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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Rich4god(m): 10:33pm On Apr 29, 2016
undecided undecided
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by joe4christ(m): 7:19am On Apr 30, 2016
hmmm, im so following this thread, dont know if this doctrine has iota of truth in it, but so far ive gotten reasonable answers to questions about the origin of religious deceptions as a mind control tool, a sophisticated device for controlling the mind of people who adhere to such belief systems.
Im following o. I wish i can download the ebook myself!


Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 10:47am On May 03, 2016

I av sent it this morning. Pls go to our quiz thread to make it known as soon as u confirm it.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by philfearon(m): 10:55am On May 03, 2016

I av sent it this morning. Pls go to our quiz thread to make it known as soon as u confirm it.
Yeah... I have seen it..
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by dazzlingd(m): 5:12pm On May 03, 2016
whr did u get this from..?
anyway continue the story, much interested in how modern human came from the homos and how the gods departed earth.. or are the gods dead and gone?
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Nobody: 7:37pm On May 03, 2016
How is any of this posted here true? How can there be a "doctrine of UFOs" & how on Earth did you come upon this?
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 8:54pm On May 03, 2016
Summary of Chapter Seven.

Jasheb was swallowed by a phibioses in the ocean and he began to see revelation. He saw the city of Nymphidis, his Thrones, his hill and many other things. Then he saw how Nymphidis divided his spirit into seven to cause trouble all over the earth. He sent the spirit of Lying, Deception, Poverty, Death, Evil Spirit, etc.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 8:55pm On May 03, 2016
29. As soon as the thundering voice of Nymphidis has stopped, I ceased to see anything.

30. And everywhere became dark. Then I heard my name, Jasheb!

31. This is the voice of Waldis who told me that what I saw was only a prediction of the future which she has made into a form of vision for me.

32. And Waldis said: we dead homos have power to give vision as far as we are still in the valley of the shadow of death.

33. But take not our visions as perfect because we only make it up based on the wider knowledge we have after getting corrections to all our errors on earth.


1. Then Waldis held me by the hands and said, a time will come when Faulkin shall declare himself as the light of the world.

2. And multitude shall follow his ways, thinking that they have found the light.

3. But I tell you the truth, the light of Faulkin shall be the light of fire.

4. And after his death shall you know the kind of light he really is. For any eyes that shall see Faulkin after his death shall know that he is indeed a consuming fire.

5. The light of the fire is exactly the light with which he shall deceive the world with.

6. For the same light of the fire shall Nymphidis his father use for sight while creating the world to come with his Word.

7. For the sun shall not give its light when Nymphidis shall be forming the world to come in his Word.

8. I asked Waldis if these sayings are also predictions as the ones before, and she said, Jasheb! did you not perceive the divine knowledge of Knoliud from that of mine?

9. These things which I tell you now are direct revelations from Knoliud, the knowledge of Reverad. For at the beginning of the world to come shall Nymphidis reveal the words which he has recorded in this world, mixing reality with that which is untrue. And multitude shall read his words, which he has personified as the Word and they shall believe the urim of it greatly. But only the wise shall not be deceived.

10. Then Waldis said, there is more to tell you! There is more to tell you!

11. When the soul of Faulkin shall depart the earth, it shall go straight into the hell of fire created by his father.

12. And earthquake shall happen in many places. Then shall multitude of souls lose their lives in the earthquakes.

13. These souls shall be the first to taste of the fire of Nymphidis. For Faulkin shall be in there to torment them, for he has the key of the hell of his father with him.

14. Again I saw the seven spirits of Nymphidis upon horses.

15. And each of them went their way conquering the world. And the sons of God could not stop them because they were very strong.

16. The Evil Spirit from Nymphidis was the first of the spirits to be sent forth into the land to cause destruction.

17. And he was to perform according to the urim of Nymphidis' word which he has written in a sealed book many years back. For the seals were seven and only Faulkin was considered worthy to open the seals one after the other.

18. The Evil Spirit sat on a unicorn and went forth into the lands to conquer it.

19. And the spirit operated in the lands which belonged to Ephradite. And it destroyed a lot of lives there.

20. Then the second spirit called the Spirit of Falsehood went forth to do his work on the back of a red unicorn.

21. This was it which propagated a lot of beliefs. And the people had no peace in his time because they fought against each other and killed each other because of their different beliefs.

22. Likewise did the third, fourth, fifth and sixth spirits perform their works after Faulkin had opened the seals.

23. And after the sixth seal has been opened, the Spirit of Fear and Destruction arose and visited the land of Ephradite.

24. And this caused great earthquake in that land. And multitude of lives perished.

25. After this, a lot of homos came after Nymphidis from the four cardinal points of the earth.

26. And they sang his praise and surrendered their souls unto him for the fear of more tribulation.

27. And Nymphidis commanded that they should receive a seal on their foreheads.

28. And one-hundred and forty-four thousand souls were sealed in the land of Phidis alone.

29. And great multitude of people from all over the continents came to Nymphidis to surrender their souls to him.

30. And he made them drink of the blood of Faulkin. This is done to claim their souls.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:11pm On May 03, 2016

1. Then after this did Faulkin open the seventh seal.

2. And immediately, the seven spirits came together again with seven trumpets.

3. Then the Spirit of Fear and Destruction threw fire into the continents. Then did lightning and Earthquakes and thunders strike the lands.

4. And I, Jasheb, trembled for my eyes have seen too much.

5. Then did Waldis take off the vision and appeared before me, saying, Jasheb, I showed you all these to let you know that Nymphidis is not Peace but War.

6. If Reverad is the God of Peace, then Nymphidis his son is indeed the God of War.

7. For Knoliud said that the end product of peace is war.

8. This exactly is what Knoliud meant by saying this, because Nymphidis started with peace and would end up in war.

9. Faulkin began as the Prince of Peace but shall end as the Prince of War.

10. Now Jasheb, make a submission of your scroll to Eartum after you have finished writing all.

11. For in the world to come, he shall give it and the other sealed scrolls into the hand of a seed of Murmoh.

12. For it shall save the homos in their own time from the hands of Nymphidis when they might have read all the books.

13. For in those days, all the hidden speeches shall be revealed and all the hidden revelations shall be made known.

14. And six thousand and sixty six years shall the words of Nymphidis prevail over the earth in the world to come.

15. For his words shall be made into three; the first shall prevail for thirty-six generations.

16. And at the thirty-sixth generation shall Nymphidis think to modify his first words. Then shall he send Faulkin into the world to make the modifications through peace and swords. For it shall begin with peace and end with swords. And these are they that shall by all means try to suppress knowledge by killing the children of Eartum who shall be blessed with the true knowledge of the universe.

17. And the words of Faulkin shall prevail for five hundred and seventy-one year, which to some is five hundred and seventy-five years. Then shall another word come.

