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My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 10:18pm On Jul 18, 2016
I'm starting this new story MFYL which is a season 1 of the ground story, Perfect Rejection.

All acts in the series is a product of fiction and mere imaginations, any resemblance to person, people or place should be disregarded.

Story written and composed by myself @Babsopey
All rights reserved ©2016

Now let's get to the real deal.

This is my first time of writing, therefore I'll welcome encouragement and especially criticism. But do make the abuse funny I can laugh and correct.

I'm not good with memorizing monikers but I'll be editing this as much as I remember.

Cc: dioxidane - the guy with d first story I read on nairaland.
Cc: hayurmidey yeyedeysmell victvames (President Daughter and I author)

This story is mainly about two final year lovers from different backgrounds. The circumstances leading to their meeting, their challenge and their future together.

Read and enjoy. Thanks

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by bless2tom(m): 10:20pm On Jul 18, 2016
letz go ooo

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 10:23pm On Jul 18, 2016

The match has gotten to the last 15mins and we are 2nill down in what is our first ever final match in the FIFA world cup competition. We couldn’t believe our eyes as the center referee point to the penalty spot after the Uruguan striker willingly dive to the ground as if he was hit by a speed train. I can’t believe the same ref who had earlier gave two penalties to the Uruguans which resulted in their two goal lead will dip his hand into his pocket giving our left central back his marching order. Red card! For what? The guy wasn’t even the last man. This is a prove this FIFA won't allow an African nation talkless of Nigeria to win the prestigious FIFA world cup.

Our coach was furious and all of us on the bench feel like protesting but it matters not as the penalty is well taken by the Uruguan striker who is now on hat-trick. He again put our goal keeper who has been jumping here and ther like a castrated mosquito the wrong way, again. 3nill with one man down, less than 15mins to the regular time, the game is all but over.

A change is expected from our coach to substitute either a midfielder or our lone striker (who has done nothing in the match but to dress his hair every now and then) for a defender to prevent a total humiliation. I, a young striker who made the team as a result of my performance in the previous year’s world youth tournament has giving up hope of ever appearing in the tournament. I was already lost in thinking when I heard the voice of my coach

"Williams"! Come over here and show the world how strong we are coming back next four years. I couldn’t believe my ears but quickly jump up removing the bench bib that I was putting on and now fully kitted. The assistant referee raise the changing bar with my number (32) in green and that of our left winger in red. I thought, does coach want me to play on the left side? My left leg is not as strong compare to my right.

Coach: listen Williams, I’m using you as my free man now

Me: What does that mean sir?

Coach: It means you are free to play any whereon the pitch

Me: Okay sir

Coach: Tell Okowa (our lone striker) it’s over to you guys now.

The coach then send a sign to the captain and the rest of the team which mean they should withdraw. I ecstatically entered the pitch knowing I’m now the youngest player to ever represent my country in the tournament. To my surprise, the crowds all stood up clapping as I entered the pitch, some singing using my name “You did it in Sydney you can do it here, you did it with Chelsea, you can do it here, go Williams go, go Africa go”. I immediately felt adrenalin running my body; chasing the ball as if my life depends on it. The singing was still going on when their last defender receiving a pass from their goal keeper tried to nutmeg me, but missed his step and instead hit the ball sideway, I saw the opportunity and remembered my coach’s word “use your speed” he said. I ran after the ball, looked up and I saw their goalkeeper was already on me with Okowa shouting at his back “I’m free boy!, ball!, ball!!, ball!!!. I hit the leather made white coloured round object with my right foot and the ball went directly to Okowa’s waiting right leg who made no mistake in sending the ball to the back of net from just 6yards. Goal! We scored. I was expecting a running jubilation from Okowa, but he instead run inside the goal, pick the ball and run towards the center pass using his hand to tell me to follow. It was then I remembered we were still two goals down with 10mins to go at regular time.

The match continued with Uruguans passing the ball around, to which they got a goal attempt from the powerful header of their powerful striker who headed the ball towards the far post from a perfect cross from the left wing. But our goalkeeper did well this time around clipping the ball between his palms and immediately sending the ball like a missile far beyond the center line towards the waiting Okowa who after some moves forward a pass to my very self who has a defender to go through and boom! I was already rolling on the floor; I did not even know what happened until I heard my captain shouting “you wan kill him? wetin happen na?
Then Okowa was beside me saying, “O boy get up, there is no time, he already gave the free kick”. I stood up perfectly okay as the free kick was about to be taken by our captain. I stood in the box with others running here and there. The ball was kicked and before I know what’s going on I felt a push from behind and as I was trying not to fall the ball hit my head and deflected to the far corner of the post. Goal! I just scored! 3-2 and said to myself, Liverpool versus AC Millan is happening all over again. You cannot hear your words anymore as the cheers and jeers from the crowd are overwhelming. The match continues and we go an equalizer from a corner kick by one of our fill backs who headed the ball beyond their goalkeeper’s reach at the end of regular time 90mins. Wao! I can’t believe this is happening. The assistant referee signifies additional 3minutes of injury time but I wish the match ends by 90mins.

The Uruguans are now playing at a very high tempo to which they hit the woodwork in the space of 1min. 30secs to go and the ball got to my leg through a direct pass from our goalkeeper. I kept moving with the ball speeding along as I only have the goalkeeper to beat. He kept moving towards me and approach speedily as I get towards the edge of the box, I dribbled to the right side, and immediately lose control but struggled to hit the ball towards the goal before another boom! I’m on the floor again. But this time, it’s a penalty. I received hailing from my team mate with shout of jubilation from the crowd. Our bench has already stood up as our captain is about to take what will be the kick of our life! The referee blew and he kicked the ball so hard but it hit the goalkeeper’s waiting leg.


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 10:30pm On Jul 18, 2016

Fortunately, the ball deflected towards my waiting head, to which I direct towards the left side of the net and boom! It’s in the net. We’ve won! I was carried by my team mates shouting and dancing round the field.

I felt something entering my eyes from the sprayed champagne when I heard my roommate voice, “oh boy, you no go wake?, your phone done ring like a hundred times, you can sleep o, for afternoon fa”. And that was how I woke up, I checked the time it’s already 4pm and before I could stood my phone rang again Oh; it’s mum

Me: Hello ma, good evening

Mum: Hello, and where Have you been since! I’ve called severally but…

Me: I’m sorry ma, I was sleeping

Mum: Sleeping at this time of the day? You didn’t go to class?

Me: No ma, we’ve not started lectures proper.

Mum: Okay, have you gotten the money I sent you?

Me: (cho! She sent me money?) No ma, I…

Mum: Check your messages, I just send 20 thousand naira

Me: Wao! (20 thousand is lot of money coming from my mum). Thanks mum

Mum: Don’t thank me, it’s daddy Orire that sent it to you

Me: Wao! That man is really nice o

Mum: Yes, and you have to call him now and show your appreciation.

Me: But I don’t have his number

Mum: I’ll send it to you now

Me: Okay ma

Mum: I’ll also need you to send me how much you’ll need for your final year project

Me: My supervisor has not said anything ma

Mum: You go to him and ask, instead of just sleeping your time away.

Me: But mum he…

Mum: Just do it!

Me: Okay ma

The phone clicks and line went dead. In not more than 3miuntes, the message tone beeps, I checked and it was the man’s phone number from my mum. I dialed the number and he picked at the second beep.

Man: Hello, who is this?

Me: Good afternoon sir, this is Williams Albert sir

Man: Williams, Williams, Williams, I don’t know any Williams

Me: (then I, remember folks knows me as Yemi at home). It’s me Yemi, Opeyemi Albert

Man: Oh, Oh, Yemi, how are you?

Me: I’m fine sir, I wanted to say…

Man: I’m very busy now just take care of yourself (and Pom! The line went dead)

Is that even right? Okay he’s an elderly person and just send me 20k of course he’s right (smiles). Though on an ideal situation, I don’t like people terminating call on me, especially when I’m the one calling (you).

As I was thinking on how I will dismantle the 20k, I perceived my neuro-transmitters sending message to my brain from my stomach. Damn! am hungry! It was then I remembered I haven’t taken anything since morning. What was I doing since? (Speaking to myself). "Okay, I went straight to the football pitch to play soccer till around 11:30am. then I took my bath and the rest and rush down to the viewing center to watch Nigeria play Uruguay in FIFA world cup knock out stage which we lost slightly by a goal margin. It was that referee and our snail of a striker that cost us the match. Oh! That explains the dream. (I laughed out)."

My friend Temmy (also my roommate) hearing me laugh from outside barge into the room.

Temmy: Oh boy wetin dey make you laugh?

Me: Omo I just dream naija won the cup o

Temmy: ** Laughing profusely** Oh boy that one can only happen in your dream o. Those boys fall my hand big time.

Me: Seriously.

Temmy: I don’t think I’ll be watching their match again, I will be sticking with my Chelsea joor.

Me: Seconded. Even if they were beaten they’ll still put on some fight unlike those snails.

Temmy: Sluggish set of players we call team.

Me: Bro, leave Naija alone, I’m hungry like anything now. Anything on ground? (Without answering me, he just went into our small kitchen and yes he’s back with two plates) Oh boy, what is this?

Temmy: Sit down there, asking o

Me: Oh boy, see hot amala, wow, this boy is home made. Where you get ewedu around this area?

Temmy: That one na Rachael’s handwork o.

Me: Hmm, you and this Rachael sha

Temmy: Oh boy, leave that one for now and eat jor (Before he finish that statement, my tummy is already jumping for joy at the reception of the first morsel which came with a ponmo battered ewedu soup. In less than no time we are done with the meal)

Temmy: Guy, see the way you are sweating

Me: It’s always like that whenever I take amala especially hot ones, besides the wheather is not helping.

Temmy: Yeah, the sun is exteremly hot today; I guess it is going to rain tonight

Me: That would be better

Temmy: Yes, but that should better be after the show

Me: Which show?

Temmy: Those comedy guys now, SUG is organizing the show to kick start the semester

Me: Cool, when is that happening?

Temmy: (Temmy checked his watch) Oh boy! It’s six this evening o. I have to leave now

Me: Without me? Don’t try it. Let me take a shower, then we go together.

Temmy: Alright, be fast o. I’ll go pick Rachael aand make sure you are ready before we get back

Me: Hmm, Rachael is going too?

Temmy: cho! You want me to go alone

Me: Hope I won’t spoil show sha?

Temmy: go and take your bath jor. (He left banging the door behind him)

My friend Temiloluwa (Temmy) is a cool headed guy but home made just like me. We have a lot in common, maybe because we’ve friends since childhood. We both decided to study mechanical engineering when we were younger and the dream is gradually coming true. The only time we were ever separated was when his dad got a new job in the city and the whole family had to relocate. When I was done with my elementary education, my parents decided to relocate to the same city also. From there we went to the same secondary school and now in final year in the same University studying the course we dreamt about.

