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The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 1:37pm On Aug 09, 2016
Gather around my children. I have a story to tell you all. A true life story that would teach you the lessons of your life.

That was the voice of my mother. Yes, My mother, Mrs. Florence Aneke. We were surprised because she was not one to tell stories but what do we know? Mama must have changed following the imprisonment of my elder brother who had gone on rampage. Eight people lost their lives in a single night and the weapon of his murderous rampage was a sickle.

No lawyer agreed to pick up the case. Their fear was that even if he came out after serving years in jail, he might go into another bout of killings.

I for one was eager to hear what Mama had to say. Lately, I have started hearing voices in my head. The hooked head hammer was also becoming attractive by the day to me. Ebere's beloved cat had gone missing. I knew where I buried the body and hung the head. I had drained the body of its blood. Yes, I drank the blood of the cat, squeezing its neck to remove even the last drop.

"My children"

Mama's voice brought me back to the present. She had turn off the light and had put a lantern in front of her on top of the table. The glow of the Yellow flame caught her eyes, in it was a sad reflection.

"It all started years ago."

To be continued.....
I am Foxy and I Flow!

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by ClassCaptain(m): 1:46pm On Aug 09, 2016
Caveat Emptor..
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by kingphilip(m): 2:12pm On Aug 09, 2016
In mtn voice "here I come with my chair"

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 2:51pm On Aug 09, 2016
**Episode one**

I stretched lazily on the bed. Even though the light had already started entering into the room through the window blinds, I was still not motivated into standing up. I sluggishly used the back of my palm to clean my eyes. I felt something sticky and perceived a smell so familiar. Like being struck by a bolt of lightning, I sat upright on the bed.

The first ray of light caught something dark and brown. It wasn't only on my hands, the both of them, it was also on my clothes. I looked beside me and propped on the pillow like a child was the hammer.

I looked at myself in the mirror and was more than pleased with the image that greeted me. Hair cropped low, left a little bit in the front to stick to the reigning style of the day. My face cleanly shaved with a moustache balancing slightly above my pink lips. Fair in complexion with eyes that looked brightly Brown. I also had a smile that melts barriers. Dentition so white that back in secondary school, my friends had nicknamed me "Mr. Perfect".

I winked at my reflection as I applied a little powder to my face. One cannot have it all I guess. Maybe that's why my face produces oil on its own.


I spurned around to see my mom looking at me from the doorway. I had forgotten to close the door yet again.

"Good morning mom."

I greeted her, flashing my perfect teeth at her.

"And what is good about the morning? E, Da'na."

That's my mother. Speaks a whole lot of language. From Hausa to the complicated Tiv language. I wonder how she was able to learn such tongue twisting and ear blistering tongue.

"Everything is good mama. From the beautiful sunrise to the only woman in my life."

I replied smiling. By now, I had taken my cologne out and was judiciously applying it to the collar of my shirt. The place where ladies usually place their nose and sniff.

"And by the only woman you mean?"

We play this game a lot. Even though I had like three serious girlfriends, all of whom my mother knows, as according to her, I need them plenty so I could pick the best from among them.

"Only you mama, my sunshine, my everything."

"Hmmm, Justice, you think your smooth tongue will work on me this morning eh? How many times have I told you that you commit sin by admiring yourself for so long in front of the mirror? That's idolatry. A man shouldn't be doing that."

And the lecture proceeded while I applied finishing touches to my looks. Done, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and made my way to the dining. Breakfast was already there. Dodo and boiled eggs to be washed down with a steaming cup of coffee. Two bites and I was done. I dashed to where the bag containing my laptop was, grabbed it and made my way outside.


Mama's voice brought me back. I turned to see her standing arms akimbo.

"Mother, I am late."

I said to her as I deactivated the alarm system of my Toyota Spider, 2008 model.

"Too late for a mother's blessing?"

There was this mischievous glint in her eyes. We do this daily and I knew the routine. I walked towards her and knelt in front of her.

"God bless you my son. May evil eyes not look at you and may favor follow you all through today."

I muttered a quick amen, kissed her on her cheek again and jumped into the car. The gate flung open, with Emeka the guard saluting me as I drove out of the compound. Patoraking's song "girlie o" played softly as I made my way to Central Business District where I am a consultant in an advertising agency.

