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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:03pm On Apr 19, 2016
Debola walked into his department, feeling pensive. Unlike Marcus, who eagerly nudged him into talking to the security officer earlier that day, he was quite afraid. What if the assailant somehow got to know that he was the person that exposed him? What if the case is turned around and he became the main suspect? These and other thoughts filled his mind as he walked absent-minded.


Debola was rudely dragged out of his thoughts by the persistence of the caller. He turned to find Niyi heading towards him

"What's bothering you? Have been calling your name since. "

"No vex jare. Na wetin happen for Faculty of Law dey make me think."

"Wetin you dey think? Na today e dey happen?"

"But na Dean the guy be na! If na so dem dey kill persin for school, then who dey safe?"

"Hmn, na true you talk sef. I dey suspect those cult boys."

"Na so. But you have to forget about it. Tests will soon start, so you have to read. Moreover your red and blue is a color combination for a cult group"

Debola shook in horror and then rushed out of the department, called a bike and raced home.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by ESIXLOVE: 1:59pm On Apr 19, 2016

Thanks for following.
Cc: Mzhorlah, Esixlove.
fully represented, ride on boss.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Nobody: 3:44pm On Apr 19, 2016
Ride on bro.Saved page.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Preciousbouy(m): 11:03pm On Apr 25, 2016
Na so nice work... Next pls
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 11:15pm On Apr 25, 2016
Guys, I am sorry that I will have to pause this story. My phone was stolen and that's my main method of writing this story. I will resume later but the story may be irregular.

thanks for understanding
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Blaqqcorleone(m): 11:36am On Apr 26, 2016
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Akinwale14(m): 7:37pm On Jun 11, 2017
Interesting rapmike but bro wetin happen? Why u no complete this story? E don pass 1 year sef,if na fans u want i fit help u invite my people,they are loyal.

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Akinwale14(m): 7:40pm On Jun 11, 2017
Guys, I am sorry that I will have to pause this story. My phone was stolen and that's my main method of writing this story. I will resume later but the story may be irregular.

thanks for understanding
but u don start another story nah,abeg come continue this story biko its interesting i like it.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 1:15pm On Oct 05, 2018
Good afternoon everyone.
It's like a year since I did anything to this story. I was scrolling through my profile and saw that I am beginning to have a string of uncompleted stories. So I have decided to continue with this story to the end and I will invite all the folks who had followed this story to continue ( abeg, make una no vex)

And all other fans that I have that I have forgotten their names.

Also inviting Larrysun and you that is reading this right now

I will try and update this story everyday in order to increase the pace.
Thanks to everyone.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 1:43pm On Oct 05, 2018
'What are you doing here, Debola?'

Debola looked at Tobi with surprise. 'Are you not having a class today?'

'Yes, the lecturer did not come today. He said that he was in mourning. I don't know how Fine Art is connected to Law. But that does not answer my question.'

'Niyi said that this are cult colours. I have to change them'

'Red on blue? You are sure that Niyi is not playing a prank with you?'

'I don't know, Tobi but I can't joke with it. Am changing my shirt.'

'Anyhow, suit yourself. Where was Marcus when you left?'

Debola's eyes suddenly rose. 'I left him in the department.'

'Then go and meet him.'

Debola tediously removed the shirt from his body and wore a white top before rushing out and slamming the door behind him.

Lucia looked at her books studiously. Her first semester results were coming in and while it was not a total disaster, her grades were quite poor. The last thing she needed was a terrible second semester and she will avoid it at all cost.

'Lucia, good morning.'

She turned to see who greeted her and then almost hissed. Kemi had never forgiven her for combo slaps she dished out in the first semester. She always behaved politely but those cold, angry eyes were all the warning she needed. However, she knew better than to encourage her.

'Kemi, good afternoon.' How was your class today?

'It was fine. That's true, Mr Aluko announced a test next week.'

'Ah! We have not even seen the result of the last semester exam!'
'They released it today!'

'Ah! And you are just telling me, Kemi?!' You are not been a good friend.

'When you hide yourself in the library nko! You don't even come to class.'

Lucia was already rushing out. 'Kemi later, abeg!'

