we waiting till march to hear if we will win a major 10 yr contract, i pray soo if not p45 (redundacy) go shele,

i jst got my payslip today, still d same sha, no increase, but its landlord and credit card companies that are ready to collect it, na wa, i worked the longest month in the year for others, well God dey sha, spent d whole lot on christmas gift, cards, dinner and now before i recover, valentine don dey come,

well, back to office gist, my boss gave me some easy thing to do, u knw those things that u just do just to do, i was on it and discovered that i was filling in the wrong column, omo, i give myself sense ooo becos i was working on the server and if u make mistake, its the whole coy that will see it (abt 8,000 people in 5 continents), dats yawa

on the lighter note, d deepest voice in my office belongs to one little,small dude , every time d i hear his voice, i just un-intentionally look towards his direction to confirm that it is nt a T-pain voice (digitally remastered), it sounds like rolling thunder, lol

ok, off i go b4 i miss my train, make cold no finish me for station,

regards all
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 9:12am On Jan 29, 2009
Hi all.

I'm vexing. . .someone drank the Chivita I left in the fridge yesterday evening angry

How was your presentation?
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 9:43am On Jan 29, 2009

Hey ya how unkind for someone to have drank your juice, pele, get your mind of it cos it's too early in the day to vex.
Presentation went well, of course as expected mgt had one or two issues with the business model I used, they would ave preferred something that had ability to generate more revenue than my forecast . Though I knew it was going to come to that, but then i would rather forecast a more obtainable revenue figure than build castle in the air.
Discovered we have a new competitor in the market that's planning to start from the rural areas and at ridiculously low tariff. Now thats has turned my headache, as mgt want me to adjust a bus. plan for the year to accommodate the presence of this over sabi coy.

Had hot 'puffpuff' this morning one correct girl in my office just gifted us all. kai its been long sha, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Preparing for a meeting, and seriously looking forward to Friday
Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 11:19am On Jan 29, 2009
Hi fellas,
been out of circulation for a while,
im choked up with work, no space,
to turn matters worse i was called into bosses office on monday and told that I was to take a training session on Friday for new rookies in the firm.
I just started working on the presentation slides this morning, ive hit a brick wall so many times trying to decide what is necessarry and what isnt, (I have just 1hr 45 mins for the session)
This will be my first open presentation to a room of more than 60 peeps,

@TKB and jon jon u'd better tell me wat u use to steel ur nerves b4 ur presentations,  u get my drift??,
Make i no go there begin dey stammer,

next time u wanna kp juice in the fridge do the following
1. call everybodys attention
2. when uve got their attention,spit openly into the juice,
3.then smile at them all and tell dem dat ure just being extra careful dat no one develops ideas over ur juice

believe me!, that spitting into juice trick works like majic!, , lol

egbon,hope ure good,

@Tmoni,jon jon,tgirl

welcome aboard!

hope ure making good progress?
dont worry,one day u'll look back and laf at this incident,
i promise u,

@ all d oda ladies
How are u all?
hope good

see y'all later!
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 12:55pm On Jan 29, 2009
hey my man. wassup
presentations? thats my AOC. when i was in consulting, i facilitated a lot of training sessions and ive gone beyond the petty stage fright.
lemme share one experience with u

when i started working in the consulting firm in 2006, my first engagement was in Asaba. Then we were supposed to have a strategy retreat with the commissioners and the directors in the ministry. the present guvnor came in as the sec. to d state Guvnor. my boss from our S.Africa ofice took the first day and the 2nd day. then the 3rd day was meant to be how to teach these people quality control and management tools; thts how my oga backed out that he was not ready to teach those tools.

on the blessed day, i climbed the stage ready to start presenting
then one voice from the back said, "who be this boi" they protested that how one small boi from nowhere go come stand in front of commisioners. the whole thing was settled and the stage was set for me to teach

kai!! i forgot everything i studied the night b4 cos of the initial gra gra. i stood there looking sideways, sweating profusely and not saying anything. i got my voice back like 35mins after and i started to talk. i was shocked cos the people that were hostile initially started encouraging me. somebody said, "c'mon u can do it, speak up". all i know is that, it was a success cos they said they gained a lot

eversince then, its being smooth anytime i present. now i be pro sef grin

~get on stage and start hitting the nail on d end.
~adopt the pavorrotti stand (not sure of the spelling) with hands opened
~engage the audience to calm ur nerves
~modulate ur voice
~maintain some eye contacts with the audience
~ur hand gestures should be swift and cool (just like Clinton and Obama) grin
~study the slides very well so ur transition wouldnt be haphazard
~look from ur laptop and not from the projection
~ talk ur way to stardom grin grin

this is not in any particular order o.

