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The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:10am On Feb 17, 2016
This is not actually a religious write-up but a great revelation that might tend to end the argument going on between the religious people and science since the beginning of things.

It will also liberate people from the idea of leaving their brains idle while waiting for others to use theirs. The brain is a complex structure that is hard to understand sometimes.

This doctrine should be approached with openmindedness but should be taken very seriously as it tends to shed more light on the origin of HELL FIRE, RELIGION and others. I shall be giving it bit by bit daily. Thanks for following.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:22am On Feb 17, 2016

Chapter 1

1. I am God. I am not sure if I was created by the universe or if I created the universe. But all the same, my adopted sons and priests all call me God.
2. I do not force my sons and priests to worship me or serve me. They do it of their own free will since I am their creator.
3. My city was called Alkervum Auriem, which is by interpretation, the City of Gold. It came not by hand but by my pronouncement. The universe and nature work hand in hand. They give and take back because nothing is free in the universe.

4. The memory of my first existence has been washed off my brain after the catastrophic bang.

5. I lost my memory to the sound of impact while we were creating the chumorld, the clumoid, the world and the other millions of planets many millions of years back.

6. Thanks to my creature, Homo Tactilus, whom I have created to be my external memory.

7. He is the one I choose to keep memory of everything in the universe.

8. Homo Tactilus began to call back to my rememberance what I told him about the universe and my existence:

9. O my father, Domino Reverad, you said the universe came as a flash of light at the same time you also began to exist.

10. My father Domino, according to my everlasting memory, which you gifted to me, you said the universe began to exist immediately you first opened your eyes.

11. You said for long all was dark until the flash of your eyes brought out the sparkle. You said there was no sun in the universe, but you, Almighty Reverad, created it by your powers.

12. Where is your power, O mighty Domino? Where is your strength?

13. Your strength lies in your tongue and your power is your vision.

14. You testified that you have seen what will happen in billions and gazillions of years to come.

15. You said the universe is yours and you belong to the universe.

16. You created all things in the planets to live and die and live and die and live no more.

17. Enough! Tactilus! Enough! I yelled to keep Tactilus still before all my priests because they have all learnt much of my secrets from what Tactilus has mentioned.

18. Now come and live in me, O Tactilus. Dwell in me forever, for you are my tongue with which I speak. You are my memory of which I think.

19. You are my spirit and forever your abode shall be inside of me.

20. Immediately, Tactilus became a rushing wind and entered into me forcefully. There in me he remains until these days.

21. Now I look around to see the aftermath of the bang which I caused by great forces. I see many circles hanging in space. They are countless like the sands of the sea.

22. O Miklas, how many balls do you see? I ask one of my priests standing by and he said he saw just one and so supported his subordinates.

23. I laughed a great laughter that went forth as whirlwind because my priests are all short-sighted.

24. How did they see just one ball?

25. As for me, I see millions of balls hanging in space with bending creatures with tails occupying them.

26. That was all a result of the banging force.

27. Our father, we see not beyond our eyes. Give us vision that we may see.

28. I shall give you no vision above what you have, lest there arises a great commotion in this golden land.

29. How? They asked to know, but I gave them silence for an answer.

30. Instead of giving you vision to see afar, I would rather give you wings to fly around and explore all the great spheres yourself. Go and count them and bring me reports of what you see in them.

31. And so light feathers began to emerge out of the sides of my priests as I wished and they were all amazed.

32. The feathers fused together and became wings to their sides and so they flew, everyone of them to study the balls hanging everywhere in the universe.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:28am On Feb 17, 2016

1. I sat down to rest after the great bang.

2. The sun below my feet shined intensely and beamed the rays. It was just at the third stairs of the universe because the universe had above two hundred stairs.

3. I reached for the sun and climbed the stairs to the seventeenth floor and there I lay down the sun.

4. I know for what intent I had raised the elevation of the sun. It is for me to make another abode above it. Now the City of Gold, my abode, is below the sun. I shall build a bigger, better and greater city above the sun with Anysx, the shiny transparent metal.

5. I shall build the City and name it Anysxtens

6. When I was ready, I spoke and all the materials for my new city arose and gathered together like dirt and smoke. A great fire fell on the materials and a great heap of refined Anysx arose.

7. Then the great city arose above the sun.

8. I saw that some of my priests have returned to the City of Gold beneath my feet.

9. They were amazed when a glimpse of me they did not see, but only the shadow of the sun which was darker than the night.

10. They wailed and trembled for they have not seen it in such fashion before.

11. O, how is the sun casting its own shadow? The darkness of the shadow of the sun is so bright that it can cause permanent blindness. Magnumim yelled in panic as he saw the whole City of Gold go dark.

12. My father where art thou? he yelled in fright.

13. I laughed as I descended to meet their need and the shadow of the sun no more cover the City of Gold.

14. O Reverad, how does the sun become a shadow of itself? Mercurious asked. Is it not gaseous in form?

15. Venomus screamed, Mercurious why can't you keep silent for the father of the universe to give an explanation?

16. I laughed at their ignorance and said, I God made it so. I am the greatest light which you did not know. I created the sun. If no part of me is as illuminating as the sun, there would be no way to create it.

17. My softest part is the part in me with which I made the sun. It is more illuminating than the sun itself.

18. When my priests heard me, they thought I was referring to my tongue which I have used for creating many things I made.

19. But your tongue is not as shiny as the sun, they said but I laughed at their ignorance.

20. Eartum began to demand with his colleagues if they could make submission of their findings from all the hanging spheres they have visited and I said no, keep your submissions to yourself because I have seen all what you find out from the earth.

21. Whatsoever you find out about the spheres you all visited is the truth according to the position of the sun, but after I changed the sun, then it all becomes lies, those things you have found out.

22. Did you relocate the sun? they began to ask and I said yes.

23. I took it farther up or you did not notice this? I knew they are limited in knowledge.

24. The sun holds the whole planets and the elements of the universe together with a great force which shall never be broken. The sun can interfere with the wind, the weather and whatever at all to cause delusion or hallucination.

25. Due to the position of the sun, everything in all the spheres you explore shall have its stand. The sun shall be their life and without the sun, both the living and the non-living shall not stand.

26. Knoliud spoke suddenly, but why are the shapes of the planets spherical? I laughed and said, thou art wrong, Knoliud. The shapes of the planets are no more spherical as you think. The position of the sun at the moment has given them their permanent shapes which is the shapes in your scrotal sac.

27. Every living being, the male Homos like you all, has two lives to live in two different planets. The shapes of the planets you shall exist in these two times are in your scrotal sacs. You also have right to make your own life with the liquid that shall be generated from your sacs.

28. When Nymphidis heard this, he smiled gently to himself and I knew the intention of his heart. Nymphidis, I called him before all. Do what you want to do, for no one can stop you from doing so.

29. Nymphidis bowed before me and gave thanks to me.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:29am On Feb 17, 2016


1. I am Eartum, one of the sons of God. I flew from the face of the City of Gold to a sphere I discovered just five stairs away from the sun. It was the third sphere I found.

2. Lo, the speed of the sphere was like the speed of the flight of the sons of God, according to the teaching of Knoliud my superior.

3. At first, I did not know how to jump into this planet moving with mighty speed. I fell off the planet seventy seven times before I finally made it.

4. I landed in a big ocean when I finally made it. My new wings were soaked up and heavy to carry. I crawled out of the ocean and lay beside its brink as I settled on the sand of the ocean for the sun to dry me up.

5. The shape of this place was like a ball, perfectly round.

6. Soon my wings got dried up and I was light again, ready to explore. I moved on in the lonely planet. I yelled and my yell filled the whole planet. I saw some flying objects hovering the skies above me. I identified many of them as my colleagues, the priests of Reverad.

7. Like six of them descended into the planet but I didn't see them anymore, though I am sure they are in the planet with me.

8. I kept on exploring the earth, moving around it by foot. My legs began to hurt me and I felt like fainting. Then I made an object with a hunched back and sat on it. It carried me around in the desert where I have found myself.

9. The sun was vehemently hot on my head. I needed water but I found none. I knew I would soon dry up like a dry stick, but the sun gave me hope;

10. The sun made use of the dust ahead of me, as well as the hot breeze, to invent a stream in a site not far away from me. I ran with full speed to reach the stream ahead, but to my shock, I found nothing.

11. Then I remembered one of Reverad's words himself: the brain creates hope for the whole being, using the things around it to generate the hope. Only those who can explore their brains maximally shall ride the universe like a winged object.

12. I sat down to think as the dirt of the earth clung to my body. I coughed as I became dehydrated.

13. I thought I saw some water in a place far away. I climbed my poor creature and far into the desert I went.

14. Now I have moved far far away from the ocean where I first landed, else I would have taken some waters to drink.

15. My poor creature was famished as it knelt in the sand. O! Poor thing!

16. I found a dead creature partially buried in the sand. Its skin was so tough that it could not allow the passage of air. I blew into its anus and it pumped up.

17. Does the bang come up with some lives in it? This is a question I would ask Reverad at my return to the City of Gold.

18. Rain began to pour down into the desert. I drank and my creature drank thirstily too and I filled the dead creature with water too. Then soon we began to move on in the desert.

19. The desert was so dry that we began to see the waters we have drunken escaping from our bodies.

20. Soon we were empty again, myself and my animal.

21. I looked at the dead creature into which I kept some water earlier. Lo, the creature was still swollen as it was before.

22. The water in it did not reduce at all.

23. Why? I began to put my brain to use. An answer came--the dead animal is not moving by itself. It does not need water to keep going so it does not lose the water in itself so easily.

24. My creature and myself are the one who need more water to do the motion. The more we move, the more we sweat out the water in us.

25. The dead cannot sweat because it has no blood flowing through it.

26. I, Eartum, felt the taste of my sweat. It tasted like the tepex mineral in the City of Gold. I have never sweated for anything in my life since I was formed by Reverad. This was my first sweat.

27. I began to wonder why my sweat tasted like the tepex in the City of Gold. Did Domino make us out of the tepexes?

28. I thought I would get some of the mineral to these planet at my second coming so that I could try to form an image like myself with it.

29. I walked round the desert for days and discovered many creatures. Some are so huge but with small heads, large tails and large bodies.

30. Some looked tiny and I hardly noticed them. Some were even flying in the skies like dusts. I hardly noticed them.

31. I entered into the forest and there I found great creatures with four feet. They came around me and fell at my feet when they came close to me, for I looked mightier than them all in stature.

32. Not quite long, I found someone coming close to me. The stature looked just like that of the priests in the City of Gold, but this time around, the body looked feminine.

33. There has never existed anything feminine since Reverad laid the foundation of creations. Now I am seeing one for the first time.

34. When she saw me, she made obeisance.

35. Who are you? I asked her, because I knew nothing about her.

36. I am Earthus, the mother of all creation on this planet. A loud bang awoke me into consciousness for I was never a living soul before now.

37. I am created before the bang, I Eartum said. I come from the City of Gold.

38. I have never heard of such word before, Earthus said. Notwithstanding, I heard a voice from the whirlwind which told me to take charge of all the living things that had been generated by the bang.

39. You heard a sound from the whirlwind? I asked her but I doubted her not because my Lord spoke many times with whirlwind or I would say his voice sounds like whirlwind into our ears and so our ears send a wrong signal to the brain that there was a whirlwind. That is nature!

40. It allows you to see what you believe, even though it is not real.

41. Earthus called me into her tent and showed me all the living creatures she had tamed into her tent. A large one stood out. That was the first Homo I discovered was also created by the bang.

42. It was deaf and dumb.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:30am On Feb 17, 2016

1. I lived with Earthus for many days and I began to love everything about her. Her smiles carried the smiles of the ripples on the sea.

2. She was like a bird to me(as I later found out the characters of birds). Her voice was the sweetest I ever heard. Her legs were long and smooth.

3. I, Eartum, could not hold the urge to kiss Earthus. There has never been any kiss before. I did not know how the urge came on me.

4. I watched Earthus as she pulled at her long hair, which was about six cubits long. I came close to putting my lips in hers when I saw six figures like mine emerge from nowhere.

5. Eartum, dare it not! Nymphidis cried at me. The other priests with him are Chimides, Largas, Ephradite, Euchlydes, Murmoh and Chaleb. They were the flying ones I saw like objects earlier.

6. They have all chosen the third planet under the sun to explore too.

7. Nymphidis brought fire and we sat round it. Then we took turn to speak of our findings. Chimides said he had toured round the planet and found out that water occupied most part of the earth.

8. I walked in the waters for my feet was touching its base. I spoke into the waters and formed some living creatures in it.

9. Largas spoke of how he had formed some flying objects. The objects sing like Largas himself. They have different kinds of voices. He also formed some winged ones which are far tinier than the ones that sing.

10. Ephradite spoke of his findings on the surface of the planet where we stood. He told us of a bird made by Largas which has flown out of the earth, shockingly to Largas himself.

11. I never heard of this before, Largas replied.

12. Yes I keep it a top secret till this time, Largas. But be it known unto you that your bird you name Parakreet has flown out of this planet.