18. This shall be the words of Murhamid, a reincarnate of Faulkin and a prophet of Nymphidis that shall conquer the earth with the use of swords during his own time.

19. And this shall not be ashamed like the first Faulkin who had sex secretly. But this shall do it in the open.

20. Then shall he use his violence to establish his words, according to the sayings of the divine knowledge of Knoliud.

19. And both the words of Faulkin and the words of Murhamid shall shape the world into a planet of perfect fear and trembling till a time when a prophet shall arise from the continent of Murmoh.

20. This prophet shall be unknown in the earth, for those who knew him in person shall not know him as the prophet. But those who knew him through the satellites shall be amazed.

21. And he shall begin the establishment of the doctrine of the real truth from the first day of the first month of the two thousand and sixteenth year of the death of Faulkin which others thought to be the two thousand and tenth year after the death of Faulkin.

26. And his doctrine shall not take root firmly until the two thousand, six hundred and twenty-fifth year after the death of Faulkin, which is to others the two thousand, six hundred and nineteenth year.

28. Now this truth shall be revealed in the world to come by an homo called Otem by those who knew him through the satellites.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:13pm On May 03, 2016

1. And Waldis said, I see great abomination in the continents of the world.

2. Behold, Nymphidis has set up much abomination; first he ordered the homos to make daily sacrifices to him, burning up the beasts of the earth for this purpose.

3. And when his soul was tired of these sacrifices, he set up another abomination. He makes the homos eat the flesh of another homo and drink his blood also.

4. For many in the world shall eat the flesh of Faulkin and drink the blood of Faulkin.

5. And in doing so shall they sell their souls to Nymphidis to capture it after their death and to cast them into wheresoever he wished.

6. Behold! the unquenchable fire of Nymphidis is made hot. And those who have tasted of the blood of Faulkin and eaten his flesh shall be condemned in the fire forever.

7. Now another abomination has Nymphidis set up in violence. For this he shall call the Holy War. How can a war be holy, O Jasheb? But the mouth of Murhamid has proclaimed it.

8. For this shall Nymphidis use to destroy multitude of souls. And his three holy books so-called shall be marred with war and violence to the point that it were better for them to be called the Books of Wars rather than the Books of Peace.

9. And they shall be marred with errors and contradictions, revealing the impotency of Nymphidis and his limitations of knowledge.

10. And there shall be errors in both its chronicles and its histories. And the three books shall also contradict themselves.

11. And facts and figures shall be tarnished with errors such that many great thinkers shall name them other names.

12. This is the beginning of failure and shame for Nymphidis because the prophecy of Faulkin shall also be put to shame in it.

13. For the time promised by Faulkin to return to the earth shall be past and he shall not return, because he shall not have his way.

14. And every generation shall think that the prophecy of Faulkin's return shall come at their own time, but none shall see his return.

15. And if the 2,625th year after the death of Faulkin shall come without his return, the homos shall begin to believe the doctrine of Otem, the prophet of Eartum.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:15pm On May 03, 2016

1. Then I Jasheb, heard the voice of Waldis again, saying, let no homo enforce the Doctrine of Otem on another.

2. Let the doctrine only be spread through the satellites and books and all devices of the earth, but let no homo kill another in order to spread the doctrine.

3. The doctrine of Otem is the doctrine of meditation; the doctrine of using the brain. And the richest people of the world shall spend their resources to make sure this doctrine is published and made to go round the world.

4. For this alone can bring knowledge and connect humans with the truth.

5. How many brains have been left unused O Jasheb?

6. How many brains have been wasted? Especially the brains of the followers of Nymphidis, the great deceiver.

7. They served him and still get rewarded by fire which is meant to burn them forever.

8. For no matter who they be, they shall be tried in fire.

9. And only those considered worthy shall not be left in the fire.

10. Lo, I searched for an homo who met the requirement of Nymphidis to make his heaven and I found none.

11. For even if it takes the gods created by Nymphidis to make his heaven by a narrow escape, how then shall the ordinary homos who worshipped him be able to get there?
But I tell you, there shall be no heaven for any of his followers.

12. Behold, the unquenchable fire of Nymphidis is awaiting all the homos of the world who worshipped him day and night.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:20pm On May 03, 2016

1. After this, Waldis showed me a vision. And I saw other great people which are not the worshippers of Nymphidis.

2. And many of them had little knowledge of Reverad and his purpose for all living beings on earth.

3. And these people were in all the continents of the world. They cure sicknesses and diseases with their little knowledge of Reverad, yet they did not know it.

4. And they were filled with knowledge, teaching their offsprings after them.

5. And I, Jasheb, asked saying, this people have children? Where did they come from? Are they from the land of Phidis?

6. Then did Waldis say, the time shall soon come when the homos shall no more be only males in the whole world. But males and females shall abound everywhere without furs.

7. And they shall give birth to their own kind. Then shall Faulkin claim supremacy over them and shall claim to die for their sins because he is the firstborn of all living creatures.

8. And Faulkin shall hope to get married to as many of them after their death, both male and female, who worship his father.

9. And he shall be their spiritual husband while they live on earth. Then shall he appear to some of the women in their dreams and have sex with them, putting on the flesh of other spirits.

10. And Faulkin shall be the most loved of these women before their husbands.

11. Then shall many of them choose to leave their husbands if they would not allow them to serve Faulkin perfectly with all their hearts.

12. And there shall be marriage breakups in the sanctuary of Nymphidis when some husbands shall not follow the way of Faulkin and their wives shall choose to love him more than their husbands.

13. I shall tell you a prophecy in the continent of Murmoh. A female homo called Sewa in her tongue shall be married to a man.

14. And she shall accept the doctrine of Faulkin as preached by a priest of Nymphidis well-known in the land of Murmoh.

15. And she shall drink the blood of Faulkin and eat the flesh of Faulkin like others do.

16. And at that time shall a new invention be made by those who knew a little of the way of Reverad; those who did much meditation to get problems solved by their brains.

17. Then shall the husband of the woman purchase the new invention whose life is made to work by satellites.

18. The shape of the invention shall be like a box, showing the images of the homos as they were.

19. Now it shall come to pass that as soon as many of the priests of Nymphidis shall see this invention, they shall call it a name.

20. And they shall say it is the Box of Beelzebub.

21. And the priest in whose sanctuary Sewa worships shall forbid the use of the box by the members of his sanctuary.

22. And anyone who shall use this box of Beelzebub shall be named a wicked soul and shall be excommunicated.

23. And the husband of Sewa shall purchase this box, for his soul loves to find knowledge day and night.

24. Then shall Sewa condemn the box and shall engage in a bitter quarrel with her husband.

25. And the priests of the sanctuary shall advise her in what to do, quoting from the book of Nymphidis what was done by a warrior of Nymphidis to the idol-gods of his father.

26. And Sewa's spirit was lifted and she felt she was enlightened. Then she felt that the spirit of Faulkin shall help her.