nyways, best of luck
why do u call me egbon? i started working 2005 and i'll clock 4 years working by August and i aint 30 yet

please, send some puff puff to me o grin

people, have a nice day at work
Re: Welcome To My Office by damiso(f): 1:33pm On Jan 29, 2009
Hi Guys,
My absence is due to the fact that i have been ill so today is actually my first day back at work since fri morn and i think i feel the headache gathering momentum. I had 108 emails .and there is so much to be replied and also follow up on.The work just dey pile up.

I wish i had stayed home till mon embarassed and my hubby warned me.The bad thing is if i go home now it would be two sickies instead of one(wonder what type of stupid rule that is).They prefer for you to take 10 days off at a strectch than take one day come back and take another day.I was just feeling so bored at home, now i regret it.The good thing sha is that some of my colleagues have volunteered with helping me with some things and they wan kill me with 'u alright' and tea.Guess i have to endure till 5 abi what to do.

Wel go to now have some letters t draft to some brokers concerning the documentations of some of their clients.Thank God it is the same content na to just dey copy and paste after the intial draft grin.after that i think il take my break my head is feeling like a round between mike tyson and mohammed ali.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 2:11pm On Jan 29, 2009
how u dey? pele

take it easy o
Re: Welcome To My Office by Tgirl4real(f): 2:36pm On Jan 29, 2009

so u go fit become my wedding planner when i don ready shey?
good one. ko si wahala smiley

Yes o. with all pleasure wink



Hi hi. . .welcome to our little chill zone. I love event managers. I have this picture of them as really nice, friendly, busy people with lots of fun,creative ideas. Unfortunately not all of them are like that, but I would like to think you fit my picture grin
I understand the marketing part o. . .some days my butt just refuses to move. But I still like the ''hunt'' for business, and nothing beats the thrill when you land a particularly good one.


Thanks. Wonderful thread you have here. Yes o. I fit your picture of an event planner perfectly. It's a natural flair for me. I love planning and organising things, so i eventually decided to make some bucks from it. I don't have much experience in the field professionally sha. Trust Nigerians now. They are ever so stingy with everything. I'm thinking of taking a course in that area soon.

Girl . . . so u are into marketing too? We need to start a thread to share our experiences esp with those crazy customers. lol


My day has been fun so far. Was on the island (men i hate VI) to do some marketing runs. Will fill you guys in later. I wanna grab something to eat.
Re: Welcome To My Office by Tgirl4real(f): 2:41pm On Jan 29, 2009

on the blessed day, i climbed the stage ready to start presenting
then one voice from the back said, "who be this boi" they protested that how one small boi from nowhere go come stand in front of commisioners. the whole thing was settled and the stage was set for me to teach

kai!! i forgot everything i studied the night b4 cos of the initial gra gra. i stood there looking sideways, sweating profusely and not saying anything. i got my voice back like 35mins after and i started to talk. i was shocked cos the people that were hostile initially started encouraging me. somebody said, "c'mon u can do it, speak up". all i know is that, it was a success cos they said they gained a lot

eversince then, its being smooth anytime i present. now i be pro sef grin


I can imagine grin grin grin
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 5:44pm On Jan 29, 2009
how did the presentation go?
hope u did it the Obama way.

guys wassup?
to God be the glory, it was yet another glorious day. evrything i did went well
not too much activities tho apart from the models i worked on, the final touches on d biz plan to a client and also the placement memorandum im working on. I dunno why im coughing o, this weather is harsh like maad.

nyways, the day continues for me (5:39pm).

whats the latest with the new rival 'james bond' company coming on board
what are they coming to do?
CDMA or what? they need to be some super humans to break even o.
How i wish i know them, ill really love to know the business model that will drive what they wanna do
i may be wrong sha

babes, how is ur cabal na?
u dey rake in billions abi?
if to say i don get a million pounds now, i for just open account for ur side, but as it is now, na kulikuli money i get o
how is work?