13. But I caged it, Largas said.

14. But I threw up the cage playfully and shockingly the cage went up up away without returning to this planet. It went with the bird in it.

15. Largas was quiet for he was speechless. I, Eartum, asked to know why it was so and Ephradite asked me to use my brain.

16. I, Eartum, began to put my brain to use. Then I raised my face to the sky and found no living object flying in it right now.

17. Where are all the flying creatures you said you created, O Largas? I asked him. He set his eyes up and saw none too. He was alarmed!

18. Right before our faces, Largas put his right hand in his pocket and came up with some hard tepex. I asked, O Largas, what do you mean this for?

19. I created all the birds with the tepexes, Largas replied.

20. But how did you know that you can create something with tepexes? I asked Largas and he replied, Lo, I found water pouring out of my skin when I was under the sun in this planet. I tasted it and it was like tepexes. Then I think Reverad formed us thereof.

21. Your observation is true, dear Largas. I tasted the water of my skin too. It tasted like tepex.

22. Immediately, Largas formed a bird and threw it forcefully into the sky. The bird flew up, up, up and it vanished out of our sight. We all wondered where it had been.

23. Do birds now have our powers? Chaleb asked in amazement. Because for us, once we jumped up even without our wings, we keep on going up, up, up.

24. Largas flexed his muscles to pull back the birds which had gone out of sight, but could not. Chaleb joined him to flex his muscle while they looked into the sky.

25. I, Eartum and Chimides and Ephradite and Euchlydes and Nymphidis all joined Chaleb and Largas in the pulling force, but we found no birds descending. Only Murmoh did not join hands to pull down the birds.

26. Amazingly, Earthus flexed her muscles too and we all laughed at her because her muscles looked smaller compared to ours.

27. To our amazements, we began to see rain of birds. They were all dead and frozen, falling down in their hundreds upon our heads.

28. What is this? we the sons of God screamed out loud. We all stopped pulling but the birds didn't stop raining. Then we looked behind us and found Earthus still pulling.

29. How is Earthus, a product of the bang, more powerful than all the sons of God joined together? we questioned.

30. I suggested that Reverad could have put the planet in her care since she came up with this planet at the bang.

31. When Earthus stopped pulling, the birds ceased to fall immediately.

32. We threw many living creatures up too, to ascertain if it was only birds that go up without coming back, but according to our findings, all things we threw up never returned to us.

33. I have also thrown my poor hunch-backed creature into the air too and it never returned to me.

34. We tried again to pull them back but nothing fell back until Earthus alone flexed her muscles and they began to fall back one after the other.

35. As a mutual consent, we agreed to let Earthus control the planet because she had more dominion over the creatures more than we all do. Nymphidis disagreed at first, but eventually we agreed to let Earthus rule the earth and we called the name of this planet Earth, according to the tongue we chose to speak(for we all have more than a thousand tongues each, which we speak and we all understood them all).

36. And so Earthus became the mother of all things in this planet called Earth.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:32am On Feb 17, 2016

1. We all agreed that Earthus, the mother of the earth, should plant her pulling force into the earth so that anything we throw up might return to earth again.

2. Earthus agreed to help us out and so she passed some powers into the soils.

3. And so we made some creatures- beasts of different kinds and when they jumped up or fly up, they do not keep moving up until they vanished because the pull of Mother Earthus's force always brought them down back.

4. However, Nymphidis always wanted to take control of the earth from Earthus.

5. He was jealous of the single power of Earthus which pulls all earthly things back.

6. Largas began to make birds again in their thousands but lo, his birds all came crashing down from lofty heights because of the pulling force of Earthus buried in the soils.

7. Largas was grieved and then he complained.

8. Nymphidis was the first to present to us that Earthus should be judged because of this.

9. She planted her force in the soil for to destroy everything we have created, Nymphidis accused her.

10. Earthus wept sorely but I, Eartum, consoled her.

11. Weep not Earthus for no hair of your body shall fall to the earth because of this.

12. Earthus was greatly consoled by my suiting words.

13. And it came to pass after our creatures have become multitude in number, that the thing began to grieve Nymphidis.

14. The creatures which resulted from the great bang were two millions in number, but only few of them were Homos.

15. The Homos were very gigantic in stature. They were all males like us, except for Earthus.

16. It grieved Nymphidis because the beasts and Homos that resulted from the great bang were contending with the ones we created.

17. Nymphidis wanted both all the beasts and Earthus destroyed once and for all. He loathed their sight.

18. Nymphidis began to influence Largas and they charged Earthus for the murder of their creatures, especially the birds which fell down from lofty heights and all die without an exception.

19. Largas demanded to get back all his dead birds alive from Earthus according to the advice of Nymphidis.

20. They took Earthus and hanged her hair on the longest tree made by Chimides.

21. I, Eartum stood between them to plead for her cause and to make known to them that instead of cutting off her first life, we had better ask her to uproot the pulling force she planted.

22. They listened to my advice and asked Earthus to pull out her force. She did.

23. However, it was not better for us because Largas' birds soon disappeared within a short period of time.

24. Even our creatures disappeared too whenever they attempted jumping.

25. When Euclydes lost his lovely pet Homo, he began to seek for Earthus to plant back her force into the soil.

26. Largas and Nymphidis realised their mistakes and begged her to plant back the force.

27. An agreement was made this time between Earthus and us all that we shall not lay our hands on her if the force backfired.

28. Earthus also agreed to let the force remain forever beneath the earth.

29. Then at this time did Largas make some birds successfully by giving them light wings like ours, as well as designing their bodies in a way to give them resistance from the pulling force of Earthus.

30. He made the tepex materials as light as possible before moulding his birds. All these were the advice I gave to him.

31. Now Largas' bird soared in the sky without crashing down or flying off the earth permanently.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:35am On Feb 17, 2016

1. Millions of years had passed and we all remained how we were.

2. Whatever was made do not grow older or multiply and things do not die except a force is responsible for its death.

3. We, the seven priests who explored the earth, with the exception of Murmoh, have all made several creatures for our pleasure.

4. It was Chaleb who amazed us all by creating tiny creatures which the eyes of every other creatures of the great bang could not see.

5. Even the beasts and the birds we made were all not able to see the tiny creatures created by Chaleb. Even Mother Earthus could not see the creatures because she was also a product of the great bang.

6. I Eartum preferred the waters and I made many fishes into the seas and oceans. They were as harmless as cool breeze when I made them.

7. Murmoh was the only son of God who refused to put his brain to work.

8. He refused to raise a finger to create something.

9. Nymphidis created fire. He was so much glad with his creations. He also created forces which slaps against each other to produce sparkles when there was rain of water upon the earth.

10. Chaleb also made tiny insects which the eyes can see. They have wings too which are even lighter than those of the birds.

11. They were not also affected by the force of Earthus.

12. Ephradite wondered why all the living creatures that flew off the earth and fell back to us when Earthus pulled them back were all frozen dead even before they landed on the soil.

13. Ephradite felt something must be responsible for their death up in space. He took one of his creatures in his hands and flew to space.

14. (Ephradite specialised in creating creeping beasts).

15. Ephradite created a very long creeping beast without legs and took it with him to space.

16. The beast died while up in space and Ephradite angrily threw it down from space.

17. The elongated beast fell into Nymphidis' cultivated garden and some of its kinds as offspring came out of it unknown to Nymphidis. Then they hid in the garden of Nymphidis.

18. Nymphidis at the first time loathed the appearance of the elongated thing which was serpent.

19. When Ephradite first made the serpents, Nymphidis complained grievously and set some of them on fire.

20. He had great phobias for them which no one understood why.

21. It was for the intent of destroying Ephradite's serpent that Nymphidis made the first fire he made.

22. Ephradite returned to earth to take some beasts with him. He took some serpents and also begged Euclydes to take some of the beasts and homos he made with him to space.

28. Ephradite took two homos named Galina and Emanor by Euclydes. He took his serpents called Luzor and Ahaim with him also. He also decided to take some very tiny reptiles with him, which he made also. He wrapped them in a leaf. Then he took a bird named Parakreet by Largas.

29. Ephradite soared skyward and got to space. Not long Galina and Emanor dropped to the earth first. Lo, they were cold-dead.

30. The bird named Parakreet was also let down from space because it was cold-dead too. Soon the serpents fell and Nymphidis sent fire to consume them immediately, dead or not.

31. We began to expect Ephradite to let down the worms he took with him in the leaves. Lo, we didn't see them fall.

32. Did they survive the killing effect of space? we began to ask ourselves the questions.

33. We expected Ephradite to return to tell us that the worms(the shelly ones and the non-shelly ones) survived in space but it was not so.

34. When we thought that it was Ephradite we found returning to earth, we were shocked when an object from space landed powerfully into the earth and went deep into the soil.

35. More of these objects began to fall to the earth, killing many of our beast.

36. A massive one fell on the tip of mother Earthus' toenails and chopped off her long toenails. She cried in pain.

37. Soon Ephradite returned from space with a grieved face.

38. We immediately held him at ransom, for we thought that he was the one who threw down the stars, comets and asteroids which had fallen straight into the core of the earth.

39. Ephradite denied this and said he saw them fall too.

40. My worms had fallen! Ephradite lamented. They were the only ones who survived the space while I was up there. I threw down the rest of the beasts when they died.

41. But only my worms survived. They didn't die, the shelly ones and the non-shelly ones. The leaves into which I kept them loosed and they split off the leaves to different directions.

42. Nymphidis got angry at Ephradite for mentioning the worms when actually the earth was endangered by the fall of the stars and other bodies in space.

43. How is a worm so important to us than all these creatures which are dead?

44. Behold, If I get hold of your worms, I shall put them in the unquenchable fire which I have begun to make! Nymphidis said in fury.

45. You dare not! Ephradite defied him. I need to have my worms so I can know why they survived the space.

46. And so Ephradite searched for years for his worms thereafter but could not find them.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:40am On Feb 17, 2016

1. Mother Earthus was fed up with the intimidations of Nymphidis such that she decided to walk far away from him.

2. We, the sons of God, begged her to stay and she obliged. However, I suggested to her that she reduced her pulling force buried in the earth such that its impact does not go too far.

3. Earthus agreed and decreased the impact of the force by two-third such that the impact do not get felt in the second stairs of space.

4. Nymphidis soon began to compel Murmoh to approach Earthus and lie with her (in those days no one had lain with the opposite gender).

5. Murmoh was afraid to do it until Nymphidis convinced him to do it.

6. I heard Reverad when he said that this is acceptable to him, Nymphidis said.

7. But he mentioned your name, not Murmoh's name. He said that you should do it, not Murmoh, Chimides defended Murmoh his friend.

8. Yes the great Reverad said so, but I feel that since Murmoh has done nothing all his life, then this should be his first feat, Nymphidis said.

9. Now Nymphidis was only clever, for he feared doing it himself.

10. Nymphidis convinced us all into accepting that Murmoh was the right son of God to do that.

11. Murmoh wept and trembled as he entered in with Mother Earthus and slept with her, thereby taking away her long-kept virginity.

12. Murmoh was cold after doing it and he wept as he felt great power had gone out of him. He told it to us and we all laughed.

13. How was the taste of it? Nymphidis asked playfully.

14. I felt I have lost some of my powers, Murmoh complained.

15. What use is power to you, O Murmoh? Nymphidis raised up his voice. You only store power without using them.

16. Murmoh kept silent for a week in sorrow for he felt guilty doing it with Earthus.

17. Earthus soon began to have her womb rise up and we feared that the liquid released into her body by Murmoh was only a poison to her soul.

18. We were all amazed when a giant homo with furs arose. Earthus had given birth.

19. The furs were dark like scarlet and the creature seemed too ugly for our liking. He had some resemblance to Murmoh who was black in complexion too(the only one among us who was having a dark complexion).

20. Thus we had the first homo to be born by flesh and not by the impact of the bang. He is called Faulkin, the firstborn of all creatures.

21. Faulkin was of great stature as he grew. Soon we began to see Mother Earthus' womb rise again after a while.

22. We had no idea who impregnated her this time around but Murmoh said he had no idea who did this at this time.

23. Mother Earthus herself testified that she did not know who slept with her because she was probably drunk with wine from Chimides' vineyard.

24. It went down thus until Earthus gave birth to a female of her kind. She looked fair and beautiful enough that we were all tempted to claim it as ours.

25. Nymphidis and Ephradite claimed they own it. Chimides claimed it too but I and Murmoh kept silent about it.

26. A great conflict ensued between Ephradite and Nymphidis over the ownership of baby Waldis, according to the name she was called by Mother Earthus herself.

27. Faulkin himself loved baby Waldis so much that he fell in love with her.

28. Ephradite and Nymphidis fought over the ownership of Waldis for over a decade.

29. Nymphidis fought with fire, thunder and lightnings while Ephradite fought majorly with his reptiles--serpents and worms.

30. In the fight, Nymphidis set his fire on Ephradite's serpents and worms but only the serpents died while the worms survived.

31. Ephradite began to think that the same thing which killed his beasts in space must have been responsible for the death of the serpents in the fire, but his worms did not die again in the fire too.

