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Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 8:15pm On Sep 04, 2016

Thank you sir
Re: Nephilim by shigo20(m): 1:49pm On Sep 11, 2016
Oooooooooooo ReuEl12 where u @ nah.I need more of it ooo
Re: Nephilim by jagugu88li(f): 1:59pm On Sep 11, 2016
Oooooooooooo ReuEl12 where u @ nah.I need more of it ooo

Good job! I've been making a U turn here the entire weekend. sad

ReuEl12, the people have spoken. Bring yourself


Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 11:19am On Sep 12, 2016
coming in hot today
Re: Nephilim by MrBnana(m): 11:29am On Sep 12, 2016
coming in hot today
pls do... the weather is even cold
Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 2:53pm On Sep 12, 2016

6 months after the beast's attack, Jason stepped out of the house that morning to see that the town had slowly crept back to normalcy. And although the loss of friends and family during the attack will always be felt by those they left behind, he was glad to see the town slowly return to what it was. The buildings and properties that were destroyed had either been rebuilt or under construction. The wealthy members of the community contributed greatly in the way of resources to enable the quick restoration of the community. There was no mention of the slaughtered community elders but The official story of the attack was that an escaped gorilla from the zoo found its way to town. Once Jason asked Mr Ossai who returned with Elera a week after the attack, why the people were saying that the demon that rampaged through the town was actually a gorilla and Mr Ossai had told him in reply that the human mind is very fragile and closed. human beings believe what they want to believe and not the truth, so to make sense of what was far beyond their understanding capabilities they had to come up with something that will help them maintain a grip on the reality they are comfortable with. Snorting at his answer Jason remembered the little girl he saved that night, she had called him an angel from heaven, she would not believe whatever he had to say to convince her that he was not "I prayed and you appeared with the cross.... " she said "no need to deny it, I won't tell anybody you're an angel" she had promised. Jason and her stayed together for two days before her father came to look for her, he thanked Jason for saving her then left with her.