Kemi walked to where Lucia's books were and slipped a note inside it.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by abubakarbabang7(m): 1:49pm On Oct 05, 2018
Good afternoon everyone.
It's like a year since I did anything to this story. I was scrolling through my profile and saw that I am beginning to have a string of uncompleted stories. So I have decided to continue with this story to the end and I will invite all the folks who had followed this story to continue ( abeg, make una no vex)

And all other fans that I have that I have forgotten their names.

Also inviting Larrysun and you that is reading this right now

I will try and update this story everyday in order to increase the pace.
Thanks to everyone.
well done rapmike we are always ready to continue reading
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 9:15am On Oct 06, 2018
'How can this be? A D in physics? Who does this? I read like hell for this exam, how could.......'

'It has happened, Lucia. Besides you are lucky that its not an F. That would have been an automatic extra, you know that. Moreover, you have an test coming up.

Lucia looked up through her teary eyes and smiled. 'Christiana, you are a good friend.'

'The best, if you ask me. Besides this bestie needs to eat and read so do you.'

'Yes, yes, my, my books! I left them in the library.'
Lucia quickly cleaned her face with tissue.' I have to rush out.'

'You don't have to, Lucia! Take some food for God's sake!'

'I have eaten today.'
'What have you eaten?'
'Beans and bread.'
'Liar! Na biscuits you chop!'
'You know me. Okay, I will eat. But something fast.'
'I know, that's why I cooked Jollof rice with Chicken!'
'Wow! When did you do this?'
'When you were drowning yourself in books!'
'Oya, serve me naw! Naw! Naw!!'

'And that's how Debola almost poo his boxers in front of the CSO.'

Debola bowed his head as Tobi and Marcus burst out in laughter.

'What did you expect? That man was like 7 feet and had all these battle scars like those ancient warriors. His hands were like two big different creatures an he had this mean eye....'

'He is the CSO, Debola. Did you expect him to be like Tobi?'
'What, I don't inspire confidence at all?'
'You will only inspire confidence in criminals for them to lie.'
'Which will make it easier for me to catch them. So what did the CSO say after hearing everything?'
'He said that they will look at it and have the security men at the entrance questioned.'
'Good. And Debola's identity?'
'Kept secret.'
'So, I guess that enough for now. Let's go and eat.'
'For now. But I will keep monitoring this case.'
'Why? We have done our best and Debola does not have much, really.'
'I feel that this case is more than what it is, Tobi and Debola's reveal may speed things up.'
'Okay, but let's be careful here cos these guys and cultists and cultists won't take it easy if anyone is on their tail.'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:07pm On Oct 07, 2018
'Hmn, we have heard. Debola, let's go and eat.'
Debola slowly stood up and went to the wardrobe.

'Hope you will chose a neutral color, not one that will incur the wrath of cultists'
'Green is a neutral color, Tobi'
'Okay, you guys can go and enjoy yourselves na.'
'Like we ever needed your permission, Tobi'.

Lucia skipped her way towards the library in higher spirits than she was supposed to have, courtesy of Christiana. Her friend knew how to heal her soul and mend hearts without thinking about it.

Suddenly she stopped, noticing a crowd of people blocked the library entrance.
'What's happening here?' She asked a bystander.
'Someone called the security this morning that she found evidence of who killed that Prof in Law?
'Prof Adebanjo?'
'Yes, that Prof. They even found a picture of him marked in blood.'
'Jesus! Why? Why would........'
'She is the one! She is the owner of those books!' She suddenly saw Kemi point at someone close to her, then two bony hands dragged her out.
'Wait, wait, why are you people holding me like this? What did I do?'
A black skinned man with more scars than facial hair answered her.
'Miss Lucia, you are implicated in the murder of Prof Adebanjo. Will you please follow me quietly or will they need to drag you?'
Lucia did not know whether to shout or scream. She, an accomplice in a cult related crime? 'Sir, I don't understand, I did.....'
'You will understand later, not here or now. Anyway, are these your books?'
She looked at the books. Her chemistry notes!
'Yes they are, what .....'
'That's all I need to know for now, let's go.'
She did not know how she did it, but she suddenly found herself in a pick-up van with the security agents and out of the library.