where is Tollu?
Re: Welcome To My Office by debosky(m): 6:22pm On Jan 29, 2009
My people! cheesy

I’ve been away from this thread for a while now, work issues and other nairaland distractions have kept me fully occupied. tongue

Nice to see people like Jon, Tollu, Damiso and my personal person Tgirl here now wink

Work has been crazy over the past two weeks. . . . mainly leadership changes. In fact it’s so bad, I’m carrying a 2 week beard looking like Osama’s cousin. grin

The UK oga retired last year, with some 38 year old dude now running the ~$5 billion worth operation! shocked We sef we go reach there! tongue
Site manager has been moved and called by the new country oga to come work for him. He didn’t want to go, but it was a good career move so no choice. Was beginning to get into a good relationship with the previous boss, especially since he was willing to help me get a process engineering position if this environmental management thing tire me.

As always when a new oga comes on board, things must be shaken up and ‘make an impact’. This plus the fact that oil prices are dropping means we need to drop costs by some millions this year so everyone is feeling the pressure now.

Been reviewing budgets, estimates and forecasts for like two weeks now. . .so bad that I think I’ll soon start seeing emission models and spreadsheets in my dreams. sad
Anyways, eventually had to cut like £150k from my budget for this year, so I contributed like 75% of how much my unit returned (hope they remember that!!)
The next three working days are going to be tough though, I have a mid Feb deadline to meet, but the data isn’t ready, I’m going on training next week and I have next Friday off as well. Somehow somehow, this stuff must get done.

Just booked myself into a nice hotel in London for the training, all I need to find is some sexy mama to keep me company. cheesy cheesy

All work and no play makes debosky a dull boy. tongue
Re: Welcome To My Office by jericho: 7:32pm On Jan 29, 2009
Dear All,

Been a nairalander for a while now but stop posting on threads due to the rude, lewd and obscene words used by some of the posters. I must say i am really impressed by the level of maturity dispalyed on this particular thread.

That said, i am legal practitioner and legal adviser to several capital market operators in naija. Used to work for a top lawfirm in ikoyi but quit in december 2008 after 6 years to open my own office in Lekki beacuse i virtually had no life. When i was in employment, i resumed work at 7.30am and earliest closing time was 10.30 pm mon-fri. Worked most weekends and public holidays.Now that i have my firm, i lounge. Get to work at 10am and close at 5pm. it is a blast.

Hope to fill u guys in on wot i do later.

Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 7:59pm On Jan 29, 2009
Just booked myself into a nice hotel in London for the training, all I need to find is some sexy mama to keep me company.

All work and no play makes debosky a dull boy.

im sure sauron will fill in the void. U sure need some sexy mamas
i hope Muki will provide the same when i visit banjui soon. grin
Re: Welcome To My Office by MrCrackles(m): 8:15pm On Jan 29, 2009
Ok some real shit going down here and i bleeps wid it bigtime tongue
So ama tag along with the team

Very hectic working for the second largest engineering and management consultants in the UK!
Very hectic when you have been away for pretty much the whole of January, ya know the drill, tonnes of emails and project management takeovers
Very hectic if you have had to come back to disgruntled subcontractors and "i want it all" clients
Very hectic if you are still dealing with emails from the start of January just because of an un-intentional oversight

Very hectic the energy and environmental engineering world is getting bigger and a lot of people are starting to pull thier fingers out
Very hectic if you have a new manager, who is an old head in the engineering world, meaning as a youngster, you have to reposition and re-align
Very hectic if loads of meetings, site visits and general project management have all in fallen around the same time
Chaotic working in a large office full of engineers of all discipline, surveyors, technicians and architects

Good news, i still managed a few days work from home,  a fair bit of mucking about and bantering
Good news there has been daily birthday celebrations (most staff members seem to be born in January!lol) at work meaning more cakes and treats
Good news i have not had to do the coffee/tea rounds, i guess i am getting the welcome back from holiday treatment cheesy grin
Good news on the recession side of things our jobs are safe as we will still be operating major profits without taking more work on in the next six years

