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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by LightQueen(f): 4:52pm On Oct 15, 2018
Interesting.. Keep it up
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 9:38am On Oct 16, 2018
Once they had gone a good distance, Debola jumped down and started to run in the opposite direction.

'Lucia, tell us the truth.'
Madam Okafor Joyce looked at her daughter with pity and anger. How long will it take for her to say the truth?
'Lucia, tell us the truth about your sexuality. We can cover up for you, make a story, something but please just stop lying.'
'Woman, you are wasting your time. This harlot will not say the truth. Falsehood is part of her. She must leave this house!'
'Darling, please be patient with her, she must confess.....'
'Confess what?' Lucia fired at them. 'I have told you the truth, yet you refuse to believe me. Tell me uncle, have you hated me all this while or it's just now?'
'Lucia, will you....'
'Please aunty stop! I have respected you and Uncle Patrick well enough. If I must leave here, I will pack my bags and go. But I will say my piece!'
'Aunty, you have been living with a sexual Prevert who has been......'
Joyce was shocked as her husband suddenly gagged her mouth and dragged her off.
'Pack your clothes now! Leave my house immediately!'
'Patrick, what was she talking about?'
'Ignore what she said. Lucia is a bitter girl.....'
'She is not bitter. I know my niece well enough.'
'So you believe her more than me, your husband?
Is that what you are saying?'
Lucia came out with her load before she could reply. 'I am off to a place where I can have freedom to think. Goodnight.'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by LightQueen(f): 11:57am On Oct 17, 2018
Thanks for the update
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 11:57am On Oct 17, 2018
Thanks for the update
Thanks for the appreciation. I value it.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:24pm On Oct 17, 2018
'Lucia, wait!'
She turned back and saw Maureen leaving the house with her bags.
'Maureen, what are you doing?'
'I am following her, Daddy.'
Joyce started to stomp the ground as Patrick looked at his fair-skinned look alike.
'Maureen, I command you to leave that place now! Come here!'
Maureen looked at her father with hateful eyes. 'I am going with her. You should cover yourself with shame dad, after all we have been through.'
'If you don't.....'
A taxi stopped in front of Lucia and Maureen.
'Let's go!' Lucia started to tug Maureen's cloth.'
'Mom, it will be fine. I and Lucia will look for where to stay until she is proved innocent.'

'Debola!' Marcus rushed and hugged a tired Debola, ignoring the smell of cow dung on him.
'You are smelling dude.' Tobi did not ignore anything.
'Guy, you won't understand. I could have died today.'
'Thank God you did not. What happened?'
Debola sat down and explained everything to them.
As soon as he finished, Tobi lost control of his rigid sitting posture.
'You can't be serious, the guy that executed the killing was after you?'
'Yes. I recognized the face and demeanour.'
'Thank God you were not caught. So, Kemi is involved?'
'Definitely! She is the only one that was with Lucia before she left and she is the person that announced Lucia as the culprit.'
'The CSO is not doing his work well.'
'He is among them.'
Tobi moved forward and faced Debola squarely. 'This is more reason why you must stop investigating this case. Lucia may be innocent, but you can't come and die for her.'
Debola shook his head. 'No, I won't leave her like that. Only that I can't trust anyone with this.'
Marcus smiled. 'You can trust me with this and I know what to do next.'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:25pm On Oct 17, 2018
Obinna1998, I see you.

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by LightQueen(f): 1:00pm On Oct 17, 2018
Thanks for the appreciation. I value it.
You're most welcome
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by LightQueen(f): 1:05pm On Oct 17, 2018
I dey suspect Tobi
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 5:14am On Oct 19, 2018
'Which is what, Marcus?'
Debola looked at Tobi with some level of surprise. This was unexpected.
'What's with the tone, Tobi?' You sound like I am someone not to.be trusted.
'Are you? Did you not tell him to stop the investigation earlier on? Why urging him on when the little protection offered by the school authority is lacking at best?'
'I am doing that because he is not backing down at this point and I feel this is where he needs a helping hand.'
'Debola, you have heard me. If you want to follow Marcus, you can. But I have washed my hands off this case and your life. Let it not be said that I did not warn you.'
Marcus held Debola's hand. 'Let's go, there is someone you need to meet.'