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 10:36pm On Jul 18, 2016

I was applying cream on my body after the shower when I heard a knock on the door.

Me: who is that?

Voice: can a female guest enter?

Me: (Oh it is Rachael, that’s fast) give me some minutes. (I don’t like ladies seeing my “packless” chest so I quickly put on underwear) you can come in

Rachael: (enters room) and how did you know it’s me?

Me: Haba, I recognize your voice even in the dream.

Rachael: (smiles) Where is Temmy?

Me: You mean your boyfriend or should I say fiancée?

Rachael: [looking surprised] so he already told you?

Me: Told me what?

Rachael: Don’t bother

Me: Okay now

Rachael: So where is he?

Me: He left for you

Rachael: Oh my! Why can’t he call? I left my room some hours back to make my hair

Me: (so you left saloon and decided to come here straight away? The puzzle is getting solved) I’m afraid you guys have missed each other. Let me call him.

I picked my white opsson D1 android phone and scrolled for Temmy’s number. It took me some time before I got to “T” on the phonebook. My once admired phone is now damn slow and irritating. Finally I got to ‘T’ and dialed his number only for the network to reply with “number busy’. Racheal’s phone rang almost immediately and it was Temmy. I guess that’s why his number was busy. Rachael picked and they speak for some seconds with Rachael repeating “I’m at your place already”.

Rachael: He’s on his way back here.

Me: Alright I’m set

In less than no time, Temmy arrived and we all left for the show. I was on a red T-shirt and blue-black jean trouser but decided to go along with my black long sleeve cardigan in case mosquitoes decide to patrol tonight. I don’t know why they have to use Seven-Fifty lecture hall at this period when everybody knows that’s where mosquitoes do have their conference every night. Having my black cardigan will be my way of waging war against mosquitoes and potential cold.

We all gist as we move under cashew trees along the Faculty of Sciences buildings. I noticed Temmy and Rachael were hand in hand as Rachael walks in between Temmy and I. At this point my instinct is confirming a formalized chemistry between these two though I’ll wait for Temmy to break the news Himself.

We met so many people outside the lecture theater trying to find their way in. the loud sound of music coming from the hall is so much we could barely hear ourselves. “What’s going on here?” came a voice over our shoulders.

Me: Markinson baba, how far now?

Mark: My guy I dey o. What’s good?

Me: We just dey manage o, na your eyes we dey look.

Mark: Better look God’s eye before you enter one chance.

Me: Guys let’s go inside, I don’t feel comfortable here.

Mark: Are you with your ticket? Or don’t you know that’s why many people are still outside.

Me: Cho!

Temmy: Let’s go guys. it’s free for 500level students.

Me: Now you are talking.

We found our way into the hall through the second door preserved for final year students. There is clarity in the music being played now unlike while we were outside, though still very loud forbidding smooth conversation. We sat on the same row at the topmost part of the first column with Rachael sitting in between Temmy and I, and Mark sitting to my other side. Temmy and Rachael got into personal conversation that totally sidelines me. I got the message and look towards Mark’s side who was so focused on the dancing group on stage. I got no option so I started watching them too.

The show got more interesting as the comedians took turns to ignite laughter in us until this boring singer took to the stage. I hate it when artist are miming on stage which is why I don’t go for shows of the so call stars in the country. I love originality. Since it’s your song, at least let the D.J. play the instrumentals for you and then sing to it if live band is not available instead of jumping up and down the stage like a hungry vampire mosquito without making sense.

I endured the first singer and was more than happy to see him wave off the stage only for another singer to enter with his own mimicking. This one was even worse as the played song in itself is whack. I couldn’t contain my frustration any longer so I decided to step outside maybe I’ll get some snacks and soft drink to step down.

Outside the hall was another worrisome site with some of the so call big boys and their olosho babes drinking and smoking heavily while they dance to music coming from one of the parked cars. I decided to go towards the back of the hall, to the circle where MKO status was mounted. That decision results to be a nice idea as the place was immune to the heavy sound coming in and out the hall. I couldn’t found any hawkers around so I sat on the circle platform enjoying the cool breeze aided by dongoyaro and cashew trees on the convocation ground. I brought out my phone to check for notifications on facebook and then to nairaland to laugh out at funny comments that is never lacking on each post made on the forum. Facebook was still loading when I notice an unusual sound coming from my back. Facing the direction of the sound and alas! *I wasn’t alone in the circle.*

... *to be continued*


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 10:39pm On Jul 18, 2016
letz go ooo

Wao! Your network is damn fast. I'll love to have a taste.

Please don't forget to comment, encourage and criticize. Help me tag series lovers you know. Thanks

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by hayurmidey(m): 4:12am On Jul 19, 2016
Oya come ooo... ClassCaptain , shollarey ( m), Twaci ( f ), LarrySun ( m ), Royver ( m ), TiffanyJ( f), candy ( f), AudreyTimms( f ), kizzykeziah ( f ), Divepen1 ( m), Ishilove, flow1759 , CharlesNneji1 , Mynd44 , PastorAji ( m), lalasticlala ( m ), farano( f), philfearon( m), OlufemiAbbey( m ), davidflo ( m), Awho( m ), kinwayne ( m), snakie86 , Therock5555( m ), Coolval222 ( m), Rapzino( m), tosyne2much ( m), Fatalveli( m), Hameenat94 ( f ), Cleffwizzy ( m ), sylviasilifah ( f), chibwike( m ), PrinceAdepoju ( m ), Harbosede02 ( f ), Fynestboi , Tallesty1 ( m), Lindajohn( f), naijaboiy , handie ( m), Flakkydagirl , D9ty7 ( m ), LogoDWhiz ( m ), KingzPen( m), MaziOmenuko , onihaxy , kayemjay ( m), TemitopeDaniel( m) Boss[es] your critics and corrections are needed..
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by hayurmidey(m): 4:19am On Jul 19, 2016
You are invited: spending BlissB pjewelSilva


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 4:59pm On Jul 19, 2016

She wore a long gown of cream colour with a Ghana weaving look hairstyle. She buried her head in her palms sobbing so loud now I can hear her vividly. I was a little scared and decided to make a run for my life thinking she might be one of those “egbere” (crying ghost) I’ve heard about. But on a second thought she wasn’t carrying any mat, I heard “egbere” do carry mat around. I approached her and said “Hello” to which she answered by waiving her hand giving me a sign to leave. I watched her closely and discovered she has blood stains on her cloth. “Oh my God, you are bleeding!” I shouted. She lift her head with a sorry face full of tears and said softly “please leave”. I wanted to leave at her request but something wouldn’t allow me so I thought of a way I could help and sighted my black cardigan hanging on the circle pavement where I was sitting earlier. I took the cardigan and handed it over to her.

Me: Tie this round your waist. It should cover the stained area

Lady: thanks

Me: You can go home now. Hope your side isn’t far from here.

Lady: Under G

Me: That’s close and it’s not too late. Do take care of yourself. (I start to leave)

Lady: Please can you see me off a while? My hostel is close to the school gate.

Me: (Na so e dey start o) Alright, gate it is.

Lady: thank you.

She stood up, tie the cardigan on her waist using the sleeves as the rope with the body covering the stained part of her gown. It was then I could see her very well. Damn! She’s more beautiful than I thought. She’s of average height, her face creating a south-pole magnetic field each time she smiles. Smile look so good on her with her face radiating the white street lights along the road towards the senate building. The first five minutes of the walk was in total silence except for the sound her shoe was making on the tarred road. She kept a straight face not looking at my side keep smiling periodically. I guessed she was expecting me to start the conversation but that happens to be my area of weakness. I looked at her face and she smile again to which I tried to start a conversation from there.

Me: Why are you smiling?

Lady: (she laughs) do you prefer my sad face?

Me: Why would I? I so much prefer the smile, it looks so good on you.

Lady: I’m kidding anyway. Thanks for the compliment. (a brief silence ensued after that)

Me: So you came to the show alone?

Lady: No (shaking her head)

Me: What about others?

Lady: You’ll have seen them outside the hall.

Me: You mean those ladies dancing, drinking and smo…

Lady; Yeah, Yeah (she cuts in)

Me: Oh

Lady: And what were you doing outside the hall?

Me: The show was getting boring and I wanted to get some snacks and maybe soft drinks too.

Lady: And how did that end?

Me: I think we both know

We both laugh and she kept laughing to every words I spoke afterwards. I thought of asking for her number but quickly disregard the thought as I don’t want to spoil the ecstatic atmosphere we currently share. We got to the school gate and I was about saying my good bye when my phone rings. I checked and it’s Temmy and that was when I realized how long I’ve been outside the hall. Still thinking if I should pick or not when she broke the silence.

Lady: I’m Funmilola, 500level Biochemistry.

Me: Oh sorry, I should have asked. I’m Williams, 500level Mechanical Engineering. Nice meeting you.

Funmi: Can I use your phone please?

Me: (What for?) Of course you can.

I handed over the phone to her to which she pressed for a while and then her phone rings and went off almost immediately. She handed my phone back to me said “see you later” leaving immediately. I tried to check what she did on my phone when Temmy’s call entered again.

Me: Hello Temmy, I’m almost there

Temmy: Where are you?

Me: Around Senate building.

Temmy: Don’t bother going back to 750 LT. I’m waiting in front of the Faculty of Science building.

Me: Alright. (How did he end up there? That reminds me, he needs to tell me about Rachael, are they for real or I’m just hallucinating)

I changed my course and went through Skye Bank building towards Faculty of Science and in no time I could sight Temmy leaning on the pillar in front of the building pressing his phone, all alone.

Temmy: Why are you in the senate?

Me: I saw a friend off

Temmy: Really, who is she?

Me: Cho! Must it be she?

Temmy: Bro leave that side, I’m sure it’s she

Me: You are right though, but where is Rachael?

Temmy: She has left

Me: On her own, why?

Temmy: We went to her place together. She said she wasn’t feeling comfortable with the show any longer, so I had to take her home.

Me: Okay, so what’s up with her?

Temmy: Well I think you can guess

Me: You are guys are now dating?

Temmy: On point!

Me: I thought as much. Why didn’t you tell me since?

Temmy: Cool down bro, she just consent this evening

Me: That sound rather officially, she has always got something for you bro.

Temmy: You think?

Me: I know bro; Congrats!
Temmy: **laughed** Like I won something

Me: Bro you won something big. She’s a great lady.

Temmy: **smiles** I know. So tell me about your friend.

I narrated the story of how I met her and what transpired till he called.

Temmy: And what’s her name?

Me: **squeezing face** Oh boy! I’ve forgotten like seriously

Temmy: Are you for real? Hope you have her number?

Me: Seriously you caused it o

Temmy: How?

Me: You were the one calling me now

Temmy: Look at you! So now you lose a babe and your cardigan, probably forever.

Me: I’ll get another one jor.