To be continued...

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 2:53pm On Aug 09, 2016
Caveat Emptor..
That's Chinese... bro, what you wrote, is it Hindu or Greek?
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 2:57pm On Aug 09, 2016
In mtn voice "here I come with my chair"

Philip, is this you or someone else...

Sannu Da zuwa
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by Frozeen(m): 3:50pm On Aug 09, 2016
*Enters from the back door*
mehn this movie is gonna be interesting o cheesy

*grabs chair*
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 9:52pm On Aug 09, 2016
**Episode Two**
My life, my world. Perfect with no care for anyone. I am totally selfish, yes, because I put me first before anyone. Maybe because I have come to love myself and the man I have become. At the age of 24 I have almost everything I had always wished for. Girls at my beck and call, a loving mother, a nice paying job and no male friends at all.

You see, as a child, I was ridiculed, shamed and called upon severally to serve as an example and a deterrence to a lot of kids. My principal always picked on me including Mr. Simon our literature master. From being dirty to owing fees to falling on the wrong side of the law. You see, I did not tuck in my dirty uniform most of the time because my trousers was torn and patched in several places. The type called monkey nyash.

My classmates, the boys used me as the bane of their jokes, the ladies pitied me. Some shared their foods with me while others secretly gave me money. You might be thinking of my father and asking questions. Truth is, I never knew him. I had grown up with my aunt and drunken uncle. My uncle punished me for no reasonable reason, kicking and punching me when he feels like. The cold hard floor of the verandah was where I slept. My aunt, if truly the same blood runs through our veins, did little or nothing to ease the pain. The only thing she did was pay my fees and change my uniforms when they are too tattered to be managed.

I hated my father because he wasn't there to protect me from the cruel realities of this harsh world. My mother, I felt indifferent towards, maybe because every Christmas, the only time I get new clothes, my aunt would tell me my mum sent them. I wasn't allowed to go to church so God to me was the old man that always gave me money to take to school.

One thing gave me an edge, I was the brightest boy in my class. Very intelligent yet not allowed to represent the school because I was never presentable. Did I feel bad? No. I loved being left alone. I only enjoyed talking to Rukaiya, maybe because she went through the same ordeal as me.

Note my surprise when during registration for my senior certificate exams, I was told that someone had paid the fees. Someone who wouldn't want me to know. I wrote my exams, burning candle during cold nights on colder floor. Each paper written with a strained neck and teary eyes.

Rukaiya died two days to our last paper. I nearly ran mad. She was raped and then beaten to death by unidentified assailants/assailant who trailed her when she was sent around 11:30pm to get Lipton for her uncle. I hated the man immediately. To me, he was responsible for her death but what could I do? I only wept.

Final exams, jubilating classmates, quiet me, walking towards the gate to get away and far from their hypocritical noises, yes, hypocrites because they were helped by the staff after the principal bribed the supervisor. I wanted going back to the home I so abhorred but I never got home.

To be continued...

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by bibijay123(f): 10:16pm On Aug 09, 2016
Awweee.....more pls cry
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by Feyikemi12(f): 10:34pm On Aug 09, 2016
more updates please saxwizard sweetie food dey here o
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by saxwizard(m): 10:41pm On Aug 09, 2016
more updates please saxwizard sweetie food dey here o
Wow as he dey hot ...u na better person. ..mak I go read first I dey come. ...

Thanks dearie

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by kingphilip(m): 11:13pm On Aug 09, 2016

Philip, is this you or someone else...
Sannu Da zuwa
na gwode
Yaya giki
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by Frozeen(m): 12:28am On Aug 10, 2016
Enigurl(my crush) come and read sweat storysmiley
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 8:14am On Aug 10, 2016
Awweee.....more pls cry

Seriously? I should comment on your thread but being a ghost pays more. Such a honor to have you here.

And eh, shhhhh, stop getting emotional here... cheesy

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 8:18am On Aug 10, 2016
more updates please saxwizard sweetie food dey here o

Call on them oh... call them...
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 8:18am On Aug 10, 2016
**Episode Three**
A Mercedes Benz E Class was parked in front of the school gate. I tried making a detour so I could get going but the sound of my name drew me back. I turned around only to see nobody. I continued on my way, my uniform which was well pressed but old clinging to my skin like a leprosy.

