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Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 1:18pm On Jan 02, 2016
I'm new here, and m loving this platform. however, I wish to share my imagination, thoughts via stories

i'm naughty, weird, boring atimes but interesting though. i just started out a story which i will like to share with you and also update from time to time.

please, i will love you to criticize my work, comment on the vocabs or storyline..basically you feedback will encourage me to do better because i am just an amateur...

Copyright (C) 2016 by wazup_guy

Tales of Womanhood (series) : Broken Tears....

I feel ashamed, used each time i remember even though i try to forget. The past still have a way of fusing itself into the future. Its being quite an aoen though but the pasts taunts me every now and then and the events still fresh in my memory like it just happened. In the animal world, there are preys and predators but in the human world there wolves dressed in sheep clothing. They will appear to good, tell you nice things, promise you heaven and earth but once their trap has gotten you..hmm, you are a goner.

We stayed in a face to face compound, one room apartment. We had a bed one couch and two chairs, a radio set. We did not have much but we knew how to manage. We had to deal with neighbours from the other compound most especially the fumes coming out of Mr akeem generator which was directly facing our window, the annoying sound makes it difficult to sleep seems like am close to a train station. Our compound was a funny one tho with many characters or tenants as they are called. Mr Gabriel, the cursed bachelor, brings in different women at different intervals, always about his Samsung mobile which looks like a wokie talkie. One good thing he does is playing good jams whenever he is around which gives the compound this nice air most especially in evenings.

Baba tunde, the drunkard. Goes to work like a good father but comes home heavy and unleashes terror on his wife. It happens twice a week, so we also have live show to look forward to with free tickets though. There was this though his wife was really prepared for, and he was very very drunk. this time it was the other around, I was thinking I was gonna hear his wife cry for help but instead he was the one pleading for neighbours to come save his life. Neighbours did come out but he had locked the door and throw the key away. So there was actually nothing the neighbours could do to calm the situation other the pleading from outside.

Our day doesn't get any better or interesting without the showdown of prophet Amos, the prayer warrior of the compound who sees visions about people but never see a vision about himself. As early as 5 am he is up, cabashing, casting and binding what he calls "evil forces" and most interestingly what he only preaches about "fornication" specially directed to mr Gabriel. It turns out that mr Gabriel doesn't care. One weird thing he does though is the prayer points he makes all I hear is " die die die", "fire fire fire". And bell he gingles every morning is very annoying, he just as a way of disrupting my beauty sleep.

I grew up in lagos, a community called idi-agbon which means the root of a coconut tree. A ghetto like area, filled with notorious thugs terrorising the area every now and then. there is this building called "mami", a popular brothel at that time known for its beautiful prosititute and the reputation for awesome sexual satisfication. Which has resulted in the brothel being Persecuted by married women in the community that husband longer take care of their children but instead lavish their income on the prostitute. Well, they fought hard but business is business, a good product or service will always sell.

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Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Nobody: 7:33am On Jan 03, 2016
Interesting smiley
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by girlhaley(f): 9:25am On Jan 03, 2016

Dandypearl,rukkydelta,donkross,ritababe,cherrybrown....oya come here oo.....food don ready

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Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by ritababe(f): 9:29am On Jan 03, 2016

Dandypearl,rukkydelta,donkross,ritababe,cherrybrown....oya come here oo.....food don ready

Yinks, hurklan, olojuede01, hfinest1

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Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Rukkydelta(f): 10:07am On Jan 03, 2016

Dandypearl,rukkydelta,donkross,ritababe,cherrybrown....oya come here oo.....food don ready

thanks for inviting me
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 11:18am On Jan 03, 2016

Mr Bode Daniels is or was my father till he kicked the bucket, November 26, 1989. I remember that day. I got home from school lesson, mummy was not at home which was unusual. It was the last Saturday of the month set aside for environmental so she wouldn't have gone to her shop. I was really hungry, I checked the cupboard to see mum had prepared food but the pots were empty, very clean and arranged the way I left them in the morning.

It was not funny anymore, I decided soak garri which was the only option I had but there was no sugar or groundnut to go with it. I remembered that i had ten naira in my school bag so i took it get groundnut. As i dashed out i bumped into Mr gabriel who was rushing out, but he stopped abrutly.

"Jumoke, what are you doing here?"

