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Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 12:15pm On Mar 15, 2016
Memories of cupid
Copyright © 2016 by Jeenah Ryke.
All rights reserved. Except for use in any review,
the reproduction or utilization of this work in
whole or in part in any form by any electronic,
mechanical or other means, now known or
hereafter invented, including xerography,
photocopying and recording, or in any
information storage or retrieval system, is
forbidden without the written permission of the
author, Jeenah Ryke.
This book is sold subject to the condition that it
shall not, by way of trade or otherwise, be lent,
resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without
the prior consent of the author in any form of
binding or cover other than that in which it is
published and without a similar condition
including this condition being imposed on the
subsequent purchaser.
All characters in this book have no existence
outside the imagination of the author and have
no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the
same name or names. They are not
distantly inspired by any individual known or
unknown to the author, and all incidents are
pure invention.

"Elyme, don't tell me you dint notice the way that new boy was staring at you in physics class today" Anita whispered to her friend who was writing notes on the wooden table.
Elyme sighed for the umpteenth time, When was she going to be free from her crazy friend anyways?
She rolled her big eyeballs, Anita giggled. She did that anytime Elyme rolled those big eyeballs of her, she had a pretty oval face, perfectly shaped V-jaw and nice immaculate dentition. She had an hour glass figure which made guys drool.She had a pair of dark sexy eyes which complemented her face whereas her best friend and seat partner was just a plain Jane.
"Correction! He wasn't looking at me" Elyme chipped in
She eyed her friend Anita, then she noticed Anita wasn't paying attention, Elyme traced her eyes to the spot she was glaring at. She was stunned to see an indisputably drop dead gorgeous handsome male specimen, he was effortlessly elegant in his well tailored cream coloured shirt, blood red tie and red smoothly ironed trousers. Elyme scrutinized him from head to toe, he had on a neatly polished black shoes which shone from distance, his brown eyes made him look tempting, he had his left hand in his pocket and walked to a seat which the girls guessed was his seat. His exotic Chanel No.5 fragrance filled the air. Elyme got a grip on herself, She was determined not to allow any guy shift her attention from academics, not even when she had her final examinations in secondary school fast approaching. She tapped Anita when she noticed the young girl would continue looking on and on if she was given the chance.
"Were you listening to me?" Elyme shot her an angry face.
Anita wiped the beads of saliva forming on her lips. She curtsied and whispered silently
"I must get to know that new guy"
Elyme sighed and replied, picking her pen which fell from the floor
"Who joins a school in SS3"
Anita had already gone before she could call Jack Benson!

"Guy, you don finish MAT401 project?" Oluwole asked scooping a spoonful of the popular Mama Ejiro's rice into his mouth, Mama Ejiro was an old widow who sold Rice and stew outside Zik hostel to students. Sometimes students wondered the amount of money the poor woman was making from her sales which wasn't enough to feed the five children she had.
Oluwole fetched himself a bottle of chilled water from the medium sized fridge he and his roommate managed to buy.

Austin moved from the polished mahogany reading table and sat on the brownish yellow oriental rug. He wiped away the rings of sweat on his forehead and said, "Wole, I never finish am o"
Just then a knock sounded on the door.
"Who is that?" Oluwole managed to speak even though his mouth was full of rice.
"It's me, Cassandra"
Austin chuks sighed.

"When are you going to get married Vera? Answer me! When?" Mrs Williams ranted from the kitchen immediately she saw her twenty-seven year old first daughter and banker walked into the tastefully furnished sitting room. The middle-aged woman had been meaning to ask her daughter ever since she moved in with her because of the far distance of her 3-bedroom flat at GRA to her bank located at Lekki Phase 2
Vera slumped on the deep Burgundy leather sofa and muttered silently "There she goes again!"


Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 12:19pm On Mar 15, 2016
Hello Nairalanders, I would really appreciate it if u can comment, air out ur opinions, critics and observations on my first piece(Memories of Cupid), Please don't just be a ghostreader, be actively connected.. thanks...#


Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 1:03pm On Mar 15, 2016
I like your words. I like punctilious works, I strongly believe that I'll have a nice read with you. Come continue.

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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 4:24pm On Mar 15, 2016
Vera lifted her head and collided with very black eyes
set between incredibly luxuriant ebony lashes and she instantly felt oddly drowsy for a split second.
Drop-dead gorgeous was an understatement. That lean, taut bone-structure composed of flaring dark, proud cheekbones, wide narrow mouth and assertive jaw-line, was the very essence of raw masculinity.

As she encountered his stunning dark eyes her
mouth ran dry, her colour heightened. Who was he? and why was he seated waiting patiently for God knows what.
She sighed as she noticed the numerous lustful stares shot by the few shameless colleagues of hers towards the devilishly handsome young man dressed in fabulously tailored mohair and silk-blend pearl grey suit.

Vera adjusted her blue jacket worn on a yellow camisole as she hurriedly drifted her attention to the work before her, She had a blue straight knee length trousers on which hugged her prefect curves.
Vera was a beauty to behold, She had been retained immediately she finished her NYSC in intercontinental bank. She finished with a first class from the University of Lagos, Banking and finance and class of 2011. Vera was pretty and also brainy, She always did her work efficiently and was friendly to customers, She had a way of flashing her captivating smiles to her colleagues and customers. She had been awarded as the best behaved banker at the Bankers' award night the previous year.

She’d been at the receiving end of malicious gossip
and treatment by some of her colleagues who found
her disgusting and also likened her to a bag of rubbish. Vera Williams however remained friendly and nice to everyone. What was on her mind at that period of her life was marriage. Of course, most of her male colleagues had tried asking her out and immediately walking her down the aisle but she had turned them down. To her, She knew what she was looking out for.
It had taken all of the energy remained in her to convince her mother she would get married at God's perfect time, She was beginning to get tired of the tiring and exhausting conversations she always had with her mother. Mrs Ivie Williams found it very easy reminding her daughter that Mitchell, Vera's younger sister got married at the age of twenty-four and was already away with her husband and two kids in Paris.
"Vera, The branch manager wants to see you" Kemi who worked with her at the same wing jolted her back from the world she must had gone to. She really had to push away her worries and concentrate on her work.
"Alright, thanks"Vera replied curtly.
Kemi sneered and hissed as Vera walked to the elevator, Kemi was obviously one of Vera's haters.
Her yellow stiletto heels made the sounds it was good at as she swayed her hips to where the elevator was.
Vera twisted her lips and sighed in exasperation.
"Why would he need her attention?" She asked herself. She pressed the third button on the elevator indicating she wanted to be lifted to the third floor of the large and spacious building painted in cream and Orange from the ground floor where she worked.