"Justice, don't walk away from me."

The voice was feminine. It wasn't my aunt neither was it one of the female teachers. I stopped walking but refused to turn back. Soon enough I heard footsteps behind me, tempted as much as I was, I still held my ground. A heavy hand on my shoulder with a beautiful smell greeted me.

"Hey, don't walk away from me."

The voice was husky, sounded tearful and was filled with emotions. I still remained adamant until a pink flowery dress came into view. Black shoes to match with the wrist hanging down adorning a golden bracelet. I lifted my head slowly until I looked at the face. Beautiful, fair, a knitted eyebrow and lips that were curved in sadness. Her eyes, red and bloody and snaking its way down her face in springful torrents were tears, huge ones.

I was shocked. I never knew it had gotten to the point where my wretchedness could trigger emotions in people. I opened my mouth to speak but closed it back when nothing came out. I just stood like a condemned prisoner staring at the ground which stared back at me as if in a battle of stares. My patience was fast ebbing away and when I got to the limit of it, I made an attempt to remove her hand from my shoulder.

This seemed to open another channel of emotion because for the first time in my life, I felt the hug and the closeness of another human. Her arms wrapped tightly around me, the snickering turned to a full blown wail with tears, warm ones cruising down my neck. We were beginning to draw attention as I started hearing the voices of people around me. The more I wanted to break away, the more her grip tightened until she said something that made me shove her away in shock.

"I am sorry Justice, I am your mother."

She did not whisper it so the reaction from the crowd that had gathered sounded rehearsed.

"Ahhhh... Eya...! Poor boy...!"

I stumbled backwards, My heart beating hard and fast. My pen and calculator had fallen from my hands which I had knotted into a fist. But something was also happening and happening real fast. The ground was drawing closer and night was fast coming.

"Hold him..."

That was the last thing I heard before blanking out totally.

Mama paused and looked at us, her gaze specifically fastened on me. I looked back at her. The story couldn't have ended like this. Justice just met his mother after many years, fainted and now my mother paused. Old women and suspense.

"Justice, get me a cup of water."

She did not finish the statement before I dashed into the kitchen and to the fridge to get her a chilled keg of water accompanied with a cup. After gulping down a cup full, she stood up and walked towards my sister, Chidinma, who was sprawled on the rug dozing. She lifted her up, took her back to the chair, sat down and cuddled her. Mama was quiet for some moment as if in deep thought. The flame from the lantern flicked about, casting shadows and light at the same time. Mama cleared her throat.

If it was a bad dream, I refused to wake up because this bad dream contrasted sharply with the bitter life I lived. Quiet, conceding aunt, a brute for an uncle and a cold hard ground for a bed.

"Justice, Justice...."

I opened my eyes slowly. It wasn't a dream. Leaning over me with care written all over her face was the woman who had claimed to be my mother. Her lips was beginning to part in a smile. As the drunken effect of my fall wore off, I felt anger wash over me.

To be continued....

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by Idiataqueen(f): 3:20pm On Aug 10, 2016
following hope u will finish dis story sha grin
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by xamilola(f): 3:36pm On Aug 10, 2016
solidly following, i love the story line too
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 6:28pm On Aug 10, 2016
**Episode Four**
I eased my car into the office complex just beside NNPC Towers. The security officers were unusually cheerful towards me, their teeth beamed at me as I passed through the barricade having collected my gate pass. Kings Guard is the name of the security outfit but I can swear that there was nothing kingly about these ones. Yes they appear efficient and have acted professionally but deep within me, I just knew that they were unintelligent.

"Good morning Sir."

Alero greeted me. A perfect smile and a more perfect dimple. She had just one on her left cheek.

"Good morning"

I replied, passing my bag to her whilst I followed through the security door. It beeped, the counter displaying an additional number. How the device works I cannot tell, if it was ereced to checkmate guns and other metallic weapons, then it is a failure. I have passed with a dagger before and the security door just beeped me in, no shrill alarm like I have watched in movies.

"Sir, how was the weekend?"

I caught a queer look in her eyes.

"It was wonderful."

I muttered. I did not wait one moment longer, straight to the lift I went. I punched in 4th floor and waited patiently for the lift to make its lazy journey from the fifteenth floor down. A quick glance at my wristwatch showed I was three minutes behind time. I smiled. Even with the register that had been opened to reduce late coming, I had always defected. The only days I come early were Wednesdays and Fridays.