That morning blurred by for Jason and when afternoon came Nepa light came with it, so he went to his room, switched on his video game and started playing. From his room he heard Mr Ossai talking to his wife on the way up. During the time of the attack she was in her village for the burial of A close relative. When she came back and was told of the attack the real truth of it, for she knew as much as her husband knew, she was beside herself with horror, and her attitude towards Jason changed for the worst. "Nwa ekwensu : child of the devil" became his new name. Jason knew that although normalcy was returning to his community he himself would never be normal again and to prove his point, he summoned a mini thundercloud right inside his room, as the mini stormcloud brewed and mini lightnings began to flash out, he heard a knock on the the door... "come in" he said and Mr Ossai came in then closed the door behind him. "Just got back from the underground carvern" Mr Ossai told him. "find nothing as usual?" Jason asked then continued "Ever since the attack you've been going there in search of answers, but I told you, all the people with answers died in that cavern. I saw how they were being slaughtered with my own eyes by the beast." Jason said . "I didn't go to the people for answers, they are dead and buried" Mr Ossai replied, then explained "today I explored deep into the underground, and I found another room. It Contained different scrolls, most of them are lost spells and powerful rituals, but there was one in particular that contains a detailed record of the town's history, I read it and learned a lot". "A lot of what?" asked Jason. "facts!" Mr Ossai replied "like for example, did you know that my family is the only igbo family that's among the founding families of the community. Or that the beast had attacked the town once before 200 years ago... The old scroll described the event. The demon some how came to our town and started destroying the town. The chief priest's great grand father stopped him with a very powerful spell that required the blood of a Virgin after every seven years to strengthen its potency. So in a bid to ensure the continuation of the Virgin sacrifice to make sure that the demon remains imprisoned for eternity, the chief priest great grand father founded a secret society whose initiates are strictly, leaders of the founding families of the community. And since he knew no family would be eager to serve up their own children for spell reinforcement, he changed the story. Made them believe 'the gods' demanded these girls for their bride in exchange for peace and prosperity. And being the very traditional people they were, they were all too glad to give up their children. They even considered it an honor." Jason paused his video game, looked at him then asked "so you're saying, that for over 200 years, young girls have been killed every seven years" "yes, they threw lots to determine which family gives the girl to avoid confusion" Mr Ossai replied. "you ever took part in the ceremony?" "yes, twice in my life time" "why fight them then, when the lot chose you, you never said anything when it was others that were concerned" "yes I never did and am ashamed of myself for that. But I lost my only son because of them, I wasn't ready to give my only daughter to them." said Mr Ossai "And my father..." Jason faltered, the question had bugged him for the whole of six months, but he never asked it because he was afraid of the answer he might get. He didn't want to destroy the good memories he has of his father, but he had to know he decided "my father, he was police chief of this town for years, does he know of the killings?" he asked, and Mr Ossai wasted no time in replying "your father was an atheist, he never believed in the spiritual, even if he had come upon the case, it would have looked like a random dissaperance to him, the years are too far apart for him to see a pattern. Even if he did, his ignorance to the spiritual side of things, would have Prevented him from seeing the truth to what was really going on around him... You can't find what you're looking for; when you don't know what it is and to add to that, only initiates know of the sacrifices, your family is not a founding family of the community, which means he was not an initiate. So to the best of my knowledge, I don't think he knows anything about anything of that sort." Mr Ossai concluded and Jason was relieved to hear that. That evening at dinner time, Jason rushed down to the kitchen to get his own food. As he reached for it ...his right arm snapped backwards, he screamed out in pain, almost immediately again his second arm snapped too... Twisted towards an abnormal position, he groaned loudly then fell backwards in pain. He Turned toward the kitchen door and to his surprise he saw Elera's mother standing over the entrance holding a voodoo doll with two broken hands. "Nwa ekwensu :child of the devil" she said, "consider this is a warning, I don't care what my husband thinks of you, but if I see you near my daughter again, broken arms would be the least of your fears!" Elera's mother warned Jason then stormed out of the kitchen. That night Jason couldn't sleep, his mind was filled with worrisome thoughts. The family had taken him in when no one would, and before Now Mrs Ossai had been like a mother to him. If he told elera about her mother's warning, it would create a discord between her and Mrs Ossai. And those two had always had the best mother-daughter relationship Jason had ever seen, it would destroy the family. He loved Elera, but he also loved the family in general... He couldn't do that to them. Plus she was right, danger would always follow him, his life would never be the same. It's about time he sought his own way, The best thing he can do for the family, for elera... Was to leave.... he decided.

A knock came on the door "Jason... Are you asleep?" it was elera. Ever since her ordeal, she had been distant, a little off and always on her own, she had not been around all day, Jason had wondered what was going on with her, and now that she's here... He will find out. Immediately Jason heard her voice all thought of leaving fled his mind, he ran straight to the door and opened.

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Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 3:05pm On Sep 12, 2016
"elera, what are you doing here it's 1:36 AM, your parents!" he whispered. "I know," she said "I made sure they were asleep before coming here, I need to talk to you, can I come in?" she asked and Jason ushered her in, the first thing he noticed was the way her bare body was visible through her semi transparent, sleeping gown, his eyes strayed to her breast that was nicely racked on her chest, how the transparent gown loosely tightened around them, he could make out her Areola and protrusions through the gown. As she walked past Jason to sit on his bed Jason drank in the sight of her sexy body and immediately he was aroused but he kept his calm, he went over to her, sat close to her, held her and asked, "what's up" and she spoke up "Jay when I was kidnapped, and was certain that I was gonna die, the first thing that came to my mind was you, and everything left undone and unexplored with you. facing certain death changes ones perspective of life, when I thought I was gonna die my only regret, was taking things slow with you, I love you, and there is no doubt about that, but I thought that I had all I the time in the world to show you. Having survived a near death experience, my view of life has changed, I realize that life is short, every minute a gift, and we should live everyday to its fullest, to always try and find as much happiness as we can everyday" she looked directly into his eyes, Jason thought she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. "I guess what am trying to say is...." she continued then stated "I don't want to take it slow anymore" and kept quiet, when she looked to him like she was done, Jason wanted to say something assuring to her but as he moved his lips to form words; she leaned forward and kissed him passionately, Elera's mother's warning flashed through his mind but Jason pushed it away, the kiss felt too good. She worked her tongue into Jason's mouth and kissed harder. But as Jason was about to loose himself in passion, his head came knocking so he pulled her away for a moment and asked "are you sure about this" "jason I've thought about it for a long time, ever since I came back... So Yes I'm sure", and with that Jason got all the confirmation he needed, he pulled her to himself, and started kissing her again, he pulled off her night clothes, groped her breast and started to handle it, though elera was a Virgin, she knew Jason was not, so she let him lead and they had sex. After a while morning came, when Jason woke up, elera was gone, she had already snuck back into her room. He remained lying on his bed feeling untop of the world, last night he had wanted to leave he thought, though it's really bad... It's still not all bad, so long as Mr and Mrs Ossai don't find out about them, it's going to be alright.