27. Then did she take up the box of her husband and broke it within the yard while he was away.

28. And she went into her chamber to pray for the conversion of her husband.

29. Then when her husband came, she met him with a smile, thinking that her prayers must have been answered by Nymphidis.

30. And the man had seen the broken box outside. Then in his anger did she pounce on Sewa and hit her severely that she was greatly injured.

31. And the face of Sewa did she tear with the broken glass from the screen of the invented box.

32. Then was Sewa soaked up in blood. Then did she visit her sanctuary with tears. But the priests therein sought not to take up a lawsuit against the homo because they had disguised their belief as the most peaceful one on earth.

33. Then did they advise her to return to her husband, because Faulkin will change his nature. But when Sewa returned to her home, she was sent out of the home forever with more beatings.

34. And the people of the sanctuary of Nymphidis told her to remain without getting married to another husband.

35. And they acquired a dirty chamber for her in a place where many people lived together.

35. Then after paying for the hire of the chamber the first year, they left her stranded.

36. And they did not know what has befallen her thereafter, because she was sent packing when the next hire she could not afford.

37. And Sewa held on to the doctrine of Nymphidis in the sanctuary of the same denomination but which was located in another place.

38. And she could not get married because her doctrine permits no one to leave his husband or wife and remarry.

39. Then did Sewa grow past the age of which marriage was suitable, yet serving Nymphidis.

40. And it came to pass after twelve years the priests of the sanctuary which condemned the box of visions and images, calling it the box of Beelzebub, took of the tithe of the people and purchased a space of the satellite.

41. And they set up the boxes of Beelzebub everywhere in their sanctuaries for to show their high priest in it.

42. And this thing grieved Sewa because they had condemned the use of the box before, which thing led to her divorce.

43. Then did Sewa ask to see the high priest of the sanctuary in her rage, but she could not meet him because her intentions had been told to the servants of the high priest.

44. Then did Sewa return to her husband's house to plead with him to take her back in her old age.

45. For she was now fifty-two and had past her prime.

46. Then did her husband show her the wife of which she had remarried to. And behold, she was nubile and beautiful, with a light-skinned face and her dimples were like the ripples of the blue sea.

47. Then did Sewa break into a loud cry. And right in the chamber of her husband did she lay a curse on the high priest.

48. For in her anger did she say, you high priest shall also lose your wife as you have made me lose the husband of my youth by your ignorance.

49. You made him send me out and instructed me not to remarry.

50. You shall also lose the trust of your follower by the deed of your son in this same issue of marriage. For he shall get married to a woman who shall not uphold the laws of your sanctuary in the institution of marriage.

51. Then shall your followers become sleepers in the sanctuaries when they shall be watching your images in the box of Beelzebub which you have adopted for use in your sanctuaries.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:27pm On May 03, 2016
52. And at your death shall your sanctuary be divided, for many shall follow after the one which you did not intend for a leader. And only few shall go after the wife of your old age and her faithful followers, who also would want to have a hand in the affair of the church.

53. And only if you shall seek me and find me to beg for pardon shall this curse not come to pass.

54. For your hypocrisy is high in the land of Murmoh.

55. Jasheb! do you know what became of the curse?

56. Then Jasheb said, no Waldis!

57. Then she replied, the curse was fulfilled on the high priest and his wife died of an illness caused by the tiny creatures of Chaleb.

58. Then when the priest sought to make amends by asking for the forgiveness of Sewa, he was told that she had died.

59. And as the curse was laid, the worshippers of the sanctuary were engulfed by sleep in all the days of their gatherings to worship Nymphidis.

60. And the youth of the sanctuary began to depart such that only the old and the little ones were left, except for few youths.

61. Then did the high priest of the sanctuary seek after the wisest man of the land, whom he had first sought earlier at the beginning of his service to Nymphidis.

62. And the wise man said, "Go into a strong meditation and you shall see the hovering soul of Sewa in the valley of the shadow of death.

63. Do this quick before her soul passes into the chumorld or the clumoid, else you shall find her soul no more.

64. Then this did the high priest do and he found the soul of Sewa in the valley of the shadow of death when his consciousness had been altered by the power of meditation.

65. Then did Sewa say, why do you come after my soul? Is it to trap it and cast it in the lake of fire of Nymphidis?

66. Then he said, weeping, I altered my consciousness to meet you here. For I have need of your forgiveness.

67. Then the high priest said, I have offended you in making you go childless to your grave.

68. Therefore now do I need your forgiveness for the profitability of my ministry.

69. And Sewa said, what ministry did you speak about? Is the ministry of Nymphidis a good one to reckon with?

70. Then was the priest confused. And he asked, what do you mean?

71. Immediately, Sewa began to explain to him the mysteries of the world and the knowledge of Reverad.

72. Then she told him, saying, the brain is the beginning of spirituality. For whatever you are made to believe shall appear to you as the real truth.

73. I blame you not, O! high priest! For the content of the brain of your mentor has been transfered to you through his urims which you have read many times.

74. For if your mentor is yet alive, he shall in all ways support the same doctrine that the Box of images and satellites is the box of Beelzebub.

75. Now listen, O man of Nymphidis. Don't you consider how many people like me has this kind of problem and tragedy?

76. Now the high priest said, Jehovah's only son is my mentor, how come you mention that my mentor is not alive?

77. Sewa replied, ignorance is what you have in your brain. I speak not of your spiritual mentor but your earthly mentor who is now dead some years back.

78. Now listen, for Knoliud the knowledge of Reverad the true God of the universe has revealed to me my several mistakes and I am now made near-perfection in knowledge.

79. That Jehovah you worship is a name in the spirit we call Nymphidis.

80. He is the author of confusion and the author of evil on earth.

81. Now hear, o hypocritical son of Nymphidis; if you have ears to hear and a brain of understanding, you shall be free from the bondage of your heart.

82. Nymphidis is one of the sons of the true God, Reverad. Reverad has never been manifested to your world because it is not time yet.

83. However, Nymphidis his son, called Yahweh and Alla, is the only one manifested to the eyes of men.

84. Moussa saw Nymphidis face to face like a friend sees the face of his friend, but he never saw the face of God, Domino Reverad, who has never been seen of any man till this moment.

85. Because no man can see the face of the true God and survive it.

86. The high priest laughed and said, Moses said he saw God face to face, how about that?

87. Sewa said, Moussa saw Nymphidis, the son of God, the consuming fire and not Reverad the true God.

88. Are you ignorant of what Faulkin said? Faulkin said that no man has seen God at any time. Is Faulkin a liar?

89. At the mention of the name 'Faulkin' was the high priest confused. And he asked, who is Faulkin?

90. Then Sewa replied, Faulkin is Jesus. He said that no man has seen God at any time but Moussa said he saw God face to face. Who is then the liar of the two of them?