On the other job~
Outside the office, good news i have recovered from the damaged hamstring tendon injury i picked up last November
Played my first game on Tuesday night and in line for another game on saturday
Considering packing in semi pro footy when the season ends, but passion wont let me undecided
Attending 3training sessions in a week coupled with the busy busy time at work, i have started feeling the heat
Coping with it wayback at University was much easier than over the last few months that i have been working
The only consolation is itz all work, i am young and i enjoy it~hence my reason for hanging in there

Hummm, BRB
!!!!! cheesy
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 9:29pm On Jan 29, 2009

Yes o,I'm into marketing among other things. I find it fun on most days, but other times it's like I should just run to the Bahamas for a year grin


My dear, cabal dey for where e dey o. Doing my best to fatten the thing up some more. . .today my colleague and I spent like 2 hours in that boring Senate building trying to convince one of our good customers to let us open an account for his wife. You know all these big hausa men's wives usually pack cash in abundance like gold in Dubai.
You fit bring your kuli-kuli money o, I don't mind. I know kuli-kuli for you is 10 mil cheesy Howz your health? Pele. Chew bitter kola,lol.


Talk to the hotel bartender if you get lonely. . .you're there for business not pleasure tongue grin


Hey there. . .welcome to the chill zone. You really own your own firm? That's totally admirable. Are you flying solo or you've got staff?
The having no life thing is understandable,lol. It's like that in banks when it's the financial year end. Then everybody works like 24/7. Other times, we get off early,depending on when you finish your work for the day. And lucky me, I don't work on Saturdays. . .and of course banks are tightly shut during public hols.
Looking forward to reading about your office and how you run things.


Hiya dude, nice to see you here. Were you reciting a poem there?LOL. Your office must be very chaotic indeed. . .can't wait to read your gists. I don't think there's any Engineer in the house so far, or is there? undecided
Anywayz,welcome again. But please try keep it clean okay? I mean the swear words. . .try omit them. Just want here nice,clean,friendly and relaxing. Thanks wink


Okay. . .today was pretty good. After my vexing session over my ''stolen'' Chivita,lol, got down to work. Did a little paperwork, then had to go take a call. Spent most of the day out, in at intervals. Our CSOs were fully occupied today and seeing as I'm so nice, lol, one of them called and asked me to go help take care of some business at our head office since I was already out.
Then the 2 hours at National Assembly. . .after that went to ''baby'' some special customers that don't like coming to the bank. Whenever they need anything they just call and you take whatever documents required for the transaction(s) to their homes or offices. Soludo and his bank slash sef. . .very good strengthening measure for the banking sector of course, but it's only made inter-bank competition tougher. Everybody wants to deliver the best customer services, do things with more speed,style and class. . .well I ain't complaining, but sometimes it's quite stressful.

Got back to the office more than a little tired, and then my boss asked me to help purchase flight tickets to Lagos at the Hilton. Got there, and Arik's queue wasn't funny. All in all, okay day. Stopped at Yahuza to buy some chicken suya. . .yum yum grin
Re: Welcome To My Office by Jonohjon: 8:37am On Jan 30, 2009
Anytime I come on here and I read, I feel cool that I know you (at least on line) for starting this thread. Kudos to ur ingenuity. As per ur work, can imagine when u ave to ‘baby’ some funny customers.
Haba u just had the suya for urself and forgot to pass some on abi are we no longer ur ‘friends’ wink


Ol boy so u mean after that kind of ‘very hectic’ office life u still squeeze time out to play semi- pro football. I envy ur staying power and ability. Meanwhile welcome to our wonderful world.


Oga J, nice to ave u on board, now that I know a ‘correct’ lawyer (abi u no correct?) Police and Lastma can’t harass me again. I go just tell them say abi ‘jericho’ friend.


Bros waz up , work is just there, concerning the james bond coy. They are into CDMA and their strategy is to try and cover first all those places that we and and our like ave considered not profitable for now. And the big one is they are being funded by World bank. Still digging in men will give u more load down as it emerges.
Ol boy ur placement memorandum fill me in is it on private placement, make we see am now abi u think say we sef no get millions to invest grin grin grin ( hope my employers wont see this if not I go explain myself).