He asked; that was an awkward question; i am going to buy...i have not finished talking when he interrupted me; you have to come with me, your father has just been rushed to the hospital.

Saint Mary hospital was 20 minutes drive from our house. We dropped off the keke napep and raced into the ward. i was surprised at the audience i met, Prophet Amos , our landlady Madam koffi. What struck me was my mother who was weeping heavily on the ground with some ladies trying to calm her down the scene all moody like something bad had happened. I ran to my mother, bent down; mum what is wrong, why are you crying? What is wrong with father? These questions popped into my head out of confusion. But she kept saying

"Bode why!! Bode why!!!"

I got confused the more and i was scared that what i was thinking is not what is making my mum cry, I couldn't hold mine for long but at the same time I still did not know the situation my father is in. So i pleaded with my mum again consoling her.

Sooner or later Mr debo came out discussing with a man who looks like a doctor because he was dressed in a white lab coat and a stethoscope round his neck. Mr debo is my father's half brother and for him to be here it means father's situation was very critical. The doctor gave my uncle a warm tap on his shoulder as he left. The face my uncle wore was pale, it had the expression of grieve. As he walked towards us, my mother got up , rushed to him;

"what did the doctor say?"
"How is my husband?"
she cried; the words were heavy to say he just there like a log of wood. From where i was standing my fears where affirmed but i could not believe that it has happened in reality.

"HE IS DEAD"...my uncle said; those words shattered my heart into pieces. I felt this excruciating pain, my heart raced heavily but tears never came out believe me I wanted so much but I was just there frozen. My mother was out of control, her outburst which like a roaring lion. My neighbours were there sobering, the remorse they expressed showed that my father meant something to them. Looking at remorsefulness on peoples faces tears roll down my eyes, my mind quickly flashed back to the times my father will carry me on his laps in the evenings and tell me stories, when I had issues or problems he was ready to listen to me..he was basically my closest friend..i felt a tapped on my shoulders, I was seated on the ground, folded my kneels with my arms I had cried alot. I looked up it was my uncle. Let's go home he said; but what of my father I want to see him I cried out; he has been taken to the mortuary he replied. Those words meant my father has gone forever. He was never sick, he very strong and how can life be so cruel to take him away from me..

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Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by olojuede01: 1:26pm On Jan 03, 2016

Yinks, hurklan, olojuede01, hfinest1
This movie must sweet
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by cherrybrown(f): 1:26pm On Jan 03, 2016

Dandypearl,rukkydelta,donkross,ritababe,cherrybrown....oya come here oo.....food don ready
Thank you
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Rukkydelta(f): 8:48am On Jan 04, 2016
Nice one op
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Hurklan(m): 10:01am On Jan 04, 2016
fully here, wazup, Hw far nau ??
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 11:05am On Jan 04, 2016
hello friends...its bin awhile...I hope you are enjoying my story...thanks for taking time to read...


Two years had gone, we were living off my late father's savings which is almost exhausted. My mother's petty trading business has not be doing well since my father' demise. She hardly goes to shop, stays at home mourning all day. On the otherhand, Uncle Debo has been a strong pillar showering us with a lot care and affection. He visited us on occasionally with food items and goodies for me. In spite of what Uncle Debo did i notic the unhappy face my mother wore but she appreiciated what my uncle was doing but he is not her husband.

Every night i wake up to see my mother weep profusely. If she notice i'm awake she will quickly wipe tears off her face and pretend that she is praying but the sight of me will propel her to cry the more. She sat helplessly, her eyes all swollen like as if she has been crying all night. I went to her, bent down and wiped tears off her face with my cloth grabbed her and held her close, i could feel her heart beating faster, breathing heavily. Her temperature was beyond normal. Mommy please stop crying, do you want to mhe me to cry too, i miss daddy too but thinking about different occasions without him makes life incomplete; waking up every morning and my father space on the bed was empty, he's favorite spot on the couch when we watched super story, his presence when we have dinner because we ate from one pot..tears rolled down my cheek...
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by cherrybrown(f): 11:36am On Jan 04, 2016
More update
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by cutieepearl(f): 3:23pm On Jan 04, 2016
Thank you

What's up with u mama

Hope yo still remember me.....its been long tho......story lovers

Cool story
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 10:46pm On Jan 04, 2016
hello friends....how you guys doing... hope you guys are having fun..thanks for reading...