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Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 3:09pm On Sep 12, 2016
At about that Time, somewhere in New York, an intense battle was going down, the bodies of armed men, littered the street, where the battle was taking place, some of the bodies looked grotesquely murdered, some parts were missing, some where blown to bits, body parts and entrails where every where, one was still on fire. But those weren't the only kind of dead bodies that littered the street, there were some really weird ones: like the one that looked like he died from poisoning and has a snake coming out of its mouth, and another was crowded by Cockroaches, the way ants would crowd spilled sugar. And the most wierdest of all, had blood coming out of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears plus his heart was missing, it looked as if something had punched through the body and reaped it out. Somewhere deeper in the ally, repeated gun shots was being fired.

"come out.. Mother Bleep*r!" the shooter yelled, then fired into nothingness again "you wasted my men like they was nothing, but you don't know who you're messing with, you don't know who I am, what I am!" he bragged as he looked about the alley corner where he was; for any sign of the person he was talking to. he looked around again once more and and his eyes caught movement near a statue, he watched in terror as the shadow of the statue started to rise, in fear he opened fire again on the rising shadow but the bullets simply phased through, it rose slowly till it grew to human size then it began to develop into a more definite shape, and soon a man in suits and a brown trench coat was standing a few meters away from him, he had a shoulder length ginger coloured hair and a scar that ran from his eyes down to his jaw. Other than that he looked like a normal man in his late thirties. He took a step forward and the frightened to hell gangster opened fire on him again, but the bullets simply phased through the man, like he was some kind of ghost. When the gangster ran out of bullets, he resorted to a more unconventional means : he stretched his hand out towards an abandoned car and it elongated till it touched the car. The new development gave the approaching man a pause, he murmured 'nephilim' under his breath then continued his advance. The gangster who saw the look of surprise on the man's face, smirked and said "yea tha's righ', I can do some pretty weird sh*t too". "here watch this" he said as he retracted his elongated arm dragging the car along with it, soon as the car was in front of him he picked it up and threw at the approaching man. Who didn't pause or slow down or dodged the incoming projectile, but simply maintained his steady pace as he phased right through it the way he did with the bullets. Then finally he spoke out.. "the people perish, for lack of knowledge... If you knew who I was, you would have answered my question and all this could have been avoided" he said. And the gangster replied "I'm Tommy Lee king of the street, I answer to no one" "everyone answers to someone, but your arrogance blinded you To that truth and now that same arrogance has led you to your certain death" the mysterious man said to him as he made a slight gesture with his hand and the gun along with half his arm was blown away in a green burst of energy making the gangsta scream in pain. "but before you die, I'll ask you one more time", he snapped his hand and an image of somebody appeared, "you've encountered this man before yes?" "yes" the gangster replied "who is he?" "the dude that cured my sister's illness, a prophet of some sort" the gangster said. "yes, that is the prophet Ezekiel, he took something very important from me and I'll stop at nothing to get it back." the mystery man told him. "I know you don't know where he is, the prophet is too smart for that, but no matter, as long as you've encountered him, I can extract the piece of information I need from your mind to help me pin point his location" he said "hold still.... I will only be a moment" He looked at him directly in the eyes and soon he was in his mind, he saw a lot of things there but he went straight for what he was looking for: the memory of the meeting between the prophet and the gangster's sister. As soon as he extracted it from his