Curiosity surged through her body as she knocked at the door. She was asked to come in by the Manager's secretary, She walked into the extremely cold office, She fixed her eyes at the Panasonic Air conditioner providing the cold comfort to her spirit, The A.C was more efficacious than the Samsung A.C fixed on the colourful walls of her wing at the ground floor.

She cleared her throat and explained to Sandra, the manager's secretary that he wanted to see her. Sandra eyed her and informed her boss Vera was around to see him. She nodded and asked Vera to go in. Vera stirred and said her thank you. She never liked Sandra, She had always known Sandra had a thing for Mr.Collins , the branch manager. She always wondered how sandra managed to buy her way in even though everyone knew she didn't merit the post.

Vera knocked at the door to the branch manager's office, She was happy she was done knocking at doors. She sighted the plastic tag placed at the door which on it was "The Branch Manager". Her heart did a quick flip flop as she was asked to come in. She did a rapid sign of the cross and pushed the door open.

The bell was rung as soon as the wall clock which hung on the wall beside the whiteboard stroke 2:00pm. Junior students happily ran out playing, laughing, Some queuing to buy buns and drinks. Elyme gazed outside and sighted a group of girls giggling and whispering to ears. She knew they were gossiping, a similar picture of the way she and her friends did gossip when they were also like them flashed through her mind. She smiled and casted her mind back to the class. The hungry worms in her tommy were beginning to scream, She had to put something in her stomach before the next class starting by 2:30pm began. She was about getting up when Jimi approached her.

"Excuse me, could you please give me your chemistry note to write? I couldn't finish up with..." He had hardly finished His statement when Elyme snapped at him
"Sorry to burst your bubble, I can't"
With that, She walked out on him, She felt awkward due to the disdainful and killing stares she got anytime Jimi tried talking to her.
What she didn't understand was why he kept snobbing girls who talked to him, Anita had also received the worst embarrassment she could ever receive in Toddly heights academy when she was snobbed by this same Jimi.
She could remember a teacher had asked him why and how he was admitted to a terminal class. He explained to the teacher he recently got back from Italy into the country few weeks back and just had to be registered in a school to finish up his secondary school education, A neighbour in the estate he was living with his dad and siblings had recommended Toddly heights academy as one of the best schools in town. Everyone had admired his perfect looks, stature and accent.
The class was taken aback when the handsome chap had introduced himself as Folajimi Kuti, The only son of the famous Minister of foreign Affairs, Dr Laolu Kuti to the class teacher, Mr. Frank who flashed His brightest Mr cool smile at Jimi Kuti, he hadn't done that in recent weeks!.

Jimi clenched His fists as he returned back to his seat. Puriche, one of his classmates who had been sweet on him walked up to him with her skirt slightly pulled up exposing her fresh thighs
"Jims, Would you like to walk me to the eatery over there?" She licked her lower lip sexily.
Jimi felt disgusted and stormed out of the class.


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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 6:47am On Mar 16, 2016
this piece is opened to constructive critics, observations and comments.. I need u to comment 4 me to move on

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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Akpobome1(m): 11:24am On Mar 16, 2016
well i'm no critic but one thing i know is that u ar doing a wonderful work here, keep it up.
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Missmossy(f): 7:58pm On Mar 16, 2016
Work more on the construction of your sentences,your diction too. Interesting piece.
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 3:38pm On Mar 18, 2016
Throwing both arms in the air, she stretched her
stiff body and yawned. In the glory of her unclothedness, she pushed the sheet aside and sat up. The azure and white heart-shaped clock on the wall
showed it was some minutes after the hour of seven in the evening. Cassandra grimaced and rushed to the bathroom to freshen up. She ran her fingers down her rough weavon. She washed her face and made for the cream coloured towel hung on the iron plated hanger, She wiped her face hurriedly and to the room. She guessed the fan she switched on had carefully taken to the land of the unknown.
"SOC302 could be tiring sometimes" She grumbled.
She combed her hair into a neat pile. She skimmed through her wardrobe for a perfect dress for her date with Austin Chuks.
She couldn't really say he was handsome or rich. He'd got intelligence and some kind of aura. She just knew she was in love with him and needed to get her man to herself that evening. She believed there was more to a relationship than just looks and money.
It had been days they engaged in a heated argument due to her disdainful and scornful behaviour towards his sister, Dina Chuks.
Dressed in a lilac silk gown which accentuated her curves, Cassandra surveyed her image in the
mirror with a critical eye. She adjusted the silver necklace that sat on her neck. A pair of Dainty earrings glinted on both ears.
Her perfectly brushed Peruvian weavon breezled as she placed her silver G-coral clutch on her left hand adorned with ringlets of bangles. She smiled at her statement heels that did justice to her feet. She looked smashingly hot in her outfit, Her perfectly contoured and well made up face spoke volumes.
She was exceptionally happy as she set out at 7:45pm to settle her grievances with the love of her life, Austin Chuks.

Austin took a generous sip as if that would calm him down. His balm of patience was running out. He gazed at the the pure havens wine before him and gulped down the remaining content. His forehead was creased in a deep frown.
He had arrived TK restaurant thirty minutes ago. He glanced at his wristwatch, It screamed 8:15pm. He sighed and scrutinized the restaurant carefully. He noticed it had a bar and a brawl spot. He couldn't fathom why Cassy was obsessed with the restaurant. He saw nothing special in it.
"Girls!" He cursed underneath.
He could hear the sounds of approaching feet, He glanced at the doorway,He drove in surprise, He felt something shivering down his spine.
His eyes were stuck on the beautiful queen approaching him, her gold loreal lipstick shone from distance.
His feet felt like they were flowing on cloud nine!
Heavens! Cassy looked gorgeous, Whoever said girls from Rivers weren't beautiful.
He was still in awe of her looks when he felt a soft gentle finger tapped him. His countenance changed instantly, He was supposed to be angry with her and not giving her the face he was giving her. A deep frown etched on his scanty eyebrows.
Cassandra smiled, She had noticed the lustful glances he shot at her as she approached him. She widened her smiles.
"Goodness! This girl needs to be told she's killing an homosapien" Austin muttered silently.
He beckoned on the waiter, Cassandra placed her order of a bowl of ice cream and hamburger. Austin only requested for more bottles of pure haven wine.
Austin folded his arms across his fresh pink shirt.
Part of what attracted her to Austin was his perfect dress sense and lovely eyes. She also admired his breathtaking jerry curls.
He stared intently at his girlfriend, Cassandra. He loved calling her "Cassy", He only called her "Cassandra" anytime he was angry.

"OK, Fine. I am sorry" She voiced out
"Sorry about what?"
Cassandra clenched her teeth, must she spell it out to him? The waiter dressed in a white shirt on a black trousers with a black bow brought what they had ordered for and left.
"That I..., eem"
"You mean that you slapped my sister?"He chipped in
"Baby, Not directly, I just..."Cassandra paused, trying to find the right word.
"I put it to you again, you slapped Dina!" He yelled at her
"No, I Just.."
"Admit it!You slapped her, You have a lot of bad attitudes already, you wouldn't want to add lieing to them" His voice rose some pitch. He was beginning to attract unnecessary attention but that was his least concern, he was angry she wasn't ready to take the blame.