Kemi waited with anticipation. Bode had called her to meet him at the greenhouse, claiming to have some important information for her.
Yet she was pensive. The greenhouse was on campus, yet because of the landmass of the school(which is as big as a state), the surrounding area around the greenhouse was ripe forest and it was known as a good place for rape. Naive ladies and at times guys have been gang-raped by male and female cult groups here. Not to talk of the robberies here too.
Yet, Bode wants her here.
She looked at her phone for the umpteenth time. Bode promised to be present by 6pm yet it was almost 7. She hated it when he delayed like this.
Suddenly she noticed shadows coming out of the forest. 1,2,3.... She counted six heading towards her.
'God no!'
She turned and started to run, but her high heels impeded her movement. Stumbling, she threw the annoying shoe as she aimed to continue her race, only to be dragged up.
'Please, stop! Please.....'
'Calm down, its me jare!'
She stared well and gasped.
'Bode! Why did you...what happened?!'
Bode's right eye was oozing blood while his left cheek had a few cuts. His right eyes were diluted.
'Bode, what happened?'
'You were right, Kemi. The Capone is not someone to be seen easily. But we dealt with them. Me and the boys.'
She looked around and saw shadows.
'Couldn't you clean him before bringing him here? Look at him, his clothes, everything in blood!'
'They were coming here for you,Kemi.
Me and the boys just managed to get to them first.'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:47pm On Oct 20, 2018
'Let's go.' Kemi looked around tensely.
'This way.' Bode pointed at the direction at which they came.
Two of his boys were in front of her while she and Bode were in the middle, surrounded by the others. A few metres from the greenhouse was were she saw the bodies.
Littered all around the place were bodies of young men and girls, some mutilated and cut up while some seemed to have died of gunshots.

'This was a fierce battle.' Kemi said,keeping some other thoughts to herself.
'Yes. Some battle. I am sure that after today nothing will bother you.'
Apart from my conscience. She told herself. After all it'd not like I am completely innocent of this. I planted that picture in Lucia's book and have made her a prime suspect in a case she knows nothing about. If anyone is supposed to die, it should be me.
Soon enough they left the bushes and were on the main road, where Bode's car was waiting for him.
Bode, let me follow you and treat your wounds.
'I am fine Kemi. Just remember, don't betray me, Kemi.'
'No, I cannot, not after this.'
'Good. Guys, let's be going. Scorpion, you and Jasper should escort my babe to her hostel.'
'Yes sir.'
Kemi stepped back as he drove off, blowing a kiss to him.
As he drove off, he picked his phone from the car locker and called a number.
'Meet me at Divine Club in ten minutes.'

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 3:42pm On Oct 22, 2018
Debola looked at the spectacle in front of him and shrugged. Socrates was on a green cap and a coat of many colors covering a red shirt and a blue trouser which had been cut on the sides.
Totally weird and unserious.
'This is the Debola I was telling you about. Marcus said, pulling Debola towards him.
Socrates adjusted his glasses. 'You look more naive than I thought and I thought that will be impossible.'
You look more confused than I thought. Debola said in his mind, but he just smiled and stretched his hand.
'Looks are deceptive, I am more aware of the world than you think.'
'Then how come you are on black and red? Don't you know that its a signal color?'
Marcus and Debola looked at him with astonishment.
'You mean that you are unaware of the color signal, Marcus? Come inside quickly before someone spots you!
Marcus dragged Debola towards the hall and marched him straight to Socrates room.
The room was dim, save for a single candle that was lit. At the far right of the room laid a brown guy on glasses, cleanly shaved and brilliantly dressed in brown. His eyes bored into Debola's head for some seconds before he shifted the gaze to his books. At the other side of the bed sat a black, thin guy on red shirt and blue jeans with a hair clearly needing care. His eyes were engaged in a microscope, which was odd considering that they were not allowed into halls.
'Aristotle, Plato, this is Debola.'
The brown guy eyed Debola the more. 'Tell me, why are you here?'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 2:26pm On Oct 23, 2018
Christiana looked at her watch. It was another week with Lucia and her cousin in her house, but it looked like they were part of her life already. Lucia was already a neat and homely girl whose cooking is superb, if she decides to cook. Maureen, her fair, almost American looking friend loved the kitchen like it was her home and prepared sumptuous food without any stress. If she had anything to do, it was to sit down and eat. She and Lucia's perfection was rubbing into her life positively and nothing could go wrong.
Nothing could go wrong for her, at least.