91. Then did the high priest reason in his head and said, let Jesus be true and all men be liars.

92. Sewa laughed when she heard this. Then she said, Yeshua(Faulkin) was indeed saying the truth. Moussa saw Jehovah(Nymphidis) and assumed him as God.

93. Moussa saw him burning a tree but the tree remained unburnt. That is the work of illusion created by him.

94. For after the sun, then is Nymphidis the greatest illusionist.

95. Now the soul of the high priest was vexed and his ears were filled.

96. And he said, I am here not for all these, but to seek your pardon according as Maharaj had told me. Please forgive me, for our youths now doze in the sanctuary.

97. And my wife has passed off in death for this cause too, because the wise man told me how you laid a curse on me and my entire household.

98. Then did Sewa say, on one condition shall the curse be broken. Give up your sanctuary for the teaching of Domino Reverad, who is the true God of Peace.

97. For Yahweh, which you proclaim, is the originator of evil and war. He is only a son to Reverad the true God.

98. And if you will not teach the doctrines of Reverad, behold, the curse shall be perfectly fulfilled upon you.

99. And your son shall be married to a choice which shall be a threat to your ministry thereafter.

100. And your belief shall be more diluted. Then shall many who respected you begin to disregard you. And your sanctuary shall be a joke in the land of Murmoh and abroad.

101. And deep sleep and yawnings shall come upon your members such that many would leave the sanctuary for this reason. And many that shall be married within your sanctuary shall be barren. And all manner of sicknesses shall fall to the bodies of your sanctuary.

102. And when you shall depart the earth, your sanctuary shall depart with you.

103. For what shall be left will be a fragment. And there shall be fightings within the body of the sanctuary.

104. Your wife of your old age shall give her support to one man whom shall not be supported by the other faction.

105. Then shall your sanctuary split like the Aldot of Earthus when the thunder of Nymphidis tore it apart in war.

106. The high priest was confused and he said, I would rather follow after Jehovah till death than depart from him and face his wrath. Let me make the paradise of Jehovah, for I am afraid of his hell.

107. Then did Sewa say, if even Faulkin was cast into hell at both his first and second life, how much more you, an ordinary tepex of the sand of the sea.

108. I would rather that you remain here now with me and be transported to the Chumorld or the Clumoid at the time due than for Nymphidis to seize your soul and cast it into his fire forever.

109. Immediately, Sewa grabbed the high priest and held him tight, for he thought to save his soul from the unquenchable fire of Nymphidis. But he struggled his way out of her hands and returned to the earth.

110. Then did the high priest change some of the doctrines which he had set up in his sanctuary before the day of his death. However, the prophecy of Sewa did not cease to take its root.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:31pm On May 03, 2016

1. When I asked Waldis when these prophecy shall be fulfilled, she told me saying, not in this world but in the world to come.

2. For a great seer of truth shall emerge in the land of Phidis in the world to come.

3. And Eartum shall show him the future of thousands of years ahead of him, but he shall be commanded to keep it secret and not write it until the appointed time.

4. And before the thing the seer heard shall be revealed to the world, the time of the high priest shall have come.

5. Now Belteshazzar shall the name of the seer be called by the great king whose power was from Nymphidis.

6. Now Belteshazzar shall write a scroll and keep it secret, but Nymphidis shall set up some scribes to write a scroll and name it after the name of Belteshazzar.

7. Behold, only the last part of the scroll of Nymphidis is wholly true, but Nymphidis shall even make the twelfth look as if Belteshazzar is his own follower and not the follower of Reverad.

8. But the books of Nymphidis himself shall show the contrast when Faulkin shall come.

9. For Belteshazzar's way of meditation shall be different from the way of praying that shall be described by Faulkin. For Belteshazzar shall open his doors and windows wide at the time of his meditation but Faulkin shall command the shutting of doors and windows when praying to his father.

10. In this shall you know that Belteshazzar is not the follower of him but of Reverad and of Eartum.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:33pm On May 03, 2016

1. My head was filled with the words of Waldis.

2. And when I would tell her saying, it is enough, a great whirlwind came and lifted her off.

3. And I looked on, crying, Waldis! Waldis!

4. Then did Knoliud appear to me and said, Waldis is gone forever now from this place.

5. For it is time for her to go to the Chumorld which I have chosen for her. For her soul had hovered for long in this valley, waiting for you. Truly I tell you, when a soul is still here in this valley, such can return to earth to even cause more confusion if it so wished. But once it has been transported to the river of life for cleansing before being born again into the Chumorld or the Clumoid, it can never have any communion with the living on earth forever.

6. Then did Knoliud give me a scroll and said, have this.

7. When you shall see Eartum, you shall give it to him. For Eartum shall deliver it into the hand of Otem in this world and in the world to come.

8. Then I asked Knoliud, saying, what is in the scroll? And immediately I was about to open it, but Knoliud cried at me, saying, dare it not, Jasheb!

9. That scroll is not yours to see. For it is one of the scrolls that no eye should see until it has been revealed to the Otem.

10. And at every world shall Eartum deliver them into the hands of an humble young man to proclaim it to his world.

11. Now for your world, this scroll shall be delivered into the hand of Otem, a homo of the continent of Murmoh.

12. And also in the world to come shall the scrolls be given to Otem, who is also a homo of the land of Murmoh.

13. And they shall translate the languages of the scrolls to the most commonly spoken languages of their time.

14. Jasheb, do you know the purpose of these scrolls being given to the Otems? Knoliud said.

15. Then I answered, No! And Knoliud said, lies must prevail for thousands of years first but the truth must be revealed.

16. The scrolls are the scrolls of the real truth of the universe.

17. And many beliefs of the world are only but mirages which are not real. Many can not be true but single is truth.

18. Jasheb, do you think that the world would be left in confusion forever?

19. How then shall Reverad be justified if he left the homos forever in a state of having no single thing to believe?

20. For it shall be his fault that he left the world forever until their destructions without a single truth to believe but lies; especially the numerous lies of Nymphidis, even within his own worshippers.

21. Now I asked Knoliud, tell me I adjure you, shall Otem live forever on earth? For you said at first that in our world, Otem shall reveal the truth. Then in the world to come, he shall also do the same.

22. What do you mean by this?

23. Now did Knoliud reply me, saying, the Otems are not the same person. For each of them shall die in their own world.

24. The first Otem shall be known physically in this world which you are and he shall be killed by Nymphidis.

25. But the second Otem shall only be known on the satellites and his image shall not be seen. But they of his household which knew him shall not be able to deliver him up to the worshippers of Nymphidis to be punished.

26. For he shall fulfill his mission unknown. But know this, every world shall come with its own Otem.

27. And the Otem of each world shall discover himself to be the one whenever he had studied the life of the past Otem.

28. For all Otems shall begin with a humble beginning and end greatly.

29. Now let every Otem learn from the mistakes of the Otem of the previous worlds and make amends in his own time.

30. For this exactly is what the second Otem shall do to avoid being put to death by the forces of Nymphidis who shall regard his revelations as blasphemies.