In the real deal, that cardigan is the only one I’ve got and I know I’m going to suffer for it. Even if I’m buying another one it won’t be like that my magical cardigan, because the style is already old. But why can’t I remember her name? I seriously need to overcome this habit of forgetting names, especially that of ladies. I think it starts with “F”, is it Folake, Funsho or … Damn! I can’t remember.

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 5:03pm On Jul 19, 2016

We reached our hostel and season two of the afternoon hunger started. Only this time, we are both hungry. I checked time and it’s around 9pm. We both thought of what to do but the fact there is no light anymore discouraged us knowing well we’ve not set up our stove since arriving back to school, owing to the fact the power supply has been somewhat stable especially when needed. Temmy’s phone rang and it was Rachael, I guess she’s calling to confirm we are home or to say good night to his man. They talk for a while and I overheard Temmy describing our hunger situation. He came off the phone said “she’s asking us to come over”. The worms or whatever it is that make those soprano sound in my belly jumped for joy in anticipation as they heard that. Their not-so-melodious music immediately increased coming at more regular frequency.

Me: that sounds great and comforting but it’s late.

Temmy: (checked for time) 15min after 9 is not too late bro.

Me: I thought their hostel is girls only

Temmy: No, it’s mixed. (as we were still discussing that, the light came up)

Me: Oh! Thank God. Let’s settle for noodles.

Temmy: Seriously? You want me to start cooking noodles when I’ve got real food waiting?

He pulled me aside, locked back the door and pushed me towards the front door. We went to Rachael’s hostel, even though I’m not too in support of the idea but the hunger firing me overpowered my resolve. We got to her hostel and were greeted with a fantastic aroma coming from her room. We knocked and entered at her response and were given a warm welcome by the ladies. That was when I know she got roommate and of course that’s the first time I’m entering that room and hostel as a whole. The hostel is much more “tight” than ours with the self-contained room having enough bed space, kitchen and bathroom combined with toilet. Before we know what’s going on we were served with a glossy looking white rice accompanied by a bright looking tomato-pepper stew definitely grounded with hand grater and finished with God knows type of vegetable oil. The stew was also carrying some “ponmo” pieced into many parts to support the locust beans (iru) which already flooded the stew consisting of two aggressively cut beef meat. At that point I said to myself “Temmy was right, there is no way we would have cook this tonight”. Rachael sat in front of Temmy while they gist and eat from the same plate leaving me alone with Janet (Rachael’s roommate) sitting by my left side.

Since Temmy and Rachael has alienated themselves from us speaking so quietly, Janet and I started our own conversation. We got so engrossed chatting that I don’t know when I conquered my meal. We flow so easily, she being the first lady I’ve met that know so much about sport, football especially. We talked sport, politics, and cars, ended it on trending fashion in school. She packed our plates and I checked the time to which it was 10:57PM. I’ve never being this late outside, in ladies room for that matter, except on Champions league nights where we argue soccer till we are tired. I looked towards Temmy and Rachael direction and discovered they are still engrossed with their conversation. I had to call Temmy out. “Bro it’s 11 o, let’s start moving.” He reluctantly stood up with Rachael carrying unsatisfied face which I ignored and move towards the door saying my goodbye to Janet while waiving to her. We left the room and the ladies saw us off up to their hostel gate and I was surprised Janet gave me a good night hug.

We got back to our room and Temmy put the westlife mp3 on. That’s our typical way of sleeping. Westlife and other blues has been of help whenever we needed a sound sleep. Lying on the bed with head facing the wall and the two scenarios that occurred earlier simultaneously played right on my mind. Only this evening I’ve met two wonderful ladies, “prospective girlfriend” I thought. After thinking so much, hallucinating on what it might be with both ladies, I remembered Sandra. Oh Sandra! She was my long term crush who led me on with so call green lights on many occasions, only for me to discovered a day prior to the day I would have asked her out that she’s not only in a relationship but perfectly engaged for marriage. I was so disappointed I felt I broke my heart. The moment I remember this story, I concluded both ladies are probably the same and I slept on that.

A month and some days into the semester and the lectures are already rigorous. I’ve always thought 500level would be easier than other levels owing to the fact there are lesser courses. How wrong I was as the courses are not only voluminous but consume a lot of money too. I have my project topic now and I’m expected by my supervisor to submit the introductory chapter today. Gosh! This is more serious than technical reports we’ve been writing since 200level SWEP days. After many search both on and offline, I was able to come up with a two foolscap sheet page for introduction. I am lucky my supervisor allows handwritten works and that save me a lot of money I would have spent typing and printing.

With the door widely opened, I let myself in to the fairly ventilated office with air condition fully on, which made me wonder why the door was widely open. I saluted my supervisor who refused to respond but instead increased his concentration on whatever he’s viewing on his laptop with his right hand periodically clicking on the USB connected mouse. He continued like that for almost 20min without raising his head towards my sorry self who has remained standing. Some minutes after, he had a faint smile and look towards my side. “Yes, what do you want?” he asked with an indifferent face. “I’m here to submit my chapter one sir”, I replied, handling him the foolscap sheet. He glanced through it so quick, picked up is pen and started underlining and circling words. Before I knew what was going on, the whole page has turned red. By this time, my heart was beating faster than hard rock music. Handling over the write up back to me he retorted “correct those circled words and restructure the underlined sentences. Make sure you submit back to me latest 9AM tomorrow. Anything after that, you are on your own”. “I understand sir” I replied. I took the sheet from him and left the room. Then I remembered 9AM tomorrow he says, I checked my phone and it’s after 4 already. Oh my! This man can’t even give me till next week. I was still in thought on how to quickly make the necessary corrections to meet the 9am deadline tomorrow when my phone rang and expectedly it’s Janet.


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Ever since we went to their room, we’ve gotten so close she call me every now and then, especially in the evening for dinner, and to be sincere she’s a good cook.

Me: Hello Jane, What’s up?

Janet: Hi chocolate, where are you?

Me: (I don’t know why she calls me by that. Is she planning on eating me up?) I’m still in school, going down to my hostel.

Janet: will you come around evening?

Me: It’s evening already

Janet: (she changed her voice to one that is hard to resist) Will you be coming now then?

Me: Jane I have a project to submit before 9am tomorrow

Janet: But tomorrow is public holiday

Me: And which holiday is that?

Janet: Prophet’s birthday I heard, so don’t bother about tomorrow, your supervisor won’t be there.

Me: Alright I’ll come with Temmy later in the evening.

Janet: No! Besides Rachael and Temmy are going somewhere I don’t know till late night.

(So we’ll be all alone? Now this look like a dangerously set trap covered with attractive flowers. But what’s dangerous there, we are not dating, we are just friends now)

Janet: Hello are you still there?

Me: Yeah, I’ll come later in the evening.

Janet: Good, I’ll be expecting you. Don’t eat yet, I’ll make you something worthwhile **the line went off**

Since I’ll be going to her side, I decided to correct the chapter one before going because I don’t know when I’ll leave there. I changed my direction and moved towards ICT center so I can get s strong WIFI. Sitting under a cashew tree behind the old ICT building on a broken bench having the tree’s branch as its other pivot, I had a successful time as I have little or no distraction with fast internet network. I was able to come up with a satisfactory write up before the weather got totally darkened. Since it was already late I headed straight to Janet’s hostel. As expected, she has prepared a wonder meal and immediately set the semo for me, with her sitting right in front.

Me: Are you not eating?

Janet: Only if you want me to

Me: Why not, let’s eat together.

“Yes, I just said that, we are going eat together in the same plate. Maybe I should just let out how I feel towards her this evening, a perfect opportunity to? We shall see.” I brought out the Five-A-Live juice I bought while coming down. We ate together sipping the juice occasionally and it looks more like a date.

We chatted through the meal and started watching a seasonal Korean movie on her Laptop, though we barely watch the said movie as we were more engrossed with our conversation. Her head find its place on my laps with her lying down and myself sitting on the mattress resting my back against the wall. She was playing with my right hand finger nails while my left hand keep dressing and redressing her fixed hair, sometimes I’ll touch her pimples back and forth. At this point my body has already graduated to the third heaven with my hard jeans trouser preventing from noticing the awoken “brother of mine”. I noticed her unease movement on the mattress rubbing my hand more and more, breathing heavily with my left hand moving towards her body trying to raise her body up towards mine. In no time she’s already in my arms rubbing my body, hugging me so tight and passionately drawing her head towards mine, and of course our mouth is in each other kissing deeply. The next thing is to UnCloth each other and she has already started to unbuttoned my shirt when my phone rang. I responded to check who was calling and discovered it was Temmy, I picked it but the voice I was hearing was not of Temmy.

Me: Hello, Who is this?

Person: The owner of this phone was involved in an accident and I’m calling you as the last dialed number. Please come to general hospital, they are at the emergency ward.

Me: Oh my God! Thank you, I’ll be right there.

By this time we had already separated and everything high has gone down.

Me: Where did you say Rachael and Temmy went to?

Janet: I really don’t know

Me: They had accident and are presently at the general hospital. I’ll be going there now.

Janet: We’ll go together.

She changed her cloth while I wait for her outside. We board a bike straight to general hospital but paused a bit at my hostel to drop my bad. We entered the hospital premises and headed straight to the emergency section. As we were about to enter the emergency ward, a nurse called from the right side.

Nurse: Are you his friend?

Me: Yes

Nurse: The doctor wanted to see you. (She directed us to the doctor’s office)

Doctor: Please sit down, and please excuse us for a while (pointing to Janet).

Janet: (Shivering) where is my friend?

She was ushered out by the nurse that brought us into the office before she could get any answer. The doctor then sits in his chair directly facing me.

Doctor: How close are you to him?

Me: We’ve been friends since we were six or seven; we are from the same place. (By this time my heart has started pounding faster than the piston of a running ignition combustion engine)

Doctor: Well you are a man and you should understand things better. Things happen you know and it’s usually a reason.

I was about to explode when the doctor said “your friend is gone”. I felt my heart beat drop momentarily and did not hear anything he said afterwards as so many scenarios of Temmy’s image flooded my brain. I was brought back by Janet’s loud cry. She probably overheard the doctor.

Janet: What’s wrong with Temmy? And where is my friend?

I couldn’t utter a word, I just stood up and hug her, crying loud enough now as her tears already soaked my shirt.

Doctor: Will you like to see your friend now?

At this point, I was struggling to hold myself not to burst out crying. I wasn’t sure if I should follow the doctor to see my home boy’s corpse or not but Janet’s presence gave me some courage. We followed the doctor who moved towards the anatomy lab of the hospital. “I can’t believe my own guy is lying down in there lifeless. Damn, Temmy cannot die; we’ve got a lot to achieve together. I’m going best my guy on his wedding day. Damn!” Getting to the lab’s door, Janet was asked to wait outside while followed doctor inside. Seeing so many cadavers though covered, I couldn’t feel myself again and I can’t explain how I’m even moving. “Over here” said the doctor, pointing to a fresh cadaver. The moment I got by the side of the lifeless being, all my fear and shivering disappeared and I got a sudden courage from nowhere.