Life got really tough, feeding routine changed from three square meal to 101 ( breakfast/dinner) and now we feed from hand to mouth. My mother's petty business crumbled due to her inability to pay the shop rent. Also, our house rent is long over due and have been receiving several threats from madam koffi our landlady that if we did not update our rent we will be thrown out. We were in a very pathetic situation, things got from bad to worse. The worse time of my life that i was alive. When i think about the current situation i feel like running away but then again to where?, to whom?. My mother couldn't handle the situation so we had to visit our Uncle Debo.

At the time we got to his three bedroom apartment, it was locked so we had to wait. We got there by 5 pm and he closes by 4pm. We would have called him to let him know that we were coming but my mother's phone was bad. We decided to wait for him at a woman store opposite his flat. My mother bought me snacks to keep me going because i had not eaten and she did not prepare any food. It was already 7pm and uncle debo has not arrived. My mother couldn't hold much longer and the neighbourhood was not friendly. So she got up paid the woman the money for the snacks so we can go home. As I got up I noticed someone who looked like uncle Debo paying a bike man. So I tapped my mother and pointed him to her. That is your uncle she said; so we went to meet him. On reaching him he was surprised to see us at and at that time of the night. Mummy jumoke what are you doing here by this time of the night? He asked; ah ah jumoke how are you? he asked; Fine sir I replied. See uncle Debo we have been waiting for you since and was about leaving when jumoke spotted you my mother said: and I would have called you before hand but my phone is bad she added. Not to worry let's go inside my uncle said as he led the way...

Uncle Debo lived in ifako ijaiye low cost housing estate Agege, he has never been married but he had flings to keep him company every now and then. He worked as a manager at total petrol station which ia also located in Agege. He's apartment was not very big it was portable, it was attractive his designers curtains and fashionable leather seats not leaving out the plasma television and huge sounds system. I enjoyed coming here with my father when he was alive. Uncle Debo offered us soft drinks and snacks and switched on the television afterwards. Please, make yourself at home while I refreshing up he said and left.

Few minutes later, he joined us in the living room. I was already engrossed in the popular tom and jerry cartoon on Nickelodeon. But I saw my mother and uncle Debo excuse themselves from the living room. I was enjoying the cartoons displayed but my bladder was full. I tried holding it because of the exciting power puff girls cartoon but I was almost wet so I rushed to the loo. it was a huge relieve after visiting the loo. As i returned to the living room to continue with Nickelodeon something caught my attention across the walkway adjacent to the loo, it was the painting of a pregnant woman carrying a calabash on her head. It was beautiful, i had never seen that kind before in my life....still admiring it, I heard some voices.

I went close to where it came from, the door was slightly opened so I peeped. It was my mother and Uncle Debo. My mother was sitting on the bed and my uncle sat very close to like as if he was consoling her but he's hands were moving inappropriately and my mother kept removing his hands. But he kept on doing it, he went far as grabbing her breast, she got up shockingly and hit him on his face...my uncle sat on bed laughing, that kind of laugh had this wicked expression like that of a wicked wizard. It provoked the anger in my mummy..i quickly retired to the the living room like as if nothing happened. Soon I heard my mother shouting; Jumoke!! Jumoke!! Get up let's get out from this Godforsaken place..
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Hurklan(m): 10:53pm On Jan 04, 2016
on to the next one
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by cherrybrown(f): 6:08am On Jan 05, 2016

What's up with u mama
Hope yo still remember me.....its been long tho......story lovers

Cool story Following
No my dear but all the same we are here as one family
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by cherrybrown(f): 6:14am On Jan 05, 2016
What stop your mum from going to her family members house than going to your uncle
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by cutieepearl(f): 7:17am On Jan 05, 2016
No my dear but all the same we are here as one family

Okay sis
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by girlhaley(f): 8:59am On Jan 05, 2016
That is so immoral
She ought to her own family members now
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 10:55pm On Jan 05, 2016
David! Joseph! Go in there and bring out everything, nothing should remain there Madam Koffi said; "And if they prevent you from doing what I say you should do, use whatever means if need be use force" she added.