31. And from the next world upward, many shall claim to be the Otem when they are not.

32. Then Jasheb said, why do we have Otems in all worlds? Is there anything special about them?

33. Then Knoliud laughed and said, you have not been created at my first visit to earth when I made known to them that every being on earth can trace back his behaviour to someone of the past world.

34. This is because whenever a homo is formed from the tepex of the sand of the sea, he is an element of someone who had died and fallen on the soil earlier.

35. Now he would have some traits of the one who has died before, but not all the traits.

36. Your understanding here cannot be perfect O Jasheb! But only know this, every homo shall come with a character similar to one which had come to the earth earlier. And every nation and land shall behave like the ones which had existed in the past worlds.

37. This is the knowledge of Reverad. Now Jasheb, your time is up to return to the earth.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:35pm On May 03, 2016

1. My eyes were opened and I was in darkness.

2. Then was I vomited by the phibiosis at the bank of the water.

3. And my skin was smooth like that of Nymphidis' son and daughter which Earthus bore for him after Faulkin.

4. And my furs has been removed from my body, leaving my skin as smooth as that of the sons of God.

5. Then in haste, I made for myself a coat from the fur which the phibiosis has vomitted beside me at the bank (because the phibiosis has peeled them off my body and swallowed some of it).

6. Now my skin is as smooth as that of Earthus. And I said, where is the scroll given to me by Knoliud in the valley of the shadow of death?

7. How shall I give Eartum what I do not possess?

8. Then my sense suggested to me that the scroll is in my brain and Eartum shall obtain it from there at the appointed time.

9. Then did I keep silent about it and went to the tacamid tree to obtain its fruit for a disguise as Waldis whom I have both read about in Eartum's book and have also seen in the valley of the shadow of death.

10. And I anointed my body with the sap from a tree of Chimides.

11. And I obtained the remnant of Earthus' hair hung on the tree where her body was hanged earlier.

12. Then was my appearance like that of Waldis when Nymphidis saw me at the border of his land.

13. And he took me to his courtyard, for he thought that I was her daughter, Waldis.

14. Then did Faulkin see me and thought also that I was Waldis whom he thought was already dead.

15. And I behaved myself as Waldis before them both.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otemanuduno: 11:56pm On May 03, 2016

1. Now I saw at the centre of the land of Phidis (now named Philargas), homos of different species from us. For this species were miles away from where Nymphidis and I and Faulkin and the other fur-having homos lived.

2. I have heard this before but I did not believe it. But now I saw it with my eyes when I walked far away from the garden of Nymphidis to the centre of the continent.

3. Now these are the names of the homos who guarded the courtyard of Nymphidis: Michael, Raguel, Gabriel, Yuriel, Abethethibou, Raphael and Beelzebub.

4. These had Nymphidis and Larges made wings to their sides such that they could fly. They guarded the courtyard with a flaming sword.

5. Now I thought I knew why they were guarding it so tough because I had read the book of Eartum in which he said that Nymphidis' garden in the courtyard was often attacked by the creatures of the other sons of God.

6. Now I remembered that at my first visit to the courtyard to steal the image of Earthus about a hundred and fifty years earlier, I did not find anyone watching over it. Therefore I dismissed my thought that they were there to keep watch against the creatures of the other sons of God which were intruding into his courtyard.

3. This homos were in multitude like ten thousands souls and they did multiply through reproduction.

4. Only in the land of Phidis (then named Philargas) was this species found. And I asked from one of them why they were so and he answered me, our Lord God made us so.

5. He made us male and female.

6. This creatures were of small stature and they could grow.

7. Then I asked in my mind, why did Nymphidis make this species so tiny?

8. Now I knew I would have no courage to face Nymphidis to ask him this, because he could easily be provoked.

9. Then I approached one of the species whose name was Hamiel. Then I asked Hamiel, saying, who created you species and for what purpose?

10. Then Hamiel said, he who created us is God, Yahweh, and according to Enorach the most righteous man in our land, the purpose of our creation is to take over the whole earth.

11. I laughed when I heard this and Hamiel asked me why.

12. Then I explained to him that Reverad is the God of the universe who created all the planets and everything in the universe with a big force.

13. When Hamiel heard this, he laughed and said, Yahweh is our God. Enorach told us that.

14. Now my soul was interested in finding the one, Enorach, which they spoke of. For I thought I would be able to get some little knowledge from him about the cleverness of Nymphidis whom they all called Yahweh in this place.

15. None of them knew him as Nymphidis and this amazed me.

16. Now concerning the stature of these people, they were only up to my waist.

17. And they had no fur on their bodies, unlike myself before the phibioses ate up my fur. And they made clothing for themselves from silk and cottons just like the sons of God had been doing too.

18. However, I was amazed that the little creatures were not scared of my presence even at my first appearance.

19. Then I asked one of them why they were not scared of my gigantic stature and he said, we cannot be scared because you giants have been friendly to us right from the first day.

20. Are Taloma and Lamar not with us even now? Cadrech and Atonis and Petunia are also with us. Behold, they have sex with our females every day and night. Even Torah and Mahamel and Melchisedec all come here from heaven above to have pleasure with our females.

21. And Torah even promised us that he will get married to all of us, males and females in paradise above, if only we could follow after the teachings of Enorach the righteous and make it to the paradise after our death.

22. Now we cherish the presence of any of you whenever you are with us because you always teach us knowledge and also have sexual fun with us.

23. Torah visits our back chambers with his rod as males anytime he is here and he does so to our females too, visiting their front chambers. And this is the best fun we have ever heard.

24. I was amazed at what they were saying. Then I demanded to know whom Torah was. Then they described him and his description fitted that of Faulkin. For he had declared such name to them to hide his real name from them.

25. And I was greatly amazed and asked, are you sure of this thing you are saying?

26. He said, surely I am. Are his gigantic children not here with us? Truly I tell you, they are alike in all aspects.

27. Now the people presented the children of Torah to me. They were of gigantic statures like us. Ten of them had furs while the other three looked like the people without fur.

28. Now I was shown around their dwelling places. Then they told me that Torah and Jehovah created their first father and mother who disobeyed and were sent out of the paradise.

29. When I asked them who taught them such thing, they said it was Torah himself.

30. Now I wanted to know if Torah and Enorach knew each other, but they told me "No!"

31. Torah said that we should not tell Enorach about his visit and the visits of the other gigantic creatures to this place.

32. Behold, is that not the dwellingplace of Enorach? But he is always lying asleep as if dead all the time. Then in such form was his soul transported to heaven where Jehovah lives. Then he would come to tell us about the paradise when he is awake.

33. But Torah and all the other giants do come around whenever the soul of Enorach has been transported to the dwelling place of Jehovah above.