mind the Mysterious man was out again and surprised the gangster asked "wait a minute, so you weren't after my sister? I didn't know that, if I did, I would have cooperated from the start. I only attacked because I thought you were after her" "oh I did go after her, but her mind was too fragile for my presence, she became catatonic before I got the chance to sweep through her memories, but it's all the same, since I got what I want from you." the mystery man replied him. And on hearing that the gangster fell to his knees in grief "you're saying, that my sister is. ..." vegetable, "Yes." "who are you?" "now you ask...? Don't you think it's a bit too late for introductions? I really shouldn't waste my breathe on a dying man but since things are about to change and a new age is dawning, I think it's time for creatures of the shadows like me to step out! I am Durza... The greatest sorcerer the world has ever known. And I will usher in this new age!" he boasted. "Normally I should let you go to spread the word, but you're a nephilim and I do so hate nephilims... " he turned to a shadowy spot and said "I leave him to you.... Make it hurt" . Immediately he said that another figure from the shadows emerged, a young man about Jason's age he walked over to the gangster and examined him : "he's a nephilim like you" said Durza ".... and he don't talk, but when he does.... You don't wanna be around to hear him" Durza told the gangster. then addressing the young man he said "Vincent, say hi". Vincent started to whistle, and before long the whistling soon became a high pitched hypersonic soundwave, that started resonating off everything, the glasses and window panes in the surroundings shattered, Durza watched the blood in the gangster's veins go to his brains as he screamed out in pain and red vein lines appeared all over his head then began to turn a dark shade of purple and swell, soon blood started to come out of his mouth, nose, eyes and ears. His brain was being liquefied, thick gore of brain matter trailed the blood that came out of all the pathways in his head yet still Vincent did not stop until the gangster's head was literally all black and bloated then finally it burst open like a watermelon that exploded from the inside. "you know" Durza said looking at Vincent "sometimes you scare me." but his companion replied through the telepathic link that Durza established between them for due to his powers he was mute unable to talk. "with all the things I've seen you do, all I know you're capable of, I don't think you're afraid of anything". Durza chuckled then replied "only dead men fear nothing. Now then, where to next" Vincent brought out a black rectanglar device and checked, then said "Some guy in Africa, goes by Orji..... Jason Orji. He was the last person that was reported to have encountered the prophet" "perfect, we must be getting closer to finding him" Durza said then continued "let's pay this Jason a visit"


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Re: Nephilim by jagugu88li(f): 6:35pm On Sep 12, 2016
Will come back and comment. For now, CHAI

shigo20 MrBbana ashatoda lalasticlala bibijay123 pascalville loveslife mynd44 Dominique Temmason RichieBrown come read!

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Re: Nephilim by RichieBrown(m): 10:27am On Sep 13, 2016
Will come back and comment. For now, CHAI

shigo20 MrBbana ashatoda lalasticlala mynd44 Dominique Temmason RichieBrown come read!
hehehehe!!!! ma! ayaf come o

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Re: Nephilim by shigo20(m): 11:02am On Sep 13, 2016
Nice update.tanx for d mention jagugu


Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 4:05pm On Sep 13, 2016
Will come back and comment. For now, CHAI

Lol wink

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Re: Nephilim by Tuhndhay(m): 4:07pm On Sep 13, 2016
Good fiction work Bro, Following the story bumper to bumper
Re: Nephilim by Temmason(m): 11:13pm On Sep 13, 2016
i don show, na my school work hold be before.
Re: Nephilim by valiantheartprod(f): 6:32am On Sep 14, 2016
chai, am now seating at the back seat.
Re: Nephilim by osarenmwienda(f): 6:47am On Sep 14, 2016
Re: Nephilim by mubarak001(m): 7:02am On Sep 14, 2016
Another story...humming under my breath
Re: Nephilim by Officialkenshin(m): 7:13am On Sep 14, 2016
Chapter 2 : AMNESIA