Mrs Subomi rolled away in disgust.
Mr Ilesanmi had brought her into this place in his latest sex workout but as usual, he does not deliver at all.
'Later this man will come and make noise that he is a man, yet my husband is better on bed than him. Mschewww!'
She stood up and went to pick her clothes.
'Leaving already?'
She turned and looked at his grey hair. No, I am preparing for round two, you lazy buffon! 'Yes.'
'Wait. Wait and take this.' He rolled to his side of the bed and brought out a brown envelope.
She took it and counted. 'Thirty thousand?'
'Yes. I know its small but manage. I am having to deal with a lot of stuff. One boy came to testify that he saw the killer we sent'
She did not move. 'Did he?'
'Seems so.'
'And you are just lying down there? Don't.....'
'Don't go shouting about the place, woman! He only remembered the time at which he left the building and even that is sketchy, hearing him speak about it. If our pawn is efficient enough, it will be irrelevant.'
'Our pawn?'
'Yes, our pawn. She has got a fitting target.'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 2:46pm On Oct 08, 2018
Mrs Subomi smiled. 'I see. So the lady finally got a target? I hope its a convincing one.'
'Oh, you will be amazed. I plan it to be a shocker!'
'Fine. So let me be on my way.'
'So you can't give me a last kiss?'
'So that you can hold me down for another hour? No.' She said, opening the door.

'The news is that she is a lesbian and she was sleeping with the man's daughter and then he caught her. So she killed him to avoid been exposed!'
Debola, Marcus and Tobi were surprised at the revelations coming out of the mouth of Qudus.
'Lucia is a lesbian?' How did they know?' Tobi asked, his face carved up in a frown.
'Dude, there is modern technology now! They checked her phone.'
Debola eyes were popping out.
'I don't know what to believe, but I find it somewhat unbelievable. Lucia is definitely smarter than that and the pretext looks weak. The Prof will know the implications of exposing his daughter if its true and he will not do that, if I know them well enough.'
'How do you know them?'
'I stay in staff quarters and I have had to do odd jobs. I know the Adebanjos and the man loves his daughter too much to risk such exposure.'
'Who caught her?'
'Kemi Oniru? Kemi Fashola? Which one?'
'Kemi Omowere.'
'That Kemi?' Marcus twisted his mouth. 'I don't believe an inch of what she says.'
'Me too.'
'Debola, don't form loverboy for us now.'
'No, its not that. I have followed Lucia for a long time now. She has no ties to any cult, if she did, her results would have reflected on it.'
'Moreover she steers clear of any lady we know that are cult members or those who associate with them. She is more intellectual than that.'
'Anyway, I am leaving now.' Qudus said as he walked out of the room.
Debola made sure that he was out of earshot, then locked the door.
' want to find out the truth.' He looked sternly. 'Who is with me?'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:09pm On Oct 09, 2018
Marcus smiled. 'I knew that's what you will do. Hope you have considered the circumstances that will be against you.'
'Like the real culprits. According to what you told me, the attack was done with a pocket knife, most likely the person muffled the man's voice and stabbed him to avoid been seen. That will be the move of a cultist.'
'Its dangerous, Debola!' Tobi shouted, his flabby hands moving in anger. 'Such folks hunt people that snoop around their business and kill them.'
'But she is innocent na!'
'And so? Are you a human right activist? Why is it hard for you to turn away? Especially as this girl is not too close to you, she has a freaking boyfriend and her family members are more influential than you can be. Moreover, where do you want to start?'
'I will start be visiting her. They must have released her by now.'
'Likely to her family. How do you want to reach her?'
'I will reach her with my phone. So are you guys going to help me?'
No. Marcus said.

'Junior, believe me! If no one else believes me, you should!'
'Really, Lucia? How long do I know you?' A semester plus! That's not enough for me to judge your character.'
Lucia eyes were already mixing water with blood .
'So what will happen to us?'
Junior rubbed his head. 'Well, I, we can't be together again.'
'What? Junior, you are abandoning me now?'
'I have no choice. I can't be in a relationship with a lesbian.'
Lucia sank on her knees as Junior walked out.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:09pm On Oct 09, 2018
Please you guys should comment oh, just don't read and go like that.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by chigozie69: 10:17pm On Oct 09, 2018
op, kip up d good wok
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Nobody: 8:38am On Oct 10, 2018
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:10am On Oct 10, 2018
Lucia looked as Junior left and picked herself up.
I can't believe that he did this to me! After everything we have been through! He cheated with other girls and I forgave him. He had stolen at a tuck shop and I quickly paid double for what he stole! And he comes to claim that we don't know ourselves enough! Is he mad?
Now more angry than ever, she saw a call coming through on her phone.
Who is this one now? She picked the call.
'Ehen? Who is this?'
She heard a sigh. 'Its Debola.'
'How can I help you? Abi you have come to pass your own judgement? Please be free to, I have had enough of you male folks.'
'Joke, stop it! Why are you attacking me like that? I called to know how you are doing and......'
'I am fine! Please leave me alone!' She cut the phone.