'Christiana, come and watch film oh!'
She quickly packed her rough hair into a scarf, washed her face and walked quickly to Lucia's room.
'What movie is it?'
Maureen quickly dashed towards her and gave her a hug.
'Its fifty shades of black.'
'Dirty girl!'
'Clean girl, I hear you. Be forming like Reverend sister.'
Christiana looked at Maureen squarely in the eye.
'If someone looks at you, they will think that you know nothing.'
'I know nothing oh! Abeg am an innocent girl.'
She looked around for Lucia. 'She is not at home?'
'No. She has gone to read.'
'OK.' Lucia has been spending most of her time in the library nowadays. Not the school library tho.
'The ban still holds, right?'
'Yes. Maureen head was cast down. Why on God's name would she be banned from all public places in school and from classes?'
'I don't understand it myself. How would she get notes?'
'Debola is going to help her with it.'
Debola. 'Hmn. OK.'
'You have a problem with him?'
'No. I feel its better than nothing.'
'Oya, let's go and watch film.'
As Maureen walked back to the film,Christiana smiled.

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 8:43am On Oct 25, 2018
Meanwhile, Debola was having it rough with the boys.

'This guy is not smart!'
'Is he blind to see that the CSO is behind this?'
'You are sure that you entered the University by yourself?'
'Abi you use special center?'

'Hey, hey heish! I have had enough of this! Marcus, so this is the help you were going to give me?' Debola's face was turning black already. Marcus himself was really shaking out of fury.
'It seems like our guest does not understand our tradition here.' Socrates said. 'Let's explain why we do......'
'Socrates, no need. This boy will not add anything to our group.'
Debola had enough for the day and walked out of the room.
'Guys, whats that about?!' Marcus immediately screamed when he left. 'I brought the guy here for help and this is what you guys offer?'
'He was not worth our time, Marcus. He is just a love-sick puppy.'
'And so? He was........'
Marcus was cut short when he held a large wailing of students.
'What's happening outside?'
He rushed outside of the hall, just to see guys in total shock.
In front of them was two bodies belonging to the security men on the post.... And Debola's shirt.
'What happened here?'
'Some cult boys just come and carry one guy away. As the security officer wan stop them, na so they bring gun shoot the officers come shoot the guy for leg as he wan run.'
'What group are they from?'
'I no know oh, abi you sabi the person wet they carry?'
Marcus head was expanding to space as he walked back.
'Can you see what you have caused? They kidnapped Debola!'
'And so?' Plato asked. 'That is not our business.' He was.....
Marcus delivered a stinging slap to Plato.
'Are you freaking mad?! Slapping one of our brethren because of an outsider?'
'You insult us, Marcus.'
Marcus eyes burned their way to Socrates. 'I have had it with this group. You guys were making mouth about defending the innocent and helpless, now its time to prove that and you can't even do the simplest thing right. I am leaving this group. Debola may be lovesick but he is my roommate and he has more guts than the lot of you.'
Socrates held Marcus arm. 'Guy, calm....:
'Leave me jare!' Marcus flung the hand away as he stormed out of the room.
'Leave him. The guy is not smart.'

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 2:53pm On Oct 26, 2018
Debola suddenly woke up.
The level of darkness in the room warned him that it was night time. Unable to remember a thing, he tried to stand up.....and fell back howling in pain.

'Ogbeni, you don't wake? Call Capone, the meat don't wake.'
The meat? Debola was scared to hell. Are these the people that killed Prof Adebanjo? Maybe they are planning to kill him off, after all he is the only one with the true knowledge of who killed what. Or so they think.
'Please, I need water.:
'Will you shut up there! Oga, I no get time for nonsense. If you think you can try anything here I will shoot you.'
'Please my leg hurts, its bleeding.'
'And so? Shey we talk say we blind?'
Debola looked around, hoping to make sense of the environment. There was nothing to make sense with, as it was only the ground he felt.
As he planned to crawl, a door opened.
'Bring him now! Capone's orders!'

Kemi was reading in the library when she saw Christiana.
Here she comes! Kemi quickly dropped her books and blocked her.
'Christiana, I know what you did. Why did you plant that note in my dress?'
Christiana simply opened her mouth.
'Ehen, so its my death you are looking for, it won't succeed, you have failed, Wooooooo!'
'Who is that?'The librarian stood up from his chair, obviously angry at the breach of peace.
'Wooooo! Ashewo! Cultist! I know your kind, you and Lucia will be forming angels, meanwhile you people are the devils! Wooooo!'
'Will you stop that?'
Christiana quickly did a U-turn and started to walk away.
'Woooo!' Kemi followed her out, students watching in shock. Christiana, unable to take it, burst into a run
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:23am On Jan 07
Kemi decided that she had done enough and entered into the library.
Madam, oya leave this library now,now!
Kemi looked in shock as her bag was handed to her.
Oga, what happened na? I was.....
Disturbing the peace of the library. I won't have any of that here. So respect yourself and leave the library.
Now students were looking at her and whispering to each other. Kemi scowled and wanted to walk past the librarian but remembered that exams were not far away and walked out of the library.
Christiana will pay for this. She will pay.