We were eating, when suddenly someone banged on our door recurrently. It was very scary because the banging was accompanied with strange, loud voices that were sounded unfriendly.

"Who is...my mother had not finished talking when two men bagded into our room. One of them, David, he was huge, muscular, he had this threathening badass look and kept shinning his eyes like an owl.The other, Joseph was short not muscular but he had this criminal personality written on him lot of demonic tattoos all over and what struck me was the scar on his face and several brusies at several part of this body. I was scared so i quickly went to stand behind my mother who was already on her feet shouting angrily at the men.

"Madam we nor get time for all this yarning, Madam Koffi done tell us say make we pack you and your load outside" David said in a challenging tone.

So its Madam Koffi that sent you idiots to throw me out right? My mother said; why cant she come by herself, Idiot she added angrily.

My mother was still blabbing when david hijacked her like a bag of rice and other one picked me like a handbag. My mother continued shouting, calling out our neighbours. I had never seen my mother like that before, she was different filled with rage, with so much energy. But it was pathetic because no one came out. My mother tried to stop them from throwing us out but her strength had no match to that of davids'. She soon got tired, fell to ground and started weeping making all sort of statements which involved my late father. Tears rolled down my eyes, i wished my father was alive to see what was going on perhaps it will not have happened. Soon i started thinking if God was awake seeing all these wickedness.

Few minutes later, i saw stretch marks of lightening in the sky, thunder struck afterwards followed by the drops of rain. My mother started to pack some of our things to a nearby shade, i soon joined her. As we were packing, Mr Gabriel ran inside in escape of the rain but stopped abruptly.

"Ah ah, mama jumoke what is going on here? " he asked. My mother was all wet, looking fagged and miserable. *crying* Madam koffi threw i and my daughter out she said; what have I done to deserve all this treatment she added sobbing. Mr Gabriel went in and came out out on a shirt and short, which was weird but it became interesting when he joined us to pack our things to the nearby shade. Later on he invited us to his room and offered us hot tea because we were shivering. What Mr Gabriel did gave me a reason to hope...
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Hurklan(m): 7:22am On Jan 06, 2016
waiting patiently
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 10:07pm On Jan 12, 2016
hello frnds, I am sorry that I av not updated in awhile now been busy serving naija in wan village like DAT in nassarawa........I will try n make it up to you guys....thanks..

********************************CHAPTER TWO*************************************


The church was quite empty because the wedding was planned small and simple. At about 10am, everyone was seated, Pastor james brown, senior pastor Gospel Faith chapel, Agege and his ministers were ready waiting for us. We arrived some minutes later, I was dressed in a purple sleeveless gown, with a bunch of flowers on my hand acting as the flower girl. My mother was dressed in a white gown, it was beautiful and i have never seen my mum look this pretty in a long time. The bridegroom on the otherhand was handsome and still wearing that wicked smile at least he got what he craved for.

"I now pronounce both of you husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride", Pastor James brown said; before the pastor could complete the sentence Uncle Debo mouth had glued that of my mum. It was like he had been waiting for that opportunity for a long time. But i wonder how my mother will put up with him not to talk if me....


For the first time in my life I was totally terrified, that awkward moment when you see that person that meant so much to you, act all funny all of a sudden, he behaves paranoid, like a kid who afraid of the injection room, but not a kid. A grown man of about 57 years with four children and a wife. I gripped him with so much emotion that i never wanted to believe that things could turn this way.

He got angry and went into a room that had bunk beds, my grandmother was on the first, she slept on the upper bunk. My father came in ranting like a little child been scolded by her mother, mother follwed him like a wan nagging to her husband trying to explain her point, you know how women her when they want to explain the "point". My father hops on the second bunk, mother hops and the lower bunk were my grandmother was, she was still nagging.

I was picking beans outside, when someone came out yelling my name; jumoke! Jumoke!! Your father your father!, i dropped the tray and followed, well i could have asked what happened but i didnt, i just followed. when i got there....i just woke up..it was meaniless dream...i could have dreamt better but then again it was just some stupid dream.

I got up, saw my mother who was deep in sleep, she was snoring heavily which was going up and down like a generator that it's fuel has been exhausted.

Soon, I heard gunshots, i was surprised to see a woman who was long gone I sleep jump up, took me by my hand and started running for our lives. We ran, and ran and ran, till the law of diminishing return settled on me and i told my mother that i could not longer continue, we were panting heavily, my mother pited my ugly situation so she suggested we opted to catch our breath.