'Sir, can we talk? Privately?'
Prof Ilesanmi looked at Kemi with lustful eyes. I must have this cake too.
'Why not? Mr Adams, you can go.'
The young man besides her stood up and left the room, Prof following him out.
'Joke, tell anyone who asks after me that I an not around, I have gone out.'
'Including your wife, Sir?'
'Especially her.'

He walked back in and locked the door. Normally he would have left it open but that was before his wife pushed past his secretary and caught him humping down a girl.
His 'rock' of a wife unleashed all her strength that day, breaking his leg and causing the girl some serious scars. The news made the rounds that week and the girl had to withdraw from the school.
He cannot allow that to happen again.

'Sir, I have done what you asked of me. Now can you raise Bode's score?'
He felt his beard. 'Why do you care so much for this boy?'
'He is my boyfriend and I love him a lot.'
'Yes and I hated Lucia anyway.'
'So that's the reason?'
'Yes. You promised me sir. I did what you asked.'
'Not everything.' He looked squarely at her.'I want you.'
'Sir, its not possible. Bode is....'
'A cult member, I know. He can't touch me and if he truly loves you, he won't touch you too.'
'But, but.....'
'But what?'
'I can't be in a relationship with you sir!'
What an idiot! 'I did not ask for a relationship, I want the thing between your legs and those things jutting out of your chest.' He said, pointing at the 'items' he wanted.
'Sir, we can't.'
'Then I won't raise his score. Let him do anything he wants.'
She looked at him shyly.
'Just this once?'
Not once. Everyday. 'Just this once.'
She started to remove her blouse and he knew that he had gotten her.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:10am On Oct 10, 2018
op, kip up d good wok
Thanks for the encouragement
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:11am On Oct 10, 2018
Seen. Thanks
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 10:47am On Oct 12, 2018
Am sorry guys, I know that I missed yesterday.

I will try and make it up with two updates today
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 12:00pm On Oct 12, 2018
'I guess that did not go well.'
Marcus looked at Debola and smiled.
'Come, you can't try and make me forget about this, she is ......'
'She is what to you?'
'She is a friend. My friend. I want to be there for her.'
'So? You can be there for her by comforting her, by giving her moral support, by leaving her alon. Why must you make it compulsory to make this investigation?'
'Tobi, leave him alone. Its her pussy that he is after!'
Marcus! You are pissing me off!
'So the truth pisses you off?'
Debola hissed and stormed out of the room.
'Now, my watch begins. Tobi, let's prepare, the war is about to start.'

'Lucia! Lucia!! Come out of your room!'
The banging on the door was loud enough to knock down a building, yet Lucia was uninterested. Her sorrows was heavy enough to suffocate herself and end her life.
She hated them. Kemi , Junior, her dad, her uncle. Everyone else who was precious and kind to her. Now they all hate her.