JASON NOOO! Elera screamed as she ran over to him. "Don't touch him" the cafe keeper warned, "look, the lightning storm has stopped and that Implies that what just happened now, was because of him. Touching him and getting yourself involved is not a good idea" he explained. Elera replied him "we can't just stand and do nothing" "we have to, at least until all these weird sparkles of electricity stop coming out of his body. none of us would be any good to him, if we died trying to touch him in his current state" he said as he watched another jolt of electricity, surged out of his body. Eight hours later the surging of electricity stopped and he was rushed to the hospital... On getting there Elera called Jason's family, when they arrived, they asked her what happened and she told them. Twenty-four hours later the doctor came out looking confused. That's not a good news face Elera thought as he approached them. "Doc tell us what's going on, has anything happened to our son?" Jason's parents asked. "I don't know" the doctor replied. "he's waking up, your faces should be the first he sees. if he suffered anything in his brain as an effect of the excess electricity, seeing familiar faces would serve as a reboot for his brain" "OK So, why the confused look on your face" Elera asked him. And the doctor replied "well he's waking up" the doctor said but seeing that they didn't understand the doctor then proceeded to explain, "if I hadn't treated patients who said they were injured during a strange lightning storm attack myself, I would not have believed. Because for someone who was reported to have been actually struck by lightning, he doesn't look the part. He should be charred beyond recognition but instead if at all this is possible, I would say he got more healthy than he was." The doctor said. They got to his bed minutes before he woke up and when he did he asked "where am I?" his mother answered "you are in the hospital, dear. Am glad you're all right". "A hospital... what am I doing in a hospital and...." Jason was saying as his mother walked up to him to sit by his bed side and stretch her hands to hold him. He withdrew from her then completed his sentence.. "Who are you? All of you?" he said and everybody's mouth, including the doctor's dropped wide open. Elera rushed forward and grabbed him .. "Jason it's me, it's me your angel, I was with you earlier today.... Please tell me you remember me" she pleaded with tears rolling down her eyes "I cannot, untop of all this handle you forgetting me." she said. And Jason replied "I'm sorry, I really am but I don't remember any of you" "doctor did any of the other patients struck by lightning show any signs of memory loss?" Jason's father asked. "so far mister Orji, your son is the only patient brought in here today who is reported to have been actually struck by lightning. The patients here sustained their injuries from stampede, falling debris and other common ways you would expect in a situation like that" the doctor replied. "You said you ran test, and his results where clean" Elera in frustration, yelled at the doctor "I did, I ran every test, I can assure you he is clean. As a doctor and a family friend I am telling you that there is nothing medically wrong with your son" the doctor assured "but there is something obviously wrong, the boy doesn't remember his family! I believe that's called amnesia, which means something is wrong with his brain, did you test his brain?" Jason's father asked "this is his CAT scan results on my computer.. . It shows nothing, no sign of any abnormality in his brain activity" the doctor said calmly, as he showed them his computer. Then something crossed his mind, he turned to Elera and asked "tell us again Dear.... What exactly happened, don't leave any detail out". Elera reluctantly told them everything from when she called till when they got to the hospital, Jason listened too... It hurt him to see all this people hurting, because he couldn't remember them. When she finished the doctor asked "so the storm stopped exactly after he was struck?" "yes" Elera confirmed.

