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Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 10:11am On May 22, 2009
Thanks to all of you who have taken time to visit my site http://benardsolomon.com
Kindly ensure you leave a comment on the posts when next you visit. I'll highly appreciate that to share from your knowledge too.

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by segunatuu(m): 1:07pm On May 22, 2009
Thank u, Benard 4 the opportunity u created 2 interact with colleagues and meeting some old friends.I wish u all the besr in all ur endeavour.My regards to all in the house.Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by Victor2009(m): 4:15pm On May 22, 2009
@segunatuu, how u dey? The last time we met was during your posting at the GH Badagry many years back. I'll definitely contact you through the link in your post.
@Dayleke, thanks for your compliments. My family is doing fine to the glory of God. I'm into private practise. My lab is in the Ikotun area of Lagos state. My contact details are: email- vicekundayo@yahoo.com. Phone- 08058525511. Regards to your family and all our other colleagues out there that you may come into contact with.
@Benard08, thanks for the foresight that led to the creation of this forum. It is working indeed.
@To all my colleagues in the house, I sincerely appreciate you and your contributions. God bless you all.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by uyimen: 7:15pm On May 22, 2009
Thanks 4ur concern.I real do love d profession wit all my heart,it was all i wanted to read.I wished i read d course in my first degree, but u just had to hold on to any admission JAMB gives to you,even as a graduate i still have passion for the profession.
Some how i will till find a way to fulfil my dream to become a Medical Laboratory Sciencist some day,but five year more is not five days,i wished an intenship or a postgraduate programme is available for other disciples.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 10:45am On May 25, 2009
Just take the first VITAL step.
Good Luck.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 11:08am On May 25, 2009
Back To The Issue Of The Unfaithful Woman With Twins Who Belong To Different Fathers.

Chynenye, thanks one again for responding to the above topic. It was brought up to stimulate medical lab. scientists in Nigeria especially to come up with best methods for settling such a dispute as the oracle of medicine.
The tests you highlighted have limitations and that has been a handicap to the practice of med. lab. science in Nigeria in the area of paternity disputes.

The case in question was settled in America through DNA laboratory testing. Presently, no public institution has facilities for DNA testing in Nigeria. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Many cases are left unresolved as a result. Consider the frustrations many are currently bearing since majority don't have the dollars to spend abroad for medical diagnosis like the rich people are doing.
We call on the national association to continue to mount pressure on the government to equip public laboratories with adequate and modern facilities for diagnosis.

Here is the abridged version of the story as reported by the Nigerian tribune of Tuesday, 19th May, 2009.
[b]'Woman Gives Birth To Twins With Different Fathers'.
A mother's fling has resulted in her bearing twins by different fathers. Eleven month old Justin and Jordan Washington may have arrived the world within just seven minutes of each other but in an amazing twist of fate, they are half brother.
Each has a different dad because their mother Mia Washington had an affair and conceived two babies by different biological fathers.
There is only a one-in-million chance of twins having different biological fathers.
The truth came out when Mia visited Clear Diagnostic DNA Laboratory after noticing the twins have different facial features. A paternity test confirmed her fears-it showed there was only a 0.001 chance the Justing and Jordan have the same father.
Authorities said the result was so rare that there are only a handful of known cases across the globe.
According to doctors, if a woman has more than one sexual partner while she is ovulating, there's a miniscule chance that different sperm cell can fertilise two separate eggs.'Because sperm cells take a while to travel and eggs take a while to travel there can be an overlap'.[/b]There you have it.
We are waiting for the time when the Nigerian angle to this phenomenon will begin to emerge but the diagnostic infrastructures must be available.

Your comment still welcome.

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by dominique(f): 11:20am On May 25, 2009
its not only about paternity cases. you can remember the tragic bellview plane crash of 2004 where most of the corpses were totally unidentifiable. . .nothing stopping the authorites from using DNA test to identify these corpses for the sake of their loved ones. . .if only they had the facilities sad

the day we have facilities for DNA testing. . .i will be one of the happiest of people, i know we'll get there one day.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 12:00pm On May 25, 2009
That's a brilliant one from you. We have missed you in the past week.
Nice contribution.
You are one of the special people I need to objectively access the content of my site.
I want to make it conform to the needs of med. lab. scientists. You are personally invited to  click http://benardsolomon.com and leave your comment. I'll highly appreciate that.

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by Victor2009(m): 5:08pm On May 25, 2009
Concerning the non-availability of DNA facilities, it is a pity that Govt has not seen the need for it in any of our public institutions. However, I know of a diagnostic centre owned by a very senior lab scientist that renders DNA services legally in this country. It is not as if the service is not available in Nigeria at-all. The other side of it is this: how many people that requires the service can afford it? Anyway, it is not a hopeless situation altogether. We shall get there
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by dominique(f): 5:25pm On May 25, 2009
@ benard08

sorry i've been AWOL for a while. . . but i'm glad to be back

been to your site, its really informative

with your permission

i'll be extracting some info from the site in future. . .hope i'm allowed.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 8:58am On May 26, 2009
Thanks for your visit. Oh. You are free to download information on the site as many times as you wish. It is given out free as public service but make sure you are not selfish with it. Pass the info to others.