Cassandra shivered, She looked down. She was finding it hard holding back her tears that was threatening to split, Beads of sweat trickled down her face gently ruining her make-up.
She hated the feeling she got whenever Austin yelled at her. Austin rose to leave, She needed no soothsayer to tell her he was deeply angry. she quickly held him down by griping his shirt.
"Austin, I am sorry, I will never do it again" she pleaded wiping off the two fat tears that rolled down her cheeks. Austin casted his eyes at her,She looked innocent but he knew she was a beast in human clothing. Cassandra looked pleadingly into his intelligent eyes and muttered, "Am sorry sweetheart".

Austin sat down and fixed his solemn gaze at her
"Cassy, I love you, I have never given another lady a second glance since we began dating over a year ago, I am now in my final year, you are in 300L and Dina, the only one I have left is just in 200L. I haven't gone for my service, you are treating her like this, what would you do when am gone?"

Cassandra swallowed hard and said"I will Change, I assure you".
The duo engaged in a passionate kiss, Cassy heaved a sigh of relief
"I won't lose you, Never!"she said as she gave him a bear hug.


The morning light streamed in through the open
curtain,bringing warmth into the room.
Its warm texture caressed the face of the girl on the bed.
She stirred in her sleep and moaned a little. A beautiful saturday it looked,right from the sky to the
breezy atmosphere,everything seemed to be in place.
Even the birds sang lovely tunes that Saturday morning.
Elyme rolled to the other side of the bed to pick her phone, She scrolled through it, She giggled and laughed musically when Anita's message popped in, She clicked on it and replied
"Yea, am awake,you beta get ur lazy body off that bed and go do housechores"She added a smiley and sent it to her.

She was about dropping her phone when a message came in. She sighed, Anita was always quick to reply , she had thought but was stunned when it displayed an unknown number. she clicked on the message, her jaw dropped as she saw the first sentence of the message

"Moonlight, How was your night?"her stomach churned, she froze in fright.
Was the only person who called her "moonlight" back? What did Piri want again from her?

Thousand questions throbbed through her mind, she shut her eyes as the loathsome memory of that fateful night surfaced back into her world.


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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 11:15pm On Mar 20, 2016

Vera flung her ash colored bag on the soft
couch. She hastily removed her cream blazer in
quest for fresh air and heaved in blessed relief.
She switched on the medium sized LG plasma
television and wobbled on the three-sitter chair.
It displayed an entertainment splash programme
anchored by the very famous ever talented TV
personality- Wumi Kelani. Vera had always
admired the young lady, her accessories and
outfits screamed expense!. She cherished her
style and strength. She glanced at the time; it
was some minutes past 9:00pm. She guessed
her mother was already far away gone into the
dreamland. Work had been hectic for her that
Monday. Mondays were always tedious and
wearisome for almost her.
She made for the kitchen, opened the freezer
and settled for a cold Dansa juice. She sure
knew her mother would raise an eyebrow if she
saw her freezer almost empty the next morning.
She stretched luxuriously on the sofa and
focused her gaze on the TV as she munched on
the popcorn she had earlier bought from foodco
restaurant near her bank. She sipped from the
glass containing the juice until there was no
more remained in the glass. She strolled briskly
to her room and stripped herself off her office
wear. She had her night gown on, she replied
some BBM messages and e-mails before tucking
herself into bed with the duvet drawn over. It
was sure time to sleep.
The alarm buzzed loudly at exactly 4:00am, Vera
rolled to the edge of the bed as she struggled to
lift her eyes from their sockets which they
seemed to be glued together-they sure were
playing hide and seek game she guessed, she
snoozed the alarm. She rolled herself into the
duvet and tried sleeping again but the annoying
alarm buzzed again, ringing out louder this time.
Vera cursed under her breathe as she flung her
phone on the tiled floor, the alarm stopped. Vera
gazed at the scattered battery on the floor. Her
day was going to be sour she predicted. She said
her short witty watty morning prayers and
dashed into the toilet to empty her bowels
before sprouting to the bathrooms to have her
teeth brushed and also have her body scrubbed.
She picked up the detached phone from the floor
when she returned back to the room, water
dripping from her fair body. It was already
4:30am and she hadn’t dressed up. She hadn’t
made breakfast for herself and her mother
coupled with the fact that she had traffic to
beat; she just hoped the traffic was light.
Whoever said bankers weren’t trying.
She ransacked her wardrobe for the perfect
outfit for a Tuesday. Since it was Tuesday,
intercontinental bank gave her staffs the
privilege to wear shirts without having blazers on
them. She hurriedly brought out her sky blue
Armani shirt and pink-plait skirt from the
wardrobe. She scrutinized it; it was already well
ironed, courtesy of her ever efficient drycleaner.
Having worn her undergarments, she strolled to
the well equipped kitchen and hurriedly prepared
breakfast. She hastily ate her toast bread and
omellete. She remained some for her mother.
She scurried back to her room, wore her clothes,
made her face up, sprayed her passion perfume,
had her favorite silver ivory clip-on earrings, wore
her shoes and dashed into her mom’s room. She
left a note for her and pecked her mom on her
chubby cheeks before hopping into her dark
brown Corolla Camry car given to her as an
official car from her branch office and zoomed
off spewing moist dust into the air.
Vera turned on her car’s stereo player; she
hummed the lyrics of transformer by Chris Brown
softly. She packed her car at the car pack
meant for staffs. She jolted at the sight of the
manager’s red murano jeep, she hoped he
wouldn’t ask her some stupid questions, after all
it was just some minutes past seven and she
obviously wasn’t near lateness.
She straightened the strands of hair playing on
her face as she greeted the security men. She
lingered for an extra second before giving them
little tips. She walked into the bank, signed the
necessary papers and resumed at her wing. She
flashed her ever enchanting smile at her
colleagues who had already resumed at her
wing. She had hardly settled down when the
office landline04 which rested on her table rang
out loud. She picked on its fourth ring.
’’Intercontinental bank, how may I help you?’’
”okay, we do have domiciliary accounts, it lets
you have accounts in currencies other than naira,
you can pay into these accounts through cash
deposits or foreign currency cheque deposits. It
provides the services of an offshore account and
still gives you access to your money from any of
our branches. For more enquiries, you can visit
our bank anytime from 8:00am to 4:00pm.
Thanks for banking with us” she boomed her ever
sonorous voice into the mouthpiece.
The caller had required for some pieces of
information about domiciliary accounts. She
breathed heavily and resumed wholly into her
The ship shaped clock stroke 2:00pm. She could
feel the walls of her intestine jinxing with her
duodenum and luckily for her, she had no
customers to attend to. She had referred few
ones to another wing where the services they
came from were provided. She smiled at the
thought of eating a properly grilled chicken
flashed down her belly forming tiny butterflies in
it. She was about standing up when her phone
vibrated on the petal strewn table. She smirked
her face at the private number repeatedly calling
her; she hesitated for a while but eventually
decided on picking it when the caller wasn’t
anywhere near stopping the call.
“Hello” she spoke lowly into the mouthpiece
careful not to divert the attentions of customers
at the next table to herself.
Vera walked briskly into southern fried chicken
republic eatery. She looked around for the
strange person who had called her some minutes
back to come and meet him at southern fried
chicken republic eatery, she was beginning to
look like an idiot as she noticed the way people
stared awkwardly at her wondering what she was
doing in the middle of the eatery staring blankly
in search of an unknown chap. Her cheeks were
flustered with embarrassment. She guessed
curiosity got the better part of her.
She cursed deep inside of her and regretted ever
accepting to the weird meeting of an entirely
strange Homo Sapien. She gave up and was
already about leaving when she felt a soft tap on
her shoulder; She turned to face a five feet eight
tall prince charming her jaw dropped. She was
held in gasps and was also trying to place the
face because the drop dead gorgeous ovally
shaped face sure rang a bell, she swallowed the
hot ball of healthy lust sizzling down her throat.
“Looking for me?” He asked ,flashing his
brightest Mr.cool smile in the sweetest voice she
had ever heard.
Tiny drops of rain fell on Elyme as she walked to
school, it had rained heavily the previous night
and it was still drizzling lightly. She shivered in
the rain as she walked quietly. She had forgotten
to pack her raincoat the previous night. The
morning fog was beginning to fade off slowly.
A car pulled up just beside her, the car side
glasses was wound down, Elyme continued
walking, pretending to be oblivious of what was
“Elyme, hop in. its drizzling and you are
shivering” Jimi Kuti voiced out his concern
“Thanks but no thanks, I am fine” she declared
without casting the quickest glance at Jimi
“C’mon, it’s too early for such girl” jimi spoke in
his captivating Italian accent which was enough
to sweep any lady off her feet.
Elyme hesitated but later gave in when the driver
dressed in a black suit shot her a long glance.
Jimi opened the door for her and she hopped.
She was finding it hard not to stare at the
handsome young school boy who looked clean,
fresh and smelt money sitted beside her, he had
his lips tightened in a straight line and his face
straight, Elyme had never seen him that serious
before but she cared less
Elyme had been shocked to say the least when
she found out it was him that tried chatting her
up that day, he had collected her digits from her
b---m friend, Anita who hadn’t even asked her if
she could give him or not. She guessed the latter
had given him because of her own selfish
But what bothered Elyme was the fact that Jimi
called her the same name Piri used to call her.
She had Piri a year back, Piri had been posted to
Abuja for his NYSC and had met Elyme in the
estate in which they both lived together. They
had become close friends even though Elyme had
friend zoned him, he still wanted more than just
friendship. He showered her with gifts, love and
care but Elyme hadn’t been moved.
Elyme had warmed up to him after few months
of their close knitted friendship. Piri had played
his cards well, he made sure he had had the
perfect way into her life before doing his worst,
it was a tragedic experience she had with Piri,
she had cursed the day she met him when he
had shattered her heart into pieces. It had taken
Elyme months before she could pick up the
broken remains of her heart. She just had to do
so in order for her to focus on her terminal
examinations. Her mind flashed back to that
unforgettable day of her life.
She was jolted back from her thoughts when
Jimi tapped her and spoke
“we’ve gotten to school, Elyme” he sighed, only
God knew what the young gir had been thinking
since he’d been calling her but had tapped her
when he sensed he could use the whole day
calling her on and on without getting her
Puriche watched hands akimbo as Elyme and
Jimi alighted from the huge Lexus X504 black
jeep together like love peddlers and bit her lips
in anger and hatred
“trouble she wants, trouble she would get” she
muttered to herself and joined the groups of
students walking to the hall where the assembly
was about about holding.