Doctor: Remove the covering and confirm

Me: Please do it yourself sir.

He removed the covering without hesitation as if he was only trying to see what my reaction would be by asking me to uncover the cadaver, all this while my eyes were closed.


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nice story there......pls check your grammar and spelling very well... it was a nice write up

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nice story there......pls check your grammar and spelling very well... it was a nice write up

Thanks bro. Noted
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 11:26am On Jul 21, 2016

Opening my eye, I can see the person’s head shining, reflecting the white bulb in the anatomy lab. Temmy had old school hair style just like me, where the hell did his hair go. I checked the face properly and discovered it’s not my home boy.

Me: this is not Temmy, he has old school.

Doctor: This is not your friend?

Me: positive, he left home this morning wearing a native dress, green colour Ankara to be precise.

Doctor: Your own friend has old school and he’s wearing Ankara? (He asked with a confused face)

Me: Yeah, he’s supposed to be with a lady.

Doctor: Oh! Your friend is alive, only sustained a minor injury on one of his legs and the lady is perfectly fine. Go and check the emergency ward, he’s there.

Hearing this made me feel imaginary cold water poured on my body and I don’t know when I screamed “thank you Jesus!” while rushing out of the anatomy lab.

Janet: What’s it?

Me: Temmy and Rachael are fine. They are not here.

Janet: so where are they?

Nurse: You guys can follow me; I’ll take you to them.

Moving towards the emergency ward, I started to reflect on what just happened. I never knew I love Temmy this much. Dude has been my twin brother from another mother since. Come to think of it, there are many destinies lying there unfulfilled. The thought that we are all going to be like that one day made me to think about my life. I’m not even sure of my Christianity, if I die, will I make heaven. And to think I just came from almost committing fornication (done in my heart already) means if I die now, hmm. God should just have mercy. I’m going to have to think my life through again.

Entering the emergency ward, I can see Temmy lying down resting his head on the elevated side of the hospital bed with Rachael sitting by his side.

Me: How were you allowed into the male ward, even if it’s emergency?

Rachael: Oh Will! (She stood up and hugged me)

Me: How are you now?

Rachael: I’m fine dear

Temmy: You no go release my babe from that hug? (We all laughed as we separated and Rachael meets with Janet and they hugged)

Me: Thank Your God you are not dead. We were told you are dead. Menh I would have kill you. (we all laughed again). How are you bro?

Temmy: I’m fine (he stood up from lying position to sit down) The nurse said I;m good to go but will need the doctors clearance.

Me: What about the bills?

Temmy: That’s true, let’s ask the nurse. Excuse me (waiving at the passing nurse). Thanks for the other time.

Nurse 2: You are welcome

Temmy: Please how do I get our bill and where to pay?

Nurse 2: That’s being taken care of

Temmy: By who?

Nurse 2: The lady that hit you guys

Temmy: But the driver is a guy and he seems to be alone in the car. I remember that at least before I passed out.

Rachael: You are right, it was a guy. But I saw him arguing with a lady over there the other time.

Nurse 2: The lady owns the car, I think the guy borrowed it. She asked me to call her when you are discharged.

Temmy: can you give me her number?

Nurse 2: Yes I can. But you guys (pointing to Janet and I) needs to leave now. You can’t be here at this hour of the day.

Doctor: (Speaking from the nurse’s back) They all can leave. Doctor is around so I’ll take my leave too. (Facing us) You guys should wait for me outside, I’ll take you to your hostel.

The nurse then dial the lady’s number and they spoke a little while before handling the phone to Temmy, who spoke for some minutes.

Temmy: She said she’ll come to our hostel tomorrow.

We all left the hospital with the doctor taking us directly to our hostel, the four of us in our small room. We chatted through the night as Racheal and Temmy narrates their ordeal as the accident is concern. They all slept on our four and a half inches bed while I used the opportunity to check and recheck my introductory chapter. After re-writing for the third time, I decided not to check again as I’m sure I’ll see another error. Confirming the next day as a public holiday, I wish this man did not asked me to submit, I would have sleep and wake up so late.

Lying on the rug using my hunch bag as pillow trying to get some sleep, and the pictures of what transpired between Janet and I replayed. “I’m I in love with her? It’s obvious she likes me and I felt I’m already reciprocating. I’ll ask her out the next opportunity I have”. As I was thinking about this, the light was brought and I decided to put on the Westlife mp3. As I was about to lie back down, I heard Janet’s voice.

Janet: You and Westlife

Me: You’ve not been sleeping or I woke you up with the sound?

Janet: No, I’ve been watching you since.

Me: Hmm, you can sleep now as I am about to sleep too.

Janet: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, that’s the work of the Westlife I put on.

Janet: Hmm, can I come and join you on the rug?

Me: Believe me I’m only managing here. Enjoy your sleep, good night.

Janet: I’m coming regardless.

She left where she was sleeping carrying the pillow and lie right beside me, facing the ceiling just like I did. She turned and stretched my left arm, placing her head on my chest. I seriously hope she wasn’t planning to sleep this way because I can’t sleep facing the ceiling, though I love the fact she’s in my arms.

Me: Jane

Janet: Yes?

Me: About what happened earlier, I'll love to . . .

Janet: We’ll talk about it tomorrow. I just want be like this tonight.


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 11:30am On Jul 21, 2016

I kept mute and decided to think of something else to distract myself from the reality around me with no success at that. I pulled her closer, kissed her on the fore head and said “Good night”.

I woke up to a sweet aroma coming from our kitchen. Janet wasn’t in my arm any longer, Temmy is still sleeping and Rachael is no more on the mattress. I also discovered I was covered with the cover cloth. It was 6:30 AM and I stood up to see what’s going on in the kitchen only to discover it was only Janet.

Me: Good morning Jane

Janet: Will! How was your night?

Me: Great, and yours?

Janet: Fantastic!

Me: Hmm, where is Rachael?

Janet: She’s using the toilet

Me: I see. I’m enjoying this aroma

Janet: Don’t worry, it’s for breakfast

Me: I can’t wait

We both laughed as Rachael comes out of the toilet, which also combine as bathroom.

Me: Rachael good morning, how is your body now?

Rachael: I’m fine, except the pain I’m feeling on my right leg which I did not feel yesterday.

Me: Sorry dear, by the time you eat and take your drug it will be down.

Rachael: Thanks. Temmy is still sleeping.

Me: He only sleeps like that when he’s extremely tired or ill.

Janet: Will, what’s your plan for today?

Me: Well I have a paper to submit, nothing more.

Janet: When will you be submitting?

I was about to answer when my phone rang. Checked and it was an unfamiliar number. I picked the call and caller started dishing out commands without introduction.

Me: Hello

Caller: Hello, I want you to meet me by 7am at my office and I hope you have some money with you because we are going down to Akure this morning to get some of the materials you’ll be needing for your project. Hello are you listening?

Me: Yes sir, I. . .

Caller: Good, I’m already on my way to the school, if you miss the 7am time, you’ll meet me in Akure by yourself or you don’t graduate. (He terminated the call)

Me: How on earth did this man get my number?

Janet: What’s wrong?

Me: My supervisor just called, we are good to Akure by 7

Janet: 7! Meaning you has 15min left. Your lecturer is crazy o.

I rushed down into the bathroom, took my bath as if I did not, brushing my teeth simultaneously. Dressed up almost immediately and ready to move.

Rachael: eat something before leaving now.

Janet: Yes, no matter how small.

Temmy: Boy where to?

Rachael: Akure, his supervisor just called him

Temmy: Oh! That madman, let him go on time, the man can do and undo.

Me: Boss, how’s your body now? Please take your drugs, I’ll call when we get there. Rachael, Janet, you guys should take care. See you later.

I hurried out of the room walking so fast as if I’m being chased. I checked the time and it’s 7am already and I still have some miles to cover before I get to his office. I really wish bikes go through school, it would have being easier for me. I got to his office around 5min after 7, sweating profusely, only to meet the door locked. I thought to myself “has the man already left? How did he expect me to be here by 7am around that time he called? Why didn’t he inform me yesterday?” I decided to sit down on the pavement in front of his office not knowing what next to do. “Should I go back home and carry over the course has he had threatened or go to Akure on my own. By the way, where do I know he’s going in Akure and today is public holiday”. While waiting, I was joined by two others whom the man also supervises. He had called them to me him by 7am too. Well, now that we are many, maybe we can take decision together. We all sat there discussing our different encounters concerning chapter one, there I discovered I was the only one to have submitted anything at all. I became their tutor, giving them guide lines on how to go about it. While doing this, the man eventually arrived in his black Toyota corolla. He parked right there on the road signifying to us to come to him.

Supervisor: How long have you guys been here?

Guy: Before 7 sir, I’ve been here since 10min to 7.

Girl: Yes sir, we came together.

Supervisor: And you? (Pointing to me)

Me: I got here around 5min after 7 sir (After saying that, I discovered I might have put either myself or the others in trouble)

Supervisor: So you met them here?

Me: (I know it, trouble has come) they are likely going to be around maybe checking the notice boards when I came.
Supervisor: You are trying to cover up for them right?

Me: Sir, that’s . . .

Supervisor: Anyway, you guys just had your first test with me.

Guy, Girl, Me: Test?

Supervisor: (Laughing) you’ve not being told? I give my marks from tests and not from your write ups. Because I’m sure you’ll write rubbish anyway. You (pointing to me)

Me: Williams Albert, sir

Supervisor: What? That’s your name?

Me: Yes sir, Williams Opeyemi, Albert.

Supervisor: Why bearing English names? Anyway, out of 20 you’ve scored 10 marks.

Me: 10 marks sir?

Supervisor: Yes. Out of the 20 marks, you have -5 marks for coming 5minutes late and -5 marks for trying to cover up for them.

Me: Sir, but . . .

Supervisor: Gbenusoun! (Shut up), you thought I’m just coming? (Pointing to students’ affair building) I could see everything clearly from there. I’ve been here there since the time I called you guy, so you two, your score? Zero out of 20. You better be at alert, you can never tell when your next test will be. Out of three tests (60 marks), you’ve done one. The remaining 40 marks will be from your write up and defence.

He took my write up and correct it there, asked me to re-write it while he put on his system, inserted his modem and started surfing the net. I returned the write-up back to him, he checked and said “good, let’s do your Literature Review together”. While we were doing this, the other guys just stood there looking. Sighting them, he asked them to leave since they’ve nothing to tender. We were there together surfing, copying and pasting on his system. By the time his laptop battery went down, we looked and found a wall socket outside the offices and plugged the system. I wondered why he won’t let us into his office. We were done with my Literature review, typed my introductory chapter and methodology. He made sure all the necessary stuffs were written and then took me in his car to a printing shop where we printed the project. He signed right there and said “go and be preparing for your first defence and enjoy your weekend”, and he drove off. I couldn’t believe what just happened, after all I’ve heard about this man, he seem nice to me, though I don’t think other guys will say the same thing.