'She won't open up.' Maureen told Debola.
Debola could take Maureen out right there, hair scattered and all. Her almost white skin was as smooth as feathers and her eyes were pitch black with a sparkle. If not for the fact that Debola knew Lucia and knew that she was her sister, he could have mistaken Maureen for an American.
'Let me handle it.' He said as he moved close to the door. 'You can go.'
Or stay. Her lips were small and succulent.
Debola quickly shook some thoughts off his head as he sat down on the floor.
'Lucia, open up.'
Silence that followed was interrupted with tears.
'Lucia, I know how you feel. Or I don't, but I can imagine. Please listen to me.'
More silence.
'Do you remember the first time you walked to me for a handout? How I dismissed you and you left in anger? Then you later realised that you had created a bad impression and it was going to affect your relationships with others and your academics especially. You made an effort to repair it and that's how we become cordial.'
More silence.
'This time is the same, only that the stakes are much higher. You can go to prison for this and lose your status as a student and a free person. Yet I know that you are innocent.'
He paused.
'I feel it in my guts and I had seen the fellow who did it, only that I could not see his face. I want to prove you innocent, but I need your help. I need to know what you know and make moves. Lucia, I care for you as a friend. Maybe a bit more but as a friend first. I will stand with you no matter what.' His eyes were getting misty. I, I will trry and get you out of this. Even if its just me and you, I will do it. But I need .......'
The door opened.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 4:36am On Oct 13, 2018
Marcus walked quickly towards the Student Union Building(SUB), knowing that danger was looming. Debola had ignored his warnings and unlike Tobi, Marcus knew exactly the implications of that move.
Debola may be in a fight for his life.
He remembered what Socrates told him after Debola reported to the CSO.
'Watch the guy and discourage him from pursuing this matter any further.' Prof Adebanjo may have acted against cultism outwardly, but Marcus had found out that he was secretly involved in the Red Skulls society (RSS). RSS was a new cult group but they have already gained a reputation for ruthlessness. Last semester, a rival gang member stole the girlfriend of one of the new recruits of RSS. RSS declared war immediately and before sunrise, five members of the Anaconda group had been killed. Of course the war ended but the bitter thoughts of those deaths still hung in town, where the whole incident happened. Now one of their members is dead, most likely a patron and Debola is blindly getting involved in it.

The tall, brown structure called SUB suddenly appeared in front of him, as it always does when one is coming from outside the school. There are rumors about the school's origin, which is based on the fact that the hill which the school stands on is a god. A god of war and pestilence, most people say. Its no wonder that the school is covered in such darkness.

He quickly spotted a fair, skinny dude with black spots on his face, wearing a multicolored shirt and a red 'three-quarter' shorts and glasses.
'Socrates, how far?'
'Marcus, my man!' Socrates grabbed him and gave his a bear hug. 'How have you been faring, my man? You look good.' Unlike Socrates, Marcus was wearing a white T-shirt under a blue denim top and a blue jeans.
'We need to talk, Socrates. Call Plato and Aristotle!'

Kemi walked away, grinning. She had just finished a marathon sex run with Bode and she felt deeply satisfied. So satisfied that it took a while before she remembered that she was hungry.
Changing direction to an eatery, she bumped into Christiana.
'Sorry, I was not......'
'Sssh! Just shut it! You liar!'
Kemi suddenly realised who was talking and started to walk away before she was embarrassed. Fortunately for her, Christian did not continue.
As she ordered her food, she noticed a note on her shirt pocket. Removing it, she unfolded it.
'We see you. Meet us at the deep groove by 9pm or be dealt with.'
Signed Chairman, Pink bras.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 4:37am On Oct 13, 2018
Please you guys reading should comment and encourage me na. Haba!

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Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Xandrose(m): 6:38am On Oct 13, 2018
Nice and interesting story. I think I am becoming addicted to this story of yours, can you please make your update twice in a day.
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by Ann2012(f): 1:02pm On Oct 13, 2018
This is interesting

I can't wait for Kemi to be exposed
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:17pm On Oct 13, 2018
Nice and interesting story. I think I am becoming addicted to this story of yours, can you please make your update twice in a day.
Thanks, i am working on it
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:18pm On Oct 13, 2018
This is interesting

I can't wait for Kemi to be exposed
Thank you
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 6:28pm On Oct 14, 2018
'Are you okay?' A young man asked as Kemi suddenly rushed out, leaving her food virtually untouched. She looked down at him and ran away.
Pink bras? How did this get to her shirt? Did Christiana drop it there?
'Oh my God!' She remembered that she was roomies with Lucia. What if Christiana was the chairman? What will she do to her?
Quickly she removed her Tecno 600 and dialed Bode's number.
'Bode, Bode darling. Please I need your help. Someone made a threat on my life.'
'Whose that? Who dares to threaten my Kemi? Where are you?:
'I just left Sumptuous Canteen.'
'Wait for me there.'