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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by DandyPearl(f): 10:59pm On Mar 22, 2016
Work more on the construction of your sentences,your diction too. Interesting piece.
You again missmossy Chai! Dis bae Is the official MTN staff on NL. Hemm Jeenah I'm starting to love this story. Alove ur choice of words nd ur command of the english language. Keep this up nd b consistent in ur updates nd I can assure u dat readers will come in throngs. Lemme mention my troublesome everywhere you go squad to come grace the thread.

Heemah, donkross1, bamilizy, calmdove, jaytoy, ysadiq, virtuedagirl, sageez, mattkent, temmy001, afz9095, damyem, helenbee, kingphilipan stlomo1s, bellovers, maggielovely, DVMtuppence something's cooking up here.
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by heemah(f): 3:51pm On Mar 23, 2016
You again missmossy Chai! Dis bae Is the official MTN staff on NL. Hemm Jeenah I'm starting to love this story. Alove ur choice of words nd ur command of the english language. Keep this up nd b consistent in ur updates nd I can assure u dat readers will come in throngs. Lemme mention my troublesome everywhere you go squad to come grace the thread.

Heemah, donkross1, bamilizy, calmdove, jaytoy, ysadiq, virtuedagirl, sageez, mattkent, temmy001, afz9095, damyem, helenbee, kingphilipan stlomo1s, bellovers, maggielovely, DVMtuppence something's cooking up here.
Seconded! Keep ' em coming Madam Jeenah
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Bamilizy(f): 9:42am On Mar 24, 2016
You again missmossy Chai! Dis bae Is the official MTN staff on NL. Hemm Jeenah I'm starting to love this story. Alove ur choice of words nd ur command of the english language. Keep this up nd b consistent in ur updates nd I can assure u dat readers will come in throngs. Lemme mention my troublesome everywhere you go squad to come grace the thread.

Heemah, donkross1, bamilizy, calmdove, jaytoy, ysadiq, virtuedagirl, sageez, mattkent, temmy001, afz9095, damyem, helenbee, kingphilipan stlomo1s, bellovers, maggielovely, DVMtuppence something's cooking up here.
shift let me sit down.
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 12:57pm On Mar 26, 2016
Am very sorry for the delay in updates, I was writing my first sem exams but am done now so am fully here.. stay tuned!
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“Cassandra, nawa for you o. you no even fit
borrow me that your jerry curl boyfriend for
a day” Tara said, shifting her gaze from the
TV before them
Cassandra shot her a dangerous stare
“look, he is for me and me alone, even his
sister cant share him with me not to talk of
you, far from it girlfriend” Cassandra shot
back at her.