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I checked my phone for the time and it’s some minutes after 2pm. I couldn’t believe I’ve stayed that long. As I was about slotting my phone back into my pocket it rang and it was Temmy.

Me: Hello boss

Temmy: Guy how far now, you said you’ll call, where are you?

Me: Long story boss, I’m on my way back home.

Temmy: Safe journey bro, Rachael and Janet ask you to bring something unique from Akure.

Me: O boy, I did noy go to Akure, it’s a long story, I’ll tell you everything when I’m back. I’ll get them something though.

Temmy: Alright bro. I’ll be going to their side anytime soon

Me: No probs, hope my food is still intact.

Temmy: I’m not sure, later bro.

Him saying “not sure” means they’ve probably consume the food. With the way I’m feeling hungry, I decided to do what’s unusual of me. I branched at eatery. I must confess, I don’t have that thing for eatery. This will be my second time of entering or eating in any eatery since I gained admission to the school. The first being when I was trying to impress Sandra. I took her there on my birthday while I was in two hundred level.

I entered the popular eatery close to my lodge and met some extremely dressed ladies occupying more than half of the seats, chatting and making jest of each other, laughing out loud not minding others sited there. I went straight to the attendant to order for fried rice. While ordering for rice, the ladies suddenly stop laughing leaving the whole place silent except for the TV commentary. Just like every other persons in the eatery, I looked towards their direction to see why they stopped, lo and behold they were all staring at me. I withdrew my eye and the attendant

Me: Is something wrong with me?

Attendant: (looked at me and smile) You are okay sir,

Me: So why are they staring at me?

Attendant: You don’t know?

Me: I’m lost

Attendant: You are looking great.

Me: (looked at myself again) thanks, but that shouldn’t be a reason for staring. By the way how on earth is this combination attractive?

Attendant: Looks great on you

Me: Thank you (smiling)

Attendant: Drink?

Me: Bottle water.

Their silence makes more audible the commentary coming from the plasma TV located at a corner. I found my way to the other side of the eatery staring at the football highlights being displayed. In a short while my food was brought and I started to do justice to it. I took my time eating, simply because I was enjoying the football highlights. The football highlights ended and started that of baseball or cricket, I don’t really know the difference and this made me focus on my food. As I was about to finish the meal, an attendant place placed a chill Five-A-Live juice on my tray.

Me: I’m sorry, I did not order for this

Attendant2: One of the ladies asked me to put it for you.

Me: Which one? (I looked to their side only to discover they’ve left)

Attendant2: She has left

Me: I’m sorry I’ll have to return this, I don’t even have the belly I’ll drink all this to. I’m filled up already, thanks to this water.

Attendant2: She already paid for it. You can take it home

This is not good for my ego. I don’t even know who to say thank you to the next time I see them. I stood up and went straight to the attendant to pay. I tendered a One thousand Naira note to her.

Attendant: Your meal has been paid for

Me: (confused now) by who?

Attendant: The same person that bought you the juice

Me: Please can you describe her to me? Do you know her personally?

Attendant: She said she’ll get to you

Me: Really?

Attendant2: Don’t worry bros, she’s the rich one among them, others are mere following.

Attendant: She’s also cool and kindhearted. She’s not a bad girl like her friends.

Me: Hmm, alright thank you. You guys can buy airtime with this then.

I handed over the 1000 note to them to which they were both happy and appreciative. I needed to do that to earn a little of my pride back. I headed home from the eatery, trying to know which of the ladies it could be. I realized I did not look at them long enough, I’m not sure I’ll recognize any of them.

I got to my room and decided to take a nap. I put the fan on while listening to a rock selection with Taylor Swift’s “You belong to me” first on the track list. It was the knock on the door that brought me back to consciousness.

Me: Yes who is it?

Person: It’s me (her voice sounded like that of our next room neighbor Ronke)

Me: (I opened the door and saw her holding a nylon bag) What’s up Ronke, it’s been long I set my eye on you. Will you come in?

Ronke: I’m not coming in jare, my project is really eating up everything about me

Me: Oh, sorry.

Ronke: You are enjoying now, at least you can sleep. I’m only here to pick something

Me: Then use that opportunity to rest

Ronke: You don’t understand, my eye must not leave those rats

Me: It’ll soon be over, don’t worry.

Ronke: Thanks. I saw one of my faculty mate outside our lodge and she asked me to give you this (she handed the bag to me and left immediately)

Me: Thank you Ronke

Ronke: You are welcome

“Now this is getting weirder, who is this one again? And she said “she”. Who do I know in the faculty of medical sciences?” I opened the bag and saw two packages, one cloth-like and the other like a letter, both well wrapped. I decided to open the letter first and it read “please call me if you recognize the cloth. Funmi 080…”.

“Funmi? I don’t think I know any Funmi”. I unwrapped the cloth, lo and behold it was my cardigan. Now it’s making sense, and I could now remember her name was Funmilola. I picked my phone dial the number on the short note and my phone displays “Funmilola”. I terminated the call immediately, “how did her number got saved on my phone?”. I was still thinking how this could be possible when she called back. I ignore the call, picking it would mean I flashed her to call back. While trying to remember the scenario of that day I recollect she took my phone for a while. That must be how she stored the number without my knowledge. I dialed the number again and she picked up.


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 11:40am On Jul 21, 2016

I dialed the number again and she picked up.

Me: Hello Funmi

Funmi: Hello Williams

Me: Long time, How are you doing?

Funmi: I’m fine. I’m sure you are fine too.

Me: How do you mean?

Funmi: I saw you today. But you seem not to recognize me

Me: (Error, I always love to cover up stuffs like that) really, where?

Funmi: Don’t worry. Hope your trip wasn’t stressful.

Me: Trip? I eventually did not go. (But how did she know?)

Funmi: Oh, your room-mate said you went on a trip with your supervisor.

Me: You were in my room?

Funmi: Yes, your room mate got hit by my car yesterday, so I had to visit him.

Me: Wao! So you were the said lady?

Funmi: I wasn’t the one that drive

Me: I know that. Thanks a lot but how did you know that’s my room?

Funmi: I saw your pictures

Me: I see, thanks for the cardigan.

Funmi: No, thanks to you. I never get chance to thank you for that day.

Me: You don’t have to

Funmi: I’ll love to meet you. Can we meet at that eatery tomorrow?

Me: Which eatery?

Funmi: Oh sorry, let’s meet by the shed in front of the library tomorrow

Me: Okay, around what time?

Funmi: Any time you’ll be free

Me: I’m totally free tomorrow but 4pm will be okay.

Funmi: Won’t that be too far?

Me: I’m thinking weather will be cool by that time

Funmi: Let’s make it 3pm ple-a-se?

Me: Okay 3 it is but how did you . . .

Funmi: Thanks. See ya tomorrow

“Cho! She seems happy. Wait! Was she the one that paid for my meal at the eatery? Now it’s making perfect sense. So she has a car, and the rich one among her friends. No wonder she sound so commanding. Well that’s a turn off for me, I’m just gonna see her tomorrow and that’s all. I can’t be in a relationship where the lady is the commander and besides, Janet is there. I’m going to formalize our relationship this evening.”

As i was trying to lie back on the mattress, my phone rang and it’s Janet. “Talk of the devil”

Me: Hello Jane

Janet: Will, where are you?

Me: In my room

Janet: So you are back and did not call me

Me: I’m sorry, I just . . .

Janet: I’m coming over

Me: Oh! What of Temmy and Rachael?

Janet: They are here loving up. I’m coming

Me: Alright.

This sound like a good opportunity to cement our relationship. I turned on the system and open “Games of throne”. While this was playing, the rock selection continued to play underground then i heard a knock on the door. “That can’t be Janet, their place is not that close.”

Me: Yes who is it?

Person: Good afternoon, it’s I, Uche

Me: (Cho! I don’t think I know any Uche, besides I thought Uche is masculine but that voice is surely of a lady) Come in, the door is not locked.

She came in and happen to be the lady I saw earlier today. We shared the same supervisor.

Me: Oh! It’s you, I don’t know you bears Uche

Uche: Which one do you know?

Me: Honestly I never knew your name

Uche: Because you have your own peeps you talk to and never look our side.

Me: Same as you now. I’m even surprised to see you in my room. You guys are the big girls of the class now, small boy like me cannot relate.

Uche: What big girl? It’s your perspective. We see you as a proud person self.

Me: Proud? Far from it. Anyway, why are you here?

Uche: Won’t you offer me something first?

Me: (What is it now?) Oh sorry. (I poured some of the Five-A-Live for her) There you have it.

Uche: (Sips some) Thank you.

Me: So what do you want?

Uche: Chil now, let me finish this drink first. I really love your room set up.

Me: (O o o This babe will surely ruin this evening for me) Oh thanks. You’ll have to talk on time, ‘cos I’m going somewhere.

Uche: Really? I thought you were watching film (pointing to the paused “Games of throne” on the system) Which film is that?

Me: Games of throne

Uche: Oh! I’ve heard of the film. Which part is this? Majid is there right?

Me: (Majid koo Odunlade ni) It’s a British series and that’s season two.

Uche: Nna, I love the babe’s hair (Pointing to “Khalesi”)

Me: Seriously Uche, why are you here?

Uche: Please play the film, let’s watch together.

At this point, I’ve started boiling inside as I’m sure if Janet should meet her here, especially with the way she dressed, she’ll think of something else. I heard a knock on the door and I answered but nobody responded. I decided to check who was there only to found Janet staring at me like i just broke something. She then turned back and started leaving.

Me: Janet! (I grabbed her hand) What’s wrong?

Janet: Nothing

Me: Common you're just here and started leaving without saying anything. What’s the matter?

Janet: You never told me you have a visitor.

Me: Sincerely I never knew she was coming and I don’t know why or what she’s here for

Janet: So why haven’t you chase her out?

Me: I’ve tried to. . . Please coming in

I stylishly draw her along. She only saw the lady’s shoe o and she’s this jealous, menh! We entered the room and Uche was already lying down on the mattress.

Me: Uche, please you need to leave now, I told you I’m going somewhere.

Uche: Why now?

Janet: Uche?

Uche: Janet? What are you doing here? Or is he? (Rolling her eyes towards me)

Janet: Yeah, he is. What are you doing here?

Uche: I needed him to help me with my project write up

Me: Wait, you guys know each other?

Janet: Yes, we used to be room mates.

Me: Oh, really?

Uche: Yeah, when we were in 100level. Please check this write up for me (She took out the write up from her bag)

Me: That can’t be this evening. I told you I’m going somewhere

Uche: Please check it, it won’t take time. Janet help me beg him please.

Janet: Check it for her Will.

Me: (Something tells me it’s not from her heart).

I took the script from her and read through. Honestly, what she wrote was out of it. Highly disjointed paragraphs, but telling her would mean I'll be writing another one for her and i don’t think I’m ready to do that, especially not now. She also refused to present her Aim and Objectives.