32. Their fights ended after Faulkin and Waldis were suddenly discovered missing.

33. Nymphidis thought Faulkin must have taken Waldis away into a faraway place for her safety, but I, Eartum, thought Faulkin must have taken her away to have her as his own alone because I perceived he loved her greatly.

34. Earthus mourned the loss of her children for days which rolled into years.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:41am On Feb 17, 2016


1. I, Ephradite, the son of God began to love the creeping things which were loathed by Nymphidis.

2. Lo, I made the serpents and the worms and many creeping things for my own pleasure.

3. I, Ephradite, love them all with all my heart and wished them to live forever.

4. I fashioned the worms and serpents and all creeping things according to the pleasure of my heart.

5. I also love to observe the air--the land breeze and the sea breeze.

6. In my conflict with Nymphidis, I quenched his fire with my breeze and he was amazed.

7. He thought he had made unquenchable fires but I proved him wrong.

8. I have sorted out the breeze and I know what part of it can sustain fire and what part can sustain living beasts.

9. According to my findings, the part of the breeze which can sustain the beasts is the one which can sustain the fire.

10. I have observed the breeze in space and I discovered that they do not contain the breeze element that can sustain life of creatures like beasts and the homos.

11. I sorted the breeze into different parts. I had nine hundred breezes altogether.

12. Some of my breezes are colourless, odourless and tasteless.

13. I discovered a breeze which can incite laughter. I also discovered one which can cause deafness and blindness as well.

14. Some of my breezes are heavy while some are light. Some are harmful to the health of the beasts while some are not. Some smelled rotteness while some smelled good.

15. I have discovered that the breeze which can sustain the burning of fire is the same as the one which can sustain lives, but this is lacking in space.

16. The breeze which can quench fire is the same one needed by Chimides' trees and shrubs and all the trees and shrubs formed during the great bang.

17. I have made several vessels to keep my breezes in them.

18. However, some of my worms are so strong that they do not need the breeze which supports lives, yet they live.

19. My worms do not die when they did not get the breeze they needed while they were in space. So they did not also die in Nymphidis' fire.

20. My worms knew how to defend themselves when they do not have the needed breeze to breath in. They fold up and remained still for years until the needed breezes are around.

21. I began to think of how to form my serpents in that fashion too so that they could survive Nymphidis' fire.

22. Nymphidis had burnt many of my creeping beasts alive and my soul hated him for this.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:42am On Feb 17, 2016

1. And it came to pass when many beasts and homos had been formed on the earth that there arose great strife.

2. Nymphidis got angry, complaining how Largas' bird had come into his garden to feed on every seed therein.

3. He also complained of how the roots of Chimides' trees had crept into his garden to tap nutrient from his soil.

4. Nymphidis said some fish had intruded into his garden from the ocean and it sounded strange to us. He was indirectly blaming Eartum for this.

5. Nymphidis complained that many of Ephradite's serpents had made way into his garden too.

6. But I roasted them with my fire, Nymphidis declared happily. This got Ephradite angry and he promised to make serpents that never dies in fire.

7. Nymphidis also complained that Chaleb's tiny creatures were the reasons why some of the flowers in his garden withered away prematurely.

9. Then he complained of how Euchlydes' beasts of various kinds had trampled upon the plants in his garden.

10. Worst of all, Nymphidis accused Murmoh of not helping to water his garden.

11. We were all grieved by Nymphidis' accusation such that we almost waged war against him together, with the exception of Murmoh.

12. It was then that Chaleb confessed that he indeed fed some of his invisible organisms and insects with coderine, a substance which he discovered from one of the plants in the forest.

13. Chaleb spoke: I cannot totally justify myself because truly I fed some of my insects with coderine and they went mad.

14. My gentle bees now sting anything coming their ways. My tiny invisible cocolorincus is the reason why some of the animals are falling sick and dying.

15. My singing insects now prefer to go into dirty places and also sing sickening songs into the ears of homos and beasts and bite them.

16. I have no control over them no more since the day they took a sip of the coderine from the plants.

17. When Chaleb ended his lamentation, Largas began, it is true Nymphidis that some of my birds intrude into your beautiful garden. They love to come to your gardens because they love beautiful places.

18. I think your garden is the best befitting place on earth for them to abide and they love the sight of it. I adjure you to bear with them.

19. Euchlydes began to speak also. My mammoth and dinosaurs and unicorn and gigantosauruses and kimonosaurus and the rest of my beasts all know what is best for them.

20. I think your garden is eye-catching enough for them all. Let them have fun in there.

21. Then Eartum took it up and said, give ears O Nymphidis. I can not figure out how the fishes in my ocean can bounce so much as to enter your garden from the ocean.

22. Eartum had not made an end of his speech when a whale fell into the garden of Nymphidis from nowhere.

23. When Ephradite saw it, he laughed aloud and said, as for me, I have no regret that my creeping beasts got into your garden to destroy it.

24. Straightaway Nymphidis began a great war with the rest of the sons of God and millions of our creatures were destroyed by fire and thunder.

25. The war lasted for a century and almost everything created by the big bang were destroyed.

26. All the gigantosauruses and dinosaurs and mammoths and many other huge beasts died, as well as all of the creeping things.

27. And the earth looked null and void. Behold almost all things inside the earth had died.

28. And so mother Earthus mourned for all these souls for many years and covered them up with soils.

29. Their flesh got rotten but their bones remained intact.

30. And in those days, the sun seemed to be hiding its face from the earth and their was ice and snows everywhere on the surface of the earth and none of our beasts survived the frigidity of that age.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:54am On Feb 17, 2016


1. After the great bang, we all trembled, because even Reverad our creator who caused the bang had fallen.

2. The forces which resulted in the bang were from Domino Reverad himself.

3. Then we saw one great sphere. It was Terma who called my attention to the sphere at first. When I saw it I was amazed.

4. Tactilus began to tell us what the great sphere was. He told us it was one of the resultants of the great bang.

5. Domino got his spirit back and told us to go round to count the spheres.

6. We all made different countings and argued on the way which of the countings we should submit to Reverad as the most acceptable.

7. I, Chaleb counted a million and ninety nine spheres. Gnomis counted up to three million and Eartum said he got two million spheres. Murmoh said he saw nothing but one because he did not go far into space.

8. Nymphidis argued that his calculation was the only right one, for he had counted a billion spheres.

9. We did not agree on a particular number of spheres so we decided to tender our findings before Reverad individually.

10. However, we were all amazed when great Domino told us that he knew all our findings individually and there were no spheres at all.

11. Domino told us point-blank that the shapes of the planets are the shapes of the testicles in our scrotal sac and they signify two lives for every individual.

12. We were so amazed and ashamed that we all flew back into the planets to do a thorough study of the planets by landing on the surfaces of them all.

13. I, Chaleb landed in a thick forest. I found many big beasts and creeping things and few homos.

14. They were all a result of the great bang. Then I saw Murmoh coming from afar. He was tired.

15. Murmoh felt like returning to the golden city, but I encouraged him to stay behind and make some findings about the planet.

16. I discovered with my vision that the leaves of plants were the centre through which water leaves them. I also wondered how the plant could survive without water (for rain had not fallen into the planets before).

17. But Knoliud, the knowledge of Reverad, had before told us how every living thing needed water for life.

18. Even Domino himself takes water from time to time.

19. I found out that when water is not available, the plants made their own food from the sunlight.

20. It was a plant we called Chemint that made me know this. When the sun rose, the plant opened its leaves and soon I began to see some white precipitate upon it.

21. When I tasted the precipitate, it had the exact taste of hebedis, a white powdery substance we taste in the City of Gold.

22. I also found out that the soil contained a lot of food for the plant to absorb. I discovered this when I uprooted a tree and left it hanging in the air (I had sought Chimides' permission to let me use some of his created trees).

23. The tree only survived for few days and withered away. Then I drew up the conclusion that celestial food alone can not be sufficient for terrestial things.

24. I, Chaleb, soon began to think of making insects which no terrestial eyes can see and the ones they can see.

25. I took a grain of tarx and cut it into bits until the homo beside me had testified, using gestures, that he could no longer see the tiny bits, for they were too small in stature for the eyes of a homo to see.

26. However, myself and all the sons of God could still see the tiny bits.

27. I gave life to all these tiny bits and they moved, except for some of them which I made to remain still until the time I would have need of them.

28. I counted my tiny creatures and they were a million in number. I created them in different shapes and sizes, all looking invisible to the eyes of the homos, including mother Earthus.

29. After this, I began to make little insects with wings. They can fly from one place to another, but not as high as the birds made by Largas. I made them so because of the harmful effect of temperature and the wind. However, some flew as high as they wished and died in the process.

30. And it came to pass that I began to make more discoveries in the area of herbs and plants. I found out that some substances in plants can destroy the fabrications of the body of the homos while some can make them better.

30. I made a syrupy thing drip out of a tree and soaked all my insects and tiny creatures therein. Lo, they all ran mad and began to run and fly haphazardly. I could not control them as they flew aimlessly, speaking the tongues I did not teach them and singing sickening songs.

31. I saw many of them how they attacked Nymphidis' beautiful garden and began to feed on his beautiful trees and animals, as well as his flowers.

32. I looked closely at the syrupy thing which made my creatures mad and named it coderine. I took some drops of it and kept it. I would do more findings about it thereafter.

33. And it came to pass that Nymphidis began to complain, blaming everyone for not taking care of what they created insomuch that those things had attacked his beautiful garden.

34. He complained of Largas' birds eating up his grains of millet, Chimides' large trees intruding into his garden, Euchlydes' animals coming to his garden to feed on the grasses, as well as Eartum's fish jumping in.

35. He also complained of Ephradite's creeping creatures such as the serpents and worms coming into the garden.

36. When we could not come to good terms with each other, a great war ensued which lasted for ten decades.

37. We lost almost all our animals and homos to the great war and in the end, we all regretted our actions, for the sweat of our bodies had gone to waste.

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Chapter Eleven


1. Why have you fallen, O creatures! Why do you let the sting of war catch you unawares? O that the earth could spin backward and get you all awake.

2. Aldot, my favourite bird of the great bang with your beautiful songs. Why did you let the fire of Nymphidis roast you to death?

3. Your great wings were not swift enough to take you off these planets. How I wished I had taken my force off the earth, perhaps you could have flown into space to hide yourself for seasons and peradventure you might survive the choking of space like the worms of Ephradite did.

4. O my Parakreet, with your beautiful eyes and long legs. You could have been swifter than Nymphidis' thunder while you were up in the sky. The lightening of Nymphidis should not have caught up with you.

5. Your crown so red like crimson: your neck like the pipe of Largas. You could have survived death. You could have just fought for your life.

6. How will I forget my sauruses!; the dinosaurs and gigantosauruses all fainted and died in a while by the breezes of Ephradite. O Ephradite! why do you pour out the evil breezes in your fury?

7. You have done much evil in this war like Nymphidis and Largas too who caused his birds to attack us all massively and lay waste the effort of the great bang.

8. O Chaleb! your hands are not clean in this war. Your unseen creatures caused great sicknesses in the body of our living creatures, for before now was no sickness recorded.

9. But since the inventions of your cruel creatures, we saw no rest anymore. We feel sickly and tired. Our throats dry off and we cough to death.

10. We feel our body swelling and life became unsuitable for us all. Why do you make what you cannot control, O Chaleb? Why will the creature of your hands be a lord over you?

11. Chimides is not innocent in this matter, for at your command, the trees fell on our beasts and homos, killing thousands of thousands of them.

12. You made some of your plants to feed on the frogs and insects. You made spiky plants too to tear the wings of our butterflies.

13. This is not good, O Chimides. You could have been patient like Domino Reverad whom I have never seen with my eyes.

14. And you Eartum. You made the crocodiles in the sea come forth to eat up the homos and the other beasts.

15. My respect for you, O Eartum, was not a little, but you threw it up in the air and joined the rest of the sons of God to throw up the dust in war.

16. Behold, many blood had wasted and the whole earth is filled with blood.

17. And you Murmoh, you did no well at all, for you watched the sons of God raise the dust of the earth and did nothing to end the fierce battle.

18. You sat in your corner watching them go to war. You could have used your conserved power to put the battle to an end.

19. And it came to pass, after Mother Earthus had ended her mournings for all the creatures of the earth that she wiped off her face with her long hair and began to cover the dead animals with the soil of the earth, from the poles to the equator.

20. And Earthus dug deep into the earth reaching to its second layers and there she deposited many of the dead bodies.

21. She also dug in some places some cubits into the ground and stopped, for as the years rolled over, she began to get tired.

22. And all the sons of God assisted her in soberness of heart. And it spanned half a century for us all to cover up all the dead.

23. So there was peace and quietness on earth for a space of a million years after the death and burial of all the creatures.

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The Topic Dear Friend is Pneumatology. It incorporates Arts,Sciences etc. UFOs and their relationship and usefulness to the Spirits are taught therein. So make it snappy and interesting for we are waiting.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 4:11pm On Feb 17, 2016

1. And it came to pass, after a billion years since we have been exploring the earth that we all agreed to split the earth into parts to avoid continuous strife.