The doctor took a deep breathe then addressed Jason's parents "Mr and Mrs Orji" he said then continued "as a medical practitioner I swore an oath to save lives to the best of my ability, however way I can. And sometimes that involves going out of my comfort zone to do it, I know you're not religious people so it will be difficult to explain but I have to, for Jason's sake. last year, my daughter broke her spinal cord in a fatal auto accident, I myself diagnosed that she would never walk again, last week she won the award for the best female athlete in her school." "how is that possible" , Elera asked "good, question" the doctor replied, then continued "a month after her accident we were at a mall shopping, when we met this man... Ezekiel he called himself ; he knelt down and grabbed my daughter's hand and to my utter Amazement, my daughter stood up right before my eyes... I told him to name his price for what he did for my daughter but he said to me 'I am a prophet and freely I was given, so freely I will give in return... Even if I wasn't giving freely, for this little princess I would make an exception' I collected his contact and I invited him for dinner with my family And that evening Ezekiel opened my eyes to a whole new world, where the spiritual which is superior to the physical is as real as any of us standing in this room. He told me that something has happened that will make the world a whole lot stranger than it is, that he was here to help, and that if I come across anything that is beyond what I can handle, I should reach out to him. I think your son's problem is spiritual and with your permission I'll ask him to come and help." the doctor concluded. Jason's father thought about it for a moment then said "I don't trust this ezekiel character, but I trust you with my son's life doctor, please do whatever it takes." so the doctor contacted Ezekiel the prophet and They all left the room to let Jason rest before the prophet arrived. As Jason was about to close his eyes to sleep, he saw a hooded figure emerge slowly from the ground, till all of his body was visible. Jason sat up, In fear stuttered as he asked "Who are you?" the figure replied "you know, you've been asking that question alot today... I am the reason you don't remember your family and I have come to warn you, about their plan." Jason's heart pounded in rage... "why would you take away my memory, do you know what you have done!" Jason asked him "trust me boy" the figure said as he pulled back his Hood to reveal his face... He was an old white man with an unnaturally blue eyes "it's for your own good, what you're meant to do will be made a whole lot easier without your past holding you back" he said. And Jason replied "this past you speak of, are my family". The figure pressured "then if not for your good; think of their own good, their safety.... If you love them... Or think you do, you will not go through with their plan to restore your memory, because if you do, I will kill every one of them slowly and painfully. Consider your choice carefully : get back your memories and lose your family or stay as you are and ensure their safety. Decide quickly, the prophet arrives soon, your time is short." the figure warned as He melted back into the ground and Jason woke up. He had been dreaming, he exhaled as beads of sweat rolled down his face, he lied back down and thought of what had just happened.

To be cont'd.

Can I make a comic using your storyline?

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Re: Nephilim by izzieE(f): 7:45am On Sep 14, 2016
One word :WOW shocked cool
#Following cheesy

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Re: Nephilim by izzieE(f): 7:48am On Sep 14, 2016

Can I make a comic using your storyline?
@ReuEl12, your story is Screen WORTHY wink


Re: Nephilim by Nobody: 7:49am On Sep 14, 2016
What is this rubbish?
Re: Nephilim by ensamy(m): 9:29am On Sep 14, 2016
Good write up. But the Nephillim were not destroyed by the flood. They transformed to other beings because they could live in air, sea and land. After the flood they reappeared that's those giants of the sons of Anak, the emims, the zumzumims as mentioned in the bible since they were all men of valor super humans. Numbers 13. when the spies returned they said the land is flowing with milk and honey, this is the fruits of it. Meaning agricultur was good. because the children of descendants of Anak was there ie the Nephilims.
God sent saul for total destruction of thesame people that escaped the flood. Saul failed to, then in the book of Esther they appeared again to finish the isrealites ie is Herman. Goliath is one of those Nephilims descendants.
To be cont.

Re: Nephilim by crixlight2(m): 9:46am On Sep 14, 2016
I beg continue now.... This is corruption, we can't take this.... Pls mod ban this op
Re: Nephilim by Appleyard(m): 9:47am On Sep 14, 2016
this is going to be an interesting read make i book space

A beg, no book my space o...dress for me joor. sad

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Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 9:47am On Sep 14, 2016
Good write up. But the Nephillim were not destroyed by the flood. They transformed to other beings because they could live in air, sea and land. After the flood they reappeared that's those giants of the sons of Anak, the emims, the zumzumims as mentioned in the bible since they were all men of valor super humans. Numbers 13. when the spies returned they said the land is flowing with milk and honey, this is the fruits of it. Meaning agricultur was good. because the children of descendants of Anak was there ie the Nephilims.
God sent saul for total destruction of thesame people that escaped the flood. Saul failed to, then in the book of Esther they appeared again to finish the isrealites ie is Herman. Goliath is one of those Nephilims descendants.
To be cont.