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 9:03am On May 26, 2009
You are right concerning the info on DNA services in certain private labs.
I saw some adverts recently about it in Lagos.
To make the information more useful to the public and users of the forum, kindly post the name and address of the lab in question. Who knows, there may be some people desperately in need of such info.

Hey. Have you visited my site too? You are special in this forum and your contribution and comment will be highly appreciated too. Here is the link for you http://benardsolomon.com

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by Anikeji: 8:18am On May 27, 2009
Hello Bernard,

Hope this finds you well. Came across your thread and was hoping to establish contact with you.

I think you are a great resource and I am hoping to bounce off ideas as far a possible career switch from the physical sciences to biomedicine. Unfortunately I don't know how the PM works on nairaland, but if you would be willing, please leave your contact info on the thread and I will get in touch.

Thank you
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 10:09am On May 27, 2009
The easiest way to contace me is through my email. Send mail to megastock14@yahoo.com
I believe others things can follow from there.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by Victor2009(m): 4:43pm On May 27, 2009
thanks for your compliments. I'll surely find time to visit your site. If it will not be against the rules of this forum, this are the details of the lab that runs DNA services. The lab scientist/Director- Dr Oni O. Azeez. Lab- Naz Medical Diagnostic Centre. Address- Naz House, 13 Winfunke Olowe Crescent. Off Lagos/Abeokuta express way, General Bus stop, Lagos. Website- www.nazhealthsupport.com. Phone- 01-8184355. Good luck to all patients requiring the service.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 6:25pm On May 27, 2009
Thanks for the information. This forum is to discuss anything under the sun that affects the medical laboratory scientist  and the professional practice globally with more emphasy on the Nigerian situation. Issues relating to professional politics and public interest will also not be relegated.
Thanks a lot once again. That information will save many lives and marriages.

Meanwhile, there are more job vacancies declared by Osun State University and Lagos State Health Service Commission. Interested MLS could access it free at http://medicalandlaboratoryjobsng..com

It is hot and fresh.

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by Victor2009(m): 1:49pm On May 29, 2009
Happy Democracy Day to all my fellow Lab Scientists both at home and in the diaspora. As professionals, we must not be too busy with our diagnostic works and forget about happenings around us. Without sounding like a politician, i'm sure we can point to some benefits of this political experiment. The labour of our heroes past must not be in vain. We shall get there someday soon. Segunatuu, Dayleke thanks for getting in touch, i'll surely give a "return leg"
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by dominique(f): 8:26pm On Jun 02, 2009
this thread has been empty for days . . .where is everybody
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 10:53am On Jun 03, 2009
thanks for the clarion call. You know we have to battle with so many things in Nigeria. As medical laboratory scientists, you are not isolated from the terrible power situation which seems to affect every other thing that is associated to it.
You need contant power to keep the refrigerators at regulated temperatures so the reagents could be kept at optimum performance. The incubators and blood banks need power to function and now for us to maintain constant online presence, the place of power cannot be ignored. May God help us.

I have had to abandon my system for sometime to look for alternative service at cyber cafe to stay in touch with the forum.  Who says we do not need power to make use of internet facilities too?

I had suffered from network problems over the past days. It could be frustrating. But let us keep on hoping for the best.

Colleagues, can you please comment on the place of Constant Power Supply In Medical Laboratory Practice?

Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 4:52pm On Jun 05, 2009
Hi all,
the annual scientific conference and workshop of the association of medical laboratory scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN) will be coming up again this august.
If you have any information about it please voluteer to post.

Expecting your response
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by Victor2009(m): 5:11pm On Jun 06, 2009
The importance of constant power supply in any economy cannot be over emphasized. Power is needed to move the wheel of progress of any serious-minded nation forward. What profitable venture can one go into that adequate power supply will not be required. To me, the level of growth of any nation can be measured by the constancy of that nation's power supply. Little wonder that the incoming Central Bank of Nigeria governor, Alhaji Sanusi at the floor of the Senate some days back singled out infrastructural development as a condition for Nigeria's economic growth. As Scientists, we can never function optimally without a constant and efficient electricity supply. Let our govt do what is right concerning Naija's power situation.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 9:28am On Jun 08, 2009
Thanks for this thoughful contribution.
Where do you practice? Don't you have contribution to make on this?
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 5:57pm On Jun 08, 2009

These are info I have been able to gather about the forthcoming annual scientific conference of the association.

Theme: Medical Laboratory Services, The Key To Diagnosis, Management And Control OF infectious Diseases.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Ezekiel Akintunde(FMLSCN, Ph.D)
Manager, Medical Laboratory Services, Dept. Of Defence,
USA. Embassy, Abuja

Venue: Emmaus House, Arthur Eze Avenue, Awka., Anambra State

Date: Monday 24th-Sat. 29th August, 2009

Registration Fee-N10,000

Contact: Dr. G.C. Okara
Chairman NOC

Dr. A. Onochie
State Chairman

Ass. Prof. Chris Anyamene
Chairman LOC
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by dominique(f): 8:33pm On Jun 08, 2009
why Anambra now?