2. Now the whole land on earth was together as at the time of the creation of the planets by the great bang and the oceans surrounded the land.

3. Now we all agreed to break the planet into different fragments for us to dwell separately. Chimides said he would accomodate Murmoh since he was not ready to join in the work of breaking up the crust.

4. Chaleb and Euchlydes also paired up to do the work to make it easier and faster for them. Nymphidis offered to accomodate mother Earthus but Eartum disagreed to that. His love for her had waxed strong.

5. I want Earthus to be with me because I first found her before anyone does, therefore she is mine.

6. No she is mine, Nymphidis said. She is mine because I was the first to lie with her and raise a child of her.

7. How are you soon forgetting that it was Murmoh and not you who took away the virginity of Earthus? If anyone should be with her, then it should be Murmoh who raised a child from her at first or myself who first found her.

8. Do you call Faulkin a child? Nymphidis laughed. Not at all Eartum for Faulkin is nothing different from some of the homos we made ourselves. Waldis is the only one we should consider as a child, for she had the kind of skin we have.

9. Keep you still, O Nymphidis for Waldis' father is yet unknown. Remember both you, Ephradite and Chimides all claimed the ownership of the female child in question of which led to a great fight between Ephradite and you.

10. And as Eartum said this, Chimides and Ephradite heard him and said, Eartum, don't be deceived for we knew nothing about the birth of Waldis.

11. So Nymphidis was vindicated and accepted as the right father of the lost daughter, Waldis.

12. Therefore, Mother Earthus agreed reluctantly to dwell with Nymphidis after the breaking apart of the planet.

13. And this saying grieved Eartum such that he lifted up his voice and wept sorely for days. He would not join in digging up of the crust to cause the separation because he was weak for love.

14. And Earthus observed this and wept secretly in her chamber for Eartum too, for she loved her greatly.

15. Ephradite and Nymphidis ended their long-lasting quarrel at that moment and they agreed to dwell together, though Nymphidis alone would be the one to have the right to Earthus.

16. Nymphidis agreed without probing the intentions of Ephradite.

17. As for Eartum, he was so grieved that he chose to dwell in the oceans where his creatures dwell. He would be with them there to make them be at peace.

18. However, Earthus hated the sight of Nymphidis greatly and she desired to depart into the ocean to dwell with Eartum but he advised her to stay to avoid Nymphidis' trouble which might result into another war.

19. Earthus accepted after making Eartum promise her that he would be coming secretly to check on her.

20. However, Eartum carved the image of mother Earthus in her nudity (for the sons of God always have some coverings of grasses for their bodies to prevent them from the scorching sun. Only in the city of Gold do they go without clothings for the sun had no effect on them there).

21. When Earthus saw the image moulded of chyst, she was glad, for it was perfectly framed up.

22. Go with it to the ocean. Take it with you O Eartum, for a token of a rememberance of me. Kiss it and caress it as much as you like, for it shall be great comfort for you.

23. Then Eartum kissed Earthus in the lips. This was the first kiss done on earth.

24. And Earthus declared after the kiss, saying, for as many lovers who did this hereafter, they shall be blessed with much benefit. Remember this kiss O Eartum, at the rememberance of me, and I shall remember it too.

25. Then Eartum departed into the ocean and so did Earthus who departed to meet Nymphidis in the new garden where he had developed again.

26. And the crust of the earth began to be divided as agreed upon by the sons of God.

27. And after a hundred years was the division completed and the whole crust was divided into three parts. Chimides and Murmoh took one part, Euchlydes and Chaleb took another while Nymphidis, Ephradite and Earthus dwelt in the third.

28. And at the time when they felt that division would bring peace upon them did the ocean occupied by Eartum began to intrude into the cleavages left by the breakage.

29. And this thing began to vex Nymphidis such that he threatened to wage war with Eartum because he did not control the ocean wherein he dwelt.

30. But Earthus pleaded with Nymphidis to let it be, because she feared losing the earth to another war again.

31. However, Eartum began to visit Earthus betimes taking the route of the ocean which had formed at the boundary of the land of Euchlydes and Chaleb and the land of Nymphidis.

32. And the land of Euchlydes and Chaleb was named Euchaleb, according to the names of its founders.

33. The land of Nymphidis was named Nymphradite, according to the names of the dwellers of it; Nymphidis and Ephradite.

34. But Earthus' name did not reflect in it because she owned the whole earth, according to the pact already agreed upon by all the sons of God earlier.

35. And the land of Nymphradite remained together as one land for a space of two hundred and sixty million years.


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by jcross19: 5:52pm On Feb 17, 2016
Where did you get this from? Is it another dimension of deceit or what?. Well story is interesting .


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 10:10pm On Feb 17, 2016

1. Upon my bed do I weep for my love. Who shall console my heart? O my love, depart not from me forever.
2. Every day of my life shall I wait for to see your face. Come close to me and give me the kisses of your mouth. The liquid of your lips are like the taste of blackberry.
3. Come to me, O my love. Let the smell of your skin overshadow me. Let the hair of your head caress my body.
4. Come and take me away from this bondage forever. You are not like Nymphidis, who is a thorn in my flesh. Come Eartum, come and have me forever.
5.The earth without you is like the turnic tree without its fruit. It is like a head without the nostrils.
In your hands I shall be proud. I shall boast of being a mother only when it is with you.
6. Keep me close to your chest; let the warmth of your ribs be my shelter. Keep me in your heart and I shall dwell therein forever.
7. O my love, most respected of the sons of God! Tell your ocean that you have a woman in me. Let them be prepared for my coming because it shall not be long.
8. Tell the fishes and the phibioses about Earthus. Let them get ready for my coming, for I shall come not long.
9. The shape of your eyes is perfectly oval. I cannot take away my eyes from them. Your eyelashes like the hairs of a marf.
10. Let me feel the smoothness of your feet. Let my fingers run from your chest down your abdomen. 11. My long finger shall make its way down your navel.
12. Give way, for my love comes. He comes dressed in garment of white like the sun.
13. Respect! Respect! the preferred son of God is come. He rides on a chystosaurus. Cover the earth with the grass of tefron, for the son of God shall not tread upon the bare ground.
14. Lo, I shed tears for my love for many years and the tears of my eyes set before my sclera.
15. Then I saw through the water of my eyes that Eartum is only a yard away.
16. Swiftly I rushed to hug the love of my heart and give him the reserved kiss of my cheeks.
17. But when I got close to my love, all I see was a smoke. It was all a conception of my brain.

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1. Let me remain celibate if the love of my heart is taken away from me.
2. The teeth of your mouth as white as wool. The hair of your head like the shiny anysx.
3. If I have my way into your inner chamber with my rod, thus shall I take your heart with me. I shall keep your heart in mine forever.
4. Earthus, you are a true mother. I long to see you in the ocean to take charge of all the beasts in the ocean.
5. Tarry not long anymore, for I have taught the creatures in the sea of your ways. You are the balance of the earth, this did I teach them.
6. Your statue have they set before their faces. The whales and the tergunis, they strove to swallow your image so that you could live in them forever.
7. My love, stay not long anymore. For I long to place my head on the soft pillows of your chest.
Let me put my laps in your laps and my lips in your lips. Let us play love in the wave of the ocean.
8.Let me pull your long hair and bind myself with it. Your skin is as smooth as that of the phibioses in the ocean.
9. I love your eyes that shine like the stars. Let us go over to the moon to play love. There we shall enjoy the reflection of the sun.
10. Let me release the content of my scrotal sac into you, for I long to have a replica of myself through you. I long to see who shall come out of your womb.
11. Earthus, in the dream of my eyes I see you alone, but when my eyes flashed opened, I found myself in the midst of the ocean all alone.

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1. And it came to pass that Ephradite began to pester Earthus to lie with him.

2. And Nymphidis knew nothing of such because he was much obsessed with his garden.

3. When Earthus was undressed did Ephradite barge into her tent and demanded a round of pleasure.

4. Earthus was set into confusion as she quickly covered her lower parts to prevent Ephradite from seeing it.

5. And Ephradite raised his voice and said, O Earthus, why cover yourself, for I have already seen your delectable parts?

6. Your waist down to your laps are like the sunpillar in the sky. Come close to me and let me have your body between my ribs.

7. Come now, O Earthus, for Nymphidis shall not come until the evening time.

8. Earthus refused the advances of Ephradite and said, I shall not break the truce we made: as long as we be together, Nymphidis alone shall be my husband.

9. Break not your covenant with him so soon. You have promised to stay away from me, else this continent shall be broken apart.

10. Nymphidis shall not cherish a sight of you and I in the bed of pleasure. Let me be, O Ephradite! Let the breath of my nostril pour smoothly out of me.

11. Hasten up not the pumping of my heart for I am gripped with fear at this sight of yours.

12. And it came to pass when Earthus will not succumb to the pleas of Ephradite to lie with her that he made ready some of the breezes he had sorted out.

13. The breeze was the one which can make you laugh and faint.

14. Earthus was on her bed when Ephradite appeared at the door of her tent. Nymphidis was away as usual, for he had no time to take care of her.

15. When Earthus saw Ephradite at the door, she quickly covered herself on her bed, but he opened the gourd wherein was the breeze which incites laughter.

16. Earthus began to laugh her consciousness off as Ephradite moved close to her bed.

17. And at the selfsame hour did Eartum arose and followed the oceans for to see Earthus.

18. At this time, the oceans were three altogether; hibidis, engeli and eartum. And eartum was the mother of the oceans for it was from it that hibidis and engeli emerged.

19. And the ocean engeli was the one which flowed between the continent of Euchaleb and Nymphradite while hibidis was the one which flowed between Chimurmoh and Nymphradite.

20. And Eartum walked through engeli for to visit Earthus. And as he came close to the window of Earthus that he began to hear the laughing voice of Earthus.

21. He peeped through the window and found Ephradite lying on her bosom while she laughed out in pleasure.

22. Eartum stepped in and set his eyes on Earthus who herself appeared to be looking at him, but did not stop laughing and having fun with Nymphradite.

23. And this thing grieved Eartum insomuch that he turned around to leave immediately, but then Nymphidis came in.

24. What is this? Nymphidis screamed when he saw his wife under Ephradite's bowel.

25. He also saw Eartum and believed that they were both taking turn to lie with his wife.

26. Mother Earthus' consciousness came back to her at that moment. Behold she was stark naked.

27. When Earthus saw Eartum staring at her face, she was filled with shame. Eartum shook his head and made to leave but Nymphidis would not give way.

28. Why do you come to my home, O Eartum? Did you come from the oceans for the purpose of lying with Earthus my wife?

29. Eartum was speechless because he himself was confused. So he did not listen to Nymphidis as he got ready to leave.

30. But Nymphidis stood on his way to resist him. A great fight ensued between the three sons of God, but mother Earthus could only watch them fight.

31. The fight lasted for fifty five days and at the end, they promised to go apart, everyone of them.

32. Ephradite and Earthus then began to break their own land away from Nymphidis' land to avoid trouble.

33. And Eartum was disappointed at Earthus who lay down her body for Ephradite to climb. But Earthus began to tell Eartum the truth of the matter but he did not believe her, saying, did I not hear your voice of laughter?

34. Behold, I shall go back to the oceans and never return to you again, because you allowed Ephradite to climb on you.

35. So did Eartum return to the oceans and Earthus mourned him for many years.

36. And at the end of a century was the completion of the breaking apart of the land of Nymphradite complete and three great land emerged, which are called the land of Phidis, the land of Phradite and the land of Arthus.

37. And between the land of Phidis and Phradite emerged an ocean named phiph by Eartum and another named phidarth emerged between Phidis and Arthus.
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1. And after many years did Faulkin push a land close to Arthus.

2. When Mother Earthus lifted up her head above all the creatures around her, she found a black homo forcing a great land close to Arthus her land.

3. Mother Earthus looked closely at the hirsuit homo and found him to be her son, Faulkin.

4. Faulkin! she called out at him.

5. Mother! Faulkin replied.

6. You survived? How did you survive the long period of war which killed all our creatures? Faulkin how did you do it?

7. I can remember not less than two great wars had ensued since you left and many beasts and homos had been wasted.

8. How did you survive it, O firstborn of all living creatures?

9. And Faulkin began to tell the story of his long journey away from his parent.

10. Then did Earthus inquired of him, saying, where is Waldis your sister? Where is she whom you took away from me? Or did you not take her away from me?

11. And when Faulkin heard this, he fell to the earth and wept greatly.

12. Waldis is gone. She must be somewhere else right now to live her second life. Faulkin had never once spoken before his departure, but now he could speak.

13. When Earthus heard this, she wept bitterly and did not taste any kind of food for a space of a century.

14. And it came to pass that Nymphidis began to spy into the land of Arthus which belonged to Mother Earthus. Then he found Faulkin with her.

15. I can see! Nymphidis said when he set his eyes on Faulkin. I knew that Earthus must be having a visitor when I saw how large her land had become.