"Hold it."

I quickly punched a button in the lift to allow the newcomer step in. Fair, petite, a long hair, probably one of these expensive human hair and a perfume that screamed subtly, eat me, devour me. Her face was finely cut with a slight scar just above her right eye. Dressed smartly in a red shirt that was tucked into a black skirt that fell slightly below the knee. Her legs were straight and hairless with high heeled sandals receiving her beautiful feet.

"7th floor please."

Since I was closer to the buttons, I punched it in. From the reflective door, I kept looking at her. There was no need to steal glances at her.

"I never knew 7th floor had such beautiful women, I would have resigned and applied up there with immediate effect."

I said turning to give her a sideways glance.

"Thank you."


"By the way, I am Justice, forgive my manners. A beautiful morning to you."

"Good morning."

Curt. The lift slowed down and beeped. Fourth floor. I looked at her and stepped out.

"I did not even get your name."

Her face hardened.


Curt. The doors of the lift slid shut while I stood mouth agape gazing at the door.

"Good morning Sir."

The security guard attached to the fourth floor greeted me. I scratched my head, answered her and made my way into the office.

"Nigeria is not prepared for this technology yet but I can sell it to them. If you are planning to use Abuja trade fair as a means of creating awareness, you will only end up using money without getting returns on it."

Mr. Williams sat in front of me with rapt attention. He had not touched his coffee since he came in.

"What do you suggest we do?"

I smiled. I have gotten him in the position I wanted. Williams is an inventor, one of the few we have in Nigeria. I have accompanied him to his office once where he put up a little display for me. He had developed a machine that could scan and take the DNA of individuals then match it with the one on security database. He was seeking for funds to build prototypes that would be used by our security agencies.

I was perplexed at his intelligence but then, most of the inmates and ex-convicts roaming the streets of Abuja and Nigeria as a whole do not have their DNA on databases. The highest that had been done to them was take their fingerprints on paper. This same papers are stacked in God-knows-where never to be used during investigations. Also, our forensic department was only kicking off.

"Mr. Williams, you will be sold on TV as one who dropped out of school to pursue your passion after you were framed. You have to discard your Americanized tongue and adapt quickly to the Nigerian way of speaking English. You also have to deliberately make mistakes but your intellect should be a hundred percent."

The look from Williams was incredulous but it lasted till I finished speaking. A bright smile spread all over his face as he nodded in agreement having grasp where I was headed. He picked his cup of coffee, took a gulp and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Sugar please and milk please."

He said through clenched teeth. I only pointed to his tray. The items he asked for were right in front of him.

2:30pm and I took my lunch break. I was in the spirit of celebration. The deal with Mr. Williams had fetched ten million naira provided we handle even the video shoot. Other clients had come in and I had attended to them.

"Lucy, I am off to lunch, reschedule the remaining appointments."

I said to the secretary as I breezed out of the office. Her voice brought me back.

"But Sir, Mr. Otedola would want to see you."

"He called me already. He won't be coming himself. Whatever his driver gives to you, collect it and make sure you drop it in my office."

You might be wondering what an advertising agency is doing with an oil mogul, you are not far from the truth. EFCC and a senator, remember? Things happen.

I was in no mood for chips and chicken, instead I settled for the buka in a garage beside the office complex. I wanted fufu and afang soup. Guess who I saw devouring a plate of semovita and egusi soup......


To be continued...

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by bibijay123(f): 7:18pm On Aug 10, 2016
Following..... Enjoyed each update.
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by elskillful: 7:42pm On Aug 10, 2016
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 11:31pm On Aug 10, 2016
**Episode Five**

That moment you stay speechless watching events unfold before your eyes. My aunt was seated, the drunken master of her husband and my supposed mother. The silence was eerie. Nobody bothered explaining anything to me. I felt displaced and irrelevant in the room.

"Lucy, I have come for my son."

The woman spoke out. My aunt stared at her like she hadn't said a word. I stood up and walked to the fridge, opened it and poured myself a glass of cold water. My uncle did not move. First time I was not rebuffed by him. I was still trying to digest what had happened earlier.

"You should have told me you were coming.... I would have..."