Few minutes later, we have saved ourselves but our things was still at the uncompleted building we were resting, most importantly the money we husltled. It is not easy carrying head pan filled with sand , cement and gravel mixed together especially when a woman carries it. Mother suggested we go back but who knows whether we might come out alive after hearing those gunshots. Jumoke! Get up let us go and get our things mother said; I was amazed at her guts and at the same time afraid for our lives because we were going to die...
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Rukkydelta(f): 8:39am On Jan 21, 2016
Nice one
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 5:12pm On Jan 25, 2016
hello frnds...abeg make una na vex say i never update the Tory..work tie mi daun...so I na go fit de update every now and then but I will try as much as possible to give you sometin...thanks for reading and please i'm still a "LEARNER"....so make una try put me through my writing or tory bend or sweet......i troway salute to em bruvas and chikalas reading...

As we moved closer, we heard some voices which sounded like a heated argument. i tried to pull my mother so we could run away from the unforseen trouble but she was adamant. Soon the heat argument which was in the store was brought into the open. We quickly hid ourselves behind. I barely saw what was going on but I remember that I saw a tall, fair huge man bring out a gun and point it at the other man who short, skinny but was busy bragging instead of begging. My it was scary, so my mother gave me a sign that i should cover my mouth and not make a sound.

Where is the money? Give us the money unless i will shoot you!! The huge man kept saying pointing the gun at the short man. On the other hand the shoot man kept bragging, daring the huge man. Soon a muscle like lady came out with a bag and dropped it in between both men. that's my girl he remarked; and kissed her. The short man suddenly started pleading and smiling trying to make friends with them. But the lady brought out her gun cocked it, she shot him several times. It was an awful scene for me as a child though my mother told me to close my eyes. After seeing what they were capable of doing we became terrified, so we began to move away from were we where hiding but gradually so that we dont draw attention to ourselves and become the next scape goat. I was very careful but did not notice the iron bucket that i mistakenly kicked.
We stopped. I overheard the huge guy asking his partner if they were alone and further instructed her to do check if anyone was around. I grew more scared because if she finds here we are dead. So my mother told me to move out slowly and once we are out I should run as fast as I can. As we harvested our plan I heard footsteps approaching then my mother and i jumped out and started running. I never knew i could run very fast, I did not look back but kept hearing my mother shouting ; jumoke run! Run! Run!..then I heard two gun shots..

I stopped running, turned back..I saw the lady pointing the gun towards me like as if she was about to pull the trigger. I turned and continued where I stopped. The shooting sstarted, but the path we were running was hilly and i was small so targeting me was difficult. However, my strength was draining so i opted to hide myself somewhere. I had been there for twenty minutes when i heard voices over were i was hiding. It was that of the man and the lady arguing possibly over me. And they stressed on looking for me. I saw them as they moved further, the huge one was holding a pistol on his right hand and the bag they extorted on his left hand.the lady's gun longer, and she wore it round her neck, they call it Ak-47.

Few minutes later, the coast was clear i came out and went back to search for my mother. The gunshot the lady fired was directed to my mother so my fear was that i was already an orphan. I had run a few miles, but was confused because i could not find my mother. i started thinking if those people had disposed off her body. i went further and i saw her wrapper, i took it, went a few steps and saw her shoes i picked it up but still no sign of her. I started scouting around, And soon found a pool of blood but no mother but traces i followed the traces which led me to a small cave. I went in and saw my mother gasping heavy, i rushed and grabbed her. i was soon covered with her blood, her breathing was heavy like it was racing to stop. I was scared, i did not know what to do.
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 6:42pm On Jan 25, 2016
abegoooo make una comment o...I need ya critics on the story....ya boi loyal......
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 6:44pm On Jan 25, 2016
Jumooooke!! Go go and look for help my mother groaned with pain. I dropped her gently and ran out. As i approached where the saga began, i noticed that the place had surrounded by police. I did not hesitate so i started shouting to the top of my voice as i drew closer to the shop. Two police men quickly dashed out of the shop, they noticed i was covered in blood and rushed to me. When they got to mw they kept asking me what was wrong.