34. I was amazed when they spoke to me in such manner. Now I felt well staying with them because I wanted to make much findings about them.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 12:19am On May 04, 2016
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 12:29am On May 04, 2016
Findings about homos

1. Now these homos were standing more upright than us. For they were straight with none bending at all.

2. And whenever they got injuries such as broken arms and broken legs or broken noses, they were isolated, according to the teaching of Enorach (for Enorach commanded that anyone with disabilities should be cast far away in order to keep the others pure according to the directions of Jehovah which he had received).

3. I spoke one of the languages Ephradite had taught me, but they did not understand. Then I knew that they only understood a single language.

4. I also discovered that they died at very young ages of seventy and eighty without any violent forces killing them, unlike us who do not die except by being forced to death or when attacked by the unseen creatures of Chaleb in their multitudes.

5. Again I discovered that my range of view was like ten times wider than theirs.

6. They could not see distant objects clearly. They could not also see things which were very tiny to me.

7. When I made further findings, I learnt that Nymphidis made them up from sands and stones of the bank of the ocean. Then I remembered the vessels I saw in his court earlier which contained sand and stones. I also remembered his threat, saying, "I will raise up homos from sands and stones to worship me if you homos shall not worship me."

8. And because they had been constantly sexually aroused at very tender ages of two and three and such like, their females gave birth at very early ages like ten to fifteen.

9. So did their males too which ejaculated at about the ages of five to seven years and became fathers as early as that too.

10. The species of animals in these lands were also smaller than the ones we had before. And their beasts had the ability to reproduce as fast as within three months to one year of birth.

11. I observed that the earlier all living things here mated, the earlier their chances of reproducing and completing their life cycles.

12. Their animals mated at very early ages and so completed their life cycles as early too.

13. Their plants which seemed to me as having no male and female genders did live very long, like almost forever, but the ones which had males and females organs in them seemed to complete their life cycles within a few period of time.

13. The homos mated as early as five to ten years and they completed their lifespan within seventy to ninety-seven years.

14. But when I asked for the name of the soul who had lived the longest, they told me it was Hatus who was already 910 years of age, being the first of all to be created by Jehovah.

15. Then I asked if they could take me to his abode because I doubted that he was indeed up to such age when all the others I had seen were far less than that, using the technique I was taught by my creator for telling ages of things.

16. When I saw Hatus, I knew at once that he was not more than 91 years of age.

17. When I told them this, they argued with me and got very angry, because I had spoken against the teaching of Enorach the most holy homo erectus of their generation.

18. Now I said, how did you arrive at the conclusion that your age is 910 years? Behold, I see you as only 91 years of age.

19. Then Hatus laughed and said to me, since the day I ate of the tree of knowledge of Jehovah in his paradise, my eyes were opened and I could tell how to count days and years.

20. Enorach my distant grandson who goes to heaven always has confirmed this from Jehovah and he said I was right about my counting of days and years.

21. I was amazed at Hatus, therefore I asked him, how do you count days and months and years?

22. Then Hatus said, are you just huge for nothing, O Jasheb? Did you not know that the sun moves over the surface of the earth?

23. Now from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun, does that not make ten days?

24. I was so shocked at the confidence with which he spoke such that I could not do the laughter that I intended to do.

25. Then did I ask, how come you arrive at this?

26. Hatus replied, saying, my son, you are foolish. Don't you know that the sun is the eye of Jehovah with which he sees all homos of the earth?

27. Now shall I let you know this; the sun moves round the four corners of the earth daily and the moon does same, what do you think they are?

28. They are indeed the two eyes of Jehovah watching over us such that we have no hiding place.

29. Can an homo erectus hide away from the hovering eyes of Jehovah, which searches even to the depth of our hearts?

30. He sees all the works of our hands with his two big eyes. Now let me tell you how I knew that the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun makes ten days. Our fingers are ten, each representing a day. And Jehovah's eyes, which are the sun and the moon, count them.

31. So I tell you that when the sun and the moon would have hovered the surface of the earth, counting our ten fingers, that is ten days.

32. Jasheb, know this also; Jehovah sees the whole earth at once.

33. When I heard this, I said unto Hatus, this idea of yours is a wrong conception of the earth, the sun and the moon.

34. We do not count days and years by the revolving of the sun around the earth but by the revolving of the earth around the sun do we count years. This is what Eartum taught us many years ago before bitterness arose among the sons of God.

35. When Hatus heard this, he ordered that I should be stoned to death for such blasphemy against Jehovah who had even taught them through Enorach that the earth has foundation and is a flat surface that do not move
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by johnydon22(m): 12:43am On May 04, 2016
How is any of this posted here true? How can there be a "doctrine of UFOs" & how on Earth did you come upon this?

This is an example of a beautiful creative eloquent poetic evily genius and interesting mesh of wonderful entertaining nonsense...

You cannot help but applaud the wonderful evily genius creative mind that came up with this.…

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 5:07am On May 04, 2016

1. Now did these homo erectus cast stones at me and hanged me, for they had purposed to set me on fire and take my life away.

2. I pleaded for mercy but none listened. At the time when I would have been dead, Enorach appeared.

3. And when he had enquired of my hands what thing I had done, they replied him, saying, he speaks against our Lord, Jehovah.

4. And Enorach replied, saying, cast no stone on him. For we all do sin against Jehovah and he does forgives our sins through sacrifice.

5. Which of you has never sinned against him, yet he forgave your sins.

6. Did you Hatus and Gai not eat the fruit of which Jehovah has promised them death?

7. But when you took up a lamb for sacrifice, did he not change his mind towards you?

8. And did he not clothe you with the grass of the field when your iniquity made you naked?

9. Now Hatus, if Peace had cut out your life for the sins you made, how then shall we be your offsprings today?

10. And how would Gai have conceive and bare Carmi and Abel?

11. Behold now the reward of Carmi. For he was slaughtered in the end by a homo-erectus like himself, because he offered no sacrifice to appease Jehovah after his iniquity of murder.

12. But for Abel, his righteousness did Jehovah remember. And he promised to retain his name forever; in this world and in the world to come.

13. Is the land of Babel not given for the preservation of his name?

14. But where again shall the name of Carmi be mentioned? For he has been cut off by Jehovah forever.

15. Then did Hatus bow before Enorach, the most holy.

16. And he said, holiness and peace is yours forever, O! Enorach.

17. Now listen to your servant before you judge the matter.

18. This is one of them who comes directly from Jehovah's court from his garden from where I was sent away nine-hundred and ten years ago.

19. But this Jasheb did come to tempt me again, like the evil serpent of Ephradite which Jehovah hated with all his soul.

20. Who knew if this is the incarnation of the serpent again, which has come to teach us errors!

21. Now did he come to say that I am just about 91 years of age and not 910 years, according to the calculation of days.

22. Is that not worthy of death, O! Enorach, the most righteous?

23. And he also is here to teach that the sun does not go across the face of the earth but the earth around the sun instead.