My aunt started to speak but was stopped in mid-sentence by the woman.

"Have done what? Bought new clothes for my son?"

I looked at their faces, supposed mom looked angry, aunty looked scared and shaken but my uncle, his eyes were just the same, drunk. He had not spoken a word. All he did was shake his legs together while his dull eyes roamed about the room settling on nothing in particular.

"No Clara, let me explain."

My supposed mother gave a dry mirthless laughter and at the same time her dry eyes welled up with tears. She bit her lips in a bid to remain strong but the salty liquid still flooded its bank.

"I trusted you, sent you money weekly, not naira Lucy, dollars. Yet, yet, you couldn't look after Justice."

My aunt turned to look at her husband for succor but it was not forthcoming. I still stood planted to a spot.

"Erm, Clara, listen to your sister. She tried her best to look after Justice. She did a fine work on him."

My uncle spoke slowly. I looked at him with great disgust. He shouldn't have spoken. His silence would have been golden.

"Well, since you both don't have anything to say, I will leave immediately with my son."

My mother, Clara screamed. Everything was happening real fast.

"Justice, go inside and get your things, we are leaving this very minute."

I remained where I was standing.

"Okay, if you don't have anything to take, come, we are going away from here, away from this wicked souls."

She stood up and grabbed me by the hand. I did not bulge.

"All my life, all my life, I have lived like an orphan. You come out of the blues and want to take me away? Don't you feel I have every right to know what is happening here? Why I had been abandoned and left to suffer through my childhood?"

Maybe my words cut my mother deep. She left me and staggered back to her seat. My aunt for the first time started sobbing followed by my mum, soon it became a full blown wail. I could not hold back anymore. I allowed the dam of years of suppressed emotion to break open. I cried from the bottom of my heart, pictures of my childhood and that of Rukaiya flashing through my mind.


"Be a good boy, read your books and make sure you don't join bad boys. I will be there to provide you with all you need. Just call me when you need anything."

I looked at her face and smiled. I had an angel for a mother yet she allowed me to be raised by demons.

"Mama, don't worry. I won't let you down."

I said to her smiling and shaking my head from left to right.

"Oya give your mother a hug."

She said spreading her arms for me. I looked around, some students who were walking past had slowed down to watch such open display of love. I quickly hugged her, turned and wanted to run away.

"Justice, you are forgetting something."

I turned and looked at her. Her hand shot upward with a finger resting on her cheek. I need to get used to this thing I screamed in my head as I rushed towards her and placed a quick kiss on her cheek.

"Awww, sweet, mother's boy."

Some students hailed as I ran inside and up the flight of stairs that led to my room in the hostel. I had gotten admitted to study Theatre and Media Arts in the prestigious Federal University Lafia.

I was only sixteen years.

To be continued...

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 7:27am On Aug 11, 2016
Good morning great people....
How was y'all nights? Mine was calm....
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by Ultimategeneral: 12:52pm On Aug 11, 2016
keep it going bro. Nice story u have got
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by bibijay123(f): 1:01pm On Aug 11, 2016
Good morning great people....

How was y'all nights? Mine was calm....

Mine was great grin
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by saxwizard(m): 1:48pm On Aug 11, 2016
Nice one from a boss
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by teebee22(f): 5:30pm On Aug 11, 2016
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by FoxyFlow(m): 6:22pm On Aug 11, 2016
**Episode Six**
Stephanie had her head buried in the food she was eating. Ball after ball of semo disappeared into oblivion through her throat. I cleared my throat and she looked up, a ball of semo in her hand. The look on her face was priceless.

"Good afternoon Stephanie."

I said with a straight face.

"Ugh, Justice, yes Justice, good afternoon."

I smiled, she remembered my name.

"May I?"

I asked pointing to the chair beside her.

"If you wish. I don't run this restaurant."

She replied not looking up. I sighed, tough nut to crack eh, I will see how tough you are. I motioned to Anetie the attendant who dashed towards me.

"Abeg give me fufu, two plate, put the two of them for one plate. Afang soup and white soup for corner then give me bottled water."

From the corner of my eyes, I caught Stephanie staring at me with a shocked expression, made as if to speak, decided against it and continued with her meal. I relaxed on the chair first, stretched my hand and grabbed the container of toothpick, took one from inside and slotted it between my teeth. I made another move, the one you make before a heavy meal, I unbuckled my belt.