16. Now tell me, O Faulkin, tell me what has become of my only begotten daughter, Waldis. Tell me immediately.

17. And Nymphidis locked up his throat immediately before he (Faulkin) could speak.

18. Mother Earthus pleaded on the behalf of her son and Nymphidis left his neck and listened to what Faulkin would say.

19. And so Faulkin began to tell them what had become of Waldis, the daughter of Nymphidis.

20. When Nymphidis heard this, he was aggrieved and made to kill Faulkin.

21. I will send you to your second life right now. You killed my daughter, Faulkin. You killed my daughter.

22. I did all I could to prevent her from dying, but the forces from the war which you sons of God created killed her.

23. For we did not know where a great fire came from and devoured her. The fire came like the pouring of a smoke and roasted her alive into her second life.

24. When Nymphidis heard the confession of Faulkin, he fell to the earth and shed great tears for he was the cause of the fire which had roasted his daughter.

25. And Nymphidis began to adjure mother Earthus to permit him to stay with her, because he was grieved for his daughter's death.

26. For the sake of Waldis, O Earthus, let me dwell here with you. Let me be your husband once again and I shall this time be a responsible one.

27. Reluctantly, Earthus agreed and Nymphidis moved his land towards Earthus' land called the land of Arthus. Now did the three join their lands together- Faulkin joined his land called Faulk with the land of Earthus called Arthus and the land of Nymphidis called Phidis.

28. And the three lands became one, which is called Farthidis.

29. And in a while, Earthus had more children of Nymphidis, both male and female.
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1. And the number of life on earth began to increase greatly. And the population of the homos at Chimurmoh were a million and twenty eight thousands.

2. All the homos were of great stature and had furs on their bodies. They were all made by the sons of God and they do not multiply.

3. And the population of the homos in the land of Chlyde was three million and five hundred thousand and in the land of Haleb lived one million and two hundred thousand homos.

4. Now the land of Chlyde and Haleb was the one that was initially together and called Euchaleb.

5. But Euchlydes and Chaleb had had a great fight between each other such that they had to pull their land apart.

6. Euchlydes went northward while Chaleb went southward.

7. And this is the cause of the breaking apart of Euchlydes and Chaleb; Euchlydes, being the creature of different kinds of animals, began to get fed up with Chaleb for creating insects and unseen creatures which made his beasts and creatures fall sick and die.

8. Why did you, Chaleb, give your little insects the wicked stings again? Did you not say at the first time that they fed on coderine? Euchlydes said.

9. And those ones were dead during the long war we sons of God had among ourselves. So where did you get these brutal ones from at this time? Euchlydes complained.

10. I got them from nowhere, Chaleb said. Hear me, O Euchlydes, for most of my unseen creatures did not die during the war which killed almost all the living things.

11. I observed that many of the unseen ones pretended to be the sand of the earth while the war lasted. They pretended like the worms of Ephradite and then they survived.

12. They bit your beasts and living creatures and gave them sicknesses and diseases to death.

13. What now shall you do to stop these killings? Euchlydes demanded.

14. I do not know, but I shall keep trying to.

15. And after a very long while when the tiny creatures of Chaleb would not die that Euchlydes began to break his land away from Chaleb to avoid having all his beasts killed by the unseen tiny creatures of Chaleb.

16. Then did he name his land Chlydes and Chaleb named his land Haleb.

17. And Haleb remained alone for a while until Murmoh broke away from Chimides to join it(this happened in the days when Eartum and mother Earthus were having love fun in the moon). Then the land of Chimurmoh became Chimed and the land of Haleb became Murhaleb.

18. And at every breaking apart of lands were great seas and oceans formed. The oceans deepened according to the number of the divisions of the lands.

19. And the division of the lands is what is called continent until these days.

20. And it began to displease Mother Earthus that the whole planet was fragmented. And she sought to unite the world again.

21. Then was a meeting called for all the sons of God to appear. And they all met at Farthidis at the very centre of it.

22. And the sons of God were delighted to see the faces of one another again.

23. They hugged and kissed one another and sat together to eat and drink.

24. Even Eartum who owned the oceans seemed to have forgotten his grief. He related well with all the other sons of God.

25. And Knoliud, the knowledge of God, descended to our midst to share some words of knowledge with us.

26. Then he began to teach us the purpose of the shape of the elliptical shape of the planet earth.

27. And Knoliud said, the earth is elliptical. It is cyclical and continuous. What has happened will still happen again. Everything you see today are the realities of yesteryears. And whatever you do today shall the generations in billion years to come also do.

28. To predict the future, look into the past. This technique shall be used by many and they shall sway many with it.

29. The past is the future that will happen. Everything at present shall happen again in the future.

30. And only those who knew very much of the past shall be able to see the future. But in the real sense of it, they saw no future but the past.

31. The shape of the earth is a lesson to learn that all things that goes will come back to its starting point.

32. The creatures of the past shall benefit those of the future, and without the past creatures, the future creatures shall not survive.

33. And in millions of years to come, the future people shall get almost all their energies from the people of the past.

34. Only the energy of the sun shall surpass the energies to get from the creatures of the past.

35. This is the purpose of death; for without death shall no man benefit. And those who are not afraid of dying shall be the only ones to be empowered.

36. For the fear of death shall bring about the limitation of knowledge and power.

37. And in the future shall many be made to fear death by one of the sons of God.

38. He shall forbid them do things that will make them use their brains, but instead, he shall set leaders over them to put their intentions into check such that they shall invent no single thing.

39. They shall also not discover any work of God because they shall think it as abomination and evil to discover the works of God.

40. And they shall die in their ignorances, creating no useful impact in the world but noise.

41. And they shall not invent anything but noise while they use the inventions of the people that are not afraid of death. Yet they shall condemn the people whose inventions they are using.

42. And when Knoliud was still saying all these, Nymphidis began to smile greatly to himself.

43. And Knoliud, the knowledge of God discovered this and said, Nymphidis, that which you want to do, do it.


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1. There are two ways of destroying a million people--first is through violence and the other is through peace.

2. Do you think destruction through violence is the more effective of the two? No, but it is the destruction through peace.

3. When you come with peace, your enemies shall accept you wholeheartedly and pose no resistance, but when you come with violence, you shall be met with much resistance.

4. And in the far future, I see two beliefs that shall be made to stand--the first shall stand through peace and the second shall stand through violence.

5. And these two beliefs shall resist the development of this planet greatly, until a time when it would no more be possible to suppress development.

6. And the founder of these two beliefs shall be one of the sons of God. They shall not cease to upgrade their beliefs every now and then to suit the time.

7. Every homo created has the future and the past in his brain. But these things shall be concealed from him until he has begun to use his brain.

8. And every problem come with its own gain. An abnormal brain shall do more exploit than the normal one.

9. So also shall someone do more great things when he is not complete than when he is complete.

10. And it shall come to a time that many shall donate their organs for the intent of doing great things.

11. And even many shall give up their lives for to achieve a great task that shall never be forgotten.

12. Everybody at present shall live again in the future. When they die, their shadows shall live. And a valley shall be filled with their shadows. This valley shall a person see whenever he is near death.

13. If a man knows someone from the past whose lifetime behaviours resembled his own in the present, then such man can tell his own future by studying the life of the deceased person.

14. And those that will be powerful on earth are those who manifest powers and then command others not to do what they do to manifest.

15. They shall mislead the other people to do what will not bring them power.

16. The only impossible thing to be achieved by the homos is to be perfect.

17. Yet many shall be deceived into believing that they can be perfect or they are perfect.

18. If even the sons of God are not perfect, then who shall be?

19. If only the future generation shall look deeply into the life of the one who promised them perfection, then shall they know that himself is not perfect.

20. But the fear of getting punished for speaking against him shall overwhelm their hearts and they shall keep silent forever until they die.

21. The shape of the earth is to teach a lesson that life is in cycle. If you keep going straight, you shall be back from where you started.

22. Yet the world shall be made to believe that the earth is flat with four corners, until a time when it shall be discovered that the world is not a flat shape with four corners.

23. The wisdom of the world is in the brain. But many shall not use it, but shall rely on the brains of others for their own survival.

24. Evil and good are immeasurable. Anything good to you might be evil to another. However, tolerance is what can make them thrive together.

25. When tolerance is taken away, lives shall go with it.

26. Jealousy is not the character of Domino Reverad, because he has no one contending with him for strength. He owned everything and everything is under him.

27. However, jealousy lives in the heart of his sons, because they have to share the same resources.

28. And this jealousy shall drive his sons to contend for power and territory. And the most jealous of them all shall have the world to himself eventually.

29. For he shall be driven with jealousy to a point where the other sons of God shall willingly surrender their lands for him.

30. There is a proof of life after death. The living can communicate with the dead to know the things of the past and with it tell the things that will happen in the future.

31. And many shall use this means to see the future, but shall in all ways keep it secret from the eyes of their followers.

32. But there is nothing hidden that shall not be dug up. All the powers of the present world shall be dug up for the use of the future world.

33. Even the flat stones of great words shall be dug up and the dead bodies too.

34. And many secrets of the deceptors shall be dug up too and the world shall be put into confusion.

35. When you hear violence, then you have no reason to fear, because the whole celestials and terrestials are made with it from the beginning (the violence of the great bang).

36. But when you hear Peace, think twice, for peace cannot last forever. The end product of peace is violence and only violent people can rule the world.

37. However, many shall hide under the shadow of peace to wrought violence.

38. Fear those who do these, for they can swallow you whole.

39. And when this earth shall be destroyed, another earth shall emerge and thus shall the cycle of the earth continue.

40. But no one shall know the exact time when the world shall be destroyed for the next world to begin. And many shall do critical calculations, using the past destructions of the earth to get the end of their own world, but none of them shall get it right, not even any of the sons of God.

41. And one of you sons of God shall give himself a name. He shall be called Peace. And his adopted son shall be called the Prince of Peace, just as you are all princes to Reverad your father.

42. And when a planet shall collide with another planet, destruction shall come. And when the chumoids or the chlumoids shall leave its course to wander away, there shall also be destructions.

43. And in a distant world to come, the word of truth shall be given to a man of the lineage of Murmoh. And the words shall be written with a tablet and sent to the whole world to read.

44. And as for many of the lineage of Murmoh who read it, they shall be free from the bondage of reliance on others.

45. And many of them shall turn to their brains for answers to their prayers instead of asking any of the sons of God.

46. And their land shall begin to see great development like the lands of the other sons of God who fear no death.

47. This revelation shall only be revealed in millions of years from now.

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1. And it came to pass, as soon as Knoliud departed that Nymphidis arose and began to speak in a manner he has never once spoken.

2. And he said, all you sons of God, you have heard what the knowledge of our father said.

3. What do you think? Should we not make peace with each other?

4. And everyone in the assembly spoke with one voice. Then was a pact made that there should no more be contentions among the sons of God.

5. And to seal up this pact, Nymphidis agreed to share Earthus his wife with the rest of the sons of God.

6. And Nymphidis said, we are one, therefore let us all have Earthus for ourselves. Let her not be limited to the land of Farthidis alone. She has dominion over the whole earth, so let her hover around it.

7. Let her visit the continent of the waters to play love with Eartum. Let her feet not refrain from visiting the land of Chimurmoh.

8. By so doing shall perfect peace and calmness be among the sons of God and the homos and all the beasts of the fields.

9. And Nymphidis began to pronounce benevolence on all the sons of God and spoke good of them. And he began with Ephradite his arch-enemy, saying, Ephradite, you are the blessed son of God.

10. You formed the serpents and worms. Though they have no strong bones in them, yet they can move many miles within a short while.

11. Your imagination is uncommon in the land of the living. You made worms that never die in my intense fire.

12. With your blessed brain did you make them for yourself. They creep on their bellies and move in a fascinating manner.

13. Without claws, yet they make burrows in the earth to dwell therein. They are so endowed with uncommon brains that no one can gainsay.

14. O Ephradite, let your creatures be blessed. Let them live their lives in pleasure and let the love of mother Earthus satisfy them.

15. After then, he began with Chimides, saying, Chimides the mighty farmer. The creator of trees and plants. You are of great mind for you made trees with mighty roots.

16. You studied the creations of the great bang and made yours. This intelligence of yours is highly respected because many of your plants have lived more than two billion years.

17. When our beasts died off, your plants survived. O mighty son of God, your intelligence can no one gainsay.

18. The tacamid tree which you made has survived since the days immediately after the great bang; since the days we began to explore this planet.

19. O Chimides, teach us how to make the colourful flowers. Teach us so that we might make our beasts as colourful as that.

20. O Chimides, your intelligence shall the generations to come remember after we all sons of God might have left this great planet to another.

21. Euchlydes, you cannot be left untouched, for you are great among the sons of God. You made uncountable beasts--the four-footed beasts.

22. It is also you who made the first homos aside from the ones made by Reverad in the great bang.

23. O Euchlydes, your unicorns did you make to have wings and fly. Your gigantosauruses did you also make to look like the creatures of the great bang.

24. Who can behold the beauty of your mammoths and dinosaurs? Your kimonosauruses were the most beautiful of all beasts made by the sons of God, but lo, they exist no more.