'What! Marcus, you were asked to delay this set of events! This can spiral out of hand.'
Socrates twitched his moustache. 'This is bad. The RSA will not distinguish between other cult people and innocent students if they get involved. Any hope finding the sponsor of the attack?'
'No hope at all. The CSO is following......'
'The CSO will do nothing. Have you not learned how to read body language, Marcus? He will make the regular noises and act like it but then he would heap the blame on Lucia.'
'I see. So what can we do?'
'Call him.'
'Call Debola?'
'Yes, call him.'
Marcus tried the number.
'The number you have dialed is switched off, please try again later.'
'His phone is off.' Marcus said, his voice breaking.

Debola left Lucia in better spirits than he met her. He was able to coax out most of what happened that day and then some. From Lucia's perspective, it was obvious that Kemi was involved. Her actions proved as much. The problem was that Kemi was the only link he had and she was closely watched by the CSO, so he claims. For now, he had no choice than to watch from the shadows and search for other clues.
He picked his phone to call Marcus.
'Marcus, I just left Lucia.......'
'Where the hell were you? I was calling your number several times.'
'Guy, chill out! Wetin dey work you? I just switched it off.'
'Guy, don't ever do that again. You could be in danger.'
'Marcus, really stop the theatrics. Nothing will......'
Debola cut his call as he noticed a black Toyota bus moving steadily towards him. Something about it put him on guard.
Debola started to walk fast, dialing Marcus.
'Debola, I don't......'
'Guy, guy, person dey follow me.'
'For where? Where you dey?'
'I dey quarters.'
'Find a security post and hide there now.:
'All the security posts are empty.'
The bus started to gain speed.
'Marcus, where can I go? This bus is following me and its started to drive faster. Na only bush dey around here.'
'Can you climb trees?'
'Then run inside the bush now.'
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 2:59pm On Oct 15, 2018
'Thats what happened.'
Kemi looked at the young, light-skinned, squared face in front of her, hoping that he believed her.
'Pink bras? But why? Kemi, are you sure you had nothing to do with it?'
'I have nothing to do with it, Bode! I am serious. Don't you trust me again?'
His brown eyes looked at her with suspicion. 'I don't know what to believe. The Pink bras don't send such message to anyone like that. Moreover, I know the Christiana you are talking about, she is not one of them.'
'She is! She just pretends that she is not.'
'And you? You want to tell me you have absolutely nothing to do with it?'
'No! Bode, you don't trust me?' Tears started to stream down her face.
'I have heard and I believe you. I will talk to their leader this night'
Kemi eyes shot up. 'No, no please! I heard......'
'That no male sees her and lives? Common, I am no common man, I am Bode, the Capon of the Night Wolves, she can't do anything to me.
He started to walk away. 'Kemi, I will call you tomorrow.'

'Where is he?'
Debola observed them from the top of a short mango tree, the leaves obstructing their views. They were three, all muscular and angry. Two were short and wore blue hoodies, the third one was taller and was wearing a black hoodie. Debola knew any sound from up there will doom him.
'Guy, search the left side of this tree while I check the right.' The tall one said, looking around.
Why don't we search this tree? He could be hiding here.
'Can you climb?' Debola's heart was holding still.
'No.' Debola's heart resumed its beat rhythm.
'So why give me the advice?'
Oh God, why? He thought as he suddenly noticed a snake sliding down to his position.
'If he is here, we can easily kill him. The Capon wants him dead or alive. I say dead is better.'
The tall one looked up and Debola held his breath.
'I can't find him here. Let's go.'
'Hhii!' Debola was rebuking the devil as the snake started to romance his chest.
'I heard something. The tall one spoke. It came from up.'
'I told you that he was on the tree. Let's us......'
The snake dropped from Debola's body and landed on one of the short guys, biting him.
'Get it out of him.' The tall one said, bringing out his cutlass and using it to brush the snake off.
Another one dropped, this time on the tall guy.
'Let's get out of here. Its infested with snakes.:
Debola watched with relief as they ran and suddenly noticed the knife at the back of the tall one.
It was the assassin!
Re: Students Of Wazobia University by rapmike(m): 3:30pm On Oct 15, 2018
Gmou, I see you

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Bashorun Gaa - Cruel Tyrant Or Misunderstood Freedom Fighter / Free Wallpaper Dwnlds: **new:chelsea, Barca, Manu, Arsenal** Updated 26/04/2008 / Nairaland's Literary & Debating Day - Female Edition - "Battle Of Wits"

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