24. He also taught that the earth is not flat with four corners. Is this not too much to bear?

25. Now Enorach maintained his calmness and said to me, O! great homo of high height, did you say all these things?

26. And I said, yes I do.

27. Then Enorach said, lose him and let him come to my court. For he lacks knowledge. Now shall I impact the knowledge of Jehovah upon him.

28. Now Enorach brought me to his court and there he began to teach me the knowledge of Jehovah who was not known to them as Nymphidis.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 5:13am On May 04, 2016

1. Now did Enorach begin to enlighten me about the day of the creation of Hatus until the present day.

2. And Enorach said, Jehovah laid the foundation of the earth and created two lights to shine upon it.

3. The sun shined upon the earth in the day and the moon did shine upon it at night.

4. Then I said to Enorach, the moon is not a light at all.

5. Enorach laughed at me as if at my ignorance and said, now it is dark. Come let us go outside to see the sky?

6. Then we went forth and lifted our faces unto the sky. Then Enorach said, look up, for the moon is up there, beaming its light.

7. And I said, no Enorach. The moon itself is not a light but the light of the sun did it enjoy.

8. Then Enorach said to me, where is the sun if indeed the moon enjoys its light? The sun has gone to rest until tomorrow.

9. Then I Jasheb said, the sun does not move, the earth does.

10. The part of the earth which turns to it enjoys its light. .

11. And the moon also moves around the earth. When I said this, Enorach laughed and said, Jasheb! this is too much for you to say. How can you say in ignorance that the earth is moving at all? Now look at the ground, did you see it move?

12. Look at the camp of my people over there. Does it seem to you as if it moves?

13. When he said this, I Jasheb kept silent before him because there was no way I could explain it.

14. Because Eartum had told me that in nature, it would only take one to come out of something to learn more about it.

15. This is also the principle of meditation which Eartum had taught us before.

16. Eartum had said, to know about the things in the conscious state, one would need to go out of the state of consciousness. And to discover all the errors of a belief set up, one would need to temporarily go out of the belief, be neutral, rational and open-minded while going through the belief again. Then shall a million errors be spotted in it.

17. Now I said, O! Enorach! the holiest of all! I know no way I could explain this to you but in only this way; if you go out of the earth, you shall see it moving because in such way shall you see the entirety of it.

18. Then Enorach smiled and said confidently, the only way to go out of the earth and become extinct is by dying.

19. Jehovah created only two places in the beginning, which are the heaven and the earth. And several times he has taken me to the heaven whenever I am out of this world in the spirit.

20. Yet I did not see this earth move while I was in heaven. Now listen, O Jasheb! The heaven is made for the holy and the angels but every other soul that sins shall die and they shall cease to exist forever. Is that not what he told Hatus and Gai before they ate the fruit?

21. But because they sought the pardon of Jehovah, the Peace of the world, he gave them life.

24. Now Hatus and his wife are both 910 years and they look young still. That is the love of Jehovah for the homo erectus.

25. When Enorach said this, I was grieved in my spirit because of the revelation I have received from Waldis and Knoliud, saying, Nymphidis shall accomplish the unquenchable fire he has been trying to make right from the beginning of his sojourn on earth.

26. Now I told Enorach saying, listen, most holy one. A time shall come when Jehovah shall begin to reveal his real kingdom, which is the kingdom of fire that he is still making.

27. And he shall reveal this kingdom through Faulkin, also called Yeshua or Jesus, his adopted son.

28. But he shall reveal this kingdom through peace so that no one on earth would know his real intention.

29. But his peace shall end up with violence, according to the knowledge of Knoliud.

30. Enorach frowned when he heard me, but did not believe me still. But he said, the kingdom of Jehovah is already here. His Paradise is heaven which I have visited several times through meditation.

31. Jasheb! Stop this zealous lies of yours! For it is great blasphemy against the one who sits in the firmament of the sky and makes this earth his footstool.

32. There is no firmament in the sky, I said, and Enorach got angry with me and showed me his red eyes.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 5:20am On May 04, 2016

1. Now did Enorach show me his book which he was writing. It contained the description of the paradise of Nymphidis, which he had claimed was established in the firmament in the sky.

2. Now the description of it is perfectly that of the court of Nymphidis where I lived with him at the border of the continent of Phidis.

3. Then impetusly I said, I live there with him.

4. Enorach laughed and said, you have no knowledge at all, Jasheb. This really shows that you are not from there.

5. Now, tell me, where do you come from?

6. Then I said, I came from the court of Jehovah, which is located at the outskirt of this continent.

7. When Enorach heard this, he said, blasphemy! This land has no outskirt. The ends of it are just around the corners a little distance away from here, where the four winds of the earth do come from.

8. As Enorach yet spoke, I said in anger, Jehovah is the author of confusion.

9. Immediately did Enorach order for my arrest and I was tied up.

10. Then he returned to his chamber to meditate again, setting his brain upon Jehovah, the one he desired to meet in his altered state of consciousness.

11. At dusk, Deganis came around with some of his friends to lay with the female homos as their practices were (for they knew what time Enorach would be in deep meditation).

12. As it got dark, I broke off their shackles and began to walk away free. Then I took off the grass I had used to cover my unclothedness and wore my own garment again which was made of linen. This did I keep under a juniper tree before. And I returned to Eden, to the court of Nymphidis.

16. And a time came when Faulkin demanded that I rub his feet and his bare body and his back with my long hair. And I obeyed, pouring ointment of spikenard on his feet and his body while I rubbed my hair on them.

17. And while I did this, the fruit of tacamid on my chest also caressed his body like breasts. And he was glad and pleased with its softness.

18. And Faulkin said again, let me visit your front chamber with my rod. Then he forcefully tried to do this and saw my unclothedness. Then he knew that my frontchamber was exactly like his. And the fruit of tacamid had also fallen down.

19. Then Faulkin insisted to do it with me, now through the backchamber. But to this I objected at first. But when he would not stop blowing threats at me, I allowed him.

20. But it was not pleasurable to me.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 5:25am On May 04, 2016
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 5:28am On May 04, 2016
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by Nobody: 10:09am On May 04, 2016

This is an example of a beautiful creative eloquent poetic evily genius and interesting mesh of wonderful entertaining nonsense...

You cannot help but applaud the wonderful evily genius creative mind that came up with this.…

Utter complete BS & yet you swallow it whole. The world has flipped off its axis.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by swaggzo(m): 10:15am On May 04, 2016

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by johnydon22(m): 11:15am On May 04, 2016

Utter complete BS & yet you swallow it whole. The world has flipped off its axis.

Please read my post again or can't you read? Sometimes i wonder how people can quote a post without even comprehending what i said or were you in a hurry to reply?

read a post before replying anything that comes to your mind next time


This is an example of a beautiful creative eloquent poetic evily genius and interesting mesh of wonderful entertaining nonsense ...