Me: Listen Uche, you don’t have Aim and Objective. Try to get that first then restructure your paragraphs. With that, you are good.

Uche: Please, I don’t know what to write as Aim and Objective. Let me write your own since the project topic is similar

Me: (See this one o, I should give you mine so that our supervisor can subtract another mark) You can’t write my own Uche, our materials are different.

Uche: Please now, I’ll change the grammar.

Me: Okay, I’ll help you get yours, but not now. Let’s meet on Monday.

Uche: Monday is too far now, why not tomorrow, by evening?

Me: (They send you to me? You want to spoil tomorrow’s show too) Uche Monday. It’s usually a lecture free day for us anyway.

Uche: I wanted to submit on Monday

Me: Go and do what you can do there, by Monday we’ll look at it together,then you can submit.

Uche: Okay give me your number so I can call you on Monday.

Me: Alright, 08...

Uche: Wait I beg, my phone is not ready.

I gave her my number and she left. Jane had already started watching the movie on the system and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to let out my mind, but how do I start. I really hope this Uche of a girl has not spoil the show already.

Me: I’m sorry about that, I never knew she would show up here.

Janet: No problem, just be careful with her.

Me: Of course I will

Janet: She’s a really bad girl

Me: I know she forms big girl in class, but bad girl how?

Janet: She tried to snatch our then room mate’s boyfriend.

Me: Oh, I see. You seem to enjoy this movie though.

Janet: Yeah, I particularly love this lady’s hair. But her husband is too hefty

Me: What’s with you ladies obsession with khalesi hair. They look good together don’t you think.

Janet: Well, maybe.

Me: That could be us you know

Janet: Hmm, but i don’t have a blond’s hair and you are not hefty

Me: (I hold her hands) You can always fix something like that if you want and I can always enter gym to develop those if it takes that.

Janet: (She paused for a moment) Will

Me: I’m all hears

Janet: (using her hand to rub my cheek) Don’t you think we are good like this?

Me: I don’t get you

Janet: Instead of complicating things, can’t we just be friends. Something more than ordinary friend as we are now

Me: Friend with benefits?

Janet: Something like that.

Me: So you are saying we can’t date

Janet: I did not say that, just that, it can’t be possible, at least not now.

Me: Till when?

Janet: Anything is possible later dear, we are fine now.

Me: But you have not tell me the reason

Janet: I just don’t want us to complicate things.

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by bless2tom(m): 12:20pm On Jul 21, 2016
nice update....reading with rapt attention
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by teewai3(m): 9:14pm On Jul 21, 2016
its a really nice story, the phrasing, the style, the dialogue, everything seems ok to me just d little typos, ... I really love it, more update please!
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Missmossy(f): 9:34pm On Jul 21, 2016
Beautiful story,keep it coming.


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by hayurmidey(m): 12:00pm On Jul 22, 2016
Bro, I too is just learning...
Try to keep the end of each episode, suspense filled.. That would keep us wanting more
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 2:18pm On Jul 22, 2016

At this point I know she’s hiding something but I’m not ready to dig more. Ordinarily I will be happy with her “no complicated” relationship, but I’m not that guy anymore. I wonder why she was jealous of Uche then. Hope she’s not trying to eat her cake and have it? Well, Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve being friend zoned. I started feeling uncomfortable with her and only trying to cover it up. She noticed my unease attitude but I used strolling to cover up. “You know what, lets stroll down the school” I said. We strolled down the school talking and laughing along while she holds my hand sometimes and other times place it across her shoulder. We chatted through the evening following the paths we had planned until it started to get dark. We headed down to her hostel with her hand never letting go of mine and she urged me to enter their hostel to have my dinner. Well that offer sounds so great some hours ago but I’ll pass this time. We met Temmy and Rachael by the gate of their hostel coming out and it seems I’ve lost my friend to Rachael.

Temmy: Where are you guys coming from?

Me: We just. . .

Janet: From a romantic trip (she cuts in)

Rachael: Romantic?

Janet: Yes, anything wrong with that?

Rachael: Don’t tell me you guys are. . . Oh my God, I can’t believe that. Cool!

Temmy: Guy, we’ll talk later right?

Me: Positive. I’ll be at home

Rachael: You are leaving already? Why now?

Me: I got stuffs to sort out

Janet: You didn’t tell me about that

Me: Sorry it escaped my mind, I’m just remembering now. See you guys later.

I left them there at the gate and headed for my room. I replayed the scenario on my head and see Cynthia’s case study happening all over again. “Damn, why do I keep falling in the same pit? Am I that dumb?”. All these were going through my thought when my phone rang, I checked and it’s Uche. I ignore the call but she kept calling until I picked up.

Me: Hello

Uche: Hey, why are you ignoring my call?

Me: You won’t be able to tell me that if I did not pick it. What’s the matter?

Uche: Oh Oh, are we fighting?

Me: why did you said so?

Uche: You are responding as if you never wanted my call

Me: Sorry about that, so why did you call?

Uche: Just want to say thank you for the other time.

Me: You are welcome. See you on Monday.

Uche: Wait now! I’ll also like to tell you some things you don’t know about your girlfriend.

Me: Which girlfriend?

Uche: Don’t worry, till Monday. Or should I come on Sunday?

Me: No, I’ll be busy

Uche: It’s not good now, or you come to my place, I stay alone.

Me: Why would I do that?

Uche: there are some stuffs I want to learn on computer, I just got a new Laptop

Me: Really, congratulations. I can’t come still. Bring it on Monday.

Uche: Okay just get me something while coming on Monday

Me: Uche later!

“What does she meant by what I don’t know about my girlfriend. Well she’s not my girlfriend, whatever it might be is none of my business. Besides I don’t trust this Uche of a lady”

I went home back to my Games of throne till Temmy came back. I narrated my ordeal with my supervisor, Janet an Uche to him, to which we talked and laughed about. He also told me about Funmilola, how nice she was and how she was staring at my pictures. We both went back to the movie and watched till the system’s got low and couldn’t continue because there is no power to charge it. We slept afterwards and tomorrow soon come.

It’s a norm on Saturdays to play or watch street soccer on our mini wembley pitch where we use monkey post as the goal post. I went alone with my kits as Temmy is still recovering from the injuries he sustained from the accident. We played football for almost two hours with four sets playing alternatively depending on who score the golden goal first. If there is no scorer in the range of 15min then penalty is used to separate the winner. Our type of penalty is a back heel target of a monkey post without a goalkeeper. My set sustained the playing time for four straight session before we were eliminated through the penalty. By this time I could hear the discussion going on by the sitting side of the pitch, where guys, some with their babes are only there to make jest of others and argue about professional footballers and teams, or talk politics. As I was about to sit down, one guy just shouted “Will Will, Ekun (Tiger)”. I just smile and ignore him as I am damn tired. Then another guy said “Will you try o, na you make your set last, your accuracy no be here”. Then the first guy shouted “yes o, Will na sharp shooter, as him dey shoot for field na so him dey do for room”. Everybody including myself laughed while another guy said “I used to think Will na pastor o” to which that first guy replied “pas-kini, that guy na maradona”. He stood and raise his two hands and one leg facing me saying “Baba o, owo meji feyan kan, pelese kan, kee pe o baba”. I was too tired to be responding to the guy, I was just laughing as everybody else. Besides defending myself will only make the guys start opening my profiles, either truth, misjudged or created by them. The second set to play scored and we went back to playing field and that made me escape the den of onlooker bully.

We were on the third session when I saw Temmy signaling to me from afar off o come. I left the field asking somebody to replace me.

Me: What’s up?

Temmy: It’s okay now, after 3hours

Me: Cho! Are you serious about that?

Temmy: I want us to go to town together. I need to get a drug, I’m feeling somehow.

Me: How exactly are you feeling?

Temmy: Malaria like, I’ve been feeling head ache since I woke up.

Me: So which drug do we buy now?

Temmy: I don’t even know the name, but those guys will recognize it when they see the doctor’s writing

Me: Then let me go and get it while you rest.

Temmy: No let’s go together

Me: I hope it’s truly malaria or Rachael has impregnated you? (we both laughed as he tried to kick me while I escape)

I took my bath and we both left for town to get the drugs. We bought the drugs and some other stuffs and also branch the market to get tomatoes, pepper, meat, vegetable and other requirements in order for us to make a decent soup. We went back to our lodge only to meet Uche sitting right in front of the hostel.

Uche: Oh, thank God you are here

Me: What’s wrong?

Uche: Please I’ve come with my system, let’s do my project now.

Me: But we agreed to meet on Monday now

Uche: Please I beg you, our supervisor sent me a text message this morning that I must submit unfailingly on Monday (She showed me the text)

Me: (I tried checking the time on my phone then I discovered I wasn’t with it) Temmy, you have my phone?

Temmy: Nope, I think you left it in the room

Uche: No wonder, I’ve called you several times but you weren’t picking

Me: Oh! Please what’s the time?

Temmy: Let’s say 30min after One.

Me: Uche, it means we have just 1hour, by 2:30pm I’m done

Uche: Why now?

Me: I’m going somewhere by 3pm

Uche: With Janet? I’ll beg her

Me: Not with Janet and what’s your business with that self.

I sat with her while we both edit her work. I used some of the materials I already have to re-write some paragraphs I thought were not in tune with the project topic. I also help her with Literature review and by the time we were done it was already 3pm. Meanwhile Rachael had come over to help us with the soup as Temmy wasn’t physically fit to do it and I was tied down with Uche’s project.

I ate some of the meal, dressed up and left for the school library. I got there some minutes to four which was far behind the scheduled time. I met no one at the shed except for some dudes reading at the other side of the shed. I guessed she has come and left so I tried calling her but that lady with a voice like the sound of a pile-mess won’t stop saying “the number you have dialed is switched off”. I asked the guys reading if they had been there before 3 o’clock to which they answered yes but did not see anybody at the shed since they’ve come except for passers-by. I waited for her thinking she might have some disturbances like I had with Uche till around 5pm then I took my leave. I went home disappointed, asking myself the purpose for taking the meeting to heart in the first place. Reading my book as exam approaches should be my priority now not meeting with some fake Cinderella who couldn’t keep to promise. I don’t want to see her again self (well I’m not sure if I mean that last statement).[/b]

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by harlexix(m): 5:11pm On Jul 22, 2016
loving this..... bur still waiting 4 ur next episode
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 9:24pm On Jul 22, 2016

We came some minutes late into the service and the worship session had already begun. Contrary to the ushers direction, we went straight to a place where we can see clearly what the instrumentalist are up to. Temmy and I were also part of the choir but were not in rehearsals on Saturday with obvious reason for Temmy while mine was a dumb reason, which is why I tried as much as possible to avoid any of the choir executives to avoid answering questions on why I wasn’t at the rehearsals.