How far with ur presentation prep. The trick is to first of all know as much as there is to know about what u are presentation , with that knowledge comes this feeling of confidence and bravado. Secondly, be calm nobody will eat u. Next rehearse it to urself (if u cant find someone to rehearse to ) and arrange ur slide sequentially for smooth carriage, maintain good eye contact,and don’t try and be too fast but keep to time while u carry ur audience along.
U be sharp bobo , ‘m sure u will get it rite. cool

Am ashamed of myself , embarassed can u imagine got to work this morning and was expectant. Then alas the girlie walked in and even before I responded her ‘Morning sir’ I said how far? And she was kind of confused……, at that point I had to say it …didn’t u come wt ‘pufpuf’ this morning and the whole office u just went haba oga atleast greet the girl first now. Anyhow good enough she brought enough and even gave me the lion’s share. Pufpuf and tea, kai ‘m leaving the life. So simple yet absolutely luxurious.
Wish u guyz and galz a wonderful wkend.
Re: Welcome To My Office by MrCrackles(m): 10:40am On Jan 30, 2009
Thank you. It is not easy at all, driving from work to training, playing games at weekends and even tuesday/wednesday nights! sad
But i enjoy it, itz passion and itz all love for the most beautiful game ever! cheesy


I wasnt reciting a poem oo, but word play is just immense!lol
It is indeed chaotic but i could do with a plate of chicken suya from Yahuza, can you fix it? tongue
Hey, ok no swearing i promise, but common i didnt even see a swear word in my rants above! cheesy
Good you got over the "Chivita" palaver, it can be annoying at times with work colleagues pilfering items that dont belong to them in the fridge especially!
Oh by the way, on the first page, TKB said something about "Carbon Trading"
We can talk about that if you need to know more, itz one of the things i get involved and i know my onions on that side! cheesy

Good to see you around here, i have offered to improve CRiz's knowledge on the carbon trading thing and if you want to know more, halla! cheesy


Uhmm so have you finally started to piece the whole project thing together? kiss


Sup dude? cheesy
I saw environmental management in your rants up there and i realised we have more in common, phewww!
I mean not just supporting Arsenal, awesome! grin

Good to see you around here too
Keep upping the marketing skillz

At anyone else i didnt acknowledge,

I am just getting used to it outhere but trust me, i am not the type, not a snob, u will get a mention soon!


I dont wanna be here today, trust me, could have worked from home but cant afford to
I have a few quotation requests to send off to sub-contractors, clueless clients who just want perfection are down my neck
I have a site inspection 35miles away from the office later today
I have a meeting in the afternoon and an audit/budgetary analysis to do with the boss whoz beard has overgrown, u will mistake him for Santa
Its still hectic but d. consolation is d. fact that it is a friday, still wont be letting my heads down as i have to be in top shape for the other job tmor
But at least i can look forward to a relaxing weekend after footy
Re: Welcome To My Office by debosky(m): 11:07am On Jan 30, 2009
@ Brash

Seems we have more and more in common bro, next thing we'll be dating sisters cheesy grin
Nice one there, we should swap stories indepth sometime, maybe I can learn a few things and vice versa wink

Jon-Jon grin grin
Seems you love puf-puf too much for your own good, you better watch it before she charms you with it (this is naija afterall grin)

I'm sure you were dying to roll your eyes all through the babying and toasting. grin Hang in there girl, very soon you'll be rubbing shoulders with Ovia, Atuche and co. wink

You better vex for that prof to get this thing sorted - all your hard work can't be wasted

Ol boy na you be chairman o, interviewing and all that. Just make sure you get the model right this time, or else your oga will get blow his top again.

@ Tgirl
I might be interested in some event planning stuff later this year, so fill me in on what you can offer (no overcharge me oh grin)

@ damiso
hope you're feeling better and catching up on work now.

@ Jericho
Nice to have a lawyer on board - with all these different people/skills, we can form our own conglomerate Nairacorp Incorporated! cheesy

@ Contact

Mehn I feel your pain too - I need to summarize a year's activity for a Management Review in about 10 days, still trying to prepare my slides as well.

Got to work quite early today, no way I'm staying past 5. A man has to do other things y'know. Update y'all later.
Re: Welcome To My Office by Cristalz(f): 12:20pm On Jan 30, 2009

Aww.  .  .thanks. You put a really huge smile on my face with that.Next time I'll save everybody some suya,lol. I love puff-puff too o. In uni I was so in love with it that I learned how to make it grin .  .  .but debo take style get point sha. Watch it,lol.