Debola was looking around, trying to figure out what he could do at the moment. There were three men in front of him and the man who guarded his cell as it were. Two of them had blade cuts on their forehead and a generally rough maze of hair with eyes as wild as an angry lion. The third person who was shirtless, was facing the wall.
Mr Debola, tell me what you know about Prof. Adebanjo's death.
Twack! A hot slap descended on him.
You think say we dey play Abi? If I slap you again, you go faint and die.
Sir, please I don't know anything.
Don't lie to me.
E be like say you no sabi Wetin we ask. Make I break am down for you, Wetin you sabi about Prof's death?
I no sabi anything, I.....
Twack! Twack!! Two slaps followed and he was seeing red.
I swear, na just the knife I see, I no sabi Wetin happen.
How you see the knife if you no sabi wetin happen?
I was entering.....
A hot punch entered his stomach, rendering him speechless for some seconds.
Mad man, make him talk first!
Debola vomited all the gastric juice in his stomach and started to cry.
Mr man, do you want to leave this place in one piece or in several pieces?
In, in one piece sir, please don't kill me, I swear I will tell you everything I know.
So tell me how you saw the knife?
I was entering into Law faculty when I bumped into a guy in hoodie. The knife fell from his pocket and he picked it up. That's all I know, I swear.
Oga, this guy na Bleep up person! Him no no anything?
Calm down, Zero. Mr Debola, what was the color of the hoodie?
Debola blinked for a second. It was black, his clothes were black..... The hoodie had a white axe at the side!
White axe Abi? Was there bones anywhere?
Yes! Yes!! There was a bony hand holding the axe.
Debola suddenly found himself looking at his captors who seemed to be in deep thought.
You have helped us, so we will help you. Mad man, carry this guy throw for bush!
Sir, please.... Debola's sight and voice was taken from him, before he was carried away.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:28am On Jan 08
Lucia yawned. It was just two days to exams, yet she had covered most of the courses. The little she had left was something she could read overnight.

She had managed to get most of her reading done due to Debola. She did not know what she would do without him. He had copied noted for her, walked her to the city library almost everyday and was generally lively and upbeat, slowly bringing her out of the trauma of the mistrust she and her aunt had. He was a sweet being.

That was the problem. She felt he is in love with her and she had no feelings for him. If she tells him that, she is not sure of the reaction he will give. She was not ready to lose another friend, there are too few to have.

She quickly called his number.
'This is strange. Debola would pick his calls.' She walked to Maureen.
Maureen have you heard from Debola of recent?
Maureen looked at her with downcast eyes. Debola was kidnapped last week and was just found in the bush. He is at the health care with bruises and...... Lucia, wait!
She did not hear her calling as she rushed out. I should have known that he would have called me since last week. What kind of friend am I? She called a bike and headed to campus.

How are you feeling?
Marcus and Tobi stared at Debola as he opened his eyes.
Painful, like I have been battered.
You were actually battered. Tobi said. I did warn you.
Tobi, it's not time for this. We are here to be there for you.
Marcus, I need to tell you something. Bring your ears close.
Marcus leaned towards him.
A cult war is about to start.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Twenty47(m): 7:49pm On Jan 08
Keep up the good work bro...Am following you back to back.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by eazykolobo(m): 1:47am On Jan 09
Update please......just started reading this and it's really interesting
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Ann2012(f): 9:50am On Jan 09
Thanks for the update
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by decent101: 1:12pm On Jan 09
finaly i don land.... oya begin dey fire d ship mak we dey sail!
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:20pm On Jan 10
First, I have to thank all those who have responded to me continuing this story. Believe me, you don't know the motivation you have given me.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:38pm On Jan 10
Marcus tried to pull himself back but Debola held him back.
If you see Lucia, tell her that she is in danger. A cult group is planning to attack her exam hall on the day of her first paper. Please tell her.
Marcus curtly nodded and stood up, quickly walking away with Tobi.
Guy, wetin Debola talk?
It's none of your business. Besides don't you want to stay safe?
Don't be like that, Marcus. You know......
Marcus, where is Debola?