Tara smiled even though the beams didn’t
touch her eyes. She punched her BB Q10
and replied a mail that came in. she knew it
was high time she left already. She didn’t
want to overstay her welcome though it
was already seeming like she had already.
Cassy walked her to the junction where she
could easily get a bike to the other side of
the campus where tara stayed.
She freshened up and made for Austin’s
hostel, the duo had agreed on meeting that
weekend at his side.

She flagged down a cab when she got to
the junction and hopped in after having a
brief conversation with the cabdriver.
With her face held up high, she walked
majestically to austin’s quarters. She
barged into his room. Her countenance
changed instantly, her finely shaped
eyebrows creased into a deep frown, hands

Sitted on the medium sized unifoam bed
was Austin and a strange lady chatting
away with Austin. They stared at her with a
questionable look, those pairs of eyes were
probably demanding for answers, why would
she barge in on them. It seemed young
ladies were beginning to lose courtesy and
etiquette was far away from their reaches .
had she lost her sense of decorum, had she
even got them before. Thousands of
questions dived in and out of Austin’s mind.
Austin cleared his throat and was about
breaking the long uncomfortable silence
when cassy barked at the strange girl siting
on the bed

“who the hell are you?”
“eem, i…” before the young lady could voice
out her next word, two hot slaps landed on
her left cheek. She was dumbfounded. Twin
tears rolled down her cheeks, her legs were
struggling to find balance. Her left palm
stuck on her face. She still couldn’t register
what had happened in her cerebrum. Austin
himself looked astonished.

“what do you think you are doing
Cassandra?, she is my sister’s..’’
‘’your sister’s what? Austin, do you think I
don’t know about the stupid October rush
final year guys engage in, dating all sorts of
girls on campus and having s-x with them.
If you don’t know how to control your third
leg, I’ll teach you, trust me” she ranted
“now, you get your stupid self out of this
room, cheap brat but just know you’ll hear
from me soon, husband snatcher”

Austin was embarrassed, anger was nothing
comaored to what he felt towards his so
called girlfriend, his eyes were red, he was
obviously boiling with anger.
The younglady picked her sea green chloe
Givenchy faux fur designer bag and was
about turning the knob of the door when
Austin held back her hand
“Return her slaps now” he said with all
seriousness written on his face. One could
see venom in his Dark eyes. Tension
developed instantaneously in the room.


“Vera, who was that man that dropped you
off yesterday?” Mrs Williams questioned,
peeling the orange in her hand.
Vera’s eyes buldged out, her mother was
turning into a stalker already. Vera shook
her leg gently, she thought of sauntering
into her room with immediate effect but her
mother would increase her grip on her if
she did that, Who said mothers don’t have
wahalas?. she didn’t know if it was the right
time to tell Ivie she was already seeing a
Her phone rang, Her lips twisted into a
warm smile as “Nella” displayed as the
caller ID. she winked at her mother and
strolled into the room,laughing heartily on
the phone.
“Vera is in love” her mother smiled softly as
she squeezed the orange juice into her


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The man paced silently like a jaguar as his gaze roved around the classroom. Mr Rotimi adjusted his circle shaped glasses and called out the last group.
"Jimi, Elyme, Bukola and Foye, You all are in the last group, group 8. You can come to the laboratory to collect the apparatus for your practical" Mr Rotimi barked. He instructed Jimi to follow him to the laboratory to pen down the names of his group members as he had already been made the group leader. Jimi followed suit like a loyal dog being led to its barn of bones. He winked at Elyme before walking out of the class. Everyone would agree he smelt nice and oh! those intellectual gent eyes are way too tempting. Even a dead plant would sprout out at the sight of Jimi. He was clean and indisputably handsome.

Elyme rolled her eyes in Disgust, so she would have to work with Jimi in the same group. how would she cope with someone like jimi all over her? She heaved a deep sight. Anita came around and went off into gales of laughter. Elyme hissed and worked out of the class.
Puriche and her clique blocked her on her way to blessed cafeteria, shoting her with the deadliest look she had ever seen. She wasn't surprised, Puriche and her clique had warned her weeks back to stay away from jimi. it wasn't like she was dating him already. Elyme recalled how she was promising hell letting loose if she ever dated him.

Foye's tap on the shoulder jolted her to the present. together, they walked to the cafeteria discussing WAEC's timetable which had just been released.
After school hours that day, Elyme stayed back at school to read in preparation for WAEC which was already around the corner. She had passed JAMB excellently well. She also heard Jimi had a 260 which was enough to enable him study the course of his choice in Italy if he still wanted to go back to Italy.

Jimi came from behind and blindfolded her with his palms. Elyme instantly knew it was jimi immediately she smelt his Dolce & Gabbana Louis perfume. Elyme swallowed hard then she fused.
"Jimi, Get your hands off me, you bitch" She scowled sharply in a manner void of embarrasment.
"Hey yo, you might have to watch those words" Jimi said beaming with smiles.
"Now, what do you want, please I don't want trouble. you were there when she came to warn me, threatening and pulling my small ears before junior students not to move close to you, please leave me alone. I don't even know what made you come to this school knowing fully well you are the son of a minister!" Elyme verbalized bluntly.

Wow! Jimi never knew she could talk that way. but there was something about her, she didn't like guys neither did she want anything to have to do with them and he was on a mission to find out.
He sat quietly on her seek. Elyme was already boiling with anger.
"Is it because of Piri"? He asked with a tone of uncertainty.
A strong electric force swayed down Elyme's spine, was she sure she heard that right? How did he get to know about Piri? How she wished she could shut the memories of Piri in a dark funnel and fling it away into the darkest pit of hell! oh men!
"Elyme" Jimi called softly
Elyme's heartbeat increased, hot tears found their ways down her cheeks. she packed her books and ran out of the class. Jimi looked amazed and confused at the same time, Elyme was sure a drama Queen. Anita's words were beginning to dawn on him. Was it true Elyme had a terrible past?
Champions keep playing till they get it right, he assured himself he would get to the bottom of her case.


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:DYou're doing a good job here dearie, please continue...
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Dina sat on the pavilion opposite the faculty of biological science. she gulped down her chilled sobo drink, she pinged her roommate on BBM notifying the latter she was already waiting for her around her faculty. Beckley showed up ten minutes later clad in a baby pink flay chiffon blousesd and a deep blue jean trousers.

Dina would agree anywhere at any time that Beckley had a great dress sense. Beckley wiggled her left hand and the numerous colourful bangles on her wrist jiggled thereby attracting the attention of other students sitted at the pavilion. Beckley bec koned on a young girl selling soft drinks under an old oak tree which gave shade from the heat of the day. The young lady came around and sold out fanta drink to her. Beckley opened her monte blanc wallet and handed some naira notes to her. She stepped down with the fairly cold fanta and took a deep breathe after her first gulp. It was really obvious she was stressed up.