I could not say anything but pointed the direction of where I came from. So they try to calm me down as I was overwhelmed an assisted me to get to the place my mother was. When we got there they brought my mother out, but I noticed that she was not moved like she did before I left to look for. I went close to her and tried to wake her up but she was not responding. I never wanted to believe that my mother was going leave the same way my father did. So as the police carried her away I kept comforting myself by holding my mother's arm that help has come and she need not worry because all is well but deep down in me i knew it was not and that i could not accept.

Sometimes I begin to ask myself my purpose on earth, why I have to go through this endless suffering. I see many children of my age wearing this beautiful smiling face having fun with their family. The last time I smiled, I can't even recall because smiling has become a scare commodity in family. The only family I have my precious mother is half dead, half alive. The doctor says she is in a coma. They say the chances of her awaking up is 90 to 10 percent. The worst part of all is that if she wakes up she will remember nothing because she was shot on her head. What is more miserable than your mother your only family waking then she does not know you??

After the saga, my uncle was notified and he took me in. I visited my mother at every chance I got, stayed with her till my uncle gets back from work. Its been eighteen months since my mother was admitted into the hospital. The doctors kept giving us hope that my mother was going to wake up. personally, I have not given up hope on her and was not ready to be an orhpan. Every night I prayed to God to give life to my mother.

It was difficult not having my mother around, preparing me breakfast, giving me that lovely perk on my forehead and reminding me how much she loves me, and she willl end the sentence with "be a good girl". I miss her alot. Staying with uncle debo was good, he had nice house better than were was staying when I and my mother visited. It was a lot bigger and with all the comfort you could think of. Sometimes I wonder I and my mother have to suffer instead come stay here. What spoilt staying at his house was the plenty house chores; cooking, washing his clothes, cleaning the house and so on. Sometimes, I wonder why he has not married at his age. Doing all those house chores was very stressful and tiring. But my uncle always appreciated everything i did, buying me clothes and gave me whatever i asked of. He seemed nice.

Most importantly, I thought i was never going to attend school after all that happened. Suprisingly, My uncle enrolled me back to my former school and reinstated to my former class. I was in ss2 when things came crashing. But when I got back to the school I was given ss3. It felt good but at the same time I had lost many things which I had to catch up within the minimum period of time till I wrote my final exams. Combining house chores and the bulk of school work was like mission impossible but I had no choice bug manage the situation.
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 10:26pm On Jan 25, 2016
One Saturday evening, I had just returned from the hospital. I had finished my house chores. It was remaining only my assignment. Uncle debo was busy watching new at ten in channels TV. So I told him I was going to do my assignment, he said ; okay waving his hand. I hurried to my room. It was big, I had my own bed, wardrobe and. I had a lot of wall papers of Alicia keys. I liked her song very much especially "girl on fire". I never get tired of playing that track. i went for my bag to bring out my books and start my assignment, I noticed chivita drink on my reading table.

I dropped my bag and went for it. It was slightly opened but still full. I took it and went t show my uncle who was fast asleep on the couch. I tapped him, he woke up abruptly.
I'm sorry I woke you up I murmured; its okay he replied. Then I brought out the drink and showed it to him. He smiled; oh that its for you I couldn't finish it he said. Well, I knew it was mine but I was trying to be a good girl that was why I came to meet him. I was very happy at least it will encourage me as I did my assignment . So I joyfully hopped to the kitchen and collected a glass cup. I did not even hesitate, I started drinking it right in the kitchen. I took two glasses and collected a bowl of popcorn to continue I my room.

I started unpacking my bags. But I felt this slight shock in my head. But it disappeared all of a sudden. I went to my reading table , opened my books. i had only studied for ten minutes then I started feeling dizzy. This is was unusual, so I rushed into the loo and washed my face. As I came out of the loo I noticed that I walked sluggishly, I felt this weakness in my legs. So I had to support myself by the door. Further, it became worse as my vision worsen, my sight was pale. As I tried to take another step, I fell to the ground. I could barely move my body part, it was like I was paralyzed.
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 7:17pm On Jan 26, 2016
The funny part was that I was still very much conscious I could only move my eyes but what I saw was pale. I could hear footsteps approaching my room, my door was opened. I saw a blurring picture of a man standing by the door. He walked up to me and lifted me up and placed me on the bed. Uncle debo is that you I said faintly but he dis not reply but instead walked away. Few minutes later he came back, I was thinking he wanted to jam the door but instead he came on to me. I became terrified.