Really?You didn't see swear words up there? Wow cheesy
Dude your job sounds so serious and everything! That's cool. What are you inspecting the site for? As for budget/audit analysis,I like those.Doing math and playing detective is like one fun puzzle for me grin But seriously don't stress yourself out with your work/soccer schedules o.
When I'm ready for my Carbon Trading tutorial I'll let you know.

Amen amen grin But I'll need more degrees before I get up there.  .  .for now lemme keep accumulating experience. And, roll eyes? Lol,you understand. But I have to smile and be nice always y'know, maintain the bank's good rep.
You have a whole year's activity to prepare and present? Sounds a bit tedious. Do it well.


So far I've been firmly at my desk generating different weekly reports.  .  .and attending to customers who need my assistance in getting some things done. Have to go see our e-banking people later this afternoon.  .  .
Re: Welcome To My Office by lawyer(m): 12:24pm On Jan 30, 2009
I am rushing to Mowe, Ofada and Sagamu now to go and battle those omoniles and agents who love to decieve unsuspecting property land purchasers to buy a land and pay 12 months instalmental payments, meanwhile, despite the whole adverts making the place look like heaven, the lands are filled with thick bushes, omonile and family wahala and not government approved and these agents just collect money and run.

I have their time today. I have traded my wig and gown for a rugged short knicker and construction boots.

Today today, na me and them go wear the same trouser and them must cough out all the illegal money dem don chop!

I hope say my matchet and oturu-kpo still de inside boot o!, lol grin



Great to see another lawyer on board nairaland, i was beginning to think i was an orphan here! grin

Re: Welcome To My Office by damiso(f): 12:44pm On Jan 30, 2009
@ debo and tkb thank u guys am much better now thanks to nurofen extra(i hope am not going down the substance abuse lane,had about 8 capsules yest,still on two today and hopefully will need no more).

As per work,as it's the end of week and month have a load of reports to do and am cracking on it just keep getting interrupted on the phone by one stupid aridin broker who cant read angry(sorry for the rant grin).I have  spoken to her like three times already and she still calls back for something that is obviously her fault.Let me give you the low down of her palava,she sells a policy to a client based on the fact that the client will pay £300 on event of a claim as this is BOLDLY written on the schedule and premium breakdown as £150 compulsory excess and £150 vehicle excess beause it is a Mercedes Benz Clk.Even my niece will know that 150+150=300.

She obviously misinformed her client and now that,the client is tearing on top paying unforeseen £150,she is directing her pressure to me. See me see wahala.I have told her to fax over all the details TWICE and i have pointed out to her where the other £150 came from and she still wants me to waive it.See me trouble o fe koba mi pelu internal audit.Besides claims is already involved so its not my problem anymore.abi wetin concern underwriting with claims?Sometimes these oyinbo people can so dumb.

Anyway felt good to vent my anger cos my manger don dey see say my patience is getting tried(why i hate open plan office).Now that i have typed it out my headache has reduced. I want to get a drink from the vending machine just realised i have not eaten today,guess an early lunch should help.I really should get paid bumper bonus in march o.I need a holiday cos i worked all through xmas and it was so busy with renewals and all.
I think i should start hinting wink to my hubby that is what i want for vals.an exotic holiday to barbados grin .That should help me destress.
Re: Welcome To My Office by tkb417(m): 2:52pm On Jan 30, 2009
My people
whats going on?
been having meetings since morning. next month is very crucial to all the projects i have at hand, the listing of some of my clients on the floor, the raising of fund for some outside 9ja and then the building of about 10,000 units of housing in lagos under a PPP arangement with LASG. All these im handling. now Nadal is being thoroughly threatened by one useless Verdasco, its crazy

nice to read ur poem like gists.  Im sure u rap when sleep grin how is it going?
I have a friend whos JD is just like urs and he claimed to work for one of the biggest project mgts coys in the UK. maybe you guys work in the same place. How is PM like in the UK? i wrote Pince2 when i was in consulting and its really helping me here with my output.
Crabon trading? maybe You and I and Debo need to discuss about that on YIM or wherever. I need to hear from the experts mouth cos all i do is appraise investments and raise funds grin