maybe bro, but am writing fiction, so I believe it's okay to twist and turn and change a few things

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Re: Nephilim by GoldPencil: 10:08am On Sep 14, 2016

As they drove along the lonely highway heading to the secret location where Elera is to be sacrificed to the town's deity; thinking to himself that Jason had so much he needed to know and so little time to explain Mr Ossai immediately started to talk, "three years ago, on the same day, series of unexplainable events occurred all over the world, the world called it unexplainable but we the sorcerers and mystic scholars knew exactly what was going on. The Nephilims were being claimed by their celestial sires. And although it happened later than the others, after what Elera had told me and what I have seen I am certain you were claimed too. It was written in the prophecy books that this event would happen and that when it did, it would Herald the beginning of the end of the world as we know it".

"What's a Nephilim?" Jason who was uncomfortable with the thought of having a part to play in the destruction of the world, asked from the back of the car where he sat to keep an eye on Kolawole who sat in front to guide Mr Ossai to Elera's location. "Genesis 6 vs 4" Mr Ossai replied then continued... " that Bible verse talks of how a few angels, went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the Nephilims ; heroes of old, men of renown. Originally a part of their new plan to take over the universe after losing the great War in heaven and were banished to hell, the first generation Nephilims or the Giants as we in the mystics call them Were conceived on the orders of lucifer the leader of the fallen to serve their purposes on earth till he and his fallen brethren, are revived from hell. But the Giants having inherited the physical attributes of their celestial sires, grew in size :the shortest of them stood 30 ft tall, possessing strength, Power and intellect far beyond imagination, turned their backs on the fallen and ran the world themselves. They created and commanded technologies a thousand years more advanced than anything our present day thinkers can only dream of and in the process, spread untold wickedness through out the old world. their cruelty was so much that it caught the attention of the Creator, who wiped them out with the great flood.

Hundreds of years after the cleansing, PROJECT WINGED HUMANS was introduced by lucifer who still needed Nephilims for the success of his plan. "What's project winged humans" Jason asked and Mr Ossai replied "project winged humans, is the infusion of The meta genetic make up of a fallen into a human soul. They were trying to father Nephilims with the body of a human and the soul of an angel, giving them an Angel's spiritual attributes, instead of their physical ones as was the case of the Giants. They succeeded and The results were called the new generation Nephilims, that's you and everyone like you..." he said then proceeded to explain further "they sleep with earthly women, and deposit a portion of their souls into the baby as it formed in the womb. The fallen believed that The Nephilims Possessing the primordial powers of their celestial sires then limited by their weak human bodies, closed human minds and complete susception to control couldn't have been more perfect for their part in the grand scheme of things."

Wonder how nephilim - human sex goes. Do they have human preek and giant body or giant vulva and the human male just walks inside.

Major plot hole for this project winged humans arc.

Otherwise, you've totally blown my mind. Amazing stuff smiley
Re: Nephilim by tommynico(m): 10:18am On Sep 14, 2016
Good story bro, keep it up. cool
Re: Nephilim by KingCastle(m): 10:45am On Sep 14, 2016
Nice work man cnt wait for the next chapter
Re: Nephilim by fikfaknuel(f): 10:55am On Sep 14, 2016
I've read some parts of this story, and i'm sure it's a brilliant and unique work.

I'll certainly read it wholely on my free time. More ink pon your pen bro.
Re: Nephilim by doll912(f): 10:59am On Sep 14, 2016
Finally! Someone writes something I truly like to read. Myths, legends, conspiracy theories, and all about metaphysical and spiritual.... I love you Mr ReuEl. Nice Hebrew name by the way
Re: Nephilim by encryptjay(m): 11:31am On Sep 14, 2016
Had to run from the realm of immortality to read this grin I love this
Re: Nephilim by ReuEl12(m): 12:06pm On Sep 14, 2016
Finally! Someone writes something I truly like to read. Myths, legends, conspiracy theories, and all about metaphysical and spiritual.... I love you Mr ReuEl. Nice Hebrew name by the way

grin grin grin grin

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