You cannot help but applaud the wonderful evily genius creative mind that came up with this.…

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 2:01pm On May 04, 2016
1. Now, after many years that Faulkin and I had been into the same sex affair, Nymphidis discovered it and put us both in exile in an island at the upper part of Murmoh. Now did Nymphidis give us names. For he called Faulkin the name Sodom and me he called Egypt for he said, you shall both be put to death for doing what is reserved for the sons of God only.
2. Now Nymphidis put us in that land to be punished for our wrongdoings against him.

3. And he said, abide here together for a while until a time that I shall kill you both.

4. And Nymphidis named the land 'Sodom and Egypt' according to the names which he had named us. And this land was not far from the territory which one of the favoured homo of Nymphidis ruled over. His name was Melchizedek.

5. And Nymphidis hypnotised us in that desert. Then he put the unseen creatures of Chaleb into our sex organs.

6. And for me, he also put them inside my backchamber.

7. Now when I woke up, Faulkin was already awake, pushing his rod into my back chamber again.

8. For he was not sober for his doings earlier.

9. Now some homos of the land saw my skin and asked how I got it. For they knew that I was Jasheb who was once filled with furs like them too.

10. And I said, go into the oceans and into the seas and into any place where the phibioses are gathered.

11. And many of them went and did as I had told them. Then they returned from the waters with no furs on their skins. And they had skins as smooth as that of the sons of God.

12. Now when Faulkin continued to push his rod into me, the homos of the land saw us and began to do likewise.

13. Now the other son of Earthus and his sister, who were born to Nymphidis in the old land called Farthidis, had been lost.

14. And these both had smooth skins without furs, like Earthus herself.

15. Now a disease arose at the centre of my backchamber through which the rod of Faulkin had passed into me many times.

16. And the pain was much upon me that I felt I should die, yet Faulkin did not cease to do more to me forcefully.

17. And when I was fainting, Nymphidis came and laughed at me and said, you shall die, Jasheb. For I have put one of the deadliest tiny creatures of Chaleb on you. This I knew will manifest when Faulkin do it with you again. Now you have the deadly disease which shall kill you.

18. Now worship me so that your soul shall be transported into my paradise which I am making in the cloud. For I have set a firmament in the cloud which no eyes can see and which no skin can feel.

19. And the firmament has divided the waters of the cloud into two such that the water below it shall be part of this planet earth while the one above it shall be part of my paradise.

8. And I have built mansions above the firmament, but no living being can see it or feel it except the dead. And I worshipped Nymphidis and drank the blood of Faulkin which he gave me to drink.

10. I also ate the flesh of Faulkin which Nymphidis commanded me to eat. For he said in eating it shall I be counted worthy for his paradise and otherwise I shall be damned in his unquenchable fire.

12. But I knew it was falsehood, because Waldis has told me earlier how Nymphidis has wished to trap all souls from making it to the valley of the shadow of death, let alone the Chumorld or the Clumoid.

13. But I wished to go to his fire, perhaps I shall be able to rescue the souls of multitude which he shall send into the fire thereafter.

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Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by otem4eartum: 2:33pm On May 04, 2016

1. After about three thousand years did Nymphidis pay me a visit in the land called Sodom and Egypt and said to me, Jasheb, you have a mission to fulfill.

2. You shall go into the land of my homos in the form of a child. You shall be born of a woman and declare to them that you are Jasheb in the form of Elias which had come to the land of the homos before.

3. And you shall have followers in hundreds. For they shall easily accept your show of sincerity. And you shall call them into repentance.

4. Then shall you baptise your followers again in the waters and tell them this time around that you have come to make the truth known unto them, because they shall be baptised in the fire by another which is to come.

5. Tell them that you are only the fore-runner of the truth, while the one to come is greater than you and shall bring the kingdom of the true God to worship.

6. Now let them know this, that as many that receives him shall be baptised with one of my spirits and also with fire.

7. Then Nymphidis laughed and said, Jasheb, you shall be surprised that no one shall suspect that baptism with fire means immersion in it forever and ever. And when they shall willingly accept that baptism in fire, I shall claim their brains and souls and excite the sulphur and phosphorus in them to cause hallucinations of fire for them forever.

8. Now whosoever shall be baptised by you in the waters shall automatically be qualified to rise with Faulkin into the fire of hell forever. This shall be the thought I have implanted into their brains and it shall forever torment them.

9. And this shall appear very real to them, because they shall forever think they are in the fire, feeling the pain of it so much that they shall think it is the reality. And they shall weep greatly in the flame which is in their brains.

10. Now let me tell you a secret of which Faulkin himself knew nothing of. He shall also go to hell fire when he is dead. And his soul shall attract the souls of all his followers to where he is. And where he is shall all his followers be too.

11. And Faulkin shall promise all his followers some mansions in the sky, telling them that he shall return to take all of them with him. Then shall they expect his return until all the people of his generations shall have died, but Faulkin which they awaited shall be punished forever in the fire because he slept with you of the same sex.

12. Now I know that Faulkin is not totally evil, because he has the nature of Earthus his mother in him. But my nature shall be in him to overwhelm the nature of his mother.

13. But I shall deceive him to think that he would go to paradise immediately he dies, but he shall be shocked because there is no paradise in sight yet, even after trying for thousands of years.

14. For I cannot make a home in the sky like Reverad the true God. This is impossible for me. But I can make fire in the brains of my worshippers, even after trying to make an unquenchable fire in any physical form. Did the method of Deganis not fail woefully? For after we have dug through the earth, we ourselves fell into it for a space of a thousand years.

15. Now Faulkin shall promise his followers that he would go and prepare a place for them in my paradise after his death. But O Jasheb! This is deception, because I shall keep Faulkin in the fire forever, so that his soul could draw all homes into the fire.

16. Now hear what Faulkin shall tell the homos. He shall promise to return to take them to the paradise before they died, but this is all a deception. And many of them shall confess that it was the last hours but they shall not see his return to take them to the paradise he promised them.

17. Now, Jasheb, go forth and appear to my homo erectuses, and prepare the coming of Faulkin. You shall begin with a new style of burying them in some waters around and you shall tell them such is what can take away addictions and iniquities.

18. Then in the same manner you shall inform them to be prepared to be baptised in fire and they shall willingly fall for the tricks.

19. Then did Nymphidis lay me down and did according to the way of Ra, which was one of the sons of God which I had seen in the land where I was exiled to. For Ra could make reincarnations of anyone he had wished to make.

20. Then Nymphidis took the liquid in my scrotal sac and then hypnotised me. Then was my soul conscious in a thing which I knew nothing about.
Re: The Doctrine Of The Ufos by dazzlingd(m): 2:48pm On May 04, 2016
How on earth did u construct this story? How everything matched from beginning to end. nice flow and great work there filled with suspense...you need to think of building a career in writing season movies


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