Chief how far
no worries jare, i'm on top of the game. Ko si wahala

Fine gurl, whts gud. when i decide to start banking with ur bank, ill holla grin grin

u don miss o, but not to worry, i do a lot of these kinda deals. What i did last year alone coulda bought u a range if u have millions like u said grin.
Did some placements that grew more than 200% at listing.
E.g one of the oil trading coys im working with will be listed soon. They are going into the market to raise funds to become an integrated energy coy as opposed to the trading they'be been doing.
The placement for that coy was done for less than N3 last year and will be listed this Q1 for N20. Guess my take on that if i bought a million units. na so awon boiz take hammer last year o.
The spirit in the market is not making guys to raise funds again locally, but i tell u, there are plenty ways to make some kuli-kuli this year.

I'll let u know as soon as this placement memo is completed. This na for big boiz ooo grin grin im sure u get plenty dough

this verdusco is making me go madd.
lemme finish with this game, ill be right back
Re: Welcome To My Office by mukina2: 3:31pm On Jan 30, 2009
hey folks smiley

You shall get the data, and you will submit before your deadline. Lonely call akon to croon for you grin grin grin

you are welcome kiss, your work no easy o, and football enter take it easy kiss

where is my own? maybe i drank your juice o grin, good luck to you, you shall surely find new customers wink

i'll find a convent for you, so you'll be surrounded by nuns grin Verdasco fit kill you o grin calm down

finally you found ur kind grin

chei . you like puff puff that much, that you forgot ur manners? grin joking brother smiley

breath in slowly, no more venting grin

where you dey o smiley

thanks, morereason why you should have bought cards for everyone. gifts sabi crunch people grin

conta and everyone else
hope your friday was awesome wink


i spent a good part of yesterday talking of various lebanese folks, am presently trying to compile what i got from each, i'll have to go back again ,because it seems like the information i got is not really enough. I have not forgiven that lady, God knows how much i have been planning daily how to kill her angry  i should have been using the whole of February to earn big money angry now this international witch gave me a major setback
Re: Welcome To My Office by contactuzo(m): 3:55pm On Jan 30, 2009
how did the presentation go?
hope u did it the Obama way.


How far with ur presentation prep. The trick is to first of all know as much as there is to know about what u are presentation , with that knowledge comes this feeling of confidence and bravado. Secondly, be calm nobody will eat u. Next rehearse it to urself (if u cant find someone to rehearse to ) and arrange ur slide sequentially for smooth carriage, maintain good eye contact,and don’t try and be too fast but keep to time while u carry ur audience along.
U be sharp bobo , ‘m sure u will get it rite.

Brothers,i just finished the presentation and believe me it flowed quite well,
b4 i knew it i was carrying the audience along, threw in a joke or two there,asked questions,threw their questions back at them,
was quite interesting , infact i got two seperate rounds of applause,
TKB and jon-jon,
thank u guys for all d tips, proved very helpful to me,

my voice is parched and dry,
legs are weak from standing for an hour plus, talking
need to get home and prostrate on my bed,
meanwhile i have a cocktail party im supposed to attend but i dont think i have the strength to attend any longer,

its obvious the whole [b]'office family' [/b] is doing great,
talk to u guys later,
Re: Welcome To My Office by bechex(m): 4:51pm On Jan 30, 2009
Hi Guys, I must Confess that I am really impressed with this thread. I have been comming to the carrer section but I am just seeing this thread and i must confess i read every single post. I will like to join in and contribute from time to time

Well where do I start. Let me start with where I am comming from.

I recently left the Banking Industry in Dec 2008 for the Telecomms Industry and its been really intersting. I was a credit analyst / marketer while at the Bank but decided to call it quits after all my attempts to move to a MORE strategic unit within the Bank were circumvented by my OGA.

I am a chartered accountant (ACA), a CISA passant and i just recently ( wed 28th ) passed my CFA level 1 Exam.

I took up the Job in the Telecooms company so as to allow me for more time to prepare fo my exams as well as provide me with Job satisfction as i was almost going insane with the Marketing Targets which did not allow me to maximse my potentials based on my qualifications.

I work in the credit dept, of my coy and my job is  a desk bound Job which requires varying degrees of financial analysis as well as credit risk assesment. I will fill you in  on things later.

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