The worship session was a dull moment for me as the lady leading decided to use all the keys her voice could pick to the obvious emotional and psychological trauma of the keyboardist who shared the mutual frustration with both the lead and base guitarist. The drummer was on his own as he has turned worship songs to masquerade beat, hitting the snare and base drum in sanely incoherent manner while the invited minister was just starring at him with the generating set going off and on. I guess the set wasn’t enjoying them either.

God eventually came to our rescue as the choir coordinator change both the lead singer and the drummer for the praise session sensing the obvious slaughtering of the worship songs by two of his music soldiers. The service went sweet afterwards with the invited minister hammering the Word as if he knows what I exactly needed to hear that moment.

The service came to an end and the first timers were asked to stand while the ushers guided them to the front seats. One notable figure among the first timer was a lady in glittering pink gown. Her sense of dressing obviously shows she’s not of our fellowship with her gold colour neck chain complementing the dangling earring which only add more beauty to her light radiating shinning skin. Her smile which I could only view from the side is enough to break a forty days fast without food or water and still be filled. The way she carried herself going to the front as they sing a welcoming song for them is like that of angel riding on mysterious horse.

At the saying of the grace, I picked my Bible and headed straight for my hostel as Temmy will be having some final year executive meeting. I’ve not taken up to seven steps when I was hijacked by the choir’s female coordinator who contrary to my expectation of her questioning my absence from the rehearsals on Saturday, only asked about my welfare and project. We spoke for a while and as I was about leaving, heard a warm, sweet, angelically melodious and contagious voice over my shoulder “William”. I looked at the direction of the voice and behold it was the first timer lady with the pink dress. Looking more closely, guess who it was;

I’ve known her to be beautiful judging from the last time I saw her, but I never knew her beauty surpasses my imagination. I was already drenched in a pool of emotion sighting her in full smile and noticing her intimidating curvy shape I’ve never noticed before but made visible by the elegance dress. Damn! She’s beautiful.

Funmi: Good afternoon William. Happy Sunday to you.

Me: Happy Sunday Funmi, how are you?

Funmi: I’m fine. I really enjoyed your service

Me: Happy to hear that

Funmi: I’m thinking of changing over to your fellowship

Me: You are highly welcome. But why?

Funmi: I got tired of my church

Me: You got tired of your church? Which church is that?

Funmi: Well, I don’t really have a permanent church. I go wherever I like on Sundays

Me: And why is that? You’ve not found any church you love?

Funmi: (Sighs) alright, the truth is, this is the first time I’ll be attending a church service since I got admission into this school

Me: Wao! Almost five years?

Funmi: More than that, ever since I lost my mum some years ago.

Me: Oh, sorry about that

Funmi: Thanks. I’m here today because of somebody very dear to me. Though he doesn’t know it.

Me: So you have somebody like that here. And who is that? Maybe I know him.

Funmi: You did know him and he knows you. He’s dark, of average height and always wear a contagious smile.

Me: Hmm, you sound like a lady in love.

Funmi: Maybe, and yes he’s my angel.

Me: Wao! (So she already has somebody. I really wish I’m the one she’s talking about). Have you found him?

Funmi: Yes, gladly yes.

Me: So it’s a mere coincidence we meet here then

Funmi: (Smiling) not really. I know this is your church.

Me: How did you?

Funmi: I got a tip from a friend

Me: Which friend, Ronke?

Temmy: (Talking over my shoulder) I am the friend, “eye meji ko hun jasa”

Me: What did you guys planned behind my back?

Temmy: Stay there. I’ll be going to Rachael’s hostel from here,see you guys later. Take care Funmi

Funmi: thank you Temmy

Me: Are you guys acting a script?

Funmi: (Smiling) can we go to your place?

Me: Yeah. Where is your ride?

Funmi: She needs servicing so I left her for my mechanic to pick up

Me: Your mechanic work on Sunday?

Funmi: He decided to do it today

Me: Okay

Funmi: William, I am very sorry about yesterday

Me: What happened yesterday?

Funmi: I’m sorry I couldn’t make it there and my phone was totally down I couldn’t reach you

Me: No problem, I’m not upset

Funmi: Really, is that true?

Me: Yeah, sort of

Funmi: I know you are angry. Temmy told me you were.

Me: Okay, now I’m going to kill that boy

Funmi: I’m the one that asked him now

Me: (Sighs) Truth be told, I was a bit angry, though I got there late myself.

Funmi: I’m really sorry

Me: No problem. By the way, what about your friend you came for?

Funmi: He’s fine

Me: Will you at least tell me his name? Don’t worry I won’t tell him your love for him

Funmi: I’ll tell you his name later. And he’ll find out my love for him by himself.

We left the church and headed for my hostel. We branched at a shop where I bought cold juice and also bought some smoked fish, eggs, onions and fresh tomatoes at the next shop. Clueless of what my plan was, she offered to pay for the items I bought to which I rejected vehemently. We got to my hostel with bunch of hostel guys sitting right in front of the lodge. I tried to find a way to bypass them to avoid their unwanted jokes portraying emotional bully and character assassination. Fortunately for me, they got distracted by a sudden noise coming from the other side of the street to which I took the advantage and zoom past them like an escape deer from the lions den, avoiding Funmi from greeting them.

Entering the room I switched on the fan and she had already made herself comfortable on the mattress before I could offer her to sit as there was no chair in our room. I asked for her favorite type of movie to which she chose American to my relief as I don’t have Nollywood films on the system. I opened the Hollywood folder for her to chose whichever she desire there as I excused myself to the kitchen to prepare a Grade-A noddles she will live to remember.

The noddles was done and I served her and myself in different plates and pour some juice for her asking her to eat.

Me: Can you please pause it and eat now?

Funmi: (Looking at the meal) Wao! This looks great

Me: Believe me, more than the aesthetic value, it taste great.

Funmi: Really?

Me: Try it out

Funmi: (She took some bites) this taste really good for a guy

Me: What do you mean for a guy? I’m sure I am better than most ladies in cooking

Funmi: (laughed) Well you try

Me: (I took some bites) This is indeed grade-A delicious

Funmi: You are praising yourself

Me: yes now, because I’m sure of myself

She took more bites while talk along and suddenly switch our meal

Me: (Laughing) what’s that for?

Funmi: I have feeling yours is more delicious (She took some bites). I said it! It’s more delicious

Me: (I took some bite off her own) Wao! So I’ve been cheating myself all this while

Funmi: what’s that?

Me; Mehn! This is by far more delicious

Funmi: Really, you are cheating me

She changed the it again, took some bites and decided we are eating together.

Funmi: it seems whichever you eat get more delicious, we are so eating each plate together.

That was how we eat, joke, gist and laughed together. After the meal she took the plates to the kitchen and washed them even though I tried to stop her from doing it. We then watched the movie together. She was watching “Diary of a Black woman”. At a point we almost neglect the movie in totality and started a deep conversation.

She told me a lot about herself, how she lost her mother at age 10 and has never been to church since then blaming God for not saving her mother as she was the only one that died in the motor accident while all others involved were saved. Her father has refused to marry since then, though he recently told her he met a woman he’ll love to marry but has not made any move to that regard. Her father made taking care of her a priority over marrying another wife as he was scared, the new wife might maltreat her. I tried talking her into coming to church and forgetting her past, telling her God is unquestionable and He’s the only One we can run to when things go bad or good.

Around 5pm she received a call from her mechanic telling her he’s done with the car, to which she asked him to bring the car down to my hostel as it’s closer to the mechanics’ workshop. The car was brought and I saw her off to the car not after she gave me a warm and emotional embrace I’m likely not going to forget anytime soon.

Some minutes after that, Janet put a call through to me asking me to come for dinner at their side with Temmy’s backing to which I decline saying I’m busy and filled. I was actually trying to avoid Janet and her complicated relationship.[/b]

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 9:39pm On Jul 22, 2016
Sorry for the earlier typos and grammatical blunders. I do edit on phone and you'll agree with me phone is limited in that regard. Thanks
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Dat9jakid(m): 9:43am On Jul 23, 2016
Even though I just want to be a ghost reader, i'm forced to comment on this one as this is an interesting piece and I'm just hungry for more cheesy
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 10:21pm On Jul 23, 2016

The light was taken and I decided to sit in front of the locked shop adjacent to my hostel, so I can witness what’s going on in the street. I was reading one of my favorite books by John C Maxwell when Uche came disturbing again.

Uche: What’s up supervisor

Me: Uche you miss road?

Uche: How do you mean?

Me: I heard you saying supervisor

Uche: that’s you now

Me: Confirmed, you are lost

Uche: Thanks for yesterday

Me: You are welcome. What brought you here?

Uche: We came visiting a friend at that blue hostel. Why are you sitting alone?

Me: I love it that way

Uche: (She checked the book I was reading) I don’t know what you people see in this type of book you read

Me: Which kind do you suggest?

Uche: Who is suggesting book when you can just watch movie or go partying

Me: Thank you. We’ll see on Monday, oh! I mean we’ll see when we see.

Uche; Are you chasing me away? By the way how was your date with Janet yesterday?

Me: I never told you I was going out with Janet, neither did I tell you I was going on a date.

Uche: Anyway, I hope you know she’s just using you

Me: How do you mean?

Uche: Well, for your information, Janet is engaged for marriage though the guy is currently out of the country.

Me: And how did you know that?

Uche: Hello! She was my friend. I’m sure she’ll have told you I snatched her boyfriend

Me: Did you?

Uche: It wasn’t snatching, she was just playing the guy like you

Me: So you snatch the guy

Uche: I only told him the truth, I never told him to love me

Me: Wao! Nice snatching excuse

Uche: I did not snatch him and don’t think I’m trying to snatch you too. Though it might be hard to say no if you come asking

Me: really? Well, I’m not dating Janet, so no snatching in this case.

Uche: So you are saying you like me

Me; You seems to be drunk, please let me enjoy my book

Uche: That’s how you guys normally do, you’ll soon come begging

Me: Accepted, till then bye.

Uche: I’ll like to invite you to my birthday party next week Saturday at my hostel

Me: Happy birthday in advance, but I don’t attend night party

Uche: I did not say night party. It’s 4pm during the day

Me: Okay I’ll think about it

Uche: You’ll come. I’ll make sure of it. Take care (She try to touch my cheek)

I don’t know what she meant by “I’ll make sure of it”, waiting to see how she’ll tie and bundle me down to her party. Maybe she’s planning to use Janet to lure me and if that’s the case, she just entered one chance.

Later in the evening I received a text message from Janet saying “baby I’m missing you. Can you come over please?” but I ignored the message. Funmi also sent a message saying “thank you” for the reception I gave her earlier and I replied her message with “thank you for coming over, I’ll love to see more of you here and around me. Good night.” I put a call through to Temmy but he was not picking up so I decided to go to night class alone. Truth is, I’ve been unease since the time I saw those guys reading by the library shed and that led to my decision to start a full scale reading towards the coming first semester exams.

It was so surprising for me getting to the hall and discovered there are many people already engrossed in serious reading. “So I’ve been watching away my life in Game of Throne camouflage”. The beautiful thing about night class at this period of the semester is that, only the serious minded ones are there to read and not the other type of students who come to night class to eat, drink and meet friends.