I was putting on a blue night gown. I could not move my body but I could feel his hands on my feet. They moved gradually upwards, When he reached my private part I cried aloud. And that moment I knew my mouth was still much functional. So I continued yelling. He quickly covered my mouth with his hands. Shhhhh!!! If you make any further sound I will end you he threatened. Still covering my mouth with his left hand, he brought his boxers that he was wearing and stuffed it in my mouth.

He continued from were he stopped, pulled off my pants. Soon I felt something struggling its way into my privy. I felt this sharp pain as he went in and out. It was hell, i shouted even though my mouth was stuffed But no one was gonna hear me, begging him however be of no use. Tears poured out of my eyes endlessly. I wished he stopped, but he kept on riding me like a horse. it was painful, and every move he made in and out i felt this explosion in my head.

Riding me was not enough, he went further to ripe off my gown. He started sucking my breast rigourously like a hungry lion. When he got tired he started squeezing it like as it were oranges. As he did that went in and out of me. At that moment I regretted ever being born into this world.

Soon, I noticed him pulling out of me. He was sweating profusely. He sat down close to me to catch his breathe. He looked me, smiled and went into the bathroom. Few seconds later, he came out cleaning his body with my towel. He came to me and removed his boxer which he had stuffed in my mouth and left.

Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 11:29am On Jan 27, 2016
chai..nobody de criticize mi story self....make una comment la cry
Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by wazupguy(m): 5:02pm On Jan 27, 2016
I couldn't scream at that time if I wanted to. i was paralyzed then raped. I just continued weeping. My one and only pride has been stolen from me. Who will I tell? What will I say? Who will ever believe the words of a woman to man in this kind of case. And most of all when it is my uncle. When my father died, I was very sad..when my mother was shot and hospitalized I was depressed and now I am a victim of rape. What a sad tale for this short period of time I have lived on earth.

I was hearing a noise which sounded like that of my friends. But as I struggled to wake up sleep kept drawing me back. The knock kept coming coupled with them yelling my name. It was shade and chioma my classmates. I managed to open my eyes, but as I tried to get up I felt tthis weakness on both legs coupled with pain between my thighs. I managed to sit down. I overheard my uncle talking to them, I wanted to peep but I could not move.

Soon I heard footsteps approaching my room, I was thinking he let them in but he was the one. He was wearing this smiling face like he was a saint. He came onto me, i was still maintaining my sitting position. He sat next to me I managed to shift little bit further from him how are you he said smiling. I looked away and did not say a word. Well, I just wanted to tell you your friends came over, and I told them you are not feeling too well he said. They also said in there words; "please tell her to get well soon" he added. He got up and started walking out but stopped at the door step, he turned towards me; hmmm; I hope what happened last night will remain here and if not you know your mother is still at the hospital and its my money that is taking care of her he said smiling. You wouldn't a situation whereby help stopped coming and your mother stopp...#phone rings#

He went out to receive the call and came back few minutes back. That was the doctor, he said he wants to see me he said. But seriously of any word goes out your mother will die and you...you will die also he said looking at me sarcastically. I grew cold feet, after hearing what said. I am a victim now I have turned a slave with conditions if I ever wanted freedom. He left slamming the door against me.

For the first time in my life I sat down staring at wall seeing my uncle molesting me. The whole process kept replaying itself. I wished it could stopped but it was all I could think of. i felt withdrawn to a different world entirely, a world of my own filled with fear, grieve shame, pity, anger with much bitterness. Whenever i was school i was kept to myself. I tried as much as possible to avoid my friends but it was never successful. They will always find me no matter where i hid myself. Whenever they brought up any gist about what was going on in school i just kept quiet and wore a long face.

They noticed my behaviour and started asking questions i wanted to tell them everything but i could not as the voice of uncle kept echoing in my mind repeating those threatheni g words. So I tried as much as possible to blend in and pretend that I was flowing their gist.

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Re: Tales Of Womanhood (series): Broken Tears by Missmossy(f): 7:21pm On Jan 27, 2016
Aww such an interesting piece.

Keep the fire burning. Kudos.

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