25. Come up again with new thinkings and form again the gigantosauruses. Make them even more beautiful this time, O Euchlydes.

26. Chaleb, you are a special son of God. For you made creatures of which the eyes of the homos cannot see.

27. You made them so small that only the eyes of the sons of God can see them.

28. You are great, O Chaleb! You are blessed with a big brain that no one can comprehend.

29. Did Euchlydes not tell me of your great exploit which led to your breaking apart with him?

30. Behold, Euchlydes told me of how you made some tiny creatures which can never die by mere known physical means.

31. And since then did I begin to revive my thought of making an unquenchable fire which will not die from the hands of physical forces, but instead, will continue to burn forever.

32. Chaleb, tell me how you made this tiny creatures. Tell me how you made it, maybe I can add their blood into my fire to make it an everlasting fire.

33. How shall it be if the sons of God sit round an unquenchable fire at the appearing of the moon at night to share the unlimited knowledge of Knoliud which we have heard?

34. And you Largas, the creature of millions of flying birds. How did you imagine it? You made birds to fly like the sons of God.

35. Only Reverad our father can make such things like flying creatures that fly to such great height, yet you surprised us all by making them fly so high.

36. Largas, your impacts in the first and second war of the earth are of great significance, for I have before despised you.

37. But at your command, the birds attacked us in their multitudes and many souls fell to the earth.

38. O Largas, how did you make the birds to be balanced in the air? Even the pull of Earthus' force and the wild breezes of Ephradite has no impact on them.

39. They soar up into the sky and I feared that they would go into the moon which no one has explored.

40. Largas, if anyone should be called the soaring prince, you should be the one.

41. And Nymphidis turned to Eartum and his lips shook for he was short of words for him.

42. Then did Nymphidis embrace Eartum tightly and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

43. Then did Nymphidis begin to speak, saying, Eartum, you are the one we should call the father of patience.

44. How do you wait for a long while, keeping yourself away from the one you love greatly?

45. Behold, Earthus was within your reach at the beginning of the creation of the planets. You found her first but you allowed others to lie with her.

44. You gave her up when you should have kept her for yourself. You should be named the father of selflessness.

45. Eartum, for as many as would be selfless like you, they shall inherit all things.

46. But now O Eartum, I have surrendered Earthus to you all, beginning from your very self.

47. Lie with her at will and raise children of her.

48. Murmoh, you deserve much respect too. Though you have made no creation from your hands, you are still as great as the rest of the sons of God.

49. For it was through you we have the only surviving homo born of a woman.

50. You are the one who did Earthus proud most; you released your own part of life into Earthus' womb and she added it to what she had in her.

51. The result was this great homo we named Faulkin.

52. Though Waldis also came out of her, but she is no more. She died of my hands. My fire roasted her alive. I plead for the forgiveness of Earthus.

53. After this sayings of Nymphidis did everyone on the face of the earth shed tears of emotions. And they accepted Nymphidis wholeheartedly. And the respect of the sons of God for him was very great.

54. Then all the sons of God began one after the other to bless Nymphidis, knowing not that he knew what he wanted. For Nymphidis had only pronounced a blessing each upon them, but when each of them pronounced a blessing upon him in return, he became blessed seven-fold more than each of them.

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1. And as soon as the sons of God had agreed to be united, they began to choose the days in the week of which each of them would have sex with Mother Earthus.

2. And they had no idea of how to make a choice. Therefore did Nymphidis suggest that they cast lot. So they followed the advice of Nymphidis and cast lot.

3. This was the first lot ever cast on earth. And they cast six lots altogether in the first six days of the week. One lot in a day did they cast.

4. And the first lot fell on Nymphidis while the second was on Eartum. The third lot fell on Ephradite; the fourth on Chimides; the fifth on Largas and the sixth on Chaleb.

5. And after the sixth lot did they rest from the casting of lot.

6. And so it would be, according to the lot cast, that Nymphidis shall be with Earthus on the first day of the week; Eartum shall have her on the second day of the week; Ephradite on the third day; Chimides on the fourth, Largas on the fifth and Chaleb on the sixth day of the week.

7. And the seventh day of the week was left for Murmoh and Euchlydes, since the lots did not fall on them on any of the six times.

8. But Murmoh said, I will not do it, for I fear to lose my powers.
And Euchlydes also said he preferred to remain how he was.

9. So the seventh day was declared a day of rest for Mother Earthus and all that shall come out of her thereafter. And the days were determined according to the appearing of the sun and moon at the land of Farthidis.

10. On the seventh day shall no man or beast come close to her. For she shall be resting in her chamber all through the day.

11. And the seven sons of God agreed to keep all these things into remembrance and observe them.

12. And so it was that on the first day of the week, Nymphidis lay with Earthus his wife.

13. And on the second day did Eartum lay with her. And all the sons of God lay with mother Earthus in turn, according to the pact made.

14. But only Murmoh and Euchlydes refrained from laying with her, such that the whole earth rested on the seventh day.

15. And Earthus began to show more love for Eartum than the rest of the sons of God.

16. And it came to pass that at a day when Eartum paid Earthus a visit that they went up into the moon to play their love.

17. And this was the first time anyone would be into the moon of the earth.

18. And it was at noon of the second day of the month that Earthus and Eartum went into the moon.

19. They went not through the land of Farthidis where Earthus lived, but they went through the land of Chaleb.

20. For it was day in the land of Farthidis and there was no moon up there.

21. Therefore they located the moon in the land of Chaleb. And lo, the moon was shaped like the ivory of the mammoth's head, but sharp at both edges.

22. And Earthus said, Eartum, let us go to the moon, for my soul long to play love with you at the very end of the ivories.

23. Then they flew into the moon, for Eartum took her in his wings.

24. And on the third day of the week, when Ephradite visited Earthus to play with her that he found not Earthus.

25. And he raised up his voice and cried vehemently.

26. And all the sons of God gathered at Farthidis to see what Ephradite meant.

27. And when they did not see Eartum at the gathering, they suspected him.

28. And Nymphidis said, did my mind not perceive that Eartum was planning a mischief?

29. For I feared that he might hurt Earthus the mother of the Earth because I took her away from him at the first time.

30. Now are they not in the ocean? For I know that Eartum have killed her in the continent of the waters.

31. So all the sons of God visited the oceans and searched through it for two weeks.

33. And on the last day of the second week did they find her moulded image at the base of the ocean.

34. So they believed that Earthus had indeed visited the ocean with Eartum and he had killed her and made her image.

35. But they knew not that it was the image of Earthus which Eartum had moulded some million years back when Nymphidis first took her from him.

36. After then did they bury the image of Earthus in the soil and mourned her.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 2:30am On Feb 23, 2016

1. And I, Eartum, got into the moon with Earthus on my wings.

2. And I exerted much force to land on the surface of the moon.

3. And Earthus said, why do you hover around in the sky? Let us land so that we could begin to play love.

4. And I said, I desire to land more than you wish, O Earthus, but I know not why I cannot.

5. Then did we both make ourselves very heavy and so we landed on the surface of the moon.

6. But the place was dark and frigid. And the two of us began to wonder why it was so.

7. And Earthus spoke in confusion, saying, did we not see the moon supplying light to the earth in the evening time?

8. How is it that it is darker than we thought it to be?

9. Then Earthus yelled and we heard her voice ten times.

10. And we began to long to be on earth again, because we do not understand this phenomenon.

11. And Earthus said, did we not also observe that the moon was of the shape of a sharp two-edged ivory?

12. How come we cannot locate the edges of the moon at this moment, for we have walked for a long while now without finding it?

13. Then I set my eyes on the words of Domino Reverad when he explained to us the concept of illusions of which the sun is capable of making.

14. Then I said, hear now O Earthus, for I remember when Reverad said that the shapes of many of the planets are not spherical but elliptical.

15. But we all, the sons of God saw the shapes as spherical earlier, but that was before Reverad changed the position of the hot gas called sun above our head.

16. Then Earthus said, what do you mean? Are you trying to tell me that the moon is not spherical in shape?

17. Then I replied her, I say not so Earthus, but I think the sun should be able to explain the illusions of the changing shape of this place.

18. And perhaps the moon is only getting its light from the sun and it is no light at all.

19. And Earthus encouraged me that we should go round the moon, perhaps we would find the two-edged sides of the moon.

20. For she wished that we sat down at the edges of it for the other sons of God in the earth to see us.

21. And so did we begin to move around but we found no such edges.

22. And as we remained in there, a large mass fell and Earthus leapt for fear. Then she began to go upward without landing back.

23. And Earthus lifted her voice and cried for help. Then I jumped after her and held her by her left leg.

24. And then did we make ourselves heavy and so we came back to the ground.

25. Then did she remind me of the same thing we experienced on earth--the escape of Largas' bird when Ephradite threw its cage away.

26. And immediately I remembered how we tackled the challenge back then on the planet earth.

27. Then I said, Earthus, plant your pulling force on the ground again as you did before on earth.

28. And so did Earthus and we felt we were safe.

29. And we ran around in the moon having fun. Suddenly, a wind blew and I was lifted off the ground.

30. For the wind caught my wings and threw me forcefully against a hard surface which looked like the rock on earth.

31. And I lay weak with my face raised towards the sky.

32. And Earthus began to weep for me as she rushed towards me to take care of me, but a rushing wind suddenly swept her off and began to hurl her towards the sky.

33. And for fear, I flexed my muscles and pulled down the wind with a force which was reserved in my muscles.

34. And then did Earthus land gently on my chest.

35. And I was so frail as I breathed heavily.

36. Then did we kiss each other and had sex.

37. And I planted my pulling force into the ground, though in my weakness.

38. For it seemed that Earthus' force was not very effective in this place, else she could have landed back calmly when she was swept upward before.

39. Then did Earthus call me the moongod because I was the one who planted my pulling force in it and it obeyed me.

40. And we played together for sometimes until we began to observe the moon moving when we looked up into the sky.

41. And from my findings, I discovered that the moon was moving around the earth from where we came.

42. And I gladly lifted up my face and thanked Reverad for letting me discover one of his works again, for because of this reason did he send us all his sons into the planets to keep on discovering until our time is up.

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Another format Lol grin


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1. And after playing love in the moon for some days, we began to descend the planet.

2. And I, Eartum, took up Earthus in my wings and flew back to the earth.

3. And we landed in the great ocean called eartum, for we did this purposely, believing that no eye would see us land in there.

4. But it came as a shock when we saw an homo rushing away from the ocean.

5. What shall we do? Earthus asked me but I assured her that the homo did not see us at all.

6. Now we made our plans. We shall tell Nymphidis and the other sons of God that we were only hooked in the depth of the ocean.

7. That is a good idea, Earthus said. So we made the plan to make our visit to the moon unknown to them all.

8. And it came to pass that as we stepped out of eartum, we saw a hirsuite homo rushing away.

9. Earthus trembled and feared if he saw us when we landed into the water. If he did, then that which we have intended to tell the sons of God would not be credible.

10. I assured Earthus that he did not see us.

11. We were only halfway to the abode of Earthus when all the sons of God met us with thousands of homos.

12. The one leading them was the same homo we saw close to the ocean eartum earlier.

13. Nymphidis was the first to confront us with fire. For he gave us no space to say a word. But I quenched his fire with the wind of my mouth.

14. And Nymphidis said, Earthus, you are a betrayer. You left to space with Eartum for twenty-nine days, denying us all the pleasure of sex for four days each.

15. Why did you do this, o Earthus, mother of the earth? For you have caused much disdain to your name.

16. Then Earthus raised her voice boldly and said, no my lord, Nymphidis. Why do you judge me before I speak?

17. We did not go to space at all, but we were only trapped in the sea by one of the whales created by the hand of Eartum itself.

18. And we remained in the whale, hungry for twenty and nine days.

19. But it vomitted us and then we began to make our way to you to tell you the truth.

20. That is not true, Earthus, for Lakris saw you both when you fell from space into the ocean eartum, Nymphidis challenged us.

21. Then did I think it good to say the truth. And I told them of our visit to the moon.

22. But Nymphidis laughed us to scorn when we told him of the visit to the moon. And he said, how then did Earthus return alive from there?

23. Remember, Earthus is of this world and it is not possible for anyone of this world to go into any of the lights made by Reverad and survive it.

24. We his sons and priests alone cannot be burnt by the sun.

25. You went to space, but not the moon, Nymphidis said. But all the same, you shall not go unpunished for this.

26. And so did they break the image of Earthus which they got from beneath the ocean and then was she banished from the land for her treacherous dealing.

27. And Earthus wept greatly, such that she could not be pacified.

28. Then did I persuade her to live with me in the continent of the waters.
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Chapter Twenty-One

1. Now these are the things that happened when Earthus and Eartum were missing from the earth.

2. Faulkin wept for his mother, Earthus for some days.

3. Then he rose up and took the image of her and set it against a tree for it to be worshipped.

4. For he did not want the memory of his mother to be gone forever.

5. And millions of homos came and bowed before the image of mother Earthus and worshipped it as if she was there.

6. And when news got to Nymphidis, he got angry, because he felt that they should rather worship him instead of the image of dead Earthus (for he thought that she had died).