"Oga see am. Wait make I go bring the water come."

I nodded. The water he meant was the one to wash my hands with. I picked up the bottled water, uncorked and took a long sip from it.

"I don arrive."

Anetie, fair with beards scattered on his face said to me. Stephanie had finished eating and was looking at me. I washed my hands, picked a piece of meat from the White soup, dipped it in my mouth, closed my eyes and relished both the softness and the taste.

"You are seriously not going to finish this food right?"

Her voice chipped in. Without even looking at her I replied.

"Is it your stomach? I love eating my meal in absolute silence."

"Sorry o. The thing is, you will grow a pot belly if you keep up with this unhealthy eating habit."

Her words came as expected. I looked at her, my mouth full with a huge ball of fufu and my hand already moulding the next one.

"The stomach does not belong to you and it is my unhealthy eating habit, not yours."

"Ahn ahn Justice, why are you sounding this way? Is it because of the small play I played with you?"

I wasn't really looking at her because I was trying my best to put on my best acting.

"Which play? You are already pushing me into disobeying table manners."

I replied. By then I had eaten more than half of the mountain of fufu that had graced my front earlier. I took a swing from my water and gave a long loud belch not minding Stephanie or the other customers around.

"Oh God, you really finished the food."

Stephanie said standing up as I washed my hands. After another belch, I pushed a toothpick into my mouth, called Anetie for the bill, settled mine and walked away with my heavy stomach while Stephanie just stood still gawking after me.

The alley was empty even though loud music blared from adjoining compounds. I could see him clearly in the bright moonlit night. He was walking with a swagger and tilted more to the left. He kept coming in contact with the fence which he used to stabilize his movement. He appeared drunk. Just in front of us, at the end of the alley, a car zoomed past. Maybe his car too was parked there. I had to act quick.

I increased my footsteps with my hand buried in my back clutching the wooden handle of my beloved hammer. My heart did not race neither did I break into a sweat, the only thing that kept flashing before my eyes was the girl, not more than sixteen years of age that laid sprawled on the ground in the car park. The bruises on her face, Her shredded blouse and the blood sipping slowly into the ground from her parted legs.

The beast in front of me had raped her. I had gone back to my car to pick up more money for more drinks since Stephanie had followed me clubbing when I happened upon them. He was already done, a dirty smirk on his face as he drew up his flyers.

"No... No... Oh God... Why...? Bolanle, why?"

The girl kept muttering. The beast had the mind to abandon her there. I had followed him immediately but not without opening the booth of my car and pulling out my beloved hammer. Anger and rage welled up inside of me, Rukaiya's face flashed through my eyes and I lost it completely. With a surge, I ran forward. The blow was aimed right at his cranium, the crack loud and the fall, a silent thud.

Blood gushed out from the wound, designing the sand. The man turned around on the ground to look at he. I was poised with the hammer lifted high. Blood poured out from between his lips, his eyeballs finding it difficult to become steady on my face. He lifted his hand weakly towards me.

"Mercy... Please... I beg of you..."

I heard him whisper before driving the hammer again and again into his skull, his brain shooting out in a jet like stream.

"Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy."

To be continued...

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by Despirado121(m): 7:04pm On Aug 11, 2016
My oga is bak wit him tori o.... **grab a chair runin to d front row*** oga kingphillip, plz shift a lil bit.
Goin bak to d first episode, plz dnt disturb!
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by bibijay123(f): 11:17pm On Aug 11, 2016
Is Justice a serial killer?Or sycopath?
Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by joseph1832(m): 11:36pm On Aug 11, 2016
Is Justice a serial killer?Or sycopath?
I believe Justice can be both. That's why it's blind. For Justice kill more than a serial killer, whether legally or illegally.

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Re: The Devil Who Loved Me (true Life Story) by bibijay123(f): 12:00am On Aug 12, 2016
I believe Justice can be both. That's why it's blind. For Justice kill more than a serial killer, whether legally or illegally.

Loool u ehn grin

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VALENCRY, My Valentine Experience ( Short Story ) / Chimamanda Adichie's Make-Up Advert On London Billboard (Photo) / Lost Of Virginity; An Early Mistake

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