“Dina, are you done for the day? Lets go to the hostel na” Beckley said gazing intently at Dina’s sullen face. Even though everyone knew Dina was an introvert but then it was obvious from her gloomy face she wasn’t in a good state of mind. Dina smiled faintly. She stood up and started walking to the buspark, Beckley followed suit.

They got to their hall of residence few minutes past five in the evening. Dina had a warm bathe and returned back to the room to see Beckley already going down with noodles and egg, the latter asked her if she cared for. Dina rinsed a fork and joined her roommate in devouring the food.
“ Dina, wetin na? why you dey like this” Beckley asked, Changing the station to spice TV.

“Beckley, am worried over my brother. I don’t like his girlfriend at all, she’s saucy, rude, over jealous, possessive, obnoxious and arrogant. She doesn’t have manners at all. Can you believe she slapped Susan when she went to return the textbook she borrowed”
“Which Susan?’’
“The same Susan in his department”
“Though the girl said she was forced to slap her back by my brother “Dina added, stifling a laughter
Beckley burst into laughter; she almost choked on her food.

’’you mean Austin forced Susan to slap his girlfriend, what’s that her name again”
“Cassandra” Dina chipped in.
“ But wetin do the girl sef, her blood too dey hot. First it was you she slapped, now its Susan. She get craze for head? See, you have to accept her like that, shes your wife “Beckley said sarcastically.

“iffa hear! Am sure you are joking. Whose wife? Who will allow him marry her? Over my dead body, even my late parents won’t allow him do that, that’s the more reason why I don’t want him to make the greatest mistake of his life cause am sure if she doesn’t kill herself, she will kill Austin and he’s the only one I’ve got”
“eheh, this one pass me o”
“Beckley, please help me, what can I do” Dina asked, with all seriousness etched on her face.
“hmmm, Dina. I think I have a plan, come closer, even the doors have ears in this hostel”

Nella opened the door of the car and she hopped in. she looked into his dark broody eyes and then there were those damn sexy pink lips of his, set into an angular jaw line. He was perfectly groomed and sure looked so good in his black suit. He was tall with a dark lean body. In short, he was hot enough.

He’d had some strange desires for her presence, he had fixed his gaze in those beautiful eyes of hers and her carefully made up face. He’d not even been able to hold himself back from studying her retreating silhouette. Vera had been dressed quite simply in a three quarter sleeved cream buttoned down shirt tucked into a grey high waist knee length skirt that hugged her curvy derriere. She was probably five feet seven or perhaps eight if one took out the six inches heels that had almost brought her up to his six feet three.

“you look beautiful my queen” he said still staring at her wonderingly, still amazed at her looks. she knew the effect her looks would have on him, she was an exotic beauty and she had the same effect on every red blooded male. She had noticed the way she was scrutinized from the crown of her head to the sole of her feet, she was sure his brain was mesmerized by her beauty and must had sent him into limbo.

Nella was the first and only son of multibillionaire businessman, Chief Lawson, Now retired and really enjoying his retirement. The mandate had fallen upon nella two years back when he’d hit twenty eight years and his father had been forced to retire due to work stress affecting his health. Nella had then taken over the entire corporation and it was doing extremely well, they were recording large profits in six figures.

Nella had been well trained, right from his elementary education, he’d attended the best schools in the world and luckily had been blessed with an intelligent brain. he was always looking forward for the next big thing coming, he’d taken after his father, he’d taken his father’s thriving construction business into a mega construction company, delving into other sectors like manufacturing, telecoms and now Nella was moving the company into the oil and gas sector.

Ever since she and Nella had been going out, she could say her life had changed, the deep empty vacuum in her had now been replaced with love. She could boldly say she was glowing due to the love Nella showered vastly on her. She blessed the day Nella walked into her bank and the day they got to know eachoher at sourthern restaurant. She had prayed for a responsible good looking young man with a good heart but Nella exceeded her dream man. He was charming and so sweet. There couldn’t have been another man more perfect. She smiled softly as she fixed her gaze on Nella’s handsome face. His eyes shone brightly, Nella engulfed her in a hug and whispered sweet nothings into her ears. She smiled and said “shall we?”

Nella then reached for a package at the backseat of the car and brought out a set of four diamond tennis bracelets, diamond earrings and a diamond encrusted wristwatch. They looked fit for a queen. He presented them to the love of his life as he often called her. Vera was transfixed with surprise. she screeched in bewilderment. She was flustered with surprise to say the least. Nothing could have been more beautiful, they were so pleasant and fascinating! She hugged him and thanked him for getting her what she had always dreamed of having.

Nella zoomed off after he had stolen a kiss from her, even though she didn’t see it coming, she loved every bit of it. They arrived at Ember creek located in ikoyi city mall, it had an amazing vibe and ambiance, it was located on the coastal shores, it had a wonderful panoramic view of waterfront terrace .

They sat at the finely dim romantic cacophony bars. Music blasted softly from the speakers erected somewhere up the bulb fixings. They were served with chicken and chips accompanied by an exquisite wine. They ate, drank and danced away into the early hours of Sunday. They kissed passionately many times and cuddled. They fondled with each other and played naughty. They had extreme fun at the poolside and the icecream bar till it was high time they left. Nella dropped her off so as to enable her prepare for church.
“You’ve made my day, you’ve made my life complete. I’ll continue to love you for the rest of my life. “he declared and kissed her with pent up relief.
“Hi, I need your honest response, how did you know about Piri?, I guess you had my digits through Anita but Piri?,from Elyme”

Jimi smiled as he read the message for the umpteenth time. He was happy Elyme could finally reply him after all the messages he had sent to her, sometimes undelivered, sometimes seen but not read and sometimes read. He knew they would definitely have a lengthy conversation at school the next day since he had her answers with him. He was called by his father’s PA to come say goodbye to his father, Dr Laolu Kuti since the latter was leaving for the states in a jiffy and he wouldn’t be due back till the following week. He had some meetings to attend with other ministers.

Jimi scampered from his wing and wished his father a safe trip. The minister said his goodbye to his children and left afterwards, leaving them with adequate security and enough money of course. Jimi wished his mom was there with them, they would have made the perfect family he had always wished for. Even though his father tried to conceal the voidness her absence left in his heart, his children still knew he missed her. It was quite easy to decipher the duo had had a fantastic Romeo and Juliet love life together.

Jimi went golfing with his siblings- Viovenna Kuti and Sewedo Kuti to unwind his nervousity, butterflies were beginning to form in his belly. He was oblivious of what the next day held. Sewedo picked some golf balls from the golfcart and passed to his elder brother, Jimi.

“iniziare!(begin!)” Sewedo declared in italian to his siblings. The game began with Little Viovenna playing as the first golfer.