7. Then did Nymphidis scold Faulkin and he also looked at him eyeball to eyeball.

8. And this thing angered Nymphidis such that he tied Faulkin and put him in a cage.

9. Then were many of the homos angry. And they reported this to the rest of the sons of God.

10. To Ephradite did they report first. But Ephradite replied, I am weary of waging war against Nymphidis.

11. For at the first time when I fought with him, it led to the total destruction of lives.

12. And all the homos and creatures we created were all gone as waste.

13. Now listen, all you homos. For if we go into war again, let it be known unto you that none of the sons of God shall die in it, but only all of you homos.

14. And the response of Ephradite displeased all the homos. And so did they arise and go to Largas to report the same thing to him.

15. And Largas replied them likewise.

16. And in the same manner did they visit the continent of Chaleb. And he said, O homos, why cannot you all keep your peace?

17. For what business of you is it with the sons of God?

18. Ask, for all the homos before you, which could neither speak nor hear, were all wiped away in their innocency when the sons of God went to war those times.

19. Take counsel and return to your lands, for any war shall affect you more than us.

20. Then Coriel, one of the homos which was made by Euchlydes raised his voice and spoke against Chaleb, saying;

21. Your advice is not good at all. For you speak like one who is drunk of the wine of the tarcum tree in the vineyard of Nymphidis.

22. Keep your advice to yourself, for we homos are ready to go to war ourselves with Nymphidis which you all feared.

23. And Chaleb was amazed when he heard this (because no homo has ever raised his voice to speak against any of the sons of God before).

24. And in anger, Chaleb held Coriel and said, is it because Euchlydes put speeches into your mouth that you could speak? Or hearing into your ears that you could hear?

25. Now know this, for today shall you lose both your hearings and speech. For what you have spoken and heard now shall be the last for you till you die.

26. Then Chaleb dipped a finger in the culture he was cultivating before a table inside his chamber and poked it inside Coriel's throat.

27. And immediately, he lost his voice and speech.

28. Then did all the homos disperse in fright. For they feared to become deaf and dumb.

29. And when the homos had reported the issue to Euchlydes who taught them how to speak and put auditory into their ears, he became furious and thought of facing Chaleb in a battle.

30. And Euchlydes said, see what Chaleb has done to my homo. Surely he has used one of his tiny invisible creature to cause this.

31. Were we not together on the same land of Euchaleb when his invisible creatures killed many of my beasts and homos?

32. Yet I touched not any of his tiny creatures, but I only parted way with him for peace to reign.

33. But he has chosen to destroy the auditory and speech of one of my creature over a little issue.

34. Now shall I pay him for the evil he has done to me.

35. And Euchlydes immediately put his eyes through the hole of Coriel's left ear and he cried out saying, lo, I see thousands of insects walking around in this ear.

36. And likewise, he yelled when he checked the throat of Coriel and found them there.

37. Then did Euchlydes know that Coriel would never speak or ear anymore, for the tiny creatures of Chaleb were very destructive.

38. After then did the homos in their thousands go to the land of Chimurmoh to make known how Nymphidis had captured Faulkin.

39. And Chimides was displeased with the news, for he felt that Murmoh should fight to get his legitimate son, Faulkin, back from Nymphidis.

40. O Murmoh, when will you stop being a fool? Chimides challenged him.

41. You are the only son of God who is blessed with a living child. Only you gave birth successfully to a male homo. But for the fear of facing Nymphidis, you let him go.

42. Now Faulkin, the firstborn of all creature is in the cage of Nymphidis and you will not move a finger.

43. Now arise and let us go and besiege the land of Farthidis with these homos and let us destroy it and set Faulkin free.

44. But Murmoh feared for his life and said, not so my brother. For if we fight Nymphidis from now till a century, we shall not defeat him.

45. Is violence not found in his blood from the beginning?

46. But Chimides would not listen to the speech of Murmoh, but he went with the homos to attack the land of Farthidis where Nymphidis dwelled.

47. And Chimides had made dangerous poisons from saps of the trees he studied. And he also had weapons that could cause the outbreak of fire.

48. And they rode on the backs of some unicorns and kimonosauruses which Euchlydes had made.

49. And the land of Farthidis was greatly attacked. And the homos made by Farthidis contended with the other homos and none prevailed for a space of one week.

50. And Nymphidis came out of his place, saying, for peace to reign I shall release Faulkin to you.

51. But let it be known to you that no one won this battle. No, neither the people of Chimurmoh nor the people of my land Farthidis won the battle.

52. But I release Faulkin to you because peace must reign. Then did all the homos present there bow there heads and pay respect to Nymphidis for making peace.

53. And they called him Alsadur, the father of peace, but they did not know the intention of Nymphidis in the depth of his heart.

54. And Faulkin followed after Chimides and his train to go to the land of Chimurmoh. For Nymphidis had said that Faulkin should go and be with his real father, Murmoh.

55. But they were shocked to see that the land of Chimurmoh had been partially parted in two, with an ocean passing through it.

56. And when Chimides met Murmoh, he asked him to what intent he was trying to break the large mass apart, with millions of homos assisting him.

57. And Murmoh said, for the fear of Nymphidis' return did we start this. For I know that surely, Nymphidis shall return to utterly destroy the land of Chimurmoh where we dwell together.

58. But what is my offence for the righteous to suffer with the unrighteous? Now all these homos gifted to me avail themselves to help me break away from you at the centre of this continent.

59. And the saying displeased Chimides such that he commanded his millions of entourages to also get to work to make the clear demarcation.

60. And they joined in the work to hasten it up. And the breaking of the crust of the continent was almost completed when the news of the arrival of Eartum and Earthus reached them.

61. And they abandoned the work to see Earthus whom they thought was dead before. And they signalled to the parakreets of Largas and other large birds whose wings they rode to the banks of the continents of waters, but they met midway.

62. However, only Murmoh and the homos with him refused to leave their land, but continued with their works.
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Chapter Twenty-two

1. And Eartum and Earthus lived in the ocean eartum. And it was so that the fishes and the phibioses came to their aids.

2. For they bring them food to eat from the bottom of the sea.

3. And Earthus became heavy with the pregnancy of Eartum. This was the first pregnancy she would carry since the time the sons of God were rotating sex on her.

4. And when Eartum heard that she carried her baby, he was extremely glad.

5. And in those days did the people of the land of Murmoh begin to have redness of eyes.

6. And they feared that it was brought on them by Mother Earthus and Eartum's visit to the moon.

7. And when Nymphidis heard it, he took it upon himself to lead many homos to the ocean to wage war against Earthus and Eartum for bringing redness of eyes from the light above.

9. And Nymphidis said, listen to me O homos on the face of the earth. This redness of eyes has never once been on humanity.

10. But Earthus and Eartum brought it upon your faces. And it shall make you go blind; for no one can put the light of the moon in the face and remain with sight.

11. And for as many thousands of homos who had the redness of eyes, they began to weep.

12. And many of them preferred to die rather than go blind.

13. And they took the advice of Nymphidis to find Earthus and hang her rather than letting her remain in the ocean.

14. And two sons of God agreed with Nymphidis to cut off Earthus from the earth. And their names were Largas and Ephradite.

15. And the three sons of God led the way to the continents of the oceans.

16. Largas went with some wild birds to pull at Earthus, perhaps she could be flying on the wings of Eartum to escape.

17. And Ephradite followed with a very large serpent, which he had intended to harm Nymphidis earlier. He had made the serpent since thousands of years back.

18. And Nymphidis also came with the dragon which he had made to spit fire. And this would spit fire on Earthus and kill her as soon as she was spotted.

19. Now the pregnancy of Earthus was already nine month and ripe for delivery.

20. And she thought to conceive on land instead of the ocean because she feared that the baby would drown.

21. And at that time, Eartum had returned to the moon to keep up with his findings there.

22. He had also made some satellites and had placed them in the skies. He did all these for the purpose of watching whatever would befall Earthus his wife while he was away from the earth.

23. And Earthus stepped out of the oceans and walked many miles away from the ocean to deliver her baby.

24. And when Earthus was away from the oceans, Nymphidis and the others arrived.

25. And they sent many expert swimmers into the oceans to search them out.

26. And they did not find them for a whole day.

27. At at noon of the next day, they began to hear the voice of a woman crying loud in agony.

28. And they followed the voice to a distant place. Lo and behold, it was Earthus who was travailing.

29. And Nymphidis cried, O! she carries the baby of Eartum! Now let us not kill her with her baby. But let us kill her baby only, so that she would suffer the pain of seeing her begotten son die right in her eyes.

30. And Nymphidis set the dragon before the woman and commanded it to wait for her to deliver before spitting fire on her offspring.

31. And when Eartum saw from the satellites he placed in space that his unborn child would be killed, he lifted a star and aimed it at the dragon on earth.

32. But the star would not meet its target. But it caused a lot of damage on earth, destroying many houses. And Eartum threw more and more stars from space to the earth.

33. But for the distance of Eartum to his target, which was thousands of miles, he missed the dragon all the time. And the stars fell in the land of Murhaleb(which was just formed).

34. But the distance of the boundary of Murhaleb to where the dragon was was about 100 miles.

35. And as soon as Earthus delivered her baby, which was a boy, the dragon lurched forward to swallow it up.

36. But then a shocking magnetic force trapped the dragon and the baby. And they both disappeared.

37. And everyone on the surface of the earth was amazed. And they looked away from Earthus, rather, they were looking up towards the direction the dragon and the baby had gone.

38. And Nymphidis and the other two sons of God were as confused as the rest of the homos present.

39. And Largas released his birds to find the dragon.

40. And suddenly, the dragon fell from the sky unto the earth.

41. For Eartum had thrown it down in anger, thinking it would scatter as soon as it landed on the rocky part of the earth.

42. Luckily, it landed in the waters. Hurriedly, it came out of the water and shook its body.

43. Then it was prepared to give Earthus a chase, since the child had already escaped.

44. But Earthus held tight to herself as she headed towards the wilderness where Eartum had described to her earlier.

45. It was the wilderness of Zab, where Eartum himself first traversed at his arrival to the earth from the city of gold billions of years back.

46. And when the dragon was only a few feet close to swallowing up Earthus, she was lifted up by Eartum who had flown very rapidly to have her.

47. And Eartum flew with Earthus to the wilderness of Zab, where they would remain for many years until the sons of God had been appeased.

48. And all the event were captured in the satellites of Eartum which he had made to appear exactly like the stars in the sky.

49. And Eartum said to Earthus while they were in the wilderness, a stargazer from the distant world to come would see a glimpse of this event and none in their own world would understand it because it would appear like it is happening in the sky rather than on earth.

50. And Earthus laughed and said, I am glad I ran as fast as lightning.

51. And they kissed and slept in the hot sun of the wilderness.
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1. And Deganis, a homo of the land of Chaleb began to increase in his mental ability. And he began to make a vessel from the gopher wood.

2. For the wood was gotten from the lightest tree on earth named the gopher tree.

3. Deganis got the gopher wood from the garden of Nymphidis while he was away in a fight with Ephradite.

4. And the wood was so light that a log of it could float totally on water. Nymphidis got this tree by planting the seed of Caravas and the seed of Melamis tree together.

5. And the gopher tree measured up to two hundred cubits in height and a hundred cubit in width.

6. And Deganis had made a great invention to cut down the tree. And he did this in no time at all.

7. The aim of Deganis was to traverse the oceans with it to fetch Mother Earthus.

8. For he strongly believed that she had returned to the ocean with Eartum.

9. But Eartum and Earthus were still in the desert where they had escaped to. And Earthus said, Eartum, my soul desires to retun to the water. What do we wait for in this place?

10. Our creatures would be now weary of our absence. Let us return to the ocean, for we are safer there than here.

11. And at the third year of the pleadings of Earthus did he listen to her. And they returned into the water.

12. And Deganis had assembled a thousand homos. And Nymphidis thought to lead the war. But he knew not where Deganis got the wood for the large vessel.

13. And Nymphidis doubted if the large vessel of Deganis would float on water. And Deganis said, my lord, Nymphidis, the vessel had been tested on the four rivers which flowed into your garden.

14. Apenas was there as well as Cirius when I put the vessel on the rivers and it stood.

15. And when Nymphidis asked where he got the wood from, he said he got it from the land of Chimides (for Chimides was the creator of many trees).

16. And Nymphidis himself carried the vessel in his hands and led them to the continent of oceans.

17. And the vessel was so light in the arms of Nymphidis that he doubted if it would be able to carry their weight.

18. The weight of the vessel was about eighty-two shekels. But the weight of Nymphidis alone was about thirty-eight thousand shekels.

19. The weight of Deganis was nine-thousand four hundred and eighty two shekels. And the weight of Cirius was eight-thousand five hundred and two shekels. And the weight of Apenas was seven thousand and one shekel.

20. And the weight of Aeriel was six thousand four hundred and eight shekels. And the weight of Chapetan was six thousand two hundred shekels.