Kemi looked at her watch. It was almost midnight and Bode had not shown up. Considering how he told her to come to the after-party dressed seductively, she had hoped to have him ravage her body at some corner at this time. Of course she was not afraid of been molested, as everyone in the party knew her as Bode's girlfriend. Her roommate Shayo had warned her to stay away, that responsible girls don't go out like that at this time. You are asking for rape! She shouted. Dress something more decent at least until both of you get somewhere private. But everyone around her opposed the idea, claiming that Kemi looked sexy and that she was outdated.
Outdated or not, the cloth was not doing much against the cold advancing towards her. She quickly wore a jacket to cover herself.
Aunty Kemi, our boss is calling you.
She turned to see Tunde, the cute, baby faced recruit of Bode's White Bones Gang (WBG).
She smiled and winked at him before walking past him and tapping his groin. She savoured the look on his face as she toyed a second with his member before walking to the room he pointed at.
On getting there, she turned on the light.....
And found herself surrounded by Pink Bras!

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by decent101: 1:48pm On Jan 10
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by YoungBruzzy(m): 10:46pm On Jan 10
waw she is in for a long night!! Nice story.. more update please
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Twenty47(m): 11:39pm On Jan 10
Nice one bro
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 7:13am On Jan 11
She quickly attempted to run away from the room, but it was locked.
Hello Kemi.
Please, please, please, I am begging you don't beat me.
Are you a small child that we will beat you?
Eunice, please don't beat me.
So, you remember my name now? But when you were disgracing Christiana you did not know that I existed.
Please, I will go and beg her.
To think you would attack her when she did nothing to you.
She, she planted.. She did not put that letter inside my pocket?
No, I sent someone else to do that, but that's not why we are here. Boys, you can enter!
The door opened and five boys, all WBG entered. Among them was Turned, who looked at her with hungry eyes.
Please what's happening? Bode will deal with you if you try anything.
They started to laugh at her, while the ladies smirked at her.
Bode then entered and closed the door.
Bode, Bode. Kemi said running towards him.
Bode, please take me......
Twack! The force of the slap dropped her back to the floor, with her legs losing control.
Bode! You slapped me?
Twack! Another slap answered her, then she realized that he was holding a horse whip. Understanding finally came to her.
Bode, please what did I do? At least take to me.
Bode said nothing, but threw an envelope to her, urging her to open it.
Kemi used her shaking hands and tore the envelope open.
The images forced her to cry.
Bode, please I can explain, I did it for you.
Really? Just the way you planted those things inside Lucia's book? Or the way you came running to me when you know that you have offended the Pink Bras?
I did not know that she was one of them.
Lucia is not one of us, you dimwit! You are here because you worked with Prof Ilesanmi to murder Prof Adebanjo! You even had the guts to sleep with that man!
Bode looked at Tunde. I leave her to you and the girls. Do to her as you please.
Bode please, Bode don't do this!
Oya arrange yourself! Tunde said, dragging her to the bed with her butt facing the air.
Kemi knew this will be a hard night.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by decent101: 7:56am On Jan 11
wow! over correct...! pls kontinue!
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by LightQueen(f): 8:02am On Jan 11
Thanks for the update
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Ann2012(f): 8:09am On Jan 11
Thanks for the update
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Twenty47(m): 3:11am On Jan 12
Haha... This story is getting more interesting.
Thanks for the update op.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 8:48am On Jan 12
Lucia stepped out of the hospital, thinking of Debola. The sight she saw was enough to bring her to tears, yet the smile he gave refreshed her soul. She can be happy that at least he was getting better.
His warning though, was another matter. That someone should target her during the exams was really crazy, especially with what she has already gone through.
But what if it's true nko? Kemi had already started this rubbish with her schemes, now she has lost Junior and even her aunty support. It's only Christiana, Maureen and Debola. Debola again.
"I am not in love with him. " This cannot continue, she knew she had to tell him.
"Madam, look where you dey pass. " An angry okada driver shouted at her as she almost entered into the main road. Lucia quickly redirected her course to the nearest block of classes.

As she sat down to relax and think properly, She saw Kemi.
That's the green snake in the green grass.
Lucia's eyes followed her as she walked into the arms of a man. Lucia was about to dismiss the man as her boyfriend when she looked at the face closely, it was Prof Ilesanmi!
Lucia watched as they both walked upstairs, the Prof holding her closely as Kemi unleashed the tears of the world.
Something is wrong here. Lucia told herself. I have to find out what's happening.
She quickly stood up and quietly entered the building. She was determined to stalk them.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by LightQueen(f): 8:58am On Jan 12
Thanks for the update

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