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Permit me to ask for more, oliver twist is my middle name... Nice story bro, you're doing wonderfully well...
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Nice story, keep it up
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“You just tell your brother to stick to the plan, with that, all will be perfect” Beckley said, scooping a spoon of beans in her mouth. They had just returned from Susan’s room. They had disclosed their plan to her after successfully mapping out a plan up to standard the previous night. Susan had concurred after much pleas and persuasion.
’’hmm! I trust you. Benin babe!. I just pray it works out as expected cause left to me, I wouldn’t like to have her as a sister-in-law”
Beckley stifled a laughter, the girls finished their food and dashed into the common room to read for a GST test they were having the next morning.
“that woman don knack her head for ground o, Abeg read this part well” Beckley said, flipping through the pages of her note
“I know right, it seems she likes this part” Dina agreed
Dina’s phone beeped, the pushed the phone to her side, her face lightening up with euphoria, she prayed it was a message from the person her heart ached for, she checked the message that came in. A dark cloud crossed her pretty face. It wasn’t from the person she expected.
“Wetin?” Beckley sneered
“it’s this guy in political science, Tega. He’s been disturbing me for quite some time now” Dina complained.
“Which Tega?” “The one that looks like a con artist” Dina tittered
“You no tell am say you have a boo?”
“Must I tell every guy that comes my way, Its high time I stopped using Charles to chase guys away already, I don’t want to cause trouble for him”
“hmmhmm, Mrs Charles Mayor” Beckley winked.
“Stop calling me that, I am not yet married to him”
“Mrs Charles ma…”
Beckley scurried to the room to save her head from defacement as she sighted Dina reaching for a pillow. The latter followed suit, laughing out so hard. It had been a long time the duo engaged in a pillow fight!

Austin walked into the massively structured Alma Rohm hall with Susan by his side, the duo smiling sheepishly like two teenagers who had just found love. They held hands and made for the seats arranged towards the back of the hall. ” Oya dab” by the popular hip hop artist- Olamide blasted from the speakers.
They licked the cones of ice cream in their hands slowly, watching students gather for the programme that was to commence in few minutes. Susan looked stunning in her pink crop top and blue leggings. She packed her hair in a way such that they fell in ringlets on her shoulder. She had indeed been something to look at, a skin tone so creamy light in complexion, a perfectly symmetric oval shaped face with large almond eyes slightly tipped up ever so gently at the sides. A perfectly straight pert nose and then crowned with full luscious lips just perfect. If only he had had the chance to kiss them, he would have done that much more faster than Usian Bolt; but he had been taken aback by his instincts; reminding him they were just on a mission to intimidate his girlfriend and possibly change her all things being equal. Austin casted his gaze on her again, she reminded him of that model, Natalia Vodianova with the way her long eyelashes had framed her face.

He was sure he’d been stunned for a good minute before his brain had began functioning again. She definitely was one of the most stunning beauties he’d seen in a while. He hadn’t taken time to scrutinize her like he had just done. He had been deeply involved with Cassandra that he hadn’t notice some other fresh babes on campus. The girl probably had used some potent jazz on him.

He loved Cassandra a lot, he could die for her a thousand times but then, it was often said that beauty is in character. How we wished she had a gentle spirit and calm heart like the angel beside him. He could feel his heart pounding as he sighted Cassy. He silently said some prayers and did the sign of the cross. Susan diverted her attention to the approaching figure before her. She was more prepared than ever. She hadn’t agreed to the plan just to help Austin, but there was someone worthy of being taught some lessons and the person was no other person than Cassandra!

“why haven’t you being picking your calls and what’s this slut doing her beside you “she asked, casting some killing stares at Susan, her anger was obviously surging
“Look Cassy, I have to tell you the truth now, I am done with you. It’s over between us. Meet the new queen of coast- Susan” Austin blurted out in a highly raised pitch, attracting the attentions of other students in the hall.
“we shall see about that, and you Susan or whatever you are called, I bet on your life and my life, no one dares take this guy away from me. Its better you leave him before its too late. The battle line has just been drawn- take that”
Elyme chastised some junior students found loitering around the school; she went from class to class for her daily morning inspections. She returned to her class after she was done, looking tired and stressed up. She sighted jimi coming from the staff room; he caught a glimpse of her. Elyme knew he sure would come over to her seat.

He came as expected, flashing his smile like a person that had just won a visa lottery. He drew out a chair beside her. He sat on it and fixed his gaze on her, jimi was dazzled by her beauty and petite nature. They stared at each other for moments that seemed like hours till elyme broke the silence.

“Okay now, don’t you think it’s high time you started explaining already” jimi smiled, showing his perfect immaculate set of white teeth. Elyme rolled her big eyeballs, didn’t he know his smiles was melting her softly.

“Actually Anita gave me your number and told me about your hatred for guys”
Elyme rolled her eyes, when did Anita start broadcasting her life history? She assured herself the latter would sure have a story to tell her later that day but first things first, she had a stalker to deal with.
“Even though I had thought you were a lesbian” he added, tightening his lips
“Watch your tongue mister, that wasn’t any expensive joke to me”
“That’s that about that, how did you get to know about piri?”
“She actually also told me he was your boyfriend, that’s all” “So tell me, who is Piri and why do you hate guys now knowing fully you once had a boyfriend”
Twin tears rolled on Elyme’s cheeks; she checked for an handkerchief but couldn’t find it. Pools of tears were formed on her face already. Jimi wiped her tears- though he was transfixed, why a simple question would cause tears dripping from her eyes.

“on the 6th day of June 2013, I was raped by a guy I called my best friend and his friend. Piri was a corper who stayed in the same street I used to stay with my parents. I had gone to his house that fateful evening for him to teach me an assignment but instead, he had his way roughly with me and took away my innocence, I was brutally abused by himself and his friends. Why are men so wicked, why? Why would he take advantage of me because I gave my heart to me, why would he do such a thing to me, why?” elyme narrated her ordeal to jimi, crying profusely with all the strength she could gather.

Jimi’s jaw dropped, his voice failed him for the first time in recent months.
“Was that all?” jimi asked, looking bewildered, His own so treasured flower had been damaged.

“I… I got… that was all that happened”
“Are you sure, thought you wanted to say something else?”
Elyme nodded vehemently
“it’s okay, please stop crying Stella” Jimi said, wiping her tears.
“what’s Stella?” Elyme asked amidst tears
“It means my star in Italian”
“I would like to ask you of a favour” “what’s that” Elyme asked, raising her left brow
“Can you be my friend?”
“Please, that’s all am asking for” Jimi added.
“Charles, you have to understand my point. I am not saying we won’t have sex but please just give me a little time to get some things right with myself” Dina wailed up to her boyfriend who’s mind seemed to be hardened and made up.