Where do you practice? Don't you have contribution to make on this?

i worked in a NAF medical center in Ikeja, actually we diddnt really have any problems relating to power outage (maybe because its a military outfit).
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 10:33am On Jun 09, 2009
Thanks for your response. You have given the forum another great clue our colleagues can consider as far as career satisfaction is concerned. Truly, some of our colleagues are being frustrated as a result of the undesirable power problem. What do we say about those in private practice who have to milk out funds to get generators to power their labs compounded by the incessant fuel palaver.
Even recently, the Minister of health have to cry out that the power situation is frustrating effort at solving the miriads health challenges in our Teaching Hospitals. The diesel powered generators have not been able to cope with the demands the service require hence his call for alternative solar power for Health Institutions. Can you see our dilema as a nation?
Now think about the precarious situation of patients who require laboratory services. It is established that 80% of patients require laboratory tests. One can only imagine the delay in tests output and quality due to power failure and lack of alternative sources.
So colleagues, may be considering working in military establishments can add up to career satisfaction ala Domique.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 10:42am On Jun 09, 2009
The choice of where the annual scientific conference is hosted is political. State branches competitively bid for hosting rights which are thereafter decided by votes or concensus.
So Anambra State branch of the association are lucky to have the hosting right for 2009.
Medical Laboratory Scientists who want to attend should apply for sponsorship from their employers. You'll need the conference information fliers for that purpose and is readily available in each state through the Chairmen and Secretaries.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by dominique(f): 4:39pm On Jun 09, 2009
So colleagues, may be considering working in military establishments can add up to career satisfaction ala Domique.
lol grin grin cheesy those people are slave-drivers
the lifewire of a laboratory is electricity indeed. no matter how competent the staff, or how much equipment or resources available. without power, its all a waste. blood samples, reagents, test strips are supposed to be kept at a constant low temperature, how can you be guaranteed of the quality of the the results if samples and reagents are not well preserved 
though i was fortunate to work in a place where there was constant power. . . we still had a few glitches even now and then . there was a time  the power suddenly went off while we were centrifuging blood sample, if it had not been restored almost immediately. the samples would have been a total waste. . .for a medical lab to function properly, there has to be constant power,  most labs that cant afford to be on constant generator wll be forced to decrease productivity or even worse shut down. as it is, there are very few reliable medical/diagnostic labs in the country. you can now imagine how the case will be if they decrease even more because of epileptic power supply that should have been fixed years ago. . . only God knows where we are going in this country sad
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by benard08(m): 5:52pm On Jun 09, 2009
More contributions please,
Hey segunatuu where are you? Nothing to say?
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by heroes1983(m): 10:59pm On Jun 12, 2009
@bernard08, those are some high classed links there on your blog. Gr8. just book-marked your site for further references. Thanks.
The immunohistochemical diagnosis of malignant growing cells/carcinoma really caught my attention. I really dont get 1 aspect of it,  i think these antibody markers are more useful for research with stem/potent cells, formalin-fixed biopsies, endoscopical muosal resection or surgical specimens that have already been diagnosed as carcinoma, adenoma, etc  (through routine histopathological examination) or isolated tissue samples form lab animals rather than for human diagnosis at least not on all tissues (unless the patient doesnt mind part of his heart sliced out). There are other methods of identification of carcinoma which proves not only the presence of such cells but pin points its location for further isolation (if no metastasis yet). And also these antibodies are way out of the reach in terms of finance and transportation to a warm tropical african country 

Hello everyone,  very happy that at have co lab researchers here from nigeria. Keep the forum up please
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by heroes1983(m): 11:23pm On Jun 12, 2009
Can anyone here please give me an advice? I got a degree in genetics and would soon be completing my M.res in oncology. Planning of coming home when i finish. Was wondering, is there is any oncology research institute or laboratory in Nigeria i could work with/for? and are there any pre-requisites before i could work in Nigeria like joining any association or taking an extra course?
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by dominique(f): 8:20pm On Jun 13, 2009
@heroes 1983
you're welcome to the forum
i'm not sure of an specific oncology research institutes here, but i believe teaching some hospitals have oncology departments. i can ask my friend that is a student at LUTH.
Re: Medical Laboratory Scientists Forum by 1honeybee: 11:18pm On Jun 13, 2009
I think this is going to be my support thread, lol

Anyway, hello to everyone here before me. I'm begining to love being a BMS, it is a REALLY interesting profession but is it just me or is MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND GENETIC the most difficult module, lol
I'm currently training in a pathology lab, I love the specimen reception and data entry which I did for 2wks. Going on to Microbiology this week and I can't wait I know i'm going to hate histology but can't wait for my wk in CYTOLOGY, hnmmmmmm

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