21. And altogether, the weight of all the homos and Nymphidis was in millions. But the weight of the gopher wood was only eighty-two shekels.

22. Then Nymphidis would not accept that they travel in the vessel because it would be destroyed by their weight.

23. And Deganis said, my lord Nymphidis, I have made a lot of findings and I know that the waters will support us with its own force.

24. For when I pushed my hands inside the river Euphrates, it pushed it back.

25. Our weight shall not break the vessel of gopher because the force of the ocean shall support it.

26. And again, Nymphidis said, we are so many. Our weight shall sink the vessel and Eartum shall have us by surprise.

27. Again Deganis replied him and said, we shall spread throughout the vessel, for it is large enough to contain everyone of us such that no two people shall be together at a spot in it.

28. So did Nymphidis listen to Deganis and they entered the large vessel through the ocean called phiph.

29. And they sailed for many days and soon came to the ocean called phidarth. And when they came to the ocean eartum later, they got set to trap mother Earthus, for Deganis sent a loud noise down the ocean and from the response he got, he told them all to get ready to catch Earthus with a huge harpoon crafted by Marad.

30. Then Rauel entered into the harpoon and they let him down into the ocean, right at the centre where Earthus and Eartum lay.

31. And when Earthus saw the harpoon and Rauel trapped in it, she felt pity for him.

32. Then did Earthus persuade Eartum that they should come to the rescue of Rauel, for she knew him by his name.

33. And Eartum said, let us hold our peace because Rauel is a follower of Nymphidis.

34. And what is our concern if Nymphidis has intended to punish one of his followers by drowning him in the ocean?

35. Then did Earthus continue to adjure him, but Eartum gave no ear.

36. And Earthus said, my lord Eartum, only this once shall I disregard you. For you know not what pain I carry in my heart whenever a homo has died.

37. I shall rescue Rauel from this great cage and he shall be one of us in the oceans.

38. Then Earthus leapt forward and caught the harpoon with the intent of opening it for Rauel to come forth.

39. But she knew not that he had begun to cleave her long strand of hair with the harpoon.

40. And in a twinkling of an eye, Nymphidis lifted up the harpoon from the waters when he felt that it had become heavier.

41. And Earthus followed the lifting up because her hair had been entwined with it.

42. And when Eartum saw this, he leapt in the water and caught the limbs of Earthus.

43. And the vessel shook greatly for the forces of the sons of God.

44. And Earthus cried for pain, but none of the sons of God was ready to leave her.

45. Nymphidis pulled her by the abdomen while Eartum pulled her legs, which was the only place left for him to pull.

46. And the pulling continued for a whole day, from the rising of the sun to another rising of the sun.

47. And Earthus' body was dissected by the forces of the two sons of God.

48. And Eartum parted with her two legs while Nymphidis got her torso, besides her hands.

49. And the water of the ocean was turned into blood.

50. And in anger, Eartum reached out for the vessel from beneath the ocean and struck it with a great force.

51. Then did the vessel break into pieces but Nymphidis had flown out of it before the wreckage.

52. For he had taken away the body of Earthus with him, except her legs which were in the ocean with Eartum.

53. And Eartum wept greatly. This was the first weeping of a son of God.

54. And his tears filled the ocean, tasting like the tepex with which Reverad made his priests.

55. Thus did every water into which the ocean eartum flow begin to taste tepex until these days.
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1. And the destruction of the great vessel of Deganis caused great death among the homos.

2. Because only eighty and two homos survived it, besides Nymphidis and Faulkin who were not homos made by hands. The rest went drowned in the water because they could not swim.

3. And the eighty-two souls which remained were Deganis, Aeriel, Rauel, Chapetan, Cirius, Chami, Regel, Manimor, Mephedec, Gumid, Palitus and Velech all which were the creatures of Chaleb.

4. And the creatures of Euchlydes which survived the disaster were Lamur, Chetur, Haleb, Belitis, Medo, Farafat, Parfos, Coriel, Marmech, Lacris and Setub.

5. And the creature of Largas who survived were twelve. And their names were Cumim, Horiel, Metur, Manimor, Nimelech, Esra, Patiel, Jados, Dultiel, Siperet, Dadinimalel and Colominis who was a dwarf.

6. And the homos which were made by Chimides and survived the disaster were Lagonis, Volumis, Sagnon, Bel, Zedec, Bakuni, Murminis, Cradiel, Jasheb who was a scribe, Lemech, Bachus, Sirigus, Keltiel who was an expert in construction of towers, Farkin and Melech.

7. And the homos made by the hands of Ephradite and survived the disaster were Clemus, Lacrus, Falach, Dadoni who was also very skilled in crafts, Regalis whose garden was large in the land of Chimurmoh before it was divided, Nuel, Sema, Zaruch, Fagon, Balkum, Hibidoz, Rauel, Sagonis and Phemis.

8. And the homos which were made by the hands of Nymphidis and survived the disaster were Griffidis, Marmidis, Sarmurdis, Abedon, Tetrucan, Nadis, Taloma, Cadrech, Miph, Dolomis, Elium, Cadiri, Melchizedek, Liphet, Phobetan, Atonis, Lagami and Petunah.

9. But for Faulkin, he escaped by balancing on a little fragment of the gopher wood which was broken.

10. And he was the last of all to escape out of the water, just at the time the other eighty-two standing at the bank of the water were mourning him as one of the dead.

11. And they saw him from afar off as if he was sliding over the water.

12. But before they came close to the brink of the ocean, Faulkin had stepped out of the water and the wave of the ocean had swept away the light gopher wood fragment upon which he stood on the ocean.

13. Then did the eighty-two homos bow their heads to worship him, because they thought he had authority over the oceans.

14. And Eartum began to devise a mean of saving Earthus. And he returned to the moon to make his plans.

15. And he fixed his satellites at Nymphidis and his followers who had hung Earthus on a tree by her long hair.

16. Behold, the blood of Earthus had been shed on the land of Phidis where she had been taken to.

17. And when Earthus was about to breath her last, Eartum flew right from the moon and aimed her.

18. Straightaway, he picked her up like in the swiftness of a Parakreet and went with her body to the moon.

19. And Nymphidis and all around him were amazed, because they did not know the direction to which the force had taken her.

20. Then Jasheb began to write in a stone that Mother Earthus must have been taken up to the city of Gold alive.

21. And Jasheb, who was the first scribe which was a homo made of the hands of Chimides gave himself to the worship of Mother Earthus.

22. For he took his time to write about her beauty and spledour. And he also worshipped her statue which he had stolen secretly from the chamber of Nymphidis.

23. And in no time at all, the writings of Jasheb began to take root in the heart of millions of homos.

24. And they longed to see Mother Earthus again.

25. And when Nymphidis had known that many homos had begun to read the book of Jasheb and worship the image of Earthus, he sprang up to his feet and gave Jasheb a chase, for he was intending to end his life.

26. But Jasheb ran like the wind and plunged into the ocean hibidis.

27. And one-third of the homos on earth began to visit the ocean to drink of the waters of it and to beg Earthus for pardon for their sins against her.

28. Her image was also passed from hand to hand so that Nymphidis would not be able to locate it.

29. And when Nymphidis saw that the people would not stop to visit the oceans to weep for Earthus and drink the waters, he began to find out how he would poison the water.

30. But Eartum remained in the moon with Earthus for a year. And the issue of her blood continued, but Eartum had worked upon it to bring it to a great reduction.

31. Then Earthus spoke for the first time after a year, saying, Eartum, let me return into the oceans, for I can perceive the agony of our creatures in the waters.

32. They cannot live alone in the waters for they shall all die for my absence.

33. Eartum, I plead with you, let us return to the oceans.

34. And Eartus said, stay peaceful Earthus, for no harm shall come upon our beasts.

35. I shall send down a permanent force into the oceans and the rivers and wheresoever upon the earth the waters are gathered.

36. And this shall regulate the waters to make them not overflow. This shall help our oceans and the seas and all water bodies to have their balance and preserve the lives of our fishes, our whales, our phibioses and all beasts which live in the waters.

37. Then did Eartum send down from the moon into the waters on earth a pulling force, such as the one he had also already set down in the moon before.

38. But Earthus remained in doubt that such thing would work to protect lives in the ocean.


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1. And the destruction of the great vessel of Deganis caused great death among the homos.

2. Because only eighty and two homos survived it, besides Nymphidis and Faulkin who were not homos made by hands. The rest went drowned in the water because they could not swim.

3. And the eighty-two souls which remained were Deganis, Aeriel, Rauel, Chapetan, Cirius, Chami, Regel, Manimor, Mephedec, Gumid, Palitus and Velech all which were the creatures of Chaleb.

4. And the creatures of Euchlydes which survived the disaster were Lamur, Chetur, Haleb, Belitis, Medo, Farafat, Parfos, Coriel, Marmech, Lacris and Setub.

5. And the creature of Largas who survived were twelve. And their names were Cumim, Horiel, Metur, Manimor, Nimelech, Esra, Patiel, Jados, Dultiel, Siperet, Dadinimalel and Colominis who was a dwarf.

6. And the homos which were made by Chimides and survived the disaster were Lagonis, Volumis, Sagnon, Bel, Zedec, Bakuni, Murminis, Cradiel, Jasheb who was a scribe, Lemech, Bachus, Sirigus, Keltiel who was an expert in construction of towers, Farkin and Melech.

7. And the homos made by the hands of Ephradite and survived the disaster were Clemus, Lacrus, Falach, Dadoni who was also very skilled in crafts, Regalis whose garden was large in the land of Chimurmoh before it was divided, Nuel, Sema, Zaruch, Fagon, Balkum, Hibidoz, Rauel, Sagonis and Phemis.

8. And the homos which were made by the hands of Nymphidis and survived the disaster were Griffidis, Marmidis, Sarmurdis, Abedon, Tetrucan, Nadis, Taloma, Cadrech, Miph, Dolomis, Elium, Cadiri, Muhdi, Liphet, Phobetan, Atonis, Lagami and Petunah.

9. But for Faulkin, he escaped by balancing on a little fragment of the gopher wood which was broken.

10. And he was the last of all to escape out of the water, just at the time the other eighty-two standing at the bank of the water were mourning him as one of the dead.

11. And they saw him from afar off as if he was sliding over the water.

12. But before they came close to the brink of the ocean, Faulkin had stepped out of the water and the wave of the ocean had swept away the light gopher wood fragment upon which he stood on the ocean.

13. Then did the eighty-two homos bow their heads to worship him, because they thought he had authority over the oceans.

14. And Eartum began to devise a mean of saving Earthus. And he returned to the moon to make his plans.

15. And he fixed his satellites at Nymphidis and his followers who had hung Earthus on a tree by her long hair.

16. Behold, the blood of Earthus had been shed on the land of Phidis where she had been taken to.

17. And when Earthus was about to breath her last, Eartum flew right from the moon and aimed her.

18. Straightaway, he picked her up like in the swiftness of a Parakreet and went with her body to the moon.

19. And Nymphidis and all around him were amazed, because they did not know the direction to which the force had taken her.

20. Then Jasheb began to write in a stone that Mother Earthus must have been taken up to the city of Gold alive.

21. And Jasheb, who was the first scribe which was a homo made of the hands of Chimides gave himself to the worship of Mother Earthus.

22. For he took his time to write about her beauty and spledour. And he also worshipped her statue which he had stolen secretly from the chamber of Nymphidis.

23. And in no time at all, the writings of Jasheb began to take root in the hearts of millions of homos.

24. And they longed to see Mother Earthus again.

25. And when Nymphidis had known that many homos had begun to read the book of Jasheb and worship the image of Earthus, he sprang up to his feet and gave Jasheb a chase, for he was intending to end his life.

26. But Jasheb ran like the wind and plunged into the ocean hibidis.

27. And one-third of the homos on earth began to visit the ocean to drink of the waters of it and to beg Earthus for pardon for their sins against her.

28. Her image was also passed from hand to hand so that Nymphidis would not be able to locate it, because Jasheb had stolen it from his chamber.

29. And when Nymphidis saw that the people would not stop to visit the oceans to weep for Earthus and drink the waters, he began to find out how he would poison the water.

30. But Eartum remained in the moon with Earthus for a year. And the issue of her blood continued, but Eartum had worked upon it to bring it to a great reduction.

31. Then Earthus spoke for the first time after a year, saying, Eartum, let me return into the oceans, for I can perceive the agony of our creatures in the waters.

32. They cannot live alone in the waters for they shall all die for my absence.

33. Eartum, I plead with you, let us return to the oceans.

34. And Eartus said, stay peaceful Earthus, for no harm shall come upon our beasts.

35. I shall send down a permanent force into the oceans and the rivers and wheresoever upon the earth the waters are gathered.

36. And this shall regulate the waters to make them not overflow. This shall help our oceans and the seas and all water bodies to have their balance and preserve the lives of our fishes, our whales, our phibioses and all beasts which live in the waters.

37. Then did Eartum send down from the moon into the waters on earth a pulling force, such as the one he had also already set down in the moon before.

38. But Earthus remained in doubt that such thing would work to protect lives in the ocean.


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