Looking at Charles, he was a six feet three. He had beards which made him look more sexy. His well-toned, muscular physique was to die for, except for his slightly curved legs which really weren’t obvious, He was hot enough.

“Dina, I’ve been waiting since or Do you want to tell me you are a virgin? Charles asked, clenching his fists.

“This conversation you keep bringing on is exhausting, I mean, its tiring. Just give me some time”
“ Please use the door, am tired of talking about this!” Charles yelled
“Are you asking me to leave your house?”
“Charles, what has come over you?”

Dina bit her lower lips and stormed out of the 3 bedroom flat apartment. What a shocking evening! She confirmed to herself again that she had been such a fool who had been lost in love and blind to the fact that Charles had always been a silent volcano waiting to erupt.


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I love your story, really. Every man is just perfectly made. Be more realistic. Nice job, by the way.
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by DandyPearl(f): 10:09pm On Apr 01, 2016
What a lengthy update cheesy....Thanks Jeenah. Awaiting more though wink
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 11:06pm On Apr 01, 2016
I love your story, really. Every man is just perfectly made. Be more realistic. Nice job, by the way.
Lol, thanks sir/ma.. you are on point
if u check properly, Charles has a but, and I said Austin wasn't that handsome, only his jerrycurls did justice.
But correction noted! Am a new writer tho
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 11:08pm On Apr 01, 2016
What a lengthy update cheesy....Thanks Jeenah. Awaiting more though wink
Thanks so much ma, at least u are not discouraging me by just reading and not commenting
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first of all I like ur name Jeenah. I think the characters are kinda much. it a nice masterpiece.
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by Nobody: 4:34pm On Apr 02, 2016
[quote author=aprilwise post=44340126]first of all I like ur name Jeenah. I think the characters are kinda much. it a nice masterpiece.[/quote

awwn, thanks for the complement and am already done with d characters jare, thanks anyways
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Your story is so on fleek
Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by estybae(f): 9:14pm On Apr 03, 2016
Your story is so on fleek. I love it
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"Alright, I may be a little biased but let me tell you what I've been meaning to tell you"
"And please, don't even start with your crazy contagious laughter" Nella chipped in, looking serious with pleading eyes.
Vera straightened her face, she had thought he wanted to just crack her up but it seemed he was serious.

"I love you the same way I learned to ride a
bike; frightened but reckless. Because every long lost road, led me to where
you are; others who broke my heart, they were
like northern stars, guiding me on my way, in to
your loving arms, this much I know is true. God
bless the broken road that led me straight to
you" He paused, tried reading her as if she were transparent.
Vera looked confused and puzzled, void of emotions,She had been bewildered when they'd arrived at Munchies gardens that evening,She's thought they were just going out for dinner like they always did tho she noticed some nervousness in the way he spike and acted. he replied more in monsyllables anytime she'd tried spicing up the tension.

" The day I saw you, the day I met you,
I had never known,
If you would be someone Else's,
I would be left all alone.
The day I made you happy, the day I made you
I had never thought,
you could make me this fulfilled,
How would I have survived.
The day I made you smile, the day I made you cry,
I had never imagined,
There could be someone,
For whom, I could leave everyone.
The day we did talk, the day, miles we walked,
I had never believed,
I could love a girl this way,
For a mistake, I would be sorry, from June to
The day we sat at the cafe, the day we walked
in opposite directions,
I had never expected,
I could love a girl this much,
Trying hard to forget her, I would get my heart
Times have changed, things as well,
We have grown some months old
After too long, I have been able to be bold
enough, and ask,
my dear,
Will you be mine for the rest of your life? Will you marry me?" Nella popped the question, emphasising on the word "marry". He had spoken calmly out like a kid reciting his rhymes. Could love be this perfect?
Vera gazed at the Dulwich Designs opened ring box which graced his right hand, displaying a David Yurman diamond ring.

"Yes, I'll marry you" Vera screeched with much euphoria. she just couldn't contain her joy and the sensation that engulfed her.
Nella slided the ring into her third finger.She had thought she would go crazy with the tingles springing up in her body.
She was sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the man before her.

Their relationship had blossomed and had been rossy. With the few month they'd shared together, it was glaring they loved each other. Vera had introduced him to her mom and he had also done the same immediately his parents flew into the country from Texas. Vera breathed deeply in blessed relief, she just couldn't hold it anymore, hr mother had to hear it soon, she surged with delightment within her. The wedding bells were definitely ringing.

Nella observed her closely.He felt like devouring her immediately. It had been long they made love. They had both agreed they would wait till their wedding night till anything came up again between them.He just wished he could wait , the angel before him was sure tempting him.The song "The woman I love" mapped its way into his mind.This was certainly the woman he loved. He thought,carrying and tinkling her like a new born infant. Vera laughed musically.
Who said love wasn't sweet?

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"Your Stella is coming" Seyi whispered to Jimi. Jimi smiled, he had been expecting her since. they had planned they would go to the library to check for more details on a particular subject and to look for some keypoints before going home.
Elyme winked at Jimi, she greeted Seyi.
"Shall we?" She asked curtly
Damn! there had always been something special about this daughter of Eve. It was as if she was moulded specially by God, she looked so ravishing in her uniform. Her roughly plaited hair stood graciously on her neck, Jimi guessed she hadn't had time to make it well enough due to the examination stress.
The three students walked to the library, disclosed their mission to the librarian who was already preparing to call it a day. he gave them the grace of fifteen minutes to quickly look for the books, because they were preparing for examinations.
They quickly wrote down somethings, thanked the man and walked briskly out of the school compound. they hopped into the car brought to carry Jimi. Elyme had always followed Jimi in his car ever since they became friends. They had a wonderful ride home. They had stopped at few places to buy fruits and some other things. Elyme was first to be dropped off and then Seyi. Elyke muttered her usual thank you to the driver. The driver nodded, he liked the girl too, she was respectful in all manners.
Jimi jumped down from the jeep and walked into the mansion, humming a love song.
Sewedo and Viovenna sighed, what was wrong with their brother these days and love songs. They knew he had never been this obsessed with love.
"benvenuto!(welcome!)" They both chorused in unson but Jimi Kuti was too engrossed in the love world to notice their presences.
"I think I have to find out what this is all about" Sewedo said, following Jimi to his wing.

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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by aprilwise(m): 1:42pm On Apr 06, 2016
what about Cassandra?

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Re: Memories Of Cupid By Jeenah by OluwabuqqyYOLO(m): 8:01am On Apr 08, 2016

Lol, thanks sir/ma.. you are on point
if u check properly, Charles has a but, and I said Austin wasn't that handsome, only his jerrycurls did justice.
But correction noted! Am a new writer tho
Lol, I'm a sir. And, okay, I understand. I'm more green at the field than you, MA'AM JEENAH, though. I love the love words in the last post. Keep it up.

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