I chose a lonely corner with bright white light reflections, less distractions and sit directly behind a lady fully covered in an overall dress. I started reading around 8pm and was so focus dissecting mechanics till around 11pm when the lady sited in front of me knock my table and said “I’m leaving”.

Me: Funmi! (Surprised). So you are the one sited here all this while

Funmi: I saw you when you entered the hall and even thought you were coming to meet me here

Me: Honestly I did not know you were the one. I only chose this place because of the light. Since when have you been coming here?

Funmi: I started last week, exam is closer you know. I’ve been here since 7pm and should have left before 10

Me: So why the extra hour?

Funmi: I was waiting for you

Me: Hmm. Do you come to this hall every evening?

Funmi: Yes for now, till when the hall will started getting rowdy.

Me: why can’t you read in your room? You stay alone right?

Funmi: Yes I stay alone but my room was never free of the girls. They are either watching movie or just there to gist which is why I do excused myself out to study

Me: I get it. It’s late already, I can’t allow you to go home all alone. Give me like 10 to 15min to finish up this part so we can leave together.

Funmi: Alright, give me your phone, let me be checking pictures.

I handed over the phone to her and continue with my mechanics till I met my target for the night. I followed her down to her hostel and got back to my room some minutes to 12 midnight. She called me later to confirm if I’m home and we chatted on Whatsapp till around 2am before we called it quit. Night class became our meeting point as I reschedule my time so I can always get there by 7pm for us to leave by 10 or at most 11pm.

After neglecting numerous texts and calls from Janet and refusing to go to their hostel for 2 or 3 days, she stop asking about me to my delight, as we only see occasionally. Uche did try to use Janet to lure me to her party by also inviting Temmy and Rachael, but I still refused to go. Besides, going to party will mean missing my now usual evening meeting with Funmi on the said day.

On Friday while I was seeing Funmi off, back to her hostel from the night class, she told me she won’t be coming to read the following day.

Me: Why? Are you traveling?

Funmi: No, I’ll be going to a party in the evening and will probably be tired after that.

Me: Oh, you like party that much?

Funmi: I do rock party a lot but I’m trying to reduce it now.

Me: There is no way you can reduce it if you are still keeping those friends of yours.

Funmi: It’s not easy to let go of them

Me: You do bypass them to study at night class

Funmi: That’s different. My social life is built around my friends

Me: But you can bypass this very party

Funmi: The lady has been on my neck over a month concerning the party. I”ll love it if we can go together

Me: Thank you, I’ll pass.

Funmi: what will you be doing at that period?

Me: It’s Saturday, there are numerous things to do

Funmi: Things like?

Me: Choir rehearsal, though I’ve received a message saying it won’t hold tomorrow.

Funmi: So?

Me: New Premiership season has started, I’ll go watch soccer.

Funmi: Who watch football over party?

Me: I do. Football is at the center of my own social life. Outside it, my social life is zero.

Funmi: Anyway, if you change your mind, give me a call. I’ll come pick you.

Me: I don’t see that happening though, but I’ve heard you.

The unimaginable happened on Saturday by 4pm, the time Uche’s party supposed to start. I received a call from my supervisor dishing out instructions in his usual manner without allowing me to make any point.

Me: Hello sir

Supervisor: You this boy, where are you?

Me: Watching football sir

Supervisor: So it’s true you won’t be coming to your colleague’s birthday party?

Me: Sir I’m not . . .

Supervisor: What kind of person are you? I’m currently there and I want you to meet me there immediately or you lose 20marks

Me: Excuse me sir, this does not. . .

Supervisor: I am not arguing with you boy. Just remember your scrotum is in my hand (He terminates the call)[/b]

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Horladapo3(m): 1:33am On Jul 24, 2016
really man,it a wonderful story...kip it up!!!
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by jojothaiv(m): 10:02pm On Jul 24, 2016
Sorry for the earlier typos and grammatical blunders. I do edit on phone and you'll agree with me phone is limited in that regard. Thanks
Fully behind you man....

We all make mistakes....

You have an interesting story by way....

Keep it up man!
Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by jojothaiv(m): 10:16pm On Jul 24, 2016
This Uche of a girl sha, biko wetin she want sef...

Supervisor: i'm not arguing with you boy. Just remember your scrotum is in my hand(he terminates the call)

But mehn those words from your arranged "supervisor" is quite hilarious!

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Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 9:00pm On Jul 25, 2016

I was so angry I nearly smashed my phone on the floor. I am not the party type and I really hate attending one but this man is forcing me to attend. I guess that’s what Uche meant by saying “I’ll make sure of it”. How she manage to get our so called disciplinarian supervisor into this is beyond my reasoning. This will only make me detest her the more, and to make the matter worse, I don’t know her hostel or the party venue. Surprisingly I receive Uche’s text some minutes after, describing the party venue. She wasn’t having the party in her hostel as she earlier told me.

I left the viewing center to my room and changed to a more presentable attire. I wore my gray stripe white fitted shirt on a blue-black jean trouser completing it with my dark brown sweat shoe and sprayed almost half of the perfume bottle on my body just to smell good. I went along with my John C Maxwell book so I can have something doing if I ever get bored there.

Getting to the entrance of the described venue, I started feeling unnecessarily nervous. On a first note, I wasn’t sure if my dressing is okay, and secondly I’ve never being to a party of this type other than the normal common ceremonies like burial, wedding and naming, majority of which I attended by force especially when my mother is involved. I entered the gate and was in the passage through to the hall when I met my supervisor accompanied by Uche and some of my departmental female colleagues coming from the opposite direction.

Supervisor: Good to see you eventually come. I thought you don’t want to graduate.

Me: Good evening sir

Supervisor: (He placed his hand on my shoulder and turned me towards the exit direction he was facing) Sometimes try to enjoy yourself okay, life is not all about book, studying and what have you. Try to have real fun some time okay?

Me: Yes sir, thank you sir.

Supervisor: I’ll be leaving now, our dean is celebrating his marriage anniversary and the program starts by 5pm. You guys should prepare for your defense, you are likely going to have it this coming week.

Uche and the other ladies followed him down to where he parked his car while I headed straight into the party hall. Surprisingly the place is already filled up with almost everybody having fun with their drinks, food and music. I felt my phone vibrating, checked it and discovered it was Temmy calling. I wanted to head back out to pick the call as I’ll not be able to hear anything in the hall due to the very loud music blasting from every corner, but I was held by Janet who took me down to where they were sitting. I was immediately served a plate of fried rice with cold malt courtesy of Janet who made sure I have everything served others before sitting right by my side with Temmy sitting on the other side. Uche also came asking me to come and sit near where she was sitting but I declined before she was dragged off by the MC. The most shocking thing I witnessed there was seeing Funmilola sited with her friends drinking beer directly from it’s bottle.

Me: Temmy is that not Funmi? Or am I mistaken?

Temmy: It’s definitely Funmi. Wait! She’s drinking beer?

Me: I can’t believe what I’m seeing

Temmy: She looks too cool for that mehn

Janet: What’s wrong with taking beer?

Temmy/Me: What?

Rachael: You guys are funny. You talk of beer like it’s poison.

Me: You drink beer also?

Rachael: I used to, but anymore. I can’t buy it with my money though.

Janet: You mean you guys don’t take beer at all?

Rachael: They prefer wine I guess. Taking only juice every time time is not good for your health.

Me: So if they offer you beer here you’ll drink?

Janet: You won’t? This is a party guys not fellowship gathering. What do you do in a party if you don’t drink and dance?

Me: Janet, are you really saying this or my brain is playing trick with me?

Janet: Just watch and see. Funny guy.

All this while, Temmy became extremely dumb, totally shocked by the revelations revealing itself. He has always thought he knows Rachael very well and would have argue this if it wasn’t coming from the horses’ mouth. To make the matter worse, Janet indeed got four beers for us and before we know what’s going on, she has already start drinking. Rachael also opened one for Temmy but wasn’t drinking herself. Temmy’s countenance has already changed, obviously disappointed and brokenhearted. He couldn’t believe Rachael could approve of him drinking beer talk-less of opening it for him to drink publicly.

I was thinking about how we’ll escape the drunkard gathering we found ourselves when the MC took the microphone and announced they are starting a game called “Pass the basket”. According to him, the game will be played by passing around a compact disc while the music is on and whoever has the disc when DJ stop the music will stand up ans face another fellow chosen in the same manner, to undergo some task which will be decided by the MC. Penalty for opting out is N5000, why for not answering a question or doing a task or refusing a task to be done on you is N1000.

Temmy and I decided to leave immediately but Temmy was drawn back to sit by Rachael saying we’ll enjoy the game. We stayed to avoid embarrassment but that decision proved to be a costly one. The game started and the contestant or should I say victims were asked to do nasty things to each other like kissing in front of everybody whether they know each other before or not. Also asking them to touch or grab a sensitive part of the other. The game continued and the disc was dropped on the table exactly in my front while the DJ stop the music in a manner that looks like a total set up. I protested I’m not interested and do not have any money to pay. To make the matter worse, I was going to play with Uche! Who deliberately volunteer without the disc been passed to her as she is the celebrant. This evidently showed it was a set up by her.

I was ushered or simply dragged to the front, standing with Uche where I was able to see Funmi very well. Funmi did stood up and came to me speaking directly into my ear “You said weren’t coming to the party with me, yet you are here with another lady. Why are you trying to make me jealous?” with her mouth smelling alcohol and her manner of speech shows she’s drunk. She left my side and spoke with the MC as he handed the mic over to her announcing she’s handling our session.

Surprised will be an understatement as I witness the angel I’ve always admire turn into a demonic evil. She pick the mic and gave me three tasks; one is to remove three things from Uche that nobody can see from outside; two is to allow her do the same; and three is to kiss her mouth to mouth. From the way she was speaking it’s obvious she’s totally drunk.

Me: Funmi when did you join the drunkard gang? You are a lady for Christ sake.

She busted into laughter as I started leaving the place but was blocked by some hefty guys who ordered me to go back to the stage. My statement about “drunkard gang” obviously infuriate them as it shows they are ready to fight. Temmy had already stood up obviously coming to my aid as I tried to maneuver my way out of the place. “So who are the drunkard gang?” a voice from my back asked. The guy obviously stronger than I am then pushed me backwards and I made a regrettable mistake of pushing him back with so much force he nearly fall over. Before I could escape the place, the other guy hit me with a plank in the head. I felt my my head vibrated in God-knows how many revolutions per second before everything turned upside down and I started going down till everything went totally blank and dark.[/b]


Re: My Final Year Love (MFYL) - First Season Of Perfect Rejection by Babsopey by Babsopey(m): 9:02pm On Jul 25, 2016

Fully behind you man....

We all make mistakes....

You have an interesting story by way....

Keep it up man!

Thanks bro. That means a lot.


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